1. Lenovo Yoga 6 (AMD) Review – STUNNING Budget Laptop that I HAD to Spread Peanut Butter On!
  2. The Best Budget Laptop – The Lenovo Yoga 6!
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  4. Lenovo Yoga 6 (2022) REVIEW: A STEAL AT $599
  5. Lenovo Yoga 6 Review – A Stylish 2-in-1 Laptop
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Lenovo Yoga 6 (AMD) Review – STUNNING Budget Laptop that I HAD to Spread Peanut Butter On!

tech family with me is the yoga 6 a very,interesting device that i just wanted to,hop online and tell you about,when i first heard of it it was just,before black friday and the thing that,stood out the most was that this is a,budget laptop with a ryzen 6 core 12,thread processor for a price of around,500 us dollars this is highly unusual,normally these laptops tend to have a,six core six thread processor so i was,super excited to see how it performed,and went straight out to best buy to,take a look at it as i mentioned,previously on this channel i dont have,time to review all laptops im super,selective about which i choose to review,im on the lookout for the laptops that,i truly believe have the potential to be,the best for you guys therefore if the,laptop is on display i like to check it,out first before buying it and doing a,full review,if its garbage in the store i wont,waste my time,unfortunately when i got to best buy,even though they were selling it they,didnt have it on display,i thought to myself i have a lot of,black friday content to produce i,probably wont get around to this laptop,for a while so better not to buy it but,over the last couple of weeks ive kept,watching and reading buyers reviews of,the laptop and it seems that its a,pretty popular machine,plus i havent seen any reviewers cover,it so i got it in and took a good look,at it now at the time of filming ces is,upon us and its likely we have a newer,range of processes which is great,however ive decided to still create,this video as budget laptops like this,one tend to continue to sell for some,time so i feel its a relevant video,plus who knows they may just put an,updated processor in the same laptop,you know me guys i value your time so,im just going to cut to the chase this,laptop is absolutely not for people,looking to get the most cpu performance,out of their device if thats you grab,some tissues as you arent going to be,happy,if however you are a casual user looking,for a really solid all-round budget,laptop then buckle up youre going to,enjoy this ride,by the way if at the end of this video,you like what you watched dont forget,to smash that subscribe button hit the,thumbs up and the notification bell it,shows your appreciation for the insane,amount of work that goes into making,these specs of my unit on screen i have,the amd ryzen 7 4700u model with 16gb,ram and a one terabyte ssd unfortunately,i dont have the more interesting ryzen,5 4,u model with eight gig of ram which is,the model with six cores and twelve,threads this laptop looks super stylish,and feels high quality normally i would,have the laptop im talking about open,on the desk but this laptop just looks,so freaking good shut that i wanted to,show you the blue color with the,material on top looks very stylish and,really punches above its price point,build wise its very sturdy not much,flex at all it doesnt open with one,hand but im totally okay with that as,this is a two in one device and you,definitely want a sturdy hinge on that,kind of device now several people have,asked questions about how easy it is to,clean to answer them i thought wed try,the classic peanut butter test when,spreading peanut butter on a laptop you,want to get a generous amount of peanut,butter,on a knife like this and spread it like,so,all right,now lets see if it comes off,so the first thing im going to do,is use the,you know the blunt end of the knife like,this,to try and scrape it off like so,clean the knife take a bit more off,most of it is coming off pretty well,here,you can hear me scraping it off okay now,that weve scraped off the peanut butter,were going to use,a soft kitchen,sponge which i have right here,you can use the soft part of the sponge,were going to try and just,scrape off the remaining,and guys its coming off pretty well you,can see a little bit of where it was,but overall its coming off reasonably,well so this material does look fairly,robust,and now what im going to just do is pat,it start to pat it dry with a paper,towel,not so bad not so bad,i think i can see a little bit of an,outline where,the peanut butter was but its its,lifting out quite nicely from the,material so guys the material cover,performed reasonably well it is,salvageable if you were to have a spill,on it or spread peanut butter on your,laptop the display is very good for the,price point in fact its a standout,compared to most budget laptops it has,good brightness excellent contrast and,great color reproduction it is a 13.3,inch 16×9 aspect ratio 1920×1080 display,ive talked a lot about this kind of,display in prior videos i personally,find this sort of display too small i,have to run windows scaling at 125 to,see information comfortably this means i,lose a lot of screen real estate,compared to running a 1920 display at,100 scaling its not a zoomed in i,wouldnt recommend using a device with a,screen this small as your primary,productivity one particularly if youre,using a lot of office applications,coding etc especially those that go down,the page it is great as a secondary,device if you have a bigger laptop or,desktop but with a screen size and,aspect ratio like this i feel this,laptop is best suited to consuming media,and sending emails obviously if you have,an external display to plug into this,issue goes out the window by the way,this is my