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Netflixs Locke & Key: Season 1 Review

hello are you my girl after nearly a,decade of failed attempts to bring a,live action version of lock and key to,life netflix has finally delivered the,goods but was it worth the wait,[Music],based on the graphic novel of the same,name written by Joe Hill and illustrated,by Gabrielle Rodriguez the series,centers on the LOC children,Tyler Kinsey and Bodie and their mother,Nina who moved to their ancestral home,of key house after the familys,patriarch Rendell is murdered fans of,the comic books graphic violence and,creepy visuals may be a bit disappointed,that Netflix is version leans more into,the whimsical aspects of Hills narrative,unless on the terror and bloodshed its,impossible to ignore the changes in tone,and lack of adult content however if the,streaming Giants goal is to appeal to a,larger audience than the series succeeds,with some terrific set pieces aesthetics,and performances from the leading cast,that makes season ones 10 episode arc a,worthy binge,one of the standout characters in lock,and key is not an actual person but the,house itself big props to the production,designers for creating a location that,truly feels alive every room is,meticulously detailed with fascinating,little trinkets in decor that add a,layer of mystery to the story and may,even cause you to pause on particular,scenes but just to take in all the,details while siblings Tyler and Kinsey,do have their own adventures with the,keys its their younger brother Bodhi,who has the most fascinating encounters,with their magic in season one,since this version of lock and key is a,little more family-friendly than the,comics bodis youthful exuberance after,discovering each key is honestly,infectious Tyler and Kenzies adventures,in the first half of the season when,theyre not teaming up with Bodie are,less pivotal to the overall story and,are usually relegated to high school,drama like using the keys to get revenge,on Mean Girls or trying to impress a,potential love interest these high,school hijinks occasionally make the,show feel more like a CW teen drama than,an ambitious mystery and lock-and-key,feels far more engaging when it leans,into its fantastical elements one,particular stand out on that front is,the head key which enables a series to,get creative with its visuals while also,playing with body horror the key is,inserted into the back of someones neck,to literally open the door into their,mind which then allows a person to,relive important memories which allows,the audience to see the kids interact,with their father adding believable,weight and grief to those relationships,these scenes are great character,building moments for the kids and are so,well realized its easy to forget this,is all happening because of a magical,key this confident blend of fantasy and,real-world drama is lock and Keys,greatest strength where the series gets,into trouble is when it tries to tackle,too many narratives at once the series,is simultaneously attempting to be a,compelling family drama supernatural,thriller murder mystery and high school,drama d throughout season 1 and by,attempting to serve several masters it,never completely feels like a cohesive,whole well the family storyline and the,fantasy elements involving the keys work,well other aspects of the plot arent,quite as memorable one example of this,is season Ones villain a mysterious,figure who torments the Lak family in,the hopes of taking possession of their,keys while her incredible on-screen,presence can be alternately charming and,menacing as the central villain youd,expect her to be a truly terrifying,figure but even when she kills someone,in a way that should be shocking in any,other situation the show often leans,into the absurd humor of her actions,rather than ramping up the tension,undercutting some of the shows biggest,scares as much trouble as a lot kids get,into its difficult to imagine something,horrible happening to them even with an,antagonist like her lurking in the,shadows,Netflixs lock-and-key hits the mark,when it comes to its slick visuals and,to focus on the powerful bonds within,the loc family however the series,struggles to instill any real terror,from its main villain due to its focus,on whimsy over horror if Netflix is,going broad with its adaptation to make,this series more accessible for viewers,who have no history with the franchise,then on those terms it succeeds,bottom line lock and key season 1 is an,enjoyable binge thats easily digestible,for fans and newcomers alike but those,who are hoping for a holy faithful,adaptation may feel frustrated by some,key changes for more Netflix reviews,check out what we thought of season 1 of,The Witcher and Dracula and be sure to,subscribe to I G n wherever you like to,watch

Locke & Key (2022) Netflix Series Review | Season 3

weve reached the end of the journey for,the lock family with netflixs fantasy,drama lock and key does this,satisfyingly close out the story or is,it a frustrating end,the lock family uncovers more magic,within key house while a new threat and,probably the most dangerous one yet,looms in matheson with plans of his own,for the keys so this is the final season,of the comic book series by joe hill and,gabriel rodriguez thats been adapted,for netflix now in the previous season,the lox battled dodge and a demon while,tyler struggled with approaching the age,where he just forgets magic there were,tragedies leaving some emotional scars,and then at the end tyler leaves key,house to gain some closure nina also,regained her memories about the keys,helping to strengthen her relationship,with her kids and then also allowing her,to help them solve issues brought about,by those keys in this season we follow,more of gideon whos played by kevin,durant now hes the revolutionary,soldier who was embodied by a very,powerful demon hes looking to cause all,sorts of havoc if he can get his hands,on all of the keys now within this,particular storyline it has a very,similar premise to stranger things which,you can look at as either a good thing,or a bad thing because of those,similarities now the writing in this,show isnt always the best with lines of,dialogue that come across as obvious or,sometimes even lazily written in their,obviousness and not all of it is that,way but a lot of the dialogue and the,story are schmaltzy and theyre,predictable too now while some of the,family moments come