1. Lifesum App Review (2022): What I Thought After 1 Month
  2. Lifesum App Review | Everything you need to know in 2021
  3. Lifesum vs MyFitnessPal (UPDATED) | Lifesum App Review | Free vs Premium | Weight Loss Review
  4. Myfitnesspal vs Lifesum vs Noom Review – The Better weight loss app is?
  5. Lifesum introduction: welcome to the app!
  6. LIFESUM Worth Your Time?? | Lifesum App Review | How to use Lifesum Effectively
  7. Lifesum vs MyFitnessPal for Weight Loss | Lifesum App Review | Free vs Premium

Lifesum App Review (2022): What I Thought After 1 Month

could life some be a contender for one,of the best nutrition tracking apps hey,everyone Im Janine with feesco.com and,today Im going to be talking about life,sum the life some health app this has,taken the nutrition World by storm they,have over 10 million downloads but I,wanted to try the ad for myself because,I want to see if its worth using and I,wanted to see if it was worth you trying,it out too so I tried both the free and,the premium version of the app for one,month and so do one of my colleagues at,visco.com who is a certified nutrition,coach and while there are aspects I,definitely loved there are also some,people that I dont think will find this,ad valuable so stick around to find out,if this is the right app for you Ive,linked the full blog post in the,description and this is going to have,more information on how we tested the,product how you can save money on the,app if you decide to purchase it and any,alternatives that we recommend so lets,get right into the review Im going to,go over how the app works my personal,experience using it the pros and cons of,the app as well as who should and should,not be using lifesump because this isnt,for everyone lifesim is a calorie and,macro tracking app this is designed to,help you achieve your health and fitness,goals the app is advertised as a health,app thats going to help you become,healthier by incorporating its suggested,dietary recommendations the lifesim app,that gets to know you by asking you,about your current physique about your,weight loss goals and then it puts,together a calorie Target and a plan to,help you achieve this goals in a,realistic time frame life some works by,gathering all the information about your,caloric needs so they ask you questions,like your age your height your current,weight your goal weight and then they,run as calculations to find your,maintenance calories which are the,number of calories you need to maintain,your weight it also requires that you,select a goal so either weight loss,maintenance or weight gain and then the,app runs this information through the,basic calorie calculations to give you a,general calorie and micronutrient Target,based on the data and your goals so if,you select maintenance as your goal then,theyre going to recommend your calorie,goal be equal to the estimated,maintenance calories it predicted for,you based on its calculations for,example if it estimates for you to,maintain your weight then you need a 2,000 calorie diet a day the then your,calories will be set at 2 000 calories a,day if you select weight loss as your,goal you can then select how,aggressively you want to pursue this,goal and thats within reason obviously,they want you to lose weight in a,healthy way and to do this they adjust,how much weight you want to lose each,week so the app doesnt give you a,particular timeline to reach your goal,but it will adjust your calories and,macros based on how much youre,comfortable losing each week so based on,your selective rate of loss like if you,want to lose a pound a week its going,to take your estimated maintenance,calories and then decrease them to the,corresponding calorie and macro targets,then its going to help you achieve this,rate of progress that way so if you,selected weight gain as your goal youre,also going to have the option to adjust,the rate at which you gain weight so,based on how fast you want to gain,weight like lets say you want to gain,half a pound a week then the app is,going to add calories to your estimated,maintenance calories to encourage weight,gain with the lifesim app you can also,choose to follow their customized plan,with the foods that you would regularly,eat or you can follow one of their meal,plans that they have specific diets that,you might be interested in for example,if you have a goal of losing weight the,app May recommend eating 1500 calories,per day based on the initial streaming,questions that you answered and then,theyre going to create a plan with,recipes based on a caloric Target and,breakdown of carbs proteins and fats to,match that particular diet so lets say,you wanted to try the keto diet and the,app would create a meal plan for you,thats low carb with moderate protein,and high fat after trying the app for,one month Ive evaluated it based on my,personal preferences for calorie and,macro tracking and I will say I would,use this app myself long term because I,really do enjoy the recipe ideas and how,easy it is to use to track my food,however I would not use the calorie and,macro targets that the app recommends,because based on my testing they were,actually pretty inaccurate this is,partly because their initial,questionnaire doesnt ask you about your,activity level so if youre active and,you have more muscle mass maybe you lift,weights the apps going to suggest too,low of a calorie intake for this reason,I think the app would be great for those,who can set their own calorie and,macronutrient targets but I think lot of,people are going to have problem with,them theyre going to need guidance of a,nutrition coach in order to do this,relying solely on the calorie and,macronutrient guidance on the app can,actually be pretty harmful if its done,incorrectly so youve got to make sure,you consult a nutritionist before making,an extreme change to your diet or your,caloric intake one thing I do like is,that life sum markets their product by,promoting Better Health and not just,weight loss they even put together a,health test and they ask you about 40,questions for your current eating and,exercise habits and then the results of,the test they dont automatically get,factored into the apps recommendations,for you but it does help provide you,with information on which habits you,should focus on to improve your health,one negative aspect that was pointed out,by my colleague who is a nutrition coach,was the pre-loaded diets that are in the,app they had things like fasting diets,keto diets paleo clean eating most of,the meal plans come with a 21 Day meal,plan and a grocery list that are,designed to help you stick to whatever,diet that you choose but she found this,problematic because if youre trying to,have a healthy relationship with food,these diets can make people think that,they have to drastically change their,way of eating in order to make progress,and thats not true so this could also,lead you to yo-yo dieting because some,of these diets are not sustainable for,long periods of time however overall I,feel like the app is perfect for someone,like me who just wants a convenient way,to log my food with the ability to,customize my calories and macros how I,want I preface this with the fact that I,also work with the nutritionist so she,helps me know exactly how many calories,I need to achieve my goals and the,macronutrient breakdown of carbs,proteins and fats which is crucial when,you want to lose or gain weight safely,there are certain aspects of how life,some works that I think are really great,theres also things that Id like to,change about the app if I could so I,just want to dive into what I like and,what I dont like so heres what I liked,about the app first off the app has a,huge database of foods that encompasses,information from five verified food,databases and also foods that have been,created by its users however I wouldnt,recommend using the unverified foods if,you can help it send since theyre not,as accurate as the verified Foods one of,the best features of lifesim app is the,ability to customize your intake by,adjusting your calorie and macronutrient,targets so your carbs your fats are,proteins without this feature I probably,wont even use this app because I,wouldnt follow the apps,recommendations for calorie and,macronutrient targets the benefit of,customizing your intake is being able to,tailor your nutrition to your specific,needs because everyone is different,everybody needs different calorie and,macros that work best for them this app,is also fantastic for its recipe,database they have over

