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Let Him Go reviewed by Mark Kermode

so new film out uh let him go which is a,neon,western uh adapted from the novel by,larry watson about which i havent read,the novel and i knew nothing about the,film before i saw it except for the fact,that it starred kevin costner,and diane lane and im actually fans of,both of them,both of them they play uh george and,margaret who are a couple,living in montana hes a retired sheriff,she works with horses,their family is then struck by tragedy,they they lose a son,and uh the film then proceeds in fairly,swift uh form through the remarriage of,their daughter-in-law,lorna who is the mother of their their,young grandchild and she remarries,this guy called donny weeboy and we know,from the outset that hes an,untrustworthy type,margaret sees him across the street,hitting his wife,and hitting his child and then they,disappear,and theyre not in the house that,theyre meant to be living they just,bit to heaven as where with the,grandchild,and everyone that the central couple ask,ask about the wee boys they say look,they are bad news,theyre giving conflicting info about,where they can find them,theyre told to go in north dakota so,margaret says im going to go and you,know im going to go and find the,grandson,and george says wha what are we going to,do this is kind of the whole they said,the title of the thing is let him go,what are we going to do its you know,its its its her son,shes remarried hes got she mug says no,were going to go and find them so,they head off on this kind of journey in,which hes grumpy but hes going to go,because she says if you dont come,im going to go on my own and they go,and eventually they find lorna with,the wee boy family from whom they,attempt to encourage her,to escape here is a clip i know,we havent always seen eye to eye i,dont think weve ever seen,eye to eye,well we will youre just saying that to,make sure that i go with you,jimmy needs his mother,you could have used one too,i could have been that to you i should,have been,but i wasnt,its okay,im sorry lorna,i should have been much more to you,thats diane lane and kelly clark both,of whom are very good in the film the,performance however which looms largest,over this movie about which as i said,before i knew nothing when i went in,which was actually rather beneficial,because i didnt know which way the,story was going,um the performance which looms largest,is an,unrecognizable leslie manville who plays,the matriarch,of the wee boy family shes the seat of,power she is the place from which,theyre,apparent reign of terror uh kind of you,know,radiates and shes really good and its,a really startling performance not least,because,you watch it for a little bit before you,go oh thats leslie manville,the the film is directed by uh thomas,bazooka whos,uh i think thats how you pronounce it,whose previous credits,include a bunch of movies that,in my opinion anyway gave no indication,of where this would be going and,actually,some movies that i you know havent been,particularly a fan of so i was,really surprised by how much i was drawn,into this,its a strange mix of on the one hand,remember there was the thing a few years,ago they talked about the rise of the,grey power drama you know,movies with older subjects mean people,of our age,and above and uh it starts as this kind,of drama about this,you know this older couple and their,relationship and the kind of slightly,crotchety but loving relationship that,they have,and then how theyre dealing with the,subject of grief and then,this central question about look what,can we do you know let him go what can,we do and obviously,whats really happening is that its a,way of them coming to terms with the,loss of their own child,is you know how they deal with the loss,of the of,the grandchild the grandchild being,taken away but the film spends,enough time on developing those,characters and those little character,quirks,but when it sort of shows its hand and,turns into what it then becomes,you are you have been dragged in far,enough to actually,care about what happens um i dont want,to say a whole lot more i mean people,i dont i havent seen the trailer for,it so im not sure how much the trailer,gives away but,you get the sense that as theyre,journeying out to,to the the remote house in which leslie,manvilles matriarch lives its almost,like theyre going off the grid its,almost like theyre going off the map,you really do get a sense of that,costner does that world weary cowboy,thing better than almost anybody,i know its become quite fashionable to,knock kevin costner but he is a,hes a movie star with a great screen,presence and he does,that world weary cowboy very very well,theres very good support from boob,stewart as peter who is a character who,we meet under strange circumstances,whose backstory then dovetails rather,nicely with the central with the with,the main story,uh theres a very good score by uh,michael,caccino and um ill do it again theres,a very good score by michael jacquino,its one of those things that michael i,always pronounced his name wrong and,actually if you look at michael,jacquinos,twitter account it actually says this is,how its pronounced um,very good by michael jacquino and its,very nicely lensed by guy godfrey,but the it really caught me off guard,because i hadnt,expected i firstly i hadnt expected it,to get as strong as it does,i hadnt expected it to become quite as,dark as it does,and by the time i realized where it was,going i was already,on board with the characters and i was,on board enough,that the stuff that then played out and,it is true that as it moves on it,it moves more into the area of you know,melodrama and perhaps overstatement but,by that point,i was in anyway so i thought it was,surprisingly impressive,and moving a little bit surprising and,anyway its called let him go and it is,apparently in cinemas if you can find it,obviously what with everything thats,going on,but its well worth checking out because,its its a,much much more interesting film than id,expected it to be

