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  4. Learn Languages Watching Movies & TV Shows: LingoPie App Review – BigBong
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Lingopie Review (2022) Learn Languages By Watching TV with LingoPie

hi guys hows it going this is james,from travel lingual here uh in this,video im just going to take you through,an app that i found that i really like,called lingo pi its a language learning,platform or service which essentially,enables you to learn a language through,video,it looks a lot like netflix,and in many ways you can just binge,watch it in the same way that you would,binge watch netflix the number of,features which i think are pretty,innovative pretty cool,and something that i think a lot of,language learners like me uh would,really like and uh really appreciate so,in this video youre just gonna see how,easy it is to use what the main features,are if youre interested in taking a,free trial with lingo pie then theres a,link below this video you can do seven,days completely free of charge after,that theres a premium plan which is,like a subscription model or you can,just pay outright and please thumbs up,and subscribe if you find this video,useful so yeah lets get into it,this is the main,dashboard when you log into lingo pi,this is what everybody is going to see,regardless of the language youve chosen,ive got spanish as an example this is,what i signed up with but,essentially its going to look like this,whichever language you choose obviously,with the library that corresponds to,that language so all of the content is,native to that particular language so if,youve signed up for french for example,then youll have french or,quebecois series here whatever it might,be so youve got a popular now section,where you can see what other lingo pi,users are watching and one thing i find,thats really good about this is that,you can actually see which region,the content comes from so,this for example is mexican spanish,which if youre learning spanish youll,know is very different to spanish from,argentina for example or,spanish from spain,so its really cool because whichever,show or series you watch youre going to,be taught slang and colloquialisms from,that particular country so it looks kind,of like netflix which i really like,as you can see its all about video its,very interactive its just like going,through series,youve got binge-worthy sections youve,got a section on new releases theres,always an editors pick which is updated,regularly um and then you can actually,find stuff thats beginner friendly as,well,or stuff which you can watch you know if,its a private lesson you can also,access lingo prime music or you can,access,a lingo pride podcast area as well so,these are all new features today im,just going to focus on the main aspect,which is you know being able to watch,series and and uh tv shows,so just as an example im going to pick,this one here its the first one that,comes up so that you can see what it,actually looks like,and how it looks,i try not to talk over it too much ill,just let it play but just bear in mind,here that youve got words that youre,going to learn in the session and on the,right hand side youre going to see the,script as well,it serves to give cohesion to the speech,and it can have,so theres a teacher whos speaking over,the video to give you some context about,the video its not like this for all of,them but with this particular one that,weve chosen it is,so im just going to click on some of,these words in the script of this video,obviously this video is like half an,hour long im not going to go through it,all if you sign up to a free trial with,lingo pie um which you can do for seven,days theres a link below then you can,just access this for yourselves and have,a look but its going to give us,yeah it gives us context about the,script so far and whats come up you can,close the script as well thats quite a,cool feature and then here weve got,flashcards where you can review what,youve clicked on so far so,esteem,so lets see if we can watch again,yeah so it gives you the clip,you can listen to it again okay ive,learned that i know,on to the next one,so thats quite cool as well the flash,card feature i like that,um theres also a kids section so if you,sign up to like a premium plan and you,get access to everything then theres a,section for children as well if youre,learning as a family or maybe you have a,child whos learning spanish in school,thats quite cool,the features are pretty much the same,you just have um,you know more child-like programs so,lingapay offers a video dictionary in,its lexicon section,so lets have a look at this word,pois so it gives you how to pronounce,voice in spanish this is the uh,translation,quiz,and weve then got,a video,that has that word in it in context and,you can do this for any word within the,lingo file library which is really good,so,lets have a look at this example,so this is quite far spanish its,actually spanish from spain,but again you know it gives it to