1. CleanMyMac X Review Is It Worth It?
  2. CleanMyMac X Review – Top 5 Features
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  5. CleanMyMac X Is Good, Actually – Tidy up your Mac with this utility-filled app!
  6. How to protect your new Apple Mac with Clean My Mac X – Is it worth purchasing?
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CleanMyMac X Review Is It Worth It?

okay guys welcome to mybinder channel,today were going to have a quick look,at clean my mac x i bought this uh years,ago when my mac was starting to run a,little slowly,and um yeah im just going to show you,how it works while i tell you a bit,about,why i bought this im just going to run,a quick scan,so were just going to scan and im,going to let it do its things so its,going to clean up look for unwanted,files going to check to make sure my,computer is protected and then its,going to see if theres any speed,improvements you can do,so,the way i look at it cleaning my mac is,like,a little mechanic living in my computer,looking for things you know so like you,take your car to a mechanic you know,your mechanic checks your car,does a service on it make sure your,cars always running well if you dont,take it to the mechanic often enough to,get it serviced,then the car starts to develop problems,and those problems could cause a major,headache later on and i think its the,same thing with a computer if you dont,service your computer properly,it will tend to slow down it becomes,sluggish,and things that causes that could cause,that would be like you know files,youve got all these unwanted files on,there its hogging up your hard space um,it wont allow the computer to swap,memory you know to increase the speed so,it tends to slow right down and it can,get really bad thats why i bought clean,my mac and um i havent looked back,since,so i actually did a scan yesterday just,to um,because it needed it and it deleted,about 12 gigs or so so thats why its,only found,623.7 megabytes,so it took a bit longer yesterday,because it was more to go through today,it was quite quick as you can see so,its found 623.7 megabytes,my mail oil protection was fine,and theres three tasks to run to,increase the speed so what you do then,is you just run well get rid of that,thats your notification,and,its going to close,the browsers because it needs to clean,files with that the browsers,tend to hold on to it needs to close,that to do that so you just hit quick,all,and it will do that,now once you installed it youve got,your little mac icon up there you clean,my mac and um,it tells you a quick rundown of whats,happening on your mac so uh,how much available space youve got how,much memory youre using what your,battery levels are at at the moment,mines 100 because its plugged in,and as you can see its already done,and now its opening up all my browsers,that it closed previously,okay,so it says run a deep scan so i wont do,that today because if i run a deep scan,its going to take a lot longer and,were not going to have time for that so,ill just quickly go through what he can,do with this thing,so as i was saying before i was,interrupted by clean my mac that just,gives you a quick rundown,of whats happening on your computer,system junk,im not sure what that does well give a,quick scan see what happens,i dont use everything thats on this i,just let it do an automatic scan and,thats all im fussed about,so um,okay its around 10.7 megabytes you can,clean that,again its got to close the browsers,thats fine,so thats something i havent done itll,check your mail attachments your trash,bins malware,theres a shredder,i havent used a shredder before,now the shredder is if youve got like,if youre one of those little um,secret agents type people who have all,these secret files on their computer if,you delete these files normally,someone who knows what theyre doing can,always get those files back but if you,use a shredder it shreds those files and,then its impossible for anybody to see,what you had on your computer like i,said i havent got anything like that,but i suppose if i was going to sell my,mac i would use that to get rid of files,before i sold it,large and old files you click that it,will just scan quickly and find all your,large files,and then you can go through its okay,yep screen recording thats taken up,1.64 gigabytes do i need that if youre,saying no you can highlight it click all,the ones you dont need,hit remove and it just deletes those,files so its quick and easy,space lens that one i havent used but,apparently once you scan that it just,goes through the whole hard drive and it,puts everything in its files,so you can check individual files see,which one holds the most information you,can go through it work out which ones,you do need which ones you dont need,delete all the ones you dont need and,that again saves you a lot more room on,your hard drive and also makes it a lot,easier so as you can see it did that,quite quickly as well,ive got 147 gigabytes on my,in my users which is my system account,if i was to click on that it would break,it down further,click that on that again it will break,it down even further so you can see,where all those files are then you can,suss out those files,and you can delete the ones that you,think are necessary so thats that,maintenance thats what we just did,before,optimization we did that one as