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My Friend Uses The LOVENSE Dolce (ex-QUAKE) on Me at Target…what was I thinking… | BLITZED MISSY

[Music],so i got something new,and im really excited about it ive had,it for a while but havent been able to,review it yet,its technically now called the lovins,dolce rather than the lovins quake,and today im going to be testing it out,and going to target to see how i can,hold up,and now its in,i am a well established awkward human,being to fit you,its pretty comfortable,yeah,all right you ready ready to go shopping,yeah,so excited,yeah,not the most comfortable for sitting,positions,it feels like it pinches i tried moving,it and bending it in different,directions but its just not the most,comfortable,sitting down,with,[Music],[Music],oh,[Music],i dont know what the death glare was,about,yeah so walking,this wasnt,bad it was pretty comfortable,but sitting down it is not my favorite,this is gonna be ridiculous and,ridiculous it was,mm-hmm all right,chill,yeah here we go,what,you know just trying to act as normal as,possible,hi,i was simply just trying to grab some,mascara when he decided to start,vibrating me,and it was fun,so my thoughts at that point,were basically,it felt good,[Music],yeah were getting salad and,i just think its funny that salad was,recorded,i didnt get any salad,i know youre gonna do that,i knew youre gonna do that,okay,ill get ice cream last,nothing thats strong,wait,the of the night,strong vibes,[Music],which one works with my toothbrush,[Music],i need a new toothbrush head,i think its the phillips,i hope you enjoyed that long drawn-out,clip of me,avoiding grabbing what i first saw when,i first got there because there was a,guy standing in the way,[Music],i wanted to get,more m ms,and oreos and vanilla ice cream because,im,i like ice cream someone once,recommended to me,to get,an m m,oreo,mcflurry with,hot fudge,and it was so good,so thats why i got those ingredients,yeah,pretty much,i question everything before i like,decide to grab it,i have a whole bag of the minis,they dont have any of the blackberry,should i return these to their original,home,fine,he was laughing at my face when i when,all those alarms went off i looked at,the ceiling because i thought all those,alarms were coming from the ceiling,but realistically they were just coming,from mine and everybody elses phone,have you used it at all recently i,havent felt it in a hot minute,it works off my phone,what kind of toilet paper guy are ya,thats the whole point of the video,i just want to know,what kind of toilet paper guy are you,are we then,thank you,[Music],um all right ill just make myself a,miniature restaurant,were you even trying to play with me the,whole time,yeah i tried to use it did you not feel,it no i didnt feel it the majority of,the time i felt it the first half and,then,oh thats why you didnt react,i thought it was shaped really well for,comfort and i liked how it was flexible,so you could,form it however it was most comfortable,for you,the vibrations were really strong which,was enjoyable,and as far as dislikes i would say,just the discomfort and sitting in an,upright position,was,almost like,it was just really uncomfortable but,other than that the i had some,connection issues while i was at target,it disconnected i think twice but that,could potentially be because it needs to,update or,i dont know but ill have to look into,it and see overall i really did enjoy my,experience using the lovense quake which,is now called,the,the lovense dolce which was originally,the 11th quake,and i look forward to trying new toys,from the eleventh line,yeah,this is fun,[Music]

Lush Review!

