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Logan – Movie Review

logan is directed by james mangold and,is the final portrayal of wolverine by,hugh jackman or so he says james mangold,last directed the wolverine which i,thought was pretty good up until the,third act which got really silly but up,until then I was like yes this is what I,need and if you watch the extended cut,of the Wolverine its even better so I,was happy that James Mangold was,returning to direct this final portrayal,of such an iconic character Im going to,go very light on the plot synopsis,because I got to see this very early at,a press screening and basically Logan,has to cart this girl around hes not,entirely sure what her backstory is and,as he learns more about it he learns,more about himself as well so as,Wolverine is slicing and dicing various,bad guys,he and Professor X have to try to,protect this girl who may not really,need that much protection because shes,got some tricks up her sleeve this is,also the first movie featuring Wolverine,to be rated R this film is brutal oh my,god there is so much blood and limbs I,loved it they really didnt hold,anything back Wolverine goes absolutely,berserk on people in this movie hes,chopping off limbs,hes impaling people and its not,squeaky clean theres blood everywhere,and my god,its [ __ ] great from an action,standpoint this is probably my favorite,in the x-men universe not just because,of the fact that it doesnt hold back,but because Wolverine is old hes tired,hes broken down hes beaten physically,and emotionally hes doing back-alley,drug deals to get pills for Professor X,I mean this guy is just a complete,shadow of what he used to be so when,someone comes around challenging him,its amazing to see that old Wolverine,come out that insane Weapon X that weve,come to love in other movies really come,to fruition again when just the right,buttons are pushed and this is something,that I expected going in knowing that,its rated R knowing that rating says,strong brutal bloody violence thats,what I want to see and we do get that,but from an emotional standpoint I was,very satisfied with Logan in regards to,the fact this is more in line with what,Christopher Nolan did with Batman,less of what weve seen with the,Avengers Marvel movies this is a very,somber serious drama that contains,exciting bursts of action throughout,this isnt a movie where our heroes walk,around sad and depressed the entire time,its not completely devoid of humor it,has a lot of fun in there as well and,some good jokes but it is kept at a very,gracious minimum this is a dark violent,movie in which very little hope remains,for these characters theyre at about,99.9% done with hope there is a very,tiny little shred of it remaining in,these characters eyes it is so great and,riveting to see these characters weve,grown to love put in a place thats so,dark and so small and almost completely,forgotten about that you just want to,see them climb out of the hole theyre,in and watching these characters,especially the young girl in the film,grow to appreciate one another and learn,to help each other again and be heroes,again it was fantastic this movie makes,the curious choice of having the x-men,comics physically exist in this world,and theyre viewed as these fictional,stories that people wrote based off of,the real heroes so Wolverine picks up an,x-men comic and looks through a Yazs,bullsháá and throws it away you know,thats actually really smart I love that,because it takes place in the future of,the timeline established in Days of,Future past so you can do a lot with,what took place in between those two,films and apparently a lot of people are,very happy with the x-men and view them,as heroes and so theres comic books,that exist in this world about them and,its really actually a very smart and,fresh idea and I like the fact that,include that in there I would say the,first act and the third act of this,movie are the best those two acts are,extremely riveting very fast paced,intense they almost feel like westerns,theres a definite Western sense to this,movie that James Mangold is going for,even right down to a scene where the,characters are watching the movie Shane,on TV but the second act turns into a,roadtrip movie of sorts and it meanders,a little bit nothing from a dramatic,standpoint thats very interesting is,happening there also wasnt a lot of,action for that period that act was,really taken to make the little girl and,Wolverine grow as,characters and it wasnt quite as,interesting as I think it could have,been the film sometimes chooses to focus,on characters that are nowhere near as,compelling as the ones that we want it,to focus on it sometimes takes way too,much time with other characters that I,feel dont really have that much weight,or impact to this movie the film also,makes another interesting choice for the,characters that to my knowledge has no,basis in the comics I believe the,writers have completely invented this,character for some it might be a,distraction gratefully its handled,pretty well its actually kind of scary,what they do with a specific character,in this film that to my knowledge as I,said is completely invented by the,screenwriters his addition in this movie,is fairly miniscule but some are,probably going to be annoyed by it,because its sort of invented again Ive,read a lot of x-men comics but I havent,read all of them so if Im wrong Im,wrong but I think he mostly worked for,this movie and I think that if fans can,accept the fact that not everything in,these movies has to be perfectly like,the comics and that these are,adaptations of the comics and I think,most men will be ok with it especially,since its brutal and kind of terrifying,actually now of course no spoilers but,as