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#88 Enclosed Trailer Buyers Guide – Aluminum vs Steel – What to look for – 6 x 12 Stealth Trailer

[Music],do,[Music],hey guys dave from tv time outdoors,welcome back to the channel everybody if,youre a subscriber thanks for tuning in,again if youre new here i want to,welcome to the channel um encourage you,to subscribe if you like this kind of,thing in this video were going to talk,about enclosed trailers,specifically the one that is behind me,the one i just purchased,were also going to talk about some,basics you know so just kind of go over,if youre shopping for a trailer what,are some of the basic things to look for,then were going to jump into you know,what are the little things that make,those prices vary so much theres a lot,of little details that ill try to point,out to you so you can uh you know kind,of filter through those things so help,you find just the right trailer for you,sift through all those prices and get to,the quality that uh kind of matches your,needs so stay with us guys and remember,keep it in the timber,[Music],take a step outside and seize the day,now,all right lets start off with the very,first thing that people shop for and,that is typically brand,um were also going to talk about size,were going to talk about aluminum,versus steel,and a few other basics but first thing i,want to talk about is brand,um you know brand within a brand youll,usually find two or three different,price points,i dont want to get into you know the,different types too much or you know the,different types of companies,but i will tell you that brand does,matter,um and and what i mean by that is,typically there are companies that focus,on the higher end and there are,companies that kind of focus on the,value uh segment and then maybe your,your entry level and ill just mention,one in particular um,act,aluminum trailer company i believe,thats what its called theyre theyre,typically a very high-end company and,they use all the best materials,um you know interiors are finished if,youre looking for that kind of thing,you know thats a company that does it,very very well that was kind of beyond,my price point,um so i i ended up buying a stealth as,you can see behind me sort of that kind,of the middle ground you know they offer,some lower priced steel trailers they,also have,what i bought here which is all aluminum,um but theres just so many brands and i,would say you know brand it only matters,if youre trying to target a certain,segment,okay with brand in mind the the,second thing or maybe even the first,thing that youre going to try to hone,in on is,you know what size trailer do i need,these things come in all kinds of sizes,length width height,ill get into some more details about,roof design and that kind of thing but,basically you got to kind of determine,that that envelope that you need,so obviously youre going to have some,things that youre going to haul maybe,its a utv for example,you know utvs typically are wider and,they have a roll cage so theyre taller,and so some things you need to worry,about obviously are the width,the length and the height and that door,opening and so thats going to drive you,to a bigger trailer typically seven feet,wide you might even need a dual axle,trailer depending on how heavy it is if,youve got a four seater you know youre,probably going to need a dual axle so so,really how you get to that size is you,kind of figure out your needs and then,youll youll kind of manage your,pricing and youll youll work your way,into a size,this one behind me is a six by 12,with a six foot height i dont have the,height,requirement for my needs right now im,primarily hauling motorcycles um and so,i didnt need that six foot six or seven,foot height,and i also have a towing requirement in,terms of weight so thats kind of the,other thing that youre going to think,about is you know how heavy a trailer,can i tow am i pulling with a truck with,a truck,and dual axles fine if youre hauling it,with a very small suv youre probably,going to need a single axle and you,might want to think about aluminum,in my case im going to double toe this,thing so i really have to be careful,about my length and my weight and,actually my tongue weight,all right the next big differentiator,is aluminum versus steel,its a great debate which was better,ill give you a few things to think,about im not going to say ones better,than the other because really it depends,you know you hate to hear that but it,really does,first thing i want you to think about is,where do you live,so if you live in the north or in the,salt belt or the rust belt like i do in,wisconsin,they dump salt on our roads almost six,months at a time,and i have steel trailers that rust cars,that rust and so i went with aluminum,and that was the the primary reason the,secondary reason was a weight you know,you do save some weight,um the price point between steel and,aluminum is about two thousand dollars,you might see it fifteen hundred,depending on the features,but really thats thats the main,difference if you can afford aluminum,its probably the better way to go you,know if youre worried about strength,theres very little difference in that,its going to come down to more axles,and load capacities,both aluminum and steel can meet