1. Lifesmart XL Kamado Review | Extra Large Kamado for Much Less Than A Large?
  2. Cooking hamburgers with Deen Brothers on a Lifesmart Kamado Grill.
  3. Top 5 Kamado Charcoal Grills (Kamado Joe vs Big Green Egg vs Primo vs Weber)
  4. 12 Common Mistakes – Beginner Kamado Grill Owners Make
  5. Lifesmart 15-inch Mini Kamado Test Cook
  6. Lifesmart 15-inch Mini Kamado Unboxing and Review
  7. Filet Mignon on Lifesmart Kamado Grill with Deen Brothers

Lifesmart XL Kamado Review | Extra Large Kamado for Much Less Than A Large?

if youre looking for a combo Style,Grill that does it all youve got to,check out the kamado Style Grill today,were diving deep into the details of,the life smart 24-inch kamado to see if,it is the right one for you,[Music],the lifesmart 24 inch is a part of a,video that were shooting right now to,determine who has the best XL kabado,Grill on the market if you havent,subscribed theres no time like right,now because its not the only huge,head-to-head that were working on a,little Insider tip for you there now,were running 15 to 20 tests on each to,show you whos the best and the testing,has been delicious if I say so myself so,hit that subscribe button to make sure,that you see the conclusion that were,working towards Im David Gafford with,the barbecue lab and lifesmart might be,a new name for you in the grilling Arena,if you joined us for our best pellet,grill under 599 video you saw the,lifesmart 2000b pellet grill and if you,missed it Ill put it up here in the,card and in the description below for,you now were talking kabados today and,lifesmart has one in just about every,size they come as small as 15 inch,kamados all the way up to their largest,in a 24 inch XL size which is what were,taking a look at today now lets start,with the dimensions and specs according,to the manufacturer this unit weighs 209,pounds which is about middle of the road,for an XL kamado now there are XL models,from other manufacturers that weigh over,450 pounds so this model is manageable,by just a couple of people when youre,setting things up now it measures a,little over 52 inches wide spot on at 48,inches high and 30 and a half inches,deep now when you open the lid you need,a bit more room since the hinge pivots,backwards a bit which gave us a,measurement of 35 inches deep now in,case like us youre thinking about,adding this to an outdoor kitchen or,kamado drawer with a back wall note to,self guys if you want maximum kamado,versatility in the outdoor kitchen leave,out the back wall behind the kamado,now the grill surface is two tiers,theres the main grate that measures 20,inches and an upper grate that also,measures 20 inches for a total cooking,capacity of 655 square inches according,to the manufacturer now theres four,inches of height between the main and,upper racks for the temperature range,with this Grille the thermometer says,that you can go up to 800 degrees,Fahrenheit but Im more comfortable,cooking in the 600 to 700s with this,unit just because you could doesnt,necessarily mean that you should but you,do you in the end we assembled this,model during one of our build days when,friends come over and we feed them all,day while they help us assemble grills,its a pretty sweet deal for us since we,assemble up to 40 grills per year and I,think they enjoy having a barbecue guy,making snacks while they do it now Randy,and Stan took on the life smart and Im,going to let them tell you about it we,put together this life smart Big Bang in,about 45 minutes and it was Ill say,relatively easy for two people right,just heavy lifting it out of the box,over and getting it into the into the,nest and then assembling The outsides,Fairly straightforward on the scale of,one to ten one being the easiest Id say,two,two yeah very very easy kamado grills,are pretty much made of four to five,different materials theres a ceramic,that makes up 85 percent or more of the,grill thats the outside and the inside,of the main cooking chamber and the Dome,theres metal and in this case stainless,steel which attaches the ceramic halves,to each other and ties things to the,spring that assists in opening the lid,theres wood that makes up the side,shelves and the handle and plastic and,rubber that make up the wheels