for the way everything wraps up in,this movie I found it to be pretty,satisfying I did want just a little bit,more emotionally just maybe a couple,more little punches to my gut but for,the most part everything ended in a way,that I think is very satisfactory for,longtime fans and for myself in,particular its not a perfect movie,sometimes the tone and the pacing of it,all gets a little jumbled but as a final,portrayal of this character Hugh Jackman,was just so [ __ ] badass he knocked it,out of the park once again for one last,time seeing our beloved will be so,broken and learning about his past some,things he maybe didnt even want to know,about it was kind of heart-wrenching and,he did a fantastic job Patrick Stewart,is also amazing in this movie I love the,little girl as well I thought she was,very good James Mangolds vision for,this movie is very beautiful I think,its a very good-looking movie very well,edited I liked Logan quite a bit Im,going to give it an A – guys if you,cant tell right now I am sick as hell I,have had the worst cold,add in years and I drove myself to the,theater tonight I have not yet seen the,Great Wall or a cure for wellness or,anything this weekend I just was like go,see Logan you have to see it you got to,get this video up Ill try to get the,Great Wall up as soon as I can,sorry I just might throw up my so Ive,had like this flu I was having weird,like fever dreams the other night it was,crazy anyway guys thank you very much,for watching and if you liked this you,can click right here and get stuck mine,eyes,[Applause],[Music]

Logan – Movie Review

ja hij zit in this movie,en dit is arthur,[Muziek],ook is de nieuws xc60 is een nieuwe,smoothie in wolverine chapter in the,x-men universe ist es hier jackman so,much onderwater de logan is inkerven sec,charles ik 17 juli en de roteb dit is de,headlines,sinds een chef-kok kennis ook snel ooit,in zon groot orkest in zijn bed uw door,coming after her slogan ik cbr kleine,kip poll de nieuwe wereld waar de chine,de perfecte scroll een take her to we,naar de play all my love you guys en,chasing neem mijn job bij basic,conflicten la bella in vers 12 in de,gregors movie star chuck audispray this,rather than ever dus naar olie plusjes,de character logan brasserie jackman die,jack-mes belogen verhuur allemaal stuwt,het kind blauwe team green,duw het nood is 14 bijna lekkerbekken,wist hij mijn naam enterprising zijn,humor en selden ze zon much more tarkin,peter loog je lange zijdes dus uhmm used,only 10 en dan hebben we de helpdesk al,onze zeven uur in this movie with,interesting families die allemaal omaha,dit maxspect m ze wilde hem in een,situation voor niets kan de sector als,een vws javelin inrichting chatgirl en,smurrie in panahi dat nou ruzie zijn,gisternacht in een sms sturen dat,hamstring gemeentelijke music story 3 in,this movie is a social graph,nou precies 6 kilo wat ik doe het juiste,mix voor de me george bush sr en skye,zodat ze scowls is carl had kanker csi,line up your [ __ ] bloody dekker glare en,she rocks dansje even lightroom alarm,wil een deel ali misdrijf wanneer kan,robotarm value zullen jullie willen,weleens naar mijn thuisstad names for,yes i was actually quite managing de,nieuwe sunscreen nieuws kerven snarky,danny helder ssangyong voor belito de,toon review jackman,desnoods malfait budget,tanguy by auction pikes iets in hier er,is naar de pcs of doen bewegen snel,x-men apocalypse is een axel this movie,is en sappigste x-men apocalypse you,could get in the x-men universe of,leastways museum goth farley ex manier,x-men apocalypse was van destructive,nonsense en iin joypad thomas heyward,ex-neuroloog in essentially voor je,somber,personal type character story en waren,kabel people would prefer is my life,hacks met deze figuur pass is nauwelijks,mijn first class en tally eens na like,explosies is misschien wat is er great,job huizen final check for you jack-mes,over excelsior not dead cultuur waarin,ik met je coach die met een boel,vriendjes flipse she and search redding,jack oh mijn god hij daar was cool ding,boven renoveren plan is klasse in de,woofer en als het vet cool diepte 9 cm,art auction house and blood budget en ik,vind ik veel ipr redding was of jenneke,man is echt mijn nummer een defecte arm,zo tank vol deadpool meet manier die,bullion opende door verloochend upgraden,naar brussel people make up or in de,international trailer van er staat voor,als ik 7 jaar steeg vraagstukken,polywood het is workin me van peter,stuart charles 7 is carnaval maar mijn,koningin twee om een nieuw watch this,move you to regard login en dik c4,water-layer al sinds en sherry wil je,hardcore version of stel er in wal,dorsten anytime andere dames arafat,olifant natural bedoeling met die,argumenten james mcavoy charles x 7 je,potlood in de [ __ ] off en xmen deze,feature kaas door de characters naar wat,is blij griep hebt ook stiller als ik,zweer lang ijzeren work for het nummer,zien de ramp zal nu en niet een ander de,module pro strether werd in mijn,mormoonse scryven zowel red dolly parton,this movie is lang zo in dat er al,gekoppeld iphone smoothie tips tuin en,de stoerste slow down van may be while,offering de straatmeubilair om een,eclips in tips voor point and purpose,and he had to the point per persoon is,die familie kastje wat is mijn functie,maar hij woont het logan toe doe een,baby en zou de trailer for login en,login was en deden dus bij apple naish,we questions bedrijf i like these,questions are linked to spoilers,slaap lloydsweg emailadres nummer hier,visueel,spoilers plat bord is het net de spoiler,tag video porno,agenten dress de intellicure spoiler,video win this movie coming up het,internet graduation saraha dat de,characters for whats happening wit m of,l,echt yz makeup resten van op de