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Lexington Law Credit Repair Review 2021

hey yo i got something to say welcome,back to the channel if this information,if you find this information helpful,make sure you like comment and subscribe,i personally looked on youtube for like,a current,lexington law review and i really,couldnt find like a really good real,one,so for the past two months ive been,with lexington law,me personally paying out of my pocket,im a client with them,and i kept track of everything so i can,give you,a updated 2021,and tell you why i this is the second,time that i use them,um and this is why i think the lexington,law,is the best the best im not i cant,stress that enough,credit repair agency out there it is,expensive im going to tell you that,the basic basic basic plan is like 90,bucks,and the top they have three plans like,90 120 and 140.,the 90 one only disputes,like negative items service and you get,a lot with the 90,service the 90 level but im going to,tell you the main difference is the 90,level they dispute and fight negative,items,the second level fights and disputes,negative items and inquiries and the,third level the highest level,does negative items inquiries,and they give you insurance like fraud,or id,identity theft insurance plus all the,other benefits but thats the main,difference between all three,so i kept track of it right like the end,of february at the end of february i,called them up,i signed up and initially,they just go over your review you got to,pay 15,its like 15 or 20 bucks i forget but,its like i think its like 17,theyll do a soft pull on your credit,and you,how do you want to proceed like do you,want to say this is not yours you want,to say this is wrong information and,they go,one by one so they can start fighting on,your behalf,so remember i signed up at the end of,april,no actually im lying because i have it,here,i signed up on march 3rd march 3rd i,signed,on march 10th seven days later,they send out the letters attacking,you know not so much attacking but like,sending out letters to the credit bureau,saying hey,this information isnt correct you know,maybe an accounts been,warned you for like eight or nine years,and negative items cannot be on your,account on your credit for more than,seven years,its like yo its been eight years get,rid of this,three days later three days later,march 13 negative item removed,on transunion remember theres three,credit credit bureaus,this transunion experian and equifax,on transunion it got removed and i like,to speak with evidence,if you guys can see that,i dont know i dont know how people do,it,but you can see it right there,collection what is it a convergent,collection account removed,three days later now what they do,is that they they cant send massive,amounts,of letters to all the credit bureaus at,the same time because then it looks like,theres like a legality behind that a,legality,behind that then,they started challenging challenging is,a better word than attacking,they started challenging experian,that was removed,middle of april and a half later it gets,removed,from experian im completely happy i,only had one,negative account i only had one negative,account when i used them,years ago when i was you know coming up,i had many i had you know 10 15,negative items on on just one credit,report so,theres three credit bureaus i had like,45 negative items,across all three and they were getting,results getting results getting results,getting results,and all right so so this is this is like,the fact you know like it works it works,a couple other things that im going to,touch on theres other credit repair,agencies right,theres like the credit people,the credit people did a hard inquiry,right i didnt like that because,inquiries count towards your credit,they did a hard inquiry which is going,to stay on my credit report for two,years inquiry stay on your credit report,for two years,i stood with them for like a couple of,months and when i would call,and ask them questions like yo whats,going on with my case how are things,moving along how are these challenges,going,i got attitude i got attitude but you,can just tell that they,really didnt like their jobs i had like,the credit repair pros and by the way,these other companies got no results,you can at me credit repair bro,credit repair pros i believe waste of,time,credit people waste of time,im paying them bad service not,not getting any results lexington law,is the only company again i tried credit,repair pros because its cheaper,i tried the credit people because its,cheaper,didnt get results did not get results,lexington law,its more expensive but you get the,results,you dont get a hard inquiry they do a,soft pool,so they still have access to all your,information but they dont do a hard,inquiry which stays with you for two,years,thats a plus thats thats not,mentioned,uh in other reviews if im treated bad,if i get bad service,im gonna complain lexington law,has given 10 out of 10.,10 out of 10. sometimes you do that away,i mean were in a pandemic and obviously,things are more,accelerated now theres longer wait,periods than before,but nothing dramatic but every time the,people are helpful,people are knowledgeable people will,will,answer any question that you have always,willing to help,10 out of 10. its like the only company,that that gets a 10 out of 10 from me,and maybe like apple apple maybe a 9 out,of 10.,so i highly recommend it as you can see,this is from my own personal experience,im not going to tell you hey in three,days theyre going gonna remove negative,items but in my situation,they send out letters on march 10th and,on march 13,credit union was removed a month and a,half later,experian the negative item was removed,on experian,credit score jumped up maybe like 15,points its nothing big i mean,it was only one negative account um,so i highly recommend them its worth it,takes time depending on the severity of,your,you know like the severity of your,credit and like how bad it is,um so thats thats my recommendation,all across the board,10 out of 10. i hope this helps if you,guys have any questions regarding,lexington law or,any other credit questions let me know,in the comments section

Lexington Law Review 2022 | Heres What You NEED to Know!

