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Magic Legends First Impressions “Is It Worth Playing?”

magic legends is a brand new,free-to-play multiplayer arpg set in the,world of magic the gathering and,published by perfect world entertainment,in this game you can choose from five,different classes unlock powerful,equipment and customize your character,by collecting different cosmetics,the thing that makes magic legends,unique is that the abilities you have,access to are randomly drawn from your,ability card deck,so you dont know what abilities youll,have access to at any given time,this first impressions was recorded,during the games open beta,but first a quick word from todays,sponsor albion online is one of the most,successful cross-platform isometric,sandbox mmorpgs,one of the few mmos to actually rise in,population in recent years,and its a game ive covered positively,on numerous occasions,albion has just released a massive new,update called call to arms,that fundamentally improves some of the,games best features,so if youre feeling that mmo itch,theres no better time to jump in and,give albion a try,call to arms brings huge changes to the,games hell gate system which was,already my personal favorite feature in,albion,hell gates 2.0 brings 10 new hell gate,layouts,more mob variety harder pve mechanics,and a rising lava mechanic to prevent,those,unkillable cheese comps from ruining,your day on top of that theres also a,new 10v10 mode for hell gates for those,of you that enjoy large scale pvp,and hell gates can now be chain run so,theres less downtime and more,action as pvp is a massive part of,albion online,the faction warfare system has also been,reworked,join a faction and fight to claim,outposts take over,entire zones and rise through the ranks,to become a champion of your city whilst,earning one of the six,new elite faction mounts on the way call,to arms also comes with a bunch of,quality of life improvements such as,loadouts,animated vegetation ability tool tips,balance changes,and other additional improvements click,the link in the description below to,play albion online for free,and start your adventure in one of the,most popular sandbox mmorpgs out,today magic legends brand new,multiplayer arpg lets see if its any,good five different classes to choose,from youve got the geomancer,the beast caller the sanctifier the mind,mage,and the necromancer the mind mage looks,kinda cool so im just gonna go with,that,choice of being male or female would,just be a dude,very limited facial presets just go with,this one,not many options with the hairstyles,either well just go with the super,saiyan look,thatll do and thats the extent of the,character customization,got ourselves an intro cut scene weve,appeared into this,weird dimensional plane looks like,theres a bit of a mage off going on,okay blurry weird eyes okay,so move around with w a s and d left,click is attack i dont have a right,click yet,okay i dont care shut up ive got a q,ability,this big aoe cone ive got an e ability,which,seems to be some kind of teleport,movement ability pretty cool,ive just got two card abilities by the,looks of it,lets test them out big damage and big,damage,um the combats not overly impactful so,far,killing the mobs doesnt seem super,satisfying i dont know,why maybe its the audio visual feedback,just kind of lacking,maybe i get some more impactful,abilities later on oh god were getting,zergs now good thing,im playing a pretty decent aoe class oh,i see so the spells that you have access,to,are basically rng not too sure if thats,going to play out,very well seems like youre not going to,be able to build muscle memory with your,abilities if thats the case but well,give it a try i guess,oh thats a cool ability i like that one,oh looks like theres a boss coming,oh here he is hello oh god im desyncing,hard,im stuck what are you doing step bro,and its dead new abilities unlocked,planes walk okay also ive got an elven,friend over here,all right love stand back planeswalker,[ __ ] hell shes pissed off with me by,default calm down love,oh god spiders didnt take long did it,big damage,oh thats a cool one tidal wave i like,that ability,now were killing the boss spider,already much of a challenge,there is a lot of people in the chat are,complaining about the fps,ive noticed it has felt quite choppy,tidal wave,big damage but it doesnt feel like big,damage,the audio visual feedback is so lacking,isnt the main point of an arpg,to take on hundreds of mobs at once and,have that be super satisfying by having,amazing like effects blood going,everywhere,explosions and [ __ ] i thought that was,the point,so far im thinking if this game didnt,have magic the gathering written on it,literally no one would play it entering,the arena,okay i guess this is going to be some,kind of boss fight movements getting,very difficult,theyre sinking all over the place oh my,god dude i cant even move,performance not good and it seems as,ive spawned into a more,open area where theres other players,now level,two taylor what do you do oh i see,so the game has some kind of cosmetic,transmog system,ive actually got a few things unlocked,already oh thats called the geomancer,gloves lets grab,those and get some big chunky golden,boots okay,change the color of it all color one,lets go with black,and a gold okay she,oh my god the frame rate has taken a,dump,since playing with other players wow,oh thats a lot group it all up aoe it,down,okay talk to the ranger a chest has,spawned,collect the loot and that was it oh my,god ive got a third card to play,amazing thats better big tidal wave,level four,for a 2021 arpg the graphics arent that,impressive either,visually the game looks like its been,out for a few years almost like a,stylized,unreal engine 3 game come on game give,me a challenge,the challenge of the game is staying,awake to play it,i need to have a higher loadout score to,play on higher difficulties,heres the squad and with a priest and a,striker class,oh i just did my new dragon ability,thats a big aoe,a little bit chaotic chaotic is fun,though,due to the way youve got random,abilities what happens is you basically,just,spam whatever comes off cooldown theres,not really a lot of,thought to the combat and additionally,theres actually no,dodge button or something like that id,love it if there was things to dodge,and an evade button im literally just,pressing whatevers off cooldown,and im doing absolutely fine i can,understand what they were going for,trying to be innovative when it comes to,the whole random deck,card thing it doesnt really work in my,opinion,mind mage level six equipment,oh my god can i actually equip some,stuff wow i,can turns out the