1. LG Wash Tower Review | See What the Hype is About
  2. Is the LG WashTower Any Good? – WKEX200HWA Review
  3. Review: NEW LG WashTower All In-One Washer & Dryer – Model WKEX200HBA/WA
  4. LG WashTower Review & First Impressions Model# WKEX200HWA
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LG Wash Tower Review | See What the Hype is About

The LG WashTower is all over social media right now… inspiring countless people, including,celebrities like Drew Berrymore, to reconfigure or even completely renovate their laundry,spaces. But is it right for your home? In this video, we’ll show you what makes the,WashTower unique, how it saves you space, and what are the 3 different WashTower models,and their best features. And if you stick around until the end, we’ll give you one,major reason you might want to steer clear of the WashTower altogether.,Hi this is John with Designer Appliances, New Jersey and New Yorks premiere appliance,showroom. As the experts, we’re here to help, so if you’re struggling to select,a washer and dryer, call us, visit our showrooms, or leave a comment below and our team would,be happy to help.,So, what is the new LG WashTower?,The WashTower is an all in one laundry unit that features a washer with a dryer stacked,on top.,You may be wondering what’s so special about this setup? People have been stacking front,load washers and dryers for years. Just about every manufacturer nowadays sells an optional,stacking kit that lets you bolt the dryer on top of the washer. Stacking is a great,option. For some a stacked laundry pair might be the only option, especially if you just,have a laundry closet. But for others a stacked pair frees up valuable floor space to be able,to add extra storage.,However, the main issue has always been accessibility. With the dryer on top, the controls become,unreachable unless you’re very tall. With stacked pairs the controls can be as high,as 6 ½” feet from the ground. And reaching into the back of the dryer to pull out your,finished clothes can be nearly impossible without a step stool. Also at nearly 80”,tall, stacked pairs can be very difficult to fit underneath door frames for installation.,Enter….. the WashTower. It gives you all the space saving benefits of a stacked washer,and dryer, without any of the cons.,The WashTower features a shared control panel in the middle that brings the washer and dryer,controls into convenient reach. Since there’s only one control panel to worry about, this,reduces the total height of the stacked pair to about 74” allowing it to more easily,fit into tighter laundry closets. And with the shared control panel, the washer and dryer,can easily communicate with each other. So if you run a bedding cycle on the washer,,the unit will automatically know to pre-select the bedding option when you start the dryer.,In addition to the height savings from only having one control panel, LG was able to shave,a few inches from the bottom of the dryer to move the dryer door into a more accessible,position letting you reach all the way into the back without a step stool.,Are you still nervous you wont be able to reach inside? Come to one of our showrooms,to test it out firsthand. We are excited to be getting our display unit installed any,day now.,While LG has done a lot of great things with the WashTower, we do have a few gripes with,the design. For starters, the doors on the washer and dryer are not reversible, and have,a hinge on the left side, so they open from right to left. This is fine if your hookups,are in the middle or left side of your laundry room however if they’re against the right,side wall, it makes it much harder to access and load your laundry. This may completely,preclude some people from getting this setup. Also, the dryer is a vented, meaning the dryer,vents to the outside, which is the norm for most units this size, but nonetheless unfortunate,if you live in an apartment. Apartment dwellers in big cities stand to gain the most from,the space savings benefits of the WashTower, but usually dryers in apartments are ventless,and don’t have a way to vent outside, so you might be out of luck.,Once you install the WashTower, you might be asking yourself, what can I do with all,this extra space?,LG has some great ideas to get you started. With a stacked laundry pair, you can pick,up space for all sorts of things, like a small closet for hanging clothes, or a convenient,pet bath.,Now that you have a better understanding of what makes LG’s WashTower unique, let’s,break down the different series available.,Are you on Instagram? Follow us @designerappliances to see real-life laundry room renovations,and get ideas to make the most of your living spaces!,LG currently has three different WashTower models available. As you go up in models,,you’ll pick up additional features and capacity, but we’ll cover all three so you understand,the differences.,First up is the WKE100 with electric dryer, or WKG101 with gas dryer, both available in,either white or graphite steel,This entry level WashTower typically retails for about $2000. Keep in mind, prices fluctuate,throughout the year and we typically have mail in rebates that help you save money on,certain items. At 4.5 cu. Ft. the washer is large enough to fit a king size comforter.,All of LG’s WashTowers come with WiFi technology which allows you to start, stop and monitor,your laundry remotely using an app. At my own home we love getting notifications when,the wash is done because it let’s us quickly move the laundry into the dryer. This helps,us get more laundry done in less time.,There are 6 pre-programmed cycles including normal, bedding, heavy duty, delicates, speed,wash and an option to download a cycle from LG, as well as 9 wash options, including an,allergen option, sanitize option, and a steam wash (there is no steam dryer to release wrinkles,however, you’ll need to upgrade to the next model for that). With all those cycles and,options it