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Shakespeare published Macbeth in 1606 it,tells the tale of Macbeth and his wifes,lust for power this lust for power,destroys them in body and mind the play,begins after Macbeth and Banquo defeated,that Norwegian King and Scotland after,the battle the generals headed to meet,with their King Duncan the King of,Scotland on their journey they cross a,field and meet three witches the witches,proclaim Macbeth as the chieftain of,Glamis Cawdor and a future King of,Scotland then they tell Banquo that,hell be the father of future Kings,Macbeth riddles them with questions but,they refuse to divulge any more Macbeth,is currently the chieftain of Glamis,so that prophecy is already true but how,could he be the chieftain of Cawdor the,chieftain of Cawdor is still alive and,so is the king for that matter Macbeth,and Banquo continued their walk while,discussing their prophecies after a,while,they stumbled upon two fellow Scottish,Nobles one of them thanked Macbeth for,his service in the war the other told,Macbeth that the King of Scotland had,promoted him to be the chieftain of,Cawdor the nobleman explained that the,former chieftain was a traitor although,he is still alive the King of Scotland,will have him executed tomorrow this is,insane news for Macbeth not only did he,get a promotion he also realizes that,the witchs prophecy is coming true,the next proclamation is that he is the,king that is to be Macbeth wanders out,loud if Banquos prophecy will also come,true but Banquo says that he sees it as,disloyal to discuss the current Kings,line being dethroned,Banquo goes on to warn Macbeth that the,prophecy could be a trick to tempt them,into criminal behavior,Macbeth sends a letter to his wife Lady,Macbeth explaining the astonishing,prophecy,Lady Macbeth is the granddaughter of a,different King of Scotland the current,king of Scotland is the son of the king,that murdered Lady Macbeths grandfather,even worse her brother was murdered in,this power struggle because of this,Lady Macbeth privately welcomes King,Duncans downfall back at Macbeths,castle a messenger arrives and informs,the Macbeth that King Duncan will spend,a night in their castle after hearing,this,Lady Macbeth wants to kill Duncan Ben,Macbeth doesnt feel good about killing,his king yet Lady Macbeth eggs him on by,asking Macbeth if hes a coward,why did you write that letter to me she,asked in a fierce tone with bitter words,she egged Macbeth on to murder with,cunning words she showed him how to do,it after dinner King Duncan goes to bed,outside his chamber or two of his guards,Lady Macbeth gets them drunk and they,fall asleep then she goes in to kill,Duncan but his face reminds her of her,own father and she cant do it,her husband Macbeth came later and found,the daggers lying by the cards shortly,after he came to his wife with bloodied,hands implying he killed King Duncan she,tells him to wash his hands and then,cant understand why he didnt leave the,daggers by the guards so Lady Macbeth,takes them back herself the next morning,theres a loud banging on Macbeth door,it was the knocking of Macduff the,chieftain of Fife Macbeth answered the,door and they both went to the Kings,bedroom to wake him up Macduff walks in,and the body of the dead king stuns him,Macbeth pretends to be just as surprised,then Macbeth kills the two guards before,they can even proclaim their innocence,fearing a conspiracy King Duncans sons,flee one of them goes to Ireland and the,other goes to England in their absence,Macbeth is crowned the king at the city,of scone despite being King Macbeth is,even more troubled now hes worrying,about the prophecy of Banquo whose sons,are to rule Scotland Macbeth sets out to,have Banquo and his son murdered and,hires two assassins the assassins try,and kill the targets on their way to a,banquet where Macbeth is hosting but,Fleance escapes while his father is,killed meanwhile the new king and queen,are entertaining their guests at the,castle mysteriously Banquos ghost flies,in and only Macbeth can see it when the,ghost finally leaves Macbeth raises a,toast to our dear friend Banquo whom we,miss woll Macbeth is drinking the toast,Banquos ghost flies in again,Macbeth gets angry at the ghost which no,one else can see this obviously makes,Macbeth look deranged Lady Macbeth,quickly takes Macbeth to bed the next,day,Macbeth finds the witches in a cave,Macbeth wants answers so the witches,summon their master the master warns,Macbeth to be wary of Macduff lastly,Macbeth is told that he wont be,dethroned until the wood of Birnam,climbs the castles Hill,Macbeth also asks if Banquos,descendants will rule Scotland,confirming his worst nightmare eight,phantom Kings walk past Macbeth all,eight resemble Banquo Macbeth sends,assassins to McDuffs Castle they dont,find Macduff but they do kill everyone,in his family the King of England is,planning to send an army against