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Little Caesars NEW Detroit Style Deep Dish Pizza Review

ladies and gentlemen this,is fresh,Friday Christmas fries,[Music],chicken has to be moist by choice,right there the juiciness on that,chicken that was a chicken on top of,that cheese fries,[Music],thats a rare,hey whats going on foodie fam whats,happening with you baby happy holidays,to everybody and all that good stuff I,just want to say I greatly appreciate,everybody staying towards the end of the,video for the motivation inspiration,chats man the feedback in the comment,section has been awe-inspiring its been,amazing I greatly appreciate the foodie,fam that actually reaches out to other,individuals going through trying times,right now during the holidays showing,love just letting them know that youre,here please keep doing that because,everybody needs it myself included no,doubt I mean but were about to go slide,a little seeds dont think I dont be,reading the comments baby yall like,damn how come you didnt go to little,Cs and beat up on that Detroit style,deep dish pep around it we dont do that,right now I said we gonna do that right,now sit back relax and comfortable you,know what happens next,[Music],ooh little Cs playing no games they hit,the official stunt button the official,Pizza sponsor of the NFL all right,little Cs now I know a little something,about the Chicago Pizza style,caramelized crust and all but uh Detroit,I even know yall had a cracking like,that family let me go ahead and bust,this thing wide open,Little Seeds Im telling you for the,dumb low this right here is 8.99 just,fine peep game yall peep game,8.99 on the Detroit style,little Cs deep dish pepperoni pizza,lets get right into it lets not even,sit here and play around with it this,joints still popping Im piping hot let,me go ahead and take the the Hat piece,off,um,oh,oh I love that gangster little Cs,cheesy pull cause that cheesy pull,always go dummy for the tummy why you,acting like that come here let me wrap,you up let me wrap you up like a newborn,fresh up in the hospital in that newborn,blanket white pink and blue,thats the universal newborn blanket for,newborn babies for everybody everywhere,it really dont matter,[Music],oh,[Music],bubble gum bubble gum in the dish how,many pieces do you wish,[Music],oh wow,you think,family,hmm,were not going to sit here and act,as if Little Caesars,doesnt pimp slap Pizza across the globe,something proper with the thickness,something about deep dish pizza just,sets it off properly because its a,thick sicilian-like bite I would never,give Little Caesars the official,Sicilian stamp of approval however I,will say when your pockets are light and,that moneys not acting right and you,want pizza tonight for under a ten,dollar Holly you can mess around with,Little Caesars Detroit style deep dish,pepperoni Pieces come here pepperoni,piece come here pepperoni piece these,drinks right here wild crunchy they got,a little bit of crisp to them not that,bootleg boo-boo the food pepperoni piece,that when you take a bite you dont get,no kind of seasoning on that thing I,think Bland you ever had Bland pepperoni,before that aint no pepperoni thats,jacaroni yacaroni,[Music],no,pepperoni gonna add a little extra,grease if you want to go lighter on the,grease you omit the pepperoni just go,with the cheese version but I will say,this,come here come back tomorrow I want to,get back to my little piece over here,because the crust buff is nice and,crispy buttered up with extra loving and,this is the official Little Caesar flow,of how we know their Pizza to be,crisp up pepperoni pieces,um oh thats called my the back of my,throat thats the spice all nice the,little caes serves up,um,um,this drink,has that bite there it takes you back,because the flavors are all right there,and nobody ever really says ooh I dont,like little seeds yes you do shut up,um,um,a little Cs over here fogging them on,my windows like Im in here making love,and I am I making love to a pizza,everybody running up a little seeds,today too they just open at 11 oclock,they had people already waiting,Im not hating just waiting,this pizzas so good Im already getting,the itis,the rich flavors got me falling asleep,Little Caesars for your 8.99 Detroit,style deep dish pepperoni pizza,the look of the film the flavor the,appeal the crispiness the love the auto,body that you got above him,did you look at that,you aint never seen a big fat black man,look like a lot of pizza before,sure,lets joined good to the last bite of,the first piece oh,foreign,[Music],let me close you up cool you off,take you home,because we got some business to do while,Im playing Call of Duty dont play with,me,um excuse me yall,its time to get into a little bit of,motivation inspiration well before I do,something,I gotta hit a little bit of this water,just trying to tell you you are right,there you are when I say youre right,there and this is the part where I just,talked to the people my viewers my my,fam out there,I want you to keep going because so many,of you are right at the the finish line,of your very next goal that may be a job,that may be getting out of the friend,zone that may be you just working on you,as a person youre right there at the,Finish Line I dont want you to quit,people always tend to give up right at,the very end,only because the journey has been so,long only because the pain has been,going on for so long only because its,been one denied application after the,next denied application after the next,deny job application and its been going,on for so long,that by the time they get to the end,they stop they give up,I cant do this anymore,Im Im broken at this piece I cant do,it anymore but what Im telling you is,get up get dont sit down dont dont,take a break do not rest keep going,because youre about to get over that,final hurdle,and Achieve success its going to happen,it is going to happen for you success is,around the bend,youve been going at whatever youre,going at for so long youve been beaten,down for so long youve been told no for,so long that that yes that that success,is right there it is talking to you but,youve blocked everything possible you,cant hear it you cant hear the,positivity coming in now you cant hear,the yes coming in,its knocking at that door at that final,door for you its knocking and the,person on the other side is about to let,you in but youve already turned around,and started walking back in the opposite,direction you gave up,you gave up at a time when you were,supposed to keep going,you hear what Im saying to you so dont,give up is what Im saying Dont Let Go,is what Im saying I need for you to,hold on to your greatness I need for you,to hold on to your self-esteem and,youre like damn my self-esteem is low,theres nothing that can uplift me at,this given point in time but what Im,telling you is we are behind you a,hundred and fifty percent,when you have nothing left to give we,are helping to push you forward so you,can get to where you need to be but I,dont need for you to turn around I,dont need for you to give up at this,moment in time I need for you to keep,going,I need for you to understand,that your day is about to arrive,everybodys day is different I will tell,you that right now,some people is today fathers its,tomorrow for others it might be next,week for others it might be next month,for some it might be next year,however you dont give up,you dont give up because we dont,receive things when we want them we,receive things when we are supposed to,get them when we are ready for them,you hear what Im saying to you were,not always ready we may think that were,ready to receive something,and then it crumbles right because we,werent fully prepared,to receive what is coming to us we,werent fully,ready for that,what Im saying is,you are going to receive what is coming,your way what you deserve you just dont,give up you do not let go you hold on,you keep going forward you do not look,back theres nothing back there,I promise you theres nothing back there,so many individuals are focused on the,re

Little Caesars NEW Old World Fanceroni Pizza Review!

