1. Lucid Air: How to One-up Tesla!
  2. 2022 Lucid Air Review // Tesla’s Living Nightmare
  3. Dont waste your time: “First impressions of the 2022 Lucid Grand Touring” S27 – EP5
  4. The Lucid Air Is a Tesla-Rivaling Luxury Performance Sedan
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Lucid Air: How to One-up Tesla!

love,me,[Music],so there are a lot of different ways to,enter the electric car market with your,first try from the established,manufacturers and from the startups so,like Fords first mainstream EV was a,sedan and then Teslas first one was,actually a sports car but then rivians,first one was a pickup truck and so,thats why I find these so interesting,so Ive already started to have a lot of,fun with these different high-tech cars,over on the new autofocus Channel shot,exclusively on smartphones link with a,like button of course but that is why,Lucid has been so interesting to me,because it seems to me that their,strategy at least from the outside,looking in is to just one-up Tesla at,everything that they possibly can,so okay this is Teslas Flagship the,model S and this is lucids air Grand,Tour,Im a capera but if you just listen to,the basics on paper right the Lucid has,much much more range 446 miles on a,single charge from this air GT,performance it has faster charging 350,kilowatts Max it has a thousand plus,horsepower its got stickier tires its,more luxurious inside,got my attention,[Music],so okay Teslas Interiors were never,really anything to write home about but,I can say that this is a they did a,really good job this interior from Lucid,one UPS pretty much everything about,Teslas interior there are better,materials everywhere with leather on,things that you touch the Alcantara,headliner theres a little bit of dry,wood trim and overall fit and finish of,everything in here is excellent it is a,quieter inside cabin both while sitting,and while driving and the seats are all,better with much more adjustment theres,multi-zone Heating and Cooling that,turns on and is effective super fast I,noticed and they even have several,massage programs which I never really,use in any car but every time I see it,you know you just get the feeling that,its a little bit extra luxurious and,then the back seat experience is way,better so just as a reminder the,backseat of a Model S is pretty good,right I have a 63 driving position and,then another 63 passenger and my leg,rooms all right headrooms pretty good,from the glass roof some decent quality,materials around me and then in the,middle I have a wireless charger a cup,holder and a screen to control the air,conditioning but this is lucids,standard backseat first of all the door,now opens fully 90 degrees low-key a,really nice feature but then theres,just dramatically more legroom and space,because they opted for a normal trunk,instead of a hatchback so theyve moved,in the same wheelbase as a Tesla this,seat way further backs now I have more,space I have dedicated HVAC controls,theres no wireless charger in the,middle but there is a cup holder and a,screen for the air conditioning and some,more storage but its just much more,luxurious there is Storage in the back,of the seats there is access to the,trunk in between the two seats if you,take down that armrest theres also an,option in this car for you to take a,little bit of battery out of the floor,for a little bit more footwell room plus,you cant forget about those executive,seat options from the Prototype I tested,five whole years ago but wait there is,more Ive been living this car for about,a week now and I theres just so many,things to it first of all the sound,system is actually incredible it has 21,speakers and they support you know,Spotify and things like that but also,tidal Hi-Fi in the UI and I swear I came,home from a drive and I just sat and,listened to the Dolby Atmos speakers for,a while and it just sounds so good,incredibly immersive theres also a,better steering wheel in here with,stocks and real buttons and I think,these knobs are a great idea theyre,plastic but theres no creaking or give,to them and they work great for,selecting things or scrolling I like the,wheel theres also a more impressive,windshield that curves up over the,drivers head if youre into that with,some pretty sick ambient lighting strips,through the middle that glows softly at,night the tint in the roof is really,good it also just kind of acts like a,normal roof line but you can see things,through it and there are better HVAC,controls in this car thanks to real,buttons and that knob in the middle is,just a big volume knob but the center,console storage is really unique it,includes this this whole screen that,tilts back and reveals some hidden,storage space behind it where you could,keep some sunglasses or a mask or,whatever I dont know but probably most,impressively the Lucid has a much larger,powered opening and closing front thats,thanks to this wider shape and then the,smaller overall Motors in the front so,this is a massive and very useful front,trunk that Im tempted to use way more,than the rear trunk itself and then,there is the software so it would be,really hard to one-up Tesla software,considering thats like the most,impressive part of their car but lucids,gonna try and so they dont support,Android auto or apple carplay just like,Tesla theyve built their own UI and,its pretty bold and it has to be really,good I would say,it is yeah its pretty good so youve,got two screens here this big one behind,the wheel with a touchscreen sensitive,area on either side and this second one,down in between the seats and the layout,here is smart they actually give you a,front opening instead of a trunk opening,which makes me want to use it more but,generally the UI in here is intuitive,and fairly fast not necessarily smooth,all the time as far as frame rates but,its fast but this is by the way the 2.0,version of the software they had a bunch,of 1.x versions that were much slower,this version is more well laid out than,before and faster than before and,theres lots of useful features like,its got this top down view in here for,parking that Tesla still for some reason,doesnt provide but it has this and a,360 surround version that shows the car,youre driving and the environment,around it from various angles and it,actually matches your spec here unlike,Porsches but you know there are,definitely some quirks too the weirdest,part to me is that you cant see music,and maps at the same time at least I,havent been able to figure out how if I,want music up here I hit music but then,it also adds music on the bottom screen,but if I want want maps on the top,screen I hit Maps but then it switches,the bottom screen to Maps too so I want,music one place Maps the other place but,the nice thing is its just software and,software is one of those things that can,improve over time and this is one of,those cars thats actually gotten,meaningful software updates over time,which is great to see but theres one,other thing that this car does really,well,and that,is Drive,[Music],so something Ive realized that is a,little underrated and