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Lexus CT 200h hatchback review – CarBuyer

you wouldnt imagine would do that a car,that looks that aggressive is actually,one of the kindest to the planet but it,is thats because underneath the,steaming bodywork the Lexus ct200h,uses the fuel-efficient petrol electric,hybrid system from the Toyota Prius and,if you like the outside youll love the,inside this is one of the smartest -,designs of any car or the high-tech,instruments make you feel like youre,driving into the future its very safe -,as somehow Lexus has squeezed eight,airbags in here being a Lexus of course,it all feels very posh in here and,equipment is generous too for instance,all cars get Bluetooth climate control,and USP for your iPod and I like the way,you plug in because the socket is just,here which is nice and handy and then,you can just put your phone in that,holder there now Lexus cars come with,very few options which means that the,price you intended on paint is actually,what you end up actually paying and one,of the few extras you do get though is,satellite navigation and I especially,like the way you control it could use,this joystick control and its pretty,much just like using a computer medicine,for me is more intuitive than the swivel,wheel systems of the German cars as for,practicality well its not too bad,youve obviously got glove box but,theres a deep central cubby in there,and theres even a little ledge for your,keys youve got a couple of cupholders,and even though the side door bins are,quite small Lexus obviously think its,as important as me to be able to carry a,bottle theyve made enough room for one,as Ill demonstrate now as for the beat,its actually slightly larger than that,of its German rivals and include some,underfloor storage and when you fold the,rear seats down they lie flat for added,practicality,normally when youre driving the CT the,engine powers the front wheels although,there is an electric motor that provides,a bit of extra thrust when you need it,actually when youre traveling below 40,miles an hour the car can run on battery,power alone with the engine only cutting,in if your batterys running low or you,give the throttle a bit of a stab now,you can actually turn this dial down,here to put the car into Eco mode,when that does is reduce the drain of,the air conditioning on the engine and,soften off the throttle response to make,the car more efficient when you get,bored with that phantom phone its in,the door the other way and that puts it,into sport mode and your eco meter is,replaced by a rev counter thats red in,color to show youre being a little bit,naughty and then when you feel bit bad,about using a bit too much fuel you can,then select evey mode and that,effectively makes it run like a normal,electric car at speeds of under 25 miles,an hour,Lexus ace with CT 200h will average 69,miles per gallon factoring that the low,emissions mean no Rotax and youve got a,luxurious car thats very cheap to run,theres more to like about this easy,other than its efficiency the driving,position its spot-on and the seats are,among the confessed Ive ever sat in in,any car its also generally very quiet,as for the downsides well I suppose I,could move that the rear visibility,isnt particularly good but really the,big one for me is that despite looking,sporty this car isnt particularly quick,thats all even when you got it in,sports mode and what it may handle,pretty well the fact the steering is,numb and the brakes are grubby means,that its nowhere near as much fun to,drive on a twisty road as a BMW 1-series,now could forgive it if like other Lexus,cars the ride was super comfy but its,not in fact the suspension its just too,firm its especially bad on this s sport,model that when youre driving over a,rough road its tantamount to torture in,fact Im surprised it hasnt been bound,by the Geneva Convention,if you just commit Ill show you another,problem this car has an old-fashioned,foot operated parking brake which seems,a little bit out of place in something,thats supposed to be high-tech and then,theres a back seat if I just shuffle,across youll be able to see the legroom,its pretty tight if you have a lanky,person sitting in front of you you could,end up feeling a bit squashed that said,Headroom is okay and because the floor,is almost completely flat someone can,actually use the middle seat,and thats a thing with the CT 200h yes,it does have its weaknesses but overall,its still a good car looks good on the,outside it feels posh on the inside and,it is eco friendly and of course being a,Lexus it should be reliable as well