Let Him Go (2020) – Movie Review

now as most comic book fans will notice,that these are the same parents from man,of steel,but how do they fare in this movie lets,find out,hey guys my name is brandon icky the,brand of credit and on this channel its,my job to point you,in the direction of movies worth,checking out so that interests you make,sure you hit like and subscribe,and i just recently partnered with movie,scene canada so make sure you check them,out as well for the latest news,reviews contests and reactions but today,im here to tell you,if let him go is worth the watch today,now im going to be honest with you guys,this trailer makes this movie feel more,like an action movie more like a taken,more like a really suspenseful thriller,dont think of this as an action-packed,thrill ride because it really isnt,but there is some extremely intense,moments,in this movie and thats what really,works about the film so you have diane,lane and kevin costner and they live,out on a ranch and then they have their,former daughter-in-law right their sons,widow,she has a son yet they marry into this,new family,and they know that their family is just,no good they are treating this kid like,absolute garbage,and they know that they have to take it,back they know that its the right thing,to do,maybe not in the laws eyes but in their,hearts they know its the right thing to,do which gave me a bit of a bonnie and,clyde kind of uh,vibe right this movie takes place in the,60s and it takes place in montana right,so,there is that western feel to it and you,got two lovers who are much older and,theyre,against the law trying to do whats,right in their mind so it has those kind,of vibes right and a lot of the time,theyre,you know on horses theyre on horseback,theres this native american person who,helps them out,and a lot of beautiful locations a lot,of shotguns a lot of,get off my porch kind of that kind of,style and when theyre conversing with,the other family,just around the dinner table or when,they have other confrontations,it is really intense stuff,however this is where i think a lot of,people might not like this movie and it,didnt,turn me off completely but there is a,lot of time,in between those really intense moments,and sure,theres a lot of slow build up which,some of it works,but i think that sometimes this movie,drags on,just a little bit too much i feel like,theres a lot of scenes of them just,talking about their old relationship,and about their lives and about whats,the right thing to do and while all that,stuff is good,i feel like sometimes they talk too much,about it almost as if its like,okay we get it right we gotta really,hammer home,the fact that this movie is about these,two characters you know,going on this adventure to really go,against the law and do something for the,good of mankind,and sometimes in my eyes that led to,pacing issues however when those intense,moments come,they are excellent your eyes are glued,to the screen and im like,i am so invested in this but those,moments are few and far between and to,be honest with you guys thats,all i really have to say about it,theres not much in this movie that i,feel like i need to really speak about,its an intense movie in parts and the,slow buildup,does add extra tension but sometimes i,feel like it can be a bit too slow for,its own good so it might alienate some,audiences,but if youre into movies like hell or,high water,right i would say that thats a pretty,comparable movie in terms of its,location,its themes its style then i think youre,gonna like,let him go as well so im gonna give it,a three out of five because i did enjoy,this movie not the greatest movie in the,world but if youre looking online or,youre looking in theaters and you see,this movie and it looks interesting to,you,then id say give it a shot i dont,think youll be disappointed so anyways,guys thats my very short review for let,him go what did you guys think about it,tell me down in the comment section down,below and if youre new here and you,want to see more videos just like this,one then definitely hit like and,subscribe,and ill see you guys in the next video,take care

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Let Him Go (2020) Movie Review