hey guys and welcome back im emily,jones and im a cam girl,hey everybody so im so excited for,todays video today im going to be,talking about a product you probably see,everywhere in the camping world,lush lovins literally so excited to talk,to you guys about this because ive been,waiting to do a video on this,for so long so today were going to be,doing a review on all three of them and,seeing kind of like,the differences between each one so ive,also,got this like kind of water set up here,because were going to test out some of,the vibrations,after we talk about the differences,between each lush,well have the lush one lush two and,lush 3. lets first go over the,differences between,each one for the last one you can kind,of see that the charging port,is a small hole here where the,charger actually plugs into i found that,with the hole theres kind of like an,exposure to water damage if you use your,toy in a lot of water,another downside of the lush one is that,the button to turn it on,is actually here so you hold it down for,about three seconds,and it will vibrate on but that also,makes it hard,to adjust any of the settings when,youre camming or to reconnect,to your camsite on the lush one the,actual connection for the wireless,connection to your app,to your cam site or whatever else youre,using it for is a little weak,i found that with each generation it,kind of gets stronger,and i will list all of the defining,characteristics right on screen for you,so lets move on to lush 2. on the lush,2 we see again,that port that you plug into,to charge it again its not a huge,problem just keep in mind that if youre,exposing it to a lot of water,or if youre using it a lot make sure to,like clean out that hole,or there will be some problems down the,line for this iteration they did move,the button from the,actual part to the end tail,so now you just press and hold this,button down here for three seconds and,it will turn the whole toy on,i actually used this toy for probably,like a whole,year without having any problems again,the connection to sites and apps is a,little iffy,but overall i definitely thought this,product was way better,than the lush one and i was really happy,when they came out with all the updates,for it,do keep in mind as well that sometimes,they update their extensions,so if there is a connection problem you,might just have to update,your extension in your browser when,youre using it or your app,moving along to lush 3 their newest,iteration of the lush on this iteration,they actually move the charging port to,the,outside of the lush and this is,a magnetic port where your charger can,connect,right to your lush just right on the,outside so youre kind of eliminating,that need for it to plug in or for it to,potentially,not be waterproof anymore which is great,the wireless connection on the lush 3 is,actually a lot better,than the lush one or the lush 2. i found,that with the lush 3,i dont have to be as close to my,computer but i do still have some,problems,where if im not close enough sometimes,itll disconnect,and it takes a while to be able for it,to recognize when im close enough again,so that can be kind of a problem,sometimes,not always though this is definitely a,great toy i use this in almost every,stream,so for this experiment im going to be,doing a close-up of each one while its,vibrating and then a far away view so,you guys can see the differences between,each,were gonna start with the lush three,here,this is the lush three at its lowest,vibration,um,okay and next were going to see each of,the lushes at their,highest vibration volume lush 3s,highest vibration in the water,flush two highest vibration in the water,lash threes highest vibration in the,water,[Music],okay well now that i literally have,water everywhere,um were going to talk about the,differences that i saw at least on my,end of this little experiment,so here again are the highlighted,differences between,each lush and now were going to talk,about the differences in vibrations,for the lush one i actually saw that the,initial vibration the very first one,was a lot stronger than i thought it was,blush 2 actually