1. Luca – Movie Review
  2. Luca – Is It Good or Nah? (Pixar Review)
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  4. Pixars Luca Review (2021)
  5. Luca: Childhood, Bonds and Nostalgia
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Luca – Movie Review

luca is the latest film from pixar and,its on disney plus this weekend,so when a sea monster named luca meets a,boy named alberto who also happens to be,a sea monster theyre able to disguise,themselves as humans and they venture to,a small town on the italian riviera,to enter a vespa race so im not going,to get into spoilers of course but like,if you just so happen to not know,anything about this movie like i did,going in i will talk about,certain plot developments early on that,i didnt know were in the film and so if,you really just want to go in completely,blind or,if youve seen the trailer already,youre probably going to be fine as,usual with every pixar movie this thing,looks amazing and it,sounds amazing the voice work is,top-notch everyones really good in the,movie,and it has really valuable lessons for,young kids especially when it comes to,not hiding who you really are not being,ashamed of who you really,are and sharing that with people despite,what they may think,and its realistic in that it takes the,approach that,maybe not everybodys going to like that,and theres nothing you can do about,that,and sometimes you just have to take the,best you can get,theres some really great messages in,lucca but unfortunately,its easily one of the lesser pixar,films for me for me this is more in line,with,a film like say the good dinosaur all my,issues with the film are entirely story,it has nothing to do with the technical,prowess on display or the actors,its the story first off i dont really,understand what luca does,under the sea the film begins with him,sort of,leading around some mindless fish as a,sea monster,he has a personality so does his family,they all have lives and they can talk,but i dont really understand what it is,they do i understand that theyre afraid,of humans theyre afraid of being killed,or being found but when luca walks out,of the ocean into the fresh air and,meets alberto,he changes into a human being the film,makes no,attempt to really explain this,transformation why it happens,why water turns them back into a sea,monster and why on land they dont look,like a sea monster there certainly could,be attributed a deeper meaning to this,transformation,than perhaps the film wants to go into,but,for the most part you dont really know,what luca does underwater and once he,meets alberto whos also a sea monster,alberto has,a sort of warped view of what the world,is really like he thinks the stars are,called fish,he blurts out italian has no idea what,hes saying hes just repeating things,that hes heard,he has a poster of a vespa scooter and,so he believes that a vespa scooter,is like all you have to get in life its,what everyone should be,dreaming about and so that becomes their,entire goal,for the first half of the movie its a,literal fish out of water story and so,youre watching characters that are very,clueless,and they dont know anything which made,it difficult for me to get invested in,the story,it felt very aimless which i believe was,the point,its sort of supposed to be this,wondrous summer where youre coming of,age youre discovering things about,yourself,but it doesnt really feel like anything,of merit is going on,the other issue i had with the movie,were the stakes theyre very low,obviously being discovered that hes,really a sea monster,is a problem if it rains thats going to,be an issue if somebody splashes water,on him thats going to be an issue its,kind of like ranma one half,a great anime if youve never seen it,but a character in that show transforms,from boy to girl,if theyre splashed with water and this,film may or may not have been inspired,by that but its clearly inspired by,hayao miyazakis films,the town is called porto russo for,instance,but again going back to the stakes yes,people might find out that hes a sea,monster and get upset or try to kill him,but his parents,are also searching for him in this town,because theyre upset,that he went out of water on land and,theyre trying to hide their sea,monsters as well,but theyre also taking every kid they,find in public and,dumping them in water to see if its,their kid or not which is funny,but at the same time are they trying to,like publicly out their kid as being a,sea monster in front of everybody,because that,might be an issue since theyre trying,to stay in hiding,so maybe im thinking too deeply into,this but this is the kind of stuff that,i would have been asking,the writers when they were developing,this story the film picks up a bit once,they meet a young girl in town who helps,them train and learn how to ride a vespa,and enter into this race but theres,also an incredibly cheesy and,over-the-top villain,whos the best vespa scooter racer,in the entire town and he just walks,around being an to everybody,and its easily one of pixars lamest,villains in a long time,i think i would have enjoyed luca more,if i knew anything about,lucas world before he was thrust into a,new one,we learned so little about what he does,all day and we know nothing about his,transformation abilities we its just,sort of established that a sea monster,is a sea monster,in the ocean and looks like a human on,land and i just wish i knew more about,the world,and the aimless nature of the film,really didnt help anything either i may,be in the minority and saying this a lot,of people might really enjoy,luca but this one wasnt for me it just,wasnt at pixars greatest heights and,im just im not seeing this leaving a,lasting impact,like most of pixars movies im gonna,give luca a c,guys thank you so much as always for,watching but i also want to give a big,thank you to the sponsor for this video,policy genius,if you have anyone relying on your,income you need life insurance,its that simple policy genius makes it,easy to get life insurance done,and done right if someone relies on your,financial support whether its a child,an,aging parent or even a business partner,you need life insurance,policy genius makes it easy to compare,quotes 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Luca – Is It Good or Nah? (Pixar Review)