kevin costner is always at his best when,he gets to play the grumpy old guy,or the cowboy or the grumpy old cowboy,hes in full form and the new drama let,him go,is that enough though to make it worth,the watch,a retired sheriff and his wife grieving,the death of their son,set out to find their only grandson who,has been taken away by his wife and her,new husband,kevin costner and diane lane star as a,married couple and not as supermans,parents,thats a whole different film as great,as costner is when hes in his element,and at that point im not even sure hes,acting anymore this is lanes movie,she is the driving force through the,majority of the narrative she and,costner are funny together and not in a,comedic way,but just in their banter back and forth,i mean it rings true,of a long married couple they have found,their stride and they talk straight to,each other custers character knows what,he can say without getting into trouble,but he also knows when to stop talking,and just do what his wife wants,and not to make her happy but because he,loves her this takes place in the early,1960s around,north dakota and the landscapes are,absolutely stunning the settings in the,scenery are all wonderful to look at,and i think i would probably be in my,element to some degree i mean a lot of,these people are wearing plaid or,flannel so,you know now this is very much a family,drama and sometimes it feels like one of,the families might be the corleones,or maybe that they only have one branch,of the tree,and they also have a lot of banjos this,has a peaceful feel to it,its deliberately slow in pace but it,builds steadily,its just shy of two hours and there are,a couple points where it does feel a,little bit long,but im also glad that they didnt try,and rush it because this story,needs some of that slowness to the,telling i do like how the story develops,because there is this mounting tension,and it doesnt really let up i mean sure,it is very slow in its building and as,it grows,but it is constant and i can see how a,lot of people may not like the slowness,because its not action all the time,but there is this urgency that you begin,to feel,as lane and costner continue their,journey once we get to the climax of the,film its pretty exciting its not that,quick,ending to it i mean it is probably 25 to,30 minutes of the last part of the film,where this is building and as it goes,you just know that something is about,ready to explode,the supporting cast in this is good too,i mean there is this,menacing quality to a couple of them,where you just,you dont want to cross them or find,them in some dark alley,i liked jeffrey donovan and leslie,manville because they bring this,craziness to the story,not the out of control type of crazy but,more like the lecter or the bates type,another standout is the very quiet,booboo stewart who plays peter,hes a self-sufficient loner who is,really kind,despite all the terrible crap that has,happened to him soundtrack in this is,also wonderful i mean its mainly piano,but its not in your face,its quiet and it fits the settings so,well and while it sits there,underneath most things there are times,where the notes are matching the,intensity of what were seeing on screen,and it just i mean it affects you at,your soul im pretty sure the target,demographic for this is not,the 25 and under crowd its not to say,that anybody in that age bracket wont,enjoy it,but it really does feel like it is,targeted and made,for those that are 55 and older but i,really think that anybody that enjoys a,well-crafted story can get a kick out of,this and if youre looking for something,that is a bit shakespearean well you got,that too,so even though it is quiet and it is,slow it builds and,the tension and the urgency that really,do come,over the run time i mean it becomes just,palpable,it is it is anxiety inducing at times,and its very uncomfortable,and even like squirming a little bit,because,you know what is coming you or you at,least feel,that you know what is coming and i like,movies like that i like them that,that i didnt really see it coming or,even at the very get-go,there is this slight level of discomfort,but i have no idea why,just maybe because its just something,seems off,and its not the characters its not the,writing because the writings on point,and the characters are great its the,way that,the story itself is delivering it to me,where it is just putting me off kilter,just enough where im like hmm,im uncomfortable but im going to keep,watching because i need to find out why,im uncomfortable,i say if you get the chance check this,one out there is no sexuality,there is some profanity and a lot of,violence i give let him go,four out of five couches do you have a,favorite costner or lane film,let me know in the comments below if you,enjoyed this review please give it a,like,also dont forget to share and subscribe,im chris this is movies and munchies,thanks for catching with me

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Let Him Go Cast: Kevin Costner, Diane Lane and Lesley Manville | THR Interview

