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LINZESS Side Effects | Pharmacist Review Of LINZESS (Linaclotide)

hello everyone welcome back my name is,koiku i am a pharmacist,today ill be reviewing the medication,lenses well be taking a look at its,description and uses,we will dive into how it works and the,common dosing,some side effects as well as some,precautions and some best practices,before we delve any further though just,want to mention that this review is for,informational purposes only and it is,not meant to be a substitute for medical,advice from your physician,so lenses or linux its a prescription,medication that is used in adults,to treat irritable bowel syndrome with,constipation,and also chronic idiopathic constipation,now we say idiopathic that means that we,dont know really the,the source of the constipation or what,really is causing the constipation,so they use the term idiopathic lenses,works by accelerating bowel movements,this is achieved through a series of,actions which ultimately results in an,increase in chloride and biocarbonating,the intestines,resulting in an increase in the amount,of fluid in the intestines,with higher intestinal fluid levels the,transit of food becomes easier and,faster,throughout the gi tract another theory,about how lenses works is that,it calms pain sensing nerves however,this was only seen in animal studies and,its relevance to humans,has not currently been documented or,proven,with respect to dosing lenses is,available in three different strengths,72 145 and 290 microgram capsules,for the treatment of chronic idiopathic,constipation the dose is typically,145 micrograms taken daily on an empty,stomach at least 30 minutes before the,first meal of the day,in some instances a 72 microgram may be,used if the patient,based on the patients presentation or,how well they tolerate the medication,for irritable bowel syndrome with,constipation the dose is typically 290,micrograms daily,also ideally on an empty stomach and,also at least 30 minutes before the,festive meal of the day,with respect to side effect diarrhea is,the most commonly reported side effect,occurring in about 16 to 20 percent of,the people that take lenses,that means that approximately every one,in five people taking lenses would,experience some form of diarrhea,and this typically starts within the,first two weeks of treatment,in up to two percent of people taking,lenses especially those on the 145 and,290 microgram capsules,this diarrhea was described as severe,and severe mean that it sometimes may,involve,electrolyte imbalances like low,potassium therefore its very,highly recommended to call your doctor,right away if you get severe diarrhea,during treatment with lenses other side,effects reported include abdominal pain,in about seven percent of the patients,that take lenses,flatulence or gas by four to six percent,abdominal distension,that the feeling of fullness or pressure,in your abdomen occurring in about one,to three percent,and then gastroesophageal reflux disease,and also for some people vomiting,and for some people you know urgency to,defecate,now some precautions and best practices,lenses is contraindicated in children,less than six years old that means that,it should not be given to this age group,under any circumstance,even for the 6 to 18 year olds lenses is,not recommended for them as,it may potentially harm them it is also,recommended to seek medical help right,away if you develop any unusual or,severe stomach pain abdominal pain,especially if you have bright red bloody,stools,or black stools that look like tar that,may not be a good sign,its also recommended to take this,medicine with a glass of water do not,crash or chew this medicine,take ideally on an empty stomach at,least 30 minutes before the first meal,of the day,and i said earlier report any serious,diarrhea right away to your doctor,because it may,lead to electrolyte imbalances which may,have its issues as well,thanks so much i hope you found some,value in this review if you did please,give it a thumbs up and consider,subscribing if you have not done so,i appreciate you and ill see you on the,next video


[Music],you,[Music],hello im dr. ken landau thanks for,watching lets talk about vince s vince,thats also known as Lenexa tide is a,new drug to treat two forms of,constipation theres a kind of,constipation thats associated with the,irritable bowel syndrome or IBS and then,theres what we know as chronic,idiopathic constipation now its only,for adults who are more than 18 years of,age it should definitely not be used in,children less than 6 years of age and it,probably should be avoided in people,between the ages of 6 and 18 and,certainly for anybody who has an,obstruction in the intestine this drug,should be taken at least half an hour,before eating if you take it immediately,after you have a high fat diet chances,are you get some diarrhea you want to,swallow the pill whole you dont want to,crush it or chew it the dose for,irritable bowel syndrome associated,constipation is 290 micrograms once a,day and if you have chronic idiopathic,constipation in other words constipation,without the pain then the dose is only,145 micrograms a day and interestingly,in January 26 2017 a 72 microgram dose,was allowed to be marketed by the FDA,now the drug stays in the,gastrointestinal tract its a simple,chemical and its inactivated by loss of,an amino acid its only negligibly,absorbed so little is absorbed actually,that you cant even measure it in the,blood so that means if you have liver,disease kidney disease thats not really,a problem with this kind of drug it was,approved by the Food and Drug,Administration originally in 2012 now,its a simple chain of amino acids amino,acids building blocks of protein things,like lysine and arginine those are amino,acids well this contains 14 amino acids,in a chain six of the amino acids happen,to be cysteine and it has three what we,call disulfide bonds the way the drug,works,is its a structural analog its similar,to a chemical a hormone that the body,produces inside the intestine and it,latches on