doesnt get talked,about enough in cars is Cars that have,like multiple,personalities plural a personality is,nice but being able to switch between,being a sporty car and being a luxurious,chill car is nice so we cant ignore the,fact this is a big sedan so there are,three personalities Drive modes in the,settings here smooth Swift and Sprint so,smooth is great when you have passengers,you know its got the gentlest,acceleration curve and regen the,lightest steering and the softest,suspension potholes arent a huge,problem it still does have 21 inch,wheels so its not the smoothest but I,find that the regen and one pedal,driving calibration on the Lucid is,great you almost never have to touch the,friction brakes if you dont want to I,do think if this had 19-inch Wheels it,would make a bigger difference to the,ride quality than just the suspension,setting here but this is about as good,as you can do with the 21s so as you get,sportier everything gets a little bit,lower a little bit heavier a little bit,firmer if you go all the way to Sprint,that is the cars lowest most responsive,and firmest setting so now Im going to,feel all the bumps but thats what you,want when its feeling more like a,sport

2022 Lucid Air Review // Tesla’s Living Nightmare

all right come on last votes this is the,steering wheel were gonna go with the,final choice on our now lucid,air dream,okay,four to one it looks like were going,with something conventional not,something stupid or idiotic,but now its time for the big one were,not alone in the eevee world okay,theres a number that everyones going,to be talking about,you know it horsepower,we need to pick a number thats going to,accurately reflect our values and our,product,were going to do four options 800,900,950,and the big one,a thousand,cast your votes,adrian you first eh,big one,its gonna mean a lot,[Music],[Music],you cant vote for all of them,youre watching throttle house im,thomas,and im james,and this,is the lucid air,dream,p,when thomas says dream p he doesnt mean,like when you wet your bed when youre,14 years four years old he means,performance,so thats two and a half seconds to 60.,and if this is anything like the plaid,its relentless,from there its act 2 where it keeps,going,and it gets to a certain point where,okay this doesnt match it in order 60,but,that power just starts to become,pain,and that shouldnt really be a surprise,because the lucid air dream edition,performance has a skull crushing 1,11 horsepower a power number im sure,they came upon very scientifically,if youre new to us,we do car reviews,track tests and quite a lot of messing,around so subscribe and hit the bell,[Music],[Music],and even though its 400 pounds heavier,than the plaid,its still shockingly quick in a,straight line,and theres no funky,increased artificial sound like a tie,can or the eqs its just motor why but,it sounds,pretty cool its like a formula e car,so im in sprint mode right now which is,the only mode that uses the 4 11 11,horsepower any other mode only has a,maximum i think 784 horsepower,think of it as like the black and red,key for srt and dodge this is,red key mode,and that speed is available to you,immediately you know a combustion car,theres a torque it builds this you put,your foot on the floor,and suddenly this over 5000 pound,machine is flying,and on these canyon roads that can be a,little bit scary its pushing me back,into my seat and im losing grip on my,steering wheel as time goes on because,my hands are getting sweatier,and driving it im quite surprised,actually because apart from the fact,that im,granted the beauty of a full 360 degree,wheel,there are quite a few similarities,between this and the model s plan,for starters the current ceo used to be,one of the top vehicle engineers for the,tesla model s and then he buggered off,and set about trying to make the lucid,the ultimate road car one that could,make both model s owners and even,mercedes s-class owners think twice,about their decision,and in fact that insane horsepower,number is kind of just a byproduct of,the size of the batteries which in this,car give the lucid air dream edition,performance an incredible,758 kilometers of range a number that,climbs to,836 kilometers if you get the dream,edition ah,and one of the most important ways for,an ev to be efficient is to make it cut,through the air to make it slippery the,more it cuts through the lower its drag,coefficient and as we all know drag,coefficient is measured as two times the,drag force over the mass density of the,fluid times the flow speed squared times,the reference area obviously,cant believe i knocked that out in the,first take,anyway lucid have managed to make this,have a drag coefficient of 0.2,which makes it the car with the lowest,drag coefficient,ever im sorry,did i interrupt you well apparently im,doing a video of the lucid mate why,dont you stay in your video i am in my,video you stay in every stay out of my,timeline this is my timeline,anyway as you were okay so the lucid,shares the 0.2 club with the eqs but,unlike the eqs,the lucid,has appeal,so sorry,so while it might not have the appeal of,a ferrari laferrari that has a drag,coefficient of 0.3 so this has a better,outcome vision than pretty much all the,supercars,but sitting here now this feels like a,luxury car first despite its crazy,straight line speed,and,initial reports of this suggested that,it was quite loud on the highway and i,actually havent got that experience at,high speed well i am experiencing though,is a bit of creaking in the rear of the,chassis maybe its some panels clicking,together maybe its a pre-production,thing but still not quite good enough in,a car that costs 170 000 us dollars yeah,we dont mention that that is taikan,turbo s money,and thankfully like the tycoon this,starts earlier the air pure,which no isnt something you plug in to,make your washroom smell nicer,starts at just over 100 canadian or 77,400 us dollars,and you still get the other luxury stuff,most of it,i as as with all things like this and,because of how well this drives i would,lean towards whatever,for the money whatever gets me the most,range,because range becomes the most important,thing here especially while the charging,network doesnt match the gas station,network,and right now,im just driving this ive switched it,to swift,and the ride thankfully because its an,ev the center of gravity is low,so the control is taken care of so i can,just drive it smoothly,and it allows you to do that the,throttle input is smooth coming to a,stop it breaks smoothly ive put it on,creep right now because i dont actually,like when its completely stationary,after i left the break i like emulating,cars that im used to but over time im,converting im starting to use,regenerative braking more and more but i,put it in smooth because this doesnt,have air suspension this has,semi-adaptive dampers on coil and the,ride is good,its its soft it doesnt waft,like a rolls royce,but its its just smooth and as a,driver it still leaves me a ton of,confidence so i can do the luxury thing,and,absolutely,it can do the straight