1. Logitech G915 Lightspeed Keyboard Review – Who Would Buy This?
  2. My thoughts on the G915 Keyboard, 18 months later…
  3. Less spreadsheets, more GAMING!!! – Logitech G915 TKL Lightspeed Keyboard
  4. Razer Deathstalker V2 Pro vs G915 – A Long Term Review
  5. Buying Advice for the Logitech G915 TKL (red linear)
  6. Woah…Logitech G915 Lightspeed Keyboard Review!
  7. Logitech G915 & G915 TKL (ALL SWITCHES) – Expensive, But Worth It? – Detailed Review

Logitech G915 Lightspeed Keyboard Review – Who Would Buy This?

I dont know is it just me or a gaming keyboards becoming way too expensive,definitely not just me whats up guys Im Dimitris harken accent today we,have a really interesting keyboard from Logitech that g915 lightspeed Wireless,I feel like Logitech is setting the new standard for what the low-profile,keyboard should be in terms of the bass in terms of the switches and the key,caps and theyve done a lot of things right with this board and despite my,favoritism towards tkl boards you know because this thing is absolutely massive,I dont like that form factor but many people do in terms of our Twitter poll,as you can see here majority of people prefer still full-size gaming ports for,gaming and also an interesting fact the sales for full-size boards versus TTL,are like 90 percent for a full sized board from Logitech so it makes sense,for them to focus on larger boards that people will actually buy instead of,catering towards the really loud minority that want ekl including myself,and I am hoping that well see a low-profile tql version of this but,right now full-size makes sense in terms of what,large Techs selling and what are people requesting oh there we go,this is the excel Im looking for welcome the O 11 excel by Liam Lee,stepping it up with upgrades all around for enthusiasts builds with perfect,radiator spacing in the bottom on the side and the top with now a slightly,wider main chamber for taller GPUs and rear exhaust area the second chamber,will hide all your cables and house hot swappable drives for a complete package,all around this is the 11 excel by Bailey giving you room to grow as you,guessed it based on the intro the price point I would say is the caveat and,would be the main turnoff from the mainstream consumer market because of,$250 its expensive the g8 5 which is the wired version is $199 and has a USB,pass-through port and is not wireless so the wireless convenience is the $50,premium now I want to focus my attention on the low profile nature of something,like this because theyve done a fantastic job in terms of minimizing the,actual frame size at the bottom and that is because of the new GL switches they,come in three flavors the linear the tactile and the clicky as you,can see in this shot here we have the low profile switch on the right and,height differences pretty significant versus your standard mechanical switch,on the left and that is what allows them to create something that profile like,the G915 or G815 these have been co-developed with kale,and its great to have three variations of this type of switch right at the,start but kale also has their own variations of the switch that will,hopefully see more widely available in other keyboards to this whole low,profile movement is starting to grow as for the specs they all have a 50 gram,actuation force 1.5 millimeter actuation point and 2.7 million or travel distance,and that for a low profile keyboard is pretty incredible for your tactile and,clicky switches it feels really nice while on the linear switch Im almost,expecting for it to be a little bit more travel distance because Im guessing Im,used to that as for the actual based on the keyboard it is thinner than my,iPhone with a case on it which is pretty incredible I do like the aluminum frame,and the little curved side lines but the edges of the frame are really sharp so,if youre doing any flicks just be careful with the thumbs because it might,be painful now some of you may be thinking whats the point of a low,profile keyboard when the bass and the actual footprint is so large and I agree,with you in comparison to my ducky 1/2 SF like this thing is like more than 2×2,size and thats pretty much because we have additional G keys on the left side,we have five them so you can record macros and stuff and the actual forehead,of the keyboard is pretty tall to accommodate those additional keys like,your profile switches your macro key the connectivity and the lighting and the,gaming key and just to give you a comparison how thin the keyboard is here,is next to the ducky 1/2 SF which is pretty low profile in my opinion and,here it is next to the apex Pro which is like the larger and taller but we do,have two height adjustments on the G915 and it,puts it in the same height where the back is to like your standard mechanical,keyboard it does give you a nice high elevation toe for typing when its,completely flat it almost like feels like its built into the desk but when,youve raised it on that maximum level it gives you a nice angle of adjustments,and typing its nice also because of this you do not need the wrist rest,because the bottom keys are so low to the desk that when they were trying to,see if you need the wrist rest it would actually cause you fatigue and,discomfort so the desk is your wrist rest I do like the dedicated media,controls on the right side plus a very smooth volume wheel that has no,tactility whatsoever and it seems like theres a bit of delay between when you,actually touch the volume wheel and when that volume appears on-screen and,windows and you can play around with it and see the volume wheel catching up to,whatever you set it to as for the key caps theyre incredibly,low profile and that is the third point that made the whole low profile nature,of this keyboard so good the frame the switch and the key cap many of you,probably expecting pvt key caps for this price point theyre not however theyre,extremely solid and sturdy theres no flex whatsoever we have the,main key that is shine through and its beautiful nation because of the LED that,is right underneath it however the second characters are not shine through,therefore theyre left blank which is kind of nice because there is no,gradient in the illumination the issue with the key caps over is that theyre,almost proprietary and finding replacements is not easy especially,right now with this whole early movement of low profile keyboards and the,switches in particular and unfortunately I broke one of the legs on the key cap,when I was inserting it back into the switch very gently I heard a snap my god,no and unfortunately the N key is now super wobbly has no stability whatsoever,without one of the legs on it interestingly large stick tells me,theyve never had one break in their own internal testing so thats kind of,interesting and if that happens to you if you are replacing key caps or like,removing them for cleaning or something that they do have support to send out,replacement keys that you can purchase yourself just keep that in mind by the,way I love the font super clean nice boldness this is the way forward for,gaming boards he also tell us they have a special coating on top of the key caps,to prevent them from wearing out the top layer because of finger oils,Ill keep you guys updated in a few from now make sure to follow us on,social media so the lighting is absolutely beautiful super bright,vibrant color accurate to what you set the software which is awesome and my,only complaint here would be the m12 m3 keys which are your profiles and they,are set to yellow and theyre constantly yellow and they dont correspond to user,set color you power on the keyboard with a switch in the top left you charge it,with a mic USB port and top right no type-c however and the battery life,on this thing is absolutely insane youre looking about 1200 hours of,continuous usage without any lighting on and the lighting here of course is the,culprit for killing battery life at full brightness youre looking about 30 hours,of continuous usage or like you know a full week on normal basis we do have the,brick with a low profile USB receiver that has the G 9:15 text on it which is,great and when you need to charge your simply unplug the cable plug it into a,keyboard and the whole system is designed for that receiver to remain,somewhere in the vicinity of the keyboard because when you need that,microUSB cable you can simply plug it in so the wireless aspect is super,fantastic especially for

