1. Little Nightmares 2 Review
  2. Little Nightmares: A Retrospective
  3. Little Nightmares Review “Buy, Wait for Sale, Rent, Never Touch?”
  4. Little Nightmares – Easy Allies Review
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  7. Little Nightmares: A Little-ish Nightmare

Little Nightmares 2 Review

[Music],horrors lurk around every corner in the,sinister city setting of little,nightmares too,this deadly game of hide and seek picks,up where the original left off,this time with an entirely new set of,twisted tormentors,hunting you through a variety of dread,inducing locations,its a formula that works and little,nightmares 2 certainly has its fair,share of exhilarating moments,over the course of its fleeting 4-hour,duration but,it also plays things a little safe,utilizing many of the originals puzzle,solving and stealth mechanics,instead of being a shocking new horror,little nightmares 2s stalk through the,shadows,ultimately proves to be somewhat of a,re-tread,new protagonist mono may look different,to the original game 6,but his skill set is largely the same,the key difference here is monos,ability to pick up and wield a handful,of different weapons,to either smash through specific,sections of the scenery,or defend himself from smaller enemies,additionally mono is equipped with the,services of six herself,since she tags along as an ai controlled,partner through much of the journey,sixs role is that of a more proactive,version of yoda from eco,but her relationship with mono doesnt,really evolve into the partnership that,made that ps2 classic so,special,six becomes a handy guide whenever one,of little nightmares twos adult,antagonists gives chase,blazing a trail a few yards in front of,you to highlight a path that will keep,you out of harms way,this obviously helps to minimise the,trial and error in more high pressure,sequences,but her companionship doesnt otherwise,introduce much in the way of teamwork as,far as puzzles are concerned,there arent really any complex,mechanisms that demand to be operated in,tandem,instead you mostly perform simple,synchronized acts like using your,combined weight to dislodge heavier,objects that are blocking the way,forward,it is admittedly quite adorable the way,six will occasionally mimic monos,actions,when he picks up an important puzzle,item shell often scoop up a wooden,building block and amble along behind,him like a younger sibling but much like,a little sister sixx also often finds,herself getting in the way,stubbornly standing in your path while,youre dragging a piece of furniture for,example,at other times she just got stuck on,nothing at all and wouldnt budge no,matter how many times i called out to,her,which forced me to trigger a checkpoint,restart,while sixs inclusion does eventually,have a surprising story payoff late in,little nightmares too,in a way i wont spoil here her presence,feels largely underutilized for the bulk,of the adventure,it also breaks the immersion somewhat,that mono is so easily spotted the,moment he edges outside of the shadows,yet six can seemingly stumble around in,the spotlight right under an enemys,nose,and attract about as much attention as a,broken television set,speaking of which busted boob tubes are,found littered along your path through,little nightmares 2s gloomy narrative,which appears to be a sardonic,commentary on the screen obsession of,modern society,this leads to some hilariously dark,moments later on,when mono is able to toggle these goggle,boxes on and off to draw the focus of,certain enemy types,and lure them to their death like media,loving lemmings,and as was the case with the original,its the villains that really are the,stars of little nightmares too there are,a number of truly terrifying creations,hell-bent on sniffing you out,but the one that had me most on edge was,the school teacher with the serpentine,neck just hearing the leathery squeak of,her stretching spine off-camera was,enough to make me,wince but the appearance of her,dead-eyed grimace bobbling at the end of,it was a genuinely chilling sight,how you avoid these hulking towers of,terror however is by using mostly the,same simple stealth techniques,established in the original,crouch walking to quiet in your,footsteps and scurrying between the,shadowy undersides of tables whenever,their gaze is averted,one standout section of little,nightmares 2 satisfyingly strays from,the norm,by giving mono a torch that freezes,prosthetic limbed hospital patients in,place any time theyre caught in its,beam,its a frantically fun challenge to whip,around in order to halt their approach,from all,angles and i wish there are a few more,interesting departures like,this along the way,even so little nightmares 2 is still,much better at flight than it is at,fight and the small amount of combat on,offer failed to engage me to the same,degree,as the consistently hair-raising stealth,while i certainly savored the visceral,thrill of pulverizing the porcelain,skulls of the skull sections bullies,i found judging the arc of my swing,frustratingly imprecise,anytime an enemy was above or below mono,in relation to the 2.5 d,camera viewpoint,these spatial awareness issues also,meant i frequently failed to grab ropes,like this,or got snatched seemingly out of nowhere,by enemies like this,thankfully regular checkpoints mean that,clumsy moments like these arent as,annoying as perhaps they could have been,little nightmares 2 is every bit as,black bleak and,eerily beautiful as the original its,also just as brief and although the,introduction of the sixth character as,an ai controlled co-op partner,ultimately serves the story well shes,not really used to take the games,puzzle solving and stealth to,interesting new places which seems like,a real missed opportunity,while i still very much enjoyed each,thrilling encounter with its menacing,mob of monstrosities,the overall sense of familiarity this,time around meant that little nightmares,2 left less of a lasting impact,theres no doubting developer tarzia,studios artistry and ability,but i hope for its next project that,leaves these little nightmares behind,and dares to dream bigger,for more on little nightmares 2 check,out the first 15 minutes of gameplay and,for everything else,stick with ign,you