you know sometimes i feel like the,company thats done the most damage to,pixars reputation over the years,is pixar themselves i mean they front,loaded their output with,so many genre-defining emotional,rollercoaster masterpieces that it made,their sudden slip into occasional,mediocrity and awfulness,so much more egregious than it would,have been if they had just been a studio,with a mixed output of quality from the,start,like dreamworks and while thats true to,an extent for me personally,a bad movie is a bad movie regardless of,the name of the studio,attached to it a lot of people tell me,that im too hard on films like brave or,the good dinosaur or onward because,theyre only bad compared to the rest of,pixars lineup,theyre actually perfectly fine movies,that just have to struggle under the,weight of expectations,associated with the pixar brand to that,i say,no theyre bad movies at least in my,opinion,i dont care if they came from pixar or,illumination,i still wouldnt like them for reasons,ive gone over plenty of times before,now i wanted to bring this up before,talking about luca because this movie is,another one that doesnt seem to be,living up to the pixar standard on paper,pixar movies are supposed to make you,cry or feel or,think theyre supposed to be,child-friendly whimsical adventures,while,also being deep emotionally moving,experiences that get better as you get,older,luca is not that its not a wally or a,toy story or a coco,or a soul it really just is a movie,about two sea monster bros chilling in,an italy town,six feet apart cause theyre not gay the,conflict of the movie is they want to,win a race to get money to buy a vespa,while also hiding the fact that theyre,sea monsters,theres no grand quest theres no,reflections on the nature of life or,emotion or anything like that,it really is one of the simplest movies,pixar has ever made and it doesnt seem,to jive with most of the studios best,films,and you know what this is the most fun,ive had with a pixar movie in 11,years its so refreshing to get,something this,simple and inherently likable from this,studio while also not being boring or,aimless,plus the fact that the story is as basic,and unambitious as it is means that most,of the movie honestly flows better,than something like coco or soul we love,those movies for their ideas and their,emotional moments but the events that,happen to get us to those emotional,moments are kind of fetch questy,and dont flow amazingly well like in,coco why do we need to go to all these,places where ernesto might be,only to find out oh no hes at this,other place,well its because the movie needs to,space out its emotional beats so heres,a filler quest to try and find him,and in seoul that barbershop scene is,really compelling and great,how did we get to this point oh yeah joe,as a cat tried to cut some hair that,looked perfectly fine and also was,covered by a hat so it didnt even need,to be cut,and inside out is just like contrivance,city i dont even need to get into that,ones order of events,modern pixar movies are filled with,contrivances and roadblocks that you,just kind of drudge through in order to,get to the really strong emotional stuff,now these contrivances never bothered me,that much i mean obviously i love these,films but they do prevent the story from,flowing as well as they did in the early,2000s pixar,movies luca by contrast doesnt have,this problem for the majority of its run,time,because the main characters goals are,so simple the events they go through in,order to achieve these goals flow very,naturally and dont feel contrived in,the slightest,until the third act a little bit but,well get to that later for now i just,want to say that the characters in this,are really charming and likable the main,character luka reminded me a lot of arlo,from the good dinosaur if he was written,by competent people,and i really loved the bond he formed,with alberto also jack dylan grazer is,very talented in everything hes in and,he really sold me in the emotional,moments this character has,i like this quirky girl they meet and,the outcast friendship they all form,together,her father is the peak of character,design much like the cloudy with a,chance of meatballs dad that came before,him theres a sasha baron cohen cameo,for like one minute that threw me off,guard and was pretty enjoyable,oh and the villain in this is so,refreshing modern disney and pixar,movies either want to have a twist,villain,some sort of dark force with no,personality or no real villain at all,which is why its so great just to get,this rival villain in the same,vein as chick hicks or skinner hell look,at his upper lips they just straight up,look,exactly like skinners upper lips truly,iconic,i was very entertained by this character,aside from the characters i like how,simple the rules of this universe are,sea monsters look like human on land but,then they turn back into sea monsters,when they are wet,they heard fish who are kinda like sheep,its not horribly confusing and absurd,like it is in the good dinosaur where,some of the dinosaurs are like dogs and,some arent,oh wait i might be thinking of dinosaur,the disney movie man disney cgi,dinosaur movies all my homies hate,disney cgi dinosaur movies,point is the rules of this movie are,very clear and they dont break them at,all really,i also never screamed are these humans,blind at the screen like i did in toy,story 4,i think these sea monsters covered their,tracks pretty well and it was all,believable,and this movie has pasta in it so much,pasta that i got really hungry halfway,through and just ordered some,it was delicious i give this movie bonus,points for its pasta,this is how i judge movies now please,respect my decision during this,difficult time,okay so wow this movie sounds very fun,and charming and enjoyable and kind of,the best thing pixar has made in over a,decade right,well im not really sure because,compared to something like coco that,just knocks,everything out of the park in its final,act this one kinda falters a bit in that,part,i guess well get into spoilers here,skip to this time frame to avoid so as,the movie goes on alberto suddenly gets,jealous that lucas spending so much,time with,the girl hes justifiably afraid of,losing him to the heteros but i think he,acts like way too much of an,during this part of the movie it becomes,clear why he doesnt want to lose luca,but his actions at this part of the,movie and what he says to him,just kind of paint him is really,unlikable