game actually does,have equipment,it just doesnt really drop at the same,rate as other,arpgs equip the other ring got myself a,chest,plate so now it seems that ive got,access to a full,four deck of abilities so i guess this,is as good as the combat is going to get,big damage or lovely aoe i think thats,my strongest ability,keep the enemy occupied this girls,voice is so aggressive she needs to calm,down,okay ive been teleported somewhere else,now owned lands,mind mage level 7 i guess this is my own,realm and im upgrading it it gives me,buffs like spell power and stuff allows,for new spells to be unlocked in the,world,plains islands swamp mountain forest,okay,ill try upgrading a spell upgrade this,area here seems to be some kind of,progression hub,planes walk to a new location new region,unlocked,your realm the sanctum okay oh wow the,sanctum seems to be some kind of,giant main city quite a lot of players,in this area,planeswalker levels each time your,classes earn significant xp,you get a level right yeah that,generally is what happens when you level,up in a game,oh my god the lag and the desync and the,frame rate the biggest struggles,of the game so far okay this looks like,a cool new zone,nice change of scenery saved my friend,aoe it down angels popping out of the,sky,all sorts of weird shits going on i like,this map more than the other map i went,through,at le

Magic: Legends Open Beta Review

new dangerous face,writing off magic legends as just,another diabolo style action rpg,is an easy knee-jerk reaction to its,isometric hack and slash gameplay,but its not an accurate one cryptics,free to play action rpg meets deck,building hybrid,includes plenty of surface level,similarities to blizzards genre,defining series,but there are just as many differences,both good and bad,i found though that i was never really,comfortable in magic legends because,your strategy is always changing and,thats dictated literally,by the hand that youre dealt,[Music],in magic legends you take control of,your own plans walker but the options,for customization lack enough detail to,feel meaningful,theres a story about uniting forces,across the magic multiverse against an,evil sorcerer with some above average,voice acting,a turned back is as good as,stolen breath but after battling through,it for about 30 hours,i honestly dont remember anything of,note where legends does break the mold,is in its card game inspired,dealing out of abilities and it adds a,lot of variance in combat,when youre building your deck you get,to pick 12 different cards from your,entire library and when youre in combat,those are drawn into your four card hand,randomly since you never really know,which of your abilities will show up at,any given moment you can never fall into,a routine of popping off abilities over,and over again which is a bit of a,bummer just like the card game is based,on,every ability in magic legends is,divided between five types of mana each,of which is native to a given class,theres a lot of flexibility there and,tinkering with your deck composition is,the best part of magic legends,as much as i enjoy the variety thats,introduced by the randomized hand format,it comes with some notable downsides for,one i found i didnt get the feeling of,momentum and steam rolling through zones,as you grow on power like i do in most,action rpgs,instead everything just sort of plateaus,after the first five hours but more,importantly it meant i never really,settled,in or felt comfortable with my build,also most of the time i just ended up,with a hybrid deck since its always the,most efficient and effective option,if you dont have any summonable,creatures to soak up damage and handle,the swarms of enemies you wont be able,to survive very long,and you cant fend for yourself and if,you dont mix in some big damage dealing,magic attacks then fights will take,way too long and get tedious co-op teams,could synergize playstyles together but,there isnt really much benefit to that,since the mechanics of castling a,fireball and summoning a creature,are really still the same the other,major issue with combat is that you have,to deal with a tremendous amount of,visual noise going on at all times,it all just smears together,exaggerated explosions fill up the,screen the bland art style makes most,regions look the same and,characters look like something out of an,ultra generic mobile moba,compare that to the evocative iconic and,insanely detailed artwork emblazoned,across each and every card in the actual,match of the gathering card game,and its deeply disappointing since this,is still open beta i dont want to be,too harsh on the performance side of,things and to be fair cryptic has,already made some big changes and,improving since launch but,its impossible to ignore in a game with,a fully operational cash shop and paid,battle pass that,the frame rate just constantly drops to,a chug even on a pc that far exceeds the,recommended specs,and while you can engage in 1v1 duels,for fun if you want next to no one,really seems to actually do that,in pvp and there doesnt seem to be any,level based matchmaking so its pretty,busted,[Music],magic legends doesnt have the most,aggressive microtransactions that ive,seen in a free to play game,but its far from the most generous,either after you pick a single class at,the start the other four are locked,behind their own individual paywall for,25 dollars in zen,each or you can grind for dozens and,dozens of hours to unlock them besides,that you can buy convenience items like,xp,boosters increase the power of specific,spells you own and even booster packs,that arent,actually booster packs at all to long,time magic fans that turn probably means,you get an assortment of random cards,with the chance of getting something,rare but,in magic legend it just means a bunch of,convenience items and a few specific,cards theres a pretty standard battle,pass too with,basic cosmetics and skins it all adds up,to feel like cryptic has clearly,designed everything in such a way that,it pretty quickly becomes tedious and,inconvenient to play,without dishing out cash regularly,magic legends is a fun action rpg that,has a clever deck building twist with a,solid foundation,but i cant quite stick the landing,amidst a deluge of performance issues,heavy focus on grinding to unlock game,features,and a less than ideal cash shop theres,enough here to prevent the diablo clone,label and i genuinely think that with,some time in patches,it can get into better shape but until,then this decks,just a bit too shuffled,for more on magic legends check out this,official gameplay overview from the,developer and for everything else,stay tuned to ign,you