first indication that this,laptop is better suited for casual users,the screen is a touch screen and as,mentioned folds into a tablet the,display had no dead pixels noticeable,backlight blade or use pwm flickering to,lower the brightness which is good it is,a little glossy and reflective though,which youll notice in some of my b-roll,shots so this isnt the laptop to get if,you plan to use it outdoors or in very,brightly lit environments the keyboard,is not the most comfortable but its,good enough it definitely feels low,travel however the keys do have a,satisfying click to them the layout is,good with no surprises the backlight,works well with adequate contrast,between the key characters and the keys,so you can easily make out the keys in,all lighting conditions its also easy,to swap the function keys from primary,to secondary in lenovos vantage,software the trackpad like the keyboard,works well but isnt my favorite the,surface has a rubbery texture to it so,it isnt as smooth to glide your finger,across as other trackpads that being,said i still did find it accurate and,didnt have any misclicks the speakers,are front-facing and get quite loud,which is good that being said they,definitely lack bass overall its,another good enough but not great there,is a decent selection of ports with two,usb-as and two usbcs all of the slower,usb 3.1 gen1 though even though there is,a usbc port on each side of the laptop,only the one on the left supports,charging this is a pet peeve of mine as,youll have to run a cable around the,back if your charging port is on the,other side this can get in your way i,was able to drive an external 4k display,at 60hz without issue lets talk,performance the ryzen 4700u 8 core 8,thread cpu in this laptop is very well,known by now what i thought would be,interesting would be to see how this,laptop performs versus other laptops,with the same cpu that way we can assess,the cooling and other performance,related factors of this laptop so im,going to test it versus my ideapad 514,and redmi book 16 which have the same,cpu to round out the tests ill include,results from my dell xps 9310 with,intels i7 11th gen cpu geekbench,results on screen this runs a variety of,performance tests you can see straight,away single core results are in line,with other ryzen laptops however,multi-core scores look off more in line,with intel than amd lets now take a,look at cinebench r23 which maxes out,the cpu whoa things are definitely,looking off here this laptop,substantially underperforms the other,laptops with the same cpu it performs,similar to my ideapad 515 with the ryzen,6 core 6 thread cpu what is going on,take a

The Best Budget Laptop – The Lenovo Yoga 6!

all right tech family lets have some,fun,early last year i reviewed the yoga 6 in,one of my most ridiculous reviews ever,it had a soft material cover and i,couldnt help myself from spreading,peanut butter on it to see if it was,easy to clean ill place a link to that,review in the description below as it,was a classic,anyway the yoga 6 was a budget laptop,that you could get for around 650 us,dollars and what was different about it,versus other budget laptops at the time,was its processor most laptops back then,at that same price point were on ryzen,4000 series cpus with something like a 6,core 6 thread processor the yoga 6,tended to have a more powerful version,with 6 cores and 12 threads plus at the,budget price point it was an attractive,solidly built good laptop,unfortunately its cpu performance ended,up being subpar and it had loud fan,noise so i could only really recommend,it for casual users well lenovo have,completely overhauled the yoga 6 for,2022 and whats even better is it will,be priced the same as the older model no,inflation here now one of the ways,theyve achieved that is by only,updating it to the ryzen 5000 series of,processors not the newer 6000 lenovo,specifically chose to do this to keep,the price of the laptop low a decision i,really like because as youre about to,see theyve managed to substantially,improve the laptop for that same price,now as this isnt the newest ryzen,processor im going to keep the,performance section of this video rather,brief as by now we all know how the,ryzen 5000 new processor performs it is,generally a very good performer plenty,of power for everyday tasks like,browsing the web office work schoolwork,and even some coding and the integrated,graphics is good enough for some casual,gaming like playing league of legends,but nothing more certainly no aaa titles,here whats always been great about,these ryzen processors especially when,compared to intel is that they use less,power and dont generate that much heat,this tends to result in less fan noise,and a cooler filling chassis,that being said this doesnt exactly,play out with the yoga 6. likely because,this laptop doesnt have the most robust,cooling system it only has one fan,compared to other similar laptops that,have two what i noticed when using it is,that the fan is pretty much always on,its not disturbing for lighter tasks,like browsing the web and using office,as it runs quietly in the background and,it isnt high pitched as soon as you run,anything intensive on this laptop though,youll definitely hear the fan,when it comes to temperatures youd,actually feel the laptop feels slightly,warm to the touch even for light use,like browsing the web,i didnt find it overly distracting but,you will notice it,when on a zoom call though i definitely,felt the bottom of the laptop get quite,toasty honestly this laptop is perfect,for casual use like web browsing office,and school work and even some light,coding but those who are looking to do,anything more intensive this probably,isnt for you due to the warmth and fan,noise,because of this if