1. MagSafe Wallet – My Honest Review after 4 Months!
  2. Apple “MagSafe” Wallet – How Safe?
  3. I Tested 22 iPhone 14 MagSafe Wallets – Heres My Top 10!
  4. Apple MagSafe Leather Wallet with “Find My” Built In!
  5. MOFT MagSafe Snap-on Wallet vs. MOFT MagSafe Flash Wallet
  6. MagSafe Wallet Long-Term Review: Was I Wrong?
  7. I Spent $500 on MagSafe Wallets – Top 8 iPhone Wallets!

MagSafe Wallet – My Honest Review after 4 Months!

this video is sponsored by squarespace,the best way to make an amazing website,ive been using apples 59 magsafe,wallet,almost every single day since it came,out but ive realized that weve never,done a review or even a dedicated video,on it,and ive actually changed my mind about,it since ive last commented on it in a,video so lets go ahead and talk about,if you should spend,59 of your hard-earned dollars on it or,if you should buy,one of the much cheaper third-party,options like this one,which you can buy on amazon for as low,as 10 dollars with prime shipping,or possibly a nicer one like the moft,wallet which ill link to,down in the description or just stick,with the wallet that you already have,let me quickly start,out with the announcement of mac safe,and my initial,thoughts almost no one was expecting,apple,to stuff their iphone 12s with the ring,of magnets that fixed,probably the biggest problem with,wireless charging when apple showed it,off,both vadim and i were instantly,intrigued by this new tech,we both love wireless charging and use,it daily,but those mornings when i woke up to a,dead phone,because i didnt align my phone,perfectly were extremely annoying,and of course the slow charging speeds,also suck,if you want to top off your phone during,the day vadim did a deep dive into,magsafe after the announcement,calling it apples master plan to be,honest,i was nowhere near as optimistic about,it but after,four months i have to say that i now,completely agree with basically,everything he said you should definitely,check out that video after this one,getting back to the wallet i was,skeptical about it,actually probably more than that i,thought it was a dumb idea,now sure for cases having max 8 that,will hold your case on,without having a super tight fit,required is great,and the same thing for aligning chargers,but a super slim wallet that can barely,hold,any cards seemed dumb and then i,saw the 59 dollar price tag,was apple crazy well maybe they were,or maybe i am because of course i did,order one,to be even more honest after receiving,it and opening up the box for the first,time,i was almost sure that i was going to,return it for a number of reasons,first off i already had a slim wallet,that held four cards,and a bit of cash this only held three,cards in no cash,but at the same time the three cards,barely fit inside of it,and it was literally frustrating every,time i needed to get one of my cards out,and lastly the magnet was quite a bit,weaker than i expected,when i first started putting it into my,pocket i would have issues with the,wallet twisting off,and at times falling off and after the,first day or two,just like many others online i pretty,much wrote the wallet off,as a complete failure from apple that,they would either have to fix,or discontinue so why is it that four,months later,i am still using the wallet well my,journey,to loving this wallet was quite,interesting and ill explain why,right after a quick shout out to the,sponsor of this video squarespace,if youve been thinking about making,your own website now is the perfect time,and squarespace is seriously the best,way to go,you can build a great looking website,like we did with literally,no web making experience it doesnt,matter if you want a portfolio,a blog e-commerce or anything else you,just choose a template and you customize,blocks of text and images,its incredibly simple its affordable,and ours have been running flawlessly,for years now,bringing in lots of traffic thanks to,its built-in seo tools,start your free two-week trial with no,credit card required by going to,squarespace.commaxtech,or use our custom link down below and,when youre ready to launch you will,save 10,off your first purchase of a website or,domain my first week or so