can be overwhelming to pick the right one for your specific load, so LG built,smart sensors into the machine to detect the type of fabric you are washing to best clean,your clothes.,Another cool technology feature is the download a cycle option. With your smart device, you,can download a customized cycle right to your machine. Check out the link in the description,for all of the downloadable options. LG has specialty cycles for just about anything,,from carefully cleaning denim to removing stains from sportswear. The only downside,is you can only have one custom cycle downloaded to your machine at a time.,https://www.lg.com/us/support/help-library/cycles-and-options-front-load-washer-CT10000010-1337797444134,A little convenience feature that might go unnoticed at first is LG’s SmartLearner,functionality, which remembers your favorite settings. For example on my current washer,and dryer, I need to select the cycle, and then since I prefer to wash with cold water,,every time I need to change the temperature from the default of warm. LG will remember,your preferences so the next time you wash your clothes you don’t need to change the,settings to suit your needs.,Next up is the WKEX200 with electric dryer, or WKGX201 with gas dryer, both available,in either white or black steel,This is LG’s most popular WashTower and goes for about $2299 and carries over all,of the same features as the previous, plus you’ll also pick up LG’s TurboWash as,well as steam in the dryer which helps to soften fabrics and remove wrinkles.,TurboWash is really impressive and worth the upgrade. It has the power to clean large loads,in under 30 minutes. Unlike some express cycles that are just meant for lightly soiled small,loads (like the SpeedWash on the previous model we talked about), TurboWash can handle,a full load in a fraction of the time. To put this into perspective, the normal cycle,on most front load washers is at least 50-60 minutes.,And finally we have the LG Studio WSEX200HNA with electric dryer, or WSGX201HNA,with gas dryer, only available in a lighter gray color LG calls Noble Steel,This pair jumps up in price by $500 to about $2799. With that you’ll mainly just pick,up extra capacity. The washer increases in size from 4.5 cu. Ft. to 5 cu. Ft., which,is going to let you get more laundry done at one time. Most washers in this category,and size are huge

Is the LG WashTower Any Good? – WKEX200HWA Review

The LG Wash Tower,is the newest laundry product, combining a washer and dryer in one unit.,It has an array of features and is a great alternative in some ways to stacking,a front load washer and dryer. But should you buy it?,In this video to learn all about all,the best features of the Wash Tower and some possible drawbacks.,Well be comparing the LG to other one piece stacks Whirlpool, Speed Queen and GE,,as well as some two piece stacks from GE and Whirlpool.,The Wash Tower has some great features and a ton of positive press,,but there are some underlying problems you should consider before buying. If you like the video hit subscribe ,be notified first of future videos. ,Well be publishing individual,product reliability posts like dishwashers,,washers, and stoves in the up coming weeks.,Theres a lot to cover so lets get started.,First is a lot to like about the LG.,The controls are easy to use and easily accessible.,Its way better than the popular two piece front load stacks set, with an average,height of 72 inches tall or higher.,Samsung has that height, plus the controls are able to make it even more difficult.,So it makes sense.,LG is also the shallowest washer dryer at,only 33 and 3/8 inches deep, almost an inch and a half shallower, the next shallowest brand.,Yet the Washer Tower has decent size and 4.5,cubic feet and washer and 7.5 cubic feet in the dryer.,In other words,,this stack is great for tight spaces and you still have great capacity.,Lets look at some features.,The Wash Tower features the latest LG Smart functionality,,some of its pretty interesting. The AI DD washes your clothes,by determining weight and softness, using 11,000 data points to determine,the cycle, time in motion of the washer. The dryer will save up to 22 percent drying,time and sensing moisture and softness in your clothes in the dryer.,The best part is you just hit a button without using any cycles or options.,The smart learner remembers any favorite cycles without you having to program them.,And, smart pairing in two of resets, the dryer setting based on the washer.,Lastly, the wash tower is Wi-Fi driven,and can be operated from your phone and will even text you when youre done.,Many of these functions like texting are replicated in many of the better GE,Whirlpool, Samsung and even LG brands. GE even,has their washer communicating with the dryer like LG.,But LGs A.I. functions are now the most user friendly and,extensive. Other cycles include Turbo 360.,LG adds five high pressure sprays,to completely saturate your clothes and shorten any cycle to just 30 minutes.,Most brands have a short cycle before small loads.,LG with Turbo 360 can shorten any load. Both the washer and dryer have steam.,In the washer steam is used to power out tough stains. In the dryer,steam is used to refresh and dewrinkle your clothes. Have a favorite shirt? Place,in steam so you can wear that night just about 10 minutes.,So the LG is a smart machine with the latest technology.,Lets talk about what it doesnt have and then well compare it to other front loaders.,Then youll see a comparison to other One-Piece stacks.,The main missing feature is an auto dispenser, GE and Whirlpool now have up,to a 40 low dispenser You just load it up and the machine dispenses,the right amount of detergent at the right time.,Even now, LGs best front load washing,machines of a 15 load dispenser. You Should consider indispensable because it prevents,over sudsing from using too much detergent.,And most people do use too much detergent because you only