you do fit the ideal,user for this laptop id recommend you,consider saving your money and only,buying a lower spec config with,something like eight gig of ram the,chassis is one of my favorite things,about this laptop its got rounded edges,and sides which is quite unique for a,laptop ive never seen it before,this makes it very comfortable to place,your palms on you never feel the side of,the laptop cutting into your wrist,also the laptop is made up of 50,recycled plastic and aluminum which is,pretty cool,that being said due to the slight warmth,of the chassis and the material used i,did found my palms got a little sweaty,when using it because this is a two in,one convertible you wont be able to,open the lid with one hand touch screen,devices like this one tend to have very,stiff hinges that way when you draw on,them or touch them the screen doesnt,wobble,this called me by surprise a couple of,times when the laptop went flying when i,tried to open it with one hand im just,not used to using these kind of,two-in-one devices speaking of opening,the lid the laptop does come with both,windows hello facial recognition and a,fingerprint reader plenty of options to,get you locked in fast the port,selection is ample with two usb c ports,that can both be used for charging and,an hdmi 2.0 port as well as a headphone,jack there are also two usb a ports and,a micro sd card reader the downside is,all the usb ports are the slower 3.2 gen,1 5 gigabit variety,also seriously a micro sd card reader,who uses these,either put a full-size one in or dont,bother oh and another pet peeve of mine,both the charging capable ports are on,the left side so if your outlet is on,the right youll have to run a cable,around the back,in that situation the cable can get in,your way if you are using the laptop on,your lap the laptop weighs in at three,pounds which isnt light for a laptop,these days especially one with a 13 inch,screen but it also isnt heavy either by,the way when you do check inside this,laptop youll find the ssd and wi-fi,card is replaceable but the ram is,unfortunately soldered the display is,colour accurate for most users with 100,of srgb but people who need to do,professional color work should look,elsewhere as it only got 77 of adobe rgb,and 80 of p3 the display is a 13.3 inch,16 by 10 aspect ratio with 1920 by 1200,pixels a little more pixel dense than,your average 13 inch full hd display i,measured the advertised 300 nits of,brightness which is just bright enough,at times though in a well-lit room i did,wish this laptop could go brighter given,all this i was comfortable running the,display at 125 windows scaling which,allowed me to see an okay amount of,information on screen,but,nowhere near as much as on more,expensive laptops with the same screen,size such as my dell xps 9310 the 4k,version or the macbook pro 13. these,have brighter and more pixel dense,displays because the amount of,information youre comfortably able to,see on screen without squinting depends,on the combination of screen size pixel,density and brightness with those more,expensive laptops i was able to see a,lot more content by the way the display,is a touchscreen but its not my,favorite thats because the screen isnt,the smoothest surface to move your,fingers on this is more apparent when,you use the laptop as a tablet with the,included pen the pen just doesnt glide,smoothly over the screen which made it,very hard for me to use the keyboard is,quite good no major issues at all it,does feel a little low travel though so,you will feel your fingers hitting the,bottom when typing hard on it and the,keys are a little firmer to push down on,it than i would normally like but,honestly its a pretty comfortable,keyboard and im super tough when it,comes to keyboards actually there is one,thing i dont like its the keyboard,backlighting a lot of light leaks out,the side of the keys so if you are using,the laptop at an angle like on your lap,say on the couch it becomes harder to,make out the keys than on a regular,backlit keyboard as the light leaking,out the side is rather blinding it does,still work though oh one more thing even,though the top of the chassis is very,rigid the keyboard deck does have some,flex to it i didnt find it an issue,though in my time using it the trackpad,is totally usable but its not my,favorite thats because its a little,too slippery for my liking ive noticed,these slippery track pants making their,way into newer lenovo laptops as of late,like the thinkpad x1 carbon and i really,dont love them however,after a while i got totally used to it,and it didnt bother me that much,although there were some occasional,misclicks another thing even though the,trackpad is large the trackpad is placed,towards the lower part of the palm rest,i really wish it was placed closer to,the top as i occasionally found my,fingers gliding past the top of the,trackpad here is a test of the

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Lenovo Yoga 6 (2022 version) 13.3″ Review – Best Value 2-in-1 for 2022? – 13ALC7

