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after years of empty promises misleading,marketing campaigns a questionable,five-star Airline status fooling,millions of frequent flyers Lufthansa,has finally introduced a new business,class cabin as well as a new plane to,Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner so today Im,taking a trip on the airlines new,flagship to show you their new business,cabin the new premium economy and of,course the new economy class seat so,join me on a trip on the German airline,giant Lufthansa,[Music],so guys and here we are beautiful good,morning from Frankfurt terminal one now,checking in 40 Lufthansa 787 Dreamliner,business class experience,Morgan,dunk,so all checked in for the Dreamliner,experience and you know the stereotype,of the grumpy German especially at 6am,no smile no nothing best example but the,lady at the check-in was great fun,in such a great mood that it like,boosted my mood as well so now lets,head quickly to the lounge check that,out and then Im going to show you,lufthansas latest product,login,however when I reached the lounge I was,surprised how busy it was already at 6am,but thats a very common and known,Lufthansa problem,[Music],so while I think that Lufthansa lounges,are one of the best in the world a great,offering quality food but imagine it was,only 6 a.m and its already super packed,you never find a seating there its not,a comfortable place to hang out but now,lets head to the gate lets get a first,glimp of the Dreamliner,thank you,so guys there she is the 787 doomliner,of Lufthansa ready to take me to Munich,and this plane has been baptized by the,name Berlin which is the capital of,Germany and its interesting to see,Lufthansa Livery on a Dreamliner and,yeah currently it is flying between,Frankfurt and Munich to train the crew,because theyre not familiar with that,new layout cabin,um as well and then on December 1st its,going to go for its first long-haul,mission to New York,and it was then time to board,lufthansas new flagship and youre,probably wondering why is this plane,already three and a half years old,thats simply because it was meant for a,different Airline but a particular,carrier got into Financial issues and,canceled the order so Boeing was looking,for a new buyer Lufthansa was happy to,accept them probably in combination with,a good discount,position,hello but guys lets have a look at the,new cabin featuring 26 seats in a one,two one reversed herringbone,configuration with direct aisle access,ladies and gentlemen freaking Flyers of,the world yes in 2022 Lufthansa has,finally introduced direct eyelashes only,22 years after British Airways,introduced that New Concept yes I know,diet Alexis has been the standard for,over 10 years on almost every Airline,but Lufthansa was probably too busy,buying its 5 Star status of scam tracks,so please forgive them and lets,celebrate this historic moment with me,so guys and here we are welcome on board,uh lufthansas brand new cabin seat,Dreamliner and uh,after like years and years of promising,a new product finally Lufthansa has,dialed aisle access it just took them 15,years,longer than other airlines but uh first,impression it looks nice it looks clean,and this is not the product that they,really ordered when they purchased those,Dreamliners of which they purchased 32,and those were meant for Hainan Airlines,another airline that is pretty much,known for purchasing the sky tracks,branding package of becoming a five-star,Airline which theyre really not the,same nonsense Lufthansa uh when they had,with unfolds all the aviation worlds and,uh being a self-proclaimed five-star,Airline however and now finally they do,have a product that matches uh their,Ambitions and theres something much,more,intense coming of a first class cabin as,well on the 350s and the Dreamliners but,so far this is it this is the new,Dreamliner this is their new product let,me give you a quick little see tour,lets see it comes with direct eyelashes,did I mention that before but apart from,this groundbreaking new feature you have,a huge screen in front of you with,plenty of movies to choose from and a,pair of headphones which of course are,noise canceling but expect that new,feature on Lufthansa in 2029 I promise,but apart from all this you will find,plenty of storage room a universal power,outlet and the USB slot overall a great,product Im only concerned whether the,Lufthansa frequent flyer will be able to,deal with such a futuristic seat,I guess well find out very soon so over,the years Ive seen plenty of different,reversed herringbone seeds some come,with a door some are more exposed than,the others so this one is not too bad,its one of the better ones uh I mean,they could have installed the door but,um yeah I think uh this will do and,Lufthansa being Lufthansa we would get,pushed back absolutely on time for our,trip to Munich so please enjoy the views,climbing out of Frankfurt,so and welcome to the Lufthansa Lu,with a view as you can see obviously,theres no amenities or anything like,this since this is a very short domestic,hop flying time actually is like 30,minutes only so I put in I quickly,squeeze in a loot review as you can see,nice and spacious and whats the