to a receptor kind of like a,lock and a key and when that happens a,chemical known as cyclic GMP is,manufactured and that causes the bowel,to secrete some chloride and some,bicarbonate and then some water into the,intestine and that obviously is going to,allow much greater ease of passage it,also decreases the activity of some,sensory neurons so that means its,associated with decreased intestinal,pain and it activates the motor neurons,in the colon so that means that all this,extra fluid is going to get pushed out,of the body now it has some side effects,and about one in five people who take,limbs s going to suffer from diarrhea,and about 2% or one in ten of the people,with the diarrhea are going to have real,severe diarrhea and its often going to,occur in the first two weeks of taking,the drug and it can be very serious in,pediatric patients so thats why its,not for people less than age six and,should be avoided six to 18 years of age,as well if you do have the severe,diarrhea you may develop low blood,pressure and some dizziness of fainting,or syncope as we call it low sodium and,potassium and maybe its even going to,require hospitalization and intravenous,fluids what also is associated with some,gas and some abdominal pain and feeling,of fullness or distension and in a small,percentage of people there will be some,urge to defecate but you got to go and,you got to go now but sometimes you,dont make it and then you have fecal,incontinence some people with vomiting,or gastroesophageal reflux disease,rarely intestinal bleeding or it can,provoke some rectal hemorrhage the,studies that were done looked at people,generally between the ages of 40 and 50,90% of the people were women 70 to 80,percent were white for entry into the,study you had to have fewer than three,bowel movements on average a week and a,pain score on a scale of zero to ten had,to be at least three at least for the,irritable bowel syndrome portion study,responders had to improve for at least,nine of the twelve weeks they were,taking the drug and buy a responder we,mean the pain had to decrease more than,30 percent in severity and you had to,have at least three complete spontaneous,bowel movements a week now complete,spontaneous bowel movement is you,completely get rid of all of the stool,thats in your colon you dont feel like,you have to still dough and also you had,to have at least one extra complete,spontaneous bowel movement per week,thats not asking very much but if we,look at the response rate after 12 weeks,what do you think the response rate was,taking this drug taking Lin says the,response rate was only 12 percent or one,person in eighth got better if you look,at the pain only the pain only well,about 35% of the people improved at,least three points on the scale but,about the same number did taking a,placebo and if you look at the other,endpoint a complete spontaneous bowel,movement 80 percent eight zero percent,of the people who took the drug failed,only 20% of the people had next to bowel,movement a week well thats certainly,not very much now if instead of looking,at nine of the 12 weeks lets look at 6,of the 12 weeks are we doing any better,no not really,still 70 percent of the people fail to,make the grade well that means that we,have to treat 7 or 8 people or even more,in order to get one person who is going,to respond now if the abdominal pain,does respond its going to respond,within the first week sort of maxes,added about 6 to 9 weeks but remember,improvement is only about one point on,an eleven point scale now there is,improvement in the spontaneous bowel,movement frequency the stool consistency,and the amount of straining or abdominal,bloating or discomfort but if we look at,people taking that 290 microgram dose,for a period of 18 months we find that,about 1 in 3 30% are going to either,have to discontinue the drug because of,side effects or reduce the dose because,of side effects now on the other hand if,we look at the chronic idiopathic,constipation so its sort of like the,IBS with constipation but its without,the pain,well according to criteria you have to,have fewer than three spontaneous bowel,movements a week and at least one extra,symptom for 12 weeks during the course,of the year but that doesnt have to be,necessarily consecutive weeks and the,symptoms the other symptoms that you,have to choose from are at least 25% of,the time when you have a bowel movement,you have to either strain or you pass,lumpy or hard stools or you have the,sense of incomplete evacuation well if I,respond according to the studies we have,to show at least three complete,spontaneous bowel movements a week an,increase of one and as a matter of fact,the 290 microgram dose and 145 microgram,does work exactly the same but the,improvement in one study was 20% other,study was 15% in other words somewhere,between 80 and 85 percent of the people,cant get better with this therapy well,if you do increase your spontaneous,bowel movements youre increasing by,about one and a half a week so that,isnt all that much now IBS or irritable,bowel syndrome also goes by the name,irritable bowel irritable colon,colon colitis its abdominal pain,and hard or lumpy stools at least 25% of,the time estimated 10 to 20 percent of,the population here in the United States,suffers from that and it means that,about 10 million people have IBS with,constipation,so what do we know about IBS with,constipation not all that much sex women,twice as much as men its often,associated with anxiety or depression,but we dont think that its cause and,effect some people think that maybe,theres some low-grade inflammation,going on in the intestine or maybe some,genetic factors or maybe it comes on,after some other kind of infection or,maybe it has to do with a small bowel,bacterial overgrowth there may be,certain kind of diets and then we have,chronic idiopathic constipation thats a,gigantic problem so there may be as many,as 35 million people suffering from,chronic idiopathic constipation here in,the United States and some

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Linzess is amazing!!!!

