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Lightyear Movie Review – Its Bottom Tier Pixar

this may be a shock to you but light,year is in fact a spin-off of the toy,story property featuring buzz lightyear,as the lead character yeah i know,you heard it here first,now the big question is does the space,ranger get a worthy first outing or is,this character better served being,shoved back in the toy box lets find,out in this review to mediocrity and,beyond,if you havent subscribed to the channel,by some of the knowledge i dropped on,you in this intro youre definitely,going to want to do that now because im,going to hit you with another one did,you know tim allen originally voiced the,character in the first four toy story,movies and some of the shorts you can,find on disney plus i know i know,subscribe already,uh here hes voiced by chris evans why,i truly dont know i guess they wanted,someone a little bit more youthful it,does beg the question why does the,official toy andy plays with not have,the voice of the actor from the film,even my sons crappy iron man toy has,robert downeys voice going im iron man,that thing doesnt even bend its knees,youre telling me a top of the line,action figure with tons of bells and,whistles retractable wings and whatnot,cant afford to pay chris evans to throw,a couple lines in the toy come on chris,evans does a fine job voicing the,character at points it almost sounds,like tim allens doing it but hes not i,can assure you hes not but i like to,think of myself as a positive individual,so lets get some of those out of the,way first number one,beautiful looking movie visuals top of,the line of course the detail the,animation blah blah blah its pixar this,is such a waste of breath for me i mean,theres nothing bad to say about the,visuals although i still have some but,well get to those in a little bit and,the same can be said for the audio lots,of throwback sound effects youre gonna,hear to things like simon says and,other stuff that i cant remember well,why 90s sounds well thats when this,fictitious movie takes place inside the,fictitious toy story world where andy,went to see a movie that would inspire,him to buy the toy now andys not in the,film i guess thats a spoiler of,something thats not here uh you can,wait as long as you want to the end,credits or later hes not showing up,okay,if you were looking forward to the pixar,heart tugging moment where he and his,dad go to this movie together and bond,and it would have been brilliant because,it came out on fathers day weekend uh,yeah that doesnt happen,theres pretty much no heart-tugging,emotion to be found at all thats as,much of a spoiler as im going to give,there are things that could be revealed,that i wont but i dont even care,enough to talk about it,this is one of the worst pixar movies,for me to date okay and i dont mean to,date like go on a date with it i mean,two hyphen date,and its mainly because its so,uninspired and dull across the board it,cherry picks concepts and ideas youve,seen countless times at some points that,comes off as an homage and at others,its just a straight up ripoff of a film,like interstellar which is far better at,one hour and 40 minutes the movies too,long i could have sworn it was two hours,and thats not good thats not good when,a movie drags that much the middle,portion of this film is such a slog the,film is actually very enjoyable for the,first half hour its when the ragtag,crew gets introduced that i just dont,care anymore im so sick and tired of,the trope where we need to have a klutzy,shaggy type character it works in a,comedic show like scooby-doo or chip and,dale rescue rangers because its light,its fun you expect characters to make,mistakes and for a zany sound effect to,take place but when youre dealing with,something more serious having a,character thats just aloof and,downright stupid is not fun to watch,its frustrating and there is a,character like that in this in fact,theres a whole team of them,as these continue to screw,things up for buzz lightyear i just kept,thinking wow its no wonder andy never,bought these toys,its no wonder they werent flying off,the shelves in fact its,its little wonder why they didnt even,show up at all in the originals almost,like they didnt exist when those came,out i wont outright say this is a bad,film but its one that i definitely,dont want to watch again i dont like,cars and i prefer to see that over this,thats thats where i sit this is above,the good dinosaur but not much in my,book and thats like bottom tier pixar,for me i know some people like that film,okay fine,whatever if you want to take your kid to,this film theres really nothing scary,theres just kind of nothing here at all,theres a cute robotic cat that steals,the show anytime a movies really,mediocre its always the cute animal,that steals the show isnt it,captain marvel now there are going to be,some concerned parents out there that,are offended that there is a scene,featuring two women kissing it lasts for,like half a second its basically a pack,thatll be enough though and consider,this your warning they do acknowledge,that theyre gay they have a child,thats thats kind of it i feel like,its disney checking a box theyre like,oh we got it we got a gay character in a,pixar movie we can move on now and pat,ourselves on the back and the film isnt,any better for it its just kind of,useless i personally couldnt care less,what insults me in movies is when it,feels like pandering or when it feels,absolutely out of place and heres where,im gonna nitpick a little bit and but,it there is a point to it okay the movie,came out in 95 inside of this animated,pixar film right andy goes to see this,when hes much younger,uh a movies that came out in 1995 were,far different they absolutely did not,have two gay people kissing okay thats,just didnt happen now i understand this,is a fictitious world where toys can,talk and come to life so maybe in that,world things are more inclusive and,thats fine um but i didnt see that,character flying off the shelves in the,toy story films i didnt see a single,kid picking out that black strong female,lead gay character from the toy isle,that didnt exist b and this is a hang,up i had with toy story 2 which i love,and hes watching a movie that came out,in 1995 that has far better special,effects and technology than was,comprehensible then in toy story 2,theres a video game at the beginning,where buzz lightyears fighting a bunch,of aliens