certain,thresholds for that,really it comes down to rust protection,and overall weight can you can you tow,that extra weight you live down south,you know maybe steels the way to go for,you youre gonna save two thousand,dollars just get a steel trailer call it,a day,if youre up here in the north,you might wanna you know save a little,longer and go with that aluminum trailer,okay the last basic thing i want to talk,about is color color is super important,when youre buying anything right,these trailers come in a lot of,different colors some funky stuff like,red and blue,theres also you know some more subdued,colors,this one happens to be what they call a,pewter,its sort of an in between a gray and a,gold,i like it its a nice color,of course youve got your your basic,white and your basic black,depending on your needs maybe you want,to match your tow vehicle,i didnt care about that so i just kind,of went with something that,would hide dirt and,just sort of blend in with the,surroundings,so when youre thinking about color you,know i would think about,sunshine these trailers tend to get very,hot so,if youre in a place where the sun,shines a lot a black trailer,it might get super hot in there im not,saying dont buy a black trailer but,because they look super nice,but just keep in mind that the insides,of these get very hot even if you,insulate them and put vents in there,so maybe a white trailer is the way to,go there,white has a tendency to show a lot of,streaks and dirt so youre cleaning them,black kind of the same way so if youre,in the salty areas and running this,thing through the winter,the things going to look terrible,because its going to be full of salt,so maybe one of those middle colors or,if youve got you know a company and you,got company colors maybe its red blue,but,youll have to sift through that and,kind of figure out what your criteria is,match should match your tow vehicle um,worry about the sunshine or maybe its a,company color that youre trying to,figure out,all right lets jump into pricing and,why do you see so many um different,price points,um typically i already mentioned this,one but the aluminum versus steel thats,a thats a big jump okay but even within,those lets say im okay im gonna get,steel or im gonna get aluminum youre,gonna see a wide range of pricing even,within those material types,and what what that comes down to is you,do get what you pay for so if you really,slice and dice the features and benefits,of a trailer,youre gonna see why theyre charging a,little bit more typically its not the,dealership the margins,on these trailers is pretty darn low,and its very competitive so if youre,seeing a higher price,theres usually a feature that is,driving up that price and the tricky,part for you is youre gonna have to,figure out do i care about that,um so lets jump in

Look Trailers …Great Trailers

[Music],[Music],theyre paving I mean I got a long walk,home its its you know almost 10,oclock at night ejm no mo theyre,paving my road I gotta go I gotta walk,oh my god probably a quarter of a mile,but anyway Ill let some I dont know,yeah they just paid this one but,as a car coming,my camara whats going on landscapers of,America all right its my third year,with the look trailers and I dont know,I just got them parking it and Im like,well you know what,cuz I rarely drive this at night our,havent really drove it when its been,dark out probably since last October you,know during the fall season but this is,the first trailer I think Ive ever,owned,alright usually within the first six,months to a year one of the lights goes,out within the first six months then,then two lights and then by the third,year you know three or four lights are,out but every freaking light on this,trailer,shaaka god bless you buddy youre even,over are you sent him again I sent you a,message on patreon go look at it but,yeah man this things been great this is,a company you know that started around,five six years ago they have a hub here,and well not here but right next door in,Pennsylvania and I think there are the,ones in Georgia a lot of these trailers,are made in Georgia because of the the,labor is very cheap so they can kind of,roll these out and kind of keep them at,a very competitive price but this thing,has been freakin awesome,I havent had one eat well one issue and,I actually I talked to Tonys lawn care,about it I dont know if I can get over,here the freakin woods over here look at,this I dont know if you guys and your,enclosed have any is this the kind of,hinge you have Ive never had a hinge,like this before on any of my enclosed,Welless my first enclosed in 15 years,but I just had to I had a hinge here and,then I had a hinge down here but I got,two of these things that came out of,this is Tony made a good point hes like,what do you got on this like a five-year,warranty right and I think look has a,five-year warranty if not Im still,under three years its my third season,I put a little piece of duct tape there,electrical tape except when I open the,door kind of hits there but besides,these two hinges that came Lou I have no,idea how that even happened at first I,thought someone was someone tried to,break in but that doesnt make sense I,still got to put on that that lock that,that door lock I bought I want to do it,pretty soon,hey