1. Is This The Best Cheap 5G Phone? – LG Velvet 5G – Worth it in 2022? (Real World Review)
  2. LG Velvet 5G Review (2 Weeks Later)
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Is This The Best Cheap 5G Phone? – LG Velvet 5G – Worth it in 2022? (Real World Review)

lg is dead but in 2022 im trying to,bring them back i have here the best,cheap 5g phone that you can buy at less,than 200 but its not perfect let me,tell you why you should buy the lg,velvet 5g in 2022 even though the year,just started and next year is,technically the last year of software,updates either way lets talk about it,hello everyone this is matt from real,world review lets welcome the new year,with the cheapest 5g phone that you can,buy and the next review will probably be,the most expensive phone that you can,buy from your carrier right now there,are going to be socials listed above and,you should check them out even though,they are kind of boring but back to the,most exciting 5g phone i have seen now i,have to talk about the price because,that is the most interesting part of,this phone in 2020 this phone came out,for most people at a staggering 600 to,700 depending on your carrier compared,to the 700 pixel 5 which had similar,specs processor wise it wasnt that bad,but for what it is it was a horrible,price still i saw these drop to the 500,range at t-mobile before they got even,lower at 300 for other carriers now that,this phone is coming to its second,birthday it can be found on amazon with,warranties and such for low to high 200,range but even cheaper if you go to,swapa i may have got lucky on this one,condition wise so i feel that amazon is,a safer bet but swapa does have some,amazing deals sometimes now there are,technically cheaper 5g phones at least,what i can see theres one cheaper 5g,phone but a used 5g phone is way better,than a revel phone that t-mobile sells,and like i said this velvet actually,cost me less than what this revel would,have costed me at t-mobile one strange,thing is that the t-mobile version of,the velvet is technically better being,the only version running a mediatek,demensity 1000c over the qualcomm,snapdragon,ge chip found in the other velvets as,well as the thicker lg wing with this,said cpu and gpu performance is actually,much better than the snapdragon 765g,found in both phones so like i said the,velvet from t-mobile is technically the,better phone ironically personally i,didnt know just too much of a,difference but ill talk about that a,little bit later similar to the lg wing,at around 300 now the 200 lg velvet is,perfect if you dont mind getting one,used if batteries are an issue you can,always use that savings for an amazing,portable charger thanks to that 25 watts,of charging paired with 9 watts of,wireless charging but heres where its,strange there are multiple versions of,this phone all with pretty much the same,look but with three different processors,the demensity 1000c the snapdragon 765g,both with 5g support and then one with a,snapdragon 845 chip that supports dual,sim but lacks 5g support then we have a,mix of phones with four thousand or four,thousand three hundred milliamp,batteries depending on your region and,even eight gigabyte ram versions while,others have six gigabyte ram this one,im reviewing and recommending is the,single sim lg velvet from t-mobile that,has a four thousand milliamp battery,pump express 2.0 for wired charging and,has a demensity 1000c processor dont,worry ill try to make the rest of this,review not too confusing overall the,price of the phone is actually the,reason why i bought this and 200 is not,much for a 5g phone with good specs but,lets talk about those the launch price,was met with cheaper flagship phones,like the samsung s20 fe google pixel 5,and even the apple iphone 11 but now the,velvet is dramatically cheaper than,those phones but not dramatically worse,the phones i mentioned start at about,400 used while the velvet can be found,as low as 139,sure performance is not one-to-one with,those devices but you wont see a 50 to,70 percent performance drop but anyways,lets start with that oddly curved 6.8,inch 1080p po led display now some of,the downsides are the fact that it is,curved and we are given a 60 hertz 395,pixel per inch screen but video looks,nice on the screen very vibrant and,accurate color wise we also get a,decently placed optical fingerprint,scanner at the bottom which is nice,because the phone lacks face unlocking,at least we get knock code wait theres,actually no knock code at least we get,knock-on and an always-on display as for,the processor like i said it is a,mediatek demensity 1000c processor,paired with six gigabytes of ram think,snapdragon 765g but better in every way,honestly im not a fan of mediatek,processors but this one was actually,pretty good this comes with 128,gigabytes of ufs 2.1 storage but allows,for a micro sd card slot on the top this,phone was recently updated to android 11,and it seems like android 12 will happen,just not sure if thats going to happen,this year or in 2023 to power the phone,we get a 4000mah battery which works,its not the best but it lasts,throughout the day with little issues i,did find that constant youtube heats up,the phone and kind of drains the battery,other than that heat isnt really too,much of a problem on this phone charging,speeds are weird though since its not a,qualcomm chip we get mediateks pump,express 2.0 which states fast charging,as opposed to the 25 watt charging on,other velvets but i normally get about,16 watts of charging which isnt the,worst but also isnt the fastest,charging we do get wireless charging in,this phone which is something you