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Major Movie Review & Analysis | Adivi Sesh, Saiee Manjrekar, Sobhita Dhulipala | Mahesh Babu

[Music],major based on the life of major sandeep,krishnan the brave soldier who laid down,his life for his country during the 2008,mumbai terror attacks is directed by,sashi kirantika written by the lead hero,himself seish and produced by mahesh,babu and sony ill be honest and i said,this before that i was not a huge fan of,the state of siege that released on the,old balagi platform and was based in the,event while arjun vijlani played the,role of major sandeep unikrishnan the,series was champion its pitch and,generic in terms of its treatment of,sequences of combat but major promised,to be in a completely different league,altogether looking at sandeeps journey,from his formative years his development,in the army and his role in the nsg and,tackling the conflict head-on as a,soldier is something that this film,explored i wanted to remove a,misconception or assumption that people,have regarding what the movie will focus,on the film is titled major and is,highlighting the life of sandeep oni,krishnan providing insight into his,personal life and family dynamic as well,the movie is just not restricted to the,mission of 2611 and is designed as a,biopic in many ways so for those who are,bummed out that there is a romantic,track in the film and a deep dive on the,effects of family members when their,children joined the army or any armed,forces i mean i was expecting exactly,that and major focuses on these fronts i,also think that mahesh babu donned the,role of a producer of his own films ever,since 2015 and to see him back a film,led by another actor i am sure the man,was really taken aback by the conviction,of the storytelling of this premise,heres me telling you the good and bad,aspects of the film so that you guys can,ultimately decide whether to watch major,in theaters or not the underwhelming,aspects,lessons and insight versus storytelling,what you will definitely experience in,the first few minutes of the film is,that the writers are trying to provide,us an insight into the personality of,sandeep through short bursts of moments,these scenes are rapidly shown in order,to highlight not only his traits but,also the relationship dynamic among his,family members the quick burst with,which these scenes come it almost seemed,as if the writers only had the intention,to make a point with each scene designed,as a set piece rather than the origin,story to organically flow from one event,to the other his connection with the,uniform through a jail visit his sense,of confidence through arnold,schwarzenegger cassette tapes his sense,of protection for others with a straight,dog appearing his empathy for others,while saving someone who is physically,threatened these moments highlight,several of his qualities but its almost,at such a rapid pace you have a feeling,as if its checking boxes rather than,letting the story do the talking,parallels and dramatize set pieces i,dont want to create a comparative,analysis with shersha because there will,be several timelines on what was,conceived first but i could not get,certain frames and moments out of my,head that resembled the siddharth,malotra film whether it be the 90s,aesthetic of how the two romantic leads,are dressed the sense of longing for a,person joining the army and the fear of,loss that sets in within the family as,well the iconic bus sequence and,professing ones love for one another it,seemed very similar to me its,effectively executed and seish and sai,do have great chemistry but i could not,deny the parallels between both the,romantic stories moving on i thought,major actually created a balance between,being effective and grounded in its,action sequences especially in the taj,hotel portions while still presenting it,on a larger than life scale i do not,find the action sequences to be over the,top at all actually i heard that some,people said that there was a tadka of,masala where he goes into combat alone,but i didnt experience the same the,only two things that i can be critical,of is that one it was quite far-fetched,on how sobita dulipala gets away from,the terrorists in one instance her back,strength and pull-up game is off the,charts if that actually happened and two,is it me or prakash raj lately has been,really hamming up his performances i,consider him to be one of the greats who,has done such exemplary work across,decades but i feel like lately he has,put on a lot of force and anger in his,dialogue delivery where its not needed,this may be just my experience but i,havent been fully invested in his,performances lately the good,foreshadowing and fear what i loved,about the writing of this film is that,it is not hyper nationalistic in its,approach it does not force feed its,sentiment down our throats to feel a,certain way about our nation and clearly,just intends to be a fitting tribute to,a brave heart of the country what is,also skillfully executed is the writing,by seish as he provides several,callbacks to conversations shared,between sandeep his family and ishas,character played by saimanjar these,conversations are lighthearted and sweet,these moments are almost carefree where,you dont really think they will have a,profound impact to further the storyline,but sandeep finds himself in