on the moon the graphics of,the video game look exactly like the,graphics in the movie so the video game,the toys are playing at the time has,visuals so advanced it mimics the real,world the toys are living in thats,preposterous had pixar really wanted to,take a chance with this film they would,have made the animation style akin to,something in 1995. yes there are robots,and some of the tech thats very old,school theyre trying to give it a bit,of a star wars vibe to it but i was,hoping there would be animation that was,a little bit more herky-jerky like maybe,the aliens look like theyre created,with stop-motion maybe some of the movie,sets are really fake done with cg of,course but they can they can do that,that would have been hilarious and a,brilliant kind of like meta commentary,of how much things have advanced like,look we made a movie,inside of a movie but also within that,movie the effects are dated like movies,that its representing,i mean man wow what a its its like up,its own ass in meta and i would have,absolutely ate that up but this film,doesnt have anything important or,profound to say,its just coasting on mediocrity through,and through i think i touched upon the,end credits in this film and i want to,let you know there are three of them,kind of they all suck theyre absolutely,not worth sticking around for one uh,takes place a little bit towards the,middle of the end credits and then the,final two are at the very very end im,talking pixar logo comes up again and,then the shot takes place its its so,not worth your time and thats exactly,what light year is not worth you

Lightyear Review

youre inhibiting my visual oh sorry is,this better negative okay how about this,at the very start of light year words,flash across the screen to tell us in,1995 andy got a toy the toy was from his,favorite movie this is that movie,somehow what unfolds after those words,fade manages to have all the heart and,emotional impact weve come to expect,from pixar while still feeling as,derivative as one would expect a movie,about a toy from another movie to be,[Music],for that very reason light year may be,the movie ive struggled most to assign,a score to when the story hits the notes,it needs to it works wonders,when it doesnt however its equally as,noticeable,perhaps the biggest cause of this hit or,miss problem is the length and pacing of,the movie theres no real reason for,lightyear to be as long as it is and,its pretty short at an hour and 45,minutes compared to what weve become,used to with our blockbusters lightyear,doesnt find its stride until about 40,minutes in but once it hits that point,its relatively solid for the rest of,the run,chris evans is not one of lightyears,problems though,as buzz he seems to step into voice,acting with ease its not a skill all,live action actors are able to,accomplish sorry to sebastian stan and,what if and tackling a long beloved,character with an already iconic voice,makes matters even more complicated but,at no point does it feel like hes,trying to emulate tim allen evans brings,his own charming charismatic spin here,and it works i was issued by star,command to ease your emotional,transition after your time away oh well,thats very considerate of you robot,feline but no thank you hes once again,playing a man out of time he even steps,out of the same kind of chamber as,captain america did early on in this,film so maybe that helped him ease into,things though its got to be said that,while evans rocks his introduction into,voice acting taika with tds moe and,peter songs socks steal the show i can,provide sleep sounds if you like i have,several options summer night ocean,paradise whale calls no no white noise,is fine theyre not together much,theyre just the best parts of the movie,and yeah taika is still basically just,playing taika in the movie but its,taika if you were a space cadet so its,still fun to watch,pixar doesnt make ugly movies but light,year is particularly gorgeous not only,is it filled with bright colors and,flashy space adventures but it has a,lovely attention to detail in both its,environments and cast this is especially,true for its black characters the,texture in alicia played by uzo aduba,and izzy hawthorns played by kiki palmer,hair is beautiful its really exciting,to see natural hair illustrated so,impressively in an animated film,a lot of light year may be on the nose,but its occasional lack of subtext is a,benefit rather than a detriment,specifically alicia is a lesbian we see,her multiple times with her loving,family and both her queerness and her,happiness are important to the overall,plot the themes of lightyear are more,subtle the story challenges buzz to,separate his self-worth from his duty as,a space ranger as well as understand,that hes worthy of love not once hes,perfect but while hes flawed theyre,great messages theyre just tackled in,the gentlest of ways this may work for,some but may go over others heads and,this is technically a kids movie after,all,the story for example shows a real lack,of willingness to call buzz out as he,carelessly ostracizes those around him,the movie is overall feel good but its,also a slow-moving softball that pixar,has proven its better than,you need my help negative are you sure,michael jacquinos score complements,lightyears strong visuals and the cast,all does a great job in their respective,roles it just doesnt end up being a new,pixar classic you get the patented pixar,tears and the warm fuzzies youve come,to expect from their stories you just,probably wont remember them a week,after you watch unless that is youre,still questioning whether or not there,really needed to be a movie about buzz,lightyear rather than any other space,man working through his work-life,balance issues,lightyear features striking visuals,strong performances and a love out loud,lesbian relationship that were thrilled,to see on screen,all of those things deserve a stronger,story though,its a fun watch that will keep kids and,adults alike entertained but lightyear,just doesnt live up to pixars usual,standards for more check out our,interviews with lightyears cast and our,ranking of the existing 25 pixar movies,and for everything else stick with ign

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Petualangan Buzz Di Luar Angkasa – ALUR CERITA FILM Lightyear