hey everyone its me Heather welcome,back to my channel for anybody thats,just watching this because Im a Linds s,as the topic of conversation I am,Heather I do a denture sight and,autoimmune and everything pretty much,wrapped up in one of whatever I go,through so if it helps you thats why I,do these videos I dont do editing I,dont do whatever I just sit down and,chat with you thats just who I am if,you like my videos and you like what I,do dont forget to subscribe and cook,the little tiny little bell button dont,forget to click all because if you dont,click all you dont get notifications,you dont get notifications youre gonna,miss my giveaways and everything else I,do have a giveaway going on for Juniper,Hough excite venture adhesive Im not,sponsored I am just caring and I just,want to help people so when theres,clearances or sales most like the sales,ever clearance I pick things up so I can,get bout you guys so I want to get,started on wings s now the reason why,Im making this video is because given,my autoimmune and well bad choices in,life I have severe constipation now Ive,tried a mateesah Ive tried diet change,which Im already still doing that,doesnt work I do a whole bunch of stuff,there people like me who have tried,every single thing in the book I want to,let you know that if you havent tried,everything in the book yet trial and,zest,by the way I am NOT a doctor Im not a,pharmacist Im not nothing Im just a,patient so me telling you what worked,for me and Howlands s parts for me is,my opinion and what I went through it,might not necessarily work for you or,anyone else Im just letting you know I,suffered severely I have bad intestinal,issues due to an autoimmune disease and,I go through a lot so with having severe,constipation I had really bad heartburn,which I still do sometimes and like,esophagitis and my esophagus is really,bad,its just sucks even my voice changes,when Asafa chol problems happen like,recently so Im losing my voice because,of it but I trade Lenz s no Linds s says,so take it in the morning a half an hour,before you eat really drunk Im telling,you everybody who I do is like bloopers,but ones that tell you to take it in the,morning and you know half an hour before,you eat and all that its hard people,waving to me because I know them but,that didnt work for me because I ended,up with every sound effect it tells you,can cause sinus pain can cause diarrhea,can cause everything underneath the,frickin Sun um when I took it in the,morning and followed exactly what it,said it absolutely did give me every,side effect yes when you get used to the,medication it will go away over time a,lot of people dont know that with any,medication you take youre not allergic,to it just because you get side effects,side effects is your bodys not used to,something so it takes some time to,adjust so you get side effects they do,go away with any medication so whatever,you take dont freak out if you get side,effects because its so common because,your body never felt the substance,before so you know whatever so I was,determined cuz it did help me go to the,bathroom but it gave me side his pain,and migraines and everything so I was,like you know what I was reading some,forums and I was reading some,online and this few quite a few people,said they took it at night so I tried,taking it at night after dinner after,all said and done two hours after I ate,and no joke no side effects not even,diarrhea which was exactly what I want,no diary,but I went to the bathroom in the,morning normally for the first time in,my damn life and Im telling you this,medications that God sent people people,dont know is they think that you know,you follow directions of medications,blah blah but everybodys a saint not,everybodys gonna react the same and I,did not react well when I followed what,it said again this is what I go through,and what works from me Im not telling,you to go against directions if you try,the directions and youre having my,problem you know try it my way its not,gonna hurt you its not gonna harm you,its not gonna kill you its not gonna,do nothing youre just taking it at,night thats all it is,thats it so um theyre everybodys body,is so different its so different and I,even talked to my primary and she was,like Im happy for you cuz it was years,and years guys years of suffering and I,finally found a medication that worked,but I took it and tried different ways,because I never medication like I said,works the same for everybody especially,Direction wise so there are some,medications as they dont even,always eat it with food guys always eat,it with food because it will cause,ulcers and another truck you think I,live like in a major,I dont but its everybodys body is so,different its so different and,everybody reacts differently and if it,doesnt work for you one way like youre,a topping you go at the bathroom but,its giving you like the actual side,effects that are bad who will that suck,and not a good quality of life to deal,with it especially when you want to go,out and go do something so try tonight,and an item I have no side effects,none at all um it helped me go to the,bathroom within about 45 minutes after I,woke up and it was completely normal no,diarrhea no issues no nothing so Im,just giving