1. 5 SHOCKING Things We Have Learned From Look at Me: XXXTentacion Hulu Documentary
  2. Who Was XXXTENTACION? “Look at Me” Album and Documentary Review
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  6. 5 Things That You Have Missed From Look at Me: XXXTentacion Hulu Documentary
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5 SHOCKING Things We Have Learned From Look at Me: XXXTentacion Hulu Documentary

uh currently im in a huge state of,paranoia um just,due to,my past and just the things and the,people ive associated myself with,previously there are few artists who,have left the legacy as polarizing and,unique as the late,xxxtentacion this man had a depth to his,artistry that is still unparalleled to,much of his peers regardless of what you,think of the man himself whether you,loved his music for the infectious,melodies slick wordplay or overwhelming,aggression or maybe you were just a fan,of the way x was vulnerable about his,multitude of mental health struggles,theres an endless amount of reasons why,x is still so adored by many of his fans,in the new hulu documentary titled look,at me we got quite a raw insight into,the life story of xxxtentacion,from his rough upbringing to how he,cultivated his musical persona and more,notably the shocking details regarding,his mental health and the allegations of,domestic violence and abuse between the,harrowing accounts from the women in xs,life and shocking insight provided from,those closest to him this documentary,truly gives viewers some shocking,revelations that can be difficult to,hear about so trigger warning in advance,but were going to break down the most,shocking moments from the documentary,look at me,as it should be no surprise to ex-fans,or anybody that has ever listened to a,handful of his songs,xxxtentacion has very serious struggles,with mental health exs battle with,mental health was something he openly,discussed with his mother at the age of,16 he revealed to her that he heard,voices in his head his mother said the,troubles he was facing were truly,emotional and revolved around the need,to be understood this is a person who,was looking for love and dealing with,some really raw early life experiences,in the documentary it is revealed that x,was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at,age 13 cleo further explains that she,chose not to medicate jaw for his,condition as she stated she doesnt,believe in giving kids drugs and that,isnt how they tackle that problem in,her culture instead she states that,counseling and getting to the root of,the problem was how she preferred to,handle that and she also listed weed and,mushroom tea as other potential remedies,but not actual pharmaceuticals another,one of the shocking revelations that,also came from the documentary was just,how dysfunctional xs upbringing was as,stated by one of his closest friends ski,mask the slump god whom he met in a,juvenile detention center the reason x,was even in there in the first place was,for committing robberies and home,invasions as a child you know that,little voice in your head that says,dont do that i dont think josiah had,that x and ski masks friendship was,built off of them meeting each other in,juvie a friendship that would continue,outside that institution and they,released many songs together ski masks,said that x was so loathed by his family,that the first time he met cleo xs,mother she asked him why are you hanging,out with him hes a bad kid this family,dynamic was so intense to the point,where x would even opt to be homeless,and find somewhere on the streets to,sleep or a different friends house than,stay with his families who labeled him,as a bad kid i also need to make this,distinction that x was never kicked out,or told not to come home this was all,his choice his mother stated when he,left home he left home nobody kicked him,out it was a result of him not wanting,to follow the rules or follow curfew or,just doing whatever he wanted to do this,vicious cycle would repeat and x would,get suspended or expelled from so many,different schools until he was straight,up no longer enrolled and stopped going,all together as a child x didnt view,himself as a bad person or a bad kid,says ski mask at least not at first but,the way that xs family and basically,any stranger thought of him at the time,i.e a bad person it truly started to rub,off on the kid as it started to affect,the way that he viewed himself because,the way that ski mask paraphrased it xs,mentality was im just being me and,people hate me and i hate myself because,people hate me so i need to change,myself i find this quote to be,especially harrowing because this man,really was on the brink of trying to,change himself and his life in the way,that he treated people when he passed,around 2018 so you can say what you want,about him but this man was making an,attempt to change himself its just we,never really got to see that come to,fruition one of the most shocking,moments and sequences in the entire,documentary comes around the 32-minute,mark where geneva and nyla jaws,ex-girlfriend is being introduced and,how their relationship started when jose,and i first met i had cuts on my thigh,like five lines and under that i had the,word that said alone and when he noticed,that he was like whyd you do that and i,was like because i felt alone he was,like oh me too geneva was an extremely,troubled youth with a difficult,upbringing as well x in geneva more or,less trauma bonded over their problems,as they found middle ground with much of,their internal conflicts and struggles,the moment that truly encapsulates just,how unhealthy and toxic of a,relationship these two shared is when,footage is shown of the couple now it,isnt clear who is who physically,cutting a heart shape into their,forearms this graphic moment is then,narrated with an excerpt from exs fader,interview speaking on their relationship,where he says the following i want you,to cut alone into my arm so every time,you feel as if you are alone you think,of me and you understand that you have,someone that feels exactly the same this,moment was a true shocking depiction of,how toxic and unhealthy a relationship,can be to the extent where two people,believe that self-harm is a symbol of,one anothers love which lets be clear,here its not it never will be as,difficult of a topic as self-harm is