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Magic Bullet Blender Review

[Music],hi guys,today im reviewing the magic bullet,blender i know that some of you have,asked for this review,so here it is it comes in this silver,green and red it measures 12 inches tall,and about 5 inches wide the base with,the tall cup,weighs about 2 and a half pounds its,very compact in size,included with the magic bullet is the,base,one tall cup that holds 19 ounces two,mugs that hold,15 ounces each two comfort lip rings,that make it easier to drink out of the,containers,three resealable lids one stainless,steel crossblade,and a user guide with 10 second recipes,the magic bullet is bpa free,there are two ways to operate the magic,bullet you can either just hold down the,top,and let go to pulse or push down,and turn to lock and itll blend,automatically without you having to hold,it down,to stop blending just turn it and itll,stop,do not blend hot liquids in this unit,you cant heat up foods in the tall cup,only,in the microwave for a maximum of two,minutes of course you cannot put the,blade on,or use any lids the magic bullet is,supposed to chop,mix and blend lets test it out first,ill make a smoothie,im going to use the tall cup and put,all my ingredients in,got one banana,a couple of strawberries,three cubes of ice and some milk,put the blade on,match up the little plastic tabs into,the notch,on the base im going to let it blend,automatically just push down,and turn it to lock,there is one little chunk of ice so im,going to puree this for a little bit,longer,[Music],theres one little chunk of banana,in the bottom here,otherwise this smoothie is pretty smooth,its not bad but its not perfectly,smooth i do see,a little bit of banana in the drink also,so you definitely have to blend for more,than 10 seconds,i would say at least for 30 seconds and,open it up,shake it around and blend it again until,you get it perfectly smooth,lets try some frozen fruit for sorbet,these are mango chunks,some water,a little sugar this could be a really,yummy healthy dessert,i see its stuck so im gonna just shake,it around a little bit,and give it a try,lets try pulsing,its still stuck at the bottom so im,going to shake it around a little bit,more,its very stuck what im going to do is,add a little bit more water maybe that,will help it,so,after some pulsing it seems to have,worked so you do need a good amount of,liquid its not just going to make a,sorbet thats super,thick without adding enough liquid,i dont really see any chunks of mango,in here,so with a little work you have a sorbet,next ill chop some walnuts i have some,walnut halves here,these are great chopped up for your,baked goods or your oatmeal,im gonna pulse the nuts,between pulses you do want the blade to,come to a complete stop,before pulsing again,i can see that the nuts on top are just,stuck theyre not really,going down to the bottom into the blade,let me shake it around give it a tap,[Music],there are lots of nuts in there that are,not processed,so the magic bullet is not good for,chopping nuts,its very uneven the magic bullet cannot,replace your food processor,now ill try making a fresh salsa add,all my ingredients here,im going to put in about six,cherry tomatoes these only measure about,an inch across,so they should be processed well one,serrano chili that ive cut in half,some white onion that ive cut into one,inch pieces,one inch piece size is a good guideline,for any food processor,some cilantro leaves a little bit of,fresh,lime juice,and some salt and im gonna pulse this,you have to be careful to hold the base,because when you just try to pulse it,might accidentally,turn and lock and then itll start,blending automatically,its a chunky its a chunky salsa,but its not evenly processed im going,to pulse a few more times,so what youre getting is very uneven,theres big chunks of tomato chunks of,onion,this is not really good for salsa if you,want a completely smooth puree salsa,then this is fine you can just keep,blending it and youll get it but if you,want an,even chunky salsa evenly processed,tomatoes and onions and everything,this is not gonna do it at this point i,dont know how my,white bean dip is gonna come out but i,really wanna make it so im gonna give,it a try,ive got two peeled garlic cloves in the,tall cup,i want to see how finely and evenly the,magic bullet will,mince the garlic,[Laughter],[Music],that really struggled it chopped in the,beginning and then all the garlic pieces,just got,stuck to the bottom under the blade,well give it another try,maybe ill pulse it,it just doesnt want to do anything um,its just stuck,and its not gonna process this garlic,for some reason,i have to keep trying,okay thats definitely not working but i,want to eat this dip,so im going to process my beans