1. Review of Best Buy Black Friday ad LG UK6190 4k tv, HDR, 3x HDMI, smart tv, great 4k picture
  2. LG 75″ 4K TV Review & Unboxing | P.S. She Broke the Sony ????
  3. LG TV Review – GREAT BUDGET FRIENDLY 70″ LG UN7070 Series Smart TV
  4. All LG 2018 4k TVs Compared – RTINGS.com
  5. LG Smart TV WIFI Connection Issues (SOLVED)
  6. How to get Better Audio on LG 70UK6190PUB
  7. How to Install the Legs on the 2021 LG UP8000 UHD 4K TV.

Review of Best Buy Black Friday ad LG UK6190 4k tv, HDR, 3x HDMI, smart tv, great 4k picture

hey youtubers so wanted to talk about,this TV that is on the Black Friday and,you can see in the background there,actually have that TV now,I paid they kept paid $1,000 for it once,I bought little taxes in the Geek Squad,support there or whatever pretty happy,with the TV theres theres a few things,I dont like so um one surprisingly I,have two different LG 4k blu-ray players,youve probably seen the reviews here on,the YouTube and I must say that Im,surprised when I play those 4k blu-ray,players the TV doesnt automatically,snap to that input you have to go,through the LG menu which is one of the,worst ones that I have encountered um,might be a way to make it better if you,go through and delete it a lot of the,stuff in there that youre not going to,use I find that pretty much use the HDMI,my 4k blu-ray player.you p9 70s a smart,player however you know the 4k content I,cant access through Vudu and others I,dont like at HDX so that first thing so,I have to use the either the menus on it,to access that stuff or the I have a,Roku ultimate over there um and I find,that the Roku ultimate maybe its,because its external TV but it provides,the best streaming Im not extremely,happy with the Wi-Fi streaming and the,TV and I actually have Ethernet port,behind the TV plug that in so that makes,it,you know and that ends stronger than the,the Rokus streaming but so just kind of,you know things to think about where,youre gonna put this TV if you have,Ethernet port behind it youll have a,real strong signal for streaming if,youre gonna be far away from your,router you may end up needing a Roku or,something else which kind of defeats the,Smart TV purpose but hell this picture,is freaking awesome 70 inches is in my,opinion ginormous and you wont be,disappointed with that things pretty,light,I actually though I dont have it,mounted on the wall I previously had it,mounted on a wall in a different room in,the house a room that was gonna be my,movie theater room and then it just so,happened that this part of the house,opened up and I made that my movie,theater sadly if you see some of the,other videos I have there are speakers,in the wall in the other room and this,one you know it doesnt quite have the,surround sound thing going but it is a,much bigger room so that is you know one,positive over there all right so um,things that I really like about this and,things that I dont one you know it is,HDR but you know where is the dolby,vision folks at this point you know and,this maybe not this price point but when,it was $1000 those are things that would,be nice to have at this range would be,the dolby vision which of course means,buy any more expensive 4k blu-ray player,but you know its its all good stuff,you know of course 4k resolution tvs not,exactly 70 inches sixty nine point five,the speakers in this thing you know that,says 10 watts I have it hooked up to an,awesome stereo system and,I dont really use the TV speakers but,if you were to use them I would rate,them as above-average the fact that,there are other 4k TVs out there that,just are terrible,tinny sounding there you go heres a,hour see a 4k TV that Ive gotten my,officer and it is it sucks sound wise,where the LG is comparative to some of,the so nice so you be honestly be happy,with it you want to buy a sound bar so,thats gonna jack up your price that,goes along with this TV sound bar or if,you Berta got the stereo youre good to,go but in the grand scheme of things,when youre really enjoying that picture,you are gonna want to have the sound bar,to get you know even better sound out of,it and preferably that subwoofer now,this is uh this is pretty weak your be,honest we get three HDMI so we talked,about all the stuff that I have hooked,up and and I do a lot of reviews so the,HDMI thing I kind of wish it had more,but that you know my case is a little,little different than most people what,youll find as far as HDMI is go three,its just not enough and why is that so,we have out there we have got a ps4,hooked up I have I do have the two 4k,blu-ray players and Ive actually got,one in the office here under those iPads,isnt another Samsung one that actually,is probably the best 4k blu-ray player I,have but getting back to that so-so ps4,4k blu-ray player a Roku okay and then,what about what about Apple 4k,that okay so you see start to run out of,spots now cool thing is my stereo is 4k,was called 4k compliant I can plug all,that into the receiver which has a,shitload more HDMI and Im good to go,but not everybody has that so for those,that dont its kind of could be,annoying other things you know that I,like to hook up to it Ive all right now,its in here but Ive got a computer,thats going to you know basically be,hooked into that system so that I have I,can use my wireless mouse and my,wireless keyboard and enjoy you know my,YouTube videos on the 4k TV this has two,USBs I couldve sworn one of them was,was for the just the video any other was,for the like a firmware upgrade but not,so sure about that anymore,but you know one thing like youll find,it doesnt actually play back all the,file types which is annoying Ive got,another device here is Sony media player,that actually um usually is out there,right now its sitting in here with me I,use that it plays back every frickin,file type so and then that when I say,let me actually change that comment I,think it I think it will play back just,about every file type where the problem,is is it drops frame rates and its like,its stuttering,that is not good so where I have some,stuff that is is backed up by enough my,blu-ray collection and I stream you know,some of those,videos that are almost one-for-one well,well call them one for one there,theyre like 25 gig files it does not,handle those well so I use the other,device and it plays back good and then,some of the other it doesnt read the,right audio so thats a negative but,alright so overall freaking very happy,with the TV I think the size is great,and I would have went bigger if it was a,fork more affordable but for $6.99,get it alright,thats a positive review for the most,part of this TV and you know sum it all,up yeah I talked about the negatives but,you know I think you know of all the,positives early its freaking big TV,its 4k its LG its good quality and,you will be happy with it at least most,of the time you might not like the menus,you might not like the all the HDMI,inputs which there arent that many you,might not like the speakers those are,the only things that you can you can,ding on this TV really except for the,fact that its really big its not like,a super thin TV alright well thanks for,checking out my video please like please,subscribe