wont,see in any new 200 5g phone other than,this one the phone is tall and narrow,being taller than even the iphone 13 pro,max but not as tall as the lg wing,the nice thing is the weight at about,180 grams making this one of the largest,but also lightest phones out there the,front and back are both gorilla glass 5,while the middle band is aluminum,something that makes sense at the launch,price but is super premium for its,current pricing another special aspect,is water and dust resistance being ip68,rated as well as shock resistant but,that last part doesnt really matter too,much because everything is pretty much,solid state inside on the sides we have,the volume buttons as well as a google,assistant followed by a lonely power,button on the right side on the top we,have a microphone as well as that sim,card tray but under that is a slit for,the second loudspeaker this is a 0.7,watt speaker while the bottom one is 1.3,watts so the sound isnt perfect stereo,feeling but it is nice to see that lg,did this because in the lg wing they,didnt even offer dual speakers with,that loudspeaker on the bottom we have,another microphone hole a usbc 3.0 port,for video out as well as having a,desktop setup because of that port and a,headset jack no this doesnt have a quad,dac like previous lg phones which marked,the end of that spec as well as lg,itself all i have to say is that this,all pairs to decent specs for the launch,price but an amazing deal compared to,every other phone in its current price,point really i didnt want to make a,category for the cameras but i think,its fair to address some of the,concerns i mean look at the camera,design this was actually a major talking,point at launch another thing is that,while the camera processing is,technically different on the snapdragon,in density versions the overall,performance is going to be pretty much,on the same level being good to great,but never outstanding starting with the,main camera we have a 48 megapixel,sensor that normally shoots at 12,megapixels an 8 megapixel ultrawide,sensor at 120 degrees and a 5 megapixel,depth sensor which pretty much means,that we only have two usable rear,cameras the shots are good lacking,optical image stabilization is,noticeable not to mention night shots,arent really the best as for video we,get fairly stabilized video but maxing,out at 4k 30 frames per second even,though the processor is capable of 4k at,60 frames per second the nice thing is,that we do get 4k30 on the front and,rear camera just not the ultra wide,sensor ill let you enjoy some of the,shots that i took and some

LG Velvet 5G Review (2 Weeks Later)

lg continues to improve the technology,in the creation of their devices while,lowering the prices to consumers like,you and me,lets go ahead and get into this video,by talking about one of the most,important parts of any smartphone in my,opinion,the screen the lg velvet has a 6.8 inch,oled,full vision display which features a,2460 by 1080 resolution,and has a 395 ppi theres also an,optional second,identical screen of the same quality and,caliber in the dual screen display case,that is being sold separately in some,instances and is being provided to you,in the purchase of it depending on your,carrier it is a fantastic looking,display that has an,in-display fingerprint sensor as well,and i really like that i dont really,care for the second,display case however its a great option,for those of you that need it and by,adding that second display case to it,the lg velvet becomes a pretty good,productivity tool for those of you,that are you know managing emails and,doing things on the go,this thing is is a good option and its,available to you,if you need it and if you dont want it,you just dont use it and thats,always been my uh instance of going from,the g8x,to the lg v60 those are big phones i,rather just enjoy,that one screen in my one hand and just,roll with it the edges of the velvet are,thin,and theres almost a wrap around design,on the screen,that i quite enjoy but i will say that,is going to become problematic when it,comes to installing your own,screen protector because youre going to,have this weird cutout in the middle,and thats going to be an issue i can,see that already becoming something you,know because i was thinking,looking at this device i was like how do,i protect those edges of the wraparound,design on the lg velvet,thats staying near impossible the,surface area of the buttons on this,device are really thin and it took some,time,for me to get used to it the volume,rocker assistant button,and the power sleep wake buttons are,really skinny and its,really weird to touch those its just,something i havent really had a whole,lot of experience with because the back,of the lg velvet,wraps around as well its a really,uniform design and i like it it just,takes some getting used to the velvet,has 128,gigabytes of internal storage out of the,box and around 91 gigabytes of that is,usable,uh and this is with the att variant,theres a,ton of bloatware and pre-installed that,cuts heavily into the usable space,you can totally uninstall that stuff and,reclaim about eight to ten more,gigabytes if you need it,in addition to that the device has a,micro sd card slot,that is compatible with micro sd cards,uh up to two terabytes of storage,at the core of the velvet youll find a,qualcomm snapdragon 765 that provides,5g connectivity to the carriers that,provide it,in my usage i was only able to get atts,infamous,5ge of course your mileage will vary,considering,who is your service provider and if they,offer true 5g connectivity ive just,been unlucky in my use case because the,18t doesnt have like a true 5g