Lifesum App Review | Everything you need to know in 2021

coming up is my review on the lifestyle,app,[Music],[Applause],[Music],hi im gemma from stag fitness the,livestock app is an app that i use,on a daily basis and several times,during the day to track my calories,macros and how healthy my intake of food,and drink has been throughout the day,and the week ive used a couple of,different apps to track my calories and,weight,such as my fitness pal but after reading,about the lyso map,i decided to make the switch about six,months ago and have to say,its probably the best app ive used to,drop my calories at macros etc,it fits in perfectly in my daily routine,and i found that it can be really useful,aside from tracking your food the app,also rates your food and meals,tracks habits and gives reminders,connects to partner apps,has a wide range of diets to choose from,and a huge selection of meal ideas and,recipes to name a few,as always if you do find this video,useful dont forget to hit the like,button,and please drop any comments or,questions in the comments box below,about the live summer,[Music],food and drink tracking is the main,standout feature for the live summer,i found tracking my food and drink,extremely easy with the lifestyle app,thanks to his apps huge food and drink,database,ive yet to find a food or drink item,that i couldnt find within the app,a feature i particularly like about the,app is the fact that it weights,each individual food item and your,overall meals,with a rating not only does each item,hold its own rating,but the app will also raise the overall,meal and its done in a super user,friendly way by using the smiley face,system,another great feature is something i set,up when i initially started using the,livestream app,was tracking my habits these one tap,trackers help create,new habits and also the one tap just,makes it such a quick and easy feature,you can create three habit trackers or,just one whichever you fancy,your options are to track your water,intake fruit intake and vegetable intake,i personally find the water one really,helpful as ive set up the app to remind,me to drink,more water the short-cut feature is,really useful you can save individual,food and drink items and meal items that,you can just quickly switch back to,as and when needed,[Music],the meal plans in this app are so good,theres a meal plan for everyone no,matter your preference,its all designed to keep it simple and,to help you get the results you want,when you start using the app this,includes 7 to 21 days of pre-pan meals,which include breakfast lunches dinners,and snacks affordable and easy 5,ingredients or less meals digital,shopping lists,and also customized plans for your,personal tastes the different meal plans,you can choose from,are vegan for a week sugar detox paleo,and protein weight loss just to name a,few there are many more,the diets this is where lifestyle uses,different approaches and strategies,to maintain or reach your goals you just,have to find the right one that works,for you,and your lifestyle and your taste the,great part about this side of the app,is that it allows you to start swap or,stop,a particular diet plan whenever you want,to they can be personalized based on,your goals and preferences,they have simple rules or guides to make,them easy to follow,and this part is completely optional if,its not your thing i personally find it,quite useful to have that guidance there,depending on my current goal there are,different plans within each category,so on the losing weight category you,have the options of,ketostrict 5-2 diet mediterranean diet,or high protein to name a few im,currently doing,high protein weight loss plan to get me,in shape for my holiday,in the maintaining weight category some,of the options are classic,clean eating food for strength or,scandinavian to name a few,and in the gaining weight category your,options are classic,food for strength clean eating or,scandinavian,so if you do want that extra help and,guidance the choice is always there,the recipe section in this app is,incredible ive tried a few things from,it now,and have had rave compliments from steve,there are hundreds to choose from,and easy to follow with new ones being,added all the time they are created by,lysons in-house professional chefs and,nutritionist,they are also shaped to be healthy tasty,and leave you feeling satisfied,the recipes shown to you on your app,will be personalized based on your goals,diet and allergies and have detailed,nutritional information,something i do find myself checking,regularly is my daily,and weekly lifestyle scores these will,show you whats going well,and how to improve your food and drink,intake one of the key things that,attracted me to the lifestyle,and what i do find invaluable still is,the fact that it integrates with my,apple watch,so my daily steps workouts and just,general calories burnt through living,is trapped on the livestock map for me,without me having to manually add it,thus giving a more accurate reading now,there are several subscription options,available,all can be cancelled at any time you can,use the app for free,but some of the features wont be,available to you its definitely worth,subscribing though,as you will get more out of the app,which i will be doing for sure now that,im totally happy with it,one month subscription is no need to,know three month subscription is 6.99,but billed quarterly,and 12 months subscription is 3.33,filled,at 39.99 annually im totally sold with,this app,i love it i use it daily if you did find,this video useful dont forget to hit,the like button please drop any comments,or questions in the comments box below,and please consider subscribing