line stuff as,well,but its also pretty good at stopping,and thats because it has six piston,brakes in the front four piston brakes,in the rear stainless steel braided,lines a huge gap between the rotor,cheeks to dissipate heat and some clever,aerodynamics designed to move,temperature away from the brakes which,by the way was done by an x red bull f1,engineer and it even comes with a car,its not a twenty thousand dollar,optional extra added to the website,months after the car was released,because people kept crashing them,but thats not an innovation thats just,common sense in a car with over a,thousand horsepower that weighs five,thousand pounds what is an innovation,are the motors one in the front and one,in the back the motor differential and,inverter are all together and tiny and,weigh just,163 pounds and theyre capable of,producing each,670 horsepower,so obviously they dont weigh very much,so where does the weight come from,well batteries clearly theres a lot of,them,at least uh theyve packaged them in an,interesting fashion and theyre not,taking up very much space and theyre,liquid cooled in a cool way as well the,liquid kind of runs over top of them,but even then the car still weighs as,much as james said hundreds of pounds,more than a model s plaid so right,around the same,weight as an anvil factory,but,based on what im feeling here the,suspension must be made of adamantium,because,i cannot believe how well this thing is,controlling its mass like you could you,can feel it you can feel this is not a,miata,but i can just chuck this thing into the,corners and it just,goes around the other side,it is so,ridiculously quick,there is traction control and you can,turn it almost all the way off theres,still a little bit of traction control,intervention even in off mode but you,can spin the tires lucids released some,pretty dope footage of this thing doing,four-wheel drifts but oh yeah see when,its off now i can feel it,spinning its tires,it feels,wrong to be able to chuck a thing,like this,now the front seems to give up the ghost,first before the rear based on what im,feeling here,but,one thing that i am

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Dont waste your time: “First impressions of the 2022 Lucid Grand Touring” S27 – EP5

foreign,here we are part two,of Mr John meet John everyone and you,know what I told myself driving up here,I will see almost a quarter million,dollars of vehicles in your driveway,just about right so if you remember,a month ago I came to his house to,interview him about the real world,problems that he found out that he was,about to Endeavor which is he had a,Model X,it was over a hundred thousand miles,nothing wrong with it but he decided to,get another car because as he said when,cars over a hundred thousand miles yeah,I tend to have a little problems here,and there so he wanted to eliminate that,so he went out and bought a used,Mercedes eqs which had about 3 400 miles,on it used and he was saying that he was,gonna to keep it for a while because he,put a down payment on the Lucent now he,thought that lucid was going to be,months out maybe even a year out but to,his surprise shock and dismay loosen,called him up and said,we got your car ready,so John being a good guy said okay,and he accepted the car which you see,right here so you may ask why am I,standing here because he still has this,Mercedes vehicle right here and then he,has the Tesla Model 3 right here and,hes still smiling,he is still smiling so real world,problems are true,if you dont think anything else could,go right or wrong this is a case study,on,I dont know I just dot dot dot,do you think you shot a little too early,and potentially getting rid of your,Tesla Model X,no okay Im pretty sure that the resale,Market wasnt going to get any better,and timing wise Im finding out that,used car prices are going down,substantially so,after some haggling with the dealer that,had this used eqs I think I got a pretty,good deal on my trade-in right and it,wouldnt have been any better if Id,have held on to it yeah and it might,have been more hassle because I would be,trying to sell my ex myself on the,secondary Market true because Lucid,doesnt take trades so have you had any,bites on this on this car yet there are,uh a few folks that are interested uh I,may have priced it high but thats okay,Im not desperate Im not you know,trying to get it out the door,um,still has a,a year and a half uh yeah a year and a,half of free charging with Electrify,America uh Ive got solar panels and,its cheap for me to charge at home but,nothing beats free right so I charge,both my Lucid and my Mercedes at,Electrify America thats three miles,down the road weve done road trips and,both of them right,um I get a lot of comments on Facebook,about folks saying youll never beat the,Tesla Supercharger Network right well,theyre wrong because when you combine,all of the competitors out there,Electrify America charge point evgo and,there are a few others,I think they outnumber the Tesla,Supercharger uh stations and it might be,this area I I dont know about Damon,Iowa or you know uh south Mississippi,but in Northern Virginia,Ive got no range anxiety so Im pretty,sure some Tesla people are yelling at,the screen right now and Im a Tesla,owner so you see my card in the in the,background there but what would you say,to people who asked well although what,you said is probably true but you cant,beat the supercharged Network because,the charges dont you does it charge,faster versus Electrify America if,youre charging so its car dependent,this Lucid is supposed to be able to,take 350 kilowatts and gain 300 miles of,range in 15 minutes now thats a very,narrow circumstance you have to run the,battery down to below five percent if,you have a pre-condition the battery,before you get there right uh the best,Ive ever seen it do is 290 kilowatts,and none of the three Teslas Ive ever,owned got above 150 kilowatts right so,the newer cars charge faster and Im,sure there are folks out there with,plaids thatll tell me oh no my plaid,will take 350 kilowatts,I dont doubt it I just know that,especially the Mercedes will stay,constant at 200 kilowatts of charge,right and it charges pretty fast Ive,never spent more than 30 minutes to go,from 20 to 90 percent and I know a lot,of people say only charge 80 save the,battery I think 90 is pretty safe I did,it on my X I do it on my why I do it on,my three uh so all of my cars get,charged at 90 just because,I want that extra money right and my,2015 in the in the background there I,charge you that 90 because Tesla told me,and,you know when I met John I told him I,had the pleasure of going to the Lucent,Grand open opening up at our world,famous mall called Tysons Corner and I,did not see this color on the floor,although I did see the the color options,on a desk so what color is this car so,they call it Xenith red,red what color is my car I tell them,its a burgundy,if its in a parking garage it almost,looks purple right and its not a color,shift it is their one of their five,colors that are available on uh the,trims