man every freaking light works on,this sucker and I havent really gone,over this trailer and I should cuz I did,a lot of stuff to it especially I put,down this and its been working great I,put down this ceiling on the floor and,on the ramp and its been awesome and,very its its yeah absolutely yeah you,know its a six by ten real Miller man,but its its a V nose so its you know,its like 12 feet I think I measured it,was 11 feet 10 inches but its got the,7-foot ceilings there so its its tall,and I actually paid more for this than I,would have for a six by twelve and after,I did it Im like what the hell was I,thinking but everything has turned out,you know fine you know the reason why I,wanted to go over to six by ten is,because of my my street my road I didnt,I dont have that much room to Cox I,like to park this in front of my house,and if I would have got a six by twelve,out of would have been right on the edge,so Im right on the edge right now with,this sucker and I got a and I I did the,whole bottom here as soon as I got it,and its still we had its not any Im,telling you guys you buy this stuff in a,spray can man its like that dip that,Ill have to do a video and show you I,started doing one but you know once a,year Ill just go and Ill spray under,there with the,rust-oleum dip black dip you know people,do their the rims with it but its a,its a great ceiling its a great rust,protector,it came wood it sprayed underneath yeah,whats that buddy,I know watch out for end theres Bobcats,now its all over the freakin news and,actually theres been Bobcats,theres those other things the hell is,it not a bobcat the Freak are they,called I dont know theyre the ones,that in California hikers they attack,the hikers I had to bring blackberry and,she would be over here she did this,woods here this is whats in back of my,house but Im all the way up alright,anyway this is the element s-see like I,said pretty well priced trailers look,great company man I had nothing no,issues with this trailer at all you know,Im not gonna lie to you I miss the open,trailer,I really missed the open trailer I hate,to tell you but Ive kind of gotten used,to it and you know theres pros and,theres cons to it you know theres pros,to the open trailer theres pros to the,enclosed you know but yeah man they make,a really really I mean awesome trailer,man so I can say so if youre looking,and this is the time of the year or at,least up here to get a pretty good deal,on trailers they want to kind of get rid,of them for the winter I dont know this,is a pretty popular brand up here now,again cuz they opened up a a factory or,distribution center in Pennsylvania so,were pretty close so that also helps,but you know pretty well priced and the,vinos is absolutely huge and I said man,if you got you know a six by ten would,have Ino,the problem like I tell you that six by,tens are the same price as six by twelve,theres really no reason to get a six by,ten because they are exactly the same,you might save like $50 or $100 and like,I said I got the raised roof on this,sucker,and this also has the you know the,little dipsy-doodle its got the little,stands,so,yep definitely have to have this if its,not hooked on your trailer but yeah guys,element SC I dont this isnt you know,they make a couple different lines I,dont know where to you might even be,their cheapest model but these start at,like 2,800,like I said mine was like 3,200 cuz I,got the raised roof and I got the the,stands but this thing is is a beefy well,made trailer three by eight walls half,inch floor so definitely and I might,even be 1/2 inch walls I dont know Im,pretty sure its 3/8 I dont really,remember but the tires have been great I,havent even had to rotate these axles,these have whats the name of the axles,at this size this doesnt have the,whats the whats the big company there,with the axles there,yeah I was gonna get the vinyl stickers,but I dont know I dont like people,calling me all the times,whats that Bandys lawn care Thank You,Rico Guri yeah Im like it was a cool,what it was what they called Cougars,whats up Ram Killa,suppose to do you have a great night,APEC thanks for stopping in brother APEC,I appreciate it hey Peck I got a hit,yeah I gotta get yeah were gonna make,him a moderator Apex always on here and,Shaka how are you oh no I got to get you,a moderator on here shock nej Im uh saw,you tube or a Jerrys my man mountain,lot yeah mountain lion is that it,mountain lion yeah I think that is what,theyre called mountain lions you know,theyre all the same right a Jaguars a,cougar a cougar is a mountain lion a,puma I mean I dont know the difference,I think it is the mountain line theyre,back yes the mountain lion but poor flex,Dexter Dexter yeah these are not the,Dexter its another good you know,theres the theres two main axle makers,this is the other one on earth but and,Im gonna Im gonna dip thee this I,havent even had to really dip this yet,Im surprised theres really no rust on,this I mean Im starting to get a little,bit right there and I got some on the,inside right here its time I havent I,think I did spray this like the maybe,the first year and getting a little bit,under here now,but I didnt spray this this year and,the beginning year I I went under there,and sprayed it again we dont have the,Minnesota agent the Tennessee yes,I mean his car is coming oh this guys,like whats this guy doing filming,whats he doing all right let me get out,of here guys thanks I just figured Id,stop in were gonna be a gie me and Dee,Gentry will be down with be

