1. Lull Mattress Review 2022 (Reasons To Buy/NOT Buy)
  2. Nectar vs Lull | #1 Mattress Review Guide (2022 UPDATED)
  3. Lull Luxe Hybrid vs Lull Original Review (Which Mattress Is Right For You?)
  4. LULL MATTRESS REVIEW UPDATE! Come see how the mattress has held up!
  5. Lull vs Nectar Mattress Review (Which Bed In A Box Is Right For You?)
  7. QUICK (first night) honest Lull Mattress review/MAINLY life update vlog

Lull Mattress Review 2022 (Reasons To Buy/NOT Buy)

hi im wes and today in the slumber yard,were going to do a review of the,lull mattress now the low mattress has,made its rounds on the social medias as,influencers seem to love this bed,so if youre interested in this all foam,mattress youll definitely want to stick,around because in this video were going,to cover everything that you need to,know about this bed,including the policies things that itll,come with construction so what this bed,is made of,well talk about feel well talk about,firmness well talk about a couple,things for couples to consider if you,happen to be sharing the bed,well touch on price and then at the,very end ill try to have a final,verdict for you,so you can decide whether or not this is,the right mattress for you,see over here at the slumber yard weve,reviewed over 200 beds and,counting so our goal is to basically,help you find the mattress that youre,gonna end up sleeping on that youre,going to enjoy,so without further ado lets talk about,the low mattress,[Music],all right right out of the gate lets,talk about the lowell policies what this,bed will come with if you do decide to,order it and just a little disclaimer,will did send us this bed for free to,review and tell you guys about it,but if you order it youre basically,going to get completely free shipping,once the bed is in your possession you,get a 365 night trial period,thats your chance to test the bed out,in your own home and decide whether or,not you want to keep the bed,and if you dont for whatever reason you,get completely free returns,but if you do end up keeping the lull,mattress you get a lifetime warranty,with this bed which is above and beyond,the typical policies that we see for,mattresses,if you need any more information about,the low policies or warranties,check down below in the description,well try to have some helpful links for,you down there,but now lets get into the construction,what is this bed made of,lull is a three layer all foam mattress,and at the bottom youll find a dense,layer of support foam,then a transition layer and then on top,youll have some memory foam,in terms of feel this gives the bed a,mixed or blended foam feel,even though there is memory foam used as,the main comfort layer,its not going to be overwhelming you,know we kind of think of it as having a,neutral foam feel with a hint of memory,foam,overall lull is just a nice all foam bed,thats pretty accommodating to many,sleepers out there,but which sleepers will it be best for,well to answer that i definitely want to,touch on how,firm the bed will be and in terms of our,firmness scale we would place it right,at about a medium,meaning it will work for all sleeper,types back stomach side and combination,just remember that the firmness scale is,subjective so the larger you are you,might find beds to be a little softer,and if youre a little smaller you might,find beds to be a little firmer,and of course if youre average youll,find this bed to be a medium like we say,if you happen to be extra large you,might want to get a bed with pocketed,coils just because those provide a,little bit more long-term support and,durability for the really bigger body,types,just something to keep in mind but,before i get on to the rest of this,review,i just want to touch on our monthly,mattress giveaway club,its a club you get a membership card,and you win a free bet potentially,theres no membership cards yet but,were working on that,if you want to figure out how you can,become eligible to win potentially a,brand new queen-size bed check down,below in the description where all the,details will be for you,but now lets get back into this low,mattress review and talk about a couple,things that couples might want to,consider,if you happen to be sharing the bed and,the first one has to do with motion,isolation so what is motion isolation,well this has to do with how well a bed,absorbs cross mattress movement and in,terms of lull it actually performs,pretty good,we dont see any issues of you waking up,if your partner gets up in the middle of,the night,and thats basically due to the fact,that its an all foam bed since it is an,all foam bed though,edge support which has to do with how,sturdy the sides of the mattress are,its not the best out there in general,all foam beds dont perform,the absolute best in this category and,lull is definitely not the,worst weve ever seen either so its,just something to keep in mind if you,really like to sleep on the very edges,of the mattress,but of course you know its not the,worst weve ever seen now in terms of,price,i want to touch on this because you want,to know how much youre going to be,paying for the low mattress,if you do decide to get it and before i,reveal the price to you i just want to,say that mattress brands change their,pricing all the time,sometimes we look and its a lower price,or a higher price,but we always usually do have some,discount codes so apply those to get,the best price but in terms of lull for,a queen,size its around a thousand and fifty,dollars msrp,but if you do use that discount code,itll be around 800,again check down below in the,description thats where youll find,those discount codes,and then you can be saving some money on,your brand new lull mattress,but now i need to get into the final,verdict and address,who is this bed best for and who should,ultimately get this mattress,well i would suggest the low mattress,for anyone looking for an,all-foam bed with a mixed foam feel you,like the sound of those,consumer-friendly policies and you want,a bed thats affordable again check down,below in the description,to save some money on this bed and you,know you can get a great price on it,but thats basically the story with,lowell you know it was a pretty short,video and i hope i helped you out,if thats the case feel free to give me,a thumbs up and the rest of our team we,really appreciate it,if you like this video and you want to,learn more about all the beds that we,happen to review on this channel check,down below in the description,subscribe to the channel go to our,website theres so many things for you,to do,if you want to learn more about beds but,im going to get out of here,and for the rest of the summer yard team,my name is wes wishing you,a good nights sleep,[Applause],you

