1. 2021 Lincoln Nautilus | MotorWeek Road Test
  2. 2021 Lincoln Nautilus Reserve 2.0L w/only 1,300 miles ! POV Review & Test Drive – Luxury Edge,Yes !
  3. 2022 Lincoln Nautilus | It Doesnt Feel Like a Ford
  4. 2021 Lincoln Nautilus Luxury SUV Review and Test Drive
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2021 Lincoln Nautilus | MotorWeek Road Test

motorweek is made possible by,tirerack.com,and,rockauto.com given current trends you,think every luxury suv would be selling,as fast as they can make them and indeed,overall sales do continue to rise but so,too does competitiveness and that makes,it even harder for one single model to,stand out from the crowd now lincoln has,had its ups and downs in recent years,but their 2021 suv lineup is more,impressive than ever highlighted by an,updated nautilus,[Music],lincoln may be all about promoting the,calmness and serenity theyre attempting,to provide inside their vehicles but as,this updated 2021 lincoln nautilus shows,when it comes to their exteriors bold is,more the theme though certainly still,delivered with a touch of elegance the,five-passenger nautilus shares its bones,with the ford edge of course one of,fords first crossovers and went by the,name mkx for many years but the lincoln,suv story is much more interesting if,you go back to the 1998 navigator sure,it was just a chrome-clad expedition,with extra leather and wood but boy did,it sell and along with cadillacs,escalade truly changed the luxury,vehicle seen forever with more sales,being suvs than sedans these days,getting back to the nautilus changes for,21 are relatively minor the more,polished front end includes added body,color on the bumper and less grill work,around the fog lamps,the grille itself is finished in satin,aluminum as are the optional roof rails,a panoramic vista roof is standard in,black label while in back are signature,led tail lights and a hands-free lift,gate,three new color choices include this,flight blue and wheel sizes range from,18 to 21 inches,the interior has been more completely,revamped the previous rounded dash with,inset infotainment has been replaced by,a throwback horizontal design with a new,13 inch touchscreen up top and within,easy reach,there are new varieties of interior,colors as well while black label models,have distinct themes such as this chalet,with alpine venetian leather and deep,silverwood finishes,front-wheel drive is standard as is a,250 horsepower 2-liter i-4 turbo with,all-wheel drive optional in all trims,except for black label which comes with,awd standard along with this 2.7 liter,335 horsepower 2.7 liter twin turbo v6,that cranks out 380 pound-feet of torque,both engines equipped with an,eight-speed automatic transmission,so with that twin turbo putting plenty,of wind in our sails we charted a course,for mason dixon dragway in hopes of some,smooth quarter mile sailing,at the line theres a slight hesitation,for power to come on but then this,all-wheel drive nautilus leapt off the,line with a healthy dose of low end,torque it doesnt feel overly powerful,but 5.8 seconds to 60 is more than,adequate for a fancy family hauler,from there its all calm seas for the,rest of the quarter mile power builds,consistently down the track mostly,uninterrupted by super smooth gear,changes quarter mile completed in 14.4,seconds at 96 miles per hour and it,feels quite stable and comfortable,cruising along at high speeds despite,the strong winds at our track day,initially the light steering and,generous body roll gave us pause in our,handling course but as we pushed harder,things seemed to improve with only minor,understeer feeling quite agile through,the cones and even a little enjoyable as,the stability system stayed mostly in,the background,the soft suspension also meant some,significant nose dive in our braking,runs but stops from 60 took only 112,feet and overall stability was quite,good,away from the track is where the,nautilus truly excels however a smooth,quiet and comfortable ride reminiscent,of classic lincolns yet with everything,you look for in a modern luxury utility,like easy to use tech and a jamming,stereo system,government fuel economy ratings for a,nautilus all-wheel drive v6 are 19 city,25 highway and 21 combined our average a,reasonable 20.6 miles per gallon with,regular gas,thats slightly below average for the,energy impact score consuming 15.7,barrels of oil annually with seven tons,of co2 emissions,no doubt about it suvs are getting,pricey and luxury suvs even more so the,nautilus starts reasonably enough at,forty three thousand five hundred ninety,five dollars with all-wheel drive,another twenty five hundred dollars but,things escalate quickly from there up to,the black labels base of sixty six,thousand one hundred eighty five dollars,throw in a few options and you can be,well over 75 thousand dollars,like an increasing number of brands,lincoln has thrown all of their eggs,into the suv basket with no cars,remaining in their lineup since the,discontinuation of the continental last,year,so its hard to say for sure whether,lincoln is a brand thats in flux or on,the comeback with the right strategy,finally in place,but this 2021 nautilus is part of a,lincoln suv lineup that is quite,comprehensive and better than ever which,is exactly what they need to be a serene,success,[Music],[Music],you

