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MAID Netflix Limited Series Review

oh i was not emotionally prepared for,made the new dramatic limited series on,netflix are you going to be binging it,[Music],[Applause],after fleeing an abusive relationship a,young mother finds a job cleaning houses,as she fights to provide for her child,and build them a better future margaret,quality stars as alex shes a young mom,who finds herself up against,insurmountable odds at just about every,turn when she decides to escape her,abusive relationship this limited series,is 10 episodes of just claustrophobic,and suffocating drama now i know that,sounds like a negative but its really,not the series is wildly addictive but,its also emotionally draining now quali,is vulnerable defeated and then,indomitable when it comes to her,daunting circumstances this poor girl,just cant catch a break and when it,seems like shes about to the entire,world comes crashing down again alex is,a very sympathetic character and not,just because of her circumstances she,exudes this inner worth that makes us,feel compassion and root for her but,there are some times too though where,shes her own worst enemy as the story,unfolds more and more over the episodes,we get insight into alexs upbringing,and her environments that really did,help to shape where shes at now the,cast of characters in this is an awesome,mix of insanity compassion and anger,andy mcdowell plays alexs mom and whoa,what a performance she is sweet and,stabbing and just an emotional tornado,every interaction is unreliable and,stressful but then its also,sadistically enjoyable mcdowell,absolutely nails her character crafting,somebody who is hard to take in but yet,someone we cant tear our eyes away from,nick robinson plays sean the one that,alex is escaping from and its easy to,dislike him because we see dirtbag just,written all over him but then the,confusing thing happens where we get,glimpses of who this guy could be he has,the potential to be a very sweet and,caring guy but hes filled with demons,that too often take over there were,clear points where i was conflicted just,over how to feel about him annika noni,rose plays this wealthy woman whose,house is clean by alex and just like all,of the characters in alexs life she is,emotionally uneven with some,interactions being very nice and,compassionate and then others just being,rude and biting now there is a certain,level of humor that also comes from the,conversations that the two have and i,think theyre especially amusing because,there is so much truth inside the words,that are shared now outside of alex,shes my favorite character shes not,always likable but she is fierce and,someone who shows incredible growth,through the series well you know i i,kind of lied i mean i do have one other,favorite character shes denise played,by b.j harrison now first her voice is,just magically soothing and i cant wait,to hear her speak then the way she,crafted her character just oozed,compassion and crafted somebody that id,love to beat in real life now the show,is a nerve-wracking and emotionally,draining experience and i love how the,series uses some very creative ways to,let us inside alexs head to see what,shes thinking feeling or experiencing,now at one point shes in court and all,kinds of legalese is being thrown about,and all alex can hear is legally illegal,legal legal and other points we see her,retreat into her head out of,self-preservation and safety and the,visuals used are very effective as we,see alex just engulfed in this dark,space unmoving and barely even breathing,this is used a little bit inconsistently,because it is present more in the,beginning of the series than it is,towards the latter half so that that,disparity is noticed i love how one of,the themes in the show is how we can,have alex who cleans and organizes,messes for other peoples lives but,never gets the opportunity to do it for,herself and yet in the midst of all of,the obstructions she just never gives up,now some of the timelines are a bit,wonky with the passage of time and i,found it hard to keep track sometimes of,whether days or weeks had passed during,some of the scenes now i know this is a,minor issue but it was noticeable again,to me this show is going to take some,willpower to endure and not only because,its so emotionally draining i mean it,is 10 episodes and each episode is just,about an hour long so it is really the,time investment now the pace is patient,even bordering on slow at times but that,doesnt mean it drags there is the,driving force to the narrative that just,compelled me to keep watching more and,the episodes are wildly engaging so i,can certainly see how youd binge a ton,in one sitting but you may also find,yourself needing to take an emotional,break now there are multiple times,through this that there are repetitive,portions and some i think could be,trimmed to cut down the overall time but,also depending on where you cut if you,trimmed all of them the story would lose,its punch i mean we have to walk through,this crushing journey with alex and go,through a lot of the nuances that she,does otherwise her progression just,wouldnt feel as genuine or earned and,through pretty much the entire ninth,episode i had tears welling up there,were so many different emotions coursing,through i mean some happy and uplifting,others dark and depressing and this,isnt the only time the show had this,effect on me i connected so well with,the characters and the story even though,i have never been on the same emotional,journey as alex this is one of those,shows that will wreck you in all the,right ways and as wonderfully executed,as it is its probably not something,that im going to ever revisit and you,probably also dont want to have,anything that could be launched at the,tv because there are more than a handful,of times where i found myself yelling at,the characters because of outrage,frustration and disbelief at the,situations so overall mate is an,emotionally draining drama with a,central character who is charismatic and,sympathetic the limited series is,wrought with anxieties we watch our,protagonist gain strength and,self-confidence amidst terrible,circumstances the acting is phenomenal,creating characters that are wildly,complex and evoking a gamut of emotions,and sometimes at breakneck speeds while,the show is long and there are some,opportunities to trim it down some the,end result is a powerful examination of,a woman fighting the world and sometimes,herself in order to grasp a better,opportunity for her daughter theres sex,no nudity a ton of profanity and some,violence which also includes,descriptions and the aftermath of,domestic abuse i give maid four and a,half out of five couches so whats a,powerful drama youve seen recently id,love to hear what you watched in the,comments below if you enjoyed this,review please give it a like also dont,forget to share and subscribe im chris,this is movies and munchies thanks for,couching with me