radio,in my area and in my review i wasnt,able to,test the actual 5g network so,again i wasnt able to see how 5g,performs on the velvet,thats just something i just have to,disclose to you i will say though that,it is nice that 5g is built into this,device,as it is an element for future proofing,your purchase,and thats always an added benefit other,means of connectivity the velvet doesnt,have wi-fi six which is quite a bummer,in my opinion,it does offer and have bluetooth 5.1,so youre going to be able to stay,connected easily using your wireless,bluetooth stuff,as far as connecting physical things to,the velvet it gives users the quickly,disappearing 3.5 millimeter headphone,jack,and thats a really nice inclusion on,this fairly affordable device,while were on the topic of sound that,is this device has a great set of stereo,speakers that use,lgs proprietary 3d sound engine to get,you,some pretty good sounding speakers if i,do say so myself,lg also doesnt disappoint in the sound,department because they continue to give,users access to their eq settings that,make it possible,to adjust sound as you need and want it,because sound is subjective,moving on to power and keeping the,charge on the velvet the velvet has a,single usb type-c,port and wireless charging ability this,device,comes packed with qualcomms quick,charge 4 plus which means you can,recharge this device rather quickly if,you get the velvet with the dual screen,case you lose that access to the usb,type-c port lg gives you a magnetic,adapter so you can keep it in the case,and charge it,its not a direct connection to the,device and in my use,of the dual screen case on previous lg,phones the charging time isnt affected,and that is true here as well,and if you have the case you can,wirelessly charge,the device in it without any issue while,were on the topic of the dual screen,case,it is capable of flipping a full 360,degrees and has,a notification display on the front,additionally the dual screen case,is the exact same screen quality and,resolution on the,actual device itself it still has a,weird hinge from the v60 and the g8x,however lg did ditch the super,reflective and fingerprint prone,front which is a much welcome change i,really like that,and now im not constantly cleaning,fingerprints off of this case,i will say to those of you wondering the,dual screen case doesnt drag on the,battery as,much as you would think but it does have,a small amount of impact on longevity,and,screen on time in my two weeks of use,and if i had to guess the dual screen,takes about an,hour to an hour and a half of screen on,time,from you if you were just to use the,device alone,so thats something to consider i think,the dual screen case is a great concept,i just dont like using it because of,the device,is so big and it makes it so much bigger,it turns an already,big device into a dedicated two-hand,device,and i dont like that id love to see a,smaller device,with this dual screen case uh something,like the,the size of the iphone 11 pro or,something like that it would be,a really nice and welcomed addition i,think id much prefer that over the,larger phones with the implementation of,such a big case,onto the battery theres a 4300 milliamp,hour battery that has no problem,getting me through a day with about 10,to 20 percent,left on a relatively heavy use it does,okay but the velvet,in no way comes close to that of the,battery on the v60,if you want to kill the battery on the,velvet you most definitely can,lets talk about the cameras on the lg,velvet theres a triple camera array on,the rear of this device,theres a main 48 megapixel f 1.8 wide,camera that has 79 degrees of viewable,area,theres an 8 megapixel ultra wide f 2.2,that gives you 120 degrees of viewable,area,and finally theres a 5 megapixel f 2.4,depth sensor that provides roughly 81,degrees of,viewable area theres also one 16,f 1.9 standard sensor is a front facing,camera that gives you,73 degrees of viewable area i wish the,front facing camera was a bit,wider because taking selfies with others,can be,you know sometimes it can be problematic,if you dont have long arms,so with all that specifications being,talked about lets hop into some camera,demos,this is a test of the front facing,camera on the lg velvet uh you can see,that,it is exposing my face correctly but the,dynamic range is just non-existent all,of this is blown out,theres also some traffic behind me and,theres a purpose behind that ill get,to that in a moment,this is 4k at 30 frames per second so,you can see the video quality there and,if i move it,it keeps my face in focus but all this,data is lost theres just no dynamic,range with the front facing camera,on this phone there are three modes to,record audio with the lg velvet,one being basic which is just any phone,does that,theres an asmr mode which is for,focusing on subjects and things like,that like dripping water or something,like that its not meant for voice

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LG Velvet 5G ???? இப்ப வாங்கலாமா ? worth ha ? Camera & Display ???? Candid Chandru

foreign,brand new version and one unboxing,videos,now first in the smartphone,model or premium or smartphone,display,screen to body ratio okay,Club,series,OnePlus Wireless,in the smartphone order display,always on display support in display,fingers Generations,foreign,foreign,around the foreign,foreign,foreign,foreign

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LG Velvet 5G – is it worth the price? (Unboxing)