Little Nightmares: A Retrospective

welcome back,today were doing another retrospective,but not five nights at freddys,the sister location video is coming next,but today were talking about one of my,favorite games of all time,little nightmares now were not,separating this into different videos,for each game,were talking about it all little,nightmares one two,the mobile prequel very little,nightmares the comics,all of it if you can think of it were,talking about it theres gonna be a,focus on the laura and my theories on,the series but,theres also gonna be talk about the,characters and the monsters and some,visual and gameplay stuff too the goal,of this video is to take you from,someone who doesnt know anything about,little nightmares,to being an expert on it and even if you,do know about little nightmares maybe,you can learn something new,i was first introduced to little,nightmares with a very early trailer,back then the game was called hunger im,sure you can see why they changed the,name if you look up,hunger game i specifically remember the,sound design sticking out to me this,creepy vocal sound,also the chefs design in this trailer,ended up inspiring the design for chef,poe,in my game alphabet lane i was obsessed,with this trailer for a long time,it was just the perfect aesthetic for a,horror game but for more than a year i,didnt hear anything about it until,unrelated i stumbled across a trailer,for a game called little nightmares and,went,[Music],wait i recognize that the game was,released on april 28,2017 by bandai namco and the game was,made by tarzir studios,it wasnt the biggest game in the world,but it quickly grew a cult following and,there was some interesting overlap with,the five nights at freddys community,because the story was so,vague and intriguing that it inspired,theory video after theory video,i have played this game many times first,for a lets play and then multiple times,after that but after the first game,a lot of other things came out the,mobile prequel very little nightmares,comics a live action show is announced,and then eventually little nightmares,too,so with that setup lets get into it,there are three main locations in the,little nightmares world,the ma the pale city and the nest there,are other areas in the comics but,theyre not,quite as important and well cross that,bridge when we get there for now lets,talk about the main three,the ma this is where the entirety of the,first game takes place,its very spirited away heres the,official quote,the ma arrives every years always at the,same time but never in the same place,it creeps and crawls and buries its,claws deep beneath the glistening water,and there it sits in vast silence,waiting,soon after they start to arrive the,guests the monstrous sweating,hungry guests all seems bursting bodies,bulging eyes dead with boredom,they shuffle up the gangway and into the,mouth of the maw,and then they are no more for none of,those that enter have ever returned to,tell the tale,at least not yet like i said spirit it,away,as you first play through the first,little nightmares and the subsequent dlc,there are quite a few different areas,first the prison this is where the,children are kept in the bowels of the,maw,it is a strange mixture of a school,prison and livestock cages,this is where our main character 6,starts mainly its just populated by,these eyes,keep eyes in mind leeches and children,and its also where were introduced to,our first main antagonist,the janitor who takes kids from there to,the next area,the layer the layer is a mixture of a,processing area and,a library as we encounter the enemy here,we realize that its likely that he,lives here the children in the prison,are moved through the layer to be,processed,to be moved to the next area the kitchen,the kitchen is where the food is,prepared,you can guess what one of the biggest,ingredients is here the meals are,prepared and moved to the guest area,this is the dining area where the guests,enter from boats,and gorge themselves on the food,watching from above,is the lady this is where were,introduced to the residence the living,space for the character that owns the,maw then theres the hideaway and the,depths,the hideaway is where the furnaces are,operated and the depths are likely close,to the kitchen and prison,and may have been a living quarters in,the past now,its just a flooded mess of pipes and,rotted wood,the pale city here is where the second,game takes place,a city on the coast clearly falling,apart and under the control of the,signal tower,so lets take a look before you even,enter the city the game starts in the,wilderness a dense dark forest filled,with traps,across the water from the pale city it,seems like it was once more,inhabited but clearly it isnt as,populated as it once was,moving across the water you enter the,city near the school,here is where strange porcelain children,are educated,exactly the process of the city and the,school arent as clear as the ma,after the school you enter the hospital,a mix of a mental institution,and a hospital a large dilapidated,building filled with body parts and,mannequins,from there you move on to the quarters,of the city filled with apartments and,housing areas clearly this place used to,be filled with people and shopping,centers full apartments and buildings,now its all abandoned and dilapidated,but there are some people left,well get into that from here you make,your way to the signal tower a large,tower that seems to be broadcasting,something that controls,those in the city its surreal and,things dont quite work the way they,should inside,the nest this place comes from the,mobile game that came between little,nightmares one and two,this one isnt set up into chapters like,the others so generally its not,specific,places its just one big building a,mansion on the top of a mountain,with kitchens storage areas etc one,thing to note is that it seems like,aircraft of most kinds,planes hot air balloons are prone to,crashing here so thats the world where,little nightmares takes place,now lets move on to the creatures that,inhabit this world,the monsters,keep in mind this isnt all the,characters just the monsters or,antagonists,lets start with the first game the,leeches and eyes are two of the smaller,enemies that exist in the game,so well group them together the leeches,are just that giant,gooey leeches and the eyes are glowing,stone eyes that turn the player into,stone,now lets talk a bit bigger the janitor,is a long-armed blind caretaker of the,prison and the lair,he keeps track of the children and,prepares them either collecting their,stone versions as toys,or preparing them to be sent to the,kitchen he cant see,so instead he relies on sound and it,seems to be implied,smell as we see throughout the game tall,characters seem to be seen as the,regular,however it almost seems like he got a,cartoon bowling ball dropped on his head,with his short legs and long arms and,again like many characters in this game,his skin almost seems like a mask,falling off of his gray metal-like head,in the games files hes known as roger,which might hint at a past for this,character,the official description is with long,forgotten things from long forgotten,places he fled the world and found the,maw,now as the janitor he is a tall tale,hiding in the shadows,stalking the silence a monster alone,in a more gameplay sense he appears in,different areas and can most easily be,outsmarted,by creating distracting sounds throwing,objects moving in time with louder,sounds things like that,between the janitor and the next big,monster is the shoe monster,an unseen creature that chases the,character through a pile of shoes,it reminds me of the water monster from,amnesia something very similar appears,in very little nightmares called the,dump monster which,does the same thing as a shoe monster,but in a trash heap best way to beat it,run moving through the maw you get into,the kitchen where you meet the twin,chefs,judging by the first trailer they may,have