LG 75″ 4K TV Review & Unboxing | P.S. She Broke the Sony ????

[Music],- why do we have to send College TVs,okay were gonna give one away for free,whoo Carla okay guys you are hearing it,live right here right now we are gonna,be giving away one of these TVs to our,1,000 subscriber so hit that subscribe,button and you could be in for a sony,Brava,75 inch TV coming to you so Ill even,put our autograph on it action or on,what but by the way this ones actually,broken so you probably wouldnt want it,[Music],hello and welcome to this very special,edition of our books in the books but,were gonna be unboxing something,humongous now as you can see behind me,there is a lovely fabulous M 5 inch TV,from Sony now something really bad,happened we only got to see me about 6,months ago but then with the slightest,bump this happened oh my god what is,that I hear you see well basically there,is a massive crack inside of the screen,now I think thats probably because this,is a bit too thin even the slightest,fragile lyst little bump just hurt the,TV a bit more user-friendly here comes,my lovely print biggest gripe with these,Sony TVs other than the fragility of it,obviously shes got big bucks on maybe,were not blaming Sony its actually,really slow Android TVs are slow NES,[Music],[Applause],Android TV apps they crash yeah just,slow the ass randomly crash so weve,gone on the web os frequent wipe we try,it out on the store seems super smooth,LG rapping with my TV its actually this,warning sign schools keep upright and it,says tilt watch our XTR and it says if,its red dont accept it,no no its okay so we are hoping then,but this is intact Im gonna hold it,because Im scared I cant next we have,to lie it on its side come on do you put,the poster on the floor,[Music],[Applause],they just attach the stands with the TV,I make the Box slightly wider the span,is quite heavy actually this is the,stand it believes it fits in like so yep,and then once thats done you attach on,this guy and he who goes here clips in,like that with the nails using one hand,to lift up in place cuz this one looks,like its nice and smooth on this side,it doesnt look like its a smooth so,just using my hand to push it up and,then screwing in would you have a hat,the after is screwed in its nice and,flush this this son yeah shows the TV,somehow going off that way,so your TVs lying flat and then they,push it upside down forward look the,arrow it should be actually going that,way,[Music],[Music],I got two TVs cos one in and that ones,on this one once Ive not one gap to TG,two tabs one broken one be working oh,[Music],nice I like it yeah yeah I do I like it,I really like it you know I think it is,great I like the color of it,yeah I always having a TV that works,Thank You friends now its time to turn,it on control you want this one,Wow hi Felix,hey I want to see if theres any dead,pixels its pretty big,it feels bigger Australia times oh its,alright its been fun again okay,alright guys gonna plug in the area that,I pay is not flat,then I hope isnt it is that by the way,is called the coax you okay maybe we,havent had a TV like we have actually,watched TV and this is digital TV oh the,audio sounds good so far,is this something a little bit scared,over LG because we had an LG before and,it wasnt that good,meantime were gonna see the program,fight so we tried a Samsung TV and hes,the slowest program guy that issue the,worlds hand,lets see however was this,what OS this is boot oh its lovely,I said boss this girls seems to be,scrubbing,I guess its downloading all the dates,in her at the moment theres seven a,channel was like wow I went to radio,okay this is so cool that weve not had,Australian TV not stirring for one year,pretty much and we havent even watched,Australian TV ever,oh there you go so you go on channel 9,the Gold Coast weve been there,[Music],we are here at the settings appears,without killing you to screen on the,Sony TV you got settings get closer,because the club prompts love this you,can change the picture mode