need a capful. The excess,suds will create service problems later inside your machine.,Also, loading up to 40 loads is also pretty convenient.,LG has the tub clean feature to reduce mold and mildew,,but havent adopted the extensive mold protection of GE with the microban,anti-microbial surfaces and fan to evaporate standing water.,LG also doesnt have the overnight cycle,of Whirlpool and GE to wash and dry outfit overnight,,and have it ready in the morning. Terms of prices at $2,299,its three dollars more than the best GE two piece stack,,you may be thinking, as a one piece if the washer and dryer dies,,you have to replace the whole machine.,Youd have to do that with a stack washer,and dryer as stacking kits change frequently.,Lets look at how LG compares to other,One-Piece washer dryer combinations. In this LG is clearly superior. Whirlpool,and GE are older designs featuring a much,smaller capacity top load and a basic dryer. Steam, speed and smart technology are,not part of any of these machines either.,However, LG is almost a thousand dollars more, but is a much better machine. Speed Queen,may be more solid and even more expensive. Speed Queen,is a heavily commercially rated machine with up to a seven year warranty,,but lacks the internal capacity and features of the LG Wash Tower.,So should you buy the Wash Tower? This is an interesting machine.,The smart functionality will make washing clothes even easier.,Turbo 360 and the other cycles are convenient.,Most of all, the Wash Tower simple to install and controls,actually make sense in the middle rather than the top, like the two piece units. It is,clearly superior to other One-Piece brands, but clearly much more expensive.,In terms of the traditional front load washer and dryer stacks,,the Wash Tower lacks a few key features, especially auto dispenser.,However, with its sensible design and smart functionality,,the LG wash tower should be considered especially in tight places.,Click the link in the description below to download our free,front load washer buying guide to learn more about popular units, with,in depth comparisons of all the most popular brands,,answers to frequently ask questions and buying strategies to save you money.,Thank you for watching!

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Review: NEW LG WashTower All In-One Washer & Dryer – Model WKEX200HBA/WA

hey everybody tyler here boulevard home,we have a brand new product review for,you today we are reviewing,this all-in-one washer and dryer from lg,model numbers right here so how were,going to,compare it today and share an honest,review is were going to compare it to,whats out there,in the market that can fit in similar,locations right here to my left we have,a samsung,front load washer and a front load dryer,how does that compare to the lg well,get into that in just a second,over here all the way over here we have,a traditional,all-in-one washer and dryer this is the,the style youve seen for 30 years were,going to go over pros and cons,of what makes it great and what some of,the disadvantages are as well,lets first off look at the look the,look is amazing,and that is what stands out the most as,you can see here theres only one,control panel,right here in the middle what that means,is its,accessible you can access both the,controls for the dryer,is on this top section and the washer,which is the bottom section,when you compare that to say this the,samsung here stackable unit,the control panel for the washer is here,but the control panel for the,dryer is way up here this is a huge,disadvantage especially if youre,shorter,if im 62 and its still pretty high,so if youre youre much shorter than,that it makes it difficult you may have,to have a step stool,to even see the controls of a,traditional front load washer,and dryer stacked unit the traditional,it is all in one,control panel so it has some of the,similar functionality,here versus here but gives you a much,quicker much,sleeker look and easier access because,its a control panel,for which is touch as well so the second,thing i want to cover today is capacity,on this new lg all-in-one unit as you,look at it,the doors seem very similar the capacity,on the washer is a 4.5 cubic capacity,that is considered a large size,washer which will fit a king-size,comforter,and pretty much anything that you are,used to washing or would like to wash,the dryer dryers are made to where they,fit whatever you can fit in the washer,into the dryer this is a 7.4 cubic foot,capacity dryer,so it will dry whatever you can wash in,there just as well comparing that to the,other,options here the stackable front load,washer and dryer,it has options to get larger than that,this one is a 5.0,cubic capacity washer so a little bit,bigger than the 4.5,and then the dryer is pretty much,identical to this lg unit,versus when you go to the traditional,in one unit capacities do go down so,when youre looking here this specific,option its a top load,washer which typically means you cant,put as big of,as bulky items inside of it and then the,dryer,is also not quite as large but it will,dry whatever you can fit in here so,size wise i grade this very good it can,fit almost as big as the largest front,loads,out there and much better than the,traditional all-in-one unit as we just,talked about the size of the capacities,i want to talk a little bit more about,the dimensions,of the exterior because most of the time,when any of you are thinking about,getting,an all-in-one unit you are limited on,the size you cant put them side-by-side,you have a small closet,things like that so as youre looking at,the three we have this great comparison,here a full size,front load washer and dryer is going to,be taller its going to be a little bit,wider,versus the all-in-one unit here,typically,the old school is the smallest you can,get to get a full-size washer and dryer,but you can see here its even smaller,than the traditional,all-in-one unit so