pretty,straightforward construction but some,nice touches on this design with the,stainless steel and wood used throughout,now I dont see that this hinge is,adjustable and thats something thats,hard to tell on these units to the naked,eye now if this ones adjustable Im not,sure how so if you can figure it out,leave me a comment below to help out,your fellow viewers the cart on the,lifesmart 24 inch is made of stainless,steel tubing which gives it some real,rigidity when you start cooking with it,the kamado feels secure in the stand but,Im a little aware area of hollow tubing,for stands since a friend of mine showed,me how his hollow legs stand from,another brand warped out and dropped a,wheel I cant say that life smart has,this problem but I just know from,experience that I prefer a solid metal,stand over a hollow tube variant now,there are four wheels on the cart itself,and two of them are locking Wheels to,make sure that it doesnt move around,when you dont want it to now this is as,good a time as any to bring up how you,move a kamado around the patio though if,youre going to move a kamado I,recommend pulling it by the hinge,instead of pushing it where it could,fall forward or pulling it by the handle,where youre stressing the components,that keep the lid aligned on the cooker,now enough of the details and the specs,its time to light a fire and get,cooking now if youve watched any of our,kamado content on the channel recently,youll see that were cooking the same,three recipes on each Grill to directly,compare them to each other we partner,with Porter Road to cook a chuck roast,on each grill that we turned into,Chipotle Style burritos we took the,roast out of the package we dried it off,and seasoned it with our all-purpose rub,and some Montreal steak seasoning we use,the grill gun to light the grill because,its just the most fun way to get it,done quickly and we settled the grill,around 250 degrees for the first phase,of the cook now we didnt technically,smoke these Chuck roasts because we,didnt add wood chunks to the charcoal,this is just straight up indirect low,and slow kamado cooking for our example,today now we put the roast in an,aluminum pan with some better than,bouillon broth and covered it before,returning it to the cooker in the end,the roast pulled just like we cooked it,in the crock pot but we had a charcoal,and grilled flavor that youre certainly,not going to get in the old crock pot,leaving the deflector plate in which did,I mention is included in the box with,this one we wanted to test more of a hot,and fast cook that we still wanted in,direct heat for chicken lollipops is a,recipe that I generally cook hot fast,and indirect so we picked up some,chicken legs from Porter Road trimmed,them down so we could get rid of all the,tendons and cartilage that I just dont,love about eating chicken legs and push,the meat down towards the end to make,our lollipops we pop them on the life,smart at about 400 degrees and let them,get to an internal temp of about 165,before we pulled them and glaze them now,this this is a simple orange chicken,glaze and if you havent seen it yet,its delicious and easy so check out the,video up here or in the description if,you havent yet now we dropped them back,on the grill for another 15 minutes to,set the sauce and get them to 175,degrees internal and they were just,delicious just ask Ethan since he ate,about seven of them,now no complaints about the life smart,24 inch on this cook easy as pie now,last but not least we knew we were,cooking for my in-laws 50th wedding,anniversary and we wanted to make,something special for them now we knew,they loved surf and turf so we bought a,whole tenderloin from Gordon Food,Services and cut it into steaks so that,we could test on all of our kamados the,life smart got two steaks that we,seasoned with Montreal steak seasoning,we wanted to test the factory grates,versus a grill grate panel to see which,one could get us the better grill marks,on there so we stuck a steak on the,factory grates and one steak on the,grill grate panel and when I put them on,I pressed them into the grate to make,sure that we had good contact to get the,sear marks that I personally like to see,now it was an easy cook set to about 500,degrees Fahrenh