had the lowest,of the lowest vibrations from,just this experiment as far as the,highest,vibration setting goes it definitely,goes,down from generation so the lush 3,had absolutely the most vibration,where it was actually moving the bowl,without it even,touching the bowl it was just touching,the water and moving the bowl,the lush 2 was a little bit weaker but,still,pretty strong in its vibration it was,still making water come up,still vibrating but it wasnt so strong,that was actually moving the bowl,the lush 3 again it was pretty strong,almost on par with the lush 2 but,you could see with the lush 2 that there,were definitely more vibrations,in the actual water whereas with the,lush one,there was definitely less vibrations in,the actual water,but you could still see the water,jumping out and you could still,tell that it was like a pretty good,vibration if you have,any questions or any comments for a new,video you want to see,leave it in the comment section below,make sure to also like,and subscribe to my channel to make sure,that i can keep bringing you,all the content that you need as a cam,girl,thanks guys i hope you have a great day,bye,[Music],screwing up with your experience,first thing to do is that the end of the,extension to make sure that you have to,leave this version,and because also like if you will,collect our customers,thats what we will tell you you know,make sure that you have the data for,your first steps and this is the first,one,for you

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The Lovense Long Distance Guide For The Remote App 2022 (Phone)(Timestamps In The Description)

大家好,欢迎回到另一个 Lovense 剧集。,在今天的视频中,我们将向您展示如何使用,Lovense 远程应用程序的远距离部分。我已经在其他视频中简要介绍过它,但它是一个非常大的应用程序。,长距离部分本身就是一个完整的特征。在本视频结束时,,您将更好地了解如何与伴侣或亲人或完全陌生的人一起使用长途应用程序,我一如既往的UKDAZZZ,让我们进入视频。,您要做的第一件事是,从 Google Play 商店或 iPhone 商店下载 Lovense 远程应用程序。它也可以,从他们的网站下载。我今天向您展示它用于手机,因为这里有一个,视频介绍了如何在您的 PC 上使用它。这也是,现在开启你的爱的好时机,这里会有一个视频介绍如何做到这一点。,确保您的蓝牙已打开,并确保您的 Lovense 玩具也已打开。,您要进入的第一个屏幕是人员页面。这是您所有联系人的住所。,因此,如果您过去添加了某人,并且您有一个庞大的列表,,您可以点击左上角的放大镜图标。,点击一下,您就可以搜索您要找的人。如果您要,在右上角添加一个新人,您会发现加号键单击它并单击,添加人员。您现在要做的就是添加此人的 Lovense 用户名。,找到或添加要连接的人后,只需单击,列表中的姓名即可。您首先会看到一条消息,,说明您发送给其他人的任何消息或图片都存储在他们的设备上。 据 我,所知,这是一个 GDPR 问题。这是洛文斯必须做的事情。它只是警告你,要小心你发送给其他人的东西,因为他们确实有它的副本。,进入聊天窗口后,开始时并没有太多可看的东西。,如您所见,在左下角,有一个,麦克风的小图标,这是您的文本发言按钮,发送语音消息所需要做,的就是单击并按住中间的空格键页面和开始对话,这些语音消息必须在 3 秒到 60 秒之间。一旦你,发送了你的语音信息,它会根据对方的声音和你的语调振动。,如果您在该空间中轻按一下,它将调出手机的键盘。,就在它的右侧,有表情符号选项卡。,如果您想将表情符号添加到文本中,这是一种发送表情符号,的快捷 方式。 要将您带回手机的常规键盘,只需单击此按钮。,我知道我现在可能会告诉你如何吸鸡蛋,但这,就是它开始变好的地方。,接下来,在屏幕的右下角,有一个加号按钮,,点击它。好吧,您现在会注意到另一个菜单弹出窗口。这是有趣的部分。正如您,在以白色突出显示的底行中看到的那样,您可以选择许多选项。,第一个是模式。这是您自己,创建并保存在手机上的任何内容,您可以立即将其发送给其他人使用。,右侧旁边是相册选项卡。在这里您可以发送图片,和视频。再次继续是警报选项卡。您可以从这里做的,是向此人发送警报,一旦您将警报发送给他们,它将在特定时间响起。,最后一行是模式选项卡。,这是保存您在视频通话,和语音通话期间创建的所有内容的地方。因此,如果您与其他人进行了对话,并且您,在与他交谈时创建了一个模式,您可以从这里将其发送给其他人。,下一组选项仅适用于该人在线并且他们已,连接玩具时。所以现在我们要点击的第一个是 Live 按钮。,正如您所看到的,它为您提供了与创建自己的模式相同的功能。,这是实时连接。所以那个粉红色球的任何动作都会震动另一个,人,正如你所见,它支持循环功能,因此任何动作都,可以重复。它还具有浮动按钮,因此您所做的任何动作都可以保持在一个地方。,再往下是传统的面板,它是一个可以上下移动的栏。,要回到屏幕上的原始球,您需要做的就是单击滑动按钮 。,有关如何使用此面板的完整教程。它将介绍如何使用模式选项卡,现在回到主菜单,并且有同步按钮。,我相信这适用于同时连接两个玩具的情况。,您可以同步振动,两个人都可以感受到相同的体验,我可能,会略微偏离以及它在这里的作用,因为我没有第二个玩具来测试它。,因此,如果我错了,请发表评论,并 在下面的评论框中,告诉我它 的作用。 现在按下,我们将点击视频通话选项卡。,通话接通后,它与任何其他视频通话非常相似,,您可以翻转摄像头角度并发送图片和屏幕截图以更改屏幕大小。,但是,您也可以在视频通话时控制玩具。,如果您是玩具的所有者,则有一个按钮可以让您,控制玩具的振动。这可以在屏幕的左侧找到。,如果您是通过玩具与某人建立联系的人,,您所需要做的就是点击屏幕。然后发生的事情是模式窗口将,打开。你可以控制它,就像我之前在视频中向你展示的那样。正如我所说,,这一切都是实时的,所以现在可以立即感觉到振动回到主菜单。,我们现在要点击的是语音通话。 它的工作方式与任何其他,电话 非常相似 。 唯一的区别是您可以在与某人交谈时控制玩具。,这就是您可以充分利用 Lovense 远程远程应用程序的方法。,本博客的下一部分将讨论如何关闭,其他人在聊天时拥有的设置和权限。所以你,首先需要做的是点击右上角的自由点。窗口打开后,您将,看到大量可以打开和关闭的开关,并授予和取消,人们控制您的玩具的权限。我们要做的第一件事是为某人设置一个昵称。,所以你要点击他们名字旁边的箭头。 更改昵称 所需要做,的就是选择 20 个字符长之间的内容。只需单击右上角的保存按钮,。现在回到权限页面,第一个是,某人发送给某人的自动保存模式。因此,如果有人向您发送了一个模式,并且您希望它自动播放,,一旦您收到它,您只需单击下面的此切换,即自动保存警报。,同样,如果有人向您发送警报,,您的设备会自动保存它。下一个选项是在音频消息期间振动。,这又是不言自明的。因此,当有人向您发送,音频消息时,它会随着他们的音调一起振动,下面的选项,是打开您的玩具是否在您收到此人的消息时振动的选项。 这就是,当该人在线时 您是否会在屏幕上收到通知,。在这里 要记住的最重要的一个可能,是我现在要说的最后一个,因为其他的都是不言自明的。,当一个人成为在线请求时的允许控制。现在,如果您的玩具已,打开,并且您在线,则该人可以登录并控制您的玩具,而无需事先,征得许可。因此,如果是经常使用您的玩具的丈夫或亲人,,那可能是您可以允许的。但是,如果它是一个随机的陌生人,你可能不,希望他们在他们喜欢的任何时候连接到你的玩具,同时它可以控制它。