across as sweet and,endearing this also runs the risk of,being a very kidified show many of the,plot points start out with stakes that,feel like they could have dire,consequences but then theyre resolved,insanely quickly before any real danger,or peril can even be established this,ends up killing any tension that starts,to be created within the show now i know,this is aimed at a teen-ish audience but,the way the tension is broken every time,and then the way the script plays,everything so safely it seems like the,actual target audience is much younger,even with a good amount of swearing that,takes place now along with the,predictability there are many many plot,conveniences that are present and,sometimes they get to be just downright,ridiculous in the way that they wrap up,a conflict we meet some twins in the,first episode and they just feel like,wasted potential because they come on,fiercely but their storyline peters out,really quickly another example is with,gideon now sure hes a powerful demon,but this dude is able to overpower just,about anything so his seemingly,invincible nature of him just kills any,story attempts to best him theres also,a sequence where a character has to,drive but they shouldnt know how and,yet they do in order to finish the scene,now i know thats a nitpick but its,just another example of how the show,continues to write its way out of,anything that could be complex and,instead just chooses a simplified,solution this is also what contributes,to the feeling that this is written for,preteens more than anybody else now,something that i did enjoy was that the,story introduces a time constraint into,some of the episodes now this creates,some building tension and i was enjoying,how it increased the urgency of her,character movements and their decisions,unfortunately though this is cut short,and resolved before it could get truly,effective in sustaining a heightened,sense of conflict now the acting in this,i think is reflective of a lot of the,writing where the actors are doing the,best with what theyve been given,especially with how each of the arcs has,this start stop feel where something,begins and then its abruptly resolved,and then something new has begun again,amelia jones gets to show off her,singing abilities and she performs some,great tunes she and some of the savinis,do this a cappella version of jimmy e,worlds hear you me now my only,complaint with this is that they dont,get to sing enough of it i loved the,harmonies and i just wanted to hear more,of it conor jessup who plays tyler lock,he just continues to frustrate me i mean,his character is broken and sad but he,constantly comes across like hes,searching for his lines or maybe just,the way that hes supposed to be,reacting in a scene i just dont think,the direction that he was getting was,effective in giving us the full scope of,his character now the special effects,that are utilized in this are a mixed,bag in their effectiveness now sometimes,they looked pretty good especially in,their transitions when we watch kevin,durants gideon get really angry his,face will transform from that of a human,to that is something much scarier and i,thought these effects were really,effective and theyre executed well,other times though the graphics looked,obviously shot on a green screen and,then they had this hugely fake,appearance to them now i enjoyed a,couple of the character arcs in this as,we watch a few of our players exhibit,some good growth now sometimes growth,was hindered by angst but there were,truly a few times where the characters,look back over their actions and then,choose a different path going forward,now these felt mostly earned and then,they were believable despite there being,eight episodes which is also two less,than each of the previous two seasons,this goes by quickly now the first half,of the season has episodes that are in,that mid 40-ish minute range but then,the last half of the episodes theyre,closer to only 30 minutes long and i,think the fast-paced and the rushed,feeling would have been lessened had the,final episodes had more content in each,of their stories now because this is the,final season im glad the show gets the,opportunity to close it out giving,resolution and closure to not only the,story but the characters as well i think,the ending comes about pretty fast and,the climax is a bit underwhelming and,even anticlimactic but its also not out,of line with how the rest of the season,didnt dive too heavily into the,suspenseful drama i think if youve,already been watching this series it,kind of makes sense that youd want to,finish it out but if youve never,watched the show and youre wondering,whether or not maybe you should begin,this id say probably skip it now i like,the first season and then it dips in,quality and story with the final two,seasons the concept is awesome and its,intriguing but the overall execution,wanes as the show goes along so overall,the final season of lock and key has,some moments where the story is,intriguing and even tense but,unfortunately the show resolves all the,conflicts before they can become,engaging creating a very rushed pace,predictability and convenience reign,with the storytelling allowing,characters and arcs to be concluded way,too easily and while some of the special,effects look good others are keenly not,effective making the green screen usage,all too noticeable the acting is also,mixed for me but im choosing to believe,thats a result of the simplified,scripting and the episode direction but,at least this series has the opportunity,to resolve its storyline and then,provide closure as it ends instead of,leaving us hanging right in the middle,of the narrative theres no section of,nudity a bunch of profanity and a lot of,violence i give season three of lock and,key,hey i rhymed two and a half out of five,couches,so are you a fan of this show do you,have a favorite character let me know in,the comments below if you enjoyed this,review please give it a like also dont,forget to share and subscribe im chris,this is movies and munchies thanks for,couching with me

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Locke & Key Netflix REVIEW