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Little Nightmares Review “Buy, Wait for Sale, Rent, Never Touch?”

whats up everybody this is Carrick with,AC g and as always its my continuing,mission to bring you reviews that arent,two minutes long or filled with,sponsored bullcrap and that review today,comes for a title that joins the coven,light collection of other games such as,limbo typo man and inside and even more,in this mini genre of washed out loose,narrative mystery platformers this game,is little nightmares its out on the,27th for $19.99 on Steam ps4 and Xbox,one lets see how it did shall we as,always if you liked the video maybe,subscribe so heres my review for little,nightmares behind the scenes at an,Albertsons meat market Thanksgiving at,the kerricks and finally finding out,where all of those air Jordan Retro,Oreos went to graphics art first you,know I can say this this game is really,at any time no damn slouch 1080p 30fps,on the ps4 16 20 P at a somewhat stable,60fps on the ps4 Pro and what looks like,about 900 P and 30fps on the Xbox one,but of course none of that is going to,match up to the PC and I was quite,surprised easily 4k at a rock-solid,60fps even on a 1070 with a somewhat,newer i7 now regardless of the,combination of really absolutely wicked,location design mixed with this subtle,use of both real and false locations,marking safety means that throughout,this title theres a stealth game that,plays like a platformer and not the,other way around and its something you,notice right away with the level design,and its mixed with incredible lighting,the detail is just phenomenal from long,throw shadows flickering in that,solitary light of your little rip-off,bic lighter to this golden hue that sort,of comes in from outdoors trying to,fight through nasty smudged stained,windows it is just phenomenal color use,and well games of this genre have always,been about washing out or picking,primary colors or something in between,for their art style for the most part,little nightmares goes for an excellent,in between itself that allows for the,lightning engine to also show some of,the excellent texture work without sort,of drawing your eye away just due to,flashy colors or the lack of them also I,have to say modeling the character good,and bad is just insane I mean this is,the first time where we figure out that,apparently Chef Boyardee works on the,worlds worst cruise ship and absolutely,friggin let himself go or the moment of,massive giant fatty cell of an enemy,grabs you and snorts and basically,swallows their own hand in their haste,to see if its possible to throw you,through their body,right out the other end just excellent,wait and feel an animation to almost,everything here now that doesnt mean,its all perfect there are a number of,low detail textures right next to the,really awesome ones and its in many,places and theres a couple times where,the locations were a little bit,troublesome to negotiate especially with,this camera system overall though I have,to say this the game through and through,looked amazing it performed better than,I ever thought it was actually going to,and in the end I really liked the design,work sound music and voice,you,[Music],of course when it comes to audio sounds,going to be up first it is great stuff,not only is it laced with just the right,amount of post-processing so that the,tonal qualities of different enemies,labored breathing is slightly altered,when in say a kitchen versus chasing you,down a hall but its also in the variety,of the ambient sounds the game,absolutely hinges on the ambient sound,layer to be a soundtrack here from the,rattle of dishes and soapy water being,washed by your enemies to the Slough of,discarded shoes in massive waste bins,that really do nothing to ease the,feeling that you are seeing absolute,genocide really great sound work,throughout music yeah so theres barely,any here there is this ambient layer,that you can pick up some of the time,but its usually just going in-between,and above and below the layered sound,work I talked about a second ago now the,few times it does creep up its when,youre being chased or searched for and,its this deep sombre almost jaws like,track that I adore and totally added,tension to all of the moments would I,have liked more maybe but this is one of,the rare times when we see a real effort,melding the two areas sound and music,and effectively using one for the other,and I have to applaud them for that,because well here for the most part it,actually worked,voice okay so this is grunting groans,only but that being said the first time,you hear the labored breathing of the,obese first cousin of the Swedish Chef,from Sesame Street tear acid after you,because you knocked over a bottle its,actually hard not to be just a little,bit impressed and the use of voice to,make sounds versus words tells the story,in a bit of a different way but it tells,it well enough that you can identify,with whats happening on screen at any,one time so I liked it even though its,not necessarily normal or typical voice,work gameplay well the story might be,complex the gameplay isnt and so from,the beginning to its very end little,nightmares does one thing and it does it,well it allows you to progress with very,little backtracking for the most part,across the massive location as you try,to find out why a little girl youre,playing and apparently another race of,dunce cap wearing gnomes are getting,eaten like a goddamn McDonalds just,moved into town and theyre short on any,mcribs,you run jump slide shimmy and stealth,your way through the levels as room,after room after room after room is open,before you and you have to find the,proper way through now really especially,recently weve seen these games come up,before and they always require resonance,in their gameplay where even if for man,action are a mystery at any one time it,sort of feels inner woven into the game,worlds fiction and so you continue to,play to find out whats going on the,problem I had with little nightmares is,that for a good deal of the time the,gameplay was just shallow enough that,the mystery in and of itself had to hold,my interest especially when wrote became,routine about halfway through and the,gameplay got a little bit stale now that,doesnt mean its all bad I mean its,absolutely terrifying at times the first,time you end up facing an enemy that,looks like the third brother from the,movie twins crumpled raisin who somehow,got Danny DeVitos legs and Arnold,Schwarzenegger score so got them sewn,together and they end up hobble humping,across the scenery to try to catch you,it is this cool mixture of comedic or,that actually starts to creep up and I,wasnt really expecting that or just how,some of the rooms were surprising one,time I walked into a room and realized,this is the world where apparently,little kids make the best burritos ever,its like a damned vice episode about,Taco Bell now the issue here is that,even at its most complex for the,majority little nightmares is insanely,easy with no real difficulty to speak of,mix that with its fairly pedestrian,puzzle work and that means that you do,get to explore a fantastic-looking set,of locations in a ton of room after room,after room blazes past you and it all,becomes sort of a blur and theyre just,really nothing more than window dressing,now that would be totally fine if there,was a heightened difficulty but without,that balance even death isnt much more,of a nuisance just waiting for loading,luckily control is pretty spot-on here,though its not perfect and besides,jumping and climbing you can push and,pull objects to interact with a game,world find secrets and sort of uncover,even more about what might be going on,in this title and of course that brings,us to fun factor for much of the time I,had a goddamn blast there are some later,puzzles that are so fun to do or to just,mess around with the enemies in some,rooms and while the narrative Nevers,really told outright to you its,interesting enough to sort of just make,you want to continue to see the world,unfortunately there