youtubes,absoluut simpel conversations wil kan ik,wat danny yanga slogan is een great,personal story,bij sommige was super darkride is john,we allebei dat is ulcerosa zingen,sketches en week in something in hem die,my lovely weekend de hashtag dare to his,great supporting cartoon,a minus film end of the cargo in een,escort mission x plus 3 baby why it,should be all the girl who kleurolie,schaduw van het detail login with why,wont het lookin to be voor shirt,login earth as een taart jonger,this basic terminator toestellen you,have the guardian,je hebt best fiends coming after a,person in ruste guardians door de,perfecte persoon en neogenic aow van,alles erin zevenpersoons live cd op,temperatuur met een army brine john en,en keer greeley kicks en pak een plek is,zo logan gypsy girl i am see me on the,options you laugh senior media serie,comeback hier,hij we zien wat jullie denken,margaritas kan een bureaublad mena,onrust de beste kerstkaartje orkest get,you ever seen given their common,bureaublad mina en de zou witte rilaco,easy journey wat is ie mooi kleurrijk,hier de symbolen,[Muziek]

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Logan – The Perfect X-Men Movie

its no secret that ive always had kind,of a love-hate relationship with the,x-men series,on the one hand its given us truly,awesome movies like x2,and days of future past but on the other,its shouts out creative disasters like,the last stand,x-men origins wolverine apocalypse and,dark phoenix,its certainly been a rocky road but i,think most people would agree,that one of the best things to come out,of this mess was hugh jackmans,wolverine,yeah he didnt always have the best,scripts to work with and hes about,a foot taller than his comic book,counterparts but there was just,something fundamentally cool and awesome,about the guy,he really seemed to take the role,seriously no matter what was asked of,him and he was clearly prepared to put,in the work to get into wolverines,shape,the fact that hes in almost every x-men,movie should tell you just how much the,studio relied on him,to get rcs into seats but all good,things have to come to an end,and after 17 years and eight film,appearances hugh jackman was ready to,hang up the,claws he was almost 50 years old and,came to move on to new projects,but he was willing to give wolverine one,last outing and when he began looking at,ideas for where to take the character,it wasnt long before the old man,logans storyline rose,to the top working with writer and,director james mangold,jackman fought hard to make this film,different from everything that had come,before it,he wanted it to be grounded gritty and,character focused,instead of some big special effects,monstrosity,and he even took a hefty pick up to,secure an r rating,and [ __ ] man did his gamble pay off,logan is quite possibly the best x-men,movie ever made,and id argue its one of the strongest,comic book adaptations of all time,delivering a perfect send-off for one of,the most popular superhero characters in,cinema,allow me to explain why the movie kicks,off in the year 2029 where an aging,logan is eking out a living as a limo,driver making just enough money to care,for a dying professor xavier,as the man sees out his final days,xaviers suffering from dementia which,means hes slowly losing control of his,powerful psychic abilities and has to be,kept sedated to stop him from turning,into a psychic,time bomb right from the start its,pretty obvious this is going to be a,very different movie from the colorful,action-packed x-men films weve been,used to the world of logan is a bleak,lonely sun-bleached kind of place where,no mutants have been,born in decades and even the mighty,x-men are nothing but a distant memory,relegated to the pages of dusty comic,books even logan himself is starting to,break down,his body covered with the scars of old,battles and is once superhuman healing,ability,now slow and painful it turns out that,his adamantium skeleton is slowly,poisoning him and now that his healing,abilities are fading the poison is,starting to get the better of him,basically logan is a man living on,borrowed time and he knows it,but hes given a new sense of purpose,when hes recruited to drive a young,girl named laura,to a sanctuary called eden why because,lauras being hunted,shes a mutant with powers and abilities,similar to his own,the first new mutant born in decades as,we soon find out,laura and a bunch of other children like,her were created in a lab,by an evil company that wanted to,weaponize them because,you know theres always an evil company,that wants to exploit mutants in these,movies,when the experiments didnt pan out the,company planned to execute the children,but some of the nurses disobeyed orders,and smuggled them out,now they want to kill laura to cover up,the truth of their experiments and,theyll stop at nothing to get to her,and when they track logan back to his,hideout in the desert,hes left with no choice but to take her,in xavier and get the [ __ ] out of there,so the bulk of the story is a kind of,road trip movie and a chase thriller,combined,as the trio make their way north to eden,hunted by corporate mercenaries every,step of the way,theres plenty of gory action and fight,scenes to be sure,but its in the quieter moments that the,film really shines through for me,at its heart logan is a character study,about three very different people thrown,together and forced to cooperate in,order to survive,whether its the gangs slowly opening up,to each other as they travel through a,bleak,desolate future america or having dinner,with a family that took them in for the,night,simple moments like this really are a,joy to watch,the chemistry between the three main,actors is [ __ ] perfect,patrick stewart and hugh jackman