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How to Write a Literature Review: 3 Minute Step-by-step Guide | Scribbr ????

Writing the literature review might be easier than you think.,Its only a critical recap of what has already been researched on a topic, so no need to,panic.,In this video, youll learn how to write a literature review in 5 simple steps.,Hi, Im Jessica from Scribbr, here to help you achieve your academic goals.,We also zoom in on all of the steps outlined in this video in separate videos,check out the playlist here.,Lets get ready to start writing!,Step 1, search for relevant literature on your topic,In this context, literature just means any academic sources like books or journal articles,about your topic.,First, you need to search in the right scholarly databases, so something like google scholar,,JSTOR, science direct.,Search your keywords with boolean operators like these to help you filter and refine the,search results.,Check out this video to find out how to use them.,Step 2, evaluate and select sources,Unless your topic is super niche, you probably can’t read EVERYTHING that’s been written,on the topic.,Once youve got the sources from step 1, read the abstract to scan whether an article is,relevant or not.,Also scan the bibliography to find other relevant sources!,You should also pay attention to the citation count on Google Scholar.,If the count is high, the source is probably important and you should include it.,Step 3, identify themes, debates, and gaps,As you read, take notes and pay attention to the connections between different sources.,This way, you can organize your literature reviews arguments and structure a lot easier.,Here ar e some things to look for: Trends and patterns in theory, method or results.,Themes Debates or contradictions,Influential studies And gaps,Step 4, outline your literature review’s structure,You can go about your literature reviews structure in a few ways.,It all depends on what you found in the literature and what you want to emphasize.,Here are 4 common approaches to structure the literature review.,Chronological, that means from older to more recent publications.,Thematic, so organized around several key themes.,For methodological, you can compare the different research methods being used across studies.,And use theoretical to discuss opposing theories or models.,More details in this video, check it out.,And finally, get writing!,Make sure your literature review has an introduction, a main body that summarizes and synthesizes,the sources, and a conclusion, just like other academic texts.,Now lets get your literature review started!,To learn more about literature review, click this playlist!,Ill see you there.

Literature Review with Practical Example

assalamualaikum my name is tsubame near,I will demonstrate you an example of,writing a literature review suppose I,want to do research on entrepreneurial,personalities as you can see topic,include two variables one is,entrepreneur and other is personality,first I need to know what other,researchers say about it by looking,other researchers work I will be able to,define and connect my ideas and,eventually find the gap or problem in,existing literature gap can be a,critique on existing literature or,unexplored or partially explored area,whereas problem is about solving,discrepancies or issues at hand I am,going to divide my write-up of,literature review into three parts first,is definition and background second what,other studies say about the relationship,of these variables which eventually,helps me to connect my ideas third is to,find gap in existing literature if any,lets write a literature review we will,start with definitions of variables and,their background the dictionary meaning,of entrepreneur is to undertake,something then I came across an article,after reading it I came to know that,entrepreneurial origins from the work of,contagion so let me write the findings,in my own words I need to give reference,of this article so I am going to cite it,with EndNote,I hope you already have learned how to,cite the end node in our other demo so I,am going to cite this article first go,to EndNote menu click insert citation,find citation and you can search with,the name of the author or the name of,the article we will search with the name,of article here is the article in this,way we will cite through n node now Im,going to narrow down its definition,according to the business domain,so lets clear it whereas Jim Peter was,the first person who identified,entrepreneurs as an entity worth of,study and distinguished it from business,owners and managers and he defined,entrepreneur as a person who carries out,new combinations of means of production,as you can see first I have given the,definition then I have given the origin,of the term later on I connect it with a,domain of business in the same manner,lets write it above the second variable,personality as you can see first I have,given definition and perspectives of,different authors and then I have,discussed about the different models of,personality now I am going to link,personality characteristics with,entrepreneurship lets see how I have,developed the link as you can see I have,link personality with entrepreneurial,intentions new business survival and,role motivation theories now I am going,to find the gap if any in the literature,lets see how I do it as you can read,the paragraph different researchers have,studied personality and entrepreneurship,with different variables but none of,them has discussed the impact of region,and cost on the personalities and,entrepreneurship and that may become the,gap in literature or the research,problem since we are doing the citation,with EndNote so EndNote has already,inserted all the references in it always,give literature review with proper,referencing I hope you have learned how,to do a literature review this,literature review is very short as this,is a sample your original literature,review will be on multiple pages as you,have to go through lot of articles thank,you