whens the last time you used an LG,device,yeah me neither but lets jump right,into this one,[Music],whats up guys welcome back to the,channel thank you for stopping by I hope,youre doing well you could have been,anywhere in the world but you here with,me and I appreciate that today were,going to be looking at a device from LG,this is the LG velvet 5G and before we,go ahead and unbox the phone and jump,right into it let me just tell you a,little bit about this phone so this,phone is rocking is 6.8 inch OLED full,vision display with a triple rear camera,setup so were looking at a 48 megapixel,camera at 8 megapixel camera thats,Ultra wide and a five megapixel death,camera this phone can also shoot 4K,video and it has a 3D sound engine and,stereo speaker so Im curious to see how,that 3D sound engine works and how well,these speakers are but on top of those,things this phone is dust water and,shock resistance so shock resistance so,Im wondering if that means if you drop,this thing its more likely to survive a,fall but its also supposed to have,all-day battery life with fast charging,and wireless charging so is 5G ready and,Im ready to open this thing up so let,me find an unboxing knife,here we go trusty sidekick and lets,open this thing up,should be nice and easy,shout out to everybody thats been,rocking with the channel were growing,and it keeps growing I appreciate you,guys Ill be giving another giveaway for,the Xbox game pass I believe coming up,soon so if you guys are interested in,that stay tuned and you know what to do,subscribe comment whatever whatever,lets get into this velvet,I believe this one is the white version,so look at this weve got some of the,specs right on the packaging so sleek,and premium design theres actually this,this looks pretty good Im not even,gonna lie to you this looks and feels,good it actually feels a little smaller,than it actually is so this display,looks a little bit on the longer side,but it doesnt feel too huge in the hand,but anyways so it says easy creation,camera,maybe that means this is perfect for a,Content creation OLED cinematic full,vision so thats pretty cool and ip68,which we talked about water and dust,resistant but well put this to the side,and see what comes in the Box well set,the main event for a little later,check this out it looks like it comes,with a Micro SD card and a Micro SD card,adapter so that you could take your,micro SD card out put in this adapter,then hook it up to your computer or,camera whatever and get your information,your pictures and stuff videos onto your,computer or to your camera so thats,pretty cool youre not seeing this,these days I guess most of the premium,smartphones have this micro SD card,locked into the device so you cant,remove it so thats a cool touch what,else do you get in this box,looks like second year promise LG is,committed to giving you peace of mind I,appreciate that well lets throw this to,the site peacefully of course,start guide I suggest reading this but,mostly you wont so well put that to,the side too in my sin and can I believe,my eyes what am I seeing is this a,charging brick,you guys know how I feel about this most,of the manufacturers figure you already,have one and look at this it says fast,charge,LG is winning so far in my book,and then you get the charging cable this,looks like typical USB type c,USB type A,see if you get anything else in the Box,look I was about to give up hope oh hope,shattered nothing else in the Box,so lets go ahead and put some of this,stuff over here and then get to the main,event,peel this off so you guys can hear it,[Applause],so right off this phone is slippery its,nice and slick but I could definitely,see somebody myself dropping this phone,if you dont have a case on it but Im,digging this white color really nice and,the camera setup doesnt look bad either,but this feels like,kind of like a glass I dont want to say,its a glass bat but it feels kind of,like a glass bag Im not sure if this,back is actually glass but if you drop,this youre probably going to crack this,device just right off bat but lets go,around the device so up top it looks,like you have the Sim ejector tray,or the SIM tray some semi ejector tray,the SIM tray,you do eject it though but on this side,it looks like you have the power button,camera setup on the bottom check this,out 3.5 millimeter headphone jack with a,speaker and then your charging port so,no headphones were offered in the box,but at least you have the option to use,a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack,and then I dont see anything else well,oh on the side,looks like you have the volume switches,volume up volume down you have a button,here as well not sure what this does,maybe its a dedicated camera button not,sure yet,I believe this is the power button and,lets turn it yeah it is so looks like,we got some juice in this device and so,pretty much what Ill do,Ill throw my information in here and,then when we get back well do some,sound testing load up some YouTube check,out one of my videos of course sound,test and then well take some pictures,of what I have on my desk and then well,play a game off of the app store or the,Android Market app store Im so used to,having my iPhone so you guys sit tight,and Ill be right back,all right guys Im back and I got my,information thrown into the device and,just so far playing around with this,device I like this device I like the,design I like the feel of the device and,I like just how smooth the operating,system is this device kinda slightly,reminds me of the s22 ultra not with,performance or anything but just like,the look the sides kind of rounded at,the bottom here and just the overall,look the aluminum look on the bottom and,kind of the camera setup it reminds me,of the s22 ultra not saying its a beast,like this 22 Ultra but