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LOOK Trailers Is One Of The Only Manufacturers That Offers Custom Options – Trailer Innovations

[Music],hey everyone my name is Alex Bontrager,and Im on the marketing team here at,love trailers and Im Kevin Richardson,the Regional Sales Manager here look,trailers and Kevin Im really excited,for today we are talking about what I,think is one of the coolest features of,this company and it is our ability to do,options and customizations certainly,so can we customize any trailer you can,customize about any trailer yes from our,from our smallest little 5 by 8 up to,the largest 53-foot gooseneck whether,its from a little roof it or to an,exercise door,Im sure where we get into a little bit,more than that you dream it well build,it yes you can make it happen ok so at,first before we even get into everything,we can do we have so many different,departments and teams here that make,this happen where does it start,well it usually starts with the dealer,calling in to the sales department,dealer will call in give his requests,for the trailer the sales department,will soar lay it out and then take it to,the engineering department theyll do,their expertise there and come back with,any suggestions modifications and then,we turn around take it back to the sale,our to the dealer for you know for the,review awesome we have here in,Middlebury we have a plant here we also,plant in a number of different states,but the ones here we have an options,department and thats what they do all,day long they just duck out these,trailers in every single customer,requests theyre a great department they,have I dont know theres 10 or 12 guys,out there theyre excellent at what they,do,from building cabinets build the,bathroom units putting rollout awnings,on they modify treasures all day long,and you know that it it develops from,from empty trailer to the extreme,racecar trailer you know and you know,every stage it develops as they they,come along with their options and it,really turns out to be nice actually,really good some of them are super well,um if a trailer is labeled as a,motorcycle or snowmobile trailer can I,still customize it to my needs,well yes you can still customize a,little bit but you know they are,designed for that application so lets,say a snowmobile trailer you know its,designed to carry snow bills theyre 800,to 900 pounds of piece you know what a,car fit in there yes but a car might,weigh 5,000 pounds so it may not hold it,so you know if its specifically for a,snowmobile true thats what wed like to,see you use it for if its specifically,for a motorcycle trailer then thats,what we like to see use it for doesnt,mean you cant haul our things in it,but thats really what thats designed,for awesome,so is there such thing as a trailer that,hauls it all all is it all Im gonna,have to say no to that,you know most trailers can haul a,variety of things thats that is true,but you know it really depends on the,payload capacity the frame structure you,know tie downs height with links just a,variety of things so you know a little,5×8 cant carry a big truck you know so,one trailer hauling it all I have to say,we can help you there,awesome so this is something that you,guys do all the time we just saw it on,our get back to work America campaign,what if I owned a business and I want to,customize this trailer to my business do,people do that,Oh every day every day you know the,business owner needs the stores start,out with a vision themselves take that,vision to one of our dealers and sort of,lay it out on paper with them then you,know so were like were talking about,the options then the dealer will call us,with that vision and well start putting,it together,with the sales team and the engineering,department and things like that but you,know it starts with the with the,customer and his his vision of how he,wants to use the trailer and that was my,next question so whether its,landscaping contracting doesnt matter,what youre using it for where do you,even begin this process like you cant,expect to go on the lot and just see,your golden trailer with a hundred,different customizations ready to go no,once again come starting with your,vision of what you want to use it for,and then yeah having your idea and take,it to your local dealer that dealer is,going to advise you if its if its,something that we can do or not you know,you more likely we do it if if you want,to haul it but take your vision to the,dealer and then he will he will advance,it from there perfect so trust your,dealer we trust our dealers you work,with them on a regular basis absolutely,if they cant answer the questions for,the customer then they certainly call us,and a lot of times we do conference,calls with the dealer and the customer,all at one time,so we can you know take out the,middleman soar and answer questions,directly so what are some of the coolest,trailers that you guys have done you,know theres a variety you know Im I,like the hazmat trailers and,emergency-response trailers those are,sort of my