مرحبًا بالجميع ، يتم تشغيل هذا على مراجعة طعام فارغة جيدًا ، مرحبًا أيها السادة,والجميع يشاهدون الترحيب بالجميع في هذا الإصدار الجديد من,سلسلة مراجعة The Running on Empty Food ، أنا مضيفك تقرير الأسبوع ، شكرًا للتحقق في,مراجعة البيتزا اليوم نعم بالفعل أه في حالتي على أي حال ، مراجعة البيتزا التي طال انتظارها أشعر,أنه عندما يتعلق الأمر بعالم الوجبات السريعة على الأقل ، فإن السلاسل الرئيسية للمؤسسات,ذات التردد العالي لم يكن هناك الكثير من الإصدارات الجديدة المتعلقة بالبيتزا مثل,في الآونة الأخيرة وسأقول لي شخصيًا أن مراجعات البيتزا هي المفضلة لدي الآن سواء كان هذا,العنصر جيدًا أم لا من الواضح أنه ليس لدينا أي نوع من الأفكار حتى الآن سنكتشف,تجربة عنصر من Little Caesars اليوم هذا هو بعنوان العالم القديم فانسروني بيتزا,، العالم القديم ، صحيح,، لقد حصلت على مائة شريحة ، حسنًا ، لقد كانت مزحة سيئة حقًا ، وهنا تكمن المشكلة الكبيرة في,أنك تمتلك هذه الأنواع المختلفة من الببروني وقد رأيت أسماء أخرى لهذا,لكن هناك هذا النوع من الببروني ، إنه دائري صغير جدًا وعادة ما,تتجعد حوافه وستصبح مقرمشة ويطلقون على هذا النوع من الببروني القديم وهذه البيتزا التي يقولون إنها,لا تحتوي على 10 وليس 15 وليس 50 100 شريحة من ببروني العالم القديم. إنه مغطى بالقشرة,مع بيبروني العالم القديم كثيرًا لأنك تعتقد ما تسميه البيتزا,التي تحتوي على ما قد تعتبره,بيتزا ببروني زائدة مع بيبروني إضافي على الإطلاق ، ليس عليك أن تسميها بيتزا فانسروني عالم قديم,بيتزا فانسروني متوفرة بسعر عشرة دولارات مرة أخرى من ليتل سيزرز ، لذا,فإن الجاذبية الكبيرة 100 شريحة من بيبروني العالم القديم تمتد حتى القشرة,وهذه هي نقطة البيع الكبيرة مرة أخرى مقابل عشرة دولارات ، إنها بيتزا مقذوفة يدويًا,أريد أن أذكرها على الرغم من ولا أعرف كيف سيعطيها الناس الأولوية ، لكنني أعتقد,أن هذه هي المعلومات التي تحتاج إلى معرفتها أن هذه بيتزا تحتوي على 3000 سعرة حرارية,، وهذا مجرد شيء يجب طرحه هناك. صندوق معياري إلى حد ما ، سأقول أنه على الرغم من أنه يمكنك رؤية,الشحوم يتنقع من خلال الجزء السفلي من الصندوق ودعنا نفتحه ونلقي نظرة على البيتزا,حتى تكون هناك وهذا ما أعنيه حول كيفية تجعيد الببروني عند الحواف و يصبح مقرمشًا,، لذا فأنا معه وبيتزا مليئة بالبيبروني الآن إذا كان لدى شخص ما الوقت بالفعل,ويريد حساب كل أنواع الفلفل ، فأنا أخشى ألا أفعل هذه المرة,ولكنني سأراهن على على الأقل يحتوي على الكثير من البيبروني عليه ، لذا فهو عبارة عن بيتزا مليئة بالبيبروني جدًا ،,قل هذا يبدو جيدًا على الرغم من أنه قد يكون قليلاً في الخارج ، ربما,دعنا نحصل على شريحة نحاول جميعًا الحصول على هذه الشريحة كيف تقطع انظر,الآن ، إنها في الواقع مقطوعة,بشكل مستقيم إلى الأمام وهذا أمر جيد ، وإليك نظرة عن قرب لها,مرة أخرى . فقط بيبيرونيس العالم القديم,لذلك كنت كن ماذا يوجد,به ، أعرف ما به ، نعلم جميعًا ما يوجد عليه ، نعلم جميعًا ما,يوجد به ، دعونا نجربه ، لنجربه ، لقد أوقفت,الكاميرا مؤقتًا فقط من أجل تعزيز الوقت لذلك أنا فقط أشق طريقي,عبر هذه الشريحة ، ها هو مقطع عرضي صغير عندما أصل إلى القشرة,مرة أخرى ملقيًا يدويًا بشكل جميل ويمكنك أن ترى أن هذا ما يبدو وكأنه هناك القشرة ،,لذلك سأقوم فقط بأخذ قضمة من القشرة ثم ندخل في المراجعة نفسها,شيء واحد أريد أن أذكره سريعًا قبل أن أنسى أنني أعلم أن الكثير من الأشخاص يشاهدون,مقاطع الفيديو هذه ، والبعض يشاهدونها فقط من أجل عنصر معين ربما قم بضبط الفيديو الأخير الذي قمت به بانتظام,كان لـ RBS وكان ذلك لشرائح السمك تلك التي,يؤسفني القيام بها ، أنا فعلاً أفعل تلك الأشياء الرهيبة,التي يتذوقونها جيدًا ، لقد كانوا متوسطين لكن بعض الأشخاص علقوا,وكانوا كذلك الآن بعد أن كان هناك خطأ ما في ذلك الملف الشخصي sh and uh,تعلمون أنني شعرت به لبضعة أيام ، لقد جعلني أشعر بالمرض ، لم يتم تنظيفه,بشكل صحيح أو شيء من هذا القبيل ولكن كان ذلك سمًا حرفيًا أعني أنه كان سمًا حرفيًا,وهذا ما تحصل عليه,أحيانًا من ناحية أخرى ، لا أحصل على أي نوع من المشاعر السامة من هذا هو,الشيء الجيد ، نعم Little Caesars التي أعرفها عندما يتعلق الأمر بكيفية أن تكون البيتزا في بعض الأحيان آه,Little Caesars التي تحظى باحترام كبير مثل مكان البيتزا الاقتصادي,الذي تذهب إليه هناك لشيء تعرف حقًا أنه يمكن أن يكون سعرات حرارية عالية حقًا,ولكن مقابل ما تحصل عليه مقابل ما تدفعه ، تحصل على بيتزا بحجم لائق,وكمية جيدة من الطعام مقابل السعر ، ولكنها في الأساس أحد هذه الأشياء يبدو الأمر كما لو,أنك تحصل على ما تدفعه مقابل ذلك في بعض الأحيان ، ويسعدني أن أقول إن الجزء الأكبر منه جيد,بالنسبة للجزء الأكبر ، حسنًا ، من الواضح أن نقطة البيع الرئيسية هي البيبروني الآن أولاً,، دعنا ننتقل إلى بقية البيتزا هذه بيتزا مقشرة باليد بها القليل,من الغواصات تعامل معها كما ترون في هذا المقطع العرضي ، فهي ليست بالضرورة,بيتزا رقيقة ومقرمشة ، ولكنها ليست بيتزا ذات طبق عميق ، لكنها تتمتع,ببعض الصلابة مرة أخرى قليلاً من الجوهر يمكن أن تكون قليلاً قابل للمضغ من لدغة إلى,أخرى ، لكن ليس بأي حال من الأحوال غامرًا على الإطلاق ، فهذا جيد تمامًا ، تحتوي القشرة على,القليل من الهشاشة ، ولكنها ليست ما يمكنني تحديده على أنه قشرة مقرمشة صلبة جدًا ، فهي,تحتوي على القليل فقط من الخبز عليه بحيث يحتاج أيضًا إلى التأكيد على أن الجبن,ناعم تمامًا قليلاً على الجانب الدهني ولكن أعتقد أن الكثير من ذلك يتعلق أيضًا بالبيبروني,والصلصة قوية كما هي دائمًا إضافة جيدة إلى البيتزا الآن هذا هو,الشيء الوحيد وقد ذكرت الصلصة أخيرًا لأنه سيتم ربطها بهذا التحليل هنا,بيبروني العالم القديم وهنا قطعة فضفاضة,يمكنني أن أريكم نوعًا ما يمكنك إلقاء نظرة فاحصة عليها هناك على ما يرام هذا ما,يبدو عليه مرة أخرى إنه نوع من المقعر يشبه ما تراه على الأخطبوط,وهو يتجعد عند الحواف ولديه القليل من الهشاشة ،,لقد استمتعت دائمًا ببيروني العالم القديم عندما فعلت بيتزا هت أسلوب ديترويت,البيتزا التي كانت تحتوي على هذا العالم القديم من الببروني كما أنني لست في بؤرة التركيز ، يمكنك,إلقاء اللوم على