Maid Netflix Review

hey everyone its sharonda from payroll,weights and today im going to be,reviewing made which is currently,streamed on the netflix platform this,series is actually inspired by the new,york times best-selling memoir made um,hard work low paying a mothers will to,survive by stephanie land but this time,around the series stars andy mcdowell,margaret quality anika noni rose nick,robinson as we send her around,margarets character alex who is fleeing,an abusive relationship shes a young,mother who finds a job cleaning houses,as she fights to provide for her child,and also too in hopes to secure for them,a better future so for those of you who,are new to my channel welcome hello so,glad you came i hope you stay ill tell,you what i liked about the series what i,didnt like about the series and is it,worth your time or not binging these 10,hour long episodes of made on netflix so,going into what i enjoyed about this,series and i didnt expect it to hit me,this hard i was like yeah im just,letting you know now this is,oh,get your tissues ready okay this is very,emotions and emotional journey that,should go on with alex but one of the,things that i really appreciate is just,showcasing with you know not only young,mothers but you know what mothers who,are trying to flee from abusive,relationships but most importantly,educating his audience on that theres,different types of abuse when we,typically say abusive relationships we,think you know physical abuse but,theres mental abuse emotional abuse you,know verbal abuse and most importantly,really seeing the dynamic of you know,how your upbringing plays into that um,there is a,really a fracture relationship between,um alex and her mother paula played by,her real life mother uh andy mcdowell,who is absolutely fantastic as paula who,is a very quirky free spirited you know,but sometimes just not really their,mother and as we really get to explore,the nature of their relationship,um and the really the lack of support,and sometimes the reversal of roles as,sometimes we see alex has to become like,that primary caregiver to her mother she,almost has to raise her mother like she,is a child herself and i really love,exploring that but most importantly,exploring these cycles right how,sometimes if we dont nip the,generational cycles of trauma um you,know in the bud they can tend to repeat,themselves im really seeing you know,two different women in two different,points of their life really trying to,heal from what has previously happened,to them and really the impacts of that,of how that can spread onto your,children i like how that kind of delves,out as we kind of see the interactions,between alex and her mother and also to,alex and her father as well now also too,i do want to say with nick robinsons,character who actually plays you know,her baby daddy shes her you know he her,baby daddy in the film um also too with,his character i like that they dive a,little bit deeper into how hurt people,hurt people i mean really when you dont,deal with your own issues you really,seek destructive behavior,and destructive addictions and really,how that can really affect you from,being able to progress in your life as,well but yall if i have any degrassi,fans out there let me tell you degrassi,fans when i saw uh raymond of uh raymond,a a bet,raymond a black child why cant i talk,today when i saw raymond a black pop up,on the screen in this series i said oh,my little degrassi heart was just so,please watch him in the series um but,there is a fun interaction between um,his character not really fun because,youre going to be upset because i felt,like he was disrespecting his character,um but i do like that theyre a little,bit more realistic you know,typically when you have series like this,is focusing on such a serious topic you,know it tends to paint you know one,person in this great light and like all,these terrible things are happening to,them but its how they persevere but i,actually like that alex is a very much,flawed character there are going to be a,lot of times that you do not like alex,and i think that thats totally fine i,think it shows how sometimes you know,when youre in these situations when you,have your loved ones failing you have,your friends failing you have the system,failing you at the same time that,sometimes you have to become a little,bit selfish and i like that they didnt,just make her this holier than thou just,perfect character and we get to see that,you know and how she interacts with,raymonds character as well is how,sometimes you know when you havent done,the healing that you need or,when youre just desperate to survive to,protect your child to provide for your,family when no one else is doing it for,you how you can actually become a little,bit selfish um but there is another,character regina played by anika noni,rose who i actually really really like,shes not a likable character either she,gets her act together you know as we go,on because everybodys on a path for,growth throughout the course of this,series um but i actually really liked,her character because it showcases how,like women who her character is like,that woman thats put together thats,successful has this nice house has this,great family and really how even behind,that facade you know youre breaking you,know your foundation is breaking right,and i really love that we get to see,women who are supposed to be strong but,as they struggle as they enter new,chapters in their life and i really like,what they do with regina care reginas,character the interactions between her,and alex i thought