theres this moment where luka,pretends he doesnt know alberto is a,sea monster and its supposed to be this,huge betrayal but like,alberto was being a dick he kind of,deserves this oh by the way props to,this movie for not doing a liar reveal,thing with them being sea monsters the,girl doesnt act betrayed at all she,just wants them to leave so theyll be,safe from the rest of the town,i should really look up what her name is,since ive been talking about her a lot,julia okay cool yeah so jello and luca,then decide to do the race by themselves,which i dont know kind of feels like a,weird choice,i feel like luca and alberto should have,reconciled and then resolved to do the,race together,then convinced jorno that they could,remain a three-person team,i feel like emotionally i would have,clicked more with their reconciliation,and it would have felt better knowing,that they were all working as a team to,beat italian skinner,the story could remain the same from,then on alberto could still come and,bring luke an umbrella when it starts,raining,and then it would make more sense when,they both win the trophy at the end,considering as is,alberto technically wasnt even entered,in the race so lucas really the only,winner why couldnt it have just been,all three of them are the winners i i,just dont get it overall this race has,just got a lot of stuff happening in all,sorts of different directions and its,not the best climax ever,plus i feel like this town accepts these,sea mon

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Quick Vid: Luca (Review)

this video is brought to you by magic,spoon,[Music],hey folks hows it going today im,talking about the,newest film from pixar luca,which is out on disney plus for free,good,there was a premium i would not be,watching it on,disney plus okay i digress so full,disclosure,i avoided the hell out of luca when it,came to its trailers,i knew enough from the posters for its,like oh its a,its a fish boy in italy so i knew,thats all i knew,is i have this nasty habit of spoiling,myself,when it comes to pixar and its very,intricate,thought-provoking emotional story,i told myself not this time im going to,go into it blind,i want to be surprised at the plot twist,whether it be a villain or or something,about the main characters and their,world and,not seeing eye to eye just something,wanted to be completely,fresh for the experience and out of all,of the films,that pixar has made from finding nemo to,the incredibles,to ratatouille all of these films,i i decided to hold myself back,for a film which is arguably one of,their most simple plots ever lets get,into it,so luca synopsis is about this boy named,you guessed it luca though hes not a,normal boy,he is a fish person a sea monster quote,unquote,at least according to the italian locals,and are,setting by the way were in italy like,this italian,riviera an old italian village and,got the humans on the coast which by the,way,setting is gorgeous well get to visuals,here in a bit,but also speaking of gorgeous you have,the underwater,world of the sea people and,i gotta say pixar youre just unreal,when it comes to your visuals i keep,saying,look at the visuals here in the bed but,im obviously not taking my own advice,okay,pull it off say were just wait okay so,luca here is like a bit of an ariel,if you will where he sees the surface,world with the humans,kind of afraid of them because his,family is like stay away from the humans,theyre dangerous theyll harpoon you,which hey i think they actually might,and and just try to stay in the water,and avoid,but luca here has this thirst for,knowing more about the humans with,our technology our forks our our,underwater,speakers because it fell into the water,because of a boat accident and,again i get aerial vibes though ariel,seems a lot more,addicted when it comes to learning about,the humans i mean she got her own like,collection,while lucas got like six things he kind,of hid them in a,coral reef or whatever and then were uh,introduced to luca and his parents his,parents are like stay away from the,humans,look again a little bit like ariel with,king triton though,at least his parents are screaming at,him and destroying his stuff,and luca actually goes to the surface he,he meets another boy out there named,alberto whos also wanted to see people,and we learn that these sea people have,this ability where,once theyre out of the water and,theyre dry they turn to humans,though if they get hit with water i mean,even like rain,or a splash in the face with a water cup,you turn back to a sea monster,hi there at least that part of your face,that was hit by the hydration,will turn into your old original sea,monster self so,alberto here lives in this tower hes,hes kind of a spunky,adventurous kid whos like i want to,learn more about the human world,and i know what im doing hang out with,me wanna learn about humans,im your guy and they both find,themselves actually in the,human village the italian village and,there they meet a girl,named julia and this is where things get,interesting,because julia here is a human and,actually,knows about people and and you see this,rift between,luca and alberto because lucas like,really,excited with julia and learning her,knowledge which is accurate,about humanity in our cities and the,universe in science and art and he wants,to know more once you go to school with,her,alberto feels cheated and thats like,the main,rift in the film also outside of like,the human town being,like we gotta fetch those sea monsters,and catch them and and,harpoon them and were going to find,them,again a very italian film get to give,pixar credit they do their homework,i guarantee they went to different sites,in italy,to take pictures and and rub shoulders,with the locals and just take it all in,because you see that atmosphere in this,film it is outstanding,so those are the main story plots the,the way the humans are afraid of these,sea monsters and vice versa,alberto and luca keeping a low profile,theyre also like part of this like,contest with julia where theyre,supposed to help like,its like some eating contest some,biking contests and some swimming,contests,a triathlon in a an italian triathlon,theres other side characters like,julias father whos like,quiet but stoic type in a way,you got this guy i forget his name hes,like uh,inisio or something like that hes like,the the bully of the town where