My thoughts on the G915 Keyboard, 18 months later…

[Music],whats up guys js2cents here and im,going to give you a long-term user,report regarding my logitech g,915 wireless gaming keyboard i first,purchased this,uh in early 2020 and you know i ill be,surprised ill be honest with you im,completely surprised at the fact that a,keyboard review of mine got 2.3 million,views,to this day im still asked how is it,holding up so i figured id give you,about an 18-month report on how well,this logitech g915,is is doing so lets do that right after,this,corsairs new 32-inch xeneon 1440p,gaming monitor has the features you need,to play your best features like silky,smooth 165hz refresh rate ips display,with one millisecond mprt response time,quantum dot technology hdr 400 and,built-in mount for either a microphone,webcam or even a dslr to see the,complete list of features of the corsair,xenion 32-inch gaming monitor follow the,link in the description below,all right so the logitech,g915,a bit of a polarizing keyboard for quite,a few reasons and i talked about this in,my initial review of it but one thing to,keep in mind regarding peripherals,is the fact that there is a honeymoon,period there are times when you get it,you unbox it youre excited its new you,play around with it you spend a couple,days with it and youre just like this,is the best or this is the worst or,whatever but that initial reaction,um,sometimes changes you might,absolutely hate a product you turn out,it turns out maybe there were some,things you didnt understand about the,product you learned how to use it and,then you love it that was not the case,with this one i loved this from day one,so one of the biggest questions that i,get especially with my live stream i do,live stream every week on twitch uh,jays twitch.tv slash js2 cents mondays,and wednesdays at 7 pm pacific time,im asked constantly what keyboard do,you use,and or if its not what keyboard do you,use its how do you like the keyboard,that youre using because i know i use,the g915 so as soon as i show its the,wireless g915 the most common comment i,get is ew wireless wireless sucks this,is not the old,wireless tech that youre probably used,to seeing in the past i mean between um,the,i forget what corsair calls it,slipstream i think corsair calls it,slipstream,logitech is using what they call their,lightspeed,wireless its designed to remove latency,its designed to be extremely quick,responding and the fact that this does,have a wire it does have a wired version,of this keyboard too by the way but it,does have a wire micro usb that you can,plug into your system will also create a,wired connection itll still connect,through light speed but it gives you a,wired connection which can also remove,any perceived latency now im gonna say,right now,at the onset and probably gonna have,people argue with me i cannot notice,any latency whatsoever when it comes to,the wireless aspects of this keyboard,now i wanted wireless and im using the,wireless pro mouse as well to couple,with this well im disappointed about,the fact that they do not share dongles,which is stupid because the lightspeed,stuff is supposed to share but it,doesnt so i have a different dongle for,the wireless pro mouse and a different,dongle for the keyboard but i wanted,wireless specifically because of my home,uh gaming slash live stream setup i i,want as few cables as possible on the,desk so to be honest i also like to lean,back in my chair through my feet up on,the desk and put my keyboard on my lap,and if im just surfing the net or,playing some sort of a relaxed chill,game i like to be able to do that and,having cables and wires and slack,everywhere it just doesnt make a clean,tidy shut up computer wants me to,restart it doesnt give me a clean tidy,setup so that was why i was actually,recommended this keyboard by my best,friend so he said hey why dont you,check out the g915 and he was really,nervous by recommending it to me because,if i didnt like it,then he was he was gonna feel bad,because this is a very expensive,keyboard i believe if i,am not mistaken,oh my god windows is doing windows,things,okay,he was very nervous because if i didnt,like it i believe its 250 bucks might,have been a little bit more than 250,bucks i think sometimes it goes as high,as like 275 and i think it might even be,more today because of the shortages and,stuff we could put it up on screen with,the actual prices it was a huge risk but,im gonna tell you right now,after 18 months um there is very little,that i dont like about this keyboard,now right off the bat i already,mentioned the latency its so fast i,dont notice it and im talking about,things with like shooters any sort of,twitch response type game i would not be,able to tell you whether this was a,wired or a wireless keyboard in a blind,taste test so first and foremost those,that are like wireless sucks that,youve probably not tried a modern,wireless keyboard now let me tell you,what does suck about the wireless aspect,of it and that is the dongle the range,of that,is,horrible absolutely horrible so in my,setup well show you a photo right here,ive got my keyboard and my mouse and my,tower is right to my right,and with the dongle plugged into the,back of the tower i was getting dropout,constant dropout and i dont know if,because of the led lighting ive got,going on and the um,nano leafs to the right and ive got the,wireless pro mouse right there,and all the power cables and stuff i,have no idea theres enough rf,interference happening to step on that,signal so what ive actually had to do,is take the dongle and actually attach,it to a wireless or not wireless but a,wired hub thats literally right under,the keyboard that fixed all of my,dropout problem the irony is its got,just as much cable mess around it as it,did over there so im not sure exactly,what was causing the interference its,definitely something to keep in mind if,youve got a distance between your,keyboard and your in your tower because,sometimes people like to use wireless,because of the distance and so if the,distance is your thing is a problem you,might have to run a hub like i did and,then have it plugged into that so thats,disappointing and im not entirely sure,um why that is something else to keep in,mind and my moderator jetman actually,pointed this out to me the,g19 does not actually charge over the,charging gaming map not compatible with,that lets move on to battery life i,dont know what voodoo magic they have,in this i charge it maybe once every two,months its insane in fact right now if,i bring up the app it is currently at 81,i dont know if you can even see it,right there on the frame 81,and i charge this what is what is today,today is the last day of november i,charge this last in october,im not kidding you and the reason why i,remember that is because of the fact,that i went to start a live stream and,it was dead not dead but it was the,lights were red warning me battery was,low if the battery drops below 20,or 25 it warns you that its low now the,thing on 25 is i could still go another,week or two at 25 battery life of course,your battery life is gonna depend on,your lighting modes the light colors,that are set to how often youre gaming,on it how often its sitting there idle,and speaking of idle it does have a,after one minute of not of no use it,does turn off the back lights and go,into an inactive mode now i know that,sounds like uh like one minute its not,a lot i dont want to be sitting there,watching youtube video then ive gotta,wait for it to turn on its instant on,if it goes inactive and you push a key,it will start typing immediately now you,can go into the the g hub the logitech g,hub and configure that just like the,lighting and stuff you can make it take,longer if you want to do that i know it,has something to do with the light speed,and the frequency that its at or what,but the battery life on this is,absolutely bonkers i have to assume if,we were to open this up we would find a,pretty long battery in here to give it