several,situations where those same lines echo,in his mind i think it was very cleverly,executed in the screenplay as major is,not only a biopic on a soldiers life,and how he laid down his life for this,country but also an insight into the,impact on family members and what they,sacrifice as their children or spouses,go in the line of battle profound,moments there are some moments that,really stood out for me and it is,praiseworthy that the director sashi,kirantek kai and seishs writing really,played around with these subtle moments,as they are enough to portray the,foundation of the relationships in,sandeeps life indian parents are,largely not expressive by their children,their language of love is often,restricted to providing for you because,what they cant express in words they do,so by actions and a moment where sandeep,is leaving for the nda and his father,comes running behind him only to end the,sense of confusion by casually putting,cash in his front pocket is something,many children from india can relate to,the moment of almost slipping during a,fancy dress party and returning the,favor as isha slips before boarding the,bus accounts for a sweet moment of a,relationship that is portrayed in an,extremely mature and convincing manner,the meaning of being a soldier and how,it manifests into being put to practice,in his final moments it is really an,effective written piece especially for,those who have a keen eye for screenplay,writing chemistry and performances the,bang three absolutely did a disservice,to saimanjakar to not even highlight an,iota of the talent she possessed i was,so surprised by her performance as isha,she is formidable effective and even,shines in the emotional moments where,the relationship seems to be in turmoil,you love to see an actor deliver when,handed over a meaty role and side does,that with flying colours she shares,great chemistry with seish and it,actually emotionally broke me when she,holds on to him pleading him to stay the,evolution of the relationship really,does act like a great lesson of what,partners of people in the armed forces,experience i loved ravithi as the mother,as well the boundless love and devotion,that mothers do have for their children,just oozes out of the screen her moments,of playing hard to get act as such a,friendly banter but the moment of simply,walking away into the rain overwhelmed,with the news of the unfortunate,incident it would really make any grown,man cry yeah im talking about myself i,think the film gets really into the,groove as sindhi becomes the training,officer of the sag 51 of the nsg this is,where you see the character really get,into the nitty gritties of how to tackle,several threats seish is really in fine,form as sandeep unikrishnan successfully,

Major Movie Review | Sucharita Tyagi | Adivi Sesh | Telugu Movies

is a movie about a fallen patriotic,selfless national hero automatically a,good movie lets find out adam,[Music],hey all my name is sacharita this is my,channel youre watching a movie review,and right now we are talking about the,hindi version of sashikurantikas major,[Music],park,[Music],the events of the 2016 terror attacks,have been told in various ways hindi,cinemas other languages international if,not direct recreation skills than,kyawata like the dev patel starrer hotel,mumbai other films like hansal mehtas,shahid have talked about the,investigations amazon prime video ki,bethareen series mumbai diaries 2611,starring konkan,shayadharvanthi mohitrena and so many,more it took an even more interesting,route by imagining what would have,happened if the terrorists had gained,full access to all of karma hospital,that day because the terrorist attacks,happened in the age of 24 7 news and the,internet weve fortunately or,unfortunately seen a lot of the footage,from those terrible few days everything,has been relayed to us and preserved for,posterity hence to tell the story one,more time what one needs is an angle of,the story still left unexplored,recreated using novel visuals to make,that happen major attempts to explore,the life of ashok chakra body major,sandeep unnikrishnan martyred on one of,those terrible days during operation,black tornado the brave major only,krishnan was the training officer with,the nsg auro nivergati prabhu fighting,as team commander for 51 special action,group deployed at the taj hotel its a,bravery in the face of adversity that,can only come from someone whose life,convictions and dedication to their,cause must be explored talked about and,learned from the line in the trailer do,not come up i will handle them they are,said to be major anikrishnans actual,last words can you imagine major sandeep,come in,[Music],dont come up,ill handle them instead what the movie,major does is provide a showcase of how,great lead actor advise is at playing,major sandeep advise is also the writer,of this film which might be the undoing,of the whole endeavor the director and,the writer they spend an inordinate,amount of time developing major sandy,bunny krishnas backstory which is a,slog to sit through because it never,goes beyond he was a good son whose,parents doted on him he was an,intelligent student always wanted to,join the defense forces loved his wife,all of which was explored better with,better music too recently in vishnu than,shadestar so refusing to go beyond the,basic when