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Lumen – One Year Later Review – Must Have OR Hard Pass? @MetabolicHealth ​

lumen one year later,what do i think now,[Music],so let me start this off by saying i,really like the lumen and i really enjoy,all the benefits ive been able to take,away from having it and with that being,said i probably think its a great,option for just about everybody right,actually i think this is probably not a,good option for most people ill circle,back to that but first after one year,lets break this thing down,first in case youre new to the lumen,what is it well its the tool thats,known to help you hack your metabolism,and what it does is it uses a flow,control and co2 meter to use that to,understand if youre burning carbs or,fat for fuel from there it provides,guidance to help make your ability to,switch between burning fats and carbs,more efficient therefore making your,weight loss or health journey easier and,more successful because you can get away,from being carb dependent in short its,a learning and training tool to help,recalibrate your body for long-term,health success,ease of use when you get this are you,going to jump right in and take,advantage of it are you going to run,into some problems well there is a,little bit of a learning curve its not,a big deal dont worry but you have to,learn how hard to start breathing into,it when you start how hard to breathe,throughout the duration of the breathe,out how much to breathe in and it guides,you through all this but it needs it to,be in certain ranges so it can measure,accurately and at first you dont really,know what those amounts are you kind of,breathe into it too hard at the,beginning and then kind of fall out of,the range it wants and it tells you to,start over and this can be a little,frustrating but after a very short while,you learn these tricks and you become an,expert at it and then you never run into,it again just because you know what to,do so small learning curve at the,beginning not that big of a deal and,then its just smooth sailing after that,so ease of use im going to say is very,high just a small learning curve,[Music],accuracy for me i felt its been pretty,accurate now i do intermittent fasting,so even if i had a bad meal the day,before by time i do a lumen reading in,the morning its been quite a while,since ive had any calories and ive,burned up quite a bit of my carb stores,and as a result i almost always get it,too now if i was really bad the night,before i might get a three and i have,seen those i can also get ones theyre,rare but when i was really sticking to,my diet really keeping my carbs low not,cheating or having my intermittent,fasting window go too late into the,night i could earn a one i had to work,for it that was motivational and i could,reach that but it was harder to get to i,generally see a lot of twos but what i,would get did seem to reflect my day so,it did seem to be pretty accurate and,something i wish id done a little more,is take readings throughout the day im,big on intermittent fasting so i really,want to see myself starting today with a,two or one and that reflects on my,previous day but also understanding what,my meals are doing to me more in real,time you know testing after meal or,after a workout you can take,measurements throughout the day and,better understand the immediate impact,and that can help teach you a lot about,what you can do and the changes you can,make with your diet and exercise and,portions and all those different things,so there is more than just a morning,reading but as far as accuracy goes it,has seemed to be pretty darn accurate,for me,now what would i like to see the,aluminum proof on well i mentioned that,i start a lot of the days at a two and,this is great it means im burning more,fast than carbs so im in a pretty good,state but is this a high side of two,closer to a three or the low side closer,to a one i have no idea and that would,be a huge difference because if im,closer to a one thats where i wanna be,im starting off my day burning mostly,fats i know my diet choices are working,for me but if its close to that three,im not really burning that much more,fat and im not really starting the day,in the state i want so a more granular,view maybe a zero to 100 where it really,gets you accurate information and you,know hey im really right where i want,to be or im at the high range of what,used to be a 2 and i still have some,work to do i need to make some changes i,need to work harder on my diet or hold,myself more accountable but these are,the things youd be able to get out of,that more granular information so i,would love to see that and at its core,the lumen is a learning tool it helps,you understand the impact of your,previous decisions what is working for,you and whats not and to have a better,reading a more accurate reading that,really gives you that granular,information is going to help you make,such better decisions so for me,personally if they did that improvement,it would just take it to the next level,so im hoping that something we see over,time,regardless of my concerns with the,granularity of the readout the lumen is,still a very motivational and,informational tool i enjoy tweaking,everything about my lifestyle to try to,get the results that i want and learning,from that and that can be the things,ive already mentioned portion control,what you eat how fast you eat the type,of exercise youre doing and how much,exercise you get and even the quantity,and quality of sleep you get all these,could play a huge role in your metabolic,flexibility and the lumen helps you,understand the impacts of all these,decisions so it becomes very enjoyable,to understand the impacts of these,things and continue improving on these,so you can put yourself in a state that,best works for you because not everybody,responds to the same is the same so it,becomes kind of a game of sorts to see,what you can get out of this get the,best numbers possible and see the,changes you want because of what youve,been doing and this isnt just what you,wake up to lets say after a meal you,might get a five and you just spiked,your sugar really hard well maybe you,learned to make changes to that meal you,change how you built that same meal,whether its portion control or removing,a couple ingredients and now suddenly,after that same meal youre only at a,three or four you realize youve made,drastic improvements that help you reach,your health goals and the lumen is what,helps you understand and realize these,goals,so ill admit i mostly use the lumen for,the readouts you get from this thing and,then i go on my own and do what i want,to do and make changes that i want to,make in my diet but inside the lumen app,there is a wealth of information so,there are a lot of things even things,that might seem backwards so for an,example lets say youve had a string of,great days where youve had low readings,they might actually tell you to go have,a high carb day to mix it up on your,body and keep your metabolic flexibility,high which is important they know some,of these tricks you can do to put your,body in a state where it can bounce,between that burning of fat and carbs,more efficiently and put yourself in a,better state so there are things they,offer they also have meal planning,history of all your readings and a lot,of different things that will just help,you learn and make better decisions so,its worth checking out honestly i dont,use it enough but its out there and you,should look into it,so i mostly had good things to say about,the lumen so why the heck would i start,this video by saying i dont think most,people should get it well i dont want,to waste your money the lumen is a great,tool but it offers a rather specific,service and i think this is more of a,final piece on your health journey than,just getting started so if youre at,this point where youre like i need to,take back my health i dont think this,is where i start this is not the tool i,go like if i get this im gonna be able,to reach all my health goals this is the,one thing i need there are things that

Lumen 3 Month Review | What Do I Think About It Now?