have,been playing these roles for so long,that they could practically perform them,in their sleep but this movie may,represent their very best,work their performances are poignant,understated and mature,especially stuart who plays a once proud,man struggling to accept that his mind,is failing him,with all the bravado and pretenses of,previous movies stripped away,what youre left with are two old men,haunted by past mistakes and regrets,and facing the realization that there,arent that many days ahead for either,of them,its kind of ironic that their greatest,strengths have become their most fatal,weaknesses,logans adamantium skeleton that made,him all but indestructible is now slowly,killing him,while xaviers psychic ability makes him,a living weapon,as he slowly loses control of it daphne,keane also does a great job as laura,managing to portray a character that can,be both dangerous and vulnerable,depending on the situation,child actors are always a bit of a,gamble especially when the movie demands,a lot from them,but she absolutely delivers when she,needs to and the growing relationship,between her and logan,represents the emotional heart of the,film after spending most of his life,fighting and killing just to survive,logan is absolutely not father material,but like everything else in this movie,its the story of a deeply flawed man,doing his best with what he has the,climax of the movie sees an exhausted,logan and laura reunite with the other,children who escaped the lab,as they prepare to cross over the border,into the relative safety of canada,but the evil corporate guys arent about,to let them get away and intercept them,just as theyre about to escape,that leaves logan with no choice but to,make his last stand,taking an overdose of drugs to,temporarily restore his strength and,healing,and damn what a [ __ ] scene this is,after an entire movie,watching a diminished logan struggle,just to keep up and do the things he,used to find so easy,its glorious to see him go into full-on,berserker mode one last time,carving his way through [ __ ],everything in his path forcing himself,to keep moving forward,even as the drugs begin to wear off and,his injuries mounts up,and at last coming face to face with his,greatest enemy of all,himself this isnt the unstoppable,superhuman creature that could withstand,anything the world could throw at him,this is a tired wounded man at the,limits of his strength,and the end of his time given everything,he has left to protect people he barely,knows,willing to lay down his life for the,daughter he never knew,its the perfect swan song for a man,that was always defined by the struggle,between the selfish and heroic sides of,his nature never quite sure who he was,meant to be,or what path he was meant to walk but in,the end,redeeming himself in the most selfless,way possible,given his life so that others can have a,chance at theirs,the movie ends with laura and the other,children laying him to rest in a,peaceful forest,the last of the x-men to fall just as he,was the first to rise,for me logan is pretty much the,definitive wolverine movie,and the best possible resolution for one,of the most popular comic book,characters of all time,yeah the plot isnt exactly complex,theres no shocking twists,unexpected revelations or some grand,battle for the fate of the planet,but it doesnt need to be complex logan,tells a simpler

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Logan Review (2017)

no-no-no,in some ways Logan is the Wolverine film,that many fans have long awaited replete,with a heavy dose of r-rated violence,language and earth-shattering,revelations and yet Hugh Jackmans final,appearance as the x-man that made him,famous also serves as a meditation on,the very nature of superhero stories and,the comic book movie genre itself,[Music],[Music],based loosely on the old man Logan,storylines in the comics the film takes,place in the future thats not quite,post-apocalyptic but sure seems to be,teetering on the edge mutants have all,but vanished in the population and the,few that remain appear to be in hiding,that includes Logan and a diminished and,mentally deteriorating Professor Xavier,the return of Patrick Stewart to the,role is one of the hugely satisfying,aspects of Logan as the revered thespian,finally gets to bring a true depth to,the character sometimes tragic sometimes,hilarious this is an example or Logan,and fellow mutant Caliban care for,Xavier for when we first meet him is,heavily medicated and out of his mind,and Logan is no longer a claws bearing,superhero but an aging shadow of his,former self,a simple limo driver trying to make,enough money to get this odd trio away,from it all looks like mr. Monsen hires,some muscle,looks that way hes a friend of my,friend with a big mouth I hear that a,lot,and you probably hear this too more than,Id like but when a young girl known,only as Laura shows up the films real,journey begins as Logan becomes her,reluctant Guardian against the dark,forces that have brought mutant kind to,its knees,director James Mangold also held 2013s,the Wolverine but with Logan hes,looking to push the boundaries of the,superhero movie and even question it,there are no colorful costumes in Logan,no crazy CGI fuelled threats from up,above in their place or the comics that,Laura reads in which Logan scoffs at as,mere confections that spew what life was,really like for the x-men your mangled,seems to be throwing into doubt the very,existence of the previous films in the,series were they all just a,fictionalized version of Logans life in,fact the world created here since eerily,like an extension of our own if one or,two steps were saw,the film has plenty of action set pieces,that impress not just in the bloody,slicing and dicing that