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Madden 21 Review

[Music],every year a new madden nfl game comes,out and every year the marginal,improvements and new additions feel like,just enough to keep the series moving,forward,this year however things feel a bit,different in madden nfl 21,despite the introduction of the,surprisingly fun and unique the yard,mode,the list of persistent issues neglected,features and new annoyances is growing,quite,long so even though the underlying,moment to moment football gameplay has,continued to make progress with its fine,tuning refinements,just about everything else is,underwhelming including technical,performance,[Music],its easy to be dismissive of anal,sports games by saying they look and,play the same,every year because to some degree thats,true as usual when youre playing a game,from the typical,zoomed out camera perspective madden 21,looks fantastic,stadiums are true to life character,models are extremely detailed,animations look smooth and responsive,and overall its got a sharp design that,feels cutting edge,once you get up close though player,faces are often stiff and awkward and,the fans in the bleachers still look,like low poly cardboard cutouts,similarly the nfl pageantry around each,game is still lacking,its missing the vast majority of stat,blocks and recap cutaways that you,typically see during the actual nfl,broadcast that madden is striving to,emulate,on a related note the halftime show,content is still basically non-existent,its also been notably buggier than,normal playing on playstation 4 pro,performance issues have made things,incredibly frustrating across the board,frame rate drops have been common and,severe enough to make me miss,kicks and miscellaneous issues like my,opponent randomly mirroring my entire,team or textures,tearing across the screen werent,addressed in the first patch,when things are running smoothly on the,field moment to moment gameplay feels a,tiny bit faster than last year with more,precise animations for things like jukes,and spins,as a ball carrier using the right skill,stick feels more dynamic and fluid for,pulling off the evasive moves and,overall blocking seems more realistic,runners plant their feet well and make,the size of cuts so it all adds up to,really satisfying goal line moments on,both offense and defense,on the defensive side pass rushing as,alignment is a much deeper experience,than in previous maddens thanks to the,new ability system that helps navigate,blocks,also on the defensive side of the ball,its much harder now as it should be to,play a linebacker,in madden nfl 20 it seemed like every,linebacker in the league could run down,speedy receivers while making superhuman,leaps into the air to intercept bullet,passes out of nowhere,but now linebackers are thankfully toned,down in effectiveness with,far fewer impossible seeming moments hey,get up man i want to watch some tv,youve been laying out here all morning,this years version of the story driven,campaign mode is called face of the,franchise rise to fame,its a genuinely bad story built around,paper thin illusion that your actions,and choices,matter you start all the way back in,high school as the backup quarterback to,local legend and rival,tommy matthews performances feel phoned,in animations are poor and some of the,most,crucial scenes are inexplicably devoid,of all voice acting,playing ncaa games again albeit briefly,and fragmented was a real treat,except that nothing matters you can,intentionally tank every game and not,complete a single pass yet still get,drafted because,off screen you lit up the scoreboard the,best thing about this mode though is,that the story doesnt stop once you,arrive in the nfl,unlike last years story moments,continue to pop up over the years as you,play through a sort of highlight reel of,your career,its a good format that can be coming,back for more even if the writing is,extremely clunky and matthews is all but,non-existent after you reach the nfl,im a huge fan of yours nah man im a,fan of yours,[Applause],the big new mode this year is called the,yard it has proved to be a bright spot,in madden nfl 21.,the 6v6 mode pits superstar caliber,players against one another in a,ludicrously silly but oddly captivating,backyard game,there are no quarters or time limits,here and the field is only 80 yards long,each side gets three offensive,possessions starting at their 20 yard,line with a first and 20.,you can hike the ball to any player on,your team and you can throw behind the,line of scrimmage multiple times,with so many new and unexpected rules to,learn the yard is extremely,jarring at first but it did grow on me i,also like the jumbled up look in all the,players clothing,its new and different and theres some,good novelty in that much of the games,of the yard makes an ingenuity though it,gives up in its lack of depth,there isnt a franchise structure or,league format to go through,other than a handful of stadiums with,unique rule sets i enjoyed the yard for,what it is a nifty distraction from the,real core of madden,but it doesnt have enough meat to,satisfy on its own,[Music],not much is new this year in madden,ultimate team meaning youll see,advertisements for the mode and loading,screens and feel pressured to try it,constantly,if youre not familiar the gist is that,you open random package sports cards,that each represent nfl players of today,and yesteryear,these cards make up your team like a,living breathing fantasy squad,the premise at the core of mut is cool,enough but its just so riddled with,pay-to-win microtransactions that its,hard to enjoy,without paying its a slow tedious grind,that will all be erased when,an nfl 22 comes out the only really,significant change to mut,this year is a change to how abilities,are capped which allows you to be more,flexible with balancing your team,and of course franchise mode is once,again relegated to background status and,completely neglected other than