whats up yall today were going to be,breaking down credit repair company,lexington law but really were going to,be going even deeper than that you see,im going to talk about some of the,things that nobody in the credit repair,space wants to put out there and be,honest about by the end of this video i,think your minds going to be blown and,youll know whether you even need,lexington laws help so lets jump into,it now just for a quick intro lexington,law is one of the biggest credit repair,companies in the industry according to,them in 2020 alone their clients saw,over 7 million negative items removed,from their credit reports now towards,the end of this video i plan on showing,you how to go about getting the best,results from credit repair companies and,lexington law specifically but first let,me explain the secret on how credit,repair companies actually work and why,people have mixed results now most,reputable credit repair companies i got,to put emphasis on that reputable part,just so you guys know that there is some,shady characters out there that arent,going to follow these steps now,reputable credit repair companies are,typically going to leverage the laws,like the fcra which is the fair credit,reporting act and the fdcpa which is the,fair debt collection practices act and,thats really what the main two laws,that theyre leveraging to get you,deletions theres other ones out there,but these are the key ones that uh when,i was running a credit repair company,thats what i was focusing on and thats,what majority of these credit card,companies are going to focus on so,really when it comes down to it theres,no magic to it right its pretty much,about getting one of the contributors to,that negative account to slip up now,that can be the data furnisher which is,the creditor or the debt collector or it,can even be the credit bureaus and when,i say you want one of these guys to slip,up it can literally be as simple as you,know the date is off right you know if,you look at your credit report youre,gonna see that you got a bunch of dates,in terms of you know your date of last,payment date that you open the account,whatever the case may be if any of these,numbers are off that can be a reason for,you to be able to get the account,deleted it could even be something for,example like an amount is incorrect,right you know if you have a credit card,it shows what you paid every single,month what you owed every single month,right if for example that amount is off,by a thousand dollars off by a hundred,dollars whatever the case may be then,its quite possible that you can get,that thing deleted so what im trying to,clarify here is its not necessarily,about whether you did it or not its,more about whether its 100 accurate and,verifiable so with that said it really,just comes down to who is actually more,knowledgeable about the law hence the,lexington law branding right thats the,reason why they put law in their name so,i previously shot a lexington law review,video and a lot of people asked me,afterwards you know youre reaching out,to me saying why are there mixed reviews,right why are some people you know,youll youll see comments from people,on both ends right youll see people who,say you know lexington law worked for me,i got 10 accounts deleted in the first,two months and my scores shot up but,then youll see the other side of it,where people say you know ive been with,them for six months and my scores barely,changed i only have two deletions so far,right you see both of those spectrums so,my thoughts on why is this,right theyre not properly setting,expectations okay you know you want to,be letting people know that they have,some work to do on their end a clear,example is this most people dont,realize that 30 of your score is,actually your utilization right or your,credit card debt so pretty much its as,simple as if you pay down your credit,cards your score is going to go up and,because its literally 30 of your score,you can literally if you had maxed out,credit cards and you pay down all your,credit cards to zero you will see your,score could possibly shoot up a hundred,150 points just like that so thats,really the big thing right theyre not,really out there setting clear,expectations when it comes to you know,the work that you might have to do on,your end also theyre not setting clear,expectations on their end as well,theyre not giving you a clear picture,of how successful they may have been at,getting accounts removed in the past now,im going to be giving you guys an,example here where lexington law makes,this a bit tough so lets jump into,success rates now most companies out,there dont want to tell you how,successful they are at getting removals,or deletions right and which to a,certain degree is understandable i get,it you know every credit file is going,to be different but i do think that once,you have enough data credit files right,once youve worked through enough credit,files you should be able to know,statistically your probability of,actually getting deletions even when i,was running my credit repair company we,would be able to have a general idea,like hey you know were able to get 10,20 of negative items removed by the,first month by month two we have another,20 removed by month three you know those,are statistics that we kept so that way,we could see how our performance was so,internally all credit repair companies,should be keeping it its not really a,statistic you want to publish unless,youve had a significant amount of you,know files that youve worked on right,because then it you can actually give,out an average thats pretty reasonable,now lexington law which theyve stated,that back in 2010 they said that they,had over a million people signed up,despite that fact lexington law doesnt,specifically state what their success,rate is but i found an interesting stat,on their website that can