will by,killing YouTube,look look weapons you press it and you,can zoom in on the TV you can even zoom,in on a particular bit and you can,magnify the zoom so for example if,youve got any white screen content like,a movie you can crop straight in and you,couldnt do that on the Sony that is,really cool cuz we have an issue so much,oh my god thats all so you go,chromecast is installing chromecast,aerial ground cause thats all you need,thats all you need,theres actually an app store on this,its a lg App Store yeah the apps arent,as good as Android so what we decided to,do is is it Scott,its got plex its got Plex though so,thats probably all you need however the,thing with Plex is we like to watch all,our videos slightly faster than normal,speed by 10% faster 20 cent faster so,Im you got cost it off your laptop to,do that so Im knowing something any,apps actually remove some of the apps I,dont this team to run slow plugged in,our Cairo cost Oh last from years years,ago and they get from about using an,external chromecast roller and a,built-in one or tne it doesnt slow down,the TV yeah cuz on that stupid Sony that,one oh yeah it was it was always,randomly crashing you know sometimes you,need turn off the TV and turn it back,yeah sometimes didnt forget what Wi-Fi,is but using a separate device is always,more stable so if you got that its good,obviously if it was built into this TV,Ill be saying that its cool but you,know what Im really pleased cuz you,were gonna sell your chromecast Im so,glad you know yeah I know and look its,working let me show them quickly the App,Store lets see click you click on home,and you go oh I changed a the cursor I,reduce the sensitivity as well and you,got all these apps you can use this is,the App Store wheres the App Store LG,content store,now this is my feet by the way little,feet very very basic clothes so you got,a few that were to be Plex crackle to be,fair Sonys Android still dont have,much Eva and and this bit isnt as fast,yeah its got apps to be honest this is,the only Ill use which is switching,from live TV to HDMI and there you got,live TV doing you can also quickly see,whats on and now next,sacré see whats coming up and I can,browse through the TV that way so oh,whats that,whos Tom Ballard Ill set a reminder,for that thats 240p oh yeah so I like,it I like it because this its more,simple like Im gonna Im not gonna use,this button Netflix Im not gonna use,this buy on Amazon Im not gonna use the,home button all Im gonna use this,button for chromecast and this button,again for live TV this one switches over,okay and the volume the volume switch is,really fast as our quick Im busy,breathing loved it of g7 5 inch Web OS,we love you out of ear in the night,theres a lot of love in the air,alright guys thanks for watching our,unboxing and first impression video of,the LG 75 inch TV this is 2017 edition,so theres a new one dropping this year,bar we got this deal two thousand eight,hundred from it was boxing books in the,January sales I think so far we just,tried out a standard digital TV quality,was great sound was great without,YouTube sound was great quality was,great the responsiveness of the TV was,great compared to the old Sony we had,brand-new Sony last year Sony 2017 as,well just changing the volume on that,one down one was Android OS and it was,so sluggish and slow it was choppy where,this one the volume just leaves Im up,and down we was actually shocked by that,because we had an experience a TV that,could change the volume quickly oh I,think Im very kind of like all about,the looks I love about the technics,theyre taking the technical aspects I,think Nash isnt all that but I think,its really nice I really like the frame,of it obviously we didnt expect to buy,a new TV so soon after the last one but,this one has seems to work out really,well,Im hoping this more rugged it is the,frame is famous quicker but it works,with ourselves because weve got a bit,of silver in our stands so it reflects,really well yeah and Im hoping that