بيبروني العالم القديم على ما أعتقد وقد استمتعت به ، لقد أحببت أن,تقدم ما لاحظته هو بيبروني العالم القديم على الرغم من أنه ربما يكون كذلك أنا,فقط هي الطريقة التي أفترض أنها دائمًا ما تكون أكثر ملوحة قليلاً ، لاحظت أنه يبدو أنها,مجموعة متنوعة أكثر ملوحة من الببروني في بعض الأحيان يمكن أن تكون أكثر حارة قليلاً ، وستكون دائمًا تلك,الدرجة من الملوحة ولكن هذه يبدو فقط أكثر ملوحة من المتوسط ​​، فأنا أحب هذا الهش ، لكن,هذا الشيء الوحيد الذي أعتقد أن بعض الناس سيجدون أن هذه البيتزا هي شيء جيد في حد ذاته,، فأنا أحب بيبروني العالم القديم ، لكن نظرًا لأنني كنت أقضم هذا الأمر ، فقد أصبح بلا هوادة لدرجة,أنه يمكنني القول أن هذا طعمه جيد أنا أستمتع به لكنك تحصل على أنها دهنية ، إنها دهنية ، إنها مالحة,وتحصل على المزيد من ذلك والمزيد والمزيد من تلك اللدغة بعد اللدغة بعد اللقمة,وأعتقد أنه يمكنك القول من المقطع العرضي أن هذه ليست بيتزا ثقيلة جدًا على الصلصة,أعتقد أن حلًا لهذا لأنه كما قلت أثناء تناول هذا الطعام ، إنه أمر ممتع,، إنه جيد جدًا ، لكن المشكلة الوحيدة هي كما قلت أنه سيكون شيئًا جيدًا,جدًا ، لذا فإن الببروني يصبح مفرطًا بعد فترة وجيزة وأنا أعلم أنك حصلت على هذه العناصر من,قبل حيث تجلس حقًا هناك وأنت تأكل ، وتعتقد أن هذا صحيح إلى حد ما,، فأنت لديك أول قضمات قليلة ، يبدو الأمر كما لو كان هذا رائعًا ، ولكن بعد ذلك تحصل على الدراجة,التالية في اليوم التالي قضمة وتزداد صعوبة ، وهذا هو نوع من المواقف التي تجد نفسك فيها هنا,، هناك حل سهل على الرغم من أن الصلصة قوية جدًا ، إنها صلصة طماطم قوية جدًا,، وهذه البيتزا نفسها خفيفة قليلاً على الصلصة ، لذا فأنت لا تفعل ذلك حقًا أراه,يتم إلغاؤه ، هذا ما أريده أوصي وأعتقد أن هذا,من شأنه أن يحل هذا النوع من مشكلة آه الساحقة مع البيبروني وكل ذلك,عندما تحصل على هذه البيتزا ، فلن تحتاج حتى إلى جعلها ثقيلة على الصلصة إذا كنت تعرف ذلك ،,فربما لا تريد ذلك افعل ذلك ، لكنني سأحصل على هذا مع كوب من صلصة المارينارا,على الجانب الذي تناولته مع صلصة المارينارا قبل أن يكون تمامًا مثل ما تحصل عليه في,البيتزا الجريئة جدًا اللذيذة وأضمن لك الحصول عليها مع ذلك صلصة المارينارا لديك,الكوب هناك وتغمسها في الصلصة التي أعتقد أنها بيتزا جيدة جدًا للغطس,أه ستكون إضافة جيدة سترافقها بشكل جيد ولدي شعور بأن,هذه الصلصة ستنفي أيًا من هذا دهني أو ملوحة ساحقة من كل الببروني,ولكن بشكل عام أفضل الجلوس هنا وكما يقول نقدي أنه ربما يحتوي على الكثير من,شيء لا سيما البيبروني في هذه الحالة بدلاً من الجلوس هنا قائلاً آه أنك تدفع,10 دولارات وأنت تحصل على 10 فطائر فقط ces of pepperoni وبالكاد يوجد أي شيء يتعلق بهذا,وما إلى ذلك ، لأن هذه هي الطريقة التي تسير بها الكثير من الأشياء في هذه المرحلة ، حيث تحصل على كميات أقل وأقل,وأقل ، وتنخفض الجودة فقط في الأنابيب ، لذا فهي في الواقع لطيفة بمعنى ما بعد كل شيء,. لقد رأينا أن نكون قادرين على القول أنه ربما حصل بالفعل على قدر كبير جدًا من,الأشياء الجيدة ، ومقابل 10 دولارات تحصل على بيتزا مناسبة الحجم ، وسأقول إنك,تحصل على قيمة أموالك من حيث يمكن أن تكون الطبقة

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Barstool Pizza Review – Little Caesars (Princeton, WV)

[Music],all right frankie peter view time we are,in princeton new jersey,uh little caesars,pizza pizza pizza pizza,pizza pizza pizza pizza,all right frankie uh i didnt know,little caesars uh pizza pizza,was still in business but they are one,bite up in those rules,little caesars hot and ready pizza pizza,looks like uh dominoes one bite,everybody knows the rules i got cheesy,bread spider,dont go reaching for the pizza here,hold this pizza pizza that a boy spider,one bite everybody knows the rules ooh,super doughy,now i like all states i,beat the frank you see whats going on,here im having a real hard time,separating the slices,there we go now frankie i like all,states in the unit,a lot of people say i should be,president pizza pizza,heres the thing everybodys fat here,in this community and you know why,theyre all fat they have no choice,because theres nine gazillion fast food,theres 18 little caesars,19 wendys 42 kentucky fried chickens 18,chick-fil-as,theres nothing healthy no wonder youre,gonna be a fat pig what are you gonna do,you have no options frankie pizza pizza,one bite every nook,what happened to cheese with the cheese,go frankie,one bite everybody knows the rules,little caesars,my my fingers are being used as forks,i mean knives,everybodys fat one bite everyone knows,the rules pizza pizza,the sauce actually has a decent amount,of tang its super floppy,did i mention everyones fat they have,no choice frankie somebody open a,goddamn panera or something,give them some greens everywhere is fast,food,taco bell 82 you go down the street taco,bell wendys mcdonalds,[ __ ] dairy queen little caesars you,just walk you get fatter you put on the,lbs beat the pizza one bite everybody,knows,this cheese is like just sliding off,like a natural waterfall,wild and free thats what they say here,well give them some greens make them,wild free and skinny,i dont hate it its dominoes its every,fast food in the world place its like a,i dont know four eight its not great,its not horrible,youre gonna get fat everyones fat they,have no choice theres no greens,i want to make west virginia healthy,give me those cheesy breads,beat the pizza,this is like healthy,because theyre known for the cheesy,bread arent they pizza pizza,its good,i mean thats six two its just youre,gonna have to go take a dump youre,gonna have to feel bad about yourself,youre gonna put on a bunch of lbs just,give them a salad mix in a salad little,caesars,pizza pizza four eight fair review,good review i hope nobody heard it,because they are fat i want to help them,i want skin down,maybe its different areas but this area,conservatively,every 20 feet theres fast food theres,nothing else thats our view,pizza pizza,you