just there I,could see some similarities but,this device has a fingerprint sensor,kind of like the s22 ultra embedded into,the screen and when you unlock this,device youll see this animation,usually it works on the first time,lets try this again,there we go,fourth times the charm but if you look,closely youll see the animation I think,thats just a cool little touch but like,I was saying going through just the,operating system the device doesnt feel,sluggish at all,feels actually pretty good so I would,label this as probably more on the upper,mid-range side of things,and there is one thing or two things I,wanted to show you guys on this phone,so if you go into settings,and then number one if you go into sound,youll notice under sound quality and,effects this is where that LG 3D sound,engine is and you can turn this on auto,so you can turn it off if you want or,you can have it on auto and then you can,adjust the volume here so well test,that out when we get to YouTube see if,we notice any drastic difference in,sound quality but also which one thing,that I think is pretty cool if you go to,wallpaper and theme you can actually,customize your always on display so at,the bottom down here youll see it says,wallpaper themes icons and aod for,always on display and you have many,options to download for free,all these always on displays so I think,thats pretty cool shout out to LG for,doing that and so look at the check out,the one that I got,you see this,little pig in a suit,I thought it was cool anyways uh I also,wanted to make mention to you guys too,that this button right here is actually,for Google assistant so if you hold it,it fires Google Assistant,all right guys lets jump into the sound,test I Got YouTube loaded up the channel,loaded up of course and then lets see,how well these sounds,and then lets see how well the speakers,sound,you turn this volume up,welcome back to the channel this will be,part eight of our Spider-Man Miles,Morales series its a good series guys,so this looks pretty good the full,screen and the little cutout right here,for the front facing camera it doesnt,really bother you its not too,noticeable I think the screen looks,p

LG Velvet with DualScreen review

hey whats up guys will here for GSM,marina weve seen some premium phones,from LG but as far as fancy names go the,LG velvet takes the cake it brings some,snazzy aesthetics and even some extra,goodies in the box if you pre-order in,certain markets but besides that how,much value is there here lets find out,in our LG velvet review the velvet is a,significant departure from the LG design,language were used to it has a sleek,tall curved form factor and a dazzling,gradient finish ours is in the illusion,sunset color and its more like an,explosion of different colors depending,on the angle of light the whole thing is,quite mirror-like though any touch on,the surface will leave you with smudges,and fingerprints one of the unique,design features is LGs raindrop camera,scheme where the cameras are arranged,from large to small to be more,aesthetically pleasing the back panel is,made from Gorilla Glass which curves,into the glossy aluminum frame the,device feels quite light and thin in the,hand though it should still be quite,durable its received a military,standard 810g certification theres also,full ip68 waterproofing here so you,dont have to worry about water or dust,getting in and damaging the phone,the Velvets gently curved OLED display,is 6.8 inches with a 1080p resolution a,standard refresh rate and a tall twenty,point five by nine aspect ratio it looks,nice though the u-shaped notch at the,top for the selfie cam might be an,eyesore for some people the panel has,good sharpness as well as deep blacks,youd expect from an AMOLED max,brightness isnt chart-topping but is,decent around 400 nits or the manual,slider and a little over 600 nits in,auto mode when in the bright Sun colors,can be tweaked in settings but none of,the presets are too accurate to a,specific color space its not too bad,but your whites are a bit on the blueish,side theres an optical fingerprint,sensor under the display and it does a,pretty good job by recognizing you and,unlocking the phone it wasnt the most,accurate for us in the beginning but it,seems to improve over time the more you,use it and theres an always-on display,which will show you the time in,notifications is highly customizable,with,lots of different clock styles and,colors to choose from the LG velvet has,a stereo speaker setup with one bottom,firing speaker and the earpiece acting,as a second one,these scored very good in our loudness,test and quality is nice with lively,vocals and well-defined highs theres,not as much as far as bass goes though,[Music],you get a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack,and some decent looking earbuds come in,the box however one feature missing on,the lg velvet is a quad at which you,could find on some previous LG phones,theres 128 gigs of storage onboard,which should be plenty and if not it is,expandable through micro sd in some,markets pre-orders of the LG velvet will,get you a bunch of extras including a,silicone case wireless headphones in,LGs dual screen accessory it gives you,an extra screen thats pretty much the,same as the main one for use in,multitasking the increase in,functionality is balanced by the fact,that its bulky and hides the phones,nice design and it increases battery,consumption too but it still adds a lot,of value to the package if you can get,it for free you can use apps side by,side open new browser tabs on the other,screen watch videos while you text or,even use one of the displays as a full,screen