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LG TV Review – GREAT BUDGET FRIENDLY 70″ LG UN7070 Series Smart TV

hey guys welcome back to my channel,today,i am going to tell you about and show,you this new lg 70 inch tv that we just,bought,so we had to move a tv outside for our,covered patio and so we moved the tv,that we had in here which was like a,65 inch tv 60 inch tv something like,that and so we had to buy a new tv,and so i want to tell you um about this,lg tv because first of all,its really a pretty great cost so,its a 70 inch tv it obviously has the,built-in web os,so it gives you all the main channels,the things that you you stream like your,netflix your hulus,your sling it has all of those,functionalities it really kind of built,in so you dont have to have a roku on,the side which we have with our old tv,which is kind of,pain in the butt you dont have to have,those types of things it also comes with,some lg channels that stream as well,which is kind of cool i havent explored,them all yet but its a neat,functionality to it,and really this tv was only 580 dollars,you get it on sale a lot we got this one,at best buy,delivered to our house and it came,within a few days of ordering it,so its a great tv for what you get and,its,big you can see how big it is how clear,the picture is it,is a fantastic tv the other thing that,worked really really well with it is,we have we already had lg soundbar so we,actually,plugging this in it directly integrates,with it it works really well,um just turning the standard remote that,came with the tv,turning the volume up and down it works,natively with your lg soundbar so you,dont have to have two remotes you cant,find the remotes kids break them lose,them,batteries are dead whatever it may be if,one remote works that,works off this lg soundbar and it sounds,much better because as you know,most tvs they dont have really great,sound built into them,its just for whatever reason they just,never really do the sound bar makes it,sound fantastic its like theater,quality,so lg soundbar lg tv works really well,and they integrate well so this tv,like i said ill put a link in the,description below um we got this one at,best buy,i think we paid 580 total for this tv,its a 4k,picture so its its brilliant its,beautiful um,sure you could spend and get an ak,picture and spend,three four five thousand dollars or more,um,but this picture is fantastic at 4k,youll love it and for a 70 inch tv its,just,for 580 bucks you really just cant go,wrong so the other thing ill say is,that you can get smaller tvs,65 60 inch things like that but youre,really only saving about 40 50,60 70 bucks from what you would get from,this lg tv so,i highly recommend it um the other thing,too is its got,you know apple airplays built into it,apple home kit is built into it so,a lot of things are built into this im,just kind of scratching the surface of,this video,but theres a lot of things that this,this tv can do,and frankly i take a look at that as,well as some of the new lg streaming,that you get some free channels,uh with their service as well so,subscribe,click on the link below ill put a link,to not only the tv 7-inch tv that we,bought this this version of tv that we,bought for 580 from best buy,but ill also put a link to the sound,bar that we have so the sound bar is a,little bit older,um works flawlessly um and i just,mentioned too this tv does have all the,standard hookups your hdmi,built-in lan cables um the optical,thats built into it,um usb thats built into it it has all,the,those functionalities antenna if youre,still using an antenna,has those functionalities built in for,local channels so,thats it links will be below well see,you next time thumbs up,[Music],[Music],you

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All LG 2018 4k TVs Compared – RTINGS.com