hey everybody its la inside and were,taking a look today at a nice affordable,two-in-one laptop from lenovo this is,their yoga 6 and this of course will,work as a laptop but you can also put it,into display mode and run it like a,tablet if you want its not all that,heavy its powered with a ryzen,processor and it performs quite well for,the price point and were going to take,a closer look at this in just a second,but i do want to let you know in the,interest of full disclosure that this is,on loan from lenovo so were done with,this it goes back to them all the,opinions youre about to hear are my own,no one is paying for this review nor has,anyone reviewed or approved what youre,about to see before it was uploaded so,lets get into it now and see what this,laptop is all about now the price point,on this is currently about 749 dollars,at best buy,this is the 2022 version of this laptop,which looks a lot like the prior edition,but there are some differences the,biggest one is that it has now a 16 by,10 display,this is running at 1920 by 1200,and that means youve got a little more,vertical real estate on this version of,the laptop versus the prior edition so,its better for word documents and web,browsing because you can fit a little,more of your document on the screen,which i think can make a big difference,now the display has 300 nits of,brightness not bad for a laptop at,around this price point it covers 100,percent of srgb and runs at 60 hertz as,you can see here running microsoft word,it performs pretty well doing basic,tasks this model has a ryzen 5500u,processor onboard although you can get a,slightly faster,5700u version if you want higher,performance this version has 8 gigabytes,of ram installed it is not upgradable,but there is a 16 gigabyte option,available for a little more money both,versions run in dual channel mode which,means for games and other things that,make use of the graphical capabilities,of this laptop youll get the best,performance out of it and youll see,that on our benchmark tests a little,later in the review now theres not all,that much storage on this laptop only,256 gigabytes for the entry level,configuration here they do of course,offer models with more storage or you,can upgrade the storage later it uses an,nvme ssd the build quality is quite nice,on this its not that heavy 2.91 pounds,or 1.32 kilograms even when you have it,in its tablet mode here it doesnt feel,all that heavy compared to some of the,other two in ones weve looked at its,made mostly out of aluminum but the rear,lid here is made out of a fabric,carpeting that feels pretty nice but of,course its got a rigid backing to it,you cant take the carpeting off its,just kind of part of the deal here but,it looks nice and different than what,you might see from other laptops out,there which i think is always a nice way,to differentiate yourself theres a good,amount of ports on this one so on the,left hand side here we have two usbc,ports these are not though usb 4 ports,so you cannot use thunderbolt devices,with this laptop but both of these ports,are full service you get display output,data in and out and power input out of,both of these if you want and of course,one of these will be used by the,included power adapter you have an hdmi,output here a full size one along with a,headphone microphone jack on the other,side youve got a micro sd card slot,along with two full size usb 3 ports and,then the power button so a nice array of,ports here for plugging in all the stuff,you need to plug in with it and it has a,very nice keyboard on board here this is,your standard lenovo layout but they got,this layout right a couple of years back,and they havent changed it which is,good the keys are well spaced as you can,see theyre nice and large its got,decent travel for a thin and light,laptop and as you can see here the,keyboard is backlit too and you can,adjust the back lighting here with the,function spacebar key the trackpad is,nice and accurate but i have found it,often reacts very sensitively to,inadvertent taps on it so i did turn off,the tap to click and instead opt to use,the click pad component to register my,clicks on the touchpad here and that,seemed to rectify most of the issues you,have a fingerprint reader here its got,great stereo sound out of it actually a,better range of sound than i expected,you of course wont get super deep bass,on it but music actually sounds pretty,good and vocals and voices if youre on,a web conference or something sound very,nice and clear on this just note though,that when you put the laptop into its,display configuration with the keyboard,down on the desk those speakers are,pointing downward and dont sound as,good so if you want the best sound out,of these speakers operate the machine,here in its laptop configuration and,its got a decent 1080p webcam here at,the top its got the lenovo shutter,mechanism built in as well so if you,want to cover the lens up you just slide,it over as opposed to putting tape on it,the camera looks pretty good i found,that it struggles a little bit with,exposure but the resolution is certainly,there so i think you might have to get,yourself into the right light for the,best results here but when you do have,good light its going to look a lot,better than the webcams weve seen on,this grade of laptop in the past so its,good to see higher resolution cameras,making their way into the lower end of,the market now and the camera supports,windows hello so you can unlock with,your face using the camera and or the,fingerprint reader down here at the,bottom all right lets take a look now,and see how it performs well start with,some basic web browsing here well pull,up the nasa.gov homepage and see how,fast everything comes up on here and as,you can see everything comes up very,quickly this has a wi-fi six radio on,board and i have a wi-fi six network,here at the house and the access point,isnt too far away from the laptop and,it performs very well and of course its,nice to have the touch display here so,you can flip it into tablet mode and,read at your leisure if you want and a,little bit earlier we ran a 1080p 60,frames per second video from my youtube,channel and it performed well there,there was a couple of drop frames at the,outset we see that all the time but,after the video got started it was able,to keep up and play back that video,without issue so i think youll have,good performance with netflix amazon,prime and all of the other video,streaming services out