Macbeth,then Macduff who is with the King of,England is told that his entire family,has been murdered meanwhile Lady Macbeth,is going a little crazy with guilt she,imagines that King Duncans blood is,still on her hands the doctor cant do,anything for her as theres nothing,physically wrong with her,then Macbeth receives word that his,queen is dead he says that life is like,a candle which can be blown out with the,faintest breath of air a messenger runs,in and tells Macbeth that the Birnam,woods seemed to be moving it turns out,that every member of the English army,was carrying a branch so it looked like,the forest itself was climbing the hill,Macbeth starts attacking the English,army he manages to kill the English,general son but then is killed by,Macduff,Macduff brings Macbeth head to Malcolm,Malcolm is returned to the throne of,Scotland yet years later the descendants,of Banquo were crowned kings,you

The Tragedy of Macbeth reviewed by Mark Kermode

gradually of macbeth or or wtf yeah yes,okay so the tragedy of macbeth is the,new version of uh the shakespeare yes,its definitely right previously brought,to the screen oh theres you know trying,to blood um theres the polansk which,because so the kurosawa transpose it to,feudal japan the polanski,is famous for its early 70s i mean that,period of the early 70s and its you,know its blood splattered and then,recently there was justin kurzels,version from 2015 which was one of the,films that was available in our tv pick,of the week,this is much more somber black and white,rendering from joel cohen,denzel washingtons macbeth francis,mcdormand as lady macbeth brendan,gleasons duncan bertie carvalhos,banquet very last a very solid cast,and then catherine hunter as the weird,sisters,who turns in a remarkable performance,um its a its a very physical,performance again its kind of almost,closer to dance than it is to straight,theater,its,the way in which the body is used to,make the human form resemble a crow,and the sort of angularity of the crow,as im saying you cant see this on the,radio as im doing this im moving my,arms around in a pathetic attempt to,kind of capture its like marcel marcel,in the room with you yes and its a,really i mean its a very adventurous uh,way of doing the sisters and it kind of,works very well,visually when i first saw the film i,thought thats interesting its kind of,it looks like a carl dreyer film or its,got that kind of you know maybe even,noiri because its,everything is everything is very,designed its not natural its kind of,the light in it,i suppose theres even a hint of german,expressionism in there,but visually very arresting and a piece,for the eyes,on the,on the rest of it and its been very,well received i mean people have really,you know ive seen five star reviews for,it all over the place,my issue with it is that although the,individual performances are,good they they appear to be individual,performances what you dont get,from my point of view,is and ive seen you know,as everybody has seen macbeth on stage a,few times ive seen some great versions,of macbeth and and ive seen some,interesting film adaptations about beth,the play exists in the interaction,between characters and yet the film,seems to me to exist in soliloquies,in,characters,doing what they do in isolation,even in the central marriage even in the,relationship between macbeth and lady,macbeth what youre not getting is that,visceral you know back and forth what,youre getting is two people doing,performances that seem oddly im related,now there are some great moments,the uh you know i dont think this is a,plot spoiler because its macbeth but,you know the thing about burning wood,coming to dunsinane is brilliantly,rendered because thats always one of,the things in the play that you go hows,that gonna work and in the film you go,ah thats how that works,but,compare this to because i watched this,recently i watched bas lermans romeo,and juliet recently,and the language in that just flies off,the screen i mean it just zings,and i didnt get that,with this it felt like i admired it from,a distance,and i felt that it was a technical,exercise that had some great elements,um of which catherine hunter is the is,the greatest,but,it never it didnt get me in the gut,which is kind of odd because when you,consider,i mean macbeth is a really,you know its a its a play about,blood,and guilt,and,you know all that stuff and,this seemed like this not pun intended,it seemed like an oddly bloodless,interpretation,much to admire,much to be interested by,but have you seen it no i would id be,really interested to know what you think,because ive seen five star reviews for,it okay all over the place including,from people who are of this parish and,whose opinion i respect very much,i didnt get that five star thing from,it i got okay yeah thats yeah,thats interesting,but macbeth needs to be not interesting,macbeth needs to be right anyway its,been in theaters its now coming to,apple tv people can make up their own,mind about it,you