you in,context and heres your translation and,then show next video result as one of,220 results just for that word was yeah,and you can do that with any any word so,thats thats a good feature as well,and so there you have it a really quick,run through on lingo pi and the lingo pi,platform i hope you found it useful,i think its a really good app its not,like anything ive really come across,and ive tried,dozens literally dozens and dozens of,different language courses and online,services you can check all of my reviews,out on,traveling.com the link to my lingo pi,review article is below but on that,website you can find plenty of other,reviews as well dont forget as well,that you can get a seven day free trial,with lingo pi via the link below please,dont forget to like up and subscribe,and ill see you next time

Learn Languages with Movies & TV Shows Using Lingopie! Website Review – BigBong

Hi everybody BigBong here and welcome back to another review!,I dont hide what I think about learning languages,with movies and TV shows, I love it!,In fact, Ive already made a video about it,Indeed, I believe its a fun and efficient way to improve your language skills,As a matter of fact, thats precisely how I started learning English,before traveling and starting speaking to people,And lets be honest, watching shows is what most of us are doing anyway,so why not learn languages at the same time?,Thats exactly what Lingopie is all about,and they really took it to the next level by optimizing,how you can learn languages by watching movies,and TV shows in real time,Lets see how it looks like together,So I went on lingopie.com, the link is also in the description,And this is what I have in my account,Unlimited instant translations, interactive flash cards,More than 1000 hours of Spanish TV,Top rated TV shows, new episodes added weekly,Spaced repetition technique,For those who dont know what “spaced repetition” is,Its an efficient method to memorize words or phrases,usually performed with flash cards,What I love about this site is its simplicity,At the very top, there are three tabs,”Watch shows”, “Review and learn” and “How it works”,You also have the possibility to invite friends,which is a great idea to keep you and your friends motivated,So lets watch some shows because thats what we came here to do,At the top of the page, youll find some statistics about your progression,Scroll down to select a movie or a show,Whats awesome is that there is the flag of the country,where its originally from, if you have any preferences,when it comes to accents or if you just want to get acquainted,with different idiomatic phrases,Once youve chosen your movie and started it,youll see subtitles in both the spoken language,In this case its Spanish, and English,If youre comfortable enough and you dont need the English subtitles,you can remove them,The great thing is that you can slow down the pace,for you to follow, if its too fast,From then on, if you dont understand a word,or if you want to review it afterwards,you can simply highlight it with your mouse and click on it,So thats pretty much how it goes,If you actively want to speak a language,my personal advice would be to listen as much as possible,and to repeat every new expression,Now the great thing here is that you actually have the chance,to hear native actors,If you really want to pause after each sentence,you have the possibility to do that in the settings,Alright then, lets give it a try with Spanish,and lets start with a kids show,I love kids and if you have the opportunity to speak to kids,in your target language, do it!,Because kids just dont care,They might fun of your accent at the beginning,But theyll speak to you naturally,they wont try to make it easier for you,This is…,[BigBong repeats],I dont know,Oh, I forgot the name,[BigBong repeats],Its very easy,[BigBong repeats],Yes, an abacus,[BigBong repeats],The abacus is for…,[BigBong repeats],For…,Its something to entertain humans?,[BigBong repeats],To count,To learn how to add and count,They are so cute!,Alright, lets raise the level a little bit,and watch something for grown-ups,Why didnt you like it?,[BigBong repeats],What didnt you like?,[BigBong repeats],No, its not that I like it,or not like it,Lo que pasa es que esa gente,[BigBong repeats],didnt understand anything, they didnt catch anything,They couldnt decode anything of what,I was telling you, it doesnt work that way,[BigBong repeats],Now lets try some Russian,But before doing that, I have to be honest with you,Im a beginner, I just know how to read the alphabet and introduce myself,You probably noticed, but there is a section for beginners,Thank you for that Lingopie,So here we go!,Hi everybody,All… Hi all!,Youre on Bon Appétit,And today, you have Masha with you…,”Bon appétit” haha,Thats from French!,Lets go!,[BigBong repeats],You get the point,So if you successfully want to improve your Spanish or Russian,you know where to go!,Thank you for watching and Ill see you soon for more videos,Thank you very much and see you soon!