between touring and Grand Touring,but like you I went by Tysons and they,had one of these on the floor and Im,like,this is great Im closer to getting my,goal and theyre like well it doesnt,have the massaging seats in it yeah and,it doesnt have the uh rear and side,window shades in the back and they kept,going down the list it doesnt do 500,miles of range and it doesnt,have the 800 horsepower and Im like,well,why would I spend ninety five thousand,dollars when if I added all those things,together good might as well just get one,of these on the dream drive and the,sound there are enough upgrades between,the touring and the Grand Touring and on,the outside you wouldnt know it you,couldnt tell by looking at it except,for a tiny little one I saw that I saw,that I did cheat and I did see that when,I was saying which one this is I saw,that yes so if you order a 95 000,touring itll look just like this except,it wont say Grand,so some things that you like about the,car,on the outside uh all right uh Fort,Worth first off is unique you just,cannot beat that and something that,someone had pointed out is theyve,actually molded the spoiler into the,trunk so okay I added a spoiler to my,why in my and my three but this ones,gets molded in um the eqs has a body,colored spoiler thats added and I just,think it was kind of unique the way that,they,they just built it into the car right,its almost like they knew everyones,gonna want a spoiler on their car so,were just going to build it just gonna,build it in yeah people have harassed me,because I dont always take the biggest,tires or the biggest wheels okay uh I,love these 19-inch Wheels I think,theyre attractive and a lot like the,Teslas,theyre removable inserts I just got the,covers,for the lug nuts,so Im gonna pull these off,Im gonna put a center cap and lug nuts,on them right right because I kind of,think it looks better without these,Black Arrow inserts on yeah yeah I think,so so thats something that uh I get to,do this weekend I gotta clean up my uh,my wheels real good and did the attack,did the car come to P0 rules uh yes,these are standing,um and they are specifically made for an,electric,oh dont tell me that really yeah,believe they are foam filled,very quiet rolling down the road I like,that because Im due for new tires I got,P Zeros on mine I got Pirelli so I might,have to go with that Im gonna see the,other thing I kind of like I was,surprised I thought it would be a,brushed aluminum rope because then all,of the pictures on online it looks like,a stainless steel brushed aluminum or,whatever its actually painted and I I,think its a cosmo silver paint color so,I havent seen a cosmo silver body yet,but Im kind of curious to see if its,an actual paint match I really like the,way,the Sleek little door handles are,someone said they they feel a little,toy-like I think theyre theyre nice,theyre sleek and when it just takes,their electronically actuated yeah yeah,so theres movement there,uh and then of course when you lock the,car yeah the door handles fold away,which gives it the 0.023 drag koi,fishing so this car is tied with the,Mercedes eqs for lowest drag coefficient,o

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The Lucid Air Is a Tesla-Rivaling Luxury Performance Sedan

this is a lucid air and its a new,electric car although thats,understating it a bit because this is,pretty impressive it has around a,thousand horsepower itll do 0-60 in 2.4,seconds and itll go more than 500 miles,on a single charge which is a huge deal,and today im going to review it,[Music],before i get started be sure to check,out cars and bids which is my enthusiast,car auction website for cool cars from,the modern era now with free listings,you can list your car for free and,auction it on cars and bids and weve,had some great sales recently including,this square body chevy suburban which,brought over twenty thousand dollars,this mercedes g-wagon which sold for,just under a hundred and sixty thousand,dollars and this fantastic ram trx which,sold for just over ninety thousand,dollars if youre looking to buy or sell,a cool car from the modern era the 1980s,and up cars and bids is the place to do,it with a great selection and daily,auctions at,carsandbids.com so lets talk lucid air,this is a luxury sedan and im reviewing,the dream edition which is the top,version of this car with a sticker price,of around a hundred and seventy thousand,dollars thats big money but this car,has some amazing numbers like i said,supercar performance and a range of,520 miles that beats out even the,longest range tesla model s by over a,hundred miles and there are more,affordable versions coming too a base,model lucid air will come out soon with,a starting price of around 77 000 but,even that has about 500 horsepower and,gets more than 400 miles of range which,is an impressive number now lower level,lucid air models are rear-wheel drive,while upper trim versions are all-wheel,drive and lucid is headquartered here in,california with the cars built in,arizona so what we have here is a major,tesla rival and a seriously appealing,electric car at least on paper today im,going to review this car and find out,what its like in person first ill take,you on a thorough tour of the lucid air,and show you all of its interesting,quirks and features then ill get it out,on the road and drive it and then ill,give it a dug score,all right im going to start the quirks,and features of the lucid air with,getting in now you walk up to this car,and you can unlock it with a smartphone,app of course thats pretty common with,cars like this but theres also a key,and it is cool look at this thing its,almost like a blade or a boomerang and,on the front it merely says lucid,nothing else now you flip it over and,you can see three little diagrams,theres a lock with one dot underneath,and then an unlock with two dots,underneath and then like a trunk open,and a line underneath thats there to,tell you in the simplest terms possible,how to use the key fob if you press the,top of it once it will lock hence one,dot under the lock button if you press,the top of it twice it will unlock hence,two dots under unlock and if you hold it,down that will open the front trunk,hence the line symbolizing holding it,down under the trunk that is pretty cool,a very minimalist key,and kind of a neat look now one other,cool key that this car offers is this,one which almost looks like a hotel room,key its credit card sized and you can,put it in a purse or wallet and just,kind of store it there that way if,youre using your phone as the key like,most people will be and your phone dies,or you lose it you still have this,backup key youre just carrying along,with all of your credit cards and your,id which is a neat idea but anyway you,unlock the lucid air and you can see the,door handles pop out from the doors,normally theyre sort of flush with the,doors for a cool look and better arrow,but when the doors are unlocked they pop,out you reach under pull on the door,handle and you can open up the door and,climb inside when you get in here you,are greeted by a