with the,wallet was quite frustrating,and i still planned on returning it but,i was slowly starting to get used to,handling it in a way that kept the,wallet on the back,of my phone i started to put the phone,into my pocket differently making sure,to pull the pocket,open with a finger before i let the,phone drop in and,if you wear loose pants its not really,as bad but with tighter ones especially,ones that you have to kind of force the,phone down,you definitely have to be very careful,pulling the phone out,is a little bit more tricky as you kind,of need to hold the wallet slightly when,you pull your phone out,especially with larger phones or else,the wallet can twist,and stay in your pocket but thats more,of an annoyance,not really a risky issue being able to,lose it,then comes the issue of pulling cards,out of the tight wallet,if you have two cards in there youre,fine but with three i found that you,need to place,one card that has punched out numbers,inward so that you can grip them,when taking your cards out so with all,of these issues and annoyances why would,i still recommend buying one of these,well once you get used to its,intricacies it starts to become,very convenient but before it got better,it got even,worse a few weeks after the 12 pro was,released i switched over to the new 12,pro max,and i brought the wallet over as well,this is where the frustration went to a,whole other level and this is the one,phone that i probably wouldnt,highly recommend this wallet for even,though im still using it,daily the magnets are the same exact,strength as in,all of the other 12 so you wouldnt,think that they would be any different,but the magsafe wallet comes off of the,12 pro max way,easier than the rest of the iphones at,first i thought there was something,wrong,with my max but other max leaf,accessories had no issues,so its definitely the combo of the two,after a bit i figured out that there,are two reasons why it sucks with the,max,the first reason is that it has a matte,texture on the back of the phone,because of this the kind of slick,texture of the wallet slides fairly,easily,much more so than with the regular 12,which has a glossy back,of course the standard 12 pro also has a,map back but it stays on that phone,much better and thats because of how,much space there is between the edge of,the frame,and where the wallet sits on the max,because of this,your finger or really anything else can,be in that space,and then if it slightly bumps or pushes,against the wallet,that just causes it to very easily spin,and as soon as it spins the bottom,strips of magsafe unalign,and then it is much easier for the,wallet to pop off,and this happens way too often i was,starting to get quite annoyed with it,and then came time to test out the,iphone 12 mini,and i absolutely fell in love with the,wallet combining the glossy back of the,phone with the size,which fits the wallet perfectly resulted,in the wallet,literally not moving at all it became,a whole nother experience with me not,having to worry about the wallet,and it made the phone a lot more,comfortable as well filling in the gap,between my hand and the back of the,phone,i would keep it on most of the time and,when i didnt need my wallet i would pop,it off,and leave it in my other pocket giving,me the best flexibility between having,my phone,and wallet in one package and having a,super slim wallet that isnt noticeable,in my pants or,jacket pocket when i dont need it,together so if you have a standard,iphone 12,or especially an iphone 12 mini and,youre considering buying an apple,wallet,i would highly recommend it and if you,have a 12,pro the experience is still fairly good,but with that said,what if youre like me and you have a 12,pro max,well it really depends on three things,the first,is why you want to buy one if you want,to keep it on your phone at all times,i probably wouldnt recommend it unless,youre really careful with your phone,because of how easily it can pop off i,think that youre probably better off,with a case that can hold credit cards,the second reason to buy it is a much,bigger deal,and thats if you want to hold cards on,there often but you also want to use,max save chargers and stands in tha

