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  2. Lightyear — Christian Movie Review
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Should Christians Boycott Disney’s Lightyear?

so i love these guys,i was five years old when i first saw,him in the movie theater uh my whole,family we went out after moving from,california to washington state and saw,these guys on the big screen,and i was like i love these guys and i,woody was my favorite i dont know there,was just something about him that i just,really loved but lets be honest,buzz lightyear was the coolest he has,all the gadgets uh i mean the suit is,amazing the idea of being an astronaut,slash police officer i mean pixar knew,what they were doing when they made this,character and i mean,uh,its just proven with with my kids were,30 years almost which is insane to think,about but almost 30 years later my sons,love these guys especially buzz,lightyear my middle son hes autistic,and he just loves buzz so much when toy,story 4 came out he dressed up in his,buzz lightyear costume one of his,several costumes and uh he balled like a,baby,he was so upset when,uh woody and buzz split up he was so,distraught and uh so it was it was,pretty tragic actually but hes come,around on that movie and he was so,excited because as soon as i saw oh,theres a lightyear movie thats like,based off of the character that the toy,is based off in the movie,its kind of convoluted but a light year,movie was coming out so we watched that,trailer and it feels like weve been,watching that trailer ever since because,my boys,love that trailer and they always ask,for it and so we watch it quite a bit,and i was so excited you know to take,him out and lets all go out to the,movie theater as a family and see this,character that we all love,and were not going to do that because,theres content,in this movie that is not appropriate,for my sons or my family,and,it kind of breaks my heart to say that,because i love disney i love pixar my,middle son,the one who loves buzz so much the one,whos on the autism spectrum he is all,about pixar and he uses a lot of these,movies and sayings from the movies to be,able to communicate with his mom and me,and i was so excited to see his face,watching this guy and unfortunately,were not going to do that because,theres not just a moment a lot of,people a lot of christians are upset,about a specific moment in this movie a,same-sex kiss,and uh for me thats not as big a deal,because once again i live in canada and,things are different here but also,um you know there are things you can do,about a specific moment like i took my,oldest to go see ryze skywalker when it,came out a couple years ago and i think,hes watched it probably 10 times,altogether since then,and you know how many times hes,realized that there was a same-sex kiss,in the background at the end of that,movie,zero times,like because im able to distract him or,because its in the background because,its blurred out and hes focused on the,main characters he doesnt see it this,isnt like that,ive read it up i havent i havent seen,uh the movie and im not going to until,its probably on disney plus and when,the boys are all asleep and they cant,hear the buzz lightyear sounds,were gonna have to be very careful um,but uh from what i know it is an ongoing,theme in this movie about a same-sex,couple and their relationship and their,marriage and its one of the main,characters in the movie uh its a huge,aspect of the movie and i dont think,that you can just,you know lets go get popcorn and,theyre not going to be able to see it,or look over there so theyre distracted,for a moment thats not what this movie,is going to be,nor do i feel like i want to support,this movie,because of that i hope that disney sees,the box office i watch a lot of the box,office breakdowns and different things,here on youtube i love movies very,interested in what happens,with movie production all that kind of,stuff i really really enjoy it um so i,was pretty happy actually to see that,pixar didnt do very well with uh light,year this weekend that it underperformed,actually pretty significantly,and i hope that disney learns the lesson,from this,uh that maybe,uh families dont want you to bring so,much politics into your movie,you know talk about all different,aspects of growing up and i understand,that we live in this climate where,people are going to say that this is a,part of it but as a conservative,christian who stands on the bible and,reads it uh literally,i dont think you can wiggle out of the,sexual ethics of the bible and as,christians we need to stand up for those,ethics and when something is coming that,is against that we have to be very,careful about allowing our children to,see some of those things when they are,so young,because they are impressionable and i do,not want to have all the questions,raised that will come from this movie,now ive had to have a lot of those,conversations because again canada,but i dont want you know them to see,this relationship,and how its displayed in the movie as,being perfectly normal,uh and just assume that it is,and you know those kinds of thoughts get,buried down real deep and i dont want,that for my boys i dont think thats,appropriate its not what the bible says,so no we are not going to see,light year now were going to have a lot,of struggles with this movie its its,going to cause a lot,of chaos for us because,we love disney plus in our house and our,sons especially my autistic son loves,watching pixar stuff all the time,and,so if theyre going to keep lightyear at,the age rating that it is im not sure,if im going to be able to filter that,out through uh the the age ratings uh,filters,um,and so,if if its going to be on there and just,for anyone,were not going to have it and my kids,are going to be super disappointed,theyre going to be very upset,and im very disappointed and im very,upset about it because i love disney i,was on a stream a while back someone,asked me if i would boycott disney after,turning red,and even though i didnt like turning,red i actually think its one of the,worst pixar movies in a very long time,i mean i think cars 3 is even better so,that tells you,but,i was like no im not gonna boycott,disney i love disney and yeah they they,had some things i didnt think were,great for my kids to see but it went,clearly over my kids heads theyre like,theyre so young that they didnt care,all they saw was a red panda,but this movie is very different than,that and so yes,we are going to boycott disney and that,sounds really gross coming out of my,mouth but at the end of the day as a,christian we need to stand up for,christian ethics,and im not going to give my money to,something that is going to be so adverse,to that and i mean even like the star,not tim allen but uh chris evans,captain america he he said this is,always pushed back um i mean what would,you i mean how would you counter that i,suppose well i mean the real truth is,those people are idiots means theres,always going to be people who are,afraid and uh,unaware,and and trying