fairly simple modern,looking two-tone interior with some very,interesting quirks and features so lets,go through starting with probably the,biggest quirk that you notice when you,first climb in and that would be the,glass the windshield is one,uninterrupted piece going from the top,of the hood like a normal car all the,way over your head and above the seats,in front one big piece of glass here,tesla does something similar to this but,not as large of a panel this really has,the effect of making it seem like a,massive open air feel in this interior,it is quite interesting and a little bit,unorthodox when you climb inside now,unfortunately you can see the sun visors,are stuck on this panel just like a,normal car sun visor i asked and they,said thats a regulatory thing you gotta,have those visors there so they couldnt,take it away so even though you have,this futuristic glass panel you still,have your normal sun visors kind of,screwing up this full glass sheet look,now this glass above you cant be closed,theres no like shade over it so i asked,about heat and lucid says its not a,problem its heavily tinted theres uv,protection and theres a metallic,coating on the outside that really,prevents sun from getting in and making,it too hot or too bright in this,interior but it does feel very open and,airy in here with this glass but anyway,the next thing you notice when you get,in this car is there are a lot of,screens in here now most of the screens,are mounted on this sort of floating pod,that sits above the dashboard you can,see it really is floating it only mounts,in this spot right above the steering,wheel otherwise its sort of just,hanging there over the dashboard which,is kind of a cool look this sort of,floating screen design now this floating,pod is really made up of three separate,screens to the left you have one screen,that just has basic vehicle functions,and controls what would normally be,buttons and regular cars is on this,screen so like a lock and unlock button,your headlight controls your wiper,controls defroster that sort of thing,just a fairly simple pad of buttons off,to your left now directly in front of,you on this floating screen you have,your gauge cluster which gives the,basics that you would expect when youre,driving along gives you your speed,obviously and it shows your current,charge percentage and like a trip,odometer and it gives you like warning,lights your headlights your parking,brake lights shows you which gear youre,in your odometer that kind of thing all,the usual stuff youd expect to see from,a gauge cluster more interesting are the,screens in the center and that would be,the one on the right part of this,floating screen above the dashboard and,this large center screen in the center,control stack theyre especially,interesting because,they work together let me show you what,i mean lets say you want to change the,radio station you pull up the radio tab,here in this upper screen and you have a,few different options but lets say you,want to look through more options or go,see spotify or additional radio presets,well,you can just slide this display down and,then it appears in larger form on this,center screen take another look at that,i have the display right here i slide it,down and now theres a larger version of,this display with more information in,the center screen the thinking here is,the upper screen is more for the driver,its smaller tilted towards the driver,and more in their line of sight but if,the passenger wants to adjust something,thats on the drivers screen it can be,brought down to the center screen thats,easier for both front occupants to reach,and that is incredibly cool and of,course once youre done making this,selection you can slide up and send it,right back to the upper screen and clear,the lower screen out to do other stuff,down here thats pretty cool another,good example of these screens working,together you go to navigation and you,can enter a destination in the lower,screen but actually have it navigate you,in the upper screen that way the driver,sees the navigation on the screen turn,towards the driver but the passenger is,the one wh

Lucid Air | The Good, Bad and Ugly: Ex Tesla Owners Honest Review

can I climb through sure,because I know everybody wants to know,how do you sleep in the Lucid,this is it,hear that,the sound it makes when its backing up,or moving,it literally sounds like a dream like,its like,[Music],okay I have a secret to share with you,guys,Im having an affair,with another car were gonna go take a,look at the Lucid air today it is,amazing and it kind of makes me rethink,all my decisions in my life lets go,today were hanging out with our,neighbor Steve a former Model S and,model X owner who just took delivery of,his brand new Lucid air Grand Touring,these are a little outdated,I was so excited to talk to you today,about this because I want to get like,how you feel coming from Tesla and also,some of your likes and dislikes if there,are any about the Lucid air Steve,ordered his Grand Touring Lucid air in,March of this year and was given a July,delivery date that later became August,and eventually October and it was a,dream Edition that was above the limited,edition were going to have a touring,model and a pure model which is a lower,end model his Grand Touring Edition is,so well optioned with features that the,only choices to make at this trim level,are exterior and interior colors plus,wheel size yeah leather see to the,navigation and the full glass roof,theres a free charging and upgraded,sound system all that is included in the,Grand Touring its part of it like this,is the top of the line this is like,everything right here the Lucid air is,unlike any EV on the roads today how,having recently won Motor Trends Car of,the Year award The Heirs hands down the,longest range fastest charging luxury EV,that money can buy a full charge Nets,you well over 500 miles of range while,an industry best 350 kilowatt charging,allows you to charge 300 miles of range,in just 22 minutes and it holds the,record of the lowest drag coefficient as,well at just 0.21 so what is what are we,looking at here these are events,for airflow so these are actually,functional events the air comes in from,down below,it goes through here,lets go through the hood you know what,so it cuts back on that drag on the drag,right its a very you know powerful car,is a lot more powerful than my Model S,was and my model X was as well it feels,like a much more luxurious car yeah can,we go inside of it actually and kind of,features okay first,okay all right as you look up to it you,know the handles present okay except,sometimes theres issues how do we let,him in,software thing did you depart is it hold,on,youre one of those suffer issues again,yeah it was in part thats like the,software thing sometimes the handles,dont present okay so youre standing,there for a couple seconds and youre,pressing and depressing and youre,pressing it and then it comes out much,like his previous Teslas in the early,days Steve knows that being an early,adopter comes with its challenges as far,as