thats for those in,tight spaces thats a very good plus,the third pro that i have for the lg,stackable unit is,price the price of this unit comes out,to about two thousand dollars that,sounds pricey,but when you compare it to comparable,options like this front load washer and,dryer,its very comparable this samsung washer,and dryer,comes out to be about two thousand,dollars as well plus,you need to buy a stack kit to connect,the washer and the dryer together,a little bit more economical however is,the old school,washer and dryer it does come a little,less expensive,but overall i see that as a pro,a positive for this new lg all-in-one,now as we go into some of the cons,let me share with you a couple things,here that i think the other units do,have an advantage over so the first kind,i want to talk about is just usability,if you change your mind down the road,and you feel like an all-in-one unit is,not for you,you dont have the option like this one,to separate them and have two separate,units however,its similar to the old old one and most,of the time when you,need an all-in-one unit that fits your,space and your needs,second is there is a lot of,functionality with the control board,however its in a different spot you may,not be used to controlling both washer,and dryer in the same spot,and then theres been some worry that,theres not as many,options here as you would get on a on an,up-to-date,uh front load washer and dryer there,there are more features here you get a,lot more buttons you get,a lot more uses so if you you love to,use those custom,options that you find on front load,washers,then you might lose some of that,functionality with,this new lg unit however it does have,more than the,traditional unit uh here so its not a,horrible,disadvantage but it is something you,need to be aware of one additional,challenge that a lot of people have had,as theyve purchased this machine is,theyre super excited to use the wi-fi,function,thats whats cool yes it has a wi-fi,function which you can track your,loads cycles however a lot of the,feedback there is,if its not user friendly and theres,still some challenges that lgs working,through,to get it correct another con as youre,looking at an all-in-one unit,is since it is one unit if you have an,issue with the washer or the dryer,you have to have a service call done on,the entire unit versus,a washer and dryer over here its a,separate unit if you for some reason,have a dryer that does go bad,you can replace just the dryer whereas,in this case its all one unit,now thats the same as the traditional,all-in-one unit but that is a con that,you need to be aware of,that could down the road put you in a,situation thats maybe not ideal,so last negative or con per se i want to,talk about is the filter that theyve,added in the washer,some of the new washers out there are,all getting filters but this one does,have a filter,so down here at the washer you open this,up and then you need to unscrew,their filter and it catches things that,may be caught in here they recommend,changing this once a month this may be a,hassle,it may not be but they do recommend,checking it once a month,you may find that it doesnt need to be,checked that often but that is something,they do recommend you doing,whereas the traditional all-in-one unit,does not do that and a lot of the front,load washers do not either,overall our review on this machine is,very positive we feel like theres been,great features theyve added lg is,coming out with some very unique,and new ideas so i dont think youd be,disappointed if this fits what youre,looking for,please subscribe to our channel for,other great tips other reviews,information for you as you are looking,at appliance needs,thank you for watching and see you soon

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LG WashTower Review & First Impressions Model# WKEX200HWA


yall see this right,but dont despair because this is not,why we are here okay,this is not why we are here okay this is,a whole nother video which will be,coming,up very very soon let me show yall why,yall here okay,all right all right this is why were,here,can we just revel in the beauty that is,happening right now,this is why were here,okay so this is a,product review its actually gonna be,probably one of four or five because,were gonna go through it for several,times but anyway this is the lg,uh wash tower,right new enough that i have not taken,off the,energy guide which look at that yall,13 an estimated yearly energy cost can,we just,can we just seriously can we okay,so,look at that so it is about 24 inches,deep in here thats the washer at the,bottom,this is the dryer at the top do not mind,the fingerprints because it has been,getting its work,okay weve been working through it that,is the dryer,has this lint trap which oh my god its,clean,yep gotta respect the lint trap okay so,that is the lint trap,its still warm these are tempered glass,doors you hear that,crazy right it is so nice it is a,fingerprint magnet though,im just going to say that it is a,fingerprint magnet but,so first off im in love so some of the,best things about this,is um,this is the control center so thats for,the dryer,what can we just talk about right now,and thats for the washer,so any of you height challenge people,like me understand the importance of the,fact that that is in the middle of the,washing machine,you know you could buy any washers you,enjoy right everything is stackable,pretty much they all have these kits,right,but the controls would all be up there,and it would probably barely fit under,where i want it to go,so here we can all reach it,also its pretty smart,it has a pause button so you can start,it wait i dont know do i want to start,oh yes open so you can start it,im going to pick no i think its going,its doing a turbo wash,but then lets say you forgot a shirt or,something like that you could just pause,it,and itll unlock and let you put the,shirt in now thats a big