or try,i have a 15 ounce can of,cannellini beans that have drained,ive also got some lemon juice and,parsley in here,flat leaf parsley i put a little bit of,salt in here also,i am going to add a little bit of water,you can add olive oil if youd like,lets see how this comes out,everything at the bottom is getting,processed but not at the top so ill,just shake it around a little bit,so,im going to give it a stir because its,not completely smooth,you can hear that the machine really,struggles with thick,foods its chunky,its definitely not smooth its not even,the parts that hit the blade on the,bottom are smooth but the rest of it is,not evenly processed you can see theres,a piece of,cannellini bean right there its white,its not even processed,there are a couple of whole cannellini,beans also,so overall this is a disappointment,i mean it will process if you add a lot,of liquid but,you dont want a watery dip i did throw,a little piece of serrano chili in here,too,this is a pretty good healthy dip recipe,i would definitely try this recipe but,in a different appliance,as for cleanup the blade is not,dishwasher safe you have to hand wash it,with warm soapy water,the cups and lids can be washed on the,top rack in the dishwasher or hand wash,which is what i do the magic bullet did,an acceptable job on the smoothie,the walnuts were not processed evenly,the salsa was not processed,evenly again you could make a completely,smooth salsa by blending it longer but,its not going to give you an evenly,chopped fresh chunky salsa the white,bean dip,well you saw how that came out it was,just not,completely smooth and dips you really,want to be smooth,unfortunately i cannot recommend the,magic bullet because it did not,perform well for about the same price,i would recommend the ninja master prep,if you want to watch my review of that,you can do so,right here ive put the links to both,the magic bullet,and the ninja master prep in the,description below dont forget to,subscribe and i will see you next time,thanks for watching

Magic Bullet Blender|Review & Demo

this is the magic bullet blender its a,great all-around option that is,currently one of amazons number one,best-selling countertop blenders right,now however it was originally released,in 2012 and there are a lot of newer,competitors with a lot more modern,features since its been released so you,might be wondering if its still a,worthwhile option to consider by todays,standards im alex and i review kitchen,products to make your life easier this,review is not sponsored or paid and,these are all my honest opinions now,lets get into it it has a compact,lightweight frame that measures about 13,inches tall 7 inches wide and it only,weighs around 2 pounds so its an,excellent choice for smaller kitchens or,personal use its an incredibly easy to,use blender but ill talk about the,controls in more detail soon,unfortunately its not available in,different colors but it does have a,sleek minimalistic gray design that,wont draw too much attention while its,in use in the box you get a user manual,that explains how to use the blender,along with the essential components such,as the 250 watt motorized base the,crossblades it also comes with a range,of useful high impact attachments,including a tall cup for larger drinks a,general use party mug that can hold ten,ounces of liquid and a small mug that,can hold eight ounces you also get two,reusable lids that help keep your drinks,fresh a to-go lid two removable lip,rings for added comfort while drinking,and a recipe guide to make quick and,easy foods like smoothies salsas and,more which is extremely solid value,considering the sub 50 price,unfortunately the blade is not,dishwasher safe but it is easy to clean,my hand with soap and water and the,other components can all be washed on,the top rack of a dishwasher for easier,cleaning after each use the power cord,is also a little bit short and it,doesnt offer the greatest placement,flexibility though the lightweight frame,makes it very easy to move around and,store as needed i thought the controls,were interesting compared to more modern,traditional style blenders like the,ninja professional 1000 watt blender,while the ninja model has a sleek,interface with buttons to change speeds,or enable a pulse function the magic,bullet has an entirely buttonless design,that requires you to push the cup down,to start the blending process it also,doesnt come with any advanced controls,such as pre-programmed settings for,certain textures in-depth food,processing capabilities or smart,connectivity options despite its,no-frills feature set compared to modern,options it still offers a bit of,blending versatility and it does allow,you to push and lock the cup for,continuous blending or manually start,and stop to deliver a pulse