game,plan today Ill be flying to Munich a,few hours on the ground and then I fly,back on the same plane but this time in,their brand new premium economy class so,very much looking forward to that one as,well so now actually I need to use the,Lou and then Ill see what snack we get,served in this flight,thank you,yeah,so as I mentioned very short flight half,an hour a little breakfast here an apple,a muesli bar and some cereals,and a bottle of milk coffee is on its,way as well and that is uh the dining,experience here obviously,if you want to have a full review of,this,you should wait until this plane is,being sent on the long-haul flights to,New York,uh but its what we have for now,and uh yeah very much also looking,forward how this product is going to,perform on the long-haul Market,and how the customer is going to receive,it,um,so just served a coffee in terms of,entertainment theres invite,entertainment has like vast variety of,movies so theres something for everyone,and a nice flashback when I saw those,headphones,which are kept in the compartment right,there,remember my flight two years ago in,Lufthansa from Frankfurt to Dubai,and theres literally flakes its a,human skin on those headphones and it,was like just another misleading uh,marketing campaign by by Lufthansa,saying we heavily sanitized I was doing,the peak of covet,for like heavily sanitize our planes,after every flight,especially on a long haul and uh yeah,and then I had the filthiest seeds and,the worst,headphones it was just a nightmare and I,think this is the problem like,lufthans is a world-class Airline right,especially when it comes to,professionalism also here to cruise a,highly professional and really nice in a,German Way,um,but I think with that whole five-star,thing uh that I didnt do themselves a,favor but uh other than that,they are one of the best airlines in the,world for sure right,and yeah Im gonna have my coffee,because were going to start our descent,its like look were halfway through,already almost to Munich so,um,its gonna have a coffee,and then I was wondering what else I can,show you but probably uh be more,interesting than on the return lack why,not be flying in premium economy,I also decided to give the flat bad,function a try and it turned out to be,super comfortable and actually it comes,with proper privacy now no more seed,neighbor looking at you while you sleep,and neither does he have to climb over,you if he wants to go to the loo but it,was then time for our descent into,Munich and once we are on the ground I,have a very special surprise guest for,you so please stay tuned,for now perhaps is a great opportunity,to hit that subscribe button to not miss,out on any future Aviation Adventures,Ill be soon picking up air Greenlands,new Airbus 8030 Neo you definitely wont,miss that one but you c

Lufthansa Has OFFICIALLY Lost It (business class fiasco)

[Music],oh boy where do i start,this flight was memorable to say the,least and memorable doesnt necessarily,mean good unfortunately lufthansa is,europes only five-star airline but we,all know that the rating company that,provides these ratings skytrax sells,expensive consulting jobs in exchange,for high ratings in fact rather than,being five star id argue that lufthansa,has become one of europes worst major,airlines today im reviewing the upper,deck of lufthansas 747 400 a flight i,was honestly excited for i flew the,queen back in november from new york to,frankfurt in row one which is a special,experience although i wasnt really,impressed by the flight as such i,figured it can only get better on the,upper deck right,im non-stop dan a half sweden half,american whos been obsessed with,airplanes for as long as i can remember,over the past seven years ive flown 150,different airlines virtually all,self-funded non-stop dan is all about,trying to get as much value as possible,with my miles or when those are running,low my money and then spreading the word,so you guys get optimal value and can,enjoy your travels to the max and,hopefully enjoy my geeky videos along,the way,let me start by saying i hate making,these videos where im so critical,especially about service were all human,and we all have bad days i realize my,privilege and being able to fly business,class at all but i mean business class,has to have a certain standard sadly bad,days cant be too bad as crew otherwise,who would pay the crazy premium for this,hopefully this video helps and,entertains you in some way im almost,sorry to share it because i dont want,the crew to get in trouble but my,goodness someone at lufthansa needs to,wake up welcome to frankfurt where you,could have found me a little while ago,preparing to board this boeing 747 400,queen of the skies lufthansa has now,brought back eight of these beauties,flying all over the world from seoul to,rio to new york to my destination dubai,i havent actually left the airport in,dubai for years but i really wanted to,go for expo 2020 and time was running,out so i checked flight options and saw,award seats on swiss and their a330 or,this lufthansa 747. i was torn but i,decided to go with the 747 since the,a330 will be flying for much longer i,used one of the ultimate award sweet,spots to book this flight paying