deal its not,on a regular one its not because you,can always just open the top,actually some of those lock too but this,one usually they dont unlock back open,so i thought that was really cool um,these are your settings,pretty basic i will say one thing that,weve been enjoying,is the fact that if you wash bedding in,here,in the washer when you go to put in a,dryer it already knows what was in the,washer,and so it just sets accordingly you,literally can just press play and go,you dont have to like put in a certain,setting or anything like that,but these are the settings they have im,getting ready to do a,load for my dogs his blankets and his um,bed covers,so yeah well see how that goes,all right so were washing some of my,dogs blankets,and were washing this big blanket that,he has decided is his blanket now,now oh hold on we need soap remember,thats the big thing we all keep,forgetting to add soap in here i dont,know what it is i dont know if its,just a different configuration,one thing that they do talk about in the,book and on on the,anything you read about it is do not,over soap,so one you put one or two no one,get it out yep its always one because,it only uses the water,it only uses the water for what you need,and so if you put two youre not,guaranteed,oh my god ive been putting,see this is what this is why you dont,let your kids use your stuff,all right so one laundry pod only,because it only uses the water that is,needed for the thing so it doesnt you,know like a normal washing machine you,get a,tub of water this one doesnt do that so,therefore its not guaranteed to get all,the soap out,so yeah so were gonna push that in,broke the precious all right so im,gonna set this on bedding,because well it is bedding but over here,you can do a few other things they have,like a steam,setting for sanitizing because you know,dogs,right but that takes the time of two,hours im okay with that because every,time i do it i wont do,the what you call it and then im gonna,extra rinse because i dont want them to,be irritated,by the soap im using so this is gonna,be a long um,wash thing im okay with that though and,um were just gonna press start,i will say that i dont think sometimes,i press in the right place,and so for a few seconds youll see it,doing,and then it locks its blinking telling,you what stage is that,and then eventually itll get started,there is a light,in these as you can see inside the dryer,i havent figured out whether the light,can be used while its still going but,yeah well come back and see how its,going,all right we are back we are down to 37,minutes,lets see whats going on here so what i,was trying to say before as i said it,only uses the water it needs see,theres not like this huge thing of,water it just uses enough to wet it,so if you put three or four pods in,there its not guaranteed to make sure,you get all of the soap out of it right,so you want to stick to the one pod um,at least as i can see right now its,been working for us today or,the last couple of days and so yeah it,really just,and also its super quiet you realize,this is a spin cycle its super quiet,doesnt shake apparently this thing,weighs about 300 pounds,okay so were gonna move the stuff we,are finished,as you see so im just gonna press the,dryer so you can see what i mean,and see it automatically went to 55,because thats what is estimating the,amount of time is needed,to finish drying now,um let me let her finish okay,um no dryer sheets because its for dogs,so one of the things also i want to talk,about,was um so here where it says download,you can actually go and download,um if you get the app which right now,im not a fan of the app but thats,another story,but if you get download the app you can,go and get down light,download other customized settings and,once you download them to your washer,and dryer theyre automatically yours,they stay there,so thats what the download button is it,does have an app,you can set it on wi-fi so you just kind,of if you wanted to set it up you would,just tap this for like um,let me say like three seconds three,seconds,i dont know if itll do it because im,got this open but nonetheless so thats,how you do it to get the,right now its on the temperature so it,thinks im doing that okay but anyway so,well have a whole discussion about the,app im not a fan of it right now,it could be that i have not the greatest,wi-fi in this particular area but i have,not been able to set up the app,it was just a whole thing and im pretty,app savvy so well have to see about,that,but anyway so somehow or another i added,another five minutes to this,which im okay with and then if you want,to make any changes you can make changes,if you want to be more dry less dry,whatever like that,but if you want to just take the um,settings that it gave you based off of,what it assumes,then thats it and it automatically sets,to bedding,which is pretty convenient especially,when theres more than,you know four different people in my,house using it everyone doesnt want to,press,all the buttons sometimes you just want,to know what youre supposed to press,this is very helpful for that,so nice tumble dry action there is a,light,im not sure of the circumstances when,she comes on,i think its just like if its um when,youre loading and you might not have a,light on or something like that,so so far so good it will not take that,whole 55 minutes im pretty sure because,its just a cover,to their bed um to his beds and,another blanket he likes to sleep on so,it shouldnt take that long,but anyway we will uh ill probably do,some,ending commentary about this anything,ive noticed,i had took some notes the other day that,noise is because that,blanket thats in there used to be an,electric blanket before anyone says it,it was one of those that can go in the,washing machine,also waiting to talk about this over,here for your,fabric softener liquid deterg

LG WashTower Review – How It Works in My Newly Renovated Laundry Room!