you guys a heads up if,youre gonna try lens test and you did,have my problem with you know the sinus,pressure migraines diarrhea and all that,crap try it at nighttime like about a,couple hours after you eat dinner when,your stomach is you know theres not,much in it its just a little coding,trial ends us because it is a godsend it,helped me a great deal and guys I didnt,know what I was gonna do because I do,all the diets like Im supposed to I,dont just say Im gonna do them and,dont do them I genuinely do them and,because my intestines are so narrow now,because my autoimmunity tightens I cant,go and too much fiber is actually bad,for me even when I do eat fiber doesnt,help go to the bathroom Ive even taken,bread and completely out of my diet Oh,noodles of nothing because that makes,constipation way worse because it binds,thats the part of the BRAT diet but,even taking that out didnt do so I,did it my way and Lindsey definitely did,work I dont have any side effects,whatsoever and its great,so I finally have something that works,for me so if you know you want to try,something guys try it and what I love,you know on TV you hear like oh these,medications are so great Oh,warning death death is not a side,death is death thats not thats not a,side effect guys Im listen to people,luckily loons s that is not a side,effect death is not a side effect but,its not on there it says it can cause,you know sinus pain pressure deadly,unless youre allergic to the medication,itself like you could be allergic to,anything so just giving you guys adds up,after years of me suffering I finally,look at our medication that worked but,the whole thing is is they tell you to,take it every day I dont I take it,every few days because I would have,noticed what Linds SI take 72 micrograms,I take it small first Id start when you,get used to it then I bump it back up,and all that if youre youre seriously,blocked you havent gone in like a hot,minute like the lungs Ive ever not gone,to the bathroom was a month my even,playing then I needed the higher dose of,lenss s but to maintain myself I just,need the long with dosage and I take it,every like three days maybe four days,and it clears me right out because Ive,noticed that if I take it every day how,well end up getting diarrhea so just,know that every medication is different,and you tweak it what works for your,body because we all dont have the same,body chemistry at all,if you guys have any questions comments,concerns or even what you want to tell,me if you are Ellens s and what worked,for you because it might help somebody,thats watching this Im just coming,down below if anybody ever wants to talk,or chat my email will be in the,description below I hope you guy

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How LINZESS could work for your gut

get your gut in gear with all the treats,and food that we can all indulge in,during this time of year your stomach,may be telling you something other than,just overeating here to help us get our,gut checked is dr. Rosenberg and patient,Julie Renault,thank you both for joining us today well,youre welcome good morning thank you,for having us so what are IV s C and C I,see sure well we know there are a lot of,letters but what they stand for if I can,decode it for you is irritable bowel,syndrome with constipation and chronic,idiopathic constipation where idiopathic,means we know that the constipation is,not from a medication you might be,taking and what advice would you give,people who may be suffering from these,things right so were very excited to be,here you know this is constipation,Awareness Month and so to me the key,really is communication in a perfect,world itd be the advice would be to,have people you know come and talk to,their health care practitioner about,their symptoms but we know in the real,world world were lucky if theyll talk,to their partner or their spouse or,their friend about it so at the very,least we want them to know that their,resources out there like Linds s comm Li,n ze SS where patients cook can go to,learn more about conditions like IBS C,and dr. what are the kinds of treatments,are there sure for my adult patients,over the age of 18 one of the shiniest,new tools in the toolbox if were,talking around the holiday season right,now is Linds s its a safe and effective,medication that patients can take on a,daily basis to help manage their,symptoms related to their constipation,and Julie tell us what prompted you to,talk to your physician about your,symptoms oh Ive been talking to my,physicians about symptoms since for,about 50 years so I had this condition,and Im sure when I was a small child,and have lived with it and tried to cope,with it over 50 years it took that long,before I realized that I needed to,communicate better with my physician,that I was feeling panicked and I was,feeling a sense of despair and that I,really wanted to manage my life and once,youre diagnosed what do you do to,manage your symptoms daily I take,linzess daily so that managers,my condition and manages my symptoms I,continue to do what Ive always done,which is exercise I eat well I try to,manage the stress in my life to keep it,you know workable I have a good good,life where would you send our viewers,for more information,sure so you know since one in seven,Americans have this condition theres,gonna be hopefully a lot of conversation,generated by efforts like these so you,know they can certainly go to their,health care practitioner to talk about,safe and effective options like Linds s,but even if theyre still not,comfortable doing that,you can go to Lynnes s comm Li n Z ESS,to learn more about the disease State,and great treatment options that are out,there thank you both so much for being,here log on to our website Fox for,morning blends calm,[Music]

