1. Liquid Death Water – Try it Tuesday – Beardly Honest
  2. What Is Liquid Death? | Liquid Death Mountain Water Unboxing & Review
  3. Liquid Death Mountain Water® Review! ⛰️???? | Better Than Bottled Water? | ALL HYPE? | theendorsement
  4. Liquid Death! I Tried Premium Water Yall.
  5. Liquid Death® SEVERED LIME AND BERRY IT ALIVE Flavors! ????????| NEW LIQUID DEATH!?
  6. Why is Liquid Death SO Popular?
  7. How Liquid Death made canned water SO METAL

Liquid Death Water – Try it Tuesday – Beardly Honest

[Music],guess what Danas guess what it is its,trying to say for those of you they,dont know this is where we try any,things and today we I guess its kind of,a special edition we did not actually,purchase this this came in the mail from,liquid death so a couple days ago I was,looking at the emails that you guys send,and whatnot in our be really honest,gmail account and I saw that our liquid,death had been delivered and Im like,what the hell is liquid death are you,trying to kill me and didnt see that,the wife had to talk to this vendor and,theyve been going back and forth and so,they sent us some some liquid death to,try I have no clue about this company or,when liquid death is except that it,looks like its Mountain water from the,Austrian Alps so if you have any other,history or comments about what it is,well yeah so let me know Id say about,90% of email like I handle like,especially talking with people like I,gotta handle that side of the channel,and so yes he did not know that we were,getting liquid death,I was yeah I do YouTube comments she,does emails yeah we flip back and forth,sometimes but yeah,so yes its liquid death its as murder,your thirst and their goal is to,essentially cut out a lot of the,unrecyclable plastic so their whole,thing is depth to plastic theres a,little set here the average aluminum can,contain 70% recycled material where the,average plastic bottle contains only 3,percent so were drinking water out of,an aluminum can higher chance that it,will be recycled versus a plastic bottle,so you have a mountain water which is,just like if youre to go get a bottle,of water and then you have a sparkling,water which Im guessing is just a,sparkly playing not flavored water if,your groups if youre interested the pH,is 7 point 8 its slightly alkaline and,says 5 cents from every can is donated,to help kill plastic pollution just kind,of cool you can find them at Whole Foods,and Amazon and then theres this place,called sheets I think thats a let me,know if its the grocery store or gas,station and then get go cafe and market,those are very regional yeah so Whole,Foods obviously you can find there or,Amazon yeah they basically sent it to us,because they liked the channel and,theyre like hey why dont you try our,water their slogan is murder your thirst,so I guess thats what well you got the,flaming skulls and whatnot the package,is pretty intense boxes is very intense,but we put them in the French cuz we,want to be cold because thats were,assuming thats how its supposed to be,served so I guess Ill try them out in,the water first,they look like cervesa its like Mexican,beers so I kind of like that would try,to spawn now its been a while so these,are 16.9 fluid out public hands which is,I think kind of adds to the whole beer,look and they are $15.99 per 12-pack so,its about Donna thirty-third $1 33 per,can stays like water exactly water and,it can what I do like about that cuz,Ive had some water in cans before and,it usually takes on the like a metallic,taste this doesnt taste very metallic,all actually doesnt taste the metallic,at all see I dont know if Ive ever had,water in a can that wasnt a sparkling,water thats I like that its just,normal water in a can,there were a couple years back,its a day job blue aquafina one of the,the Pepsi or coke companies that did the,can of water for a while yeah just water,you like a plain sparkling water,Ive had plain sparkling water and its,always awful this is not bad ha ha ha,it reminds me of like like the good and,gather waters but what its not flavor,hmm like it doesnt taste doesnt taste,metallic it doesnt taste better its,its not bad actually,ok I mean theyve definitely got the,marketing game down but I dont think,water when I think liquid death unless,youre drowning but theyre murdering,your thirst which I mean catchy you know,its something to stand out for gets,your attention I mean if youre looking,for the intangibles and whatnot it might,be something to go for because you can,get you know plastic water bottles per,meter yeah so I mean its its kind of,expensive for what it is but it tastes,pretty good,Riaan cans I dont know how I cannot,open that maybe if you could get it you,know cheaper in like a whole whered you,say Whole Foods ok so it says whole food,so if youre the buy it online thats,$15.99 per 12-pack looks like Whole,Foods is $14.99 so its a little cheaper,to get it in store then have to ship it,yeah and then I think we also they gave,us a code if you guys are interested,that I can use online you dont know it,office on my head but itll be down down,there description or do I need to make a,comment um well do both ok yeah do you,want to if you want to order it but I,mean its watery Canyon so they also,have