like effect,for greater control and precision i like,that you dont need to press down very,hard to get it to pulse and it is,reasonably comfortable to use over long,periods overall it doesnt have a range,of useful preset programs but it is,still very easy to use that being said,the controls dont matter if it cant,perform consistently and the overall,blending performance is actually pretty,impressive considering its diminutive,size and the affordable price while it,doesnt have the raw power or the,consistently smooth textures of the,higher end models the magic bullet does,a solid job with most kinds of fruit and,non-frozen ingredients which makes it,ideal for preparing smoothies or protein,shakes although it is somewhat prone to,leaving behind grittiness in chunks,unfortunately its not powerful enough,to crush ice effectively and it cant,blend hot foods and it does tend to,struggle with thicker denser materials,but it can still offer a very decent,functionality for personal usage and it,can blend mix grind whip or chop harder,materials like nuts with decent results,each time its also effective at,preparing salsas sauces puddings and,spreads such as hummus to help you,create a wider range of satisfying meals,or snacks overall the magic bullet,blender is a solid all-around option,thats perfect for making quick easy,drinks like protein shakes or smoothies,with its lightweight compact frame,intuitive controls and impressive,blending performance and the affordable,price its not difficult to see why its,been such a popular option and highly,rated countertop blender its not going,to be the best choice for everyone as it,lacks the power and additional controls,of higher end models but its still an,easy to use blender that provides plenty,of bang for your buck and it can deliver,decent textures each time i think this,is a great option for anyone shopping,around on a budget though i would,recommend the ninja personal blender if,youre looking for a more compact,personal blender that offers more power,and features for slightly more money but,thats just my opinion let me know your,guys opinions in the comments for links,to updated pricing on all the items,mentioned be sure to check out the,description if you guys learned,something or you found this video,helpful give it a like and subscribe if,youre new to the channel and you like,short informative tech videos until next,time ill see you guys later

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NutriBullet VS Magic Bullet – Which Blender is Better?

do you like to eat healthy if you do,healthy smoothies made of strawberries,bananas and oats can be an amazing,addition to your diet,but how do you make such smoothies,swiftly well thats exactly when modern,bullet blenders come into play bullet,blenders are small space-saving blenders,that can quickly create smoothies or,whole food juices directly in your cup,as a matter of fact these blenders are,incredibly fast and efficient so you can,just blend your drink snap on the lid,and run out the door,in the world of bullet blenders two of,the most sought out bullet blenders are,nutribullet and magic bullet when they,are pitted against each other you will,notice the differences pretty clearly,the differences may depend on motor,speed capacity accessories budget and to,name a few today well compare the two,most popular bullet blenders from these,two brands named nutribullet nbr nbr1201,high speed blender and the,mbr1701 express mixing set from magic,bullet,so without waiting anymore lets check,out the effects for you to compare,[Music],first of all the nutribullet,nbr1201 uses 600 watts of power with,cyclonic action which allows you to,blend your smoothies with chia seeds,raspberries and more in just a few,seconds,whereas the magic bullet,mbr1701 with 250 watts of power is,strong enough to blend your fruits and,veggies,but you will need to make sure that you,add enough liquid to your recipes so in,the case of motor speed the nutribullet,is clearly way more powerful than its,counterpart,next this specific model of nutribullet,has up to 24 ounces of capacity that can,help you blend a good amount of,smoothies and shakes ahead of time,conversely this particular model of,magic bullet has up to 18 ounces of,capacity that can be useful if you like,to blend your fruits and greens in,standard single portions,in terms of capacity the magic bullet is,more suitable for personal servings of,your favorite shakes,[Music],moreover the nature bullet and the magic,blood come with tear plates while these,will effectively blend your drinks the,nutribullets patented extractor blades,will give you a smoother texture than,the magic bullet,the nutribullet also comes with a,specialized milling plate that can blend,oats nuts and spices in a jiffy,while both have sharp