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Less spreadsheets, more GAMING!!! – Logitech G915 TKL Lightspeed Keyboard

– Im still rocking an original Corsair K70 RGB,with Cherry MX Brown switches,from a number of years ago.,To be clear, I love that thing.,It performs exactly like the day I got it.,But lately Ive been considering a new keyboard,for a little while,because Ive been finding myself doing more gaming,and less spreadsheets.,So I dont really need the number pad that badly anymore.,And this one caught my eye for a few reasons.,Its 10 keyless,,which means more room for mousing,,a huge consideration for me,,since the only games I really play are Beat Saber,,which is downstairs on my VR setup,,and Anno 1800,,which is basically mouse movement simulator.,What do they make this tape out?,I need a knife. (laughs),Can I have a knife, please?,This video is brought to you by Private Internet Access.,PIA is the VPN service that lets you access services,and websites as though you are in another country.,It encrypts all your traffic and routes it,through a safe, protected IP and allows you,to connect up to five devices on a single account,with clients for Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS, and Linux.,Try it out risk-free at the link in the video description.,Now back to this thing that I was already in the middle of.,Thank you, sir.,Thats better.,Reason number two is Lightspeed wireless.,This is a wireless keyboard.,And Logitechs Lightspeed technology means you get,negligible latency while cleaning up some of the wires,that I keep getting attacked about online.,Do you know how much flack they give me about the wire mess,at my desk?,Its not fair!,For the low, low price of just 220 or 230 US dollars,or whatever I can take care of that.,Reason number three,,look how low profile this thing is.,Like, that is a slim keyboard.,It actually got a bunch of messaging bragging,about the engineering of making a keyboard this thin,on their website.,I guess the engineers over at Logitech,have never seen a laptop.,(laughs) In all seriousness though, okay,,what is special about this,is that it uses mechanical switches.,These are using what they call their low profile GL switches,and theyre apparently high performance mech switches,for gamers with half of the physical height,of typical mechanical switches.,And while I wasnt a huge fan,of Logitechs Romer-G initiative,,I didnt mind them.,And they have done so much great,peripheral engineering over the last,,really, the last five years,that I want to give this a chance.,I want to give these a try.,Oh boy, thats disappointing.,Uses a Micro B cable for charging.,Yeah, thats a bummer.,So, they boast long battery life on this puppy,,40 hours with the RGB enabled,,but like, oh man, micro USBs time,has officially ended,,as far Im concerned,,on anything that costs more than like 20 bucks.,I understand that the Type-C connector is more complicated,to implement and it is more expensive,,but micro B is just,,its too fragile.,Look at it.,Ew, see?,Ew.,Oh, yeah, last thing, RGB. (keyboard banging),Alright, lets go ahead and plug in the.,If not, well try and plug in the other side, dongle.,There we go, yeah!,Cool thing about Lightspeed is,Im already using a G Pro wireless.,I actually just switched over to that recently.,So you can use a single Lightspeed dongle,to handle both of your peripherals in that case.,And because I picked up a power play,,that means I dont have to have basically any dongles,or cables for my peripherals,,other than, of course, a cable for charging.,(keys clacking) Oh, interesting.,That is not working.,Oh, theres your problem.,(howling) All right.,That is some pretty vibrant RGB,,considering this thing is a wireless keyboard.,Does it stay as vibrant?,Yes!,All right, thats pretty cool.,Well, lets take a quick look-it-e-boo at this thing.,So weve got, oh,,Lightspeed wireless versus Bluetooth wireless.,Cool, this could actually be handy for me,because when Im streaming I dont have a secondary monitor.,I just have one big ultra wide on my