my favorite you know my dad,was a fireman back in the day so you,know theyre all different you know,other cool trailers are the high end,racecar trailers a lot of options in,there and you know the every trailers,cool to the tone owner but the emergency,response are some of my favorite yeah,you guys had one leave for Kovan 19 the,last couple months we had a fire trailer,leave for New York,we just had bends petals here today that,was a trailer you guys did some people,know Wayne from chasing classic cars,actually his race trailers one,here exactly we really do everything um,what are just some key features to,highlight so at the very beginning you,started to throw out some things that,you guys customized from the tiniest,little details mm-hmm,well you know every chair you know has,its own customization whether its just,a different color or you know different,tires from steel rims aluminum rims but,so you can take a standard six by twelve,and put a roof in on it thats an option,you can put Salem dents on it thats an,option you can upgrade aluminum wheels,thats an option we can do carpet we can,put coin flooring in we can put role out,on enzyme we can put windows air,conditioners insulation cabinets,bathrooms showers happy jack beds just a,little bit of everything but you know,when you put something in the trailer,then it sort of starts customizing it,you know the last thing was just some of,the other custom trailers on our website,that we commonly do concession you know,one the most popular are racecar,trailers are usually this time of the,year,landscape trailers the big ones,different times of year you have,snowmobile trailers you know coming into,fall springtime we have motorcycle,trailers for sturgis Bike Week Daytona,Bike Week you know so a lot of different,things but snowmobile trailers landscape,trailers racecar trailers motorcycle,trailers are all sort of key ones that,that we build cool well we have hundreds,Id probably say thousands of options,when you really get down to me if you,guys have any questions or comments,leave those in the comments section,below be sure to check out more of our,trailer innovations on YouTube Kevins,going to be in the hot seat a lot and if,you guys are ready go ahead and find,your local dealer and visit us on our,website,feel free to call in and talk to one of,our salesmen and they can guide you in,the right direction also yep,[Music],you

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What Should You Do BEFORE You Leave The dealer Lot? – LOOK Trailers

[Music],getting us a trailer means more than,building something that is strong and,durable it means that we care about the,safety of our employees we want to make,sure that our dealerships take safe,measures through the buying process and,we want to make sure that you have the,necessary resources to stay safe when,youre out on the road hello my name is,Kevin Richardson with look trailers Im,the regional sales manager here on,behalf of trailers safety week Id like,to go over a few things about hooking up,your trailer before you leave a dealers,lie one of the first things you should,look at when you go to hook up a trailer,is your hitch assembly you want to make,sure you have the correct hitch ball to,fit the coupler in this case its a two,inch coupler you would require a two,inch hitch ball on here when you are,coupling the trailer you want to make,sure the coupler is fully engaged once,down on the ball the complete way and,always put a hitch pin for extra,precaution secondly you want to make,sure you correctly hook up your hitch,chains to do so,I like the crisscross them to the truck,and if they are too long you can twist,them to take out some of the slack or,take a zip tie and tie them together so,they dont drag on the ground thirdly is,the proper plug assembly most trucks are,equipped with two types of plugs a,platfor and the 7-way round so make sure,you have the proper plug assembly for,your trailer,after youre fully hooked up I always,like to have the Jack Graham crank all,the way up and the fold position and,then flip the handle over so its,tightly secured so it doesnt vibrate,when youre going down the road one of,the things the dealer should have,already done for you is Chuck your lug,nuts not like an automobile trailer lug,nuts are supposed to be tightened at 10,25 and 50 miles until they get well,seated then before you leave make sure,both locks on the door are fully engaged,the deadbolt and the flush lock the,trailer can flex and twists as you go,down the road and may have an,opportunity to pop it open so make sure,both locks are engaged before leave in,on your next trip lastly before you,leave the dealership please fill out the,warranty card so they can send it in,after your purchase the warranty card is,very important because it gives us all,that your information in case youd ever,do have a problem with your trailer at,that time they should also give you the,owners manual,please take it home and read through it,and if you have any questions feel free,to give us call,thank you,you

NEW! 2021 Look Element SE 7.5 Wide UTV Trailer