ive been using the lumen for a little over  three months now and i thought ive kind of  ,got all the information i need now from the lumen  so its time to do a three-month follow-up review  ,so thats what im talking about on this video  hey its kurt welcome to my channel where i  ,review fitness products do a cost analysis on  them they give my own rating to help you decide  ,whether they are worth purchasing or not i buy  all my products with my own money unless they  ,were given to me for free by the manufacturer and  if thats the case ill always let you know at the  ,beginning of the video theres a lot of different  fitness devices out there to read metabolism  ,or for weight loss etc but one of the most  interesting for me was this right here the lumen  ,so i went ahead and bought one the lumen device  was started by twin sisters marave and mikhail  ,moore two ultra marathoners who were looking for a  way to get immediate feedback on their metabolism  ,without having to go through long thorough testing  in a lab they also figured if they could create a  ,device like that there might be other people who  might want it too since they were both iron man  ,winners and phds in physiology they had the  right background to start something like this  ,what exactly is metabolic flexibility anyways  well according to the national library of medicine  ,metabolic flexibility describes the ability of  an organism to respond or adapt according to  ,changes in metabolic or energy demand as well as  the prevailing conditions or activity exercise  ,is another physiological condition requiring  metabolic flexibility in order to match fuel  ,availability with the metabolic machinery to meet  enormous increases in energy demands with that  ,energy coming from carbs or fats so by breathing  into this little device right here youll get  ,readings on when youre burning carbs when youre  burning fat your metabolic flexibility and also if  ,you need to cut down on your carb intake for the  day or not ideally the lumen app says its best  ,if youre burning fat in the morning and youre  burning carbs towards the end of the day does it  ,work yeah it does work but i do want to go through  a few things about it with you so you can decide  ,for yourself if you want to try it or not first  what did the lumen do for me lumen definitely gave  ,me insights as to what my body was doing as it  pertained to was i burning carbs or was i burning  ,fats before i got the lumen i had no idea what  my body was doing i had no idea what metabolic  ,flexibility was so it was a great little tool to  learn something new every morning when i got up  ,i had to go straight to this device and blow into  it and answer a few health related questions like  ,did i work out for how long how long did i sleep  how long ill be fasting until my next meal  ,and things like that so that information can be  processed in the app you can see from the charts  ,right here how my metabolism was working for  example if i blew a 1 or a 2 that was good because  ,that meant i was burning fat in the morning if i  blew a 3 that meant i was burying fats and carbs  ,which was okay but not ideal and then if i blew a  four or a five that meant i was burning carbs in  ,the morning which was not good how did this  make me react well when i saw i was blowing  ,four or fives in the morning i was a little bit  stunned because right away the lumen was telling  ,me youre eating too many carbs so i looked at  the carb intake that it recommended for the day  ,and i would follow along with that and i was just  cutting carbs and cutting carbs i was getting very  ,obsessed with carb cutting something i hadnt  even thought about for many many years and it  ,made me a bit anxious which is not good luckily  i kind of got used to it and stopped obsessing  ,after a few weeks did it read other vitals for  me as well yes it did you could actually connect  ,your apple health app to it so it will get any  readings that your apple health app gets but i  ,havent been wearing my apple watch which was  a bit of a problem because that meant the lumen  ,doesnt get those readings ive been testing this  woof 4.0 which im almost done testing with so  ,wearing this and an apple watch was just too much  if i want to know the progress of my weight i had  ,to put that in manually i also had to put in my  calorie count manually as well oh yeah sorry to  ,do this but i do have to tell you if you feel like  you are learning something from this video so far  ,please do me a favor hit that like button i  really appreciate it what else does the app do  ,theres a lot of helpful information on the app  that explains how to train your metabolism to burn  ,fat how to shift back to fat burn after a high  carb day and how your body taps into its reserves  ,to burn energy and every morning you blow into  the device youll get a little advice like this  ,dont aim for the body to burn fat all day  switching between fat and carbon is best do i feel  ,like ive learned a lot more about my body after  using it i know i definitely learned a lot more  ,about my metabolism and after a while i did figure  out this little hack now heres what happened when  ,i first started blowing into lumen every morning i  was getting readings of threes fours and sometimes  ,fives it was extremely frustrating so even  though i read all the articles on the app  ,and was trying to cut my carbs down and that  kind of stuff i kind of just went out on a limb  ,and said you know what im just going to go into a  caloric deficit so first i stopped eating as much  ,and instead of eating like 2100 calories a day  i was eating 1900 calories a day and i didnt  ,notice my lumen levels went from four or fives  to like three and then i kind of went completely  ,rogue and i said you know what im gonna fast  for like five days straight and see what happens  ,well i fasted for 16 hours on the first day and  guess what the next morning i blew a two so i was  ,burning fat in the morning so i decided im gonna  do that again