well,that was in your general scan,so thats generally it thats what um,so thats what clean my mac does,it just,uh services your computer,make sure its in tip top shape so you,get the best speed out of it,and,i havent had a problem with ive had it,like i said ive had it for years,so if your max running slowly you may,want to give it a go um theres,something else that ive,discovered quickly i just want to show,you,its not picking that up at the moment,but its usually maybe because im using,my phone to record it usually picks up,your phone as well,so you can actually,clean your phone using clean my mac and,another free,app that you can get,which is made by macpaw and that goes,through your phone and cleans up your,phone if i can get that to work,later on i may have to use a different,program to do it and i can show you how,that works ill,put that in a future video which you,wont see unless you subscribe so yeah,if you havent done so already you can,click down below to subscribe and once,youve done that hit the bell and select,all so you dont miss out on future,videos,and especially my laughaholics which are,really funny jokes that i put online,and i do one of those every week as,always guys loved having you here hope,to see you next time this is peter from,ibonzo channel signing off catch you,later guys

CleanMyMac X Review – Top 5 Features

welcome to clean my mac today,in this video im going to talk to you,about my five,favorite things that you can do with,this particular software im actually,quite a skeptic,when it comes to this sort of software i,think that the speed benefits that they,maybe claim are really,things of the past and a lot of the time,its just not necessary to have,this sort of uh file removal and file,cleaning,happening all the time i have a macbook,that ive been using for,five years plus and its never had,anything like this done to it and it,runs,just fine for what we use it for firstly,under the system junk section in cleanup,well this is just your standard sort of,cleaner and thats good in itself but it,does a little bit more than that so ill,do a scan on this now,its found 67.3 megabytes to,clean up so i can review the details,there thats just a bunch of stuff,around user cache files system cache,language files log files that type of,thing,it usually finds that sort of stuff and,you can clean those up but,the first thing on my list is this,little section here at the top which,isnt selected as,standard this is the universal binaries,section because of course,software companies are now having to,push two code versions,into their apps i happen to do a sort of,intel compatible one and an,m1 compatible app so you end up with two,binaries that take up a load of space,so in this case you can see here that,ive got google chrome extra binaries,taking up,336 megabytes i only need the m1 version,of that on this particular,computer so why not get rid of it well i,will,and logic pro dont need the extra,binaries for that im not going to do,them all now well in fact ill do the,camtasia one down there im not going to,do them all for now,but you get the idea so what you can do,is you can clearly see those universal,binaries and get rid of the ones that,you dont need so lets do that cleaning,now,[Music],and there we go simple as that item,number two on my list is under the,privacy section,so im going to do a scan for privacy,now,and you can go down the different sort,of browsers and areas where privacy are,necessary and you can do a quick,reset of all your kind of full disk,access settings,camera privacy settings all that type of,thing you can reset them to their,defaults and get rid of,any extra permissions that you might,have,put in place in the past of course apps,that you go into if they need those,permissions will re-ask you for them,so its no big deal if you do this by,accident im not going to change,anything there however what i do like is,just the simple,browser information removal so here i,mean theres not much in here at the,moment because i,ive tested this before and ive run a,session but you can easily clean out,your browser,of all its unwanted items directly from,this one bit of software,which for safari is good because its,not always as clear,where you do that in safari and i think,you cant sort of split the stuff out,you kind of clean it,or you dont you know you just say,removal privacy stuff and it just,deletes,everything it doesnt give you this,broken out,view that you get from this software,so thats my second item that i like,third one,comes under the optimization section so,im going to view the items that it has,for optimization,and this just gives you startup items,effectively,launch agents as it calls them the items,that will start up,when your computer starts up and sit,running in the background all the time,now you,again you can check this sort of stuff,within,mac os itself anyway but this gives you,a more comprehensive list it really,breaks stuff out,and you can then just disable or enable,any of those as you wish,and yeah i think its just a nice place,to get a detailed list because i,for one under my under the mac os,settings ive never seen these google,software,update agents before ive never seen any,of this stuff here even though they are,disabled at the moment but this seems to,give you a more detailed list,than i have seen in the past the fourth,item,is