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Shakespeare in Seven Minutes: Macbeth Summary

hi everyone and welcome to my channel,this first series is all about macbeth,so if you havent got a copy already,check out the links in the description,for some of my recommended versions,ill be doing follow-up videos to this,summary on themes,character analysis notable quotes and,everything you will need,to not only learn but have fun as well,so if you enjoy this video,make sure to like comment and subscribe,for more content,easy as gcse presents,shakespeare in seven minutes macbeth,macbeth is one of william shakespeares,most popular tragedies,and it is likely that you may already be,familiar with some aspects of it,even if you have never read or watched,the play before,it is nicknamed the scottish play,because you guessed it,its set in scotland sometime during the,11th century,shakespeares plays can be quite,daunting to study but after this video,i hope youll see that all of his works,are simply stories,that are easy to understand with a,little practice,with that said lets jump straight into,macbeth,act one macbeth is the title character,of the play,which means that his name is also the,name of the play,and he along with his friend banquo are,generals in the army of king duncan,while returning from a battle they run,into a group of witches in a bog,who tell macbeth that he will be the,thane of cordor,a high-ranking title and later king of,scotland,banquo is told that he will not be king,of scotland but,that his descendants will be because of,this rather good news they are keen to,find out more details,but annoyingly the witches disappear not,long afterwards macbeth,actually does get promoted to thane of,corridor which makes him think that the,witches may have been onto something,on top of that good fortune king duncan,also plans to honor macbeth,with a visit to his castle in inverness,macbeth promptly writes home to tell his,wife lady macbeth,about his new position and also about,the strange encounter with the witches,now unfortunately lady macbeth happens,to be far more ruthless than her husband,so she is immediately determined to help,him fulfill his destiny,by whatever wicked means necessary,[Music],act two when the king arrives at,macbeths castle,lady macbeth is quick to suggest that,they use this opportunity to murder him,macbeth is hesitant but agrees after a,lot of pressure from his wife,she does her bit by sedating the guards,with spiked wine,but leaves macbeth to do the dirty work,of actually killing duncan,as any normal person would macbeth is,overcome with guilt at what he has done,but lady macbeth sets him straight by,berating him for his cowardice,she then frames the poor guards with the,daggers covered in the kings blood,at this critical moment the nobleman,mcduff decides to turn up at their gates,unexpectedly,so after a bit of frantic running around,they make a great show of finding the,kings corpse and,executing the unlucky guards,guessing quite rightly that whoever has,killed their father is bound to come,after them next,the dead kings sons malcolm and,donalbain managed,to escape the castle and macbeths,murderous grasp,act 3 now that duncan is dead or rather,murdered,macbeth is crowned king of scotland and,the witches prophecy comes true,however his pesky conscience keeps him,from enjoying his success as he is,plagued by paranoia,his biggest worry is that his friend,banquo has a son,freyance and the witches did mention,that banquos descendants would be kings,to rectify this macbeth puts a hit out,on the two unsuspecting men,and banquo is murdered but flance is,able to escape,plunged even further into his pit of,guilt macbeth sees the ghost of banquo,at a banquet that night,and is scared nearly out of his mind,causing lady macbeth to begin to have a,few doubts of her own,[Music],act four to calm himself down after,these traumatic incidents,macbeth decides to return to the source,of these events,the mysterious witches they reassure him,that no harm will come to him,unless burnham wood the surrounding,forest marches to fight him,even better no man born of a woman will,be able to defeat him,these two statements at the time were,the equivalent of saying,when pigs fly so macbeth is suitably,calmed,however the witches reiterate that,banquos descendants will,still be king which puts macbeth into a,state again,he goes on a murderous rampage killing,all those associated with the opposition,including mcduffs family but not mcduff,as he had joined up with malcolm and,donalbain to fight against macbeth,act 5 holed up in his castle at,dunsinane,macbeth is shocked to learn that burnham,wood from the witchs prophecy,appears to be marching towards him,malcolms army cleverly cut down,branches from the trees,and held them in front as camouflage to,create this