Dr. Darren Brenner Explains What to Know Before Starting LINZESS® (linaclotide). See Abbv.ie/LinzPI

hi my name is darren brenner and im an,associate professor of medicine and,surgery and an irene d pritzker research,scholar at the northwestern university,feinberg school of medicine,im also the director of neurogastro,motility and functional bowel programs,and the monstenelli gi physiology,laboratory,the purpose of this short video is to,provide you with some important clinical,information that may assist you in,achieving a successful outcome when,taking lenses,linzess is a prescription medication,used in adults to treat two chronic,medical conditions,irritable bowel syndrome with,constipation or ibsc,and chronic idiopathic constipation or,cic,idiopathic means the cause of the,constipation is unknown,do not give lin zest to children who are,less than two years of age it may harm,them,linses can cause severe diarrhea and,your child could get severe dehydration,do not take linzess if a doctor has told,you that you have a ball blockage,please review the important safety,information about linzess at the end of,this video,if you have any questions about ibsc cic,or lindses please talk to your,healthcare practitioner,when starting linzess there are four key,points wed like you to be aware of,first,we want to explain some of the hows and,whys of taking lenses,second we want to establish what you may,expect regarding symptom relief,third,wed like you to be aware of possible,side effects that may occur while taking,linzess and finally well address the,importance of checking in with your,practitioner regarding your experience,with the medication,lets first talk about some of the hows,and whys in taking linzess,lindsay should be taken once a day,every day on an empty stomach at least,30 minutes before your first meal of the,day or as prescribed by your,practitioner,if you miss a dose of linzess skip the,missed dose and take the next dose at,your regular time the next day,do not take two doses at the same time,linses was studied and shown to be,effective for treating both irritable,bowel syndrome with constipation and,chronic idiopathic constipation when,taken on a daily basis,linzess is a prescription medication,that should be taken daily,this is different from standard,over-the-counter laxatives which are,often used as needed,if you dont take lenses every day you,may not experience symptom relief and if,you stop taking linzess your symptoms,may return,what about expectations,when should you begin to experience,relief and how long might it take to,obtain symptom relief of lenses,when when zest is taken daily,constipation relief is typically felt in,about one week,ibs-c patients may also begin to,experience relief from belly pain and,overall abdominal symptoms in about a,week with symptoms typically improving,over 12 weeks,the length of time it takes to achieve,these improvements may differ from,person to person what are possible side,effects you may experience with linseeds,diarrhea is the most common side effect,of lenses and in some cases it can be,severe,in clinical studies diarrhea occurred in,16 to 22 percent of lenses patients and,two to five percent of patients,experiencing diarrhea stop taking the,medication,when you first start taking linzess its,helpful to plan ahead for the,possibility of diarrhea,starting on a weekend when you can be,near the comfort or convenience of your,own bathroom may be beneficial its also,important to have a general,understanding of what we mean by the,term diarrhea as this word means,different things to different people,the bristol stool scale shown here is,commonly used by doctors to describe the,different types of stools,these images are used to differentiate,hard stools normal stools and diarrhea,bristol stool types 1 and 2 typically,indicate constipation and types 6 and 7,are consistent with diarrhea,if diarrhea is going to occur when,taking linzess it usually begins within,the first two weeks of starting the,medication,if you develop severe diarrhea stop,taking linzess and contact your,practitioner right away,in addition to diarrhea other possible,side effects of linzess include,increased gas,abdominal pain,and swelling or a feeling of fullness or,pressure in the abdomen finally its,important to check in with your,practitioner and inform them about if,and how linzess is working for you,i usually recommend that the initial,follow-up occur at one month but i also,tell my patients that they should feel,free to contact me at any time with,questions or concerns especially if they,experience side effects,ask your practitioner what follow-up,timing is best for you,at your follow-up visit let your,practitioner know specifically