to hold on to what was,before,but those people die off like dinosaurs,thanks a lot cap,i really appreciate that so no im not,going to be giving my money to chris,evans in this movie will i see other,movies that chris evans is in yes,um especially if theyre marvel related,but im not going to give my money and,say this was a good thing uh not to,light year,uh so were gonna wait on it and,hopefully we can,uh filter that out through our disney,plus so we dont have to get rid of it,but if it comes to it thats what were,gonna do,because,as much as we love,this character,we dont love it more than what the,bible says about sexual ethics and so,thats what were doing as a family,every familys to have to make up their,own decision based on uh the ages the,influence that their kids are um you,know able to take in and be able to,process for mine this is too much and so,were going to do what were going to do,about that so i do have a friend john,adams who had a live stream who talked,about this,extensively he did a really good job on,his live stream talking about all this,and actually got me,thinking ab

Lightyear — Christian Movie Review

hey whats up colliders welcome back to,the collision daniel here and pixar,studios is flying back into movie,theaters after stirring up some,controversy earlier this year with,turning red,pixar now sets its sights to infinity,and beyond and also stirring up more,controversy while its at it ive seen,it so lets talk about it,[Music],so like i said much like i think uh the,the turning red movie which is uh there,was just a lot of stuff to talk about a,lot of controversy especially coming at,it as a christian uh light year seems to,fall into that same camp i think this is,definitely a movie that people are going,to have opinions on have some thoughts,not maybe not quite in the same way as,we did for uh turning around but theres,definitely some stuff for christians to,be i think concerned about or aware of,or at least to to engage with and i,think most if you kind of follow pop,culture and stuff a lot of the pre kind,of release discussion of this movie,almost entirely centered around the kind,of alleged same-sex kiss which was,supposed to be in this movie and then,they apparently they edited that out and,then all the the backlash and the,florida bills and all that stuff,happened and kind of the pressure they,cave and they put it back in,and some a lot of the conversation,centered on that i think having seen,this movie i think a lot of the,post-release discussion will also center,on that and sort of the the lgbtq stuff,and uh and theres definitely stuff that,to talk about with that and we will talk,about that in this review uh but again,this is this is a review for a light,year uh as a movie as a whole uh not,just that one moment or not against,disney as a whole uh so well get to,that later in the show and in the,content to consider uh but as far as,this sort of the movie itself some of,the stuff going on with it its kind of,a weird uh its kind of a weird movie,its one that when the trailers released,i think a lot of people were kind of,confused like what is this how does this,this is buzz light gear we know buzz,lightyear but how does he connect to the,wider toy story franchise hes a,different voice actor he looks different,you know kind of what is this movie,and essentially the the the the concept,the premise of this movie is that this,is the movie that andy and toy story,watched in in world and sort of the toy,from toy story it was the toy that was,made based on this movie uh when i went,and saw this movie,alone as a grown up in a at an animated,kids movie they gave me this cool poster,which i was carrying around i felt,really cool about that of it kind of,summarizing the premise and hes,watching this sort of in-world movie in,a sense this is sort of like the star,wars of the uh,kind of the the toy story universe and,its an interesting concept they do some,some some kind of neat stuff with it i,think in in practice its not quite as,interesting as it sort of is uh in,theory because its so kind of meta of a,of a concept,it kind of lacks some of the this sort,of inventiveness and stuff that some of,the other pixar movies like soul or,inside out,or even turning red had uh you know,beyond sort of the uh the the suit uh,you know the recognizable suit and a,couple like the mannerisms of uh buzz,himself theres really not a whole lot,to connect uh you know light year to,toy story its not like tons of,callbacks and stuff there it isnt like,zerg is the bad guy and uh so you get,you get some of that but you do you do,kind of sacrifice some of this sort of,the the fresh kind of you know creative,explosion of ideas that sometimes you,get with pixar movies but on the flip,side i think what you do get is this a,highly entertaining and well crafted,this sort of space adventure movie uh so,ive complete if youve been watching,this channel for a while you know ive,as soon as i get kind of grumpy about,these sort of movies uh you know with my,cartoons i want them to be fun and,entertaining uh something i like a lot,of the pixar movies i even like turning,red a lot more than other christians,enjoyed that movie but one of my kind of,constant critiques is that i think uh,that because the pixel movies are are so,well done sometimes that that they kind,of take them stuff too seriously they,try and kind of you know explore a lot,of way more mature and deeper themes and,be kind of more of like just like a a,legit sort of movie that i think in the,process and as they sacrifice some of,just that fun entertaining hey this is,still a cartoon this is a movie you take,kids to we need laughs we need fun and,lightyear is definitely,uh doesnt fall victim to that uh that,same thing this is a fun movie it still,has some of the pixar like the emotional,beats and the some of the deeper drama,and stuff but most of that actually,comes in like the first third of the,movie and they kind of wrestle in with,stuff and really after that point this,just sort of morphs into a kind of a,full-on space adventure a lot of kind of,thrilling scenes and excitement and,fun and even some twists that even as an,adult i entirely didnt see coming so,this is definitely a fun movie uh and,kind of an engaging movie by no means,even if it is sort of dealing with some,some deeper themes,its not slow or boring by any means,probably the best part of this movie is,the crew,sort of buzz as he sort of on this,mission to defeat the evil zerg and his,robot army and all that kind of stuff,hes sort of on his own he has to kind,of team up with a crew of junior cadets,you sort of have these three very,interesting kind of diverse,collection of of characters and theyre,theyre funny theyre all theyre all,endearing they all kind of bring kind of,have their own unique charm there isnt,really like um you know heres the,serious one and heres the comic relief,one and theyre all kind of funny,theyre all theyre all entertaining and,a lot of the movie um because sort of,the main civilization is sort of blocked,off by the