just 29,000 miles plus about 300 per person one,way from sweden to dubai in business,class which i redeemed for singapore,airlines those miles can of course be,earned exceptionally easily in the us,with a 60 000 point sign up bonus on the,american express gold card one of the,most rewarding cards thats super easy,for us citizens to get approved for,those points transfer direct to,singapore airlines so the next time,youre in europe why not add a trip to,the middle east but perhaps choose a,different airline because lufthansa has,gotten bad as youre about to see,the lufthansa queen of the skies comes,in an interesting configuration with no,first class in a way im surprised they,dont offer first class to dubai of all,places last time i flew the 747 400 i,was in 1a which is fun but there are so,many other unique seats theres this,middle seat 4d which i personally dont,mind of traveling alone theres also,this rear lower deck cabin with a middle,seat yeah um,no thanks you can see what that looks,like shortly then we have the upper deck,where i chose the last row on the left,side of the cabin seat 85a and 85c for,oscar and myself what awesome high seat,numbers,with that its time to hop on board,lets go to dubai,at the door i was greeted by a flight,attendant who pointed me to the stairs,so fun on the way there i walked through,the rear business class section with its,232 layout and couldnt help but feel,bad for anyone sitting there thankfully,this configuration is only on the,lufthansa 747 400 because despite having,the same cabin width this m478 has only,two seats in the middle lets go,upstairs and see what thats like ah,well this is nicer it honestly feels,like a completely different plane from,downstairs its private and intimate and,oscars first words about the cabin was,that he thought it looked super retro,which is absolutely true just check out,these awesome overhead bins they fit,roughly one jansport backpack and then,theyre full theres also these overhead,panels wow as an app geek its really,fun and charming to me and theres more,than enough space up here anyway there,are no individual air vents though but,heat wouldnt be a problem because the,crew on todays flight was cold,lufthansa has the same seat on all their,aircraft so youre either in the window,or in the aisle never both this is sort,of fine when traveling with someone else,since you can communicate easily but the,seat is noticeably tighter than,virtually all other business class seats,out there normally these seats suffer,from a lack of decent storage space,which is remedied on the upper deck,because you have these storage bins on,the side thats probably my favorite,thing about sitting up here i also got,the sense that theres slightly more,foot space at least by the window seats,as you can see the seat goes flat but,its by no means the most spacious,business class bed besides that we have,the normal seat features like a storage,bin below the screen with a bottle of,water and the amenity kit and the seat,controls on the center armrest where you,can also find the tray table and the,remote speaking of the remote here is,where things get a little bad,lufthansas entertainment system where,do i start,theyre the type of airline that loves,to put one random episode of various,shows usually from the middle of like,the third season so no one has any idea,whats going on if theyre feeling,generous they might provide five or six,episodes of literally the worst shows,imaginable their movie selection is more,decent with almost 250 choices far,better than sas who offers a few dozen,on a good day let me think what else,does lufthansa do well these headphones,i love on-ear headphones as opposed to,over-ear headphones since my ears get so,hot i could probably charge my phone,with the thermal energy they am in the,crew eventually came around with,pre-departure beverages on a tray and i,like seemingly everyone else in the,cabin went for the orange juice to say,it tasted like minute maid would be a,compliment tropicana with pulp where you,at if youre curious about the menu here,we have it now can we just who,comes up with lufthansas menus i cant,be the only one who thinks these,descriptions make every choice sound as,unappealing as they possibly could they,could have written blue cheese fish,mousse on a bed of distressed lettuce,and that wouldnt even have seemed out,of place i seriously wonder which intern,got a kick out of writing enhanced by,creamed spinach or stewed leek the drink,selection is in one word trash no i,meant to say limited,at least the friendly service can save,us spoiler alert it was non-existent but,more on that after takeoff,[Music],i did my best to separate airline from,airplanes so i could just enjoy being on,this majestic beast as we powered out of,frankfurt what a pleasure and privilege,to be able to fly the queen the 747 400,in 2022,[Music],what positive thing can i say what,positive thing can i say oh that i,really appreciate you guys so im giving,away three 50 airline gift cards to,these three subscribers my subscribers,can win airline gift cards upgrades or,even a business class flight so if you,havent already why not smash that,subscribe button,now back to this tragic review lets,talk about the service shall we no one,expects business class to be especially,personalized on western airlines but one,thing is common crews speak english with,english-speaking customers for some,reason this crew refused to speak,english with us and continuously asked,us questions in german this isnt,exactly uncommon on lufthansa in my,experience but what is up with that,honestly that wasnt