quite simply lock and key is the horror version of lost in space which is a,really good show I dont know if everyone loves it because no one seems,to be talking about lost in space but I sure enjoy it and I really enjoyed lock,and key I mean in terms of similarities were talking down to the family with a,little boy driving the action surprisingly high stakes and lots of,danger a lot of people died on the show right one little one was a little boy,who died like right in front of my right in front of us I that was that was the,one I found the most shocking but you know how else its like lost in space,incredible production values thank you for spending the money Netflix the only,notable difference between the two is that what wont besides of course you,know sci-fi vs. horror is that well lost in space is very female centric which I,dont think that show gets enough credit for lock and key is more balanced both,in terms of gender and ethnicity theres even a key though that can make you,switch genders which is very interesting and very well used and very well done,like this whole show in fact my only complaint is the look of the show its,very bright and safe lost in space feels like a sci-fi show but lock and key does,not well its tough it has a lot of horror elements which I think are,impressive and I did think it had some scares but it just doesnt have the look,the cinematography the lighting of a horror show and for that reason I wasnt,too excited to watch it even though I had advanced screeners even that wasnt,doing it for me because it seemed to kitty to me weve,been discussing this on Twitter right but it seems more like Netflix is a,series of unfortunate events which I just could never get through that just,scene that was in my opinion skewed too little in terms of its audience appeal,instead of all ages like something like lost in space right but Im delighted to,tell you that this show again is more like lost in space and as soon as I,started it actually I was hooked I liked it Id say maybe took about 10,15 minutes and I was like this is pretty good,two episodes really to tell if you like it and by the end of the second episode,I was like so much better than I thought and in fact it gets particularly good,for the second half that back in the back five episodes i binge those in 24,hours i mean that netflix is very good at this,they know how to end an episode right where youre like must keep watching,right and this is why people like netflix why the binge model is popular I,mean with with lock and key your weekend is taken care of believe me youre gonna,have a good time or whenever you choose to watch it youre in for a really good,chunk of entertainment now to me the real star of the show is Jackson Robert,Scott which surprises me he was adorable in it chapter one but I wasnt so sure,he was a good actor in it Chapter two in fact I wasnt so sure he was a good,actor for the first couple of episodes of this show hes adorable,but again I was like can he act he can by the end of the show he not only shows,incredible range I think as an actor I think he has a lot of potential going,forward too but hes really the heart of lock-and-key loved Bodie I mean thats,kind of I think the idea with the character from the comic but Jackson,Robert Scott really delivers not to say the rest of the log family isnt,fantastic they are Tyler Kinsey and mom Ellie are all excellent also very,likeable but also smart interesting characters each with their own issues I,particularly like what happens with Kinsey I thought that was very cool,although Tyler and Ally really pull on the old heartstrings thats for sure and,all of those issues are explored I think extremely well thats the beauty of like,the of the streaming series model as well that you have the time to develop,all these characters and go there as this showed us but for us for other,standout performances somethings truly special I would say theres Patrice,Jones as horror fans Scott whos also a real sweetheart I was rooting for him,thomas mitchell barnett whos very convincing as a very disturbed teenager,steven williams who plays one of the nicest men Ive ever seen on screen I,was like what a nice guy in fact hes and birds of prey playing a real jerk,and I was like hes not a jerk hes a wonderful person that was funny,that was a funny 180 to see the actor do he was believable in both roles good for,him but he was just so nice yeah I was like what a great guy and of course lace,ledee Allah Vieira who makes for a fabulous and truly dangerous village she,was fantastic exactly what the show needs because you know shes really just,one villain for most of it versus everyone else and she can take on,everyone I think it was still very well balanced she was great I always liked to,head into the production design team Wow the house and its surrounding property,is a true character itself with the hidden keys extremely well realized I,really like the keys I wasnt sure about it I wasnt sure about the opening,credits but it has to show went on I was like Im liking this in fact I think,this could easily become a popular game they could sell like replicas of the,keys I think and maybe even have theme park attractions like the stranger,things horror maze at Universal Studios if this show is a hit for Netflix I see,a lot of potential here really good stuff and the whole Lough estate,including the sea caves who are the sea caves you would think you would read,that in a script and be like I cant afford this on it on a small screen well,Netflix can and does do it the school the town,everything is so incredibly well realized that lock and key often feels,like a feature film instead of a TV show like lost in space quite frankly and of,course I have to give a shout out to the VFX team for a number of episodes they,were like at the beginning they had this little screen come up and theyre like,the VFX isnt completed you know please keep that in mind and I was like looks,pretty darn good to me I mean maybe on a few of it well lets just say ghost,animations I was like oh thats maybe a little off but I would have accepted it,like if thats as good as it got I think it would be fine so Im curious to see,how it actually looks when they released the show but they make all these,fantastic ideas and terrifying ideas totally believable but I have to say,there are a number of twists that are conveyed simply through acting and I,think that the cast deserves a lot of credit for their impressive work in,selling those twists very good the ending Wow never saw it coming totally,different from the I booked two so everyone is in for a,surprise dont ruin it finally the shows writing team deserves,a shout-out as well led by showrunners Carlton coos who works