that that was very,well done as well but most importantly,when we get into alexs journey right i,think they do a really i think they do a,decent job and ill get into this in,some of the issues but showing how,you know how the system can fail you,how it may take multiple times for you,to get out of your situation that,theres resources in place but they,dont make it as easy for you to be able,to get the help that you need i do like,that they made this journey hard because,this journey is hard for so many people,im trying to get out of abusive,relationships who are trying to find a,way to provide for their family you know,when they havent had the experience or,the luck and obtaining a job i do like,this emotional journey that they take,her character on but they just show it,at so many different levels you know,all of the obstacles that you really,have to overcome just to be,a provider to be a protector to your,child her child is so adorable i thought,maybe so adorable in this film but in,this series but one of the issues that i,do have with made is i feel as though,that they werent as realistic as they,needed to be and for anyone whos dealt,with getting some type of government,assistance you know even with me im,look im not gonna lie to yall ive,been on food stamps before okay ive,been unemployed and been on food stamps,you know unemployment and,i felt like sometimes some things were a,little bit too easy for alex in this,series especially when shes in some of,these aid offices trying to get help i,just felt like people was just,volunteering all of this information i,was like this what was this when i was,trying to get food stamps because to be,honest for any of you who have tried to,apply for some type of assistance baby,they are not the most helpful people in,the world like honestly a lot of the the,pro the,basically a lot of the aid that i had,found in my situation it came from me,talking to other people you know who,work with these agencies who are able to,give you that information so i just felt,like that was just like a teensy a,teensy tiny bit unrealistic but outside,of that i really had a great time,watching made i think that the acting is,top notch i think theres great,performances all around,i think they do a really great job of,fleshing out the characters like,typically a series like this will only,focus on alex,wouldnt give you any backstory on it on,you know her o

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MAID Netflix Series Review | Surprising and Emotional

i just saw the title,made and i had no clue this would be as,emotionally devastating as it was such a,simple title such a crazy show what is,up netflix fans welcome back to my,channel today we are going to talk,this is the brand new series that i,didnt know all that much about but i,need you guys down below is this a,series that surprised you and if you,didnt know anything about it its on,netflix lets talk about it inspired by,the new york times best-selling memoir,made hard work low pay and a mothers,will to survive made follows the story,of alex a single mother who turns to,house cleaning to barely make ends meet,as she escapes an abusive relationship,and overcomes homelessness to create a,better life for her daughter maddie seen,through the emotional yet humorous lens,of a desperate but determined woman this,series is a raw and inspiring look at a,mothers resilience and uh yeah margaret,quali as alex andy mcdowell as her,mother paula those are kind of the,performances of note but you have,so many more people from tracy villar as,yolanda to anika nani rose as regina,billy burke plays hank nick robinson,plays sean by the way i had no clue this,was nick robinson at first because it,just didnt look like nick robinson and,then as we get further through the,series im like oh my god thats the,thats the guy from jurassic world its,pretty crazy and what the series does it,starts with episode 1 and 10 episodes,total each episode comes in around an,hour and its not necessarily a show im,going to recommend you to binge because,thats exactly what i did today i took,10 hours out of my day and just to get a,review out to you and i will admit it,was,more difficult than anticipated not,because of the quality of the show but,just because of how heavy it is right,off the bat in the first episode uh you,see what alex has to go through kind of,escaping what she believes to be a bad,situation and as the episode progresses,you see those flashbacks as to what,happened and youre with that character,like okay you have to get out of here,but where do you go who you turn to at,that point because she has a strained,relationship with multiple family,members especially her mother and when,we first meet her mother we see this,very,artistic kind of outlandish individual,that comes across as someone you just,dont like and you dont like the fact,that at one point she has to leave her,daughter with her mother but as the show,progresses and i say this about multiple,characters even though you still may not,like some of the characters you do learn,more about,everyone not just alex but what alex has,to endure through that episode it seems,like one thing after another after,another and eventually she ends up in,this housing situation that she has to,get everything together within seven,days or something really bad is going to,happen to the point to where she,believes she could lose custody of her,daughter now i wont go any further than,that thats just kind of the tip of the,iceberg in the first episode but in,subsequent episodes she meets people and,then eventually lands a secure role as,a maid right it takes her bit to get,there but she gets there the first time,you really see her,begin to overcome or feel empowered in,this show is when shes telling someone,off in i believe it was the first,episode maybe the second episode but,thats really the first good thing that,happens to her so youre with the,character who is just going through,mental abuse and in general a situation,that you want her out of because you,want her safety even more importantly,than that you want her daughters safety,and you feel that love that she has for,her daughter you see that in a couple of,flashbacks and i keep saying the word,flashback there are a lot of flashbacks,throughout