actually give,us an idea now this data that they,pulled is from almost 140 000 credit,files now you can see that they say that,89 of clients who saw their credit,improve saw an average increase of 40,points now the key word here is clients,who saw their credit improve so 89 out,of those clients but if you click a,little deeper if in you know in the,theyll have a little button you can,click there it now says that 70 of,clients saw their score increase okay so,then you got to do a little math there,uh to be able to see that thats just,over 62 percent of clients have their,credit increase and average of 40 points,now that probably doesnt sound as good,does it my idea with giving you that,statistic is that i dont want to be,sitting there you shouldnt go around,watching reviews of people saying hey it,worked for me hey work for me hey didnt,work for me right because everyones,credit file is different but theyve now,put the information together and gave,out statistics to tell you how well they,perform overall so that can give you a,kind of a benchmark of what to expect,that theres a 62 chance that your score,will increase on average 40 points right,so if youre at a 600 theres a 62,chance that youre going to get up to,640 right thats kind of how you want to,look at it now how can you take,advantage of credit repair companies and,increase your chances of success,well thats simple what you want to do,is you want to try to fix your credit,first then hire a credit repair company,to work on the hard stuff now why do i,say that guys ive literally been on,both ends okay ive ran a credit repair,company and now i also help people fix,their credit on their own okay i,currently run a website uh its uh,www.smartcreditblueprint.com,and there im pretty much showing people,how to go about actually fixing their,credit we have a whole program we have,free letters that we give out that show,you how to fix your credit now the,reason why is because ive realized that,nobodys gonna work as hard as you on,fixing your own credit right it just,doesnt make sense think about it the,company lexington law w

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My Lexington Law Review

whats going on yall if you guys got a,chance to watch my last video it was,called how credit can make you rich and,at the end of that video I said I was,gonna do a Lexington Law Review and I,said I was gonna do it that day but I,been having a lot of reservations about,making this video the reason being is,when I first got into making videos and,stuff like that I told myself that I,wasnt going to make videos that were,negative and so making this video as you,can tell theres some negative aspect of,what Im about to say about Lexington,and Ive been really reserved about,saying it but the reality of the,situation is its really important that,I I get this information out because I,dont think theres honest reviews out,on Lexington Ive kind of looked at some,of the YouTube channels that that talked,about Lexington and and it just wasnt,my experience so I wanted to give my,side of what happened what Lexington,when I initially called Lexington I,really wanted to see their onboarding,process that was my the reason for,signing up with Lexington I wanted to,see how they went about like onboarding,a customer taking payment from a,customer and going through the complete,dispute process how did they deal with,the customer and when I first joined,with Lexington it was I mean it was,really easy it was really great I,believe there was a very brief,consultation about the items that were,on my credit report that I wanted to,take care of and we went over these,items and there was a I believe was a 14,dollar fee that I paid for one of the,three credit bureaus and I believe that,credit bureau was TransUnion and we went,through my credit report and we kind of,set up a back office so that I can look,at,what they were doing and then five days,later because I was on their highest,tier now Lexington they have like,several different tiers that you can,join their highest being 1:29 I think,theres a 79 and then theres like one,for 39 or something like that but dont,quote me you can go to their website and,look at it but their highest here was,129 and the different tiers is for the,more tiers that the higher thats here,the more items you could you can dispute,at the same time and the reason why I,picked that high tier because I felt,like you know maybe because Im paying,for their their premium service that I,will get premium service and when they,first took the $15 I went through the,consultation it really wasnt that much,and that was it there was no exchange of,identity there was there was no exchange,of Social Security card there was no,exchange of utility build it was just,sign your name on the dotted line and,these are the items were gonna dispute,within the first two weeks Lexington had,something removed from my credit report,now understand I have I belong to I want,to say five different credit monitoring,service majority of them are free I,think Ive only paid for two I paid for,privacy guard and experience but when,something is taken off my credit report,or put back on you could pretty much,guarantee Im gonna get notified within,three hours from one of my credit,monitoring services and when it when,its like two weeks after I signed up,there was an item that was taken off my,credit report and I was really excited,about it I you know I had nothing but,you know high praise I got talked to a,couple people and I was really impressed,with it and then about a week later,after the item was taken off my credit,report it came back on my credit report,and I was like okay here we go you know,now now here we go now this is where it,gets interesting right so I called legs,turn up and I said hey look heres the,situation,I belonged to like five different credit,monitoring services