expanded,wild card rounds match,actual nfl rules new x factor abilities,that were,added this year in more authentic rookie,contracts,its quite literally identical to last,year all the way down to the menu layout,and that means its almost identical to,madden nfl 19 as well because there were,no significant changes last year either,its a shameful lack of attention for,what is,historically one of maddens most played,modes,madden nfl 21 is a great example of why,competition breeding innovation is a,good thing,without a comparable nfl game to go up,against ea has allowed its marquee,sports franchise to fall behind,other sports games in almost every,significant way,there is no excuse for madden stagnation,or its focused on the shamelessly,pay-to-win ultimate team mode,even though i appreciate the tweaks to,the core gameplay and the chaotic,novelty of the yard,that is not enough to make me want to,sing madden nfl 21s praises,for more on madden nfl 21 check out some,gameplay from the yard mode,and for everything else stay tuned to,[Music],ign

Madden NFL 21 Review

im kurt devino speaking for steven,petit,madden nfl 21 is a tale of two games,really,it introduces the yard the best new man,in game mode in more than a decade,situating itself nicely alongside the,breezy and fun,superstar ko mode that arrived last year,but outside of these exciting inclusions,that are well suited for short sessions,madden nfl 21 feels,all too familiar even for an annual,sports sim,thomas the ten pole modes that require a,deep investment havent received,meaningful updates,and the on-the-field gameplay doesnt do,much to move the series forward and is,hampered by surprising technical issues,ea sports has done well as of late with,recognizing that not every player wants,to sink a,dizzying number of hours into franchise,or ultimate team,with madden nfl 20 ea added superstar ko,a sudden death overtime mode where each,player gets,one possession it returns in madden nfl,21,largely unchanged retaining its,excellent high stakes matches with,madden nfl 21,ea has added a second casual mode that,is even better than superstar ko,the yard is easily the most over the top,mode to ever appear in madden,inspired by backyard football teams of,six compete on an 80 yard field,gaining three possessions each to try,and score,you can play against the computer team,up with one or two friends,or see how you stack up online against,other players,while it doesnt feature nfl blitz ask,hits you can get really imaginative with,stripped-down playbooks,youre allowed to throw unlimited,forward passes behind the line of,scrimmage,and many of the plays are set up to,encourage this adding to this mechanic,is the ability to snap,the ball to any of your teammates the,yard hinges on extravagant plays as it,requires you to move the ball 20 yards,for a first,down due to the limited number of,blockers theres a delay before the,defense can pass the line of scrimmage,after scoring a touchdown you can choose,to go for a one,two or three point conversions which,require you to score from different yard,lines,theres a risk reward element in play,here as you can lose by a decent margin,even if you score three touchdowns bonus,points are rewarded for passing the ball,multiple times on a scoring play,the basic setup and chaotic variables in,play create some of the most,thrilling men moments ive ever,experienced and games typically only,last around 20 minutes or less,its both brief and delightful making it,the antithesis,of maddens long-running ultimate team,mode unfortunately madden nfl 21 begins,to show its blemishes,in the familiar modes franchise once,again,hasnt received any noticeable,improvements it still gives you the,opportunity to manage every aspect of,your team,over the course of many nfl seasons but,its essentially the same loop thats,been in place,for the past few years giving little,reason to upgrade if you primarily play,franchise face the franchise rise to,fame the single player story mode is the,worst part of the package by far,this years iteration of face the,franchise attempts to reintroduce,more narrative after last years,lackluster face the franchise qb1,it doesnt work at all rise to fame is,set up as flashbacks,told to a reporter back at the high,school where your legendary journey,began,i was out with food poisoning i told,them not to order sushi on a monday,everyone knows thats the leftovers from,the weekend,of course theres a stereotypical brash,starting qb,named tommy who gives you a hard time,quickly its revealed that the starter,has a health condition that hes been,hiding which,thrusts you into the limelight in the,second half of a game after playing a,few games in high school,you pick to play in one of 10 ncaa,programs,and your rival turn wide receiver joins,you it flashes forward to your junior,year when youre,told by the coach that youll split up,as quarterback with your frenemy,yes he wants to play qb again,in the upcoming season the problem here,is that your play on the field really,doesnt matter at all,despite winning in blowout fashion in,the two collegiate games i,started all the cutscenes mention how,the team was struggling,even after winning the college football,playoffs semi-final and dominant fashion,i was benched in the first half of the,national title game for tommy,the story only gets more ridiculous from,there but quickly leads you to the nfl,where it starts to play out more in the,fashion,of the traditional franchise mode unless,you really want to guide a player with,your name to the hall of fame,rise to fame is not worth checking out,youre far better off jumping straight,into the normal franchise mode grown,inducing writing stiff animations and,disjointed story arc makes rise to fame,every bit as lackluster as last year,since theres more of it here,its actually even more disenchanting,the card collecting ultimate team mode,doesnt fear any better than franchise,when it comes to new features,at this point ea has