to,navigate this unfortunately was not even,an example of the worst thing that took,place between x and his girlfriend,geneva as many of you probably already,know except this true ugly side of their,relationship was put on full display in,this documentary as the years went on,xs demons continued to manifest in,uglier ways which led to the 2016,assault of geneva in one of the films,most harrowing scenes a friend of geneva,and exes recalls hearing the rapper,drowning her in their bathroom tub she,was a shell of a human the friend,recalls of geneva around that time,period now probably just as harrowing,was genevas account of how exactly she,escaped where she was being held which,she describes going to look for,something in the fridge and quietly,escaping while using that as a,distraction she thinks im gonna kill,her x said of geneva in a secretly,recorded 2016 conversation in early,october of that year geneva showed up at,a south florida police station badly,battered claiming x had physically,assaulted her he was promptly arrested,on charges of false imprisonment witness,tampering and aggravated battery geneva,said that she was pregnant with his,child at the time the film also features,home footage of a celebration of his,release from jail at which he accepts,love offered by family and management,sediments like do the right thing one,day at a time and after which she flat,out lies about his abusive actions she,was bruised already he says of geneva,now what occurred between x and geneva,is something that has been well,documented if there are further details,you wish to view but in regards to their,relationship in the allegations i mean,this documentary release is damning to,say the least so hopefully geneva is now,able to be at peace well there you have,it ladies and gentlemen these were the,most shocking moments from the look at,me documentary please leave your,thoughts in the comment section down,below and before i head out i will say,two things one this is a video where i,am truly only the messenger,and if theres any insight th

Who Was XXXTENTACION? “Look at Me” Album and Documentary Review

thank you for auditing the always,positive new music review show hosted by,a french professor who who is a,professor like thats for real i,actually am a teacher and on this,channel i often teach things that i know,ill teach about,last week i taught about joan didion and,yates and ive taught about baudelaire,rabelais and all sorts of interesting,things but part of being a teacher and,this is trite but its true part of,being a good teacher is being a good,learner and always learning so sometimes,on this channel i learn,as i say almost every time i do a video,there was a period of time in between,2002 and 2018 when i started this,channel that i paid no attention to pop,music to rap to indie anything,a few artists here and there would,trickle in i kept paying attention to,kanye through kanye learned about,kendrick and daft punk and i listened to,a little bit of music but in general,i was asleep i suffered what was called,mid-twenties music death and i woke up,but i woke up in september 2018.,now you know that this video is about,xxx tentacion so you know that he died,in june 2018,so the entire time,that xxx tentacion was alive and making,music and people were responding to it,and he was defining the zeitgeist i was,asleep i was raising my kids i was,getting tenure i was doing whatever it,is middle-aged dudes do that isnt,listening to new music,so with the release of this documentary,on hulu,look at me with the release of a,compilation album that came out with it,thats something of a career spanning,compilation i figured what a good chance,what what a good opportunity for me to,learn,who was xxxtentacion,now youll see behind me i i have these,little images up here im being cute but,just stay with me here,theres a whole series of books who is,and who was where they take famous,people and they do little cartoons and,they explain to children who they were,so what im doing now is my own version,of that,who was xxxtentacion,of course im just trying to tell myself,i am just trying to learn this question,i understand that hes very important i,understand hes very influential i liked,his track on donda too with kanye,but i dont know much so theres a,couple sources,i could go to wikipedia but im not,going to,im just going to go with the following,three sources,my kids,who are much younger than me,this movie,and the soundtrack to the movie,and well see if by the end i have a,clear idea of who this guy is,before i started this video,i didnt i thought he was from like i,thought he was a colombian-american,turns out that wasnt accurate,i thought he was from like atlanta turns,out that was inaccurate i thought he was,controversial because of like sexual,abuse cases that wasnt entirely,accurate,i knew he was part of the sound cloud,something or other but i didnt really,know what that means so first i asked my,my kids my daughter doesnt know much,shes a big billy eilers fan apparently,billy eilish is a big fan of,xxxtentacion which makes sense so that,kind of helps me to understand that he,is a very like informative,he is a uh transcendent figure in pop,whos able to reach people in multiple,different genres,which is very clear,he which is people on hip hop he would,just people in metal he would just,people in indy he would just people in,bedroom pop hes able to get all those,people my son had a lot more information,saying that he liked his music but that,he was a really really bad guy,and not just for the assault case which,ill discuss soon but because apparently,he robbed a producer and then extorted,him for his laptop and i dont know the,story my son didnt know the full story,either it wasnt in the documentary if,you know the story,of xxxtentacion and the laptop please,tell me in the comments,so from that point i went on to the,documentary,now this documentary theres like 10,trigger warnings in the beginning and,there should have been 10 trigger,warnings more i tried watching this with,my wife whos a very sensitive person,very kind loving empathetic and this,movie is brutal,the human misery on display in this,i mean even though his music is filled,with references to suicide and bleakness,and sadness you just cant even prepare,yourself for the level of human sadness,that you will feel watching this,documentary