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Little Nightmares – Easy Allies Review

Often horror games are presented,from a first-person or over-the-shoulder perspective.,The closer you get to the action,,the easier it is to believe that these events are happening to you.,Likewise, we don’t usually associate horror with side-scrollers,,but similar to Limbo and Inside, Little Nightmares illustrates,that the format can be just as unsettling as games that get right in your face.,In a nod to its title,,the game begins as your character awakens from a brief nightmare.,With their face cloaked in a yellow raincoat,,your character’s identity is a mystery.,There’s no dialogue, no notes to read.,It’s up to you to interpret the game’s events as they unfold,while you move forward and try to survive.,What’s presented is positively creepy throughout.,Strong sound effects, and subtle camera movements,pull you in to this demented world.,Locations are cluttered with things you can pick up,,move about, or otherwise interact with, giving you space to explore,and making it feel like each room has a story to tell.,Perhaps the most important element is the sense of scale.,You are a truly tiny thing in this world,,clambering up the sides of towering dressers,,hiding under tables, and hefting keys with both arms.,It all lends to a sense of vulnerability,,and once you begin to encounter the grotesque inhabitants of this place,,there’s no question that your only options are to run and hide.,Your abilities are fairly straightforward as you can run and jump to clear gaps,and crouch to get into tight spaces and sneak past watchful eyes.,You can grab objects and flip switches,,and you carry a lighter to grant a small reprieve from the darkness.,Plus, you can shift the camera slightly to see what’s ahead or behind,to avoid getting caught off guard.,To be clear, Little Nightmares isn’t a strictly 2D game.,While the camera lies on a fixed plane,,areas have a fair amount of 3D space to explore.,For the most part, this works in the game’s favor and brings environments to life,,but there are a couple points when it can be tricky to judge the right angle on a jump,,causing you to climb back through the same area until you get it right.,As with any game with stealth and puzzle elements,,there’s an expected amount of trial and error throughout,as you try to find the best way to proceed without being snatched up.,However, most of the time these moments feel tense and natural.,The towering misshapen creatures you’re trying to avoid are intimidating,,and there’s a real sense of panic that sets in when you get spotted.,As things progress, the events you witness only get more disturbing,,and perhaps the biggest disappointment is simply that there isn’t more to take in.,There are some scattered collectibles,to give additional goals for a second playthrough,,but a first run lasts just about four hours long.,That said, it’s an easy recommendation for a one-shot late night run.,Little Nightmares is a thoroughly creepy platformer,with vividly disturbing imagery and a menacing world,that drives you to look for an escape.,Turn the volume up, turn the lights off,,and let Little Nightmares keep you awake.,Easy Allies Reviews are made possible by generous viewers just like you.,If you like what you see, check out patreon.com/easyallies,to see our other videos and consider becoming a patron to help us make more.