there and on the,browserbench.org speedometer benchmark,test we got a score of,154.6 running in google chrome that is,pretty much where i would expect a,machine powered by one of these ryzen,processors to land now you can also do,some basic video editing on here weve,got davinci resolve loaded up right now,with a 4k 60 frames per second project,it plays back the clips just fine but as,you can see it does struggle when it,comes to doing some real-time rendering,of simple transition effects and thats,a combination of the ram and the,processor at work here something with,the gpu would be better for editing at,these higher resolutions but if youre,just doing some basic clips and maybe,working in 1080p i think youll be able,to run a high-end video editor here and,get usable performance out of it now as,far as battery life is concerned i think,youll get about 12 hours out of this if,not more if you turn the display,brightness down that estimate though is,based on doing the basics like word,processing and email and web browsing if,you start really taxing the processor by,playing games or doing some video,editing that of course is going to eat,into the battery life more significantly,but i think for the kinds of purposes,that this machine is designed for you,should easily get through a workday with,it so lets take a look at some gameplay,now weve got fortnite running at 1920,by 1200 at the lowest settings and as,you can see here the frame rate is kind,of all over the pla

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Lenovo Yoga 6 (2022) REVIEW: A STEAL AT $599

[Music],now last year i reviewed a really great,budget level two in one convertible from,lenovo that didnt break the bank but,brought a lot of unique features that we,dont normally see at a pretty good,price now it was the lenovo yoga 6 it,was the first gen of that product it had,a fabric type cover on the lid and it,brought a lot of bang for your buck so i,was really excited to take delivery of,its follow-up here for 2022. its the,yoga 6 gen 2 and ive been putting it,through its paces for the past week and,very impressive now they went from a,4000 series ryzen processor to a 5 000,series this year not the 6 000 it also,has a new 16 to 10 full hd display as,opposed to a 16 to 9 from last year its,a little bit better display and you also,get a great price right now you can get,it for 599,over at lenovo.com which is a great door,buster price sale that theyre having,going on right now and they also put in,a really nice full hd webcam which is,really great not something we normally,see at this price point lets see if it,all comes together to make it worth your,money hey everybody its andrew and this,is my review of the lenovo yoga 6 gen 2,here for 2022,coming up,[Music],now before we get to the unboxing i want,to let everybody know in the interest of,transparency and full disclosure im not,being paid by lenovo im not being,sponsored by lenovo all the opinions,youre about to hear are my own lenovo,is not getting copy approval theyre,seeing this video for the first time,just like you now this review unit is on,loan from lenovo and once this review is,done ill be sending it back now as far,as pricing is concerned right now over,at lenovos website theyre having a,door buster sale selling this for,599.99 thats a starting price and to me,this is a steal considering youre,getting that ryzen 5 processor youre,getting the really nice display youre,getting that full hd camera well get,into in a little bit and all the other,features that you dont normally see at,this price point and for those that want,to get it at best buy the unit that im,reviewing here today comes in at 749,dollars i think thats the normal price,for what you could expect here but again,ill leave links for all of these in the,description below especially that sale,price over at lenovo again check out,that link below and with the specs and,pricing out of the way lets find out,what you get inside the box lets open,it up now opening this up youre greeted,by the unit itself well get to that in,a moment but you do get a 45 watt usbc,power adapter and you also get the,extension cord and of course you get,some documentation,holding the unit for the first time,youre going to notice the fabric cover,on the lid theyre calling this the dark,teal its got a really nice feel to it,and like last year its pretty durable,so this is a pretty interesting look for,this laptop and the bodys made of,recycled aluminum which you like to see,helps out with the environment and its,rock solid in terms of very little flex,in the chassis and good build and its,also pretty portable coming in at 1.37,kilograms or a little bit above 3 pounds,making it very easy to take with you on,the go,okay lets check out the port selection,were gonna start off on the left side,we get two usbc 3.2 gen1 ports that are,full function they support power,delivery display port out and data,transfer next to that is an hdmi 2.0,port and next to that is a 3.5,millimeter headphone microphone combo,jack moving over to the right side is a,micro sd card reader and two usba 3.2,gen 1 ports i would say all in all a,pretty nice port selection,now to get inside this laptop there are,six t5 torx screws you remove all of,them and then pry off the bottom plate,with either guitar pick or a pry tool,and thats pretty much it pop off that,bottom plate and youre in,now as far as the ram is concerned its,soldered into the motherboard that means,you cannot upgrade it as the user so,make sure you get enough ram for your,needs having said that it is lp ddr4 ram,and my review unit has 8 gigabytes of,ram running in dual channel mode now the,ssd is user upgradable and as you can,see its pcie gen 3 ssd speeds not the,faster gen 4 that weve been