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Most Affordable Contact Lenses | Lens.com Review

hey whats up you guys its vacation Im,back with another video if you were a,new subscriber thank you so much for,joining the family and if you are an old,subscriber hello and if this happens to,be your first time ever visiting my,channel go ahead and click that,subscribe button and also that belt that,you can be notified whenever I post,todays video is going to be all about,contact lenses a little bit of backstory,I have been wearing glasses ever since,the second grade and I will always need,some type of assistance with my sight,because I cant see Im like negative,four and one I and negative four point,five and the other Ive accepted it at,this point so now I just do whatever I,can to make myself happy and that was to,buy some contact lenses and I mean,glasses arent terrible but sometimes,you really just want to like switch up,your look and not have to wear glasses,like to me glasses are a fashion,statement and sometimes they dont go,with what I want to wear so Ill just,want to wear some contacts something,like that but contacts can be very,expensive especially when your sight is,bad like mine I have astigmatism in both,eyes and my sight is different in both,eyes the brand that I use is a caballo,ASIS for astigmatism in those range,anymore like forty to fifty dollars a,box so every time I ordered contacts it,was easily coming out to ninety dollars,100 once you add tax and shipping so I,did a little bit of research and I came,across two companies and I was debating,between these two but ultimately it came,down to lens comm this video is not,sponsored in any way shape or form,I spent my own money on this I just,wanted to share because I wish that,someone would have told me about this,sight years ago as that give you,I place my order and luckily I had my,prescription from on hand so the way,that the website works is that you can,just send the picture of your,prescription and everything will be,straight they can just place the order,for you as long as its not expired and,its valid so thats what I had um but,you can also give information to your,doctor so that they can contact your,doctor and go that way so because I had,my prescription on hand it was very,quick and easy,I place my order and they sit with my,confirmation and two days after placing,my order I received a second email from,them stating that my twitter was shipped,and it had a tracking number and they,told me that my order would be to be by,Friday and it was so all in all I placed,my order on the fourteenth and I,received my contacts on the 18th,thats four days guys four days four,thats nothing to wait okay four days,has nothing and that was just what their,standard shipping so I was happy so when,I got my package they came in this box,right here nothing special just to get,from point A to point B finds me and,then we open it theres like this brown,paper material just so that its not,like in place and then under that is,your receipt my receipt it has,everything on it including the date that,I ordered my name address and my actual,order itself,each box cost me twenty three dollars,and 20 cents and plus the processing fee,it came down to fifty $1.99 compared to,where I bought contact lenses any other,time I basically bought my contact,lenses buy one get one free and Im not,gonna lie when I placed this order I was,slightly skeptical but the customer,service is what kind of put me at ease,because I was always getting an update,and then once you get deeper into the,box you see that you have your two boxes,of contact lenses obviously mine are,already open because Im wearing them,right now but like I said because my,prescription is different in both eyes I,always label the left and the right and,actually they made it very easy for me,to figure out which one is from my left,to my right because personally I dont,remember which size which like whatever,on the receipt it tells you your left,eye is this your right eye is this and,they even had it set in the box for your,left eye was on the left and your right,arms on the right it was perfect then in,the middle that even included their own,little contact lens case and I actually,decided to just use this one because the,one I had was old so that was nice and,then theres a little magnet all in all,this company gets two thumbs up for me,and this video is not sponsored I bought,this with my own money but I just wanted,to share this with you guys because,thank you so much for tuning in like I,said earlier if you havent subscribed,go ahead and subscribe and also hit that,little bell if you found this video,helpful go ahead and give me a thumbs up,and then maybe even drop a little,comment down below whether its just,something nice to say or if you have,some type of horror story from ordering,from a different company or something or,if you experienced ordering with this,company let me know down below if you,guys want to stay in contact with me all,of my social media links will be linked,right down below in the,description box so make sure you check,that out and we out I can enroll in,peace everybody knows me I can see Im,rolling on bringing it try to give me a,time on my knee like Jesus please,he only believed in Jesus why you got a,Jesus me did you wanna sleep

