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  5. Maanaadu Review
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  7. Maanaadu Tamil Movie Review | Insane Time-Loop Film! | Venkat Prabhu | Silambarasan, S. J. Suryah

Maanaadu (2021) – Movie Review | Super Entertaining Tamil Time Loop Thriller | Silambarasan

Hands down… one of the most entertaining movies of the year!,Servus Freunde, my name is Jimmy Cage and MAANAADU is a Tamil language science fiction,action thriller, that was written and directed by Venkat Prabhu.,It’s a time loop thriller in the vein of GROUNDHOG DAY, EDGE OF TOMORROW or PALM SPRINGS,,meaning that our protagonist Abdul Khaaliq, played by Silambarasan, has to live through,the same day again and again.,As far as I know this was considered to be the very first Indian time loop movie and,it probably would’ve been that but because of delays in the post production and the ongoing,pandemic, it was postponed and then just six days earlier another Tamil movie was released,and became the very first time loop movie.,But please let me know in the comments if there are really no other older examples.,If you are familiar with this kind of high-concept story, living through the same day on repeat,,you know about the many aspects that can be a lot of fun, but also about the elements,that could be a problem.,If such an idea isn’t handled cleverly enough, it can quickly become a drag to sit through,constant repetitions of the same stuff or watch people too slowly come to terms with,what’s really going on.,But all things considered, MAANAADU is one of the best time loop movies I have seen and,writer and director Venkat Prabhu has done a really good job playing to the strengths,of that concept, while also doing something fresh and surprisingly meaningful – or at,least something with an important message.,The story is quite simple.,Silambarasan plays Abdul Khaaliq, someone who just arrived at the airport, gets picked,up by his friends, to attend a wedding.,The wedding itself is not important at all though.,Important is that he gets mixed up in an assassination plot to kill the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu,who is talking at a conference, which is also what the title MAANAADU refers to.,The murder should look like it was done by a Muslim terrorist, to then start communal,riots, which should benefit the corrupt politicians and police.,And whenever our protagonist Khaaliq dies, he wakes up at the airport again and the day repeats.,Fortunately, it doesn’t take too long until we get this whole time loop running, but I,have to say, that you have to get through – or accept a few commercial elements on the way.,Some of them I really didn’t mind that much.,I even enjoyed them quite a bit.,For example, these epic, slow-motion entrances of our hero, but also of our main villain.,It doesn’t really make any sense in the world of the story itself, that our hero is,treated as this big VIP at the beginning of the movie, because then it turns out that,he’s actually just a common man, which is great, because that actually works much better,for this story.,Yet he has this big entrance, because of the star appeal of lead actor Silambarasan.,It’s fine.,It’s a commercial movie.,When it comes to the mass entrance of the villain though, I really liked it.,I liked it because we get it several times in different little variations.,Because this is a time loop movie, the corrupt cop Dhanush Kodi, played by S.J.,Suryah more than once enters the scenery “for the first time”, and we get this slow motion,and over the top music theme several times.,And through that repetition and epic nature of it, there’s certainly a strong comedic,touch to it as well.,The same goes for the only real song and dance sequence, that is happening very early on,and doesn’t really add anything important to the movie.,But because we have this time loop, we get a little reprise, which was fun.,When it comes to some other commercial aspects, I would’ve preferred to not having them.,Early on there are quite a lot of noisy sound effects to highlight the comedy and at one,point, there’s this little animation of a light bulb, because