robots and most of the movie,is just sort of centered around these,sort of four at least after the first,third these four characters and kind of,their interaction and kind of the way,that they learn to to work together and,trust them and all that stuff i found,highly enjoyable but the standout,definitely uh sucks you sort of see him,in the in the trailer sort of the the ai,cat companion thing that made a lot of,laughs in the trailer he is just as,funny as he was in the trailer he is,great he steals he he really does steal,the movie kind of like,doug did and up or,the the previous pixar movie where hes,hes this funny hes sort of this quirky,uh character and i think lightyear is a,funny movie uh,but not in a way thats just sort of,forcing a bunch of gags or uh humor uh,the humor just it always feels earned it,always kind of comes naturally from just,the interactions of the characters and,not just sort of like oh we need a joke,we need to make kids laugh,so definitely more of like a mature,humor but not like a mature as like this,is for adults heres a dirty innuendo,joke but just this funny clever clever,joke so definitely a funny movie,so as far as content to consider kind of,on the surface here we go heres where a,lot of the discussion is going to center,so lets get the first couple out of the,way and then well get into the meat of,this thing uh profanity theres no,profanity violence theres no violence,other than like robots blowing up and,some cartoon stuff but sexuality so,thats where a lot of the discussion i,think on this movie is is going to,center,again kind of disney and picture have,been theyve been dipping their toes in,sort of this like lgbtq,representation in in other movies like,onward had a kind of a veiled illusion,and theres been this sort of little,pieces of it but really light years the,first one,uh that im aware of at least the first,kind of mainstream one where they take,the full plunge into,into that and it is it has never been,more kind of overt or kind of upfront,and again a lot of the discussion befor

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Should Christians Kids See Lightyear?

as christian parents we are called to,train our kids up in righteousness were,called to train our kids in following,after the lord and uh consistently over,the years i know that ive,bumped up against this a couple times,i only have two kids i have a,six-year-old and a three-year-old and,the call to,be a person who trains them in the lord,thats an enormous call and i think the,more that we can kind of understand um,that that is an enormous calling on our,lives that that is gods gift on our,lives that we are,every single day that you wake up that i,wake up we are called to have this kind,of life where we train our kids for,godliness i think,its important for us to understand it,and it comes in all sorts of different,forms it comes in the form of training,them of the things to do in the lord,right the things that they should be,about,and it also comes in the form of kind of,keeping things from them i think thats,a major thing that we,kind of get wrong in our day and age,right now a lot is what does it actually,look like to keep our kids um,holy what does that look like in their,lives to keep them,holy um,i know for me,i i dont struggle with the you know,desire to keep the kids holy i struggle,with understanding what we should keep,in and out of their lives i think as i,was growing up uh,we watched,movies a lot um and i dont know,that i i mean i know my parents were,intentional about the stuff that we,watched but i dont know that i ever,knew what was being you know,intentionally kept away from us or,whatever,and uh and so i think me as a parent,today um,its something that i take seriously,but i am probably more lenient than many,people would probably be,um,its just you know hey my kids are,strong in their theology theyre strong,in their love for the lord,and so,uh if they hear a curse word or two in a,movie that doesnt bother me all that,much but,what were talking about today is buzz,lightyear in the new the new movie that,came out and how,i think parents need to be careful when,looking at this movie if theyre,thinking about bringing their kids to,this movie,um because it,it is propagating a certain type of,ideology that people might not want for,their kids and i think its okay,its okay to not want certain things for,your kids i think all too often right,now,people are afraid,theyre afraid of coming across as a,bigot theyre afraid of coming across as,somebody who has whos not up with the,times and i think its okay to not be a,person whos always up with the times i,think its okay to say hey look i dont,like the way that the times are going,right now and so im going to live my,life in a different direction i think,that that is wise parenting i think,thats good parenting,and so,the funny thing about this whole buzz,lightyear thing is,it was supposed to be a humongous box,office hit people were supposed to go,and see this movie in droves they were,supposed to watch it over and and it was,supposed to blow up,and it tanked,i think that thats so funny that it,just absolutely tanked it didnt do well,in box offices only got 51 million,dollars in box offices and they were,expecting this thing to have i think it,was a hundred million um in the first,week and so,it was a flop for them and um i think,theres a couple reasons why i think the,first reason why if you you know coming,out of the pandemic uh,man what a huge incredible blessing it,was to be able to watch brand new movies,at your house on your own couch i mean,we watched uh the sonic movie the other,day and i thought it was incredible,um but it was before it kind of had like,i guess,released and were not talking about,like torrenting right they were talking,about actual getting this thing and um,and so,we bought it for extra money than it,would have been and um i dont know i,love the idea of not having to leave my,house my wife on the other hand she,hates it she loves going to the cinema,she loves being a part of sitting in the,seats and all that and i do too at a,certain level but boy i if i could if i,could stay home for the rest of my,entire life i would just stay home for,the rest of my life i love being at my,house theres a reason i bought a house,because i like being here my friends,make fun of me i dont care im a,homebody,and so i think thats one of the reasons,if you if youre talking about,you know people got used to this,especially on disney plus we got used to,movies coming out and we got used to,being able to watch it at our house and,so i think thats one of the reasons why,um,why that movie might have tanked,but other movies are not tanking right,now youve got the jurassic park movie,that came out i hear its awesome that,that movie came out its doing really,well the,um top gun movie that came out and that,maverick whatever its called that thing,apparently is,the best movie people have ever seen i,hear people talking about it all the,time but,um for some reason those movies are,doing really really