,最后三个切换是不言自明的,你显然有,块接触,这正是它在锡上所说的。静音通知,,这也是不言自明的,我不需要告诉你,,我相信这是当你收到或进入另一个应用程序时。,当您在另一个应用程序中时,这将使您的玩具保持活动状态,所有这些选项都可以同时打开,,您可能不想阻止您授予所有访问权限的人,,因此您可能想要不检查那个。在此页面的最底部,,您将看到您可以选择主聊天窗口的背景图片,您只需,点击它,它会弹出一个选项供您拍照或设置您的 从图库中获得 自己的,背景,然后显然,您可以看到您有报告按钮。,因此,如果有人在聊天通话中说了一些你不喜欢的话或做了一些你不喜欢的事,,你可以举报那个人喜欢它,他们会采取进一步的行动。,在最底部,您有“清除历史记录按钮”,它将删除,您发送给其他人的所有图片或聊天记录。我在这里再次提醒您,,历史记录中清除的任何聊天内容只会在您的手机上清除,而在对方的一侧也不会清除。,如果您发现此视频足以激励您购买 Lovense 玩具,请点击,此处的链接。这是一个附属链接。这对我们来说不再花费您,但确实给了我一,小部分 Lovenses 的收入。如果您想看看您的,Lovense 玩具和应用程序还能做什么。然后查看上面的播放列表,其中包含完整的视频列表,,这些视频将包含您需要了解的所有内容,这就是这个视频家伙的内容。,我真的希望你觉得这很有趣。一如既往地关注、分享、订阅未来的视频,,如果您有任何问题,请,在我博客下方的评论框中联系我,或者在社交媒体上找到我。,直到下一次,伙计们,,和平吧

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Lush 2 Review

nunca he visto el vídeo,sí,no es real este vídeo va a ser un poco,más adulto porque hoy día quiero hacer,un review,de algo que muchos me preguntaron cuando,lo publique,que si esto era real este es el regalo a,levantarlo este es el look 2 que él hay,una versión que son los lucha y esta es,la lucha 2 que es de la marca love es el,original por secas y bueno ya lo probé,pero primero lo voy a abrir para que,vean cómo viene empaquetado,vienen con estos dos manuales,el aparatito,y aquí podemos encontrar,el cable el cargador,casi ni lo uso porque,he tenido la necesidad de cargar,se coloca en el séquito viene súper,cerrado para que cuando la ven esto,no le entre agua,[Música],en el warning dice que si se moja te,puede explotar y lo más raro de hacerlo,[Risas],mi alegría,en el manual dice que esto es sólo para,vagina no metas por delante pero igual,no ofrecen o sea lo bien miles de vídeos,de gente que sólo medía por el agua pero,igual de utilizar bueno estaba acá se,supone,y sí,como cuando te lo introducimos o sea,esto merece,quedan super sellado de verdad,ni siquiera le debe entrar agua asignada,más que justa la salve todos con un,huevo,era necesario looks con un guante,recuerdo que ese buen en nuestro amigo,bueno aquí en el instructivo bueno son,en realidad así quedan los mismos ya lo,utilice lo más terrible y ligero de esto,es que lo ofrecen como que es una,vibración superior pero cuando yo lo,utilice vibraba súper fuerte y sonaba,aún estando eres pasivo,es moderna es tu vida,en el sevilla,es la primera vibración,jose se ejecutan 2a,y tercera,[Música],y ahí suena como,a ver si se escuchan en la mesa,más fuerte,pero como que igual se escucha por fuera,la vibración,hay muchos vídeos donde la gente sale,casi retorciéndose muriendo y corre con,esto si no es lo que se ve en los vídeos,se siente una sensación como extraña,quizá un poco rico pero extraño pero no,es como se ve en un vídeo no van a estar,retorciéndose como de placer con eso,quizá por eso tendría que prestar a una,amiga que esté dispuesto a probarlo,ahora de la música a sienta bien pruebas,si se puede conectar con música pero,solo está apto para después,tiene que ser spotify premium pero si,tienes música en el celular también,funciona,igual es demás direcciones del iphone,porque es difícil pasar música y quizás,es mucho mejor que en los android la,conectividad debo decir que es lo mejor,no se desconecta tiene muy buenas,señales y la aplicación es muy buena,tiene muchas funciones,[Música],ahí tiene una luz cuando está encendido,y tú lo conectas,crystal bonita,está conectado bueno ahí está la,conexión,y ahí se ve la batería la señal super,bueno ya bueno aquí tenemos música,no se pone al mayor,dejaron el inciso,[Música],y también parece que funciona con las,alarmas lo puedes poner dejarte luego,toda la noche y para despertarte vas a,disfrutar con esto acá hay patrones,predefinidos no sé pulso,tenemos la ola,[Música],tenemos él,petardos,en hombre mira a espadas,ya tenemos,dios tenemos el terremoto,también se puede manejar entre parejas,pueden enviar un código o lo puedes usar,creado también como el campo por ejemplo,se conecta con alguien le dan el código,y ellos pueden manejarlo a través del,código y descargar la aplicación que es,como una persona conecta la aplicación,como wifi,pero tiene que por ejemplo tú tienes que,tener la aplicación y la otra persona,iba entonces tú le banda de ese código y,segmentar las aplicaciones,también está el control remoto entonces,tú con esto puedes hacer,maneja esta pelotita manejan la,intensidad de la vibración,puedes hacerlo flotar por ejemplo lo,mantienes a su vez por lo bajas más,suave,y en un loop tú haces,[Música],y se queda grabado,espero que compartan el taravillo porque,hay mucha gente que les basta ver esto,yo necesitaba saberlo antes de comprarlo,porque a veces siento como que me,arrepiento un poco de los comandos de,costo,me salieron 129 mil pesos,eso ya,y bueno él,y seguiré subiendo vídeos de vinilo yo,creo,nos vemos chao


