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  2. Looop Lapeta Movie Review & Analysis | Taapsee Pannu, Tahir Raj Bhasin | Netflix India
  3. Looop Lapeta Movie Review | Sucharita Tyagi | Taapsee Pannu Tahir Raj Bhasin
  4. Looop Lapeta (2022) Movie Explained in Bangla || Looop Lapeta Movie Bangla Review ||Thriller Movie
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Looop Lapeta | Bollywood Movie Review by Anupama Chopra | Taapsee Pannu, Tahir Raj Bhasin

One of the most seductive aspects of cinema, is its ability to manipulate time.,Unlike life, movies can flashforward, flashback wards,and move in diagonal, parallel and circular ways.,And through this movement, reveal the whimsy, randomness, absurdity and tragicomedy,,of being alive.,Or, as Satya in Looop Lapeta puts it. ‘Life badal jaati hai Savi, all it takes is a day.’,Looop Lapeta is the story, ,of that one life-altering day for Satya and his partner Savi.,But like the three Os in Looop, we see three versions of the story,and how the choices the characters make,,have a butterfly effect and shape the outcome differently.,The film is an adaptation of Tom Tykwer’s groundbreaking 1998 film Run Lola Run.,But debutant director Aakash Bhatia adds enough twists,and characters to stretch the one hour, twenty-one minutes of Run Lola Run,,to two hours, eleven minutes in Looop Lapeta.,And therein lies the rub.,Aakash is a master stylist.,His distinctive visual language has been established,in ad films for brands like Puma and Budweiser.,Aakash plays with angles, lenses and colors, like a child with playdoh,,creating frames that pulsate with energy and eccentricity.,Which makes him the perfect fit for this material.,Run Lola Run is a riotous blend of live-action, animation, instant replay,,black and white, split screens, slow motion and flash-frames,,held together by dazzling editing, techno music,and a charismatic leading lady with flaming red hair,Aakash tips his hat to Lola, by having a woman in the same outfit and hair,,bump into Savi in a casino, in the latter half of Looop Lapeta.,The story is transplanted to Goa.,The basic framework is the same, like Manni in Run Lola Run,,Satya is a good-natured, amateur criminal, who botches up a job.,Manni had to find 100,000 Deutschmarks in 20 minutes.,Satya needs to come up with 50 lakh rupees in 50 minutes.,Like Lola, Savi must do whatever it takes to save her boyfriend,,which includes sprinting to far flung places,,begging her father for cash and aiding Satya in armed robbery.,Every choice she makes impacts the outcome of their story and not all endings are happy.,Run Lola Run is a shot of movie-adrenalin. Like Lola, the film is in perpetual motion.,It throbs with ferocious style, dazzles us with its audacity and is over before we know it.,Looop Lapeta struggles to achieve the same buoyancy.,Mostly because Aakash and co-writers Vinay Chhawal, Ketan Pedgaonkar ,and Arnav Vepa Nanduri add too much to it, starting with a backstory for Savi.,In an animated sequence, we are told why Savi runs as fast as she does.,It’s clever and efficient, but it also feels like an outtake from Rashmi Rocket,,in which Taapsee also played a runner.,In other words, it’s unnecessary.,Aakash, DOP Yash Khanna and production designers Pradeep Paul Francis,and Diya Mukerjea create an eye-popping world.,We get saturated colors, which instantly took me back to,the opening sequence of Thiagarajan Kumararaja’s Super Deluxe,,off-kilter lensing choices and Ram Gopal Varma-esque camera angles,,including one from inside a turkey, that is being readied for roasting.,In an interview, Taapsee had said that because of the lighting,,her and co-star Tahir Raj Bhasin, perpetually felt like they were at a dance bar.,This is a film that revels in its lurid glory.,But the writing doesn’t match the wit, or inventiveness of the visuals.,There are flashes of fun, like Satya’s boss Victor, played by Dibyendu Bhattacharya,and an oily jewelry store owner, memorably named,, Mamlesh Charan Chaddha played by Rajendra Chawla.,Victor’s introduction is one of the best scenes in the film,,he’s preparing the turkey for roasting, as he talks to Satya about the job at hand,and what will happen if he messes up.,Victor is massaging masala into the dead bird, aggressively and almost sexually.,It’s menacing, but also hilarious.,Tahir nicely plays up his scruffy charm as Satya.,Taapsee leans into the comic desperation of Savi with conviction,,but there isn’t enough idiosyncrasy baked into her character.,In Run Lola Run, Lola’s fractured relationship with her father was encapsulated in a few lines.,At one point, he reveals to her that he isn’t her biological dad, saying,,‘I’d never have fathered a daughter like you. You are a cuckoo’s egg.,Looop Lapeta doesn’t have this economy of expression.,The plot is busy, but not consistently gripping.,Some of the running gags, such as Mamlesh’s bumbling sons,,Appu and Gappu, who wear matching pink beanies, just don’t land.,Though Shreya Dhanwanthary does a terrific job, monologuing as a confused bride,,who must choose between one suitor who loves her and another who will give her a cushy life.,By the way, if you enjoy time loop thrillers, check out the Tamil film Maanaadu,,which combines action and circularity with big laughs.,At one point, one character says to another:,Why are you confusing me like Christopher Nolan’s film Tenet?,With Looop Lapeta, what stayed with me was the raucous title track by Sidhant Mago,and Mayank Mehra and this artfully constructed montage,of Satya and Savi lying together at various places, at various times.,The lopsided frame reaffirms their unified, distinctive position against a world,,that insists that they play by the rules.,It’s gorgeously defiant and romantic. I wish the film had more of that.,You can watch Looop Lapeta on Netflix India.