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Death of a Game: Magic Legends

i never quite thought we would be venturing to  the world of magic the gathering in this series  ,especially with the long success of the  franchise and mtg arena and certainly not  ,under these circumstances mdg has sort of killed  a game already in this series but this time we  ,cover an mtg branded game that died so fast  the game never even launched cryptic studio  ,is a name known in the online space for their  creation and development of two superhero mmos  ,champions online and the venerable already  covered on this series but still thriving on  ,community servers city of heroes cryptic also  had four rays into the world of neverwinter  ,star trek and back to the topic of this video mtg  or magic the gathering when news hit the web that  ,cryptic studios was doing an mtg mmo the internet  erupted sure the company had a bit of a cryptic  ,pass okay sorry i couldnt resist but after many  years of secrets and the promise of a possible  ,magic mmo magic legends as the project was dubbed  developed by cryptic studios and published by  ,perfect world entertainment would finally  be unveiled to the world and testing phases  ,and just as soon as the game was revealed to the  world it was taken from it what the shutdown just  ,announced back in june 2021 targeted for later  in the fall what went wrong with the online magic  ,arpg why did it fail so spectacularly and suddenly  in this episode we will diagnose the largest  ,contributing factors to the death of a game magic  legends grab your mana your planeswalker of choice  ,and choose your build for this title that went up  in flames faster than a mono red rush detectives,the story starts back in 2017 upon the  very announcement of the game itself  ,cryptic studios had acquired a license  to work on a magic the gathering game  ,well more specifically perfect world entertainment  who had been their parent company since they  ,acquired them back in 2011. cryptic studios has  had a long history of making online rpgs being  ,the developer behind famed superhero pioneer  mmo city of heroes which launched back in 2004  ,and had a storied but troubled career as an  mmo one that i have already covered in this  ,series as i mentioned at the top speaking of  games we have already covered in the series  ,we have also covered star trek online and  someday we will also cover champions online  ,there are some unique reasons that play for each  of these games that struggle to be considered  ,successes even in their heydays but perhaps there  was a bit of questioning about the process to be  ,had these games didnt do poorly per se they  certainly have fans but they were definitely  ,better at making money than being fun according  to some fans which works sometimes until you push  ,too far into a certain direction perfect world  entertainment who had acquired cryptic studios  ,back in 2011 clearly thought that there was  enough profit there to acquire or use these  ,ips strategically the reason i mentioned  cryptic studios having a history of failed  ,or being most charitable lackluster online  titles besides it being insanely relevant  ,is to set tone for what would be the developer  of the game we are covering in this series but  ,also because there were potentially enough  tribulations to even give the parent company  ,perfect world entertainment pause regarding  entrusting the company with a new powerful ip  ,whether or not cryptic could cook up something  closer to their first hit or something closer to  ,their still successful but rather dry and bland  other titles reliant on established ips would  ,remain to be seen perfect world entertainment  was certainly believing they could at the very  ,least get a repeat of the monetary successes  they had on star trek online and neverwinter,details concerning magic legends would hit the web  january 16th 2017 in the way of an official blog  ,post with lead designer phil zelesky mtg is a very  complex turn-based card game with varied mechanics  ,robust lore and gorgeous iconic artwork according  to zaleski cryptic studios was attempting to  ,capture all of this essence and translate it  into a dynamic real-time action rpg on top of  ,an action combat for magic legends the game would  be boasting a rotating deck system i guess this is  ,where cryptic kind of figured hey we have cards in  mtg normally why not introduce them here the idea  ,was kind of simple players were able to rotate  between a number of cards and spells that are  ,ultimately then randomized and available for use  once before randomizing again these were separate  ,from typical class abilities and had longer  cooldowns but straight at the gate there was  ,like this weird serious contention from the action  combat audience already arpgs had very predictable  ,and understandable rotations and ways of kind of  playing the map and clearing it you use the same  ,abilities over and over again and thats largely  the predictable gameplay loop that people have  ,enjoyed thus far in the genre still magic legends  was leaning on their deck making mechanics even if  ,this alienated or made them take certain risks in  the arpg space another key element of the gameplay  ,in magic legends which from all signs thus far  were looking more like an online arpg or perhaps  ,an morpg than an mmorpg was the planeswalker  mechanic planeswalkers much to the chagrin of  ,the mtg fans are the new focus for the franchise  you summon them as elite summoner style cards and  ,then they can serve a purpose on the board and  often create new creatures they would be making  ,an appearance in mtg legends as well serving  as the centerpiece for the game where you as  ,the player would play as your customized very own  planeswalker this was a stark contrast to previous  ,planeswalkers though which kind of was the whole  point in mtg pivoting to them in the first place  ,at least i think its the name recognition that  comes with these same planeswalkers being used  ,and the same planeswalkers and rotations you  discovered new spells for your planeswalker as  ,you traveled throughout the world in magic legends  and summoned creatures to fight for your cause  ,this could end up being very problematic though  as arpgs already have a crazy amount of mobs on  ,screen and a bunch of action and particle  effects and you name it it can kind of be  ,hard to focus sometimes now imagine you are a  character that literally spawns more characters  ,as a mechanic on screen while fighting a lot of  characters well you can see the issues the mana  ,mechanic from mtg will make an appearance as well  ill bet a brief one in a non-consequential one  ,unfortunately they were the basis of classes  that you could choose to play as but other than  ,that you could kind of mix and match the bunch of  different colors without any sort of consequence  ,and those would just merge into your chosen  class color this ends up making the mana  ,stuff feel like a half-finished gimmick that  serves no real purpose past character creation,magic legends closed beta would be announced in  january 2020 later for spring in the same year  ,in the same month it would also  be announced that cryptic would  ,be bringing magic legends to consoles first  the ps4 and eventually the xbox release too  ,cryptic studios would showcase magic legends at  pax east in march of 2020. this is the first real  ,time we had seen the game as trailers up to this  point hadnt had any gameplay contained in them  ,really although the graphics were bad in magic  legends they barely look like mtg in my opinion  ,for starters the contrasting art style mtg is  known for with the colors and such is noticeably  ,absent in magic legends instead the game is a bit  more shiny and glossy which is way more typical  ,of cryptic studios games which is very likely due  to the fact that cryptic studios would use their  ,in-house engine on the game which would cause a  number of issues in their other games as we will  

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Magic Legends Is Even Worse Than I Expected

so this video is uh a bit of a long time,coming the open beta for magic legends,launched a few weeks back and ive kind,of held off on jumping into the game,until just recently if you dont recall,this is the top down action rpg,set in the magic the gathering universe,its got five classes to choose from,that represent the five colors in magic,as you play through the game you collect,spells and use those to craft decks that,you take into battle,you get to travel to various magic,locations that with each plane,represented with an open world zone,where youll fight monsters do quests,join public events and even come across,other players theres a story campaign,as well as these things called,ordeals which are similar to diablo,bounties the games got a director ai,that skills difficulty based on how well,you play,and there is co-op with groups of up to,three players so yeah im a little late,to making a video about this um but i,couldnt not check,this thing out and what were gonna do,here in this video is im just gonna,take you through,my experience with playing magic legends,for the first few hours,just to give you kind of a general idea,of,how the game is and how its played uh,it didnt live,up to any expectations we might have had,looks like we got five classes which,makes sense this would be one for each,of the,mana types in magic the gathering and as,far as i am aware,every single class basically has three,different unique abilities for them,i kind of like this green beast color,one its got a,cleave with the axe there its got a,rending throw and then a self-heal,and buff for me and my companion i think,that sounds pretty good so im gonna go,with green here,here i am being summoned into some sort,of plane of existence,no idea how i got here i love that,helmet though with those antlers,its pretty sick looking i know what you,told your guild master,and thats all i need to know,so youre a stalker and an eavesdropper,this is pretty bad,like visually and the voice acting what,a disappointing start,left mouse button on target to use,primary attack hold the shift key to,stay in place okay,thats some pretty basic so its got the,rotate camera thing,uh honestly initially i thought i was,gonna really dislike this i i disliked,it in,games like this before but you know what,this isnt so bad so i got this,i can hold it down to line it up it,looks like which is nice,i gotta have to read my skills didnt,read them too closely in like character,creation screen but,i just like green you know get like,rancor and giant growth,stuff like that thatd be great i gotta,i i just want to say to star too like,look at that thats kind of cool,i dont know how this game is going to,turn out but it just reminds me of like,how,amazing the magic world the magic,universe is and,how much potential this ip has for like,a cool video game,here we go i got a couple of skills,elven assailment and then hunted the,apex so this guys gonna channel barrier,i gotta protect him you got it,okay so ive got my q and my e abilities,which are my class abilities,and then ive got the cards that i just,got okay here we go lets,toss this down all right nice,like it that last a very long time holy,crap,wait why did it cast again what is,happening,okay ill take it so my man is down here,my health and then ive got my spells,throwing out my q,first seems like a big thing since it,does the mark that heals me so im gonna,use the cue as much as humanly possible,oh thats enough to kill these little,guys,actually i dont need to use my spells,on these little guys just swinging this,is easy enough,your available spells will shift each,time you cast,this is the mechanic that when i first,heard it was gonna be in this game,i thought sounded awful so basically,whenever i cast something,its gonna be randomly replaced with one,of my other things so im not sure how,this is gonna end up playing out,in actuality but just the whole idea,that every time i cast a spell a new one,gets put in that hotkeys place,sounds bad to me im gonna have to keep,checking what my keybind,actually is instead of just knowing my,what one does what two does etc it is,such a cool concept,to have a magic gathering arpg i just,have a really bad feeling about how this,things gonna turn out especially,monetization-wise ill take a look at,the shop at some point uh alvin archers,are my two now,see what im talking about so i just,have to basically keep looking at my,hotbar,to see what my new spells are i dont,love that i just didnt,like that really bothers me even im,just so used when im playing these,games i know when,when i hit one i know what it does when,i hit two i know what it does you know,what i mean,its not impossible but i keep having to,take my eyes off the action,to look down here to see what my keybind,is okay here are my rewards,which these look just like the spells,that i got in the tutorial they dont,look new so these are the ones that i,just got throughout the tutorial okay,check this out this might looks like my,home right this is definitely elvish i,like those buildings thats cool,im up in tree branches bro i love this,kind of,this is like just like the world you,know what i mean look at this im in,this massive,tree of life or just get these holds,metropolis built up on these branches,its