this show and sometimes those,can seem jarring and kind of shoehorn,but they dont really feel that way,because every moment that we get is,integral for the moment happening or,something that is to come and even the,character of sean you dont really know,why hes acting the way hes acting at,first you get an idea but the episodes,to come after the first couple of,episodes flesh out that character flesh,out her mother flesh out um that,relationship with her mothers boyfriend,right she calls him what she calls him,cilantro his name is basil or basil or,something like that just so there is,this subtle sense of humor in the,episodes because shes just enduring so,much she has to throw that in every now,and then and even the situation she,finds herself in with,the first persons house that she cleans,her dog in the first episode she cant,help but to smile when its all going,down because,its a lot to take in im with her and,the fact that humor is sometimes the,best way to get yourself through these,situations and her friend that she meets,in this complex does such a good job of,getting her motivated uh and well see,her at moments in the show where shes,just i mean shes curled up on the floor,because,shes having to deal with a lot but its,also grounded and lifelike and relatable,and nothing is really on the nose i feel,like some people ive already seen a,couple of reviews on imdb people who,probably didnt watch the show and,theyre just gonna be well this is you,know a series thats simply trying to do,one thing and its you know really in,your face but i dont think it is at all,i thought this series was so well,written i mean the screenplay is just so,concrete throughout um the only real,things that bother me about the style of,the show is when we would see a text,message or um theyre doing this thing,throughout where every time she talks,about spending money that money that she,is spending or thinking about spending,will pop up on screen,with this sound effect that sometimes,was a bit obnoxious and that came across,as maybe just a bit cheesy but its,definitely getting that point across,which i appreciate but as we progress,things begin to shift and change for her,and its just this emotional journey,that i believe was handled and,constructed in a way that was really,solid and then just the cast in general,and i know i hit on it but koali who,some people will recognize from once,upon a time in hollywood and other,projects i mean she is just,incredible carrying this entire series,on her shoulders its a lot to lift its,a big burden clearly to carry shes,great billy burke is great mcdowell her,crazy uh really like i said an artistic,character but that performance comes,across at first as obnoxious but,eventually you kind of simmer down there,tracy and aaron and all of the actors,and actresses involved and the sympathy,that some people show and then the,aggressiveness that other like,government employees at government,employees and liars and all the legal,stuff youre just like well you could,act like this man just,be nice for once in your life uh but,thats the frustration the expected,frustration that will come from a show,like this i will admit its a long show,and like i said the binge quality is,just not there it doesnt have to be but,at some points you can kind of feel the,length and the pacing of this show does,occasionally hit that wall but it was,nothing that i couldnt overcome and it,was nothing that makes me say this show,is bad because its simply not it is a,great show before i give you guys my,score i want to say thank you so much,for watching if you enjoyed this review,drop your thumbs up down below and lets,spread some recognition for the show,that i feel like will fly under the,radar made is a lot to take in but it is,beautifully written and qualis,performance is one of the best of the,year im going in 8.5 and 85,for maid which again i love shows like,this that come out of nowhere theyre,completely unexpected and the cast ended,up being one of the better casts ive,seen on netflix this year you guys the,best come back plenty of videos tomorrow,ill see you soon,you

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Netflixs MAID Interviews – Margaret Qualley, Nick Robinson, Andie MacDowell, Anika Noni Rose

well margaret congratulations on this,series i watched all 10 episodes your,performance is fantastic and i just have,to say a huge fan of once upon a time in,hollywood and the leftovers too so happy,to chat with you today thank you lauren,i love this backdrop and the look and,everything you look great oh thank you i,was gonna say like i have like a margot,robbie like once upon a time in,hollywood poster right there its like,yeah no my husband and i watch that,movie all the time um i loved this,series i love how i feel like i learned,so much about motherhood watching this,series right like im not a mother yet,but all of my best friends are and i,feel like i learn about motherhood you,know through them and my own mother but,whats something that was surprising,about motherhood that you learned doing,this series especially in the scenes,where alex has to be in those classes,learning about it right i mean yeah,i think the thing that i learned the,most was you know i was working with uh,this,amazing four-year-old name riley its,actually her birthday today so happy,birthday riley um yeah shes incredible,in it too you guys are both like so good,together hes amazing um yeah shes,really amazing but you know in order to,have like a,somewhat authentic version of mother,daughter on screen between uh me and,riley it was really important that we,spend time together because its not,like you can just like sit down with a,four-year-old and be like okay so now,you need to be super comfortable in my,arms and just pretend like you love me,um you know you have to kind of like,earn that that closeness because,otherwise shes going to want to like go,to her mom when youre shooting outside,in the middle of nowhere at 12 p.m um so,how long did you bond with her prior to,filming then,we hung out every sunday for the entire,shoot and then when we would kind of do,things like in,preparation for the scene like if we,were gonna be grocery shopping that week,id take to the grocery store if we were,gonna be cooking pancakes