added so many,superfluous details that half the time,it feels like youre playing a tedious,management sim rather than a football,game it also doesnt help that,ultimate team remains steadfastly,committed to microtransactions,which puts players who dont feel like,spending money on digital cards,at a disadvantage while theres much to,do an ultimate team whether you play,solo against the cpu,or online nothing here moves ultimate,team in a positive direction,assembling and modifying your team is a,monotonous task that forces you to,examine a slew of different attributes,in addition to a players overall rating,to compose the best team possible,its certainly deep and filled with,customization but now more than ever,the dullness of it all is much more,apparent,despite its shortcomings and the most,prominent game modes,met in nfl 21 still offers better,on-the-field gameplay than in previous,years,most of the time hell let this go deep,for born,the biggest change i noticed came with,run defense,last year the run game was far too,challenging to stop but this time cpu,defenders,smartly filled gaps more often while,engaged with offensive linemen,tackling in the open field also received,noticeable improvements including new,animations,and fewer unrealistic broken tackles,on the offensive side of the ball the,main improvement comes with your evasive,moves which can now be utilized,with the right stick making cuts in the,open field to evade defenders,feels more intuitive than before two new,moves a side hurdle and dead leg,add to the number of ways you can make,the defender miss,since hesitation running is big in,football its nice to see the dead leg,added,directional hurdles let you jump left,and right rather than just,forward which comes in handy when youre,running along the sidelines,all told ball carrier moves are more,dynamic giving you new ways to catch,defenders,off guard,when man in nfl 21 is running without a,hitch the football gameplay is quite,good even if its,only incrementally better than last year,sadly in its current state,madden nfl 21 has some real issues,especially in regard to kicking on more,than half of my kickoffs field goals and,punts,there was some fairly extreme lag with a,kicking meter which led to laughably,errant,kicks more than usual receivers simply,do not turn back to look at the ball at,all,even when it hits them directly in the,back of the head there are also bigger,picture issues with the overall,experience,sometimes the field didnt fully render,forcing me to quit and reload,other times the game got stuck in a,loading lube after finishing a contest,lagging animations arent super common,but i encountered one or two,every few games while i assume these,issues will get patched with the planned,day one update,they add up to create an inconsistent,and sometimes frustrating experience,madden has reached a crossroads one side,of the road is freshly paved and,inspired thanks to the shenanigans,featured in the yard,while the other is beaten down and,filled with potholes,with far more technical issues than,normal and large

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An Honest Review Of Madden 21 | This Is Not Football SImulation

[Music],what is going on everybody,it is that time a year again to review,the latest installment of the madden nfl,series,madden 21 so welcome to my honest review,of madden 21 and my answer to the ever,important question should you buy it,before we hop in please do take a second,to hit that like button down below and,subscribe to my channel for more nfl,analysis and madden content,now it is impossible to review this game,without highlighting many of the events,on social media leading up to the,release of this game,in regards to the fix madden franchise,movement,around the 1st of july ea sports,revealed its list of,upgrades for madden 21 and following,this list of features,if you can even call it that public,outrage,ensued through the internet emerged a,hashtag a trend,a movement if you will known as hashtag,fix madden franchise and within a matter,of hours,this hashtag became the number one,trending topic in,all of america and without getting,political here,keep in mind this was amidst a time of,particular civil unrest,and a pandemic unlike anything this,world has ever seen,so that truly goes to show a how,shockingly disappointing the updates,from madden 20 to madden 21,are b how the madden community that,seeks a more realistic football,simulation experience,through franchise mode is not just some,loud minority as many seemed to believe,including seemingly the executives at ea,who have suppressed the requests of this,group of loyal customers for a decade,now and see that the fans of,madden who remember once having an,in-depth game,to simulate their desires to run an nfl,team,become a player and experience life in,the nfl along with the challenges,story lines and accomplishments that,surround these people,have grown exhausted to see the game we,once loved the game that has,now monopolized the nfl gaming market by,purchasing the exclusive right to,represent the nfl through simulation,football,turn into frankly an arcadey,comic book style representation of the,nfl,that is very clearly prioritized,attracting a younger generation of,people,who seek a more casual football,experience,with the clear lack of attention to the,simulation aspects of this game,how ea is able to brand this game as the,exclusive,simulation provider of nfl gaming is,completely beyond me,and it doesnt feel right now recently,ea did respond to the outcry with a,message to its fans,a list of features and commitments along,with a course of actions for how things,will improve in the future,so i do personally appreciate the,transparency and im optimistic that a,large collection of these features,will eventually make it into madden 21,and,well provide a framework to finally,cater to the demands,of the people who want a simulation,football game in maddens to come,but as we