Cooking hamburgers with Deen Brothers on a Lifesmart Kamado Grill.

everybody Bobby Deen here with my,brother Jamie hey yall with our,partners from Lexmark and were gonna,show you a great recipe for hamburgers,and also my dad your onions on the grill,this is a great recipe that anytime our,Dad fire up the grill growing up mom,always put one of these onions on the,grill so lets get right to it show you,how it works my daily onion Im gonna go,wash my hands while youre doing that,brother and letting it all kind of cut,it right now in the middle but not all,the way through just cut a nice deep,grooves into it just enough to to get,inside there kind of peel it open like,so a couple more wedge Im kind of,getting right down into the center of it,okay with a little bit of can you help,me out here a little bit of who you are,our daddy never turned on the grill,without mom want to do make sure you got,plenty of layers of temple because that,butter is basically just gonna face and,butter and were on if you want to use,it well be on cube its usually about,two going on cube copy get out here my,babes were all poppy or a tablespoon of,the liquid on top pop that bad boy up in,there you can also do that ground beef,and onions and potatoes its called a,monster hobo dinner oh yeah okay the,thing about this is yo you want to go,ahead and get it on your grill first,like were gonna put this on and well,let this go,while you get your steaks or your chops,or todays case were doing hamburger,meat so everybody loves my hamburgers,and its pretty simple Im not,classically trained at anything but,surprise three put your smart uh-huh,smart aleck I like onions so I chopped,up onions I put onions in my hamburger,meat fresh by day is sweet onions thats,got two pounds of hamburger meat here,now my wife likes to use 90/10 and if,she ever brings home 90/10 ground chuck,or ground beef always put a little pad,of butter on the top because it is so,lean and I really like my,you see this today is 80/20 so Im not,going to need that put butter on but,its always raw onions not too much not,too little and a good healthy dose of,kosher salt and pepper Im gonna grind,all these together really another just,the onion really adds a great flavor to,it because as it slowly cooks it kind of,caramelizes a little bit really gives it,a good flavor another place where you,can really win on the grill if youre,doing hamburgers is how you Pat your,meat out so you want to make sure you,get all this ground up and mixed really,well together even distribution of,onions make sure your seasonings all,well worked in and Ive been making,hamburgers a long time you know the,first job I had was making cheeseburgers,at a car auction house in Albany Georgia,I know how that sounds but it was a nice,auction house so I was in charge of,cheeseburgers and taking out the trash,so I can now pretty much do it by hand,thats about a quarter pound burger,there you just get used to feeling it,but when I Pat my now you want to make,sure that the center its almost like,the top of a volcano so the edges are,fatter kind of like a doughnut and the,reason why that is is the is this burger,draws up on the grill you dont want it,to turn into a hockey puck so all this,juice and everything is going to come,into the center it will rise up the,center to mountain to match the outside,edges thats a neat little little easy,trick and I got my cousin /,brother-in-law on the camera today Brian,so today were gonna do three big boy,burgers I can smell that bad a union,all right it doesnt take long but you,really want to give it enough time for,that butter and for that bullion to,really like based in it for a long time,its melting it all right so I tell you,what yall can do is that when youre,waiting on your clothes to get ready you,know when youre getting ready for them,to burn down go ahead and put your onion,on there it doesnt matter if its fire,hot or if its right over the fire and,then in that 30 minutes or 20 minutes,that it takes your charcoals to get,ready to put your meat on to work so,yeah thats a good yeah for a couple,minutes I do like my hamburgers okay,yall weve let them go for probably,four or five minutes Im gonna check,them here looks pretty good Im gonna,give them up yeah all right now what I,what Ive done here one of the best part,of parts about working with a tamato,girl like this is figuring out what the,good setting for you is here Ive got,these fully open because I really want,my fire pumping because Im doing ground,beef down below Ive got it about maybe,2 inches or so puppy dont you look on,my spatula so Ive got these wide open,that creates that smoke that make sure,that my burgers are gonna get done,thats it for now we got about another,four or five minutes here we go,oK weve flipped our burgers been about,four minutes lets check them out oh,brother,yeah this is what Im talking about so,you give it the finger toast you see,its still juicy in the center these are,perfect notice I didnt pack them too,tight,onion smells great,look at that were gonna give that,another Id say you know there maybe 20,minutes if you look closely you can see,that the bullion is boiling in there,thatd be good all over these,cheeseburgers hmm speaking of burgers,but today I know what were gonna do,because we gotta test the buns nope not,today you know what you can do this is a,good tip when you put your burger on,your bun go ahead real quick and wrap,these all back up in the plastic bag,that your buns came in then it steams a,little bit but I know my brother is from,South Georgia and Im from South Georgia,and our camera operator today cousin,uncle Brian hes from South Georgia,South Georgia boys all we needs tomatoes,a mayonnaise mmm so thats it for us,here today yall nothing left to do but,you appreciate it appreciate you get,some cheese no cheese today brother you,touched the bonds a little bit I did not,sometimes its better to grill without,your brother and Im thankful to grill,with my brother Bobby Deen here for life,smart yall remember eat smart real,smart life smart see you next time good,boy honey thats good,Ill take another one I fixed one come,up dear old mama shes gonna get to eat,this one thanks yall see you next time