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Lifesum vs MyFitnessPal (UPDATED) | Lifesum App Review | Free vs Premium | Weight Loss Review

what is life sum and how do i best use,it is the premium version worth it,and how does it compare to my fitness,pal and be sure to stay until the end,because well tell you not only what,life sum has to offer compared to my,fitness pal,both the free and paid versions but also,the bigger context of weight loss,science to get the most out of any,calorie counting app,so regardless of what you pick youll,know what to watch out for hi lucy here,nutritionist at coachviva.com,the place for analytical thinkers who,refuse to hide from the facts or cave to,excuses,if thats you subscribe to our channel,and hit the bell icon to be notified,every week of new science fact and,practical videos,to help you lose weight on your terms,also heads up a few spots have opened up,for the free 1-1 consultation for our,badass body boss program,so stick around until the end for the,announcement on that now my co-coach,rachel will get us started,first i want to show you how livesome,works when you start,you enter basic body stats and thats it,it suggests your plan based off your,goal,your the basic body stats you entered,and how fast youd like to lose weight,then live some will recommend you a,daily calorie goal you can get more,customization on your plan if you pay,premium,which i will cover later then you can,start logging your foods like breakfast,lunch dinner and water too,you can look up foods yourself or you,can scan barcodes on packaged foods,after you log foods for a meal lifesome,gives you guidance on whether or not you,can eat more calories or cut back on,some,life some also has some tips and hints,sprinkled throughout the app to help,guide you on decision making if you are,new to weight,loss if you log a lot of frequent foods,or cook a lot you can favorite certain,foods and save your recipes for quick,ass because later,you can also log exercise but if you,want to sync workouts from fitbit or,whatever is your favorite tracker you,will have to pay for premium,finally you can track your weight and,waist measurement to see whether or not,youre making progress,and that sums up the free features now,what about the premium features and who,are they best for,really the bulk of life some,functionality is in their premium,features,and the prices are listed here so who do,we recommend premium,version for if you fall under one of,these three buckets,first you really want detailed nutrition,feedback,only if you really need to set macro,goals and specifically one detailed,nutrition like maybe monitor sugar,intake if pre-diabetic,most people dont need macro or other,nutrition feedback when just starting,out with weight loss,but if you tend to only go for empty,calories in order to lose weight and end,up feeling hungry all the time,or you have a relevant medical condition,then tracking macros may be a good idea,finally you can also set food group,habits like tracking vegetables and,fruits,this can be great to help guide you into,eating more of the healthy stuff in less,of the empty calories,youre very just tell me what to do so,they offer meal plans for different diet,types like,different variations of keto high,protein clean eating etc that fit your,preferences,you can either choose strict meal plans,where you get exactly all the recipes,you need,these are one to three week only,programs which is reasonable since from,our experience no one is able to stick,to a strict meal plan for long,or you can pick a plan where they tweak,your calories and macros and suggest you,particular recipes,but you still have the freedom to figure,out how you want to eat to fit within,the guidelines,if you cook a lot and like to meal plan,then you may like this feature,or if you want recipe suggestions that,fit your calorie and macro goals i,generally,find that when looking for recipes to,fit goals in the moment this often isnt,useful since i cant follow exactly what,the recipe,says because i dont often have the,exact ingredients with me in the moment,but this is good for getting ideas and,meal planning ahead of time you want,more measurement and high level guidance,metrics,with premium you can track other body,measurements other than weight and waste,like body fat,chest hips etc now we do think its very,important to track body fat percentage,if you dont want to pay premium just,for this info though weve linked a,calculator,below where you can use your weight plus,body measurements to compute your body,fat percentage,this is likely what life sum is doing,under the hood for themselves anyway,you get more analytics like meal ratings,where lifestyle rates your meals,according to how overall healthy they,are,if youre very new to nutrition and,dieting this can be very helpful for you,and you can also get a weekly life score,which summarizes how well youve been,doing,with a score of 130 to 150 being perfect,and below 70 being off track,lifestyle figures out your life score,based on a questionnaire about your,current nutrition and exercise habits,plus all the food and habits youve been,tracking over the week,and finally if youre highly active and,want to sync life some with your fitness,trackers,youll need the premium version although,stick around until the end because we,talk about the three big mistakes people,make,using calorie apps because misusing,exercise calories is definitely one of,them,so how does lifesome compare to,myfitnesspal im going to assume that if,youre watching this video you already,know how to use myfitnesspal but if not,we did a detailed review for it here are,you already using myfitnesspal or,livesome right now,comment below with myfitnesspal or,lifesome if so first,lets look at what makes the free,version of lifesome better than,myfitnesspal,the database is much cleaner there,arent so many false entries as you see,in myfitnesspal,although it can still happen like this,88 000 calorie protein shake i found the,other day,livesome has a simpler ui than,myfitnesspal so its easier to use to,log common foods,and most people find the colors and,animations to be more fun looking,it also has in-app tips and,notifications telling you if you have,lots of room left to fill in a target,or when youre going over like dinner,isnt far off drink a glass or two of,water beforehand,now what makes the free version of,myfitnesspal better than lifesum,myfitnesspal has a much larger food,database which means you are more likely,to find,uncommon or new to the market foods in,myfitnesspal than livesum myfitnesspal,also continues to have an active,customer base which means new foods get,added constantly it also has a large,community,if youre someone who loves group,participation and accountability then,myfitnesspals community will be very,attractive for you,you can follow other myfitnesspals users,posts and if they have given permission,see their food diary and weight progress,unlike feature of life some you can,actually access the recipes in,myfitnesspals for each year,and you can also set macro goals in,myfitnesspal for free and while you,dont get the in-app tips,and hints that livestream has,myfitnesspal comes with a collection of,blog posts that you can read to still,get educated,but it will take some browsing on your,part myfitnesspal also has a few free,step-by-step plans to help you reach,goals like high protein,where you get week by week guidance on,how to get more protein into your plan,these plans are typically 28 days long,and finally its more customizable,you can add up to six different meals,and name them whatever you want,with lifestyle youre restricted to just,breakfast lunch dinner and snacks,as for the paid versions what makes life,sound better than myfitnesspal,as far as the paid versions are,concerned livesome is cheaper than,myfitnesspal and it does include a lot,of features that the paid version of,myfitnesspal does not have,for instance some features that the paid,version of myfitnesspal lacks that,lifesome has,are tracking habits like fruits and,vegetables instead of just calories and,macro

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Myfitnesspal vs Lifesum vs Noom Review – The Better weight loss app is?