desk.,I dont really have anywhere to put another monitor.,So I actually prop up my phone under my monitor.,I have a little stand for it,,and I use that to monitor Twitch chat,when Im watching Twitch chat.,So realistically, if I was replying to your Twitch chat,,I would probably just say so.,Okay, whatever.,The point is, were going back to Lightspeed wireless.,Weve also got a gaming button,,which as far as I know, just disables the start menu,,although with Logitech software,,Im sure you can configure it to do other things,if you really want to.,I never really cared about that anyway.,Weve got brightness adjustment here.,And then media keys.,Nice, got the volume wheel.,Big fan of the volume wheel, guys.,Buttons just not a replacement for a volume wheel.,And then, of course, a 10 keyless layout.,Now, I wasnt really sure about the low profile experience,,cause the thing is whats funny is,,if you look at it from the side, its low profile,,but at the bottom edge of it you still have,,if you want to rest your wrist on the table,,you still have kind of that angle to your wrist.,But whats cool is,,even though this is a low profile design,,theyve gone and theyve included these feet anyway,,so you can pop it out.,And I would probably go with just the first level,of pop-out here.,Pop this puppy out. (feet clacking),And that actually looks a little better.,One other thing I noticed on the bottom here too,,check this out.,Little spot for the dongle.,This gets overlooked so often by lesser products, just like,,”Hey, yeah, Ive got this wireless dongle.,”By the way, youre gonna lose it,”because we didnt make a place to store it.”,Interesting.,Im actually super happy right now.,For whatever reason,,the vast majority of gamer marketing key switches out there,are linear switches,,which I personally find spongy,and actually uncomfortable.,I do not like typing on them.,I make a ton of mistakes.,Did this thing just go to sleep?,(keys clacking),Its awake,,but Im not getting any input.,Having a little derp moment there!,Yeah, it wouldnt wake back up until I turned it off,and turned it back on.,Thats not a great first impression.,Lets start with a typing test,cause Im ready to jump right into it.,Im feeling good about this.,(rhythmic music) (keys clacking),85 words per minute with five errors on a keyboard,that I am touching for the first time.,(whoops) That is not bad!,These have a nice, subtle, tactile bump in them,,kind of like a Brown switch.,Its a little heavy.,Its not light.,Youve definitely got that strong mechanical feel.,(laughs) I actually really like this thing for typing.,Thing is, even though I have been doing,a lot more gaming lately,,I also type a lot at my computer.,So its a consideration for me no matter what.,Lets go ahead and fire up a game, though, shall we?,Currently the only thing we loaded on this thing is CS: GO,,cause you guys just love watching me fail,at CS: GO, dontcha?,Im surprised more people dont practice CS: GO with bots.,Seeing all the fake accounts on social media?,You know, it must feel good,to really get back at them, right?,The bots?,(laughs),I completely forgot that I was testing a keyboard,and just immediately got into playing the game,,which I consider to be an extremely good sign.,You cant really see the crosshair from here.,This is not optimal.,Oh, oh, Lordy.,♪ Im gonna die going to the the bumps I ♪,♪ Oh, no, there they are ♪,(wails) Theyre harmless bots.,Oh, I got killed.,This is actually quite comfortable.,Id say theres less of a distinct tactile bump compared,to a Cherry MX Brown,,but the travel feels comparable to a higher profile,,full mechanical keyboard experience.,Okay, I am really impressed by how thin it is.,This is not your typical laptop keyboard.,Its kind of heavy too, considering its size.,Not a lot of flex.,I like this thing.,Oh, terrorists won.,Thats why I cant take over the…,Wow, did my team lose?,Holy ba-nay-nays.,Thats fine, cause Im getting it op this time.,Im oppin, boys!,Just got to run faster with my knife and get out there.,Oh, no!,Oh, no!,Oh, no!,Oh, no!,Oh, no