[Music],watch Williger BSS welcome back to her,channel guys life with vs Im to be Im,gonna s no we have a store today Vanna,Bay I dont want to tell them hold it,hold it up were doing the challenge my,reading challenge on girlfriend he just,do it we had to follow the trend thats,right mmm-hmm and we have errands to run,today so its working out perfectly,first stop the moral change then we need,to get boxes because we have a surprise,coming for you guys our next video is,something really cool in store for you,guys so were gonna go around to maybe,some grocery stores liquor stores and,ask to use some boxes that they would,probably throw away and then out of,order,[Music],all right cut just like the bathroom my,feet dont do it,[Music],really quickly how are you started,it is off as it is youre fun you give,me give me me at all baby Ill promise,you I know its off now well we do need,to really go get boxes thats the main,things okay Im looking for really,Ariana Grande hes got thrusted into,bond so big frosty lets go,Cheetara probably give you truth,[Music],okay okay lets look at the briefing,really quick so I dont know find its,did you find you smell the Ralph Lauren,women comments someone I work with cat,whiskers,come on come on okay new,[Music],youre gonna wear me out wear you out,[Music],[Music],not long okay mercy right so you like,make short short long Jimmy,[Music],on to the next stop its the wolf have,everything have everything that you need,today,everything that you need how do you guys,think shes doing so far you know what,superb so far baby yeah,right here okay okay okay okay I think,we should try to boot youre driving,everything today the car the remote the,remote you say that was on baby oh yeah,sorry I was like no no at least not in,the car hes not in their car at least,you know yield yeah no a car everywhere,baby you ready yes Im ready,do you know all guys it takes like its,a delayed off its a delayed off baby,literally you say it off and Im like,five four three two one explosive,Im gonna literally throw it out the,window,actually no Im not Im gonna save it,you guys listen to me boyfriend does,vibrating challenge,if we get 50 or more likes out doing 50,likes 50 likes out doing 50 likes in,this video you guys please uh any,payback,I need pick,50 lags,every time I touch my hair in a video,take a shot shots blackout kill Blanca,youre having too much fun with this,youre having too much fun with this,youre like Im gonna miss your reaction,let me look off the road oh it touched,my hair again take another shot if I get,through these next day I deserve an,explosion save just wait stop Im sorry,babe well it blew me really sure,lets find the cat whiskers this is like,your paradise no no its not turning off,oh its off,whos she shes tripping,my body looking good in that leopard,aubameyang a lot lets go shots so uh so,uh so uh okay that is what I wanted to,like actually live good for it and they,made me look at our class,can I pick my lashes,can I pick my lashes go kappa go,you got the lashes you got the lashes,are those the ones where you going,mercy okay wrong,[Music],the Ardell see whiskers I told you my,far-off one for being squad one for B,Squad okay okay you think you can do a,squat oh right on cue looking fire fire,in line with the moneys Oakland,shes really make me power right now,shes doing really well I want this for,Christmas this is all the whole eyebrow,kit Ill think about it,I cant cruise this on your head because,youll have to buy it maybe thats a,good idea,[Music],everybody shot such SATs access,were sorry,look how red my face is Im