seeing here,in 2022 not surprised given the price,point but decent speeds nonetheless,now this has wi-fi six along with,bluetooth 5.2 and as you notice its,slotted in not soldered in so you can,change it out down the road which is,good now as far as the connections and,the speed so far between both have been,excellent no issues on that front now,theres only one option when it comes to,the display and its a 13.3 inch full hd,ips display with a resolution of 1920 by,1200 and yes that means it has a 16 to,10 aspect ratio last year it was a 16 to,9 aspect ratio so i like the move to the,16 to 10 youll see more on the display,youll do less scrolling when it comes,to web browsing now the metrics on this,display are really good got the blacks,good white points good contrast and it,has really good color accuracy under two,which is what we like to see and it has,decent coverage of the color gamut,youre looking at 100 percent srgb 77,adobe rgb 78 of the dci p3 wide color,gamut and 72 ntsc these numbers are a,little bit better than last years model,and i would say its a decent choice if,you are doing color grading lightroom,photoshop video editing although not the,best in this category of course but not,bad for this price point and its a,little bit brighter than last years,model coming in at 295 nits now lenovo,claims that this can get as bright as,300 nits i didnt quite get there but,295 nits ill take now it is a glossy,display so you will notice some glaring,reflections depending on your lighting,conditions that is something to be aware,of it wasnt too bad but its something,to take notice of and since this is an,ips display the viewing angles were very,good i thought the touchscreen was,responsive well get into that in a,moment and it does have pen support,although there is no pen included in the,box that is a separate purchase but i,was able to use an hp pen that i had,lying around and it worked perfectly,fine for taking notes and sketching out,artwork now one thing to note this is,also a dolby vision display watching,netflix amazon youtube has been great on,this display no complaints whatsoever,overall i think this is a really nice,display especially at a 599 dollar,starting price i dont think you can go,wrong with this display thats for sure,so this is the front-facing camera on,the new yoga 6 gen 2 here for 2022,and its a 1080p camera full hd its a,ir camera that means you can log in with,face recognition with windows hello in,addition to that there is a fingerprint,scanner located below the keyboard that,worked well registering my finger each,and every time i used it now what do you,think about the video quality what do,you think about the audio quality of the,internal mics i think its actually,pretty good especially at this great,price it doesnt break the bank this is,a great laptop especially a lot of bang,for the buck but im curious to know,what you think let me know,in that comment section below,now this being a two-in-one convertible,means you can put this into the,different modes you got the tent mode,which is great for consuming media,watching netflix amazon youtube even,recipes in the kitchen it worked great,same could be said for the stand mode or,what i like to call presentation mode it,work great for that as well now of,course you could always put it into the,tablet mode great for use with a pen of,course the pen as i mentioned earlier is,not included but i was able to use it,with my hp pen that ive been using and,it worked fine again taking notes,sketching it all work no complaints on,that front,and for those wondering no you cannot,open the lid with one finger since this,is a two-in-one convertible the hinges,are not designed to do that because it,needs to be able to go 360 degrees and,have pretty sturdy hinges at 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Lenovo Yoga 6 Review – A Stylish 2-in-1 Laptop

[Music],my boy manila this is paul today we have,lenovos latest convertible laptop that,entered the philippine market,which is the lenovo yoga 613 alc7 it is,powered by a 7 5700u,and it has a 13.3 inch touchscreen,display two in one convertible laptops,is not new in the market especially for,lenovo,today we are going to see what else this,laptop has in store for us lets begin,[Music],first and foremost lets start with its,design,the lenovo yoga 6 is a portable 13-inch,laptop that offers us options when it,comes to how we use it,upon opening the box it comes with a,free stylus active pen for us to use so,that we will experience touch free,navigation using the buttons in the pen,the lenovo yoga 6 sports a thick build,unlike other laptops on the market,looking at it from a different angle it,looks like a huge book that has an,aluminum cover,the aluminum lid has a matte finish so,be careful since the lid is prone to,fingerprint smudges,since it is aluminum it barely flexes,and the hinges that connects it to the,keyboard are thick and also tough,in fact i have to hold down the bottom,part of the laptop with my left hand,while opening the lid with my right hand,it is not the lightest laptop on the,market since it weighs about 3 pounds,if you are using it in tablet mode and,holding it up it will surely put a,strain on your arms,despite the heavy build the design,ergonomics and overall architecture of,the yoga 6 have a minimalistic look,the style and cooling architecture of,this device are great,at the back it has two airflow grilles,and one ventilation grille underneath,there are laptops that have ventilation,under surface but this one doesnt have,one so cooling the device even if the,lid is closed wont be a problem,on the right it has two usb a 3.0 an sd,card slot and a power button,while on the left side it has a,headphone jack hdmi 2.0 and two usb 3.2,gen1,we