but what makes it so,interesting and what makes it i would,argue,a true world-class music documentary,ive watched hundreds of these things,this is a very very good music,documentary not necessarily in its,direction not necessarily in its thesis,but in its honesty,it was produced by his family by his,mother,who i believe,owns all of the rights to his music now,who profits most off of a positive image,of xxx tentacions music,but it shows him it tries to show him as,human,but you cant cover it up you cant,cover up his monstrosity i mean you,cannot cover up how brutal and violent,towards women and towards strangers and,towards himself,like what a,just terrible terrible person he was,that really comes through now at the,same time it does a wonderful job of,humanizing it of contextualizing it of,showing how he was also a good person,and a kind person who really reached out,to other people but i have never seen a,documentary produced or a movie produced,by a family member,that was this,much of a direct assessment of this,person with their flaws,i really applaud the directors of this,movie i applaud his mother i applaud,his victim,you know his main victim who was one of,the stars of this movie as a matter of,fact i would say that the stars of this,movie are his mother and his victim his,ex-girlfriend more than even,xxxtentacion is i might just call him,jose from now on because that was his,real name and its just easier than,saying xxxtentacion every time so ill,call him x or just say moving on from,here,of course he was killed when he was 20.,so,im a better person now than when i was,20. uh i didnt have the hardships that,he had and i never plunged to the depths,that he did,but certainly i would not want to be,judged on who i was as a person based on,things i said and did when i was a,teenager and thats what we have thats,what were left with with xs legacy and,there is a real indication that he was,turning a corner and maybe he would have,maybe,maybe he would have beat the case,maybe he would have grown maybe he would,have seen the light there is a,self-awareness,and a tenderness and a longing for,tenderness,which cannot be faked,it cant be faked,i was i was thinking like is he just a,sociopath whos faking this i dont know,hes not he really has that thats,obviously what people respond to in his,music,they respond to that longing for,tenderness more than their long for this,for the the shows of brutality,and there is a chance that that part,would have won,but i want to do a review of this of,this documentary already watch i mean,watch it seriously i dont know what,else youre doing for the next two hours,unless you dont want to have a bummer,of a time,you know if you want to have like a nice,time you know to watch something else,i would say the real star of the movie,is the mother who produced it who was,asked why why did you make this,documentary and she doesnt give a very,clear answer,she is able to explain that she didnt,know how to raise him,she was able to provide for him,financially,materially you know he always has the,right video game systems hes always,well dressed but not emotionally,his father is the sort of shadowy figure,who appears and disappears goes to jail,at 10,and at a certain point,jaw says,my mom could not emotionally nurture me,so this is what im talking about that,at the same time were going to be,talking about about x as a horrible,abusive person who definitely definitely,should have spent time in jail for the,abuse that he visited on his,ex-girlfriend the same time you have,that you have this level of emotional,maturity and understanding to be able to,say like she could not emotionally,nurture me,you know like,if youve been watching my channel you,

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The XXXTentacion Documentary Is Phenomenal

hey what is good my fellow youtube fam,its your boy aaron speaking and today,im going to talk about this x,documentary that just recently came out,on hulu called look at me,and um,listen man no pad no pain im just gonna,im just gonna give my opinions you know,thoughts on it and,man,where do i even begin bro like where do,i im pretty sure i could speak for all,of you guys that have watched it,that [ __ ] was so bittersweet bro like,im just ima be completely transparent,i didnt know about x until,my boy hector shout out to my boy hector,he was the one he was the only person i,knew,literally that knew about x first,[ __ ] with him heavy he used to always,send me a bunch of songs nice to be like,bro,this [ __ ] is,i used to think it was garbage im like,bro im not into this screamo [ __ ],not a fan i didnt really listen to it,like that i kind of just heard like two,or three songs and i was like bro,how could you listen to this [ __ ] hes,like bro im telling you this [ __ ] is,fire shoes fire,and you know look at me started growing,on me im like ah this [ __ ] is gas its,just guy aint going front and then a,ghetto christmas carol came out,and i thats when i really,started [ __ ] with x like heavy a,couple features you know the the feature,of kodak black song you know what im,saying rolling piece im like yo,is gas x is gas im bugging you right so,thats when i really started [ __ ] with,him so i really only had,maybe six months,if that of you know really [ __ ] x,while he was alive,and i,i wish i was a fan since,you know 2015 2016 whatever and ill,never forget when question mark came out,bumping that [ __ ] like every day,moonlight sad hope,all these on floor 555 all that all,these songs im like yo x is so diverse,like what the [ __ ] bro,and when he passed,i couldnt believe that [ __ ] i even did,a whole painting ill show it on the,screen now its its pretty bad his face,looks pretty bad but shout out to the,jacket though come on you know the,jacket is good stop playing but um nah,man like this documentary,i love how they show,everything you know like,the bad the good,its all part of his life im sure you,know theres some things theres,definitely certain things that they,didnt show,obviously that [ __ ] could have been four,hours you know like the little migos,beefy had or when he got jumped on stage,they showed a little clip in the intro,of that but they didnt they didnt talk,about that you know the rock stone [ __ ],there was trippy red wasnt in it,that was surprising to me im assuming,he didnt want to be in