so anytime,somethings taken off you know I get a,notification anytime somethings put,back on I get a notification and I,basically told them what happened you,know,two weeks after I signed up something,was taken off and I had nothing but high,praise but it came back on my credit,report and at that time because they,dont have a credit monitoring service,that they could pull anytime they want,they usually pull once a month they gave,me an option of either I can pay for,another credit credit report or I can,wait another week and a half or so and,Ill be able to get another free credit,pool so what happened was I waited the,week and a half and when we went over,the credit report they said you know it,verily happens but it happens and they,made me feel really comfortable with,what happened and thats one thing about,Lexington is they have great customer,service okay these people are,well-trained,they they they they know their stuff you,know its not like theyre just some,rookies thats just regurgitating some,material that they have in front of them,like they really know what theyre,talking about and you know I said okay,well well just give it another month,and see what happens the weird thing is,about a month later that same situation,happened again okay and I called him up,we went through it again and I asked him,I said hey look you know how do you guys,go about disputing items on a credit,report what is it that you guys what is,it that you guys do can you guys please,send me the letters so I can get a look,at what youre sending out and to this,day I never received any of the letters,but they you know rest assured this is,something thats very rare,items dont get taken off and put back,on again,stuff like that and heres why I think,its really important for me to go into,this video because a lot of times when,people think of credit repair they think,of sending dispute letters and they,think thats the bread and butter of,credit repair and thats thats just not,so if you got two people lined up and,one person have ten bad items on the,credit report no good and another person,had to invent bad items on their credit,report no good one person I just delete,all their items off their credit report,the other person I dont delete anything,I just add good credit on top of their,credit report you have a better chance,of getting qualified if I just add good,things on your credit port then I didnt,you do if I just delete everything off,your credit report and so that was the,thing that kind of didnt sit well with,me that they didnt really sit there and,teach me or educate me or coach me,through how to build better credit they,didnt tell me what website to go to to,get secured credit cards or or anything,like they just took my money and said,hey look you know this is what were,gonna dispute a majority of credit,repairs are like that and that is,because the money generated for credit,repair is in the dispute letters right,so its there is no income with a person,sitting down coaching you and telling,you saying hey look this is this is what,we need to do with your credit situation,not necessarily dispute but maybe we,should get some more good credit built,up so that when we do start disputing,you know it will just enhance what were,doing you know like its not just,deleting items off a credit report and a,lot of times people think thats all,there is to credit repair and it,frustrates me because theres not enough,coaching or enough knowledge being,thrown out there on how to,with credit weve been through high,school college nobody taught us how to,deal with credit like theres Ive never,been through a class that said okay,credit 101 this is a revolving line of,credit this is an installment mode I,never took a class that taught me,anything about that and thats the,responsibility now as your credit repair,company when they when you hire a credit,repair company thats their,responsibility to make sure that you,have all this knowledge the difference,between installment loans whats a soft,pool versus a hard pool revolving lines,of credit how does a home equity line of,credit affect your credit report just,like what tier of credit cards do you,qualify for there is nothing that is,being taught and we as consumers are,just going through bumping our heads

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Lexington Law Review | Worth It or Not ????

whats up yall today im going to be,reviewing lexington law and telling you,guys,my opinion on them okay so thats,something that interests you be sure you,stay tuned,whats up yall my name is tommy boboy,your credit and personal finance coach,if this is your first time on my channel,i just like to say welcome uh typically,on this channel im talking about things,related to credit and personal finance,so if youre interested in,improving your credit or achieving,financial freedom be sure you hit the,subscribe button down below so you dont,miss any of my future videos,now lets go to jump into lexington law,now right off the bat i just kind of,wrote down a brief bio just kind of give,you an idea of who they actually are for,those of you guys who arent familiar,with them,um so basically theyre one of the,largest credit repair companies in the,industry if not,the largest okay um theyve from this,from their website theyve allegedly,gotten,over 10 million deletions since 2017,okay,now um ive heard about them especially,whenever i was first getting in,uh to credit repair uh into the industry,and everything,and so ive kind of gotten to know a,little bit about their process and,things like that,um they basically do really pair theres,two different um,actual uh uh models that people do right,they do,either a model where they charge you,monthly or they charge you,based on results right so those are the,two options that you can have,okay and obviously theres pros and cons,to both of those