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TRAVELLING FROM CANADA TO NIGERIA | Lufthansa Business Class Review

a miracle if they let me fly,she just wanna highlight,going back home Mama Africa,first day of snow and today is the day,were leaving,[Music],foreign,[Music],[Music],business class and so I low-key been,like thinking oh my God Im gonna apply,economy its gonna be like such a,difficult experience,honestly like and it might sound a bit,entitled but if youve flown business,class you know exactly what Im talking,about the transition to go back to,economy you guys its brutal anyway we,get here and I find like the chicken,line and like were waiting in line in,the economy queue and then I seem,walking to business class its like Im,coming and then Im like whats going on,is it going to like make an inquiring,because my documents were not all the,way together,um its literally like a miracle if they,let me fly because my passport expires,in three months I dont have my six,months validity and I lost my Nigerian,PR card I literally just have like the,receipts or the confirmation letter that,I applied for it I dont have the card,then he calls me hes like come here Im,like why am I coming there we need to,get here and its like already checked,us again and we played business,thank you for buying business clothes,foreign,[Music],yeah Im looking forward to the sun you,guys today is the first day of snow and,were escaping it I cannot wait for a,good song,[Music],[Music],foreign,[Music],thing about my husband hes gonna get,his moneys worth of everything so the,past couple of days have been so busy I,completely forgot about YouTube and how,my subscriber count has been going up,last time I checked was the night before,yesterday and I was like a 995 so Im,almost certain by Gods grace that Ive,already reached a thousand subscribers,so were gonna check together are you,ready drum roll drum roll so,scrolling scrolling and I dont even,think it shows,you guys its true let me take a show oh,my goodness,1050 subscribers congratulations in six,months,Milestone Milestone cheers,cheers to that and heres to you guys,are you a new subscriber if youve been,here from the very beginning I remember,talking about how I really wanted to get,to 1000 subscribers before the end of,this year and God has done it yeah Im,so excited I also just want to like say,a huge thank you to totaloupe Solutions,because shes been she had the solution,she had the solution to this like,seriously she shared my video and then,um she vlogged the time we went for,lunch together and I think a couple of,you are actually from July Channel if,youre watching this and youre from,Team solution uh put put a comments down,lets see comments team solution yeah,team Solution on the comment lets see,them down here yeah yeah but thank you,so much for coming to my channel thank,you for subscribing I am grateful by the,time youre watching this video we,already monetized and so make sure you,watch the ads guys dont skip the ads,please share the video comment engage,and just bring your friends bring your,family members bring everybody to the,channel oh yeah were just gonna enjoy,the rest of our experience,[Music],getting to board now this is a goodbye,Canada for now,[Music],foreign,[Music],[Music],[Music],wont you be my number one number one a,number one number one a number one,number one a number one yeah,[Music],is that a good combination okay lets,try that,[Music],and this is what Im having,its basically marinated,[Music],foreign,[Music],[Music],foreign,[Music],[Music],foreign,[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],[Applause],[Music],set upstairs for having to go,because the elevator is not working geez,this airport is,[Music],[Applause],[Music],foreign,[Music],[Music],Africa,[Music],foreign,[Music],foreign,[Music],[Music],[Music],if you want to have a Nigerian passport,you have to fill up this,um declaration card I guess is what its,called Casey the purpose of travel is,you can select enjoyment to in my,country we recognize the enjoyment yeah,employment,thats why I see you I had to enjoyment,oh my God so you read employment and you,saw enjoyment,[Music],foreign,[Music],[Music],thank you,[Music],guys we will be landing in about uh 17,minutes from now with airport to make,sure that your hand luggage is safely,sewed again,laptops have to be switched off and so,into your hand luggage modify the,equipment should be able to deliver in,the east of people switched off all,together and were going to ask you to,not use the washrooms anymore but did,you see it instead and pass your,seatbelt and pull it tight,put your seat back in an halfway,position and motivate the table in front,of you and we have an availability so,back retractable monitors for dress and,remote controls,[Music],and the first thing Im looking forward,to you guys is this uh theyve already,said its 34 degrees which is extremely,hot but Ill take it Ill be,so I actually changed when we were in,transit I took off my thermaline with,this shirt,um knowing that Im landing in a wrong,place,Im gonna take off my jersey,[Music],okay guys so were here with secret,International Airport,thank you bye,its not like its hot as I wanted it to,be but thats still okay so glad to move,here hope you enjoyed watching this Vlog,um if you havent already make sure you,subscribe like this video leave a,comment and Ill see you in my Nigeria,and vlogs,[Music]