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Top 5 Kamado Charcoal Grills (Kamado Joe vs Big Green Egg vs Primo vs Weber)

whats up guys its trevor with embers,living,today we have a new,top five what are we whats our top five,today elijah,kamados now you probably know i have an,older one from last year you can go back,and watch that one,this ones actually quite a bit,different you guys have actually put in,a lot of requests for,a revision or an update for this one,so this is a new one we have some new,faces some old faces,question is is which ones gonna make,number one which way which way are we,going for number one,you gotta watch the video find out lets,get going,okay so lets start with number five,real quick before we get into this,you guys have to subscribe helps out our,channel you know the drill thumbs up,this video,helps us keep making videos like this to,help educate you guys on these products,so number five this is the kamado joe,kettle joe,[Music],[Applause],[Music],now again weve reviewed all of these,individually youve probably seen a run,on these lately because we knew we had,to get this top five done,so if you want super detailed in-depth,reviews on each of these,well include links below on uh the full,length reviews,so were not going to go crazy in depth,because we got five of these to do,so what do we like about the kamado,kettle joe,well like the other kamado joe products,whats really nice is you kind of buy,one thing and it comes with a lot of,stuff out of the box,so you get the cart you get the side,shelves you get this,removable slow roller thats in here,comes with a couple tools as well,and its really unique and i talk about,this in the main video but its really,unique in a couple ways,its we dont want to call it affordable,because you know like a basic weber,kettle its 50,100 200 you know some of their more,simple products,its a lot more than that but its a lot,more affordable,than like um any of the other ceramic,models things like that,and so its sort of that nice,in-betweener and i think its in a very,niche,space which is nice because people that,want to step up their,their charcoal game a little bit but,theyre not ready quite to commit to,something crazy expensive,this is the model i would say uh,your bang for your buck model thats why,its ranked number five is,is its obviously missing features that,our top one or two,are not going to have or this is not,going to have compared to our top one or,two,but i think it feels fills a pretty good,niche,a couple of things this is probably the,most unique thing to it is this,removable slow roller,so i talked about it in the main video,but essentially this guy produces 20 to,30 percent more smoke,than just your average kettle grill,and so thats what makes it unique and,then you can also remove it,and then this hinge is adjustable in the,back,that allows us to use it without the,slow roller if we want to cook under,high heat you can see we have cooked on,this,so lets check it out in here another,big advantage is even though,we have a metal firebox,or a metal body,so we have our ceramic,uh pieces in with a stainless steel,charcoal box,so the idea behind this firebox is even,though we have regular metal,which of course is what makes this more,affordable,this insulated firebox helps retain heat,so its,to me kind of like a little hybrid guy,which makes it really cool,and so thats why it made our top five,what are the downsides well the,downsides is,being a little bit more affordable were,not in a full ceramic,grill which of course is going to keep,the price lower,other thing that kind of annoyed me this,is a small thing when we tested this,and maybe its just me but it seems,short to me like im having to bend over,a little bit especially with the slow,roller out,so it does sit a little bit shorter than,some of its competitors,so this is the kamado kettle joe so,again this was a very abbreviated review,if you want to see a full review of this,youll have to check out the full video,but again it made our top five because,it fits a niche,uh place in the market and it gives us,some,nice upgrades compared to like a super,basic uh kettle type product,so this is the kamado kettle this is,ranked number five should we go to,number four,lets go to number four okay so this is,number four,now this is the big green egg,[Music],why does it make our top five ive used,this reference in other videos before,but big green egg,hes kind of like your grandpa hes,hes old hes reliable he doesnt let,you down,but he might be a little boring right,what do you think elijah yeah hes a,little boring why do we say that,well theyve made some updates but big,green egg is one of the original,ceramic kamados and uh theyve recently,we talked about this in some of our,other videos,but uh with some of the innovation,thats been coming out like the spring,assisted hood,um this weatherproof proof top big green,egg has,caught on to that they were sort of late,in the game to improving their product,but they did and so it does have a nice,spring assisted hood that opens pretty,easily,and then we do have our weatherproof,rain top now the other advantage of big,green egg is i would say,that they have the most amount of,accessories,i would say um and then this is an,advantage and some people would say its,a disadvantage,is big green egg is all a cart so you,literally buy an egg,if you want a stand or a cart for it you,buy that,if you want interior accessories you buy,those if you want side shelves,you buy those why is that a good thing,well its a good thing,if you want just an egg keeps the price,low,problem is when you start adding a bunch,of accessories it could it gets,deceiving,even though it starts affordable if you,want to trick this thing out,it ends up kind of expensive so thats,sort of a,good bad thing the other thing is i wish,when they redesigned this,they had updated their gasket material i,think theres a lot which well get to,a lot better gasket materials out here,out there than this,and also when they did the spring,assisted hood see how,it like moves and it actually offsets,the,the top of the egg so see how it sits,kind of,crooked not crooked but sorry cock-eyed,i thats just me i just i dont really,thats not my favorite thing about it,um they are made in mexico big green egg,is known,to have a really really good warranty,and so thats what i was saying when,theyre,theyre very reliable its a very solid,company been around a long time you know,theyre going to warranty their products,if you have thermal damage things like,that,they really honor their products very,well and of course thats why,they made our top five is the brand,itself,and and them sort of sticking behind the,quality of the product,which is important the stand itself too,i do like how it actually attaches to,the egg,so you know itd be kind of hard to tip,over this actually bolts to the back of,the egg,which is pretty cool but like i said,when we get in here,you see we we basically get one solid,cooking grate,and then our our ceramic firebox,and then our cast iron base and the ash,is going to sit below,one thing i dont like that they didnt,do is theres no clean out system,so really the only way to clean this out,is to get in here,i think in 2021 were way past that,theres theres,much better ways to clean out your,barbecue systems,and other brands have figured out a much,better way so thats why this didnt,rank higher,but like i said its old reliable,nothing wrong with it but nothing im,gonna get too overly excited about,one thing i forgot to mention about big,green egg is i would say they probably,offer the most amount of sizes,so thats really cool so if you have a,niche project,or youre looking for a niche size they,offer the most amount of size range,from their minis all the way up to their,double xl which is humongous,so they offer a ton of ex sizes and a,ton of accessories,really really solid solid product but,im not overly pumped do i seem excited,no no yeah i i mean im not upset,i like it um time to get on to bigger,and better products though dont you,think should we move on t

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12 Common Mistakes – Beginner Kamado Grill Owners Make