a special going out of their,website right now I cant use the word,they call the special but if you buy,five cases of water,it says ffs Corona special hello,you like pot of cases its 1099 per case,which adds up be 92 cents per per thing,so I cant say that without getting in,trouble,well I mean if youre if youre looking,for actual sprint why dont know if its,spring water notice not on the water,its not the filtered tap water that you,get for Coke and Pepsi its definitely a,way to go this is a hundred percent,Mountain water from the elfs and then,it says let me go back to the stuff whoa,it tastes pretty good it says it says,naturally that seven point eight pH,straight from Mountain to can see you,drinkin Austrian ALP,nature water told nobody was peeing,upstream so Ill try to put a picture or,link to something but the case like the,case outer packaging had some skull,artwork on it it says each case features,limited edition artwork by will car sola,hmm so thats what that artwork is from,okay well if youre if youre definitely,looking for for water in a can this is,probably my highest rated cant water,cuz well for one I havent really,encountered many alternatives but I mean,its its better than a lot of the,bottled water that Ive had to so take,that for whats – it tastes like pure,just pure clean water so yeah yeah I,remember once mistake is you interrupted,me sorry,you take it for what you will its good,water from a can yes yes thats your,thing I dont know you interrupted me,she does that a lot not to talk about,now are you anyway thanks for checking,out this special edition of trying,teased a guys if you like this video hit,that thumbs up button if weird questions,or comments about liquid death or the,company in general hits up down below,feel free to share this video as you see,fit if you havent already dont forget,subscribe until then have a nice day

What Is Liquid Death? | Liquid Death Mountain Water Unboxing & Review

hey guys today Im doing an unboxing,video for something called liquid death,liquid death is canned water which I,found on Instagram because I saw a video,of Joe Manganiello or I dont exactly,know how to say his name correctly Sofia,Vergara husband he was signing his soul,away to liquid death with blood which,obviously drew my attention so I hopped,on their website and saw that I too can,sign my soul away to get some liquid,death I also saw a news article about,how liquid death caused a giant traffic,jam in Washington and the firefighters,and hazmat team all worked like called,there so that they can test the liquid,death to make sure it wasnt a death,threat so lets check out whats inside,lets see if its a death threat I dont,think it is but lets check out liquid,death mountain water lets take a look,at whats inside of this box so lets,pop this open oh jeez this is on there,tight alright now that Ive destroyed,the box oh Jesus clearly I have some,issues but alright so alright weve got,the Box open and it looks like it has a,sticker inside for us to you know put on,what are we gonna put this on alright so,we have our cans and lets take a closer,look at them alright so taking a look at,the can,it says liquid death which is very,unbranded it says Mountain water murder,your thirst and has their logo guy which,hes pretty cool I really like the,design because clearly theyre going for,a metal theme and they have a flying,skull alright,all right I mean tastes pretty good it,doesnt have any like weird like taste,from the metal and I think that its,actually a pretty solid solid water so I,actually really like it its a very,smooth water it tastes really clean it,doesnt taste like all of those weird,artisan waters and it doesnt taste like,water from like a water bottle where you,kind of taste the plastic but this is,pretty clean it tastes like good water,that thats what I got to say about it,its pretty pretty awesome Im gonna go,for a second sit good so they have like,this long thing on the side of the can,so Im gonna try and read it Im not the,best at reading this frosty can of,pristine Austrian mountain water wont,just refresh your body it will murder,your thirst our proprietary thirst the,planetary first murdering process begins,with the letter e jequan I heard both,birthdays that will wrap around refers,savage strangle it once the liquid that,reaches your purse spray all universe,memories will be replaced with the Biddy,moves the told headed bloating which is,exactly what happens next by pausing,your first actual mode and its ready to,sweat out rabbit ears one short burst,hasnt been murdered the soul of your,thirst will begin to escape and folk to,watch the stealing at this point take a,second sip on the liquid death before,said to be kidding Lord that spotty,thoughts about together so that it can,crawl back inside you and eventually,blow it to a fully formed thirst,once again,I dig it liquid death is so metal its,in a can like like its a like its in,the can its rattle,all right so,as I have water all over my fathers,final verdict liquid death ten out of,ten would drink again so sign your soul,weights today or not Im gonna call

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Liquid Death Mountain Water® Review! ⛰️???? | Better Than Bottled Water? | ALL HYPE? | theendorsement