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First time using Lingo Pie| Lingo pie first impressions and thoughts

hi everyone so i recently came across,this website um id seen some like,adverts for another people talking about,it lingo pie so i thought i would give,it a go ive never signed up to it i,dont really know what its like i have,an idea um of what im gonna come across,but ive never used it before so im,gonna sign up first of all so,okay so im gonna sign up so because i,have been learning bits of italian,anyway im gonna pick italian,i i dont really say im just starting,or a beginner,im gonna say im a beginner,lets just go casual 10 minutes a day,and before self improvement,okay so i think the first thing so were,picking a genre,um,lets go travel,lets go comedy,lets go cartoon,food im gonna get ready to travel and,well go,food,right lets stay with those three okay,ive missed my using the final color,by slowing down the video right okay so,theres different ways of working thats,pretty cool,okay so,im gonna watch this video uh maybe a,couple more because i think it says,its literally just under five minutes,um,and its a novice one so its probably,going to be an easy one to follow but,well see because my italian is not,great so well see how it goes im gonna,watch this maybe watch a couple more and,then let you know what my first thoughts,are on,okay so ive watched a few episodes of,different things now so the first one,was like a five minute one,and the one im currently watching is a,15 minute,um,one its called peacefully,so far like my first few thoughts about,the website in general is i really like,how on the right you can see here its,got a script so this is like,the entire,you know,everything thats been said in it which,i think is really helpful because it,moves along as the words going along,you can get rid of this so just put that,to the side,and then you can,have,you know english subtitles,as well as whichever language youre,learning so i have both at the moment,because i am very much a beginner in,italian and so i have both the subtitles,i feel like eventually hopefully,ill probably get rid of the english,ones and just have the italian ones but,at the moment im having both,um what else i like about it you can,practice,speaking and recording yourself say bits,of it which is really good let me pause,it,um which i think is really cool,so,there is this practice comprehension bit,as well,and then learn to pronounce,and you can listen to it at different,speeds as well so ive got on the novice,speed you know you can put on full speed,but i dont feel,ready for that yet i,at the moment i feel like im,understanding some of whats going on so,i think i want to keep it at the,knowledge speed for now but yeah thats,like so far what ive kind of come,across im not really let me get rid of,it,i have not really done much as,as yet um ive just kind of watched a,couple,um,you can make flash cards as well i,havent done anything to do with that,go to any video and click the words that,you would like to learn,okay lets give that a go so lets go,back to the one that i was on,and then,if he says,so if i click oh wow,i did not know that yet this is a first,so i click,north voucher,okay,and then it shows you the verb the,phrase,ah and then it keeps it as a flash card,and a word list,okay cool,i did not know that that was a pretty,cool thing to add on to there then so,yeah so youve got the flashcards you,watch shows you can keep track of,different words you can practice,learning the words you can change it,around so far i dont think they have,many languages yet so if youre learning,italian portuguese german russian french,or spanish it might be a good thing to,try out you do get a seven day free,trial,um,so it might be worth giving it a go,at the moment i havent used it much i,cant really give too much of an input,um but so far i am,quite enjoy it i think im gonna go back,to watching some more i really think i,can give too much um,i cant really go in too in depth of,what i feel about at the moment this is,kind of just like a first impressions of,it so im going to give it a go ill,probably do it for a week or two and see,how i feel and how much i enjoy it and,then i might give you more of an update,of whether i think its worth or not the,moment i do really like it um,from what ive tried so far i guess,well just see how it goes so thats,just my first impression of lingo pie,um,let me know if theres any other apps or,websites are kind of similar because at,the moment im finding it quite a cool,concept you know watching and,this is the first time ive kind of um,this is the first time ive kind of,listened or watched anything in italian,thats not been,specifically for like language learning,and just like practice sentences and,actually im watching,a,tv series or something like that so its,different and theres lots of words i,dont know but its quite good to get,like immersed into it so im gonna see,how it goes but yeah i said let me know,if theres anything similar that youve,tried before that you really like and,thank you for watching this video and,ill see you in the next one bye