so i fasted every single day of the  ,week for 16 hours every day and i blew twos every  single day and i think i actually even blew one  ,one day so one of the things that kind of got me  was is this lumen fancy technology just telling us  ,all what we all know anyways maybe our metabolic  flexibility is just based on calories in calories  ,out maybe i just need to eat less calories to get  to fat burn in the morning i dont know if thats  ,true but thats how it worked for me were there  any upgrades to the app while you were using it  ,yes like i said before at first the lumen did  not have a way to count your calories but now  ,you can put all that information into the lumen  itself and maybe i miss it the first time but i  ,did notice that the app has a whole bunch of  healthy recipes that you can make at home and  ,finally i noticed they are now offering healthy  meal plans that you can have shipped straight to  ,your home they start at around 139 and they look  really good and theres been a lot of good reviews  ,on their site but i never use that service so i  cant be sure how many times a day did i have to  ,blow into the lumen i first started blowing into  the lumen device five times a day i would blow  ,once when i woke up once after breakfast once  before lunch once after lunch and once right  ,before i went to bed and that got a bit annoying  thats a lot of times that blow into that thing  ,and i actually got so annoyed that after two weeks  i thought i dont think im going to continue this  ,review anymore because this is a pain but but then  i thought to myself i have to finish this review  ,so whats going to make me happy and i thought  whats gonna make me happy blowing into it  ,two times a day so i blew it into it in the  morning and then right before i went to bed  ,and that worked out fine was the lumen worth  buying i have to say im glad i got the shortest  ,membership to the lum

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Fenix E35 v3.0 Review – 3000 Lumen EDC Flashlight

hey this is steven from wild stuff,welcome to the show,this video is my review of the e35 v3 a,super compact everyday carry flashlight,from phoenix with 3 000 lumens and a,wide flood beam,ill give you a tour of the light and,its main features do some side by side,comparisons with some other popular,phoenix models and then take it outside,and shine it around a bit,for those new to my channel my,flashlight reviews are not overly,technical im more interested in the,design build and real-life impressions,of a flashlight and how it compares to,other lights rather than what kind of,led chipset it has or what color,temperature it is,i wont be pouring through the full list,of technical specifications and ill use,terms such as warm hot and ouchy rather,than going into three decimal places of,thermal detail,and a big thank you to phoenix for,sending me this light for review,now i always knew that this was going to,be a compact light but reading,measurements on a screen just doesnt do,it justice it wasnt until i got to,actually hold it in my hand that i could,fully appreciate how tiny it really was,despite it also packing 3000 lumens and,a full-size 21700 battery,the battery comes included with the,light and is a phoenix branded 5000,milliamp hour 21 700 battery with a,built-in usbc charging port i love this,design as it means there are no external,charging ports on the flashlight to get,dirty or damaged no rubber flaps that,get old and rotten and if you do somehow,manage to damage the batterys charging,port all you need to do is replace the,battery,the e35 version 3 has no rear tail,switch and is controlled completely,through the single side switch,unfortunately this means theres no,momentary on function however it does,tail stand very well,[Music],at the front end is a simple circular,bezel and a small reflector cone,on the side is a removable one-way,pocket clip,and also included as a small wrist,lanyard,the e35 v3 is controlled entirely by a,single side switch near the front of the,light operation is fairly,straightforward a long push to turn it,on then quick taps to toggle through the,five settings of eco low medium high and,turbo,and another long push to turn it off,again,there is no mode memory so it will,always turn on into the lowest setting,as you can see here when i switch it off,from turbo it comes back on in eco mode,strobe is accessed by pushing and,holding the button and this works,regardless of whether the light is on or,off there doesnt seem to be a way to,lock strobe on it just continues as long,as you keep holding the button,in the center of the button youll find,a very useful battery indicator light,which briefly lights up when the button,is pushed it starts showing solid green,then progresses to flashing green then,solid red then flashing red as your,battery depletes,the e35 version 3 also has a secure,lockout mode to prevent it accidentally,turning on in your bag and in case you,forget how the instructions are printed,right there above the button,a quick double tap will lock the light,and any further attempts to turn it on,will just receive a double flash to,remind you its locked,another quick double tap will unlock it,again back to normal,[Music],as i said before this is a tiny light,and has no issue fitting very,comfortably in a side trouser pocket,alongside a wallet its ideal for,everyday carry,use it with a pocket clip or make it,disappear entirely if you prefer,[Music],phoenix also claimed that the e35,version 3 has an ip68 rating being,dropped proof to 1.5 meters and,submersible to 2 meters for about half,an hour so accidentally dropping in the,pool doesnt bother me,the e35 version 3 comes in a,frustratingly difficult to open blister,bubble package heres what youll find,inside,the light itself shown here with a,lanyard and pocket clip already attached,a phoenix 5000 milliamp hour 21700,battery with a built-in usbc charging,port,a small usbc charging cable,a couple of spare rubber o-rings,and the usual paperwork and warranty,information,its