Apple “MagSafe” Wallet – How Safe?

so i managed to get my hands on those,new,apple wallets the mag safe wallets,thats these ones right here theyve,been a kind of controversial topic on,the internet because some have suggested,that theyre they dont hold on as,strongly as they should and they could,potentially pop off when youre pulling,your wallet from your pocket its been a,couple videos made i wanted to test it,for myself uh im just curious to be,honest i love magnets in most cases,but,this time around it seems when it comes,to your cards and your id,the magnet might not be secure enough,but of course well find out in this,video so i have the three different,colors of the wallet theres also a,black available thats the one that i,dont have so here we have a bluish,and yellow and a saddle brown now i also,managed to get my hands,on the leather cases that came out for,the iphone 12 12 pro as well and they,match accordingly to the various,different wallets actually the blue is,called baltic blue,saddle brown and with the yellow the,yellow is california poppy,and then theres a couple of others as,well including the product red and the,black with no black wallet to go with it,so i have the iphone 12 in my pocket,ive been using it for a while people,dont know if i mean it when i say that,i use it ive been using it every single,day,and ive had a very thin case on it,obviously as youre aware thats the,later case but im always curious about,the other options that are out there i,did a video on every single uh silicone,case you can go watch that video if you,want to see all those different colors,lets go ahead and test out these,leather ones this is a premium case,these cases from apple 79,canadian and the wallets are,in hong kong prices maybe uh we can get,a conversion,uh,60 bucks 60 us for the wallet okay so,the wallets not cheap either,its not going to fit a ton of cards now,the first thing i want to try is the,wallet on top of my pre-existing case,because its a thin enough case that the,other magnetic components and,accessories work through this case the,question is how does the wallet stick,and so ill just pop this one out so,this is the saddle brown as mentioned,unboxing experience i mean its pretty,straightforward we have a little bit of,paperwork there as well and,we have to slide out whatevers in there,already this is like a placeholder card,now the way this wallet works you do,you are intended to pop it off of your,phone prior to removing your card and,the way youre going to remove your card,is by pushing it up through this channel,right here and then pulling it out like,that,now the magnet is just below there,okay it sticks and,actually i got the,indicator there that the accessory had,been attached now this is something that,happens with the various magsafe,products you attach them and then you,get this cool indicator because it is a,first party accessory its all part of,apples ecosystem now this appearance is,not so bad to be honest and it grips,pretty nicely through the thin case so,if you were wondering if this was going,to work with other cases i would say if,theyre thin enough yeah its no problem,however it can pop off i mean thats the,thing about a magnet securing your cards,and depending on which cards you put in,here that could be an issue the fact,that it,pops off relatively easily however if,they made it fit on strong,the problem there would be,where would you grip it and could you,get it off as easily and elegantly as,youd like when you go to pay for,something so uh look for me im using,digital payments tap payments for almost,everything so i dont have a huge need,for a wallet in the first place i keep,my id uh in in the car in most cases or,sometimes not at all uh why cant we,have id on our phones they do in korea,right you have this,yeah i mean we just need the id on the,phones and were all set but some people,still need to carry around cards now if,we do remove,the case altogether i presume were,going to have an even stronger,connection and so now just living on the,phone its ah you know what its still,pretty much,the same it comes off pretty easily now,the next,factor in this per in this particular,experiment is what happens when you get,the apple specific case because the,leather case adds extra magnets to it in,the same orientation as the accessories,and so presumably that would be as,strong of a connection if not more,strong than what the phone is capable of,itself now as far as the leather case is,concerned it is genuine leather,it is genuine leather uh you can you can,see you have your cutout here for the,entire camera module your buttons end up,getting remapped because it does flow,over top of the entire,smartphone so your power switch in the,case of the red case is this kind of,metallic finish over here you have,cutouts for your speaker microphone and,charge port and then theres a little,groove as well for,your notification switch as well as your,volume rockers which are also remapped,now the nice thing about a leather case,is that over time,and this is going to be a personal,preference thing but over time as you,use it it gets nicked up a little bit,you might call it a patina some people,think it can,actually get better with age as you see,the age worn on top of it maybe not so,much with the red color but definitely,the saddle brown,i dont even think i only think youre,doing saddle brown correctly if it,doesnt have a little bit of wear and,tear on it so lets go ahead and check,that one out,this would have to be,near the top of the list for my,selections i know some might think its,a little bit boring comparatively but,its just a classic,leather color of course the fits going,to be exactly the same here and in the,case of this case,were gonna have a match with the,saddle brown wallet all right so lets,get to the big question here of the,pocket test because ive seen these,pocket tests and ive talked about them,previously on the loo later show,and and i mean im im a little bit,nervous about using this in the pocket,with important cards in it because it,may pop out unknowingly its possible so,lets go ahead and just stand up for a,moment now i am not wearing super tight,pants which i think is a key,consideration some people theyre,wearing the tight pants in which case uh,theres going to be a little bit more,drag on the wallet itself but for me,on a,i guess an average maybe a regular fit,pant,its a non-issue its coming out no,problem oh i do have a back pocket but,again its a very loose,fitting back pocket,and over here,its too loose like for me its not a,problem however,however one of the issues my issue,with the wallet thing is that the wall i,mean it did budge a little bit it did,budge a little bit,well no my thing is more around,using the phone,right the phone is is im not improving,my experience having this wallet on here,im carrying a little bit more so if my,wallet stayed in my pocket instead of,coming out with my phone which is the,intention here then once i got the phone,out im ive got a thinner experience i,mean i went out of my way to make the,thinnest case i possibly could because i,want to enjoy the phone as thin as,possible,of course thats not the intention here,i do like the idea of carrying one less,thing and there have been cases in the,past that,obviously focus on sticking a card slot,into a typical case without the magnetic,connector but i just never found myself,fully adopting the idea because i just,prefer to use the phone without the,extra weight now as far as cards are,concerned lets see,how many cards we can fit in here,yeah this is the,oh god which brand is this,i think its from ander wallace ive,been using this for a while actually and,it has this little pull tab its very,thin on its own but normally it wouldnt,even be in my pocket for the most part,since it just has a couple of cards and,i just dont typically need it i guess,if i was traveling or something it would,be different but my cards are,on my phone in most cases and if im,buying s