[Music],i saw exactly what ive always felt,about donny weeboy,and i saw that girl cant protect her,child,margaret jimmys her boy hes your,grandson,this movie is full of suspense and drama,what made you want to,be a part of this film i thought it was,one of the best screenplays ive read i,it kind of has everything going for it i,mean,so much heart i mean youre watching,people cope with,tremendous amount of grief and and how,they process that and,different different characters handle it,different ways you know kevin costner i,mean what can you,not say about kevin hes just wonderful,and we knew that we wanted to work,together again,so because we only had a few minutes in,in the times that weve gotten to work,together before,i think movies are at their best when,they are uh surprising us when they do,take it someplace we didnt expect to go,you know and obviously they can be about,so many things humor and drama the thing,but,when i read let him go i didnt really,know where it was going,and when i started to feel it hopefully,the audience will start to feel it and,it put a lot of dread in me,but i just kept reading because i,couldnt stop watching a couple who were,in love,and were really going the wrong way the,character really,i was very um uh overwhelmed really to,be asked to,come to the states and well wed shot it,in calgary but,you know play an american woman in an,american film,i do enjoy playing a bad girl i mean,its its,its theres something i cant quite put,my finger on that makes it terribly nice,really enjoyable we came to see our,grandson,my boy doesnt have the answer to you,and we dont have to answer to you,what was it like starring opposite kevin,costner in this movie,a dream come true honestly i dont think,my heart could have handled it if he,if hed if hed said no you take a big,risk of being rejected,but you know nothing risks nothing,gained so,he said yes well shes one of our great,leading,ladies in any in any decade you,understand,why she is a leading lady because she,commands a screen,she comes in with such a point of view,that its just easy to play,with her against her theyre two,fantastic actors,you know the three of us are kind of,roughly in the same age,territory so weve all been doing it for,a long time,so it it just felt like you know hooking,up with some really,other experienced actors and kevin was,really good at teaching me how to handle,guns and,um there i was hitting diane lane,obviously not really hitting her,um so it was it was very a very,good time on set and offset lovely as,well i mean,i could not have been happier i kind of,didnt want to come home really,youre with me on this right im right,behind you,this movie has its fair share of quiet,moments but it also gets really intense,how did you try to balance all of those,emotions it was not about balance,it was about losing balance on purpose,you know when you feel the floor open up,and it just,you feel like youre falling through the,center of the earth when things turn,violent its not,its its so shocking that your primal,brain hardly knows how to process it but,it wasnt about balance it was about,maintaining off balance for quite some,time dont start what you cant finish,this movie is definitely a slow build,what do you think will surprise people,the most about this movie,because it keeps its promise which is,this is going to a,a place that george is predicting is not,good,and um it has a satisfying ending,but it doesnt mean we have to like it


[Music],thats nick thats joseph,and today were here to talk about let,him go uh the latest film directed by,thomas bazooka,which will be released courtesy of focus,features november 6th,2020 is his name spelled like a bazooka,no its spelled b-z-u-c-h-a,and you are actually familiar with his,first film what would that be,big eden remember about that guy that go,that new york i think hes a writer who,goes home to montana,and hes still fascinated with his act,like his high school crush but he falls,in love with that,um indigenous man that runs that store,weve seen it its from 2000 he also,directed the family stone from 2005,with diane keaton jeremy mulroney that,whole sarah jessica parker,okay this is a surprise video i have no,idea whats the name of this movie,let him go okay tell us about it,well its based on a 2013 novel by