worth noting that theres no belt,pouch included but that doesnt bother,me,the e35 version 3 sells for 102.95 in,australian dollars from phoenix,australia or 74.95 in us dollars from,the american distributors,so i did my usual super scientific test,where i time how long i can hold the,front end of the light in turbo mode,before it becomes too painful note that,im not blocking the beam itself im,just holding the barrel of the body,being such a physically small light with,so many lumens is of course a,disadvantage by 20 to 30 seconds in it,was already pretty hot and toasty and it,was burning hot and painful by about 50,seconds,after giving it plenty of time to cool,down i filmed it sitting on the table in,turbo mode to see if and when it would,downshift to the next mode instead of a,sudden drop like i was expecting i found,a very smooth and gradual downshift,between approximately 50 seconds and a,minute 20. it was so gradual that it,wasnt noticeable to the naked eye and i,only found it by comparing video frames,following that it held a stable output,for the remainder of the five minutes i,filmed it for,so to give you an idea of its physical,size and appearance compared to some,other current phoenix models here it is,firstly with the ld30,ld30 is even more pocket friendly with,1600 lumens and a smaller 18650 battery,its noticeably shorter and narrower and,has a rear tail switch and a two-way,pocket clip,[Music],up is the pd35 v3 its noticeably longer,but slimmer with 1700 lumens and an,18650 battery,and finally the pd36r which is,noticeably longer but has about the same,diameter due to using the same kind of,battery,[Music],ive got a blank white wall here about,seven feet away from the camera which i,can use to give you an idea of beam,patterns you can see here the e35 v3 has,a very large wide hotspot without a,defined edge and has loads of side spill,resulting in a big flood beam,next ill include the ld30 on the right,its still a very floody kind of light,but its hot spot is slightly smaller and,more clearly defined than the e35 and it,appears to be doing an impressive job,here against the e35 given the stated,difference in lumens and candela,the e35s beam also appears to have a,slightly green tinge compared to the,lighter white of the other models in,these comparisons,next is the pd35 version 3 which has a,much tighter narrower beam obviously a,thrower rather than a flutter its side,spill is virtually non-existent compared,to the e35 but it has that super intense,hotspot with the most throw ive ever,seen from a light this size,and now the pd36r which kind of sits in,between being a thrower or a flutter,it has a smaller but more intense hot,spot and a decent amount of side spilt,but still not as wide as the e35,so lets go light up some trees the,larger tree line at the back is about 50,meters or 165 feet from where im,standing at the bottom of the frame,the e35 version 3 has no problems,reaching them but doesnt light them up,very much at this distance and the,hotspot is no longer discernible from,the side spill you can see it doing a,much better job of lighting up the,ground in front of me,now ill add the ld30 for comparison,to me they seem to do a similar job of,lighting the trees at the back and the,hotspot is noticeably narrower when i,point at the grass in front of the trees,[Music],next ill add the pd35 version 3. this,is a great example of the difference,between a floodlight and a spotlight,with the e35s wide soft beam and the,pd35s tight and arrow spot beam with,very little side spill,and finally the pd36r sitting somewhere,in between being a flood beam and a spot,beam,[Music],[Music],so the things i like about it firstly,its tiny im quite impressed that,phoenix managed to squeeze 3000 lumens,into something this small it tucks away,neatly in your pocket and is ideal for,everyday carry i thought the pd35,version 3 was small while the e35 is,even smaller,it has a very wide soft flood beam,thoug

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Imalent MS18 100,000 Lumen Flashlight Review – When God Needs A Light

hey whats up youtube welcome to the we,all juggle knives channel and my review,of the imalent ms-18,do you need to signal spaceships that,are in orbit if so you may need the,ms-18 are you tired of having to open,your eyes in order to see,eyelids are so heavy these days stop,having to lift your eyelids like a,sucker with the ms-18 you could probably,see with your eyes closed because it is,so bright 100 000 lumens in turbo mode,first of all this comes with this,carrying case got a handle here thats,nice i mean it is an expensive light so,you do want to protect it so whats,inside,well,there you go that is a large and serious,light for sure its a light cannon its,a a lumen howitzer as it were,this does come with some accessories,here is a carrying strap with swivel,attachments there it also has a charging,adapter allowing you to,plug this into any normal outlet,now the first thing to do to get started,remove this this is just a seal that,goes over the battery pack so remove,that,it also has a protective,little thing here that goes over the,lens remove that,make sure this is,making connection right so screw it in,and when it does make connection youll,see on that readout right there,there you go,heres the head of the light so you can,see all those emitters there,this battery pack contains eight,one seven hundred lithium ion batteries,side switch readout it also has coolant,fans,and a swivel to attach the uh carrying,strap,this right here is a charging port cover,that is the charging the recharging port,and you can of course remove the whole,head from the uh,battery pack,this things heavy man you can lift,weights with this,but you want to see that,thats what that looks like in there,lets take a look at the stats on this,light so as you can see it has eight,different brightness levels,starting at seven hundred all the way up,to one hundred thousand,max beam distance is one thousand three,hundred and fifty meters,and you can also see all the run