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I Tested 22 iPhone 14 MagSafe Wallets – Heres My Top 10!

so Ive added nine new Maxi photos to my,testing group these are the top five,from the previous group think anything,has changed Im Aaron the hoe this is,Monty the hoe weve been reviewing,iPhone accessories for almost 10 years,now thats a long time for this Roundup,Ive tested each product against card,capacity magnetic strength grip viewing,angles usability and other extra,features for this Roundup Ive also,included case wallet combos not just,wallets so you know did that to give you,guys the best review possible number 10,goes to the Apple leather wallet and,this product probably had the biggest,drop in terms of ranking for Maxi,wallets why because its overpriced and,has a limited carrying capacity the only,upside is that find my is baked into the,wallet and its made from real leather,now you might be thinking wow that was a,really glowing review of this product it,must be really bad no number 10 is still,better than all of these there are so,many terrible magsafe wallets out there,number nine goes to the OtterBox magsafe,wallet and Im really not sure why I,missed this on my first go around since,the OtterBox Max April it has been,around since the iPhone 12s now from my,perspective this is the perfect,non-daily magsafe wallet carries two,cards but also has a cash slot so its,perfect for next week you just need an,ID some cash and a credit card another,reason why this is the perfect going out,magsafe wallet this things not coming,off your iPhone like the magnetic,strength on this product is Top Notch,now Marie goes to the case five leather,magsafe wallet and its the best card,only holder style wallet in this video,its been updated since the first time I,reviewed it as case if I has added other,magnets and an anti-slip finish on the,back to improve the connection between,the device and the wallet this macsafe,wallet can only carry three cards but,like all case defy products allows you,to do a custom monogram on it now in,previous roundups I focused purely on,Standalone wallets but as I said earlier,thats changed the bellroy mod is the,first case wall combo in this top 10,list and it would rank higher if bellroy,didnt use something called mod rails,these rails on the back do an amazing,job of keeping your wallet attached to,your mod case especially when you drop,it but this case can only be used with,bellroys cases so youre kind of stuck,which might not be a deal breaker for,some people but given that magsafe,accessories are meant to be modular,these mod rails really just dont make,any sense for my perspective again if,you dont do any case switching then,this might work out very well for you,the wallet itself is very well built I,am very impressed it can hold three car,card so card access is a little finicky,ass you have to pull out at least two of,them to get to the third now Im a big,fan of the hinge action on the wallet,the magnetic click when it closes is,just so very very satisfying the flap,also doubles as a stand in landscape,mode only now the mod case itself is,very thin,very minimalist though it wont offer,your iPhone a lot of drop or screen,protection as other cases in this video,friendly reminder Im a reviewer not,influencer so if you want to help keep,my stuff unsponsored get your stuff,through my links all right lets keep,going now in general I get annoyed when,I see the smoff product I really dont,know why so many people love it I do,like the design of the product as its,supposed to be a wallet stand and kind,of a pseudo phone grip it can hold a,maximum of three cards though it does,take a bit of coaxing to get all the,cards out now the pseudophone grip,really isnt that comfortable it,highlights the worst part about this,product is that it comes off incredibly,easily when its folded down like this,not bad but when its folded up,absolutely terrible I will say that this,is one of the very few products that,allows you to use it as a stand in both,landscape and portrait mode which is,incredibly handy now in general this,moth wallet is better than the flash,seriously I dont understand mock,because it seems like they have amazing,design ideas but the execution of them,are just downright terrible I will be,doing a review on this itll be in one,of my YouTube shorts so do check that,out number five goes to the peak design,wallet and it has the highest card,capacity in my collection of Max if you,well its basically a giant backpack for,cards card access isnt bad as theres a,tab to help you pull all the cards up,but you still kind of have to sort,through them once you pull them all out,to find the one you need this download,feature of the peak design wallet is the,hint it allows you to set the perfect,angle for both portrait and landscape,mounting the hinge also doubles as kind,of a pseudo grip as well now the wallet,by itself comes off quite easily on the,iPhone it really needs to Peak everyday,case to shine now the case itself isnt,too bad the buttons are a little too,stiff for my liking I dont think its,as protective as it should be and the,back of the case is too thick so you,dont actually get 15 watts of wireless,charging with your magsafe charger you,only get about seven and a half maybe,ten now I will admit that the mounting,system the peak has is unique and sturdy,enough though its not the best,mountable iPhone case system from our,perspective check out that video if you,want to know more now I used to think,ESR was kind of a dumpy brand but in the,last couple of years I think theyre,making a change their haloc series is,pretty solid the wallet stand is one of,the best magsafe wallets that Ive used,it functions exactly like the peak,design wallet in terms of the hinge and,stand features but it only carries three,to four cards now the layout of the,wallet is different as the interior card,slots are cut line lengthwise so it,opens more like a traditional wallet,when accessing those cards seriously,open your wallet like this,isnt that how a wallets supposed to,open like that just seems so natural to,me there are two things that concern me,up with this product which is the,relative weak magnetic strength of the,connection between the wallet and the,device and the front pocket stretching,enough that if you put two cards in it,at once youll always have to have two,because one will fall out because it,just stretches now the moth flash wallet,is similar its got that hinge feature,but one of the things that mop didnt,think about is that when you open up,fully it comes right off that doesnt,happen with the Halo lock,hello I honestly cant believe I paid 50,for this like its just some some,products are just such a waste of money,anyways if you like unsponsored content,make sure again get your stuff through,my links Im a viewer not an influencer,and I do like producing unsponsored,content because I got to say whatever I,want number three goes to the ghost Tech,exec six now the exact Series has really,come a long way the sixth iteration of,this wallet is an absolute,killer well see both the case and,wallet have a soft rubber coating which,feels nice though fingerprinting will be,an issue the wallet is similar to the,bellroy mod case as the flap snaps,together magnetically so its very,satisfying to open and close the wallet,also opens up at such an angle that you,can set up your iPhone in both landscape,and portrait modes so the portrait mode,angle is very shallow the wall can hold,three cards and ghostec utilizes Eclipse,system to store the card so its easy to,select the card that you want you dont,have to pull them all out the clip also,acts as a money clip for a couple of,bills very handy now where Im from,businesses are now allowed to start,charging consumers for the credit card,transaction fee so I personally am going,to start carrying a lot more cash,because thats just dumb so this wallet,was awesome for that cards and cash now,the exact six is missing the second,array of magnets so well rotate a bit,on the case it doesnt move around too,much becaus

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Apple MagSafe Leather Wallet with “Find My” Built In!