2017 Lexus CT200h Review…Should You Buy a Used One?

all right well welcome back to exhaust,sports auto my name is kevin and we are,here to check out a 2017,alexis ct200h now who do we have to,thank for this opportunity it is,none other than johnson lexus in durham,north carolina so,if youre interested in purchasing this,or any lexus,you may contact danny and all this,information is going to be down in the,description box,below so with that established why am i,doing this because this is once again a,certified pre-owned vehicle i already,talked about what certified pre-owned is,in the 2017 es350 video so you can go,ahead and watch that,but im doing this because once again,another vehicle that you have actually,requested me to do multiple times,and its actually one of those,affordable vehicles that people are,actually interested in so,lets just go ahead and lets get this,bad boy out on the road because,this thing is about 19 gs now and its,got about,69 500 miles on it so,its not like obscenely high mileage but,its kind of sort of up there,but cpo its under the warranties and,all that stuff free maintenance all that,good stuff so its one of those,headache-free buying experiences so,thats why i like doing these certified,pre-owned reviews,now with all vehicles lets go ahead and,lets talk about the exterior,and what this is because well this is a,hybrid and this is actually kind of the,replacement for the,hs the hs250 that i did so you can check,that video out as well,so this is kind of the successor to that,came out in like 2011,and this is now a 2017 model year i,think this is like the last year that,they made this vehicle,so a couple of key things here uh i do,like the way that this thing looks,actually a cute little car,um i dont like hatchbacks really i,think theyre a bit juvenile however,this one does look pretty good,all right all right very good well well,get to that uh,but yes i i dont really mind the way it,looks obviously its not being made,anymore and the ux kind of took over,this because well,now its kind of a suv craze so they,kind of just took a corolla and just,lifted it up,put a lexus badge on it and well there,you go you got the ux now,and they make that into a hybrid,actually i already did a review on that,as well so you can check that out too,but enough of that you you can kind of,decide for yourself how this thing looks,i mean i do like the way this looks a,little bit more than the hs of course,but the hs was a little bit more of a,practical vehicle even though its just,a sedan,well get to that in the interior,segment but now on to this drive this,thing is fitted with a 1.8 liter,four-cylinder engine,this is foot to the floor mind you 50,50 miles an hour all right its not very,quick,and why is that its because it only,makes about 134 horsepower and,usually i would forgive that for a,vehicle like this because well its a,hybrid and,you know what i am going to forgive it i,dont really mind that its not that,fast but,keep in mind the hs the car that came,before this made about 184,horsepower so its about a 50 horsepower,loss when they went to this generation,of vehicle,so why is that because one of my main,complaints with the hs,especially when new is that it just,didnt make any sense only got like what,35,mpg or whatever which is kind of,unacceptable for a hybrid this gets like,43 city,and 40 on the highway much better,results but i think this does take,premium only at least thats what it,says on the,lexus handbook so theres that to keep,in mind the hs used like a two and a,half liter like camry engine or,something like that to make more power,and i respected that but,i will say the handling is far superior,than the hs thats for sure a lot less,wallowy,but i am noticing that the ride quality,has suffered a little bit because of,that,over like those kind of gravel-ish roads,like where they kind of lay out bricks,or whatever,its like really jittery so thats,something i noticed,but over like normal bumps its fine but,this is definitely a more connected,driving experience than uh,probably what it should be and that was,one of the things that they worked on,you know,well heres what they say that they,worked on they want to reduce vibrations,they want to increase the nvh,or you know reduce nph i guess so make a,little bit quieter make it smoother,and they want to make it handle better,so this thing actually utilizes a strut,based suspension up front but i actually,utilize a double wishbone,set up in the rear so thats pretty cool,and it does it does handle pretty good,its like way sharper than the hs it was,thats for damn sure ill check out the,other refinement like how loud it is in,a bit,but this definitely has a more pinned,down sensation,but yeah the ride quality definitely,suffered because of that the hs was a,more floaty kind of,a little bit of an all over the place,type of vehicle however,the ride quality was great in that thing,so theres that,this is like an edgy prius kind of its,like slow but it like handles well its,just,its a strange little combination of,things going on here but whatever,what the hell was that some guy in the,porsche panamera just uh waved at me,that was interesting anyway yeah okay um,i dont know maybe he was a viewer and,he noticed me in the camera i dont know,but uh,alrighty then uh yeah like i was saying,im about to uh bust his corner,and were gonna test out more than,handling and were gonna see just how,the wind noise actually is in this thing,because the hs was you know pretty quiet,thats a pretty refined car,i am noticing some more rattles with,this thing its got about 70 000,its not bad for a lexus and the the,build quality is solid but im noticing,a few more,you know kind of in the center console,here a few little rattles but nothing,outrageous just something i noticed here,the overall build quality of course its,a lexus its pretty damn solid so i do,appreciate that,all right lets see here its got two 15,watt,tires 17 inch wheels,handle itself pretty well i mean again,like i said infinitely better than the,hs,good brakes not too much sound actually,not too much wind noise anyway thats,pretty good i do appreciate that,they did work on reducing the noise they,did put a lot of insulation around the,engine bay and stuff like that i do,definitely still hear the engine of,course but you know around the fire,wells all that good stuff,definitely a little bit more refined the,steering is just far,tighter dude like its not as loose and,sloppy