times,for the different brightness levels,there as well,and this also does have a strobe mode,in order to recharge the battery pack,you plug the adapter into any normal,outlet and plug this into the charging,port,now when it is charging the indicator,lights will be red when it is fully,charged it will be green as it is there,because i just finished uh recharging,this,operation of the light to turn it on,press the side switch,to turn it off press the side switch to,cycle through the different brightness,levels,just keep pressing and holding here is,the imalent light on the testing board,lets go through the different,brightness levels,but this is the first level so one,[Music],two,three,four,five,six,seven,and lets go turbo,okay thats turbo,lets do strobe strobe warning,wow,now the shortcut to turbo mode is a,double tap the shortcut to strobe is a,double tap from turbo mode now you can,check the voltage on this readout by,pressing this three times all right,lets do that now,one two three,and you see it gives the total voltage,in order to lock or unlock the,flashlight press this five times all,right so lets do that now one two three,four five so now it is locked right so,if i,try to turn it on it will not turn on,because it is locked to unlock it press,it five times again all right one two,three four five,now it should turn on,and there you go,all right so thats useful to lock and,unlock function,now if you long press the side switch,for two seconds it will turn on the,indicator lights theyre just some small,lights,under the readout all right turned off,those so you can see it better,alright so long press,all right so you see those see those two,lights thats what they call the,indicator lights,to turn those off just long press it,again for about two seconds so those are,the indicator lights,at this time lets roll in the outside,testing and demonstration footage and,then well come back for final thoughts,on this impressive imalent light,all right youtube im on the sports,field,standing in the goal,lets go turbo,and,see this on the field,wow oh my god,yeah you hear the coolant fans,oh my god,i mean,that is insane so theres the other goal,now im way back here,all right so lighting just lighting up,everything,that is incredible i mean look at this,thing,theres a lot of moisture in the air,oh my god i mean,yeah there are no words there are no,words that that is insane,hey whats up youtube im out here on,the road with this imalent light this is,a non-residential road and thats a good,thing all right lets see what we can,see,there are no vehicles on this road,either of course,all right lets go,full turbo,oh my god,that is this insane,yeah you hear the the coolant fans of,course,oh my god its like daylight,this just created daylight,in the middle of the night,this is unreal,okay just so you can see,it really is nighttime like its not,daytime im not like this is what you,see without without light,and here we are overlooking frog creek,lets ramp up the brightness all right,this is uh level one,two,three,four five,six,seven,and now lets go turbo,thats the turbo,just whites everything out thats insane,i mean,frog creek has never,never seen light like this,all right here on the road with this,imalent this is a non-residential road,and it is an abandoned road but if,theres a,a big straightaway here,lets try this out,wow,i mean look at that,all right and that is my vehicle there,so dont worry thats just me,i mean look at that,thats amazing,and without light,this is what youd see without light,super quiet,once again,thats amazing,im here on a bridge by the lake were,going to see if it can light up this,body of water,okay lets go,lets go turbo,wow,as you can see theres a lot of moisture,in the air,but,lights up the entire lake,and without light,thats what you would see,nothing,wow,thats pretty,thats pretty incredible,this will light up a whole ocean,and we are back i hope you enjoyed that,so what are my final thoughts on this,ms-18,well for one thing this is so bright,that i really categorize it as a,non-lethal weapon,i mean 100 000 lumens into turbo mode,its basically like a continuous,flash grenade,like the swat team uses if you are on,the other end of that,it will completely blind especially with,the strobe,it will completely blind and disorient a,potential wrong doer,right so if you detected someone on your,property and lets say they had a weapon,like a,a knife or something and lets say they,were still far enough away you know that,you werent going lethal,this would be a great option because,they cant even look in your direction,when this thing is blasting,all that light at them so yeah i,consider it a pretty nasty non-lethal,weapon now lets talk price the current,price is uh,is,600 and some dollars,on us amazon i will include,that link in the text description box so,its definitely not for everyone i mean,this is for people,who have resources as well i think its,more likely to be purchased by,institutions and by groups,you know what i mean of course it would,also make a great beginner edc now just,kidding this is not for beginners no i,think like,uh institutions like if you do search,and rescue uh i think this would be very,useful on the water,for the coast guard stuff like that,i think prepper groups might buy one as,like their nuclear option for lighting,like if you have a multi-family compound,or a large ranch this actually might be,a good thing to have if if the whole,group could pitch in and just get one,for the group,i feel like imalent did this especially,that turbo mode i think they did that,just to prove that they could,as a technology demonstrator and they,certainly did prove it i mean they,certainly flexed with this light,imagine the resources that just went,into putting this thing together,and distributing it around the world i,there are several gear reviewers i i,subscribe to that have also received one,of these lights,imagine the resources that imalent put,into that it really does give me a lot,of faith that immolent

Lumen Review: Can It Help Your Metabolism?