Hi, I’m Daniel from RTINGS.com.,LG usually releases the most TVs each year of any major manufacturer, which can make,it very difficult to choose the right one.,In this video we’ll go over their 2018 lineup to show you how they compare and help you,decide which model to buy.,Note that we buy and test US models, but we do expect international variants to offer,the same performance.,Often the model codes will be a bit different, but you can usually find the US equivalent,using the series from the model code as we’ll describe.,LG’s LCD model codes can be structured in different ways.,The first letter, in this case ‘U’ refers to the variant of LCD TV.,The ‘U’ models are LG’s basic 4k models and ‘S’ models are 4k models with a wider,color gamut which LG calls ‘Nano Cell’ technology.,We’ll see the effect of this later.,The second letter, in this case ‘K’ refers to the year of the TV.,All 2018 LCDs are ‘K’ models.,The first number which is ‘6’ refers to the series.,Higher series tend to have more advanced features as we’ll see.,The second digit is where the model fits within a series.,Again, higher is better but these differences are usually smaller.,The remainder of the model code can have small variations which is usually used to prevent,price matching between retailers.,So, we’ll start from the basic 4k models and work our way up.,We’ll finish by talking about the OLED models, which have a different naming convention.,The UK6300 is LG’s entry level 4k TV.,It is a decent TV with an IPS panel, like most of LG’s LCD models.,This results in a low native contrast ratio so blacks appear gray when viewed in the dark,,but also wide viewing angles so the image remains accurate when viewed at an angle.,As a result, it is a bad pick for a room which gets dark but may be a decent choice for those,with some lights and wide seating.,It lacks more advanced features found in LG’s higher end models like local dimming and while,it supports HDR, it can’t produce bright highlights or saturated colors.,This TV also has a less accurate RGBW pixel structure.,This results in some loss of color detail when viewed from up-close, such as when used,as a PC monitor.,For other uses though, this is unlikely to be an issue.,We expect other 6 series LG TVs to have similar performance like the UK6090 or UK6190.,The UK6570 is the next LG TV we’ve tested in the series.,We bought the 75” model, which has an IPS panel and offers similar performance to the,UK6300.,Unlike the UK6300, the UK6570 and higher models have a full RGB subpixel structure.,This is the more traditional pixel structure so there are no issues when viewed from up,close or with use as a monitor.,Our rec 2020 xy color gamut measurement is slightly higher than the UK6300 but isn’t,high enough for us to consider it to be a wide color gamut despite being advertised,as such.,We don’t expect most people to notice differences in the color saturation of these TVs.,Note that the 70” size that we haven’t tested is a different TV with a VA-type panel,,so we expect it to have better dark scene performance but worse viewing angles.,The step up to the 7 series with the UK7700 brings edge-lit local dimming.,This allows the TV to turn off different areas of the backlight to produce deeper dark scenes.,Unfortunately, it doesn’t work well, and large areas of vertical blooming are noticeable.,Overall performance is very similar to the UK6570, but this TV comes with a smart remote,including a pointer for easier navigation of the smart interface which some people might,like.,The SK8000 is the first SUHD TV in the lineup.,Overall it has similar performance to the UK7700 but it does offer a wide color gamut,for HDR , which is advertised as ‘Nano cell’.,Like the UK7700, it comes with a smart remote and has edge-lit local dimming which doesn’t,work well.,The SK9000 offers a few improvements over the 8000 including full-array local dimming.,This means that rather than having large vertical zones for local dimming, there is a grid of,LEDs which can change brightness independently.,Unfortunately, it also doesn’t work very well to improve the dark scene performance,due to the relatively low zone count and slow reaction to scene change or moving objects.,This TV can also get much brighter than the 8 series in our real scene and can produce,more saturated colors in HDR.,Note that the equivalent model in Europe is the SK8500.,The SK9500 is LG’s highest-end LCD TV of 2018.,It is a bit better than the 9000, with brighter highlights that are good for HDR.,The local dimming is also very slightly better, but still not as good as competing models,from other brands.,So that’s it for LG’s LCD models, but LG also has a lineup of OLED TVs.,Due to the different technologies, these TVs offer very different performance.,OLED TVs can turn off each pixel individually which results in perfectly deep blacks when,viewed in the dark.,Like these IPS TVs, they also remain accurate when viewed at an angle but there is some,color shift.,The color gamut of these TVs is also very wide, which makes them a great pick for HDR.,They aren’t perfect though as there may be a risk of burn-in with static content,,but you can check out our investigation into this which is linked below.,Also, the brightness of large white scenes such as for PC use is lower than these LCD,TVs.,Note that all of these 2018 OLED TVs have the same panels and the same picture quality,,so differences are in design, sound, and processor.,The B8 is LG’s entry level OLED TV.,While it has the same picture quality as the higher-end models, it has a different processor,which LG calls the alpha seven.,While this does mean it is technically slower at navigating the menus than the alpha nine,processor used in the other models, the differences are marginal even when using these TVs side-by-side,with a single remote.,The C8 has a different design and the faster alpha nine processor, but otherwise the performance,is basically the same.,We expect any small differences in our measurements to be a result of panel variance.,The E8 is the next step up in the lineup and has a different design as the TV is on a thick,sheet of glass.,It looks very impressive but offers the same picture quality.,It does have improved sound which is good for a TV, but most people may be better off,with external speakers.,We haven’t bought the G8 and W8, however we expect these highest end models to offer,the same picture quality as the other OLED TVs.,Improvements are to the sound of the TV and to the design.,Overall, unlike most other manufacturers, LG has mostly IPS type TVs in their lineup.,Each step up through the series offers marginal improvements.,Although there are many models to choose from, most people are best going with one of two,or three models to suit their usage and budget.,For those on a budget, the six series or UK6300 is a good choice for a basic TV if you’ve,got a room with some lights and wide seating.,If you’re able to spend more and have a bright room or plan to watch HDR then the,SK9000 offers the next big step up due to the full-array dimming, wide color gamut and,higher brightness.,If budget isn’t an issue and you’d like an LCD TV that’s a bit brighter then the,SK9500 may be a good choice.,On the other hand, if you watch movies in the dark and can afford it then an OLED TV,is an excellent choice.,These 2018 OLEDs all offer the same excellent picture quality, so most people are better,off buying the cheapest one.,So thats it!,Let us know in the comments below what you go with.,You can check out our reviews which are linked below.,And if you like this video, subscribe to our channel, or become a contributor.,Thank you for watching and see you next time.