[Music],are you wanting to start tracking your,macros and calories and are looking to,lose weight well in this video im going,to be sharing the key differences,between myfitnesspal lifesome,and new im going to share my,experiences with them,and hopefully that can help you decide,which app is right for you,so lets just jump right into the,comparison lets talk about,the price myfitnesspal offers a free,subscription,they have a one month free trial and,then you can start paying,9.99 a month for their paid services,that unlocks more features in the app,compared to the free version live sum,has,a free version and a paid,version for around 21.99,for three months which when compared to,the monthly price would be around,a little under seven dollars and fifty,cents now looking to noon,noom offers a paid subscription you can,use the app for free however,it wouldnt make much sense if you,didnt already pay for it,the paid subscription is for six months,at 150 dollars i do know that they have,alternate plans,but that runs you at about 25 dollars a,month,so overall in this category live some,wins at being the cheaper option of the,three,now lets look at the key differences,between each of the apps so my fitness,pal is geared more towards athletes as,they,are run by under armour and under armour,does offer,a few exercises and articles within that,app,if you have the paid subscription you,will see less of the ads,and then you go to a separate page to,look at your diary,and see the food you added one big key,thing,that my fitness pal stands out above the,rest is that,when you are blocking your food the,options to allow your food,are greater than in the other two apps,they have a larger database,that can most likely when you scan the,barcode the food has already been,tracked so that is a huge benefit when,you are relying heavily on scanning your,products,and putting them into your diary to,track your food myfitnesspal offers,a photo comparison so you are able to,look at your progress between two photos,so you take a picture and enter in your,weight,and then whenever you have another,weigh-in,you can look at that picture side by,side that feature is really cool and it,makes,my fitness pal stand out i would say,that my fitness pal is definitely the,tried and true og,so if youre just looking for something,very basic,that just gets the job done and youre,not too worried about,aesthetics then myfitnesspal is your,option,my sons interface is very beautiful,it i think it is done very well as,aesthetically pleasing,and a joy to use in my opinion it does,outshine the other two apps as the,interface is very clean,and straight to the point you can see,your,macros on the front page along with your,calorie budget,unlike my this palette where you do have,to enter into a different screen,to see those differences i do like that,lysone has them right on the front page,they also offer a cute little water,tracker at the bottom,so you can fill up each cup as you drink,water throughout the day if that is,something that you,are being very conscious of it also,helps you just to fill in the page,because it is very,nice to do so unlike myfitnesspal,livestocks database isnt as large,as myfitnesspal however license does,have a pretty,good database you do get the option of,when you scan an item if it doesnt come,up you can,enter it in manually and then if you are,eating the same foods,that time would only be a one-time,occurrence as you could then,just scan it on your next time so that,is something really good to note about,buy some license does offer its services,at a lower price,they do also offer different,diet within the app so they are really,catered on just fitting,everyones needs as they have diets,ranging from,paleo intermittent fasting plant-based,and clean eating there are more diets,within the app however those are a few,to know i would definitely,recommend like some if you are someone,who is more drawn to apps just because,of the interface it also is up the,cheaper price,and you do get a lot out of it when you,do pay,for the subscription i have had the,subscription in the past and i did,really enjoy using livestock,license is a great app and if you are,just looking for,another way to diary up your food and,take a food block,then i definitely think life song is a,great app to use,now lets take a look at new new claims,to be,unlike the other weight loss apps as,they are more of,a psychology based weight loss,app they claim to offer you one-on-one,coaching,within the app they do use a color,system,and they rank your food between green,yellow and red they encourage you to eat,more green foods as they,are lower calories and supposedly more,filling,whereas the red foods are highly,calorically dense,in the app you are offered your,one-on-one coaching where you can,message,one of their nutrition specialists,im not sure what their credentials are,however they are claiming to be,as experts in their field they do,offer you private messaging that you can,message them at any time,i have used the services i did not have,the best experience,with those private coaches it kind of,felt a little bit,preschool a little elementary when going,back and forth,they would ask you what you think you,can do better and then you can just kind,of reiterate what youve already learned,from the app,i also want to note that within the app,you are greeted with,a new article or activity,to complete every morning which does,start,becoming a little bit time consuming i,believe that they think that if you have,weight loss and health on your mind at,all times that you are to succeed,however in my opinion i do not think,that knowledge,always plays a huge part on success,so i could know a lot about losing,weight and i could still,keep gaining it its all about willpower,so i do know that they try,to find out the psychology behind it and,hopefully change your attitude,towards living a more healthy lifestyle,i was able to lose a few pounds off the,app,however i was just tracking my food and,the weight did come off,probably if i would have used any other,app if you,are new and a beginner to weight loss,and you just want to learn as much as,you can,about becoming a more healthy person,then i suggest noom is a great fit for,you however if youre somebody who has,already,had a background or did some of your own,research on nutrition,and just becoming an overall person noom,is not going to offer you as much of a,benefit,as it would someone who is brand new as,they just,you know they have science-backed,articles however they are a little bit,repetitive if youve already done some,of your own research,so overall i would say livestock was the,better choice,it is the cheaper option it has a great,interface,easy to use and lots of options for diet,variations,however i hope that you can use this,video as a tool to decide which of these,apps,best benefits you and your new found,health journey,if you are a beginner and you need more,of a one-on-one hand-holding,experience then noom is your bet if my,fitness pal,is the one that stood out to you the,most youre looking to see side by side,comparisons as you are,more into weightlifting or athletics,then i definitely suggest my fitness pal,for you,overall the decision is yours thank you,so much for watching,i hope that this video helped you decide,which weight loss app is right for you,if youd like to see more videos like,this please comment down below,any ideas youd like to see on my next,video give this video a thumbs up if you,got any value from it,and please subscribe if you havent,already my channel is centered around,health wellness and lifestyle and if,this is something you want to see,i do upload every week thank you again,bye

Lifesum introduction: welcome to the app!