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How to Write a Literature Review in 30 Minutes or Less

[Music],hi everyone and welcome one thing that I,promise you today is that this,presentation is going to last less than,30 minutes but I also promise you that,if youve already done good research,youve read all of your sources that you,need to on this topic you have extracted,information from them and otherwise,summarized the sources and written them,up and your summaries are and those,source citations are now in a nice,alphabetical list if youve done that,what is called annotated bibliography,and youre ready to start on this,literature review I guarantee you and if,you follow these steps Im about to give,you you can write the rough draft of,this literature review in 30 minutes or,less but first a couple of questions,question number one what the heck is a,literature review or what the bleep is a,literature review the second question,why the bleep should I care what a,literature review is you know it seems,like weve got these stodgy professors,out there who kind of revel in the fact,that they like to give these academic,sounding assignments that really had no,validity in the real world and the,literature review things would be one of,those examples but you know what nothing,could be further from the truth and let,me show you why lets say that you just,graduated with a BS degree in human,resources management congratulations on,that GPA by the way three point eight,three and also congratulations on having,landed your first job as an,administrative manager at caliber,systems a firm with over 1,800 employees,youve definitely got room for,advancement there so everythings,looking great right now one day your,supervisor comes back from a meeting in,the C suite and has a little assignment,for you heres the assignment should,caliber systems institute a cultural,diversity training program,and if so what should that program,consist of your report which is doing,the form of a presentation in two weeks,is going to determine the future of your,job and your career at caliper systems,okay hotshot whats your next move your,next move is to go find some answers to,some very real questions those questions,being what is cultural diversity,training is it something thats gaining,acceptance in this human resources world,or is is considered a waste of money,another question one of the various,types of cultural diversity training,offered today especially in companies of,my size caliber systems and in my sector,IT consultancy third question what has,been the impacts both positive and,negative of cultural diversity training,on companies in other words before you,make a recommendation youve got to have,answers to those questions guess what I,got some good news for you the experts,have already answered all those,questions before you there are people,who get paid to answer questions like,those and publish their results all you,need to do is go find those answers the,answers that you find in the published,results are called the literature and,whenever you go and look for them thats,called a review or looking for them,oMG a literature review youve got the,right one for your job as a human,resources manager and an IT company,thats right,and more good news you can do that,literature review and five easy steps so,heres the take away a literature review,is not something that stodgy professors,assign just because they like to torture,you,literature reviews whatever you want to,call them are important ways to gather,background information before you make a,decision before you write up your report,now lets take a look at those five easy,steps and once you know them and youve,seen them Illustrated I guarantee you,that youre going to be able to write,this literature review in 30 minutes or,less when you do background research you,record the source of the information to,allow others to validate what you say,along with the details of what you found,so after completing your research youll,have a list that look something like,this for the purposes of demonstration,were showing only the first three items,from a much longer list in step one,youre going to strip this list into two,parts one the citations by themselves to,the paragraphs containing information,from the sources the list of citations,will look like this the list of,paragraphs will look like this save the,list of references and use it as the,last page of your literature review will,use the paragraphs as the body of your,literature review lets note three,important