the display theres a lot of lag so,you want to go from navigation to the,audio from the audio to the setup screen,you got to wait a second or two,which is kind of annoying one of the,nicest features is that kind of unique,is the is the massage seats yes I,definitely want to test those out so the,passenger and the driver both have that,and theres like six different modes,different levels of intensity you can do,it whether youre driving or sitting,still,my first thought is that the seats feel,very plush the leather is really soft,this is real leather right we have the,Alcantara the air features a 34 inch 5K,glass cockpit display facial recognition,driver profiles and an interior that,strikes the perfect balance between,Teslas modern minimalistic design,coupled with luxury youd find in a,Mercedes-Benz its modern but at the,same time it feels very high end I know,a lot of people with Tesla kind of miss,some of those higher end features I mean,we actually have like buttons on this,car yes which is which is interesting,because I havent seen that in a while,now because Im so used to Tesla let me,actually sit back here for a second,because look at all this leg room,it is really comfortable back here it is,right press that button there,[Music],extended rear sunshade,thats kind of cool,oh look at that,oh thats nice,theres a uh,ski opening for you know putting in skis,back there because these fall down,but that gives you a lot of storage all,right I mean I gotta do it right and I,climb through sure,all right so I can look up at the stars,yes this is where you would sleep,because I know everybody wants to know,how do you sleep in the Lucid,this is it,its actually not bad,Im speaking of dreaming I want to take,a moment to thank todays sponsor Birch,living so a while back we made the,choice to find the best mattress thats,not only good for our family but also,good for the planet Birch is a premium,mattress in a box company that makes,stylish and seriously the most,comfortable mattresses and Sleep,Products and they happen to be,environmentally friendly we recently,transitioned our youngest Lake and out,of her crib into a real bed and I,immediately knew I wanted to go with,Birch again because their mattresses are,made with Organic and natural materials,that are always sustainably sourced and,its made right here in the U.S Ive,personally had my Birch mattress for a,few months now and love everything about,it its noticeably more comfortable than,our previous brand name mattress and I,love that its 100 non-toxic if youre,nervous about buying something that you,havent tried first its really not a,big deal because Birch gives you more,than three months to make sure you love,it and if you dont theyll just pick it,up for you and you get a full refund,plus it comes with a 25 year warranty,the best part is that Birch delivers,your mattress right to your door for,free in the U.S it comes rolled up in a,box and its super easy to set up,yourself I love my Birch mattress and I,think you would too so if you are,looking for a new bed check out Birch,you can click the link below or go to,birchliving.com Kim Java for 400 off a,mattress plus two free pillows alright,lets get back to it,and it has all the anchors for car seats,in case anybody wants to know,the important mom stuff right here,heres the rear anchor and then all the,car seats everythings labeled with the,latches that just pop down,oh look at that okay so we have cup,holders did this pop back up,storage here oh and then back here is,the pass-through,for your skis,something yall said I kind of missed,the Tesla,on the automatic closing opening of the,doors I know my favorite feature is yes,putting my foot on the brake and having,the door closed and it seems so silly to,people that have not experienced it but,you grow to love that feature so much,its weird it is feeling massage okay,lets try this out listen this is what,Im most excited for right here,thats nice,you cannot set a time its like either,either off of course not for 20 minutes,you could just turn off a hand if you,want,that is so cool okay come on Tesla yeah,teams were driving at night time,change with the internal mood lighting,this is blue right now this and then you,know down there its blue and you can,change it to be you know other,variations and if you think the model S,gets compared to Lucid air too often,theres a good reason for it Teslas,former chief engineer Peter Rawlinson,the man responsible for some features,youll still find in the model S today,now heads Lucid thats kind of a,controversial thing I guess that Peter,left Tesla and came to lucid and he left,around,2014-ish when I first saw this car,first thing I thought of is,this is like model last 2.0,this is like about the model S you,probably could have been by now because,it you know theyve had the same design,basically for like 10 years so maybe,this is what Tesla would have been yeah,lets back up,oh thats pretty cool yeah you can try,that thats how you can basically are,like I dont know if you guys can see,that but Im bringing it from here all,the way down

PRIMEUR: rijden in de LUCID AIR! | De betere Tesla? | Eerste review van NL | HUGE Car Guy Roadtest

[Muziek],van harte welkom op een nogal bijzondere,dag we staan hier in een heel zonnig,calif en het is een bijzondere dag omdat,wij als eerste nederlander ooit gaan,rijden met de auto die achter mij staat,dit is een look zit er een bijzonder,eerste model van een nieuw automerk hier,uit silicon valley en dit zou als het,goed is de auto moeten zijn die de tesla,model s,nachtmerries geeft het zit namelijk zo,los het wordt geleid door welshman peter,rollinson en hij is niet geheel,toevallig de lead engineer geweest van,de tesla model s dus onder de vleugels,van illamasqua was hij een van de mannen,die de model s vorm gaf en ook de,technologie ja daar is hij een van de,bedenkers van,en dus ook één van de bedenkers van dan,doet zit er,en als we rollinson en zijn team mogen,geloven,doet deze auto waar tesla goed in is,alleen dan nog een stuk beter en dat,blijkt ook wel uit de getallen die deze,auto op zn rapport heeft staan,reikwijdte bijvoorbeeld hoe ver kom je,op een volgeladen elektrische accupakket,830 km ruimere deze auto,vermogen elfhonderd en 11pk zit hier in,ja elfhonderd en 11pk heeft en,acceleratie tijd van minder dan drie,seconden hij kan super snel opladen,tussendoor en zo zijn er nog heel veel,meer dingen te vertellen over deze look,zit er dus ik nodig je van harte uit,[Muziek],met als die tesla model s is deze look,zit er een vrij grote elektrische auto,hij meet 4 meter 97 van zijn neus tot,aan de achterbumper maar is wel een,belangrijk verschil ten opzichte van die,tesla want die heeft een grote vijfde,deur dat heeft deze loes in er niet want,dit is en ze dan kijk maar hele brede,klep wel de hele lichtunit loopt over de,hele breedte heen en daar gaat ook een,heel groot gedeelte open en bloed zit,heeft hier bewust voor gekozen want ze,zeggen een grote vijfde deur maakte auto,minder stijf je hebt meer last van,rijgeluiden je hebt meer last van,kaakjes daar kunnen ze bij tesla