if you are new to lifesome this is the,video for you,lifesum is a great tool to help you,reach your health goals whatever they,are,[Music],there are a stack of features to make,your journey easier so lets go through,the main ones,choose your health goal gender age,height,weight and weight goal we need this,information to calculate the,personalized calorie and macro count you,should consume,each day in order to reach your goal,dont forget to sign up with your email,google facebook or apple account,[Music],now the life circle in a diary will show,you your daily calories goal,our aim is to stay in this range,lifesome works better if you plan your,day in advance,lets track a breakfast all you have to,do is search for an item on the food,database,note that life sums verified items will,have a blue badge on them,now choose a serving amount its,possible to see all the nutritional,information of this item,[Music],see a happy face this is the meal rating,according to the diet that you were on,the life circle has changed now you know,how many calories you have left to eat,dont forget to add any snacks you may,have had during the day on the snack,session,you can manually track exercises or,connect tracking partners to the app,to close the day perfectly check the,amount of calories you have left in the,day,and try to find recipe inspiration,you can have an overview of your,nutrition by checking the daily progress,tab,keep track of your body measurements and,weight so you can easily see,improvements and get motivated to keep,going,the app also has water vegetable and,fruit trackers so you can improve your,health habits,check your life score and make sure you,are on track with your health,[Music],lifesome has a range of delicious and,nutritious diet and meal plans available,[Music],take the test to see which diet is most,suited to your goal and your lifestyle,have an amazing journey and keep,tracking,lifezone healthy living simplified

LIFESUM Worth Your Time?? | Lifesum App Review | How to use Lifesum Effectively

hello everyone its Taylor here and if,you couldnt tell by the title of the,video we are using life some today okay,so if youre new to my channel Im,Taylor and Ive previously have done a,video on life some verses MyFitnessPal,you can go ahead and watch that video,will be down below Im gonna show you,how I use life some and all the features,that it has and if its actually worth,it or not I go on and off with using,life some of my fitness pal it just,depends on how Im feeling that week or,what Im doing that week if I need to,track my calories if I need to be in a,calorie deficit or in a caloric surplus,thats when I will track my calories,I dont do this everyday I dont do it,every week I do it probably about three,times every two months so its not very,a regular thing that I do so first thing,Im gonna show you is all the features,that live some has to offer so as you,can see right at the top of the screen,it says 30% off premium and I dont have,premium I dont see a point in having,premium considering I dont use life,some for any of the premium features,its just literally there for me to,track my calories in the middle its,like a little green bubble screen and,this tells me how many calories I have,left for the day how many Ive eaten and,how many gets burned,also the carbs protein and fat so,underneath the carbs protein and fat you,can see how many grams of protein and,stuff like that I have left and thats,just like a recommended dose based off,of the plan that I have because you take,a quiz at the beginning so let me show,you so when you sign up for the app it,asks you to take a quiz to see which,type plan or meal plan suits you best I,dont need to take the test because I,already know which plan I have from,taking it when I first signed up I have,whats recommended to me which is the,clean eating plan I chose the most basic,one which is just the classic balanced,diet plan they have different ones they,have the food for strength the clean,eating the Mediterranean Scandinavian,and these are all based off of the fact,that I chose to be healthier and then,theres other ones like the keto and,fasting and then the enhanced health as,you can see here these are just like,little details about the plan that I,have so the classic one is just theres,no off limit foods its generally,healthy eating my goal is to eat just,over probably sixteen hundred calories a,day,50% of the diet is carbs twenty is my,protein and thirty is my fat and if you,scroll down just a little farther it,tells you to do some duds of things that,you should incorporate,and shouldnt incorporate into your diet,quickly go over to recipes recipes is,only offered with the Premium Membership,if youre someone who needs more guide,into healthy meals then this would be,great for you especially if you plan on,using the app with the premium features,so you can only actually get the recipes,with the Premium Membership which for me,I dont need because I dont really need,to look at meals its