the uninstaller section under,applications,this just gives you a central place to,remove all your apps because removing,apps and removing software,on a mac is pretty straightforward,anyway most of the time its just a case,of dragging the application into your,bin,and thats pretty much it so it much,much more straightforward than,uninstaller software that you get on,windows however there are occasions,where it leaves folders and files behind,in other,areas so it doesnt just create a simple,application folder that has the binaries,in,and all related software and files,it also puts some stuff somewhere else,and thats what this looks at and it,goes into a little bit more detail,around that so for example here,ive got a leftover section ive,recently removed a few items from here,and i can see look,ive got three items that have left,something extra behind,even though i have dragged them into,my bin so lets just remove those items,and thats thats taking care of those,so if i go back to those now,i should yeah so i dont have any,leftovers before but i can also just,remove stuff from here,as standard so lets find something that,im happy to,get rid of on here okay so im going to,sort them by name,ascending and im going to get rid of,this system,test light so lets just do an uninstall,and thats it thats got rid of,everything relating to that software,hopefully also the leftover stuff yeah,good ive got no leftover stuff in here,and the final item the fifth item on the,list is the,updater through applications well,theres nothing to show in here at the,moment because i dont have any uh,apps that or software that needs,updating but this,effectively just checks everything you,have on your system and says right this,this and this,have an update available and you can do,it all within the software and i tried,it,and it worked perfectly it just updated,it within a few seconds didnt go into,the software didnt need to go into the,website,it just grabbed everything it needed and,did the update so being able to do that,from one central point,is really good too but as i say with any,of this sort of software,if youre willing to put the time in and,just mess about a little bit more you,can do all this stuff yourself,mac os is excellent as far as where,files are stored its a unix-based,system and,you can go into it you could write a,script that could just get rid of all,the stuff thats relevant for your,machine,and and do it all manually but i guess,the benefit here is that it does it all,simply through a really nice interface,so whether its worth the money well,maybe its not,but for me i managed to get this for,about 55 pounds for a lifetime license,for this,system so i think thats worth it 55,pounds to have this,as on an ongoing basis i think thats,not dont think thats a bad price i,think the 125 or 128 they were,originally advertising on that screen,is too much thats too much for this,software in my view,but let me know what you think in the,comments thanks very much for watching,this is not a sponsored video i paid for,this software myself i dont have any,codes to give you or anything like that,im afraid but,thanks for watching and i will see you,soon,[Music],[Music],so,you

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Cleanmymac X Honest REVIEW: Does it Work? Who is it for? [2022]

hello and welcome to deleted video in,this video I like to give my honest,review of CleanMyMac 10 it is actually,10 it is not X it is the anniversary,version of CleanMyMac software which is,released by MACPA recently and similar,to iphone 10 you know you need to,pronounce it as CleanMyMac 10 it is the,anniversary version so lets get back to,the topic so in this review I like to,give my honest opinion about what this,software can actually do and who,actually needs at the first point I like,to cover is who actually needs it and,the second one is what are the new,features that you can find compared to,the CleanMyMac 3 and finally some,overview of the features and conclusion,whether you will be needing this,application or not so to answer that,first query my first appoint is whether,you need it or not if you are using a,latest Mac computer like if you have,purchased your Mac computer within last,two years with SSD powered Mac computers,then you definitely dont need this your,Mac should be running fine unless if you,are watching this review because your,Mac is getting slow due to the,third-party applications that you are,using then you may consider trying this,application for 30 days I will leave the,link of the trial version in the,description of this video give this a,try and see how much performance the,difference you are noticing before and,after using this application and if you,are convinced then you can go ahead and,purchase it but my recommendation would,be to be honnest you dont need this if,your Mac is already running fine and you,can bookmark this video you know you can,save this video for future use because,after using lots and lots of user,third-party applications you may be,needing this software the reason Im,telling you is it is not possible you,know to entirely depend on the Apple,ecosystem within the App Store Mac App,Store applications even though you use,youd limit yourself within the Apple,Mac App Store ecosystem it is possible,that the apps that you use will Store,plenty and plenty of data with