illusion,adding to macbeths misery is the news,that lady macbeth has taken her own life,after being tormented by sleepwalking,and visions of blood on her hands that,cannot be cleaned,macbeth and his army are on the verge of,defeat but there is one last glimmer of,hope given to him by the witches,no man born of a woman can kill him,armed with this prophecy he accepts a,challenge from mcduff,only to learn mid-battle that mcduff was,born via c-section,so technically he is not born of a woman,realizing that the witches had craftily,foretold his doom,rather than assure him of security,macbeth is defeated,and mcduff takes his head to malcolm who,ends the play promising peace,and going off to a city called scone to,be crowned the new king of scotland,see that wasnt so bad and now that,youre familiar with the basics of,macbeth,stay tuned to my channel for a more,in-depth study coming soon,dont forget to like comment and,subscribe to get more gcse literature,videos,see you next time

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Macbeth (Shakespeare) – Thug Notes Summary and Analysis

What’s the word, son? This week on Thug Notes we gettin regicidal with Macbeth by William Shakespeare.,After making a bitch out of their enemies, the king’s fresh generals, Macbeth and Banquo,,hit up three witches who start laying down some cold prophecy.,Dem witches say one day Macbeth gonna rock the crown as king,,and Banquo’s blood also gonna be rollin on royals dubs one day.,Macbeth all geeked up bout bein big baller, but his woman, Lady Macbeth, be all like,,“Why you wastin time play boy? You best get off yo lazy white ass and take dat sh*t.”,So Lady MacB convinces Macbeezy to shank King Duncan while he catchin some Z’s,,and lay the blame on his two chamberlains while they passed out from sippin too much drank.,Macbeth straight trippin after doin the deed,,so his woman steps up and puts the bloody knife on the chamberlains as evidence.,When some fool Macduff finds the king’s dead body,,MacBeth mercs dem Chamberlains so they can’t dodge the heat.,All paranoid that somebody gonna ice them too, Duncan’s sons Malcom and Donalbain roll outta town.,With them punks outta the way, Macbeth becomes the king.,Since the witches dun said Banquo’s blood gonna be kings one day,,Macbeth starts buggin and sends a couple hoods to gat Banquo and his boy Fleance.,Banquo gets wrecked, but Fleance ducks these fools.,Later, Macbeth hollas at the three witches, who lay down some new prophecy.,First, an armored head tell him he best watch his boy Macduff.,Then, a bloody child tell him that nobody born of a woman can touch him.,Last, a crowned child holding a tree tells him he solid til Great Birnam trees roll up to the castle.,Word comes that Macduff dun roll out to England, so Macbeth gets ice cold and kills his whole family! Damn!,Later Macbeth learns that his woman done iced herself cuz she couldn’t get that blood off her hands.,At first, Macbeth ain’t sweatin the fact that Malcom’s returned and got a swole army creepin up to the castle.,But then he realizes the shields the army are using are from the same wood the witches warned him about.,Oh f**k. Since Macduff heard that his family and castle got smoked,,he wanna go toe to toe with Macbeth. On the battlefield, Macbeth says,,“Macduff, get off deez nuts. You were born of a woman. Can’t touch this!”,Turns out, Macduff’s mama had a C-section when he was born,,so Macduff wipes dat nasty smile off his mug and beheads this fool.,Then Malcom takes back his throne, and Scotland got one less tyrant.,This play right here is a classical tragedy about a once righteous brutha who balls till he falls.,And it’s an unchecked ambition and lust for power that makes him his own antagonist.,But is Macbeth really the only one to blame for havin such a boot-leg fate?,Cuz on the real, it was Lady Macbeth who put a fire under his ass to merc the king.,And you could even blame the witches for feedin his ambition and givin him a big ol head.,And Scottish society gotta ride the beef too. Back then, the main rap was,“you ain’t got a pair unless you grab all the power you can, no matter who you gotta kill for it.”,So if you wanna say Macbeth got served cuz of all the people he shanked,,you best recognize he was gettin mad props for butcherin his enemies at the beginning of the play.,In fact, some literary thugz say that Macbeth ain’t to blame at all,,but that fate slingin him around like a puppet, making him act like a serious fool.,Just listen to how he talk bout life after his woman dies:,Cuz if Macbeth ain’t got no choice, then all this sh*t is straight meaningless.,Since fate, society, and Macbeth’s big-ass head layin more pressure on him than he can handle,,Shakespeare droppin images of clothes that don’t fit good to show how this playa livin way outta his depth.,Hey, y’all know how to make a playa feel loved, man.,So spread the love and tell yo friends! Peace!