things about these summary,paragraphs first each paragraph at its,beginning contains an in-text citation,to its source because were using APA,style the in-text citation consists of,the authors last name plus the year,publication in parentheses the authors,last name is outside of the parentheses,because the name is being used as a noun,in the sentence second note that the,sentences in the paragraph find a way to,refer back to the source so that the,reader knows the information is from the,source and not your own box,some examples are the authors present,and the article then theres repetition,of the authors name in the second,paragraph for solely is repeated four,times finally notice that the year of,publication only has to be repeated once,per paragraph okay congratulations on,completing step one youve taken your,basic research and produced to list a,list of citations and a list of,paragraphs now your task in step two is,to reorder the paragraphs to do this,carefully reread them as you do find,similarities and differences that will,allow you to reorganize the paragraphs,in a logical order based on the,connections you find among them during,this step keep in mind there will be no,one universally correct sequence the,best sequence is the one that you find,and apply effectively for example in our,first paragraph the annotation says the,authors studied storytelling as a way,to increase communication in a,culturally diverse workplace so this,source is presenting a strategy or a,solution for a problem lets label that,solution next is a 1996 article by fine,that calls cultural diversity in the,u.s. workplace quote perhaps the most,pressing challenge of our times,obviously well label this paragraph a,description of the problem next for,solely describes interviews with a West,African man that were hindered because,the two men had different attitudes,toward technology and communication for,solely underscores the need for,flexibility and understanding and,accepting how someone can be culturally,different so lets label this one,problem plus need for understanding,so a clear pattern is starting to emerge,sources that were finding on this topic,describe is the problem or solutions to,the problem thus to complete step 2 we,will rearrange the summaries according,to this problem solution pattern that,were seeing here are seven of the,summaries rearranged now a real that,review would have far more sources in,order to be thorough but in any case,weve imposed a clear organizational,pattern on our summaries our next step,step 3 you decide which summaries should,stand alone as a body paragraph and,which could be combined your decision,will be based on two factors factor one,how closely related the summaries are,the closer their relationship the more,reason you have to combine them factor,two is theyre linked try to limit your,body paragraphs to 10 to 14 lines the,fine article can stand alone as a body,paragraph because it offers an overview,of the problem that dates back to the,previous century the next three sources,each studied a different group of,culturally diverse workers and concluded,the same thing but the three summaries,together are too long for a single,paragraph so the first two can be,grouped on the basis of geography a man,in West Africa and non-native workers in,Australia thus presenting a worldwide,problem The Sweeney in Zoo study brings,us back to the US and is long enough and,important enough to merit its own,paragraph all three studies now combined,into two paragraphs are tied toget

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How To Write A Literature Review In 3 Simple Steps (FREE Template With Examples)

مرحبًا يا رفاق ، مرحبًا بكم في حلقة أخرى من برنامج Grad Coach TV حيث نزيل الغموض عن,عالم البرج العاجي في الأوساط الأكاديمية ونوضح لك كيفية العمل بذكاء وكسب العلامات,الكبيرة . اسمي ديريك وفي هذا الفيديو سننظر في كيفية كتابة,مراجعة الأدبيات – والأهم من ذلك كيفية القيام بذلك في ثلاث,خطوات بسيطة ومباشرة. الآن يعتمد هذا الفيديو على,أطروحتنا المجانية 101 كتاب إلكتروني ، والتي يمكنك تنزيلها من موقع,Grad Coach . سأضع رابط ذلك أسفل هذا الفيديو. لذلك دون أي تأخير ، دعنا,ندخلها مباشرة. الآن ، قبل أن ننتقل إلى كيفية كتابة مراجعة الأدبيات ،,من المهم حقًا التراجع والسؤال عن الوظيفة ، وما سبب,مراجعة الأدبيات. إذا فهمنا السبب ، فإن الكيفية تصبح,أبسط بكثير ، وما يصبح أكثر بساطة. لذلك دعونا نتحدث عن بعض,أهم وظائف مراجعة الأدبيات. لذا فإن الخطوة الأولى ، أو الوظيفة,الأولى في مراجعة الأدبيات ، هي أن تثبت أن لديك فهمًا,قويًا للأدبيات ، وأن تقوم بالبحث عن حالة البحث حول,أسئلة البحث الخاصة بك. لذلك سيكون بحثك حول موضوع معين,ونقطة البداية لمناقشتك هناك هي إظهار أنه مهما كان,سؤالك البحثي ، ومهما كان الهدف من بحثك ، فأنت بحاجة إلى,إثبات أنك تعرف ما تم إنجازه بالفعل . تدور الكتابة الأكاديمية,حول الوقوف على أكتاف العمالقة ، ولذا عليك أن تُظهر من هم,العمالقة ، ومن هم الأشخاص الذين أجروا هذا البحث من قبل ، وماذا,قالوا ، وما هي حالة الجدل. إذن فهذه الوظيفة رقم واحد,ويمكن القول إنها الوظيفة الأكثر أهمية. لنلق نظرة على الدالة,رقم اثنين. الوظيفة الثانية ، السبب الثاني لمراجعة الأدبيات ، هي بالنسبة,لك ، من هذا الأساس للأدب لإظهار أن هناك فجوة. لإثبات أن,هناك حاجة لبحثك المحدد. لذلك إذا كنت تقوم بعمل الماجستير ،,فأنت تقوم بأبحاث الدكتوراه بغض النظر عن المستوى الذي أنت فيه ، فهناك بعض,متطلبات الأصالة. بشكل عام ، لا تريدك الجامعات أن تبحث عن,شيء تم