quite a bit in,Hollywood and also Meredith Averill they deserve a ton of credit theyre the,leaders of the writing team but the show has a lot of writers but everyone Wow,they craft such ornate world but at the same time they make it totally,believable and organic I mean they make the most out of like about the h/h,episodes about 45 minutes so its not exactly ten hours but they make the most,of the time I mean so much happens in those 10 episodes you have a ton of,world-building a ton of character development action fantasy scares,genuine mysteries all leading up to one big mystery oh its great it really,feels like youre reading a great book or a comic book and on that note to be,fair Ive only read a few issues of lock-and-key but you know what the comic,never really appealed to me I didnt want to go beyond those few issues but,from what I remember from what I read and from what Ive been able to see,online researching the comic for this show I would say that this show honors,the comic but quite frankly I think also improves upon it this is one of those,cases where I think Hollywood actually made something better I know I cant,believe it really surprise upon surprise upon,surprise and also delight upon delight up

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Locke and Key is a Modern Horror Masterpiece

oh hi you caught me editing under some,turbulent circumstances speaking of,getting creative works done under tough,circumstances lets talk about lock and,key hello welcome to comic troupes Im,your host Chris well you caught me in a,straitjacket with a padlock but by the,end of the episode I endeavor to get out,of this straitjacket why am I in a,straitjacket because it has a key and,Im talking about the comic-book lock,and key get it anyway lock and key is my,personal favorite horror comic it is,just phenomenal it was created by Joe,Hill the writer and Gabriel Rodriguez,the artist in 2008 and ran through 2013,it is amazing now any horror comic can,feature gore or creepy characters but,the reason lock-and-key works so well is,beyond those elements it has rock-solid,story structure a character drama a,family drama really that you will,understand and relate to and a villain,that is truly despicable terrifying and,yet at the same time by the very end you,will sort of understand where hes,coming from,so you package all those elements,together with some gorgeous artwork and,youre gonna get one of the best stories,out there today I want to talk about,what makes it work so well so without,any further ado lets talk about lock,and key while I continue to struggle to,get out of this straitjacket lock and,key tells a complete story in a,three-act structure with each act,comprising 12 issues except for the,final art which has 13 every six issues,is collected into a convenient trade,paperback,welcome to Lovecraft head games crown of,shadows keys to the kingdom clock works,and Alpha and Omega the store,follows the lock family following a,tragedy where the father and husband,Rendell Locke is murdered by one of his,students Nina and her three children,Tyler Kinzie and Bodhi relocate from San,Francisco to the family estate ki house,in Lovecraft Massachusetts to live with,Rendells younger brother Duncan the,house side several secrets hidden keys,that can unlock incredible powers and,magic the youngest child Bodhi,accidentally comes across the ghost key,which allows you to leave your body,he is lured to the well where a,beautiful young woman calling herself,dodge appears to be trapped over time we,learned that this is actually a demon,searching for the Omega key which can,open a portal to a Lovecraftian realm,where demons live we eventually learned,that when demons tried to cross into our,world back during the Revolutionary War,they turned into hunks of iron a,blacksmith named Ben Locke crafted them,into magical keys and hid them on his,family estate with a spell that makes,you forget about them when you become 18,that means that this story is told from,the perspective of the most vulnerable,characters the three locked children and,because of that vulnerability theyre,open to manipulation theyre all dealing,with significant trauma after losing,their father in an incredibly violent,manner but they also are the ones that,will ultimately gain the power of the,various keys throughout their house they,have that power but of course none of,the wisdom that comes with being an,adult so theyre all in incredible,danger the story was written by Joe Hill,beginning in 2008 he had one novel,published the previous year heart-shaped,box and was a relatively unproven writer,at the time these days its become,common knowledge that he is the son of,the famous writer Stephen King but Joe,wanted to prove his talent on his own,merits and began going by Joe Hill as,early as 1995 while there are some,echoes of his fathers horror fiction,like kids getting access to powers and a,mentally impaired kid being a key figure,in the story,hell expertly paces the story to build,in,its danger as it goes on revealing the,past of the family and snippets so that,we the reader can never get ahead of the,story and it creates some compelling,characters the adult characters are all,compromised which makes life tougher for,the kids,Nina their mother is dealing with a,broken leg and a rape which means that,she starts to abuse alcohol their uncle,Duncan is a young gay man in a,conservative small town a gym teacher,who takes on a mentor role – Kinsey is,blackmailed into assisting dodge due to,their prior history this leaves us with,bode a young naive and trusting child,who was the least traumatized but also,possessed of power beyond his knowledge,theres Kinsey who desperately tried to,hide her pain in new looks and interests,but he was probably the most,level-headed of the group and theres,Tyler formerly a popular jock who feels,incredible guilt because he was,squabbling with his father before he was,killed,hes forced to grow up and become the,man of the house years before hes ready,and yet,we end up liking all of these characters,they dont get so mopey that they become,annoying theyre not dumb they make,smart decisions with the information,they have theyre just an incredible,danger another highlight in this series,is the delicate and detailed artwork by,Gabriel Rodriguez hes a Chilean artist,who has a background in architecture his,work can at first feel a bit cartoony,but each character is easily,identifiable very expressive