have an option to connect a second,monitor since we already have an hdmi,port so,we wont be needing a usb hub the lenovo,yoga 6 has a standard keyboard with a 75,layout there is a narrow cluster smashed,at the bottom right while secondary,functions are integrated with the f keys,the keyboard also offers four white,backlight levels that can be toggled via,fn plus space,the switches are tactile and for some,reason you might find it hard typing,since the keys are slightly smaller to,make space for the speakers,speaking of speakers there are two,speakers on the surface of the yoga 6,and it is placed on both ends of the,keyboard these speakers have a dolby,atmos speaker system which is why the,sound is great and loud,on the lower part you will see the,trackpad that is quite responsive and,smooth to navigate and also has a clicky,sound,this one right here is the fingerprint,scanner and also the full hd plus webcam,with a built-in privacy shutter as for,its display the yoga 6 boasts a 13.3,inch full hd plus ips touchscreen,display with 100,srgb and 300 nits of brightness,again like i said this laptop has a,touchscreen display which is also,convertible so you can use it as a,laptop or a tablet,display quality is decent also sharp and,punchy so binge watching your netflix,shows or watching youtube videos wont,be much of a problem the downside here,is that it only has 300 nits of,brightness so so if you are outside you,might find it hard to see,now on to its performance the yoga 6 we,have is powered by an 8 core ryzen 7,5700u,multitasking is not an issue thanks to,the 16 gigabytes ddr4 ram booting up the,device and opening applications is fast,because of its one terabyte m.2 ssd,it has integrated amd region graphics,wi-fi 6 bluetooth 5.2 and also it runs,on windows 11 home,thanks to amd raging graphics quality,content with decent color accuracy there,are no lags when navigating the timeline,of a premiere pro it already comes with,microsoft home office and student plus,you get the best companion app for,lenovo which is the lenovo vantage,and for its battery it has a 60 watts,battery which is good plus it uses a,usbc connection for charging which is,useful since many devices now uses this,kind of format if fully charged it says,that it can endure up to 6 hours of,battery life and you can extend that if,you are just watching videos while it is,on stand mode and temp mode the lenovo,yoga 6 is a promising laptop with,flexible build and impressive design,quality which are some of the things,that i love about this laptop although,using it in tablet mode is quite heavy,and opening the lid requires two hands,still if you are talking about its heat,management it is suitable for content,creators due to its well-designed,cooling system,the lenovo yoga 613 alc7 is priced at 64,895 pesos,it is a two in one laptop that has good,specs and at the same time a quality,build,theyre suitable for people that pack,light and are always on the go,so that is the lenovo yoga 6. what are,your thoughts about this device let us,know in the comments down below,thank you guys for watching be sure to,subscribe and ring the bell so you will,be updated with our future contents,also dont forget to visit,manilashaker.com for more tech news,reviews and comparison of the latest,device once again this is po,and mabuhay manila,[Music]

Lenovo Yoga 6 Features and Review – An Awesome 2-in-1 Laptop!

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Lenovo Yoga 6 Review – BEST OF THE BUDGET LAPTOPS!

the lenovo yoga 6 has been dubbed as a,decent budget laptop that normally sells,for around,699 pounds in the uk i mean thats not,budget really for me,but then it comes down to 549 pounds on,sale which is a little bit better couple,that with offers maybe from ebay and,voucher codes you got yourself a bargain,i mean lets look at what its giving,you straight out of the box a 5500 u,processor from amd 8 gigabytes of ram to,156 gigabytes of ssd storage full led hd,resolution decent build quality and its,a two-in-one laptop now the standout,feature for me at the specs at least,obviously the process is good but its,quite a decent integrated graphics,system much better than intels in my,opinion now lets start off with the,build quality straight away there was,supposed to be a fabric cover and i saw,this in a lot of the videos and the,promotional materials that they had but,when i ordered my one strangely enough,it ended up coming with aluminium lid,and to be honest im personally glad it,didnt have that because quite simply,put things are going to get a bit dirty,but then again the cover is a,fingerprint magnet now checking the,actual quality of it its aluminium it,doesnt budge easily or flex which is,good the hinges are very tough in fact,so strong that you cant actually lift,it up with one hand after you use two,hands to open it but then you know,thats thats fine its not a deal,breaker for me,the bottom half of it appears to be,carbon fiber and it totally gives me,think pad vibes straight away its light,coming in at 1.3 kg because its 13,inches the keyboard size feels just fine,obviously youre not going to get a full,number keypad if youre looking for one,of those the whole design gives that,ultrabook feel and it looks great 13,inch size and weight heighten that,portability aspect and i can carry this,laptop around with me around the house,with ease and i feel quite confident,really if i wanted to turn it into,tablet mode it feels quite secure and as,i mentioned before the hinges are quite,tight selection of ports its not too,great one charging usb c port on the,left along with the usb a and headphone,jack and then its got another usbc on,the other side with the usb a now the,usbc ports are not thunderbolt youre,not going to get it at