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Razer Deathstalker V2 Pro vs G915 – A Long Term Review

good people im recording here today,because theres way too much echo in my,room so,lets go this is a low profile keyboard,and i feel like this category has not,received that much attention from brands,because its to a niche market segment,wireless and low profile why if it was,all the consumers were asking for we,would see tons of these things but no,logitech released one this is the 915,and now razer did two to compete exactly,with the 915.,i hope they did good so the death,stalker v2 pro from razer is very much a,copy of your homework from logitech but,bring everything properly into 2022. i,mean the 915 is still stuck with micro,usb which is a shame while the desktop,stalker properly introduces usbc as,expected and so i have used the dead,stalker v2 pro the full-size version for,almost two months,just because i wanted to get rid of the,honeymoon period and live with it and,see what its actually like on a daily,basis and not just discount it as like,the better version of the 915,because it is,better in almost every way except one,and of course more on that later since,theyre in the same category of being,wireless high performance and low,profile well do a head to head and see,which logi raised keyboard is right for,you,airplane get out here,what am i at ebers office come on so,both are available in full size or tkl,linear or clicky switches but only,linear on the tkl for the dead stalker,with tactile switches for the logitech,only on the full size and the white tkl,option for the 915. now i think the main,advantage of these low profile designs,are the fast switches by default because,the travel distance is shorter and,actuation point is generally higher so,you can get really good at knowing when,to press your movement keys and feel,totally connected to lets say strafing,and corner peaking so any key press,feels connected to your character in,game thats pretty much the only,advantage as otherwise the low profile,nature of the frame itself at least for,me isnt really a benefit when compared,to a standard type keyboard now form,factor wise theyre very similar razer,is tiny bit more compact and slightly,more angled at the back while logitech,is completely flat on the surface which,feels kind of weird to type on so i do,prefer the dead stalker in the comfort,department by default without needing to,raise any of the feet and i will say it,is a lot more stable on the surface,while logitech kind of swims around,because the little rubber bits dont,have enough grip and it becomes super,annoying what is not annoying however is,a message from todays video sponsor the,all-new g360a by phanteks bringing,updated design inside and out to refresh,the p360a chassis with a legendary,breathable durable mesh front panel for,improved cooling and that awesome,illumination peeking through via the,three drgb front fans the interior is,now made to accommodate 360 radiators at,the front and top longer gpu support and,user-friendly assembly the dual color,options are great for an all-white build,with complementing cooler fans and psu,so check out the new phanteks g368 cases,down below welcome back lets talk about,some general similarities shall we so,both have a usb compartment at the,bottom of the keyboard to carry the,receiver with you which is clearly,labeled so you know whats up both have,gorgeous illumination peeking through,with plenty of effects but the keycaps,are abs on both keyboards not exactly,ideal for keyboard that razer calls,flagship now in razers defense even,though these are abs not sure why we,dont have like double shot pvt keycaps,that are low profile and are small but,they have this anti-shine coating on,here that actually works very well,especially when compared to the logitech,one that immediately as soon as you make,contact with it its a shiny mess plus,its a lot easier to break the keycaps,on the logitech one just because the two,pegs are quite brittle and ive already,broken a few in my history of the 915s,while on the razer one theyre user,proper nice and stable mx stem thank you,very much plus its a keycap swimming,pool listen to this,come on,so generally the typing experience with,such loose keycaps is not as enjoyable,versus the razer plus our own,expectations of the standard for typing,experience on switches has elevated over,the last couple years and so thats,where logitech is really falling behind,but razer on the other hand understands,where,people are wanting to go in terms of the,keyboard community space and they are,investing heavily to be considered,worthy in that space too,[Music],[Music],[Music],so,i know it is totally not fair to compare,them against like the gmk 2 or the,wooding 60 he because those keyboards,ive been using and i love them but,perhaps we should just to elevate the,standard and switch quality and feel,even though theyre not wireless and,theyre not low profile so the,comparison isnt really fair so it feels,like there is a bit of commotion around,the linear optical low profile switches,from razer but i actually quite like,them they have just the right amount of,travel distance that is not super high,the actuation point is fairly high which,is nice and when you bottom out theres,almost like rubber domedness to it which,i prefer when it comes to something that,is low profile you dont have this like,hard,reset its almost like kind of a soft,cushiony part which makes sense because,each switch has a silicone dampener in,there to both make the switch feel soft,when you bottom out and also very quiet,unfortunately some switches are quite,scratchy and stabilizers on some of the,larger keys are not consistent some have,rattling and,they dont feel identical versus my tql,and the full size keyboards but in terms,of,overall sound and feel it is much better,versus the logitech so these logitech,switches are not smooth at all they are,more scratchy than razer and they also,activate uh lower 1.5 millimeters versus,1.2 and the only reason you might want,to consider the logitech if tactile is,all you care about because thats the,only available on the logitech full size,or the white tkl model and not on razer,also on both keyboards when youre in,bluetooth mode some of the lighting,presets and effects dont work so for,razer for example i love fiery mode,looks absolutely beautiful but its not,available on bluetooth you have to,enable hyper speed the same can be said,for the starlight effect on the logitech,915 where you have to enable light speed,to get all that beautiful lighting i,really like all the rubber buttons on,the large deck with easy switching,between 2.4 gigahertz and bluetooth plus,the really loose volume rocker that,feels super cheap but luckily has no,latency issues all the same features are,found on the razer 2 but are the back of,the keyboard with three buttons for,bluetooth connectivity so you can,connect up to three bluetooth devices,which is definitely better than the one,on the logitech the volume rocker on the,razer is so much better with actual,tactility and a lot of control click to,mute functionality and immediate,adjustment as well and this other button,for the rest of your media control now,lets talk about some cool features on,the death stalker first of all you can,do a battery check directly on the,keyboard with these status leds giving,you the remaining battery life with five,leds on the full size or four on the tkl,and i absolutely love how the secondary,commands light up when function is,activated with corresponding bluetooth,devices if any or connected one to three,are illuminated as well thats brilliant,the new death stalker can also be paired,to a single dongle with other razer,peripherals which is very convenient,saving usb port and its definitely much,more stable than before but still ive,encountered some delays with my inputs,or not inputs catching up later so i,would not recommend it for competitive,play but for casual stuff absolutely not,a problem some really cool things on the,g915 now is that we hav

Buying Advice for the Logitech G915 TKL (red linear)