it,because im pretty sure they reached out,to him you know to be in it and im you,know im saying like,it would have been cool to see denzel,curry in there,thats just nitpicking [ __ ] though you,know what im saying they this was one,of the best documentaries ive ever seen,you know of a person like this [ __ ] was,phenomenal,phenomenal the way everything was edited,so much rare,unseen footage bro,and im surprised the footage of him in,the car like in the back of the car you,know that footage that came out where he,was talking about atlanta rappers and,how theyre gonna take over the game i,thought i was gonna be in the,documentary it wasnt in there but oh dj,scheme,why the [ __ ] wasnt he in there,he been down with x since day one i,dont,its kind of weird kind of weird,um,yeah thats a little strange but it was,cool to see you know his homies like fly,by tarantino bay santana kid trunks all,that and the geneva [ __ ] man that [ __ ],that [ __ ] really hit you know because i,remember when that whole [ __ ] was going,down like [ __ ] geneva she a whole,free x this and that and its like,people were so blind to the to the music,and the person they didnt want to,believe any of that [ __ ] you know what,im saying its kind of similar not,similar but you know the whole ysl thing,going on everybodys saying you know,free ysl free gonna free thug all that,but,if you if they really did that [ __ ] you,know its like do they deserve to be in,there you know do the crime do the time,type [ __ ] and people are so attached to,these artists and they worship these,artists to the point where they could do,no wrong,you know just because a artist makes,bangers and you have so many memories to,these songs i get it youre going to be,biased towards it and but sometimes you,got to be real and when he when that,interview that he had from 2017 where he,was saying oh she got jumped she got,that that [ __ ] got whooped,he was lying bro its like damn he was,really lying,like for real for real that boy was,really lying at that point its just,crazy how he didnt want to really admit,it,publicly publicly you know um that foot,that audio if that audio footage never,was released or leaked it would still be,in the air,if he did it or not you know what im,saying and the fact that that did come,out is like damn,he really did do that [ __ ] and lets be,real man that that was [ __ ] up as much,as i love x,that [ __ ] is crazy bro i dont mean to,like giggle but that [ __ ] is [ __ ] up,man,he really beat her ass if thats true,that he was putting her head in the,water and all that thats [ __ ] wow,but at the same time obviously i dont,condone you cant justify but,in the head,if youve seen it you know if you know x,like he wasnt really,your average everyday thinker and you,know what im saying like,going through a lot of [ __ ] even ski,said he was he would say some wild crazy,[ __ ],demons and,honestly bro the saddest thing,i honestly think the saddest thing out,of all of this,obviously him passing is sad as [ __ ],but its just the potential like the,what could have been,is so [ __ ] sad bro,and then the homie from empire was,saying that they were eating at,nobu and he was saying oh youre gonna,be a great dad one day and x goes no im,not im not gonna make it past 21.,when i heard that i was like bro,oh my god bro,like,he really felt like the universe was,gonna end his life like that [ __ ] is,crazy,that [ __ ] was so sad man and then,yeah and back to the geneva [ __ ],i think her doing this this documentary,is gonna,bring a lot of sympathy towards her,and i think its gonna finally release,that shadow that cloud over her head and,that monkey on her shoulder where people,are still kind of coming at her like oh,you ruined x so,the re you know what im saying like im,im glad she finally let this all out,and honestly,props to her for,admitting all this [ __ ] bro because,thats not easy to to,this [ __ ] is number one trending on hulu,anything out in the public of you,literally admitting that,you know what im saying my mom treated,me like [ __ ] had no family i had none of,that like i had no friends i used to,look online,for for validation for something you,know thats thats not hard to admit bro,that [ __ ] takes a lot of balls i aint,gonna lie bro shout out to her for being,real and,saying that she had nobody she felt lost,she was confused like i lowkey felt bad,for her bro she kind of she didnt,deserve that [ __ ] bro,she didnt really deserve the the,what if she would have god forbid like,committed suicide over that [ __ ] that,[ __ ] is sad bro it could have been real,bad and then the fact that her and cleo,kind of you know buried the hatchet like,the a year later and his mom cleos mom,admitting that what x did was wrong,that i gotta give her props for that too,because she could have easily,still to this day be like nah my son,aint do that thats my son,she said yo what he did was wrong like i,aint gonna lie you didnt deserve that,[ __ ] she was [ __ ] up,she didnt have to say that so,thats that that shows maturity on her,part but uh man xx was such a dope just,dope individual bro he was really,different i truly think that x,could have been headlining all these,festivals nowadays,easily could have been up there with,like,post malone travis scott like status,wise,easy,easy bro,like you see how big juice world was,before he passed i honestly feel like x,could have been,[ __ ] even more than that i feel lik

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SOUND Reacts to XXXTENTACION Look At Me Documentary