Little Nightmares 2 – Before You Buy

and were back with another episode of,before you buy the show where we give,you some straight up gameplay and some,first impressions,of the latest games releasing youve,probably heard that phrase a billion,times by now but as usual,its me your guide jake baldino and,today were talking about,little nightmares too this is the,follow-up to the very well-received,little nightmares that released in 2017.,now little nightmares 2 is once again,published by bandai namco,and its developed by tarsier studios if,im saying that right,thats a team from sweden and just as a,heads up here we got access to a review,copy of the game and the footage,weve captured here is of the ps4,version and note,this game is very like exciting moment,heavy so,to avoid any big surprises or spoilers,or anything like that this footage is,mostly limited to within,the first hour of the game because i,think you should experience a lot of,this stuff,firsthand so to start off i i want to,answer the question ive gotten the most,on social media do you need to play the,first one do you need to play the,original little nightmares,the short answer is no not really youre,fine,if you didnt play the first one but if,you did it might amplify,a few moments here and there though but,in this story you play as a new,character,a little tiny boy named mono who wakes,up in the middle of the woods and,thats it you very quickly are paired up,with six the protagonist of the original,game but its okay if you dont really,know,who that is because you just go together,and you go on a linear adventure,and what follows man is nothing short of,like a pretty,unforgettable and terrifying adventure,filled with,shockingly creative big moments now i,know those are some big words its a,little bit like hyperbole but,honestly i love this game and i highly,recommend it,know what youre getting into a fun,horror romp that isnt very long if you,played the previous game,just know that it stacks up the same,year about four or five-ish hours,depending on how you play and if you get,stumped by puzzles or,certain big moments now that is very,short im addressing this head-on,because,that experience thats thats brief and,its launch price is 30,so mileage may vary for some folks you,know very selective with their,hard-earned cash and for good reason,the first game had the same debate but,if you decide to go for it you get a,pretty high quality and entertaining,hard experience that,you might find yourself replaying just,because its all paced so well,i know i immediately jumped in to replay,it just like ive done with similar,games in this,genre sub genre like inside but anyway,you explore a horror world from point to,point engaging in,you know for the most part environmental,puzzles light stealth,and platforming youre a little person,in a very big world so once again,theres some creativity to everything,being bigger than you you drag things,around you pop things up,you drop things you flip switches to get,through areas while,jumping from fire escape to fire escape,climbing up bookcases,dropping through vent shafts always,consistently moving forward so the next,area is always,way more interesting than the last you,know like the original if not more here,its extremely extremely well paced and,creative throughout and youre going to,blast through it,because you just want to get to the next,thing and see what the game throws at,you where you may encounter a little bit,of trial and error gameplay though is,with the big,scary things you encounter throughout,the world these large grotesque,humanoids are going to hunt for you,theyre going to chase you theyre going,to shoot at you theyre going to bite at,you,in some really hair-raising moments that,require clever stealth and distractions,and,other just little things that i dont,really want to spoil the game knows,just how creepy its designs are too and,how it just all these things animate,because,these creatures these things these,people they get right up in the screen,and they will really creep you out in,some good ways now,that leads to this is the game outright,scream out loud scary,no but there are some moments that will,leave you really unsettled,and some great moments where you escape,by the skin of your teeth that will,definitely,leave your heart kind of pumping these,moments can be hampered a bit by some of,that trial and error you know in fact,there are some spots that feel like you,cant really get it on the first,try no matter what because like you kind,of have to figure it out,by trial and error if that makes sense,so certain big moments like cool chases,or just like aha moments like it kind of,lessens it when you have to see it a,thousand times because you keep screwing,up,you know other than that i didnt really,mind the trial and error thats,something that people either love or,hate,trial and error gameplay can be like a,shrug to some people or a big negative,its up to you really but just know that,there is some trial and error heavy,moments and a few,that really feel very very finicky and,sensitive to perfect timing,but it doesnt really hurt the,experience overall and its not really,like a challenge thing there are other,areas of the game that are challenging,in very good and productive ways also i,forgot to mention but you have six as an,ai companion with you for lots of the,game,and it adds a simple little dash of,creativity to the formula,you know most of the time she does the,typical video game helping character,stuff like helping you up to a ledge,but sometimes theres a bit more to it,some of the best parts of the game are,figuring out how to get back to her,when youre separated you know the game,through its gameplay and its,presentation actually makes you,miss a companion thats a thats a rare,thing in games like this,she can occasionally be a little bit,dumb but it doesnt really matter,because the ai always seems to do,exactly what its supposed to do and you,can call her over,with the press of a button if you have,to also you can hold hands with the,trigger,it doesnt really do much in terms of,like a gameplay mechanic,but its charming its there and it,actually kind of reminds me a bit of the,now classic eco on ps2 remember that,thats the game really,charm gross weird horror charm not,really tim burton-esque kind of its own,thing,very distinct kind of hard to describe,the only thing that did occasionally,piss me off i gotta say is the combat,yes,there is combat this time around but,its brief and its simple,mono can pick up the occasional melee,weapon like a stick,or an old pipe and with the press of a,button you can wind up and do,one big slow heavy hit theres a few,moments in the game,where you gotta smack some bad guys,around with really timing these big slow,hits properly the window is extremely,small and thats fine,but sometimes it just feels like the,camera angles make it a bit tricky to,judge,how close some of the enemies are to you,it could be a little awkward and its a,bummer too especially because like the,first couple times,you get a good hit it is incredibly,satisfying but then,again the trial and error gameplay kind,of lessens the effect,of you being a little boy committing,weird murder it was absolutely 100 the,section of the game where i died the,most and i did yell at the tv a few,times because some of it felt a bit,cheap but again its another thing that,is momentarily,slightly annoying and then you move on,thats about it so,if you played the original game you,probably understand a lot of this,review its all the same thing a really,great game with a couple of annoying,frustrating issues like controls and,mechanics,ive seen some people hoping this game,was a co-op or couch co-op because of,the introduction,of an ai character ill admit when i,first saw the trailer i thought there,was going to be co-op before even,looking into it,um i dont think having an ai character,makes the game any less scary or tense,i also think having a friend playing,with you could still