like i noticed its like an onsen,or deadness with the hs thats,disappeared with this thing,now i will say the ux is definitely a,little bit quieter a little bit more of,a refined experience than this,but i dont know something about this,theres theres certainly a sporty,feeling here you know chassis,developments was something that they,worked on with this vehicle as well,they stiffened up the chassis by using,better welding techniques,as overall this vehicle weighs about you,know 3 100 pounds so,not a ridiculous weight figure but then,again its not a very large vehicle,either,its only about 170 inches long total,so that does make the rear occupant,space not very good but,again well touch on that in a bit,selfish stable experience of course,thats,another thing that they worked on you,know they wanted this to be better,driving than the hs in pretty much every,way and i think they did,accomplish that except in the ride,quality department thats the only place,but hey,you got to skimp out somewhere you have,to compromise somewhere i guess,theres not too much road noise coming,through but then again its using a,pretty skinny tire setup,215 wide so not too much road noise,thats pretty good,uh the wood noise is just constant but,its not ridiculous its not like this,constant whistling sound its just like,a natural,type of wind noise which is appropriate,for a vehicle like theres no double,pane glass or anything like that but,you know as a whole this is pretty good,makes like a weird pumping sound when,you got on the brakes but i do kind

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Lexus CT200h 2018 In-Depth 2018 | OSV Car Review

[Music],if youre seeking a spaciously compact,prestigious li badged premium 5-door,hatchback then youre probably thinking,diesel power and german badge work is a,different way to go this significantly,improved version of Lexuss,first-generation ct200h petrol electric,hybrid announced for the 2018 model year,to prolong this designs life in our,market earlier versions of this car,needed a little perfecting but in this,form its become a surprisingly credible,choice if overall running costs and,exemplary refinement number amongst your,key priorities pluses before the cts,classy to own and kind to the,environment in short it still got plenty,to offer the mechanical setup of this CT,200h has an altered as part of the 2018,model year changes so it remains based,around the Hybrid Synergy Drive,powertrain developed for the old third,generation Toyota Prius that was,launched back in 2009 this sees an old,tech nickel metal hydride battery mated,to a 98 brake horsepower 1.8 liter vvt-i,petrol engine and 81 brake horsepower,electric motor a power control unit and,a power split device the two outputs,Ive mentioned are never delivered at,the same time which is why slightly,confusingly the total power output of,this little Lexus is quoted at 134 brake,horsepower thats a lot less than youd,get in a hybrid version of the next,model up in Lexus range the is saloon,but then of course the running cost of,this CT are potentially a lot better,than you get with that car officially,quoted at seventy four point three miles,to the gallon on the combined cycle and,eighty-eight g/km of co2 provided you,run on the smaller 16-inch wheels,emissions figure is the main reason why,benefit in kind taxation liability with,this car will be so much lower than it,would be with equivalent diesel-powered,segment rivals in fact we calculate that,over a typical three-year operating,period youd say well over three,thousand pounds in benefitting kind,taxation liability in choosing to run a,CT 200h over arrival like BMWs one one,six D Auto Plus youd be running on,cheaper fuel and incurring lower,servicing costs it all makes this lexus,a great company car users choice but are,there dynamic drawbacks in choosing a CT,certainly the magazines will tell you of,this cars rather over firm ride and the,brassy CVT auto gearbox that you have to,have both these things are problems that,youll need to make sure you can live,with but both issues were improved as,part of a package of changes introduced,for the 2014 model year and neither,drawback will manifest itself on the,smooth highway journeys that will,probably occupy owners across the,majority of their mileage its here that,the light steering becomes a boon rather,than a drawback and its here too that,you can revel in the beautiful cabin and,peerless refinement that apparently gets,within four decibels of the kind of,cabin quietness you could expect in a,rolls-royce ghost in this regard at,least the CT is exactly as youd want,Alexis to be it is perhaps appropriate,for a car that offers something,different to look a little different,that was always Lexuses perspective when,discussion turned to the quirky design,of earlier versions of this first,generation CT 200h the problem for the,brando is that buyers in the premium,segment are a notoriously conservative,Bunch hence the need for the minor,aesthetic changes made for the 2018,model year version with this car all,aimed at offering a much stronger visual,link to pricier more established,offerings in the Lexus lineup the main,aesthetic updates with this revised,model feature here at the front where,the,distinctive spindle style grille gets a,classier chrome frame and a smarter mesh,pattern that now flows uninterrupted,from top to bottom more noticeable,though are the changes made to the rear,the smarter shape clear tail lamps are,now all LED units featuring turn,indicators moved to their lower edges,and even these little aerodynamic side,fins once inside youll be reminded of,the fact that Lexus does interiors,exceptionally well this one still being,good enough to embarrass some direct,German competitors as for changes made,to this revised model well the main one,is something that you have to spend a,bit of money to enjoy this larger,ten-point three inch center -,entertainment screen that features as,part of the Lexus premium navigation,package if you cant stretch to the top,spec premiere derivative that gets it as,standard its an affordable option on,most variants time to take a seat in the,rear if youre tempted to complain about,the amount of space and offer here in,the back then you clearly havent sat in,the back of a rival beyond w1 series,Mercedes a-class or Audi a3 very,recently though it suffers from a high,waistline which restricts the airiness,of the cabin somewhat this lexus offers,slightly more