our female supporting,character Seetha Lakschmi, played by Kalyani Priyadarshan, has an idea.,Something like this in a “normal” movie, let alone a thriller, is just kind of off,putting, especially when it’s only done once in the entire film.,Or another example, unnecessarily playing the music from THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY,just for this one little moment.,Thankfully none of that really breaks the film, because it’s just too good for that,and it should also be noted, that there’s no tacked-on love story either, so we can,really focus on the thriller aspect.,Which is really stellar.,But before I talk about that, I want to get over with my last real criticism.,The technical aspects of the film somehow really vary.,They can be great, especially the editing when the movie really picks up the pace, but,often times they are merely functional and every now and then also a bit off.,I couldn’t find the movie’s budget, but I assume they had to face some restraints.,Still I think sometimes they compromise at the wrong ends, or maybe it’s just the common,practice and I’m just not used to it as an outsider.,But it was really off-putting how all the car scenes were done using a greenscreen background.,It’s really noticeable and reminded me of old Hollywood movies that used rear projection,for scenes in which the characters were driving.,There’s also this emphasis on CGI explosions and bullet holes.,Which I know, is just how things are done today, especially if you don’t have the,biggest budget, but it’s still a little bit sad.,Now with all of that being said, when MAANAADU works, it REALLY works and it’s so much fun.,The way Venkat Prabhu is laying out this time loop concept is really effective.,It’s a great choice to make the protagonist a common man, who’s as clueless as we as,the audience are.,He’s no superhero or mastermind, who understands everything that’s going on.,Instead, he has to use the time loop to slowly figure out how he can save the day.,It’s a progression.,It’s trial and error.,Learning from the mistakes and hopefully getting closer to beat the bad guys.,My favorite scene in the film is a fantastic fight, that actually happens over several,loops, because Khaaliq is constantly dying and then improving.,It’s like a video game, in which you have to learn the moves, know where the enemies,are coming from and how to counter them perfectly.,It’s edited so cleverly and the choreography is also pretty neat.,As is Silambarasan, who finds a good balance of an everyday man and a bad-ass.,I have to say that I think he would make a pretty nice Wolverine.,But without question the most fun performance definitely comes from S.J.,Suryah as the villain Dhanush Kodi.,He’s excellent and so delightfully over the top.,He’s chewing the scenery every time he’s on screen and he’s just one of those wonderfully,comical bad guys.,There’s also this great twist, or rather reveal at the half-way point that adds another,dimension to the movie and turns it into a true cat and mouse game.,And it’s also a pretty cool idea that in this story, the villain doesn’t want to,kill the good guy, because that would only mean that the loop continues.,MAANAADU has many stretches in which it’s super gripping, exciting but also fun to see,how things are unfolding.,The pace can be exhilarating.,But there are also some passages, that drag just a little bit and it could’ve been trimmed,down a notch for sure.,A last aspect I just briefly want to mention is that I really applaud the filmmaker’s,intention to create an entertaining commercial thriller but also make it about Islamophobia,and the intention of the powerful to scapegoat minorities.,Our protagonist Abdul Khaaliq is a Muslim, but he also transcends his religion and is,fighting against corruption, hatred and for peace and tranquility.,As an NRI, a non-resident-Indian, he could also just leave and let things play out without,him, but that would be wrong.,He stays to do the right thing and that’s great.,The movie is advertised as “A Venkat Prabhu Politics” and it’s also using the hashtag,#spreadlove.,Sure, it’s a bit corny and of course on the nose, but I think it’s importa