keyboard or a full screen game,pad for supported games the LG velvet,runs LGs user experience version 9 /,Android 10 the interface is clean and,simple with no complicated menus or,custom settings you have the option for,an app drawer or you can choose to keep,all of your apps on the home screen one,neat touch is the green toggles in the,notification shade this is the default,but changing the phones theme will let,you customize the color LG has its own,gallery app with cloud support for,services like Google Drive Dropbox and,more and theres an HD audio recorder,which has plenty of features at the,heart of the LG velvet is a snapdragon,765 G chipset its one of the most,powerful mid-range chips available right,now and it supports connectivity to 5g,networks performance is great for a,mid-range ur and we didnt see any,thermal throttling in our testing,graphics performance is understandable,less than a true flagship though and,thats worth taking into consideration,for this price you can get a phone with,a snapdragon 855 plus or even an 865 the,LG velvet has a forty-three hundred,million power battery pretty typical for,a modern phone and battery life is,decent for nothing outstanding the phone,scored an endurance rating of 79 hours,and our proprietary battery tests,theres support for 25 watt charging but,the velvet comes with a 16 watt charger,in the box with it the charging speed,isnt fast we were able to go from 0 to,33% in half an hour we tried some higher,capacity chargers too with not much,improvement there is support for a,wireless charging which maxes out at,around 9 or 10 watts it works with a,dual screen accessory attached to if you,need to charge the phone with a cable,while is in the dual screen case you,should use the provided magnetic adapter,the LG velvet has a triple camera setup,rather than the four cameras we see on,most phones these days theres a 48,megapixel quad bear main cam an 8,megapixel ultra wide-angle cam and a 5,megapixel depth sensor 12 megapixel,photos taken with the main cam are,overall quite pleasing colors are nice,and punchy and theres plenty of,contrast detail is good too though some,noise is visible if you look closely you,can up just shoot in the 48 megapixel,mode which will give you some extra,detail if you have enough light it comes,at the expense of a decrease in dynamic,range in color saturation as well as a,larger file size portraits are taken,with the main cam and the depth sensor,and these are decent but not the best,weve seen as long as the backgrounds,arent too complex you get good subject,separation but you do see some hazy,outlines from time to time,LG didnt fit a telephoto camera on the,velvet but there is a 2 x toggle in the,viewfinder its just a crop and upscale,from the main canvas 12 megapixel photos,these arent half bad but you do get,more noise and some over sharpening,compared to regular shots 8 megapixel,photos from the ultra wide-angle camera,ok – you get good dynamic range and,likeable colors but the photos are quite,soft overall and you can see some noise,and color fringing in low-light photos,from the main camera are detailed but on,the darker side,theyre a bit noisy color reproduction,is good though and dynamic range is,fairly wide if the auto HDR kicks n,night mode is a bit tricky you can,always go into the night view mode but,the phone will decide if the light level,is low enough to warrant the extra,processing even when it does engage it,isnt a night and day difference no pun,intended there is improvement in the,noise and extra sharpening but you dont,see much more detail in the shadows the,ultra wide cams low-light shots are soft,and lacking in detail and colors look,washed out too you can enable night view,mode here but were not seeing a huge,improvement selfies from the velvet are,taken with the 16 megapixel front-facing,camp,in well-lit situations we really like,these results theres no water focus but,the images come out on point if theres,good enough light video can be recorded,with a main camera and up to 4k at 30fps,this footage is sharp and detailed with,low noise colors are spot-on,and theres plenty of contrast the ultra,webcam is limited to 1080p at 30fps,these clips have some extra pop in terms,of colors and contrasts and the quality,is overall ok video stabilization is,available on the main cam even in 4k and,the ultra wide – the results are nicely,smooth with walking induced shake ironed,out almost completely theres also a,steady cam mode at 1080p at 30fps which,works with both cameras and gives you,even mor

LG Velvet: LG shakes things up with new 5G phone

lgs newest 5g phone doesnt belong to,any of the companys established lines,it looks different than all its other,phones and when it finally launches in,the us,its expected to be a lot more,affordable than the lg g8,and the v60 lets take a look at the new,lg velvet,the velvet is lgs signal that its,trying something new,its not part of the companys g or v,series or any of the other mid-range,lines,right now the phone is available in,south korea and lg is looking to launch,the phone soon in the us,for 600 to 700 now because theres no,official us pricing yet we dont have a,final,full rating i was also only able to,handle the korean model of the phone so,i couldnt check out the 5g capabilities,once lg releases us pricing though check,back with cnet and ill update my,written review,that being said so far i will have to,say that lg is heading towards a good,direction,with its tapered edges sharper corners,and a vertical camera array the velvet,doesnt look like,other premium lg phones in years past,its more chic,and its narrower slimmer lighter and,more