passenger space than any,of these cars with comfortable room for,two adults as long as theyre not too,tall and space at a pinch for three,thanks to the notably low center,transmission tunnel,[Music],but I havent yet touched upon,practicality something that youd expect,to be compromised by the need to find,somewhere to stow the hybrid systems,rather old tech nickel metal hydride,battery pack as it turns out clever,packaging of this unit between the rear,wheels means that it takes up relatively,little boot space,indeed this 375 litre luggage bay is,pretty much as large as you get in a,rival Aldi a3 Sportback a bit more than,you get in a BMW 1-series or a Mercedes,a-class,and a lot more than you get in a Volvo,v40 theres still a lot to like here,essentially a CT 200h costs no more than,the Toyota Prius it remains,fundamentally based upon yet offers,extra quality more equipment and the,higher residual values of the,prestigious Lexus brand now were,disappointed that this car hasnt been,updated with the drivetrain gearbox and,handling changes made to the more recent,fourth generation Prius design still it,probably wasnt cost-effective for Lexus,to do that so late in this Mark 1 CT,models production life even so the CT,200h continues to offer many of the,things typical middle management,executives want bound up in a properly,eco-friendly package its one thats,arguably now even more in tune with our,times than ever and it feels a little,pressure thanks to the 2018 model year,changes if you dont really care about,handling dynamics and youre fed up with,the default German choices in this,segment whats on offer here could still,make an awful lot of sense on the,balance sheet and in your driveway,you,[Music]

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Review | 2017 Lexus CT200h | Eco Hatch with Flair

you,we are looking at the 200h hatchback,hybrids F Sport F Sport so what you have,here is put you to sleep silver metallic,uh I like this color this color is,amazing but Im so sick of silver cars,this is different,but its on every freakin Lexus you see,yeah its like the most common color,its like this graphite II gunmetal it,it really looks amazing in this light,but I got to tell you they have a red in,this like weird blue darkish aqua blue,and I think it would look really good on,here too we have it in orange they dont,have it in orange you have the f-sport,front grille and facha fascia with the,f-sport headlights this is stuff that,weve seen before and it gives this car,a little bit of personality chrome,splitter yes a chrome spluttering yeah,when you come to the back of the CT 200h,this is why is whats the a chore hi,bird oh yeah whys it 200 shouldnt be,our CT 180 I dont know maybe they,figured theyre gonna have a 2 liter in,here and they didnt doesnt really,matter the hatchback is where this car,earns its keep theres a ton of space in,here and you know whats nice about it,you dont have to have a SUV or acute,you this does almost everything that,those cars do in a smaller package like,somebody I know recently that just had,to buy an SUV for living in the city,this would be more optimal for that and,you get good fuel efficiency and it,drives like a car why is it should drive,like a car because it is it is a car,yeah but thats one of the benefits of,this if youre looking if youre on the,I dont know if youre looking at NX,200t or this Im sorry I would take this,makes more sense doesnt it four-wheel,drive though cares about four-wheel,drive I need four-wheel drive when,youre in a city youre right in the,snow cant even stick to the street,because all the pollution,is it so warm,[Music],so now that we have the CT or the,compact Touring up in the air 1.18 eh,yes the 1.8 litre we have struck base,front suspension virtually no use of,aluminum except for the whole knuckle of,the Lulu yeah,which is well again your eyes go right,for knuckles I dont know what it is,with you but you like them yeah the the,entire knuckle and hub leading to the,upright is all aluminum so you do have,that there is some use of Aero this is a,little bit older of a platform yeah well,at least called theres a special name,for those that would like you to,highlight them and point them out in the,video once you research the proper name,for those Im not going to use the,proper name because I dont know even,know what the proper name is and Im not,going to look it up lets just get that,over with Toyotas hybrid system is kind,of the de facto in the world theyve,pretty much started it and theyve,evolved it to the point where it is,completely stable very reliable and you,would think that its extremely,complicated but its not it uses two,electric motors mg 1 and mg 2 mg 1 just,does its acts as an alternator it also,acts as the starter it gets the thing,going and charges the high voltage,system and the battery in the back mg 2,is the secondary motor and its what,powers the car in hybrid well electric,evey mode and they can operate,independently of each other including,also running them the gasoline motor at,the same time and it sounds complicated,but Im going to link a video to Weber,Auto which Im starting to do more,because they go into well the guy who,runs it the level of detail that he goes,into how it works its so stupidly,simple when you see it just explode it,apart its its almost easy to recommend,here the also Im going to get in here,find this orange insulation I want to,put my special gloves on my special,shoes so I dont,get killed Im gonna cut a wire and act,like it was a mouse did and I want you,to fix it if its so simple,no Im talking about the mechanical,aspect not the electrical but it all,goes together without that aint gonna,work,well the electrical system yes thats,more complicated but the the physical,electric motors and the way that the,gearing works on all that is,surprisingly more simple than you would,think to get all this working and thats,why its so reliable I jumped the gun,you jumped the gun oh if you wanted to,disseminate the electrical system be my,guys I just want to cut wires in the,orange sheath know that orange sheath is,dangerous we cant have your life risk,Scott you brought me to the middle of,the car why f-sport,arrow treatments know those little,fingernail look and things are not why,you brought me here,no the catalytic converter yes this,pretty stout it is stout and this is a,big assembly it goes from there you said,up to the manifold up to the manifold,which means one thing itll never go