not because I,dont use the app all that often its,not very beneficial for me Im gonna be,paying money to not be using the app in,its fullest potential either way,considering I cycle on and off the app,every few months as you can see it gives,you tons of options for breakfast lunch,and dinner and even snack ones and up at,the top you can see that it says classic,lactose intolerant so if youve any food,allergies you can always put them in and,search for recipes that dont have,anything like that in them the plus sign,just lets you add in breakfast lunch,snacks dinner,weight water etc its a little faster,than going into your diary so its all,here right on the screen for you and you,just click on one and you add it in it,says search for food or brand or scan,the barcode and well get to that in a,little bit and if you go back to diary,you can see here that if you go down it,will let you add in your breakfast lunch,and dinner snacks exercise and whatnot,here all on your home page alright so,now I could take you through how you can,add in your meals and add in your food,throughout the day so I havent put in,any my breakfast this morning and Im,gonna show you how I would do that here,on the life side mat so as you see here,Im just gonna go to the little plus,sign and Im gonna click on breakfast so,now here it says search for food or,brand so I had oatmeal this morning so,the first thing Im gonna put in is my,oatmeal and since I do not have the,packaging I cant scan the barcode so,Im just gonna search for it and luckily,I know what brand I use if you dont,know go ahead and scan your package or,just remember and write it down so I use,rolled oats right here so Im gonna use,this one so if you searched for it,instead of scan you click on the one,that youre choosing this screen is,gonna pop up showing you which one you,chose and its gonna ask you to add two,diary show you the suggested serving,size as well as how many calories and,then it shows you the nutritional,information so for just the rolled oats,its 72% carbs 13% protein and 15% fat,and then if you scroll down a little,further it will show you how many grams,of each,so Im just gonna add half a cup to my,diary because I estimated this morning,and it was probably just about half okay,so now that you have the first thing and,anything that you can scan you should,just scan into it because its gonna be,so much easier so two things I enjoy,putting into my oatmeal or almond milk,and white goes triple zero yogurt Im,gonna scan these two items into my app,and then show you the results so for the,yoghurt Im gonna scan the barcode just,like so it says 144 calories and you go,down and its 48 percent of carbs to 2,percent protein and 0% fat Im gonna add,this in the seven point nine ounces as a,serving but I did not have seven point,nine ounces which is 3/4 a cup I did not,have that much so Im going to lower it,so Im adding about 50 grams that I used,considering I only use like a tablespoon,of the Greek yogurt I really dont need,to add in 3/4 cup because I didnt use,that much just thing I am going to skin,is definitely my almond milk because,its just super easy considering this is,the store brand and its not like any,special like brand that everyone uses as,you see and it says one cup is 60,calories and I didnt use one cup either,so Im gonna change thats probably,about half a cup up considering I like,to add a little in before I microwave it,and then add some more in after Im done,it so the last thing I like to put in my,oatmeal every day when I eat it is this,PB to fit so Im just gonna scan this,into the app instead of typing it,because I have the product right here,Ill scan that in and I didnt have two,tablespoons of that either I probably,had half a tablespoon were gonna just,change that as well and so once youre,done adding everything in that youve,eaten for that meal youre gonna press,done and then it brings you back to your,home screen and tells you how the amount,of calories that you have left should,change as well as the amount of grams,you have left / carbs protein and fat,and then if you scroll down just a,little bit farther it will show you how,many calories you ate for breakfast as,well how many calories youre under and,or over so if you take the time to learn,how to use life some it can be very easy,to use it can be very helpful to,everyday life,I like the aesthetic part of it Im not,sure how I really feel about the whole,app in general I personally do think My,Fitness Pal is way easier to use so I do,think if youre someone who prefers life,some you like the aesthetic of it you,like the way that,looks you like or you just think that,you might like Seif sums premium,membership better than definitely its,worth it its definitely worth taking,the time to learn it and use it and play,around with it but if youre looking for,something more simple and just straight,to the point I would definitely,recommend something like MyFitnessPal,alright guys and that is it that is how,I use the life