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Lufthansa Business Class! flight review & experience

[Music],thank you,[Music],hey everyone were in Frankfort Germany,right now we have a two hour layover,here Im doing a travel Vlog because we,are flying at Lufthansa business class,back to California and I wanted to Vlog,The Experience review Ive flown,business class one other time a couple,years ago to Hong Kong Ill link that,video below we flew in from Venice this,morning at 6 30. we have access to the,business class Lounge so were gonna go,get some food and then board our flight,[Music],theres some lockers where you can store,your bags and luggage,[Music],our seats,they give us a blanket and a pillow we,got our seats its about an 11 hour,flight so Ill show you guys the meals,and what they bring,we just got some apple juice first,impression the seat is very spacious the,other one we flew because they Pacific,it has,that went all the way up but this one is,in little pods too the slide is,completely full Im really hungry so,hopefully the meals are good,[Music],a water and a nice green,socks a toothbrush toothpaste ooh a,little lotion,they just passed out menu theres,appetizers main courses dessert you can,order champagne or wine at any time Ill,probably get a coffee or a tea,this is a tuna dish looks pretty good,bread and I got a mango passion fruit,drink to be honest and keep it real,because its not that good its way too,salty I think I would give the appetizer,a five out of 10.,awesome,[Music],done eating so now Im gonna set up my,bed and sleep Im so tired,[Music],for six hours,this is breakfast this is like a,parmigiano with eggplant,breakfast is actually pretty good I have,a mango passion fruit juice which is,yummy I think this is a yogurt with,matcha so I want to try,that too,seriously one of the easiest whites of,my life,we have landed so its like its over,overall very comfortable flight just,really changes the whole experience,flying internationally,sleep thank you guys for watching and,Ill see you in my next video,[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music]

Lufthansa 747-400 – Business Class Review New York to Frankfurt

[Music],the queen is back and her name is not,elizabeth her name is boeing 747 400 and,the worlds largest operator is bringing,her back despite what everyone was,expecting lufthansa is returning several,747 400s to service from its hub in,frankfurt operating to new york dubai,seoul and half a dozen other cities so,of course i had to get on board,i was in new york trying to decide,between flying any number of comfortable,aircraft back to europe the a350 the 787,but then i saw the 747 400 in the,schedule there was no way i could choose,anything else so i booked the very first,flight from new york to frankfurt after,her return and the excitement was,palpable if you want to experience the,747 400 while you can i strongly,recommend flying her on the outbound,flight lh-400 from frankfurt to new york,the departure and arrival times are,great and you get to enjoy daylight the,whole way this return flight lh-401 on,the other hand is absolutely brutal,possibly one of my top three worst red,eyes ever it departs new york before 4,pm arriving in frankfurt at 5 a.m the,next day in other words it lands at 11,p.m new york time at which point youre,expected to go about your day in europe,not ideal to say the least,anyhow oscar and i arrived at jfk just,after 1pm having taken the subway to the,air train to terminal 1. there was,basically no line for check-in or,security and we made it to the lounge in,no time the lufthansa lounge in new york,ironically was more crowded than the,terminal so it definitely felt like one,of those situations where you were,sitting in the lounge just because its,called a lounge when in fact it would,have been much better to just sit in the,terminal but at least theres free food,so why not today is a pretty significant,day for lufthansa in new york but so far,i dont think theyre making a big deal,out of it im curious to see at the gate,or on board because us obvious no its a,big deal after just 20 minutes there i,headed to the gate and my goodness my,breath was genuinely taken away i,havent seen a some 47 400 since march,2020 let alone flown in one it was such,an emotional moment and i thought of all,the lucky av geeks who by some miracle,have now been given the chance to fly,the 747 400 again for a limited time,before its too late,started 10 minutes behind schedule and,we were the first on board so we ended,up walking down with the station manager,to the plane i asked him if he was,excited that the 747 was back and boy,was he ever