whoo all right uh were reviewing water,today,thanks for joining me,Im a little behind on all the hype uh,that liquid Death Mountain Water uh has,bestowed on the internet but Im going,to review it here from you uh from you,Im going to review it here for you Im,also going to compare it to an ice cold,Zephyr Hills water out of a plastic,bottle compared to the can so uh this,might be a little bonus video might be,seeing this at like 10 oclock P.M I,dont know what Im doing yet uh but Im,reviewing water,so thats fun,to the intro,what is up everyone it is,the endorsement and it is time for,another review this is where I try,something and tell you if you should,like it or not I could be very,persuasive new had alert any guesses,before you Google it any guesses all,right so here we go liquid Death,Mountain Water drinking water from the,Alps,so this is a water comes in a can they,have a couple versions that are flavored,Berry lime maybe mango uh then they have,a uh Seltzer version of this where its,bubbly,this is just regular uh drinking water,murder your thirst this thing went viral,some time ago they have a viral ad,campaign as well doing things,differently over there at liquid depth,and Im okay with it uh I like the top,two got the gold top right there just a,fresh cool looking can got the uh skull,right there and uh here you go Old,Faithful 16.9,ounce uh bottle of Zephyr Hills Water,uh that were going to compare so all,right wish me luck uh in a can its,already ice cold uh to the touch I feel,like I want to shake it up give it a,little shake shake but its water so,were not going to shake it up lets,just pop the top,that was louder than usual all right Im,not gonna smell it,because its water uh so here we go,were reviewing liquid depth Mountain,Water drinking water from the Alps uh,Im excited lets go lets see if its,going to defeat a regular bottled water,or tap water or river water whatever,water youre drinking out there I dont,wanna know I dont want to know keep,that to yourself all right here we go,foreign,thats ice cold it is refreshing and,um its water,its water theres water,theres water in here again that I sh,did I show you in the can,theyre getting in with the name theyre,putting it out there saying liquid death,and interesting uh and I will say this,Ive seen liquid death in the hands of,many uh famous actors actresses uh,personalities uh Ive seen it in YouTube,videos uh it is popping up a lot it,seems that people are gravitating to it,uh more than uh bottled water now Im,seeing it pop up more it is expensive,like you get one cannabis I think its,like 249 for one can I waited for it to,go on sale I got a 12 pack for 12 a,dollar a can Im okay with that to give,it a little taste another zip,I mean its really good refreshing water,so let me go into the Zephyr Hills check,it out right there take your way to the,hills when was this established 1964.,all right got some spring action some,Springs and Zephyr Hills all right lets,take a sit,okay,I wanted something to jump out at me uh,but even before I uh started this quest,uh to review water uh I was already,reserved to the fact that it probably,wasnt going to be much different if any,and I will tell you its not much,different I did feel like the can was a,little bit more crisp a little bit more,cool,um I dont know if it was 100 feeling,colder to me uh but the flavor its,water you get where Im going with this,um so yeah just a little quick video I,know Im kind of late to the party like,I said liquid death has been out there,for a while uh making a name for itself,uh but it finally went on sale because,there was no way there was no way I know,you two baller but at the same time,there was no way I was going to pay,almost three dollars uh or 280 uh with,tax for a can of water so I got the 12,pack I got it for 12 bucks and uh cheers,I just reviewed some water,all right so uh there you go another,review in the books please like comment,share and subscribe also please do not,forget to check me out on Instagram and,Twitter that is social media getting the,word of my channel out to the masses in,closing have you drank uh liquid death,uh Mountain Water have you tried any of,the other flavors uh I did say uh they,have the berry I actually had the case,of the 12 pack of berry in the cart and,then Im like wait a minute why is it,red okay I got the flavor but for my,first uh taste test I wanted to just get,the regular water so uh there you go,thanks for joining me on this quest in,review of canned water I do really,appreciate the coldness and the fact,that its probably going to stay a lot,colder in the can instead of in this,bottle especially when I take these,bottles uh on my cardio they definitely,get a warm uh very quickly Im not going,to take an open can because you can put,the cover on this uh but there you go,Ive talked enough on this water review,like I said youre probably seeing this,at like 10 11 p.m so if youre still up,I hope you have a wonderful sleep and if,youre seeing this in the morning when,you wake up yes I watched a video at,like 10 oclock at night,there you go,[Music],[Music],foreign,[Music]

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Liquid Death! I Tried Premium Water Yall.