2021 Lincoln Nautilus Reserve 2.0L w/only 1,300 miles ! POV Review & Test Drive – Luxury Edge,Yes !

so lets go ahead and push it here guys,a little bit yes,lets go Lincoln,yeah its pretty decently quick,[Music],foreign,everybody welcome back to the channel my,name is Pedro in todays video we are,driving a 2021 Lincoln Nautilus now,obviously we know guys that this Lincoln,not us you know is basically uh comes,from the Ford Edge now here we got a,regular full wrench now these are,basically the same SUVs obviously,different styling different you know,different Interiors but basically,underneath is the same chassis as this,Ford Edge now this one here its,basically a brand new model its only,got 1300 a little over 300 miles its in,a beautiful red carpet which is just,what the color of the name is is called,red carpet this has got the sand beige,interior like different styling than the,Ford Edge that its based on its got 20,inch wheels this is a reserve model,front-wheel drive with the two liter 250,horsepower equals four-cylinder engine,checking out the styling of this Lincoln,its very nice I mean such a know,different Unique Look to this Lincoln um,youre considering you have the same,chassis its based on on the front here,with the Ford Edge you know Lincolns,got you know different styling got you,know all the kinds of Hues as you can,see guys we got the light tail lights,and we got the lights calling all across,we got the Lincoln letters here part of,the badging of course you got dual,exhaust in about we got a bit of,aluminum here on the bottom really,really nice you know we got a little bit,of a strip of flights there for,reflection but I really love the way,this Lincoln looks its a much sharper,you know looking than a Ford Edge in my,opinion obviously youre paying a little,more a little bit of chrome right beside,the rocker panel here and we have the,Nautilus name here as you can see guys,really nice I mean Lincoln really did a,good job the mirrors look really nice,you get a bit of Chrome on of course on,the uh window trim here I love the look,of this Lincoln its much more sportier,in my opinion obviously this is uh you,know this Lincoln used to be the MKX as,I do I did draw one of those before my,channel is one of those older videos,that you can put a link down below they,did some minor updates for 2021 the,biggest one is course they completely,upgraded the interior to the whats you,know the standard now of Lincoln you,know here we got a little bit of a,changes for 2021 and I believe that,thats even staying the same for 2022 so,I dont think theres much changes for,the 22 and into except some colors and,stuff like that so this one that we have,for you guys this is a reserved one,there results theres three trims away,theres the base the reserve and the,black label the Black Label being the,one that has the most options the much,the more leather you know the more,different colors so I think this is,probably the best deal that you have for,the uh the Nautilus you know being,reserved you got plenty of amenities of,course it can option off you know the,2.7 liter twin turbo V6 you can option a,four-wheel drive but basically the,interior is the same you know theres,all kinds of different packages you got,the reserve one reserve two you know the,reserve two is basically the most,expensive over ten thousand dollars in,packages with the all-wheel drive and,you still get an option of the 2.7 liter,V6 so uh but this one here its really,nice its got you know you got the,panoramic sunroof you got you know the,13 inch screen you got the you know,Revel uh sound system on it so lots of,lots of features in there checking out,the front of this link and of course we,got this signature Grille of this,Lincoln this is a Lego satin silver its,really cool I really love the way that,looks we got a chrome bottom there and,of course a Lincoln bachelor in the,front really nice now for the lights,this is Scott obviously these are all,LED nighttime lights and for heims as,well really nice the way this is America,of course you need a daytime running on,here as well there are no fog lights or,anything like that but uh this sharpness,is really nice powerful lights for you,so checking out the wheels of this link,in the really nice 20 inch wheel these,are paired with Continental cross,contact all season tires really nice,Tire you know really nice 245 millimeter,size we got 13.8 rotors here on the,front single piston calipers but really,nice the wheels very nice the way they,are designed these are the same tires,all around for tires this is front wheel,drive of course on this not unless you,can get also an optional all-wheel drive,as well so but really nice I really love,the way those Wheels stock can really,make it all right so here we have the,key with this here of course you can see,we got just a standard Ford here that,just got a Lincoln badge on of course we,got automatic except start from the,outside you got panic and of course we,got button touch for the rear hatch so,this is basically a Ford Edge you know,size the same chassis same type of,amenities of course you guys might have,a little bit of plush of carpet but the,same type of amenities as the Ford Edge,of course you get a 12 foot connection,here of course these are the seats that,go down uh we can go ahead and touch,that guys to see the seats go down,automatically we have the subwoofer from,Rubble here thats part of the sound,system and uh down here if we put this,up we have uh no spare on this one we,have a lot more cubicles here for,storage underneath we got a basically an,air compressor its probably a repair,kit for your uh for if you get a you,know flat tire youre gonna have to call,AAA or your local Lincoln or you,obviously use your tire repair kit but,other than that its a nice spacious,interior here in the back because you,get about 37 square feet of storage,pressure in the back which is pretty,good size obviously if you put the seats,on theres some more but uh excellent,excellent size for this that should be,and this is a perfect size it should be,plenty of space in the back very,comfortable inside for your occupants,and uh thats it guys here we go so its,really nice you can put it to put the,button down and that you can see we get,a reverse camera here and uh there we go,so we have here the two liter,four-cylinder turbocharged engine this,is producing 250 horsepower 277,pound-feet of torque uh this is going to,the front wheels of course all-wheel,drive is optional and you have the,option as well of putting that 2.7 liter,twin turbocharged uh V6 thats in the,you know for example on the edge St you,can also option that engine off here as,well but