then all of the sudden i was,entering the queen and headed to my,first class um business class seat 1 8.,i havent flown the lufthansa 747 400 in,years since before they installed the,so-called new business class but oh boy,is this an interesting configuration on,lufthansas eight remaining 747 400s,they have roughly 375 seats across three,cabins business premium economy and,economy this aircraft is used on high,demand routes where theres no demand,for first class which is why im sort of,surprised to see it on routes like new,york and dubai surely this would suit,large leisure markets such as orlando,rio and cape town much better anyhow on,this configuration there is an,incredible 67 business class seats,divided in three cabins one in the nose,where i was sitting one behind the nose,and one on the upper deck without a,doubt the worst place which you,absolutely want to avoid sitting is the,downstairs rear business class cabin,with a 2,3 2 configuration a middle seat in,business class i mean id rather swim,than sit here ill discuss the benefits,and drawback of the nose versus the,upper deck later in the video but there,are a bunch of unique seats like the,center seat or where i was sitting in,row one that are sort of bucket list,items you want to take off before you,even start thinking about which place is,necessarily the most comfortable,comparing this to the 747-8 which has,first class in the nose this feels like,an entirely different aircraft type i,get the sense that they asked how many,seats can we fit in well okay 12 well,lets double that and see what happens,row one has four seats that are all so,close it basically feels like the,biggest single row of business class,seats ever there isnt anything in front,of you here only the antenna and a,little bit of metal even the pilots are,sitting way behind you on the upper deck,this is what makes the 747 so unique and,exciting waiting at my seat was a pillow,and blanket both of which were great,lufthansas seat itself needs no comment,id say economy class literally offers,more privacy than this and possibly even,more storage theres a tiny storage,locker on the floor which contains your,amenity kit and a water bottle and,thats it when it comes to storage to,your left you find the built-in,headphones along with an armrest which,can be lowered which makes the bed a bit,wider on the right you have your seat,controls the tray table and a remote,which isnt remotely user friendly,probably the worst part though was that,the seat was filthy there were crumbs,and oil stains which made me think the,seat was not cleaned between flights,disgusting,in the blink of an eye and a glass of,german tropical juice later we were,pushing back if youve ever wanted to,know what it feels like to sit in the,cockpit but you dont have any pilot,friends this is a close second best the,nose seats give you this insanely cool,hybrid view where you can see forward,and to the side we taxied out during a,beautiful late fall sunset and as the,engines roared for takeoff the queen,really felt as powerful as ever,again how insanely cool is this view,[Music],so lets talk a little bit more about,being on board this beauty shes,definitely showing her age in some,places which we love like the retro,overhead bins the overhead panels which,dont have individual air vents by the,way and these bathrooms which oscar,commented felt very soviet union,[Music],the center galley is also so tiny and,quirky i love it as i returned to my,seat there was no sign of service,starting anytime soon so i checked out,the entertainment system its fine but,youre probably best off bringing your,own entertainment if youre picky or,utilizing the in-flight wi-fi which,costs 30 euros for a full flight i ended,up forking out the money for this pass,and was actually pretty impressed with,the speeds now from internet speeds to,amenity kit tell me this isnt giving us,major later hose and vibes i thought the,design was sort of fun and it contained,the bare necessities but it wasnt bad,by any means im giving three of these,unopened kits away to anyone who likes,my new facebook page at the link in the,description so your odds of winning are,pretty decent if you go like it now,before i start talking about the service,which is where this video gets truly,strange,what if i told you i am a fine art,collector i actually invest in,multi-million dollar paintings from,artists like picasso and basquiat we all,know the billionaires can afford to buy,anything they want from private islands,to entire sports teams which is,typically out of the question for people,like you and me but todays sponsor,opens the door to one of the most,exclusive asset classes there is,contemporary art why art well according,to the wall street journal art is among,the hottest markets on earth its prices,have appreciated in value more than the,s p 500 total return by almost threefold,on top of that it beat real estate gold,and 90 of cryptocurrencies during the,same time and there are no signs of the,market slowing down also since the stock,market is out of control right now and,inflation just broke 6.2 percent a new,30-year high diversifying your portfolio,with alternative assets is more,important than ever so what does our,sponsor masterworks do masterworks will,spend 400 million dollars buying art,from the likes of picasso and andy,warhol next year and break up the,paintings into shares giving regular,people like you or me access to invest,in fine art without spending 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We Finally Made It Home – Flying on Lufthansas Business Class