really well and this,light year movie is not now,one of the reasons,is the big controversial reason,people are saying that there is um,not saying there is actually,a lesbian kiss scene and uh people,people were not happy now so much so,that different governments around the,world said were not going to release,this film unless you give us an,alternative version and so it was taken,out of the the movie out of the script,and then i guess,disney put it back in now im i dont i,dont hate disney i live in orlando,florida,disney is like everything here i dont,hate,disney but what i dont like is,people trying to force,certain ideology onto kids and i i i,understand look im a im a level-headed,dude okay i understand the desire for,people who say well what about what,about kids that grow up differently we,want to have something for them to to,say like you know my family looks,different or i have these different,feelings and so they want to have,representation there i understand that,however however,it is such a minuscule part of the,population that i dont think that its,the best idea to put it out there for,everybody because here i i dont want to,take my kid to the movie and walk out,and have to explain to him same-sex,attraction because its a complicated,issue right if youre looking at it from,a biblical perspective i believe that,people are born with certain,proclivities to sin and that when people,do choose to walk that you know down a,homosexual path they are choosing to,give in to that proclivity to that,specific type of sin just like anybody i,mean you people are kleptomaniacs you,want to steal youve got people who are,gluttonous that they feel like all,pleasure must be derived through their,food and those are certain types of sins,of pleasure that people are called or,not called to but theyre theyre just,kind of born with a natural tendency to,run toward and so,um,obviously this is an opinion thats my,own people can get frustrated at me i,im totally cool with you having your,own opinion about this issue um,but i dont think its uh,i dont think its helpful,for me to take my son or my daughter to,the movie theater and thats and have to,explain to them,a lesbian kiss scene,and plus i dont think its even helpful,i mean all this scientific studies,coming out of people,having a mom and a dad in a home and how,that is so helpful for them as,well-rounded people what we dont,need is is,certain ideologies being pushed on us if,we dont agree with it look the world is,going to be,the world this video is not for people,who are um who do not consider,themselves christian this video is,specifically for people who are,christians who are trying to rear their,kids or raise their kids,in the lord,uh its a big issue theres theres tons,of controversy around it and so,i kind of wanted to make this video,talking a little bit about about the,light year controversy but then also,talking about man what,what should families do should families,support this should families,go see this movie should you,can you completely do away with dis

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Buzz Lightyear First Gay Kiss Scene: Christian reaction

and the women have a kid and apparently,oh my why am i not that surprised that,im making this video right now and the,things that im about to tell you here,on this video will shock you and i,guarantee you it is going to be some,truth that everyone needs to hear and,understand so i just encourage you to,wait until the end because trust me,youre going to want to hear what im,about to tell you because more,importantly its not just my opinion,its what god thinks about all that,stuff that is going on and ill start,out with this im not that shocked and,im not that surprised that disney of,course is taking a great movie buzz,lightyear taking a great character and,turning them into this first lets play,the scene and the women have a kid and,apparently,oh my gosh theres going to be people,that see this video and news is going to,be spread that oh gabe made a homophobic,video gave me an anti-lgbtq video hear,me when i say this im here to love all,people firstly and you know the bible,says that love speaks the truth okay,when you really love someone you tell,them the truth and heres the reality,with everything thats going on with,disney with everything thats going on,that satan is using in this world right,now with entertainment ill tell you,guys what is really happening heres the,reality we are called to love one,another and as far as romanticism as far,as families it is called to be a father,and a mother god never created two males,to be together he never created two,females to be together and what satan is,doing is hes taking these perversions,of love and hes making them seem like,their true love so,you need to understand me when i say,this if you have struggled ever before,with temptations or thoughts or feelings,or to anyone that does identify under,the lgbtq or under this movement that is,taking over these movies and really,trying to take over this world right now,if you identify that way i want to,encourage you with something of truth,and love i want to tell you that that,that is not who you are you are a child,of god you are a son or a daughter of,god and he has created you in love and,you dont have to be confused about your,gender if youre a male you can know,that you are called to be attracted to,females if youre female you can know,that youre called to be attracted to,males and if you have feelings that tell,you otherwise turn away those feelings,turn away those thoughts those thoughts,of those feelings are not who you are,thats not who you identify as and,thats not who you should identify as we,should reject those feelings reject,those thoughts and identify with what,the word of god says about us thats,very important now also ill tell you,what is disney is happening is satan is,perverting love and hes putting it out,into entertainment and the reason why,and i just want to start that this video,out with that because you need to,understand what im saying is not just,some hateful response no what im saying,is love i love and care about everyone,in every community but i want to tell,them the truth we need to tell them the,truth we cannot be afraid to speak with,the truth what satan is doing is now,hes targeting this next generation of,young kids watching movies and hes got,to put gay stuff in these movies,its its its time we shut it down its,time we shut this disney stuff down i,mean how many times and and by the way,you dont even have to be a christian to,agree with what im telling you right,now lets just use common sense we yes,we should love people and care for,people but that doesnt mean that we,should accept craziness that doesnt,mean that we should accept absurdness,and perversions of what love really is,family is an amazing thing and god has,called there to be a father and mother,in fact their specific genetic,biological roles that fathers and,mothers play in a family and when you,dont have a father think about single,mothers think about