Looop Lapeta Movie Review & Analysis | Taapsee Pannu, Tahir Raj Bhasin | Netflix India

[Music],often times when celebrities and their,personalities outside of films become,more of a talking topic online it,inadvertently affects the impact of,their films for the preconceived notions,that people already have of these,individuals the immediate reactions of,luke lupita online dismissing it as a,cheap remake of a classic film like run,lola run made me initially think did,people even watch the film right now is,the lack of love this movie is receiving,almost instantly after its release more,reflective of the actor associated with,the project or the actual treatment of,the movie one of the main reasons why i,dont do many celebrity interactions on,the channel is because the comment,section gets packed with people already,claiming how much money i have been paid,regarding the project and how it,questions my credibility and objectivity,regarding certain projects just fyi i,dont charge anything for promotional,purposes on the channel especially,interactions as i did interact with the,cast of luke lupita people were ready,with their pitchforks immediately that,if i even partially like this movie how,they will equate me to have transformed,into a biased critic i just want to,outline the nature of the internet,before i start this review that you will,not be convincing or winning at any,point all i can do as a creator is do my,job with utmost sincerity and thats all,im attempting to do loop lepeta is a,time loop thriller available on netflix,and with savvy played by tabsi pannu has,to help out her boyfriend satya played,by tahiraj basin as he has misplaced a,bag full of 50 lakhs that had to be,delivered to his boss what savi notices,is that post the failure of the said,mission the circumstances repeat again,and again in a loop making her change,her decisions along the way so that at,least this time she can rescue her,boyfriend from the unfortunate,circumstances he finds himself in the,odd characters that come along the way,and the permutations and combinations,that change on this journey forms the,basic storyline of loop le peta heres,me telling you the good and bad aspects,of the movie so that you guys can,ultimately decide whether to watch it on,netflix or not the underwhelming aspects,repetitive acting and dialogue delivery,this is a movie that makes me doubt the,range of an actor like tapsi panu the,movie stands its ground due to its,technical prowess and screenplay if,anyone else was cast as savi the quality,of the film wouldnt be any different in,my opinion the capability of the actor,is something that i dont doubt one bit,but what is happening lately and is,sticking out like a sore thumb,especially is tabsis dialogue delivery,there is this lazy raspy delivery that,she has integrated into her body of work,that was prevalent in tapard haseem,dilruba and rashmi rocket that just,sounds exactly the same keep in mind,that these are all characters that,should act and sound different but they,dont and i think that this is a,fundamental flaw in whatever process,tabsi is incorporating in her craft i,love the fact that the actors choices,are mostly women at the helm of affairs,and fictional storylines and all of them,are not morally upright making for some,great potential and range on the screen,but her versatility is something that,im slowly starting to question as the,movies keep passing by restrictive,impact the attempt by the creators to,incorporate hindu mythology in this,adaptation is praiseworthy and that is,something that i will shed light on,later but if you genuinely want to look,at this film and its impact holistically,it passes off as just an enjoyable time,loop thriller rather than one that says,anything more than just its characters,in goa what i mean by this is that an,extremely impressive time loop tamil,thriller like mana do speaks more than,just it being about the loop continuing,it portrays a muslim man who saves the,day a man who understands that even,though the time