Why should you read “Macbeth”? – Brendan Pelsue

المترجم: Mohammad Houri المدقّق: fatima ma,هنالك مسرحية قوية جدًّا لدرجة أن الخرافة القديمة تقول,أنه يجب ألّا يُذكر اسمها أبداً في المسرح،,مسرحية تبدأ بالسحر، وتنتهي برأسٍ مقطوع يتقطّر دماً،,مسرحية مليئة بالألغاز والنبوءات والكوابيس المُريعة,والكثير من القتل الوحشي.,مسرحية لويليام شكسبير يُشار إليها أحياناً باسم “مسرحية الاسكتلندي”,أو “مأساة ماكبث.”,تم أداؤها لأول مرة على مسرح غلوب في لندن عام 1606،,و”ماكبث” هي أقصر مأساة لشكسبير.,وهي أيضاً واحدة من أكثر مسرحياته المفعمة بالحركة.,في خمسة فصول، يروي قصة النبيل الاسكتلندي,الذي يسرق العرش،,ويسيطر في عهد الإرهاب،,ثم يلقى نهايةً دمويّة.,وطوال العرض، تُطرح أسئلة هامة حول الطموح,والقوة,والعنف،,والتي تتحدث مباشرةً عن عصر شكسبير السياسي,ويتواصل صداها في عصرنا.,في أوائل القرن ال17 كانت إنكلترا غير مستقرة سياسياً.,توفيت الملكة إليزابيث الأولى عام 1603 دون أن تترك وريثًا،,وفي حركة مُفاجئة،,مرر مستشاروها التاج إلى جيم ستيوارت، ملك اسكتلاندا.,بعد عامين، تعرّض جيمس لمحاولة اغتيال,عُرفت بمؤامرة البارود.,كانت أسئلة عمّا أكسب الملك الشرعية,على شفاه الجميع.,لذا توجّب على شكسبير معرفة أن لديه مواد قوية,عندما عدَّل ودمج بين قصص,عن ملكٍ اسكتلندي قاتل من القرن الحادي عشر اسمه ماكبث,والعديد من النبلاء الآخرين.,وجد تسلسلها الزمني في “سجلات هولنشيد”،,تاريخ بريطانيا وإيرلندا الشعبي في القرن السادس عشر.,كان شكسبير يعرف أيضاً أن عليه نشر قصته,بطريقةٍ من شأنها انتزاع الاهتمام,من جمهوره المتنوع والفظ.,كان الغلوب يُرحِّب بجميع فئات المجتمع.,شاهد المُدراء الأثرياء المسرحية من شُرُفات مغطاة,بينما دفع الفقراء فلساً واحداً لدخول العرض,من قسمٍ في الهواء الطلق يُسمى الحفرة.,كان الكلام والسخرية والهُتاف من الأمور الشائعةً أثناء العروض.,كانت هنالك اعتبارات حتى للجمهور الذي يرمي الأثاث عندما يرتبك الممثلين.,افتتحت “ماكبث” بإنفجار واقعي.,يظهر الرعد وثلاث ساحرات.,يُعلن أنهن يبحَثن,عن نبيل اسكتلندي وبطل حرب اسمه ماكبِث،,ثم يطرن وهن يرددن لعنةً تتنبأ أن العالم ذاهبٌ للجنون.,”الجميل قبيح والقبيح جميل فلنطر عبر الضباب والهواء الملوث.”,كما رأينا، لاحقاً وجدوا ماكبث وتابعهُ النبيل بانكيو.,”كل التحية ماكبث” ، تنبأن: “ستكون ملكًا مستقبلاً!”,”ملك؟” تساءل ماكبث.,ما الذي عليه أن يفعله حتى يكسب التاج؟,سرعان ما وضع ماكبث وزوجته السيدة ماكبث,خطط القتل والكذب والخيانة.,في حمام الدم الذي تلى ذلك،,قدّم شكسبير للمشاهدين بعض المقاطع الأكثر تميّزاً,في الأدب الإنكليزي.,” اخرجي أيتها البقعة اللعينة، اخرجي!” هكذا كانت تبكي السيدة ماكبث عندما تظُن,أنه لا يمكنها إزالة دم ضحاياها عن يديها.,هاجسها بالذنب هو أحد المواضيع التي تمتد في المسرحية،,إلى جانب النزعة العامة لإساءة استخدام السلطة،,ودورات غير منتهية من العنف والخيانة،,الصراع السياسي الرافض.,كما هو الحال مع لغة شكسبير،,فإن عددًا من العبارات التي هُيأت في بداية المسرحية,قد تكررت عدة مرات بحيث تُعتبر شائعة الآن.,شملت “استغلال اللطف الإنساني”,و”ما حدث قد حدث”,وتعويذة الساحرات الشهيرة:,”افتعل المشاكل وفاقمها؛ تشتعل النار ويفور القدر.”,لكن شكسبير احتقظ بالجزء الأكثر إثارة لماكبث نفسه.,باتجاه نهاية المسرحية، يُبصر ماكبث جديّة الموت,وعبثية الحياة.,فيرثي: “فلتنطفئي أيتها الشمعة الضئيلة!”.,”ما الحياة إلا شبحٌ يمر،,ممثلٌ رديء يتبختر ساعةً أو بعض ساعة على خشبة المسرح,ومن ثم يختفي للأبد.,ما هي إلا حكاية يرويها أبله، ملؤها الجلبة والجعجعة,دون أي مغزى.”,ربما الحياة حكاية قالها أحمق، لكن “ماكبث” ليس كذلك.,دخلت لغة وأسلوب شكسبير حياتنا ووعينا الثقافي,بشكل استثنائي.,كثيراً ما يستخدم المخرجون القصة لتسليط الضوء على انتهاكات السلطة،,بدأً من المافيا الأمريكية,إلى الديكتاتوريين في جميع أنحاء العالم.,تحولت المسرحية إلى فيلم عدة مرات،,بما في ذلك “عرش الدم” لأكيرا كوروساوا،,والذي يصوّر اليابان الإقطاعية،,وتدعى النسخة الحديثة “اسكتلاندا، بي إي”.,والذي يعرض ماكبث ومنافسيه,كمدراء لمطاعم وجبات سريعة متنافسة.,بغض النظر عن العرض،,فإن أسئلة حول الأخلاق,والسياسة,والقوة لا تزال مطروحة إلى اليوم،,وهكذا تبدو “ماكبث” لشكسبير.