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Learn Languages Watching Movies & TV Shows: LingoPie App Review – BigBong

Hi everybody, BigBong here and welcome back to another review!,Today, Ill be learning a language on a platform,I already reviewed a couple of months ago called LingoPie,Back then, I was using it on my laptop,But this time, Ill be showing it to you on my smartphone,So let me start by introducing the concept once again,Its a video-on-demand platform,with a large variety of movies and TV shows,But unlike other platforms that only provide subtitles,This one is really made for people like you and me,who want to learn languages,Ill tell you why in a moment but before that,if you want to try it simultaneously with me,LingoPie offers a 7-day free trial,So why not download it right now?,Plus, if you click on the link in the description,youll get a special discount,Alright, so if were all set, then lets learn some languages!,When I reviewed it earlier this year,the only languages available were Spanish and Russian,But now, theyve also added French, Portuguese, German and Italian,And I know for a fact, that theyre also working to add,Japanese, Chinese and Turkish,So Ive just launched the app and here is my homepage,with my progression at the very top,Im currently level 2 and soon level 3,as my experience bar is almost full,Below that, we can see the watch time in minutes,the words Ive clicked on, in the subtitles,and the words I learned on flashcards,Then, there is the list of shows Im currently watching,And down below, all the content available on the platform,organized by categories,Whats really awesome is that one of the first things youll see,is the flag of the country where the movie was made,Thats very useful because as you know,Spanish, for example, is a language that has very different,accents and dialects depending on where you are in the world,And if youre planning a trip to Spain,you might want to watch some Spanish content,But if youre going to Argentina, its a completely different accent,So it really depend on your preferences,Before we start, let me show you briefly how the app works,You can see the subtitles in the target language,I dont need the English one because Im comfortable,enough in Spanish, but just so you know,you can turn it on or off,If you dont know a word, you can simply click on it,and get an instant translation,Obviously, you can click on the sound icon to hear the word,”A little ride”,Thats very useful because sometimes,when actors natural speak,they dont necessarily pronounce all the words,There are contractions and also because of the ambient sound,For that, you can also play with the speed,by slowing it down to make it easier to understand,[Demonstration of speed change],Alright, lets get down to business,One of the most successful methods to learn a language,according to my personal priorities as a learner,who wants to speak, is called shadowing,Actually, some of you might have unconsciously done it as a kid,When you know a movie by heart and you speak ,as the character says the line, thats shadowing,I might go to Mexico soon,And so, not only did I choose something,that was in Mexican Spanish,but its a travel vlog, so it could also help me learn words,and expressions used in that setting,Alright, so lets see how it starts,Very good morning, today its border crossing again,Were going to cross in two days, two borders,which are the one from Nicaragua to Honduras,and the one from Honduras to Salvador,Hes got a nice soothing voice,So “muy buenos días” = “A very good day”,”Hoy” = “Today”,”Toca” is to touch, but in this contexte,its to “touch a subject” or to talk about a subject,”Otra vez” = Once again,”Cruce de fronteras” = Crossing borders,Well cross in two days, two borders,So “vamos a cruzar” = Well cross,”En dos días” = In two days,”Dos fronteras” = Two borders,”que son la de Nicaragua hacia Honduras”,So “from Nicaragua to Honduras”,”And from Honduras to Salvador”,Now if I try to shadow that, its going to sound like,[BigBong demonstrates shadowing],LingoPie encourages its users to review the list of words,after an episode or a movie,So Ive just watched a Colombian movie called “The Selection”,And lets review the words I learned,”El campeonato” = The championship,Here we go, I know,”Pereza”,”You insist too much, what a drag!”,I dont know that one,”Laziness” oh its close to the French “paresse”,A little ride = “una vueltica”,Finally, you shouldnt be out of content because,there are new movies and TV shows added to the catalog,every week,So if you havent done it yet, download it guys!,Again, there is a 7-day free trial,Please let me know if this video was helpful to you,with a thumbs-up and feel free to share it,to anyone who might be interested,Dont forget to subscribe to support this channel,And Ill see you very soon for more entertaining videos,Bye!