loop keeps on taking,place and several outcomes keep on,changing the sentiment and persecution,of the community continues a very brave,decision especially from a commercial,movie standpoint luke lupitas impact is,restrictive in nature as its biggest,strength is its technical aspects but it,doesnt really become a talking topic,from a character and social standpoint,restricting its overall impact and,longevity in terms of discussions online,the good color grading and,cinematography,if you have seen akash bhatia the,director and yash khan other,cinematographers work you would,instantly know that this is their film,they not only have an ability to work,beautifully with their surroundings but,they integrate vibrant colors in the,most presumably generic looking,locations and make them seem like a,still from a painting they are masters,at creating an experience that is also,inventive as they use inanimate objects,in the surroundings of the characters,and execute their pov as the individuals,are in motion so whether it be a car,door or rock being thrown a mobile phone,being utilized or a gun in ones hand,the visual appeal of the film has the,right balance indulging just enough and,never swerving to cause you a headache,like youre watching an rgb movie like,department the way this film has been,shot my favorite being the rotating shot,that loops like the films story line,and reminded me of the beautiful shot in,euphoria in season one and its color,palette has to be its two strongest,qualities characters and moments of,comedy the characters in this film are,intentionally campy and over the top and,i think most of the world created really,fit the theme of the movie you have to,understand that we have consistently,shat and ignored films like kala khandi,that took the risk of presenting,something fresh and even though this,film is an adaptation of a classic you,can clearly see the effort that has been,made to make this an indian story you,have everything from a heartbroken taxi,driver a ganja smoking passenger who,speaks shodhindi an out of shape police,officer and a restaurant owner come drug,dealer while some of these characters,work and other slightly miss out on,their comedic moments it is apo and gapu,played by manik and raghav respectively,that completely steal the show they are,the good for nothing children of a,jewelry shop owner who are preparing for,a heist and their struggles with a,getaway car and even their basic,handwriting have to account for some of,the most hilarious scenes from the movie,integration of mythology and screenplay,what i really appreciate about this film,is that in its attempt to adapt this,film in india it does so successfully by,naming the character satya and savi,being extensions of satyavan and,savithri from amarchitra katha and the,well-known story of ones loyalty to,their partner and how one can impress,even the god of death yamraj both,through the use of color and their,experiences in the story luke lupita,plays out as a modern day adaptation of,the same iconic story as yamraj waits,for the clock to take and the only one,who can come to the rescue is someone,like savi it is true however that where,the film falters in its writing in,creating and establishing such themes,with hindu mythology and its comic,timing it compensates in its technical,department through some beautiful shots,and a skilled sound design to completely,dismiss this film as a horrible venture,that should be absolutely shunned would,be cruel and misguided as the skill and,effort that has gone into making this,film is as clear as day especially fans,of the process of filmmaking will attest,to the same i wholeheartedly agree that,mana do is a far superior film,especially from a writing standpoint,compared to luke lepeta but that doesnt,mean that it should be shunned to the,corner as if it doesnt have any,redeeming quality and that was the video,guys write down in the comments below of,what you thought about the movie please,dont forget to follow me on instagram,the handles right i