id like cook,pancakes with her and and then on set,every day i would just kind of hold her,all day and,hang with her and,and,shes vegan so id have like vegan,snacks in my backpack and crayons and we,had all kinds of games and also i really,really leaned on the crew like,you know ive always been appreciative,of the crew but it wasnt until this,project that i like really depended on,them um in the sense that,you know it was nine months and the,directors are changing and now the,cinematographer is changing in and out,but the crew is the one thing thats,constant so it really felt like such a,family and,and with all the riley stuff like they,were so heavily involved theres a lot,of scenes where shes sleeping and so uh,like ill be like okay riley lets see,if we can trick somebody and see if,they think youre sleeping for real and,so then,she i would ask misha or ian the camera,or like uh we had nicknames for,everybody vegan whatever uh and then we,were like okay so tell us if shes,sleeping or if its pretend and then,shed do her thing and wed come up,after the take and theyd be like she,had to be sleeping and then shed be,motivated to do it again because you,know i wanted it to be fun and not feel,like work or like something that she had,to had to do,yeah no i i love that answer so much,last question for you um you know,theres really difficult scenes between,alex and paula of course like andy who,plays your mom in the series of course,its like its unbelievable to see the,two of you together im so close with my,mom i and she was actually my high,school theater drama teacher like,growing up too yeah so ive had to do,like some scenes with her as well so,like how do you come down after a,particularly emotional scene between the,two of you do you guys have to hug it,out on set afterward,oh um,because,theres some hard scenes in there,totally yeah yeah totally but,i mean,neither my mom and i are like that,serious about things you know were both,pretty goofy and so like after a take,well well both be messing around and,and i mean i probably learned that from,her shes such a pro and and ive ive,always looked after her so much so it,was really exciting to have the,opportunity to work with her love it,yeah i and im obsessed with how you say,george isnt blind youre the blind and,once upon a time in hollywood my i like,will just scream that at my husband,around the house its one of my favorite,lines of dialogue and you deliver it so,good im obsessed with that thank you,thank you so much margaret i appreciate,your time today was nice talking to you,nice talking to you bye well nick first,of all huge fan congratulations on this,series i watched all 10 episodes and i,thought it was such a fantastic,performance and i loved all the behind,the scenes photos you posted when you,guys filmed in victoria canada because,ive been there and its so beautiful,it is it was a beautiful place to spend,a few months and uh thank you lauren for,saying that yeah yeah no i i loved this,series because i love how this was a,completely different role from anything,youve ever taken on before youre,playing a man who clearly has so many,demons but i found myself rooting for,him to be better and to be better for,his daughter maddie im honestly just,curious how you found that balance as an,actor when when you were playing sean,well i think a lot of it goes back to,the scripts molly wrote some incredible,uh characters that really felt fully,formed and fully realized on the page,and so it made made my job a lot easier,just because it you know you read it and,you kind of got it immediately um,and i think it was important for us to,show sean in a lot of different lights i,mean this nothing,we didnt want to excuse his behavior,and his behavior is you know ultimately,inexcusable but is um,we wanted to at least paint a portrait,of more of a fully,formed human being,um and,because it just it made it more,interesting we didnt want to make him,just a villain or,um,someone that you could kind of discard,uh you wanted to be able to,see the layers of sean and to understand,you know why he is like he is,did you and margaret have a chemistry,reading prior to filming,uh we didnt actually we um but we have,worked together a few times now and so,i mean weve been friends for years so,its already kind of a built-in rapport,there,um,and,shes such a great actress and scene,partner that it was just,it um,shes always like spontaneous and in the,moment and just in it 100 with you that,yeah it made it fun,whats something,fun and unpredictable about working with,a child actor because i believe the the,actress her birthday was today margaret,told me riley you guys were so sweet on,set how was it working like was there,any like challenges was it fun for you,it was it was absolutely challenging,um,margaret uh really deserves a lot of,credit because she had to work,with riley you know every single day and,youre just working with a,three-year-old and,it comes with everything that comes with,three of them you know youre just not,sure,there are tantrums and there are times,they dont want to work and,um,and margaret was really really great in,taking the time to,just spend a lot of time with riley on,and off set and really get to know her,by the time,we finished it kind of felt like they,were just in their own little world and,um could,you know i just had this shorthand with,one another and it really kind of felt,like mother daughter they had their,routine down well last question for you,i am a huge fan of a teacher i honestly,think that you and kate morris should,have won every single award for your,performances i got all of my friends to,watch it im curious you know that was,also such a different and difficult role,as well whats something that you just,learned from playing eric walker and,working on that series,um i mean that whole year was was pretty,crazy i was working on things back to,back to back so i think i just realized,that i had a littl

Maid – Netflix Series Review