5 Different Ways to Learn a Language by Watching TV | best apps!

language learners learning a language by,watching tv,sounds really fun inspiring and,motivating,until you realize that its not just,about watching tv,and all of a sudden just like if the,language becomes,in your head the thing is there are a,lot of different,options for you theres a lot of,different activities that you can do,that help you learn different things and,are better for different kinds of,language arts with different kind of,interests so instead of just saying hey,you should watch tv learn a language,because its so much fun and its,completely effortless and you wont even,know that youre,learning a language because youre,watching tv instead im going to give,you something a little bit more,actionable so im going to talk about,five different language learning,resources that you can use to,learn a language by watching tv and im,going to,explain why theyre different how,theyre different how they can help you,so,you can have a little bit more uh,intentional,education than just like a vague do this,because its fun,am i right the first resource that im,going to talk about is,language learning with netflix or,language learning with youtube theyre,free chrome extensions that you can use,to watch videos movies shows what have,you,and also get the subtitles now language,writing with netflix and youtube these,are really really,great resources these are really,excellent tools,but what im about to say about this,particular resource it really applies to,anything that you can get subtitles with,i just wanted to explain a little bit,about,how to use subtitles correctly per se,how to use them,um and what you can expect to get out of,using the tool of subtitles so here we,have a spanish language show this is the,cable girls its based in spain,its like legit spanish and you have all,this stuff that you get with language,running from netflix language ring with,netflix,um i have a whole video going really in,depth into this chrome extension,link below in the description so if you,want some really in-depth information,im not going to go too far in depth,here i still got four other resources to,talk about but this is,you know what it looks like so with,subtitles,there are quite a few options for one,the first the first,uh question im going to answer is oh,what language should my subtitles be in,it really its really up to you and its,really,up to what media youre watching but i,would generally recommend,that you at least have the target,language subtitles up,um and its really up to you know,whether or not you feel like youre,learning and what makes you happy,i dont really need the english,subtitles here so i should probably,take them off and i can figure out just,with the spanish subtitles here,but if your listening comprehension,isnt quite up to the part you should,definitely have the spanish or your,target language,um subtitles up but regardless when we,use,subtitles what does it do its not,cheating,it is not cheating just because,something makes it you know a little bit,easier for you,doesnt mean its cheating it is a tool,that is completely valid so what exactly,do subtitles help us with with the,subtitles here and this this movie is,playing the show is playing,um theres a couple of different things,happening for one,you know even if we dont understand,whats happening even if we get rid of,the english subtitles even if we cant,really understand whats going on you,can tell from the body language of this,going on you know shes shes kind of,like,you can tell theres something weird,going on,you know theyre theyre playing some,sort of like cricket i think,hes probably teaching her something,shes not completely sure whats going,on or shes confused,and you can really see just like from,body language you know,obviously if you jump in like from the,very beginning itll make a lot more,sense i have no idea i dont watch this,show so i dont know completely whats,going on but you can definitely tell,from,um body language a lot more information,than just the words that theyre saying,using subtitles also allows you to get a,lot more vocabulary that you might not,get otherwise so,if you are watching the show without the,subtitles and you dont catch every word,thats okay you dont always have to,catch every word if youre just,enjoying it just as a general rule,thats totally cool,but as youre watching the subtitles you,can pick up new words,and you can pick up new words in a,really meaningful way so if we go over,to this word,lance to throw um and we can,assume lancer is the verb to throw and,we can,really you know learn this new,vocabulary if thats a new word for you,and you know put it in,anki deck and you have this you have,this whole concept you know this,whatever is happening,that you know hes asking her to throw,the ball to him,and it puts an image in your mind thats,more meaningful,memory than just a flash card of lon,stairs to throw,they flip back and forth theres a lot,easier if you see,the word said in a flash card and then,your mind automatically goes,to the scene right here let me play it,where this is happening theres like,some sort of disagreement happening,and theres like some tension going on,its a lot more meaningful its a lot,more,likely to get stuck in your brain as,vocabulary word that you can actually,use in your life,you know if you find yourself one day in,a similar situation where youre trying,to play,cricket or baseball or whatever theyre,trying to play aha,i know this word to throw easy-peasy,right,so even though we dont need to,understand every single word in a,dialogue in a movie in a show in a video,to understand whats going on and to,enjoy it and for it to be a meaningful,experience,um picking up those particular words,in that way can really really be helpful,if what youre trying to do is build,your vocabulary,in a way that you can use this,vocabulary one day,and honestly i think every other,resource in this video,all the other four resources have some,sort of subtitles captions,something like that that you can use in,this way um but language with netflix,and youtube are really special,in that like wherever theres subtitles,you can use them,you know you have all of youtube all of,netflix as long as there are subtitles,its,really really accessible um but like i,said,theres theres some other resources,that i want to talk about that also do,other things can be helpful for you in,other ways,the next resource i want to talk about,is also a free one,um there is a premium aspect to it,um but this one is called caption pop i,have a review of caption pop,caption pop below in the description if,you want to learn,more about it but were going to take a,look at what caption pop does because it,does a little,little extra fun little things that,language with netflix and youtube do not,do,so here we have caption pop in spanish,theres a bunch of options,a bunch of really annoying options um so,these are,youtube videos as you can see right here,search term in spanish or youtube url,can plug in whatever youtube information,that you want in here,to pick up what you want to,so lets look at spanish playground,this looks simple enough so as you can,see here,we have a different look than language,learning,with youtube would give us so we have,the video here,and we have the transcription here,we can go directly to these time stamps,which you can also do with language with,youtube,um these english subtitles are blurred,out but as you roll,over them you can read them so lets,press play on this,es gracias for encontrarlo,eres,okay so clearly this is very beginner,a very beginner lets see what happens,when we,start we favorite it this caption is,added to your list of favorite captions,so what do we do with favorite captions,well we go to this hamburger menu lets,go to flashcards here,and lets review our flashcards okay so,here is this flashcard that was,automatically created,press play and listen claro,its really simple example but,okay colado so what you do is you type,it in,he

The ONLY 4 Language Learning Apps That Work | Delete the rest!