all right whats up yall thanks for,tuning in its your boy d weezy for,cheesy,now im a mama call me the way for real,and this is drinks,on me,[Music],today were gonna start off a little,light and i really mean,like no wine no cocktails,just water let me tell you why water,though,do you ever think about like where your,water comes from i know a lot of times i,do,especially when im in the store and im,buying really cheap water,you know im talking about like that 24,pack for like three dollars and some,change,and i started thinking like this really,couldnt be that good for me,especially for it to be this cheap for,it to be manufactured bottled and,shipped and still sell it for profit,at three bucks uh yeah probably not so,heres what i did,i decided that i was gonna go to whole,foods and i was gonna check out some new,waters or some new brands of water and i,came across,a few or a couple three four,that i wanted to try out and so here we,are,all of these are actually spring water,except this one here,um i have one that is a uh,that is a purified water or reverse,osmosis water,and im sure its probably gonna taste a,little bit differently so im gonna,grate these,on how well i like them um basically,just what they look like what they smell,like and what they taste like,alright so we have our first one um this,is box water,and it says boxed water is better,um oh thats pretty cool hello,so box water says their water is,sustainable were an alternative to,plastic bottles this box is made from,paper a truly renewable source,and it is pure our eight step water,purification process,provides a pure ph net neutral water,with,no additional additives,thoughtful we donate proceeds from each,box to planting trees and cleaning up,our oceans and beaches,hey thats a really great thing that,theyre doing i hope the water tastes,just as good as like their mission,statement is so anyway,um this is purified water and its,in a box kind of like the old milk,cartons when we like drink like,chocolate milk and stuff lets go im,public school baby so,anyway crack his bad boy open,im gonna just smell it straight from,the container see if i can like smell,the container or the water,its like a faint box meal kind of like,that milk carton kind of,meal,it aint too bad so im gonna pour some,in here,and im using this glass because i want,to be able to treat it just like you,know i do wine,thats what were working with see it,seems to be pretty clear so passes that,[Music],tastes all right yeah it tastes like,yeah doesnt taste like natural water,it tastes like it was purified so how,were gonna rate this,i would give it like a,three and a half on smell because i,could kind of like smell the box a,little bit,i will give it a three and a half,on taste its not bad but its not,really that good,um i wouldnt prefer it if i was really,thirsty,and um as far as what do we have left,my memory is terrible oh uh what i dont,smell,taste and oh when i looked at it ill,give it a four,on just like what i saw it was just,really clear and look really clean,so yeah im gonna put that back,next we have just water and this is the,spring water,um sustainably sourced water in a,plant-based,carton and it says i just did a good,thing,i didnt even know i did a good thing,but it says i just did a good thing this,carton is made almost entirely from,plants,which is which pulls co2 from the air,which is carbon dioxide,for those of you who arent paying,attention in science class,uh instead of adding more and because,the premium we pay for our spring water,goes directly into improving,local water infrastructure were,actually helping the small american city,we source from so where is this being,sourced from,one carton may not save the world but,its a start so thanks and nice move,wait up pump me up glen falls new york,is where this is sourced at and from the,glen falls,watershed so were going to crack this,bad boy,smell,i smell absolutely nothing get a five,off the top for that,look and see we see clear just a,couple of bubbles probably from how i,poured it,oh yeah definitely spring water spring,water has like a unique kind of quality,to it you can taste like,i guess the different minerals and stuff,is in it tastes has a little bit more,weight kind of like a meatiness to it so,this is what,just water here so i give that,a five smell alone theres,nothing i didnt smell anything um ill,give it a four,um just some tiny little bubbles in it,but probably because i had it poured it,maybe if i let it sit a while,i mean probably would have not had those,bubbles in it and then thirdly,um the taste was pretty good i give it a,four not the best water ive had,but definitely not the worst anywhere,close to it so ill give it a four,on the um taste as well,all right so were going to move on to,starkey spring water ive actually had,this before,and i like it so am i biased because i,do like it anyway,it says its two it comes from two miles,deep,uh a geothermal single source and its,naturally alkaline,9.2 ph thats pretty high i know ph,um high ph water is like the thing now,whatever so okay cool,alkaline water um so this starkey spring,is protected,its a protected single source water,with a naturally occurring,ph im not going to read all this it,takes forever lets just get to it,spring water itll make you spring,all right its in a glass bottle,so i know im not gonna smell anything,all righty take it were gonna pour it,all right pretty clear,nothing i dont say anything,[Music],thats some good water starkey,man i dont know what you put in this,water bruh but this,is good,giving that a five on taste giving a,five on what i saw,and im also giving it a five on smell,that is good,matter of fact let me go ahead and start,ranking these,this goes number one,[Music],this is following in number two behind,that,and right now this is in last place,all right finish that up this little,squeaky chair,i got to give me some wd-40 off cause,this thing is making all kinds of noise,all right and