Wolverine,finally gets to do but also because of,the more inventive spins they send punch,put on the various characters powers,such as Logan having a fight to xavier,is paralyzing telepathic episodes of,course the marketing of the film doesnt,hide that laura AKA x-23 shares a,special bond with Logan and Daphne keen,is perfectly cast in the,make-it-or-break-it role hello you know,you got to pay for that right,hey much but its the connection between,them and how it comes to inform,Wolverines character arc of the past,nine movies that truly forms the bedrock,of this film Logan is in many ways an,emotional heavy picture but its also an,uplifting one that reminds us that its,okay to fight for something more,something better its an amazing swan,song for the Wolverine character and for,Jackman and perhaps the best x-men movie,yet for all of your Logan and x-men,needs keep it locked to IGN not ok,[Music],you,[Music]

Logan: Superhero Movies Get Old

All big movie genres have life cycles:,theyre born, they become popular, they exhaust themselves,,and then, if theyre important enough, they transform.,Hugh Jackmans 17-year tenure as Wolverine,,I think, bookends two important milestones in the superhero film genre.,2000s “X-Men”, directed by Bryan Singer, was effectively the start of the superhero craze,thats come to dominate Hollywood for nearly two decades.,And now, 2017s “Logan”, directed by James Mangold, represents a response,to the publics exhaustion with that dominance.,If you want to understand how genres change,,the writer to look at is definitely John Cawelti,,whose famous essay on generic transformation is, I think, a good rubric for whats happening in “Logan.”,Cawelti is basically interested in what occurs when genre conventions become so well-known,that the audience demands something new.,What forms does that change take?,Well, Cawelti identifies four: burlesque, nostalgia, demythologization, and reaffirmation.,Burlesque is essentially a ridiculous exaggeration, or a parody of genre conventions.,To finish Leo Braudys quote from the start of this video,,”Genres turn to self-parody to say, Well, at least if we make fun of it for being infantile, it will show how far weve come.”,Mel Brooks is, of course, a master at this kind of thing, and not just for westerns.,Moments of burlesque can be found in serious movies too,when a trope is made to suddenly look ridiculous, undercutting the fantasy with reality.,In the superhero genre, “Deadpool”, a film that helped pave the way for “Logan”, is a burlesque through and through.,”Superhero landing. Shes gonna do a superhero landing, wait for it!”,”Whoooo! Superhero landing! You know, thats really hard on your knees… totally impractical, they all do it.”,Nostalgic films, the ones that are good, anyway, do more than evoke a romanticized past:,they update tried-and-true story lines with contemporary elements;,they make the audience aware of the relationship between past and present.,Cawelti cites “True Grit,” but Shane Blacks “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” fits the bill as well,,a hard-boiled detective story in which many of the tropes are deromanticized,,but the story ultimately follows the same beats of discovery and heroism.,”All done.” [sighs],Demythologized films are the most complex of the bunch.,They subject popular myths and conventions to a reality that undercuts and exposes them as inadequate, or even harmful.,Caweltis archetypal example of this is Roman Polanskis “Chinatown,”,a film that follows the hard-boiled detective genre of classic films like “The Maltese Falcon” or “The Big Sleep,”,until events become so dark and twisted and devoid of moral content,,that justice is never served, and the detective is left severely traumatized.,Another movie like this would be the Coen Brothers “No Country for Old Men”,,in which the lawman of the New West, Tommy Lee Jones, not only fails to capture the villain,,but fails to understand him.,But I dont wanna push my chips forward,and go out and meet something I dont understand”,The final transformation is the reaffirmation of myth:,the kind of film that subverts genre,like the demythologized film, but, in the end, choses to reafirm the myth,not as something thats real,,but as something that we need to believe.,I wonder if you can think of a superhero film that might fall into that category…,So, what is “Logan”?,Clearly, it represents some shift in this extraordinarly popular genre.,If “Deadpool” signals a self-awareness that,the myth of the superhero movie is losing a bit of its power, then,I think “Logan” is an attempt to interrogate the contours of that myth,in order to see if there are any interesting directions left for it to go.,Director James Mangold is a movie buff,,and something thats really interesting about “Logan”,is how he uses one genre to understand another:,Mangold states “Logan”s key theme via a scene from “Shane”, one of the most popular,and acclaimed westerns of all time.,”A man has to be what he is, Joey.,Cant break the mold.,I tried it and it didnt work for me.,We want you, Shane.,Joey, theres no living with…,with a killing.,Theres no going back from one”,Westerns are really the perfect genre to mesure the superhero movie.,The myth of the superhero is, in many ways, a reincarnation of the myth of the gunslinger.,Both are heroes who act outside the law to protect the community at large.,Mangold makes these parallels explicit in a sequence mid-way through the movie,,when Logan, Charles and Laura are taken in by a kindly family, the same way that Shane is taken in.,Both Logan and Shane help the family with work and protect them from greedy bussiness interests,,but, though Shane is somewhat haunted by his life as a gunslinger,,his purpose and the code of