halo halo,guys kembali di channel yenda pada video,kali ini saya mendongeng alur cerita,film yang teknis pada Tahun 2022,disyukuri oleh hangus mcclane dan,diproduksi oleh Walt Disney pictures,film ini dibintangi oleh Chris Evans,sebagai pengisi suara bhosle kishore,Keke Palmer sebagai pengisi suara Izzy,usul Aduh Bah sebagai pengisi suara,helton Peterson sebagai pengisi suara,sop dan masih banyak suara yang lainnya,jadi film ini mengisahkan Kapten unit,perlindungan alam semesta dari cop Space,Rangers alias intergalaksi yang halus,melakukan perjalanan ke luar angkasa,Iya Pun diberikan misi yang berbahaya di,sebuah planet asing namun ditengah,perjalanan ia bertemu dengan sekelompok,robot jahat yang bisa menggagalkan semua,misinya Gimana Ki selanjutnya Mari kita,simak alur ceritanya bisa,[Musik],Hai film dibuka dengan tulisan yang,menyatakan bahwa pada tahun 1995 Edi,Devils menerima boneka Buzz Lightyear,di film Toy Story Andy menyukai boneka,base karena kau bus-bus bus-bus karena,sering menonton film like dan film ini,adalah film yang sering Endi tonton di,film Thai tersebut,di sini pertama diawali dengan Kapten,Buzz Lightyear dari Star komando yang,sedang melakukan perjalanan antar,bintang ke planet takoni paint,brush lalu mendaratkan pesawatnya yang,berbentuk pilus di planet teknik dan,memutuskan untuk memeriksa permukaan,planet itu seorang diri namun saat,sedang mempelajari situasi planet ia,disusul oleh sahabatnya yang bernama,komandan Alisa n hal ini membuat bahas,merasa tak nyaman karena ia ingin,melakukan semua tugasnya tanpa bantuan,Alisha Reza pun mengolok-olok bahkan,Abbas terlalu didramatisir dengan,pekerjaannya ia maunya kerja sendiri,alis lalu membawa Rocky mereka bernama,Fitri yang hams tanah yang tentu saja,membuat Bos kesal karena featuring,selalu menjadi beban dalam petugas,Hai disaat itu juga hamston diserang,oleh Kuyut hidup yang kemudian disusul,dengan bus dan Aisyah Enggak cuma itu,mereka juga diserang oleh pulang monster,serangga penghuni planet ini base dan,Alyssa pun terpaksa harus kembali ke,kapal sambil mengaktifkan mode siluman,oke,sepi Berry kapal langsung lihat hamston,masih di Bluebird oleh wujud hidup buzz,pun terpaksa keluar dari kapal untuk,menyelamatkannya,telah berhasil menyelamatkannya buzzme,bus bus bus Abbas cuy,setelah berhasil menyelamatkannya buzz,mengambil kendali kapal tetapi saat buzz,mencoba terbang ke atas Ai kapal bernama,Ivan memperingati base karena kapal,tidak akan bisa selamat karena di depan,ada Gunung Batu bros menghiraukan Ivan,Bruce terbang ke atas yang pada akhirnya,kapal itu menabrak pucuk gunung dan,jatuh kembali ke tanah,Hai,akibat dari kecelakaan ini bagian,lambung kapal mengalami kerusakan parah,dan Semua kru dibiarkan terdampar di,planet ini ya cuma itu sumber tenaga,kapal yaitu kristal hyperspace juga,mengalami kehancuran yang buat mereka,tidak bisa kembali lagi ke planet asal,Alia terdampar disini untuk selamanya,Hai brush menyalahkan dirinya sendiri,atas kesalahannya ia menghiraukan Ivan,Bos lalu memberitahu Aliza kalau dirinya,siap untuk menerima semua hukuman yang,akan diberikan tetapi alis malah,memutuskan untuk mempercayakan bags,dengan upaya mengeluarkan Semua kru dari,planet ini buzz pun bersemangat dan,memiliki rencana untuk membuat pistol,hyperspace lagi dengan bahan-bahan yang,terkandung didalam planet ini Semua kru,Star komando setuju dengan rencana base,mereka bersama-sama membangun koloni di,part ini satu tahun kemudian mereka,akhirnya berhasil menciptakan kristal,hyperspace dan bales mengajukan diri,untuk menguji coba kristal tersebut,Hai abfall dibawa ke Pangkalan Space,yang dikelola oleh Dias dia menunjukkan,pesawat FL Subhana ia menjadi pesawat,pertama buatan Star komando di planet,ini,tesujicoba yang akan dilakukan buzz,berupa mengelilingi bintang yang menjadi,pusat gravitasi tata surya di angkasa,ini dan diberi waktu empat menit untuk,melakukannya,Hai,baskom menemui terbang ke luar angkasa,menggunakan sl-wall,Setibanya di luar atmosfer tekani Bos,langsung mengaktifkan Hip esnya atau,kecepatan cahaya menuju ke pusat bintang,namun saat buzz putar balik di Bintang,tersebut kristal hyperspace tiba-tiba,stabil Hal itu membuat mesin lwan mati,saat tiba kembali di luar planet teknik,untuk memperlambat laju kecepatan bus,berusaha mungkin untuk melewati tiga,ring terlambat,[Musik],setelah melewati tiga ring terlambat,besarnya berhasil mendarat di protect,any,ialu disambut di AS yang kini memiliki,wajah lebih tua base juga melihat,bangunan baru yang membuat bagus,terkejut bagaimana hal ini bisa terjadi,bias pun beritahu bos Kalau Bos sudah,selama empat tahun dua bulan lebih,artinya buzz mengalami perlambatan waktu,dari kecepatan yang ia tempuh saat di,luar angkasa tadi hal itu dikarenakan,pistol Hip esnya tidak stabil basro,disambut Alisa yang terlihat lebih tua,dari sebelumnya,Hai,Setibanya di kabin peristirahatan Alisa,Obito base kalau dirinya sudah lamaran,dengan pria bernama Kiko,saat basmathi kamar Ia mendapatkan box,hadiah dari Alisa dimana isi dari blog,tersebut berupa robot kucing,berteknologi air yang menyebut dirinya,sebagai sosok,Hai enak pas,hai ketika Abbas bobok ia bermimpi,tentang kesalahannya yang telah membuat,Semua kru terdampar disini baspoel,terbangun dan memutuskan untuk mencoba,kristal hiu pes-nya kembali dalam upaya,membawa Semua kru keluar dari planet ini,sebelum berangkat buzz memberi tugas,kepada sosok untuk menemukan kristal,hyperspace agar stabil saat melakukan,kecepatan cahaya buzz lalu menemui Alisa,dan minta untuk mengantarkannya ke,Pangkalan alis saat Um saja tidak setuju,dengan tindakan base tetapi buzz,bersikeras untuk tetap melakukannya,dalam dalih menebus kesalahannya,sehingga cita bus berangkat ke luar,angkasa untuk kedua kalinya namun saat,buzz putar balik pistol hyperspace,laki-laki tidak stabil yang membuat buzz,Kilangan waktu empat tahun saat mendarat,di planet teknik,base lalu menempati kalau Elisa sudah,hamil Meskipun begitu buzz masih saja,bersikeras ingin melakukan uji coba,klinis kembali,selama ujicoba selanjutnya base lalu,gagal yang membuat dirinya masuk ke,dalam fase baru kehidupan Alisa seperti,membesarkan putranya sampai akhirnya,Alisa mencapai usia tua,hai hai,Pada suatu hari saat Bos kembali ia,menemukan kantor Alisa sudah kosong dan,hanya terdapat pesan hologram di atas,meja,buzz membuka pesan tersebut yang,membiarkan Alisa terbaring lemah diatas,kasur alis sama buat pesan ini untuk,mengucapkan selamat tinggal kepada bags,karena ia tahu kalau Bos kembali maka,dirinya sudah tiada,Alis selalu menunjukkan susuknya bernama,izin yang bercita-cita ingin menjadi,star komando seperti bus dan neneknya,Hai