this has got you know plenty of,power plenty of torque and its very,very efficient as well its about 21,miles to the city 26 highways so its a,great power plant and I cannot go wrong,with this two liter engine but there you,go its not much to look at you get a,little list of you know Lincoln engine,covers you can see here and the engine,system here on the front axle which,gives you good stability so but um there,we go guys theres the engine for this,Lincoln Nautilus and lets go ahead and,all right so lets go ahead and take a,look at that Nautilus interior as you,can see guys this is the sand uh,Sandstone interior where you can get a,black interior this is part of the,Samsung this is really nice so its kind,of multicolor here you can see we got,the Sandstone leather here which is,really nice you got a darker kind of a,dark chocolatey color to this part of,the other the door now we got your,speaker grills here which a little dark,gray really nice so this is a panel,piano black trim surrounding the door,handle which is a bit of a chrome as,well but it feels fantastic so this,leather feels really nice you know its,kind of perforated as well you can see,guys Everything feels so soft really,nice what goes onto it you got the,two-tone as you can see here and lets,go ahead and get in so getting hey guys,very comfortable and interior seats are,really soft too really nice set back a

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2022 Lincoln Nautilus | It Doesnt Feel Like a Ford

previously on accelerate reviewed the,2021 maserati levante gts listen to how,that thing sound,[Music],[Applause],but today weve got the 2022,lincoln,nautilus,[Music],so lincoln lincoln doesnt make any more,cars they actually only make four,vehicles and all four of them are suvs,and you probably know them by its big,boy the navigator maybe you know the,aviator but this nautilus not so much,corsair whats that so today were going,to talk about the front of this nautilus,were going to talk about the side the,back were also going to talk about the,interior and how matthew mcconaughey-ish,it is,so lets get into it,this is the refresh,2021-2022 version didnt do a whole lot,on the outside except some stuff down,here but lets start at the top and talk,about it now it does have a very high,hood this hood is very high the,headlights are led and they have five,little inserts of led they sort of,appear to be matrix headlights where you,could theoretically switch off each led,when youre approaching another car so,you dont blind them so moving below you,do have your indicator which is,obviously led underneath that you have,some sort of black plastic grille which,is a difference maker for 2021 to 2022,concerning the old models had some,chrome stuff there right here is where,your radar is that is for your front,detection for your automatic braking,that kind of stuff it also does have,lane centering which is kind of nice to,have and up here you have a big girl,with this,lincoln logo now lets talk about,lincoln for a second,lincoln is sort of a little bit,different because lincoln doesnt have,their own standalone stores at least the,ones ive personally seen in canada and,the us you see a lot of other,manufacturers have their own standalone,store when it comes to their luxury,product you see lincoln is usually,always tied to a ford store whereas if,you think about other brands theyre,actually moving towards the independency,of having their own luxury brand so will,lincoln have their own luxury brands i,dont know with four suvs maybe maybe,not,so doesnt this front end look like a,jaguar e-pace like look at this thing,jack or e-pace if you think im right,yeah comment below,under the hood you have two engines the,first choice is your four cylinder like,typical always a two liter because that,seems like all they make nowadays makes,250 horsepower 280 pound feet of torque,and then theres this guy which is a,twin turbo v6 that makes 335 horsepower,and 380 found peter torque now it does,go pretty good so im gonna show you,guys that on the drive it also has an,eight speed torque converter,gearbox either of them doesnt matter,which one you pick the four banger or,the six thats what you get an eight,speed gearbox its got torque working as,well if you care,so,you cant get any hybrid versions of the,nautilus you can get it in the corsair,and you can get it in the aviator now,there are three different versions you,can get on this nautilus you can get the,regular,you can get the reserve or you can get,every south asian mans favorite drink,black label,so moving along the side here lets talk,about the wheels so you can get 18s 20s,and 21s they seem to skip 19s but these,are 20s and theyre black finished,obviously they match the back and,theyre black wheels now inner fender,lines are something we like to check,here at accelerate and theyre not,plastic they are actually carpeted in,the front lets check the back and yes,they are also carpeted which makes sense,because this is their luxury product now,yes you do see nautilus on the side here,nice and fancy now as far as these,theyre not mounted right here theyre,mounted to the body panel which is kind,of new nice and they do fold in they,also do have a 360 camera and if the key,is in your pocket and you want to unlock,the door you can do it from the front or,you can do it from the back not just the,front it does have this sort of typical,domestic rugged feel because you have,this plastic that goes all the way,around so you dont get any scratches it,does have adaptive suspension not air,suspension adapter suspension so you can,adjust how soft and firm you want it to,be but well talk about that in the,drive lets move along the back here yes,it is fancy says lincoln on the back so,lets go and take a look,getting in and out is always important,so there you have it getting out i do,have to fold my head a little bit,anyways now something unique to ford,and,lincoln is you have these buttons that,you can press whatever code you want to,get in the vehicle if you dont have,your key now another cool thing is when,you have the car locked and you walk up,to it at night itll actually give you,this lincoln logo kind of right in the,middle of the car so lets see if i can,get it,there you have it it sort of fades in,fades out just like the headlights do so,if you have your phone its also got,something called phone for key which is,basically a key on your phone but lets,talk about the back here lets start off,with the top so this has a really really,large rear spoiler sort of a sporty,spoiler but its kind of tricky because,its not sporty this way its just,sporty this way and if you look it does,have a third brake