so dope oh whats that something on,the ground,you see that what is that i dont know,what i just picked up its okay is he,just dying over time,how you feeling about can i heal you at,all this is what im talking about like,i wanna be able to re-summon him and im,just gonna have to wait,until he shows up okay there we go hes,here now so now i just need the mana i,thought was it ten,yeah okay cool so heres the mini map oh,look it looks pretty it looks like it,goes pretty big here can i see,is there like a world map or something,welcome to the map,[Music],thanks my realm dominaria the sanctum,i cant see any of this stuff okay got,it im guessing these are like,teleportation,little portals here or something i cant,seem to interact with them yet but maybe,i just have to unlock that,my balance is seeming very unhelpful,right now,are you can you help can you engage in,combat with me brother,be great some i gotta say uh just to,start here with the,abilities that i have so far i have been,enjoying the um,like the sounds and animations of some,of these skills i think its pretty its,actually pretty good,combat does not feel great though ill,say that doesnt feel very weird oh,there we go uh,gold unrefined ether and battle pat,oh my god a battle pass dude of course,right it is 20 21,every game needs about ever every game,needs a battle pass,right so so far its not as bad as i,thought it was gonna be,just dealing with the randomized spells,that might change,as we go on and things get harder its,just a little its a little slower,right like this thing is theres just,the moment-to-moment gameplay is,a little bit slower and maybe thats to,deal with the fact that you have to keep,rechecking your keybinds to see what,your new spell is when you hit it ether,refined today,what is happening this feels like a,mobile game some of these things,that theyre throwing at me look at the,freaking the background,besides these guys being idiots look at,how cool,this world is or could be or i dont,know, i love it i love the magic universe,im not saying i love this game im,saying i love the world i love the,potential of the magic universe is it,wasted potential on this,well see like i definitely want to give,i want to give everything a fair chance,right but it just,so far it feels a little lackluster and,you so earlier i mentioned that i was,really enjoying the sounds,and some of the animations of my skills,and stuff on the flip side though,the combat doesnt feel good so the,sounds are good,and some of the animations look pretty,good clicking and,casting spells theres no theres no,oomph theres not like,you know what i mean yeah it just,doesnt feel good clicking on,doesnt feel good and thats prett

Magic: Legends Review | Is it Good? | PC Action RPG

all right everyone welcome to a video,where today were going to be taking a,look at,magic legends the newest release from,cryptic studios and published by perfect,world,and were going to be asking a certain,question is it good,if you enjoyed this review make sure you,subscribe and check back as i regularly,review,new releases so magic legends the game,that was announced as an mmo and swiftly,pivoted to be advertised as an upcoming,action rpg based on the beloved magic,the gathering,franchise now to be clear for those who,dont know i have some history with the,game not only did i used to regularly,create magic content,and ive been an avid player for well,over a decade at this point,but i even made a video talking about,magic legends and how it probably,isnt gonna be a good game so did they,manage to change my mind and win me over,well,lets take a look at their open beta,launch first off lets take a look at,the games technical fundamentals along,with its visual,and audio aesthetically the game isnt,bad,i would just say it lacks another,passive polish and detail,and many models and environmental,details just feel a little bit under,baked,added to the fact that the games color,palette in these aspects feels a little,bit,washed out and pallid it certainly,doesnt visually grab me,audio is generally a mixed bag ambient,and combat sounds are pretty good but,the music,barely plays often just disappearing for,long stretches of time,when it plays its pretty good and,actually quite pleasant,but there are other elements of the,audio that are not so pleasant the voice,acting,is pretty bad perfect world often dont,invest in strong voice performances ive,noticed,and it shows a lot of the voice over of,npcs has flat,or odd cadence and dialogue is often,extraordinarily simplified in order to,convey quest,objectives before i talk about any,gameplay aspects themselves i need to,talk about the elephant in the room,which is perfect world,im sure some of you watching this,probably winced when i said the name as,their aggressive monetization of,free-to-play titles,is all too familiar to those of us,whove experienced games published by,them before,magic legends at first look is to be no,different the game is launched with a,class,locked behind a rare drop within premium,currency loot boxes,and while it is purchasable from other,players on their version of the auction,house,for in-game gold the relative grind to,buy this product will be significant,to put it lightly i make clear this,level of monetization as it is apparent,in many of the facets of gameplay,and this is a game that heavily presses,you to pay for convenience,or else face the heavy grind some will,be fine with this monetization however,for some,it will be an immediate deterrent ill,let you make your mind up on that but to,me,locking a huge feature like a character,class behind monetization or a hyper,grind from day one,as well as perfect worlds notoriety is,a dark portent of things to come,now lets touch on the environments a,little bit more this is a real mixed bag,some locations look good and represent,their respective settings well,but many fall flat and just seem to lack,an attention to detail,and love of implementing the little,things that would reflect the flavor of,their namesakes,they also feel dead theres a,significant mistake here in their design,which is that absolutely nothing in the,world is interactable,the only thing your spells and attacks,will affect is units there are no,crates to smash no chests to break open,no walls to crumble this leaves the game,with a floaty detached feeling that,plagues its other systems too,magic fans will enjoy seeing,environments enemies and famous faces,rendered in 3d however,and the nostalgia and novelty factors,may go some way to make up for the lack,of quality,however that wont be there for people,who are not fans of the franchise one,last note is that the optimization of,this game is honestly,woeful it seemed