hey everybody Mike here again with life,elevated trailers want to show you a new,model that just came out with a new,package really excited about this is the,seven and a half wide offering from look,trailers youll notice a few things,right off the bat about this trailer,thats different from your standard,seven wide where this is seven and a,half wide we put a six-inch frame under,it to make sure it can handle the size,and weight of the trailer the reason we,did a seven and a half wide is because,the side-by-sides are all getting wider,the Maverick x3 the razor turbo s our,bolts come in stock at 72 inches wide,most guys are putting portals or wheels,and tires on them and taking them out 76,inches wide 78 inches wide and so the 7,by 14 s while theyll fit in those,trailers theyll fit a lot better in a,seven and a half wide the other package,that this trailer has is the SE package,the SE package comes standard seven feet,tall,interior height and it comes standard,with bonded screwless exterior panels so,it has a really sharp look to it we put,the black diamond plate which is now,available from look on this trailer just,kind of black it out give it a really,cool sleek look the other thing that we,do here at life elevated trailers that,we kind of started honestly the ball on,this is we take the man door we move it,to the drivers side and then we push it,back to where it starts as close to the,fender well as possible what that does,for you is when you pull your side by,side in here which will have some,pictures youll probably see right now,pull up you can open the door on your,side by side and step straight out this,door without having to crawl out crawl,over your tires and crawl out the back,of the trailer you just get straight out,another cool feature or advantage to,this is we do whats called a side by,side tie-down kit which comes with two,10-foot sticks of each rack and two,wheel baskets pull in and youll have a,stick of each rack that youll be,driving on top of and then you can just,take that wheel basket put it around,your tire crank your tire to the floor,right here through this man door and,shut the door and youre done well you,walk around the back and do the other,back opposite tire but what it does for,you is it keeps it so you dont have,crawl in your trailer try to get up,under the front to strap it down just,really simple right through the door,walking around the back of the trailer,youve got radial tires LED lights,matching black wheels on this trailer,the element SE package is denoted right,here in new cool graphics on the side,obviously ramp door a dual spring,assisted ramp door so its very very,light goes up and down really really,easy what I did was I grabbed my friends,razor which is about 75 inches wide hes,got the new turbo s with some wheels and,tires are a little wider on it and,youll see us driving it in and out of,this trailer quite a bit and you can see,the tire marks on the ramp here of how,wide that machine was which is honestly,about the widest machine you can get,with everything hes done to it coming,in up the ramp here your 78 inches tall,at this door opening so every single,side-by-side will fit through there at,the stock height most of them will fit,with a lift on them youve got plenty of,room as youll see in the video where,the turbo asks with bigger tires on it,drives right in five thousand-pound,d-rings bolted to a plate thats welded,to the frame in here and then this wood,they call the high performance wood you,can actually pressure watch this trailer,out if you get a bunch of mud or dirt in,here you can just take your pressure,washer rinse this thing out you wont,hurt the wood or anything else dont,light up here in the center of the roof,but little things that we do here at,life elevated that make a big difference,and that look does as a manufacturer,switch on the wall the reason thats,important is if you need your light on,and your side by side is sitting right,here you cant reach that light and so,you need to switch on the wall to be,able to turn it off and on something you,wouldnt think of until you needed to do,it but weve just thought that for you,inch by inch and a quarter tube steel,framing in the roof your 24 inch on,center and then in the walls your 16 on,center 81 inch width between your,fenders right here and then youve got a,24 inch v nose on the front of this,trailer giving you 14 feet in the square,another 24 inches on the front so come,down to life elevated trailers were,always trying to get new models and new,trailers in stock to fit the needs of,our consumers and I think the seven and,a half by fourteen sixteen eighteen or,twenty honestly as long as you want to,make it is an awesome size for hauling,the new wider side-by-sides or the old,standard ones and give yourself a little,more room but not have the full eight,and a half width thats harder to tow,for the half tons and suvs alright so,were gonna pull this this is the new,razor turbo s 72 inches wide this ones,got a little bigger tires on so its,about 74 wide youll own it in our seven,and a half wide trailer here as you can,see goes in with ease super simple to,drive in here creep on in slow and,youre in nice thing about this is you,open that that driver side door and you,can just step right out of the machine,step right out of the trailer and youre,done,the easiest thing to do is kind of stick,your head out the window here and just,watch on this side you know youre,closed on this side you know youre good,on the other side when youre in close,right here,that give you guys another angle pulling,in here super simple you dont even have,to slow down much as you go in you just,see what youre doing,shut the Machine down pop out the door,with our side-by-side tie down system,that we install its a two hundred,dollar system it comes with two wheel,baskets and two sticks of each rack you,just come right here and we have a,basket go over this tire youd Ratchet,it right here at the door shut your man,door come around the back side youve,got another strip each rack right here,just grab it right here Ratchet it down,two tires get on the road super simple,so youre backing out also much easier,in this trailer than it is in the seven,wide you got plenty of room just come,straight out no big deal