hi im dr josh axe co-founder of ancient,nutrition founder of draxe.com and,author of best-selling books like,ancient remedies and you know one of the,most important things people can do to,take to their health the next level in,many categories is improve their,metabolic flexibility what that means is,your body can burn both fat and carbs,for energy heres the truth and what i,learned in the many years that i,practice as a physician in my functional,medicine practice is that most people,are only burning carbs for energy what,happens then is your bodys not burning,fat and so you start to store more and,more body fat around your organs which,is one of the leading causes of obesity,diabetes heart disease inflammation and,numerous other health conditions so,heres the key if you can start burning,fat from energy and become a fat burner,what youll start to do is balance your,blood sugar improve your mood burn body,fat lose weight have more energy and,overall just look and feel better and so,one of the things that ive personally,been using lately and ive been,recommending to people ive cared for,over the many years even my familys,using it is ive started using a device,to actually measure what my,fat burning versus carb burning ability,is it actually measures your metabolic,flexibility its actually this really,incredible device its called a lumen,you can see here i press the button it,lights up heres all you do you breathe,into it,for seven seconds and then you inhale as,well so you breathe in inhale for seven,seconds like this,you wait 10 seconds and youll blow back,in,and what it does it reads your ability,to burn body fat via carbon dioxide so,your carbon dioxide levels will actually,tell you if youre burning fat or carbs,for energy now this is an incredible,medical advancement and breakthrough and,being able to read this now it used to,be,only high level professional athletes,and people that were very wealthy could,afford and be able to use something like,this today though,its available for everyone and so this,company lumen you can order one of these,you can breathe in breathe out and its,amazing on your phone theres an app and,it will tell you are you a scale of one,two three four five and and you can,measure this and the other incredible,thing is so for instance i woke up this,morning,and i measured a three a few other,mornings ive measured a two and one,means youre only burning fat five means,youre only burning carbs for the most,part and then you have areas in between,and what you wanna be doing is you wanna,be burning both carbs and fat for energy,now when you wake up in the morning you,want to have burn mostly fat because,what happened is your body is actually,burning fat while you sleep so you wake,up leaner you have more energy and,overall youre going to feel better,because again youre losing body fat,which most people need to do today and,also on the app its pretty incredible,when you open this app on lumen it will,also give you recommendations on how,many fats carbs and proteins dietary,recommendations so you know what you,should be eating,to get your body into fat burning zone,again this is important burning fat is,not just important for vanitys sake the,reason why its so important is think,about this is that even recent medical,studies are showing the number one cause,of immune issues today is obesity,and things like diabetes actually weaken,your immune system so another thing is,if you want to help strengthen even your,immune system,helping your body burn body fat is one,of the most important things you can do,and so thats what i love is i love you,know this cutting edge technology,theres not a lot of things i use,theres a couple i use i got this aura,ring on i use that i use this lumen and,basically aura ring tells me how well i,sleep in some of my activity lumen tells,me if im burning fat for energy and so,these are great devices in order to be,able to tell,how metabolically flexible you are so,whether youre an athlete or youre a,person uh who just is saying hey i want,to burn more fat and again all of us can,do this and my body fats pretty low,already and thats why i kind of try and,stay in the middle where some people,want to get more deeper into fat burning,zone but this app will tell you exactly,how to do it so check it out its called,lumen l-u-m-e-n,ive been using it and ive been blown,away,at uh and heres the other thing thats,surprising let me mention this,everybodys different,different foods affect people,differently so you may realize wow when,i eat this certain fruit thats get this,gets me out of fat burning zone but hey,when i eat this food like dark chocolate,actually my body does pretty well with,it so well also kind of help guide you,in learning which foods your body,tolerates best what time of day your,body does the best with certain types of,food so thats whats so incredible,about this incredible device lumen so i,encourage you hey check it out ive been,personally using it blown away the,results ive been recommending it to the,people ive cared for who want to help,transform their health as well hey i,hope i hope you enjoy the cutting edge,benefits of using these incredible,devices like lumen,you

30 Days of Lumen TRANSFORMATION Honest Review | #1 Metabolism Tracker & Breath Analyzer

edgar chinese middenpunt c hopelijk het,viel dood en en reddit prospects in deze,video online shop by the device which,starley mensen helpen jackie met apples,de devices volume en af mijn using,gevolgd door idee snel en in deze video,atletiek over de product,de brand identity and then altijd aralco,behoud user and my results and honest op,premium,baby firestorm ik je zo moe dat is,nieuws in this channel en witlof see,more videos like this please consider,the de subscribe button en elke broeder,at which were very close the tanki,subsribers en devil,bij uw subscribing jullie ook de jane uw,auto en uw is leeftijd set,les jump in syrie video-units lieve,lieve black box werd zes luminale en dan,de but sometimes it says thank you,metabolische nam een show van de box is,slo armen en de first thing that you can,find a box is de nu mijn device and one,grade of de paus leo je vriendjes op een,embolie dit spul glenn is een slimme,manier om de back-up 6 getting started,waarop de vingers dat je pan in this,booklet is wanda etiquettes toren te,beklimmen in basic liet ook zo behoud je,downloadt de app correcte tu du monde,van een helps you to share with apple,half en google fit,zie ik er een mocro pik chappie helft en,disco de sectie werklozen op de lumen,levels,tweede kleur commendations en nu mijn,flex co-pilot oktober how to take a few,minder vice news ieper booklet wordt,instructions for use the team of links,in zelfde en below once and share jullie,mijn journey biggest waar beest clips,hoogste bout now if i show you my,journey with them you can adjust to win,een lumens werkbalk voelen of koers en,de loting in staat op de envelope steeds,brief of een slideshow gratitude for,using lumen insider boksen pawn shop wit,cardstock,global kees een usb-c kabel en nou het,lijkt het zal gebouwde proton de website,budget link down below