Nectar vs Lull | #1 Mattress Review Guide (2022 UPDATED)

hey there welcome to the slumber yard in,todays video ive got a mattress,comparison were going to talk about,nectar and lull and were basically,going to be talking about the flagship,nectar bed and how it stacks up to the,flagship lull mattress so both nectar,and lol theyve started to make other,mattresses but were going to talk about,their bread and butter theyre top,sellers and the ones that are most,accommodating the ones youve probably,heard about online so in this video,were going to touch on everything that,you need to know about these beds,starting with the policies what will,they come with if you do decide to order,them online then well compare and,contrast the different mattresses all,while talking about the feel firmness,pricing and everything that you need to,know about these beds at the very end,ill try to have a final verdict and,answer the questions that you still,might have and tell you what the,slumberyard thinks about the low and the,nectar beds but without further ado,lets get into this mattress comparison,[Music],all right so before i get into the bulk,of this review i do want to say that,these mattress brands did send us these,beds for free to review and tell you,guys about them and if you need any more,information about lol nectar or any of,the other beds that they make you can,always feel free to go to our website,myslumberyard.com or check down below in,that description box well have full,written reviews coupon codes buyer,guides and so much more about these beds,down there for you but lets get into,the bulk of this stuff and talk about,the policies and both these beds are,going to show up to your house with,completely free shipping now once these,beds are in your possession you get a,sleep trial with both both are actually,backed by a 365 night sleep trial so you,get a full year to test these out in the,comfort of your own home and thats,basically your chance to try them out,see if they work for you and your,sleeping arrangement and if so you can,keep them if not theyre both backed by,free returns and hopefully you do end up,keeping them if so theyre both backed,by pretty nice warranties nectar has a,forever warranty while lull has a,lifetime warranty and im pretty sure,those are the exact same thing you might,want to read all the fine print to find,out exactly how they differ but having a,lifetime or forever warranty on your bed,is pretty cool now if you need any more,information about those warranties or,policies check down below in the,description we usually try to put some,helpful links for you down there now,lets get into the construction what are,these beds made of and how do they,differ so with nectar youve got a,support foam on the bottom then a,transition layer then a layer of memory,foam its pretty similar on lull theyve,got a dense support foam on the bottom a,transition layer and also memory foam,now nectar does have a removable,washable cover but ill talk about that,a little more later so basically these,beds have a really similar construction,but it doesnt mean theyre going to,have the exact same feel so with nectar,youre going to get a really dense,viscous memory foam feel when you lay,down on it the bed will feel rather firm,but then itll start to conform to the,shape of your body and itll basically,provide you with a nice little cocoon to,sleep in now some people really like,memory foam like our good buddy d pain,the pain train i dont know if hes,still on his memory foam kick but for a,while he was a memory foam guy now,others like jd he doesnt like memory,foam as much but if youre into memory,foam youre getting a really deep,viscous feel with nectar we often,compare nectar to something like a,tempur-pedic its going to be really,slow to respond but really cradle you,and then if youre moving sleeping,positions often throughout the night it,may take a while for the bed to respond,to your movements but again youre,getting that deep viscous cocoon like,feeling now lull on the other hand has,more of a mixed foam feel the top,comfort layer of memory foam does give,the bed a bit of a memory foam feel but,it is balanced out by that responsive,transition layer so we liken this to,more of a neutral foam feel maybe with,just a hint of memory foam mixed in the,memory foam that they use on lull is,just a lot more responsive in general as,well compared to nectar so with nectar,when you push down on it youll be slow,to respond but lull its rather quick,more responsive and in general we pretty,much think this will be accommodating to,most sleepers out there since it does,combine that soft neutral foam feel with,some memory foam qualities now youve,probably seen a lot of ads for both,nectar and lull and one thing that i,kind of think about is since all of,these influencers are loving their lull,mattress it means its probably going to,be an accommodating bed that you know 90,percent of people are gonna find to be,comfortable now one factor in where,these beds differ is firmness so nectar,has a firmer profile at around a medium,firm on our firmness scale meaning it,will work for all sleeper types but,itll probably be best for back and,stomach sleepers since it is on the,firmer end of the spectrum now lull is,right around a medium on our firmer,scale meaning it should work for all,sleeper types back stomach side and,combination and since it is the softer,bed between the two it might be the,better pick for siding combination,sleepers when compared to nectar now,firmness is subjective based on how much,you weigh so if youre a lot heavier you,might find beds to be softer just,because you have more mass and if youre,more small or petite you might find beds,to be firmer but again this is for the,average sized individual thats how,were judging our firmness over here at,the slumber yard now if the firmness,levels that i listed arent exactly what,youre looking for nectar makes a couple,of beds that are a little bit softer and,do have that same dense viscous memory,foam feel they have the nectar premier,mattress and the nectar