talking about the man behind,the uniform is a mild disservice to the,legend of major roni krishnan who im,certain was more than the very many,cliches the movie presents,attack,the hindi dialogue by akshata sharma is,a huge culprit too to hear a actor of,prakash rajas caliber say sev 2611,makes me wonder if this was a literal,translation from the original telugu,dialogue or if any extra effort was made,despite prakash raj bravathi the writing,stubbornly refuses to rise above the,mundane and obvious saimans ricker as,the high school girlfriend turned wife,is limited to looking confused and,unhappy for the most part even in a song,dedicated to her character or isha the,actor is either dotingly or sadly,looking at other people is a gifted,performer this is the first opportunity,ive had to watch him in anything and,color me impressed hes good looking,does action really well one hand to hand,combat sequence shot in a narrow alley,in the taj hotel is way cool theyve,removed the background score to,highlight further the action,choreography in this scene primal,fighting buddya convincingly also he is,aging from teens to the 31 year old army,major the actor has wisely written,himself as the lead in his film you,cant help but fall for his smile and,you know general charming ways as a,writer though i am not convinced,recently on the big picture podcast top,gun maverick director joseph kaczynski,said while working with sony to figure,out how they were going to fix about six,cameras in the f-18 cockpits for some of,the scenes in the film maverick their,main concern was that its 2022 and all,these fancy camera shots flying planes,stunt sequences theyre all on youtube,so if you dont beat those theres no,point in making the film major the movie,doesnt beat anything that isnt already,out there filmmaking wise random,conflicts added into the love story,which have no contribution towards,anything a girlfriend about to leave the,country a man inexplicably stopping,sandeeps letters to the girlfriend,super dulla is cast in a guest,appearance as well a guest at the taj,pan unintended she looks incredible with,her flowy gorgeous hair but clutching a,small child running from room to room,seems to be her only brief period,the proceedings get interesting when we,get to manasser kashmir and you learn,more about how sandy became major only,krishnan but these sequences arrived,just too late if the film had trusted,itself enough to turn off the loud,background music commit to the escape,room plot really drive home the odds,against which major only krishnan won,that day cast better actors to play the,terrorists and built a stronger world,around the protagonist so that when the,disaster movie genre kicks in you really,feel things going up in flames one might,have come out of it feeling more,satisfied as the end credits roll and,real-life photos of major only christian,appear on your screen you cant help but,be moved if you would like to you can,watch the movie in theaters,[Music],so on a scale of one to ten major is two,languages my short simultaneously thiru,and hindi i wonder what thats like its,fascinating now shooting everything,twice over do the emotions translate,with the language do the actors get,confused is everyone multilingual will,someone invite me on a set so i can,watch,im inviting you to subscribe today,were also talking about kamal hassan,which is,busy week subscribe,you

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MAJOR is SPECTACULAR | Major (2022) Movie Review

so i didnt get an opportunity to see,major when it came to theaters but i,really wanted to check it out when,surfing netflix today i found out that,it had just arrived on the platform in,the us so i watched it should you,in november 2008 an attack was carried,out in mumbai by terrorists this story,tells the account of real-life major,sandeep unakrishnan a special forces,soldier who was instrumental in saving,countless lives so the movie begins,right near the end and then flashes way,back to when sandeep was a small kid so,we get to see how he became the man that,we see and meet in the opening sequence,i love it when stories give us character,development but when a tale becomes so,far back into somebodys childhood it,does get me a bit worried that were,either going to get just way too much,information which then makes the story,drag or were going to get small,smatterings that leave a character,feeling incomplete i mean even though,that weve seen a bunch of clips from,throughout their life i love the way we,learn about sandeep and we get to know,him i mean while we can see him as a,young kid we get just enough to,understand his heart and the quality of,his integrity hes kind and more,importantly hes a just person and hes,a good judge of character and he knows,how to read people and situations now,the story doesnt spend a ton of time,with him as a boy but then picks up with,him again in high school where we get to,see more of just how hes becoming a man,now he meets a girl and i just love the,banter and the interactions that they,have together its flirty but its also,sweet and even funny we also get to see,sandeeps relationships with his parents,now hes extremely close to his mom,which i think keeps him compassionate,and caring and while his relationship,with his dad isnt as demonstrative,there is this huge love and respect that,we