LG Smart TV WIFI Connection Issues (SOLVED)

no wi-fi again,no are you having issues with your lg tv,connecting to the internet,yes would you like a short video on how,to fix it,can you help me well youve come to the,right place,wanna watch your video right now,[Music],welcome back to another episode of,smashing today were working on a lg,smart tv,um this tv has been giving me issues,beyond recognition with the wi-fi and,its always something different ive,tried all the different little things,um but ive actually looked into this a,little bit and it looks like the,software is flip-flopping,or at least the when its looking for,the wi-fi,so uh stick around were gonna get this,fixed,okay so ive been getting this issue um,no matter,what i click on its telling me that i,have internet connectivity,problems and what,im understanding is it seems like um,its jumping around,in the software it doesnt know where to,look,kind of its goofing it up so were,going to do is go down to all,settings pull up your menu and,go down to if you check my network here,it says were not connected,even though i know that we are because,everything else in my house with wi-fi,is having,problems so were gonna go to general,general and were gonna go to location,and the problem that its having is when,its set on automatic,for some reason the,software in this tv is causing it to,look elsewhere,so you need to be connected,to have it set on automatic so lets,change it,manually to canada,if you look at this itll cause your tv,to restart lets go ahead and hit yes,boom its going to restart,all right the tv has restarted so now,lets go into,wrong button lets go into all settings,again,its all the way at the bottom here,there all settings,and this is the most important part so,now,youre gonna go down to general,location,youre gonna set this back,to where youre from and allow it to,reset again,and once it does that lets go ahead and,try this again around all settings,and now that we have it in usa were,going to hit set automatic,now its going to ask you do you want to,connect to your network,and then just go ahead and refresh your,wi-fi connection,and from there you will have your,internet working again on your lg smart,tv,all right after the reset you can see,there that my internet,is showing back up and now you can,connect to it,and go on about your day if for some,reason that does not work for you,i would say at that point you need to,unplug,the tv from the wall and wait 60 seconds,and then plug it back in and then go,through this process again,um it may just be as simple as needing a,reset,and then of course once you get it fixed,you want to go ahead,grab your youtube app go to your,favorite,youtuber smash the subscribe button,and check out the videos we got a lot of,different videos im sure theres one,here for everyone,and if theres not one here that you,like or need check out the kentucky trip,some beautiful views thats actually a,picture i took,so thats not a stock photo i took that,picture,so check it out as always thanks for,watching smash enjoying today,i appreciate you being along with us i,hope this really helps you also,a few things to try are just the obvious,reset your router wait,you know five minutes it takes two,minutes from the boot up,everything to go live it runs some,self-test but yeah just go ahead and,try the simple stuff first unplug your,tv plug it back in wait a couple minutes,between,unplug your router plug it back in and,if that doesnt work,um on you know you have to go through,and,you can even factor reset your tv that,should be like your last option,um but go through and change your,setting locations,and then pull it back and uh thats what,worked for me,so thanks for watching smash that like,button smash that subscribe button,and share our videos around and lets,get lets get this channel growing i,appreciate you guys support,and see on the next one,you