blades the,nutribullet can make better fruit puree,without leaving any chunks and same goes,for making smooth spice paste veggie,sauces,when it comes to accessories the,nutribullet,nbr1201 comes with 12 pieces including a,motor base extractor and milling blades,cups cup rings lids and recipe book,which makes it a great package for you,alternatively the magic bullet,mbr-1701 comes with 17 pieces including,a power base blades cuffs mugs rings,lids and a recipe book which gives you,more accessories compared to its former,counterpart,and lastly both of these bullet blenders,are relatively inexpensive when you,compare them to larger blenders,but if youre on a quest for the more,reasonable option between these two the,nutribullet is less expensive despite,having more power but yes given how the,magic bullet comes with more accessories,spending a few more dollars on it will,be absolutely worth it for you as well,overall we can conclude that both of,these feature pack blenders are so,popular for all the right reasons,these models of nutribullet and magic,bullet blenders will serve your personal,smoothie blending needs in their own,distinctive ways,its completely up to you to decide,which ones the most suitable for you,that being said we are now at the end of,the video hope you loved it and,subscribe if you did in the comment,section let us know if you find this,video to be helpful stay tuned if you,want more videos like this

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Does the FAMOUS MAGIC BULLET BLENDER Actually WORK?! | Cooking With Matt

Im gonna do a review on the Magic,Bullet guys to see is this thing worth,it or is it crap,whats up guys welcome back to cooking,with Matt I havent filmed one of these,in like two years but some of you guys I,swear have just been bugging me to bring,it back do more I dont know why because,I think these are dumb as but you guys,enjoy them and I want to make videos,that you guys enjoy so shabang,heres hopefully another one that you,enjoy today I thought Id review the,Magic Bullet now this thing has been on,infomercials since literally I was in,like middle school I would watch them,every morning before getting on the bus,the infomercials man I swear like I grew,up with this thing man even though I,didnt own it until Im in my frickin,30s took me 20 freakin years to buy one,man its not good I took way too long,Walmart had him for like lives like 30,bucks they were dirt cheap for just like,the basic set you got this you got a few,other things too but just came with the,basic stuff and he was a whipping blade,somewhere,I had an ultimate chopper and that thing,was another infomercial I grew up with,which I bought before long before this,and I had that thing forever but,unfortunately finally broke and it,wasnt safe to use anymore so I had to,throw it away it was like I should have,buried it in the backyard like thats,all sad I was when we had to part ways,like it was that thing was amazing and,making smoothies so Im gonna be making,a smoothie with this today Im gonna,show you how to do that and how you can,make a really good tasting smoothie as,well and were gonna see if this kind of,does the job,the first thing Im gonna do it I,havent even tried this myself is were,gonna try to Im gonna fill this taller,couple of ice and were gonna see how,well it crushes it now in the,infomercial man they act like this thing,crushes obsidian all right ice makers up,here gonna just fill this up with ice,and see how well were gonna drop some,ice on the floor maybe the cats will get,it Id say thats about good right there,its pretty full full cup of ice there,so were gonna go and see how well this,crushes this all right so heres our,magic bullet here and what you do is you,just fill up whatever youre gonna blend,or chop or whatever in the cup and this,is actually ingenious here this is what,I liked about this ultimate chopper had,a bunch of different things you had to,clean and whatever what youre making is,actually in the company,eat it from the cup so its less in,theory less you know dishes you got to,do less things you have to watch which I,found very I hate washing things so that,was right up my alley that is definitely,a plus for this now lets see how well,it crushes the ice theres the ice in,there and so what you do is you press,down youve got to match up all the the,lines here and then you press in and it,blends and you can press and turn to,lock it so lets see how well it does,the ice here so whats happening is its,only doing the bottom and the top ice,isnt going down like its supposed to,now what it did crush was amazing look,at that you can make a snow cone with,that thats insane so what unfortunately,it looks like we have to do is we have,to kind of give a little shake and then,[Music],theres the lights