إجراؤه مليون مرة ، لأن الغرض من ذلك. إذن ،,ما تقوم به مراجعة الأدبيات هو أن تذهب وتؤدي العمل,وتكتشف أين توجد الفجوات في الأدبيات ، وأين توجد فجوات في,البحث ، وكيف يمكنني اتخاذ زاوية فريدة وشيء لم يتم إنجازه,من قبل ، آمل ألا يتم ذلك حتى الموت ، ولكن كيف يمكنني اتخاذ زاوية فريدة,من حيث السياق أو من حيث بلد معين أو بيئة معينة,وما إلى ذلك. لذا فإن الوظيفة 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جيدًا واختبارها جيدًا ، وهل قاموا بنشر,الاستبيانات وما إلى ذلك ، لذا تمنحك مراجعة الأدبيات,فرصة للتعمق في ما تم إنجازه بالفعل و للبناء على ذلك.,في كثير من الأحيان إذا كنت تجري استطلاعات الرأي ، يمكنك أن تجد من خلال مراجعة الأدبيات الخاصة بك,مجموعات أسئلة جيدة ، ويمكنك العثور,على مجموعة جيدة من المقاييس التي تحتوي على ألفا كرونباخ اللائق وما إلى ذلك. إذا لم يكن,لهذه اللغة أي معنى ، فلا تشدد على أننا سنصل إليها في فيديو آخر.,النقطة المهمة هي أن إحدى الوظائف المهمة جدًا لمراجعة الأدبيات هي,أن تحصل على بعض الإلهام ، والحصول على بعض الأفكار وربما حتى بعض,الأدوات العملية المفيدة والوجبات السريعة لإثراء منهجيتك. هذه هي,الوظائف الأربع الهامة لمراجعة الأدبيات وأول وظيفتين هما حقًا ما,تحتاج إلى تذكره. بعبارة أخرى ، أظهر أنك تفهم ما,تتحدث عنه ، وأظهر أنك لا تأتي فقط وتحاول إعادة اختراع,العجلة ، أظهر أنك قد قرأت الأدبيات ذات الصلة بمشكلتك,المحددة ، ثم أظهر بالطبع أن الزاوية التي ستأخذها هي في,الواقع أصلية ، وهي فريدة إلى حد ما ومبررة بطريقة ما من حيث الخروج,وإجراء البحث. لذلك دعونا لا نعزف على هذا بعد الآن. دعنا ننتقل إلى,الخطوات الثلاث لكيفية كتابة مراجعة الأدبيات الخاصة بك. حسنًا ، لنبدأ بالخطوة,الأولى حول كيفية كتابة مراجعة الأدبيات الخاصة بك. الخطوة الأولى ليست مفاجأة حقًا.,الخطوة الأولى هي الخروج والعثور على البحث ذي الصلة. قد يبدو هذا واضحًا جدًا,ولكنك ستندهش من طريقة تعامل بعض الأشخاص مع هذا الأمر. لذا فإن الخطوة الأولى هي الخروج,والقيام بالحفر. اخرج وابحث عن البحث. الآن إذا كنت قد فعلت بالفعل,اقتراحكم والتي تم قبولها ثم هناك احتمالات كنت قد حصلت على,نوع من الأساس الأدب الأساسية بالفعل، ولكن مع ذلك حتى,ولو تم قبول الاقتراح الخاص بك، وجامعتك والمشرف,يتوقع أن تذهب على وإجراء المزيد من المراجعة ، ومراجعة أعمق لما هو,الأدبيات ذات الصلة . لذلك في هذا القسم ، سوف نتحدث عن أربعة,تكتيكات مفيدة جدًا للخروج والعثور على الأدبيات ذات الصلة. قد يستغرق,هذا الجزء من العملية الكثير من الوقت حقًا. إذا لم يكن لديك النهج الصحيح للخروج,والصيد ، فيمكنك إضاعة الكثير من الوقت في طريق مسدود,ولا أحد يريد فعل ذلك حقًا. هذا مشروع كبير وتريد الاطلاع,على الأدبيات بأسرع ما يمكن. حسنًا ، سأتحدث عن أربع,تقنيات / أربع طرق للعثور على الأدبيات والعثور على الأبحاث ذات الصلة الموجودة,هناك. لذا دعونا نلقي نظرة على ذلك.,الطريقة الأولى في العثور على الأدبيات هي ما نسميه تنقية الباحث العلمي من,Google ولا يوجد شيء في الحقيقة لهذا الأمر. ربما تكون بالفعل على,دراية ببرنامج الباحث العلمي من Google. إذا لم تكن كذلك ، يمكنك التحقق من ذلك على موقع,scholar.google.com. الباحث العلمي من Google هو مجرد محرك بحث عن المواد الأكاديمية,، يشبه إلى حد كبير محرك بحث Google لبقية الإنترنت. لذا فإن,الباحث العلمي من Google هو حقًا محرك بحث قوي يستخدم,تقنية Google وبالتالي من حيث العثور على مواد ذات صلة فائقة,بكلمات رئيسية مهما كان الموضوع المحوري الذي تبحث عنه ، لا يمكنك,التغلب على الباحث في Google. الباحث العلمي من Google رائع حقًا للحصول على تلك,الفكرة الأولية لما هو الأدب الموجود هناك. ما يجعل الباحث العلمي من Google,رائعًا حقًا هو أنه يعرض بيانات الاقتباس. بمعنى آخر ، كم مرة,تم الاستشهاد بمقالة معينة في المجلة. لذلك يمنحك هذا,فكرة جيدة عن سلطة ومصداقية أي مقال معين. إذا كانت,هناك متطلبات محددة من جامعتك فيما يتعلق,بمصداقية المحتوى الذي تستشهد به ، فعليك بالتأكيد,أن تولي اهتمامًا جيدًا لعدد المرات التي تم الاستشهاد فيها بكل من هذه المقالات,. لذا ، فإن الخطوة الأولى هي الدخول إلى الباحث العلمي من Google والبحث فقط عن أي,كلمة رئيسية ذات صلة محتملة وقم بالتنقيب في جميع المقالات الموجودة,هناك. من الطرق الجيدة لمعرفة ما هو ملائم هو فتح,المقالات التي تبدو ذات صلة من حيث عنوانها وإلقاء نظرة على,الملخص. الحصول على قراءة سريعة لذلك سيعطيك,فكرة جيدة عما إذا كان هذا هو الشيء الذي يناسبك أم لا ، أو يتناسب مع,أهداف وغايات بحثك. ما ستجده عند استخدام الباحث العلمي من,Google هو أن الوصول إلى بعض المقالات مجاني تمامًا – تنقر,على الرابط وتفتح يا سمسم – هناك. يمكن الوصول إليه.,لكن الكثير منها ستجده خلف نوع من جدار الدفع ، لذلك ستصطدم,بهذا الجدار كثيرًا – قد تكون محظوظًا وقد تجد أن,كل ما تحتاجه مجاني ويمكن الوصول إليه بشكل مفتوح ، لكنك من المحتمل أن,تواجه الكثير من الطرق المسدودة من حيث الوصول إلى المجلات حيث يتعين عليك,الدفع ، وعليك تسجيل الدخول وما إلى ذلك. لا تقلق بشأن ذلك في هذه المرحلة. ما,تريد القيام به هو أنك تريد فقط إزالة عناوين كل هذه المقالات. إذا كان,بإمكانك تنزيل أي شيء مجانًا ، فابحث عنه وقم بتنزيله ، ولكن ما,ستفعله هو إزالة هذه العناوين. قم بإزالتها تمامًا كما تراها,، بما في ذلك تاريخ اسم المؤلف وما إلى ذلك ، ثم انتقل إلى الطريقة,الثانية ، وهي قاعدة بيانات جامعتك أو مكتبة جامعتك.,ستمنحك كل جامعة عمومًا إمكانية الوصول إلى مجموعة المحتوى المرخصة الخاصة بها,، وعادةً ما يكون هذا واسعًا جدًا ، لذلك غالبًا ما ستجده هو أنك,ستجد الكثير من المحتوى على طريقة الباحث العلمي من Google رقم واحد وأنت,ستقوم بجلب ذلك إلى الطريقة الثانية ، ستذهب ونسخ / لصق هذا,العنوان تمامًا كما وجدته في الباحث العلمي من Google. تذهب وتقوم بنسخ ذلك ولصقه في,محرك البحث الخاص بجامعاتك ، وبعد ذلك ستجد في أغلب الأحيان أنك ستتمكن,من الوصول إليه هناك. إذا لم تستطع ، فقد ترغب في إرسال بريد إلكتروني إلى,مؤسستك واسألهم فقط عما إذا كان هناك أي طريقة يمكننا من خلالها,الوصول إلى هذه المقالة. المهم حقًا عند استخدام الطريقة الثانية ،,بمعنى آخر قاعدة بيانات جامعاتك ، هو نسخ عنوان المقالة,ولصقه تمامًا كما تراه. السبب في قولي هذا ه