balsa Betulkah atas kematian Elisa,disaat itu juga buat bertemu dengan,komandan baru bernama kalau buncit kalau,menginformasikan bus bahwa starcom Aduh,telah memperhatikan misi untuk,meninggalkan planet teknik dan memilih,untuk tinggal di sini untuk selamanya,tetapi kau juga harus memberikan perisai,pertahanan di sekitar koloni-koloni,agarmouse serangan dan Uyut hidup tidak,bisa masuk ke dalam,ketika Abbas kembali ke kamarnya ia,mendapati kalau sosok telah,menyempurnakan formula kristal,hyperspace yang 100% bisa tampil saat,melakukan kecepatan cahaya di waktu yang,sama dua operator komando mendatangi,base untuk menonaktifkan sok menyadari,kalau sok sangat penting buzz pun,berpura-pura akan menonaktifkan sok,sendiri dan segera melarikan diri ke,Pangkalan bersama,Hai bisa selesai furion,khai,masa wow,di saat Ibunya di pangkalan bus dan,sosok membajak pesawat SL 15 tetapi,mereka dikejar-kejar oleh dua operator,komando tinggal di Bandung sosok,bahwasanya berhasil Lepas Landas dan,terbang ke luar angkasa,[Musik],Hai,bas kemudian menghasilkan kristal hiu,Space buatan shock dan ternyata berhasil,mencapai selalu pesen kecepatan,hyperspeed,[Musik],bus pun sangat senang karena ia akan,membuat koloninya pergi dari planet ikan,ini namun saat buzz kembali ia menemukan,bahwa kau nih Sudah terlapis perisai,yang sebelumnya direncanakan oleh Cal,Bos

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Lightyear – Angry Movie Review

[Music],hey guys welcome to our light year movie,review and boy i gotta intro this movie,review real quick by letting you know,our our audience was not too happy with,us uh when we did the uh light year,angry trailer reaction we werent even,really all that mean to it or we were,just like i dont see im not that,excited for it it feels like a cash grab,is,what some of us were saying uh but it,was our lowest rated video i think like,ever ever i mean its got 65,likes,um and when our channel average is like,96 something like that so,um,i was really surprised uh by by the the,the backlash to it um people were very,excited for the film factor,just got to say there was a lot of,really nasty comments i dont know if we,just got brigaded or something where,there was like some really [ __ ] up,[ __ ] that needed to be deleted im like,wow this reaction is like legit jet,threats like actual factual people like,you guys actually thats right,i know about avatar super fans and you,know final fantasy and some of these,other properties i didnt really know,there was a light year massive fan base,anyways uh whatever it was people were,high on light year and we were a little,lower and so they didnt like that so,obviously this is a very sensitive,subject for our audience and,so now that we have come back from the,movie um i actually opened up first off,i wanted to figure out alex is like what,is the worst,uh pixar film and i was like i said the,good dinosaur i thought it was the good,dinosaur its actually not the good,dinosaur i thought it was always a good,dinosaur but you open it up,there are 26 pixar films right uh pixar,the reason why were intro what is what,does all this matter well pixar is an,amazing company and they make some,really emotional uh top-notch animation,top-notch storytelling top-notch in,motion,and so whenever a pixar films comes out,you take notice youre like oh [ __ ] this,is this may be,really really good so uh the good,dinosaur actually is number so theres,26 pixar films this is the 26th,a good dinosaur is actually 22nd,its not 26th,cars is below it believe it or not uh i,liked cars better than good dinosaur um,then the cars three,and then the worst ever is cars two with,39 percent and were talking critics,ratings i dont know what the audience,rating is less than 50 on cars too yeah,all the audience ratings are going to be,higher than critics ratings because,thats how it works some the audience,wants to be entertained they dont,really care about critiquing or anything,like that um and so but even even the,audience rating on cars 2 is 50 uh,something percent so uh you know when i,went i guess what im trying to say is,me having low expectations going into,light year was probably a good thing at,least for me,because i ended up actually liking it um,i i guess i was in a i guess i was in a,pretty good mood um i thought it was a a,good film an all right film nothing,i dont think it has any of the mega,pixar magic like there was not any,emotional moments that made me tear up,or or have that rising feeling that i do,in a lot of pixar films it doesnt have,that but i was surprisingly entertained,um at the beginning of the film they say,in,1994,andy brought home the buzz toy,and his favorite film was this buzz,lightyear film and this is that film,right and so they play the film im like,andy i dont know man you didnt see all,that many uh good pixar films it was an,all-right film,i ended up liking it um,and i think they did something unique,uh with uh you know i think in the,trailer reaction i was like ah theyre,theyre restricted or uh theyre not,gonna have an interesting you know thing,to tell or it kind of feels like a cash,grab honestly they did have kind of an,interesting story i like what they did,with zerg here uh and i like,um the message of the film which is,basically,um,buzz lightyear always relies on himself,hes a you know go-getter and he doesnt,really need help from anybody and this,is a film about learning to ask others,for help and uh finding it within,yourself to either live up to a legacy,or just be the best you can be and so i,say hey its a great message good film,um ultimately i liked it but is it,top-tier pixar no and,oh we just got down voted to 60,[ __ ] uh what did you guys think i,thought it was a good film but like you,said it didnt have the charm like the,other ones did uh this one i felt like,it could have been straight to uh uh,disney plus disney plus i was thinking,that same thing when i exited the fact i,probably wouldnt have,been so harsh if it was on disney plus,but like since we went out and bought,tickets and everything,it was all right like you said it wasnt,very,emotional,the characters i couldnt really,yeah i didnt really care about the,characters too much though so its not,the top i like the characters i thought,the characters were quirky and and and,fun and,fun and fuck-ups kind of scary no,attachment to them though,yeah for you but i i yeah i guess it,wasnt really attached to them either,but i just liked them well thats what i,was