see theres a scene where the dad,comes into sandeeps room and it,involves a poster on sandeeps wall now,the interaction between the two it made,me laugh out loud because there was a,realness within their awkwardness and,that dynamic was really relatable all,throughout the story were being given,background on sandeep by his parents and,i love the way that the story is,presented to us theres this proud tone,that comes from them as they talk about,him which i found inspiring now the,color tone of these sequences are also,easy to tell that theyre separate from,the actions that their words are,describing because the scenes are just,theyre colder in color and theyre,slightly desaturated with the contrast,then turned up so it makes them a bit,washed out and bright which is much,different than the rich deep colors that,we see throughout the rest of the film,as sandeep works to become a soldier,there is a wonderfully executed training,montage and these dont always work i,mean sometimes they come across as,cheesy or they can even just take us out,of the narrative here the montage isnt,a quick one but it builds with multiple,scenes showing this good progression,which is then all complemented by an,energetic and inspiring musical score,there is some slow-mo thats,incorporated into these montages as well,as throughout really the movie but there,are other portions where we get to see,the action full speed and i am going to,get to that in just a bit now the thing,i really appreciate about the montage is,that its also massively building out,sandeeps character and there are,moments within this that show his,integrity in his heart which is,foreshadowing what type of leader hes,going to be based on how he sees people,and how he treats others now at about,the halfway point in the story we,transitioned to november 26 2008 now i,knew absolutely nothing about the attack,on mumbai so when this starts unfolding,on the screen i mean my jaw was hanging,open at the sheer unbridled brutality,that was being unleashed by the,terrorists who are attacking all these,people i mean ruthless it just doesnt,even do the scenes justice i mean even,in war films i dont think ive seen,something that is so shocking in its,savagery and the cruelty of the,terrorists it just doesnt stop at the,street it continues into the taj mahal,palace hotel where the action then,continues to be harrowing now i,mentioned the action sequences earlier,and there are some spectacular fights,that we get in this while there is some,slo-mo action on screen there are also a,bunch of close quarters full speed,hand-to-hand fights where the camera,just spins around the action so its not,breaking or cutting away allowing us to,see the awesome fight choreography that,the actors are executing i was on the,edge of my seat because of the intensity,of the entire last half of the film it,piles on the pressure and the tension,and i was feeling a ton of imminent,peril for so many of the different,characters but i love through all of,this we get to see sandeeps humanity,hes driven by honor and the desire to,help but also then hes struggling with,the effect that dedication to the army,has on his personal relationships,theres real tension that arises because,we get to see the internal conflict of a,man whos torn between his duty as a,soldier and something that that he has,wanted to be from a very early age and,then that of a son and a husband i mean,that drew me into the story even more,than i already was now because the movie,begins basically at the end this is not,a happy film but it certainly is,inspiring i mean there were two distinct,times that hit me hard emotionally and,both of them they came towards the end,of the story theres one scene that,harkens back to the training montage but,it was also very reminiscent of one of,my favorite scenes which comes from the,return of the king where aragorn tells,the hobbits that they bow to no man i,mean theres something that reminded me,of that and so i did get a couple of,tears in my eyes but then there were,some words being spoken by sandeeps dad,that had me full on in tears i mean,there was no fighting the emotion i,didnt really even try i mean i was so,enveloped in the character and his story,that it was only natural that i got my,man cry on now this is a longer film at,two and a half hours but i never felt,the time the pacing is carried out very,efficiently never letting the story drag,but also not being afraid to have,quieter moments where we see the heart,of our characters so overall major is an,emotionally inspiring real life story,about a man whose honor and heart shine,through in a very dark moment of history,the cinematography is excellent creating,sequences that are not only wonderful to,look at but are also visually enveloping,the acting is captivating with a lead,thats very charismatic making it easy,to picture sandeep is nothing but a hero,while it is a longer story to tell its,carried out efficiently and gives a,great deal of character development,without bogging down the narrative with,unnecessary or periphery information,that takes away from his account the use,of slo-mo is present but not overused,and the action sequences are harrowing,frantic and wildly exciting this also,didnt have any singing or dancing,numbers just a straightforward story,that plays out with an effective,dramatic and touching narrative i was,blown away by the story and im so happy,that its available on netflix so that i,can check it out now i watched the,telugu version but i read that it was,filmed both simultaneously in,telugu telugu and hindi both of which,are available on netflix as is the,malayalam version now theres no sex or,nudity some profanity and a ton of,brutal violence i give major five out of,five couches whats an inspiring drama,that you enjoy let me know in the,comments below if you enjoyed this,review please give it a like also dont,forget to share and subscribe im chris,this is movies and munchies thanks for,couching with me