this price range,and only the left side charges so yeah,dont try charging from the other side i,dont know what would happen if you,tried to do that if you want to connect,via hdmi then you will need a dongle but,the ports sorely missing for me is a,micro sd slot i mean they could have put,it in just for extra storage now,performance the 5500 umd processor is,fantastic it sits somewhere between an,intel i5 and i7 now more recently i had,it in my lenovo legion and the onboard,graphics chip is great and capable of,playing games but with the yoga 6 i,wouldnt use this laptop to game on,unless the games are old and thats,mainly because of the thermals,everything so tightly packed is quite,compact the laptop has a fan that gets,really loud and the keyboard near the,top will get now definitely you cant,use the logo yoga 6 on your lap because,of this heat being a common issue that,the yoga 6 thermal flow isnt great i,mean imagine if it had intel that id,only wonder how bad it would get its,got vents at the back and theyre,blowing out almost in a similar fashion,to a gaming laptop and the fan at the,bottom has a small oh so again unless,youre playing old games you know,dont play triple a games on this and,thats not because of the capabilities,of the specs its because of thermal,throttling and your lap burning up,basically now if youre using this on,the table and youve got maybe a cooling,mat underneath its a possibility but i,would not buy this laptop for for gaming,this is thats not what its for now,saying that the specs are great and,allow for some great workflow to happen,ive installed things had a virus scan,and a windows update running in the,background and you know what its,perfectly usable now of course i had it,on the desk and i generally keep it on,the desk otherwise my lap would burn,speakers themselves are not great if,youre expecting a bit of bass dont,bother not this price range um its,supposed to be compatible and has dobby,atmos features which will probably work,if you put your headphones in i mean if,you want to listen to a podcast or,review theyre fine but if you want to,blast out some music on the tiny,speakers its not gonna its not gonna,sound great in terms of ram when i look,online again youve got a lot of people,saying oh 16 gigabytes is the way to go,but eight gigabytes is absolutely fine i,know ive had this debate in my macbook,videos but theres nothing wrong with it,windows does optimize 8 gigabyte ram,well and if you run out the page file,will be used from your ssd which you,probably wont notice if youre just,browsing obviously with the radeons,graphic chip its shared and so there,are some games that you just wouldnt,run because of this now the ram is,soldered onto the motherboard so it,cant be upgraded and yes in the uk we,say soldering and soldered with the l,being pronounced now trackpad and,keyboard trackpad is better than the,average one you would find on a cheap,laptop with satisfying click sounds but,i would stick to a bluetooth mouse if,you can the keyboard is great to type on,with low key travel and there is,keyboard flex if you press hard enough,but its not noticeable i did find my,hands cramping a little bit after a,while of typing but then my hands are so,large that could be it its backlit with,different levels and the shortcuts are,the standard ones there too the display,is fantastic full hd resolution 300 nits,great color reproduction and the touch,screen is very responsive of course,holding the laptop in tablet mode is,another thing but if i had to use this,display for touch input frequently then,it wouldnt be a bad choice the only,issue i have with the screen is that,its very very glossy so if youve got a,lot of natural light in the room like if,youre near a window or if youre,outside be prepared to pump the,brightness to its fullest and not be,able to see it properly the glass,display doesnt feel the smoothest and,other reviewers have noted the same,thing it almost feels like youre gonna,scratch it if you keep swiping quite,quickly so if you are drawing obviously,get a pen now the webcam is average not,full hd of course you would be better,off using your phone to be honest its,got a privacy filter which is uh a plus,really but i kind of dont get the point,with privacy filters because if you,think people use their phones no one,bothers putting a cover on the front of,their phone camera do they so why would,you do it with your laptop but anyway,thats its there for a reason people,want it and you can use it if you want,to battery life is fantastic they,advertise 18 hours naturally i dont get,anywhere near that id say its between,11 to 8 to up to 11 hours depending on,usage um charging is done in a couple of,hours obviously if you use a laptop and,charge it at the same time the keyboard,can get a bit warm as well as it heating,up underneath now this laptop is amazing,value for money i am having such a blast,with it especially some of the classic,games that im playing on there ive,been looking for a windows alternative,to macbook a decent price and i think i,may have just found it lenovo has,released an updated version with better,port selection and thermals and its,price is actually the same as a brand,new model of the previous generation so,699 pounds although it could be some,time before you see a drop in price and,that new model also has a 5000 series,ryzen processor but lets be honest its,still really good and obviously with a,chip shortage um dont expect to see the,6000 ones anytime soon now if you look,out for offers you can get this laptop,for under 500 pounds and actually got,mine from currys clearance in the uk,for way less when they had a 15 cold on,and it was a customer return and,hone

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