Lens com Review in 2017

hey guys its Victoria and I am back,with another exciting review today Im,gonna be talking about Lin comm and,their amazing service and contact lenses,so first off this was my packaging I,just I opened it already sorry for the,unboxing this but this is Im not gonna,show everybody mine though but yeah it,basically comes in a small little box,like this depending on how many contact,lenses you order but they only,specialize in contact lenses so they,dont do prescription glasses or,anything like that its strictly lenses,which makes them really awesome because,they specialize and usually companies,that specialize theyre pretty good at,what they do I ordered five boxes of,lenses six lenses each which is about a,years worth of context most people do,this they buy their contact lenses in,bulk I didnt used to do that because it,was just really expensive to buy them,all at one time but not on lens comm you,guys they make it so simple the ordering,process is quick easy you upload your,prescription or you send them a phone,number to contact your doctor and they,do all the footwork for you so they have,an amazing customer service team that,works to keep you happy,basically so when I first got on the,side theres this little chat thing that,pops up and its like how may I help you,today if you need any help kind of thing,if youve ever been on a website where,it has that little side chat thing come,up on the screen and its like if you,have any questions you know you can type,it in so I was like yeah Ive got a,couple questions because I had a,situation where my prescription was,going to end very soon and I wanted them,to be able to contact my doctor but I,didnt have a prescription that I could,upload or scan to the computer and send,it through that way so she made it,really,for me all I had to do was email my,doctor and the phone number to a,specific email she gave me in the chat,box so I copied and pasted into my email,address it was super simple I just sent,my local doctors cell phone number in,there with my name but they took care of,it like that was all that they needed,dont hesitate to ask their customer,service awesome my contact lenses are a,quv Oasis and I have astigmatism so I,got the ones with that are specially,designed for those this is a six lens,box and they all have this little,sticker on the back I think this is,better than 1-800 contacts honestly,because the price youre looking for the,most affordable lenses online lens comm,you guys do not forget that name they,will save you some money let me tell you,how much I paid for bucks my cylinder,and axis is negative 0.75 and my axis is,90 for astigmatism Acuvue I used to say,23 20 per box so with that price I,couldnt afford to not buy as many as I,could I ended up spending a hundred and,sixteen dollars for five boxes of lenses,so I am super happy with the experience,they shipped really fast it only took it,about maybe six days to come you know,even the weekend and a lot of the time,the shipping is ahead of schedule so it,told me I wasnt even supposed to get my,contacts until July 29th and I got them,yesterday I would recommend lens calm to,anybody that wears prescription lenses,prescription contacts and I think that,they have a great customer service they,get back to you with any questions that,you have thank you guys so much for,watching my lens review of lens comm I,hope that you guys have a great rest of,your week,bye catch you in my next one

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Is Lens.com legit? | Lens.com BBB | Contact Lens.com Reviews

everybody im doing a video real quick,about lens.com the question is,is lens.com legit is it safe is it real,and guess what the answer is yes,it is it absolutely is so theyve been,in business since 1995 they have a money,back guarantee,hassle free returns 24 hour customer,service and check this out you can renew,your prescription online with a vision,test,so they literally have it where if you,have i believe you can do it with a,phone or a webcam,you can go online and renew an existing,prescription like so if youve had your,eyes checked before,you can come here they will review your,uh,you can take an online vision test their,doctors will view it and youll get a,prescription that way,so is it safe yes and no i mean,you know a lot of times when you go to,the eye doctor they check your eyes for,other things that could you know let,them know that theres something wrong,with you,so but i think with the cameras,and the webcams they can get a pretty,good idea,of you know how healthy you are how,healthy you uh your eyes are,so but you can do it online in some,cases its even free,so do you have to have a prescription to,order contact lenses yes you do,its federal law they can you can fax,them a copy,or they can contact your like if you,went got your eye exam somewhere else,uh like a costco or one of those other,places they can call them up and get,your,prescription from them and verify for,you so thats kind of cool,what information do they need theyre,going to need all of it,od os brand name bc,base curve diameter so on and so forth,so theyre going to need all this,information,if you want to order from them but you,can do that,you can order online from them um,do you need a copy yeah you need a copy,like they said otherwise they can,contact and call your provider so,pretty easy pretty straightforward um,take your online vision test here do to,do,um online vision test lets click this,on check it out real quick,okay maybe i didnt,lets see how it works take your online,vision test,no okay how does the vision test work,okay oh okay we have to sign up create,account answer some questions take the,test,takes 10 minutes,to do written audio instructions,your smartphone will record your answers,uh get a doctor so,so there you go you do have to create an,account sign up in order to do this,they have as you can see here at the,bottom they have privacy policy legal,disclaimer,legal disclaimers different types of,contacts,cheap contacts blog so,rebate information here they have the,visa mastercard,logo paypal so it is legit lens.com has,been,in business for basically 25 plus years,and these are all the different brands,you can get most popular lenses,you can even check out reviews you could,google them online and check out reviews,of them to kind of get an idea but,they are legit they are safe as long as,you know what your prescription is you,shouldnt have any problem,theyll be delivered right to your door,thats it,have a great day and hopefully you can,see better,bye