Maanaadu Breakdown And Hidden Detailing | STR, SJ Surya |Yuvan Shankar Raja| Venkat Prabhu | THYVIEW

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Maanaadu Review | Simbu | S J Suriya | Vengat Prabhu | Kalyani | Yuvan | Honest Review |


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MAANAADU Trailer Reaction! | STR | SJ Suryah | Kalyani | Venkat Prabhu | YSR

okay,hello people i am jaby kawai joined by,catherine castro bombshell who doesnt,think shes a bombshell im not a,bombshell stop anyway were looking at,monodu the official tom mill trailer it,says uh with str sj surya kalyani venkat,prabhu and its from ysr let me um deep,dive into the description here so i know,exactly whos who cast is scr sj surya,kalyani,priya darshan and its written directed,by venkat prabhu i have no idea what,were getting into here this is put in,front of us and so im excited to say,the least aint that just the way it,goes,you guys if you havent already hit that,subscribe button bell icon all,notifications and vote this up to let,youtube know youre enjoying what youre,watching and make sure to follow,catherine castro bombshell who doesnt,think shes a farm show here we go,im blushing,your time,starts,again,[Music],[Music],[Applause],oh,this took a turn i was like what,is,tomorrow,[Applause],[Music],foreign,[Music],foreign,[Laughter],yes,[Music],wow everyones like a terminator,[Music],conference okay,yep,so there you go you know what i love,about indian films is that when they uh,love something when theyre when they,are giving homage to something its very,overt if im watching like an indian,show for instance therell be posters in,the background of the movies that they,love its very on the nose and we dont,do that here in the states everything is,so subtle that 99 of people wont catch,it when uh wes anderson for instance,pays an homage to apocalypse now no one,knows right generally speaking except,for the scene with the play but like,there are shots he steals the only shot,that you would recognize out of uh,rushmore is the one from the graduate,thats a very obvious one but most of it,is like these nuanced things where like,if you watch a lot of movies youll get,these inside references but most of the,time you miss it here theyre like dont,confuse me like ten like christopher,nolans tenant which he made a year ago,and i was just gonna say okay this,reminds me this has a mix of tennant,yeah this has a mix of the tom cruise,movie edge of tomorrows live diary,groundhogs day but theres also the one,with jake gyllenhaal which i was just,gonna yeah i cant remember the name of,that one i remember the name either,thats source code source code so yeah,this got my attention immediately,because it has that sci-fi element to it,without being sci-fi out of space you,know ai stuff yeah happy death day is,also another one i think happy death,days like a horror film with the same,concept they actually mentioned,groundhog day at the end of it who isnt,whos in happy happy death today i cant,remember but i just know its the same,concept i had to watch a series of,horror films for this brand deal i did,with a movie theater right and so that,was one of them and i was like oh this,is an interesting concept they paid,homage very overtly that was okay that,was an instance where they paid homage,very overtly to an american film but,thats because in horror films they,dont give a but like but true,cinephiles true like filmmakers they,dont do that everything is nuanced its,like you have to really study film to,know what references theyre making,right guy richie borrowed a lot from,martin scorsese and i only knew that,once i started watching a lot of both of,their films oh really yeah but he would,never say that it never says it in the,movie like you know whatever but here,they gave you the imdb page,of the film that theyre borrowing from,all the films that theyre inspired by,but i do like this concept a lot like,you saying like because its not sci-fi,but it has that magical element because,one cop has to basically resolve this,crime before the 24 hours are up in,order for the day not to repeat it seems,like theres also this element of the,psychological trauma that hes dealing,with which they have explored in stuff,like groundhog day and edge of tomorrow,because after a while it kind of wears,on you but generally speaking in those,films the characters get sad like in,happy death day at a certain point shes,just like kill me right right,but here he goes mad hes like no but,you dont understand like hes losing,his mind its so what i also like about,it that it has that comedic element yes,ive seen some indian films but i i,havent havent seen many of them right,so im excited about these trailers that,youre showing me so these are movies,that i want to go see yeah yeah me too,see heres the interesting thing about,the way they cut these trailers like at,the very beginning i was not expecting,the direction for it to go it did a,complete 180 because it was like musical,and dancing right right it felt like a,completely different movie for a second,and then they shot that man right in the,head like what yeah exactly it was all,very happy-go-lucky you know and then,suddenly dark very dark whenever theres,a trailer and theyre like showing you,happy stuff im always expecting some,kind of thing where the rug gets pulled,out from under you but like to that,degree i was like whoa i remember my,first time experiencing that with south,indian cinema where it felt like a very,happy movie and then this dude gets his,arms cut off and its very violent im,like whoa this is a real tonal shift but,the thing you have to expect uh,sometimes like half the time with indian,films because its not all the time,because i watched a film called,sodarudham recently which is like my new,favorite indian movie its totally,consistent but as far as amer you know,from the american the western,perspective but from the western,perspective indian films they mix the,tones a lot like you have that,happy-go-lucky thing right they have the,serious thing then you and on top of,this magical sci-fi element which i,actually am very excited by because the,cop doesnt seem he doesnt seem like,hes very agile hes not he doesnt seem,very athletic no right but hes running,like a terminator like you said no but,the bad guy the bad guy is athletic he,was the one running,right right hes the bad guy though the,bad guy was like who killed the who,killed the politician,yeah but hes is he the villain because,hes assigned to,thats his assignment so,hes supposed to do this within 24 hours,the cops the good guy whos trying well,i dont know,i i dont know,its all conjecture it looks like a good,movie yeah the cop looks like,jaby-shaped now whereas the bad guy,looks like jabby shaped 10 years ago,when catherine first met him what im,saying is like its the odds are stacked,against him right the only thing right,the one edge he has is his brain and,like the fact that hes got this,teleportation where he goes back 24,hours hes the one that has that tenant,machine where he can go okay well its,not on purpose its a magical thing that,you just buy into he doesnt know why,its happening like groundhogs day he,didnt uh bill murray,right he didnt know right thats true,anyway that was fun hopefully you guys,enjoyed that these trailers so so far,theyve kept us all uh both of us,catherine speaks for jabby now,i mean they kind of kept me on the edge,of my city like,follow catherine recommend or some other,indian films you should check out yes,please and uh subscribe if you havent,already hit that bell icon all,notifications and vote this up to let,youtube know youre enjoying what youre,watching im jaby koi this is catherine,castro peace out