LITERATURE REVIEW: Step by step guide for writing an effective literature review

hello there my name is chelsea seaburn,welcome to the smart student,im so excited for todays video because,its been a topic thats been requested,time and time again,and that is how to write a literature,review now,first things first please know that this,video is time stamped im saying this,because this is going to be a longer,tutorial so if you dont want to sit,through the entire thing,thats fine but please use those to,navigate the video but for everyone else,i hope youre comfortable because were,going to have some fun am i right,[Music],so what is a literature review well a,literature review is a preferred method,a torture used from professors all over,the world,just kidding as torturous as writing a,literature review may seem,i think theyre just highly,misunderstood so a literature review,is a review of literature obviously,what that means is that its a review of,research thats already been done,about a specific topic in other words,youre simply reviewing,work done by other people so that you,can gain,a clear picture of the current knowledge,on that subject think of it like an,audit or an inspection great so why does,a literature review matter,well if youve been assigned to write,one you probably want to do a good job,but,on a deeper level a literature review is,going to significantly,increase your knowledge on your given,subject so to be clear,a literature review is not the place,where you introduce your own original,thoughts and ideas,it simply sets the stage so you can do,that later on,and that right there is the fabulous,thing about a literature review because,whatever your research question is,chances are someone has already answered,that for you,so youre not reinventing the wheel,youre simply,so in other words youre not reinventing,the wheel,youre simply researching it so that,later on,you can look at it from a different,angle you can question it you can debate,it,you can add your own information to it,but with the literature review,youre not reinventing it youre simply,researching it,so for example before i made this video,before i make any video i spend some,time,researching the internet about my video,topic i do this so that i know what you,guys have most likely read,watched and researched yourself so that,way i know where to fill in the gaps and,give you the most useful content when i,do this im essentially doing,an informal literature review because,im looking to see where current,information stops,so that i know where to properly pick up,from there during that,initial researching phase im not adding,in any new information,im setting myself up to add in new,information,later when i make my script or film my,video i hope that gives you the basic,understanding of what a literature,review is and why,it matters now lets get into actually,creating one so first things first,you need to know if your literature,review is a standalone assignment,or a part of a larger assignment if its,a standalone assignment youre going to,follow the same structure,as if this were a standard writing,assignment in other words youre going,to follow the same formatting by,creating a title page,a reference page and then your paper is,going to be structured with an,introduction body paragraphs and a,conclusion,if its a part of a larger assignment,like a research paper,your literature review is usually going,to be located right after your,introduction,because its going to be that last piece,that sets up your reader for the rest of,your research,all right now lets talk steps so ive,broken the process of writing a,literature review,down into two halves that are broken,down into four,phases you have search organize,structure and write search and organize,pertain to the researching phase,structure and write pertain to the,actual creation of writing your,literature review,for this example im going to be,creating a standalone assignment because,thats going to cover the formatting for,both,types okay so starting in phase one with,step one which is to search,the first thing you need to do is,identify your topic,which shouldnt be too hard because if,youre assigned to write a literature,review you were probably given a general,topic,my pro tip for you is to take your topic,and think of it in terms of a question,in other words go ahead and formulate a,research question,if you dont already have one because,this is going to help you guide your,research its much easier,to go online and search for answers to a,question,rather than aimlessly search about a,given topic,if you need help with turning your topic,into a research question i suggest,checking out this video up here,but for this example my research,question is,what are the lasting mental health,effects women,experience when they diet for weight,loss,yay us we have our research question now,is the time to go search in other words,lets go find the literature lets go,search for the information,when you do this there are a few,different angles you can look at your,research you can look for,answers to your research question trends,or patterns,contradictions or debates common or,reoccurring themes,or gaps in the research but no