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How to Order Contact Lenses During Quarantine (COVID 19)

so if youre running out of contact lenses right now and youre thinking hey,how do I get new contacts my eye clinic is shut down due to quarantine for the,coronavirus then youre not alone so in this video Im gonna walk you through,how to order contacts during covid 19 lets take a look,hey whats up this is dr. Allen here from the doctor I hell show helping you,learn all about the eyes and vision if youre new here to the channel and light,hand care your eyes then consider hitting that subscribe button down below,now today were going to talk about contact lenses and getting new ones if,youre running low here during the corona virus quarantine so a lot of,people have been reaching out to me about this topic wanting to know how,they can get their contacts because many eye clinics even the one Im at right,now is closed due to quarantine and only seeing emergency visits so if you are a,contact lens wearer and youre running low heres a few tips on what you can do,the first thing is that I know a lot of people will want to try to stretch out,or extend the use of their lenses throwing a daily lens to try to use it,two or three days if theyre wearing a month lens theyll try to stretch it out,a few extra weeks do not do that your lenses have been tested and approved for,the use that they were designed for again if youre using a daily a two week,or monthly lens and if you try to stretch those out you can be putting,your eyes at risk of potential infection and other complications that could even,lead to permanent vision loss and I dont want you to end up with some sort,of eye emergency and have to rush on in either to an eye clinic or an ER and,thats certainly not where you want to be right now if you are either really,low on your contact lens supply or you have completely run out then the first,thing you should do is called your eye clinic the eye care professional that,prescribed you those lenses oftentimes they do still have people at the clinic,to at least answer phones and kind of take care of problems like contact lens,care so if you do call your eye clinic they oftentimes will be able to either,renew your prescription maybe help you out get you a few extra lenses maybe,they will be able to extend your prescription for a few extra months if,its already expired and they should be able to get you a copy of your,prescription oftentimes you can just order directly from your,Clinic directly over the phone or through their online store or you can,choose to purchase through an online retailer and if youre somebody who,prefers to order contact lenses online then I encourage you to simply do some,research and use a website that you can trust as some online retailers have been,known to distribute either expired or even counterfeit contact lenses if,youre having a hard time finding a website you can trust then I have,included some links in the description below for some sites that I know at,least verify your prescription and are doing things correctly in addition,wherever you get your contact lenses from when you get them verify that the,power and the brands match a most recent prescription because some retailers have,been known to try and swap out or switch contact lens brands in order to cut,costs and although this could still work out in some situations every contact,lens brand has a different type of water content and different shape design to,fit your eye correctly and the ultimate choice of which lens is best for you and,your eyes is something that should be determined by examination with an eye,care provider if you do find any defects with the contact lenses you receive that,call at your eye clinic or your retailer immediately in fact let me know in the,comment section if youve ever gotten defective lenses right out of the,package or if youve ever received contact lenses that were not even close,to your right prescription otherwise if you do completely run out of contacts,and you cant order anymore dont be afraid to fall back to your trusty,glasses if you havent checked out our full series on contact lenses I do,encourage you to check that out by clicking or tapping the screen up over,here to the side or if you want to see another cool video from dr. health you,can click her death the screen up over here again this is dr. Allen wishing you,and your family great health during this crisis and dont worry well get through,this