and his,environments are a true treat the,elaborate key house always looks,incredible and its shown in many,different angles Rodriguezs earliest,work in comics was IDW CSI adaptation,and they recommended him to Joe Hill,when he was pitching lock-and-key in his,early years illustrating his comics he,was still supplementing his income with,architectural design work if youre,familiar with either Joe Hill or Gabriel,Rodriguez it could be difficult to,imagine them having a hard time breaking,into the industry I mean theyre both,incredibly talented one is the son of a,very famous writer the other,has a masters degree in architecture,but it was tough for them to break into,comics no one had an easy path for them,to break into the medium so I find their,passion and their perseverance,incredibly endearing lock-and-key,benefits from a solid structure,this keeps characters developing across,complex arcs which keeps them,interesting the more we can relate to,and like the characters the more we care,about them when theyre in danger thats,what elevates okay horror to great,horror first the books feature a,three-act structure with the first two,volumes laying out the characters,setting and premise before moving on to,the next several volumes of act 2,featuring our protagonists going up,against the various threats that dodge,sends their way both supernatural and,human,the final act culminates in an epic,confrontation it also follows the,classic hero monomyth with the heroes,moving out of their comfort zone,crossing a threshold into the,supernatural world of the keys adapting,to it and battling the literal forces of,darkness paying a heavy price and,returning home changed the kids very,specifically confront literal,representations of their obstacles,Kinzie for instance uses the head key to,remove her fear and sadness in an,attempt to be a better version of,herself,Tyler tries to cram knowledge to help,and impress a girl and realizes that,knowing something isnt the same as,understanding it he also has to face his,fathers killer as well as the forces,that sent him forth so its perhaps more,accurate to say that the characters go,on several cycles of a heros journey,that said one great aspect of lock and,key is it has a fantastic ending its a,finite series with a definitive ending,and if you can give Stephen King one,criticism a lot of people will often say,some of his endings are pretty weak that,is definitely not the case with his son,Joe Hills comic lock and key,I wont go into any spoilers for people,who havent read it before but I will,say that its epic it builds on,everything that came before it and I,found it a very satisfying conclusion,with a lot of closure with all that said,the story can feature some incredible,violence and it doesnt shy away from,showing us the results one great aspect,of lock and key

Locke & Key Explained in 18 Minutes

listen so lock and key is a comic series,that at one point was said to be a movie,trilogy there was even a filmmaker named,steven spielberg who had his eyes on it,fox had actually shot a pilot sorry,jesse mccartney before saying it was too,scary and then canceling it and then in,the end like many things it just ended,up on netflix with producers who are no,strangers to shows with famous locks,its based on the comic created by,gabriel rodriguez and joe hill son of,stephen king who both actually came here,on their own comic and then pop up in,the live action one and i would highly,recommend reading the series cause one,its all free on hoopla and two its so,much better like there are great netflix,comic adaptations that know how to pick,up on the tone and then there are others,that are fun they get the gist of the,story but are too keen on keeping it,family friendly to the point that you,realize its not trying to be a,masterpiece like the source material but,just something to pass the time is there,anything that you feel that fans will,have a strong reaction to one of those,topics that will be talked about for,years after the fact,i mean i dont know that,anything in season two rises the fact,that people will talk about it for years,afterwards but well entertain you so,before we set up all the key points,leading up to season two a big shout out,to our sponsor pi vpn for supporting the,channel and setting up a great discount,to get the most out of your streaming,right now were at the time where film,festival season and every listener knows,how much virtual festivals they just,pretty much change the game with the,help of pia vpn you can catch all the,best films and international selections,that are playing all before the year is,up making you more cultures in the,academy if any youtube videos are ever,geo-blocked you can bypass those,restrictions with sandy tool you can,keep your entire movie library intact,wherever you travel you can get the most,out of your netflix catalog and all of,your other subscriptions unlike others,they dont store any logs or mess with,your data they provide a seamless ad,blocker to go with it allow up to 10,devices they got that 24 7 support and,boasts over 30 million downloads with,that 30 day money back guarantee so if,you want to stream more and stream,better head over to our link down below,to get 83 off four extra months free and,unlock your streaming potential now full,spoilers let me explain so the series,revolves around the log family who moved,from seattle to their ancestral home,called key house way out in the woods in,massachusetts and while the family of,four is just looking to get away they,end up discovering more keys and kingdom,hearts that have all these magical,abilities and it all calls back to their,family lineage their ancestors would,have been blacksmiths who fought in the,revolutionary war key house in fact was,used as an intelligence base in world,war ii and little do they know that,theyll be holding the keys the next big,demonic war so lets go down the list,theres the head key which unlocks or,can even add memories and it lets you,see inside the the mind of a person as,the room takes the form of their desires,so it can look like body busters right,here or even a room full of vhs memories,its like someone used the head key on,me but now its all real the anywhere,key is probably one of the most used,keys is it can help you transport,through any doorway to wherever you,desire and so weve seen it used for,some of the most daring escapades such,as,dining and dashing and stealing all 31,flavors