larry,watson,and its set in 1950s across montana and,north dakota,and its about george in martha,blackledge played by diane lane and,kevin costner um you were watching he,was watching oh,this is about the okay i didnt watch it,but i heard you watching and you seemed,really into it i did i did really enjoy,it uh they play,uh diane lane trains horses with her son,um whos living uh on their farm with,them,uh their adult son their adult son and,his new,baby that hes just had with his wife,lorna when he suddenly dies,its not exactly clear what happened,except i think you,they were training um horses and i think,he uh,was killed by a horse because thats how,she knows she sees,the horse wandering out around without,him,uh fast forward to a couple years and,lorna remarries this man,uh whos very abusive and diane lane,mark,margaret sees him uh like hitting,her grandson and the wife on the on the,in the middle of the street,and when she goes to visit suddenly one,day,it turns out that theyve just left to,north dakota to live with his family,without telling them,and she is perturbed,that they didnt say goodbye and kevin,costners ex,hes an ex-sheriff so they go on an,investigation,on their own to go find,lorna and their grandson and his abusive,stepfather,and they stumble onto a pit of vipers,which is lorded over by,leslie manville as a blanche wee boy,whos this very uh venomous,awful woman and they end up having a,bloody showdown to,take their grandson back and,do they you were there like,you just didnt pay any attention uh,yeah yeah kevin costner dies yes diane,lane,she lives she ends up so everyone ends,up dying,except for diane lee except for dialling,the kid and boo boo stewart who plays,peter drags wolves,the characters name is blue booster no,the actor oh wow,hes the native hes the hes the,indigenous character that,that they befriend how do they spell,boo-boo b-o-o-b-o-o oh my god,hes been in a lot of stuff i like that,name thats funny,anyway uh and if theres any kind of,i dont have problems with it but it,theres a point to it,um the the boo-boo stewart character is,this hes living on the periphery,of uh this town in north dakota,and his backstory is that he was,dragged away by the government from his,family and,you know re-educated and when he went,returned to his uh,his birth family he you know they no,longer recognized how he spoke,uh like he was divorced from his own,culture basically,and that is the subtext of what would,happen to the grandson,because diane lanes only connected to,her son is they would be lost forever,irreparably what did you like about this,film,uh i like diane lane quite a bit uh she,had good chemistry with kevin costner,they have,this better than kevin and whitney yeah,oh well kevin the stiffness works well,here,i think you know if i think whitney had,been a little more vibrant,uh youre not going to speak yellow the,dead now well,anyway so you like dying lana her,chemistry with kevin costner they,they have a lot of non-physical,uh non-verbal uh cues that they play off,that i think work,quite well but the real star of this i,think is leslie manville as,uh blanche okay whos just,excellent of course shes a british,actress she almost sounds a little,southern belly but i dont mind at all,um where is it in montana north dakota,in the 1950s,okay what else did you like,it reminded me of a valerie bertinelli,lifetime,movie,well it was kind of influential as a,child louise fletcher,is this terrible mother-in-law and her,son who i think is,michael aunt keane whats the name of,the movie i dont remember the name of,it actually i forgot to look it up,but uh michael on keane kills this woman,brutally uh and valerie bertinelli is,the sister,and she wants to adopt the kid while,hes,theres trying to find out a way to,prosecute him and theres this one very,uh creepy scene where louise fletcher,and her husband wake up in the bedroom,and the luminol has been sprayed and,they,she wakes up to see the blood streaks,all over the wall,anyway valerie bernelli is fighting for,custody of this child so,she wont be in the hands of this,monster which is very similar to,this which i find emotionally resonant,i dont know its just a pretty good,character thriller what would you give,it i would give it three and a half out,of five,anything else no thats it bye bye