up here thats not,getting hot and whats the problem is,its its very uneven so we have ice,like look at this guys Ive literally,just made snow up here thats insane,look at that theres like a whole thing,of snow here,crushed it great the ice that it did,crush unfortunately theres still a,bunch of cubes down here and its a,little hard to see but in theory youre,gonna be putting like liquids and stuff,on that were gonna demonstrate that as,I make show you guys how I make my good,fruit smoothies with this so I mean you,can crush ice but youre unfortunately,see a lot of the ice is just getting,stuck right here and as you can see its,coming out as like a ring look at that,look at that its a ring of ice I fell,into a burnin ring of ice so Id say an,on the ice if youre crushing pure just,ice not the best because see look at all,that look at all that thats still in,there that ice lets see if we can crush,it up but I doubt it,but it does crush it its just the,problem is as its so its getting stuck,sometimes you gonna wiggle it like that,maybe here guys and these just think,ones you can get at Walmart theres a,berry medley you can get ones that are,just blueberries any of these work and I,the reason I like frozen is and you can,do this with fresh too if youd like but,the reason I like frozen is because you,dont really need ice every the ice is,already here in a sense cuz its frozen,get it oh my god thats so freezer,burned hey thats disgusting,look at all that there this ones been,in here a while so Im probably gonna,have to get rid of this one yeah thats,no good,alright but I have a bunch of others,these have never been opened yet,hopefully in a freezer by my god nine,twelve twenty one all right this should,be good thats still geez geez brah look,frozen burn again but these are more,fresh does ivanovna so well use these,Im not gonna use the regular,blueberries whose,now we can use a couple my secret,ingredient is orange juice,we thank guys cats are looking they,dont know what the craps going on piggy,I see you over there,goober hey goober dont hit her thats,ridiculous,I wont tolerate that in this house hey,goober you listen to me when Im talking,to you what a goof,so having this liquid will actually make,it easier to blend and stuff wont get,stuck as much Im gonna use shoes the,smaller one because thats gonna be,enough for me little me here and you,literally put them into the cup youre,mixing and this is what I like about,this is you dont have to you know so,thats good for the Mellie Im gonna put,a couple blueberries in there so what,Im gonna do is dump a cup of,blueberries India Im try not to code,them all over the floor its okay with a,little bit of ice gets in there because,its a frozen smoothie so heres a,couple of blueberries now Im going to,show you what I do so we take some,orange juice here and just pour it in I,dont really you dont want to pour too,much but you definitely need a lot so,well start off with that well mix it,and then well pour more until its like,a smoothie consistency thats what I,like to do so this is the shorter Cup,again were screwing on the cross blade,here just on the top all right so lets,put it in the Magic Bullet here and see,if its better than just doing the ice,by itself much better,Asian leave it like that you still gotta,move it though because you can see the,stuff up top here its having trouble,getting to the bottom but its,definitely better than just the ice was,see now sometimes what I like to do is,just give it a little shake and then I,like to put it back on again pulses,sometimes do better cuz its just you,got a cycle it all through there,[Music],I sometimes just pick the whole thing up,in this tank hell I guess honestly gets,everything as blendable easiest now,lets check the consistency because we,dont want it too thick and we want to,make sure everythings blended so its,unscrew it here and as you can see,theres like a strawberry in there that,isnt blended yet but its coming,together good its very thick so in that,case what you do is you just add a,little bit more orange juice you want to,add too much here just a little wee bit,now that what thatll do is that liquid,will circulate through the whole thing,and thatll allow the contents that,havent been chopped up yet to kind of,circulate through the whole thing if,that makes sense so lets try to get,here so the orange juice that might you,still might need more orange,its still really thick I could tell ya,its still definitely really thick so,were gonna definitely need a lot more,orange juice yeah as you can see its,kind of all just swirling into the,middle there which we dont want so,were gonna add a lot more OJ and well,just keep spinning here and thats kind,of what you have to do with t

Magic Bullet vs NutriBullet | Which One Is Better?