which of,your symptoms have or have not improved,and if youre experiencing any side,effects that you feel may be associated,with the medication,based on your experience you and your,practitioner can determine the best,treatment options for you,now lets quickly recap the four key,topics we addressed first how to take,linzess,lenses should be taken once a day every,day on an empty stomach at least 30,minutes before the first meal of the day,second the timing of symptom relief,when lin zest is taken daily,constipation relief is typically felt in,about a week,ibsc patients may also begin to,experience relief from belly pain and,overall abdominal symptoms in about one,week with symptoms typically improving,over 12 weeks,third,what is the most common side effect,diarrhea is the most common side effect,and often begins within the first two,weeks of taking lenses,planning ahead for the possibility of,this side effect can be helpful,if you develop severe diarrhea stop,taking lenses and call your practitioner,right away,and finally make sure that you check in,with your practitioner,talk to your practitioner about your,experience,be as specific as possible and if,keeping track of your stool consistency,or texture providing an average bristol,stool score can be very beneficial,id like to thank you for taking the,time to attain a better understanding of,linzess,an fda approved therapy for adults with,irritable bowel syndrome and,constipation and chronic idiopathic,constipation,i appreciate how challenging these,chronic medical conditions can be and i,commend you for being proactive about,your health thank you very much for your,attention,important risk information do not give,linzes to children who are less than two,years of age it may harm them linzess,can cause severe diarrhea and your child,could get severe dehydration loss of a,large amount of body water and salt do,not take linzess if a doctor has told,you that you have a bowel blockage,intestinal obstruction before you take,linzess tell your doctor about your,medical conditions including if you are,pregnant or plan to become pregnant it,is not known if linzess will harm your,unborn baby breast feeding or plan to,breastfeed it is not known if lindsay,passes into your breast milk tell your,doctor about all the medicines you take,including prescription and,over-the-counter medicines vitamins and,herbal supplements side effects linzess,can cause serious side effects including,diarrhea the most common side effect,which can sometimes be severe diarrhea,often begins within the first two weeks,of linseed treatment stop taking linzess,and call your doctor right away if you,get severe diarrhea during treatment,with linseed other common side effects,of linseed include gas stomach area,abdominal pain swelling or a feeling of,fullness or pressure in your abdomen,distension call your doctor or go to the,nearest hospital emergency room right,away if you develop unusual or severe,stomach area abdominal pain especially,if you also have bright red bloody,stools or black stools that look like,tar these are not all the possible side,effects of limb zest for more,information ask your doctor or,pharmacist what is linzess linzess,lineclatide is a prescription medication,used in adults to treat irritable bowel,syndrome with constipation ibsc and,chronic idiopathic constipation cic,


are you interested in lenses properties,want to better understand how to use it,correctly and is it dangerous perhaps,you are looking for new previously,unknown facts about lenses you will,learn all this and much more by watching,this video be sure to watch it to the,end to get answers to all your questions,and of course write your comments like,And subscribe lenses contains a single,active ingredient linaclotide this,medicine is available by prescription,only and is used to treat chronic,constipation or chronic irritable bowel,syndrome in adults the safety and,efficacy of lenses has not been,established in patients under 18 years,of age lenses works by increasing the,secretion of chloride and water in the,intestines which can soften stools and,stimulate bowel movements this medicine,used to treat chronic constipation works,by increasing the secretion in the,intestines of two chemical compounds,called chloride and bicarbonate this,causes more intestinal fluid to be,secreted which helps makes stool easier,to pass the drug also reduces the time,it takes for food to pass through the,digestive tract lenses is not as safe,drug and can cause side effects like any,other prescription drug the list of side,effects at this time is not final some,of these side effects may be extremely,rare but have incredibly severe,consequences so here are five of its,most dangerous side effects one,digestive system because lenses reduces,the time it takes to pass through the,gastrointestinal tract diarrhea is the,most common side effect also its use can,lead to such effects as abdominal pain,flatulence inflammation of the,intestines loading and addition bloody,or black stools dehydration are less,common 2. allergy the use of the drug,leads to manifestations like anaphylaxis,this is a severe allergic reaction to,the drug anaphylaxis can be,life-threatening if not treated right,away if you begin to experience,difficulty