How Is The Core Of A Cargo Trailer Made? – Trailer Innovations – LOOK Trailers

[Music],hey everyone im alex bontrager and im,our digital marketing manager here at,look trailers,and im kevin richardson regional sales,manager here at look trailers,and part of trailer innovations is to,talk to you about things that most,manufacturers are just not going to go,over,today we are in the yard with kevin and,were burying it all we are getting,down to the frame and kevin what are we,talking about,were gonna talk a little bit about the,core of the trailer uh the chassis,the walls the roof bows things like that,uh the outside of the trailer they all,look a little pretty,but you wanna know whats on the inside,id like to start with the chassis,thats your core bottom part of the,trailer,that holds everything together uh the,first thing ill be looking at,is the type of the main frame that runs,the length of the trailer,we use a tubular mainframe they come in,a variety of different sizes depending,on the size of your trailer,they have two by four two by six two by,eight,main frames some of the other brands use,an i-beam frame its not as strong,moving from the main frame you go to the,cross members,we use a full height cross member versus,other manufacturers,use a half of cross member ours goes the,full length from the top to the bottom,of the main frame,a full height cross member gives you a,much more,structurally sound frame moving from,there,you want to look at the a-frame our,a-frames,are integrated into the main,chassis its not welded on underneath,the a-frame being integrated rolls back,and tucks into a tubular,cross member giving you much more,strength as the trailer is going up and,down the road,another standard feature on all our,models is a,high-end automotive undercoating helps,prevent the rusting of a trailer,moving up from the chassis you want to,look at the wall structure,some manufacturers use wood wall posts,we use steel on all our models the,lighter trailers we use a z,post wall and the heavier trailers we,upgrade to a tube,post you also want to look some models,come on 24 inch centers some come on 16,inch centers,once again the heavier models get,always get 16 inch on centers the closer,the wall posts are together,naturally are going to give you a,stronger sidewall as your trailers,going down the road,standing here were looking at the side,door we use a,1 by 3 door framing around the complete,door,moving up from the side walls we go to,our roof,we use a semi-crowned tubular roof bow,depending on the model once again some,are on 24 inch centers,some are on 16 inch centers the lighter,trailers are on 24,as you get into the heavier models they,upgrade into 16 inch on centers,and there you guys have it hopefully,youve learned something new today,kevin thank you so much for doing this,as always how can they,reach us or learn anything else about us,www.looktrailers.com,yes be sure to leave comments and,questions in the comment section below,and subscribe to us on youtube for other,trailer innovations,[Music],you

Specifications/Specs – Trailer Innovations – LOOK Trailers

[Music],hey everyone my name is Alex Bontrager,and Im the digital marketing manager at,look trailers and Im Kevin Richardson,the regional sales manager here at look,trailers and this is trailer innovations,over the course of these segments we are,going over everything you need to know,about all of the trailers that we make,cargo trailers motorcycle goosenecks,customizations packages everything you,need to know no matter what youre,hauling we will touch on at some point,Kevin,would probably look a little weird right,now were trying to social distance from,each other just do to cope in 1960 arm,span first and foremost youre on our,hot seat Kevin what do you do here I am,the Regional Sales Manager here at look,trailers oversee for other salesmen and,in the Midwest region yep,from Nebraska to New York from Canada to,Kentucky yeah you are a very busy man,would you consider yourself an expert,about an expert but Ive been to the,trailer business 30 years good deal the,last 10 years Ive been here at look,trailers perfect,hopefully I know a little well we trust,you hopefully you guys are gonna learn,something new today for this first,segment we just wanted to do something,extremely broad thats going to be,useful to everyone whether youre a,dealer an owner a potential buyer we are,talking about specs so when you first go,to the website its any trailer that,youre looking at youre gonna click