bad,dont worry about know itll get stolen,because this is probably worth more than,my life is yeah but I mean theres a cat,there cat good luck getting up there I,guess you just reach up for bolt cut,though to centre ours weve done yeah,except for the fact that this catalytic,converter has a heat exchanger built,into it you have coolant lines right,what the Cocos is to now you got to keep,this thing cool so yeah okay this is,advanced emissions equipment here for,sure you dont you dont typically see a,heat exchanger built into the catalytic,converter but thats to get it up to,temperature and all the fun stuff,related with emissions technology today,lets take a look at the back lets do,that so we made it to the back Scot and,what you have in the back is double,wishbone suspension how do you feel,about that looks like every other car on,the road no it doesnt this is a very,compact double wishbone suspension on,the back it doesnt take up a lot of,room and I would take this any day over,some,torsion beam Wars but look at me I look,at a sway bar links thats a right,height sensor all looks that looks like,a little mini thats like thats,probably all this car needs is that,little nub there but the big deal back,here Scott is the thing that turns this,from a regular mundane car into a sports,car is this lateral damper that theyve,installed to increase the rear-end,rigidity which we saw on the NX 200t,didnt we,lets take a look under the hood weve,overstayed our welcome under here what,rocky doesnt have hood dampers wow,thats a weight Sina McLaren just look,at it,Lexus hybrid drive Scott 1.8 liters of,pure power you know what its connected,to an e CVT hole yes and an EC VT so you,have a continuously variable,transmission you have a motor that is,extremely efficient that can cycle on,and off depending on speed and is,completely powered sometimes by electric,motors ooh and where does it get all,this power from Scott from the antenna,that dont get to I was gonna say oh you,mean like a streetcar yeah now you go no,it does not get powered like a streetcar,it has a battery pack in the rear and,that battery pack is nickel metal,hydride you have to plug that in USB C -,no that does not require lightning or,USB C or micro USB or mini USB or serial,or parallel USB 2 3 oh it takes the iPod,Im yeah Apple can I get the Apple,connector whatever that was sorry I,didnt mean to leave out Apple people so,heres the thing about the hybrid system,on this car while it works extremely,well and it is extremely reliable there,is a negative aspect of this which weve,talked about in the past whats that you,have to drive trains you have a,traditional gasoline powered motor here,and you have an electric motor and,battery pack so people talk about being,green being more environmentally aware,and the reality is here is this in terms,of a production vehicle is not any more,environmentally aware as a standard,four-cylinder engine because youre,adding a battery pack youre adding,electric motors and you still have a,gasoline-powered motor now what youre,getting is better fuel economy and,thats the trade-off but with a nickel,metal hydride battery the process to,generate and create those batteries is,very very wasteful and pretty nasty to,the environment for mining for nickel,and the smelting process is really bad,reall

Lexus CT 200h 2018 Full Review | Petrol/Electric Hybrid

[Music],if youre seeking a spaciously compact,prestigiously badged premium five-door,hatchback,then youre probably thinking diesel,power and,german badge work heres a different way,to go,this significantly improved version of,lexuss first generation,ct200h petrol electric hybrid announced,for the 2018 model year to prolong this,designs life in our market,earlier versions of this car needed a,little perfecting but in this form,its become a surprisingly credible,choice if overall running costs,and exemplary refinement number amongst,your key priorities,plus as before the ct is classy to own,and kind to the environment,in short its still got plenty to offer,looking for a premium badged compact,hatch,if so you may be looking for an,alternative to smoky diesel power,heres an interesting one the much,improved lexus ct 200h,petrol electric hybrid if you recognize,that fueling from the black pump isnt,an especially environmental option,you might think your choices are pretty,limited in the push part,of the family hatchback sector where,models like the bmw one series the,mercedes a-class and the audi a3,dominate,a car of this sort with conventional,petrol power may not be,efficient enough for you a petrol,electric plug-in hybrid model could well,be too pricey,and an all-electric contender would,restrict your operating range,all of which ought to leave a useful,niche for this,little lexus,its based on non-plug-in petrol,electric hybrid technology taken,straight from an old third generation,toyota prius,and because the development costs of,that technology have long been,accounted for by millions of prius sales,this ct 200h can offer lots of equipment,and lovely,lexus craftsmanship yet still sell at,prices comparable to more conventional,diesel rivals,the ct will be quieter run on cheaper,fuel and be less expensive to service,too,you think that would create quite a,tempting proposition,but the reality is that relatively few,buyers in this segment,even consider this lexus when sizing up,their options,why well it may be partly because of,early press reports,of this models original launch back in,2011.,these criticized its rather over firm,ride and thrashy,cvt auto gearbox but have since,neglected to mention that a package of,improvements,introduced in 2014 did improve things in,both these areas,this cars lack of current market,penetration is probably also down to the,fact that its been,around for such a long period during,which all kinds of,new arrivals have distracted attention,away from its rather unusual proposition,hence the need for a further ct 200h,update in late 2017 the one which has,bought us the car that were going to,look at here,with its smarter look upgraded,infotainment,and stronger standards of safety would,it be enough,to revitalize this models,lets find out,[Music],if youre still not familiar with the,hybrid driving experience and i come,into this car,fresh from a more conventional,diesel-powered rival,a bit of adjustment will be needed but,not too much,press the power start button and the,virtual silence,is very different from the ugly grumbly,diesel