guys what is up welcome to my,basement,this rooms kind of,old gross just where i throw everything,but its also my laundry room the,laundry room is why im making this,video im about to start gutting and,renovating my laundry room im going to,turn this old thing into something,beautiful something functional something,new modern og white washer and dryer,they still work but the washer when it,goes into the spin cycle goes haywire,the dryer is kind of just a nightmare i,mean you can see just from the surface,what the condition is inside is not much,better a little laundry sink which would,be fine,except,the old owners of the house put this,half wall here so that they could hang a,mirror this was a student house before i,should mention so there was like seven,girls living in this house of course,gotta have the mirror as you can see,they just kind of,patchworked that in some completely,inaccessible shelves basically,inaccessible,laundry sink you know the wall basically,covers the entire thing the wall,is,pretty disgusting and it doesnt get,much better down there and again this,little,head piece here was just patchworked in,you can see the original railing right,there,but yeah this space,needs some work cant wait to get this,crap out of here and make it pretty,[Music],all right guys its construction day,machines in place,plumbings ready to go,all that is going to be gutted out today,and then all of these new,cabinets are going in,this new,sink is going in weve got all the new,components down here our new tiling is,in place,painting,pretty much complete up there and then,back here we also have a new countertop,so its going to be a really long really,busy day youre gonna help out pup,its gonna look really good i think when,its all done,so cute time-lapse and lets put it all,together,[Music],well guys after about a month of work,this is the nearly finished product,still a little bit of painting on this,wall and of course i still need to do,some baseboard work and that means now,we can talk a little bit more about this,machine and what makes it so unique so,if youre even considering one of these,guys for your laundry room,first thing to make note of it is,massive and its a single giant piece,nothing comes apart nothing comes off,weighs over 300 pounds its a big guy,definitely something to keep in mind,so one of the things that drew me to,this unit in particular was this unified,control panel here on the front your,washer and dryer power and controls are,all up here in one spot on most stack,units youve got one control down here,and another set of controls way up here,instead on this unit everything is right,here unified in the middle now there are,only six presets over here and a bunch,of controls over there but as you see,there are theres a download,option for both and you can actually,sync with the app the lg smart home app,and download,programmed different settings to your,device so you can essentially do,whatever you need to do a myriad of,controls all these customized its,pretty slick theres a lot of options,and you can really really go down the,rabbit hole if you want to get into it,but for somebody that needs to be able,to wash a little bit everything at home,you can do it so speaking of apps you,can see here the three dots for signal,this unit yes is connected to my home,wifi network which means not only can i,check the status of the unit see if the,wash is done if the dryer is done if,somethings still running what the cycle,remaining time is what the current,program set is i can of course as i,mentioned already sink over different,washing and drying cycle times and,styles but i can actually start this,unit remotely from wherever i might be,now a lot of people in the comments are,gonna be like you can remote control,your washer dryer how stupid is that,people tell me that all the time how,often do you do laundry and you forget,to take your clothes out of the dryer,and they get a little wrinkled in there,well if that happens to you now you can,say oh i forgot about that but not to,worry i can just do a quick 15 minute,run get the wrinkles out of there and of,course because theres a companion app,it does send you push notifications as,soon as the cycle is complete and you,can immediately take those out of there,the odds are if youre paying attention,to your phone youre not going to miss,your load when its finished in this,device,now unlike some stacked units capacity,in here is excellent nothing to be,worried about youre going to get a ton,of room to do all sorts of loads,everything from bedding to linens to,clothes whatever you name it tons of,room in this device to get that done,and one of the coolest features at least,for me,is once youve set up the wash cycle,whatever custom it might be whether its,bedding a normal heavy duty or using an,ultra delicate something youve,downloaded from the app into the lg,watch tower,as soon as you take it out of here and,you turn on the dryer the dryer,automatically syncs with the other side,of the unit and pulls the right program,to correctly dry whatever you just,washed thats really neat thats,something that not a lot of units are,doing and its definitely not something,that normal stack units can do because,theyre not really synchronized thats a,really huge key advantage again,something that i love because you dont,have to think about setting this all up,again after youve already set it up on,the bottom the first time really handy,to have now of course one of the biggest,elephants in the room and one of the,biggest things you have to talk about,with the wash tower,is the price,and,also something tied to the form factor,the longevity of it so this unit is not,cheap this guy here in this particular,color was 2400 canadian dollars before,delivery in taxes so coming in at around,the 3 000 mark and of course with this,being one giant integrated unit with a,ton of brains and technology in it there,is a lot of opportunity for something to,go wrong,now the inverter motor is backed by a,10-year warranty but,the vast majority of the other,components on this device are not,depending on your circumstances,depending on your situation,extended warranty may not hurt to get on,this particular unit just something to,keep in mind if youre in the market,overall i have been a big fan of this,device it saved me lots of time and the,notifications from the app are handy,also,simply because of the space i was,working with this particular form factor,whether it was this unit or not but a,stacked setup of some sort was really,the best way to maximize the space,in this laundry area and take advantage,of being able to get some more storage,which is also very limited in my,basement so maximizing this space was,absolutely crucial in putting this,redesign