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MAJOR Movie Reaction Part 1/3! | Adivi Sesh | Prakash Raj | Saiee Manjrekar | Sobhita Dhulipala

foreign,family welcome back to the jabby koi,Channel Im achara cook joined by cintel,with the Intel whats cracking baby so,were going to be checking out major the,Telugu version of the film so since how,how familiar are you with the attacks,the Mumbai attacks on 2611. ah just very,very vaguely I knew a horrible thing,happened but I do not know the details,unfortunately so this movie is actually,based on that incident but it is its a,buyer pick so Im just gonna read the,description here that I have from,Netflix it says this biopic follows the,life of Indian army officer major,Sandeep uni Krishnan from his childhood,to his heroic actions during the 2008,Mumbai attacks thats just to give you a,little bit of context as to what were,watching I would say that the events,that happened in Mumbai on that day are,kind of on the level of what happened,here in the states for 9 11. okay so,yeah thats uh thats what were going,into so you guys if you havent already,please subscribe to the channel click,that Bell icon so you know whenever we,drop a new video this is gonna be in,Parts this is a cut down youre only,going to see a limited amount of picture,in picture if you want to watch the,whole thing along with us uncut,uninterrupted you can do that on our,patreon page patreon.com or you can,become a member right here on the,channel you will need to have your own,copy of the movie like I said were,watching this on Netflix and you just,open it up uh at right next to our video,and then you press play on the movie,when we tell you and boom its like,youre watching it with your two,internet besties all right you guys,thats probably the wrong mood for this,movie I did it anyway lets check it out,so like Im not sure,but I think those might have been like,the actual transcripts Im not,100 sure about that whoa that fire,though,how many are there,[Applause],I landed them,whoa dont worry I got this,foreign,[Music],foreign,[Music],its just kind of amazing seeing that,through a childs eyes you know,Sandeep,[Music],99.,foreign,yeah thats enough for you man,are you,a little bit,[Music],or are they in the wrong bathroom the,boys oh okay never mind,okay okay,excuse me,I mean you sure youre cute and all but,eh oh,[Music],right next to the sign,s,a name,[Music],is that the neighbors fighting okay yeah,hes calling you your destiny yeah,welcome to the favorite costume party,guys,best costume winner,oh you know hes about to come out in,something really interesting,oh came out in the dress whites yeah,in the in the what are they called the,dress for the formals whatever,foreign,[Music],oh hell yeah and the picture,I love you,somebodys in trouble yeah oh no,standing,whoa damn dang,whats he doing hes been drinking he,was staggering earlier,oh no not an acid attack,oh no no no no no no no no no no,whoa he got in front,okay oh he was just drinking okay,whoa,[Music],yeah it says love has character though,even though he knew that could have been,acid yeah wow,okay,[Music],foreign,[Music],[Music],Im sure every mother feels that way,though,thank you,what oh did it say where he was going is,that what it said oh is that like does,he need his letter,oh yeah yeah he needs a letter to get in,hello,[Music],oh while youre here Ill get out,okay take some money,yeah,my son just want his Papas blessing,yeah thats like Dad code for I love you,yeah in every breath,in your soul only the first to get water,first,oh dang thats is,we become,what soldiers sir so Mr unnikrishnan,what does it mean to be a soldier,foreign,[Music],get that Tom Cruise run I need to go,[Music],oh hes made it look easy now yeah first,time coming first wow,he came first by League this,[Music],is the guy yeah thats the guy I dont,want that guy on my team because,hes a sore loser and not a teammate,hes funny no,that guy that guys a bully okay boys,line up,no man dont tell me hes on his team,and he like betrays him or something,no man Left Behind come on,thank you,come on friend,Ill even share my water with you we all,on the same team yeah,hes like I can literally breathe,underwater holy crap,hes like not even stressed coming out,of the water hes just chill what does,it mean to be a soldier,you pass with flying colors,[Music],what a response yeah,hes a different breed yeah yeah,[Music],its not a game those are your comrades,yeah your brothers in arms,it could be you,know,who is going to let us,harsh,oh theyve been holding his mail,oh that guy what a dick,oh my god dude youre gonna get it,thats really mean,foreign,[Music],Switzerland,oh so she got into that school congrats,damn,how dare you be the one to