this video is sponsored by owc,this is apples new magsafe leather,wallet look familiar well thats because,its basically identical to last years,wallet in nearly every single way the,kicker here is that this version now,comes with find my built-in,well kind of before we get into that,lets go over quickly what this wallet,can do for those who are unaware just,like last year this leather wallet is,made up of premium leather material is,ultra ultra slim resulting in only two,to maybe three cards being placed,comfortably inside depending on the type,of card and can attach to the back of,any iphone 12 or iphone 13 via magsafe,in terms of the magnetic strength this,time around to me it feels exactly the,same i dont think there have been any,improvements at least the feeling of,this wallet when attached to the iphone,12. i cant say for sure whether the,magnetic strength on a new iphone 13 has,been improved or not but since apple,hasnt mentioned anything lets assume,that its the same so for those who,havent watched my video on last years,version be prepared to have your wallet,detach accidentally every so often,especially when placing your phone in,and out of your pocket,alright now lets talk about the,differences there are really only two,that i can think of one minor and one,kind of major the minor being that this,wallet now comes in a few different,colors to better match some of the watch,band colors that apple just released,alongside the apple watch series 7 like,this new golden brown color,the major new feature and im going to,put major in quotes here is find my,being built into the wallet but there is,a big asterisk next to this as well so,when you attach your wallet to your,phone for the first time youll see a,pop-up appear with the ability to add,your wallet to find my one of the,prompts pretty clearly lists all the,things that you can do and its kind of,underwhelming this new feature allows,for your wallet to be located on the map,within the find my application and it,notifies you when its detached from,your phone,thats pretty much it oh by the way your,wallet is only displaying its last known,location and it relies pretty heavily on,your device its not constantly updating,on its own when its detached it,definitely relies a lot on your device,if you tap on your wallet in the find my,app you will see a few different options,like directions to your wallet,notifications for when your wallet is,detached from your phone which by the,way wont be that annoying if youre,like detaching it from the back of your,phone and trying to pull out a card at,the store or something because it does,wait up to one minute for it to be,detached and then it will send you a,notification oh and also the ability to,show your phone number if somebody else,happens to find your wallet on the,ground and then put it on the back of,their iphone 12 or iphone 13 it will say,hey here is the person that this wallet,belongs to and their phone number uh you,should probably call them back and give,it to them and thats really it you,wont get the precision like tracking,with air tag theres no sound being able,to be pinged for your wallet etc its,very very basic i suppose its better,than nothing but if you use this wallet,like me which is kind of like a regular,wallet in your pocket and then i,sometimes attach it to my phone when,its convenient or when i want things,out of my pocket and so i dont lose it,i put it on the back of my phone,then this isnt really gonna be that,different normal people probably keep it,on their iphone at all times and so this,functionality could be enough but for me,im hoping for a true 100 air tag like,integration in the future just not sure,how apples going to do it with a wallet,this thin and thats really it is it,worth upgrading from last year probably,not if youre interested in the leather,wallet but you never pulled the trigger,well then i guess this is a nice little,bonus from last year of course id love,to know your thoughts in the comments,down below and before we end todays,video i do want to give you more,information about todays sponsor owc,owc just released a new ultra fast,thunderbolt bus powered portable ssd the,envoy pro sx the envoy pro sx is,versatile enough to be used as a bus,powered drive for daily storage and,backup tasks it can handle workflows,easily and handle all of the speed,demands of production level audio design,and photography workflows and it serves,up real world performance speeds up to 2,800 megabytes with modern thunderbolt,and usb4 equipped macs and pcs the drive,is extremely portable in a very small,compact shell that also is rugged enough,to be certified against dust water and,drops it features a removable,thunderbolt cable and is test certified,to handle the nastiest environments for,managing obstacles in the field to,crushing deadlines at home the owc envoy,pro sx lets you unleash your,productivity power no matter the task,and for more information about the owc,envoy pro sx visit the link in the,description down below this has been dan,with mac rumors thanks so much for,watching and i hope to see you around in,the next video