methods so,they actually do a month they charge a,monthly fee cost structure and the idea,is they charge between 90 to 130,a month okay and that depends just on,based off of what type of service that,youre getting from them,from what ive understand and again this,is not i havent used them personally so,i cant give you my a definitive answer,but ive heard that,they typically um they uh typically,dispute a set amount of accounts every,single month so they might dispute two,or three accounts each month,and they just focus on those two or,three accounts and each of the letters,that theyre sending out that month,okay now when it comes to the actual,question is it worth it uh i do want to,give a disclaimer first off i do have a,credit repair agency so,i do um help people with their credit as,well so,i just want to be forthright about that,but from when it comes to actual,um lexington law ive heard both sides,of it okay so i have heard people whove,said theyve had a bad experience,ive even seen people say you know after,eight months i havent i didnt have,anything deleted,um so you know maybe i got a few,accounts deleted at the beginning but,then,after eight months nothing was done uh,they ive but ive also heard the flip,side right ive had people whove had a,great experience they said oh you know,they were able to delete accounts after,just a month,right and really what i think is it,really just comes down to your situation,i think a lot of people uh they dont,realize this but,theres no like special technique when,it comes to disputing accounts youre,not,you know were were not really doing,anything special right its just,its just following the law and,leveraging the law to be able to get,accounts deleted,right because anything thats reporting,on your credit report,by the credit bureaus they have to,follow the fcra,which is the fair credit reporting act,and if theyre breaking any of those,laws then you can leverage that to be,able to get the account removed,so thats really just how it works,theres no like special sauce in it,obviously some people are more,knowledgeable about it than others and,some people have certain,um you know they have better processes,that theyre really,you know theyre doing theyre using to,get get the work done now when it comes,to actually,your situation i know i think you should,first decide,uh if you want to do it by yourself okay,decide first if,its something that you can do by,yourself and then from there you can,decide whether you want to actually get,someone to do it for you,um i think you know theres,you know a lot of people out there they,try to look for help when really,its something that you know they just,have to put the time and energy into,actually learning how to get it done,you know thats pretty much what this,channel is right i should probably give,a disclaimer on that too ive shot,like this channel is literally just,teaching you how to do it yourself,ive shot plenty of videos where if you,take action on it i have plenty of,people who have reached out to me whove,emailed me,uh messaged me telling me that theyve,had success just watching my videos and,trying to implement those things,okay so theres tons of things in these,videos that you can you can actually,just take action on and youre going to,see your score go up and,at the very least youre going to be,educated and understand what affects,your score so whenever youre going to,these other companies,for their services youre going to be in,a lot better position because youre,going to already know,whether what theyre doing is legitimate,or not or you know whether theyre,trying to scam you what the issue is,right,and its just going to put you in a lot,better position,no matter what now doing it yourself is,always going to be the most cost,effective,okay no matter what you youre not going,to be able to do it any cheaper,the only issue that comes in is the time,aspect of it so if youre in a situation,where you dont have a lot of time,but you have the money to spend then,this might not be the best route for you,to go now if you do have the funds,and youre just lacking the time then,thats whenever you,want to make sure that youre just doing,your research before you go out and find,an actual credit repair company to work,on your stuff okay,i always recommend you try to do,research so you have an idea what youre,signing up to um id say you know,you want to keep in mind like i,mentioned earlier most of the credit,repair companies are pretty much doing,the same thing,its more so the uh their processes,might be slightly different i would just,look for somebody who,like finds someone whos knowledgeable,about what theyre talking about right,and thats what i think is great about,my channel is take the information that,youre learning,through my videos and thats going to,make you more knowledgeable about credit,repair in general so whenever you find,someone,try to find someone who knows more than,what youve learned off of my videos,right,if youre able to find someone who whos,more knowledgeable than information that,you can find in an eight-minute video,that should tell you that that that,person is gonna,you know it gives you a lot better,chance that that persons gonna do a,better job right or do a good job if,youre talking to someone and they dont,know,what youre talking about you know,youre just mentioning stuff that youve,heard in my videos,and they dont understand how it like,that process works and theyre theyre,trying to fix your credit,then it might you might hear that you,know you might listen to them and be,like you know this person definitely,doesnt know how to fix credit right,so i think thats something that you,should keep in mind is you want to be,knowledgeable as well when it comes to,just credit in general um and,and i recommend looking for companies,that charge when the work is done,now again that you know i told you i,have a credit prior company thats what,we do,and i think thats really the best route,to go um i think instead of,going the monthly route i think its,always better to,go with a company thats willing to do,the work first,i think it just the reason why i,switched i used to actually charge,monthly a couple years back i switched,over because,it just it made sure that everyones,interests are aligned right,whenever it came to the monthly the,issue that i found with charging monthly,is,you know if someone is able to fix your,credit within two months three months,or you know get enough accounts