hey guys its Noah welcome back to the,channel we have another awesome video,for you today but before we get started,as always the links to all the products,are in the description below sometimes,Im able to get a couple of coupons as,well so Ill post those there too if,youre looking for a new blender youve,definitely come across these two popular,brands and wondered magic bullet or,NutriBullet I mean theyre both,manufactured by the same company so,theres gonna be some similarities which,youll see from their bullet shaped,designs however each blender has some,fundamental peculiarities that set it,apart from the rest in this video were,going to dissect both of them and help,you decide were confident that youll,find exactly what youre looking for so,lets Stir It Up I guess oh God please,chop me up in a blender for that joke,the Magic Bullet blender is small in,size yet incredibly inefficient choose,the original bullet if you want a,compact blender that will help you,finish the job as quickly as you can,however this little baby offers a little,bit more than just being Compact and,efficient of a blender the NutriBullet,is Slim and attractive and with this,contemporary blender you can bring your,Creation With You Additionally you can,use a blender to store your product it,is,multi-functional well say This Magic,Bullet versus Nutribullet comparison is,basically intended to help you decide,which is better which you already knew,by this point in the video youre,probably like hey dude just show us the,stuff so Im gonna do that both types,are intended to be single serve rapid,and portable blenders although their,functions are the same they actually,differ in terms of performance,durability and Designs all that stuff,the contents of the blender are,propelled upward and then downward into,the Blades by the cyclonic action in,both types super fancy the NutriBullet,includes four variants with the power,range from 600 watts to 1700 Watts,whereas the Magic Bullet only functions,at 250 Watts thats barely enough power,to revive a dead body so Frankenstein,would be sad,Jokes Aside that thats a huge increase,in power it means that the NutriBullet,can grind dice nuts and even cough,coffee grounds but the Magic Bullet is,better suited to your boring basic soft,items more power is always better,in most cases the blenders blades lose,their quality first so companies assert,that their products feature sharp long,lasting blades but yet the Magic Bullet,is Infamous for having pieces that,quickly wear out like the blades and the,rubber seals so a risk-free 30-day trial,period is provided by the company,despite the nutribullets reputation for,having Superior power and torque some,users claim that their Motors actually,bore out within like six months they,might have needed a higher wattage unit,more wattage so it might be connected to,usage but its still important to keep,in mind a full year of warranty coverage,is provided by NutriBullet the two,blenders designs are echoes of one,another seriously both of them have cups,that screw into the power base are,bullet shaped and utilize cyclonic,action the NutriBullet is noted for,having better cutting motion and is,built with more power both have a,variety of cup sizes wink wink thats no,cup sizes Lids recipes but the,nutribullets NutriBullet RX version adds,a second emulsifying blade and the,heating feature a lot of users praise,the Magic Bullet for being able to uh,its simple to operate and its also,reasonably priced thats a magic,combination for the average consumer,they also appreciate how it supports,wellness its well liked by the entire,family and again its simple to maintain,detractors claim that the machine cant,blend ice or other hard substances that,the beasts break too quickly basically I,mean if you cant blend ice rather than,just grab a hammer come on the majority,of users vouch for the NutriBullet,strength it Blends in beautifully it,operates swiftly its super simple to,clean and the parts are simple to swap,out its also adaptable in that you can,use it to prepare soup grind your coffee,and make your nut butter finally if,money is tight in your household a Magic,Bullet might just be the solution,however if you got a little bit more,moolah to sprinkle in the shredder then,you might want to spring for the,NutriBullet its just its its more,useful its got multiple uses in it its,just yeah its obvious from a comparison,of the two that Homeland houseware LLC,has devoted itself exclusively to the,new the Magic Bullet only comes in one,model and it really hasnt undergone any,recent upgrades despite the fact that,theyll definitely both get you started,on the correct track towards healthy,mixing the NutriBullet definitely wins,the price for being the best blender,which I mean its not its not like the,best award but like Id put that on the,Shelf the links for both the products,are included in the description below,and by shelf I mean like the trophy,shelf you know what it just didnt want,to be weird like Im being right now,anyways we hope that you like these,amazing blenders let us know which one,you like better in the comment section,below if you want to see more amazing,comparisons and reviews like this one,then just make sure you subscribe to our,Channel and if youre still watching,check out one of these amazing videos,foreign

Magic Bullet Blender – REVIEW