light that is white,led but its red when it comes on versus,this is all red and your typical lincoln,bar that goes all the way across and yes,its a lincoln now its got a few other,interesting pieces one this tows 3 500,pounds if you get the right towing,equipment it also does have kick trunks,so lets practice give it a kick come,back and,it opens very easily this is actually,one of the vehicles that when i kick it,at the first time second time third time,it works every time which is nice to,have now the other thing it does have,something called true,exhaust these are legitimate exhausts,they are yes you see them with your own,eyes their exhaust they dont point down,theyre not fake they are right there it,also does have something thats really,interesting and that is this has the,same sort of space as an xc90 volvo,inside with the seats folded down,thats really weird i wouldnt expect,that lets take a look and thats why i,got a measuring tape so lets measure it,up so as far as room goes lets just,throw the key over there and let me move,over here so you guys can see,weve got 43 inches in terms of depth,and in terms of width this is a large,trunk,44. this is a big trunk so you can fit,whatever you want which is pretty,typical because it is a ford and,domestic vehicles like space,and shes got it so a few things i want,to point out here in the trunk one is,there is no spare tire you lift this up,and you do have just an air compressor a,fairly large,quality air compressor the german ones,are about half the size this seems,pretty heavy duty which is nice to see,again no spare tire it does have a cargo,net it does have either a choice of 13,or 19 revel speakers so theres a,subwoofer there,something really interesting to actually,note is if you just look how low these,back seats are theyre fairly low enough,that a dog a fairly sizable dog can be,back here and their head can be inside,you see that was one of the problems,with german cars if you do have a larger,dog they get in the trunk but then their,head is kind of stuck with this very,shallow space and then you have a lot of,obviously visibility in the back here,but i can tell that when im driving i,can definitely have visibility when im,looking out my rear view mirror now as,far as how these seats fold down this is,obviously as back as you can go and that,is this forward so that is the,difference in terms of how it slides,back and if i want to put the seats down,well there are two buttons right here to,press it,theres one,and theres the other now it does have a,12 volt down here it does have a tonneau,cover that ive removed just to show you,guys how much space there is back here,um there is some plasticky pieces so,its not all like super duper fancy,leather wrapped,you can sort of see its pretty forwar

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2021 Lincoln Nautilus Luxury SUV Review and Test Drive

this is the 2022 lincoln nautilus there,are some changes for this year,there are two engines and a lot of new,upgrades on the interior,and were gonna take it for a drive,welcome back to the channel im lauren,fix if this is your first time for the,channel we do a lot more than very cool,car reviews,we give you first looks at new vehicles,as they come up and we give you,information so you can save money,i call that car smarts make sure to,subscribe and click that little bell so,you dont miss,anything with a lot of great information,so you dont have buyers remorse,this is the 2022 lincoln nautilus there,are,two different engines and theres a lot,of changes on the technology,were going to be covering the black,label with the 2.7 liter engine will go,through a bunch of details so when you,go to the dealer,you wont be just sold on the vehicle,because thats the sales persons job,were going to give you information so,you purchase the right vehicle and you,dont have virus remorse were going to,cover,10 different categories on a scale from,1 to ten in the end well give you a car,coach reports total,well talk about the competition and,theres a long list of competition,weve reviewed all those as well and,therell be links to those reviews as,well,were going to cover performance,handling safety,visibility seating technology,features design quality cargo,value in the end well give you a car,coach reports total so that you,can have information and purchase the,right car lets take it for a drive,under the hood of the nautilus are two,engine options there is a two liter,that has 250 horsepower but this is the,2.7 liter six cylinder,its twin turbos and has 335 horsepower,and 380 pound-feet of torque,thats some pretty big grunt for a,vehicle of this size,lets take it for a drive,there are two engine options like i said,this is the 2.7 liter because this,is a black label now first thing youre,going to notice with this twin turbo,engine is,eight speed automatic transmission by,the way the towing capacity is,3 500 pounds so when youre driving it,in a normal mode and you want to,accelerate,not a problem just smooth quiet love,this car as far as like,silence and ive driven every car in,that list below and,ill tell you this one just has it when,it comes to silence so well start off,with,accelerating while youre moving i need,to pass put my foot in it,she goes really nicely very very nice,and i think thats one of the things,that when you own a vehicle like this,you want to be able to get out of your,own way so while were in traffic here,and im driving both out in the country,which is where were heading out to,as well as on the regular roads you and,i drive,every day to the mall to the store to,your doctors to your kids whatever it is,youre doing in life,you want to be able to get the feeling,for that vehicle so when you go to test,drive a car,typically the dealer is going to have oh,we have a route you know what you have,to make sure the route is what your,route is,and thats part of what i tell people if,its a highway then you want to see what,it rides like on the highway,you want all those feelings including,parking in your garage how hard is it to,getting out of a parking space thats,all part of handling,those are really critical factors when,you have vehicles like this and well,talk about this in technology and,handling,they have auto park we do perpendicular,and parallel park for you,ford is actually one of the first on the,market to come up with that and i think,it was,really smart now when youre looking at,this vehicle as far as performance,overall,everyday basis the first thing i would,say is i was really impressed with the,performance now there is,one additional option there is a,performance,option its called sport and its when,you look across