your,knowledge and without your knowledge,into your hard disk drive or SSD so,is the problem there it clogs the,computer sometimes where the,applications you know delays the,indexing process when you search for,some files and when it hangs or crashes,you know all these things happen because,the memory of your computer becomes,clogged and its youre not just your,ram memory also your hard disk drive you,can free up your storage because storage,is very very important when you purchase,Mac Apple Mac products for every single,gigabytes of data youre paying several,dollars according to Apple so it is,precious the data storage amount is,precious so you need to manage it,efficiently and they were you know as a,few utilities I came across and I wasnt,satisfied you know I had to do a lot of,manual work and I was not able to trust,them so thats why I thought to go for,some premium application and Im really,happy with clean my Mac so to you know,complete the first point that Im trying,to say if you are using the new Mac,computer 95 percent you dont consider,to buy this app if the Mac is getting,slow frequently due to the third-party,applications then you may consider,purchasing it and the next point is,about the features like competitor to,the CleanMyMac 3 I see just two new,feature additions the UI is pretty,beautiful it is you know it is gorgeous,there is no talked about it it is so,Apple like design I really love this,design and the first one is the malware,removal and the second one is,optimization which related to the speed,category so the optimization you know,first let me explain the optimization,which is the new feature you know,according to me I find this new because,I havent found this in CleanMyMac 3 so,this application will let you to take,control of all the applications that is,in your login items or you know it does,more than what the Activity Monitor in,your Mac computer does so it will help,you to take control of the all the,third-party applications that you have,installed and consuming you know process,heavily in your computer whether it is,Ram process or CPU usage and if you are,seeing any hung up legations any,applications not hanged then you will be,seeing that in this category so it is,well organized and it,well help you to you know perform the,task where you can clean it you can,terminate it you can easily you know,manage all your system Co,functionalities here so this is one,interesting feature you know I would say,that makes the CleanMyMac even more,powerful than it was before with the,Version three and the next one is,malware removal I personally feel that,this might still be in beta version so,reason is like it is not real-time,protection it gets updated from the Mac,pass database maybe so they might be,having a separate team to update the,signature virus signature database here,so if there are any Mac malwares,identified when you you are browsing the,web then youre transferring,applications from the web or from your,friends if there are any malicious files,spotted that may be related to the,adware spyware or malware or any,ransomware even you know they are,promising that they will be able to,protect your mat from all those things I,personally feel that this is a good,feature and it requires more,developments which I believe the team,will do in upcoming versions in upcoming,updates that the users will get and you,know it is a good start thats what I,feel it is a good start to protect the,Mac you know to provide a basic level of,malware protection and in the era of,ransomware you know it is essential to,have this sort of built-in functionality,you know apart from the Apple you know,the default security measures itll be,great to have a proper a trusted,antivirus software with the Mac to,protect your computer from you know all,sorts of latest to threats and attacks,I find this a you know feature as pretty,attractive and requires lot of,improvement so thats my conclusion and,finally the third point it has all the,bells and whistles that you can find it,on the Mac the CleanMyMac 3 version 3 so,you can clean up your iTunes junk files,you know every time you listen to music,you download songs from iTunes Apple,music they store you know a lot of,temporary data the broken downloads are,being stored as a temporary data in your,system so all these you will be amazed,you know when you perform the scan you,will be amazed how much data you can,actually free up,your hard disk drive Im using the Mac,OS Mohave so it request for permission,whenever you try to run an application I,really love this UI the all new UI which,looks pretty great and here you can see,I am able to clear 18.2 bytes of,data from my fight well gigabytes of SSD,and this is wonderful you know every,time you perform a cleaning like not,immediately but every week or twice a,week I would recommend you to perform,the cleaning task and itll free up you,know several gigabytes of data based on,your usage if youre using lot of our,dope applications image editing video,editing and you know if you take a lot,of backups of your photo from your iOS,devices then this app will do really,wonderful with digging all the files,that are you know stored and never been,touched or used by you the smart scan is,just in an overview sort of cleanup if,you want to dive deeper then you can use,all these specific cleaning functions,you know features to clean up all your,systems you know by letting the,CleanMyMac dive deeper and find the,files that you were not using so overall,as a conclusion I would say this is an,amazing application and again Im,sticking to my point if you have bought,the Mac computer recently you dont need,this and 1ly you know download and,purchase it if youre finding you know a,lot of hangs and system slow speedy,shows otherwise for older Mac computers,which has the traditional hard disk,drive and SSD drive and still it is,getting hanged then definitely I would,recommend this softwa