Michael Knowles REVIEWS “The Tragedy of Macbeth”

theres a movie that a lot of people,were watching over the weekend and it,was trending all around,twitter and things like that this is the,tragedy of macbeth,the tragedy of macbeth it was a movie,version based on macbeth by shakespeare,starring denzel washington and frances,mcdormand,and it was slightly controversial,because as you might,recognize denzel washington is not a,particularly well-known scotsman,and the play is about a scottish king,but i decided i was going to sit down,was going to watch the movie,joel cohen one of the greatest living,directors denzel washington one of the,greatest living actors francis mcdormand,one of the greatest living actresses and,macbeth one of the greatest plays ever,written you will be unsurprised to hear,it was a very very good movie and i,thought when i was watching this movie,about an extremely corrupt political,order that is based on treachery,sometimes outright murder that rips the,polity asunder and and leads to horrible,problems for the whole society,i thought huh,this might have something to tell us,about our country today maybe more,people maybe thats the reason they made,the movie in the first place,now,well get to more on that in one second,but speaking of movies im very excited,to announce the release of the daily,wires first original production we,released a movie that had already been,made last year and we bought the,distribution rights because people were,trying to cancel it so that was our,first movie this is our first original,movie its called shut in it is a seat,gripping thriller that will be available,to stream in february follows the story,of a young mother whos barricaded,inside a closet by her violent,ex-husband as shes trapped inside,she uses nothing but her voice to guide,her children on the other side of the,walls to safety all while the threat of,her dangerous ex looms so go check it,out its really cool,uh we cannot wait to share the finished,product with you so make sure you catch,the final trailer when it drops tomorrow,its gonna be a lot of fun if youre,planning on adding this terrifying,thriller to your queue you want us to,keep making that content that the,mainstream media do not want to produce,then go like and share the trailer on,youtube your support makes all the,difference also were gonna have,backstage finally again dw is one of the,first in the nation to file suit against,the biden administration on their,unconstitutional osha vaccine mandate,our case made it to the supreme court,and we won tune in tomorrow night to,catch an all-new episode of backstage,where we discuss the outcome of that,supreme court ruling its going to be,wonderful were going to drink a lot of,leftist tears its going to be me ben,jeremy matt and drew 7 p.m 6 p.m central,dailywire.com or,you can stream it on our youtube channel,dailywire,i really loved this movie the tragedy of,macbeth its kind of an artsy film its,black and white,its an ambitious adaptation,its minimalist and its set design,but its its artsy so if you dont like,artsy movies this is not going to be the,movie for you but it is one of the,greatest plays ever written by the,greatest english playwright with some of,the greatest living actors and actresses,and the greatest director so its really,wonderful the one controversy of it was,that denzel washington obviously is not,scottish hes a black guy,so should a black guy be allowed to play,a white part and is this woke and is,this politically correct,the debate over colorblind casting is an,extremely complicated one,its not a simple answer one way or the,other folks this has been a debate,thats gone on for decades one of the,great proponents of color blind casting,was a guy named bob it is a guy named,bob brewstein who was the founder of the,l repertory theater and,uh,is a sort of legend in the theater world,hes a white guy hes a big proponent of,color blind casting having black people,play white parts and,not taking into account of an actors,ethnicity,august wilson whos probably the most,famous black playwright of the last,hundred years maybe the most famous,black playwright in american history he,hated colorblind casting he said black,people should not play white parts white,people should not play black parts this,is insane race,involves,lots of cultural aspects and its you,cant suspend disbelief and you,shouldnt do it,theres also this double standard now,which is that white actors not white,actors are not allowed to play any,non-white parts and if they are theres,a big uproar and the woke people scream,about it,white actors are not even allowed to,voice non-white parts,the white actor who voiced apu on the,simpsons got got cancelled from the part,because youre not allowed to do that,anymore so yes theres a double standard,its its preposterous its silly,however,if you can get past all of the stupid,woke stuff and just recognized that,denzel washington is one of the greatest,living actors and his performance in,this movie is just incredible then i,think,you can tune out all of the noise,furthermore you can say that shakespeare,is writing about not specific issues,only related to scotland but hes,writing about the human condition and,therefore it makes a lot more sense for,a black guy to play,that role even though its a scottish,role really the play is about the human,condition