alles,over meepraten en daarom zeggen ze we,hebben gekozen voor een sedan want,daarmee is het comfortniveau,aan boord van de auto ja zo hoog,mogelijk maar er zit ook nog een,keerzijde aan dat als je gaat kijken,naar de praktische elementen van deze,auto dan zie je dat die laadopening,ja niet zo heel groot is de laadruimte,is op zich redelijk iets van 430 liter,kannen ging maar als je hoge koffers of,huisdieren mee wilt nemen ja dan is dit,een minder geschikte auto dan en tesla,model s om maar eens wat te noemen,maar goed het is een keuze zou je kunnen,zeggen het voordeel is wel deze lose it,heeft niet alleen maar daar een,bagageruimte,maar ook aan de voorkant moet ik even op,het juiste knopje drukken,want dan kijk maar naar de voorkant,gaat de voorste klep open en dan,verschijnt hier een serieus grote,bagageruimte met een dubbele bodem ruim,200 liter gaat hier in het is echt groot,genoeg voor een gemiddeld persoon om er,een bad in te nemen bewijs van spreken,en op die manier heb je dus aan,praktische inzetbaarheid weinig te,klagen en de klep gaat ook weer,automatisch dicht,[Muziek],kijk,en zo ziet je achter in de lift zit er,kwam nog een van het prototype waar ik 5,jaar geleden in zat,dat ik ongeveer zo zat met mijn hoofd,maar nu we hem even de doorlopende,glasplaat ziet je echt heel prima en,heel veel beenruimte ook een wielbasis,dus de afstand tussen de voor en,achterwielen van ruim of bijna drie,meter bij deze auto en daar profiteer je,wel van het gras wordt trouwens wel vrij,warm moet ik zeggen maar het ziet er,allemaal erg netjes uit ook behoorlijke,fijne mix aan materialen en wat,opmerkelijk is is dat de kleur van de,cabine aan de voorkant dus de,voorstoelen hebben een andere kleur dan,hier achter en dat wil toch een beetje,de indruk wekken dat bloed zit ook wil,uitstralen dat het een auto is voor,mensen die aan de ene kant misschien,zelf willen rijden maar ook wel voor,mensen die met luxe achterin willen,zitten,[Muziek],oké ik ga jullie gewoon meenemen in mijn,eerste indrukken achter het stuur van de,lucy er in dit geval rijden we in de,drie idition,dat is een beetje het,ja meest uitgebreide meest luxueuze en,meest prijzige model want je hebt een,basis versie van deze look zit er hier,in amerika die kosten 77.000 dollar maar,deze drie mediation die kosten,169 duizend dollar ja maar goed als je,daar gaat vragen aan de mensen van bloed,zit wat ze dan zoal hebben veranderd aan,de componenten die ze bijvoorbeeld bij,tesla hebben gebruikt dan zeggen ze we,hebben ieder element van bijvoorbeeld de,aandrijflijn tegen het licht gehouden en,sterk verbeterd,heel veel nederige op een positieve,manier bedoel ik dat de nederige mensen,die dus aan het schaven zijn aan de,technologie en dat levert best wel wat,aparte resultaten op een tas je gaat,kijken bijvoorbeeld naar de,elektromotoren die doos zit gebruikt die,zijn piepklein maar veel sterker dan bij,andere merken in het hoofdkantoor van,lose it en calif kan je het bewijs van,die vooruitgang met eigen ogen zien,deze elektromotor gebruikte tesla in de,vroege versie van de model s hij is zo,breed als een wasmachine,134 kilo zwaar en levert een maximum,vermogen van 435 pk oftewel 320 kilo wat,dit is de motor die tesla nu levert in,onder meer de model 3 zon 280 pk sterk,en 92 kilo zwaar zoals je ziet is die al,een stuk compacter maar je praat nog,steeds over het formaat van een kleine,magnetron,de unit die lose it voor de er,ontwikkelde is nog een stuk kleiner hij,weegt slechts 74 kilo en elke electro,motor levert een maximum vermogen van,maar liefst 500 kilo wat,ofwel 687 pk,de motoren die dus in deze er hebt die,zijn zo klein dat je ze mee kunt nemen,in de handbagage in een vliegtuig en,tegelijkertijd zijn ze efficiënter zijn,dus heel veel interne delen van die,motoren bijvoorbeeld de magneten die er,in zitten zijn allemaal verbeterd,allemaal ja aangepaste en,geoptimaliseerd en dat zorgt er dus voor,dat ze kleiner zijn dat ze lichter zijn,en dat ze ook efficiënter zijn dan de,beste motoren die anderen fabrikanten,van elektrische autos,tegenwoordig gebruiken en door al die,elementen aan te passen krijgen ze dus,voor elkaar om deze het 3 mediation met,en 118 kilowattuur accupakket de andere,versies hebben een iets kleiner pakket,van 113 kilowattuur,om daar ruim 800 kilometer mee te kunnen,rijden zonder dat je hoeft bij te laden,nou dat zijn natuurlijk wel serieuze,stappen voorwaarts,dan heb je in één keer als je een volle,batterij pakket hebt nooit meer last van,rintje ik zei je team zal ik maar zeggen,he van actieradius angst en op het,moment dat je wel nog langere ritten,wilt maken en je wilt de auto,ondertussen bij laden,dan snij ik deze auto gebruik van een,elektrisch bord systeem dat toch een nog,hogere voltage werkt dan wat,bijvoorbeeld portie gebruikt in de tijd,kan,en peter rhoonse die die moest er zelfs,een beetje om lachen toen hij dat,uitlichten hij zegt ja weet je tesla met,400 volt mercedes-benz met de ecu s met,400 volt en poosje met acht honderd volt,allemaal lachertje th hij zei de manier,waarop nu zitten doet is de manier,waarop het hoort en maar in de praktijk,blijkt die daar gewoon gelijk een te,hebben want als je deze auto aan een,snellader gooit die dat aankan,maretti meer dan 300 kilo wat,om een beeld te geven,de tijd kan die komt niet eens in de,buurt hij zit wel boven de 200 kilowatt,maar deze auto verpletterd,[Muziek],wat mij meteen opvalt op het moment dat,je gaat rijden is deze auto heeft voor,de duidelijkheid dus 1111 pk en,op het moment dat je wegrijdt je zet hem,in de drive en hij rijdt,nou ja als een eerste de beste,elektrische auto helemaal niet,zenuwachtig helemaal niet hijgerig of,iets dergelijks maar goed je kunt de,auto ook in drie verschillende standen,zetten smooff swift en sprint en in,smoel is die inderdaad een heel soepel,in sprint,dan trekt hij alle registers open deze,auto heeft dus twee elektromotoren van,niet van maximaal vermogen 6 170 pk per,stuk maar af geregeld is of 1111,en daarmee heb je absoluut een bizarre,prestatiepotentieel,ik ben op,oké hij vliegt er vandoor werkelijk het,is

2022 Lucid Air Review | Range and Performance Test of the Lucid Air Sedan | Price, Range & More