single fathers when,there isnt a mother with the father,when there isnt a father with a mother,the family struggles and that is what,happens when families are formed based,off of lgbtq they struggle so much and,yes they struggle because people are,mean to them but also they struggle,because thats not biologically how we,are created to be and im just telling,you guys the truth and now before you,leave at this point most people actually,scroll off youtube videos but im,thankful youre still here because,youre learning the truth of gods word,and i just wanted to encourage you dont,leave yet im going to show you some,seven signs that its against god and,ill show you that because its,important you understand what is against,god and what god is for also if you have,anybody in your life maybe you yourself,are struggling with temptations of lgbtq,or you have friends or family that are,struggling with that i wanted to just,encourage you to tell them about love,and tell them the truth and you can just,affirm and reaffirm that their feelings,are not who they are their thoughts or,their,perversions or their pressures are not,who they are but they are called and,loved and anointed and appointed and god,is so for them and god did not create,them on accident if theyre confused,about their gender they could just check,their equipment its very simple,and also just be there for them be their,friend okay were not called to just sit,on our couch and talk about how bad,things are going we are called to love,one another we are called to tell people,the truth im not sitting on my couch,just saying oh we should do this to the,lgbtq no im saying we should love them,we should bring them in we should accept,them and show them who jesus really is,and when it comes to entertainment,though we need to open up our eyes and,realize what were watching listen if,you are watching anything that is lgbtq,anything that is dark that is sinful you,got to cut it out its going to impact,and influence you we are in a war right,now with the devil over america we are,in a war over this next generation we,need to win were only going to win if,we do what god tells us to do with all,that being said keep staying keep,sticking around on this video trust me,youre going to want to hear this here,now i have 7 signs by the way i have,this really brand new studio that im,really thankful for i got these super,expensive lights and really nice uh,couch cover and its really nice im,able to do this because of you guys and,i just want to take a quick pause the,sponsor of this video is you guys,um i dont have a brand that im trying,to promote here i just want to say thank,you for donating to my channel because,of your guys support im able to get,this studio im upgrading to im getting,a new background that is really,expensive that its going to help our,videos even more and i want to be able,to just reach more people and im able,to do that because of you guys and i,just want to say thank you if youd like,to support this channel if you believe,in this gospel and getting this message,out theres a link down in the,description below theres a paypal,donation link,all your donations help support it and,its a non-profit ministry we use the,resources to get this message out there,and i just want to say i so appreciate,it when you seek gods kingdom first you,will be rewarded ill tell you that much,all right now were gonna go seven signs,that what youre watching is against god,okay so again its seven signs that what,youre watching is against god now this,goes for honestly also this doesnt just,go for your like what youre watching,but this also goes for really anything,in your life okay step number one its,not true love so a lot of people use the,word love too inadvertently theyll use,the word love as if its um just some,nice romanticism thing or like love is,its just some nice word love is who god,is okay god is love and love is god you,need to understand something about who,god is he is love he always cares for,people he always deeply is thinking,about everyone and love calls people o

Disneys New “Lightyear” Movie BANNED By 14 Countries Over THIS…

guess who get criticized here and who,wont,[Music],hows everybody doing my name is anthony,brian logan and today were going to,talk about the toy story spinoff,light year coming out here pretty soon,that features a same-sex kiss obviously,this is going to be a problem because,the original toy story and the three,sequels they had which is a total of,four toy story movies,theyre meant for children when toy,story first came out in 1995 i was a,little bit old to be watching it and,really kind of enjoy it i was like,middle school age,so i was already kind of past their,target audiences,reach if that makes any sense so youre,going to have the little kids that are,watching elementary school or whatever,maybe some middle school kids,but for the most part young kids between,the ages of like toddler up to about,nine or ten thats probably the,appropriate age and then of course their,parents they may be able to watch it and,enjoy it as well tom hanks played the,main quote-unquote character and,animated movie woody and theres some,other celebrity voices in there so the,parents could enjoy it if theyre,watching with the kids but if youre 25,years old and melinda youre out there,just you know drinking and partying,youre probably not gonna turn on toy,story,unironically and just watch it and enjoy,it because thats not really,your target audience okay but i digress,the whole point is,that the movie is coming out and it,features the same sex kiss obviously if,youre a parent and you remember the,first toy story you remember is for,children you may have enjoyed it as a,child so here you are youre 30 years,old and you want to bring your,five-year-old to go watch it for,nostalgia on your end and to enjoy a,good movie for kids on their end but,here comes the same-sex catch you like,wait a minute,i aint signed up for this i want to,take my child to see a family friendly,movie i dont want to have all this lgbt,stuff thrown in there okay if i want to,see that ill go watch something that,has that specifically i dont want to,see that in the childrens movie but,here it is right here it is were,talking about gay marriage and all this,kind of stuff,itd be a slippery slope the first thing,gay marriage,oh dont just go ahead let them get,married abl is no big deal,but now here we are talking about drag,queen story time were talking about,lgbt indoctrination in childrens movies,and television shows on,commercials and clothing go to target,you get like a whole little section for,lgbt youth quote unquote youth meaning,kids they want to try to brainwash your,children now before i get too deep into,it,i dont have any videos ill place a,trailer for the movie in the description,i would play it right here but they are,going to strike me,but lets look at some of this right,here just this first piece okay we wont,get too deep into the article were,going to read this first piece right,here,so,this headline is hilarious the