it stalt software,de voice device to hack you met table is,een lumineus if you buy this using vet,of korps voor view it starts with the,problem is the worlds first hendel,potloden westelijk libië met cbs nbc dat,de science is een nieuw,met de technologie is luminoso 6 co2,venster en flow mythe to determine de,co2 concentratie in de single pref is,indicates the time of you go buddies,using to produce energy,devices krassen vuil of prose and its,like having je ooit boos nutritionist is,de de vaste lasten to do what en which,give you were going profiel metabolic,flexi,letty en support at de de white allows,you to track your metabolism daily and,see how je metabolisme is effectief bias,liep,physical activity and nutrition and that,this time recording dus videos kun je,dan en duivel of bevolking en is er een,nieuwe feature voor dood en duivel of,been able to check mijn metabolic,flexibility during this period een ander,ding dat hij op feesten customized,ondertussen,kent daily personalized uw plant snurk,sedley what to eat and when and never,eat some darius this device in de,morning of the measuring mac prep and,prime personal athleteshop kleine,coritiba metabolic flexibility and de,goals and want to reach,omdat de very interesting features de,workout optimization,save you havent of energy for work out,of definitie fuel,en brief af duwen te zien de impact door,je buddy en hij bleef dat de spiertjes,die specially very useful fotos in de,bios de want to the high intensive,exercises and devil by knowing how much,energy you go left,je kan elk ethisch tweede intensity of,je exercise to maximize your so so weird,is komen dat is de body shop,evolutionist en luister trek metabolism,and optimisation workout we weer een,disco belasting en dit is een,spectaculair piertje delsin de shield,binnenlandse mits de motor beneficial en,dit is derde nu mijn device manager en,in proef met de body gel nummer traction,metabolisch en sleep nutrition and,fitness detail toe bridal iemand flex,kool witte reflectie of succes en,help-systeem results and raising the,right on this die typisch is dat mooi,spie potentie over is luke poeder,tsultrim results for those who fox om de,loopt en sjef more sustainable and,better results and those bad en,monitoring en in proofing om met selon,lequel on that leave you like a viertje,like this helps te lopen in de voc en de,je keek of de loop dan de gyms hebt open,op in de last few weeks in de apple in,deathly wendy open de app en en check my,body composition and is de dame met de,bal ik eventjes de horizon jnm olie 20,man je zult en dat is wennen saldo zoals,alles lijkt ipad en de limieten gary,taal en since all be using this device,post orie deze as seen some interesting,results,paul wesley als alkali bit more power,leds in de video dit is nou het lijkt,zich over de brand identity de workflows,de boston app de taal seaview bonen,koops of bed in real-time groeien prep,and less than one minute want ze bellen,bolitiek top echt liet in hospitals and,clinics met de bal ik testing,snel een heleboel cherry one anyway twin,sisters 3 major personalized nutrition,lumia 520 systeem erop en michel charm,and winners and phd and physiology and,scientists and echt liet de eeuwen,passionate about developing and wait to,provide both the less nutrition benieuwd,de olie made to measure met apples en,wordt cosplay and time-consuming af te,gooien is ophoudt work and handen zo,beter use de limiet in launched in in,the gogo,je bent programmering fragile dan in the,gogo in weeks and now humanisering die,wij in bringing puzzel uit nutrition,tweede in taille wereld qua een crafting,pack storyline in dit is de medicine,ball ik half benefits al bult limes,bed en sliep scrollen in uw systeem view,energyst en dat is logisch met u weet,maintenance and kon system blood and,klikos levels one thing that they go,fresh and about this brand is de,politici study the story shows de,politie of lumens estimate metabolic use,the decision,in een kom per boom en of de colt en de,mensen bodyguard community profiling,real-time much monnik information for,use any web security check de studio,voor jezelf de naam is vol editie of,lumen hen hel met de bal ik device to,make you feel the tunisian in helft jong,en oud zoals hij me link in de,description to be mine for dazzle of,steeds in volgt en ik je stomme dat is,het familie uwv,je pro league won om de standing beside,a look at it myself and one of my motors,in university cq matrix en dat sammy,boots en de live moskee stad sleeking,leather and analysing the dates en lucht,find my opinion wat uw keep in mind,adres in certified bpm review nos nou,het lijkt het zal gebaar houden device,works and how you can you see all those,who work,jim is proppen terry technologie is een,co2 mensen en flow mythe to determine,co2 concentratie en in een single pref,wat is bevond mij in heling en fix,podium of android device,dynamic toeic individueel horen fotos,en secans en exhale in folie de devices,wow co2 sensor flow sensor en live olie,petri lieve pcp basically the,motherboard nu bluetooth en liep tot de,why use this device is dat show get out,of the charger and great of de leden en,je openen op de lume en press ontsteken,brad to all of you dlc to relax and,journal jullie mee en das al jesse jace,the press only minder boys de populatie,papier en u wilt een lets go on de,happy juwels de je compleet yesterday,steeds en dat is lief van je zingen,voor de first time you wont see,anything at all you will see some,instructions as to how to use the device,and under scrutiny was t before je brief,instrument,excel tiny bit groei en oost en was je,duur die brief heeft royal um in je,briefing en to use to grace colin firth,koop of times uit de reviewen pikes,als een briefing en of nos of die brief,die holy crap en hoef je nu met familie,lips,want de countdown net 2 pro patch axel,back into jullie mee en dat is mijn ex,een ingroeien lume cube de bal we vinden,grey area and stop ik stedelijk,mindering this episode mooi een tent,shock stil,de modelbouw go go to the right and de,les intentie exil,de mooie wi go to the left en morgen,finish wie weet 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Can I “Hack” My Metabolism to Lose Fat? | Lumen Metabolism Review