Little Nightmares – Nitro Rad

[Music],[Music],hydro grad little nightmares its an,indie horror game that just came out,that blends the atmosphere intention of,the horror genre with 3d platforming,finally worlds collide I think you guys,all know that my two fields of expertise,are platformer games and indie horror,games and wild little nightmares has not,made an RPG maker,I still feel theres enough common,ground here to make this game perfect to,review on this channel little nightmares,is a very refreshing take on the indie,horror game I mean instead of being a,walking simulator with too much reading,material and a couple of jump scares,little nightmares gives the horror genre,a platforming spin now puzzle,platformers with creepy atmospheres are,nothing new I mean you can take a look,at limbo or inside but this is the first,really noteworthy horror puzzle,platformer thats actually 3d instead of,2d you plays a little girl in a yellow,raincoat who wakes up in the hull of a,ship so I guess your goal is just to get,out of the ship youll find yourself,climbing objects jumping the r2 button,is a grab button so its actually kind,of comparable to LittleBigPlanet,slightly which is interesting because,this game was actually developed by,people who helped work on the,LittleBigPlanet games now the,platforming and climbing is strangely,enough comparable to the Uncharted,series youll be nathan drake around,your gigantic environment time and time,again youre so small on this game or,maybe everything else is really big I,dont know Im a baby dude I feel like,Tommy pickles in this game theres a lot,of simple puzzle solving often involving,the physics engine you know pushing,things pulling things picking things up,and throwing them its not super,complicated but its effective,nonetheless now it wont be long before,you start running into the games,monsters rather than being a game with a,lot of monsters its one of those games,that just takes one and youll see them,again and again throughout the stage,youll have your first run in with this,lanky Kong looking ass here and oh my,god hes so creepy dude for real though,the monster design in this game is,utterly fantastic and I feel they were,modeled and designed in such a way,thats easily complemented by unreal,Fords lighting engine look I ever play,evil within I got a very similar vibe,from that game a lot of washed out,golden browns,muddy but in a really good way a lot of,dirty,lost textures on the characters I think,its really cool that in contrast with,the games dark atmosphere you plays a,character in a bright yellow jacket and,it wasnt until the games very first,zoom out that really made it click with,me no matter what its always easy to,identify where your character is at any,given moment its never difficult to see,where on screen you are which is,something that is likely to happen in,such a dark game and this games,atmosphere is as lovely as it is dark,beautiful lighting and fog effects make,the game very pleasing to the eye but,easily one of the strongest aspects of,the game is the sound design I mean,remember when Silent Hill used the radio,to let you know when enemies were nearby,to raise tension little nightmares does,a similar thing with a game score these,big chef dudes when theyre nearby this,trombone track plays its kind of like a,goofy big guy like bump bump bump sort,of tune as one gets nearer and nearer,itll play louder and faster the speed,and the volume of the music will convey,just how close one of these chef dudes,is to you never in my life have I been,put so on edge by a trombone this room,where you need to get the key well one,of them is sleeping he wakes up and,leaves the room but you still hear that,trombone while hes out of the room as,you try to sneak out even when hes out,of sight youre just so hesitant to,leave this room because you hear it as,lazy coming by as a given the game uses,its sound designed to illustrate when,someone catches sight of you similar to,Metal Gear Solids,but this game uses a much more organic,kind of sound a quickening heartbeat,bump bump a bump bump a bump a bump when,you hear that its the oh no I think he,sees me sound and when they actually do,see you,now you know its time to run the,trombone continues doing its job even as,he gives chase during moments like these,youll even feel the characters,heartbeat through the controllers Rumble,which I thought was really cool its,just another thing that helps set this,games fantastic mood now with enemies,chasing after you theres going to be a,great deal of stealth involved in,stealth and horror games is something,Ive always found to be very hit and,miss for me I never really liked games,like outlast because I get so annoyed by,being chased you know rather than,actually freaked out or scared Im like,okay run into this locker,hes going to say okay games go me I,just get really pissed off and annoyed,by it rather than being scared and I,think a big part of that is the limited,visibility you get with a first-person,camera little nightmares is a lot closer,to something like clock tower or,haunting ground though definitely,streamlined a lot more you still get,that panic sensation from being chased,briefly but once youve broken the line,of sight and have found a good hiding,spot it doesnt take long before the,enemies will resume their normal duties,its all the fun of a terrifying game of,hide and seek just without the tedious,waiting that comes with the hiding its,one of the better balances of experience,in the game like this never did I get,impatient with it and thats something I,find very few indie horror games the,focus on hiding are bold enough to,achieve though I do find a lot of,scenarios are way too obvious and easy I,mean you know the monster is going to,come into the room and theres only one,hiding spot so you go there you know,youre going to be safe they should have,made multiple hiding spots with varying,probability of detection or make the,hiding spots harder to spot and uncover,and as a lot of you guys probably know I,never really cared much for horror games,with a large amount of reading material,I mean I find its very trendy to try,and tell an entire story in passing,through just these notes and such and I,do see the appeal in that weve had this,scenario where something already,unfolded were finding out what happened,but I mean I think something like that,can definitely improve a story but,relying entirely on it its just like I,dont want to read all this little,nightmares on the other hand actually,has no reading material it doesnt even,have any spoken dialogue theres no,words in this game whatsoever,it takes the inside route of telling a,story entirely through action and,visuals what that story is though I,dont,I dont really know I mean I beat this,game twice and Im sure theres a story,here you can piece together but I dont,Im not really getting the big picture,maybe Im just stupid I mean theres,definitely a theme here theres a theme,of hunger as you go through your,character will get hungry and youll,resort to more and more desperate,situations to satisfy your hunger and,that definitely is something to do with,all the big scary hungry people you see,in the final part of the game I mean,there were a lot of moments that made me,raise one eyebrow and say oh thats so,cool but I mean in the end I dont,really know whats going on here maybe I,should just watch one of those little,nightmares story explained videos or,something I mean theres definitely,something here but its definitely,nowhere near as well thought out or,poetic as something like inside but,nonetheless it is a very interesting,ride yeah little nightmares such a good,game dude like its such a good blend of,platforming stealth and puzzle solving,fantastic character design and,atmosphere the only thing I think that,might turn people a little bit off from,it is definitely the game short length,little nightmares is a great game but,its a very short game my first blind,playthrough took me only 2