hi aleister weaver here for edmonds with,our full independent instrumented test,of the lucid air dream range,in other words were going to submit it,to the same rigorous process we recently,applied to the tesla model s plaid and,the rivian r1t,were going to perform the globally,famous yes globally famous edmunds real,world range test to find out whether,this car really can do 520 miles on a,single charge as the epa claims if it,does itll overtake the mercedes eqs to,become our new range leader and be the,first production car to top 500 miles,and here at our test track were going,to find out whether this luxury sedan,with 930 horsepower really can do zero,to 60 in 2.7 seconds as lucid claims,and were going to discover whether this,rival to the mercedes eqs and tesla,model s is worth 170 grand of your money,yes we are youve probably seen or maybe,read lots of gushing press about early,pre-production versions of this car but,was it justified is this really a lucid,dream or actually an incoherent,nightmare this drivers door appears to,have seized this is going to look like,im kind of beating up on lucid and,thats not the point at all oh and were,going to repeat the infamous edmund,steering tears to find out whether lucid,wheel is better than the tesla yoke,cue the abuse,doing this stuff properly costs time and,money so if you like what you see please,subscribe to the channel and dont,forget the bell and if youre looking to,sell your car head to edmunds.com sell,my car for a cash offer and now without,further ado lets get on with it,so who or what or is or are lucid,the company was actually founded back in,2007 by teslas former vice president of,engineering peter rawlinson,but its in the last decade that its,kicked on back first by saudi billions,and then from a special purpose,acquisition company or spak,think of it as tesla reborn minus elon,and the teslarati,today its worth about 40 billion,dollars,about the same as rivian so its um,proper,now if youre honest we are a bit late,to the party here reviews of this car,been around for about eight months and,we did have a brief drive at the launch,back in september but lucid kept pushing,back our official loan why because they,knew we wanted to do full test numbers,and an ev range test and that meant,waiting for a finished car,this is a production press car and its,done about 9 000 miles it was actually,back at the lucid factory having a once,over before it came to us this week so,they say and we say it is representative,of what you can buy,the dream is the launch edition of the,lucid and comes in two forms performance,and range the former focus on,performance see what they did there and,has for pr reasons,1111 horsepower,the range edition we have here was,designed to give lucid a headline,grabbing epa rating of over 500 miles it,has two electric motors one at the front,and one at the rear with a combined 933,horsepower for context thats 101,horsepower less than a tesla plaid but,roughly double what youll find in the,edmonds top-rated gas-powered luxury,sedan the mercedes s-class and the lucid,has such fuel sipping nice it is has,smaller 19-inch reel rims which help,reduce the rolling resistance,lucid actually wanted us to swap out the,19-inch rims for some 21s between the ev,range test and the straight-line testing,were doing here today but we politely,declined we reckon that most luxury,sedan buyers wont have spare rooms,sitting in their garage unless theyre,jay leno of course but hes probably got,a chat for that lucy says its good for,0-60 in 2.7 seconds but as you know by,now,we never take their word for it over to,our guru of testing jonathan l fallen,all right here we go,we are in sprint mode,disability control on,because we dont have that much tire,left foot on the brake i fit on,accelerator,oh there we go launch control,whoa,there we go,thats quick,oh okay breakings a little,a little hairier than i,it was anticipating,okay,all right,yeah thats,those are the beans yeah for sure,this thing is pretty sick,as always its going to take some time,to crunch the numbers so in the meantime,lets bring some lucidity to the lucid,lets start with the looks now these,things of course are always subjective,but for what its worth i think it looks,great its got a fantastic mix of kind,of future eco appeal with some pretty,classical handsome proportions its a,long time since i drove a car that got,this much attention theres also some,really cool detailing,these little ports here actually feed,air through the nose and then exit here,along the hood and theres a similar,system going on here air comes in here,and comes out here just in front of the,front tires now if i remember correctly,ferrari was the first company to,introduce this sort of technology on,road cars but they were doing it more,for downforce i think lucid is doing it,really to improve the efficiency reduce,the coefficient of drag and hence,improve the range as we move down the,car this cars riding on 19-inch rims,and were now getting used to seeing,more and more sidewall on cars built for,lots of range actually kind of like them,theres plenty of sculpturing going on,here and on every lucid air you get this,sort of two-tone roof treatment which,becomes more pronounced if you go for a,darker colour,follow me to the rear mr charlie if you,will another thing to point out on this,rear light strip when i actually turn it,on or if you use the brakes thats a,really clever use of leds and if i can,open the trunk,and if i can,open the trunk there we go,this is actually pretty clever lucid,have managed to create a much wider,trunk opening although its still quite,shallow because youve obviously got the,wheels in play does mean that you can,put some longer objects here maybe like,golf clubs for example,now excuse me a moment,ive just said i kid and havent,literally havent slept in months but,if we open this rear this actually,get rid of the scooter theres actually,a pretty big area underneath the trunk,floor too to supplement all this space,and theres a very big front which is,interesting because this car just feels,so much better packaged than the,mercedes eqs the eqs is bigger but less,practical how does that work,[Music],the packaging genius continues inside,this car has a footprint similar to a,mercedes east class but inside its more,s-class and certainly bigger than the,eqs which is the s-classes electric,brother if you are continuing to follow,me,im six foot four this car is set up for,me and as you can see ive not only got,plenty of headroom ive also got plenty,of knee room too,now this is the big battered version of,the lucid and as a result all the,underfloor of the car is packed full of,chemical cells but if you go for the,entry level model the so-called lucid,pure which is going to cost about 80 000,when it finally arrives then that will,have less batteries and as a result you,get a nice little foot welder to plant,your feet which means that your knees,dont end up somewhere around your chin,before jumping to the front i also,wanted to talk about some of the easter,eggs which are part of the lucid fun,little throughout this car a little,californian bears and thats because,lucid like tesla is headquartered in,california,then theres this weird little tripod,thing in the roof here,which weve discovered is actually a,microphone for the in-car telephone but,our producer is utterly convinced that,its actually modeled,on doc browns flux capacitor from the,back to the future delorean is that true,dont know but its kind of cool,inside to my eyes at least its a sort,of blend of porsche tycoon and tesla,which to be honest is no bad thing as,youd expect theres a real focus on,touch screen technology but theres also,some proper physical controls too i like,the fact that theres proper buttons for,things like the temperature the fan and,the volume and get this tesla fanboys,look at this real analog controls for,the for the air vents so somebody owns a,model three i think t

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