like they had the emotional moments,it didnt really work out for me because,i didnt feel too attached to them yeah,so,yeah i mean pixar,all of their movies are incredible or,almost all of their movies are,incredible right so like when when,youre rating a pixar movie your,expectations are higher because we know,how good they can we went in low and,mine went in really low even when i,watched the trailer i was like this,movies probably going to be a decent,film because the people there are really,talented and ultimately thats what i,came out it was definitely a decent,above average film but this is so far,below par for pixar for me,i i just it didnt have any of the,hard-hitting emotional moments i didnt,have any music that i would constantly,be humming through the next couple weeks,this is just,and it it,cash grab is gonna is gonna piss people,off but when you do something like im,gonna bring up coco one of the recent,ones that i will watch over and over and,over like i love coco coco was an idea,completely original i think that someone,sat down is like this is the story i,want to tell and when im watching this,movie i i picture a suit going this is,the story i want you to want to tell and,thats what it kind of feels like,because this one it feels a little less,sincere it feels a little less emotional,it feels a little like its not as well,put together the story isnt as tight as,some of the other ones are this movie,yeah like pixar was dying to make this,and they finally got the opportunity to,make it this wasnt a passion project of,pixar this was just something that like,someone heart like with a with a tie you,know like a suit is like i want you to,make this movie and so it is it is a,decent above average because its pixar,and theyre so talented but i wouldnt,put this in the top third or the middle,third like this isnt the bottom third,of the catalog for me yeah i like it a,little bit better than the bottom third,i i i guess because i went in with such,low expectations,and it actually wasnt dece you know a,decent story and i like im,almost i should have seen this coming,because im a sucker for anything sci-fi,uh and so i think it did better for me,than i expected at least the trailer i,think the film is better than what the,trailer kind of gave me the impression,of so,i guess thats a success and im kind of,on the side of people like oh youre,being curmudgeon its like yeah but,again its its definitely um you know,not top-tier pixar so,um lets lets um,talk a little bit about well i guess,i got to know which i mean because,the pixars got some bangers man like,youre saying that theres this is in,the top 18 yeah well get well get,there in the spoiler section because i,pulled up a full list of all the pixar,films and ill put it where,you know i i think it goes yeah so well,well get there in the spoilers section,but i wanted to talk a little bit more,about the film um so,the the the the villain was the

What Even Is Lightyear (Review)

lightyear is a fake movie i mean its a,real movie yeah i bought a ticket i,watched it but this is according to,pixar a movie that exists in the pixar,universe its the movie that andy saw,that made him want to buy the buzz,lightyear toy so its a movie within a,movie like there is an animated actor,playing buzz lightyear in the movie that,goes uncredited but its assumed that,the guy who is buzz lightyear in this,movie is also in other movies but its,that and me you get what im saying and,i went through all that to say that this,movie is simultaneously way better than,it should be but also about as deep as,youd expect a fake movie to go lets,talk about it now i dont think its a,secret that ive really liked the recent,pixar films like more than i should i,thought seoul was a one of a kind i,thought turning red was charming and,beautifully animated and i thought luca,was a simple and sweet story that tugged,at my heartstrings everything theyve,been doing recently has kind of gotten,me to fall back in love with pixar,and then theres light year lets get,one thing straight lightyear is,beautifully animated go figure i think,its ridiculous that this is the only,pixar film of this group that got a,theatrical release considering the,others look better but im not upset an,action-filled space adventure produced,by pixar unsurprisingly looks pretty,damn great on the big screen their skin,textures specifically scenes where buzz,is sweating look really nice all the,hyperspace stuff looks phenomenal and i,mean pixar clearly more than any other,animation company is really good at,nailing realistic facial expressions,they look really great in this movie,specifically the only thing im bummed,about in regards to its distribution is,where the hell was the short film was,that just my theater is there really no,short film this time like i got,irrationally excited on my way to the,theater because it was my first pixar,film in a theater in years and i was,gonna get to experience the short before,the movie and they didnt even do it is,it because this is a movie within a,movie and that movie that andy saw,wouldnt have had a short before it what,kind of excuse is that i know im a,grown adult i shouldnt be getting that,upset about this but im just come on it,was the kind of sign that was telling me,that this was barely a pixar movie,before the movie even started lightyear,is a completely watchable and fine movie,yes on its own yeah its pretty good but,by pixar standards and frankly by most,animated film standards this was really,unremarkable and what i mean by that,last part is that while yes the,animation is clearly beautiful when,pixar is doing it they really do it but,at no point in the film did it ever make,the case for why this needed to be an,animated film obviously i prefer it,animated but it never really showcases,the freedom you have with that kind of,tool which is genuinely shocking to see,in a pixar film this late in the game,something i really do admire about pixar,is how they continue to surprise me with,their animation like turning red,introduced new styles luca had a lot of,cool shapes and colors and this was just,kind of,an animated movie i might sound like im,contradicting myself here as i have been,a pretty hardcore luca defender for,about a year now and that my case for,luca is that pixar doing these simple,stories that arent trying to be,anything more are actually really sweet,and i really prefer a pixar film just,hanging out in its beautifully animated,environment