Cheap Contacts | How to Save MONEY on Contact Lenses (3-Tips) | Doctor Eye Health

so finding cheap contacts can be really difficult without sacrificing quality or,putting your eyes at risk well in this video Im gonna be sharing three insider,secrets on how you can save money when buying contacts without sacrificing,quality of your contact lens lets take a look,hello and welcome i am dr. joe allen here from the doctor eye health show,helping you learn about the eyes vision and finding the best vision product so,if you new here to the channel make sure to hit that subscribe button down below,and turn on notifications so that you dont miss any of my future videos also,if youre new to contact lenses this video is part of a complete video series,helping out beginners in contact lenses if youd like to check out that series,Ill hook that up in a link in the description below so recently I fit a,patient with a contact lens and about a week later he actually called back,asking to be refit with a different brand of lenses cuz he could get them,much cheaper and honestly I refused the lens that he wanted was not only a very,old lens technology but wasnt correct for his eye shape his power or his wear,schedule and I get it we all want to save money where we can but sacrificing,your eye health and potentially revision is just not something I think people,want to do its kind of like asking you a cardiologist to implant an outdated,pacemaker its just not worth it but if youre looking to save money and still,get a high quality contact lens heres three tips thatll help you out,the first tip is to buy in bulk just like most other things on the market if,you purchase in bulk usually the price will drop most contact lens retailers,will offer a huge discount when buying at least six months supplies but youll,get even a bigger discount if you purchase a full year supply now I notice,that people like to buy things online for the convenience however keep in mind,that some opticals and eye clinics actually have access to manufacturer,rebates these manufacturer rebates depending on what lens youre wearing,could save you up to $200 off when buying a year supply hit that like,button for me if you like saving money and pretty much every contact lens brand,will have some type of a rebate available in fact some eye clinics and,opticals may even have bigger rebates available than some of the others now,for the second tip you want to listen up because Ive actually heard that less,than 5% of all contact lens wearers actually use this Ben,and that is to utilize the point system if you happen to be aware of a Bausch,and Lomb product such as the Bausch and Lomb ultra, the ultra lens for astigmatism or,a biotrue one day lens where then you can actually submit the actual purchase,of those lenses to the boshin loans website they actually have a rewards,program will you actually earn points by purchasing their products when you earn,these points you can then use that to get gift cards special other bonuses and,prizes you can even donate them to charity,you can even receive tokens that you can use for online games to again win more,prizes and these things can add up I think its pretty awesome I mean who,doesnt like playing games and winning gift cards I dont think every brand,offers this but again just about all of them offer some sort of rewards or,discount program now tip number three is to consider,signing up for some type of a vision benefit plan or vision discount plan,these are usually available through your employer but sometimes they are also,available on the open market and it does depend on what type of coverage that you,sign up for but I have seen these plans cover things like your contact lens,fitting fees as well as contributing toward the purchase of lenses its not,uncommon to see a carrier offer up to like a hundred and twenty dollars us,toward contact lenses and then if you use tip number one from before using a,rebate you can save even more that adds up pretty quickly and I cant guarantee,this would happen for you but I have actually seen people make money when,purchasing contacts because they were able to use their vision benefit plan,then get a rebate for it and they actually came out ahead when does the,last time you ever purchased a product then you got a rebate in the mail and,actually made money Im not sure how the math works on that but its still pretty,awesome now I know a lot of people try to save money with their contacts by,either stretching out or over wearing their lenses but that is not a good idea,by over wearing lenses youre actually putting in your eyes at a greater risk,of complications or infections and the cost for doctors fees medications or a,corneal transplant is way more expensive than any contact lens on the market,remember that you only get two eyes so please take care of them so I health,question of the day which one of these tips was your favorite and have you ever,made money when purchasing contacts go ahead and connect in the comment section,below hey thanks for watching if you liked the,video give me a thumbs up subscribe to for new otherwise,keep an eye on it well talk to you soon