but um speaking of unfortunately passed,away rappers xxx extendacion has,released the documentary on hulu last,week did you guys end up watching it i,havent seen it you shouldnt watch it,i watched it um fully i last time i,watched it but it was like briefly this,time i really sat down and watched it,and uh,i love it im not gonna lie i think it,was really good,from the top it started with um,everything that we kind of knew the,thing about this was it wasnt really,new were you familiar with him uh yeah,yeah um but question,was this ran through,like his family people that control his,identity or was this like hulu owned or,yeah so i i learned especially watching,the second time more thoroughly his,mother,was the one that came up with this idea,of the documentary shout out to cleo his,mother cleo i follow her on instagram,and she a young mother,and she wanted to,put her sons story out there okay in a,collective way and i guess they sold it,eventually to hulu but they had this,documentary you can kind of tell the,footage,its not necessarily new new um,but shout out to our mutual friend hes,there,ski master slum god was heavily in this,documentary,and,so from the top it starts off just the,idea of x,it was a vlog he started doing vlogs,towards his last years of like or last,year before he passed away he started,doing more vlogs on youtube and talking,to his fans directly more and like very,more rigorous like positivity and thats,how it starts off with that like vlog of,him talking about his life and,just wanting to kind of change his,perspective or peoples perspective on,him and like hes been doing negative,energy or negative things and he wants,to be more positive,and then it goes into,the whole,rise of his,story and a lot of things a lot of,people know especially if youre a die,hard ex except industrial fans its a,very you know,stereotypical,but at the same time unique story,because you hear the come up stories of,rappers rapping mary young rapping as a,kid and making it as a star but his,story is very unique in the sense where,you see especially this documentary how,he used violence literally as a tactic,to market himself,and it was all,strategic,from a young age like,you know,and to a point it got dark you know ski,master some guy addressed that where it,was like a lot of people didnt want to,be around x during a certain amount of,time a time period because he got very,dark and he would just want to fight,everyone randomly and it it kind of took,over him this persona of like,x and like not being jose himself no,more and just wanted to fight people,being aggressive and wanted to go live,and show these fights because it worked,strategically because he started as a,young rapper in um,florida uh broward county his mother uh,raised him,uh his father passed away at the age of,10,and again stereotypical story right when,his father passed away or not passed,away forgive me hes in jail,incarcerated his fathers in jail i,think until this day hes still,incarcerated um and,yeah and i think he had like 10 years,which coincidentally this kid died,before his father,was able to get out of jail like i think,hes stealing joes father but at 10,years old his father was incarcerated so,this changed his life he reacted how he,reacted,he basically,left the house he was doing bad in,school his mother was like go live with,your grandma and he kind of lived decent,with his mother but then he moved into,with his grandma now his grandma lives,across the hood so now hes a part of,the hood now fully interacting with the,hood and being caught up in things hes,not necessarily supposed to be caught up,in he got kicked out of all the schools,a very very like troubled like kid and,like,early on his career you would see that,right and then that led into his story,of like how he blew up because the very,unfortunate situation the accusations,that were proven right especially if you,listen to the documentary watch the,documentary with the domestic violence,case that he had against his girlfriend,geneva i forgot her last name forgive me,but they got her story,fully and i was shocked and especially,because his mother,okayed everything like this is she green,lit this whole situation is like i want,to get her story fully and this was,someone that was cr scrutinized so much,um fans im hopefully not to this day,but i remember x fans like coming at her,because x had this sort of like,co-energy and like a very strong like,vigorous like,surrounding around him like a cult,following and people kind of were just,like yes man like they believed anything,he said right,but this girl was a victim of domestic,violence on his hands,she said her story and,she didnt want to take him to court it,was a whole sticky situation but then,the,state of florida or something,still prosecuted the case because they,didnt want to allow her to drop the,case so the charges documentary covered,all that yeah it covered everything wow,and it showed him like now going to jail,and her call him calling her from jail,and then saying like you know like im,sorry i was like shes like im gonna,drop the charges i trust me im gonna,drop him but hes like no but if you,drop him you might be go to jail too but,we got to figure this out and then whole,this whole situation of changing this,situation for him but then at the same,time,his songs blowing up while hes in jail,and his popularity rising so by the time,he came out of jail,he had no connection with her he,separated from geneva there was no,connection at all right,but then his career blew up but then it,was his allegations you know because,eventually he came out of jail so people,were like oh its not true or was it,true she was faking it for him,another girl lying on another guy or,like this is a fake domestic case,whatever right they were young their,kids,questioning all this but then in the,documentary you see her,literally bruised eyes you see,everything and you have eyewitnesses,accounts of people that heard over in,the next room his aunt,are not his uh i think of,a producers girlfriend or like a friend,um heard everything and saw and saw like,her face and everything,but then theres an old interview,unreleased that they dropped a fader,interview a brand new interview on the,documentary where hes talking about it,as well,and he denied everything it was like in,2017 he denied everything he was like,never hit her she got jumped uh she got,jumped i swear to god she got jumped,this and that blah blah blah,so its like theyre providing it,wheres like a neutral base where you,can make your judgment yourself on x,without it being like a straightforward,like hes a criminal or,this is from the mom like this is from,the mom its from the family,yeah everyones seen is within his house,that they built his moms house and they,built a studio and everyones seen,everyone else getting interviewed his,engineer thats getting interviewed a,lot,um ski mask thats getting interviewed a,lot its in the studio like exit studio,the same studio but theyll switch the,angles but its all in the same house,studio and im like wow like they really,um,really this is all in-house and they,really structure to structure this,themselves and its not a manipulated,documentary which i was kind of worried,about im like oh you never know theres,a lot of documentaries are that way but,this is like a genuine documentary that,just provided all the facts all the,clips all the information and you make,your judgment on it and then it also,leads up to his death where his mother,literally i guess so the court case was,happening with geneva still because of,the state they were still trying to,prosecute him or whatever and then he,had like a court date like he had to go,to and it was two days before the court,date and thats the day he died,literally two days before the court date,i was that was something else i was like,what the hell because he could have,faced 20 years in jail,but then he died and im like,im like these are things that