hes,like,im the hottest shot im going to win,the race and and hes got a little,mustache his little mustache coming in,here and,i guess to really comment on this story,i feel like im just kind of treading,water get it,so as i said i went into this film,avoiding spoilers,waiting to be blown away by a very heavy,story,i didnt get that its a very simple,story actually just some kids,being friends uh two outsiders trying to,be part of a world incognito the uh the,way that these friends kind of push back,and forth with luca,and julia bonding alberto being envious,him in a way being afraid to really,commit to the human world pretending,that he does,but then being envious of julias,relationship with luca,and and thats like the the cornerstone,of our story and then of course if you,see people,human thing as like the broader strokes,of it all where its people not seeing,eye to eye,and i i thought they were in spoilers,here like,eventually luca and alberto were found,out to be,sea monsters and julia is like no,theyre my friends and theres like,at the very end of the film for the,climax where like,because of this race luca risked,himself being revealed in order to save,alberto from getting hurt,and he was ready to like yeah im ready,to sacrifice what it could have been,for me to actually live in this human,world im giving it up so i can save my,friend alberto because i love him and,then julia also being like no i love,them too,and the italian village being like oh,sea monsters i guess their thing,theyre real and though weve been also,like showing our hesitation our fear of,them,and how we kind of hunt them now were,cool with them its fine i felt a little,bit,i dont know i expected some more impact,because like in,the little mermaid and im sorry for,using that as an example to have like,that,the human world and the mermaid world,and you have to be careful,uh this one it felt like it was resolved,too easily but the towns like oh,sea monsters exist i guess and and that,guy julias father said its okay so i,guess were okay with it guys never mind,and uh whatever i also thought thered,be more flushing out,of the underwater world i was hoping for,more for that but it seems like,not really they just kind of live off,the coast and,and theyre afraid of the humans and,thats really it and i guess the parents,going on land and,and participating in the world of the,humans and them also coming around,i guess thats a big part of the film,like seeing life from the perspective,of the others and realizing its not as,bad as we thought it would be or not as,dangerous or,our perception of this world and and our,stigmas,are eroding and were realizing from,living life with these people that this,is what theyre actually about and we,can be friends so,there you go thats probably the the,crux of this film and what its about,and i mean even at the end alberto is,like hey luca,you got me off my island and its like,oh because he was stuck,to himself hes afraid to leave his,island because of his past and,and he finally reached out and was able,to bridge that gap animation though,got here its amazing love the designs i,love them

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Pixars Luca Review (2021)

you do it now just say the thing whats,wrong with you stupido,pixars newest film luca is a solid,summer watch,and one whose uniquely stylized,animation will be particularly enjoyable,on a large screen,its a nice step back from some of,pixars more ostentatious serious films,like soul and inside out,but luca doesnt quite stand up to,pixars stellar reputation for making,smaller themes feel consequential,through striking characterization and,storytelling,its themes of coming of age resemble,too much of pixars existing catalog,and without a narrative that really,makes them feel fresh,wow luca that was hard to watch you uh,coming luca is set in the sun-baked,italian sea town of puerto rosso,and in the nearby mediterranean waters,where a shy young sea monster luca,lives with his family fans of the little,mermaid might find this premise familiar,lucas parents forbid him from going to,the surface due to the threat of local,fishermen,how could my mother tell him about this,towns bloodthirsty lunatics,i still cant believe he would do this,its not like him but,there is one key twist sea monsters are,able to transform into humans once on,land,lucas world changes when a new sea,monster friend alberto pulls him up to,the surface,showing him that living as a human can,be fun isnt it dangerous,yeah its the best everything good is,above the surface,theres simplicity and clarity to the,smallness of lucas world one that,matches the films story of friendship,and exploration,as a means of coming of age this really,comes through in the films world,building details which give it a,charming local and lived-in feel both,undersea and on land annually the town,hosts the porto rosso cup a kind of,triathlon with a funny twist which luca,and alberto set their eyes on the prize,money would buy them a vespa which they,see as a ticket to freedom but porter,rosso,is also famous for hunting sea monsters,and anytime the boys are exposed to,water,they transform into their sea creature,selves and risk getting caught,though this premise offers lots of space,for laughter luca and albertos,backstories are too thinly drawn for,viewers to really emotionally invest in,their friendship,luca and albertos friendship is built,quickly over inside jokes,vespa building montages and a kind of,admiration familiar to anyone who has,envied a best friend,but their relationship never quite feels,intimate or lived in,thanks to withholding that vulnerability,lucass parents also feel dramatically,overbearing when they forbid luca to go,to the surface,while the film shows the regions threat,to sea monsters it doesnt give lucas,family much personal connection to that,threat,lucas animation style does offer a,compelling argument for watching it in,theaters,director enrico casarosas style is,distinctly warm,moving towards a more painterly feel in,luca pixars typically photo real,techniques for environment design are,swapped out for more sculptural visions,of,ocean sunset and rolling hills where,environment designs trend toward the,serene the character designs echo the,more exaggerated comedic shapes you,might see in saturday morning cartoons,this gives the film a richer comedic,language to work with,the transformation