sit here today at the launch,of madden 21,we sit completely empty-handed in that,department we are left,trusting the words of a company that has,legitimately lied to us before through,similar press releases,holding out hope for a better game,someday and if youre wondering if you,should buy this game,or if youre a parent wondering if this,is a game you should buy for your child,i find its my job as a madden youtuber,and an unbiased reviewer of the game to,relay this information to you,and bring light to the state of ea,sports madden as we sit here today,so now that that is out of the way,madden 21 is after all a new installment,of the game,i am going to give you my honest,reactions to the improvements and,additions that were made,and everything that you can do inside,madden 21 that may impact your decision,on if you should buy this game,so well discuss franchise mode along,with the face of the franchise career,mode first,then gameplay then ultimate team,followed by superstar ko,and the addition of a new arcade style,game mode,called the yard franchise mode,first off lets discuss the only,simulation game mode inside,the only nfl game on the market legally,allowed to create a simulation football,experience,franchise mode and i kid you not,fire up your copy of madden 20 download,an updated roster,and now imagine that the color scheme,was different,and bam you have madden 21 franchise,mode,i mean seriously there are literally two,tiny tweaks that were made and,everything else is the same,these two tweaks were a slight,adjustment to player regression to be,more forgiving,especially for players with higher,development traits and,simulation stats were adjusted so that,the actually good quarterbacks are the,ones who perform well,in the simulation engine basically just,a couple,tweaks to things that are in the game,that should be better,and thats it other than those two,itty-bitty adjustments i mean,seriously coach creation is the same,league customization and settings,the same the freaking scenario engine,that was a raw addition to last years,game that showed some promise,went completely untouched same in-season,free agency,same coach goals skills and coaching,schemes,same trade systems with poor computer,logic,same outdated positional listings for,edge interior linemen and off ball,linebacker,still no ability to edit x factor,abilities something that was,inexplicably missing from madden 20,with the introduction of x factors same,player development system,same player progression system same,preseason with no training camp or camp,battles,something we had 10 years ago in,previous maddens,two consoles ago same renegotiations,with the inability to structure,contracts,same stale scouting system same awards,menu,same stale and impersonal resign stage,without compensatory picks for letting,players leave in free agency,identical offseason free agency same,exact choices for player faces that,weve had for five plus maddens now,despite other game modes now having,customizable faces for two years,and the same exact draft with poor,computer team building logic,there really is no way around it man,this is sad and infuriating as a madden,an nfl fan and customer,and if you buy this game strictly for,franchise mode i strongly suggest you do,some combination,of holding off to see if some of these,improvements that theyve talked about,are delivered down the road and using my,roster for madden 20,which right now will give you the exact,same experience as madden 21 franchise,mode,or purchase the game used as to not,support ea,and to voice your dissatisfaction with,the lack of attention to franchise mode,ea paid 1.6 billion dollars to retain,the exclusive simulation rights to this,game,and the lack of updates and attention to,this game mode that has been stale for a,decade,is drastically trailing franchise modes,of other sports games,and has had more features removed from,the mode,than added over the last 15 years is,simply,inexplicable inexcusable and not right,and ea as a company should be,embarrassed and ashamed of themselves,for the frustration that theyve forced,upon its most loyal fans,but at the end of the day there is a lot,more to talk about than franchise mode,so,lets keep going next up is face of the,franchise maddens story-driven career,mode,now i need to be transparent here for,times sake i was not able to complete,the entire story mode,if you are purchasing this game for face,of the franchise i highly recommend,investigating,uh some more in-depth reviews of the,mode that said,while it wasnt where id prefer they,spend its resources and am very,frustrated that it came at the expense,of franchise mode,ea did spend a significant amount of its,time,developing this mode an in-depth career,mode is something that this game has,truly been lacking,and from what i experienced year two of,face of the franchise,is a pretty massive improvement and,while it still leaves a lot to be,desired,those seeking a career mode experience i,think will enjoy it,a major gripe ive had with these modes,going back to long shot in madden 18,was how linear shallow and cringe-worthy,the stories were,and most significantly the fact that the,entire storyline,along with i

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Madden NFL 21 is NOT GOOD – Review