single mother alex turns to house,cleaning to make ends meet as she,escapes an abusive relationship and,overcomes homelessness to create a,better life for her daughter maddie,welcome movie watchers thank you guys,for stopping by my channel today were,going to talk about the upcoming netflix,series made this is based on a true,story of stephanie land a memoir that,she wrote when she was house cleaning,trying to get by for her and her,daughter as she escaped an abusive,relationship this is a 10 episode,limited series some episodes are almost,an hour long,but this is,absolutely,worth your time this is at its core,such a heartbreaking emotional series as,i was watching the series about this,young girl named alex played by margaret,quali how she left her abusive,relationship with her boyfriend played,by nate robinson he is emotionally,abusive he gets drunk he throws things,punches holes in the wall she takes her,daughter in middle night and just leaves,she doesnt have a plan but she wants to,get out of her current situation and so,throughout the 10 episodes we watch,legal battles we watch her enter a,homeless shelter domestic violence,shelter becoming a maid trying to get,into school so much is going on in this,young girls life and you just feel that,everything is against her from her,mother to her father to her employer,everything is just against her and its,just so hard to watch this but she never,gives up and thats where the inspiring,moments do come from is watching this,young girl have three bucks to her name,breaking down on the side of the road,because she has no gas and what i found,interesting as they navigated these 10,episodes is they put the amount of money,that she has on the side of the screen,and as shes pumping gas youre just,watching it go down and down and down,when she goes to the store to purchase,something she has less money so you see,really what shes working with and it,really puts it into perspective of how,she is absolutely struggling and its,not trying to be fake at all and it,gives that series that sense of urgency,that she doesnt have any money for her,or her two-year-old daughter and she,will take anything that she can get,margaret quality is absolutely amazing,in this series you can tell that she has,this drive to protect her daughter she,doesnt want to be part of an abusive,relationship shes trying to,protect her mother and possibly start,relationship with her father she doesnt,want to rely on many people but at the,same time she understands that she needs,to take what she can get if that means a,car a ride to work a chance a place to,stay at night shell take whatever she,can get do we have nate robinson in the,series as maddies father hes also,really good in this series as this,abusive father,he has a drinking problem he admits it,at times you feel like theres hopes,that they can rekindle their,relationship but you also can see that a,lot of us just going to take work and uh,hes aware that he has this drinking,problem theres some highs and lows to,this relationship at times he wants to,be there for his daughter and get a,second job to earn money and be there,for her also at times hes battling with,being an alcoholic you get a lot of ups,and downs to sean and a lot of ups and,downs to alexs life as well maddie is,always that drive for alex and at times,a drive for,sean he has to realize that hes not in,the best place to take care of his,daughter we also have andy mcdowell as,alexs mother,shes,uh,interesting in the series shes all,about spirits and living your best life,and living free,shes dealing with uh being homeless too,and,dealing with her husband who may or may,not be from australia you really cant,rely on the mother at times shes uh,dependable at times you cant catch,where she is shes just a wild card we,also have billy burke from the twilight,movies as her father and thats an,interesting story because you can tell,that hes trying to be there but also,theres some things in the past that,alex cannot just let go but as alex,starts to get into this domestic,violence shelter and gets a clean,service job,uh things slowly start to look up but,then it pulls it away from you theres,always something that is ruining her,life if its sean or if its uh court or,if its losing her job whatever may be,theres always a roadblock and its,always so interesting to see the way,that she overcomes everything and its,always for her daughter its never for,herself its always to try to better her,daughters life and its just so,inspiring to watch this young woman,go through all of this and overcome,everything since this is based on a,memoir if you read into stephanie lands,story she uh has made a name for herself,now so you know what the outcome will,eventually be but when you realize that,this is,a common life for a lot of people and,its just really heartbreaking to watch,that this is heartbreaking to watch that,a lot of people do go through this,and the struggles that people have,everything they have to overcome abusive,relationships trying to find a job,trying to keep that job trying to earn,money gas whatever it is its a common,life and its just really hard to watch,and the show doesnt hold back from it,adding in the money that she has on the,side of the screen bouncing around from,shelters living in an apartment that has,mold her daughter is constantly getting,sick court appointments she go back to,shawn she wants to go to school she,wants to ride she needs to earn money,the series covers it all and really,early on in the first couple episodes i,was really invested in her life and i,wanted to see how she was going to,overcome everything the series really,captures your attention early on because,you kind of fall in love with this,character you want everything to turn,out great for her because she is trying,as a mother everythings not perfect but,she wants to try and i admire that,and so it feels less of a television,show and more just of a slice of real,life,its not the best slice of series never,feels like its scripted it just feels,so raw and emotional and realistic,everything about it,from the court dates and trying to get,government help it just feels so real,and i appreciated how the series really,dive deep into her life and the,struggles that she went through every,single day and so eventually when we do,get to the moments of her,earning a little more money and feeling,more comfortable with taking care of her,daughter thats when the series just,feels so happy because youre on this,journey with this young girl its a,struggle and so you want everything to,turn out great for her when