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How I Keep My Mac Clean (Clean My Mac Review)

in todays video I want to share with,you the software Im using to make sure,I always have space on the hardest of my,Mac its called CleanMyMac lets go hey,everybody whats up if youre a designer,like me or even if youre not a designer,maybe youre a content creator or a,video or gopher or someone like that you,might use a lot of content and a lot of,heavy files on your computer thats that,what happened to me and my hardest used,to fill up really really quickly and I,would always get to the last you know,last beats of free space on my hardest,which would make my computer slower and,I was looking for a software that would,help me always clean up understand,whats taking up most of my space I,understand what I can get rid of and,just make sure that my computer runs,smoothly so I was making like I think it,was over a year ago I was making kind of,a research on the internet to find out,what is the best software honestly a lot,of them kind of look scammy and then I,was not sure eventually I went down with,a premium software called Queen my Mac,which cost I dont remember how much it,cost but I bought the license and Im,actually so happy with it,that I want to share with you right now,show you how it looks showed you how Im,using it and basically its so simple,but its really really valuable in,helping me solve that problem making,sure that I always have enough space for,everything I need on my hardest so lets,jump into it,so basically CleanMyMac sits here on,basically what the dashboard of my Mac,and its really easy to just click in,and see how much space I have left on my,main hard ice hard drive and as I said,because Im working with video with,images this might look like a lot right,now it might end up in like a day or two,so from a first glance you can see how,much there is here and also I just,cleaned this up there was like 20,gigabytes in the trashcan so really,quickly to see how big is the trashcan,and click empty to make sure that its,empty if you want to really clean up,stuff you,the software lunch CleanMyMac and,basically you just click the Scan button,so let me click this and lets fast,forward to seeing what happens at the,end of it alright so in this clean up,the software has found that I can clean,up on like eleven and a half gigabytes,which might sound like a lot sometimes,it comes up with something like 50,gigabytes which was really like a lot of,it and as you can see a lot of it came,from like a system junk photo junk I,dont really use the Photos app or the,mail app so in iTunes so those usually,are not relevant but usually the system,specifically if youre working a lot,with video editing so working in,Premiere creates a lot of temp files,those files are huge and can fill up,your hard drive and so using this can,really clean up all those temp files,really really quickly also large and all,files really helps you to quickly review,where is the big so notice that I have,here some folders which are 42 gigabytes,and I can really quickly see this and,say hey do I actually need this and I,can select them and remove them from,here so usually what I do is I just,click the clean it cleans up and yep I,have to create kill chrome for this so,yeah I can kill chrome dont think that,we need it right now,anyway this cleans up also one more,things this is going to take not as long,as the scanning but so one more thing,that I like about the software is that,it has kind of extra value till –tis,here and the one that I actually use is,so this is cleaned up thank you for,showing me the chrome again the,uninstaller which allows you to actually,uninstall properly the software that you,have on your computer because usually,Mac doesnt have natively uninstaller if,the software doesnt have one you can,just throw it in the trash can and then,he kind of leaves junk on your computer,so using this uninstalled or make sure,that you really clean up the stuff that,you dont need also you can see how much,space each each program software it,takes free on your hard drive so,this is how I use it its just the nice,thing about this that even if you know,the hard drive is not fully full and I,feel like the slowness of the computer,it will once in two weeks maybe it will,send me a prompt like hey its time to,clean your Mac Ill just click that,button itll be like five minutes then,my hard drive is cleaner computer is,faster than really really like this so,very much recommended I think its worth,you know that one time span its not a,subscription or anything so to me it was,very much worth the money hope this was,valuable for you Ill see you in the,next video,[Music]

CleanMyMac X Is Good, Actually – Tidy up your Mac with this utility-filled app!