headline,the subhead the headline the big,text says lat years controversial,same-sex kiss is getting negative user,reviews before the film was even,released,now the,user reviews,appears to be bigger than the subhead,which says the animated film a spin-off,of pixars,quote toy story unquote series was also,banned in 14,middle eastern and asian countries this,week,okay,so,were talking about united arab emirates,kuwait saudi arabia um i think,either malaysia indonesia or both i,think theyre both talking about,potentially banning it but i think,malaysia went ahead and pulled the,trigger if wrong about that let me know,in the comments below,but theyre not telling you even in the,sub head which is more important in my,human opinion than the headline theyre,not even telling you why,this film is being banned in those,countries and we all know why we all,have a,a brain in our head we could just put,two and two together if youve watched,me or just watched life at all,okay not even necessarily coming from me,but if youve watched life at all you,know its because these are muslim,countries and they dont want stuff like,that in their movies okay they just,dont want it and if china banned it i,wouldnt be surprised as well because,theyre trying to,keep some of that western trash out of,their country right,now,heres the whole thing maybe ill put a,picture up or two but buzz lightyear has,a buddy right this person right here uh,alicia hawthorne thats the persons,name in the movie,uh voiced by yuzo aduba i think she was,the crazy odd lady from orange is the,new black ive never seen that show,before but i just seen her in clips,online but ive never watched the show,anyway shes voiced by the lady from,oranges in new black,now,i watched,well i didnt watch toy story really i,just saw some of the clips and for what,i remember it wasnt a whole lot of,diversity and all kind of woke stuff,going on but from the trailer that ive,seen,its a lot of black and brown i feel,like the only white person in the movie,is buzz lightyear its like okay i mean,its whatever its fine it just seems,kind of like forced i dont like when,diversity seems forced,into a movie this black panther or,something like that okay everybodys uh,black that makes sense if theres,something about a viking movie or,everybodys white that makes sense were,talking about,some kind of mixed area new york or,uh parts of california not california,but new york where its like,multicultural okay,but when you have a movie that was not,diverse and you make it quote unquote,diverse by simply adding different,colors and uh genders and whatnot it,just seems kind of cringey a black woman,is so stereotypical okay we need more,diversity shes black,woman thats two birds with one stone,but i digress,so this person is over here,she is a lesbian married to a woman and,theres a scene in the movie where she,kisses another woman,and that is the problem now,lets look at this right here pixars,like your director didnt realize,same-sex kids would be so quote,significant for audiences,and the subhead filmmaker angus mclean,and producer galen sussman discussed the,evolution of pixars first prominent,lgbtq character and the impact of the,open letter from pixar employees to,disney,now,im not sure what the open letter was,all about maybe i can skim through this,article and find it but how do you not,know this is going to be a big thing how,can you not know that right now you said,it right here the first prominent lgbtq,character okay,so you know this is something thats a,first you know you have this this um,this this aura this this,environment where everythings about,being woke and everythings about being,inclusive and you put a bunch of more,black and brown characters in it you did,it on purpose lets not act like you,didnt know how this would be very,significant how it would be important,and youre dealing with an animated,childrens movie you have to know what,kind of content youre putting in the,movie for children right youre not just,gonna,make stuff up,just randomly and just do things let me,see if i can find this letter right,quick so news of disney at first removed,its first on screen same-sex kids came,amid reports that the company had,donated large amounts of money to,florida politicians supporting the quote,unquote dont say gay bill which is not,called that which states in part,that conversations around sexual,orientation and gender identity may not,occur in kindergarten through grade,three up until grade three thats not,even man talk about poorly summarized,first of all its called parental rights,and education bill thats a dont say,gay bill,and its now law,and you cant,talk about any kind of,um stuff like this at all,until grade three and after grade three,you can,but it has to be a very important reason,terrible summary but anyway disney has,since vowed to reverse course,on future political donations and,actively work against anti-lgbtq laws,thats not necessarily true either what,i heard was that they,paused all funding until they could,figure out what they want

Why Chris Evans Is So Upset at Christians (Lightyear Kiss Reaction)

are you an idiot for believing the bible,chris evans the voice actor for buzz,lightyear in a new film lightyear thinks,that you are well i mean the real truth,is those people are idiots hes being,interviewed about the movie and theres,a gay couple in the movie and a lesbian,kiss and he gets multiple questions,about that in the movie those things are,just presented as normal and really men,and women are interchangeable there is,no real gender distinction which is in,total contradiction to the bible in,reality honestly but hes asked how do,you respond to those who push back,against these ideas presented in the,movie and this is what chris evans says,wow i mean the real truth is those,people are idiots first notice he says,those people those people over there,those have a different view than is on,and his worldview he cannot tolerate,anyone has a different view than his own,which is pretty ironic because the whole,foundation for his worldview is supposed,to be tolerance which is being pushed in,the movie from his perspective and then,also notice he calls those who disagree,with him he calls them idiots notice,its not a logical argument its not,really some well articulated point of,view hes trying to give people hey take,this in this is what is right and true,no no hes saying if you disagree with,me youre an idiot because thats really,all hes got what is he leaning on as,his authority his own arbitrary opinion,and why cant one persons opinion be,any more valid than another its just,one opinion versus another so he has no,real leverage no power no real authority,so whats he got left is really just,name calling bullying which is really,whats taking place in this clip and,then he goes on to say this i mean i,think throughout history you can see,every time theres been social,advancement as we wake up i mean the the,american story the human story is is one,of constant social awakening and growth,and thats thats what makes us good