hey everyone welcome to another review,by Jims review room today well be,looking at the Magic Bullet Blender /,mixer and the one I have here is the 21,piece Black Edition priced at $49 from,Bed Bath & Beyond now from my research,theres no difference in the motor with,the regular Magic Bullet and the Black,Edition and just as a tip as well I went,to Target in Macys and they do have the,regular Magic Bullet there for the same,exact price at $49.90 and although Bed,Bath & Beyond website didnt state this,item was on sale it actually looked like,it was a regular price but of course,check your local stores if youre,intending on buying so without further,ado well get started,so the only difference between the,regular and Black Edition is what you,receive in the box the Black Edition,comes with an assortment of cups and,lids in the box you receive one tall cup,one short cup for party mugs with three,matching lip rings two lids one shaker,and one steamer lid for either,microwaving your food or making it into,a shaker to twist on straw leads to,permanent straws one stainless steel,blade one ice shaving blade and one,magic wallet base which houses the motor,and lastly the 100 page recipe booklet,and all that equals 21 pieces so theres,a lot in there every piece in the box,except the motor and blades are,dishwasher safe per the instruction,manual the blades cannot go in as some,dishwashers may damage the rubber seal,due to the heat however for the cups and,lids just be sure to place in the top,rack only all cups are plastic and can,be placed in the microwave or freezer,another huge plus or benefit is the,convenience the cups provide if Im just,making single servings the cup with the,handle as you see in the video,eliminates a need for me to transfer to,another cup or mug after blending,blending in general is very fast as long,as you dont overfill the container the,large cups holds 18 ounces while the,regular sizes holds 12 ounces now the,operation of the unit is very simple you,place in your ingredients into the,chosen cup then securing its content,with the bladed lip flip it upside down,and align the lid with the base the,Magic Bullet features a press down,feature where you can use the cups,control chopping or pulsing,ingredients you can also press down a,little bit further and twist to lock the,lid altogether having the magic bullet,continuously run personally Ive been,using the magic bullet for a good year,now mainly mixing smoothies from frozen,fruit now for a good bit of time I use,this about probably every other day and,lets just say I was on a smoothie binge,at that time now as you can see in this,drink the smoothie is blended evenly I,always prefer a thicker smoothie but you,can always thin it out and just by,adding more liquid now I have noticed,any drink that you make this thing works,perfectly fine in for the more,health-conscious folks out there Im use,to blend protein shakes on the fly and,yes all the powder in this machine will,dissolve and mix with the magic bullet,and Leslie cracking three eggs in maybe,a little bit of milk and pinching some,salt to blend makes the fluffiest omelet,you can ever imagine the omelet came out,perfectly whipped and beaten of course,you can add in a little bit more than I,did like ham onions cheese and maybe,some bell peppers as well overall this,unit when it comes to anything liquid,based this works great again Ive been,using this for over a year and havent,seen any signs of wear or failure now,other tests Ive performed and as you,can see on screen I attempted the,Chapman grind to see what the magic,bullet is capable of I like putting,chopped peanuts onto my ice cream,however when I place peanuts into the,Magic Bullet the results were not even,on the first attempt I thought I just,held it down for too long and the,peanuts became too finely chopped I did,a second batch in just in case and it,yielded both whole pieces and finally,chopped nuts now I wasnt too impressed,with the chopping then try chopping an,onion and as you can see the same,results happen again the onion was not,sliced or chopped all the way and then,some parts were just too finely chopped,leaving a mushy consistency obviously,the magic Bowl isnt necessarily,designed as a chopper but on their,website they do claim the Magic Bullet,can so I decided to see if this thing,grinds I had a small piece of Parmesan,cheese block and decided to slice it up,and then put it into the magical after,pulsing the cheese several times and,then lock the cup in and let it run a,finally coarse finish eventually,resulted and use the same cup in place,to shake the lid as I mentioned earlier,and with this grind works perfectly,sprinkling,cheese the last test I performed was the,ice test which I do on all my blender,reviews the Magic Bullet does come with,an ice shaving blade now on the first,attempt I just use ice cubes only and I,filled it up to the maximum line now,once blended some ice cubes remained,whole some broke in half and the rest,were shaved into I finally course mix,now at this time I honestly thought I,was doing something wrong,sadly but out of self-doubt I read on,the directions that shaving ice the,supplied recipe booklet advice I had to,put in a little bit of water into the,cup as you can see the second attempt,now with water to help move things,around a little bit yielded the same,results unfortunately from my test and,experience it does absolutely great at,making drinks or in general blending,anything thats totally liquid its,surprisingly a powerful machine that can,handle most items but the issue is the,chopping results that are not really,chopped evenly so if youre solely just,making you know or working with liquids,like smoothies mixed drinks or making,omelets the machine is definitely worth,it for only $50 but if youre looking,for a blender and chopper you might have,to look elsewhere so I hope you enjoyed,this review of the Magic Bullet and it,helped you in some way be sure to visit,facebook.com slash Jims review room for,more high-definition photos of all the,items that I personally review if you,have not please take your time to like,and subscribe to this video for feature,alerts to new products this is Jimmy,from Jims review room take everyone by

Blendjet 2 vs Magic Bullet – Which Blender Should You Choose?