this is liquid death,mountain water boom,murder your thirst its probably the,only good time you can murder something,well i can think of another good thing,to murder but we gotta keep this kid,friendly,anyway so liquid death,pop this bad boy open,right all right smell,i dont smell anything i dont smell,like the can or anything lets see what,we got going,were gonna look at that has little,bubbles in it,hmm,thats pretty good yeah it is pretty,good this is from,uh the austrian alps and this is a,mountain water,and they say i guess its supposed to,serve it like stone cold,this is pretty good im gonna give it,a five for taste im gonna give it a,five for smell,but when i look at it it has some tiny,little bubbles in it so im gonna give,it a four on that one,so where does that put us,this is one this is,two im going to go three,and four yall,this is my pick starkey walk,so anyway think about what youre,drinking and getting your water from the,type of water that youre drinking,and you know spend a little bit more,money um,its not really that expensive but its,more expensive than what we,what most people are used to spending on,water but think about your health,think about longevity and think about,the carbon footprint,think about how far it has to travel,think about you know,is the container recyclable you know,and is it sustainable so in all of these,cases,yes on every one of these so good job to,all of the companies here,anyway check out some new water when you,get a chance all right,now


my people,this is liquid death im a huge fan of,liquid death ever since my buddy lucas,lucas star over there shout out to him,introduce me to liquid death one day he,sent me a picture of one of these cans,and he was like,this is my favorite water and it became,my favorite water theres just something,refreshing about liquid death now liquid,death if youre watching if you happen,to be watching i am not just trying to,suck it up,i genuinely love your product mountain,water from the alps i,i dont drink beer,really that much i just i think its,hilarious that it looks like a beer can,and youve got this whole,marketing online thats dont worry,grandma its just water im gonna go,ahead and just,prove to yall that i like it oh do you,see that steam hole in mullet,so today i have the two flavors that i,have been looking for i found them at,target target i dont know if theyre,selling the boxes of liquid death,anymore because i cant get them and i,saw just been ordering them off of,amazon but,they sell single cans of liquid death in,their coolers which is awesome target,shout out to target,i found these bad boys,in those same coolers and i literally,freaked out my wife probably just saw me,open it and was like i was like,i was so excited because i genuinely,love liquid death and ive been excited,to try these flavors theres a sense of,humor here this severed lime is that,severed severed lime and my personal,favorite name is bury it alive berry,berries like fruit,you get it do you get it so what im,curious about,is what the color is going to be hello,voice,you there which one should i try first,you guys let me know,oh yeah i forgot you gotta upload and,then you get comments,you you clicked on the video you clicked,so you i mean unless unless youre new,then you knew what you were getting into,but if you if you are new i appreciate,you being here i swear well get to the,review,i think im gonna try the severed lime,first i really love this can,lets find out with the glass,my eyes are sensitive to loud noises,lets find out if its clear im,guessing that theyre both clear so here,we go,so its got like a okay its clear i,thought it had like a milky color kind,of but um but no its just clear so i,wont even worry about,the glass im just gonna go straight for,the can,pull that back in later,severed lime liquid death shout show to,the company theyre great,here we go,huh i was wondering because they have,the liquid death,sparkling,the black can uh which stevo really,loves for some reason,that ones good its just its just this,but sparkling this has gone a long way,like liquid death has helped me to drink,more water it really has like thats why,i really love it its not the gimmick,its not any of that its that just,easiness of going to the fridge opening,a can and just enjoying delicious water,and i think it just comes from,i dont know water from the alps or just,the cold can aspect i havent been able,to quite figure out why i love it so,much it has a very different taste its,a little weird at first then you realize,like i dont know theres just something,really refreshing about the cold can,especially on a hot summer day like its,pretty much being right now,i was worried that these would be,sparkling when it seems like theyre not,im digging this lime it has because,liquid death has its own flavor it is,literally water it tastes like water but,but,good water,this,is actually,really tasty its got that refreshing,cold can-ness but its got the lime the,lime flavor is there but its slight,its actually its really well balanced,you get you know you get,you get the taste,of the water but you get this like very,even its not like too subtle but its,not too major at the same time,thats really good i honestly would buy,a bar if they sell these in boxes,eventually i dont know if they are or,not i wish i had like a fact checker on,board right now,this is really good like i like lime,flavored stuff uh its just its its,got the liquid death flavor the the,water the mountain water and it just,lime wow thats thats actually really,nice i would buy,a box of that without a doubt,now,the buried alive which im excited about,so that slime this is gonna be berry,flavor let me get a smell that reminds,me of something it reminds me of a i,would say like a flavor of v8 or,something this is still clear and this,is theres a severed lime in here but if,it doesnt change anything,yeah it didnt,theyd mess up the color its clear here,we go bury it alive i love the name