so i cant believe i did it but i,actually went out and bought a,two-year-old keyboard for 230 us dollars,and i think this is an absolute ripoff,and but ive been hearing a lot of hype,over the past two years about how good,this keyboard is and how its gonna,change my typing so im really excited,to try to try this out right in front of,you so ill quickly unbox this give you,my first impressions and then 30 days,later im going to give you my kind of,perspective of using this kind of as a,cs go player i love playing cs go and,im also a developer and i also do write,a lot i have to write these scripts so,youre getting the perspective from,someone that has a multi-use purpose for,this type of keyboard,its a really big box,so that was a pretty big box from amazon,but its per usual thats what they do,so the version i got is the linear,version and the reason why i like this,one is because im i do like playing a,lot of games and i find that i want the,least amount of actuation force and i,dont want to really have an annoying,click clackety kind of like the blue,switches,ive actually experienced all types of,different switches brown switches,blue switches black switches and,honestly i think the red linears are my,favorite because,you know for gaming cs go for typing for,programming its it works all around for,me so this is super expensive 230 us,dollars all these features like,lightspeed lightning rgb,all this stuff i really dont care for,it i dont care for rgb nor do i care,for wireless i really i would have much,preferred if they created a,half expensive one version that was,wired but unfortunately this is the case,and this is the only low profile,keyboard i know of other than,some other ones like the keytron,keycrons but theyre always sold out or,take forever the ship from china,okay so right away i really like the,look of it its kind of like a matte,black and thats really thats something,thats really cool so so far it looks,really nice,okay so its not too heavy i heard,reports that its pretty heavy but its,not too bad oh boy im really nervous i,really hope i didnt waste my money im,gonna start typing on it so far it looks,really flat i kind of like it now whats,really interesting is that my original,das keyboard which has red linear,switches is already pretty low profile,its one of the most low profile,mechanical keyboards out there that,isnt called low profile and ive ive,started to see this trend of mechanical,keyboards throughout my work and because,i was working as a software developer,and when we used to go into the office a,lot of programmers always had their own,type of mechanical keyboard and they,were really into it they had all these,customized things i wasnt i wasnt part,of that community anyways and i noticed,that they just got really thick almost,ridiculously thick and whats worst of,all is that the travel distance of all,these keys was super long so if im,playing a game it takes a while for it,to register i have to press down or if,im typing a script i really need to,like just it kind of feels like im,writing on a 1940s typewriter so its,kind of weird how weve kind of gone,back in time so hopefully the trend,moves more towards low profile but i,dont know maybe i dont like this so,lets find out,boy,now yes its totally true that this,isnt the only competitor especially in,2022 im sure theres lots more,different types of low profile keyboards,but what really annoys me from these,keep mechanical keyboard companies is,that they keep appealing to this weird,group of people that want the keyboard,size to only be kind of this area here,and as a developer i just cant get used,to that because i use the directional,keys theyre super important for,navigating and i use the home and end,kind of to move my cursor back and forth,in windows environment now not having a,numpad does kind of suck but i do i can,get used to it and i can appreciate the,ergonomics by having your mouse and the,keyboard closer to you so that your,shoulders and your hands are in a more,neutral position but losing out on the,directional keys or losing on all the,function keys which are extremely,important for a programmer lets say,youre debugging usually f10 and f11,these are keys that you are typically,binded to,stepping through functions and stuff,like that and just having the num keys,over here feels very ergonomic if you,have the num keys that move over to here,it really i dont know i think that,would be really kind of confusing and,then having to do combinations to get,into function keys,i just find the whole experience of,using those really small,uh 60 keyboards just that would be way,too much of adjustment for me to get,used to especially for a programmer and,its not just programming its any type,of productivity by having these extra,keys these function keys and arrow keys,you can bind them in adobe premiere,lets say your video editing software,and you can have more key binding and it,just makes the whole experience of doing,productivity work a lot more ergonomic,not having to rely on your mouse which,is a really bad idea because it causes,strain and it slows you down,significantly because you know moving,your mouse is just very inefficient by,having everything on your keys this,should be way better okay,shall we test this out,okay,this is really interesting it feels like,im typing on a macbook so so far right,off the bat its kind of,wobbly all the keys are very wobbly and,that im not very happy about but,i dont know i think i like my das,keyboard more this is kind of,disappointing,four degrees maybe,now i just want to talk about the,feeling of this um so far i havent been,serious seriously impressed i think,typing on say for example the der god,feels a lot better this just feels like,really kind of squeaky like the movement,of the keys is just really bothers me a,lot im i dont know if i really like,this it almost feels like a cheap 30,keyboard as i type on it it doesnt have,like that very tactile feeling and,thats maybe because i got the red,linear switches but this is um,it doesnt feel solid its hard to,explain it like when the keys bottom out,you almost kind of want it to be silent,and i just i dont know i ive ive,experienced other mechanical keyboards,and i much prefer those ones instead,okay so i was able to compare the g915,with the dos keyboard with red red,linear switches and i did notice that it,is substantially lower than the dash,keyboard even though that mechanical,keyboard is pretty low in terms of its,own league now in terms of the,difference in typing i still kind of,prefer the dos keyboard im not sure if,im going to really like this but one,thing i do kind of maybe regret is,getting the linear switches perhaps the,tactile switches would have been a,better choice because these kind of feel,maybe a little bit too much like a,regular keyboard like a non-mechanical,keyboard that you would get for like,less than 50 bucks another thing i,noticed while i was typing with the,logitech g195 is that i didnt really,need this wrist pad anymore and this is,a pretty low wrist bat its pretty small,its not like a really big bump given,that the keyboard is so low to the desk,already it feels pretty comfortable to,type without a wrist pad so maybe you,can save like 30 bucks not having to buy,one of these if you do decide to invest,in one of these type of keyboards these,low profile keyboards okay so we got to,do the sniff test new technology always,smells really good,i can smell the fumes it smells really,good so were going to go into 30 days,im going to test this out as a,productivity thing and ill report back,im obviously gonna report back on cs go,and productivity and see if this is,actually worth the ridiculous expensive,price of 230 us dollars,so after using the logitech g915 10k,this keyboard for over 30 days as my,daily driver keyboard i noticed a few,things and unfortunately i didnt have a,really good experience first lets talk,about all the pros because i think this,is a

Woah…Logitech G915 Lightspeed Keyboard Review!