Let Him Go movie review – Breakfast All Day

hello and welcome to breakfast all day,uh matt here with christy and alonso uh,let him go is the only,sort of wide release this week um,and christy why dont you tell us about,it uh this,on this you know if youre if youre,doing nothing else,you know its a slow news day i mean,its not a good distraction,its kind of a stressful movie um or it,eventually becomes a stressful movie,so ma and pa kent from the dc,universe are out for revenge um,so yeah so diane lane and kevin costner,play a long time married couple living,on a ranch in montana in the early 1960s,he is a retired sheriff,she is a very accomplished horse woman,they are living with,his with their son their only child and,his wife and their,newborn baby and uh and theres sort of,a sense of,of quiet dread from the very beginning,in very subtle ways and i read about,this in my review for roger ebert.com,but like,the water in the kitchen sink is too hot,and a horse rides back on its own,riderless and a scoop of ice cream falls,onto the sidewalk,and like little things like big little,things happen that,diane lane kind of shoves her,daughter-in-law out of the way at one,point to like you know,take care of things yourself yeah i mean,theres just theres,they really set the mood very,effectively very very quietly here,um the sun does not a spoiler the sun,dies,the wife played by kaylee carter,remarries,into a family theres sort of a,notorious kind of,kind of mob family in the region and,he takes her and the baby off,to live with his family in remote,north dakota on the family homestead,and uh diane lane and kevin costner,are fearful that theyre never going to,see their grandson again,um diane lane her name is margaret she,witnesses something,on the sidewalk that allows her to,realize that okay,these people are in grave danger and i,need to step in and take care of this,and so is sort of like this quiet,throwback,western you know its uh its really,steady and it shows without,telling and um its,the sense of place is very rich with,like you know vast skies and,an increasing sense of danger and then,they get to the house,in in north dakota and leslie manville,waltzes in from a whole different movie,and tears the scenery up and chews it up,and spits it back out again,and i love leslie manville but uh its,about them trying to,you know its about regret and,redemption and this little boy,and the title let him go could be,interpreted in a multitude of ways as,far as whos letting who go,and uh its really good its a kind of,like solid,quiet grown-up drama that we dont see,very much anymore you know its its,like the stuff of,timeless cinema but in the world that we,live in now it feels kind of like a,unicorn,you know and it is in its subtlety in,its restraint its its like sam,pekenpaw in the intensity if not,necessarily the gore factor,um yeah i i thought this was really,terrific uh thomas bazooka who,wrote and directed hes adapting a novel,um,you know kind of came onto the scene in,2000 with a really great movie called,big eden,that was also set in montana and i dont,know that hes really kind of lived up,to that ever since like,there is a cult for the family stone,that i am not a member of,uh he did a movie called monte carlo,which was pretty whatever,like ive been kind of waiting for him,to sort of step back up into,the kind of filmmaker i thought that he,was going to be based on his first film,and i think this is now where thats,happening,uh yeah he really kind of youre right,there is sort of this mood of,dread and unease from the get-go before,things really start going,ass over tea kettle um you know and i,think it its very effectively staged,and really kind of builds in an,interesting way,uh i like jeffrey donovan a lot as sort,of,as the brother of the the the guy that,marries into the family and,he is very kind of quietly terrifying in,a way that leslie manville as you say is,not because shes going big,uh right yeah hes leslie mcmahon bills,brother,oh okay gotcha yes anyway yes but hes,as a member of that family i think a lot,more grimly effective,yeah i think this i dont want to,oversell this movie its not like,perfect but i think that it,its it it accomplishes what it sets out,to do very well and,i i was having heart attacks in the last,half hour with,some of the stuff that was happening,yeah this movie one of the things i,really like about it is that,the you know our heroes uh,diane lane and kevin costner their,characters,they know what they know what theyre,getting into,right as they as theyre good at what,they do like theyre not,dummies theres no naivete there right,like they meet,they meet the uncle and hes like well,one,one of you should ride with me and they,both immediately like,uh we know what this is about right like,they theyre,theyre smart um,you know and i think what diane lane is,doing in this like,you know shes gonna go and get her,grandson back,whether or not any you know and theres,an argument there right like shes,arguing with her husband about that,hes not really into it but hes still,backing her up um you know the chemistry,that they have like you and,they theyre able to do so much with so,little,you know theres a great moment when,theyre at dinner and hes,asking and asking her about you know,something she whispered to a horse,and i think thats such a great moment,and they really feel like theyve been,like you really do get the sense that,theyve been a couple for a long time i,mean i did joke at one point,to my wife im like man just go get,clark hell take care of this,oh that scene where like he buys like uh,some booze and you can tell like the the,theyve had this argument so many times,that they just they all like they can,only like footnote it at this point,but like yeah theres this is they are,both playing very sort of like,you know ranch people who are not big,talkers but boy they communicate so much,in other ways,i also it feels great go ahead right i,also,love leslie manville in this and i and,you know this is an obvious connection,but i cant help but think,leslie manville has been dying to take a,role like jackie weaver got in animal,kingdom,and she gets it i mean uh and shes,terrifying in this,you know in a very,like she she shows this charm and and,you know one second youre like oh okay,shes a gracious hostess and,oh my god shes going to eat these,people um you know and,i think she yeah shes cueing scenery,but shes so,good in this that i think it pays off,its,really good and you know she can do so,much with so little shes,in phantom thread and this is you know,very over the top in the other direction,and i like,the kind of dichotomy of her with dame,because they are both these very,protective mama bears,they both know how and when to turn on,the charm when they need to get what,they want yeah,yes um they both know given that we are,talking about the early 1960s in the,midwest,how to use food to manipulate people,as a weapon because like diane lane,bakes this this beautiful frosted lemon,bunk cake,before she you know to try to like use,that to,you know to open doors and and seem,charming but shes actually got,a lot more in her mind leslie manville,insists that they all sit down and enjoy,her for a nice pork chop,day and you know so the way that they um,kind of exploit the traditional female,roles,is time in this part of the country is,is very interesting,um diane lanes amazing in this is and i,love the way,the way the scene is shot where she,sees whats happening on the sidewalk to,her family she recognizes that something,is,is really seriously wrong um its all,done wordlessly,and are its shot through her,windshield of her wood paneled station,wagon,we dont actually hear a word of whats,being said like it would have been so,easy to like,cut from that to a tighter shot of the,the three of them on the sidewalk and,hearing the screaming,and hearing the slap that would have,been easy but seeing it from afar,gives it a whole different kind of,startling power and then they cut to,flashi