there are only four kinds of apps that,you should ever use to help you learn a,foreign language,but these four language apps actually,work and can help you become fluent,faster while everything else,you should just mercilessly delete so if,youre learning a new language and you,want to make sure that your phone is,actually,helping you become fluent then this is,going to be an important video,if youre new here then welcome my name,is ollie richards and this channel is,all about helping you learn a new,language quickly through the power,of story so that you can become fluent,faster and live your best,life so what are these four kinds of,apps well type number one is what i call,content apps and a content app is what,is an app that gives you direct,access to real content in the language,that youre learning,right there on your phone which means,you can spend time,immersed in the language sounds easy now,with the internet but this wasnt always,the case,when i first started learning french,back in in the last millennium i,remember being desperate to get my hands,on french material,and but back then the only way you could,do that was to go to a bookshop you know,a language bookshop with not many of,them,or buy a french newspaper or go to,blockbuster and,rent a french film it was really hard,and in my case i actually ended up going,to the extreme of,moving to paris in order just to get,some immersion,in french but in the last 20 years,things have changed massively luckily,and now all content isnt produced,on the internet which means you can just,access it directly and,content apps help you do that its a bit,like having the wardrobe,from the line the witch and the wardrobe,like right there in your bedroom a real,version that you can,open a walk through and turn up,immediately in the country of the,language that youre learning so that,you could be immersed in the language so,content apps they are not,teaching apps its not like a textbook,where you learn step by step,these apps simply facilitate you,spending time with,content in the language immersing,yourself in the language recommendations,for content apps you are literally,spoiled for choice because every media,outlet in the world now has,its own app that you can just download,usually for free and,read or listen to their content for free,so back in the day,i had to buy le mans the french,newspaper to read but now i can just,download le mans app and read stuff,right there on my phone whenever i want,blogs are another great source of,content to read because theyre written,in a more casual way so you could,download the medium app and browse blog,posts,in the language that youre learning im,a big fan of the link app as well where,you can actually,import content that you find from,various places around the internet and,then study it there on your phone but,you should also not forget,simple apps that everybody knows like,the kindle app and your podcast app,because these are all apps that just,give you direct access to content so,that you can spend your time,immersed in the language type number two,of language apps that actually work,are language exchange apps and what,language exchange apps do,is they give you access to native,speakers of the language that youre,learning so that you can practice it,you can literally find people like a big,kind of community,start talking to them and then practice,the language with real people i first,discovered language exchange,apps one of the kind of weirdest,projects that ive done which was when i,was living in the middle east,in qatar but i was learning cantonese,which is the language of hong kong,and there i was i knew that i had to,speak it,somehow but theres not many cantonese,speaking people in qatar so,i was thinking well how am i ever going,to practice speaking but luckily at the,time,language exchange apps had just started,to appear so i was able to actually,search for,people in hong kong from my phone and,then actually start to communicate with,them through text through voice notes,through things like that and this gave,me basically a year and a halfs worth,of speaking practice communication,practice that i wouldnt have been able,to have,otherwise so its really priceless its,just like being able to teleport,yourself,to any country at any time to meet,people and,hang out with them and practice and its,so convenient just being on your phone,so just like with content apps language,exchange apps are not changing,the game of language learning here what,theyre doing is theyre facilitating,you theyre helping you connect with,native speakers as for recommendations,ive really enjoyed the tandem app and,the hellotalk app theyve both been,great for me in the past to connect