matter,what or how you look for it the key is,to do smart research and im just going,to briefly go over this right now but my,best advice is when you find an article,the first thing you should do,is read either the abstract or the,introduction,because its gonna tell you if whats in,the article is gonna be useful for you,then if the answer is yes go ahead and,read the conclusion,because the conclusion and the,introduction together is gonna give you,the full scope of what,exactly is in that article then if you,need to read more,on something in that article you can use,either the table of contents or maybe,section headings,to go find that and read more on it,thats the key to smart research and,thats simply being strategic about it,if youd like to know a few safe,academic places to look you can start,with google scholar,theres ebsco medline econ lit,proquest and open access google scholar,is a great place to look so lets go,ahead and start there,the first thing i recommend doing is,copying and pasting your research,question,into the search feature this is going to,give you a good pool of,potentially relevant articles that you,can sift through first,one thing i recommend paying attention,to is a citation feature listed at the,bottom of each listing,so for example note how this one has,only been cited 349 times,while these three sources are in the,thousands close to two thousand,what they should tell you is that these,are strong articles,that would make for good sources for,your research from here,something else you can do is change some,of your keywords to refine your search,so,instead of saying mental health effects,i might come up here and say,psychological,impact instead and lets go ahead and,change that thats a hard word to spell,am i right,here we go and this is going to give me,some new articles to look through that,are still,relevant to my topic shifting through,academic,databases you can then do very targeted,searches through google,by using the boolean feature so lets,say i come up here,and i start with dieting for weight loss,this is going to give me a bunch of,articles,that are about that topic if i want to,turn this into a refined,boolean search im going to come up here,and use keywords,for this example lets use womens,mental health,and what this is going to do is its,going to pull up very,targeted search results so its going to,fall under the category of dieting for,weight loss,but then womens mental health will be,included in those targeted keywords,if i want to refine this even further,lets say i put dieting for weight loss,in,quotations because now its going to,keep this phrase,and this phrase in this order which is,going to refine my search,even more please note that a lot of the,academic sources,are protected by pay walls if you run,into one,that is what i suggest doing is taking,down the tit

LITERATURE REVIEW tutorial: Writing the literature review real example

hello there welcome back to the smart,student my name is chelsea siebern if,its the first time youre here im,happy you are here,and for everyone else of course im,happy you were here too but,just so you know what this video is,about were going to talk about how,to actually write literature reviews and,full disclosure,this is a two-part video series and this,is video number two,so if you havent checked out video,number one be sure to go do that because,video number one is all about,making sure you have the full,understanding of what,a literature review is in that video i,uncover,the common confusion that students seem,to have with literature reviews,and i set the record straight there and,now in this video were going to apply,our understanding to actually creating a,literature review,so that being said lets go ahead and,jump in,okay so first things first what is a,literature review,now mind you im not going to spend a,lot of time in this portion of the video,because i have,a full other video dedicated to this but,for refreshers sake what is a,literature review simply put a,literature review is,a synthesis of the current research,thats been done on a topic current and,previous,so any information any knowledge that,exists,on a topic a literature of you would go,out,and find that information aka literature,and then combine it together into a,synthesis to create a new piece of,literature,on the current state of knowledge on,that topic,and now real quick because i find,synthesis can be a foreign word to some,students synthesis is simply a,combination its a compilation so,youd be taking a bunch of little moving,parts and putting it together into one,new solid piece of literature and now,the reason,literature reviews are important is,because it gives you a summarized,birds eye view of a topic so,that you know where to position your,research later on its as simple as that,and so if youre watching this video,right now im going to assume,youre probably a student and if you are,a student,im also going to assume that a,literature review is not your first,academic writing assignment a literature,review is not your first rodeo,youve probably written loads of,academic writing pieces,previously and the reason i bring this,up is because,i like to put it into perspective that,the process of writing a literature,review is,very similar to academic writing however,the,end