are you new commander grill owner maybe,in the market for one maybe youve had,one for a while and youre just trying,to step up your game it doesnt matter,what brand you have in this video im,covering 12 mistakes the kamado grill,owners make and im going to give you,three bonus tips at the end lets get,into it whats up everybody welcome back,to patio my name is jake youre watching,roman cook today were breaking in with,the komodo kamado were talking about,the 12 mistakes that kamado grill owners,make now it doesnt matter if youve got,a big green egg a komodo joe a primo a,blaze theres all kinds of different,brands out there majority of these tips,are going to apply to all brands there,are a couple,that are commodore commando specific but,other than that no matter what brand you,have youre gonna get some value out of,this video,before we get started with this video,lets address the elephant in the room,yeah theres a water over here now i,know its five oclock somewhere but,that rule only applies if its 12,oclock in my local time zone or greater,and its not but dont you worry,ill be having a rum and coke soon lets,get into tip number one mistake number,one excuse me not letting these guys,preheat long enough,how did these work,where they shine is that they suck up,heat and radiate that heat energy into,your food from all around you get a,really juicy,result,and a very well cooked product,you cant really duplicate it on any,other type of grill but it only works,when you preheat these long enough,so you know if youre not letting the,preheat you might as well be using a,weber kettle and theres nothing wrong,with a weber cuddle but youre going to,get your direct heat and youre going to,get your convection air moving around it,but youre not going to get the radiant,heat which is where these guys shine so,once you get up the temperature,let it pre-heat for 15-20 minutes,get your dome hot if youre making pizza,preheat it even longer you know if you,can let that run an hour let your pizza,stone get up to temperature youre gonna,get some great pizza now this guy,specifically has two layers of,refractory cement,and some insulation and the tile the,tiles so this guy really takes closer to,30 minutes before its gonna be ready to,cook on not a big deal just be aware of,that and plan for that when you cook,mistake number two,over correcting vents and chasing,temperatures now how do these guys work,we take air in through a vent system we,go in through some lump charcoal and we,come out a top vent the more air the,more heat very simple,on the komodo kamado weve got a half,moon style vent here on the left thats,adjustable and weve got one with holes,that go from a big one all the way down,to a small one it also opens up,the more air we let in and the more air,we let out the hotter it gets,what you want to do especially when,youre new get yourself a log book and,start to record your dial settings,itll take you 10 15 cooks before youre,gonna get comfortable with it but its,really not that bad its not,intimidating you just got to play with,it and then youll start to learn some,things the big thing is,you know if youve got some markers up,top like the komodo joe,a sixteenth of an inch or an eighth of,an inch is going to have a big impact so,if youre only off by 10 degrees try,16th of an inch,wait 10 minutes see where you end up and,then adjust again on this guy,its an eighth of a turn to a quarter of,a turn is a big adjustment make the,adjustment and wait and see what happens,if you dont do that youre going to be,hating life and youre going to do,be chasing temperatures a long time you,dont want to go through that process,you wont enjoy cooking on this so be,patient and see what happens and then,you can learn your dolls right for me i,know on the half moon side if im open,about a quarter way eight to a quarter,way and ive got a quarter up here i,know im going to be in that 250 300,degree range,if i want to go hotter i give it a,little bit more down and then maybe ill,go up to a turn and a half right for,450ish and then when you go to pizza,mode you open it up and go right youre,going to learn these temperatures it,just takes some playing around and,getting used to it its part of the fun,dont let it intimidate you just take,your time,and dont over correct mistake number,three,not using,quality lump,now lump,is your fuel source thats what gives,you your heat its also a flavor source,so some lump is going to burn really hot,some is not going to burn as hot and,some its going to burn hot and its,just going to fizzle out this is usually,the cheaper lump it just doesnt have,the density and the staying power to,stay hot for a long period of time so,waste of money buy some good quality,lump,in addition to that,some is going to be you know full of,that charcoal flavor some is going to be,mild some is going to be sweet komodo,kamado has a coffee char thats made,from coffee wood very unique flavor they,also have a cocoa char thats made from,coconut shells now its neutral it has,no flavor whatsoever the goal there is,that you control your flavor 100,and youre only going to get the smoking,woods that youre putting into it but,theres a lot of variation in charcoal,now i cant speak to all the brands ive,only tried really a handful right i have,the coco char ive got the coffee char,ive got,lots of experience with komodo joes big,block,and,fogo has got a couple different brands,or products in their line ive used a,bunch of them and i actually have a,jealous devil,in there were going to make a video on,that soon its uh youre seeing a lot,more of that so i wanted to give it a,try but theres a lot of different,brands out there so just buy some,quality ones and experiment again it is,flavor so you might find one that you,like on steak but you dont like it on,pizza and vice versa so,dont be afraid to experiment buy bag at,a time buy some different brands and,just have some fun mistake number four,not lighting enough lump right when,youre smoking,225 250 maybe 275 you only need a very,little bit of charcoal burning to get up,that temperature and maintain that,temperature,if youre trying to get up to 450 5,maybe 600 plus you need a lot of lump,burning to get up and maintain that,temperature so when people are new they,load up their basket but they start one,small area and the vents are all open,but they can never get up those,temperatures and they get frustrated the,secret to that is just light a bigger,area now heres kind of my rule of thumb,a lot of times ill use these komodo joe,wax cubes,wax squares whatever you want to call,them,if im doing,a smoke,one is all you need right 225 to 275.,if im going to go above 300,im going to put two in and im going to,light two different spots now theyll,join together but what will happen is,ill have a larger,portion of lump burning at one time and,thats going to allow me to get up to,those higher temperatures and maintain,them mistake number five,filling up your basket too much with,lump now this one sounds a little weird,but the problem is is if you put too,much lump in it it doesnt get a chance,to breathe a lot of the designs out,there theyve got little air holes,around them and what happens is if you,put a whole bunch of lump in there,youre really youre kind of,smothering your fire and not allowing it,to get up the temperature properly so it,kind of works the opposite now i know,for example on this guy,four pounds of charcoal will allow me to,burn at 450 for an hour and a half or,two it doesnt take a lot of,charcoal to burn,for a long period of time if im going,to do a smoke i run a quarter basket in,this and i can smoke all day long,so,unless youre doing,pizza and a lot of pizza you very rarely,need to have a full basket,in there right half basket is probably,going to do you now it depends on your,brand so dont take this as gospel or,anything like that but what im trying,to tell you is dont fill up your basket,learn to use less,because theres just no po