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Little Caesars Old World Fanceroni Pepperoni Pizza Review

hey guys real quick real quick before we,get into the little seasons old world,fantaroni pepperoni review oh my,goodness uh i have,mondays review already ready to go so,im gonna give you a little snippet clip,it put it like this put it like this,eight thousand likes eight thousand,eight,thousand likes ill drop it tomorrow,ill drop it on saturday,unless you wanna wait till monday but do,it like this eight thousand likes and in,the comments section yo dame run that,video son run that video son,lets watch the teaser theres aint no,reggie over here son there aint no,reggie over here you got that you got,that ue zazza i dont mean,all right and get stupid with it get,stupid get stupid with it get stupid get,stupid with it get stupid i got that uh,uh hot mess,hot mess i got a hot mess chicken,sandwich i got a hot mess chicken,sandwich i got a hot mess chicken,sandwich chicken sandwich chicken,sandwich i got a hot mess hot mess oh i,got a hot mess hot mess oh i got a hot,hot hot oh i got a hot mess chicken,with pinkie up hotness chicken sandwich,i got a hot mess hotness the only thing,we could do now,is unroll,the oui zazza,oh sniggly,oh i created a ghetto masterpiece,all right so we back so if yall want me,to drop this joint this weekend yall,dont want to wait till monday the,streets dont want to wait,8 000 likes on this video in the comment,section below,run that video son run that video son,ill holla,lets go in for this piece right here,family come here come here boo come oh,oh i like the way the crust just gave me,attitude give me body body,dont make me way,coming to my house my house my house fam,its hot outside and its time for me to,do something even hotter pizza you dig,sliding overhead a little seeds because,they have their old world fancerony,pepperoni right,apparently its like a hundred of those,small crispy pepperoni jones,that lead from the center of the pie,all the way up to the caramelized crusty,edges you dig lets go check it out,[Music],ah man this is hot out this joint right,here they playing games with you boy,somebody playing games with me they got,to be they got to be its too hot for,this,they need to turn the sun down or,something yall know what time it is man,a little caesars time baby here whats,up,you know what time it is you know what,im saying im gonna try the new food of,course of course,gotta get it spicy,spicy,thats always a good thing family im,not even gonna hold you i just pan some,roadie pepperoni right off the mussel,they said about a hundred pieces of,pepperoni in here,and im not to get all technical im not,about that life i only care about,the taste,the heat,of the pepperoni spicy,are they are you,are you come here come here pepper oh oh,sorry yall im gonna try to hold this,up right here right,anyway,right here,pepperoni,this is the type of pepperoni right here,is that official pepperoni the small,ones that curl up on the ends,crispy,with a slight donkey kick to it,caught me right over here in the jowls,oh im over here looking at the crust,butt too family,wow okay lets lets get right into it,here it is little caesars fanceroni,pepperoni,now whoa whoa whoa whoa killer well the,way you pulled up on the truck about to,be trouble,now im not going to be the guy to,extend this video out and count every,single piece of pepperoni but what i,will do,you figure we have about eight slices,here now lets just go to a piece right,here lets lets go ahead count it out,one,two three four five six seven eight nine,ten eleven twelve thirteen pieces of,pepperoni if this is actual on every,single slice which uh uh uh-uh but if,this was 13 on every single slice thatd,actually be 104,right thatd be 104,pieces of pepperoni if they shorted me,on eight slices and only gave me 12,lets say thatd be 96 pieces of,pepperoni and id need four more joints,this piece right here looks like it was,shorted but it looks like were doing,about an average of 13 so lets just say,104 knock off four right knock off four,now were at 100 pieces of pepperoni,little seeds were going to give you the,benefit of the doubt and say you gave me,my pie as advertised give or take a few,whats your werent you whats your,whats your worship all right so after,all that talk and hopefully my pizza has,cooled down and its ready to be,devoured,lets go in for this piece right here,family come here come here boo come oh,oh oh i like the way the crust just gave,me attitude give me body body,dont make me way,coming to my house my house my house,give me body body,dont make me wait,come into my house my house my house my,house,give me body body i gotta recreate the,ghetto table because that was burning in,my hand,and um it was about to get all over the,whip,so lets just try to do it like this and,get a bite of delight that is wild,pepperoni though that,um,[Music],um,oh my god,no,for eight slices 9.99 yall,its spicy,it has