so,he says the human story is one of,constant social awakening and growth but,in the secular worldview the human story,is this we are just a cosmic accident,thats all we are with no real meaning,and no real value when we die were done,thats it and then also note that,according to the bible the true human,story is one of rebellion against our,creator trying to take over his,jurisdiction we want to be our own gods,be our own authority which is what he is,pushing for and disneys pushing for by,saying that we can decide truth for,ourselves we can decide what gender is,we can decide what sexuality marriage,should look like and you should agree,with us and if you dont youre an idiot,as you said earlier and of course he,mentions the idea of social awakening,and growth in a word hes saying well we,want progress but what is progress well,in their minds with this new sexual,revolution the lgbtqia agendas being,pushed this is progressing to something,bigger and better but in reality as we,see in our culture were abandoning,biblical norms were abandoning biblical,truth as we abandon biblical truth what,are we progressing towards well were,progressing towards death brokenness,hardship broken relationships broken,people mutilated people as they try to,transition which you cannot physically,do in reality you lead to brokenness and,death as you reject god and his truth,and so they are progressing just not to,where they think theyre going i think,its over and upward its actually,towards death and brokenness and the,lack of human flourishing that we have,only found in gods word in history,within his norm and then he says this,that this constant social awakening,growth thats what makes us good my,question is says who good according to,who the bible says that god alone is,good and again if there is no absolute,objective truth if there is no absolute,authority then goodness is defined,arbitrarily from one person to another,and so how can define good be an,absolute if i have a different view of a,good its just our opinions and how are,you to be so judgmental to say my,opinion is not right and yours is and so,its utterly arbitrary but then we know,biblically that god is the origin and,definition of what is actually good and,anything not in line with god his truth,his word his reality is not good no,matter how passionate he might be about,it and then you know when that happens,theres always going to be people who,are afraid and unaware and and trying to,hold on to what was before but those,people die off like dinosaurs and so you,know i think the the goal is to pay them,no mind march forward and and and,embrace the growth that makes us human,he says that those who disagree theyre,either afraid or unaware and thats a,really a famous little debate gimmick,its really a logical fallacy called a,straw man fallacy thats where you,create a straw man version of your,opponent and their arguments and you,defeat the straw men and say that you,won right and thats whats happening,here because christians rooted in gods,word are neither afraid nor unaware,were confident in gods word and we are,aware of his truth and how if you want,to see human flourishing you abide by,his truth and his norms revealed in his,work because he is the authority and so,thats what were aware of and were not,afraid not at all we present these,truths we push back against the agenda,because we love people we love god its,not a love for god and love for people,that we push back and say no this is,what is true right and good and leads to,human flourishing and the glory of god,neither afraid nor unaware be aware of,that famous little debate gimmick and,also notice he says theyre trying to,hold on to what was before now in the,american cultural context there were,many norms in society that reflected,biblical truth biblical views of gender,and sexuality and marriage and that led,to human flourishing in our culture and,so yes those things we want to hold on,to nobodys they were traditions of our,past but because are rooted in gods,truth and its good for mankind and it,brings glory to god and he says those,people who disagree with him again those,people uh who are idiots they will die,off like dinosaurs and of course thats,his hope and by the way please note this,is the hope of disney and pixar and,those who are pushing this agenda make,no mistake about it it may be presented,in a very engaging format with these,movies right and thats the whole point,its meant to grab you and pull you into,it so you enjoy the movies you enjoy the,characters and then you embrace the,ideology thats presented through that,medium thats the whole goal here but,hes saying that those who disagree with,that well they will die off like,dinosaurs will those who hold those,beliefs really die off like the,dinosaurs the answer is no because gods,truth is eternal and that may be ebbs,and flows and cultures over time but,gods word remains steadfast for,eternity and of course notice he says,this goal here is that we should just,ignore those who disagree right pay them,no mind and march forward and embrace,the growth that makes us human but is,that sort of growth really what makes us,human the answer is no the bible is,clear what makes us human is the fact,that we are made in gods image male and,female he created them that is what,makes us human were made in the image,of the living god thats our value,thats our identity not growth from a,particular perspective and by the way,the god who made us in his image if he,made us male he made us male on purpose,for his glory for our good if he made us,female he made you a female on purpose,for his glory and for our good he has,defined those gender roles hes defined,marriage hes defined sexuality he is,the creator he knows how those things,work best we can trust him and follow,him and when we do that is whats best,for humanity period he was asked about,his opinion about the fact that disney,chose to keep this lesbian kisses gay,kiss in the movie and push this agenda,in a very bold way in the mov

Why I Refuse to Watch Disney/Pixars Lightyear… (Its not what you think)