Best Budget Lens for Portrait Photography! | Yongnuo 85mm f1.8 Review

getting into photography can be a,daunting task youre going to be asking,questions like which camera should I get,what lights will I need and which lens,do I buy today I want to try to answer,that last question specifically which,lens should you buy if youre getting,into portrait photography I was able to,take these photos with this lens on my,Sony A7 III and the lens Im talking,about today is the yongnuo 85 millimeter,F 1.8 it comes in Sony E Nikon Z and,Canon EOS R mounts it ranks as dxomarks,sharpest lens at the time of this,recording and it comes in at a,budget-friendly 350 to 400 depending on,the amount you choose yeah I can say I,can comfortably recommend this lens to,anybody for portrait photography,[Music],foreign,[Music],starting off with the build quality of,the lens honestly its a budget feeling,lens it doesnt have the heft of a,premium feeling lens but as I always say,the trade-off is you end up with a more,Compact and lighter lens that makes,portability much better and for mounting,on gimbals and rigs easier at a first,glance honestly its a nice looking lens,I think where most budget Brands tend to,shoot themselves in the foot is with,their branding yanguo if youre,listening I would highly recommend,choosing a logo that looks a little bit,more serious but all jokes aside this,lens does come with some nice features,including a focus mode switch a custom,function button and a USBC port for,firmware updates when it comes to Optics,this lens features nine glass elements,including a low dispersion element and,Nano coating to reduce ghosting and,control flares it has a 7 Blade aperture,which contributes to some nice looking,foca the autofocus utilizes a digital,stepping motor for quiet focusing and if,Im gonna be honest the autofocus,accuracy was one of my favorite features,of this lens lastly the lens has a 58,millimeter filter thread and a minimum,focusing distance of 0 0.8 meters or,30.5 inches more importantly I want to,talk to you guys about the image quality,coming out of this lens the reason why,this lens piqued my interest was that it,is currently ranked as the sharpest lens,that dxomark has tested were talking,about beating lenses that are far above,its price tag so I had to buy the dang,lens and find out for myself when,shooting wide open at F 1.8 Center,sharpness is incredible intact sharp if,you start looking into the corners then,yeah youll see the image start looking,a little soft but when it comes to,Portrait lenses your subject is,typically in the center of frame anyways,as you stop down to F 2.8 and F4 The,Story Goes as it always does the lens,gets even sharper through the whole,frame which again is incredibly sharp,for a budget third-party lens coming in,at a half to a fifth of the cost of what,its competing against one of the main,things about this lens that is a,definite negative is its vignetting wide,open at F 1.8 thats when its the worst,and as you stop down F 2.8 or F4 it,starts becoming more subtle but it never,fully goes away no matter how much you,stop down of course that is something,you can fix in post but it does add an,extra step to your workflow the bokeh,quality is also pretty great the subject,separation you get at F 1.8 is,definitely as expected and while the,bokeh isnt as creamy as what my 85 1.4,G Master can produce youre still,getting circular bokeh in Center frame,with some cat eye bokeh as you Veer off,towards the edge of the frame and on top,of that the bokeh balls are nice and,smooth they lack any onion rings,sorry I just realized how weird that,last sentence sounded I think,photography terminology can get pretty,wonky sometimes but for autofocus this,is the part where I was most pleasantly,surprised for photos my autofocus hit,rate was really high some shots have,ended up out of focus when Im shooting,a burst like 10 plus shots at once but,overall I havent walked away from a,shoot feeling like Ive missed a shot,because of the lens for video the,autofocus can definitely track pretty,smoothly but you can tell that its just,not as fast at tracking as a native lens,and I wouldnt recommend it for tracking,fast subjects but otherwise though,compared to all the third-party budget,lenses Ive tested over the years this,one has probably the best autofocus,performance of them all since were,talking about being budget conscious,today and just like how you can get 99,of what you want and need from a lens at,a fifth of the cost you can also save,money by switching your Wireless plan to,MIT mobile the partner of todays video,but Im already using insert