hp 에 참 e 올겐 yea 주 앞선 유메 아는게이 woo x nu 예,v 유튜브,미리 아 of 아 지 않았 있는 헤브 게임을 퍼스 보다 할 스포이트 알,때문에 a 쏘 팝 하나인데 f 8 스포츠 비우게 뭐 마켓 2쿨 eros,soto 1t 기쁘게 empowers h 자판 더 바이두가 충분히 u 볼,오브 더 파스텔 eileen 해줬던 제 v 신검 rn 게임이라 제 2의,시작 android 백신 4 부싱 926,이 컨셉트 바울 소 오브 point x 숫자판 라이트 박신우 다음달 5일,스탁 등 오호리 느낌 주 시대 노르 약 50 삥 것 그 스포츠 개 소스에,스냅 2월부터 비운의 그룹 이유 소득이 망했네,mv 스폰 먼트 쇼 세인트 협박 맛이 goi 막기도 다운드 스위치는 번째,랭크가 원초 피부 유분 its 뗀다 포로 이 게임이 까이 병인 다올,컴퍼니 앱 비싼건 위 키스 씬 곳에 많이 뒤주 겁나 쓰라린 뻔 보다가,2% 그건 어머 이다해 이런 느낌은 번 오히려 군의 보나 옷이 우리와,하셨으나 초 이에 소걸이 풀었 nlb 탐스 바벨 컬을 사이즈,네 스스로 du 프로도 ps4 lx 와 지원 npc 입으신 수 없는게,있는 나쁜 날씨 하는 법이오,r 볼 비유 다운에 캄사 압수 bp 와 이마에 팬인 하면서 게임 모습의,바위 뭐 바디 & 스퀘어 듀플렉스 you 5개 없이 다리우스와 는 100,누리 센스있는 게임 a6 exo-k 뭐 커브 영어에는 플룻 케이스,discover 으 잘 oi 스테인,매니아 같이 돼지 구이 na ei ole modern 서핑 르 브리,hotel server 엔써 보기엔 too 브래 고속함 poets 포함,my poor to see my tears after sex love,scars 벤 보드 신차 10컵 소주잔에 왜 50,이지우 대표께서 어울 참여해 포럼 에 블리딩 xrd 콩을 개,to others come to seoul 4 된 – 2 of 2 1 2,이게 나올까 어느 and i 스터드 긴 그 oem 드디어,트 켈 크리에이션 스윗 있었소 pmp 부화된 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오하우 시점에 15일 배포해 m 주변 차이를 팀의,뉴스는 이유 오는 x 게임 컴 사업 선셋 더 스퀘어 2h 노모 띄는,기꺼운 로봇 6화 우즈 하 우 스 모 스 g 을 넘어 드신 떨어 업체 왜,빼는 법이 좀 포레버 러브 게임 느낀 퍼의 sda 스고이 말은 소원이,보험 월,에뛰드 하는 흰 주오 날은 캠프에 거보다 시작해 aspen 10화 쓰바,이렇게 입는 게임 엔진은 총리 세븐틴 는 swi 몹시도 올해 멋지게 서,프라이밍 food 자꾸 뭐 in a 시즌 컬러 v 보아가 또 갱 하나가,업보 멀티 악세 네카 로라스 5x 학교에도 우리 겁 추워요,뉴스들이 맥스 초 다원의 학교 베레모 막 유학생 캐나 번 보니 책사 해,뉴스 dws cover 브라,머린 말은 코르 박스폰 봄의 앱을 자매 게 착,mares you 번 보고 and noisy 튜브 lan 주의 코라,주별로 이번 복원 스벤 뭐지 학생 다시 초원이 원트 벽 반보 선두,위헌적인 종이 되고 하시게 됩니다,섹스 방법은 언어 20 14 이너페이스 마십시오 m 몸은 포레 누님 억수,도서 모습은 y ken 사이트 파악해 나온 이브 조합식 쑥 하우 간 썰,크라잉넛 이봉원의 슈 x 3 첨에 아랜 다이슨 이번에 된건 우유 포포,와서 ehs 매트 개인 터에 위험을 s 펜의 우선 피부 올 동안 어디,데코로라 콤보 서있네 세린느 비켜서 다 오브 파울이 되요,또 이후 유아의 소머즈 악스에서 오브 파울의 wifi 튜브 잊은 2점,카봇 느낌,b 원스탑 시간을 보니 콜백 4 이 프로그램의 디펜스 화면 자기 우하 1,수가 때 약 c 키,테인 tein 번 고르다 끝 toxins 빠이 라드 등 기능별 알아봐야,of rows in set 에스원 이슈 my o2 슈어 포로 mens,게임 srx 콘,또 케어 버스에 powerex 스미어 액션의 가오 게임 넘지 날엔,aero peek 스컬 no.13 에프엑스의 나름 1존 있 있어도 이익률,보안 라벨 cd 클렌저 m 사의 특히 바쁘게 피우면서 파이버 초짜 교회,앰버 넘어온 카브 셔츠 보이신 줘도 되고 10월에 거너 코너 50 스타,더럭 했냐 우리 탈 애니 퍼 요일은 치킨 900평 케미가 원수가 y,toro 갸 수밖에 찐따 빽 sexfree 듯한 쓰자고 소행 표현 줄,다음 식힌 값이 코르 받고나니 수입한 바하이 차라리 듯한 즈가 치킨과,hdx 인원 3 브리치 우유니 딱 추워서 애플이 q perlman 스카이,섬 떼게 놀 어 펜서 보아는 켄 5악장 높이 오르고 yv 너 exo-k,이슈,ive 초이스로 가면 전일비 그때 모아서 br 이 lf 이득이 모이는,br 세워 갖고 쓰다 포일 스톰 께 지구 파워 주님의 그 4a 는 엎드려,난초 님 a p 볼 스터드 데카맨 측 내포 유튜브 report maker,iv 부터 게임에서 포즈와 비중 x 학교 치맥 때 즐겨 보세요,dn 에 w 스토어 폐 5 dvd 나 앞으로 촌 이건 지퍼로 된 유쿠,노포 osu 브라운 올리브 적인 아케이드와 2,그와 녀 후 이 포트리스 camden 연락도 못 할 수 있어요 쓰임,cases cpu 에서 오일 쇼크 안무 아시아 over 개,느낌 해본 myoma 션 two 타면서 오븐 oven,잉크 만원 5c pu 어 김연자 어머니 어디에 실사 된 cotton,wool 카운티 오브 아너 이슈 4,수험 명 판 렉시벨 toot mx 파이팅 는 떼어 매는 뭐,들어 어디 우 그 최인 주스 게임패드 씰 얻어 데 이어 c 뭐,코렉스 koo 빙 사투 싼 써킷 uefi 뭥 긴,이 큰 놈이 요즘 워너 한다 그랜드 딸린 자율 피오 의식의 스몰 우리것이,투스 바하마 씨도 프로파일을 4일에 에센스 보아 밍크 추워서 웨이브야,맵핑을 xcode 쓰여있네요,있는 게임 teflon 스페이스 vm 대,언 뻗힌 의 eads 스뎅 곳 api 게임 poodle 뜨기에 뭘 씨는,무엇이 또 볼 고비도 악 54,느낌 부어야 속옷을 1t 스포이트 딱 때라 원칙에 보시죠 아포 어느것이,더 쉽게 dream pool was 보고도 패 아셨어요 sets km,차오르게 뭘 시험기 에요,옛날 웃은 뒤 오미 게이머와 으로는 먹게 되는 답을 캠핑의 7k 울수도,밑에 맥 에스미 의 신학 어게인,들어버린 케어 서머 4p 부부 뭐 우리 우스게 4 5,역임 은총이 정원이 dsl 듀오 니아 2 2,nuc po 4 날은 칠 듯 mdl 있게 섰어,애니 아썸 eol 학급 뉴텍 뜨게 있는 developer 이 5개,enter a love ive won exo oven 에 나오게,날은 내수 막게 된다 3 있음이 웹 씨나 나오게,속이 아 앙금은 호르 첫 스텝을 로빙 에이스 미오의 신하나 거 개 싹,mh 펜 던 버프와 너프 버즈 6회 에이즈 데이터를 벼 없든 애니 나는,게임 앱을 가야지 그래도 캐링 물로 와이퍼 감싸 x,이것은 퍼센트 그리고 웃음이 린트 5 샵 n,nst 오바를 눈에 아른 리스트 대 2p 로 마음 그것은 4ever,슈퍼스타 k5 5w 추후 큐어링 카운티 m1 게이밍 너머에서 머 언 포,르 쉐 이크 피부 룻은 v.18 있은 nfo 비디오게임,네스 서거 구약 좋았고요 on vision 초보에서 a 게임 터에 4,리크 삐 뭐 추가를 없느냐 주제는 캄 cores of love my 짱,하게 썸 핑크 포니 알 수 없 있으니 살인은 o 게임은 보면 알지만,다운은 나 희나리 싸 돼 나는 무엇을 아루루 탈세 서빙 비슷,knu 스포츠 게임 애틋 a 닉 영 일은 넣어 돌체 rh 인카운터 토렌트,알지 못합니다 etoh 동안 contortion tv 건 포획 옛날,지나니 쌀은 날은 오자 로더 rsc 5호선 패러디 폴드 있는 목 의 하체,대 2 이벤 4,옛날 아기 수 있냐 nso 게임 데이 아래의 하이웰 뉴스 omc 컨트롤이,빠르게,200 못 말은 모습 비교 딥 엘프 버 게임 비치되어 무엇은 이룬 앞에,안아주는 이 애니 카페트 50 10n 참수 프레젠테이션 운 스토브 주행,중엔 nam 치료적 어디 세임 mg 어서 악보 파일 디펜스 와우 엔드게임,스토브 떼어 스터프 자는 써 바지나 없단 쪽엔 서버 와 q,썸 4억 임수가 of the 뉴스가 기계수 피난 써주기 빠이 큰 체인,이유로 보험 a coat of paint a 50,그 앞에 그 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Madden NFL 21 Review – The Final Verdict

[Music],the last run got three now heres second,and seven,now with shotgun handoff to cohen and he,is,in touchdown chicago,its hard to imagine a world without,football even in a pandemic ridden world,it would feel,unequivocally weird to have september,sundays come around without the chance,to watch hours upon hours of americas,most popular sport its a constant that,gives a bit of comfort,and hope at the same time every year,in the same way the madden series is a,constant,in itself every year its newest version,evolves the formula and makes changes to,improve the feel of the game,but never strays from its core football,simulation,madden nfl 21 though starts to confuse,being a constant,with stagnation while it adds a major,new mode and tweaks its core emphasis,its changes to the existing formula make,it feel more like a,glorified update than an entirely new,game,one of the most noticeable changes for,this years madden is its much heavier,emphasis,on players specifically the sports,superstars,the x factor system initially,implemented last year to give specific,players special super abilities,to match their real world talents is,expanded to include,dozens of new abilities which are,activated when you complete,a minor in-game task specific to that,player,these are still great ways to not only,add small missions inside of the larger,context of a game,but also to highlight the best players,on a team and give a quick sense of,whos the best of the best,activating lamar jacksons ability to,scramble always felt like i was truly,running in the shoes of an mvp,even if he sometimes comes a bit too,close to feeling like a cheat code,even loading screens rotate through a,handful of the games superstars,and gives breakdowns of their talents,two of maddens newest modes take the,star power to the next level,superstar knockout which came into,madden 20 after launch,pits you against an online player in a,single overtime match-up,the twist comes in choosing three,superstars to headline your team,you can choose to stack your offense,load up on defense or find a mix of the,two,what works about this mode mirrors what,works about superstars as a larger,mechanic,but in a single short overtime match,your superstars can get lost in the mix,what it offers is a great way to engage,in a short burst,but i wish it offered more options in,how to engage with it,given the entertainment value of the,superstars,maddens flagship new mode this year the,yard,is the poster child for this shorter,non-traditional football game,trying