Little Nightmares: A Little-ish Nightmare

theres no rule that says something,cant be both spooky and adorable at the,same time like the gremlins from,gremlins,or the entirety of the movie coraline or,literally anything tim burton has ever,been involved in but todays game pushes,the limits of simultaneous scariness,and cuteness starting right from its,name little nightmares which promises,nightmares but you know,smaller which doesnt necessarily mean,less scary because spiders exist,and this game is also bite-sized but,packs a lot of grotesque,and unsettling moments into a potent,series of horror scenarios,that outweigh the sometimes clunky,gameplay hey everyone,and welcome back to an all new episode,of the completionist where we dont just,beat the games,we complete them today im going back to,little nightmares which ive never,really completed but i have played a ton,of,with the sequel around the corner though,it seemed like a great time,to remind myself how spooky and,stressful this adorable little game and,its dlc,could be before its sequel expands on,its extremely gross world,as long as the sequel though does not,have any spiders in it,i can handle all sorts of gross messed,up creatures as long as none of them,have eight legs and weird faces and eyes,im good,im good lets begin i dont think about,spiders lets begin lets begin,here comes a new challenger,danger,[Music],when it was announced that a tv,adaptation of indie game little,nightmares was being made with the,involvement of henry goldman selick it,made a lot of sense,because this game already fits perfectly,into the stop-motion mold,with tons of influence from celic,coraline and studio leica in general and,while the show,hasnt materialized yet this year is,going to see the release of little,nightmares 2 which looks like its going,to majorly open up the games world and,introduce us to a whole new wave of,gross,floppy monster people but it all started,with this tiny spooky game that belongs,in the ongoing tradition,of dark indie puzzle platformers,alongside games like play dads limbo or,inside,both of which are also about small,children in danger of getting murdered,in various ways but little nightmare,sets itself apart with an incredibly,specific,terrifying aesthetic that permeates,every element of the game the gameplay,is fine but it largely feels like a,vessel for exploring,the incredibly upsetting vibes of this,games world,speaking of that world the whole game,takes place on a massive ship known as,the mall,in which children are butchered by the,ships grotesque staff before being,served up to hungry passengers,the player character a kid in the yellow,raincoat named six,works her way up through the ship in,search of freedom but meanwhile in the,three dlc episodes collectively known as,the secrets of the maw a runaway kid is,having his own terrifying adventure,in parallel to sixes though his story is,much heavier on puzzles,mechanics-wise both six and the runaway,kid have the same bare bones options at,their disposals,running jumping climbing and some form,of light,a lighter for six and a flashlight for,the runaway kid,and when it comes to the menagerie of,messed up weirdos that are after you,the only options are usually to,stealthily avoid them or outrun them,because if they catch you they will put,you into soup the base game is very,short with,5 breezy chapters that only added up to,a couple of hours,and the dlc probably added a couple more,so it was all relatively quick and,painless including finding all the,collectibles,even though there are certain areas of,this game that its extremely stressful,to just,like hang around in the only completion,element that really spooked me a bit is,one of the achievements which required,me to beat the game not just in under an,hour,and not just without dying but both and,sometimes achievements like this are a,fun challenge but the mechanics and,gameplay,in little nightmares is sloppy enough,that avoiding death doesnt always feel,like its entirely within my control,because the