laws he lives by,is still necessary to protect the community in the end.,In Magolds version, the violence that follows the heroe cant be contained.,Far from the valley being saved, Logans kindly family is mercilessly and utterly destroyed.,And, if the point wasnt clear, its by none other than a clone of Logan himself.,This is the closest that “Logan” comes to demythologization,The whole movie is a meditation on the violence that all superhero films implie.,By earning a R-rating, Magold and Jackman get to show a type of visceral brutality that complicates the,heroics of Logans past, as well as those of the X-Men , and all superheroes.,Like it does Shane, Logan holds up the romanticized past of previous superhero movies,in the form of comic books.,” You do know that theyre all bullshit, right?,Maybe a quarter of it happened,,and not like this.”,Logan is attempting to expose the inadequacy of these fantasies,,trying to show that no personal moral code can wield power without risking devastation.,This is made painfully clear in the character of Xavier, whose aging mind, its implied,,may have unintentionally killed a number of inocent mutants.,But, for Logan himself, the past exploits of heroism from the other movies,reamerges as trauma and nightmares.,”[grunting]”,In the touching with Laura near the end, he even admits to contemplating suicide.,”Actually, I… hum,… I was thinking of shooting myself with it…,… like Charles said.”,In the end, Logan makes the final turn into reaffirmation:,one last act of sacrificial heroics that reaffirms the myth, even after,exposing it as inadequate.,You know, it makes me wonder if this is the limit of superhero movies.,Its unclear whether a film thats sought to fully demythologize this myth could ever really get made,or if the genre itself is even mature enough to handle such a thing.,In fact, I think “Logan” leaves us with these exact questions.,The movie itself is a conversation between nostalgia for the genre,and our increasing frustration with its limits.,More than anything, Im just excited for whats to come.,Because, its transition periods like this, as Cowelti might say,,when the really interesting things begin to happen.,Hey everybody thank you so much for watching.,Subscribe to this channel for more videos;

Logan reviewed by Mark Kermode

Loden which is I mean best described as,being less a superhero film than a film,about aging with arthritis and arthritic,claws yeah absolutely so its an x-men,movie for people who prefer westerns to,comic book franchises its also a movie,for somebody like me who struggles to,remember exactly which character did,what and when because its much more,stripped-down much more cinematic much,more Moody much more melancholic so it,set some years in the future there is a,date which is mentioned although its,not entirely clear whether that date is,when things are happening one point,somebody says 2029 but youre not sure,whether thats actually when this thing,is playing out and Logan is now earning,a living by the border working as a limo,driver,he looks Haggard he looks ragged he,looks rundown he has bloodshot eyes life,is not treating him well he is looking,after child Xavier who is suffering from,from from spasms and who in his later,life as he had at one point a character,says if he has a degenerative brain,disease in the most dangerous mind in,the world and in order to if when these,things happen they cause earthquakes so,he has to be constantly medicated and,medication seems to be being available,only on the black market they are living,essentially in what looks like a old,water tower in a sort of hidden,existence away from everything every now,and then we see Logan becoming Wolverine,but at the beginning of it he appears to,be living what just looks like a raggedy,and terrible existence only coming into,character when its absolutely demanded,heres a computer foot and a mr. myson,you understand youre trespassing right,now right I have an easement with the,previous owner of your,previous being the operative word it was,this the guy could either get back in,your nice truck I call looks like mr.,Monken hires and muscle looks that way,its a friend of mine friend with a big,mouth I hear that a lot,and you probably hear this too more than,Id like,and you know the drill I will count to,three and youre going to start walking,away a righteous one I have a lawyer now,two three you know the drill,good Ally I like that yeah so co-written,by and directed by James Mangold and a,very very different kind of movie from,the movies which are preceded it its a,film which invokes Shane which is,watched on a television and which is,quoted and which circles time and again,back to the line that you know theres,no living with the killing its a film,which owes more to the long shadow of,for example Clint Eastwoods Unforgiven,than it does to what you usually expect,from the superhero movie um theres an,awful lot of it which is almost sort of,chamber piece dialogue with characters,talking about their pasts talking about,their future talking about the state of,mind that they are or are not in when,the violence happens its nasty violence,I mean this is a 15 rated movie and its,its a movie which is absolutely not,designed for the for the younger viewers,and obviously weve had precedents for,this I mean you know Deadpool was was,people talked about it being in a sweary,violent superhero movie and in fact even,if you go back to I remember when Tim,Burton was making the first Batman and,it was stories for a long time that Tim,Burton was going to make a kind of Dark,Knight II sort of movie which would be,you know 15 or 18 rated or r-rated and,because that never happened but now we,passed the tipping one it is possible to,make those kind of movies