whats up guys im random frank p have a,highly requested review for you guys,today were gonna be checking out the,brand new logitech g915,lightspeed,wireless low profile mechanical,keyboard,this is just been the number one request,on twitter youtube comments you all want,me to check this out got my hands on it,plus two other additional models to show,off their different mechanical switches,so in this review well go over all for,you guys today,pros cons sound test all that in case,youre interested in picking out the,g915 and we take a look at the gaming,market wireless peripherals are,definitely becoming more of a standard i,guess you could say but theyre a lot,more trusted and used amongst the,community out there weve seen a lot of,companies put out their versions of,wireless mechanical keyboards and,logitech responds with their very,premium g915 lightspeed model so once,you get it all unboxed the keyboard is a,full sized low profile layout but there,are a few extra features and keys the,keyboard itself looks and feels really,nice with the brushed aluminum you even,have rounded edges on the side,aesthetically it looks good and it feels,good whats crazy to me is this keyboard,is just 22 millimeters thin that is,insane once you factor in they even have,mechanical switches into here so very,compact and portable as well as for some,of the features we have five g keys for,macros or function underneath the,illuminated g logo up top on the left is,three m keys these are like your memory,profiles or pages then you have mr for,recording macros on the board next to,that is the lightspeed wireless,connection logo theres also the,bluetooth connection logo there uh the,button for disabling windows keys and,stuff and then you have the brightness,button right next to that then on the,right side you have your dedicated,multimedia controls and a nice scrolling,volume wheel always nice to see all of,these top circular keys are not,mechanical though they are some sort of,rubber now for the lightspeed wireless,connection you can see the little logo,they have there on top of the keyboard,it is a one millisecond response this is,used on you know previous peripherals,and stuff and its trusted in the gaming,community stuff like their gpro mouse,and g502 lightspeed they all have this,and theres just literally zero,noticeable lag like ive had no issues,whatsoever when i was gaming and if you,didnt know that this was wireless you,definitely wouldnt be able to tell so,always good to have that you know,trusted reliable connection in a,wireless keyboard in terms of battery,life you know often a big concern with,wireless keyboards this boasts 30 hours,at a hundred percent brightness big,thumbs up on the back is the micro usb,connection it does come with a cable in,case you want to use this wired or use,it while youre charging so with the,g915 logitech made their own low profile,mechanical switches gl theyre called,and we have three different options in,these boards this one here is the clicky,so you know resembling blues and stuff,if you will they also have a tactile,version resembling browns and a linear,red version,im very happy they went this route with,including mechanical switches on this,crazy thin low profile keyboard to begin,with but also the fact that theres,three different options for the,consumers to pick from so you can pick,you know whats best for you and your,preference and again for visual,reference the gl clicky is white gl,tactile is brown and gl linear is red,these actually at 1.5 millimeters with a,total travel distance of just 2.7,millimeters so its a much shorter,travel distance than your standard,mechanical key switch that you probably,tried in the past,usually keyboards actually at two,millimeters with a four millimeter,travel distance so just all together,here we are getting the slimmest of the,slim while not sacrificing anything so,big plus and now well do a sound test,for all three of the gl switches ill go,through do one at a time then kind of,wrap it up with like a threesome,you,you,you,and then we have the rgb lights and the,g-hub software and i have to admit g-hub,is probably the most refined and,polished software ive seen amongst a,lot of the companies out there,its really easy to maneuver and stuff,like that and everything is just laid,out right in front of you for the rgb,effects theres probably 50 plus,different ones built in that you can go,and cycle between and customize change,up so i really like that between the,preset lighting effects those are your,more usual ones the freestyle tab is for,kind of making your own effects in,layout and then theres animations which,essentially just add rgb animations to,the keyboard,so just really really impressed with the,the wealth of different effects you can,add to this the rgb shines through,really nicely obviously not gonna go,through all of the different effects,that would take forever uh but you get,an idea definitely impressed though,[Music],then you have the assignments tab for,switching up the layout and what the,keys do and stuff as well as assigning,those uh five g keys so like the macros,on the left side of the board and again,with m1 m2 and m3 essentially being,different profiles you can have five,different ones for each of those three,but you can also enable g shift and then,assign with those macros are again so,think of it as having 10 different,macros per m profile then lastly is the,tab for disabling the windows key or,which keys you want to disable while,youre gaming so wrapping it all up the,g915 is just in a league of its own i,think this is hands down the best low,profile mechanical wireless rgb keyboard,on the market theres no sacrifices to,build quality its very very durable,i love the the rounded edges with the,brushed aluminum looks really nice feels,really premium as well and we also have,the mechanical key switches a big plus,we have three different options as well,a couple that with the improved battery,life of 30 hours at 100 brightness great,to see you also get the things like the,multimedia controls the volume wheel and,the macros all great stuff now on the,other end there are two cons i will,bring up,even though i love the media controls,and stuff these circular buttons that,are rubber just dont fit in,with the design language or the,aesthetics here,and its not even that theyre just,super just mushy theyre like little,bowls of mashed potatoes dont like,these uh but not a huge deal breaker at,least you know we have them and the,second thing is gonna be the price,now i said this is a premium keyboard,and its also a premium price tag at,250,dollars making this i think one of the,most expensive gaming keyboards you know,in quotes on the market,now,obviously theres a lot of quality here,but thats just a lot of money i dont,care who you are thats a lot so its,tough for me to say anything other than,that other than the fact that its,completely up to you and your discretion,if this is worth it to you go out and,buy it you have to ask yourself and ask,your wallet,if uh 250,you know is worth this can we do it no,hablo english,all right,so yes premium keyboard at a premium,price tag but i think hands down it is,the best wireless low profile slim,mechanical rgb keyboard you can buy,right now,and guys thatll wrap it up for my,review of the logitech g915,lightspeed hope you enjoyed if you want,to check it out ill put a link for you,in the description down below if you,like this review give it a big thumbs up,show your support follow me on twitter,at randomfrankp at last if you havent,already hit that subscribe button,hope you enjoyed the review have a good,day