crisp to it on the regular crust,but,its real cheesy hella garlic wild,butter,i i messed with little caesar heavy i,got a stump because when them pockets,are light and theyre not acting right,and you got rabbit ears all up on the,side of your pockets you know what im,saying because everything that went up,in price little caesars did,[Music],you so delectable i know a lot of people,like yo this season tastes like,cardboard,yall wildin yo,little seasons just tastes good,little caesars is a whole entire,situation,whats up man,little caesars the whole entire,situation,where,the pizza,comes with wild flavor you playing games,cause you aint gonna go nowhere in the,fast food game for pizza and get another,pizza this banging thats not gonna,happen i promise you,uh,um,family,if you want a cheesy cheesy squeeze me,please me pizza,get the new fanceroni pepperoni do that,this aint a sponsored video im letting,you know if it was sponsored ill tell,you up front id have to let you know,im beginning and this is just me,pulling up on little cs over here in,the hood,and saying look i want your new fan,cerrone it was so new my man was still,putting the sign up family you saw my,man with the squeegee ouija he was,putting the sign up thats how i know it,is thats how,oh my gosh,why you wanna play play them games on me,this is the type of pizza,make you wanna give somebody a second,chance,make you wanna call it the ex boo thing,like listen,we broke up for something stupid,lets just go ahead and share this,fantaroni pepperoni and work on our,issues together cause you aint gonna do,no better and im not gonna do no better,theres pee in the dating pool out there,a little bit of pee is tainted,um,the little cs,for your fanceroni pepperoni,[Music],just right here go dummy for the tummy,oh,there were little hidden pieces of,pepperoni,this was like a scavenger hunt,yall were hitting yall should have,been on that piece over there i didnt,have enough what yall doing underneath,the pizza,um,little seeds though this doing right,here,go stupid son,im getting hype off this pizza yo,im getting stupid height this pizza is,giving me damn good vibes right now,this pizza is giving me,we got the pepperoni you know i like,orbeez like we got the meat now little,seeds we got the pepperoni you know,wow,hey let me um take this home and devour,it and wrap this video up i will sit,here and eat every slice on you all and,thats all youll be doing youll be,watching a full video of me not talking,sitting here eating pizza,and talking to myself little caesars you,done did it with your old world,fantaroni pepperoni pizza for 9.99 this,joint go dumb for real for real,the flavor is phenomenal the caramelized,crust,its doing this dang thing,some of yall might even want it even,crispier just ask them theyre going to,do it for you but its good as is trust,that,100 pieces of pepperoni,pop in you can count them if you aint,got nothing else better to do with your,life is stupid cheesy with hella,garlic.com stupidcheesy with hella,garlic.com,this pizza had little caesars aside from,your bacon wrapped crust pizza that,joint was dummy to

Little Caesars vs. Chuck E. Cheese Taste Test | Food Feuds

hot ready or where a kid can be a kid,lets talk about that,[Music],good mythical morning today we are doing,a food feud thats pretty unexpected,when i say little caesars who do you,think of as their nemesis chuck e cheese,because i read the video title okay,thank you for playing along rhett yes as,it turns out the animatronic mouse has,been gunning for caesar right under our,noses this whole time their menus are,strikingly similar really disturbing,you werent thinking it but we were,thinking we noticed it the only real,difference is their stance on ball pits,okay their offerings are perfect for a,food feud its time for food fuse little,caesars versus chuck e cheese,were going to taste and compare popular,menu items from both establishments and,rate each one head to head whichever,pizza place garners the most points will,be dubbed the prince of pizza,pizza pizza pizza pizza i get it,well when a chance to sponsor a future,gmm episode well you have to explain the,joke that hard,pizza pizza,pizza pizza yeah it is prince of pizza,lets do it,all right lets see whos serving us,food today hey hey guys i am chuck e,cheese charlie hey,yeah soon to be manager charlie as long,as today goes well fingers crossed now,yeah but jimmy,get out of the ball pit okay do not be,in there again okay so this is your son,you bring it to work its just this kid,who keeps showing up i dont know where,his parents are so this is a garlic,bread its got early garlic and bread,and also mozzarella cheese and cheddar,for 7.49,theres still a chatter on there too,thats just note that i noted cheddar,hi hi um,im little caesars lauren,im sorry im a little nervous ever,since we installed the little caesars,pizza lockers i dont really talked to,people,in a while so im a little shy,just think of us as two lockers,it makes it worse,so that is freshly baked bread covered,in cheese and italian spices for 450. i,dont know what to do with my hands,is there anything this is good just yeah,is that well check them that way i,dont know,so this one theres no cheddar over here,this looks impressive