together so on the whole i have,to give the wash tower probably like a,seven and a half out of ten rating its,really cool its got a lot of bells and,whistles very tech friendly and again,the synchronization between the two,units saves a lot of time you just set,it and forget it you dont have to,really think about it over and over,again which is great typical stacked,units you set the washer then you gotta,go and set the dryer again you dont,have to worry about it with this guy but,the size the weight the risk of,something going wrong because of its,integrated single unit design,and the price,are definitely detriments but,these are readily available and when i,was shopping for washers and dryer units,that i could stack myself theyre all,sold out things will obviously change,down the road once supply chain,situations sort of stabilize but right,now in 2022 this is a readily available,option if youre in the market for a,stacked washer and dryer,and its kind of got a little bit of,everything to satisfy a little bit,everybodys needs i do recommend if,youre in the market for new washer,dryer you check out the wash tower from,lg very cool device ill put a link down,to below so you can check it out a b

Review of LG wash tower – Washer

hello today im reviewing my lg washer,and dryer,theyre actually its actually a combo,but today ill be talking about the,washer,i actually have a load of laundry in,here whats so great about this washer,machine,is a space inside wow its a 4.5 cubic,feet,its actually really pretty big,and,its actually has really smooth sides,its it actually inside,so it doesnt snag,its actually really great,today im washing a load of socks and,one shirt,and so im just shut the door right here,i already put the laundry detergent in,here it actually goes in here and its,really nice they have different,um all written down it shows,you know heres where you put your,liquid,soap,detergent and then,it also has bleach and its all written,so its really easy to read,so just close that up,and up here is the control panel,you just would hit washer so i hit,washer already and you figure out what,what what you want mines going to be a,speed wash,im going to hit that,because its a smaller load,but you know depending on what,um,what your clothes youre washing it,gives you all these options of normal,bedding you know heavy-duty,um,delicates,and whats nice about this washer is you,actually can you know,get on you can do wi-fi you can actually,do it theres an app,from your phone you actually be sitting,down on your couch and you can control,all this,you dont even have to press buttons but,if you press buttons you can actually,just come right up here and whatever,temperature you want,temperature you know right here it has,like,you know automatically tells you what,what you can be but you can change it,you can hit temperature and it can go,from cold a little warmer,warmer and then hot i put it somewhere,in the middle,and then spin you can put whatever spin,you want,i dont really need it on high on this,one ill probably put it somewhere in,the medium middle,and then light soil and probably just,leave that and then you can look over,here,in this case um im not going to need an,extra rinse or,you know im not going to steam it,depending on what your,um what clothes youre washing you have,that option at least,and you know the turbo wash or you can,pre-wash it but in this case im not,going to do that this whats nice also,about this this washer machine is it,also has a child safety lock,its you know theres somewhere you can,press uh first the safety lock uh in,case your your kids are around,and you dont want them to get in here,it could be you know it wouldnt be safe,so they actually have that feature which,is really nice,um and uh so basically i im doing a,speed wash because its a smaller load,of laundry well get it going right now,all you have to do is just press it,i just press it right up here,i dont know why its not going,um im trying to,some reason its not going well try it,again,some reason,if its not working just try it again i,guess i took too long i hit speed wash,and then i hit the,temperature,i like media i dont want all high i put,this in the medium,and i dont need any of that and then i,i dont know why its not working,oh okay,there you go,um i think you just you just have to,hold it down its going to go 15 minutes,and then it should be done so,ill kind of show it to you this is the,start of it its uh its a really good,wash the you know the,it really gets a good cleaning ive done,a number of washes already it kind of,comes out it smells really clean,this is a really nice,machine to have,it has a two-year manufacturer warranty,its very quiet thats thats the main,thing ive noticed is this machine is,like really quiet my last washer machine,i had was so noisy,it was just crazy noisy this ones like,really quiet depending on what youre,washing every cycle is different some of,them are louder than other ones,depending on what youre washing if you,know it could be a little bit louder but,you know overall i mean weve done a my,wife and and ive done a number of,different washes and um,and its like its been quiet no matter,which one weve done we did sheets the,other day and it still sounded pretty,quiet the machine even the dryer sounds,quiet,um,its its a remarkable amazing that how,advanced these washing machines are,my next segment im going to talk about,the dryer

(REVIEW) best laundry washer 2021, LG WASHER TOWER HERES WHAT WE THINK

its about time,[Music],all right man this is a long time coming,we waited for a really long time to do,this lg tower wash machine all right so,were going to focus on the functions,and the features on this unit and were,going to talk about all the things that,it can do on this particular washing,machine all right so lets dive into,that real quick to see what were,actually getting,all right so this is of course,the black steel or you can get it in,white,laundry center has the dryer top and the,washer,at the bottom its an all-in-one unit,when you as you can see here as well so,what were going to dive into is just a,couple of things that describes the,washing machine as far as sorting,laundry so were going to read a couple,things here to get us started caution it,says clothing or articles that are,waterproof or water resistant must be,washed in waterproof bedding bulky slash,large or jumbo wash cycles examples,include with water resistant clothing,mattress covers outdoor clothes and,plastic mats failure to do so may result,in personal injury or damage to the,washer clothes walls floors and,surrounding objects due to abnormal,vibrations alright so you want to keep,that in mind as well remove the stuffing,from pillows and cushions before washing,the