of,this lets try it,oh wow,okay ill tell you right off the bat,that is not as good as the lime just,right away but it does have that berry,that little hint it reminds me of,something i think that smell is was was,telling me that,this flavor is going to be like,something that i have had before but i,cant quite pinpoint it i think with,that slight its just like liquid death,with that slight,kind of berry in the background more in,the background than the lime is for,severed lime i do like it but i think,its its lacking somewhere and i think,its just because its more in the,background or maybe it doesnt need to,be i dont know there is something that,this is like that i cannot think of let,me get a quick taste of regular liquid,death just in between this and just see,what thats like,my taste buds is like theres no flavor,wheres the flavor but thats cool i am,so happy that liquid death is,introducing you know they got the,sparkling and now theyve got flavors i,im digging it im digging where theyre,going with this just so you know and not,a sponsor whatsoever i would love to be,sponsored by liquid dead but they,say death to plastic thats kind of the,whole thing liquid death death to,plastic plastic bottles suck drink water,out of a can i dont know its its its,interesting though it their their whole,marketing is very interesting and,everything on their social media is just,hilarious they always post pictures of,people like crapping on them for being,like devil worshipers or whatever like,that and,look im a christian and i love liquid,death okay its its water bro like,everybody chill people just get worried,about the imagery and everything like,murder your thirst is like on the can i,dont know like people chill but the,winner but this definitely goes to lime,this one is delicious um its still like,i would,if i had to choose id still probably,just drink regular liquid but soil,rating ill rate the one that i like the,least first bury it alive i would say,thats like somewhere around a c i do,like it but i would say its like a 77,its like its almost kind of in a bit,close to a b but i knew i knew right,when i tasted it the first few tastes i,was like thats gonna be a c,like its gonna be a c it reminds me of,something that i cant pinpoint its got,that kind of that fake sort of berry,taste uh berries hard to do,in a drink anyway and then the severed,lime wish i had another can of this to,enjoy after but how good is it really,where do i want to put it how much do i,really like lime i kind of want to give,the severed lime like almost a very high,b but at the same time i have to rate it,based on what this is as for flavored,water sake a lot of flavored water out,there that is hit or miss liquid death i,think so far is,hitting the notch just right so as it,turns out i checked my review of liquid,death when i first tried it because i,tried it for the first time on camera,ill link that below this,got an 88 back then and i think i would,honestly rate the regular higher now,because ive enjoyed it so much since,then its totally like 180 it has like,really helped me to stay hydrated and,drink more water because its just im,all about convenience so i dont know,where regular wouldnt be at now but i,know for a fact like my brain,is like trying to put this at like a,high b or or even into a but i think as,being realistic as possible this one is,right now an 89,like its right there almost an a if,this is like somewhere maybe in the 90s,like or,its not a hundred but as for water

Why is Liquid Death SO Popular?

at the last super bowl major brands from,across the world spent millions on,advertising but a very small company,called liquid death had a very different,idea they put a 50 000 wager on the,underdog with the promise that they,would win that wager by throwing the,game,using black magic,they ended up losing that bet by the way,but the eccentric marketing choices of,this company whose mascot is a giant axe,wielding can head murderer is only made,stranger when you realize what they sell,which is water canned water,liquid death is making hydration cool,and sustainability punk by bringing,canned water to the masses with their,death to plastic hashtag yet as their,popularity grows we have to wonder how a,company making millions of dollars,selling water got to be so popular so,are they all theyre cracked up to be,[Music],it all started with a basically unknown,punk rocker by the name of mike cesario,who noticed that all the most memorable,and interesting marketing campaigns were,for junk food red bull bud lite doritos,and five gum,nothing that was healthy was promoted,with the same kind of enthusiasm the,most successful of these brands in the,beverage space have taken their,companies well beyond just selling,drinks for example on the warped tour,bands cannot be expected to be pounding,back energy drinks in hundred degree,weather so monster energy will give them,canned water that look like monster,energy drinks so that they dont die on,stage but these performances in front of,hundreds of thousands of potential,customers gave mike cesario an idea it,revealed that just like the red bull,athletes performing at the top of their,game,the brand signifies the excitement and,the lifestyle that people aspire to for,themselves not just a beverage red bull,athletes are the best in the world but,they dont drink the beverage but liquid,death water is different its actually,ionized to a ph balance better suited,for higher brain functionality and,physical well-being im just kidding im,just kidding its water it is literally,just water cesario himself admits that,the water is nothing special sure liquid,death comes from the austrian alps or,whatever which is a step above,mainstream brands like aquafina and,dasani which literally just take tap,water reverse osmosis the [ __ ] out of it,and then add in a bunch of extra,minerals to make it taste good but the,reality at the end of the day is its,just water which makes the rest of