result varies just a little bit for,example,with traditional academic writing you,are demonstrating,your knowledge on a current topic with a,literature review,you are then demonstrating other,peoples knowledge on that topic,this is important that you understand,that as we get into the language,because if you watch that first video,the language is what i find confuses,students the most,both in formatting and writing because,in order for your literature review to,be,written correctly you need to use,referring language,where you are constantly referring back,to the sources that you found your,material,in but now that we have that little bit,of refresher out of the way,were going to jump into the actionable,parts for the remainder of this video,and just so you know what to expect what,i want to talk about is,how you can structure your literature,reviews how you can organize,your sources within your paper and then,were going to do a full-blown tutorial,on that referring language and i always,like to say right here from the start,something to keep in mind is that,these strategies im going to give you,this is not a one size fits all,so dont feel like you have to,pigeonhole yourself or box yourself into,one of these strategies because more,likely than not,youre going to apply a few of these,youre gonna mix and match,a lot of the things that im about to,give you right now but lets go ahead,and start with how you can organize your,sources because this will come first,because the process of organizing your,sources is something you should be doing,simultaneously as you research for the,literature review,okay so lets break this thing down like,i just said the first step in writing a,literature review is doing,your research and so when youre doing,your research it is,so important that simultaneously youre,evaluating,each source to determine why it matters,to you,where its going to fit into your,research so organizing,is an important part of the first half,of writing a literature review because,if you dont know,why each source matters to you later,when you go to write your paper,youre going to have a really hard time,combining,all your sources together in a logical,order that makes sense,flows and has a purpose mind you this,process usually takes the form of an,annotated bibliography,and if youre not writing a formal,annotated bibliography theres a good,chance youre writing an informal one,anyways because when youre researching,for a literature review,youre going through a lot of sources,youre reading through,a lot of articles and so theres a good,chance you are writing summaries on what,you find in each one,and my pro tip for you my best advice is,to take this a step further,and go ahead and write out the summary,of what each source contains,and then at the bottom include a,sentence or two,explaining exactly why it matters to,your research,so in other words literally put in there,what the purpose of each summary is,so you understand what i mean lets get,into five different options you could,choose to categorize your sources,by the way if you need help with an,annotated bibliography,check out this video right here you know,i got you covered but lets go ahead and,start with the first one,and this one is the most common most,classic common classic,way that you could choose to categorize,your sources and that is through a,problem solution formatting,so with this you have a topic and that,topic is rooted,in a problem it is centered around an,issue,so for example lets say your topic is,plastics polluting the ocean,theres your problem youre going to go,out there and research,a lot of different sources youre,reading through all of these articles,and youre writing out those summaries,so im going to pull up an example here,lets say these are three summaries for,three sources that i,found mind you yours is gonna have a lot,more but heres three for this example,the first one might be an article thats,demonstrating the problem it is setting,the background,providing my reader with context so im,literally going to include a sentence at,the end that says,this article demonstrates the problem,dot dot dot,and then go ahead and move to the second,one lets say this one is posing a,solution this article,suggests something that can be done to,fix this problem,again im going to write in there that,that article is a solution,and now lets say the last one is a,story about the problem its an example,of why,its a problem or evidence to that,problem,again im going to categorize it based,on that so you have problem solution,evidence when i go to write my,literature review its very,easy for me to determine the logical,order and where to plug in each source,mind you youre going to rearrange some,of your wording and some of your sources,might be combined,some you might take material out,obviously youre going to fix the,formatting on the language,which well get into later but thats an,example,now lets go ahead and move on to the,second way that you could categorize,your sources,and that is for or against so in other,words youre going to be categorizing,your sources based on what side they,stand on,so this is really good when youre,writing an argumentative literature,review,or youre talking about a debatable,topic right off the top of my head,any controversial topic you run into,this is a great structure to categorize,your sources,so lets change directions lets say,your new topic is about gun control,it would be very simple to categorize,your sources based on,sides that are for gun control and sites,that are against gun control and then,your paper,w