we would love it if everybody became a,member of club twit at twit tv club twit,so on occasion we release free episodes,of hands on mac to show you exactly what,youll get if you join the club thanks,for listening and uh we cant wait to,see you in the club coming up on hands,on mack i micah sargent am going to sit,down well i guess i already am sitting,down but were going to sit down and,have a serious talk,about one of my favorite apps for the,mac stay tuned this,[Music],welcome back to hands on mac the show,where we talk all things apple devices,yes this is the show where i walk you,through some of the best tips and tricks,for your apple devices whether they be,the mac your iphone your ipad your apple,watch i love to talk about it all right,here on hands on mac and today we are,talking about one of my favorite apps,for the mac but its a bit of a,controversy because depending on who you,talk to,they would maybe say that this is an app,you dont need,and look,you dont need this app but this app is,fantastic and it can be very helpful for,you its called clean my mac x and yes,it is pronounced x as opposed to 10.,clean my mac x is a multi-purpose,utility for your mac that can help you,make sure that your mac is clean and,tidy and ready to rock to the best of,its ability but,because of the long history of,apps that provide these sort of cleaning,utilities uh these sort of sprucing up,utilities these speed up utilities that,dont actually work then clean my mac x,has uh,unfortunately and unfairly fallen into,that category uh from the views of some,folks and,heres the important thing that i i want,to talk about its that,i would argue theres a bit of,an elitism involved in the,uh,suggestion that this is an app that,people shouldnt use because uh some,would argue that,this tool that does so many things are,all things that you could do on your own,on your mac,without the use of this tool and that,certainly is true many of the the tools,and utilities that are built into,cleanbymacx are,tools and utilities that you could,create yourself or use yourself using,terminal on your mac or any number of,other options and,while that is the case,that doesnt mean that we shouldnt,provide a tool that can do all of these,things much easier,and much quicker without needing to,involve,more work from the end user,so while there are a lot of scam apps,out there that say that theyll speed up,your mac or they will clean up your mac,and save so much storage,that dont actually do those things or,do them poorly clean my mac x is not one,of those and it is why im talking to,you about it today and why i want to,show you,all of the magical things it can do and,why i choose to use this application,despite the fact that i am a power user,on the mac and could do many of these,things on their own so lets hop on over,to the mac and take a look at clean my,mac x,so you will see this is the front screen,for clean my mac x when you launch it,the first time there will be some,different setup options including uh,using the assistant thats built in uh,and doing some kind of ongoing scanning,so youre free to set that up exactly,how you want but it starts with this,screen the smart scan screen,and what it says here is start with a,nice and thorough scan of your mac i,will choose scan,and what the mac is going to do or what,the application rather is going to do is,look through all of the apps and files,on my mac and then also do a quick scan,to determine,if theres any sort of potential uh,virus or adware or other issue that,might be on my mac,before it rounds things out with a way,to speed up the system so it is still,going through the protection right now,and now it is completed its actually,very fast uh it has shown that there are,5.92,gigabytes of data that can probably be,removed uh that there were no threats,found and that there are some tasks that,can be done to speed up the system so,were going to tap run,and it says hey we need to quit this app,uh in order to be able to go through the,process so i am going to just choose,quit all and that will close out of all,of them,and then you can see here its saying,hey look uh in order to do this process,we actually need to install a helper in,your system what this means is,on its own clean my mac x doesnt have,the permissions that it needs to do the,full,cleanup that its trying to do so i will,type in my password and install the,helper and now it is able to go through,and do this removal so it is kind of,quickly zooming through to remove stuff,that it doesnt need and im going to,show you in a moment,what all it is looking for as it does,this scan,so well let it complete the process,and then talk about it,so the process is completed and you can,see that it pops open the password app,that i quit while i was doing that and,then it shows me at the end there were,three tasks that it did to,make sure that the mac was running as,quickly as possible it removed 5.92 gigs,of junk that we didnt need and it did a,deep scan or rather it did a normal skin,but it offers the ability to do a deep,scan i dont need to do a deep scan just,yet but i am going to choose view log,down at the bottom,now this shows that it looked in my,trash bins there are different trash,bins on the mac including the one thats,shown but also some hidden ones removed,stuff from there mail attachments that,were taking up space that you didnt,need anymore,system junk this can include quite a few,things,the maintenance scripts the dns cache,and ram to flush that so now were going,to go back to start over,and just scan one more time as it kind,of looks through,and you can see it says that there are,16.7 megabytes of unneeded junk that can,be removed so were going to take a look,at this by choosing review details and,this gives you an idea of what uh,cleanmymac can possibly remove including,system cache files so these are some,system caches that are being stored this,is just,different parts of your system your,operating system mac os that saves,information so that it doesnt have to,reload it every time,user cache files so when youre logged,in some of the stuff that itll save for,later and system log files and then of,course mail attachments so well go back,to the summary we dont need to do,another clean right now,and then ill choose start over,lets go down from here so,smart scan is going to do kind of a,bunch of tasks all at once,system junk gives you an idea of the,stuff on your mac that may be taking up,space so not only does it optimize your,system by removing system cache files,but it can also help with some errors if,youve got some files that are maybe,corrupted as it looks through different,parts of the system here well well,take a closer look at what it is,removing,so,here it didnt find really anything user,cache files and system cache files but,one of the really cool features that,cleanmymac has is it is aware of the,fact that this machine that im using is,an m2 macbook air and apple also has,the intel mac and macbook and lots of,different intel devices,and when an app developer creates an app,they if they want to support apples uh,silicon m1 m2 then they need to release,an app that has both the intel version,and the apple silicon version and,cleanmymac says hey look i know youre,using an m2 machine you know youre,using an intel machine or excuse me an,m2 machine not an intel machine so you,dont need to have that intel version of,the app thats just taking up space it,doesnt need to be there so it goes,ahead and helps you remove that yourself,and if you choose review details you can,see how it shows other stuff thats here,xcode junk so this is,stuff that ive downloaded through xcode,which is apples developer platform,unused disk images so if you download,different applications from the internet,or different files from the internet,that are saved as dmg those are disk,image files then you can remove those,very easily by coming into here and,seeing what the big ones are and see if,you want to

How to protect your new Apple Mac with Clean My Mac X – Is it worth purchasing?