[Music],thank you thank you as well,are you expecting bacon egg and cheese,on a nice everything bagel,[Music],[Music],all right we finally got our boarding,passes,its time to go through security one,hour to spare one flight from Mazda to,Frankfurt before a business class,Journey from Frankfurt to Philly,and its close never mind,hopefully the lounge in Frankfurt will,be open,what an absolute bummer,another strikeout Norway,another strikeout,take two,breakfast selections are pretty bland,wheres the bacon egg and cheese on The,Bagel in Norway I mean come on,shes like crap okay okay,first Lounge check breakfast check,time to get on our first flight,small body plane so nothing crazy,we didnt know this but the flight to,Frankfurt requires mask we didnt have,to wear a mask on a flight since,before Iceland which was over a month,ago I guess,its different its been a while,[Music],we have made it in Germany just the,airport though its sunny and warm 80,degrees beautiful,for the next four hours or so we have uh,about two more hours until its,appropriate to have a beer it says its,nine in the morning and I havent had a,beer over 30 days so,Im gonna be uh a little low with my,tolerance so uh Im gonna wait a little,bit,[Music],first real German pretzel pretzel thats,what they call it,there you go see what see you where,puzzle,Ive been waiting for this cheers,its really good my arms is over,our last bit of gummy bears,after our nice beer yeah,Derbys a good place yeah we need to,come back,[Music],so we are on this flight flying to,Philadelphia,I think its nine hours,and this is the live flat bed and we can,sleep if you want to but its a day,flight so not sure if were gonna Maybe,[Music],thank you,if youre wondering how the heck we,afford to fly business class the answer,is credit card points of miles and we go,into detail on this on our patreon at,the 10 tier so for ten dollars you can,learn how we do it but in short we,basically use credit card signup bonuses,to accumulate points and miles and then,use those points and miles to fly,business class this flight only costs 70,000 Air Canada miles each plus like a,hundred dollars in fees and its,relatively easy to do you can basically,do this by signing up for One credit,card so if you want to learn more check,out our patreon but lets get back to,the video,foreign,[Music],[Music],I dont know,the salmon,for Urgent main course you decided to go,with the white asparagus with potatoes,any other options,the other options were major,[Music],I wasnt having that,so we went the veggie wrap,its very good one to dessert they had,no vanilla ice cream only chocolate so,[Music],foreign,[Music],[Music],evening,can you make sure that you have magnets,and safety Stone,especially touched down bathroom,it is time to put the camera away for a,little bit,we will see you,hopefully in our van,yeah well see maybe going up north Im,not sure yet really,time well talk,until then thanks for watching,before we go now

Flying Lufthansa B747-400 Business Class – The Last B747-400 Operator

(upbeat music),- Back at Dubai Airport, travelling on Lufthansa 747,to US through Frankfurt.,I met Mr. Ahmed here.,- Yes.,- Actually, he saw me arriving back,from the US when Dubai just opened,and I flew Lufthansa a year and a half.,He reminded me today.,Im going again today, so excited.,Just arrived at the Lufthansa lounge.,They have a dedicated lounge in Dubai here and I was showing,them my 747 and see the engine on the wall,,thats the 747.,(upbeat music),I took off from the Lufthansa lounge.,It was really crowded,,it was small and limited food choices.,I knew a better lounge.,And now lets go.,- Youre going home to see your parents?,- [Sam] Yes.,- For Chinese New Year?,- Absolutely, you read my mind.,I am going to the States to see my parents,for Chinese new year, yeah.,Thank you, thank you.,(speaking in foreign language),All right, this is why I left because I think this lounge,,the Dubai Airport lounge, is better.,Use your credit card with lounge key,or priority pass to get in.,(upbeat music),Not quite sure this is Korean beef.,This looks like a Pakistani kima actually.,(upbeat music),Its 1:00 A.M, getting really sleepy,,but now walking down the jet bridge,,boarding the 747, getting pumped.,Oh wow, look at this, beautiful.,Look at a shape of this.,Love it.,Hello, hey there.,- Welcome aboard.,- [Sam] Hey.,I know where Im sitting here.,I have a very strange seat.,- Heres your seat sir.,- [Sam] Ah, in the middle.,- Yes.,- Thank you. – Youre welcome.,- Wow, what a strange seat, right in the middle of the nose,,the throne seat.,But its really open, everybody can see you.,It feels like youre part of the display here.,Its quite a different experience,,but this is the only single seat here.,Every other seat is a double seat,or a triple seat in the middle.,(upbeat music),A glass of champagne?,- [Crew] Yes.,- [Sam] Thank