between sea monster,and human is particularly primed for,comedy,with luca and alberto scrambling to hide,each other any time theyve touched,water,the films visual language also has some,clear influences such as a few visually,striking miyazaki-esque dream sequences,but while pretty these sequences are,often more style than substance,this isnt to say luca needs to be so,hefty but it does point to why lucas,story doesnt quite land,espresso,pixar is known for masterfully making,smaller tensions take on broader,narrative stakes,these can be goofy and still work like,mike and sully risking both their health,and jobs as they hide boo,as well as risking upending the entire,monster scare economy,luca instead relies on well-worn,coming-of-age tropes,overbearing parents extroverted best,friends without building realistic,intimacy or explaining how luca and,alberto fit into the broader sea monster,community though luca and alberto leave,their home undersea,their story ultimately remains on the,shallow end,gravity also known as,luca is an enjoyable sun-drenched summer,flick about adolescence and,independence its serene animation style,defies pixars typical photorealistic,approach but luca is ultimately,hamstrung by a lack of depth in its,storytelling and character development,that keep it from standing up to pixars,stellar storytelling reputation,for more reviews make sure to follow and,subscribe wherever you like to watch,ign albertos,its a human thing im kind of an expert,what does it mean,the thing you just said come on ill,show you some more stuff

Luca: Childhood, Bonds and Nostalgia

gather round my animatics tis pixar,season once again a glorious time of,year where we don our tissues and,apprehension of the feels fairy and we,embark on the semi-annual tradition,where we ponder our obligatory ranking,in the personally sacred pixar list an,act that has become increasingly,difficult and not quite as much fun as,the years go by but not quite so much as,a bummer that whenever pixar makes a,merely good or fun film but ultimately,one that does not destroy our tear ducts,or delves into the depths of cerebral,intrigue that means that it is somehow a,failure though how many people really,feel that or was it really just that one,variety article these are the kind of,takes that usually come from adults that,see absolutely no value in animation,other than the brief times that pixar,manages to breach their emotional,barrier on a level that most adult films,cant do odd to insist that pixar is,suddenly now losing its touch when its,been a bit inconsistent through a lot of,the 2010s but even when it has its,moments of lesser ambition pixars,entries at least always usually work for,me because where they have been fairly,consistent is their approaches to,character script writing and emotional,emphasis on top of being very,technically and visually accomplished,but unlike other times where sometimes,felt like i was the only one standing up,for those films you know as though pixar,needs to be defended this time it seemed,like mostly everyone else was on board,that luca might not have been their,favorite but they still greatly enjoyed,and appreciated its low-key charming,story and generally a lovely movie that,embodies summertime and childhood and,still with some decent substance in it,and often the fun and easy watches are,usually more rewatchable than some of,the best stuff in fact i probably,havent heard this much not universal,feedback to a pixar film since coco at,least according to my own community,prompts thats still by no means,everyone and even the ones that like it,know that its not perfect so lets,break down what works and what doesnt,in this extended examination of the,story of the worlds most adorable,humanoid aqua lizards cause its already,late so why not,now the comparison to slice of life,ghibli films like kiki and totoro are,made often and mostly reasonably both in,terms of having a low key story with a,quaint setting and because the film,wears its ghibli influence on its sleeve,by naming the town puerto roso people,that consider that branch of ghibli a,little bit too slow or dull luca might,seem like an optimized version as,theres a lot more communication and the,story moves a bit at a quicker pace,which might be a bold claim considering,that many luca un-enthusiasts would say,that this feels like a movie where,nothing happens which of course isnt,true because this isnt thriller bark,but it does take a while for the plot to,establish a goal which ends up being,just this tiny local sports competition,but the characters do have journeys and,true luca throughout the film has a very,simple motive literally hes just bored,and wants to explore and learn hes,basically a more cautious less obsessive,version of ariel who also had no real,motive for her land world obsession but,for those kinds of characters whose main,job in the story is to explore it,doesnt necessarily need to be but his,job is essentially to absorb the,experiences and the characteristics of,those he interacts with and see how that,changes him however comparing it so,often to ghibli might also give people,the wrong impression because that group,of ghibli films still puts a lot of,detail into their backgrounds and time,just exploring their settings and in,comparison lucas settings will seem more,minimal specifically the underwater,world is nicely designed and colored and,everything but there isnt a whole lot,there its a very small group of people,and the bare bones of what we can assume,is a small farming community with a very,minimal exploration of their way of life,or culture except for later where they,drop a hilarious factoid about fish,being afraid of a fish graveyard an,extra fascinating line because it,insinuates that it is possible for fish,to feel fear and are sentient and,feelings right before they help massimo,murder a whole bunch of them just in,comparison to other fantasy underwater,worlds this looks,underdeveloped theyre living in,hollowed-out rocky caves theyre wearing,thickly woven seaweed kind of making,them just a step up from underwater cave,people wearing potato sacks however,there is purpose in this bare-bones,appearance for one it allows the,audience to understand lucas boredom,and if the underwater world did look too,interesting the audience might wish to,spend more time there than exploring the,actual human world but more importantly,that