MOFT MagSafe Snap-on Wallet vs. MOFT MagSafe Flash Wallet

so I have the Apple Mac safe wallet and,I love it it does exactly what I needed,to do holds my cards nice and thin easy,to use convenient I dont have to have,another wallet around or anything like,that fits right on my phone its perfect,except its missing something,no kickstand so when Im eating food and,Im watching a video on my phone I,either have to prop it up against,something or lay it flat on the table,and try to watch it that way thats,crazy its just kind of annoying you,know like if only you could just have a,little kickstand prop it up it would be,great then I thought to myself well they,gotta make something out there some kind,of magsafe wallet that has a kickstand,right so I came across moft and they,have a couple different options for,wallets that have kickstands or it pops,out so you can prop up the phone so I,did what anyone else in the 21st century,would do and I immediately went to,Amazon for reviews and I went on YouTube,to try to see which one was the best one,and what people thought about them the,results,fascinating so right here is a morphed,magsafe wallet officially its called,the moft magsafe wallet stand,got a little kick out does its own,little thing nice and thin and you will,see this all over YouTube lots of,reviews so it was very easy to find out,what are the pros and cons and whats,good and whats not good about it but,what was interesting is theres another,wallet that moft makes which is called,The moft Flash wallet or the moft quick,access wallet I dont know why theres,multiple names for it but interestingly,enough there is like nothing on YouTube,about this guy I couldnt find anything,Amazon theres only like four reviews,maybe so I bought both these guys to try,them out and to see which one I like,better and so that I can tell you,all about it lets get into it,so well start with this bad boy right,here the moth phone stand and wallet,comes in this nice little box here which,obviously has been opened already,because I opened it,and here you go here is the moft wallet,and all its Glory,so this bad boy will cost you 29.99 and,on Amazon right now it is also going for,29.99 comes in 15 different colors which,I thought was actually pretty impressive,this is 95.5 millimeters long 64.5,millimeters wide and six millimeters,thick very very thin,you can compare it to the Apple,macsafe wallet very comparable actually,very very similar in size as you can see,here,it weighs in at 42.5 grams and its made,out of a vegan leather the website said,it can hold up to three cards,so we got our three cards here and,fits them just fine never had a problem,with that when youre using the wallet,on the back of the phone it has three,different viewing angles it has the,portrait mode landscape mode or the,floating mode and this is the one that,is definitely more popular in the,YouTube sphere its quite funny actually,when you look at the the videos for this,wallet the reviews a lot of YouTubers,had good things to say about the wallet,but there were a handful that just,didnt really have anything good to say,about the wallet and those that werent,saying anything good about the wallet,were criticizing those who were saying,something good about the wallet because,apparently those that had good things to,say about it were being sponsored by,mops so they kind of had to say good,things about it but I dont know a lot,of really mixed reviews on this guy,honestly but I like it so now lets talk,about this guy The moft Flash wallet and,stand or also the quick access wallet I,dont know theres just so many,different things to call this but it,comes in this box just like this this,ones a wee bit cooler actually it feels,back like this,and you just pull it out just like that,and so there you have it,here he is,opens up just like this,so this guy comes in at 34.99 so hes,about five bucks more than the other one,and again on Amazon and on the moth,website they run about the same prices,this one only comes in four different,colors it comes in night black which is,the one that I have here it also comes,in Wendy blue hello yellow and Oxford,blue this guy is a hundred millimeters,long its a little bit longer than the,other one 65 millimeters wide so again a,little bit longer than the other one and,nine millimeters thick so this one is,definitely thicker than the other moth,wallet if you want to look at the side,by side here this while it is,considerably thinner than this guy here,definitely a little bit taller a tiny,bit wider,actually the,the width is almost identical but,this one is a little bit taller because,of the hinge here,and its definitely thicker,and just to compare it to the Apple,magsive wallet,this guys definitely thicker,foreign,still taller,the width again is about the same so,this guy actually feels closer to the,Apple magsafe wallet and I dont know if,thats just because its a smoother back,and theres no design like this one here,has a design so it doesnt have that,smoothness like this guy does,but um I guess at the end of the day,this is still a more premium made wallet,but thats Apple for you so this guys a,bit heavier too coming in at 60 grams,also mean out of the same exact material,this vegan leather and interestingly the,website says it only holds up to two,cards again I have the same three cards,here,all three of them fit,and Ive never had a problem at all this,guy can definitely fit three cards so,this wallet only has two viewing angles,as opposed to the other wallet this,ones only portrait and floating mode,and it also has this space open here so,that you can use an NFC enabled card and,you can just open it right up and use,the chip on the card wirelessly and make,your purchase or whatever and you dont,even have to take it out of the wallet,you can also put your drivers license,there and people can see your drivers,license and all that fun stuff and the,biggest thing that this guy has over the,other moth wallet is this adjustable,viewing angle,you can adjust it all the way up to 180,degrees ish so just to compare the two,guys here got them both side by side,again you just open this up,the cards right in,goes right onto the back of the phone if,you need to take the cards out you just,open it pull them out,of this guy just put them in,when you need to you just open it up,Slide the cards right out,[Music],foreign,[Music],so like I said earlier I had about a,week or so of using both of these guys,so I feel like I got a good experience,out of both of them and I just want to,go over some of the complaints that Ive,heard about these so for the moth wallet,stand here,so it goes right on the back of the,phone like this,pops out just like that so you can use,it to prop it up I saw one video where,this guy said the magnet is so weak and,he was like dangling in his phone and,like going like this and shaking it,until it fell off,like yeah obviously thats gonna happen,its not like gonna stay on perfectly I,mean these are meant to come off when,you push them off to the side theyre,supposed to come off but honestly this,sticks on just as good as the Apple,wallet,maybe the Apple wallets like a tad bit,better but I could not tell the,difference when I put my phone in my,pocket with the wallet attached to it I,feel like it sticks on just fine it,doesnt fall off anymore than the apple,one would goes in my pocket out of my,pocket all day every day it really,hasnt been a problem when you take the,cards out it might be a little annoying,and you might have to pull it off in,order to get the cards out but you have,to take the wallet off when you have the,Apple Mac safe wallet too in order to,get your cards out so to me it makes,like no difference honestly same thing,with the Flash access wallet you can,kind of pull it out like this and then,push the cards out just like so but,honestly I found myself just taking the,wallet off the back of the phone and,just pulling up the card when I needed,it anyway one review I read said that,the flash quick access wallet doesnt,fit w

MagSafe Wallet Long-Term Review: Was I Wrong?