premier copper,you can feel free to check those theyll,be linked down below in the description,and with lul they have the lolux hybrid,which is a hybrid mattress with pocketed,coils and in general we pretty much say,that people above the 200 250 pound,range should probably go the route of a,bed with pocketed coils just because it,provides more long-term support and,durability for those bigger body types,now low also makes a bed called low,premium which is basically an upgraded,version of this low mattress that im,talking about here we havent had our,chance to test out the low premium yet,but it should be in the mail and once we,get our hands on it well be sure to put,a review out so you can always feel free,to subscribe to the channel and then,youll be up to date when we put out our,low premium review which should be soon,you know fingers crossed all right so,weve basically talked about most of the,things that these beds have in common,and the reasons why they differ but now,its time to talk about some x factors,and theres pretty much only a couple,for nectar i mentioned earlier that,their cover is machine washable and,removable and thats nice to have if you,like to keep your bedroom quarters tidy,or youre using this for a guest bedroom,you want to make sure your mattress is,clean or maybe even if you got little,kids you want to make sure that their,bed is clean as well now that brings us,to our last thing that we should discuss,which is price so how much money are you,going to be paying for lull and how much,are you going to be paying for nectar,and before i get into all that i do want,to say that mattress brands like low and,nectar do you like to tinker with their,pricing from time to time you know,sometimes its lower sometimes its,higher sometimes they offer bigger,discounts but whatever it is itll be,linked in the description to the current,price and as of when im doing this,video you can usually pick up a nec

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Lull Luxe Hybrid vs Lull Original Review (Which Mattress Is Right For You?)

hey hows it going this is owen and in,todays video we have a comparison,between the original lull mattress and,their brand new lull luxe hybrid were,basically going to cover how these beds,are similar and then get into the major,differences and why you might want to,pick one of these beds over the other,were going to have a lot more,information about both beds linked for,you in the description including our,full written reviews of both if you want,more information,and any discounts were able to find,will also be linked for you down there,to help save you a bit of money if you,find this video helpful at all wed,really appreciate it if you gave it a,thumbs up and you subscribe to the,channel we put a lot of time and effort,into these videos and doing that stuff,really helps us out,lets get into the video now by just,quickly running through the policies,youre going to get with both of these,beds and since theyre both from the,brand lull theyre going to be the same,and as always lull did send us their,beds for free so we could test them out,and then tell you about them but if you,decide to go in for yourself youre,going to start with free bet in a box,shipping,and the unboxing process for pretty much,all these online beds is fairly quick,and easy to do weve done it hundreds of,times over here although we do recommend,you have someone there to help you out,because these beds can get quite heavy,especially the hybrid in comparison to,the original,now once the bed arrives at your door,lull gives you an entire year to test,out the mattress at home to decide if,you actually like it,if you decide after seven months eight,months nine months that the bed isnt,really for you for whatever reason,you can return it and get a full refund,which is pretty fantastic but should you,decide to keep the mattress which the,vast majority of people end up doing,they back their beds with a lifetime,warranty so thats all the policy stuff,lets talk about the one other major,thing these beds have in common,and thats going to be the fact that,theyre both roughly the same firmness,level in our tests we found the original,lull and the low lux hybrid to be a flat,medium on our firmer scale which means,it should be generally accommodating for,all sleeper types back stomach side and,combination no matter which bed you,choose a lot of online mattress brands,try and make their beds somewhere around,a medium just because it appeals to the,widest variety of sleepers out there,now a medium firmness isnt necessarily,going to be ideal for every sleeping,position if you are a strict back,sleeper you only sleep on your back you,might want something firmer and if you,are a strict side sleeper who wants a,ton of pressure relief you might want,something softer but a medium firmness,does work well for a lot of people out,there especially combination sleepers,and couples because youre going to be,spending some time in multiple sleeping,positions so the firmness is really the,only big practical thing that these beds,have in common lets start talking about,their big differences now and you might,have guessed given the name of these,beds that one of them is a hybrid bed,that uses coils for support and the,other is an all foam mattress that uses,foam for support,now if you are a heavier person we,usually recommend you go for the coil,mattress option in this case that would,be the low lux hybrid because coils,provide you with just a bit more,long-term support and durability for,heavier body types but most people,should be able to get by just fine on an,all-foam mattress but if youre,somewhere around 220 to 250 pounds or,more we think you should probably get,the coil bed,plus having coils just means the bed is,going to be a bit more bouncy and some,people like that in the mattress lets,talk about the specific construction of,the lolux hybrid a little bit more so,above those coils youre gonna have a,layer of transition foam,this is gonna add some extra bounce and,comfort and its there to make sure you,dont really feel those coils underneath,and then above that layer of transition,foam you have a layer of a neutral,polyurethane foam and this stuff is,pretty responsive and then you have the,tufted cover which looks really nice and,thats actually filled with some memory,foam and then on the original lull,mattress you have a very similar,construction