monsters in this game are,scary but i think we all know that the,real horror,is technical issues that makes games a,little more than a nightmare to complete,its my nightmare and its constant its,not little nightmares,its huge nightmares ugh,i need a drink i need energy,i need a brain deal for this video i got,it,its g fuel of course you guys know who,g fuel is but in case you dont,g fuel is a great mixture drink for,water for milk but depending on the,flavor whichever you prefer,to give you a little kick a taste of,something you might like in terms of,flavors,personally my favorite flavor that ive,found so far is the sour phase berry,that is,my jam theres no sugar its all powder,you put it in water you stir it you mix,it,and you know if youre not a fan of,mixing you can just put it in like a,water bottle or you can get,a shaker from gfuel.com and just shake,it all up,and let me tell you its delicious as,someone who was once making fun of this,product,i actually drink it on the regular now,uh even though,they pay me to say that i can i can have,some integrity cant i im pretty sure i,can,this is youtube people wont let me,either way if you want to support the,show and get some percentages off,head over to gfuel.com and use code,completionist.checkout for,30 off again gfuel.com,completionist on checkout and hey if we,sell enough g fuel,we can get maybe a flavor we can get,maybe a shaker,hashtag fists on cups give me that trpg,logo,on a beautiful cup i want it lets do it,thank you to gfo as always for,sponsoring these videos and now,back to some more little nightmares,when a games major selling point is its,world or a unique design sensibility,then sometimes the gameplay functions,largely as a vessel to take us through,the world,and show us all the grotesque sights,that the game has in store for us,and when thats the case as it mostly is,in little nightmares,you just have to hope that the gameplay,stays consistently good enough,to stay out of the games way which it,mostly does little nightmares feels like,a smooth ride through a messed up,haunted house,right up until its time to actually,complete the game and then,much like the games monsters its jinky,mechanics inevitably catch up to you,on a first playthrough the puzzles and,platforming work as a perfect tour guide,leading the player from one messed up,set piece to another little nightmare,has the aesthetics of a cartoon gone,wrong,and it never misses an opportunity to,lean into the fact that the maw is a,boat full of child,eating monsters and all the,opportunities that such a setting,provides,this game is dark and its even more,upsetting because it feels like theres,a cutesy cartoon world,just underneath the surface of the harsh,bloody one that were seeing,each chapter of the main game shows off,a different part of the ship along with,a different grotesque nightmare creature,that inhabits it theres the eyeless,long limbed janitor in the games early,sections,the loose floppy twin chefs in the,kitchen and the graceful but terrifying,madam,who oversees the ship from her quarters,each of these chapters also has a few,type of collectibles but,no more than a few of each type per,chapter there are statues to smash,lamps and candles to light and gnomes to,hug oh yeah i forgot the gnomes,these little cone-headed weirdos are all,over the ship and theyre pretty,adorable,and in the game this dark its kind of,nice to spread a little warmth by,stopping to give them a hug,although that is eventually given a dark,twist too because of course it is,its worth finding all the secret rooms,with the missing lamps gnomes and,statues,on the first playthrough because it,gives an excuse to do what this game is,made for,exploring its dilapidated rotting oddly,beautiful world,none of the collectibles are crazy hard,to get but they do lead the player into,the far little corners of the games,world,in order to show it off a bit more and,all the gameplay is like that,just engaging enough to not draw,attent

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