breathing swelling of the,throat nausea vomiting shock after,taking lenses you should seek medical,attention immediately 3. brain memory,there are studies to suggest that lenses,causes depression anxiety and IBC this,is because the gut is partly controlled,by the nervous system which sends,signals to the brain also taking the,drug can lead to more serious,consequences namely the fact that you,have suicidal thoughts or behavior 4.,hair loss in people with digestive,disorders there can be many reasons for,hair loss such as stress intestinal,inflammation or insufficient absorption,of nutrients from food it is also known,that many drugs cause hair loss and,particular lenses does 5. blood pressure,heart lenses can be dangerous as side,effects have been reported on the,hematopoietic organs such as confusion,unsteadiness irregular heartbeats chest,flutter muscle weakness or a feeling of,lameness in addition to these there may,also be other symptoms such as increased,thirst and urination leg cramps mood,changes viral gastroenteritis headache,upper respiratory tract infection and,sinusitis as you can see lenses has many,disadvantages the product does not work,the same for everyone some complain that,the price is too high the product may do,its job but may be associated associated,with unpleasant and serious side effects,these conditions may require special,medical attention given all this this,drug should not be used by everyone and,everything should be carefully,considered and consulted with a doctor,it seems to me that it is better to look,for a safer and more effective product,at an affordable price this will save,money and avoid unwanted reactions many,doctors believe that the problem can be,solved with the help of other safer and,more proven products for example the use,of non-chemical but natural extracts and,food additives this option is ideal,because it allows you to choose the,right dose as well as combine several,beneficial ingredients and achieve a,comprehensive approach I also recommend,taking a few minutes to read the very,important information Linked In the,description of this video then you can,easily find out what other natural,products can help you cope with any,situation what combinations of,ingredients are the most correct and,where to buy them and of course be sure,to subscribe to the channel put likes,and write your comments under this in,new videos be healthy

Linzess vs. Trulance // Pelvic Empowerment IBS Series Part 8

hello and welcome back to the pelvic,empowerment IBS series my name is torie,and I am a doctor of physical therapy,specializes in topic dysfunction which,means I treat things that can go wrong,around the pelvis and this includes,bowel dysfunction last year I decided,that I would try my best to unpack what,I have learned about IBS in a video,series and today I would like to add a,requested eighth installment to that,series this installation will,investigate and compare Lynnes s and,true bands to drugs that can be used to,treat constipation dominant IBS in,todays video well begin by talking,about what these drugs are and how they,work well then briefly discuss their,history compare prices and mention drug,interactions that are worth considering,before finally discussing and comparing,both side effects and efficacy as always,you can check in the description below,for timestamps and links to any studies,or resources mentioned in this video as,well as links to all of the other videos,in this series lets begin by talking,about what linzess and shrew lance are,as well as how they work generally,speaking similar drugs tend to belong to,the same class for example motrin and,aspirin are very well known similar,drugs both are commonly used to reduce,pain and reduce fever,well the main ingredient in each of,these drugs is different in aspirin the,main active ingredient is acetyl,salicylic acid while in motrin the main,active ingredient is ibuprofen they both,belong to the same class of drugs they,are both considered to be NSAIDs or,non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in,the same vein linzess and true lance are,both similar drugs that are in the same,class they are both used to treat the,symptoms of constipation dominant IBS,but they have different main,active ingredients in linz s the active,ingredient is called linac low tide,whereas in true lands the main active,ingredient is called planet ID but they,both belong to the same class of drugs,they are both guanylate cyclase C agnus,so now we know what Linds s and true,lance are we know that Linds s is linac,low tide and we know that true lance is,the canna tide and we know that they,both belong to the same drug class they,are both guanylate cyclase C agnus,okay but how do they work in the,intestines what is their mechanism of,action that can help to alleviate some,of the symptoms of constipation dominant,IBS think about what happens in the,intestines when we eat and digest food,when we eat food it goes into our mouth,we chew it up it goes down our throat,into our stomach and then it enters the,intestines before entering the rectum as,stool and eventually exiting through the,anus as a bowel movement out into the,world lets zoom in to the intestines,and lets imagine the intestines as