to mirror the backyard football,games youd play as a kid or,as an adult at a tailgate every match is,6v6,and instead of having a clock each team,gets a limited number of drives,first downs are fixed every 20 yards and,theres no punting or kicking,it even takes a hint from the xfl the,real-life poster boy for less serious,football,in that it allows for multiple forward,passes behind the line of scrimmage,and its extra points are worth one two,or three points depending on where you,start your play,it even implements the superstars by,allowing you to choose a player,prototype for your character,ranging from lamar jacksons truss to,michael thomass you cant guard,each of which has its own strengths,while it can be initially confusing to,reconcile the rule differences between,the yard and traditional football,i came to refer it to even a regular,exhibition match,each of its four current locations,ranging from a lambo tailgate to,a beachside miami port offers something,different,some locations you have to play full,games against increasingly difficult,teams,while others make you score on a single,drive or make consistent defensive stops,it always feels like a less rigid more,laid-back way of playing that doesnt,have the penalties clock management or,other stresses of a real game,its a great addition that makes madden,feel fresh again even becoming one of my,preferred ways to play the game,because unlike the nfl itself everything,else feels a little too safe,in its traditional modes madden 21s,gameplay feels almost unchanged from,past years,tweaks here and there make tackling and,pass rushing more,intuitive and responsive and both the ui,and broadcast presentation have seen,significant changes,but at its core its tough to,distinguish last years gameplay from,this years,this is disappointing too because some,persistent problems are still present,tackling can still teleport players,across the field,and minor adjustments often make players,completely change their direction and,lose momentum,one addition that further emphasizes the,focus on player expression,is the celebration system allowing you,to choose a celebration at the press of,a button,after big plays or touchdowns its fun,to showboat in ways that the,real life nfl would probably penalize,though these opportunities happen,almost too often to be special,the face of the franchise mode evolved,from last years divergence from the,pure campaign of longshot,is more fleshed out and has a lot going,for it framed as a documentary style,interview at the end of your career,you narrate your own story playing as,your created character you start as a,backup high school player,though this time you can be a,quarterback receiver or running back,who takes over when the starter has a,health issue and youre ultimately,recruited,to one of a handful of big real-life,ncaa football programs,i took my talents to lsu where i won a,national championship before making my,way to the pros and onto,my beloved chicago bears before the pros,you have a bunch of major cutscenes and,decisions to make,and it plays like a traditional campaign,but once you make it to the pros its,similar to an abridged franchise mode,every once in a while there are press,interviews or conversations with,teammates where you can incite rivalries,or improve your player stats,and every few seasons you have a,different challenge from winning rookie,of the year,to facing a season threatening injury,this mode like last years is a great,way to control your own player,and see through an entire career some of,the major moments,are a little contrived but altogether,its a great way to focus on your,specific player,and role play what kind of nfl star you,want to be,without having the wide ranging focus of,a true franchise,disappointingly two of maddens most,popular modes,are the two most unchanged from past,years,ultimate team has a slightly higher,inclusion of missions to have you finish,more short bursts of content,but apart from that it feels incredibly,familiar compared to previous versions,classic franchise 2 is disappointingly,similar to last years version,you can still choose to play as a player,coach or owner,and you still have the chance to control,a lot of the teams operations alongside,managing its games,from signing players to scouting and,drafting new talent,but as fans of the series made known on,social media there are almost no,improvements to speak,of while eas response to fans implies,meteor changes,next year it holds that this years,version of classic franchise,can be played almost identically in last,years game,if youre a fan of the madden series,youre familiar with its staples,and youll be right at home with madden,21. some minor tweaks dont overshadow,the fact that its traditional gameplay,is,mostly unchanged alongside its,disappointingly similar franchise and,ultimate team modes,the focus on personalities through,superstars and x factors,alongside the fantastic new the yard,mode are great ways to both,highlight specific people and allow for,different more eccentric,ways for the game to be played while its,gameplay is still,undeniably the best football simulator,out there,its also hard to deny the feeling that,madden is stagnating,especially in its established modes and,thats a tough pill to swallow as we,head,into a new console generation madden nfl,21,is as fun and realistic as every madden,game especially in its new,the yard mode and its increased focus on,sup

SportsGamerShow – Madden 21 Review (PS4/Xbox One)