on,that product page and its gonna take,you to specifications standards options,brochure youre gonna find a ton of,things in that first glance if youre,opening the specs page it can look like,word vomit all over the place youve got,25 different things on the left-hand,column a bunch of different sizes at the,top where do you even start when youre,looking at aspect,but it is a little overwhelming yeah so,you know certainly things you start out,with is knowing what youre going to use,the trailer yeah you know when you go to,see a dealer you know certainly have a,good idea of how youre going to use the,trip is it just for general use sources,specifically for landscaping motorcycles,cars or just a variety of it things you,know terminologies you might be,interested in knowing about is GVWR,lets a little bit passing a curb we,start out with GVWR that is the gross,vehicle weight rating which is a,combination of the empty weight of the,trailer and your payload okay so easy,terminology if the gbw are 7,000 pounds,your trailer weighs 2,000 pounds you,have a maximum of 5,000 pounds worth of,payload you can put in that trailer and,thats important when youre hauling,something you need to know what kind of,a vehicle youre using whether your,vehicle can even handle that yes those,are those are very important when you,say that you certainly cant be hauling,the big trailer with a small vehicle,very unsafe drive a bug I cannot just,jump in mm-hmm um youre also gonna see,at the top the sizes so again depending,on what youre using it for youre gonna,narrow down the size of the trailer,whether its a 7 by 12 by 14 by 16 and,then the corresponding left-hand column,is going to tell you the actual details,of all of those things so the curb,weight what is it why would it even be,important curb weight is the empty,weight of the trailer you know the,bigger the trailer the heavier disc so,you need to size your vehicle you need,to make sure you got the proper hitch,the carry the weight of the trailer curb,weight you know and you you need to know,the curb weight of the trailer and your,payload capacity so you can figure out,the GVWR of the trailer,okay what axle rating you didnt know,you were doing algebra when you involve,trailer well we have different sized,axles we have 3500 pound ax,we have 52 6,000 7,000 8,000 pound axles,so that all plays in a role when it,comes to your payload capacity okay so,figure out what your payload capacity is,and then thats the salesman or the,dealer should be able to guide you in,the right direction of what GVWR,trailers on that you know so curb weight,the bigger the trailer the longer the,trailer gets heavier so your payload,capacity gets less so you may have to,step up in size based on that you know,from there you know you need to make,sure your tow vehicle has the same tow,capacity your hitch does it have that,same rating to tow that trailer every,stage of the the trailer has its own,ratings the trailer rating the hitch,weight the truck so all very important,theres a ton of information its got,your length your width the height the,interior length and width and height,because those differs sometimes due to,the outside actually with the length and,height all depends on your payload that,youre gonna carry your cargo if youre,going to be putting the car in there you,certainly cant put in a 5 by 8 trailer,yep so youve come to yes you know you,want to take the outside dimensions of,your cargo whether thats a car a,motorcycle you know just whatever you,might be putting in the trailer so the,next thing about that is to know how you,gonna secure your cargo do you need,floor D rings we have e trap,are you gonna be using your trailer at,night do we need to put lights in here,so you can see so theres a variety of,different options you can do with your,trailer – yeah so I think the two,biggest things you said were know what,youre gonna be using this for thats,gonna help when you go to the dealer and,youre talking about specs when youre,talking about standards and options and,seeing everything you can add on versus,the things that are already,theyre coming with it but the second,point I loved that you said talk to your,dealer trust your dealer trust your,salesman give us a call you guys have a,full team of people here yes if the,dealer doesnt have the answer for you,they can certainly call us or customer,can call us and talk to us directly,perfect,well Kevin if theres anything else you,want to add feel free,well they you know the trailers uh you,know a couple big points you know they,all say you get what you pay for,yep dont buy on price strictly you know,if youre gonna be using the trailer,every day spend a little bit more money,make sure you get the proper trailer for,your needs good deal well thank you,again for joining us today your well,looking forward to more to come were,gonna continue to have sales in the,chair were gonna get engineering here,and many more if you are a dealer share,this with your customers if youre a,current owner hopefully you learn,something new or it helps with your next,buying experience and if you are looking,to buy take some notes know what,questions to ask your dealers and your,salespeople and keep an eye out for more,trailer innovations,[Music]

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