to vary from person to,person that i spoke to,but some people including myself were,struggling to pull stable frame rates on,powerful gaming rogues,the way you explore these environments,can also prove to be pretty frustrating,at times,with a 3d world and a rotatable camera,the controls can feel oddly restrictive,and even border on the bizarre at times,a freely rotating camera yet one,incapable of zooming or tilting,is pretty confusing to use and the fact,the view is centered on your characters,feet means that if you run forward with,the camera behind your character as,is instinctual youll have more of a,view of behind your character,than in front all in all the camera,usage feels like another confused,under designed element of magic legends,arguably the most important element of,an arpg is its combat and loot,progression so lets really hone in on,those,magic legends combat is a triple threat,of real potential,chaos and poor implementation before,digging deeper into this i do want to,stress that amidst all the mediocrity on,display,there is a clear potential gem here in,the deck building into combat gameplay,your spells are cards drawn at random,from your deck but its easy to see,themes building themselves,in my footage here youll see me playing,as a sanctifier which is the white mana,bass class,staples from the colors are implemented,pretty well along with iconic cards and,abilities,that will be a nice touch for those of,us familiar with the card game,even the mana system is pretty well,implemented with auto generating mana,balancing itself based on the,combination of mana symbols in your deck,of abilities its a shame you cant go,beyond two colors in this however,but it works well enough for what it is,unfortunately combat itself,erupts into sheer chaos especially,whenever more than one player is present,with the game heavily borrowing the,theme of playing creatures from mtg,the simplistic way to put it is that,each class is a summoner class,this leads to the screen often flooding,with units often difficult to tell,friend from foe,and along with damage number spam,renders the action borderline,incomprehensible when playing in a party,im an arpg fan with a lot of experience,in games like path of exile,and diablo 2 especially and ive never,had an issue with following the action,even in co-op sessions until magic,legends came along one thing that,doesnt help with this lack of,understandable combat is the real,feeling of,weightlessness and detachment that your,attacks and abilities possess,your basic attack will float through,enemies and even heavy attacks and,abilities,wont register beyond a slight bump to,your opponent ive always thought that,some,arpgs use of ragdolling was excessive,but i understand it clearly now ive,played magic legends it exists to give,your abilities,impact in a game where youre often,firing off many skills it really helps,if you can,feel each one land which definitely,isnt the case here,the animation of skills are often pretty,laughable as well,made to look only worse by the fact that,theres some genuinely impressive,looking skills,as well before we move on to more,progression based issues with the combat,i have to make special mention of the,ai and the difficulty level allied and,enemy ai,alike is what can only be described,again as pretty woeful,you will notice enemies and allies alike,standing about or just walking up and,blankly staring at another unit,somewhat often pathing seems to be of,special trouble to the games creatures,and it can kill the flow of combat,somewhat,summons generally felt pretty weak to me,compared to powerful aoe spells,but this may be in no small part due to,their lackluster ai,additionally difficulty is non-existent,in early progression i know this is a,strange point as often the scaling,difficulties of the,end game of action rpgs is the true,experience like diablos torment levels,but theres a huge difference between,starter difficulty,and no difficulty magic legend so far,is a no difficulty game even down

Magic Legends – Full Game Review

hey guys desolator magic here and its,time for a lightning fast review of,magic legends not going into detail on,anything just throwing all the details,straight at your face a lot of people,say they hate the game a lot of people,say they like the game its very uh hit,or miss,i personally kind of like it but uh very,far from a perfect product so the number,one reason to play it the number one,thing that people like is you know you,can jump into a world that youve been,reading about in the lore of the books,you know on the cards its like you can,walk up and talk to the characters that,youve been playing with thats huge i,mean that effect aint new look at like,the harry potter movies uh that were,formerly books,look at pokemon go terrible boring,poorly put together game but,pokemon you can interact with them in,the real world in 3d,so if youre like i dont care about,seeing tolarian academy walking around,it and talking to the people there well,then the games probably not for you,because thats the number one hook uh,the number one negative uh i guess its,kind of split its kind of the same,thing though,100 owned by a chinese company perfect,world entertainment i dont want to give,china,any money period the end and im not,going to i am never going to,theyre buying up property and stakes in,companies and trying to basically,invade other countries theyre trying to,basically take over a controlling stake,in africa right now,all they do is break the law lie steal,other peoples technology,theyre terrible and they raise their,kids to be racist,everybody there hates everybody from,outside their country because thats,what the government told them to do,their whole life,they say youre so superior you deserve,to steal everything and,the whole business model has ripped,somebody off because theres always,tomorrow who cares about tomorrow,so you should not support that we need,zero dollars going to china so do not,give this game or perfect world,entertainment,any ounce of your money now the good,news is you can realistically from what,ive seen play this for free but,they might pull an ea where six months,from now it starts getting really,egregious and you basically,have to just to keep up or to see new,content,you know get out the credit card,neverwinter was basically never that way,but this one could go that way,so the part b of this is that its,extremely pay to win so its like its,extremely paid to win and the moneys,going to china its kind of all the same,thing,its not pay or get left behind like,some mobile games its just pay to,absolutely get better gear and level,faster than everybody else now im out,leveling the game right