sweating,seriously that was way too long thats,way too long youre looking good while,you sweat though maybe she thought you,were beautiful,maybe she thought I had to pee,is that what feels like Im not ready,for it its not what it feels like honey,baby come on lets go Odie,Oh shucks 50 legs for me so I can see,actually not so I can see so all of us,can see sad ass in misery like the way I,tell you who my hey its mine its fine,okay maybe why he takes Malone to turn,it off his off its all is it it doesnt,turn off when you turn it off okay yeah,lets go lets go to Stoke,wobbly wobbly,[Applause],were going to get boxes all jokes aside,Ill get these boxes Hart,they love it,I see Im getting the Box got the boxes,have a dead box down heres a bat I,cant carry my bag lets go,you feel my bigger absolutely,okay okay youre gonna be getting a,booty workout right now no Sam well he,made me carry these boxes cuz he wanted,me to drop them,[Applause],[Music],[Applause],yeah I dont know if I want to do this,baby I dont think this just China just,for me everybody just get us a 49 likes,you know I appreciate it hehe haha,[ __ ] [ __ ] oh we got jokes,I think you deserve everything you ever,asked for,and this last stop youre almost there,baby,[Music],its not,photos,[Music],pulse bubble thank you we just grabbed,them,[Music],[Music],[Music],certainly just feel yours needy definite,only that,almost dot notice many trying to fill up,on my girl not when I got this device in,my the car is desert missile Addie and,for me,you did it baby Im proud of you okay I,thought we agreed like we need some sort,of handshake handshake yeah whoa oh my,god this is amazing,I did good thats funny,the only thing that kept me going the,whole time just being able to laugh and,like keep going with it,is just in the back of my head knowing,that the BS ours got my must second back,and the land down under Im trying to,like and then a good note but its,getting a lets take it back take what,anything okay yeah take it to see it,okay alright if we get 50 likes youre,doing it but it doesnt have to go in,the air in the region of the of the,buttocks I said it I said it turn it off,thank you Oh DJ played I track you hide,your Fanta,pinky promise me now pinky promise is it,the last time its the last time click,my link my pinky right now link it were,gonna close out the video in our baby,girl hopefully dont mind my words she,might be napping but turn your bell on,for our next video,big move coming soon seriously if youre,trying to keep up with our [ __ ] you,need to get the notification when we,post next youll see what were doing,with all these trash bags in boxes see,at home,say hi to the wall gram oh hi whats,really good be ah sir thats right hold,families in the game not here we gonna,ask you whats up dog Oh what that was,kickin dog Minnie Mouses dad she cuddle,with Minnie Mouse morning she cuddle,with me thanks for watching thanks for,watching guys we really appreciate it,and if youre new here which I know some,of you are and if your life is a little,like ours and consists of some [ __ ],here and there hit the subscribe button,and ride along on this journey with us,love

Shower gel review – lush -3

hi everyone so I actually have a review,that I need to do today and my review is,going to be on shower gels from lush so,and i went out and obviously took the,opportunity just picking right now took,the opportunity to buy a bunch of the,shower gels from lush and i also picked,up a shower jelly to show you because i,know some people like to see and a range,of things that theyve got so I know Im,going to get questions so quickly see my,well I dont know what are your,questions and just guessing so tops from,hollister and and my hair looks quite a,mess Ive just chucked it forward just,so I can fill in this for you now so the,first show is all that I have I think,this was 525 on 595 all the prices will,be in the down bar and but this is,called happy hippie and this is a lushes,that this is yeah this is luscious,cheapest shampoo its puppies to do with,ingredients and the ingredients are M,grapefruit and oranges and you know,anything like that its