you get to,those moments theyre very rewarding you,just feel so happy and then you read the,story of stephanie land and you just,feel warm inside that she overcame,everything and shes positive about and,she and she took this negative part of,her life and turned it into something,positive for her and her daughter and um,its just a delight to watch yes it was,very hard to watch at times but when you,get to those end moments its just so,warming inside knowing that she overcame,everything on her own and created a,better life for her daughter the acting,in here is really good like i said,margaret quality is amazing as alex,overcoming overcoming a lot of things,nate robinson is great in here as well,that abusive part of it is really hard,to watch i think nate robinson did give,a great performance and then andy,mcdowell,uh she was so frustrated to watch at,times but i could see the good,intentions and billy burke was great as,well the whole cast in here is amazing,some of the side characters uh that alex,does come across throughout the series,are great as well and add a lot to her,life she looks at different things in a,different light and realizes that shes,going through this but also a lot of,people are going through this as well so,made easily became one of my favorite,series of 2021. i loved how raw and real,it did feel uh it didnt feel like a,scripted series a

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why are you here,we dont have anywhere to sleep tonight,so youre homeless i had a home and then,we left it,i want to call the cops now its not too,late and say what that he didnt hit me,alex is a character that was based or,that was inspired by stephanie lands,memoir um and she,is a young mother whos in an incredibly,challenging circumstance just struggling,to survive,despite the fact that alex is one of the,most like,courageous,and bright and resilient women,shes also extremely lucky and theres a,lot of people that are in this,circumstance that,that just dont have that luck um for,one reason or another and and there,isnt a way out im alex im trying to,piece together how i got here,paula shes a real character she,struggles with,some mental issues and instabilities,i grew up with a mother that was really,that suffered a lot and i know it had,resonated in my personality you do carry,that with you and we dont really get to,see paulas mother but we can assume,that it is generational ive always,wanted to work with my mom and i was up,quarantining in canada and i remember,when i had the idea to,to like beg her to do this essentially,but i called margot robbie whos one of,the producers on this and she was,ecstatic and loved the idea and within a,couple of days my mom got the offer and,then i just had to cross my fingers and,hope that she would actually want to do,it and then she was stuck with me for,nine months so it was great,i loved when she screamed at me rawr you,know things like that i mean were just,so comfortable with each other,i live for my daughter,alex i havent had a drink today i play,this guy sean who is uh,alexs partner um and the father to her,child and sean is a complicated,character he,um has a lot of trauma from his,childhood and his upbringing he,struggles with drugs and alcohol and,substance abuse i wanted to tell the,truth about abuse i wanted i wanted the,audience to understand and have empathy,for sean and how he is not one thing you,know he is not a mustache twirling,villain he is a product of being the,child of an addict about being around,abuse his own self like when we grow up,in that its normalized for us its all,we know and the same is for alex you,know while shes going through the,journey,in this show i think one of the big,questions she has is why am i in this,position how did i end up in this,relationship and the answer is we,inherit these things you know theyre in,our bones theyre,its its subconscious its who were,attracted to its very hard cycle to,break and so,i wanted to,not be preachy but to open a form to,kind of look at that and talk about that,and feel empathy about that because you,know weve all got our own thing were,trying to overcome the most important,thing to know,and watching this show to learn,is that you can break that cycle,you can break that cycle you dont have,to be stuck in that cycle you dont have,to be,to live your life in that particular,lane and it does not denote who you are,because of who someone else was or the,choices that they made or the choices,that they were,[Music],you

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if you havent seen maid then you need,to watch it trigger warning though its,all about domestic violence and one,particular character played by andy,mcdowell gives a very very interesting,depiction of bipolar disorder i thought,wed check it out on this video lets,crack on,paula,are you back here,not now yes now its very important im,in it mom mom hey um,this is pretty cool yes follow me,it is i am turning a real corner here,baby im going global with my ideas yeah,lots going on a lot a lot of color oh,[ __ ],well its very heady stuff shaunie i,dont expect you to know it but,basically its deconstructed a rock knee,from ovids metamorphosis you see a,rockne wasnt always a spider she was,born a human,a very gifted weaver right shaunie i i,dig it do you,its very profound,okay mom,your mortgage is in default,already im getting a feeling of flight,of ideas which is a type of thought,disorder thats common in mania somebody,has so many ideas that you cant finish,one before youve moved on to the next,one and the next one and the next one,you can kind of see logically how one,idea connects into the other but its,the speed at which you go from one to,the next to the next to the next to the,next that usually manifests with,pressured speech so the thought is here,and it translates to here youre just,gonna say it as soon as the thought,comes into your head but what i really,hung onto there was when she said im,going global quite a grandiose thing,right so the question is is that an idea,and is there any basis to that idea or,not but as a psychiatrist you also then,want to probe to see is this a grandiose,delusion,is this idea of delusional intensity is,it fixed and unshakable held with 100,certainty despite all evidence of