whats up guys my name is saleh from ap,tech helping you grow further enforcing,youtube in this channel we do technical,review and also tips and strategies just,like this one so today were going to,review this clean my mac x on for,macbook so what were going to do now is,go into my trusty computer and download,this software itself and then ill walk,you through the process and things that,you can do in order to enhance your,computer and capabilities so im,actually using the full version but i,would suggest you to give a try the,trial version and if you do like it then,thats when youre going to um going,ahead to purchase the new one were,gonna type clean my mac,and this is the,the trial version so were gonna,download the free version um its asking,me to,move it to basically,download the app itself so were,downloading the app as soon as this app,opens obviously ive got the key code,im going to enter my own key code but,if you do um want to give a head go,ahead and play about with the trial then,thats something that i would suggest,the whole purpose of this software is to,increase the speed basically this should,be up and running if youre doing it for,the first time then this will be a lot,slower but once you have um done your,checks then this would be a lot faster,so im going to unlock the full version,but so if you do have the full version,this is how you unlock it ill leave a,link in the description so if you want,to go ahead and purchase one of these,ones,or play about with the trial so im,gonna hit activate obviously this part,here im going to fast forward,after entering this and its basically,giving me the option now saying yes,youre all good to go and you can see,that at the bottom here where,initially it said that um you can enter,your key code or purchase one but at,this stage its all clean so you can see,straight away this is what you are,featured with youve got system junk you,can run these operation one by one but i,like to do this smart scan what this,smart scan is going to do is that its,going to run my computers data and its,going to basically look for all of the,junk stuff thats been hidden and things,are unused and also free up some space,so lets go ahead and scan this so its,cleaning up and its going to basically,take a little bit longer than initially,and you can see that its basically,looking up for,any,unwanted files as well as my um,protection any malware and its going to,enhance the speed or the whole purpose,of me doing this review is to see that,if this mac clean my mac is actually,required in this current dnh 2022 if you,do have an older mac like myself this,macbook pro its a 2020 so its a couple,of years old and if youve got older,version than this then its definitely,worth purchasing this clean my mac but,if you do have one of the latest macs,then they are a lot faster already and,if you do feel like you still need to go,a lot more faster than that then this is,something that you would consider okay,its basically saying that it found 3.1,agb um some sort of a memories that i,can clear up and he also found some sort,of a protection my protection it says,theres no threat found and it takes,basically the speed up to three i dont,know three tasks to run so were going,to basically review what are these,things these things you can see here,system junk it has 3.18 system junk that,i can clear off it has a bit of catches,there a bit of language and user log and,these are things that i can clear them,straight away and this is how you can,grant access to your computer so its,telling me basically open my system,preference and then im going to go to,authenticate and then im going to use,clean my mac and my full disk list,everything else is all good so were,going to hit run,and its going to ask me are you sure,you want to do that hes asking me,should i quit chrome yeah lets quit,chrome hes asking me quit safari we can,quit safari,and hes asking me here um,[Music],for my password,so im granting access to my cleaning my,mac,and clean my mac is cleaning everything,for me,[Music],so while were waiting for that to clean,up so if we take a look at their monitor,which you can get it right the top just,by clicking that it gives you a lot of,information so you can see that my uh,dashboard here it tells me the things,that draws the most my battery so my,ive got audacity thats currently,recording my audio for this video thats,running behind the background ive got,my clean my mac is also running behind,the background these are the two things,that are currently draining my battery,ive got other things that are just,showing here on my network,and my memory as well ive got 16 gb,memory the current availability for my,memory is quite low you can see this is,how much ive got left and this is,really bad i shouldnt have low memory,but i do tend to,use other external hard drive so that,way my memory stays well its telling me,what what else can we do now after weve,cleaned those 3.18 gb,and so what we can do is we can actually,run a lot deeper,so that can detect um,things like us just learning