to a pixar film trying to be,philosophical for the sake of living up,to its reputation so by that logic,lightyear should really work for me its,about as cookie cutter as it gets and,makes the case in its first frame that,it is a movie that is a part of a,universe not something of its own but,light year fails to ever genuinely hook,me because buzz lightyear is not that,interesting buzz lightyear the one in,this movie not the one from the other,movies is very dull his whole character,arc is that he feels like he needs to,fix everything and the message of the,movie is that you cant do it without a,team if you think the film is going to,do anything new or exciting with that,kind of message it doesnt really this,is a huge stretch but its kind of a,surface level mr fox in a lot of ways,chris evans even sounds like george,clooney a lot of the time something that,works with lucas simplicity and even,turning red simplicity is the use of,metaphor and how the red panda and,mermaid figures symbolize the,characters identities its just on the,nose enough for kids to connect to and,its interesting enough for older,audiences to gain a new light-hearted,perspective that is kind of the charm of,every pixar film and lightyear really,doesnt have an interesting hook like,that lightyear is just about buzz being,in space finding this group of people,and working together to get back home,and thats the thing it hits all the,right emotional beats the script and,edit are both airtight i cant really,find any flaws in how they decided to,tell the story but the story itself,doesnt really have anything that,significant to ever make you feel,anything significant now,counter-argument lightyear is definitely,more targeted towards children than most,pixar films in the last few years oh you,dont think so whos its number one fan, i watched this opening day in a,theater full of children which if you,remember my hellish jurassic world,experience seems like a bad time but the,theater for light year was silent but,engaged only time i ever heard one of,the kids say something was when someone,died and a little girl went she passed,away which is the cutest way a kid can,say someone died and that much makes me,very happy jurassic world was,eye-opening it reminded me that making,movies tailored towards families is,actually very difficult because kids do,get distracted all the damn time and if,your movie is extremely boring like that,one its gonna be a noisy theater and,lightyear is the kind of extremely,surface level movie with a likable yet,completely shallow cast of characters,with really nice animation to keep a kid,fully invested not to mention socks who,let me just say fully won me over i i,like socks a lot of the spacey adventure,logic fully does not make sense like,some of the ways its talking about like,the time jumps in the future and going,back to the past im like wait what but,for a movie like this who really cares,this is the buzz lightyear movie from,the 80s or the 70s or 9 i dont really,know when its from and if were talking,about the nostalgia factor of this movie,and it being some sort of older space,adventure film it only really gets,halfway there i mean the plot and the,tone of it definitely feel like a movie,that came around the time star wars came,out where its not trying to change the,game on any space movie cliches rather,it leans into them because that cheese,is very charming but the cinematography,didnt feel all that retro it felt very,modern blockbuster action film which,didnt really make sense and the,dialogue feels very self-aware in a way,thats always kind of irritated me in,these newer pixar films but most,importantly the titles come on i know,this is insanely nitpicky but why did,they go with this like transformers type,style for the credits and text it does,not look good nor does it match the film,at all i just wish aesthetically not,just tonally the film stuck to its like,80 nostalgias thing that would at least,be a thing this movie had going for it,so yeah im mixed about this movie i do,unfortunately think its the worst thing,pixar has made in a long time but i,really dont think its a bad movie nor,is it the worst movie pixars ever made,i think kids will have an absolute blast,with it and if you are curious about it,you should absolutely check it out its,not gonna win over any skeptics and,thats fine that was not at all what the,movie set out to do it isnt doing a,single remarkable thing yet it kept me,relativ

Lightyear – Is It Good or Nah? (Pixar Review)

funding for shaperless is provided by,surfsharkvpn the sponsor of todays,video lightyear now remember this isnt,about buzz lightyear the toy this is,about the real life human that inspired,buzz lightyear but actually no its,actually a movie within the toy story,universe that inspired the real life,human andy to go get a buzz lightyear,toy if this is a real movie that,inspired toys how come we only ever see,buzz and zerg toys in the toy story,movies what about all the side,characters who look like marketable,action figures what about the robot cat,youre telling me toys of this robot cat,wouldnt fly off the shelves and at,least show up somewhere in the toy story,movies its almost like this framing,device is really stupid and doesnt make,any sense but thats okay because even,if you ignore it the movie is still not,very good i dont know man this seems,like a pretty neat idea making a cool,standalone space adventure movie that,just so happens to tie into a,pre-existing ip in a pretty,non-intrusive way despite a few,cringe-worthy dialogue references to,stuff buzz said in the toy story movies,it does stand alone pretty well for the,most part but at the same time it tells,such a generic and uninspired story that,it kind of feels like it was only made,just to squeeze some more dollars out of,the toy story ip through toy sales,ironically enough so much of this movie,feels unoriginal and hollow like a weird,mashup of a ton of recent sci-fi movies,despite the fact that in the toy story,universe this came out during the 90s it,could have been a fun parody of 90s,sci-fi especially considering buzz,lightyear himself was kind of an,over-the-top parody character but no,its a very contemporary feeling film,and buzz himself is fairly generic and,not nearly as fun as his toy story,counterpart i didnt need him to be,quite as over the top as toy buzz that,might get annoying but i wish there was,a bit more life and humor injected into,both him and