covers failure to do so can cause,excessive vibration resulting in damage,to the washer clothes nearby objects,walls and floor,all right so lets go into grouping,similar items for the best washing,results add to the add to reduce the,possibility of damage to clothing sort,clothing into loads made up of similar,items mixing different fabric types and,or soul levels can result in poor watch,performance color transfer discoloration,fabric damage or linting fabric should,be sorted into groups as described below,you got of course these are the groups,that you can switch your clothes in like,i said a lot of these appliances are a,lot smarter theyre real,theyre real specific and exactly what,it is that needs to get done all right,so of course you can sort it by colors,um sort articles by color wash dark,clothes separately from light clothes or,whites mixing dark clothes with light,clothes can result in dye transfer or,discoloration of the lighter clothes we,all understand that you have sore levels,wash heavily sword clothing together,washing lightly soaked clothing in the,same load with the heavy sore clothing,could result in poor wash performance,for the lightly sold clothing all right,so you got to think about that fabric,type delicate articles should be mixed,with should not be mixed with heavy or,sturdy fabric types washing heavy,fabrics with delicates can result in,poor wash performance for the heavy,fabrics and possible damage to the,delicates all right lint type it says,some fabrics attract and bind length to,them while others give off lint in the,laundry process avoid mixing these lint,collectors and link producers in the,same load mixing these fabrics result in,piling and linting on the lint,collectors it says for example and all,that stuff as well so you can see that,so if you want to pause it you can do,that as well,and again these are the different,categories versus how to sort your,laundry by colors by soil by fabric by,lint all right so like i said these,machines are really smarter so you got,to keep that in mind and of course you,have your fabric care and labels as well,so were going to allow the video to,roll so that we can dissect this joint,man again this is the lg,laundry center the wash tower all right,so its really nice really i like the,way it is so of course thats the power,button i dont want to go too fast on,this video let me go back a little bit,thats the power button to activate the,machine of course you have one for the,dryer we went into the store we werent,able to activate the dryer but we were,able to activate the actual washing,machine all right so were going to dive,into,some of the features there as well as we,dissect this owners manual,operation washer all right so you have,categories for the washing machine you,have symbols and labels and directions,all right so these are some of the,symbols and labels that youre going to,see for hand wash you have a machine,wash you have a normal cycle you have,permanent press and wrinkle resistance,setting which has a cool down or cold,spray before the slower spin you have a,gentle slash delicate setting of course,we talked about a little bit there do,not wash do not ring of course you have,hot for the um so thats the washing,then we got wash temperature weve got,hot warm cold slash cool you have bleach,symbols of wet as well any bleach when,needed only non-chloride,chloride chlorine bleach when needed or,do not bleach all right so thats some,of the symbols that you see there as,well im loading the washer we can get,into that a little bit but were not,going to do that right now,one of the things of course uh with this,machine were going to go into the,dispenser as well so thats another,portion of that,video all right so were going to focus,really i want to get to the control,panel so im going to let that roll,again so you can actually see that of,course you have your different cycle,settings that you can use there as well,you can see that on the video that we,have its a direct drive motor so were,just going to stop the video there and,dive into the control panel features for,the washer all right so its for as far,as the washing machine we talked about,the power on and off button two this is,where your cycles are you have normal,heavy duty bedding speed wash delicates,and a downloaded cycle where you can,download cycle as well thats famous for,lg i think samsung has incorporated that,on one of their machines as well samsung,and lg are quite similar so you might,look at one and they look exactly the,same all right so of course you have,number four,that deals with your cycle modifier,buttons,all right so you can talk about the the,temperature you have your spin you have,your soil you also have a wi-fi button,let me zoom in a little bit there um,that you can connect this machine to a,wi-fi its a smart appliance you can,remote start or remote activate this,appliance as well you have your control,lock you also have a steam setting right,so this is steam cycle you have your,turbo wash you have tub clean um extra,rinse pre-wash and of course you have,your drum light and your signal all,right and of course the indication here,is just your start button how you,activate start slash pause button there,as well,and you can of course where it says hold,three seconds and thats where all the,stars are and you hold that to activate,that portion of the machine all right so,another thing that we can actually dive,into as well,is of course where it says time status,and display,all right so you have your wi-fi connect,and this is what it looks like your,typical wi-fi button you also have your,remote start indicator right it says,this indicator lights up when the remote,start feature is activated we like that,number six,that is your um your aidi,aid indicator it says this feature,offers optimized washing by detecting,the load size and laundry,characteristics the indicator lights up,when the normal cycle was selected with,the warm wash temperature setting all,right it says the aidd functionality may,vary depending on environmental,environment and model all right so,thats cool there,all right number seven,talks about,the cycle status indicator says this led,will blink when a cycle is selected to,indicate which stage will run when a,cycle is running the led for the active,stage will blink and the leds for the,remaining stage will remain steady once,the stage is complete the led will turn,off if a cycle is paused the active,stage led will stop blinking all right,so i just want to make sure that we talk,about everything that they have there as,well number three of course is your door,lock indicator let you know the doors,lock number four is your signal,indicator all right

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