for a,different audience for four,an adult audience anyway the story then,is that he finds himself essentially,charged with looking after a strange,young girl morally by defeating them,initially hes completely resistant,until fate forces his hand and he is,forced to essentially take on the,responsibility of somebody were having,sort of shared those responsibilities in,the past and what you get is a film,which absolutely,its full of sort of you know modern,political contemporary references the,you know the border the American Mexico,border the idea of society being in some,kind of decrepit retreat the idea of big,corporations still being you know,conniving and dangerous and yet it is,also really a kind of a family road,movie in a very strange sense a story,about a group of people pulling together,and making it you know making a journey,is a bid for freedom its also primarily,a story about living with a legacy and,living with a legacy advance as I said,when the violence happens the violence,is full full-on sort of splattery,violence its nasty its grisly people,get hurt and yes you could say on the,one hand this is part of it you know an,action trope I mean for example we look,at another movie today headshot in which,theres loads of notes thats up but,theres not really a sense of pain I,mean this is a film in which people do,get hurt in which this one sequence in,which we see Wolverine with his claws,which really really appear to be sort of,you know giving him [ __ ] in the way that,your finger to I dont know whether,youre at this point yet but when you,get to 50 something you know playing the,piano is not quite as easy as it was,before I know I really do you really do,because thats how you had to give up,your your concert the moonlight sonata,was never quite the same and what I,particularly liked about it was that,its a film that kind of stood on its,own as a piece of cinema so its got a,terrifically interesting score which at,some point in the early chase sequence,is juggling jazzy piano and strange diz,rhythmic drums its a film which,absolutely is about brutality and is,about coming to terms with brutality and,about what it means to have I mean at,times there was,and they wont they wont thank me for,saying this in which it kind of reminded,me of blood father the movie with Mel,Gibson which I actually rather liked,that kind of you know that b-movie,Sensibility but most impressively its a,film which stood up on its own as a sort,of dont be a sounds weird to even say,this but as an intense character study,about people facing the end of something,people looking back at something people,attempting to come to terms with,something an understanding that there is,something I mean that line in it is,unforgiving its a hell of a thing,killing a man thats that and all the,way through it its those Western,references that are right to the fore I,mean obviously it is also a you know,its in here I mean theres a lovely,detail in it that the comic books are,used as evidence of a fiction something,to the young has got these comic books,and it will be looking at them go yeah,those arent real thats not what,happened you mean theres a bit a,fragment of reality in those stories but,thats the comic book version of it and,you sort of get the sense of that with,the film but theres almost like this,film is the version that hes talking,about as being separate from the other,films I was really surprised by how,powerful it was

Logan Pauls NOPE Review is a Lesson in Media Literacy

[Music],[Music],hello welcome back to my channel so,jordan peels third film called nope,came out recently and the reviews are,rolling in from all different corners of,the internet and i had the,pleasure,of reading a note review from one logan,paul now im not gonna spend time,getting into logan paul as a person,because everything that could be said,about him and his brother has already,been said by smarter people than me for,several years and its also just like,not the point of this video but a few,days ago logan posted a very long,twitter thread about why he claims nope,is one of the worst movies hes seen in,a really long time and he was getting,dogged pretty hard for this and i didnt,read the thread because it had spoilers,and i hadnt seen the movie yet but,honestly at first i thought that people,were dogging on him just like because,hes logan paul and people hate the,pawls but now that ive seen the movie,and read through his review,the dogging was a bit justified so what,i want to do is go through his review,and provide points or counter points on,it and this isnt really to be like haha,logan pauls an idiot or to make him,change his mind but to offer a different,perspective to things that it seems like,he overlooked or didnt consider because,this is what i like doing you know i,like talking about movies and offering,perspective to the world because for,some reason you guys like hearing my uh,opinions and also lets,be transparent his name in the title is,going to help with my paycheck so come,on nothing wrong with a little harmless,exploitation right that was a joke,obviously so firstly im gonna read out,his whole thread just without,interruption and then im gonna break it,down and go over each section nope is,one of the worst movies ive seen in a,long time i love jordan peele and kiki,palmer can act her ass off but this,movie is objectively slow and confusing,with with stretched themes that dont,justify the pace,its not hard to conceptualize something,disturbing a trained chimp goes,animalistic and mauls an entire set or a,ufo devours anything in his path it is,hard to sensibly tie it to the plot,which was done remarkably poor here a,series of questions,number one no one was curious how a,quarter shot through a mans face