whens the last,time youve been to the e-cheese,whoa dude,not in my adult i never took my kids,there did you take your kids here oh i,took them to show biz,um look at that its perforated,like the cheese isnt perforated thats,pretty tasty you taste that cheddar,theres that cheddar you wanted me to,notice it,i mean its notable did you know that,chuck e cheese had,cheesy bread,like i mean if you had to put me against,a wall and said,yes or no do they have cheese bread do,they have cheese or not probably do they,man do they its like i mean maybe its,a pizza place i guess i just,assumed they only had pepperoni pizza,and cheese pizza this is eye opening you,can order chuck e cheese,can you get it delivered i mean,would you,this this looks good you can you can,right yeah so it is competitive in that,thats good too im just also very,hungry hmm,very different but also good little,caesars uses 100 mozzarella and monster,cheese instead of cheese bry products,did you notice the musher,no when we did our like what was it in,and out versus shake shack,people are like they never talk about,the difference in price so i wanted to i,wanted to just let you notice the,cheddar and i noticed the mustard i,wanted to notice that there is a,difference in price here,im not necessarily going to take it,into account,but this is like 750 and thats like 450,or approximately so you know if we get,stuck and we and we dont and were,going to give some weight we might go,with the cheaper thing just you know,because its affordable just going off,taste first thats thats nice man im,giving that a nice solid,six six im gonna have a seven i almost,want to give it another it is good i am,surprised its,theres almost an eggy quality to it,this i know thats a weird thing to say,but like its a little spongy,in a good way,this one what puts it over the top is,the,spices on top of the cheese to me yeah,theres something,kind of italian clearly better and,cheaper,im giving it an eight im im it is,slightly better im going im going to,eight as well im very impressed with,this,i mean even though you gave it a lower,score,but this is you know what this is like,feels like more traditional bready kind,of thing which i which i enjoy i,wouldnt call this eggy but there is,maybe a pancake quality to it look at,that who would have thunk thats the,bottom,still hungry,hello,[Laughter],[Music],just picture me as a locker i dont know,um its right its kind of a round pizza,and its got meat its good oh its got,pepperoni and sausage and it stopped oh,its getting hot,shes having a lot of trouble,i think i think,so this is our meat pizza its got you,know its got sausage bacon ham uh its,got pepperoni and its got beef all,together for,25.99 so its delicious youll love it,timmy,timmy,do not that is for whacking moles not,for whacking people,whack-a-mole um look at the meat size,difference here like i mean when you,take a little a little piece of this and,a little piece of this well you picked,the smaller sausage i mean i could get,you a bigger sausage but youre right it,is the biggest sausage i mean all of the,sausages are much bigger in caesar town,uh,well how do they taste though you know,it all becomes the same size in your in,your colon,yeah lets think about our colon pretty,floppy,that is medium greasy,as one would expect like i feel like i,should be,like hearing the sounds of children,and like you know im saying its like,its this is not great pizza no,its um beef is unusual,no because usually the the sausage is,poor,and theres an added beef theres,sausage and beef yeah and hamburger and,im tasting just that beef im tasting,just that beef,uh its nothing to rave about stevie oh,the sausage by itself is actually really,bad,thats not doing it for me now thats,over huh,look at the size of that sausage,now im a sausage piece of man,i dont normally love the pepperoni is,that like strips of ham,cubed bacon and they also have regular,bacon,thats not great either but it is better,yeah its definitely better um im,giving this a four im going to give it,a three,it just wasnt,it was i i cant come up with anything,good to say about it,except that it was pizza they tried they,tried,now,caesars not wowing me over here either,man im giving it a five im going,higher enough i i agree im gonna give,it a five because i like big old sausage,yeah who doesnt,[Music],all right so these are the boneless,buffalo wings for 15.99 if youll excuse,me i gotta go pretend to be a,animatronic robot because they got rid,of those and now i have to sing as a,freaking robot,oh they got rid of the animatronics yeah,yeah yeah,i got this,all right,all right,these are our um,wings,and the sauce is 8.99 nope the sauce and,the wings is 8.99 okay not just kidding,caboodle,it is so scary outside of little caesars,lucy,little caesars,um its affordable theyre theyre,affordable we have to we have 16 bucks,versus nine bucks and this isnt this is,just a portion i think theres more than,this that come in an actual order,theyre not only boneless i mean i just,call this a nugget theyre nuggets,how do they taste,these things like they might have been,frozen at some point,its actual pieces of chicken though i,could have a good night alone with these,hanging out alone at the chuck e cheese,yeah drinking beers nobody ever looks at,me funny when i go to the chucky cheese,by myself i mean its a playstation,wings kids,it is,its not its a place to take kids i,mean it could also be a place to like,get an instant family i guess if you,want to go there alone thats what i,think you can meet you can meet us like,a a single a single parent could meet,another single parent,yeah that could work i bet you that this,is something,youre paying for that i think im not,trying to like,think about what we scored things but,youre paying for love youre paying for,the expect your kids to be,distracted,this is a bone in wing,its legit,decent its got a bla