give me the,news yeah come,responded,timely though,hey he just straight up Awad huh yeah,how much time has passed I wonder yeah,because a lot can happen when time,passes,whos driving the car is it the driver,hes like totally on their side,so theyre both hes running away from,the Army and then shes gonna run away,from Zurich,I mean he cant run away from the Army,thats not good they dont take lightly,to that no they dont but thats what,Im saying thats why Im asking the,question like going April is a very,serious offense,uh,[Music],okay so he did have leave okay,[Music],what,is it the wrong date whats going on,is she married,[Music],[Laughter],[Music],oh she was going to see him,[Music],oh my God I love you there we go I was,waiting for it oh and the picture,foreign,[Music],[Music],[Music],what are you gonna say it back,right I didnt even think about that,[Music],oh my God this is too romantic,foreign,gotta get the girl uncle is like hell,yeah,[Music],there we go,the bus stopped as well,like all right get your kiss my boy,thats right,foreign,ER now,you got something to fight for something,else to fight for all right whoa holy,crap oh,thats what an exciting start uh to to,the movie the intensity is just kicking,up you guys if you want to watch the,next part make sure that you are,subscribed with the Bell icon on so you,know when we drop the next part of this,movie were enjoying it a lot so far,right yeah oh yeah absolutely absolutely,I feel like Im not saying enough but I,dont want to miss anything because I I,know this is just Im very very,pleasantly surprised by the film so far,so yeah well catch you in the next one,if you want to watch the watch along,its there for you on patreon and on,memberships here and well catch you,next time Im a shower cook this is hey,its your voice in town ciao

MAJOR Movie Reaction 3/3! | Adivi Sesh | Prakash Raj | Saiee Manjrekar | Sobhita Dhulipala

[Music],hey what is up koi family welcome back,to the jaby koi channel im achara kirk,joined by cintel coe whats crackin baby,i dont know how this is gonna look if,you were like why did their clothes,change we shot this over two different,days it happens sometimes were here now,were doing the final part of major the,telugu version its been awesome so far,really really enjoying it if you guys,are enjoying the video please dont,forget to subscribe upload this video if,youre liking the content and just so,you know what you probably do this is a,cut down if you want to see the full,reaction you can do that by subscribing,to our patreon patreon.com jabyquay or,by becoming a member here with youtube,memberships weve got the full watch,along for you guys to check out all,right lets get into this,they know,[Music],[Music],oh unless he did that on purpose right,unless he,so theyre all going to go there,oh,from the water,[ __ ],wow whoa,thats organization,yeah i was that was out yeah,all right this is the best indias got,to offer come on,oh smart oh my god,i stupid,there we go some,yeah but then you just gave your,position away,figured it out,oh,oh thats a kill shot thats right did,it hurt,oh good,i saw the little indian flag in the,background yeah yeah,all right,no man left behind all that training,coming in thats how you carry your,comrade,well they know your game now,swimming pool,in,choppers florida,smart smart smart there we go,some of those people out of there yeah,its like what you didnt think that,they would figure it out how does it,change,operations,leap out the bastards,oh dang its like a game of phone tag i,cant with this,i was alone there im alone,alone,[Music],man you dont need that in your head,right now though thats the thing man,you got to focus on this mission,[Music],[Music],oh god oh he hears his wife huh,in that same sense,its not,safe no youre giving away her location,thats too close,either hostages negative major youre,not going up there while the principal,champion,and theyve proved it time and again as,a superior officer,of the soldiers,how many soldiers should i be willing to,lose hes about to be there fine ill do,it myself hes like ill go,twice sir,he just like out commanded his,whoever was above him hes like nope,so yeah we are now waiting were gonna,do what im gonna do,oh god,yeah,tear gas little girl too they dont have,masks,i thought that but whatever,theyre just that badass whoa,is that a whole stack of oh yeah pipe,bombs,okay,what floor are you on now,[Music],hes getting,oh there,set him up yep yep yep,[Music],all right all right,[Music],thats a fair thats a fair answer,you know your guardian angel is still up,there holding it down yep,how do you survive that oh my goodness,oh wait in the beginning right at the,beginning he walked out in the flames,didnt he i think so,yes,yes this looks very familiar,yeah thats how it started off major,wait im here,goodness yeah hes definitely been,through some [ __ ],yeah the tides are turning,no,[Music],you got the look,oh no what,oh no,who did it,where did it come from,that bastard,oh,come on man you still got some energy,left he got the draw on you though,oh damn oh gosh,oh no like hyenas coming in on a kill,they definitely cast a really,nasty looking guy though,whoa whoa,a walkie-talkie,oh,there you go okay,troubleman is out of the way,with the rest of these little goons,i dont see how he could get back up,but that doesnt feel too good though,look