Lifesum vs MyFitnessPal for Weight Loss | Lifesum App Review | Free vs Premium

– What is Lifesum?,And how do I best use it?,Is the premium version worth it?,And how does it compare to MyFitnessPal?,By the end of this video,,youll know the answer to all of those questions.,And be sure to stay until the end,because well tell you not only,what Lifesum has to offer compared to MyFitnessPal,,both free and paid versions,,but also the bigger context of weight loss science,so that you can get the most,out of any calorie counting app.,By the end of this video,,youll have the answers to all of those questions.,And be sure to stay until the end,because well tell you not only,what Lifesum has to offer compared to MyFitnessPal,,both the free and paid versions,,but the bigger context of weight loss science,to get the most out of any calorie counting app,,so regardless of what you pick,,youll know what to watch out for.,Hi, Richa and Lucy here from coachviva.com.,For the best advice,on how to be a badass body boss for life,,subscribe to our channel (mouse clicking),and hit the bell icon to be notified of videos every week.,And before we begin, I wanna quickly announce,that a few spots have opened up,for our free one-on-one consultation,for our Badass Body Boss program,,so make sure you stay until the end of this video,for the announcement on that.,Now, lets get started. (air whooshing),- First I want to show you how Lifesum works.,When you start, you enter basic body stats.,Thats it.,It suggests you a plan from the get-go, basic body stats,,and how fast youd like to lose weight.,Then Lifesum will recommend you a daily calorie goal.,You can get more customization on your plan,if you pay premium, which Ill cover later.,Then you can start logging your foods,,like breakfast, lunch, dinner, and water too.,You can look at foods yourself,,or you can scan barcodes on packaged foods.,After you log foods for a meal,,Lifesum gives you guidance on whether or not,you can eat more calories or cut back on some.,Lifesum also has some tips and hints sprinkled,throughout the app to help guide you,on decision-making if youre very new to weight loss.,If you log a lot of frequent foods or cook a lot,,you can favorite certain foods and save your recipes,for quick access later.,You can also log exercise,,but if you want to sync workouts from Fitbit,,or whatever is your favorite tracker,,youll have to pay premium.,Finally, you can track your weight and waist,to see whether or not youre making progress.,And that sums up the free features.,- Now what about the premium features,,and who are they best for?,Really the bulk of Lifesums functionality is,in their premium features,,and the prices are listed here.,So who do we recommend the premium version for?,If you fall under one of these three buckets.,One, you really want detailed nutrition feedback,,and you really have no idea kind of where to go right now.,So only if you need to set macro goals,and specifically want detailed nutrition,,like maybe monitor sugar intake because of pre-diabetes.,Now, most people dont need macro,or other nutrition feedback,when just starting out with weight loss,,but if you tend to only go for empty calories,in order to lose weight,,and end up feeling hungry all the time,,or, of course, have some medical condition,,then sure, go for it.,You can also set food group habits on the premium version,,like tracking vegetables, and fruits, and seafood,,and this can be great help to guide you,to eating more of the health stuff,and less empty calories too.,Two, youre very much a just tell me what to do,kind of person.,Because Lifesum offers meal plans for different diet types,of different variations,,like keto, high protein, clean eating,,that fit a lot of peoples preferences.,And you can choose strict meal plans,where you get exactly all the recipes you need.,And these are one to three week only programs,,which is reasonable, since from our experience,,no one is able to stick to a strict meal plan for long,,not even professional bodybuilders.,Or you can pick a