comfortable to hold than the v60,and fear not wired headphone lovers the,velvet still has a headphone jack,the phone has a sharp and vibrant 6.8,inch oled,display its 60 hertz screen is common on,most phones,but thats a lower refresh rate than,competitors like the oneplus 8,which has a 90hz display like other lg,phones the velvet works with a dual,screen accessory that adds a second,screen,you can multitask and display two apps,at the same time or,expand certain apps across both screens,so they work together like a tablet,you can also set up one screen as a,digital controller for some,mobile games though lg didnt create a,stylus specifically for the velvet i was,able to use one with the phone,i use wacoms bamboo ink smart stylus,and even though its created for windows,10 devices i was able to use it just,fine with a velvet,by clicking its built-in button i could,quickly call up lgs qmemo plus app to,jot down notes,doodle and even color in some pre-loaded,drawings,[Music],the velvets triple camera setup takes,sharp and colorful photos,the 8 megapixel wide angle camera lets,you fit in more content within each,frame,but pictures taken with a wide angle,camera arent as finely detailed as,images captured on the standard camera,the camera has a digital zoom up to 10x,at this level pictures were a lot,blurrier and muddled,some of the zoomed in photos i took were,reminiscent of watercolors or,impressionist paintings and werent very,great to look at,recording video was solid though it,doesnt have optical image stabilization,the footage i recorded while standing in,one place,turned out fine and the camera was able,to readjust its focus and exposure,quickly,and it picked up audio clearly,the velvet is powered by a variant of,the snapdragon 765 chipset that enables,5g connectivity,its not as robust as qualcomms latest,865 processor,but its what keeps the phones price,relatively lower than other flagships,benchmark scores reflect this sort of,middle of the pack position,too though the velvet didnt score as,high as the lg v60,and the oneplus 8 it beat out the moto g,stylus and the g,power which have a 665 chipset,preliminary tests for continuous video,playback on airplane mode showed that,the velvets,4.3 ampere hour battery lasted 22 hours,and 38 minutes,this is a great battery life for,comparison the oneplus 8 which also has,a 4.3 ampere hour battery clocked in 18,hours and 47 minutes,were going to run more battery tests,for streaming video and well update the,review when those numbers are in,as i said before lg is heading in a good,direction and its about time too,because samsung has overshadowed it for,a long time,but theres room for improvement with,its relatively lower price,the velvet faces competitors like the,oneplus 8 the recently announced galaxy,a71,5g and the motorola edge all of which,deliver great specs and 5g too,again i cant make a full value judgment,without a price,but from what ive seen so far id still,prefer something like the 700,oneplus 8. it doesnt have a headphone,jack or work with a dual screen,accessory or even have as long as a,battery life that ive seen with the,velvet,but it does have a more powerful,processor a great camera,and a silky smooth screen with a higher,refresh rate,nonetheless i still hope lg continues,with the velvet or something similar,while paying attention to other phones,within this price bracket,just because this device isnt going,against the galaxy s20 doesnt mean that,there are still plenty of other options,out there thats it for me let me know,what you think in the comments below,and for more tech videos check out the,rest of cnets channel,be well stay healthy and ill see you,next time

LG Velvet 5G in 2022: One MARVELOUS phone! IF ONLY!!!

hi everyone this is jd your gadget,review friend im not sure if you,already noticed the word marvel and if,only on my video title those words are,synonymous to heroes,thats exactly how i feel the lg velvet,it is one marvelous phone that could,have saved the face of lg when they,decided to exit the mobile industry if,only they have given this mid-range,phone series a chance,if only instead of pushing the g series,they capitalize on the popularity of lg,velvet and improve it motorola survived,by producing great budget phones and you,should have followed the suit,this review of lg velvet and why you,should own it in 2022 hey,dont forget to subscribe my friend,lets go,lets start with the design this is the,most gorgeous looking lg phone i think,aside from the lg wing although the,teardrop notch is going old now we cant,deny the fact that the curved screen is,somehow timeless,even in 2022 this is one gorgeous phone,even better than any flagship phone of,the g series honestly if lg continued,with the velvet series this could be,their saving grace,the glossy front and back is fingerprint,magnet so the phone looks dirty all the,time but can be easily wiped this phone,is easy to manage and clean,there are three cameras and flash in a,vertical fashion this looks minimal as,compared to the bulkier camera modules,today and some might like it i like it,for sure,i honestly feel because of the curved,screen lg velvet looks more premium than,the g series,the build quality is premium for a,mid-range phone of last year it has a,build of a thousand dollar phone from,the aluminum frame to the ip68 rating,it is mil std810g compliant which simply,means the phone is military grade,according to some articles online it,means that the phone has gone through a,series of 29 tests the phone was put up,against shock vibration heat cold,gunfire humidity and more,they say that any of these devices,should be field ready or even combat,ready