whereas if you had denzel,washington starring in the the remake of,the sopranos that probably wouldnt make,a lot of sense what the sopranos is very,specifically about an italian-american,family so it wouldnt make sense to have,a non-italian actor play that part okay,thats a little bit of the controversy,around it the reason i even bring up the,movie though,is because the play is about,fate versus free will,and the movie joel cohen really brings,this out,macbeth,opens up the play one of the very first,things of the play is walking up and he,sees a bunch of witches and the witches,tell him his future and they say youre,going to become king but youre not,going to have a line of kings,and tells his partner banquo,youre not going to be king but your,kids are going to become king and,this is going to happen and this is,going to happen and macbeth is struck,with this and he says well hold on if,all of this is going first of all do i,believe these witches that thats really,going to happen and then he sees some,proof that some of their predictions,came true he says well okay if its,going to happen then i guess i dont,need to do anything,he says if chance will have me king why,chance may crown me without my story im,not going to do anything about it but,then he does do something about he says,and mostly because his wife lady macbeth,is just an early version of hillary,clinton and shes this sort of wicked,political character who just,it impels him and convinces him to kill,the king and become king himself and so,he does participate in it but was that,always faded or did he really have free,choice and by the end he and his hillary,clinton wife go completely insane,and hes hes she becomes extremely,depressed he becomes very depressed he,cant sleep anymore because he killed,the king in his sleep he says he says,sleep no more macbeth does murder sleep,ill never sleep again because one he,saw the king die in his sleep and two,because hes wracked by the moral,reality of what hes done,hes one of the most famous,lines of the entire place is tomorrow,and tomorrow and tomorrow creeps in this,petty pace from day to day to the last,syllable of recorded time and all our,yesterdays have lighted fools the way to,dusty death outbrief candle lifes but a,walking shadow a poor player that struts,and frets his hour upon the stage and,then is heard no more it is a tale told,by an idiot full of sound and fury,signifying nothing thats what,a lot of people think life is today,thats what they think that its all,just kind of a joke its all just kind,of a farce a tale told by an idiot,signifying nothing our hopes our dreams,our loves our joys its all just

“Macbeth” – Official Movie Review

hello welcome to what the flick Im,Christie that is Alonso this is Matt,this is Ben were all here because we,love Shakespeare,the one we quietly all together is talk,about the Michael Fassbender Marion,Cotillard Macbeth is dead talk about it,okay so theres this Thane of Glamis see,no okay its you know you you were if,presumably youve been through the 10th,grade by this point or maybe you havent,anyway great shakes read the comments I,take it back anyway great Shakespeare,tragedy about an ambitious King and,sorry ambitious nobleman and has even,more ambitious wife and the bloody trail,of mess they create in ye old Scotland,check it out,[Music],friends,but in their stead,well you know every Shakespeare movie,has to sort of find its own way into the,material this one seems like the the,extra streamlined extra Scottish version,with really cool cinematography its,gorgeously shot like even in moments,where you want to look away you know,its like that slow-mo kind of video,game like Game of Thrones like blood and,mud getting flung at you well I thought,more like those those scenes in,melancholia super super slow-mo and it,becomes these almost like these,paintings like its its almost seeing,like a painting and realized and I think,that that helps add some drama to the,proceedings I also at times was thinking,this movie to me looked like Valhalla,Rising oh yeah and very oppressive and,there were moments as Im watching him,like who wants to be king of theres a,lot of cloud cover in this movie and the,big climactic thing at the end looks,like Macbeth on Mars like its just so,gorgeously oversaturated in Radley by my,colleague in guca asked on Facebook most,orangie movie this year Mad Max Macbeth,or tangerines yeah yeah if its been a,long time since high school English,class or if you havent seen any of the,previous incarnations of Macbeth theres,a room and Polanski version theres an,Orson Welles version like they dont go,out of their way to make this make sense,to you the contacts in terms of Western,characters matter even certain lined,like the really famous soliloquies here,like the whole out damn spot soliloquy,is delivered in a whisper you know and,so if you dont know why that matters,you might not and then wrong does the,does Lady Macbeths unsex me now,monologue occur a lot earlier in this,version than in other ones or am I just,I I dont know its been a while since,Ive read so I dont know but ya know,youre right theres a theres a rich,cinematic history of Macbeth I dont,know that this is my favorite I think,Im probably still gonna go with either,Polanski or maybe of course I was throne,of blood but you know Id say it has a,reason two