like white,citrusy and this is like kindness the,consistency and the color of olive oil,and it just smells obviously it smells,something like olive oil but it just,smells like grapefruit and like you know,those like apricot jelly it smells quite,back that as well so I really like this,one and its got a hippie on so thats,quite cool whoo and then I want to show,you two more shower gels and Ive got,the log so this was off and Christmassy,times and i actually just like found,this in my Christmas Box now and I know,thats quite weird so i think im just,going to throw this out because it,wouldnt be good but i just thought i,would show you one of the data christmas,and so its called glog and thats a,swedish brew that ive heard and and,its been to smell like you know that,spicy christmas smell but to me and to,most youtube viewers like what i watch,and see this was like cool bottles and,it really just it smells like those,fizzy cola balls just the original ones,then I got the Olive Branch shower gel,oh and both most of these mmm shower,gels are like 495 are for 75 and 450 but,they usually 495,and this one is its meant to be like a,watery consistency and its fun to have,this like white and then the Indiaman I,like shake it up and its good very I,dont know what the smell is it,something age to use when I was younger,but I come with my finger in a boot here,it says silicon olives you vine leaves,and fresh Mandarin juice and bergamot,and so it must be the bergamont but im,not sure what I never knew well thats,my life before so I guess that must be,the smell but it just is a its a very,watery one so I think its quite hard to,use because it might like slip off your,hand but Ill give it a try and Ill do,review and then finally I just want to,show Im just going to try it for this,video 1 in 4 minutes cuz it doesnt have,to be that long and Ive got a bot,shower jelly and theres actually a,couple of shower gel ease what that are,on the permanent line is too and theres,whoosh which is a blue one like this and,I might actually got mine mine looks,really weird i ordered this one of line,it looks like its i can all half full,or half empty and and it looks kind of,like its being used which i really hope,it hasnt and but i dont think they,would send me sooo thats being used but,it has the most obvious when I wish that,this was in a good quality it smells,just like citrus its a good morning one,but I think you could use it throughout,the day as well and and then I got,sweetie pie shower jelly and actually,got this one of my friends saw was lucky,that I came just at the right time and,this one was full to the brim and its,purple and it smells just like you snap,the way the body butter if youve ever,tried that its like the currant juice,and its am like cranberries and the,current and their cherries and coconut,just a really nice so now lets have,glitters in it so I actually got two of,those because I think theyre just a,really good one and so thats the shower,gels like my view of them I think the,really good my only problem with them,and is that some of them can be quite,like jelly formed a bit like you know,thee know like the Isle of juicy shampoo,thats also quite thick to use and so,its hard to get out and like it doesnt,work that well but the shower gels do,actually wash you just the getting out,of the bottle thats quite hard so that,was my shower gel review and if you,would like anything more putting on here,or anything like you,no just ask and comment below and I will,see you soon bye bye guys

Conecta tu lovense lush 3