in principle,im not sure about the gunfire shock i,will give this phone a benefit of the,doubt,im giving a benefit of a doubt because,it is all glass and glass is glass,speaking of glass the front glass is a,6.8 inch 1080 screen and its gorgeous,the screen is super bright but it only,has 60hz refresh rate which announced,that they give a phone a very mid-range,feel to it,its totally fine but the ui and,scrolling on the phones like example,oneplus 9 or the pixel 6 feel smoother,because of their higher refresh rates,theres also an in-display fingerprint,sensor underneath it and its pleasant,to use sometimes when my hands are,sweaty it wont register but majority of,the times it will,the sides have curved edge reminds me of,the samsung and huawei phones and its,just a joy to look at the sides how the,animation flows the wrapping effect,gives the phone a bezel-less look,since it is curved it might be hard to,find a suitable screen protector to it,there are lots of tempered glass but,wont cover the whole glass,next is performance this phone rocks a,solid processor in snapdragon 7655g,honestly after pixel 5 was able to,deliver top notch performance anything,on the 700 series i feel comfortable,using,i got 8061 on the pc mark work benchmark,as well as 578 in single core and 1720,in multi-cores on geekbench benchmark,in daily use i mostly felt the,difference in the camera performance the,phone seems a little slower to snap hdr,photos when i did the camera comparison,of velvet and a72,but overall playing games and social,media this will handle heavy task really,well it will not be as fast as a,snapdragon 800 series but you wont,notice the difference a split second,difference to be honest,this phone also supports dual screen,which is also good for multitasking and,content consumption it runs on android,11 but lg will support this phone for a,few years even though theyre out of,mobile business,lg velvet is still receiving updates and,promised to get android 13.,this phone has a non-removable 4300,milliampere battery and the battery life,is good,i got 10 hours of video playback with,the screen on full brightness although i,could tell that the phone spent a good,half of that in low power mode so youll,get this battery life if youre gaming,its an all day phone depending on your,usage snapdragon 765 is known to be,power efficient and its no different,running on this phone even in 2022,this phone supports both wireless,charging and fast charging and charge,just fine when i place it on a q,charging cradle,honestly aside from the phone and the,camera which i will talk later this is,all the bells and whistles of a flagship,phone even in the battery and charging,category,next is the sound and this one got the,two of the most important thing people,are looking for the stereo speakers and,the headphone jack,the headphone jack is placed perfectly,at the bottom so the cable will be in,downward procession when holding this,phone in portrait,this phone has allowed stereo speakers,and sounded like any other flagship,phone,were testing the sound for you to hear,how good the sound is,[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],hey if you own lg velvet or any phones,you see on our channel were making more,videos of these phones in the future,please hit the subscribe button to see,more videos like this,and lastly the cameras velvet will be,the hero of lg but like superman this is,the kryptonite,im not saying its weak but frankly,its just okay ive done so many camera,comparison videos and i wont oversell,or sugarcoat the cameras of these,phones the phone is 48 megapixel main,camera that mostly takes 12 megapixel,photos but can simulate two times zoom,and an 8 megapixel ultrawide camera a 16,megapixel front facing camera and a 5,megapixel depth sensor for bokeh colors,in the shots i took feel super punchy,similar to the velvets glowing oled,screen,i have no issues with the images and,videos i get from a welded situation,like any other phones but as soon as it,gets dark forget about it or use a flash,it is dark and grainy and losing a lot,of information but if youre not a night,shot person well this phone is totally,fine,this is the video recording on night,time,and this is the indoors with almost no,light,yeah forget about it,rear camera can record 4k at 30 fps but,only full hd on selfie recording this is,a sample video of daylight recording,its great on a well-lit environment,like flagship grade no sugar coat,so what is gadget revenues verdict lg,velvet in 2022,while everyone is mocking the top of the,line g series we hear all places for the,lg velvet because its a good phone with,great design its not a second placer,its a winner even in 2022 this will,still rock your world,i would not recommend this to people who,love the best camera phone possible or a,heavy gamer pixel phones or even the old,samsung s9 or s10 will produce better,photos and videos than this,and gamers will be able to play but not,on high to max settings china phones can,produce,and ill recommend this to anyone for,the love of lg this will be the last,phone we will see from them its,nostalgic and bittersweet at the same,time,the top of the line g series might,always be the second best but if lg,rethink their strategy and went for,mid-range to budget segment like,motorola did velvet could have been,something else,but then again this will only happens if,only its a pretty darn good phone for,2022,no doubt,and ill continue to compare this phone,with other phones in our channel so stay,tuned,and as always thank you guys for,watching and ill see you,in the next one,[Music],you

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