you have that layer of,transition foam above the support foam,and then you have a layer of memory foam,so this difference in construction adds,up to the low luxe hybrid having more of,a soft neutral foam feel with a hint of,memory foam,and then the original lull is going to,have more of a mixed or blended foam,feel because youre going to have a,thicker layer of memory foam that youre,going to be feeling more on the original,it definitely doesnt have that,prototypical dense sink in feeling you,might associate with memory foam but,youre definitely going to feel more of,the memory foam on the original in,comparison to the luxe hybrid,now i think both are generally quite,comfortable and most people should be,able to get by on either one,if you asked me which one i find to be,more comfortable i would say it is the,hybrid but then again i am not a big fan,of memory foam if you are a big fan of,memory foam and want that more typical,memory foam feel well try like some,other options for you down below in the,description before we start talking,about the pricing differences between,these two beds lets take a brief break,to mention our monthly mattress giveaway,now weve been giving away beds on this,channel to our subscribers for a very,long time now something like three years,and if you want to know how you can win,and have me call out your name next,month all the details are linked for you,in the description,its pretty quick and easy to do its,just kind of our way of giving back to,our subscribers who support us and if,you want to continue to support us make,sure you give this video a thumbs up and,you subscribe to the channel wed,appreciate that a lot but lets get back,to this comparison now talking about the,pricing difference between the original,lull and the low lux hybrid now,obviously the low lux hybrid is going to,be the more expensive bed of the two,however i think it is a solid value for,what youre getting the low lux hybrid,after discount right now as im,recording this video is about 1200 bucks,for a queen size which in our opinion is,a pretty solid price for a luxurious,hybrid bed,now the original lull is about 400,cheaper after discount 800 bucks for a,queen size which makes it a pretty,affordable all foam bed in a box now,mattress brands do mess around with,pricing quite a bit but i see no,scenario where the lulux hybrid somehow,becomes more affordable than the,original,the price gap might change a little bit,but the bottom line is if youre looking,to save the most amount of money youre,going to want to go with the original,and pretty much every mattress brand,their hybrid option is more expensive,than the all foam option and make sure,you check down below in the description,for those discounts they should be,linked for you down there as well as,updated pricing if it happened to change,and thats pretty much going to do it,for this comparison between the original,lull and the lull lux hybrid,and the real big difference between,these two beds is that youre gonna be,paying a bit more for the more luxurious,hybrid bed its as simple as that me,personally i really like the lolux,hybrid i think its a very comfortable,mattress which isnt to say the original,one isnt but if youre willing to spend,up a little bit i think the lolux hybrid,is very worth your while and feel free,to let us know what you think about,these two beds which one would you,choose make sure you write us down below,in the comments wed love to hear from,you,and as always theres a ton of,information in the description to help,you out with your mattress search,including our full written reviews of,bo

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LULL MATTRESS REVIEW UPDATE! Come see how the mattress has held up!

hello welcome back yes,looky here two videos in one month,crazier things have happened I I can,assure you that but here I am Beckham is,gonna pop up and say hello say hello,today were going to be doing an updated,review on my low mattress if you havent,seen the first video I will leave it,below,I felt reduce myself I am ELISA burger,also known as get fit with Melissa on,Instagram havent yet dont give me a,follow I post about lifestyle tips that,come palm food decor everything just,trying to figure it out and hope you,guys figure it out too,as you can see Beckham will probably be,in this video many many multiple times,and if you have any reason to not like,that please just exit out cuz here he,comes again and you get it nope,okay if you guys remember when I first,made this video this mattress was way,too hard I did not love how tough it was,I felt like I made a mistake extra fun,with the purple mattress because I,wanted something I could sink into when,I went bad now over the years its been,two years I believe cheers in September,it has finally done that I come in a bed,and I seek right in were going to have,to do it selfie way because Beck wants,to be in it although like anyway okay,anyway so anyway I sink right into it,which is fabulous I was really nervous,it was gonna do that one thing I want to,talk to you guys about is when you look,at my mattress I dont know if you guys,can tell for the video its lightly,dipped in the middle I talked to all,about it and they said if it wasnt more,than a quarter-inch they really couldnt,do anything for me,I get it theyre like but they were good,to talk to they were easy to get a hold,of and it explained everything really,well to me um,were just kind of setting like I,couldnt do more for me but thats one,of my complaints about the mattress so,far what else I know,another huge complaint I have had about,the mattress as I will show you guys,okay right here this bulge I dont,necessarily even understand what this is,its almost like the bed has just popped,it has not ruined my sleep quality but I,dont like it especially when I paid,like $900 for this okay this video is,not sponsored so it really kind of,annoys me for the price that it is um I,dont know I dont like that but the,cooling part of it also I mean we have,sheets but theres been a couple of,nights or were cleaning the sheets and,we just sleep on the top part so lets,be like a cooling feature I dont think,thats a thing anymore it like doesnt,call me the fan cools me whats going on,well what is happening if you guys,remember in my first video I did that,test of the cup Im gonna redo it but I,really believe that it still has that,same doesnt