it makes a good contrast with not,just the people and the colors and the,details of puerto roso but lucas quick,proficiency with technology various,reasons for why he finds the human world,so appealing and theres not much to,puerto rosso either but just enough to,have a very homey small town community,feel with its neat artistic touches to,reflect its sea monster hunting culture,and i almost wish they had went into,that a little bit more but we can bring,that up later and its depiction of a,picturesque italian seaside town has,been received with approval from the,limited italian residents that ive,heard from like my discord artist as the,italian authority on this movie,i have to say that this movie really,touched my heart and also yeah the fact,that the movie is titled like my name,also the fact that that julie is the,same is the name of my sister the movie,is drop that gorgeous i was watching it,with my mouth open all the time because,the details and the transition and the,colors are just so freaking pretty,most of the times the showcase of a,different town from a different country,is rather really touristy every time you,see a glimpse of this of the town or the,people or even a small detail like the,kids playing or,the boats or,the inside of the house,you feel like thats a place that,someone lived an entire lifetime with,and feels,familiar but then we get the visual,masterpiece which is the smooth,transitioning between the boys ocean,forms and their human forms this is some,satisfying compilation aesthetic appeal,you see that hair pop when he landed and,can we just talk about how these sea,monster designs and how amazing and,colorful and adorable they are turning,the fins into curls and oh my god the,uncle hugos and his deep-sea design,theres a great combo of cute and,nightmare fuel and how even the poster,is one of the best designed movie,posters in years and even their regular,human forms i have noted the aardman,influence before in the roundness but,still impressive how in their faces and,expressions have the same level of,flexibility like the way the mouth is,able to shift position and can appear on,any side of the face depending on where,the camera is like an anime character,and in addition to this visual splendor,the soundtrack is composed of a number,of very famous italian songs and they,give a very airy and refreshing tone to,the film the plot could have been a,complete failure but the animation and,those transitions alone would have been,a reason to see the film but of course,its not just that because the,characters or rather the character,interactions are the heart and joy of,this film albertos introduction lets us,know right away how impulsive but also,kind of inconsiderate he is jerking luka,out of the water without his permission,he tries to seem cool and all-knowing,about subjects that he knows literally,nothing about which does make him one of,the most accurate depictions of a,preteen ever and of course his later,displays of being possessive and pushing,others away from luca now of course at,the end we learn a major motive for why,he acts this way but even before that,given these attributes he could

Why Luca Is Better Than You Think

this video is brought to you by,squarespace when it comes to websites,online stores etc theres no place to,build a beautiful online presence like,squarespace and also i have this little,plushie,now its really cute you can get it in,the link in the description,you know ive been a bit of a negative,nelly as of recent between being mean to,the cruella de vil,movie not liking andrew garfields jake,paul biopic and giving in the heights,2.5 on letterbox you know ive really,been feeling like that guy these days,but a new release that finally scratched,that itch for me has finally hit screens,and its pixars luca,luca has had a very odd journey with,pixar when it was initially announced,like a year ago as this movie about two,boys hanging out in the italian riviera,i was like oh theyre making call me by,your name but animated the main boy even,looks almost identical to timothy,chalamet like okay not the most original,idea in the world but ill take that,over cars 5 although i will say im,secretly hoping that they make cars 10,so i can be like thats my name anyway,luca feels like it kind of got swept,under the rug right if you noticed,earlier i said it hit,screens not theaters because for,whatever reason disney didnt give this,the theatrical release it absolutely,deserved which i know they did the same,for seoul but things were different back,then no,i feel like now was the perfect time to,drop this i seriously dont know what,the logic was there from my knowledge,besides crella there isnt,anything they replaced this with i just,i have no clue but this lack of care,kind of seeps into the film too which,you read the title i still really love,this but man does it give off,uh the good dinosaur vibes but better,the good dinosaur if you remember it,felt like a test rather than a fully,fleshed out idea i guess it just,feels like a pixar short film but in,feature length form,which is exactly how luca felt i want to,get the bad out of the way before i,praise this thing because i dont blame,a lot of this,on the film and thats just an,irritating thing thats on my mind luca,has pacing issues and usually when you,talk about pacing issues youre,referring to scenes being too long and,ruining momentum but in luca things move,just way too goddamn fast gags that,would usually come with well any sense,of care are replaced with time cards,that are,so beyond bland i mean ive seen,spongebob episodes with more interesting,graphics than this,theyre just scenes that really do,nothing but strictly work as plot points,pixar makes beautiful animation that,they rightfully indulge in at times,where certain scenes serve more as a,flex than as a crucial plot point like i,said none of us are really upset at that,usually it looks,really pretty and luca is gorgeous yes,its one of the main reasons im pissed,it didnt get a theatrical release but,they never feel like they take the time,to let us soak in these images no pun,intended and honestly thats about it as,far as flaws go,and i think these things only irritate,me because well lucas a good ass movie,i feel like right off the bat and this,shouldnt come as a surprise i think the,film,looks and sounds phenomenal kind of like,i mentioned before pixar knows