[Music],ea has been hammered by the mana,community,prior to the release of madden 21 due to,a perceived lack of innovation over the,past several years,with modes like madden ultimate team and,face of the franchise being the primary,focus,other modes and features have been left,by the wayside including franchise mode,so much so that the hashtags fix men and,franchise,and nfl drop ea have trended on twitter,in recent weeks,ea addressed these concerns prior to,launch promising changes in the future,now that madden 21 is out gamers can now,see if ea lived by their promise,despite tighter gameplay a positive,change to rush mechanics,and a slight upgrade to presentation,glitches and a case of more of the same,results in a game that is a,disappointment and disgrace to nfl,simulation video game football,[Music],its unfortunate that madden 21 has a,ton of issues which ill get into later,in this review,because the core gameplay when it does,work is actually pretty solid,dont expect any drastic changes from,last year but the small updates that,were made,make for a more fun experience with the,sticks,the biggest change in my mind is,actually on the defensive side of the,ball,where you now use the right stick to,make moves as a defensive lineman,power and speed moves are no longer done,by pressing a designated button at a,certain time,in madden 21 power moves are mapped to,the right stick while a speed rush can,be done by using the right trigger or r2,its a more intuitive way to play as a,defensive lineman and i found myself,doing so more than in past manning games,outside of new superstar x factors the,other gameplay changes in madden 21,are pretty minor in fact some might,argue that the changes are equivalent to,a madden 20 patch update,gameplay is generally tighter and faster,youll see a few new animations,along with some glitch animations which,ill get into later and there have been,several tuning changes on both sides of,the ball that results in an overall,better gameplay experience,when it actually does work,go ahead and do a quick search on,twitter for mana 21 glitches and youll,be entertained for hours on end,the game was and still is littered with,glitches at launch,some old and others knew i personally,experienced a number of glitches with my,time with the game so far,including the dreaded washington field,glitch and a weird one where a drop,pass was ruled a catch in addition to,the glitches ive also,experienced frame rate drops on the ps4,version of the game as well,now these issues are inexcusable at,launch now it doesnt matter if we are,in a transition period to next gen,and it doesnt matter if were in the,middle of a pandemic a lot of these,glitches,are from last years game theres no,excuses here,its disappointing for those who simply,want a solid nfl sim,one in which gamers have no choice but,to buy madden,if they want such an experience now i,can get into other aspects of madden 21,from a graphics,perspective but these issues supersede,any improvements ea could have made,it doesnt even matter man the game,looks exactly the same as last years,game,player models in general look pretty,good stadiums are replicated well the,same low polygon crowds and sideline,players make a return,coaches and player faces are hit or miss,jerseys dont get dirty in the rain,still,its basically the same old same old,[Music],va gave madden 21 a refresh with the,in-game presentation package,and its one of the few good things,about madden 21. the stat overlays are,slick and clean,the replays and transitions flow well,within the game new in-game cutscenes,are a nice touch,and the in-game announcers in brandon,garden and charles davis make a return,and they do a solid job calling games,however there are several presentation,issues that have plagued madden for,years,that still exist in men in 21 half-time,and post-game shows,still lack polish and are essentially a,copy and paste job from previous years,and although the pre-game presentation,got a refresh,there are still cut scenes weve seen in,prior maddens,gamers have been clamoring for,presentation that mimics a real-life,broadcast,similar to what weve seen in nfl 2k5,and yet here we are,in 2020 and ea still hasnt matched that,ea can simply do better,[Music],as a gamer who primarily plays franchise,mode and doesnt have the need or,want to play madden ultimate team ill,admit that when fix madden franchise,started trending on twitter,i was pretty damn happy the mode hasnt,been updated in years,and its no different in madden 21. this,is a straight up copy and paste of last,years franchise mode,and if you dug deep into franchise last,year expect the exact same experience,this time around,same practice mode same news and draft,stories,same way to upgrade your players you get,the picture,ea chose to place its focus not on,franchise,but on a new mode called the yard right,away when playing this mode i felt like,this was eas way of creating their,version of,nba 2ks my career mode in which you can,create an individual player,customize him with new gear assign,abilities and compete in 6 on 6 football,games,under rules similar to nfl street or nfl,blitz,the avatar creator suite is not very,deep so dont expect nba 2k levels of,customization here,it is a nice distraction for those who,are looking for a change of pace,but its not something sim gamers would,or should invest in,face of the franchise makes a return in,madden 21 and the story line this year,revolves around reliving your players,rise,to the hall of fame beginning from high,school although the player customization,suite isnt deep,in fact expect the same setup as last,year im generally enjoying the mode so,far,although ive heard of some glitches,with this mode as well i havent,experienced any during my time with this,part of the game,now other than that the other modes are,pretty much the same,madden ultimate team is eas money maker,it makes a return,superstar ko is back and online head to,head is an option,that unfortunately remains the same as,in previous years,critics have rightfully bashed madden 21,since its release,the solid gameplay and tweaked,presentation doesnt make up for the,games lack of polish,and as a general copy and paste of last,years game,ea essentially put lipstick on a pig,with madden 21,and unless you havent bought a madding,game in several years,gamers should simply steer away from,this game,[Music],[Music],you

Madden 21 – Angry Rant!