Credit Repair | Lexington Law | Charge offs | Collections #Repo #creditrepair

Lexington law,creditrepair.com,The Credit Pros,If any of those names sound familiar to,you its probably because youve either,used or considered using a credit repair,agency,in todays video were going to talk,about why i dont recommend using a,credit repair agency and ill also give,you the pros and cons of using them,stay tuned,[Music],hi everybody welcome back to my channel,its me jazzy mac im so happy to be,back with you like its so great to just,sit here and talk like i did my hair on,my makeup and im just so excited im so,happy,the babys finally sleeping so i get to,do these videos and follow up on many of,the questions that you all had around,credit repair companies now many of you,know anybody that has used my templates,um for cleaning up your credit,many of you have tuned into my videos,you guys know how i feel about credit,repair agencies i am not a fan of them,now im not saying theyre all bad,im just saying theyre not all good,either and i will tell you why um,i am doing this video as like a direct,response to having a friend recently,reach out to me,saying hey jazzy,i didnt want to come to you because i,was ashamed and i didnt want to tell,you about my credit situation because i,didnt want you to know how bad it was,um and she went on to say that shed,been using a credit repair company,that had basically taken her money and,they had not done anything for her,credit in fact they stopped answering,the phone for her,and this made my blood,boil,simply because number one you dont ever,have to be ashamed to come to me and ask,me anything about your credit there is,no judgment,coming from me when it comes to credit,ive been in the 400s before people,i will not judge anybody there is,nothing on your credit that a person,could show me that would make me say oh,my gosh like there is nothing for me to,judge so when she came to me and she was,like hey i hadnt told you about my,credit situation because i was ashamed,well that was the first thing that sort,of pissed me off because im a friend,im your sister im your girl like im,here to support you not judge you the,second thing that upset me was that she,paid someone,to fix,her credit,and ive always said to you guys that,there is nothing that a credit repair,agency can do for your credit that you,cannot do for yourself but i digress,lets just get back to the list of the,pros im going to give you the pros of,credit repair agencies and notice i keep,using air quotes because these are very,hypothetical pros that im going to,discuss,the first hypothetical pro is that,oh,someones going to do this for me,someones going to,fix your credit for you you can sit back,relax kick your feet up and youll go to,sleep and wake up one day and your,credits going to be fixed right,wait,i just had to i got some stuff im going,to use trust me youll see why i went,over there all right,hypothetical pro number two,its going to give you quick results,right,youre going to essentially get someone,to like sweep your credit clean,and thats gonna just like kind of like,happen overnight right,and then number three after that sweep,happens theres going to be like a,credit boost in your score like your,score is going to go from like 400 to,like 800 like overnight,right,and then,the fourth,pro,of using the credit repair agency,is its cheap,right,okay so those were the pros you said,something like oh its cheap like i only,had to pay this person 50 bucks a month,or i only had to like submit a upfront,payment of like twelve hundred dollars,and theyre going to just like repair my,credit im gonna get that house im,gonna get that car im gonna get that,job im gonna get this business and that,right,wrong,i just want to share a little bit with,you all about the laws before i get into,the cons,of using credit repair agencies,so,i shall tell you i shall quote to you,what,the consumer finance protection bureau,says and you guys know the cfpb is like,my buddy theyre like my big brother,like im i always have used them as a,like a back pocket sort of card trick,for when i was working on my credit um,like and i put this in like the credit,road map like how to properly utilize,the cfpb to help your credit thats in,my roadmap,um but the cfpb isnt just for like,credit its like for all things,financial um and what the cfpb and im,going to quote what they said,according to the telemarketing sales,rule,its illegal,for a company to charge you,for credit repair,unless it has been six months,six months since the company achieved,the promised results,therefore,your credit repair your credit report,has to show that the promised results,were achieved six months,earlier than when you were billed,okay so im just going to translate that,into laymans terms so,any credit repair agency that is,charging you up front to get started on,repairing your credit,its operating illegally and i literally,just read it to you and i also put it on,the screen for you,when it comes to credit repair you can,think of the services or the act of,repairing credit think of it in the way,of how you would take your car to a,mechanic shop,now if your car is making a really bad,noise and its breaking down and you,just dont know what the issue is and,you