and,killed him or why a key was lodged in,the backside of the horse he was riding,number two,why slash how did the shoe stand upright,on the set of gordys home this one im,sure has a reason but i havent found,anything that makes sense,number three the deep voice,cinematographer was cryptic for no,reason other than to be cryptic youre,telling me this guy was willing to die,because he wanted better lighting to,capture e.t for real number four same,note man on the motorcycle why was his,voice deep and robotic framed to be an,antagonist who would have a grand reveal,mystery solely for the sake of mystery,is confusing and leaves too many open,ends for a viewer trying to invest,themselves in a story line,number five my next point the storyline,is all over the place in a crowd of 40,people the actress who was mauled on,gordys home was their,why,shock factor because of her scarring,does she come to all of them did she,come before the et feeding number six,jupe has trauma with the phenomena of,commercializing predators for profit and,for the last six months hes been,feeding horses to et in the sky but what,about before that what about the creepy,cowboy theme park number seven why was,so much emphasis placed on the names of,the horses they had title cards why,number eight why was barbie ferreira,ferreira i think ferreira an incredible,acting talent so underutilized in this,movie why was she even in this movie,number nine way to strip all the life,from a phenomenal actor daniel kaluuya,by casting him as possibly the most,mundane vanilla character ive ever seen,not a question im just pissed number 10,an extraterrestrial creature that is,advanced enough to fully shape shift,activate an anti-electromagnetic field,and propel itself in any direction,quickly and quietly cant tell the,difference between a plastic inflatable,and a viable meal,nope he said the thing guys he said the,thing i love peel the vfx and aesthetic,but my thesis is this i can feel him,attempting to recreate the shock from,get out and us,mystery violent allure and cinematic,choices made for the sake of reaction,instead of legitimate contribution to,the storyline it killed this movie for,me so that was a lot,lets break that down i first want to,touch on a piece of a sentence from the,first paragraph this movie is,objectively slow and confusing with,stretch themes that dont justify the,pace,i just,simply cant disagree,more with that statement im usually,very attentive to the timing in movies,not just the runtime but how everything,fits into an act whether things felt,rushed or stretched and the only time i,thought this movie was going a little,too long for what was necessary was like,the very end after everything goes wrong,with their plan to capture the alien on,film i really didnt have any issues,with the pacing of this movie i think,they added things at an appropriate time,and an appropriate rate to where you,could add these new pieces of,information to the things that youre,taking in and just add more to what,youre trying to figure out as you get,further into it you know they didnt,throw too much at you at once or not,throw anything at you at all if that,makes sense because although nope is,categorized as a horror slash sci-fi,which i do understand i think its way,more of a sci-fi thriller than a horror,and to the untrained eye horror and,thriller might sound like the same thing,but there are in my opinion very key,differences thrillers have more of an,air of mystery to them and are more,focused on creating a tense atmosphere,with creepy moments whereas i view,horror as a bit more straightforward in,most circumstances i think the reason,logan might have this opinion is because,he went into it expecting more of a,horror or a straightforward aliens,hunting daniel kaluuya and kiki palmer,and its scary and thats it which if,thats the case i dont understand why,because jordan peeles work has never,been straightforward especially in his,promotional material the [ __ ] trailer,for this was not at all like explanatory,also his comment about stretched themes,i get but i dont get i think its more,accurate to say that the theme of this,movie was not in full visibility with,the plot you know like the theme wasnt,maybe the real alien was the friends we,made along the way but i dont think,that the theme was stretched i think,that the movie was just a more artistic,interpretation of the theme which is the,idea of exploitation and the spectacle,how far will a person go for the perfect,shot and what or who will they harm at,the expense of that shot i think there,are a lot of moments in the movie where,just in addition to the theme,overarching the entire movie it can be,seen very clearly within the story like,with gordys home or the cinematographer,or the motorcycle guy or dupes the whole,thing or even just smaller points like,how kiki palmers character emerald,markets herself to the film producers at,the beginning of the movie for the theme,to be stretched i think the theme would,need to be clearly defined but not have,the material to match and i really dont,think that thats the case i honestly,just think that logan had a difficult,time identifying the theme or didnt,pick up on the fact that this is an,artistic representation of ideas rather,than an actual campfire story about,aliens and this can tie into his second,paragraph its not hard to conceptualize,something disturbing a trained chimp,goes animalistic and mauls an entire set,or a ufo devours anything in its path it,is hard to sensibly tie it to the plot,which was done remarkably poor here,uh not even really touching the done,remarkably poor part because it simply,wasnt i know theres you know no such,thing as wrong opinion and again th

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