back when apple released the magsafe,wallet which is,this little magnetic wallet that sticks,to your iphone i had a few choice words,for it i mean i called it a mess,and i just didnt see why people should,spend 50,on a wallet like this however i did,decide to stick with it,and ive used it every single day since,i got it in the mail a few months ago,and i gotta say,i think i was wrong about the magsafe,wallet see,i think i was just looking at it the,wrong way i could be wrong,but i dont believe this wallet was,meant to be attached to your phone,at all times which i obviously knew,back when i got it but for some reason i,only made judgments based on how it,operated,as one single unit compared to them,being separate,i had so many complaints about oh the,off chance that i put this in my pocket,with the wallet and the phone attached,and it falls out what do i do and i,never stopped to think that maybe,this isnt the way we should use it and,i will say thats not,probably what apple thinks they probably,wanted our phone and wallet to be,attached together thats why they made,this but im thinking that thats not,how you should go about,using this wallet this is just my,personal opinion,this wallet is meant to be something,that stays in your pockets occupying,very little space,and then on the off chance that you want,your wallet,out of your pocket and you need to take,it out you can just attach it to your,phone,and its there for safe keeping so for,me personally whenever i used to go back,out in public,like to a restaurant or a bar the first,thing that i would do is take everything,out of my pockets,i get it its weird but i cant possibly,be alone in the world,and the only person who does this but,yeah i would take my phone and my wallet,and my car keys,now i dont have car keys anymore which,is great but i would take my phone and,my wallet,out and put them on the table i wanted,them in front of me i wanted them out of,my pocket,so thats where the whole mag safe thing,comes into play when i do that,instead of putting them on the table and,you know have them separate,i can stick them together i cant tell,you how many times when i go to leave a,restaurant or a bar ive left my wallet,on the table,because that functionality didnt exist,but now that can personally help me out,and not forget those two items ill,never forget my phone or at least i,would rarely forget my phone but the,wallet is something that i could forget,so that definitely helps out,now as for the wallet itself like the,actual construction and the form factor,its tiny i dont like thick wallets and,this thing is tiny so theres nothing to,worry about there,its really small its really minimal it,fits three cards comfortably,putting in a fourth is asking for it,its just too much,but man i really really wish that i can,carry just one more,card in this wallet i really needed to,fit one more for the way i,personally pay for things when im out,in public but ive managed to make do,without ive had to go through a few,hoops and,i know that if im going somewhere ill,take out the card that i need and you,know swap in the one that i want or,whatever it might be,or just hope that apple pay is available,if not i can always make,bank transfers etc its not that big of,a deal but it is an inconvenience that,at times,you know it can be kind of annoying the,beauty of this wallet is that if im,ever forced to put them in my pants,pocket,its incredibly tiny and literally feels,like theres nothing in there,i hate having things in my pockets i,think ive said that quite a few times,now,and so i just actively avoid doing it in,the winter time like right now thats,pretty simple i can just put it in my,coat pocket,but its nice that when the summer comes,i need to put it in my pants youll,barely notice that its in there,now with all that said i do think that,this magnetic attachment here,could be stronger and there have been,some rumors about the iphone 13 having a,stronger,mac safe connection so im not the only,one who thinks that this could be,something that could be improved its,just a bit too weak for my liking but,minimizing risk and only attaching when,you really,need to definitely changes my outlook on,this whole,experience i do like the minimal tiny,form factor,i just wish i could sneak in one more,card and also,not to ramble on here too much but there,is a little bit of a trick that i would,recommend,um your cards are gonna get scratched up,the numbers are going to get scratched,up quite a bit and start to wear so what,i do,i didnt actually do this correctly here,but,i put my card with the numbers,facing towards the back so not only does,it give it an easier grip for you to,slide the card up,but its just not rubbing together with,another card so i think itll,help prolong the time that that card,stays like,in good shape as far as the quality in,the leather,its top notch ive had zero issues ive,seen the brown,wallet have a lot more wear and tear,over the last few months,im not someone whos constantly taking,out of their pockets so you know aside,from a few scratches on it,it looks totally like i just bought it,so maybe the brown would be a lot more,noticeable but with the black,or the blue it still looks and feels,brand new but i would love to know your,thoughts in those comments down below,especially if you own a wallet and,youve been using it what do you think,am i crazy,for thinking that maybe its just not,something that always needs to be,attached to your phone,and that it should be used in the way i,described or yeah i dont know just let,me know in those comments down below,and before we end todays video i want,to give you more information about,todays sponsor,owc owc offers a wide range of products,for your mac like internal hard drives,and ssds,memory thunderbolt 3 docs and much more,one product that really caught my,attention recently is the new,envoy pro electron ssd this is owcs,fastest,and toughest mini-sized usb,c powered drive that the company offers,and yeah,its super fast this drive boasts,incredible real world performance due to,it being powered by owcs,ssd giving users up to a thousand eleven,megabytes per second its incredibly,small and can fit in your pocket,easily but its also built like an,absolute tank,this is the perfect new ssd for those,who are worried about being on the go,and potentially something happening to,your ssd because its so rugged,uh the build quality is excellent and,its extremely durable so for more,information about this new,envoy pro electron or anything else owc,has to offer,visit the link in the description down,below this has been dan with macrumors,thanks so much for watching and i hope,to see you around in the next video

I Spent $500 on MagSafe Wallets – Top 8 iPhone Wallets!