[Music],a portable bullet blender is an absolute,blessing for smoothie lovers since,blended 2 and magic bullet are two of,the most prominent bullet style blenders,well show you a comparison between the,blancha 2 versus magic bullet lets get,started,the first thing you notice before,getting a blender is its build quality,blend jet 2 is a cordless and compact,blender made of quality plastic that,looks eye catchy with its attractive,aesthetics,plus it has diverse color options,ranging from mint leopard woodland camo,galaxy metallic to carbon fiber,conversely the state of the art magic,bullet is a corded blender with a,standard plastic jar on top of its base,however unlike the blend jet 2 you wont,find it in any other color apart from,its signature silver and black,combination,its obvious a bullet blender wont be,as speedy and powerful as a full-size,countertop blender yet youll be highly,impressed with the speed level of these,two this blend jet 2 has a 6 blade,assembly including two serrated ones,while the magic bullet includes four,pine blades that are sharp enough to,deliver quick results,also this blinch at 2 has a maximum,speed of 21 and 400 rpm,whereas its counterpart stands at 18 000,rpm this indicates that blend jet is,speedier in terms of crushing fruits,nuts and ice to make smoothies and other,blended delights,however the classic magic bullet is not,too far behind in speed,blendget2 is battery powered and has a,usbc to usb-a charging cable,its battery takes about 90 minutes to,fully charge and lasts for 15 or more 20,seconds blending cycles surprisingly,with 66.8,decibels of noise level its,comparatively quieter than its,counterpart,conversely magic bullet requires a power,cord that you can insert into any outlet,as far as the noise level is concerned,with 91.2 db of noise level it causes a,bit more noise than blended too,the main reason behind using portable,blender is having the freedom of,carrying them anywhere and enjoying,smoothies and shakes on the go apart,from the usual berry and green smoothies,you can also make almond butter and,protein shakes in these blenders in,contrast this magic bullet performs,better at maintaining consistency as,well as being highly versatile,for example you can make instant salad,dressing fresh salsa,omelette mixture and more this blended,too is more suitable for instant fruit,smoothies or fresh mayo because it wont,perform as efficiently to make nut-based,butter unlike magic bullet,despite the differences between these,blenders youll be surprised to know,they are priced reasonably as a matter,of fact both fall into a similar price,range of 50,so rest assured that you wont burn a,hole in your,pocket overall theres no way you wont,be satisfied with the blend jet 2 and,magic bullet,if you truly love smoothies and wont,settle for less than something classic,and versatile the magic bullet is the,way to go but yes if you want to try,something new in a similar price range,with more personalized color options the,blended 2 is worth a shot,that means no matter whichever you,choose these will serve your smoothie,needs impressively,that being said for now at the end of,the video hope you loved it and,subscribe if you did,in the comment section let us know if,you find this video helpful stay tuned,if you want more videos like this on,your feed

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