plan,where they tweak your calories and macros,and food group suggestions for you,,and recommend you particular recipes,,but you still have the freedom to figure out what exactly,you want to eat to fit those guidelines.,If you cook a lot and like to meal plan,,then you may like the recipes feature,,or if you want recipe suggestions,that fit your calorie and macro goals.,I generally find that when looking for recipes,to fit my goals in the moment, this often isnt useful,since I cant follow the recipe exactly,,because I often dont have the exact ingredients,with me in the moment.,But this is really good for getting ideas,and good for meal planning ahead of time,,so you know what will fit,in your usual lunch and dinner budgets.,And number three, its for you if you want more measurement,and high-level guidance metrics.,So with the premium version,,you can track other body measurements,other than just weight and waist.,Like body fat, chest, hips, et cetera.,And Richa and I think its very important,to track body fat percentage.,If you dont want to pay premium just for this info,,weve linked a calculator below,where you can use your weight and body measurements,to compute your body fat percentage.,And this is likely what Lifesum is doing,under the hood themselves anyway.,You get more analytics like meal ratings,where Lifesum rates your meals according,to how overall healthy they are,,and if youre new to nutrition and dieting,,this can be very helpful for you.,And you can also get a weekly Life Score,,which summarizes how well youve been doing,,with a score of 130 to 150 being perfect,and below 70 being off track.,Lifesum figures out your Life Score based on a questionnaire,about your current nutrition and exercise habits,plus all the foods and habits that youve been tracking,over the week.,And finally, if youre highly active,and want to sync Lifesum with your other fitness trackers,,youll need to get the premium version for that.,Although stick around until the end of this video,,where we talk about the three big mistakes,people make using calorie apps.,Because misusing exercise calories is,definitely one of them. (air whooshing),- So how does Lifesum compare to MyFitnessPal?,Im going assume that if youre watching this video,,you already know how to use MyFitnessPal.,But if not, we did a detailed review for it right here.,Are you already using MyFitnessPal or Lifesum right now?,Comment below with MFP or Lifesum if so.,First, lets look at what makes the free version of Lifesum,better than MyFitnessPal.,The database is much cleaner.,There arent so many false entries,as you see in MyFitnessPal,,although it can still happen,,like this 88,000 calorie protein shake,I found the other day.,Lifesum has much simpler UI than MyFitnessPal,,so its easier to use to log common foods.,And most people find the colors and animations,to be more fun looking.,It also has in-app tips and notifications telling you,if you have lots of room left to fill a target,,or when youre going over,,like, “Dinner isnt far off,,”drink a glass or two of water beforehand.”,Now, what makes the free version of MyFitnessPal,better than Lifesum?,MyFitnessPal has much larger food database,,which means youre more likely to find uncommon,or newer-to-the-market foods in MyFitnessPal than Lifesum.,MyFitnessPal also continues to have an active customer base,,which means new foods get added constantly.,It also has a large community.,If youre someone who loves group participation,and accountability,,then MyFitnessPals community will be,very attractive for you.,You can follow other MyFitnessPal users posts,,and if they have given permission,,see their food diary and weight progress.,Unlike the free tier of Lifesum,,you can actually access the recipes,in MyFitnessPals free tier.,And you can also set macro goals,in my MyFitnessPal for free.,And while you dont get the in-app tips and hints,that Lifesum has,,MyFitnessPal comes with a collection of blog posts,that you can read to still get educated,,but

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