XXXTENTACION Look at Me Documentary REVIEW (100% Audience Rating)

whats up everybody welcome back to the,channel guys today were going to be,discussing the x documentary im going,to be giving my review my opinions on it,but first i just want to give a big,shout out to all channel members that,support me through that if you guys are,interested in looking more into that,just look at the join button down below,with all this being said were gonna get,started now the x documentary has been a,couple years in the making we got the,original trailer for this a couple years,ago and it wasnt even really the,trailer to what we fully got i mean it,was but it was obviously just a little,teaser that we were gonna get an x,documentary and we obviously now finally,have the dock on hulu im just gonna,start diving on into this i think that,this documentary did a really good job,at picking something that it wanted to,focus on and kind of just running with,that it didnt really get lost in what,it was trying to tell you it was,obviously just trying to give some kind,of backstory from eggs throughout it a,little bit and then we really get into,what the main topic is which is the,entire abuse allegations and just all of,those things there was obviously a lot,of really heavy and deep topics that,were portrayed throughout this whole,documentary i thought that with what,they had to work with they honestly did,a really good job there was a lot more,extra footage than i was even expecting,to see in the documentary and i think it,does a good job as well at really trying,to highlight xs character and at least,provide you with being able to try and,fully understand who x was as a person,and once we get later into the,documentary after they introduce that we,start getting into the allegations and,then obviously it kind of lets you pick,whether you want to support x or not it,doesnt really matter because you know,his side you know the other side and of,course theres obvious mood changes that,make it very emotional and sad at times,obviously the documentary goes over and,discusses his death no different than,how the juice world one did and i think,one of the biggest differences between,this doc and the juice one is that the,juice documentary was mainly kind of,like a highlight of his life more like a,vlog styled video where this eggs,documentary seems to have more of a,theme and story that its trying to,portray throughout the entire,documentary and i think it does it very,well honestly i really did enjoy it i,think that it was a really good length,for what we got to see in it and i did,enjoy seeing like a ski interview in,this where we get to kind of see the,history of ski and xs friendship and,how they met and kind of started to blow,up together and i thought it was just a,really cool way of showing fans that,might not fully have known that,backstory i thought it was a good way to,kind of recap it and get it at the,beginning of this documentary something,i wanted to go over is that this,documentary actually does have a 100,audience rating on rotten tomatoes and,an 89 critic rating which is really good,that means a lot of people are enjoying,the movie whether theyre critics or,just the casual viewer like us it seems,like its being accepted pretty,positively which is something im glad,to see because of how long it actually,took force to get this documentary but,overall my thoughts on the x documentary,is that i think it does a good job at,portraying xs life i think it does a,good job in introducing him and trying,to show you and provide you his side and,just like i said earlier how his mind,kind of works and everything and then i,think it handles going over his death,pretty well and overall i thought it was,a good documentary i would definitely,recommend watching it if youre a fan of,x and if youre not already a fan of x i,definitely think it would be a little,less enjoyable just like the juice,documentary or the peep one obviously if,youre a fan of these artists going in,youre going to enjoy it more than it,being your kind of introduction to them,but with all this being said thank you,guys for watching let me know if you,enjoyed it in the comments down below,with all this being said well see you,in the next one,you

5 Things That You Have Missed From Look at Me: XXXTentacion Hulu Documentary

since the untimely passing of the artist,known as xxxtentacion his legacy and,impact on many of his fans has only,grown and in many ways taken a life of,its own from wild memorials and multiple,post-humanist albums it truly seems like,xs fans will commemorate him any way,that they can xxx tentacion born josiah,on freud has led one of the most,polarizing and infamous careers in,hip-hop history one that has recently,been extensively covered in the new hulu,documentary titled look at me this,documentary features never-before-seen,footage insight on x from his family,members collaborators and closest,friends it also gives a truly unsettling,up-close looks into exs battles with,mental health the variety of ways he,treated people and ultimately how this,damaged and troubled soul was able to,cultivate the persona we all know as,xxxtentacion with one of the most unique,multifaceted unparalleled and,controversial runs that weve ever seen,in music so today were gonna be,breaking down five things that you may,have missed from the look at me,documentary there are truly some,interesting moments that involve x,living with adult film stars mental,health diagnosis to asap rocky being,involved x turning down boatloads of,money for his artistic integrity