We Finally Know Why Little Caesars Pizza Is So Cheap

Say what you want to about the quality of Little Caesars pizza, but youve got to admit,that its pretty hard to knock the chain for its prices.,How is it so affordable?,Do you really want to know?,Keep watching.,Little Caesars $5, or now $5.55, Hot-N-Ready deal made the destination the go-to pizzeria,for many customers prioritizing low-cost convenience.,After all, a customer can walk in and walk out with a hot pizza in hand in less time,than it takes to get through many fast food restaurants drive-thru lines.,And at a fraction of the cost too.,”Does that pepperoni go all the way to the edge?”,”Mmhm.”,”Is that gonna put us out of business?”,”Mmhm.”,But how is it that Little Caesars is able to sell its pizza for such a low price?,Well, the obvious answer would be that the chain is using the cheapest ingredients possible.,While this isnt entirely untrue, theres more to this story than that.,Of course, the driving factor behind the low cost of Little Caesars pies is that, in todays,competitive pizza market, chains have to commit to either quality or cost and convenience.,You can guess where Little Caesars went on that decision.,To save money on making its pies, Little Caesars does indeed use cheaper ingredients.,Its number-one cost-cutting trick is in the cheese, which normally makes up some 40% of,a pizzas cost.,Pre-shredded, low-moisture cheese can be stored for a long time, which is why Little Caesars,exclusively uses mozzarella cheese made from cows milk.,The only time the mozzarella is supplemented is on the Hot-N-Ready pizzas, which also includes,Muenster cheese.,Another major secret to keeping prices low comes in the form of the sauce and dough preparation.,Little Caesars receives sauce concentrate in a bag, so the employees only need to add,water to finish it.,While this may not seem particularly homemade, an employee on Reddit did reveal that Little,Caesars at least makes its own dough each day.,By making the dough in-house, Little Caesars actually saves money because pre-made dough,costs more.,The dough and sauce also dont contain dairy or meat products, making them inherently cheaper,to produce.,To make matters even more economical, Little Caesars is a takeout destination and therefore,lacks the added overhead cost of maintaining an in-restaurant dining area.,Plus, it doesnt run its own delivery system, offering delivery only through third-party,services such as DoorDash.,As Darren Tristano of the food industry insights company Technomic told CNBC:,”While everyone else is chasing delivery, Little Caesars is letting the customer come,to them.”,Little Caesars can actually make more money through this pickup model, too.,Though its $5 pizzas are certainly cheap, the chain is able to lure customers into adding,other items onto their orders, since they are already inside the store.,Plus, the pickup process means there is less work for paid employees to do: Customers pick,up their food from a contactless Pizza Portal, which means workers do not have to spend time,interacting with them or cleaning a heavily trafficked counter area.,All of these factors combine to help the pizza company maintain low food prices.,According to the website Bacinos Pizza, it only costs Little Caesars about $2 to make,a cheese pizza.,Meanwhile, a Little Caesars employee on Reddit suggested that a pepperoni pie can cost up,to about $2.50 for the chain to produce.,Toppings are evidently taken pretty seriously at Little Caesars.,Obviously, the chain intentionally buys money-saving mozzarella, but it also stretches its dollars,further by using that cheese very sparingly.,You may have noticed that Little Caesars pizza is not as cheesy as the pies from other chains,,and thats because the workers are instructed to sprinkle conservatively.,The same minimal toppings policy also extends to meats, such as pepperoni.,The chain reportedly takes care to evenly spread pepperoni on each pizza, only using,as much as is necessary to cover most of the pie.,By closely controlling the quantity of toppings on each pizza, Little Caesars is able to save,money on its consistently made product.,The bottom line is this: Little Caesars found a few simple but effective ways to lower its,overhead costs, passing on the savings to customers on the final product — one that,many people find to be both affordable and reliable.,Check out one of our newest videos right here!,Plus, even more Mashed videos about your favorite restaurant chains are coming soon.,Subscribe to our YouTube channel and hit the bell so you dont miss a single one.