of ice cream before you get mad,let me explain the ghost key allows you,to separate yourself from your body when,you walk through a doorway leaving,behind your physical state as you fly,around like casper and its interesting,to note that with it you can talk to,others who have died but only if they,passed on the grounds theres the,matchstick key that simply just sets you,on fire the plant key that gives you,more control of a greenhouse and poison,ivy but it also serves as a way for,plants to store memories theres the,music box key that is used to manipulate,people so you pretty much just insert it,and you can get your brother to slap,himself or you know be the better person,and bully your bully the identity key,allows you to change your appearance,into that of another persons the,mending key fixes anything you need when,you put it into this wardrobe the echo,key is able to bring someone back but,really only in the form of a memory come,to life whereas the shadow key summons,monsters that help duplicate the person,using it in order to accomplish whatever,netflix villain scheme they may have and,then theres the omega key which,controls the black door and keeps it,locked from the other dimension which is,really the gateway thats created,everything from it a substance known as,whispering iron shoots through either,finding a host that it can latch onto,and possess or you know whether into a,little metal that can be molded into a,new key that calls out in little,whispers in order to be found all that,said though all these tricks are for,kids thats how this stuff always works,only kids can get into narnia thats why,the mom nina is pretty oblivious to the,entire season and whats going on mind,you she did also lose and witness the,death of her husband rendell so shes,still absorbed in that trauma of getting,shot in the leg and you know being sober,for six years that she doesnt have the,time to see two boaties walking around i,need a project,my kids need a home bodhi is the baby of,the family whos described as being a,pop-tart in human form and jackson,robert scott continues to be the it kid,for these horror films as he keeps,looking down sewers that he really,shouldnt be and while it is bodhi who,does kick off everything you know hes,the one finding the first couple of keys,it is also bodhi who gets duped by ekko,the seasons villain into escaping so,while i get that hes cute dan did this,boy deserve the timeout key kids dealing,with bear traps trying to stick keys in,peoples necks without consent you know,what pardon the content warning but hes,even sailing cookies in the cookie jar,these arent toys,theyre weapons cant they be both,and to think these siblings divided the,keys and gave this child too tyler locke,is the eldest of the bunch who feels the,guilt of not having saved his dad when,he was right there and to a degree even,feels responsible since he knows the kid,who attacked him and was venting to him,hes also struggling to get on the,hockey team while suffering to get a,prom date and thats where hes dealing,with two girls theres eden the stuck up,actress whos always putting everyone,down and you know you know its bad when,you get possessed by a demon and no one,even notices i hate to break it to you,but,wanting to be a director doesnt mean,that you are one jackie on the other,hand is someone who always is looking,out for tyler is always trying to set,him straight giving him second chances,honestly to the point that she may have,been better off without him you know you,can either be an [ __ ],or a good guy tyler,they cant be both theres also his jack,friends logan and javi who are on,complete opposite sides of the douche,spectrum but both are always helping him,out whenever he needs it kinsey lock is,the middle child whos having a hard,time fitting into this hogwarts-like,school and an even harder time trying to,pick between these two boys first off,theres the one and only scott with the,one and only t who was easily my,favorite from the jump he always steps,up when hes needed and is actually the,first to reach out to her in the school,as he invites her into his film club,named after the great tom savini who,makes a cameo and scotts really the,first person to learn about the lockheed,secret even being able to use them for,the special effects on the movie that,hes working on known as the splattering,which netflix even made

Locke and Key Season 2 Netflix Review

my question for you all is whats the,key for season two to be locked in as,the best show of the year,cause,lock and key what is up netflix fans,welcome back to my channel lock and key,is back on netflix season 2 has finally,premiered i need you guys in the,comments down below did you enjoy this,season which one do you like more were,going to talk about it spoiler free,lets do it and picking up three months,after the end of the prior season evil,has won and they are not alone the demon,dodge managed to trick the lock family,into thinking they had sent them back to,the hell they came from but instead took,form in their friend gabe and new,henchwoman in eden who got infected by a,demon at the end of the season,unbeknownst to the lox and thinking they,are now free from these evil demons our,heroes spend most of the season dealing,with a separate problem and that is,growing up so thats your basic premise,for season two a premise that i thought,was extremely,interesting because now griffin gluck,who plays gabe and if you guys dont,know one of my favorite shows on netflix,ever is american vandal griffin glock,kind of got his start there and i really,like his charisma his personality but,this time around he gets to do something,a bit different he has that evil smirk,on his face every time we get to see,gabe or quote unquote gay because thats,how were approaching this he does a,good job i thought there could have been,more of a threatening or,menacing look and feel to that character,at points i guess in that way he does a,good job of blending in but hes good,haley jones plays eden who does a really,good job i mean just in the first,episode she gets herself into something,at this movie premiere and youre,sitting back going all right,that character is definitely not one you,want to mess with then of course you,have tyler and kinsey and these actors,here connor jessup amelia jones jackson,robert scott scott i still its hard to,see past him being the little kid from,it but hes so good in this role hes,believable hes