Lifesmart 15-inch Mini Kamado Test Cook

whats up everybody,its jeremy from budget dad bbq and,brewing,this is part two of the life smart,15-inch kamado so its about 5 pm right,now its pretty dark as you can see,and it is frosty cold in portland oregon,um but i wanted to throw a couple,chicken pieces on this grill,to let you know how it performs so im,going to go ahead and get it,get some charcoal in here well get it,fired up and ill take you through the,process and,well well check it out hopefully this,thing performs,all right so this charcoal is getting,fired up here uh one thing to mention is,you know this this thing is really short,im really hoping that this ikea table,experiment comes through because thats,going to be a lifesaver because this,thing im,im only 56 and this thing is below my,knee so im really stooping down to the,ground,just to try to uh you know put coal in,and things like that so,well see how that works,so far folks the the electric starter,that they included works pretty well i,got another,one that came with my vision grill and,ive been using it for months,but for the for the purposes of this,review i went ahead and used whats,included and as you can see,its firing up nicely so im just going,to give it a couple more minutes and,then ill throw it in there,give it a little mix put the grate on,and were just going to burn off,all the nasties any of the little bits,of styrofoam thats in there well let,it get to temp,and well throw some chicken on there,all right all right all right this is,looking solid here so,i just want to show you this this was,something really cool my wife,ladies and gentlemen i love my wife,shes a genius uh,i i dont like putting this thing on the,ground you know i got a small dog,i got a couple kids i looked up multiple,youtube videos what do i do with this,big hot poker,and she came up with a genius idea its,probably really dark but,um i got it behind my my grills here,check this out,right here cinder block,boom pop it right there,on the concrete no ones getting its,not laying on the ground,no ones gonna put their hand in there,unless theyre uh,really you know wanting some hurt so uh,yeah thats what i got,just a cinder block holds two of them,beautiful,lets close this thing up now,okay im gonna open it wide open,okay thats why,all right whoa this thing is climbing,you guys way fast,check this out whoa,i mean i just when i made the cut,yeah it was like two seconds this thing,is clean okay im gonna go ahead,im gonna go ahead and pop that right,there,lets keep watching it,whoa it is still climbing okay,all right im just gonna crack it now,this is what i have to do on my vision,you know a lot of people i i just cannot,keep these things wide open,um even if i have it barely cracked at,the bottom,theres no way im going to be able to,hold the temp of 250 275.,its gonna climb up to 400 before you,know it okay,so i just did that we are,creeping up to 300.,im gonna leave this here im gonna,check back in about five minutes,ill come back and see whats happened,it might drop which is pretty common and,then at least,we know were getting somewhere and im,going to let this sort of burn for about,15-20 minutes before i put anything on,there,so its been holding temp really well,its probably been around 10,15 minutes uh i did i did put the grill,on i oiled that up i cleaned it put oil,hold it up and then i also put the uh,the stone underneath it so ill show you,that,i should have burped it thats okay i,lived,one thing so far that i found that is an,issue,is the top vent so when i was venting,its actually really sensitive,uh even this temperature control it it,might be accurate,um as you can see when i try to close it,the entire the entire thing shifts,and its its secured well yeah look at,this,its starting to lift so this is a,problem,um so what ive had to do is tap it,but you see how the entire thing the,entire thing moves,okay my boy eli is holding the camera,for me im gonna throw,the chicken on i think ive got way too,much but thats how much i had,in the uh in the freezer bag so lets,check it out,were holding about 300 its a little,higher than i wanted,but ill go for it i kind of wanted to,do a low and slow with this,thats i guess its what 5 30 eli so,lets go ahead and hold it 300,lets open this bad boy up,oh boy,im gonna try to avoid that very,outside part i just dont know how that,would cook,this is a really simple recipe i just,put,i started off with a base of,worcestershire,and mustard sometimes i do a little bit,of apple cider vinegar,some people would argue about that,because they think that its going to,start to,cook the meat already but i dont add a,ton i add like a,half of a teaspoon just to give it a,little acid,thats way too much and this one,man were gonna be able to get this on,here come on baby,i might just do that i think that might,work what do you think you like,these two little little bits um they can,hang on the side,when theres theres not theres not,gonna be enough ventilation ill put it,on the side,something tells me not to do this but,im gonna do it anyway,yeah living on the edge,thats excitement in our household right,okay,thats a lot of chicken uh thats these,were,multiple breasts i ended up cutting up,but these were huge chicken breasts,and im not a big chicken breast fan but,my boys are and my wife is,im more of a dark meat and,bones sort of person but ill go with,this,okay all right so so far,i have no complaints it hasnt really,tightened up,but man oh man im seeing the corners,around the edges that are starting to,really brown,ill get some tongs and lift that up,see this is where i feel that if i had a,heat deflector and it actually hung,lower and the diameter was a little bit,bigger,you know and in the big kamado it its,it doesnt i mean it allows for some for,some airflow but not a ton,so it really creates that that sort of,baking roasting action,whereas here i feel that oh man that,that lava stone is getting,so hot or that that pizza stone temps,um temps are actually,i dont know theyve been off and,theyve been on right now its saying,its 302 degrees in here,this is reading 200 and,around 260. i dont think this is,accurate i didnt expect it to be,accurate,um the initially when i uh,saw that chicken and remember how i i,saw i was already sort of really,blackening at the bottom,it was hard for me to believe that this,thing was at 250 and i was getting that,much char and that much cook on it,so i think this this is reading probably,around a 25,degree difference so i think from now on,im going to go ahead,and use this however ive been checking,the different temps,im running around 265 on some all the,way up to,about 275 278. im gonna go ahead and,take them off i think that is plenty,what do you think mr palmer he doesnt,care,all right they look okay you know,theyre theyre not great,um ive been spraying them with i,cant believe its not butter its,definitely not the same as,uh as my initial your essentially the,vision grill,uh the larger commodity come on however,im im learning here,and im still confident i need to get,a proper heat deflector that is not a,pizza stone,that sits a half an inch below the grate,so im gonna be on a mission here to try,to find something,thats proper im going to take the,chicken off ill let you know how it is,in just a couple minutes,you ready folks lets do the taste test,chickens been resting for about 15,minutes my kitty lights talking to his,granny in the back so,dont mind him this is real life people,im not i dont have any cameras here my,wife donnies holding up,my iphone so its on a budget,i dont have 800 to spend on equipment,all right so lets take a look,all right so again my friends i knowing,that this has,um probably been off about 25 degrees,again i dont think that this is,specific to this kamado,even the vision ive heard all the other,uh uh different kamados have issues,with the temperature gauge thats built,in,and so some of these areas like right,here you can tell this was towards the,center,this was