the,you know park reverse drive neutral low,it is ask,for sport so when you put it into sport,mode what it does is it changes the,shift points more so than anything so it,gives you that extra power,so i will pull up to a light here and,well see if we can beat this other car,off the light because thats kind of fun,too,because theres only one road at the end,and lets see how this,nautilus does so were going to put it,into sport mode were going to come to a,complete stop and see if we can beat,this other suv off the line,here we go ready go,in sport mode nice,transition of power from the front to,the back good grip,and thats up to 60 really quickly there,is no zero to 60 times that are official,at this point,but im really happy with this car,honestly i typically drive cars in sport,mode but this one doesnt even need it,im gonna go back to drive mode because,i think that is like the,good balance of performance and everyday,driving,i mean its not a race car but still if,you got to get in front of someone or,youre on an on-ramp or trucks coming up,from behind you and you want to get out,of the way,this is really nice when it comes to,performance overall for this vehicle,it earns a nine there are two versions,of the nautilus the regular nautilus,that everybody buys,is front wheel drive or optional,all-wheel drive when you purchase the,black label it only comes,all-wheel drive it also changes the,wheel combinations its 18-inch wheels,when youre driving the regular its,21-inch wheels when you go to the,all-wheel drive,i remember thats also going to give you,a different ride quality youve got,different performance because the,engines change,and its also going to give you three,drive modes theres the comfort the,normal and the sport,although honestly i think its just,drive and sport because,those are the two that are right in,front of your face right there on those,buttons,and that makes a lot of sense the one,thing that i really,like about the black label that youre,getting besides,just the concierge service which is not,just i think its a really,big asset to people is the brakes and,the ride and the handling of this,vehicle,are really confident i cant tell you,how many of these vehicles ive driven,where i thought i hate this truck i,cannot wait to park it,and you may not see that in my reviews,because im trying to be politically,correct,but i will tell you that this is one of,those vehicles when family members get,in it to go somewhere and they go,wow this is quiet and ive heard that,from three different people who rode in,this vehicle saying this is one of the,quietest vehicles ive ever,heard i mean almost silence i mean,nothing i mean thats thats phenomenal,when youre looking at this vehicle from,a handling perspective you know people,are concerned about,driving a vehicle of this size how is it,to handle,its a dream it is not a sports car it,is an suv and it has a purpose,and when you want something to handle,you want to have control of this vehicle,you want,solid breaks that grab when you need,them to,and not be so aggressive when you dont,and i think thats a big factor when it,comes to a vehicle like this now turning,around the corner,super easy to drive nice tight steering,and i think you should take this on a,road thats rough,see the different conditions so that you,can get that feel for yourself because,again we all are attuned a little,differently some people are a little,more sensitive than others,but for me looking at all the factors,when it comes to this nautilus and and i,really like this vehicle i gave it a,nine all the lincoln nautiluses come,with copilot 360. now thats a whole,suite of safety features,the around view camera forward collision,warning cross trafficker i mean theres,a whole list,and its so much that i mean if you have,any additional questions,you can put that in the comments below,by the way that does include adaptive,cruise control with that stop and go in,traffic and thats good when you got,kids in the car,there is one upgrade in purchasing and,thats why im giving this car a nine,its because you can order the copilot,360 plus,and i think when you buy black label,everything should be included,when youre loo

The 2021 Lincoln Nautilus Black Label is a Luxuriously Appointed Midsize SUV

as one of lincolns first ever,crossovers to come out back in 2008,the mkx has consistently been one of the,companys top selling models now,in 2019 lincoln decided to completely,renamed the mkx,to the nautilus its based of course off,of the second generation mkx platform,that we first saw,back in 2016 and as you can see for 2021,the vehicle looks pretty much the same,on the outside but on the interior,lincoln has completely redesigned it,giving it that same mid-century modern,look to the design,and fitting it with the largest ever,touchscreen ever put in a production,lincoln,at 13.2 inches so as you can see this,week ive got a 2021,black label nautilus and were gonna go,over all the changes that lincoln has,made and find out,is this vehicle still worth a look if,youre trying to buy a right-sized,mid-sized luxury suv,stay tuned to find out,now because this interior is all new for,2021 i thought id show you guys the,interior first as opposed to the,exterior which is,basically the same well go over that at,a later date but as you can see this,chalet interior theme with the flight,blue exterior this light beige interior,looks very nice this is very elegant,this is very classy lincoln likes to,call this mid-century modern thats what,theyre basically,putting this theme in all of their,vehicles but unlike,you know some of the other lincoln,vehicles this has a 22 way adjustable,massaging seats they are not the perfect,position seats,but i kind of like that because the,seats have a more conventional look to,them you dont have that twin,adjustable thigh extender that you get,in the navigator and in the aviator,and i also really like this two-tone,wheel with the two-tone theme that kind,of carries over into the interior this,is a really,impressive looking cockpit when you,first open up the door now stepping,inside,the nautilus has a really nice easy step,in height,and when i shut the door soft closed,doors are not available on this,particular version but it has a really,nice,solid sounding thunk now last year i,showed you guys a really interesting key,fob lincoln has replaced the key fob,with a more traditional,it looks like it came off of a ford key,it just has the lincoln badge on it it,does have remote start on the fob,um this does offer the phone as a key,feature if you guys have your phone,paired up with the system so you dont,even have to carry the key fob on you,you can see,the dash has