now ive just,been playing the game naturally,around and doing whatever i want,and im like level 25 already every time,i go into a mission i feel like im,overpowered,and a lot of them i could just one hit,stuff i feel zero need to level faster,or get more powerful,i bet im gonna feel differently when we,get to the end game raids which i,havent done yet,but yeah you can in an indirect,roundabout way but its still there,pay for better gear pay for better,spells that just literally do more,damage,so thats pretty egregious but i dont,see a reason to do it now the game does,have pvp but its in one tiny little,spot that kind of shoehorned it in and,you could just ignore it so with it,being pve,player versus environment you versus the,game you versus the ai youre only,really,cheating yourself if you get way ahead,because then youll just go into every,mission overpowered and who cares,but im sure like i said the endgame,stuff is going to change that,my theory is that this type of setup is,for six months from now when everybodys,super high level and then they get their,friend to play and,they like theyre like hurry up hurry up,hurry up get to level 30 so you can do,some,end game stuff with us oh youre way too,weak you got to get stronger because you,did like nothing in that raid,and theyll think oh i mean the games,free anyway ill just throw them you,know 20 30 bucks and real quick just,elevate all this upgrade all my stuff,and get some new artifacts and all that,to me thats what its for it doesnt,seem like its a trap for the average,person it seems like its a catch-up,mechanic for people who just want to hit,the go button or for people who create a,new character and dont want to go,through all the,the slow progression which isnt really,that slow like i said its been like two,days and im almost uh,to level 30. i will say i mean right now,if i would have paid him about 10 bucks,all of my spells would be level three i,just dont immediately see a need for,that,if youre thinking oh at some point im,gonna want some zen in the future uh,remember theres an in-game,trade system where you can spend ether,to get zen,and then buy whatever you want with it,that came in real handy in neverwinter,let me just put it that way,also the free version of the battle pass,gives you some pretty good stuff so,those are the two major points lets,just blow through the rest i wanted to,explain them so that you,really get a good fundamental,understanding of the most liked and the,most hated things,gameplay i didnt find it particularly,repetitive but its only been two days,theres over a thousand spells in the,game i mean you know just throwing that,out there,the enemy types the strategies and the,attack types they kept it pretty fresh,um optimization graphics um i think the,graphics look kind of 2012,e i mean it looks like and it looks like,it because this is what they did,they use ultra modern tools high texture,stuff really nice fancy lighting and all,that,to put things in very lazily so these,really good modern tools to build a,really crappy world,extremely quickly so like the placement,of the grass and stuff is just weird,some of the layering you start to lose,the mouse cursor it gets a little too,chaotic,um you can target spells just fine on,stone its almost impossible to target,spells on grass,and like i said the graphics they dont,exactly you know look like far cry 5 you,know,theyre sharper prettier and theres,more particles and shadows than there,would have been 10 years ago but it,doesnt look any more real than 10 years,ago,also in some zones i get 140 fps in some,zones i get,31. at least that was while streaming i,got,a 50 plus no matter what with a 1080 ti,everybody complaining about the,performance is running an rtx card,pretty much or like something really old,and slow,uh just force ray tracing off ive,already done a video about this uh,theyre gonna probably add it as an,option,but if you cant do it in geforce,experience wait two weeks youll be able,to do it with nvidia inspector,i check theres no json file config file,or ini file that you can use right now,to force,the game to turn that off hell in the,nvidia control panel you might be able,to force it off actually globally,you shouldnt have to the game wasnt,tested at all clearly i mean they didnt,they didnt um,what do they call that like balance or,optimize certain locations i should not,be getting triple the frame rate,just because i went to a place with,slightly less grass waving around they,they clearly didnt care,and also this game is extremely rushed,were missing item names where,i ive had the ui freeze up a couple,times ive played worst glitch your,games trust me,this games like 99 perfect especially,compared to like cyberpunk or just some,absolute disaster like fallout 76,but theres some issues with like itll,say a mythic thing spawned and then it,either,died when it hit the ground or somebody,killed it but then it keeps flashing,into existence so it says its still,there,and then its been like a couple minutes,like oh its gonna retreat i could go,kill it and then you walk around and,its not actually there,or you see it flicker into existence for,a second or its not where they marked,it on the map and you got to wander,around and just waste your time i mean,did they even test this game so i,wouldnt call it a

Is Magic Legends Worth Playing [Magic Legends Review]

ive got to note right off the bat that,i didnt really know what to expect when,magic legends was,originally announced to be in,development from a little-known,developer by the name of cryptic studios,id only ever heard cryptics name,before in relation to city of heroes,talk about a blast from the past i,remember seeing copies of that game,being sold in toys r us and walmart in,the electronics department years ago,while cryptic has had some good days,theyve mostly faded into obscurity over,the past,15 years with their studio mostly,focused on making beverage generic,online licensed games,so seeing them attached to a more aaa,scale game based on magic the gathering,was a bit of a surprise,i dont think anyone even people in the,magic the gathering community,really expected this particular game,ill be entirely honest i dont really,play magic i dabbled a bit back from,around 2009 to 2011,mostly playing with my friends who,collected and played themselves but it,was far more,their game than it was mine i enjoyed it,just for the,social experience not really for the,game itself so my interest in magic,legends has been mostly from the,perspective of someone who rather enjoys,arpg games like diablo and gauntlet dark,legacy,so the main point of discussion today,will not center around how faithful,magic legends is to