carrier,name here oh well mint mobile offers,premium Wireless for as low as 15 a,month and you dont even have to,sacrifice any coverage speed or data,wait really yep theyre also built on,the nations largest 5G Network so why,should you pay more than you have to to,access the same network okay but like,switching plans can be a pain actually,switching to Mint mobile is super easy,thanks to their digital e-sim cards you,can sign up and activate right on your,phone and it took me like less than 20,minutes and youre telling me that all,met Mobile plans include unlimited,Nationwide talk and text plus lightning,fast 5G and free mobile hotspot uh yeah,why does it feel like youre the one,pitching it to me now well thats,because I was spending 85 a month for my,old plan well through January 15th if,you purchase a three month plan youll,receive an additional three months free,using MyLink mintmobile.com forward,slash davidzow or scan my QR code sounds,like I should stop paying more than I,need to on my wireless bill and start,saving big with mint mobile thats what,Im saying,okay so lets get to the pros and cons,of this lens and why I think its the,best budget lens for portrait,photography on the side of pros this is,a compact and lightweight lens thats,priced at 350 to 400 in the Sony world,my next recommendation would be the Sony,85 millimeter F 1.8 which comes in at,600 so right off the bat thats already,a better deal by 250 youre getting just,as sharp if not sharper results than the,Sony 85 F 1.8 and the 85 F 1.4 G Master,it has smooth background blur with nice,looking bokeh it has great color,rendition and sharpness rendition thanks,to the Optics in this lens its not only,good for photos but its also great for,video work as well its built well and,its packed with nice physical features,including the custom function button and,firmware updates that are possible,thanks to the USBC Port the only cons,that I can think of is that it produces,some soft Corners wide open has some,mild chromatic aberrations from time to,time the vignetting could be a deal,breaker for some and it shows some,Distortion so you wont be getting,extremely straight lines towards the,edges of the frame but my counter to all,of the cons is that if youre getting,this lens for portrait photography then,those drawbacks dont really matter,especially if youre trying to figure,out which lens to start with yeah you,can address some of the concerns with,higher price tag options but are those,concerns worth paying double triple or,even five times the amount of this lens,to address if you can then all power to,you you should go for the more expensive,lenses that you know have more bells and,whistles but all I can say is I wish,this lens was available when I started,shooting portraits at a price point of,under 400 I can wholeheartedly and,confidently recommend this lens to any,of you if youre getting into portrait,photography and with that thank you for,watching if youre a real one and you,decided to bless me with that sweet,sweet watch time of watching all the way,until the end leave a comment saying,youre welcome and Ill select three,random comments to send a free DZ water,bottle and if you enjoyed these videos,here are some other videos that the,YouTube algorithm has decided that you,would enjoy watching as well so check,those out and as always Ill see you in,the next video peace,[Music]

Korean-lens.com Review

hey yeah i just got the vasan i dont,remember and im gonna look it up or,Ill be in the description and its so,cute they they gave me this yeah I gave,me that so cute,yeah this is the container it came in,this is the color so cute well they gave,me the pen just cute I just love his,kids yeah and it came in this little,basket,but heres what the ones look like,Ill put him on later shoot you guys,so I tried on the circle lenses,not really good lighting right here but,how the pictures so you can see it,but ya feel like I look like a demon I,guess because its taking up the whole,space like those sorel oka whatever ones,and yeah we have any suggestions for,smaller eyes like mine I guess,circle lenses for smaller eyes I mean,then comment down below which is these,are my first time ever have any circle,lenses so I dont know,eyes are pretty small,the comfort of this is pretty decent,right now but I havent worn out old,days I dont know what it is like all,day so yeah and yeah I check out my day,to remember shirts and awesome yes okay,damn,excuse my eczema my eyes socks no but,yeah,that is all I,guys have a good day,and you should check out Korean ones,pretty cheap

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