want to take your car to a mechanic,to be fixed,well,that mechanic isnt going to say okay,you just give me a thousand bucks up,front and then when im done fixing your,car ill call you,no,thats not how mechanics work mechanics,will say okay bring your car here here,ill see what the issue is ill fix it,ill test drive it ill test drive it,some more and then when im super sure,that its fixed,and when i can vouch and say that the,problem no longer exists and it wont,come back then ill call you and send,you an invoice and then youll send me,the payment,so,if thats how a mechanic works for,someone repairing your car well,shouldnt credit repair be the same,concept why would i pay someone like,upfront,to pay to like work on my credit,and i have to just hope and pray that,theyre going to give me like good,results,number one its not a very good method,to live by and number two its also,illegal as ive told you,that there should,if youre gonna pay for credit repair,which i do not recommend but if youre,going to,they should not be charging you a dime,until theyve gotten actual results so,that means that they should have sat,down with you first to say this is what,i can do for your credit,these are the type of results youre,going to see,and six months from now when you see,those results after those results have,been rendered,then you will issue me the payment,that is how it this thing is supposed to,go but it usually doesnt so im just,going to go through a list of red flags,because i know some people are just,some of yall dont listen to me okay,and im okay with that im fine with,that but i just want to give you some,red flags that you need to look out for,because so many of you have been victims,of trusting people and trusting these,companies to,wipe your credit clean,and not knowing even like what questions,to ask or how to like properly vet these,people so i dont have an actual red,flag with me,but i got this right here this is like,this is what were going to use for our,red flag i got it upside down all right,this is going to be my red flag today so,every time i wave this,yes,we are alabama fans in this house sorry,auburn fans every time i wave this this,is going to be indicative of a red flag,that needs to make you run away from,people that want you to pay for credit,repair so the first thing,is ive already mentioned it asking for,upfront payment red flag red flag,if they ask you for an upfront payment,you should say hey thats illegal and,ill show you the cfpb said you cant,ask me for that okay,now if that isnt enough for you,like i said you can read through the,credit,uh repair organization act and explain,to them why that is illegal,number two,if a credit repair company asks you to,misrepresent yourself,that is a red flag and what that means,is sometimes t

My Honest Review On The Lexington Law Firm Credit Score Repair Service With SuperAlvinTV

up,hello welcome to super album tv if,youre new make sure you hit that,subscribe button this is a review,on lexington law firm,this service,can change your life yall hit that,subscribe button youre new and im,gonna tell yall right now this is my,honest review yall know thats what i,do i do reviews and you know honest,reviews and unboxings on the channel in,cash giveaways too,lesson law firm can change your life,um,when i first tried out the service i i,believe its higher now i think um it,could cost more now,but its worth it uh,its not a scam im going to tell you,all that,um because it works um,and to be,to be honest it actually exceeded,uh,it exceeded my expectations um i was,kind of diving in,you know just trying to do whatever you,know thing you can to help your credit,score out just doing everything that you,can to help your credits go out and i,came across lexington law firm,i dont know exactly how i was,recommended it was probably about some,type of credit service i think credit,karma or something like that credit,karma recommended it and it really,boosted my credit score really high and,im actually going to use it again you,know um,it really boosted my credit score really,high it deleted a lot of items thats,not supposed to be reported on my credit,report and they did most importantly,thats in law firm the service,uh,you know they did what they said it was,going to do,you know um they put in the work they,did everything that i paid for,and um obviously they,succeeded,because i seen the results,so lexison law firm does work,ive had no problem electing law firms,uh they will help you credit reports out,uh get items and thats supposed to be,your credit report negative items all,you know that may that that might be you,know uh,falsely reported if its falsely,reported they can actually delete it off,your credit score,but im not going to get into details,about that,but lexington law firm does worse,and,this is another honest review that i,have for yall um that might be thinking,about that maybe think about using the,service lexington law firm i do want to,let yall know that it works,and um,i think,i know because ive experienced this uh,you will be surprised at lexington law,firm yes you will be surprised,um they really work for you,and um,it is you know i think the price is more,i forgot how much i paid,but i think its like a monthly charge,now i think i paid a monthly charge but,it wasnt much i think its higher now,but they offer you more now so thats,thats why its higher now but yeah i,would definitely recommend lexington law,firm,um,like i said uh if you have damaged,credit you need to work in your credit,you know um they will help you with that,the service is great,um,i have nothing good things to say of,election law firm,hope yall enjoyed this video this,review,uh if you have press that subscribe,button uh if youve made it this far,uh i really appreciate yall this is,super album tv the next

Lexington Law Review 2022: Best Credit Repair Service?