what does it shock,absorbing so when I get out of bed it,doesnt wake up Ryan which we really,love but sometimes he works earlier,sometimes I get up earlier and its nice,other persons still asleep let me do,that shock test and well see how it,still goes okay,it felt horribly did you guys see that I,mean lots of music lost Cup so maybe,thats why the bottle did not hold up,okay,okay even though the bottle did not hold,up I personally think still a great,feature and its still picture on the,mattress definitely – I feel like you,can tell that weve had it for two years,which is good in my opinion cuz I like,like I said before that its just a,mattress I can have a long day and just,come and like sink into it I was afraid,it was gonna be like that theres a,little bit tougher and like didnt get,all my focal points but now I totally,changed my mind,and I think yes its on it but its,taken a few years to break it in to get,to that point so Im taking a short,because really thats it how much more,can you talk about mattress theres,nothing really more I can say,when I compare it to a purple mattress,now I think its great like the purple,mattress was really squishy and able to,go down when I first tried it I tried it,in a store and then this bed was a,little bit more tough but now that I,broken it in its been easier to sink,into Im wondering though if I would,have been on the purple if it would have,been my child,Im wondering though if I would have,gone with a purple and how I already had,like kind of that sinking feature if it,would sink in even more now Im not sure,I dont have a purple I have a little,anyway theres something I miss or,something you guys want to ask me about,please drop a comment below Im more,than happy to take time out of my day to,comment and reply to you guys and answer,any questions if you guys like this,video give it a thumbs up if you did it,tell me what happened what can I do it,better be there,Im too busy my dogs were knocking at,this time which Im sure a lot of you,will be sad about and my feet were not,on the pillow which a lot of you had,complained about in my first videos okay,anyhow I am leaving it as it is now if,you havent go ahead subscribe Ive been,doing a lot more review videos just,trying things out updating things for,you guys its fun I like its exciting,for me so if thats what you like and I,think theres a good post button,somewhere that you can click and when,you get into youtube and ill tell you i,have a new video and you and ill i hope,you guys have a great day and again if,you guys have any more questions drop,below I will drop below my first video,so you guys can watch that one thing,comparison to now the bold wasnt there,the sinking in wasnt there but also the,sinking into the actual mattress wasnt,there so anyway have a great day guys

Lull vs Nectar Mattress Review (Which Bed In A Box Is Right For You?)

hey hows it going this is owen and in,todays video we have a mattress,comparison between nectar and lull now,were gonna be focusing most of our,attention on their flagship mattresses,they do make other beds well have more,information about them linked in the,description,but if youre looking for an all-foam,mattress thats pretty affordable and,you cant really decide between nectar,and lull you clicked on the right video,were gonna go over what these beds have,in common which is a decent amount and,then get into the differences and figure,out who should get each of these,mattresses if that sounds good and you,find the video helpful make sure you,give it a thumbs up and you subscribe to,the channel wed really appreciate that,and as always tons of stuff in the,description to help you out with your,mattress search including any discounts,youre able to find help save you some,money on either nectar or lull,lets get into the video now by quickly,running through the policies for these,beds,and fortunately for us the policies for,nectar and lull are going to be the,exact same and as always both of these,brands did send us their beds for free,so we could test them out and then tell,you about them but if you decide to get,one for yourself youre gonna start with,free shipping theyre both gonna arrive,at your door inside of a pretty large,box and the embossing process is really,quick and easy to do although i do want,to mention that since these beds have,been compressed in that plastic for so,long it might take a couple days for,them to fully inflate and reach their,proper firmness level and there might be,a bit of an odor for a couple days but,dont worry thats totally normal and,you extra shouldnt worry about it,because both come with a very long trial,period you have an entire year to try,out both beds at home to decide if you,actually like them or not if for,whatever reason you dont within that,trial period you can get free returns,and a full refund with both beds but if,you wind up keeping the beds both come,with a lifetime warranty now i do,recommend reading that warranty when,beds say they have a lifetime warranty,usually is tiered in some regard and the,warranties arent actually that long to,read so i would recommend reading those,if youre interested so thats all the,policy stuff lets also go into what,else these beds have in common and its,actually going to be pricing as of when,im recording this video mattress brands,do mess around with pricing sometimes so,the prices im talking about now might,not be current when youre watching the,video so check the description for what,is actually current but right now after,discount you can get a queen size nectar,and a queen size lull for only 800 bucks,which makes them both very affordable,options so pricing shouldnt really play,a huge role if youre deciding between,nectar and lull i have seen the nectar,mattress more expensive than this but,nectar usually throws in free extras,like sheets or pillows and stuff like,that,so even if nectar winds up a bit more,expensive when youre watching this it,might break pretty even so thats really,the stuff that nectar and lull have in,common lets get into the major,differences now starting with their,construction and feel,now these beds do have a very similar,construction they are both three layer,all foam mattresses,but they are going to feel significantly,different on the nectar mattress you,have a dense layer of support foam at,the bottom then you have a layer of,transition foam and then a layer of,memory foam