a portion of this video is sponsored by,kadabe all right so we are finally,getting into it finally talking about,the top mag safe wallets thats out,there on the market now i know ive been,teasing you with this video for a little,bit but i ordered legit like 20 mag safe,wallet but i had to nail that list down,to about eight so we got the best eight,wallets that we have right here im not,gonna be ranking these from one to eight,or anything like that im just gonna,grab it and im gonna get into it all,right sounds like a plan lets go ahead,and jump straight in you already know,every water that i talk about will be,down there in the description below so,lets go ahead and kick this thing off,with the number one and im starting off,a little bit heavy with this one because,this is one of my favorite magsafe,wallets and that is going to be the esr,halo lock mag safe wallet with this nice,vegan leather all right so youre gonna,get a nice little felt touch to it but,like i said it is vegan leather now this,does hold up to three cards all right so,when were talking about three card,capacity youre gonna have one that you,can slide right here open it up youre,gonna have another one and,youre going to have another one right,here basically they might want you to,let this one be your license and you are,good to go now im pretty sure you,sending me kind of this little bend and,fold thing right here thats because,this magsafe wallet acts as a one a,wallet and two as a stand so when youre,out and about to view content trust me,this is a license for all my dads out,there if you go out to eat with your,kids and you need them they just you,need to hold them down a little bit and,watch the content thats where this,right here comes in clutch you can,easily keep it in this portrait mode or,you can drop it down vertical they have,a nice friction arm so this is not,anything thats going to be falling by,itself you get a very nice friction arm,to hold you down but when youre not,worried about doing that you can rock it,out just with the actual mag safe wallet,portion itself so this one right here,will run you 26.99 over on amazon so,this is a very good price point for that,dual type of wallet that acts as a stand,and the mag safe wireless all right so,esr halo lock one of the best on the,market really love this definitely one,of the best when it comes to the dual,purpose wallet all right now the next,one on deck we got to go ahead and talk,about the og to start this whole mag,safe water thing and we got to talk,about the apple mag safe water now i,know some of you were like wait a minute,t why in the world is this over overly,priced expensive magsafe wallet on the,list because this is the only one on the,entire list that has of course the find,my wallet find my feature built into it,and this is what i like to use when i am,stepping out and i dont need a lot of,cards with me if i only need like two,cards if im going out for the night and,i dont need all of mine i dont need,everything because some cards are,digital but when i just need the,necessities this is the one that i use,because i love the saddle brown color,and i love to find my feature thats,built in like i said this is going to be,the only wallet on this whole list that,has that built in because of course it,is catered to apple only and this is,going to be a capacity that holds up the,two cards now i know a lot of you said,holds three i guess i just havent,broken mine in yet because mine still,only holds two when i put three in there,i legit cannot get it out so this is a,classic love it yes it is sitting at,that price point of 60 bucks now i do,not like the price but if youre a fan,of apple products and you like how they,do the whole integration then this right,here is going to be the only option,thats on the market when you were,talking about your apple mac safe wallet,now of course they do have different,colors so you can choose it it could,pair it up with your phone and rock with,it like that so apple magsafe wallet had,to put the originator on the list now,say for an example you like the previous,design when it comes to the apple mag,save water but for one you dont want to,pay that premium price point and two you,do not care about the find my feature,then you can go rock out with the spigen,valentinus valentinus look i could be,butchering that name but you guys see it,pop up down below this is basically,gonna be almost like a direct clone to,the apple magsafe wallet but it does,have a few other features that come,along with it now this wallet right here,will run you 26.99 also over on amazon,the car capacity is going to be two,cards and the one thing i like about,this magsafe wallet over the apple mac,safe wallet is the ability to push the,card out right here all right because,sometimes this right here all the time,doesnt work in my opinion then when,youre talking about putting three cards,in there and really pushing the capacity,of these wallets this little push-up,right here is gonna be all you need to,get it out to make it a little bit,easier you slap it up there and you its,really hard pressing to tell a big,difference between this one and the,apple mag safe wallet very sleek very,out your way of course it doesnt have,any find my feature or anything like,that but this is a wallet that you can,pick up if you are a fan of the whole,apple mag safe wallet template and look,but you dont want to pay that price man,go out there and pick up this offer from,speaking i think they do come in a few,different colors but this one is also,going to be another option for people,who do want the most minimal setup when,it comes to their mag safe wallet so,definitely a nice pickup from speaking,two car slot you already know what it is,now this next wallet is a wallet that i,already knew was going to be on the list,before i even thought about using,magazife wallace and definitely before i,even thought about researching them,because i have literally seen this,wallet everywhere and everybody in the,conversation was recommending me to go,pick up this wallet and that is going to,be the magsafe wallet from moth now i do,love this wallet right here because once,again it is going to be one of those,dual purpose mag safe wallet that acts,as a wallet itself and it acts as a,stand now this car capacity is going to,be up to three cars this is going to be,running you 30 bucks so a little bit,more outside the ones that weve already,spoke about but it has a good purpose,because they have a nice magnet right,here you slap it on the back of your,phone and you can prop it up just fine,now we all know this is the iphone 13,pro max so we know this is not a light,boy this is a heavy boy and it holds it,up just fine when you are talking about,throwing it up in portrait mode throwing,up in landscape mode and you are good to,go lets even push the envelope and,throwing it in,landscape mode with it and it still,works just fine so this is going to be,the moth mag safe wallet here now this,does hold up to three cards all right so,i already have the three cards up in,here and i guess the easiest way to get,them out you can kind of just reach in,there and put it out i dont think they,really have another a push way to get,these out but you can just kind of get,them out pretty easy by just getting,your hand in there and then just slide,them out and do how you do slapping on,and you definitely are good to go the,reason why i really like this case,because it is probably one of the,thinner when it comes to the dual,purpose magsafe wallets a lot of the,ones that act as a stand in the wallet,like another one that you will see,shortly adds a little bit of heft to it,this one right here almost feels just as,light as the previous apple mag safe,wallet and spigen but gives you that,dual purpose so the moth is definitely,one of the best on the market when it,comes to the dual purpose and keeping,its compact design all right before we,continue let me tell you a little bit,

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