Let Him Go Movie Review

honey at first i thought this movie was,a slow burn but by the end my anxiety,was through the roof,hey everyone its shirana from payour,weights and today im going to be,reviewing let him go which is now,playing in theaters this film is written,directed by thomas basuka,and its um based on a novel by larry,watson of the same title and it stars,diane lane kevin costner,as this film centers around a retired,sheriff and his wife grieving over the,death of their son,set out to find their only grandson so,for those of you who are new to my,channel welcome hello so glad you came i,hope you stay,i tell you what i liked about this film,what i didnt like about this film,and this is worth your money youre not,paying to see in theaters,so going into what i did enjoy um,about let him go and i think first and,foremost this film truly works,based on the chemistry between diane,lang and kevin costner,their relationship is very believable as,this couple who has been married for,years,um theyre really in the state of,grieving but just the,the looks that they give one another,theres a lot of scenes where,there are words that are not being said,but you can truly tell by the looks on,their faces exactly,what they are conveying to each other,like they speak their own language just,by a simple glance at their partner,um also too i think diane lang does a,very great job of helping,carry the main portion of this film,because its her character,who really wants to set out on this,journey to truly figure out what has,happened,to her grandson and her,ex-daughter-in-law at the same time,but i will have to say um leslie,manville who plays um,blanche we boy i love her as the villain,um and well get into a little bit and,as we talk about some of the things that,i didnt like about the film but she,when she comes on the screen i was just,like,i know things are about to get real um,and i think thats what this movie does,a very great job of,even though in the first half of the,film im kind of like this is a little,bit too much of a slow burn for me,but what i think that it does very well,as a transition from this first half of,the film which i would say is more of,a family drama is as we trans um as we,are transported to the second half of,this film which is,really a thriller um you truly,feel the doom and gloom but you also,have a lot of anxiety,and i think thats what this film does a,great job of is as we enter this,transition,of the film switching tones i was on the,edge of my seat,i had to pause for a moment because,while watching the film i was just like,this is like too much for me because,even though its slow right now,i can truly i feel it in my bones like,you know when you feel that something,bad is about to happen or theres about,to be some terrible consequences for the,choices that have been made,that is how i felt uh while watching,this film and i think that they,did a very great job of shifting that,tone um now also too,i also enjoy um bobo stewart but this,kind of leads me into some of my,flaws with this film and its really,from a writing standpoint,um as i said this film feels like two,different movies in one,and i think we focus a little bit too,much on really this family drama that,deals with a loss and it deals with,great,grief as his family is mourning the loss,of their son but also too,mourning the loss of their grandson as,their ex-daughter-in-law,marries and you know marries into a new,family,and one of the things that i think i,didnt enjoy one of the things of why i,did not enjoy the first half of the film,is really has to do with the character,development i keep talking about this in,every single,movie review i feel like a broken record,at this point in time now theres very,um,interesting characters um danny will boy,we boy whos played by will britain,lorna who played by kelly carter and,even two with bobo stewarts uh,character,theyre great on screen i dont have any,qualms to their performances,but because you do especially with,bobos character,i got really invested in his story but,theres nothing else thats really done,to like just explore his character,almost to the point where his character,wasnt needed,and i wanted to actually see more of,that character and also too in order to,make this work as to,why margaret is worried about her,ex-daughter and while lorna and her,grandson,we really needed to delve a little bit,deeper into,danny weeboy and really even laurens,background to really understand how,lorna has,found herself in this predicament what,has happened in her past to lead her to,make the decisions,that has led her to being in this,situation where she almost needs to be,rescued,in order to save not only herself but,her son and i think that for the first,half of the film,if weve delved into that family grief,and loss i think we should have delved,into more characters,to really help us understand the,decisions and the choices that have led,us to the plot of this film and let him,go,um and also too thats what makes for,such a slow burn,in the first half of the film um while,watching the film i was just like okay,this is very sad what happened like i,really feel for the family,but can we like chop chop chop lets,like keep this going,and when that switch finally happens,which is a little bit later than when it,should have occurred,i was just like whoa okay you have me,back again you lost me and then you,brought me back in,um so but overall for me even though i,have issues with the character,development which is the broken record,that i have been singing,for most of the films that have come out,this year its truly the performances of,diane lane,leslie manville kevin costner who is a,man of few words we can just really like,a look on his face i just felt exactly,what he wanted to say,i think thats what truly helps carry,this film is what keeps you invested,all the way into the end to try to,figure out how this family drama this,family problem,how is it going to resolve itself um so,what i would tell you guys to do and you,and your coins if you are up for going,to the movies because thats your,business and your prerogative,i will tell you to pay to see this film,um so those are pretty much my thoughts,on let him go,as always my name is shirana from,payroll waits and if you like what you,saw today,make sure you hit the like button hit,subscribe share this video with your,friends,and make sure you hit that notification,bell and i love you guys 3000,and until i see you again bye

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