now the arrangement of the,layers are actually going to be the,exact same on lull support foam,transition foam memory foam but the,memory foam layer on the lull mattress,is going to be significantly thinner,than on the nectar mattress,so on the nectar mattress youre going,to be getting that very traditional,dense memory foam feel that you probably,associate with memory foam youre going,to lay down on this bed and its going,to feel pretty firm at first and then,youre going to sink into it and it will,conform to your bodys shape nicely,now on the low mattress you will be,getting a memory foam feel but its much,more subtle than on nectar lul feels,more like a neutral foam mattress with a,hint of memory foam and thats because,that memory foam layer is thinner like i,mentioned so if you know you really,enjoy the feel of a more traditional,memory foam mattress then nectar is the,obvious choice,but if you are not as big a fan of,memory foam or you just want something a,bit more responsive then lull makes more,sense here before we get into the other,big difference which is spoiler alert,firmness lets take a brief break to,mention our monthly mattress giveaway if,you know we give away a brand new queen,size bed to one lucky winner every,single month weve been doing it for,years now its basically already of,giving back to you guys,and if you want to know how to become,eligible all the details youre linked,for in the description its actually,pretty quick and easy to become eligible,so i hope you do that and i hope im,shouting at your name for next month but,lets get back to this comparison,talking about firmness now the nectar,mattress is going to be significantly,firmer than the lull mattress in our,test we found nectar to be at around a,medium firm on our scale which means,its going to be most ideal for back and,stomach sleepers and certain combination,sleepers,if you are a side sleeper though the,lull mattress makes more sense because,that bed is around a flat medium on our,scale which means it should be more,accommodating to more sleepers,now a medium mattress isnt going to be,perfect for everybody it just works well,for most if you are a strict back or,stomach sleeper then nectar probably,makes more sense,but if you want more pressure relief,then i would say lull makes more sense,now there is one last little x factor i,should mention for the nectar mattress,and thats that it has a machine,washable cover most of the time if you,get the cover dirty on your mattress you,have to spot clean it but with nectar,you can actually unzip the whole thing,and toss it in your washing machine for,a deep clean now its definitely not the,easiest thing in the world to take that,cover on and off all the time but its,still a pretty convenient feature,nonetheless and thats pretty much going,to do it for todays comparison this is,a pretty simple one these beds are in,the same category of being affordable,all foam bed-in-a-box mattresses but,theres enough different about them that,if youre trying to decide between the,two,should be a pretty reasonably easy,decision do you want a more traditional,memory foam mattress that is a bit,firmer if thats the case pick nectar if,you want something that has a hint of,memory foam and is more of a medium on,firmness go with low but let us know,what you think which of these two beds,would you choose write us down below in,the comments wed love to hear your,opinion and i know ive said it a bunch,of times but theres a lot of stuff in,the description to help you out with,your mattress search including our full,written reviews of both of these beds if,you want more information,if you found the video helpful make sure,you give it a thumbs up and you,subscribe to the channel wed really,appreciate that but thats enough for me,thanks for watching ill see you next,one,[Music],you


hi everyone welcome back to get fit with,Melissa today were doing a little bit,different I know you guys love reviews,and my dogs as always there are always a,part of my videos look how happy they,are on our new comfy so as you guys can,see were kind of a different area were,actually in my bedroom today Im going,to give a full-on review about the wool,bed that has been all over Instagram you,see all the fits both being sponsored,using them I was really skeptical about,this bed at first because I know a lot,of them were for like sponsored reasons,and sometimes when your sponsor and,youre not the most honest about product,so this video is complete,unn sponsored bought it from my own,pocket me and my husband I just finally,was like hey theres women on Instagram,that I trust that I really love that I,think are being honest about their,reviews so we needed a new mattress our,mattress is about 30 million years old,it was I bought it from like an older,couple who had it for like 15 plus years,and then I had it for like six plus,years so so get ready for the review and,my dog as always first things first is,it comfortable so honestly its more,firm than I truly liked I reviewed it,compared to the purple bed Ive watched,a bunch of reviews Ive done my research,on it and I guess compared to the purple,bed it is a little firmer um so if,youre a bigger person I apparently this,is not my experience but if youre a,bigger person youre better off with the,purple bed mattress Im because it seats,faster and you dont feel the hardness,of it quite as easy as you do with the,wool but whereas I wouldnt say Im a,bigger person um this mattress is,perfect it takes in all my pressure,points its been great,the only thing that I hadnt liked about,it that my husband hasnt noticed but I,have so if I sleep on my,quite a bit oh my gosh and I just feel,like its not as comfortable as it,should be,I guess my expectations were at at 10,and Id probably score this like a seven,on your side but for the most part you,can kind of even see me sinking in as,Im just laying here on my back it,really gets the pressure point so its,like my hips my back feels relaxed my,head feels relaxed oh these dogs are,gonna be the death of me and the dog,seemed to really really enjoy it also,has a cooling feature so this top part,right here it makes it pretty cool at,night so you arent getting overheated,which I really like because being with,my husband we like to cuddle and,sometimes we dont because we dont like,to be hot and these dogs love this bed,so much that they like to be up on here,with us