their,marketing that much better liquid death,isnt trying to sell you water but its,trying to sell you an idea mike said,himself that instead of asking,how do i convince people that my water,is the best he asks himself how do i,make people laugh liquid death got its,launch in 2018 when cesario released a,simple yet funny video to spark interest,for a possible new water brand that,would challenge the whole health and,water or for yoga moms stereotype for,years a bunch of marketing [ __ ] boys,have tricked you into thinking that,water is just some girly drink for yoga,moms,the ad is edgy and creative with some,seriously dark humor that is refreshing,in a world of mediocre advertising this,thing went viral and the rest is pretty,well murderous history do you see what i,did there even just talking about the,brand i started to use their,colloquialisms because its fun joking,about murder and death is funny,when its in such a clearly,non-murderous context and this is very,deliberate when coming up with marketing,ideas the liquid death team often,literally asks themselves what would be,the dumbest thing that we could do for,this which i think is fantastic the,company really doesnt do anything,normally like if you want to contact,them you have to summon them if you want,to subscribe to their product becoming,an auto death member you do it by,selling your soul and if you dont like,the whole death and demons motif their,in-house band will turn your hate mail,into vinyl look at these song titles,dumbest name ever for water,this crap is pure evil,fire your marketing guy say what you,will about this company but they know,how to take a joke the company is,defined by this devil may care attitude,and this playfulness is what people are,attracted to and liquid death gives them,all the ammunition they need to get,involved even further this is what is,known as,organic marketing and pretty much every,brand wants it liquid death is well,aware that it cant compete in the realm,of paid marketing with their competitors,who are pepsi and coca-cola so every,piece of marketing that they make has to,be interesting or entertaining so that,people organically spread it as just one,example in 2021 liquid death ran a,social media contest to see who could,open a can of liquid death in the,dumbest way possible brilliant so now,you have all these people competing to,make the most stupid viral video on the,internet and people watch it and then,think what is this liquid death thing,and so this water company grew into so,much more than just canned water,complete with an impressive line of,merch maybe they dont make as much,money as dasani and aquafina but you can,bet that you will never come across,anyone willingly purchasing a nestle,snare drum or a life-size cutout of,evians mascot what would an evian,mascot even look like but the,cornerstone of the brand comes down to,their packaging because as you may know,bottled water has a bit of a bad wrap,liquid death decided to use aluminum,cans exclusively instead of plastic,bottles on an aesthetic standpoint this,works perfectly with their whole rocker,vibe thing the cans are made to look,kind of like an energy drink or beer and,the marketing team seems to quite enjoy,playing with this common misconception,but maybe just as importantly this,choice enables the company to tap into,the growing eco anxiety surrounding the,use of plastic bottles a huge part of,the liquid death marketing hones in on,this idea that plastic bottles are,completely trashing our planet and ocean,ecosystems and that the grand solution,to this is aluminum cans they do some,pretty predictably weird things to this,end as a part of their loving homes for,plastic initiatives they give out free,shipping labels so that people can send,their unused plastic bottles to,coca-cola which i think is just,fantastic they also sell these frankly,disturbing plushies called cutie,palooties as a statement of how plastics,are killing ocean life and um theyre,graphic,and on the recycling side of things,liquid death does have a point there is,a pretty good argument that aluminum is,far superior as a material to plastic,only about three percent of the material,in american bottles comes from recycled,plastic versus 68 of the material in,aluminum cans which is a massive,increase aluminum is a lot more durable,than plastic and it can be recycled,indefinitely so more of it stays in use,within this circular economy plastic on,the other hand is a lot cheaper to,produce than it is to recycle which,means the businesses are simply not,financially incentivized to deal with,plastic waste so a lot of what you,diligently drop in those blue recycling,bins ends up going straight into the,landfill in fact in 2019 it was,estimated that 91 of the plastic we,create never gets recycled which sucks,so companies like liquid death come,along and try to paint aluminum as this,great savior of the oceans but with,their fixation on reducing plastic,theyre kind of ignoring everything else,see cans might be far more recyclable,than plastic but is that really all that,matters to put this into terms that,liquid death would understand making,primary aluminum is in almost every way,an environmental disaster aluminum,doesnt exist on its own in nature as,you might expect it has to be refined,from bauxite and the whole process is,sketchy bauxite mining can involve,deforestation soil degradation toxic,pollution and destruction of natural,habitats all of which negatively impacts,the health and well-being of the,ecosystems and the peopl

How Liquid Death made canned water SO METAL