charismatic he has that,confidence that most kids his age are,lacking and i believe that confidence is,moving even more forward in this season,were getting to see our characters grow,up just a bit and because of that of,course the rule being once you hit that,age you begin to kind of forget about,all of this magic to start with thats,one thing we see their mother dealing,with i mean just in the midst of the,conversation darby stanchfield who plays,nina she is,trying to figure out okay did i just see,that happen is the magic actually there,as a tear rolls down my eye its a,really sweet concept and lock and key in,general theres so much were able to do,with this show and we saw numerous,examples of season one and this season,thats no different the vast and various,amount of keys that they use of course,the returning ones uh the ones that,weve seen before but you have new ones,like a key that makes you fly a key that,brings about chains and of course the,villainous mission to do something that,i was not expecting now its a storyline,that you could probably predict where,its going to end up at least by the end,of season 2 if not in general but its,one that causes this show to become,noticeably darker this time around kind,of like how harry potter with each,passing film you start out with that,whimsy and that magic but as you,progress even though it still has its,quirky elements and that sense of humor,which i think works most of the time,this season there is a lot here that,makes me look at this show and saying,okay its slowly becoming more adult and,i appreciate that and then you also have,you know obviously the threat of all the,villainous characters but the threat of,the passing of time because once you hit,that age its almost like your your body,and your brain is reprogrammed to just,not see the magic happening around you,and that story in itself is something,thats amplified much more so in season,two causes it to become darker you also,have the imagery here a couple of deaths,that i dont think are gruesome enough,to steer kids away in general but,definitely more gruesome than last,season you have these giant spiders a,lot of imagery that uh becomes,really fascinating from my perspective,looking at this show you know season one,you have a lot of that teen angst and,its definitely still there but its not,as prominent this time around theyre,focused much more on the story a story,that you know is a bit conventional from,a certain point of view but one that i,think will have fans of this show in its,grasp and lead you on a journey and,adventure and it all comes down to the,characters right if these characters,arent compelling,our main group here and then of course,the side players that filter in and out,then were not going to care about this,show and fortunately the characters,overcome a lot of those issues i have,with conventional and really,predictability within this story i love,the fact that this season showcases the,origin of the keys themselves and im,not entirely sure how this ties back,into the comic book if they did that,there or if this is a new thought but,fleshing out this world through,flashbacks to explore the key house and,the past of matheson is really integral,for a show like this and one thats,going to make itself i believe even more,prominent in future seasons and i have a,feeling this will get renewed the first,season performed fairly well,and the fact that season two gets darker,maybe more intense maybe a more,impactful story is only good news and of,course we still have the the high school,teen drama that im just not the biggest,fan of in a show like this you could uh,i guess compared to some of the shows on,the cw even though theres a fair share,of shows on there that i absolutely love,but some of those story lines i just,wasnt all that invested in but the fact,that these characters feel so,human and you know getting into this,magic going on these quests using these,keys i mean at this point in season two,theyre just kind of using them and not,really thinking about the repercussions,and not thinking that that evil is still,here is still present,sometimes those flashbacks that i,mentioned can take you out of that,rampant build up when were going,towards a specific scene maybe at the,end of every episode well get a,flashback and its kind of like oh man,we had so much momentum there and it,almost shot it down but thankfully once,we get back in lock and key season two,almost builds on what made season one so,much fun and i had a good time with,season two i really did i think fans of,this show are going to be,happy all of the character decisions,make sense and the newcomers the very,few newcomers but the newcomers,nonetheless uh they make an impact for,sure also i have to talk about the,special effects which are really good,the look of the show it has that,darkness that grittiness but every time,we use a key and we feel that magic,visually uh it works extremely well but,overall i need you guys in the comments,down below did you enjoy season two and,how you feeling about locking keys so,far this world is so magical and while,there are a few times it loses sight of,its goal season two stays on track and,builds on what makes this show,so much fun im going to 72 percent with,my score if you guys enjoyed this video,and you like these netflix reviews every,single weekend be sure to drop your,thumbs up down below and stay tuned we,have a denis villeneuve ranking and my,updated oscar predictions coming to this,channel along with more netflix reviews,because thats what we do also this,channel is almost to 100k so if you guys,are here for the first time and youre,watching this video and youre like oh,this guy maybe i should follow him if,youd like to do that that would be,fantastic appreciate you guys big time,um whats a good lock and key pun ive,run out of good puns i never had good,puns all right ill see you soon,you

Locke and Key – Season 2 (2021) Netflix Original Series Review