how to,always feel like theyre upping their,game with the animation and luca does,not feel like an exception its not,playing with a ton of new character,designs no but it does play with texture,in a really cool way not to drift into,that territory but like i do think,theyre working with a different kind of,realism here the skin on the characters,feels so,detailed with lights shadows and,textures like you can reach out and,touch the skin you know i thought it,looked,great certainly wasnt reinventing the,wheel by any means but definitely drew,me in the water looked great the,settings managed to capture the same,dreamy scenery the other coming-of-age,film in italy managed to capture and,that score by dan romer was just,gorgeous it was a lot more childlike,than the shape of water but it shared,the same,aquatic sound that just feels good on,the ears so yeah its a pixar film that,looks and sounds great what a shocker so,luca isnt soul,or inside out its a very simple film,for pixar and thats refreshing,again no pun intended im sorry the,biggest conflict is like these kids,cant expose the fact that theyre,fishes because being a fish is frowned,upon in this very conservative town to,say the least they want to kill the fish,right so i guess,thats a pretty big conflict now i think,about it it doesnt take a lot to put,together the hidden message behind that,like especially knowing how similar this,is to call me by your name its about,two kids who are scared of being who,they really are in front of others so,its not out of the realm of possibility,for this to be about queerness,also is it just me or is the grandmother,also hinted at being this cool lesbian,grandma who sometimes makes her way up,into the human world is that a stretch,i really got that vibe but that said the,films director did come forward that,the film is not,that saying i love lucas movies and hes,such a talent but it truly goes without,saying that we really willfully went for,a pre-pubescent story this is all about,platonic friendships which i guess i get,what hes saying,from a protective artistic standpoint,id imagine if he flat out said it was a,queer allegory then people would really,hammer home that this is a direct,rip-off of call me by your name but,another part of me is like this is most,likely disney telling him to say that to,keep up this,family friendly image while still coming,off performatively,woke or whatever and for as irritating,as that is i do think this film may,do with its open-ended message maybe it,isnt about queerness some have,theorized it being about an immigrant,with the way it uses shores and,new spaces i think at the root of it no,matter what your reading is luca is a,really solid film about identity,whatever that means for the viewer it,doesnt group anyone or anything into a,box or feel like a corporate,representation of what it means to be a,certain something or someone i think it,stands on coming out in both the fears,and benefits of doing so are done really,well for a movie that is apparently not,about that this sense of self-discovery,is all over the film from the way the,characters place value and beauty onto,certain objects to the way they take in,and use their surroundings,which if this is a strictly platonic,story about adolescence,also kind of works i feel childish and,carefree watching luca but also when the,emotional beats come through in the end,i do care about those as well i almost,cried one could say the real,ocean was in my eyelids i think that,these kinds of light on their feet films,are important for pixar you guys know i,loved soul,and i also really liked some of their,earlier films like ratatouille up and,wally but some of my other favorite,animated films are things like i dont,know,sean the sheep my neighbors the yamadas,and the original jungle book these,insanely,simple overly wholesome almost,non-existent plot movies i think theres,a place in the world for animated films,for all ages where the stakes are that,low because yes theres a place for,animated,films that use every ounce of potential,the medium has to offer to make,something that is truly one of a kind,but think about the kids dog i think,its equally as important to make stuff,that welcomes you in with open arms and,doesnt spoon feed what it wants to say,to you,especially for kids who are a lot,smarter than a lot of people realize,because for as great as soul is i feel,like most kids will connect to something,as simple as luca for a lot longer,because of the ambiguity of its message,so like ive been saying luca does not,reinvent the wheel no but maybe thats a,good thing maybe its,actually great that pixar for once is,giving us an original movie that doesnt,feel like a test,doesnt feel like a continuation of,another idea doesnt try

Luca – Disneycember

[Music],[Applause],sometimes the best word you can use to,describe a movie is delightful luca is,freaking delightful i think everyones,made a comparison that this is kind of,like a studio ghibli film and well more,the smaller ones like kikis delivery,service or neighbor totoro hell it takes,place in the town puerto rosso and while,i definitely agree i think it also has,that pixar charm to it as well this is a,funny charming smaller story that,doesnt have quite as much at stake but,i really see that as a plus you dont,always have to travel to the land of the,dead sometimes just a little sea,creature boy wanting to win a race is,enough why did i say that like it was,supposed to sound normal okay the story,centers around luca a little sea monster,who lives under water with his family,but has a yearning for the human world,yeah sound familiar right well trust me,why i say thats where the comparisons,to little mermaid end because this,really takes on its own identity though,his family tells him hes not allowed to,go on dry land he comes across another,sea creature named alberto who reveals,that when theyre not underwater they,take on human form this already is such,a unique idea it reminds me a little bit,of gargoyles how like when the sun is up,they turn to stone and when it goes down,they turn into real creatures i really,like fictional characters that once you,do blank it results in blank if that,makes sense like you cant just,shapeshift whenever it wants or has,wings so it can fly like something has,to cause something else to happen it,makes the variety of problems and,adventures that go on all the