and it gets really hot and the,gardener resident so we have to make,sure we have a cooling then we stop,cooling cover that we got from our sea,wellies and we love that too so we put,sheets on it and I felt was sheet it was,a little bit hotter but my husband,didnt notice so I guess its just your,body type and how it regulate so from,what I understand this part right here,is made of like a gel foam or something,like that so if you see I can push in,pretty easily lay on it and it kind of,curves to me and something I looked up,that I didnt even notice is when your,spouse gets up so when youre with,someone will it wake you up so if I get,up what weve got my husband so I looked,at the reviews and just from personal,experience I always wake up to go to the,rough there at night its been great,he hasnt woken up once it doesnt have,that with such shock wave that will wake,them up first regular beds um we really,liked out that doesnt wake them up,lets do a test so you guys ready were,gonna place a cup on this side this is,the side I sleep on,okay now Im gonna push down on it Ive,actually never done less I feel cozy so,okay here we go,when we done somehow not bad Im,impressed with it really jumping on this,idea,crappy monkey that always jump on the,bed so overall I would give our Lowell,mattress an 8.5 out of 10 the reason why,Im giving it an eight point five and,seven out of ten its because like I,said with an actual cover a sheet on top,of it I feel like Im still hot so I,mean thats not their fault truly and,when Im on my side its more its not,as comforting as it should be its not,pushy,the pretty firm bed but not like your,average typical bed its way better than,our old bed our old bed is probably like,a 1 out of 10 oh well but that was a,box-spring bed with the springs and,everything is really painful I have,noticed that I dont wake up as much at,night I wake up obviously when I have to,use the restroom but other than that my,other bet I was waking up all the time,so I was uncomfortable my back hurt my,head hurt and that that has been magical,I havent been waking up I havent been,with you up with back pain and Ive,noticed a better nights sleep,so if you guys are really looking for a,new mattress I say compare both of them,do your own research and see what you,think,Im truly we have a best one because,like I said all the people that have,been posting about it they have a 24,months zero interest financing program,and I took full swing about 37 dollars a,month for a queen mattress and I said,there we have nothing in lieu as we can,pay it off sooner but we have 24 months,of zero interest theyre super flexible,and I really appreciate that I know that,purple goes through that same finance,um program so I think like I said if you,can do your own research do your own,review see what people are saying but I,think lull for the price and for what,weve gotten out of it has totally been,worth the money that we paid theres,just one other small thing that I want,to bring you up is that when so when you,go on there itll stay like its for 750,dollars because its like on sale and,like a coupon with it but when you do,the financing it takes that off so itll,be I think our bed was 900 out the door,it was 900 but you still with you I,think if you have good credit you still,can get that 24 months zero interest and,the nice thing is the payments are low,but you can double those payments to pay,it off sooner but at least you have,those 24 months of zero interest so,again I really enjoyed it I loved it,its way better than our old mine so if,youre looking for a new mattress I,think its a little bit is the way to go,and if you disagree do your own research,and compare this bed to the purple bed,to do all the other ones I think are,gonna get about the same with all of,them just different pricing any way you,like this video Ive been doing a lot of,reviews lately I think theyre kind of,just fun Ive been buying a lot of new,things so I oh I forgot to tell you guys,I got my personal training certification,so your girls get that list start by,personal trainer I have learned so much,there that certification so I hope to,keep bringing you guys more,informational educational stuff for your,fitness goals,um and keep giving you guys reviews I,like reviews just like my head II its,really cute term adidas any new you guys,like this video please give it thumbs up,so I can know that you love reviews that,you love these videos you want me to,keep videoing because let me tell you it,takes a lot of time to edit record also,dont forget subscribe below and let me,know what you want in the comments next,and thinking about is awful she in tight,Nepal will see though I love you guys,have a great day

QUICK (first night) honest Lull Mattress review/MAINLY life update vlog

hey guys welcome back to my channel so I,want to apologize for how I look I feel,like Ive been apologizing for how I,look in every video and I need to stop,but I really do look pretty good today I,havent washed my hair yet and I like,look physically look like crap because I,havent slept well which youll see at,the end of this video why I kind of I,filmed the ending of this video first,because the ending of the video was like,I had to film it first because it was it,pertained like right when I woke up Im,filming this part of the video after,even though its the beginning,intro sorry that was really confusing,but I just wanted to come on here and,kind of like give you a few updates have,been living in this apartment now since,Thursday so all day well not all day,Thursday was around 2:00 so all day,Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday,and then today is a Wednesday,so about if you take half from Thursday,and half from – its been about a week,and I just wanted to give you guys some,updates on everything thats happening I,got the bed which that youll see that,in a little bit and then my whats it,called bed frame should be arriving here,in a few days I got it from Wayfarer,which Ive never used Wayfarer before,but it has like some cheap stuff I mean,Im sure its probably cheap because,its cheap but I didnt know for sure,how this bed was gonna work out so I,didnt want to spend a bunch of money on,a frame if I wasnt sure and then I,heard back from the dental office that I,applied to I ended up getting the job so,thats exciting,I felt really bad though because I I,dont know I just feel like when I