around my,system there are 10 unread unused apps i,can get rid of those apps what are those,apps there are so many things that i can,get rid of um so what are the unused,apps so if i open it up like things like,pages one drive numbers so i can get rid,of this one here so before you do,anything you can actually,see how much space theyre actually,holding so obviously theres,certain things you can still keep,actually im going to keep that one,drive in there so these things that i,can and uninstall them and this is,basically a way of finding out so there,are so many things here so m utility im,going to keep that and call at spec so,this is a generator basically um m call,aspect again and these are the,plugins that i use for my final cut pro,im going to use them um now and then,but you can see that it tells me ive,not used this for very long time,and so im gonna,click uninstall the ones that ive,currently ticked everything else is,still gonna remain there,so thats uninstalling those,apps off my mac so thats going to,give me some space back again,you can see that it told me i saved,about 8.69 gb,you can imagine thats quite a lot so if,we go back again ive got the options to,run a bit of deep scan so that gives me,a lot more information but so depending,on what package you want to go ahead,this is the subscription-based one-year,subscription and if you want to go ahead,and purchase for 2 max this is what you,would basically um pay for 49.95,um and for one mac 29.95 and for 5 max,69.95 this is a subscription base for,one year if you want to go ahead and,purchase just one time forever and,depending on the package again um so for,two max this is how much youll be,paying and format one mac is 76 pound 95,pence,and youve got for five max 167 pound 95,pence and that depends on you what you,would pay so this is what most of the,people will do and theyre just going to,go ahead and,buy lifetime this app itself and you,will be basically paying at 76 pound 95,pence i would urge you to try the free,trial first once youve tried the free,tile then that would give you a little,bit more option,this software has a lot of things like,um vpn it also has uh for clean my pc so,its not only for mac it also works with,pcs and for those who are interested in,pc do let me know if you want to see a,video dedicated for pc then i will do a,video on based on pc but currently this,is just for clean my mac if you find,this video useful do hit the like button,and also subscribe for more videos like,this one till next time stay legend

Is CleanMyMac X Really Worth It? (The Truth) Hands on test

Is Clean My Mac worth it?,lets go baby!,Aint nothing like a good Mac cleaning video, am I right or am I right?,First off guys, it can be tough to know whether clean my mac is worth the price.,You may also be wondering if its legit or not.,Boo-Hoo!,But GUESS what?,We tested the software!,Is CleanMyMac worth it?,When searching for a reliable, safe Mac Cleaner that is worth it, balancing the cost and value can get complex.,Especially, when there’s so many softwares with bloatware and malware out there.,When it comes to CleanMyMac, users find themselves weighing the pros and cons for hours…,That is, deciding if CleanMyMac really works, how the features differ, and,if there are free alternatives that will perform the same optimization.,CleanMyMac is worth it because it allows you to perform maintenance tasks that would,take you hours of combining free products, that usually have adware and bloatware.,It is a highly polished application that keeps your multi-thousand dollar MacBook running at the speeds it was meant to.,Mac users also ask whether CleanMyMac is safe or not… which I also cover in another video on this channel.,I have tested CleanMyMac vigorously on many different MacBook models and found that CleanMyMac,X is worth buying if you’re looking for an instant fix, rather than combining,multiple free apps that only do a portion of what CleanMyMac is capable of.,Is it worth the money?,CleanMyMac is worth the money if you’re looking for the fastest way to safely clean & speed up your Macbook.,The cleanup software costs between $34.95 and $79.95 for a year subscription (varies),if you take advantage of the deal of the day they run.,The number of Mac computers to be supported determines the price,and a one-time subscription is available ranging from $89.95 to $199.95.,While these prices may seem higher than some lesser known alternatives, the reliability, additional virus protection, malware,protection and extra features (and updates) you will receive from CleanMyMac match every dollar paid for it.,Is CleanMyMac really needed?,Clean My Mac X is necessary for Mac Users who are in search of the,most complete Mac clean up in the safest, most intuitive way possible for speed optimization.,CleanMyMac provides the necessary features needed for all the following features:,The post that is linked in the description explains more in,depth things nobody is comparing when it comes to cleanmymac.

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