Maanaadu Review

hi this is melanie paredes reviews and,im here to review the tamil film manade,[Applause],if youre new to british reviews i do,trailer rations and film reviews of,indian cinema,wow what a good feeling to come out of a,really good movie,oh my gosh,this movie was so good,so good i love a good time loop kind of,movie,like um,groundhog day,which is a,classic made in the suburb of chicago,one of my favorite films but this film,takes that concept of someone repeating,the same day over and over and over,again to new levels,and its,all around,thriller concept hes trying to prevent,something horrible that happens,each time that hes killed,he wakes up again and its a new day the,director is venkat prabha and he also,wrote this brilliant script i mean,brilliant,the editor is praveen kl who um ive had,the pleasure of interviewing,you did an amazing job with this when i,saw the trailer i knew this was,something extraordinary,but wow i am super impressed with the,editing of this film because even though,were repeating the same day over and,over again it still feels fresh the,start of the film salam bara sun ive,only seen in mani ratnams um ccv film,um so i havent seen,like a completely star vehicle of his,before,im a stan at this point like i need to,know what other films i should see of,him because,wow,im really impressed,though just theres so many wonderful,things about this film,and innovative too i love how they name,check a lot of the other time loop kind,of movies and at one point one of the,characters says,what do you think im in christopher,nolans tenant like you know i mean,theyre even,referencing christian christopher nolan,i love it um it has a great villain,played by s j,surya so that adds another dimension,like i mean and,i i cannot spoil,what happens at the interval point but,it adds a complete new dimension,to the whole time loop,thing that weve seen in films many,times before,but this just adds a whole another thing,on top,oh my gosh wow i love the whole setup,this guy wakes up on a plane every time,theres a time loop,hes on his way to a wedding,and theres this whole thing where hes,trying to,uh escape you know get the bride out of,there for because his friend really,wants to marry her so theres all of,that but then something happens as,theyre on the run from that,and,they get into a situation that they,couldnt they dont even know whats,happening,and then thats the thing when,um,hes playing a muslim character which i,i i really appreciated the whole,message of this film its like he,theyre purposely picking this character,because hell be framed as a terrorist,for killing a politician,and,the name of the film is conference,because the assassination is supposed to,happen at a huge political conference,and or convention conference whatever,and its just,amazing how,he tries to figure out,how to stop this horrible thing from,happening how and you know the problem,is if he picks one thing then a,different thing happens and so he keeps,having to,think of new and more inventive ways to,get to the root of how did this start i,only have this one day i have this,limited time how can i make a change so,that,um i can finally make it through this,one day and get to the next day,now i didnt realize there was going to,be an end credit scene by the way and,stay all the way through the closing,credit bloopers and behind the scenes,and theres a song,and then theres a little closing credit,scene,i stayed just to see rake subtitled the,film it was fantastic,of course,and i got all the jokes and everything,um i stayed to see her credit at the end,of the film i will say,there was one flashback scene at the,towards the end that didnt have her,subtitles,and that just made me,realize how much you know i was just,totally absorbed in the film until that,one moment because,um her subtitles were hearing me through,theres really only one song,because theres a wedding in the opening,um part of the film,and,you know i really loved uh,solamboris on dancing that was very fun,but thats not the main romance and,dancing is not the main focus of this,film its a thriller and its a really,good thriller,oh my gosh like i i,ive seen time loop movies before and,this was so well done,standing on the shoulders of what other,films have done and going beyond,so im just urging you to see this film,because thats such a good time such a,good film,oh yeah i talked to some people coming,out of it and they said they went in,with no expectations and im like this,is one of my favorite films that ive,seen this year so good all right,i didnt want to spoil anything in this,review so im not going to discuss,what happens in the second half but let,me just say it was absolutely delicious,uh essay syria is the same um actor who,played the villain in spider which not,everyone liked but i thought he was the,most inventive villain you know he was,fantastic as a villain in that so,some people just have that kind of a,face i guess i dont know but he was,really good as a villain in this,and just the second half oh my gosh the,humor that he brought to it too,all right i like the message of this,film i like the thriller aspects the,writing was impeccable,the direction was fantastic the story,was so good and uh i mean the,editing was just off the off the chain,so highly highly recommend you see this,film all right if youve seen it let me,know what you thought about it in the,comments below follow me on twitter at,predaizzyyt follow me on instagram,predaizyreviews and if you hit the bell,here when you subscribe youll never,miss another trailer erection or film,review