Lifesmart 15-inch Mini Kamado Unboxing and Review

hey yall this is jeremy from,budget dads barbecue and brewing i just,wanted to um,let you guys know that i ordered a new,uh budget uh,kamado its uh from walmart i think i,paid 174 dollars for it its from,life smart dean brothers it was blue,it was on sale uh some of those some of,those who know me know that i have a,vision,uh pro series uh s which i love but i,started to also realize,that sometimes its just the four of us,and uh you know i just want to throw a,couple chicken breasts,on the on the barbecue on the grill or,maybe even do a little bit of low and,slow and the fact of the matter is i,feel like im going through a ton,of charcoal and with charcoal going for,almost a buck,or more per pound i thought that thats,just,thats not where i want to go so i do,have a cheap gas grill,but it lacks flavor in my opinion so,thats why i decided you know what its,less than 200 bucks,im gonna take a gamble um i also went,to ikea and bought a uh a stand,ill make another video for that as 64,to i think i spent 60 bucks on that,stand,i have to modify it um i could post a,link i think there was a,link to somebody who did the same thing,so im essentially going to copy that,but uh yeah ill take you guys through,the review first ill start with the,unboxing,and ill go from there so uh hopefully,anybody whos thinking about this,uh itll help them,all right lets start with uh with the,overall delivery here so,i know the delivery is very separate,from um,from the actual product itself but i did,want to mention this came from a place,called uh,its not fedex its not ups i think its,called uh,on track and uh you know ive dealt with,these,folks before and i think its a its a,budget,delivery service they delivered it last,night at,10 oclock p.m no joke 10 p.m,luckily my wife and i were awake and she,said oh an email just went through they,said it was delivered,and i went outside and it was uh it was,right there,beyond the garage and it was raining,really hard too so,luckily we saw that otherwise this thing,would have been soaked they also,delivered it upside down,and when i turned it in it looked like,theres some damage here,but uh im just hoping that it doesnt,have any issues i have heard of these,things coming into the mail,with uh cracked fireballs but um you,know again,174 bucks im definitely not im not,expecting white gloved,service here but at the same time uh,i thought that was a kind of shoddy,service um,would have been nice to get a heads up,that theyre going to deliver out in the,rain in front of my house at,10 oclock p.m with a hole in the box,but anyhow all right lets get this,thing unboxed,all right heres the front of the box,here so it goes through 15 inch,kamado ceramic grill again from what,ive seen on a few other youtube videos,theres only a couple more so thank you,to those who,who made those because it really,influenced my decision to buy this i,know its not a perfect grill by any,means i know its got issues but again,for the price,throwing a couple chicken breasts on,there whatever for the family you know a,couple burgers,and im going to use a handful of,charcoal versus going through,you know a ton of it that ends up,burning up over time so anyhow you guys,could read that,go ahead and put it on pause if you want,but im going to go ahead and click off,and,well get into it,all right lets see we have here,weve got lets get grilling jamie bobby,dean,i dont really know too much about these,cats but uh,you know get some pretty decent burgers,on there,all right and uh lets see enter to win,a free true wash total cleaning machine,i dont know what that is but it looks,like a bucket with,some brussels sprouts in there or,something i dont know what that is,and then uh well get into the,cooking with your kamado all right i,think i feel pretty good about this but,um definitely ill take a look at this,setting temperature,uh you know i hear a difference is with,the vision grill its been all over the,map and you know im a big,big fan of harry sue shout out to harry,sue,how he uses his vents settings on his,kamado that does not work,the same with my vision so thats okay i,think he goes,full open on top and then he vents on,the bottom i if i did that id be at,450 degrees before i know it so again i,think theres a probably an issue with,leakage in my vision,but i did buy some new new felt fence,felt sealing okay and then last but not,least,life smart okay so this is the,instructions,pretty simple these things are small but,i heard theyre pretty weighty,so ill let you know how that goes when,we start putting it together all right,so this thing,is pretty heavy so what i think im,gonna do is uh i open it from the top,that was probably a mistake uh lesson,learned because i probably should have,opened it from the bottom first,put out the sides and then i could have,just lift lifted the box but,thats all good im going to go ahead,and cut the bottom now and then ill see,if i can just go ahead and,you know slide that box upwards its got,styrofoam around it so i think it should,be good all right so this is the setup,that ive got right here,and uh lets go ahead i dont want to,damage the box because if theres damage,on that,kamado itself again ive heard of these,things with cracked uh fireballs,so i kind of want to keep this box,intact otherwise you know,usually the dumb person in me i just,start cutting away at it and,i dont want to do that today because,im a little uh,feel a little iffy about the delivery,process,all right i went ahead and turned it on,its side because i noticed that uh,heres the heated uh,electric fire starter right here the,coal starter so im gonna go ahead and,put this off to the side,and lets lift this back up all right,here we are,so so far nice you know no issues that i,see,but we got to take a look and,make sure no cracks,i like this that looks good so you can,avoid,any slippage of the ring i hear that,happens with some other kamado builds,but this looks nice and tight and as,long as its,secured i dont see that ever happening,inside,looks good ceramic,nice seals feels pretty good,its a little loose on there maybe yeah,this looks super cheesy um,the temp gauge but you know again well,take it out well take a look,lets get an estimate and its probably,maybe around 20 inches top to bottom,without the stand,probably around there all right,all right so we just got this out uh i,would definitely say this is a,two-person job,uh to get to get this thing out i try to,get it out by myself holding on,to this first and then to the bottom,realizing that,the nuts and bolts i think are actually,inside of this thing,i got this over on the side as far as,the stand,take another quick look,see that doesnt look too bad all right,lets take a look at the inside,what do we have a big piece of styrofoam,lets take a look at the yep,no issues there cool,so great,and what is this roasting grilling,smoking searing baking,five grills in one now is that just for,this grill or is that for every grill,cover oh man thats a plus thats huge,i like that again 174 bucks and it comes,with a cover all right heres the,top vent uh its pretty lightweight,um boy its like a pound or something,its mine okay,all right tools,all right bottom,and take a look at the handle,thats nice yeah decent quality wood,feels nice nice and smooth,now for the big reveal lets check out,the firebox,its clean lets clean you guys,all right im gonna take that out no,issues that i can see,inside looks nice,okay i dont know how i feel about this,seal it um,i dont know ill give it a chance but,if i dont like it ill just put some,what is it lava lock or something i,ordered some for my vision so,i might redo this but its nice and,cushy,so it actually might be pretty actually,might be superior than whats currently,on the vision,one thing to mention is uh this pizza,stone,right here i did not see this this is uh,the tiniest pizza stone ive ever seen,but uh,you know its not bad i dont think ill,be able to use it for a heat shield,we