with,speakers of different languages that,ive been learning and the best thing,about these apps is at least to get,started,theyre usually free because they really,rely on the network and community of,people within the app,to be successful and if youve taken,anything useful from this video so far,please take a second to hit that like,button,subscribe to the channel and turn on,that notification bell as well so i can,send you future videos the third type of,app,is a game changer in the sense that it,really does change,how you can learn and help you learn,faster and so type number three,of language apps that actually work are,flashcard,apps and flashcard apps help you learn,vocabulary,faster because learning vocabulary in a,new language is a huge,task youve got thousands of words to,learn and so to do this its super,important that you spend your time only,on,vocabulary that you havent learnt yet,its a huge waste of time to go back and,spend time,reviewing things that you already know,learning vocabulary is a task of,organizing your time over many months,and many many years,and pen and paper just isnt efficient,enough to do this,but flash cards can make the whole game,a lot easier and i first discovered this,when i was learning,japanese and i would study i would write,lots of things in my notebooks new words,would always get written down in a,notebook,but i realized after id filled up like,20 notebooks i never went back and,actually reviewed the stuff that id,written because it was just a massive,hot box of different things and so when,i discovered,flashcard apps that really was a game,changer flashcard apps have something,called spaced repetition,and what space repetition does is it,brings back words that you know,or you dont know at the right time for,you so if you tell the app hey i know,this word,it wont bring it back but if you tell,the app i i cant really remember this,word,it will bring it back again for you in,15 minutes and what this means is,youre only spending your time studying,vocabulary that you havent learned yet,so it makes the whole process of,learning much more efficient,its a little bit like driving with gps,its not as fun,but it gets you there in the fastest,possible way and so flashcards,flashcard apps are one of these rare,cases where technology really does make,learning better,the app that ive always used and,enjoyed is flashcards deluxe,and its a very cheap app the reason i,like it is because its very,unpretentious,its quite simple but very powerful and,it really works and its really,nice to use and i have a feeling that,im in control when im using this app,other people really like the anki app,theres also quizlet which is quite,popular,but its worth doing a bit of research,to see what new apps are out there,the most important thing is that you,choose a flashcard app that has,spaced repetition because thats the,technology that brings back,words that you dont know so you can,learn them faster the fourth and final,type of language app that actually works,and you should use,is apps to learn difficult scripts,so for example if youre learning,chinese characters or if youre learning,japanese,then youve got thousands of characters,to learn and an app can really help here,you know i like to think of

Learn French Slang from FLUIDE | French with Lingopie

bonjour à tous bienvenue dans une,nouvelle vidéo sur la chaîne de lingo,paille,je mappelle elsa je suis française et,je suis la créatrice de la chaîne,youtube piece of friends où je vous,enseigne le français chaque semaine dans,la vidéo daujourdhui on va analyser,une scène de la série française fluide,qui est disponible sur lingo paille,on va regarder ensemble la première,scène du premier épisode et je vais vous,expliquer des mots de vocabulaire,surtout des mots dargot des mots en,français familier dans cette première,scène on voit emma et les eaux qui sont,en couple et emma à quelque chose,dimportant a annoncé à léo,ils sont dans la pharmacie où,travaillent emma et regardons skema a,annoncé à léo,vous mattendais cinq minutes mon ami,char tu écoutes et où je suis amoureuse,de toi moi aussi je te désire,moi si jétais 0,6 me pardon dit à une,fille ok alors déjà ici on a une,expression intéressante et ma dit je,désire aussi une meuf et donc elle,explique en fait après ce que cest,quune 9 et une meuf cest une fille,meuf,cest le verlan de femmes le verlan,cest quelque chose quon utilise,beaucoup en france et familier le verlan,cest quand on inverse les syllabes dun,mot par exemple ouf cest le verlan de,fou on a inversé les deux syllabes du,mot chelou celles vers ce land louche,louche loup ça veut dire bizarre,donc cest du verlan je désire une meuf,donc quest-ce que emma annonce à léo,emma annonce à