a,singular muscular tube in a healthy GI,system when food enters that singular,intestinal muscular tube that tube,rhythmically contracts and relaxes in,order to propel food and eventually,waste through the entirety of the,intestines before it enters into the,rectum this rhythmic contraction and,relaxation is something called,peristalsis and it looks very much like,when a snake eats a mouse regular,healthy bowel movements depend on two,things they depend on the adequate,filling of that tube and they depend on,a soft stool food mixture being inside,of the tube when the tube is adequately,filled that gentle stretch stimulates,peristalsis it is the adequate filling,of the tube and the resulting stretch on,the walls of the tube that tell the tube,that its time to rhythmically contract,and relax when the tube is filled with,that soft stool food mixture that we,were talking,about earlier it gives the muscles of,the intestines something easy to grip,onto so that as they rhythmically,contract and relax they can propel that,food stool mixture at a normal speed,through the intestines to have a normal,transit time and then you end up with,normal healthy regular bowel movements,however if we try to imagine whats,going on in that singular muscular,intestinal tube when someone is,constipated you could imagine that those,intestinal muscles might be clenched,around dry hard and compacted stool this,usually translates to really slow,transit time it takes a long time for,that stool to get to the rectum because,one the intestinal tube isnt adequately,filled so nothings stimulating that,peristalsis that rhythmic contract and,relax that propels the stool down the,intestines and if you can imagine dry,hard and compacted stool thats really,not something easy for the intestinal,muscles to grip that could be really,challenging for them to hold on to and,so you get that slow transit time and,you can also get abdominal pain bloating,and discomfort so how do Lynns s and,true Lance affect the intestines and,help to manage the symptoms of,constipation dominant IBS these drugs,accomplish three different things in the,intestines they increase the amount of,fluid that is inside of the intestines,which is going to soften the stool,consistency inside of the intestines,which is going to increase transit time,think about what adding more fluid to,that dry hard compacted stool in that,singular intestinal muscular tube that,we were talking about earlier would do,that increased fluid would softn break,apart and push through dry hard,compacted stool it would also take up,more space in the tube and gently,stretch the tube which would trigger,peristalsis and it would make the stool,consistency within the intestine softer,giving the intestinal muscles something,much easier to grip onto as they,rhythmically contract,there are also some animal studies that,suggest that Linds s and truth ants may,help to ease abdominal pain but this,hasnt been proven in humans yet both of,these drugs are intended to be taken,daily with Linds ants you are supposed,to take it on an empty stomach 30,minutes before consuming any food,whereas with true Lance you can take it,with or without food without having to,wait in order to eat and both drugs can,take about one to three weeks before,they actually start working now that,weve discussed what these drugs are and,how they work in the intestines lets,briefly discuss their history compare,their prices and talk about some,important drug interaction,considerations before finally comparing,their side effects and their efficacy,Linds s was approved in 2012 as the,first guanylate cyclase C agonist on the,market and true Lance was approved five,years later in 2017 both drugs are,prescription drugs meaning you need a,physicians prescription in order to,acquire these drugs and currently there,are no generic versions of either drug,available on the market which means that,these drugs can unfortunately be,expensive they usually are not covered,by insurance and they both run around,five hundred dollars for a 30-day supply,although there do seem to be some,discounts and special offers where you,can get them closer to $400 for a 30-day,supply it is important to speak with,your physician about any drugs whether,they are prescription or,over-the-counter that you are taking,because according to the national,library of medicine both drugs have drug,interactions that are really worth,considering Lyn zest can potentially,interact with levothyroxine which is a,thyroid medication visit Hodel which is,a stimulant laxative psyllium which is a,stool blocker it is also the main,ingredient in Metamucil magnesium,hydroxide which is found in milk of,magnesia and finally omeprazole which is,a proton pump inhibitor that can be,purchased over-the-counter or can be,prescribed to you by a physician true,Lance on the other hand only has one,drug interaction worth mentioning and,that is with idolo acid which is a drug,that is used to treat certain blood,cancers its also really important that,we talk about the potential side effects,of both of these drugs that way if you,start taking one of these drugs and you,start to notice new or potentially,mysterious symptoms you can figure out,if t

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