hi guys in todays video I will let this,little device control my life for 30,days this is called Lumen and its,device that measures your metabolism,basically at any given point it can tell,you whether your body is burning fat or,carbs for energy based on the amount of,CO2 in your bread its supposed to help,with weight loss maintaining your weight,and becoming metabolically flexible,which means that your body will be,equally as efficient in burning carbs or,fats for energy depending on what you,have in the moment when you are,metabolically flexible you can consume a,high carb meal and your body would know,to use that for energy rather than store,it as extra fat so in the next 30 days I,will follow the recommendations of the,Lumen device and the Lumen app to see if,I can improve my metabolic flexibility,and also get in better shape hey guys,its my first day on Lumen its also my,first day back from vacation first day,back at work if I look tired its,because I am Im a little bit jet black,Im still getting used to Lumen I did a,couple of basic measurements just,because I learned that in the beginning,youre supposed to measure as often as,possible so that the device can learn,about you and like whats normal for you,and your body so far Im doing well the,first measurement that I took this,morning was a two which said its really,good to wake up with it too because that,means your body is mostly burning fat so,it has burned all the carbs that I had,with dinner last night I had a salmon,Rice Bowl so it was pretty heavy on the,carbs for breakfast this morning I had,two scrambled eggs and a piece of bread,which is pretty moderate in terms of,carbs the recommendation for today is to,eat 90 grams of net carbs which honestly,is pretty below for me I feel like I eat,more like 150 or so but as I said in the,intro of this video this month Im gonna,follow everything that the device says,to see if I can get the maximum results,I definitely I think I gained a little,bit of weight on vacation because I,wasnt really paying attention to what I,was eating I was just indulging in,everything that I had missed so I really,want to get back in shape and just start,working towards getting in even better,shape after having a baby which has been,my goal for a while now so I have a,really busy day today but Im gonna be,vlogging as much as possible and just,explaining everything thats happening I,have a meeting right now but after that,Im gonna measure again to see how my,body is processing the breakfast I had,okay guys I got tied up in my meeting so,its been a couple hours after I ate but,I will still measure inhale deeply your,lemon,hold your breath exhale in three,three two one,[Music],currently burning both carps and fat,which is a little bit weird for me,because my breakfast was pretty low carb,and I am starting to get hungry at this,point I expected to have a lower number,but its fine,so the Lumen app also gives you goals to,do every day and for today I chose to do,a 20 to 60 Minute resisting workout and,have a snack free night,and that was actually my first workout,in the last three weeks because I was,traveling on vacation and I didnt,really feel like exercising but now Im,slowly trying to get back to it and it,was really hard to motivate myself to do,it but I feel so much better now that I,have done it,and I definitely want to start,exercising again consistently like at,least three to four times a week and Im,gonna be really curious to see how my,Lumen level is gonna change after the,workout so Im gonna check in again in,30 minutes to show you guys just for,reference I ate a burrito so pretty high,carb meal for dinner not a great idea,according to Lumen but I was at four,before dinner and I was at four after,dinner so Im curious if thats gonna,change after my workout,foreign,so having that burrito last night really,kind of derailed my day today Im only,getting like four and fives and Im not,sure if thats the reason but maybe I,woke up with a level of three which,means I was burning fat and carbs at the,same time and then my measurements,started climbing to four and fives,and Im keeping it pretty low carb today,at least thats what the app is,recommending I need to do 90 grams of,carbs,its pretty low but were gonna do it,good morning guys its Thursday I woke,up a little while ago and I measured,with the Lumen and even though I had a,pretty low carb day yesterday I even ate,less carbs than my plan recommended just,accidentally I really expected to wake,up with a low Lumen level this morning,but I didnt I was at a three,so Im a little bit disappointed but,its not a huge deal Im still like in,the learning process just trying to,figure everything out and I dont know,Im a little bit surprised but I guess,it is what it is towards the end of my,30 days I actually learned that carbs or,I realized that carbs are sticking,around in your system for a little bit,longer than I initially thought at first,I thought that when you have a high carb,meal it will be around in your system,for about 24 hours and then after 24,hours of low carb eating the carbs will,magically disappear from your system but,in reality its a little bit different,and it usually takes about four days for,me personally I was measuring a lot in,the last couple of days just to make,sure that the device learns about me and,my metabolism as much as possible as,quickly as possible,but Im not planning on taking as many,measurements like moving forward Im,still having a lot of questions,sometimes the numbers dont really make,sense to me but,the app is good about like trying to,analyze and you know address your,questions and give you an explanation,why,hey guys its 9 p.m and I had dinner I,relaxed a little bit so now Im ready to,complete one of my Lumen goals which is,10 to 15 minutes of high intensity,exercise and I want to measure before my,workout to see how they work out is,going to impact my metabolism so lets,see what my result is going to be right,now,here,hi guys I am done with my first week on,Lumen and wanted to give you a little,overview,overall Im pretty happy with how it,went I actually waited myself this,morning and I was down 1.5 pounds which,Im happy with overall it was relatively,easy to follow the device is pretty,straightforward to use there was a,little bit of a learning curve in the,beginning until you get the hang of how,to breed into it but I thought it was,pretty well explained on the app and,theres plenty of opportunities to,practice so I I think Im pretty much an,expert now I measured my levels pretty,often in the first couple of days to,give it as much information as possible,and make it more accurate but going,forward I plan on taking maybe one or,two measurements definitely one after I,wake up in the morning to get an updated,meal plan for the day and then I will,probably take one more measurements,before or after a workout in the,afternoon or before bedtime for the most,part I can say that I follow the,recommendations for carb counts and it,was relatively easy to follow I I,probably went over a couple of days but,its no big deal Im not like that set,on whatever the app says Im just using,it as a guideline overall so far the,biggest lesson that it taught me is that,I need to eat my carbs during the day,and not for dinner and I also need to,ditch uh late night snacking like after,dinner snacking so Ive been trying to,follow this rule basically,um and to be super honest I already knew,that,um even though I wasnt really following,it but seeing it on the app and just how,it impacts my metabolism and how it you,know actually prevents my body from,burning fat just made it really click to,me and it motivated me to really,implement it and follow it a little more,strictly as a rule so thats why thats,the big thing that Im trying to change,right now,good morning guys its Tuesday of week,two and my measurement this morning was,good it was a two which meant I am,mostly burning fat and that has been my,result Iv

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