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Looop Lapeta Movie Review | Sucharita Tyagi | Taapsee Pannu Tahir Raj Bhasin

its a wonderful day for hindi cinema,every time a new filmmaker makes a solid,debut with the feature that just refuses,to conform to the ways of mainstream,bollywood and theirs to stand,confidently to tell people they have,arrived,today were talking about akash,bhartiyas luplopeta now streaming on,netflix which is an official adaptation,of the german cult classic genre bending,one of the best things in the whole,universe ran lola run written and,directed by tom,[Music],if youre not pre-prepped youre,out of luck i love kawa so much savvy,and satya are out of luck satya is,involved with some bad folks jinki,pachas luck he has lost and now they,have to come up with the money within,the hour so far so inspired akash bhatia,then works with four writers in addition,to himself doctor vinay chawar ketan,pedrankar arnavepa nandur and puni,bhadya to open up the world of lola and,manny and make it as savin satya as,possible there are three major subplots,involving supporting characters added in,or modified which contribute towards the,extra duration of the film of the three,the one with the restaurant run by a,mobster works the best according to me,without going into spoilers or too much,explanation territory pay close,attention to whats going on with the,chef and owner of the kitchen satya is,employed at so many easter eggs its mad,fun and you lost all the money right,[Music],you know thats really what blooper beta,is this film is fun its a ridiculous,flight of fancy the directors,advertising background is visible in his,filmmaking which while refreshing does,tend to skirt too close to style over,substance right after the midpoint the,screenplay lags when a subplot involving,two brothers trying to rob their,fathers jewelry store while hilarious,stretches out a few minutes too long,randolaran took concepts like chaos,theory but fly effect debates around,free will versus determinism and poured,it all into a story about a girl running,through a city over and over respawning,without explanation we were thrown in,and we were expected to make sense of it,which honestly i couldnt back then i,mean i was also like 10 years old loopla,beta ponders this carefully its aware,of the audience its attempting to reach,out to how much of the original,ambiguity it should retain along with,expanding lolas world to turn it into,servies now this attempt is most visible,in the animated opening credits which,here are used to tell savvys backstory,animation is also used over and over,again in the original if you remember,but its very different but also in this,attempt some dialogue it dips a toe in,expositioning waters almost trying too,hard to reassure the audience that this,is not a remake its an adaptation let,me tell you exactly how its different i,said,sorry sis,whos karma but there are also very,clever ways the film sets itself apart,my favorite is when savis father says,to her,banker you see lolas father was a,banker im going to talk with the,director akash bhatia here on my channel,in a few days or easter eggs homages,hidden meanings inside,because if i start listing all of that,right now or which there are a lot ear,review but,but rest assured it is an absolute,delight finding these little details,which make lupe la peta not run lola run,like find a difference collage go,pictures a side by side its kind of,like that taps is savvy another,character who used to run professionally,but has been forced to stop due to,circumstances not in her control rashmi,talk it and of all the films that weve,seen her in lately this feels like the,most natural fit for the actor shes,visibly physically stiff throughout the,film its partly because of the,characters athletic build athletic past,and partly because of the stress of,figuring out how theyre going to change,every minute if they want to save the,men theyre in love with shes been,given a chance to redo one hour over and,over again but shes unaware how many,more such chances shes left with its,its pretty cool like theres a bathroom,scene where she respawns on her birthday,like a video game and like the inside of,her brain its cluttered through the,film we find out she knows exactly which,thing is where within this mess tay raj,basin whos having a moment right now,yall is my absolute favorite part about,this film an actor who melts into not,just the character but has clothes the,landscape the color orange the changing,tonality borderline genre shift,throughout the film partly thanks to,yash khannas inspired cinematography,tahir satya is the most attractive site,in lupla beta literally and otherwise,the entire cost frankly is really on,point excessive screen time,notwithstanding shreya dhanwandari gets,a lovely manic monologue which makes you,want to hug her and throw a glass of,water in her face at the same time the,biendu bhattacharya is victor a mobster,with a relatable little secret tv,veteran rajesh chavla gets some of the,funniest scenes slapping around his,dumbass sons played by manik papanija,and raghavraj kakar everyone is,important to the universe the writers of,loop le peter creates the taxi driver,you see so prominently in the trailer,jacob played by samir kevin roy other,filmmakers,he embodies the very specific almost,make believe goa this film is set in,thats how important everyone is,existentialism has taken on a whole new,meaning at least for me recently purpose,plans goals time they dont mean what,they used to in the middle of this comes,a film which knowingly acknowledges the,very fears people are living with right,now you can drop dead any moments,while talking about god in at one moment,looks directly into the camera into my,soul as im both the destiny writer,bhagavan and an active observer film,critic im watching him,at the top angle shot attached and,disconnected from him all at once lots,of feels even if you dont want to think,about all of this watch loop labeta on,netflix this weekend to have fun it has,puzzles red herrings homages lots of,room for you to make your own meaning,which is my favorite kind of film,now for relationway recommendation,obviously but also on netflix says andy,samberg and christian millers star are,palm springs that too is a fresh really,silly yet deep take on the time loop,format of storytelling must must watch,now to repeat saturday reviews of this,channel,okay subscribe,right now do it thanks appreciate it,you