note,delivered by this cars competitors,thats because from startup to speeds of,about,25 miles an hour or for very short,distances this car in theory anyway,is supposed to automatically operate in,ev mode,under electric power alone,unfortunately the range in question,really is very short,about 1.2 miles it would be longer if,this car,used a modern lithium-ion battery rather,than an old tech,nickel metal hydride one but that of,course would add to the cost,thats nevertheless a premium you might,think wealthier ct 200h buyers could be,interested in considering,lexus thinks not and for the same reason,declines to,offer the kind of plug-in hybrid,functionality with this car,that parent company toyota has developed,for pricier versions of its prius,i mentioned the prius because the,pre-2015,third generation version of that model,provides virtually all the mechanicals,for this cars,hybrid drive system a little,disappointingly,lexus has chosen not to build into this,revised ct,the improved hybrid powertrain used in,the more recent,mark iv model prius a setup that,features a reduction in size for the,electric motors and battery,so the mechanical setup here remains,exactly as it was,when this ct-200h was first launched in,2011.,namely a nickel metal hydride battery,mated to a 98 brake horsepower 1.8 liter,vvti petrol engine an 81 brake,horsepower electric motor,a power control unit and a power split,device,the two outputs ive mentioned are never,delivered at the same time which is why,slightly confusingly,the total power output of this model is,quoted at 134 brake horsepower,its a clever proven setup and the fact,that it,allows you to run independently on,either battery,or petrol power as well as using the two,things in tandem,sets it apart from lower tech hybrids,like those that honda used to make,where the power sources could only ever,work together,thats the theory anyway the reality,though,is that the feeble electric only maximum,speed,restricts ev used to urban stop start,traffic,and even there i found that the engine,requires very little encouragement to,chip into proceedings,you stand a better chance of staying,solely in milt float,mode if you press an ev button on the,center console,that with restrained throttle use will,leave you gliding silently along,until the power charge is spent at the,end of your operating range,thats provided of course that the,battery is kept fully charged up by the,engine,a process you can help with by,increasing the amount of energy the car,reclaims through,regenerative braking to optimize that,youve only to remember to snick,the neat stubby gear stick of the,six-speed cvt automatic gearbox that all,ct-200h models must have from d,to b when it is time for the petrol,engine to cut in the transition is,almost seamless,so its helpful to be able to monitor,things via this neat,energy flow monitor on the dash there to,show you whats being,charged or being driven by what,once youre up and running with battery,and petrol power chipping in and out,lexus says that the ct200h has been,engineered to perform in two,driving moods relaxing,or dynamic depending on the setting that,you choose from this center drive,controller,should you be feeling laid back youll,probably have the control set to,normal which by which the petrol engine,will take over from the electric motor,as and when needed,but given that youre not in a hurry it,might just be better to switch to,eco mode where throttle openings are,reduced and the air con system optimized,to save fuel,driving in this way suits this cars,character best,but youll also be wanting to know about,this lexuss dynamic repertoire,and maybe also the difference that might,be made by switching to the last,most purposeful sport setting this,after all is a car that must compete,with agile audi a3s and brawny bmw one,series models,which is a tough ask for a re-bodied,toyota prius never designed for such,antics,especially since all cts must use a,resolutely,unsporting six-speed cvt automatic,gearbox,that lacks even something as basic as,steering wheel paddle shifters,still click over to the sport,setting and this little lexus does its,best switching the instrument cluster,backlighting from blue to red,and transforming the hybrid power,indicator on the dash,into a rev counter in an attempt to,match your mood,more importantly this mode delivers an,extra 150 volts of extra,electric motor power to enable a rest of,62 mile an hour sprint time of 10.3,seconds,as engine revs are held longer throttle,and steering response sharpened,and the traction and stability control,systems rendered less intrusive,thats actually a little quicker than a,directly comparable diesel model,like audis a3 1.6 tdi,it all sounds quite promising especially,as its matched by a brilliant,low set cockpit-like driving position,and firm supportive sporty seats,unfortunately there are tw

Lexus CT200h – Not just a posh Prius?

its a quiet car this,This is a Lexus CT200h, which is Lexus first attempt at a luxury hatchback,before that theyd only ever built saloons and SUVs,so back in the design room, I imagine it went down  as – Toyota the parent company giving them the  ,Toyota Prius and saying – look take this, you have to  keep the drivetrain and the engine and the hybrid  ,system and everything has to be exactly the same,  and then basically youve got to replace the body  ,shell and the suspension and so on and just create  something Lexus-y and theres your challenge  ,it actually was a good platform to begin with  because – whats Lexus about? its about quiet  ,luxurious cruisers – theyre not, apart  from the f-sport models and so on, theyre not  ,barnstorming and loud V8 machines or anything  like that, so really it made sense to to start  ,from a Toyota Prius platform. They had Kylie  Minogue on the adverts, and she was basically  ,going on about how quiet the car was – Im not  really sure why they needed her particularly  ,shes not famous for being quiet or anything,[Kylie] the worlds first full hybrid luxury compact car ,one aspect of this car that makes it really quite  simple to review is that there was only ever one  ,engine and drivetrain option available for it, and  that was of course the 1.8 litre petrol, mated to  ,an electric motor. The 1.8 litre engine on  its own has 98 horsepower but when you combine  ,it with the electric motor you get 135, which is a perfectly respectable amount of horsepower but  ,its not going to set the world alight, so