Maanaadu Review | Arunodhayan

yes,foreign,[Music],foreign,who is this guy,[Music],you

Maanaadu Tamil Movie Review | Insane Time-Loop Film! | Venkat Prabhu | Silambarasan, S. J. Suryah

you know before watching this movie i,had this worry i was already told by,many of you through the comments that,this film is a time loop movie and i,thought will knowing that information,ruined the movie for me i have seen a,lot of time loop movie will it only be a,basic way of representing it or will,they really dive into it and make it,their own and i have to tell you theyve,wonderfully portrayed it and added their,own to this concept,hello guys im gonna prince and today,were talking about the tamil science,fiction action thriller film monado,written and doubted by venkit prabhu,starring salaam barasan sj surya kalyani,priya darshan and many more the film,recently came out on sony live now first,i have to quickly go through few issues,i had throughout the film before i dive,into the good part and mostly i had,issues from the first half which comes,from the commercial compulsion credit,for this term goes to bandwagon and i,think that term sums up everything which,i dont like you know adding all these,commercial elements to the movie so it,does well in theaters and people like it,but i was not a fan of that also the,first half a lot of places technically,things were not good things were really,off i could sense that they had budget,constraints over the film the acting in,the first 20 minutes was really off for,me but the moment the time loop starts,it was not a problem at all i definitely,feel the film would have cut down 10 to,15 minutes which included the commercial,compulsion of you know adding that song,that love story angle to it but still it,was not a big deal now lets come to the,good part,oh my god the screenplay of this film,wow,awesome the second half of the film is,just outstanding its totally,unpredictable i had no idea whats,coming next i love the fact that the,film doesnt dive into being a science,fiction movie instead it tries to be an,indian movie you know the way they,explain the time loop the logic behind,it it comes from our own culture and,history the social commentary in the,film its part of the plot itself and it,does become a social message preachy,movie in a sense which we have seen,multiple times but with a twist this,time i love the fact you know how they,molded this concept to fit in this,indian genre of mainstream cinema and it,works so seamlessly its definitely a,well made time loop movie because it,requires a lot of efforts and it,requires more effort than a normal movie,because you have to shoot same scene,multiple times in a different way and to,connect all of that and to make sense of,it i have to give a big shout out to the,team behind it you need a lot of,planning before you even start shooting,this and you know in almost all time,loop movies there has to be a lot of,detailing because you focus on this,detailing in the starting when youre,setting up the film and these details,come back later when youre doing the,time loop thing unless you would not,know that theres a time loop going on,now definitely if youve seen time loop,movies this may not you know wow you or,blow your mind but definitely if youre,someone who had never seen a time loop,movie and this was your first one im,sure you would be mind blown and i love,the fact that the film is self aware it,talks about the other time loop movies,in the film itself being meta you know i,love the fact that they make an attempt,to stand out using this concept instead,of just you know taking this concept and,making just a hollywood movie in india,the background music was really good it,kept me hyped throughout the film now i,want to delve into some spoilers so if,you havent seen the film go watch it,its on sony live and come back man that,pre-interval twist oh my god i loved it,that just elevated this film for me it,just adds a new dimension to it with the,villain also getting into the time blue,suddenly it becomes a cat and moss game,which we have seen many times in movies,but with a twist generally with the hero,villain dynamic theyll fight it out and,you know try to kill each other thats,the end game right thats why the stakes,are high because they can die but here,its opposite its flipped here the,villain needs to save the hero so the,time loop doesnt continue and the way,they implement that in the film is,amazing you know when hollywood does it,they try to go more towards the science,part of it and sometimes it becomes too,heavy but here the way they have,balanced it out it really works well,they also added a tenet joke in the film,it was they the subtitles i didnt know,if it was in the film too definitely,there are a lot of convenient movements,in the film and these things do ruin,movies but here it never comes in the,way of telling the story so you know,its fine theres a lot of political,commentary in the film and the film,starts with a venkat prabhu politics not,a venket prabhu film so you know what,youre getting into and the movie is,making a statement its clear cut its,exposing the politics and tactics used,it exposes how rights work it shows how,minorities are used as slaughter codes,and you know blending all of it into a,time loop movie is genius when in a,normal movie it all would feel very,preachy here it becomes more fun and,entertaining now i dont know why but on,sony live the film is censored a lot of,dialogues are muted even the subtitles,are missing for those dialogues i dont,know why let me know if it was the same,for you come to the acting i think,everyone did a good job as i said in the,beginning of the film it was not working,for me but later it was all fine there,was nothing like a standout moment for,me i think each actor gave a good,performance definitely the lead,characters did good job overall the film,is very well packaged i love the,innovation love how they seamlessly,blend you know this concept with this,indian way of storytelling its only the,commercial compulsion you know which,takes the film down for me i just love,this term man you know it just sums up,all of it so well im calling it out,soon the hindi remix will be sold an,actor like tiger shroff or you know a,nepo kid will be launched through this,film its totally gonna happen through,channel membership you can support this,channel and help me continue this,journey ahead and in turn you get,various perks to know more click on the,join button for more information check,out the community page so guys as a,video thank you watch if you like this,that thumbs up button share this video,in the comments your thoughts if you are,subscribed yet check out the videos if,you like them too do subscribing and,ill see you next time

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