– When I made this brand, I didnt set out to be like,,”Im going to create something,thats gonna be worth a billion dollars.”,I was more like, “I wanna create something,thats gonna make my friends laugh.”,Most people get the humor instantly.,We saw that all the unhealthy brands,in the world of marketing,,were doing all the coolest, funniest,,most irreverent marketing.,So we thought it would be interesting,to take the healthiest thing you can possibly drink,,which is water,,and one-up the marketing of all the unhealthy stuff.,- This is Mike Cessario,and he started Liquid Death as an experiment.,- I knew that I had to basically test the idea,to prove that it was viable.,- For less than $5,000,,he successfully launched the brand.,And within months became more popular,than billion-dollar water companies.,And he didnt even have a product yet.,- I think thats sort of when we knew,,yeah, that we tapped into something.,- You just started your dream business.,How much profit would you need,to pay your basic living expenses like rent and ramen?,This is a show on the economics of entrepreneurship,and founders turning their dreams into reality.,This is Ramen Profitable.,- Mike Cessario is an ex-creative director,for brands such as Netflix, Nestle, and Apple.,But for an ad man, hes got an unlikely opinion of the work.,- I just hate marketing. Like all of its so terrible.,I never totally fit like the corporate advertising world.,I always wanted to do really interesting, cool things,but most clients do not want to do interesting, cool things.,- So Mike decided to create his own product.,A sustainable canned water company called Liquid Death,that would be marketed on the same level,as unhealthy beverages.,- Part of the reason its called Liquid Death,is because were trying to bring death to plastic bottles,because most plastic isnt actually recyclable.,So we designed a can,,we shot a $1,500 funny video,and we made a Facebook page.,Put a couple thousand dollars in paid media,,just to kind of spark the fire.,Four months later, the videos got 3 million views.,The page has more followers than Aquafina.,We did better with social media with $3,000,than how much did they spend to get to where they got?,We had something that maybe was magic.,We used all of that to then actually go raise a small round,of funding to actually make the product.,- In January of 2019,,they sold their first can online,and almost immediately they were selling out on Amazon,and their website.,But Mike realized there was a problem.,- The internet is tough in terms of business model,because beverages are heavy,and heavy stuff is expensive to ship.,It ultimately needs to go to retail.,Like when someones thirsty,,theyre not gonna log on the internet,and wait five days to get that water.,Its like, no, you wanna be able to go,into a store and buy it.,- Selling water called Liquid Death to retailers,turned out to be pretty hard.,- The name always makes people nervous,,especially like retail buyers.,”Liquid Death, like, I dont know.”,Theyre just not used to anything thats not Coke or Pepsi.,- But one area they found success in was bars and clubs.,- There were bars that were like,,”Yeah, this is never gonna work.,Ive never sold a bottle of water in here. Weve tried.”,Cut to a month later, theyre like,,”Oh, I move through five cases a week of this.”,- Whole Foods is like the first major breakthrough,for Liquid Death.,Like thats what really propelled the brand.,- They saw Liquid Death and theyre like,,”We dont have anything else in our store like this.”,You know, the fact that its infinitely recyclable,and we give 10% of the profits to help clean up plastic,from the ocean.,Were getting into Target now, Publix, Albertsons, Safeway.,I mean the flood gates have sorta opened.,- And thats about it.,This is my friend, Mr. Duck. He guards the van when I leave.,He never lets up.,His eyes are actually always open too.,Its pretty impressive.,Hows everything going Jerry? You good?,- In beverage, velocity,is one of the most important metrics.,And thats basically – how quickly are people pulling it,off the shelf?,- Higher velocity means more stores,and more shelf space.,- It does get capital intensive in retail,which is why its really hard to beat the big guys,as a small upcoming brand.,But like in a category where the playing field is very level,in terms of the liquid, its all about brand at that point.,- Join us and Liquid Death,in our mission to bring death to plastic bottles.,- What we do, it seems like, “Oh, theyre just edgy.”,But its actually like, its a very fine line,that we walk, where five degrees this way,,its totally lame. Its not cool.,Its not funny.,Five degrees this way,,its too distasteful,,and people just wont react to it or laugh at it.,Our only chance at survival is to be able to punch way,above our weight when it comes to like an awareness,and marketing standpoint.,If we just get our cans in peoples hands,,and a couple people talk to them,,just because theyre walking around with it,,thats way easier to get them as a fan,versus blowing a million dollars on a TV commercial.,To come up with truly innovative ideas,,you basically have to trick your brain,to do something that it thinks is a bad idea.,Your brain is so programmed to do the things,its seen a million times before,that most of the ideas you come up with,,like its already been done a million times,,or its not actually innovative,because it makes too much sense.,Almost always, some of the best ideas,come from unexpected places.,- Liquid Death,is now the most popular water brand on social media,and its cans are now carried in 16,000 locations,throughout the U.S.,And for Mike, entrepreneurship,was giving him the creative autonomy,he had always dreamed of.,- The thing that Ive always wanted to do,is just put my money where my mouth is.,In those boardrooms,where I had to try to convince big companies,to do the cool thing that theyre like,,”No, were not gonna do that.”,Now its all on me.,Like theres no one stopping us,from doing world-changing marketing.,Like we can do whatever we want.,Its up to us.,- I mean, I have people like when Im driving,ask me to roll down my window.,”Do you have any shirts?”,I mean, ideally I would like to, you know,throw one through their window, but thats not good.,I cant be doing that.

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