you get reasonable performance its  ,0 – 60mph in 10 seconds but the other thing  is that its got a CVT gearbox which is  ,as far as petrol heads are concerned, not  ideal. Its quite a strange thing and  ,when youre just ambling around town its  perfect for it because you cant really hear  ,the engine and it just glides along and  and so on, but when you want to go,*steady, loud engine noise*,that wonderful rising and falling  of engine revs that you get, and that petrolheads,so love is gone with the CVT gearbox, but in  essence its constantly changing gear, almost  ,like through infinite amounts of gears, so it  allows the engine RPM to stay exactly the same  ,and the car will accelerate forward  so its quite a strange thing at first,it just sounds  slightly like the engines being tortured,its a really quirky car the the CT,  theres lots of little things about it  ,that you wouldnt get on other other cars  even just like the the handbrake which is  ,actually a foot brake, quite weird to get  used to. The little battery monitor tells you  ,whether youre using power from the battery  or whether the power is going back to it  ,and then on the on the gear select  theres this thing that just says B,its for if youre going downhill – you can increase the regeneration rate  ,to the battery and it holds the car back, so its  like having the car in a lower gear  ,but youre getting more power to the battery as  well, youre making use of gravity and the momentum  ,of the heavy weight of this car as it comes down  the hill to recharge the battery and save your  ,brakes at the same time. I was going to try out EV  mode because it can drive on electric power only  ,for up to about a mile – as long as you dont  go above 28 miles an hour – but Ive just pressed  ,EV mode and its saying EV mode not  available, low battery,this is pretty cool, the window glass goes up really really fast  and then slows down when it gets to the top,Lexus interiors are quite unique, I cant  really think of any other any other brand of car  ,that designs their interiors like Lexus do, so they  definitely stand out as something a bit different  ,and I really like this really wide center  console and then this overhanging sort of climate  ,controls and everything, the general  ambience in the interior, I do like it  ,Ive never really thought about what CT actually  means, its just as with all these things kind of  ,meaningless – just a couple of letters  isnt it, but apparently it means Creative Touring,something quite fun about this car is  the different driving modes,youve got Eco, Normal and Sport,now obviously Eco is all  about fuel economy and and getting those MPGs,and then sport mode gives you a  bit more throttle response and the car feels a little bit nippier,what eco mode does apparently  is that if youre a bit of a heavy  ,right foot kind of person, then Eco mode just softens the inputs from your foot  ,its not really doing much else other than  basically schooling you and saying,well you dont need to accelerate that hard, Ill decide on that,I dont really have a heavy right foot so in Eco mode when I come to a junction or something and put my foot  ,down the amount I normally would, its like the car  just creeps out slowly and it really did catch  ,me out the first couple of times of driving one of these, because it surprises you,youll see a car coming youll think youll have plenty  of time, youll pull out and then youll realize  ,that the cars not accelerating as you thought  it would, and the cars right up behind you  ,so you feel a bit stupid,sport mode does genuinely  make a difference to the throttle response and it,does make the car feel sportier but youre still  stuck with that sort of CVT level of performance  ,but the the sort of interesting thing about the  modes is is what it does to the the dashboard  ,and the dials and how they change color – in  Normal and Eco youve got blue, everythings  ,blue – youve got this blue ambient lighting as well  which is quite ahead of its time actually in 2011  ,and then when you go into sport mode it goes red,  but it also changes the dial, everything goes  ,red and you get the RPM, like you would in a  normal car,around town this car,it really is well suited because you get that little  ,slight whirr from the electric motor and you cant  hear the engine too much, the only thing that  ,really lets it down around town is once you  start hitting some bumpy bits or potholes its  ,surprising that the suspensions not quite as soft  as as you would hope with a car like this because  ,at the end of the day its not its not a  sporty car, its literally got CVT gearbox  ,and hybrid drive, on the positive side it doesnt handle too badly, its actually  ,surprisingly nice to drive. Fuel economy – officially its 68 mpg but a very realistic  ,and attainable figure that Ive often achieved  is closer to 50 to 55 mpg, so this being the  ,2013 model its just just before the facelift – now they did significantly change the look of  ,this car in 2014 and apparently they made a few  changes to the suspension as well, obviously the  ,main big difference was the massive – what they  call a spindle grille that appeared on the front  ,end of the car – a brash design initially but then as all cars have gone that way  ,with their big grilles and stuff it doesnt  look particularly out of place and and I quite  ,like the facelifted version of this car. They came  quite well equipped these cars, given that  ,they were released back in 2011, the standard  equipment on them is quite good  ,it came with bluetooth which back then bluetooth was quite an unusual thing in cars  ,and certainly it wasnt a standard feature so  you get bluetooth as standard on on all CT200s  ,you get an aux in where you connect to your  phone or an ipod or whatever in and a USB port  ,again quite forward thinking for 2011, and all cars  come with like dual zone climate control as well,well heres something thats vaguely annoying,reverse beeps – if you want to reverse your car,you have to have this wonderful sound,I like the the gear selector in the CT its like  the top of an old mans cane its quite funny  ,but it feels nice in the hand and it feels  um nice to use as well, its got a  ,damped feeling to it and that kind of goes  for all the controls really  ,the mode select between Eco and  Normal and Sport that also has a sprung  ,action on it, and then the

Lexus CT 200h (2014-2017) Full Review | The Perfect Hybrid?