Filet Mignon on Lifesmart Kamado Grill with Deen Brothers

hey yall Jimmy Dean Bobby Dean Bobby,Dean Dean brothers were here with our,partners at lifesmart this is my dog,papi and she heard that were doing,filet mignons today were doing little,steaks oh thats got good taste,little grill were using the small,Kamado today which is perfect to carry,wherever you might want to go perfect,for the beach for your tailgate for the,backyard for the bug for the dock for,the deck any place you want to grill you,can carry this bad boy dont get much,easier than filet mignon were doing,fillets and for Bobby and I whats it,need brother just a little salt maybe a,pinch of pepper a little salt a little,pepper if you got a good piece of meat,it shouldnt really need a whole lot of,seasoning yeah a perfect the way it is,yeah I remember when I was a kid we used,to stab our steaks with for somebody,would put all kind of seasoned and stuff,on really not necessary little salt,little pepper look I can do this while,Im giving my dog the Heisman she loves,her some filet mignon all right I got a,bit too quick here no elbow you got so,here get out of here girl I love my dog,I cant blame her it is a good cut of,beef little salt and a little pepper I,dont know if we mentioned we use the,lump charcoal if you get in a pinch and,you want to throw a bag of briquettes in,there thats fine lump charcoal also,known as cowboy charcoal burn slow long,and low the best part if you get busy,and your fire dies down you can always,add more to it we got two beautiful,filet mignons today were gonna go right,on the grill my fires a little high but,I love to see all these juices in here,so Im gonna let it go for a couple,minutes on this side were gonna give it,a flip and Im gonna Park it off to the,side and let it slow cook filet mignon,coming up,and its hard to beautiful.i,oh man theres a beautiful thats mine,right there,all right yall minds that way this is,perfect so were gonna let this finish,were gonna sear this side its about,probably between 3 and 350 Im gonna,close these about halfway get a little,that heat cooking them get that inside,nice and medium plus whoo wont be long,now well be eatin fill it big on yall,thats mine thats mine,that yall wait a second is two,perfectly cooked filet mignons now the,last step were gonna let this rest for,a few minutes thats perfect medium hmm,give it about three or four minutes and,well be back with a knife the hardest,part is waiting for the rest were done,now so lets see what we got here,my tender juicy mama was here shed say,its overcooked to each his own into,this cook thats how life for little,brothers our little brothers man alright,yall remember eat smart you grow smart,live smart well see you next time,Bobby come here

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