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Looop Lapeta (2022) Movie Explained in Bangla || Looop Lapeta Movie Bangla Review ||Thriller Movie

hello everyone welcome back to my,channel,storyteller,hindi movie explained,explained,to me subscribe,foreign,foreign,is

Looop Lapeta Hindi Movie Review | Best Remake! | Aakash Bhatia | Taapsee Pannu, Tahir Raj Bhasin

so this film is a remake of a renowned,german film called ran lola run the film,stars topsy panel one of my favorites,and the trailer for this film was,fantastic it has everything going for it,so does it become the film of the year,or at least a contender for it lets,find out,hello guys im going up prince and today,were talking about the latest hindi,film loop lapetta directed by akash,bhartiya he co-wrote the film with three,more writers as i said its based on the,film run ruler run,starring in the lead tapsi pannu and,tahiraj basin now straight off you have,seen the trailer it is an experimental,film it is very different visually as,well as contextually so its not for,everyone if youre someone who watches,different kind of genres you will,definitely enjoy this now the first,thing i want to appreciate about the,film is that from the start itself they,mentioned that it is a remake and they,give credits to the film and the,director at the start of the film which,is commendable because many dont do,that and that shows you that they are,not remaking it for the sake of it,because its a great story lets make,some money but they want to pay homage,to those and there are easter eggs to,the original in the film itself so that,only makes it stand apart than other,remakes now i have not seen the original,yet so i dont know how much changes,they made to the story but one thing i,can definitely say that theyve adapted,it in goa very well because the film,taking place in gua becomes a character,in itself and no wonder one of the,writers is from goa it looks like they,have done a lot of research about the,place you get a different feel of kua,than we generally get in most movies,which very typical representation or,they are just beaches and very small,small minor details you know in the,sound design in the music the way the,culture is depicted all of that adds to,it and im not saying this is the best,representation in any manner because,everyone has a different thought about,it its very subjective but at least in,the context of the film it works really,well they have actually changed the,first letter of the names of the places,in goa and that was pretty interesting,and you know living in gua for the last,12 years i feel happy watching this now,coming to the technical side the film is,fully stylized you can see that in each,and every frame of it and you know the,original was remarkable for that they,did something so different that no one,had seen that before and thats what,this film also tried to stand out in,todays time and personally for me they,definitely did that i have not seen,something like this done so good its,technically brilliant i cannot imagine,the planning and the creativity event,behind it making this film its just,insane from the editing the split screen,the sound design the sets the costumes,the lighting the camera angles the,camera movement every minute theres,something new and different and all of,this never comes in the way of telling,the story thats very important it,doesnt become a gimmick im not,wondering why youre doing all of this,its all adding to the narrative theres,this constant gag and visual,representation of whenever the,characters are saying 550 lag 50 lakh,you saw that in the trailer also you,know theyre saying it again and again,with different expressions and different,emotions now coming to the story again i,dont know how much is taken from the,original and how much changes they made,but the one thing that family surprised,me was making me feel emotional for the,characters because you know its a fun,entertaining film its very quirky so,you dont expect to be connected,emotionally with the characters but here,i do connect with them in the film there,are three set of characters and the main,ones are tabsy and thais character and,i remember while watching when these new,characters were introduced i was not,really happy i would feel like will they,do justice or are they just stand in,character just for a gag or something,but by the end each and every one of,them get a whole story arc which was,incredible we only get a backstory for,tabsis character thats it for everyone,else theres no backstory theres,nothing so how do you create depth for,them you know theyll be like one tone,characters but they all have something,going for them and the way all their,stories are stitched together into one,is outstanding so a big shout out to the,original writing as well as the writing,in this film because to adapt the story,set in germany to india is a different,ballgame altogether that also requires a,lot of work and creativity its not easy,at the end of the day its about how you,are telling that story and even if you,can you know recreate the original,thats also a big deal in itself but,this film stands on its own thats the,best thing about it now the loop thing,is in the trailer itself its not a,spoiler and i love the fact that theres,no science jargon behind all of this,instead they are using chitrakata,narrative and thats just outstanding,and they dont even set it up in the,beginning it happens later in the film,so you know the writing is top notch now,i love that animated intro in the,beginning it was really cool the acting,throughout was really solid even the,supporting cars did really well as i,said before the authenticity of showing,goa and goans was amazing full marks to,them theyre this one long single take,monologue by one of the characters and,its outstanding its like oh my god now,the film is not hilarious but its fun,you know there are few chuckles here and,there thats it at no point im laughing,out loud thats not what the film is,trying to do it keeps me hooked and,surprised every now and then now,definitely the first half takes its time,to settle in and i dont mind that and,the pacing throughout is really good now,talking about the some of the criticism,the film will be getting im sure is,that oh thats just running throughout,the film the anything is so choppy i,dont understand anything so weird film,its a bad film and all of that and i,feel if someone is saying that they have,a total disconnect with the film its,not working for them because the film is,really good again as i said before its,not for everyone its about your,personal taste and maybe youre watching,something like this for the first time,and you enjoy it you know thats also,possible its all about giving it a try,so you know at the end the true victory,of this film is to pay homage to the,original and stand out on itself and be,a genre defining film which it is its,definitely one of the best films of the,year definitely there at the top if you,have seen the original do let me know,your thoughts in the comments below and,would you advise me to watch it also the,rocket boys came out this weekend to,check out my review it was really really,good and i have a lot to say about it,through channel membership you can,support this channel and help me,continue this journey ahead and in turn,you get various perks to know more click,on the join button for more information,check out the community page so guys,that was the video thank you for,watching like hit the thumbs up button,share this video in the comments your,thoughts you and subscribe check out the,videos if you like them too too im,subscribing and ill see you next time