been completely redesigned,and the start stop button is now right,here as opposed to,where it had that tall vertical look to,the dash,i kind of wish that the starts up button,wasnt next to the transmission selector,because i found myself confusing the,park,and the start stop button a couple times,so i would have preferred if lincoln had,put it over here,like you get on the corsair and on the,aviator now looking at this cabin you,can see lincoln,says this is the most tech oriented,cabin theyve ever done because of this,massive 13.2 inch screen the ford edge,actually got a refresh this year where,they now put a 12-inch tablet vertical,screen like the one in the explorer,this is an inch a 1.2 inches larger than,the one in the,edge and you can see they went with a,horizontal landscape theme which,does make the cabin look pretty nice i,also like the proximity of the,touchscreen,this is really easy to reach some,competitors like the genesis gv80 have a,much farther reach,for the touch screen same thing of,course with the acura im not the lexus,rx the acura mdx doesnt actually use,a touch screen you can see the steering,wheel is a power tilt and telescoping,adjustment you have paddles on the wheel,its a heated wheel,i like the two-tone look with the,steering wheel materials are also very,very nice,way a huge improvement over the edge you,can see,stitching reel stitching on the dash a,metal trim,chrome trim accented door handles piano,black plastic soft padding right here,hard touch plastic down here but the,window controls these feel like they,were pulled off of a fusion but added a,little bit of chrome,this is probably where it feels a little,bit cheaper compared to some,european competitors the thx branded,audio system offers 19 speakers and its,very very nice,sounding pretty close to rivaling what,youre going to get from the best from,europe the best from korea the best from,japan of course its a really nice,sounding sound system you have a fully,digital 12 inch,display here which is somewhat,customizable you can kind of get rid of,the,the gauges a little bit simplify them to,be a speedo speedometer or an eco coach,or kind of get rid of the tack i like,the traditional look,but you can see theres it with just the,single speedo look it just,doesnt have the level of adjustability,that youre going to find in an audi,in a mercedes or even a bmw this just,doesnt look as good,especially like when you consider the 3d,graphics that you get in the,genesis and even the new mdx has a new,digital display which does,look a little bit nicer what does look,nice however is the sync 4 system that,you find in this vehicle,with this big touchscreen it does have,wireless apple carplay and android auto,but you cannot expand the screen here,to get rid of this little portion here,you can adjust this and kind of put,something else,on this side if youd like its,basically two things either,audio or navigation information this is,all very nice,its fairly easy to use i did notice,that there are times where it lagged and,that kind of annoyed me,you can see you can also get rid of this,you can kind of adjust,flip flip-flop between the two but again,you cant get rid of this portion of the,screen,um so if i want to like zoom out and,just make an entire map i cannot do that,which is surprising,this does include wireless over-the-air,updates so im imagining lincoln will,make this better,as you know the years go on theyll have,improvements to the system which is nice,basically you have all your different,sources down here you can you can,wirelessly connect your phone i,mentioned earlier it has a phone as a,key feature,you also have settings here you can,adjust the ambient lighting,and everything you can see is fairly,easy to use but there were times where i,noticed that it was a little bit laggy,a little bit slow hopefully ford or g or,lincoln will make that a little bit,nicer as the years go on now you can see,here,the new gear shifters right here this is,the piano key gear,indicator or gear selector where you can,see park is right here,reverse neutral drive and then a sport,mode theres no dedicated sport,driving mode in this vehicle and then,when you put it in the reverse you can,see the backup camera resolution doesnt,appear to be upgraded this is a really,really,crappy in terms of the graphics at least,you have full 360,top down view with parking sensors it,has automatic parallel parking,but this is a huge disappointment,considering this beautiful new screen,that lincoln didnt add,a larger or a better graphic rear seat,camera which is a little confusing,you have this kind of metal look trim,aluminum black aluminum look trim to,this,little portion here you have dedicated,actual hard buttons which is nice a,tuning knob,a menu knob you have heated and cooled,seats like i said the seats,earlier like i mentioned they are,massaging 22a adjustable,you even have adjustable headrests which,is nice these are power adjustable they,come forward and back as well,to access the massaging seats you,basically go here to seats,and you can see there its a little bit,slow push this little button here,you can also turn on the massage for the,passenger side lincoln offers like five,different modes,of massage which is nice um,some competitors dont even offer,massaging seats which is a really nice,feature to have especially at this,this level down here you can see your,wireless phone charger is right there,two usb ports this is a nice little area,here where you can close off,some more storage underneath this,floating center conso

2019 Lincoln Nautilus – Review & Road Test

Shakespeare famously asked if a rose by,any other name would smell just as sweet,this is the Lincoln Nautilus formerly,known as the MKX just as sweet sweeter,size-wise the Nautilus falls between the,smaller Corsair formerly the MKC,and the larger aviator the outsides,gotten a completely new look as well and,shares design language with the super,sexy aviator the grille the hood the,headlamps the wheels the sheetmetal this,is one instance where hand-me-downs are,a good thing look at them it is a,good-looking SUV,I dig those wheels they look like the,inside of a shell shell Nautilus is,Beach stuff get it,[Music],two engine options are available a new,two litre inline-four comes standard but,thats upgradable to a 2.7 liter v6 on,the second-highest select trim level and,above incidentally that engine upgrade,will cost you a little more than two,thousand dollars worth it Id say yes,both of those engines make good power,and theyre made it to an all-new,automatic 8-speed transmission which,delivers that power much better than the,previous generations 6-speed automatic,transmission