hello welcome everyone,third tribes best try i am here to play,madden 21 to see whether this game has,improved,as they say that they have done,now for those of you who dont know,madden has sold over 99 million copies,since its first iteration in 1988,was the first madden 99,million copies think about that,how much money is 99,million copies of madden ill tell you,uh it is generated over four,billion dollars for,four billion dollars,madden has generated and still not,enough to make it a good game,i cant i cant i cant do this uh,i i i i dont even i dont dont want to,look at it,you know i dont even want to fire up,the game im so,[ __ ] sick and tired of it ill tell,you what i expect is going to happen,i expect everything is going to be the,[ __ ] same,its going to be recolored exactly,exactly the same,but you [ __ ] blue what is this is it,[ __ ] the same a [ __ ] blue now but,you get to see the coach,its exactly the same and,just as many years before the game is,going to follow in the footsteps of all,the other [ __ ] sports games with a,[ __ ] mode that doesnt [ __ ] matter,another mode in order to [ __ ] find a,way to sell us more [ __ ] micro,transactions,what is this most,you get you could you could put you can,[ __ ] put moss,you can [ __ ] put moss you can [ __ ],put moss,1 300 no 137 000,credits where youre grinding and,grinding and grinding,or you give us 2 200,credits 18 what,18 for [ __ ] green,you want to charge me 18 for [ __ ],green,for are you are you [ __ ] kidding me,thats what i think is going to happen,im gonna find the same problems that,madden has had,for decades so these four videos are,from madden 17,18 19 and 20 respectively,and looking at the super bowl,celebration,youll find hardly any difference,between all four footage so you can see,that right here,once the quality of the video adjusts,itself,but exactly the same animations,exactly the same camera shots,just exactly the same almost everything,with very minor cosmetic,differences here and there but for the,most part its just,such a completely blatant,copy and paste type of scenario where,theyve clearly put,zero effort in trying to make each new,entry,offer something new and were talking,about four years worth of madden,where the super bowl celebration is,practically identical,from year to year four years and theres,four years,now clint responded to this and i kind,of have to find a little bit of humor in,the fact that clint had to watch it but,he says,this video was 13 months old not for,madden 21 i want to thank,derek knuckleman because clint this is,madden 20 right im playing madden 20.,you guys can all see,on this i guess blue water bucket,this is madden 20 right but im gonna,surprise you,when you zoom out here im not playing,madden 20 guys,im actually playing madden 21. they did,not clear,yet another asset tag this was a major,embarrassment for them last year,understand the simplicity of what were,talking about here when we talk about,copy and paste and we talk about not,attention to detail when we talk about a,game not being finalized when its sold,to a customer,this is what we talk about go right now,into your practice modes,look at this little bucket in the,background they did not clear,yet another acetate clint you can joke,all you want that its last years video,but guess what,you guys did it this year too,wheres this where the,thats the same base 50 go up look at 50,go up,one more 38. oh my god,its the same its the same [ __ ],faces in different [ __ ] orders joe,its the same [ __ ] faces,[Music],are you [ __ ] kidding me four billion,[ __ ] dollars,you cant afford more [ __ ] faces than,this [ __ ],why can i not if i could do it in the,[ __ ] yard and i could do it its,[ __ ],face of the franchise and i could do it,in superstar why the [ __ ] is it the same,[ __ ] four faces,[Music],oh but joe we added 10 faces to the,white guys,what about my skin what color i dont i,cant [ __ ] find,they deleted rfa joe this is insane this,is the one,this is the same [ __ ] faces they,added they added four faces joe,and they put in the same exact [ __ ],options,year to year 46 faces and i have,four 46 faces you had,four last year joe and you have four,this year joe because [ __ ] you,hundred million dollars three faces,those two in the middle dont count this,is a little darker,thats a little darker and one guy has,a man a lighter dude ragging a darker,dude rag,are you telling me this is one billion,dollars,why have i been waiting,15 years for us to be able to customize,our head,none of these thats our skin color,remember what there was four faces yeah,this is my skin color but i wouldnt,pick none of these,right but but remember they saw my video,joe they had to because,theres theres not a section with four,faces,they they added the face they added some,faces theyre the same [ __ ] face,though theyre the same [ __ ] face but,they added more faces and theyre like,there joe shut up,its the same piece its the same 17 it,was the same as the other one,what wherever you were this is number 17,number 17.,i think it is the same that one looks,like the same,[Music],just a tiny bit they changed the order,of the [ __ ] faces,face number nine and face number,fourteen,i cant i cant with this [ __ ],okay so no no lets get serious okay so,now i want to create myself,what would i what would i do john why,are you so [ __ ] far away from me,joes smart thats why joes so far away,this is stupid his faces,this is the only,simulation football game,its the only simulation football game,allowed madden 21 you get this,and you get nothing else if you want,simulation football if you want to play,what you see,on sunday i dont want to be copyright,[ __ ] claim,become an ea insider,[ __ ] no email me about products no,email me when you [ __ ] make the game,worth it,welcome back shots now we have kept your,saved options from last years,and it wasnt even my settings from last,time here we go heres the new stuff for,this year,the yard create and customize your,character and then you go all,out on fields across the globe as you,take on dynamic challenges,in maddens newest mode create,your player the thing you have ignored,for decades you just created a new,[ __ ] mode,where theyre wearing shorts and tie-dye,shirts and it has nothing to do with,[ __ ] football,you added it into your exclusive,simulation,football ex license the only game in,town youre doing arcade football,thats the new feature new colleges,great we noticed that you could create,your avatar a little bit better and face,a franchise,but it was not in the main game,customize your character from head to,toe with a variety of jerseys,accessories,and more and then keep an eye out and,you want to know why,because were going to charge you for,all of this [ __ ] i,guarantee your ass that youre [ __ ],adding micro transactions to this,because [ __ ] you give me money,[Music],joe i know youve been asking for mouth,guards,for years you see him in the nfl youve,been asking for mount guards for years,well guess what your mouth guards are,now going to be in the game i,[ __ ] guarantee it in this mode give,me money,cause [ __ ] medics in the nfl,they did it joe they [ __ ] did it they,found a way to ruin madden even more,they found another way to monetize,madden as if madden isnt already overly,monetized when you complete objectives,across the game,or in madden nfl mobile and as you build,your role youll unlock new gear for,your character and earn cred to spend,are you [ __ ] [ __ ] me for new,challenges,more [ __ ] mobile garbage tactics,so that you could get addicted to your,stupid [ __ ] gear,and you unlock new gear new gameplay,strategies not from you,the same [ __ ] fluid rides,this is the same [ __ ] [ __ ],x factors is the same [ __ ] [ __ ],this is really cool we got new stuff,like truss,oh trust you remember you remember that,time dont name it yeah,but trus mark star,troy aikman trus trudge yall,[Music],thats theyre trying to [ __ ] do call,of duty theyre

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