the rest of the movie there,are some sparse funny moments here and,there sure the robot cat was really,enjoyable and he got a few laughs i,liked when the autopilot on buzzs ship,wasnt working so he blew into it like,an old game cartridge that got a chuckle,out of me the sandwich scene was kind of,cute but for the most part this movies,attempts at humor kinda dont land taika,waititi is in this movie and i think,hes hilarious in almost everything hes,in but his character didnt make me,laugh once i just heard his funny voice,and wish they would give him funny,things to say hes got this one,recurring joke involving a pen and i can,see how it could have worked comedically,like he could have just been ultra,enthusiastic about using it but that,everyone keeps shooting him down and,then when the time came to finally use,it it could have been this big hilarious,moment of payoff basically the spaghetti,strainer joke from season 3 of bojack,the concept was there on paper and it,could have been really funny but the way,it was executed just wasnt the writing,needed to be more over the top and the,payoff had to be bigger for the joke to,really land it just kind of made me sad,thinking about how funny that joke would,have been in the 2000s pixar film when,they were at the top of their comedic,game hell its not like modern pixar is,unfunny the humor was one of my favorite,parts about turning red its just the,way the jokes were directed and paced,and written in this movie that just felt,so off in fact yeah thats one of my,biggest problems the direction of this,movie just felt stilted and awkward its,hard to really describe but one example,is this nightmare buzz has early on,thats meant to show how much he regrets,something but it just happens so fast,that you dont really get time to,process it he falls asleep hes suddenly,in a nightmare that lasts like 15,seconds and then he wakes up theres a,lot of scenes like this where its,difficult to really connect with whats,going on because it seems too rushed and,its not just the direction the script,has some of these problems too theres a,scene where buzz is told he cant,continue his mission into space but then,he finds out the right combination,thatll make the mission succeed so,youd think the next scene would be him,trying to show this information to the,commander and asking for one last chance,but instead some troops show up to,deactivate his robot cat for no real,good reason so he just jumps out a,window and tries to do the mission,illegally it felt like the script was,leaping a bit there and not really,following the most natural and flowing,course of action the plot could have,taken another leap is with buzzs entire,motivation he spends the whole movie,trying to fix a mistake he made because,he thinks he owes it to everyone else he,failed but none of them ever expressed,disappointment with him or what he did,and they all seem to live perfectly fine,safe lives theres no real emotional,hook to this movie other than buzz is,disappointed with himself and its,understandable enough but not really,emotionally investing no one else seems,to care about what buzz did so why,should i this movies emotional peak,happens in the first 20 minutes and said,emotional peak is basically just a,ripoff of interstellar its pretty good,in a vacuum but also done better in that,movie so theres that and while a movie,like up also emotionally peaks at the,very beginning at least in that movie,they built upon that emotional moment,with some other powerful scenes later on,this movie kinda does that but again it,really doesnt feel very focused on and,it comes across as rushed and dont even,get me started on the villain man this,movies version of zerg might just be,the worst pixar villain since whoever,the was the villain of cars 2. he,has basically no presence for the first,two acts of the movie until he starts,showing up literally out of nowhere to,chase down the heroes whenever the movie,decides its time for an action scene,and im not going to get into spoilers,because i frankly dont care enough,about this movie to set up a spoiler tag,so im just going to be really vague,here but so much about him just doesnt,make any sense maybe i missed it but i,dont think they ever explained how he,came into being and i find it so odd,that his mindset is like this,considering his experiences and the,things he saw before he conveniently,stumbled upon this evil technology it,just feels like he shouldnt be this,unreasonable his motivation is extremely,flimsy and it feels like he could just,accept things and move on and do,something else with his life i know hes,haunted or whatever but for this long,really so yeah his motivations,completely fell flat for obvious reasons,and he just isnt very threatening he,was a more menacing antagonist in toy,form somehow how do you manage that,honestly the more i talk about this,movie the less i like it my biggest,compliment is that its,watchable at the very least the,animation is stellar as ever its got,some cool action scenes the cat is funny,its one of michael g aquinos weaker,scores but even his c plus material is,pretty good but man its main characters,are kinda lame the villain sucks the,direction feels off its got an,incredibly weak story and this gets to,be pixars return to movie theaters what,a sick joke the studio has been on a bit,of a roll with their original ideas,lately i loved soul and luca and while,turning red wasnt a favorite of mine i,respect it for connecting with so many,people and i was definitely too harsh to,some aspects of it it sucks that after,three original hits in a row were now,back to the same that dragged,pixars reputation down during the 2010s,movies that exist as brand extensions,first and stories worth telling second,its not awful but its absolutely not,worth checking out in theaters and you,should be fine just waiting for it to,come to disney plus where it should have,been released to begin with im giving,this one a 5 out of 10 and im,retroactively bumping my turning red,s

Why Lightyear Bombed At The Box Office