the locks are back and the keys are,getting out of control season two of,netflix original series lock and key is,out now so are you willing to unlock the,mystery of the show you see what i did,there,please dont unsubscribe,[Applause],tyler kinsey and bodie lock along with,the cevinis continue their quest to,secure all of the magical keys and,prevent evil demons from wreaking havoc,so locking key is based on a comic by,joe hill and gabriel rodriguez and this,is the second season where we find the,loch children desperately trying to find,all of the magical keys to defeat the,evil dodge whos now in the form of,kinseys boyfriend gabe this picks up,pretty much where season one left off,where we learned that dodge didnt get,thrown through the black door but,instead is alive and well and planning,how to steal all of the keys so the,first season was fun from an adventure,standpoint i mean we watch our,characters discover the existence of the,keys and then try to figure out what,they do and how to use them in this,season theres some of that same,adventure to be had but more of the,story excitement comes from the,deception and the conniving of gabe we,get to learn why hes interested in the,keys and what his larger plan is the,season is 10 episodes with each of them,being around 50 minutes long there is a,lot of back and forth in this where it,seems like theres a lot of story,progression but just in reality not much,actually does happen in the time that we,watch i began to feel like portions of,each episode could be cut without any,detriment to the story which then would,allow the narrative to progress faster,and more efficiently i think this season,takes on a darker tone or maybe its,just more brooding i mean the teen angst,that was present in the first is still,here again but now because this is less,about finding keys and more about,stopping the nefarious usage of those,keys it has a more serious bent to it i,liked how the character of eden takes on,a much larger role this time because she,was hit with the whispering medal at the,end of season one shes now possessed by,some demon and i just found it humorous,that just about every time we see her,character shes shoving her face with,some sort of food shes become the,sidekick to gabe and sometimes their,banter works well even causing some,chuckles but other times and probably,most of the time their interactions are,a bit cringy and forced now gabe is,supposed to be a menacing force,throughout this season but it is a,little difficult because he looks like,alfred e newman and i never felt any,true tension created by his character,hes meant to be powerful and cunning,and devious but none of that really,comes through in the performance what i,kept seeing was just this whiny little,kid who thought he was big and bad but,he wasnt so i didnt realize this the,first time i saw koda that apple tv plus,movie about a child of deaf adults but,amelia jones stars in that and she plays,kinsey in this and i loved her in coda,and in this season of locking key she,just doesnt get to show off a great,range of emotional depth for her,character i mean she pulls off annoyed,really well she also conveyed convincing,sadness or loss to a certain degree but,i think the character was pretty,shallowly written this go-round connor,jessup who plays tyler feels like hes,over acting or trying too hard a lot of,the time now i still like him as a,character but so many of his scenes felt,like he was straining to find the right,emotion making them all seem like they,were just too much and that really is,the feeling i got for most of the,performances that they were just a bit,too melodramatic this would then break,me out of any tension thats created,because it became more distracting than,suspenseful theres also the infusion of,some romance and mystery within a,relationship but unfortunately it just,doesnt fully amount to much when the,season concludes there was a build up,and a large amount of time devoted to,that arc but then nothing comes of it,and some of the special effects in this,are lackluster now maybe my advanced,screening copy didnt have every single,effect polished yet but there are some,towards the end of the show that seemed,like they just werent even trying some,people go down to the sea cave and not,only is the background glitchy and then,poorly textured but the sea spray that,comes from the sides looks like somebody,with a hose and a sprinkler is trying to,make that effect but then there are some,episodes where the effects are great,theres a new key that is discovered and,when used in conjunction with a model,there is a lot of fun to be had and one,scene just in particular,is nasty and it made my screen crawl but,the episode was exciting and fun as to,be expected there are a lot of story,conveniences built in which allow the,narrative to progress without,complications and these didnt,necessarily bother me because when they,happened they actually sped up some of,the storytelling preventing scenes from,dragging on and on really if you think,about it the keys themselves are major,plot conveniences they exist to get the,characters out of sticky situations and,also to cause some but most of the time,they help our players move from one,portion of the narrative to the next,unencumbered despite all the negatives,ive listed i still had fun with the,adventure i like the search and even the,chase that is inherent in finding the,keys i also like when new keys are,discovered and getting to see what they,did theres more history and lore that,is explored this season which i enjoyed,because it begins to provide more and,more context and background for how that,gateway came to be the story also uses,some of this background to provide more,legs to the series allowing it to,progress into new territory within new,complications so overall season two of,lock and key was just okay the acting,was consistent in its melodrama and the,story takes a lot of time to make the,progression it does i would have,preferred more efficient storytelling,using the allotted time to move the,narrative forward faster the effects are,uneven but i do acknowledge that this,could have been the result of having an,early screening copy and while some of,the story arcs are sometimes lackluster,and even some that are left wanting the,chase and adventure that ensue are,enjoyable ill tune in for a third,season but its not something that im,salivating to get to theres no sex or,nudity some profanity and a decent,amount of violence i give season two of,lock and key three out of five couches,are you a fan of this series whos your,favorite character or what key would you,love to have i want the anywhere key,personally but id love to hear yours in,the comments below if you enjoyed this,review please give it a like also dont,forget to share and subscribe im chris,this is movies and munchies thanks for,couching with me

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