the source material,but rather its enjoyability as what it,is,a triple a produced free-to-play action,rpg,so lets start at the beginning with the,character creation process or,really the lack thereof character,customization in this game is almost,non-existent,the character creation process consists,of maybe six to ten options each for,hair color,hairstyle face skin color etc,character cosmetics have almost all been,locked off as premium purchasable items,one of the main pillars that defines any,great or decent rpg even an arpg is the,extent and complexity of its character,creation interface,instead of having half a dozen different,preset eye colors,id prefer players had access to rgb,sliders or some kind of color wheel,where you can fine tune the exact,tint and intensity of the color to your,liking,once you finalize your character you,proceed to the tutorial which,sadly is not skippable but at the very,least the game does bombard you with a,fair bit of story progression and more,introduction to keep things moving,so even if youre familiar with how to,play an arpg game at least youre not,entirely wasting your time with the,tutorial which is nice,there are a few things i dislike more in,a game than excessive hand holding,especially when it comes in the form of,an overly long tutorial,or set of tutorials one of the things,that you do actually benefit from,learning about in the tutorial is how,cards work,while the tutorial doesnt do much more,than cover the basic need to know,fundamentals,its still a nice addition to those that,dont play a lot of card based action,rpg games the card system was one of the,things that initially struck me as,interesting about this game,and helps it stand apart from other,notable arpgs,instead of relying on the same handful,of cool-down abilities on a centralized,menu,the card system here is designed,explicitly with the intent of,incentivizing players to constantly,to constantly alternate between your,ever-growing deck of cards,giving you a degree of combat variety,rather than exclusively rely on a meager,handful,and from both a visual and gameplay,perspective all of these combat cards,stand out as mostly unique from one,another which is no easy,thing to do from a design perspective,speaking of combat ill give the game,some mostly unfiltered praise in this,area as,combat does feel really good in those,inconsistent and arguably infrequent,moments the game,provides you with an adequate challenge,the synergy between different character,classes can result in some pretty,visually amazing and useful combos,none but the largest of enemy hordes can,really help to compete against the total,collective power,of four different sets of minions from,each player let alone the four players,that cast it said binions,however theres a clear trade-off the,amount of visual effects,on screen at times especially when,players are comboing abilities at once,can be so excessive at times,you literally cannot tell what the hell,is going on i know some people point to,games like overwatch as an example of,audio visual spam but where theres,simply too much going on at once but,trust me games like overwatch have,nothing on magic legends in this area,its so confusing even the developers,have had to come out with,vague promises that they are,investigating the issue and discussing,possible solutions internally i was a,bit disappointed,with the world design in this game which,is a bit surprising as anyone whos ever,played the card game would probably tell,you,the actual magic the gathering world is,visually and descriptively pretty,interesting and vivid compared to most,fantasy settings i got really bored,looking at most of the world,on display so far some of the creature,designs are pretty solid but honestly,thats not enough to,excuse the generic worlds themselves but,thats honestly,just not enough to excuse the generic,moral design itself,but the biggest disappointment ive,observed in games so far has been the,insanely generic design philosophy of,the story quests,the quests in the game have been almost,entirely identical,save for some dialogue variation they,all follow the exact same formula do,four to five fetch quests where an npc,tells you,go here or destroy these relics or,objects you spend five to ten minutes,just walking from a to b,you fight some minions you do the thing,you come back after four or five,fetch quests you do a boss battle quest,you defeat the boss you go back to the,original,quest giver of that world and then they,send you off to another world in need of,your help,also it doesnt help that you spend the,majority of your time in the game,walking from point a to point b even,after you unlock all the fast travel,points which in of itself requires quite,a bit of walking around youre still,going to be spending at least a few,minutes at a time walking from the,nearest,fast rival portal to your next quest and,during that time in most cases hardly,anything happens,if i was playing something like diablo,or any other rpg,i want to go further than a few hundred,meters outside the main,social hub without running into at least,a few enemies or some kind of random,event,here there is way too much downtime we,need more random encounter type events,more mini bosses and elite enemies that,just roam around the world,we need world bosses an actual dungeon,system etc,i get that magic legends clearly wants,to draw a fine line between being an,arpg and being a,mmorpg and instead wants to be viewed as,something like a,mmo light title but if youre going to,design your game around being online,only,at least incorporate some of the,features that comprise that comprise any,decent mmo,i mean lets be honest destiny 2 of all,games has more in common with your,traditional,mmorpg than magic legends does and those,are words id never,thought id utter if you asked me a few,years ago also on a related note one of,the,things that really annoyed me was the,excessively long loading times,you can sometimes be waiting minutes at,a time just to load into a world,at one point at the beginning of a,loading screen i got up to go to the,bathroom go downstairs get a drink,at my kitties check my phone walk back,upstairs and sit back down in my chair,and the game was still loading were,talking a span of around four to five,minutes,im perfectly fine with waiting 30,seconds or a minute to load,if im loading into a fairly large world,but legends test my patience to the,extreme in this regard,im hoping that this will be addressed,due time but it hasnt been yet and its,been about a week now so i dont feel,bad about mentioning it here,the voice acting in this game from many,of the npc ch

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