Logitech G915 & G915 TKL (ALL SWITCHES) – Expensive, But Worth It? – Detailed Review

this is the logitech g915 its been out,for about a year now so its by no means,a new keyboard however what is new is,the 10 keyless or the tkl model i have,all three switches with the full size,g915s having the tactile and clicky,switches and the tkl model having the,linear switches the keyboard ill be,comparing it to is the corsair k95 rgb,platinum which ive had for a little,over three years theres nothing wrong,with it i just like new stuff so i,decided to try the g915 mainly because,its wireless also i have the kikron k1,coming in because it looks almost,identical minus some of the media and,volume controls not being there and uses,the same style switches so ill be,making a separate video comparing that,to the g915 and seeing if this is worth,the three times higher price difference,now you may be wondering or not why did,you get the full size keyboard and the,tenkeyless dont you already know which,one you want,well being that i have both obviously,not i always felt i needed a full size,keyboard so i decided to try the tank,keyless life to see if im able to deal,without having a number pad,and lastly this is my first ever,keyboard review so if you guys have any,feedback let me know what i missed what,i should keep including in the next,keyboard review and any other feedback,okay enough jibber jabber lets start,with some of the features i like and,dislike,starting with the likes all g915,variants are wireless via bluetooth or,logitechs lightspeed wireless,technology you can control which of the,two wireless modes you want to be on by,pressing either the wireless receiver or,bluetooth buttons on the top of the,keyboard if you already paired the,keyboard to a computer and want to put,the keyboard in pair mode to connect it,to another computer hold the bluetooth,button until it starts flashing blue,violently the good thing about having,both options is that if you lose your,receiver or if youre the type of person,who travels a lot with your setup you,dont need to bring the dongle because,the input lag on bluetooth versus the,lightspeed wireless was surprisingly not,perceptible to my eye and didnt hurt my,performance at all in fact the bluetooth,is so responsive that when i was testing,it for this review i always forgot i was,on bluetooth until i looked down at the,keyboard now if you still want to bring,the receiver the tkl model is better for,two reasons its smaller so its just,easier to put into a bag duh and also,includes a receiver slot on the bottom,of the keyboard whereas the full size,g915 does not making it easier for you,to lose which again wont hurt,performance but will hurt resale value,if youre trying to sell it later on,theres also an arcade stick button next,to the bluetooth button which by default,disables the windows function and menu,key on the keyboard as well as any other,keys you want to disable by just simply,clicking on it on logitechs g-hub,software this is great if you dont want,to make the common mistake of minimizing,your game by accidentally hitting your,windows key when trying to go for the,control key which happens a lot to me,now in practice this is great the reason,why i say that is because i always,forgot to press it when playing games,just because i dont have that muscle,memory yet im sure over time i will but,i would like to see logitech add more,functionality to their profile settings,on their g-hub software to enable the,game mode when a specific game or,program is opened next to the gamemode,button you have your quick brightness,adjustment button which goes from 100,brightness to 75,then 50,then 25 then off speaking of the,backlight plays a massive roll on,battery life on a full charge on the tkl,model logitechs g-hub software projects,that youll get 40 hours with 100,brightness 105 hours with 50 brightness,and a whopping 1124 hours with no,backlight on,for the full-size model its about 35,hours per charge with 100 brightness 95,hours at 50 brightness and 1102 hours,with no backlight insane,to give you an idea of how long that is,you can use this keyboard for eight,hours a day seven days a week four,months straight without needing to,recharge but lets be real im sure that,youre going to keep the rgb enabled,anyways speaking of i wouldnt,personally recommend using anything,under 100 brightness because 75 or lower,is just too dark to complement the,keyboard at least in my opinion some of,you just might not care how good the,colors look and would prefer to see what,keys youre hitting instead while having,a longer battery life also the keyboard,by default goes to low power mode once,the battery hits 15,with every possible led breathing red by,default but it can be turned off if you,dont want it disrupting your beautiful,rgb party sadly though you cant tell,the software what battery percentage you,want the keyboard to go into low power,mode because i feel like 15 is just too,high i prefer something like five,percent were not done with the lights,just yet though because if you hold the,brightness button and click anywhere,from 1 through 9 you can change between,a bunch of the preset lighting modes so,you dont need logitechs g-hub software,unless you want to do something custom,you can also press the plus or minus key,while still holding the brightness,button to change the speed of the rgb if,the lighting mode has some kind of,movement next if we move all the way to,the right of the keyboard you have your,media controls with the volume scroller,right next to it the volume scroller,doesnt have any tactility and ive,heard some people say that it feels,cheap because of that and i have to,disagree i personally like the free,movement of the volume wheel but thats,probably because thats how my k95 was,so im just used to it and likely,because ive never felt a tactile volume,scroller on any keyboard anyway moving,to the left side of the keyboard the,g915 has three mode buttons which allows,you to set whichever macros commands,actions etc to any of the g keys on the,left side of the keyboard you can have,up to five different functions per each,mode for the g keys as well as one g,shift in replacement of a function,giving you a total of 19 different,functions now i know that sounds,confusing so let me show you what i mean,on the ghub software if you go to the,assignments tab you can go to any of,these menus to drag whatever key or,macro or function to any of the g keys,so i set 5 for the first mode another 5,for the second mode and another 5 for,the third mode but what if i want to do,16 different things on the g keys thats,where the g shift comes in to set it up,go to systems find or type shift for the,g shift and drag it to whatever g key,you want keep in mind itll only be in,the mode that youre currently in but,this essentially lets you create a,folder for more functions but weirdly,enough you can only do one of these you,cant add more than one and it makes no,sense why i mean it doesnt bother me,because i never use keyboard macros but,i can see where this can be useful for,someone like taran from linus media,group or maybe mmo players,i dont know on the tkl version there is,no dedicated mode buttons or even g keys,so what gives,the modes are combined with f1 f2 and f3,to activate those modes you have to hold,the function button while pressing f1 f2,or f3 and if youre wondering even with,the game mode enabled which disables,your function key switching modes still,works okay so you know how to switch,modes but how do you use those functions,there are no g keys ah well those are,the f keys all the way from f1 to f12,setup is the same as the full size model,drag whatever you want to whatever,function key and activate them when,needed lastly we have the mr key which,is just a macro record button now all,these round buttons are nice and all but,one thing i really didnt like is the,way they felt when pushing them theyre,made out of rubber which is fine but,when you push the button with a regular,amount of force only part of the button

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