i refuse to watch light year,hey spirit life im bruce wham light,year is coming out this week and i,refuse to watch it theres a couple,reasons why some of you may not want to,watch it either,first of all this movie may not pique,your interest,thats not the case for me actually,because ive generally loved all of,pixars offerings generally speaking,they make a good product and the,animation looks fantastic the voice,acting looks great that leads me to,another reason why someone may choose,not to watch the film though a lot of,people are upset that tim allen was,replaced by chris evans thats not,really that big a deal for me either,although i would not be surprised if the,reason that they replaced tim allen was,because hes super conservative and,hollywood is very against conservatism,that being said um it makes sense in,universe why theres a different voice,their voices are similar enough but,supposedly this is the movie that,sparked the toy,who ended up appearing in toy story so,the different voices make sense because,one is a live action movie,i guess and the other is a toy i guess,this is all a fantasy universe in the,first place so the rules probably dont,really matter that much but i happen to,like chris evans and i loved captain,america and the avengers and all of that,the real reason that im not going to,spend money,endorse and support and expose my kids,to this movie is because i dont want to,endorse something that jesus died,to cleanse us from,what am i referring to well this movie,for all intents and purposes should be,pretty benign in terms of violence or,language i dont think that theres,anything thats going to be overtly,scary or demonic or anything like that,but at the very beginning of the film,pixar is trying to repeat the success,that they had with the movie up,by portraying a very emotional montage,this will be with the character alicia,who is a lesbian now i dont have any,problem with lesbians i dated a few in,college true story,but the problem is when theyre doing,this montage theyre trying to show,alicia and her,female lover who i guess get married and,they have a family and they raise this,family and they have this beautiful,touching scene thats supposed to be,similar to the montage of up,first of all i dont think he can repeat,what they did with up that was a classic,scene for any era of cinema it was,touching my wife and i saw that in the,theaters i believe it was our first or,second year of marriage and it just,really blew us away i was in tears just,watching it as a young man and you know,theres nothing that compares to that,but im not offended theyre trying to,repeat it theyre a company theyre a,big corporation disney wants to make its,cash so of course theyre going to,repeat the same formula that they think,is going to work the problem i have,though is theyre trying to normalize a,lifestyle that jesus prohibited,now you might want to say oh the old,testament is old and,christians are just a bunch of bigots,they dont know theyre talking about,and youve got to interpret things,differently look jesus himself said that,marriage is one man one woman he,confirmed the age-old principle that the,jewish people of his time upheld which,is one man and one woman by gods design,going all the way back to the beginning,of creation with adam and eve jesus was,the one that did that now if you want to,say youre a fan of jesus,you cant say youre a fan of jesus or,you like what jesus promoted what he,preached or whatever and not listen to,his actual words the only reason we know,anything that jesus said at all was,because we learned it from the gospels,the gospels are reliable they are,eyewitness accounts of what jesus said,and did,we can trace back the gospels to the,first century and we know that theyre,accurately preserved they werent,as sullied by the church later on they,werent twisted by king james or,whatever other conspiracy theory you,might want to say jesus himself affirmed,one man one woman now if you want to say,well jesus didnt know any better,because he lived in that culture and he,was a product of his time and if he,lived today he would update his opinion,no,jesus was god,in the flesh,he knows what hes talking about he,could see into the future he could see,the heart of every person he knew the,woman of the well was,with her fifth man and she wasnt even,married,he knew every single scenario he was a,man who encountered sexual temptation,but he never gave in,he understood what the issues are and he,never condemned an individual and,neither do i,before you type youre just a bigot and,before you start calling me names and be,a bigot yourself,i care about every single person i am a,sinner just saved by grace thats all i,am im not on a high horse im not,judging other people im not down on,homosexuals im not this kind of person,thats like god just you know anti-lgbt,thats not my personality thats not the,purpose of this video now if you want to,misinterpret me if you want to you know,purposely try to you know write these,comments and be mean to me or whatever,thats your prerogative but im telling,you my heart,is that i love every person,but i dont identify people primarily by,their sexual preference,i think your orientation is a minor,component to the person that god created,you to be which is a lover of god which,is a friend of the most high creator who,designed you to be in an intimate,friendship with him,and god makes the rules he prohibited,homosexual behavior the same way that he,prohibited adultery or a ton of other,heterosexual activities in fact the only,heterosexual sex thats allowed is,between one man and one woman in the,marriage bed,anything besides that is prohibited so,theres a lot of things that i think are,prohibited i dont judge everybody and,think im better than you or anything,im a sinner for real a bad sinner ive,been saved by grace meaning gods,forgiven a lot in my life and i forgive,others and i want to reach out with,grace to other people why did i take so,long to explain all that well because,im a christian and i represent other,christians and i represent the church,sometimes not as well as i would like to,but i know that other people look at me,in my channel and they say well this is,what christians are like christians are,loving,it would be wrong and unloving for me if,i didnt warn people about something,that jesus warned them about,jesuss main message,was repent if you read the bible if you,actually look at the records of what he,said his main message was repent yes he,was loving yes he embraced the outcast,yes he embraced people who sometimes the,church or the religious elites would,look down on,but he didnt embrace them to say your,sin is okay and i approve of every,lifestyle jesus embraced them as people,and thats what i do so youre gonna say,well if you embrace lgbt then why are,you saying you wont watch something,that features lgbt lgbt people exist and,of course they exist im not saying they,dont im not saying its unrealistic,that there would ever be a gay couple,however,im not gonna spend my money and endorse,something and promote something and im,not going to show my kids something that,normalizes a lifestyle that god calls,wicked,im not going to take my kids to a film,where the bad guys are portrayed as the,protagonists and theyre stealing and,theyre killing and theyre getting away,with it and its portrayed as an okay,thing im not going to promote that to,my kids,im not going to promote anything to my,kids thats an unholy lifestyle if i can,help it,and if i know in advance that this movie,has a scenario thats highlighting and,promoting and exalting a lifestyle that,jesus prohibits,im just not interested in that this is,not my way of saying boycott disney and,whatever trust me theres different and,better ways to do that,but im not going to try,to make excuses for media,that jesus died to cleanse us from,when jesus died on the cross it was to,cleanse me from my heterosexual sin and,is to to cleanse yo

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