i mean,this dock truly is a roller coaster it,should also be acknowledged that some of,what we talk about will likely be a,little heavy so just a heads up and,without further ado lets get right into,it,[Music],now there are a lot of emotional,revelations and moments during the,documentary which we will get to in,short time but maybe one of the lighter,moments was when it was revealed that,while x was in jail popularity began to,skyrocket with his mugshot now in,circulation and reaching media tabloids,x was one of the biggest trending topics,what people may not know is that asap,rocky was a huge catalyst that sparked,the whole movement of fans tweeting out,hashtags saying free x after asap jumped,on social media to show his support for,xxx,i cant wait till you come home [ __ ],you talking about,it he the hardest thing in florida now,this is not to say that asap is the,reason that this whole movement popped,off because xs fans were already riding,pretty hard for him asap was just kind,of like that spark and put a battery in,its back its almost like what asap,rocky was for x while he was locked up,is what donald trump was for asap rocky,when he was locked up okay maybe i am,reaching a little bit with those two,cases because they arent exactly the,same thing at all but i mean hey it is,an interesting parallel another,interesting moment from the documentary,is when we met a man named bruno dickens,who was a moderately successful adult,film star who would collaborate with,underground rappers so,once he heard all this,or that shoot with underground artists,hes like oh this is the guy i gotta,meet so,i think he was living with his grandma,and he started coming over more than he,was supposed to this is what led to him,meeting x when he was 17. if you already,know who bruno dickens was before,xxxtentacion i dont know maybe man get,some get some help or something bruno,explains that x was constantly coming to,his house and sleeping on his couch way,too much now this was because x could,not stand his current living situation,with his grandmother so this led to,bruno letting x live with him and,becoming his manager for a period of,time i mean its just interesting to,think about because living with bruno,was evidently key to his growth as an,artist although im not sure if the same,can be said in regards to his growth as,a human being being in this space did,allow x to pour more aggression into his,music it also manifested in ugly ways,such as when bruno had ex beat up,another artist who owed him money this,clip went crazy viral when it happened,and although the dot gives context to,how it actually happened even the way,that bruno puts it things were not,supposed to go down the way that they,did however that truly only scratches,the surface of further struggles that x,would have to face one of the more,shocking moments of this documentary,came from cleopatra bernard xs mother,who provided some truly unsettling,details about her relationship with xs,father and jaws childhood during a,segment cleo speaks on how she would,often receive beatings from exs father,and how jaw would often bear witness to,this the mask the slum god also,references this in the documentary as,well she continues to detail how ex was,a small child father would give him,whoopings for getting things wrong or,not doing well in school and while this,is all very unsettling and not something,that any woman or child for that matter,should have to endure to me its not,exactly what made it shocking what was,more shocking is that after cleo,concluded these details she states that,xs father was not abusive it leaves a,lot to think about in regards to the,relationship that jaw had with his,mother who at another point in the,documentary when talking about the,heinous crimes that x was accused of and,whether or not she believes it was,something he did she states thats my,son if hes hitler hes my son if hes a,devil thats my son i birthed it right,wrong or indifferent im going to have,his back no matter what something else,that was detailed in the documentary was,how x basically turned down over a,million dollars from a record label that,wanted him to sign a multi-album deal,instead signed with empire records for,only a hundred thousand dollars to,license the single look at me which was,at its peak now the reason x did this,was because he looked at signing a,multi-album deal and giving away his,publishing as being a slave whereas the,deal with empire made him a partner and,this truly is a sediment that you see,echoed in the industry today i mean,artists are truly scared of getting by,the industry part of my language exs,mother spoke on how he always looked at,being independent and owning his own,rights and publishing was very important,whats even more crazy about how this,whole deal came at least to me is that,it happened all while x was behind bars,and look at me was the most popular song,out very tupac lil wayne esque being the,most popular rapper in the world while,being in jail i mean its gotta be a,wild feeling finally and likely the,biggest revelation from this documentary,came in the first 20 minutes or so when,xs mother breaks down that at age 13,jaw was diagnosed with bipolar disorder,which by definition is a mental disorder,that causes unusual shifts in mood,energy activity levels concentration and,the ability to carry out day-to-day,tasks leo further explains that she,chose not to medicate jaw for his,condition as she stated she doesnt,believe in giving kids drugs and that,isnt how they tackle that problem in,her culture instead she states that,counseling and getting to the root of,the problem was how she preferred to,handle it of xs diagnosis somewhat,connects the dots and how fans of his,music gravitated towards his,vulnerability in songs like sad or,jocelyn flores which deal with very very,extreme feelings of depression and,self-deletion and having a mental,disorder like bipolar could truly,exasperate those negative emotions and,this documentary really does give a raw,look into just that another interesting,revelation in the realm of social media,is that x is crew members only comprised,of kid trunks flyboy tarantino bass,santana and kilo junior to name a few in,the documentary they state how each,member had over five spam twitter,accounts each they also had a group chat,where they would plot on how to boost,xs post and manipulate the algorithm by,getting people to tweet and interact and,be honest they were pretty damn good at,it we werent on the level that he was,on it was heming ski on a particular,level and it was our job to,help that grow and formulate hearing the,members speak about it really shows that,they had a clear understanding of how,fans reacted to