pixars lightyear is experiencing some,turbulence at the box office,it did not go as planned the mission was,unsuccessful,first announced in 2020 during disney,investor day the toy story spin-off,seemed to be on track to be another win,for the studio behind ratatouille and,wally the character of buzz lightyear,then voiced by tim allen first appeared,in toy story pixars debut feature film,while the toy story series spawned,several successful sequels the character,of buzz lightyear himself would go on to,headline his own direct to video,spin-off movie and even an animated,series called buzz lightyear of star,command that ran for over 60 episodes,more than proving the characters,popularity seeing as the toy story,franchise has grossed over 3 billion,dollars worldwide and has already,successfully spawned other buzz,lightyear spin-offs it may come as a,surprise that light year has been far,from a success variety reports that the,film cost 200 million dollars to produce,and that doesnt even account for the,marketing budget the movie opened to a,disappointingly low 51 million dollar,box office a far cry from the 121,million dollar opening haul of toy story,4. on the critical front the film holds,a 76 on rotten tomatoes that is far from,a flop review-wise but it does make it,the lowest rated film in the franchise,a flurry of confusion and indifference,began to pile up shortly before the,films release coupled with an,unfortunate release date and a lack of,distinct identity lightyear serves as a,cautionary tale for disney that,audiences wont just show up for,anything pixar me im gonna get played,with,see ya,prospective audiences were left,scratching their heads when lightyear,was announced in 2020. captain america,star chris evans was brought on board to,voice the titular character replacing,tim allen who had been playing the space,ranger in the toy story series since,1995. evans casting announcement caused,significant confusion which seemingly,led to the actor issuing a tweet that,stated this is the origin story of the,human buzz lightyear that the toy is,based on hey guys look its the real,buzz lightyear however when audiences,set down to watch the film they were,greeted with on-screen text that,revealed that lightyear is actually the,film that andy the owner of the buzz,lightyear action figure from toy story,saw in 1995 confused so were we it,certainly didnt help that the films,marketing campaign failed to convey the,tone of light year while pixar has,always been a studio that has created,films for children and young adults,theyre largely beloved by viewers of,all ages lightyear on the other hand,appeared to be a film mostly dedicated,to the older crowd the films initial,teaser relied heavily on david bowies,star man and pitched itself as a,throwback space opera inspired by the,films of the 80s a direction that,implied it was tugging on the nostalgia,of those who remember the decade some,speculated that the film would be,pixars first pg-13 project which didnt,end up being the case however the notion,that it could have been alongside the,films confusing premise and hit and,miss marketing certainly alienated,viewers during opening weekend,especially with more interesting,projects in theaters,oh no,the premise of light year may have been,confusing but pixars name still holds,weight which seemingly poised the film,to deliver the box office goods perhaps,that would have happened if the toy,story spin-off opened earlier this year,light year hit theaters on june 17th,fathers day weekend while that slot may,have been strategic for pixar and disney,when the animated project was announced,in 2020 the studios clearly,underestimated their competition light,year opened a week after jurassic world,dominion the long-awaited finale to the,jurassic saga deadline reports that the,dinosaur bonanza raked in 58.6 million,dollars on fathers day weekend trumping,the 51 million dollar debut of light,year the film also faced fierce,competition from top gun maverick which,brought in a whopping 44 million dollars,making it the second highest fourth,weekend haul since avatar both dominion,and maverick cater far more to the,fathers day crowd than light year while,dominion was riddled with issues the,jurassic world franchise will always,have a hold over general audiences then,there is the continued runaway success,of maverick the sequel to the 1986 hit,has become a cultural phenomenon,prompting repeat viewings from some,audience members the tom cruise-led,sequel is far more dad-centric than,lightyear it is a bigger draw for those,looking for nostalgia and its poignant,story and jaw-dropping action sequences,appeal more to the grown-up crowd in,fact audiences over 35 have been showing,up in droves to see mavericks sophomore,outing while the character of buzz,lightyear certainly holds his own weight,in terms of nostalgia the pixar animated,epic just doesnt seem to have been the,right choice for fathers day weekend,taking a look at pixars recent slate of,films light year notably stands out as,the sole ipcentric project since 2019s,toy story 4. pixars last proper,theatrical release was onward which,underperformed due to the impact of the,coven 19 pandemic in 2020. during the,pandemic disney sent soul luca and,turning red straight to disney plus much,to the chagrin of pixar employees each,of those three original films received,near unanimous acclaim they all boast a,rotten tomato score of over 90,and have become pop culture phenomenons,in their own right it speaks volumes,that disney sent some of pixars most,interesting films in recent memory,ostensibly direct to video diluting the,brand which is mostly synonymous with,quality if modern audiences associate,pixar with disney plus theyll be,hard-pressed to spend the time heading,to the theaters when they know lightyear,will be on the service sooner rather,than later to that end amidst the,confusion viewers seem more interested,in pixars original stories films like,turning red have sparked cultural,conversations echoing the impact of the,studios earlier projects like inside,out and ratatouille on the other hand,the conversations around light year have,largely focused on the fact that as,david sims wrote in his review for the,atlantic hollywood is so lost in the,rabbit holes of its own intellectual,property that its cooking up origin,stories for fictional toys despite,focusing on a beloved character,lightyear failed to launch the moment,pixar and disney just assumed audiences,would show up for a toy story spin-off,it turns out to get people out to the,theaters these days you need to give,them something more check out one of our,newest videos right here plus even more,looper videos about your favorite movies,and tv shows are coming soon subscribe,to our youtube channel and hit the bell,so you dont miss a single one,you

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