you.,- [Crew] Youre welcome.,- Hello, my name is Marcus Hickus.,Im the captain of the flight of Lufthansa 747-400 tonight.,So the night flight from Dubai International,to Frankfurt International Airport.,Our flight time will be six hours and 30 minutes tonight.,And were cruising up to an altitude of flight level 380.,Ill introduce at this time,my fellow cockpit crew member Mr. Hickle-Hanser,,hes our first officer.,- [Sam] Do you also fly the 747-8?,- Yes, we do have four types.,- [Sam] So you interchange the types?,- Thats right.,- [Sam] Alright, is it a lot older on this aeroplane?,The classic, is that harder to fly or it doesnt-,- No, its quite similar.,Some technical issues are more modern on the 747-8,,but its basically flying the same way.,- [Sam] I have a very difficult question for you now.,(Marcus chuckling),How difficult is to have a bad landing on the 747?,- How difficult? – Yeah.,- [Marcus] Well, every landing you can walk away from,was a good landing, I was told, so.,(both laughing),- [Sam] I dont think its possible,to have a very bad landing on the 747.,- [Marcus] 747 is quite good to land.,Well, depending on the wind situation and all that stuff,,but its quite good to land.,- [Sam] Its a pleasure to fly with you, sir.,- Thank you very much,,enjoy the flight with us.,(upbeat music),(plane engine roaring),(upbeat music),- Refreshments?,(speaking in foreign language),This is for you.,- Okay. – Enjoy it.,- [Sam] I will try this one.,- This one, okay.,Excuse me one second.,(utensils clatters),(speaking in foreign language),(girl laughing),And, here is your beer.,There you go. Enjoy.,- [Sam] Thank you.,- And here is your wheat beer.,- [Sam] Oh, this is another kind of beer.,- This is typical German wheat beer.,- [Sam] Wheat beer.,- Thats a typical German Pilsner beer.,- [Sam] Pilsner, okay, thank you.,- Youre welcome.,- [Sam] Its like a beer festival.,Testing beer here.,- Beer tasting.,- Its like Oktoberfest, but its in January.,The crew gave me two different kinds of German beer,,wheat beer and Pilsner.,Im going to sleep well tonight.,As you can see its a 1:00 A.M departure, a midnight flight.,Everybodys gone to sleep now.,I just reclined my seats as well.,Its actually quite comfortable.,Feels like Im the only seat.,I can go this way and this way out,,I dont have to cross somebody over,and Im going to take a nap because its going to be,a very long flight when I get to Frankfurt,,a couple hours there and then continue to the US.,(upbeat music),My energy came back just before landing, go have a tour.,- Hi, my name is Aslan, Im the chief of the cabin,and this is my working position here, and I love it.,Boeing is the best aircraft.,Thank you.,- [Sam] You have such a cool office, actually.,- Yeah. – Hey.,(everyone laughing),- [Sam] People think this is a bar.,- No, its not.,(both laughing),Were not allowed to have a break here.,- [Sam] What do you have in your office?,What is all this stuff?,- Well, I have everything for the lights, for the internet.,I can switch anything here.,I have paper to write.,I have a printer, everything.,- [Sam] All the keys.,- I have a nice monitor here.,- [Sam] Monitors, whoa!,(plane engine roaring),- Check. (crew girl chuckles),- [Sam] Cabin secure?,- Yes.,(Sam chuckles),- Now were just half an hour before landing,,the whole flights in darkness.,During the flight I was thinking how lucky I am,because the 747-400 were all grounded during the pandemic,and we all thought it would be done,and it made a stunning comeback a couple months ago,and flying again.,Its remarkable,,and the seat where Im sitting here is a legacy of the 747.,Its old, but gold,,because only the 747 have a nose curvature like this,and then they have a unique throne seat in the middle,,and I think its a very unique experience worth to try once.,I managed to swap seats with somebody, and so,I have a good landing view and Im really grateful,for that lady who wanted to try out my seat,and I try out this one.,The centre cabin is really crowded, two, three, two.,Its very very crowded.,This is not a great configuration.,(plane engine roaring),(upbeat music),Any safe landing is a good landing.,That was a great landing.,My 280th time on the Boeing 747.,Ill be transiting here in a couple hours,and onward to Los Angeles with the 747-8.,- Okay, goodbye.,- [Sam] Ill say the same, bye.,- Have a nice day.,- See you. – See you.,(upbeat music),- Well, I didnt expect to walk,on the streets in Frankfurt Airport here.,The staff told me, “Hey, Sam, you have three hours to kill,,you should go to the first class terminal.”,This is just like a five star hotel bathroom.,This is a champions breakfast.,I love meats.,If I die, Im very happy to die here.,Whos going to come here and drink all of these?,Oh, its beautiful.,The Panamera.,Wow, the lucky God shines on me.,Ive been wanting to fly on the retro Lufthansa 747-8,for a very long time.,- Welcome to our first class again, good to see you.,- Thank you.,Beautiful champagne.,Off to a really great start.,Frankfurt is definitely the land of 747.,(upbeat music),I think airline would really hate me to tell you this,,how you can fly Lufthansa the first class very cheaply.,(upbeat music)

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