léo quelle désire une,femme alors regardons comment léo va,réagir à cette annonce,quattend,tu vas me tromper mais non mr discutant,paris alors cest quoi le truc qui tue,même plus tu étais plus heureuse avec,moi tu es devenue lesbienne minutes non,plus jai pas moins envie de toi,aujourdhui quhier mais alors je pige,pas alors léo lui dis je pige pas figé,cest un synonyme familier de comprendre,il lui dit je ne comprends pas qu est ce,que tu me racontes,je ne comprends pas je pige pas et vous,voyez ici il ne dit pas je ne pige pas,il lui dit je pige pas et en france et,familier cest quelque chose quon fait,beaucoup en français oral on enlève le,noeud de la négation,donc il lui dit je pige pas et ensuite,il répète je pige que dalle que dalle,quest ce que ça veut dire que dalle ça,veut dire rien je ne pige rien je ne,comprends rien je ne comprends pas ce,que tu me dit,donc il ne comprend pas il ne comprend,pas ce que emma lui annonce pour lui ce,nest pas logique que emma soit attirée,par une femme,alors continuez la cbi non jen sais,rien bon alors cest quoi lidée tu me,demandes,je te le dis jai envie daller jusquau,bout ça mobsède,bon en fait il pas trop le temps dun,parent ce soir au quai mais cest aussi,difficile à dire quand on en fait un nom,parmi non non si tu perds tu me trompes,si tu me trompe cest fini dailleurs,cest qui cette meuf ladouès quel sort,pour flotte dans lair alors donc les,eaux et dans lincompréhension il ne,veut pas que emma aille jusquau bout,avec cette femme quelle passe à lacte,quelle passe à laction avec cette,femme,et il lui dit dailleurs cest qui cette,meuf vous voyez encore une fois il,utilise un mot meuf dailleurs,dailleurs cest quils 7,9 et il lui,dit doù est-ce quelle sort pour,notre vie en lair cest un verbe,familier vulgaire quon utilise assez,souvent voire très souvent et qui a,plusieurs sens ici on lutilisent dans,lexpression quelque chose en,lair poutre quelque chose en lair ça,veut dire détruire quelque chose et donc,léo lui dit mais doù sort cette fille,douée ce quelle pense et qui quand est,ce quelle est entrée dans ta vie doit,ce quelle sort pour détruire notre vie,pour notre vie en lair,donc vous voyez il ne réagit pas bien à,la nouvelle,sinon je te demande pas une autorisation,je te demande pas de me comprendre,ok donc les eaux essaye den savoir plus,sur cette femme sur cette meuf qui sait,et il lui demande elle bosse ici,bosser cest un synonyme de travail,bosser ça veut dire travailler elle,bosse ici,et emma lui répond on sen fout de qui,sait vous voyez ici on utilise encore,une fois le verbe cette fois dans,lexpression sen et dans ce sens,là la manière dont est mal utilise ça,veut dire ce nest pas important,on sen fout de qui cest on sen fout,ce nest pas important qui est cette,femme,ce nest pas,ça na pas ça na pas dimportance on,sen fout ok mais si jaurais bienvenus,quils fassent leffort dessayer de,comprendre tout juste tout ce qui me,traversent ce que jai lintention de,faire ok tu mas forme la forme quon,doit être un couple libre dans une,pharmacie,on veut des carpates et des suppôts donc,il lui dit donc les eaux prendre la,nouvelle très mal et dit mme en forme,quon doit être un couple un couple,libre au milieu des capotes et des,suppôts une capote cest un synonyme de,préservatifs mots familiers pour dire,préservatifs et une capote et des,suppôts support cest le diminutif de,suppositoire sur un suppositoire,cest un médicament quon utilise quand,on narrive pas à aller aux toilettes,pour nous aider à aller aux toilettes ça,sappelle un suppositoire,donc il lui dit tu mens forme quon doit,être un couple un couple libre au milieu,des capotes et des suppôts tandis que ça,cest peu ou là avec toi je te ra,les autres tappartient pas tu,mappartiens pas ces conneries ça donc,emma lui dit je ne tappartient pas,itunes ne mappartient pas et léo lui,répond cest des conneries des conneries,ça veut dire que cest cest nimporte,quoi ça na pas de sens cest des,bêtises cest des conneries donc cest,un mot familier vulgaire cest un gros,mot on appelle ça un gros mot en,français cest tout pour cette première,scène du premier épisode de fluides,jespère que vous avez appris du,vocabulaire,donc comme je les dis au début de la,vidéo tous ces mots de vocabulaire quon,a vu aujourdhui ce sont des mots,familiers souvent vulgaire donc ne les,utilisez pas avec nimporte qui ce sont,surtout des mots quon va utiliser avec,nos amis donc voilà faites attention,avec qui vous utilisez ces mots jespère,que cette vidéo vous a plu si cest le,cas leaké la vidéo,abonnez-vous à la chaîne et écrivez moi,en commentaire quest ce que vous avez,appris et je vous dis à bientôt dans une,nouvelle vidéo bail

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