went,in for the interview and everything like,they werent talking money they werent,saying anything like they asked me how,much I how much I wanted to make but I,they never like told me how much they,were paying hold on this is crooked I,think,thats better so they were asking me how,much I wanted to make but they never,like told me how much the position was,like I remember when I was applying to,the last office I was that theyre like,oh how much do you want to what make and,when I told him like oh perfect because,this is how much were offering and they,never like said that so I was always,kind of nervous it ended up working out,well it was it was around the price,range that I wanted to stay at but while,we were in her interview I forgot to,mention like the days that I needed off,in October because I have an obligation,that I cant get out of and I wanted to,mention it before they even considered,hiring me just so that they were like,aware before I started and like there,was no surprise once I got hired but I,forgot to mention that and then she,called me yesterday on Tuesday and was,like hey we want to officially offer you,the job Im gonna send you over some,information that you want to fill out,and the hours for my hours for this,place is well theyre changing the hours,on Monday theyre gonna change it to,7:00 to 5:00 but as of right now its,9:30 to 6:30 Tuesday is 8:00 to 5:00,Wednesday is 7:30 to 5:00 and then,Thursday is 7 to 12 granted youre,obviously gonna have to get there a,little bit early to start the day like,youre not gonna just arrive when your,first patient arrives and youre,obviously gonna have to stay after so,its more hours than what it was because,that first I was like oh thats only,like thirty two and a half hours thats,like not enough hours for me but then,when I thought when she told me about,that and I was like Oh duh obviously,because my last office we would schedule,it to where wed only take patients tell,four and we end at five so that way if,we ran over you know were not running,over our end day but I forgotten most,obviously most offices are like that so,anyways yeah so its enough hours its a,great schedule for me because I really,am trying to put all my energy into,YouTube and,coming up with outside funds so that my,because Ive been watching on to these,inspirational things and so go after,your dreams go get them like if its,hard to make it happen like moving here,from Montana and moving here from,Colorado to Montana I had to live in an,unfinished basement to make my dream of,moving here happen and its like I dont,want to always work a nine-to-five job,and I like the dental field because its,actually a really interesting field you,meet a lot of interesting people I like,the dynamics of working with peoples,teeth I actually really enjoy the field,and then on top of it its a plus that,you usually have pretty good hours and,it allows me to do something that I like,to do for like my nine-to-five but then,when Im off I get to pursue I have a,lot of time to pursue the other things,that I enjoy too and so Im excited,about this opportunity but when I forgot,to tell her about the days in October I,was like stressing out and I ended up,messaging her with all the documents,that I was supposed to have filled out,and just saying like hey like Im really,really sorry that I forgot to mention,this during the interview because I,really did forget and I just feel like, cuz I was like what if she doesnt,believe me what if shes just like oh,she waited till she got hired to bring,this up and like I just hope she doesnt,think that because its really not the,kind of person I am but she was like,that shouldnt be a problem like just,fill out your time off dates like it,should be fine so Im glad that it ended,up working out I just wish that I would,have remembered to say something before,but anyways yeah so I got the job we,have at my apartment complex we have a,free business center that you can use so,I can print things for free I can use a,computer for free and I can scan for,free which is amazing because I do not,have a printer or a scanner and like in,situations like this where they send you,something you need to print it out sign,it scan it and send it back it really,came in handy especially in the fact,that its free so yeah I went ahead and,did that I sent over all the documents I,needed she sent me some links to create,passwords and usernames I already did,that and tomorrow Im going to start,they want me there,seven and Im gonna work till noon or,12:30 or 1:00 or whenever theyre like,actually done and then theyre off,Friday Saturday Sunday so then my first,official week will be Monday and they,were like oh we need your Social,Security card and your birth certificate,and all this to like prove that I can,you know work in the United States but I,left that in this safe at my in-laws,place so like our safe at their house,because we didnt want to move all of,that stuff when were only temporarily,gonna be in an apartment and its,because its super heavy so luckily my,father-in-law like priority shipped it,to us and I its perfect timing because,I have the had the postal service like,changed the key for our our mailbox so,it should be coming here in a couple of,days so Im hoping by the time that I,actually like my first official date,well tomorrow will be my first official,day but my first official day of my,first official week hopefully my,documents will come because theyre like,we cant pay you until we have that,information which is weird because every,single place Ive worked out they like,didnt care that I just bring it in,whenever Im pretty sure my laughs I,just didnt even look at it but anyways,I am just coming up here with the update,I got the job I got the bed Im gonna,insert that clip next after this and,then I just wanted to give you guys a,little bit of another update Im gonna,start a new series on my channel its,gonna I like to the vlog that I made,yesterday I really liked the flow of,that so Im gonna start a new vlog,series called like a X amount of days of,like being healthy because now that I,finally am able to like now that Im,finally off my birth control Ive,noticed that like my hormones are,starting to level out so I really want,to get serious about my health and see,if I can lose that weight cuz when I was,on birth control I gains like 20 pounds,and so

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