How to get Better Audio on LG 70UK6190PUB

yo whats up guys let me show you how to,mess with the settings so you can get a,higher audio from the 70 inch LG model,number 70 UK 60 190 so what you got to,do is uh go to the settings all the way,down to all settings gotta wait then go,down to sounds go to adapt itself and,show you just listen,it goes louder turned it off it sounds,lower but what this does is that it,automatically hires and lowers of volume,depends on the which are watching and,stuff so I do recommend me I do,recommend it,turn it off even do this on slower but,right now Im gonna make it sound even,way better so what youre gonna do next,is go down right here sound motor,settings right here you could choose any,as you like but for me stand there user,then well keep it at zero balance go to,ultra surround turn it on,sounds louder now see goes low then it,goes higher lower higher and go to,equalizer turn that on then you blow we,start from bottom up put them all the,way up,follow me up,ten,and the top ones,probably have then which is exit go back,on the key one make sure itll seven see,how it sounds amazing,now we go back and there it is it sounds,way better,here well leave it as that volume old,want to keep that off there you have it,guys thats it,and on my volume number 12 I did,something similar to my sons TV thats,a 2016 model well this is a 1 for this,2018 Black Friday deal just check it out,[Music],there you have it guys sounds amazing,try them out let me know what youve got,from me if you like it or not but as my,settings so peace in the mouth

How to Install the Legs on the 2021 LG UP8000 UHD 4K TV.

[Music],[Music],in this video im going to show you how,to install the legs on the 2021 50 inch,lg 4k tv,uh this model is the five zero up80,um thats the model tv and all you need,is a screwdriver,and a little bit of patience,and thats it so heres what the feet,look like,all right pretty standard,now these are actually marked a and b,this is the b that i have,and,on the tv you just match the a to the a,and the b to the b that way you dont,mess them up,now,it comes with a set of screws so you,have two screws for each foot,and as you can see here there is this,little cylindrical protrusion here and,this little hook,right,so here is,the,b side which will line up with the b,that i have here on my foot,and they show you this little diagram,with a lock and an unlock sign all that,means is,youre gonna put this cylindrical,protrusion into that hole,and do you see this hook that i showed,you here earlier thats actually just,going to hook this here,this is going to hook into that hole,and lock in place now it wont lock,like fully lock in place because it can,easily come out but it actually stays in,position for you to then put the screws,so let me demonstrate im going to align,that hole,with the cylindrical protrusion,and then im going to turn,counterclockwise,and then it actually stays in place like,that right now i can take my time get my,screwdriver and,install the two screws,now if you have a regular screwdriver if,that works but im kind of lazy i have a,electric screwdriver,i just hold the tv in place with the,other hand doesnt slide,one screw,and lets get the next screw goes up in,the middle there,and there you have your foot in place,and of course take it out,if you needed to take off the feet to,wall mount this thing,you just do the opposite right i.e,undo two screws,turn it clockwise and pull the foot,out,here were on the other side,this one now is labeled letter a,and that lines up to the letter a over,here,in this case now,im going to,align this cylindrical protrusion with,this,hole have it like that turn it clockwise,it locks into place,and then we put our two screws in,like so,and there ladies and gentlemen is how,you install,the feet,on the 50-inch,algae,4k tv,model number 50,up80 and yes it is the 2021 model,so i hope you enjoyed that last video,now if you like this uh video and you,liked it i appreciate it thank you very,much and if you subscribe to my channel,im appreciative of that as well so,thank you very much um so listen theres,gonna be a lot more content coming out,this year and beyond um i plan to be,doing quite a few different types of,reviews and im also starting to do,giveaways now finally so that being said,happy gaming and stay safe,bye bye

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