[Risas],hola a todos bienvenidos una vez más a,mi canal el día de hoy estoy muy feliz,porque bueno conocer unnim boxing de los,regalitos que me llegaron lewin muchas,gracias a la banca un 101 por finalizar,la página de ellos es muy interesante,antes voy a estar mostrando por aquí,ofrecen cursos en español inicios estoy,incluía voy a dar algunos cursos para la,industria en modelaje webcam espero que,pues les guste mucho y será de una,manera un aporte muy importante para la,industria bueno ya está para acá el,juguete y lo primero que veo es que este,juguetito no es igual que el anterior,porque,tiene como una curvita más larga que los,gastos y pues trae también carga,magnética es decir clínica con su,cargador citó y lo que tienes que hacer,es lo siguiente con este estante mitad y,bueno la conectas acá y pues conectas al,enchufe ahí va a empezar a cargar como,sé que ya completó su carga de la manera,que voy a hacerlo con la aplicación,entonces de dónde descargar la,aplicación el celular y la misma,aplicación les vamos a la barrita de,carga del juguete que les muestro como,vino después empezar a mostrarles cómo,funciona la configuración de este,juguete para que lo puedan conectar a,las plataformas y también cómo se usa la,aplicación lista entonces tenemos que,tener en cuenta que vamos a descargar la,aplicación lo ven connect igualmente,ahorita les pueda dejar acá pantalla,cual es la aplicación en los pasos a,seguir ahí sano entonces una vez,prendamos el juguetito nos vamos a ir a,la aplicación de lewis connect para,poder instalar el juguetico en nuestra,aplicación y distinto nos vamos a,nuestro place torá y vamos a buscarlo en,xconnect vamos a descargar ese primero,que aparece que es el rosadito,obviamente ustedes tienen que crear la,cuenta y una contraseña listo una vez,hayamos creado la cuenta nos va a,parecer a todo esto le damos clic ahí,para cargar los juguetes que tenemos en,este caso vamos a conectar entonces lo,es lo estresa y está conectado y luego,conectar lo vamos a escanear el código,en nuestro software ya les muestro como,listo una vez que hayamos conectado el,juguete en nuestro celular nos vamos a,ir a la parte del software del 90,recuerden que este navegador es el,navegador del oinez este día canle,aubenas browser si no saben cómo se,instala,esta,pantalla cuál es el vídeo una vez,hayamos instalado el lunes proust el,vamos a ir a la parte de acá y nos vamos,a ir a configuraciones obviamente,ustedes ya ven tener una cuenta creada,en browser si no saben cómo hacerlo,igualmente en el vídeo anterior que les,mencioné ascó cómo pueden hacer lista,una vez acá entonces vamos a escanear,este código que está aquí abajito y,estoy aquí con el celular en él en la,aplicación que les haya mostrado,anteriormente listo entonces ahí nos va,a aparecer guardado con éxito,los tres,entonces ya es cuestión de que ustedes,en esta parte de acá como la cantidad de,toppings que desean que,la cantidad de tokens a enviar por parte,de los usuarios y cuánto tiempo va a,durar si es un nivel bajo o intermedio,alto o ultra alto listo en este caso lo,puse abajo y pues acá pueden agregar,todas las plataformas que ustedes,quieran o que ustedes trabajan para,street chart mindfreak candice crawford,consola euro live gamescom places camber,city my face live entre otras más listo,antes de agregar todas las plataformas,en las que ustedes trabajando y en esta,parte de acá va a aparecer la la opción,de editar de acuerdo a los tokens que,ustedes reciban por parte de los,usuarios también va a aparecer acá los,comandos especiales como así comandos,especiales pues patrones por ejemplo,como patrón terremoto un montón de,fuegos artificiales dependiendo de la,cantidad de toques que les envíe y pues,ustedes también pueden,poner la cantidad de segundos que va a,vibrar el juguete también y aquí también,encuentran aplicaciones juegos entre,otras cosas más que ustedes pueden,editar igualmente eso también le,expliqué en el vídeo voy a dar el nombre,del vídeo para que puedan ir a verlo de,cómo animar tu sala con todos estos,peritos y herramientas que nos brindan,lo ven es no siendo más espero que les,haya gustado mucho este vídeo y que,puedan conectar sus juguetes lo que sea,dos o tres listo igualmente recuerden,que para este juguete no es necesario,usar una memoria usb porque también la,pregunta varias veces es solamente con,el la 21 que se necesita la usb con el,2000 con el 13 es necesario lo pueden,hacer desde el software del computador,como les acaba de mostrar y desde la,aplicación de celular bueno no siendo,más espero que les haya gustado mucho no,olviden suscribirse en y seguimiento en,todas mis redes sociales que bajarán,pantalla un beso un abrazo

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