weeks,its a valid thing because if youre,gonna do a property that is this,well-known you it needs to be there for,some reason you know its not like when,you make Coriolanus which no one makes,Coriolanus you know Macbeth is kind of,tried and true but its been a while and,I think they do some cool stuff and and,the performances are great I mean,Fassbender and I think this is probably,my favorite Marion Cotillard English,language performance more than Inception,murder and mayhem and you know its like,a walk in the park for him that yeah,conflicted intrumental man or his bread,and butter so good I like that this had,an interpretation that I think we,havent seen in a while or are some of,the things that this movie does in its,interpretation of the play I think were,very effective its not perfect I have a,few qualms about it but I think that you,know showing you know a spoiler alert,Macbeth murders Duncan you know when,Macbeth starts out as very very loyal he,gets talked into committing this murder,and betraying himself and he goes crazy,and the movie I think communicates that,well in a way that you dont see a lot,of previous interpretations do I also,liked you know a lot of times youll see,Lady Macbeth portrayed as this very very,manipulative very fierce character and,this one but she realizes the mistake of,what shes pulled Macbeth into doing,really early and then she she has these,theres frequent moments you see from,Cotillard where its this look like the,caption should be Ive created a monster,you know its its oh god what have I,done and theres a lot of that and it,you know theres scenes that she starts,Im thinking like okay when did Lady,Ophelia end up in this yeah no its true,I was reminded of a thing I read once,where they talked about how women are,more likely to be diagnosed as whatever,kind of various mental conditions,because men oftentimes if they have the,same condition can channel them into,either,this or war or sports or something like,that basically that yeah well but the,kind of behavior can manifest itself in,a way thats acceptable for men and not,for women and so a lot of youre right a,lot of interpretations of Macbeth hes,not crazy so much as hes just a real,go-getter and that shes the one shes,the one doing all the pushing from the,sidelines this way I think is a little,more equal acquainted me,it went amiss I was totally gonna say it,again thats what I sort of liked best,about this was was her was that sort of,subtlety in her and it was beautiful but,as so often when movies are beautiful I,feel like that the whole point was that,it was beautiful like that thats what,were like look look what we made but,theres a degree to which like I dont,you know you I mean you have to notice,it but you shouldnt only notice it and,I dont mean that and I certainly didnt,only notice that it was because you know,I dont you know Shakespeare was a was,was really difficult for me as a kid and,so I have retained that aversion to it,interesting,it was very all everything in that world,was really daunting to me till we read,it like I couldnt have understood it,until I was twenty its really when I,was like my reading comprehension was -,I thought slower at least compared to my,classmates a man Id read Shakespeare,wed ever read and if we read it in,tenth grade Id be like on page two and,Im like what point D happen for,CliffsNotes I wouldnt have been able to,understand so so like so I have never at,any point in my life,revisited that material like that stuff,is to me Im like oh I was like oh my,god my friend your friend William,Shakespeare yeah I mean it was Billy in,school you know he was on a kickball,league but I mean like,bs so many gambling conversations of,this guy in the last six months and not,at any point did he be like Eliot by the,way you might want to check out my my,film Macbeth like I literally got the,screener and Im like Jacob so and so,its really artfully done it was really,difficult for me to get through and I,dont think if you aint know and so I,would help them but you dont think you,have to worry you have to be a to enjoy,these movies you should be a Shakespeare,fan and Im not right I mean by the way,later today were doing Star Wars I,really like those either again yeah yeah,but 2.0 if you dont like Shakespeare,and if you dont know a lot about this,if youve been told this is not gonna,help you so its not go pretty laws its,gonna leave you there its gonna leave,you know I mean I you know I I do know,the story thanks to know that they,didnt it still sounds weird to say,Cliffs it still should be cliff notes,its a guy um so yeah so we should,mention the director is an Australian,guy named Justin Kurtz all his brother,Jed did the score,I found the score very unsettling and,very tense totally from the front of the,first 40 seconds and theres a nerve,its tense and unsettling and theres,very little of the movie that doesnt,have the score oh we should mention,David Thewlis yes he is he is Duncan and,Paddy Considine who we always like dr.,dynamite actors name but he was the,villain in this years Mission,Impossible plays Johnny Harris son,Harris right and and Paddy Considine is,Banquo so yes so what are our numbers,then your bands not gonna give a number,events gonna recuse himself as if but I,would be exactly where you guys are

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