now the car that Im,driving now is that v6 and I gotta tell,you I love the extra boost that I get,especially in a tight situation it even,makes the Nautilus feel like youre,driving a much smaller car energetic,sure the adaptive suspension make the,ride as comfortable evan is handsome now,on the reserved and Black Label trans,there are three different drive modes,theres one for comfort normal and sport,now I prefer either normal or sport,because theres a little bit more,firmness in it but if old-school Lincoln,is your jam then comfort offers a little,bit more bouncing roll up my quip about,this though is how buried these modes,are theres no button unless you just,put the shifter into sport or you can,make a customized setting on the,instrument cluster – still its not,super easy to get to all models come,front-wheel drive standard but all-wheel,drive is a $2,500 upgrade for an SUV,driving in inclement weather thats,probably a solid investment,copilot 360 is Lincoln suite of safety,features that come standard across all,trim to deliver on the 360 promise the,Nautilus uses a variety of sensors that,assist drivers with alerts like blind,spot warnings cross traffic alerts and,rear alerts so you dont back into stuff,you can upgrade with other features like,pre collision assist with automatic,emergency braking Auto high beams,adaptive cruise control and a cool semi,hands-free system called lane centering,assist it helps you driving down the,center of the road EPA fuel economy,estimates dont break any ground but,they wont necessarily break the bank,either,the Nautilus is standard trim level,starts a little less than forty $1500,and comes with some nice standard,features like 18-inch wheels leather,wrapped steering wheel remote start and,active noise control for the cabin move,up to the select trim and you get more,options like wood interior trim and,wireless charging but more things come,available as options such as an upgraded,Ravel audio system heated second row,seats and rain sensing wipers reserve,trim gets you all those select options,included and then theres the Black,Label like this one as tested which will,cost more like sixty seven thousand,seven hundred dollars black label models,include some pretty cool perks like free,car washes annual detailing and,memberships and some exclusive clubs,family for other lincoln owners they get,free maintenance pickup and delivery,plus a six month membership to clear,which gets you through airport security,faster,this is a black label the top trim and,it comes in three different design,themes theres Chalet which kind of has,an appraised vibe,theres the thoroughbred which okay,lets call that a little horsey but this,one is the gala and now this is inspired,by the New York met costume gala which,is a fabulous event that I will never,ever get anywhere close to this is,probably the closest Ill come I feel,like Im inside of a chocolate covered,cherry it is delicious chocolate really,like the way the interior of the,Nautilus looks yes this is the higher,trim level so you get interesting,materials but because the design is very,minimalist I think it could carry off,that same elegant look in a lower trim,level now,the shifter is right here which is kind,of weird for me Im still having to get,used to it but it allows for some,interesting and creative storage space,this is one of them down here for a bag,but and I didnt even see this until we,started shooting theres this one right,here that you can put your phone and or,something although me standing like this,it kind of looks like Im in a,guillotine its got a 12 point,three-inch digital gauge display and an,8 inch touch screen for entertainment,needs which is sort of small for this,luxury segment incidentally that is for,its easy to use sync 3 system I love,the room in here it feels really great,in this seat,Roger and its not James but lets talk,about the back,its super roomy back here because this,is not competing for space with a third,row which is great the seats are nice,and comfortable although yes this is the,fancy leather but the middle seat you,guys like it sounds like cushion like,this is like really livable its very,nice the Headroom is good too and even,behind our tall drink of water James I,have plenty of nice room chocolatey,cargo space doesnt disappoint but if,you want to haul more people than stuff,then Lincoln 7 passenger aviator is your,better option however almost seventy,thousand dollars for a car is still a,lot of cash and while Lincoln is making,huge waves with their new design,language and stylish good looks for that,money the luxury brands like,mercedes-benz and Audi do offer more in,the way of amenities and tech being,something of a tweener size-wise the,Nautilus swims in the same luxury 2 row,mid-sized pool of the Lexus RX and Audi,q5 while the BMW x3 and mercedes-benz,GLC are similarly priced but a bit,smaller in stature not an easy choice,for sure but if youre looking for,American luxury Lincoln is quickly,rising to meet the competition with,other American manufacturers really,struggling in the luxury segment Lincoln,has really turned the ship around with,good looks some interesting safety,features and well-appointed interiors,the Nautilus is definitely a head turner,and it is worth that extra look,[Music],you

Lincoln Nautilus | Difficult Choices

[Music],okay so stereotype me,im all working no play drive some kind,of big cushy sofa on wheels,and listen to big man right wrong,because i do play hard can i drive a,lincoln,yeah its smooth roomy and comfortable,but its also solid and responsive,its almost like they had me and mine,when they designed it,now as far as big band goes,the 2021 lincoln knotless for the 21,model year lincoln has given this car,another mid-cycle refresh its cabin is,all new theyve moved it in line with,some of the other lincoln product,offerings like the lincoln corsair,aviator and navigator so a lot of this,cabin is a carryover from those vehicles,so this is going to be more of an,overview of this space,your push button gear selector the way,theyve tiered the dash design,the way the leather looks and the way,theyve designed,the dash with this nice wood veneer,thats separated by leather,the door cards are reasonably unique and,i actually really like what theyve,attempted with this cabinet it feels,different than some of the,german offerings and japanese offerings,this has a lot of,parts sharing in its switch gear and,with its asking price of 68 000,its a shame that a lot of its steering,wheel controls,door controls and all of that other fun,stuff feels remarkably,cheap now the pros are this in the cabin,this has some of the best seats ive,ever been