the,country like were going to burn in man,but instead of burning when were going,to basil man,objectively as objective as it can be,which i know is still kind of subjective,then,i mean having this sort of buzzing happy,energetic demeanor isnt really in,keeping with the topic of going to try,and hunt down this person whos put her,mortgage into default and this is where,id say this is an incongruent effect,that in and of itself can be a feature,of mania,so shes completely disconnected at the,moment,shes dissociating right,quite persistently now if its happening,at home as well as a hospital,ive talked about dissociation,previously on videos when weve done,things like 13 reasons why but its a,common manifestation of lots of,different mental disorders and just lots,of different healthy emotional states as,well where people get this disconnection,of mind and body it can lead to you,losing sense of who you are called,depersonalization the realization where,you lose sense of your surroundings in,your environment it can lead to,functional neurological disorders like,weakness loss of speech amnesia even,seizures but if you can positively,identify this in patients and you can be,aware that this is happening then,actually some very simple grounding,techniques can help people back into the,moment that can actually relieve a huge,amount of distress associated with their,emotions and a mental illness and bring,back some quality of life whats,happening get that child out of here,okay get her out of here i cant do her,so shes now really irritable which is,another way that mania can manifest its,not just elation its irritability,it might be best if you wait okay intent,intent shes my daughter shell tell you,all i need is my good weed and a [ __ ],hairbrush so weve had elated mood,irritability this incongruent affect,grandiosity flight of ideas impulsive,disinhibited behavior the other,questions id be asking about is about a,reduced need for sleep changes in your,appetite other risk taking behaviors and,previous episodes of any mood,disturbance whether this is previous,episodes of mania depression or what we,call mixed effective states where,someone can have a mishmash of the two i,hate the body language of standing over,somebody at the end of the bed its a,very hostile thing uh creates a big,power dynamic actually if she just sat,down next to her it would make the whole,thing much easier,is she under arrest no no the tenant is,not pressing charges,why were you reading her her rights,im a court appointed vcr i was,evaluating whether or not your mother,meets the criteria to be placed on an,involuntary hold or not,you mean like commit her,she had a severe manic episode shes,still symptomatic pressured speech,delusions irrational thought she told me,she thought she owned the house that she,was breaking into oh she does or she she,did ah well she also told me that shes,the goddess aphrodite and she [ __ ] the,sun its also a good lesson to remember,that just because someone says something,that you think sounds bizarre doesnt,mean actually it doesnt have some truth,to it i mean the aphrodite things a bit,of a giveaway though right,she just says their stuff,well your mother has refused voluntary,treatment so i am,filing a petition to detain her,shes a danger to herself and to others,she would never hurt anybody im telling,you shes harmless well she hurt herself,seriously,now unless you wish to provide,collateral information and take,responsibility for her then this is just,what we have to do in the uk its not,the courts that decide whether somebody,gets detained in hospital against their,will or not whats colloquially referred,to as being sectioned in the uk this is,decided by a mental health act,assessment that involves three different,people one is called an amp an approved,mental health practitioner usually a,very senior social worker and two,doctors with enough experience that they,have been approved under a particular,part of the mental health act as having,expertise in using and applying the law,to decide whether somebody needs to come,into hospital against their will or not,now in an ideal world you would treat,everybody in the least restrictive,manner possible and you would try and,treat people in the community with a,robust care plan that can even have,people coming out to the house if needed,but some people are so risky while,theyre mentally unwell either to,themselves or to other people that we,have to bring them into hospital whats,collateral information,you tell the courts why you think shes,a good faith volunteer you give examples,of things shes done that would make you,believe that she would attend an,outpatient program and take her,prescribed medications all the while in,your care thats a huge amount of,pressure to put the family under and,that backs a family into a corner,because either they then have to almost,condone the idea of someone being,detained into hospital which is going to,be really it can be really traumatic for,people or theyve got to take,responsibility for what is a really,serious health issue with very serious,and very real risk concerns she scared,me last night,there is an evaluation and treatment,center in port orchard,how long would she be there,usually 14 days sometimes 30. so one of,the first questions we get asked is how,long do i have to be in hospital for,somebody like this in the uk if they,were being detained under the mental,health act it would probably be under,section 2 of the mental health act where,theyre detained for the purpose of,assessment and treatment now that can,last up to 28 days but can be discharged,by their consultant sooner if they get,well sooner,your father tried to lock me up,did you tell him ill take the medicine,cause,ill take the medicine im not saying i,wont take the medicine i just wanna,choose the medicine purple kush,and ill go to a life coach,theyre gonna keep me a little longer,keep an eye on your hand,wow just not past dinner okay cause i,saw the menu its meatloaf,whatever happened to meatloaf,its the point of my days again,[Music],im worried about you mom,baby i just,caught a wave i couldnt handle,took me under its a really,heartbreaking scene because youve got a,daughter there whos really worr

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