[Music],if youre seeking a spaciously compact,prestigiously badged premium five-door,hatchback,then youre probably thinking diesel,power and german badge work,heres a different way to go lexuss,much improved,first generation ct200h petrol electric,hybrid,the original version of this car needed,a little perfecting,but its now a far more credible choice,thats classy to own,efficient to run and kinder to the,environment,[Applause],maybe its my imagination but i cant,help thinking that the drive towards,diesel power,is losing just a touch of its momentum,these days,true the vast majority of european,buyers still continue to prefer,to fuel from the black pump but to some,extent thats only because affordable,alternatives to the high,running costs of conventional petrol,power are still quite limited,in the current market lexus alone takes,an undiluted stand,against the diesel revolution with,petrol electric hybrid technology,that since 2010 has reached down,into the premium compact hatchback,segment,with this car the ct200h,so why does the mark feel the need to be,different,well quite apart from the fact that it,has to be to break into the german brand,dominated prestige market,the company recognizes a disconnect,between the eco-minded claims of diesel,engines,and their rumbling smoke belching,reality,you might think that by driving a diesel,model with its impressive fuel,consumption and,low co2 returns youre doing your bit,for the planet,the reality though is that youre,pumping harmful nox gases,into the atmosphere with toxicity,thatll increase,as your engines diesel particulate,filter becomes more and more clogged,until all electric power becomes more,viable a hybrid engine,is the best alternative the motor,industry can offer to this scenario,technology pioneered by lexuss parent,company toyota,toyota it was who founded the drive,towards hybrid power with their prius,at the turn of the century a car now,developed through three generations,into an impressive if rather uninspiring,convection,powered by a 98 brake horsepower 1.8,liter vvti petrol engine,aided by an 81 brake horsepower electric,motor,taking that package and re-branding it,with a bit of extra lexus,polish was an obvious next step for the,japanese corporation to take,hence this ct the letters standing for,compact,tourer which is lets speak for the,class of premium small hatchback,youll hopefully recognize when i talk,of models like,audis a3 bmws one series mercedes,a-class,maybe even afro-mayors julietta cars,that are no bigger than something,focused,or astra sized but sit a world apart,when it comes,to perceived driveway cred,of course lexus was never going to make,much of an impact on rivals of this,quality,by simply playing the green card and,slapping,shinier badge work on a prius owners in,this segment tend to be,younger and want a more dynamic drive so,the ct200h development team tried to,give it to them,but went a bit too far creating a car,with an over firm ride,that put people off there were also,objections to the quirky styling,and the thrashy cbt auto gearbox that,transmission hardly helping refinement,standards that werent,very lexus like underneath all of these,issues though,lay a very effective piece of automotive,design,that with a little extra finesse might,exactly suit the prevailing economic,mood in this segment,this were told is exactly whats,provided by the,much improved ct200h model were going,to look at here,announced early in 2014. lets,put it to the test,if youre still not familiar with the,hybrid driving experience,a bit of adjustment will be needed but,not too much,press the start button and the virtual,silence,is very different from the ugly grumbly,diesel note delivered by this cars,competitors,thats because from start up to speeds,of up to 25 miles an hour,or for very short distances this car in,theory anyway,is supposed to automatically operate in,ev mode,under electric power alone,to illustrate the point uh plug in,lithium-ion battery-powered toyota prius,is about 50 pricier than one with nickel,metal hydride cells,though thats nevertheless a premium you,might think wealthier ct200h buyers,could be interested in considering lexus,thinks not,i mentioned the prius because it,provides virtually all the mechanicals,for this cars,hybrid drive system there to mate that,battery with a 98 brake horsepower 1.8,liter vvti petrol engine an 81 brake,horsepower electric motor,a power control unit and a power split,device,the two outputs ive mentioned are never,delivered at the same time which is why,slightly confusingly,the total power output of this model is,quoted at 134 brake horsepower,its a clever proven setup and the fact,that it allows you to run,independently on either battery or,petrol power as well as using the two,things in tandem sets it apart from,lower tech hybrids like those honda used,to make,where the power sources could only ever,work together,thats the theory anyway the reality,though,is that the feeble electric only maximum,speed,restricts ev used to urban stop start,traffic,and even there i found that the engine,requires very little encouragement to,chip into proceedings you stand a better,chance,of staying solely in milk float mode if,you,press an ev button on the center console,that with a restrained throttle,will leave you gliding silently along,until the power charge is spent at the,end of your operating range,thats provided of course that the,battery is kept fully charged up by the,engine,a process you can help with by,increasing the amount of energy the car,reclaims,through regenerative braking to optimize,that youve only need to remember to,snick the neat,stubby gear stick of the six-speed cbt,automatic gearbox that all,ct-200h models might have from d,into b when it is time for the petrol,engine to cut in,the transition is almost seamless so,its helpful to be able to monitor,things via this,neat energy flow monitor on the dash,there to show you whats being charged,or,being driven by what once youre up and,running with battery and petrol power,chipping in and out,lexus says that the ct200h has been,engineered to perform in two,driving modes relaxing or,dynamic depending on the setting you,choose from this center,drive controller should you be feeling,laid back youll probably have the,control,set to normal by which the petrol engine,will take over from the electric motor,as and when needed but given that youre,not in a hurry,it might just be better to switch to eco,mode,where throttle openings are reduced,and the aircon system optimized to save,fuel,driving in this way suits this cars,character best,but youll also be wanting to know about,this lexuss dynamic repertoire,and maybe also the difference that might,be made by switching to the last,most purposeful sport setting,this is after all a car that must,compete with agile audi a3s and brawny,bmw one series models which is a tough,ask,for a re-bodied toyota prius never,designed for such antics,even if in this case it does sit on a,more sophisticated platform,especially since all cts must use a,resolutely unsporting,six-speed cvt automatic gearbox that,even on this,sport model lacks trendy paddle shifters,still click over to the sport setting,and this ct does its best switching the,instrument cluster backlighting from,blue to red,and transforming the hybrid power,indicator on the dash,into a rev counter in an attempt to,match your mood,more importantly this mode delivers an,extra 150 volts of extra electric motor,power,to enable a rest to 62 mile an hour,sprint time of,10.3 seconds as engine revs are held,longer,throttle and steering response sharpened,and the traction and stability control,systems,rendered less intrusive thats actually,a little quicker than directly,comparable diesel models like bmws 116d,or audis a3 1.6 tdi,it all sounds quite promising especially,as,its matched by a brilliant low set,cockpit like driving position,and firm supportive sporty seats,however it was from this point on t

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