in,the massaging function works great they,breathe well and theyre very soft,not to mention if you appreciate a,higher driving position,and great frontward visibility this car,provides that in spades,plus again this being based on a ford,edge,theres a ton of space in this car the,back seats are comfortable,and theres a reasonable amount of trunk,space particularly when you fold,everything down,however it offers less trunk space than,something like an audi q7,or an xc90 next the other big pro,is the revel audio system the audio,system in this car,is one of the best weve ever tested in,this segment of,say sub 70 000 cars the frequency,responses in your textbook,and the audio system is great so with,that said lets head to the shop,and put this thing up in the air,mark this is the lincoln knotless this,is a refreshed version,of what was already on the market,theyve now dramatically changed the,interior of the nautilus,to keep it in line with the rest of the,other lincoln products moving this into,a more modern direction and the knotless,is actually a rebranded,lincoln mkx which is based on the ford,edge which means this is on the cd4,platform which means,you get a steel front subframe with,strut front suspension,a multi-link rear suspension and,adaptive dampers but with no,air ride this is also a black label,model which means its,fully loaded and you get two drivetrain,options,with the knotless i had to think about,what it was called for a second,you get a four cylinder ecoboost which,is a two liter which makes about 245,horsepower,then you get the corporate 2.7 liter v6,ecoboost engine which makes,345 horsepower you can get this as a,front-wheel drive vehicle,or a optional all-wheel drive vehicle,you can get it front wheel drive only,yes wow yeah this things,hot i mean its hot because the engines,hot im starting to sweat,uh its quiet its built around being,soft compliant that luxury cruiser,i dont know how i feel about this yet,but i feel a lot more like matthew,mcconaughey standing underneath of it,whos that,hes a god,so mark were in lincolns answer to the,rx350,acura mdx x5 q7 all the other,premium mid-sized suvs,and this is a incredibly competitive,segment,with a lot of very prestigious brands,and lincoln in the last couple years has,been trying to,revitalize who they are and get a more,youthful demographic,is a hard sell and i this is a hard sell,for many many reasons and my biggest,issue with this is its drive train as i,talked about in the interior segment,they tried its a really interesting,place to be dated,lincoln interiors are way better than,they used to be i mean they could still,use some fit and finish improvements,like the knobs buttons and switches,definitely still,look and feel very parts been forward,but i think theyre in the right,direction this is this is the right,direction on the interior space and the,exterior,does look good yeah so i guess the thing,is is why would you buy this,over those other competitors thats my,big problem,and i dont have a good answer for you,what was it what did this cost again,this is 68 thousand dollars and its,fully loaded,which you know you get the black labels,the most expensive trim,you get more standard than you would say,on a x5 or q7,but you dont get the premium drivetrain,you dont get a rear-wheel drive,architecture this is front-wheel drive,based,and yes its got on-demand all-wheel,drive and your drivetrain options you,have the generic ford,2.7 liter v6 thats turbocharged which,makes good numbers,but it doesnt deliver power in a way,that you are accustomed to,in this segment of vehicle theres a lot,of delay a lot of hesitation,it feels very turbocharged or like the,b58 it does it just,it doesnt feel like a luxury drivetrain,but the same argument,could be made for something like the mdx,which is also front-wheel drive with,torque vectoring in the rear if you get,the sh,but even the v6 and that feels more,special its got a good resonance,yeah yeah it definitely is a better feel,and im thinking about the competitors,and i would say probably six or seven,out of ten times youre going audi,and youre going bmw in the luxury,segment i feel like the only people that,are going to be getting this,are the american car people that,have come up with lincoln have come up,with ford know this brand,theyre gonna love this for those,probably intangible reasons,but in terms of an overall experience,this doesnt have a lot,going for it other than it is amazingly,subtle,its not a bad car thats not what im,saying this is a very very good car its,a good car,in a segment that other brands are doing,better than this,um and i think yeah you know the inside,is,you can forgive some of that you can,forgive some of the technology and the,technology is way better than it used to,be,i just im not quite sure i cant put my,finger on,what why you would choose the other,brands theres just something,lacking here and feel and prestige or,perceived quality or something,so before we head into the final,thoughts im gonna quickly summarize,what this thing is going for it is a,very,luxury based suv its very boat-like in,a good way its its a total cruiser it,isolates you well,theres reasonable body control however,when youre in comfort mode and you hit,a big bump it kind of like,yeah well wash wallows around its a,giant couch on wheels and i think maybe,thats the best thing its go,thats going for it its super quiet and,it is extremely comfortable and floaty,and thats something personally for,certain vehicles like this,that is a big pro these things do not,need to be stiff,sporty you dont need to feel every bump,on the road you want to be removed from,all of that,and traditionally if youre driving this,on the open highway or bad pavement,i like that about this and thats one of,the top reasons,that i would get this over the other,brands and the v6 offering that this car,has is,plenty powerful it does,get the job done regardless how i feel,about how it delivers power its,its plenty fast i i will say before you,get into the final thoughts jack,you know we get caught up on drivetrain,a lot because were in and all the we,were out of in,driving all these vehicles and i think,that the average person thats going to,get in here,coming out of an older car theres such,a wow factor from the turbo,the turbo motor because it is instant,gratification people are going to be,like oh wow thats quick and i think,thats the only thing theyre going to,think about it,i disagree with you mark so with that,lets get into the final thoughts all,right jack,final thoughts on the lincoln knotless,black label this is lincolns offering,in one of the

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