Example of a Literature Review

in this short presentation Im going to,tell you about a literature review that,I wrote for a journal article and Im,going to explain how it fits into the,article and some of its features so the,article is called discussions about the,technical communication profession,perspectives from the blogosphere and,this was an article where I analyzed the,content of blogs and tried to show how,they reflected practitioners concerns,relation to the themes of,professionalization as outlined in the,literature so my literature review was,concerned with professionalization and,that was the area that I wanted to,provide context and background,information on this article was,published in the technical communication,drawing outline I put a copy in solar so,that you can have a look at the,literature review in a little bit more,detail and you can see how it fits into,the overall article so the article,begins with an abstract followed by an,introduction and then you can see the,literature review on the second page you,remember from the lecture that we said,the purpose of a literature review is to,provide an overview of research that has,been done in a field to give the,research or a better understanding of,the field to demonstrate that,understanding and to decide what methods,they might use but it also does certain,things such as help the reader to,understand what the main themes are who,has written about the field what similar,stories have been conducted how theyve,been conducted and whether theres been,a research gap that has been identified,so my literature review here begins by,defining a key term which is profession,and then also giving the academic,definition of professions I then go on,to talk about a few main themes that,emerge and theyre especially relevant,to my story and those themes are,training and education followed by,status and value and also professional,institutions and finally professions in,the information age,you remember from the lecture that we,mentioned that there are certain,requirements of a literature review so,it must include references to related,stories here you can see references to,studies that are relevant to what Im,referring to some of them are to older,or classic texts for example Flexner is,a well-known thinker in the field of,professions and professionalization but,some of them are two newer texts such as,when Im referring to professions in the,aim of information age where I refer to,Luis Coe felld,and la Rosa and Bauer the writing style,in this literature review is formal and,academic and it uses a referencing,system thats similar to the system we,use in UL so we use the Harvard system,in ul and this is a name date system,similar to the system thats used for,this article where for the writer any,author is referred to the Year is given,and for direct quotes the page number is,also provided any idea that was not my,own had to be referenced in this,literature review and thats a really,important point for you that you make,sure to provide references if youre,unsure about whether to include a,reference include it just to be on the,safe side you also need to include,transition words to show connections,between ideas let me show you some,transition where its used in this,paragraph on professions in the,information age so it begins with an,opening topic sentence the next the,transfers transition where it is,although which indicates some opposition,more recently is the next transition so,it indicates some kind of development of,thought the even the worried these can,be a transition word because its,showing that youre linking this,sentence to previous kept concept,mentioned in the previous sentence so,you can see these kinds of words others,include however in addition to and so on,these show a development of ideas and,they make your writing more fluent,another key feature of the writing style,is that you signpost the your story and,you signpost each new section as it,comes along so youre directing the,reader towards the next section and,youre also telling them about why these,topics are relevant to your area of,study for example at the end of my,literature review I include a sentence,that says technical communicators given,a role as content producers should be,key operators in this nitocris a and,that moves into the methodology section,which comes next,finally all literature reviews must,include a list of references and this,list of references much must match,exactly the references that youve,included in the list review so every,reference that you mentioned is listed,and ulysses consistently according to,the Harvard system you list them in,alphabetical order,rather than in the order in which they,were mentioned in the text I will put,this article in solace so that you can,review it and examine how the literature,review fits into the overall article and,the features of it that are a provide,context for the reader and the provide,context for a story

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