Theyre Ruining The XXXTentacion “Look At Me” Documentary

i just saw something about the xxx,tentacion documentary and i had to talk,to you guys about this because if this,is true then i have absolutely no faith,that this documentarys gonna go well if,youre not familiar um his team put out,two albums after he died fans really,criticized it and said that it felt like,a bit of a money grab with that being,said the the label did sign a deal he,had to release two albums despite being,dead so his team did have to release two,albums with that being said,they cut out some features that were,just good such as trippy red and others,like that for some people that would,benefit the mother a bit more that were,signed to her label or something like,that that makes no sense why would you,cut out somebody like trippy red who was,there when he was alive and he clearly,would have wanted to work more with,because they were on good terms when he,died why would you want to skip off of,someone like that on a song that could,be good and switch to this guy who,sounded like a dried spongebob if you,know the song im talking about you know,the song im talking about but outside,of that and them not being willing to,pay for good features because they,didnt want to risk spending money on a,project that could only make money,anyway outside of that denzel curry went,on twitter,and he put no im not in the x,documentary no i did not do an interview,wouldnt be the first time they try to,cut me out of history immediately after,that we see dj scheme put me and you,both maine meaning that he also was not,in the documentary and also didnt do an,interview,now,that alone,were gonna get to that were gonna get,to that,i saw looking through the comments i saw,this i dont know whether or not its,true this might not be true but someone,said instead of getting managers and,people who were close to x from the,start they got playboy cardi and lil uzi,for the documentary,now,they were on the cipher with x i can,give them that i dont know how close,they were to x at all but there is no,doubt in the entire world that dj scheme,and denzel curry were far closer to x,now this isnt exactly a competition it,doesnt matter who was closest to x,outside of the documentary but for the,documentary youre covering from when,this man was born to the day he died,its like 21 20 years i forget how old,he was but one or the other,in those 21 years,right before he blew up he was living,with denzel curry making music with,denzel curry part of denzel currys,florida scene,denzel was bigger than x and kind of,took x under his wing,and dj skin was also with him before he,went to jail and was making music with,him these guys were a massive part of x,blowing up,he lived with denzel curry,that,to cut denzel out of it is absolutely,wild i know after x blew up we didnt,hear too much about him and denzel but,if you listen to interviews they,constantly ask denzel about x its clear,that denzel was a part of xs life,now outside of that dj scheme,constantly worked with x if you look at,clips of his concerts dj scheme was,there and in the earlier days denzel,curry was also there denzel and him blew,up around the same time were from the,same scene and lived in the same house,that denzel curry allowed x to live in,how in the world are you not getting,them or former managers on this,documentary i think the closest analogy,i could even make to something like this,would be there being a court case and,you having like 10 witnesses or so that,saw your thing and there were like three,of them that were really close to,whatever the crime was and for whatever,reason the defense just decides were,not going to have one of the witnesses,who were right there were just knocking,out them testify we dont want to hear,what they have to say,now,again,his label is known to wan be concerned,about the money,you can kind of give them a pass on the,albums because maybe they didnt want to,spend the money on the features poor,choice but maybe they didnt even want,to put out the albums because it was,after his death they felt like it was,disrespectful so they just put out what,they had to put out,this documentary is not in any contract,you do not have to put this out,just like they didnt have to show the,lamborghini he died in like it was a,museum like it was a piece of art or,something,they didnt have to do that now with,this,with the documentary you dont have to,make the documentary the other part from,his team you dont have to do a good job,and it seems clear just by these,decisions,that doing a good job isnt what theyre,concerned with and if anything this,should highlight that theyre in it,specifically and exclusively for the,money how are you not going to get,denzel and djs scheme in there if you,dont have them who do you have i know,that little uzi and playboy cardi were,in the freshman cipher with them billy,eilish talked about being close to him,did you talk to her did you talk to im,dante who had a huge video with them had,talked to him on multiple occasions as,far as i know much more than playboy,cardian little uzi but we dont know,maybe it was more with them but still,did you talk to them i thought i heard a,rumor that either dom is live or im,dante had somewhat of a say,in in some of the music decisions i,thought cleo xs mother was going to,them with some of it for this,documentary,who is saying no to denzel curry and dj,scheme because oh my god now i can show,you guys picture and picture and picture,of denzel curry with x from a very early,stage you can look at concert concert,concert clips over and over again you,can see dj scheme everywhere my question,to you guys is is there any hope for,this documentary do you believe theres,any chance its good because,i mean cool well get uzi and like,playboy cardis perspective but what,about these guys who were actually there,the whole time and didnt get just like,a surface level of x i dont understand,it man its baffling

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