more,unique,luca forms a strong friendship with,alberto who constantly acts like he,knows all about the human world but even,he would admit out of nowhere maybe he,doesnt luca becomes obsessed with a,certain device he sees called a vespa a,scooter that upon for seeing it he,imagines can kind of fly i love this,childlike imagination and innocence,later in the movie alberto tells him,that the stars are actually little fish,in the sky so he imagines flying the,vespa up into the night sky where fish,are swimming next to him my god this is,so imaginative and it turns out there is,a way they can get one by winning this,very bizarre race where you have to swim,eat and bike in that order they befriend,a girl named julia who tried doing the,race herself but kept throwing up,resulting in maybe my favorite line in,the movie when you quit in the middle of,the race i didnt quit they made me stop,god thats good while training for the,race they do meet a lot of the town,locals julias father and cat who are,intimidating but get on their soft sides,an egotistical bully who always wins the,race his henchmen are hench boys because,all bullies have hench boys and a town,of oddballs that quite frankly dont,like sea creatures oh not that theyre,sure any exist but theyve heard stories,and just assume theyre bad so while,trying to win the race they try not to,out themselves avoid lucas parents who,were searching for them and maybe just,maybe discover what they truly want and,understand how to accept and be accepted,ill be honest when the movie started i,really didnt think it was gonna be good,it opens with luca as a fish shepherd,and the fish actually go there,because ive got news for you this is,some lame ass world building man the,parents are stereotypical dummies that,dont want him interacting with anything,new and yeah you know what the lessons,gonna be you should be allowed to,interact with something new and,different and oh man just move on with,it very quickly luca gets to dry land,and almost instantly it becomes,entertaining just watching him trying to,learn how to walk as opposed to swim is,really hilarious and i love the way its,explained,point your feet to where you want to go,okay and then you just,catch yourself before you fall its like,as soon as these two polar opposite boys,get together the film comes alive which,is so weird you would think the fantasy,world underwater would be more exciting,and imaginative but you can tell this,movies passion is really on dry land,and showing off this unique town that is,beautiful but is not really grand,theres something really small and cozy,about it and its really welcomed luka,and alberto obviously are very weird but,everyone in the town is a little weird,too it kind of reminds me a third rock,where it would get really old if it was,just the aliens acting odd and the,people going what thats odd but no it,acknowledges that people are strange too,and that in many respects were not that,different in our oddities a large part,of why this movie works is the acting,everybody is so on point and so likable,and brings such a unique energy no two,characters seem exactly alike so they,can work off each other really well it,reminds me of simpsons or parks and rec,like when something happens i want to,see every characters reaction to it,jacob trembley who plays luca in this,has become such a phenomenal talent its,funny because i kind of made fun of him,in one of these smurfs movies where yeah,he was just a little kid and he cant,expect him to really act that fantastic,hes just a little kid but hes become,one of the great child actors and it,really shines in this role he is so,timid so afraid but also so polite and,so excited for what hes passionate,about i really like how what hes,interested in kind of changes in this,movie usually in films a character wants,something and they try to get it and,they either do or they dont achieve it,but in this he actually kind of changes,his mind and goes after something else,kind of pissing off his friend thats,interesting its not a major end of the,world thing but its still something we,all go through and can be done in a,dramatic as well as funny way speaking,of which lets talk about that,relationship between luca and alberto,theres been a lot of talk that this,film is an allegory of being homosexual,or bi or any kind of unique sexual,identity,and while i guess pixar said that wasnt,the intent for me its really hard not,to see i honestly thought everyone was,gonna be like wow theyre really putting,it out there and making this big leap,and kind of spelling it out but a good,chunk of the people didnt see that they,just saw a little story about a kid who,wanted this scooter but thats what i,really like about films like this you,can see it either way you can look at,x-men as these mutants that are trying,not to be persecuted against by humanity,but you can also connect it to race,sexuality or just being anything,different that people have been,persecuted for i really feel like thats,a strong way to do a film like this,everyone can see it and get something a,little different and it can have,different meanings for him so yeah,whether you think there is an allegory,or there isnt an allegory it works,either way i always say if theres a,scene in a movie that makes me gasp its,doing something right because thats not,something i do often in film and there,is a scene where one character quote,unquote outs another one and it legit,surprised me and i felt the heartbreak,over it but at the same time they dont,give you a third act where the character,just mopes and dopes and you know,everything is gonna be better they legit,talk about it and they try to figure it,out it still has the cliches a smaller,story like this would have but it,focuses on whats the most interesting,about it and emotional and funny and it,just really really works im really,hoping this film gains an audience,similar to something like kiki or,neighbor totoro because it really does,deserve it i really hope it doesnt get,forgotten or cast aside because it,wasnt as large as some of these other,big bombastic animated films sometimes,smaller is better and even more personal,so if youre in the move for something,that has a little bit of a slow start,but really pays off in every way a,family film should pay off then dive,right in and have a good time,[M

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