so having a low or even average credit,score can end up costing you thousands,or tens of thousands of dollars,throughout the course of your life,through having to deal with higher,interest rates on the loans that you,borrow from your auto loan to your,mortgage to credit cards it can really,tend to add up over time but if youve,got a low credit score how do you,actually go about fixing that well,lexington law is a company that promises,you a solution to do just that but how,effective is it and how does this,company actually work thats exactly,were going to be diving into in this,video right now now if at any point you,want to check out lexington law and,support the channel weve got a link in,the description and pin comment below,that will allow you to do just that but,without further ado lets dive right on,into it so starting off what actually is,lexington law well lexington law is what,is called a credit repair company and,they act as an advocate for their client,this means they work to help their,clients understand what is impacting,their credit how they can improve it and,then actually taking the actions to,improve their clients credit the company,works with the three main credit bureaus,of experian equifax and transunion to,remove incorrect or unfair statements on,their credit reports since they launched,in 2004 lexington law has amassed over 1,million clients and has built up quite a,name for themselves in the credit repair,space during that time theyve helped,their clients remove over 70 million,incorrect or unfair statements from,their credit reports and in 2020 alone,they got over seven million items,removed from their clients credit,reports now theyre also one of the few,credit repair companies that comes with,a mobile app and its actually a very,highly rated mobile app theyre,currently sitting at about 4.8 stars,with,000 reviews which speak to the quality,of service that you will be likely to,receive with lexington law so now that,you understand what the service is how,much does it actually cost because this,is not a free service that lexington law,is providing you have to pay for these,credit repair services and in general,credit repair services arent going to,be the cheapest but like we mentioned at,the beginning these can have a huge,impact on your finances over the course,of your life so it could be a worthwhile,investment depending on your particular,situation now lexington law has three,different tiers that you can choose from,when signing up for an account with them,lets break those down one by one the,first here is going to be the standard,tier and its going to come at a price,point of 89.95 per month with standard,plan youre going to receive bureau,challenges and creditor interventions,this means that theyre going to be,going to bat for you and getting those,incorrect and unfair marks removed from,your credit report now the next here is,going to be the premier tier which is,going to come in at a price point of,109.95,per month with this plan youre going to,get a couple more bells and whistles,beyond just the bureau challenges and,the creditor intervention this plan,includes inquiry assist credit score,analysis their report watch service,which kind of monitors your credit,report for you and transunion alerts to,let you know anytime there is a change,on your transunion report now the final,tier of premiere plus comes in at a,price point of 129.95,per year and in addition to all of the,features on the premier plan youll also,be getting access to cease and desist,letters that lexington law will send out,to various creditors a fico score,tracker ongoing identity protection,services and a number of personal,finance tools that will help you just,improve your financial situation overall,so based on your needs and particular,situation youll be able to decide which,of those plans is going to make the most,sense for you now how does lexington law,actually help your credit score well,signing up with this company provides,you access to a personalized dashboard,where you can monitor your credit score,see the different factors affecting it,and see the different opportunity areas,that lexington law could take advantage,of for you then from there lexington law,takes a simple four-step approach to,improving your credit score the first,step is a credit report analysis so when,you first sign up for lexington law,theyre going to pull your credit,reports from the three major bureaus,then theyre going to compile all of,that information into an easily readable,report that you can then look at and,quickly see what is going on and where,those opportunity areas are then theyre,going to move into step two which is,credit disputing once theyve got that,report put together theyre going to,begin the process of contacting the,credit bureaus and disputing the various,items that are on that report this is,going to be a team effort because,theyre going to be working with you to,determine which items are unfair and,which they have the potential to get,removed once they have all the info they,need from you then they get to work on,your behalf to get those items removed,then they move on to step three which is,dispute escalating once the disputes and,challenges are submitted theyre going,to continue to monitor for any updates,and changes that occur on your credit,report if an escalation is needed,theyre going to do that on your behalf,then once thats all done theyre gonna,move on to step four which is credit,score analysis and mentoring this,happens within the app or desktop,version youre able to monitor your,score and get different insights on what,is actually going on on all of your,different credit reports then once,youve reached the credit score that,youre aiming for you can cancel your,subscription to lexington law at any,point without any penalties with a,simple phone call now in addition to,going to bat for you to get things,removed from your credit report,lexington law also offers a number of,educational resources that help you,figure out how your credit score,actually works and things that you can,be doing to improve it as well this,includes their blog with a number of,different articles about credit and,credit score improvement as well as a,number of different calculators that you,can use as a client that will help you,figure out the different things that you,can do to improve your score so putting,things all together here what is our,final verdict on lexington law well,while its not a cheap service by any,stretch of the imagination it can be a,very worthwhile investment for you to,improve your credit score because like,we said at the top can cost you,thousands or tens of thousands of,dollars throughout the course of your,life if you have a poor credit score so,spending a couple hundred dollars to,improve it now could be a worthwhile use,of money but its really going to depend,on your personal situation if you want,to learn more about the service weve,got links in the pin comment and,description below that you can check out,as well as a comprehensive written,review on our website,investingsimple.com,which you can find by heading over to,google searching for lexington law,review and then clicking on the link for,investingsimple.com,well see you over there

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