Little Caesars Hot-N-Ready Classic Pepperoni Pizza – Food Review

hello everyone,this is running on empty,food review,hello ladies and gentlemen good evening,welcome this is running an empty food,review im your host the report of the,week and here we are another day another,review and its a pizza review of all,things uh,a pizza review for a chain that you know,i dont get to review all the time and,thats little caesars that were talking,about,now i was i was perusing through the the,you know the menus for different uh you,know online and different pizza,restaurants and whatnot i was trying to,figure out all right is there anything,to review anything that i havent,reviewed yet etc,and i was looking sure enough little,caesars,the staple of their menu the hot and,ready pizza you know just their standard,pepperoni pizza i havent even tried yet,for such a staple of a place like this i,figure you know i would have gotten,around to it but i didnt yet,so here we go were going to try it out,so this is their,hot and ready pizza,this is what little caesars is really,known for you can say,what it really is is,you can go into little caesars right,you can say all right i want a hot and,ready pizza and allegedly they make,these pizzas continuously you can just,go in get one immediately and walk right,back out so thats what theyre known,for its supposed to be something thats,very convenient,and inexpensive too you can get a large,pizza for five bucks um,which is a good deal you know its a,good deal,so heres let me,get this,sorted out here heres what the pizza,itself,really looks like you can see it right,here,theres the pizza i got it of course,with pepperoni um,you can see it,right here close up to the camera,thats what it looks like nice pepperoni,pizza,theres even a better view of it,hopefully you can see all the pepperonis,and the glistening grease on it and,everything in between,but it does look like a fresh pizza ill,be honest you know it,it does look like its pretty,fresh out of the oven so thats a good,thing at least,i got it just as is i just said i want a,hot and ready pizza so were gonna get,it and they just prepared it,this is what the,slice right here,looks like you can see it there its,standard you know pizza its not,essentially thin crust but its not deep,dish either,thats what we have,so im just gonna try it now this is,little caesars hot and ready pepperoni,pizza going in,so,so,you know what,its pretty good,thats uh thats one way to say it it is,pretty good,i,originally because ill be honest when i,usually go to little caesars i usually,get the deep dish pizza and thats all,that i really get,so im not really,any sort of connoisseur by any means of,their standard hot and ready pizza,so its always interesting to really go,in there for like the first second or,you know time or so and be able to,really see uh,how it is,this pizza,itself is,id say a standard hand tossed pizza in,that its not extremely thin and crispy,um but its not extremely thick and,chewy either it has that middle ground,where it does have,some chewiness and some volume to it but,its not overwhelming so its like a,standard hand tossed pizza,specifically if you may remember,or if youve been to a hungry howies,before,you may know that their standard,pepperoni pizza their standard pizza,you know essentially is hand tossed,where it has,it has some thickness and some chewiness,but at the same time its not deep,desire this is very similar in terms of,that consistency and texture to a pizza,that you would get from hungry howies,um,pizza hut you know papa johns and,dominos their standard pizzas are a,little bit different theyre more,um,crispier you know some of them are more,airy and whatnot this is very similar to,hungry howies in terms of how it,actually is in terms of the taste though,this is actually pretty good ill be,honest for something that you pay five,dollars for,im impressed by it i really am um,the cheese itself is just its still,fresh out of the oven its still gooey,its flavorful um the way the oil is,from you know the pepperoni actually mix,of everything is very good the sauce,itself theres not a ton of sauce on it,but the sauce thats there has a little,bit of an herbal tanginess that really,does blend well with the pizza also and,the pepperoni,you know surprisingly enough,even though there may be a few,spots on the pizza where there may not,be any pepperoni um,the honest truth about it all is theres,still a pretty good amount of pepperoni,on the pizza and this pepperoni just it,has you know has a nice little spiciness,to it and a little i think its just a,good pepperoni pizza um,as i said its most similar to hungry,howies pizza,so expect that you know when,when obtaining it but think of it this,way you can walk into little caesars pay,five bucks get this immediately and,youre actually getting something that,tastes pretty good,i consider that a pretty good deal right,there you know usually i mean you dont,even have to wait 15 minutes you just,get to get it out to go right then and,there thats a great deal ill be honest,although i think it tastes pretty good,for what it is especially considering,its value thats impressive,and again the convenience too is just,another great thing about it so all in,all im going to be rating out of 10 uh,this hot and ready pizza from little,caesars im going to have to give it an,8.7 out of 10,because i think its just a good deal,all around and im impressed by it,on a final note ladies and gentlemen i,know,some of you might be aware of this some,of you might have followed this or not,um,obviously i talked in the latest vorw,about you know what was going on with,youtube and the,ad rates and how that might have been,having a problem with the channel and,kind of put some of its future into,at stake you know,i i just want to let you know,a lot of the youtube community really,came together to help out this channel,on on patreon and whatnot and,when i when i say it and i mean it when,i say it,thank you to all those of you whove,been supporting this channel who do,support it thank you its you guys the,reason why this channel can continue on,right now you really do give me a lot of,hope for this future of the channel even,if some things may not go that smoothly,so thank you and i do mean it,and also a final note a little bit of a,cosmetic change you can check out on the,channel the about tab i did a little bit,of,editing on that and reorganized some,things and i also added a twitter page,for the channel and im not a big,tweeter at all i dont really tweet but,itll be a place where i can,post some videos on that network as well,to,you know maybe consolidate things and,make it a little bit easier to to get,the you know the material out there,thats all i have for you ladies and,gentlemen im your host report of the,week and todays review was for the hot,and ready pizza from little caesars,thank you all for watching and

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