Looop Lapeta Review By JBITv| Taapsee Pannu, Tahir Raj Bhasin | Netflix India

la maschera ma vorrei potervi lei che,esorta a add on line effetto noi per,delle sundance film festival poi,rifiutato dai a dovere o riferiamo a,premio ma davvero,aree un cambia dellatto aperte leggo la,protegga da ranzi troppo ha detto ampi,corner hanlon ahram ai robot auguro,prosegue facendo avere porta ma ne,minimo panchina clausole gamecinema,qualifiche ma le deleghe macheranno,laran e piede carano avevo allertato la,sia la time loop esperimenti nel cai,carenti e dove si trovano a ore tale per,il nuovo re ma motivetto mamma o il blu,però fare ed e canada salvi che non si,trovano raiola,ora si anima primi allegri si animava di,dal pala carnera la condanna ragionare,ancora france erbe delle modelle in,abiti neri europa in cyber del cara,mauro summer tema nesi di errori e,litigano vorremmo del gambero mancano,lavora al progetto quale assemblando,erano renda stemma pace canada meteo,valere complicare documenti vengano più,agguerriti che mai hanno dato neppure,claim extreme series il 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LOOOP LAPETA MOVIE REVIEW! Interesting but..????

[Music],obviously,no doubt original is better than remake,no doubt in that,but,is he never talking to kharagma im,ultimately not that bad,nah compared to randolph,[Music],[Music],foreign,[Music],[Music],data,[Music]

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