at your homeboy,dang he must be like running on pure,adrenaline alone,it has to be and its got to be crazy,hot cause of the flames hes exhausted,hes shot,okay so thats why his backup cant come,i was wondering,why cant his backup get in there okay,how many soldiers should i be willing to,lose,i think that that is actually something,that,the real life person actually said,oh,so,the bulletproof vest obviously like it,only works up to a certain caliber right,yeah that and also the force is still,there it just doesnt penetrate,because im wondering because,looks like he got shot through all right,well it missed there was one spot that,was open right but,i guess also with the,the media telling exactly what brand of,stuff they were wearing,they could know what rounds and stuff to,use oh gosh,oh god whats is that a typewriter yeah,whats that sound,oh he may have passed already,foreign,yo but you went out like a champion,like a champion you went out oh god,you know hes leaning against the pole,like its just,you know like a nice breeze,he went out peacefully,thats peaceful,i mean,[Music],good take that,blew his dumb ass out the window,there we go,ive been calling from morning,whatever resources,thats how you find out,yeah,[Music],dont they arent arent they supposed,to call the families first before they,publicize it on tv like that,i i would you would assume it would be,like at least a courtesy right yeah,he didnt sign it huh,the same cheerleader,[Music],well youre properly alone now,[Music],oh is that really her yeah,i guess my son,sandeep,[Music],[Music],he is unconcerned with them,oh thats a nice button,hmm,hmm,wow,14 hostages wow i said 137 people wow,they did a really good job yeah,well actually i believe the the guy,whos the lead actor in this he actually,wrote this so like really yeah he,researched all of this i think,thats what i heard you know yeah story,and screenplay by adv sesh this was like,a a whole passion project for him and,then he played uh the young man as well,uh major vinnie krishnan oh,my god i mean thats a lot uh yeah i,knew this was gonna be,sad but honestly i wasnt expecting to,to be quite as i guess like,emotional yeah watching this movie and i,think thats really a testament to how,well done this was because you know like,the dad said at the end of the movie,you know it was something about like i,dont want him to be remembered for the,way he died i want him to be remembered,for the way he lived and i feel like,while this movie is honing in on a very,very small moment of his life where he,gave up his life in order to save all,these people it supported that with a,whole bunch of information about who he,was as a person which i felt just kind,of,it just added to the whole story overall,you know,because initially i was afraid that,maybe it would just feel like a lot of,the backstory was filler but it,absolutely was not like every single,scene was absolutely crucial in the,story building to show us not tell us,what type of person this man was and,what he stood for and what he lived for,and what he died for and it was,beautifully done yeah i i think the,thing that stands out the most is is the,balance of some seriously intense uh,fighting scenes,uh with the with the humanity of the,person thats doing this i kind of they,kind of tipped their hat to me just a,little bit and prepared me when they,were watching the movie commando with,but with arnold schwarzenegger yeah and,the movie commando was oh my god it was,it was it was one of my favorites in the,80s when it came out and its just like,like really just like non-stop kind of,action so i was like huh i wonder if,theyre gonna like maybe take you know,some ideas from the old 80s version of,it as like a bit of a maybe like a bit,of an homage or just uh or maybe show us,why him and his father enjoyed it on the,same level and it delivered on that,because the action scenes were really,really well done yeah but what you said,i think is the more important part of it,and that is the human element of it of,of everything and then we did get a,chance to not make this person defined,by by by that particular moment of of,his heroism that what it took to build,this man and especially the level of,sacrifice to not only himself but to the,people that love him his mother his,father his wife the people that are in,family like everybody gets affected yeah,by his his presence on this planet you,know as being a soldier and what is in,what its going to take so that you can,make those decisions and become a h

My Reaction After Watching Major Movie (2022) || Major Review Reaction

today i went to the theaters and saw,major movie and i just want to say that,if you are a true indian and you really,love your country then go book your,tickets and watch this major movie earth,was this major movie means,emotional and heart touching movie or,heart touching movie and i just want to,say one thing,but the mind blowing my mind blowing,especially in the climax last 30 minutes,of the movie and last not last 30,minutes last one hour of the movie if,you watch this movie especially after,the taj attacks and the hotel taj,attacks which was one of the,deadliest attack in the history of the,india deadliest terrorist attack in the,history of india if you watch that full,episode,for one hour spellbinding man engaging,thrilling killing that ctr brilliant,brilliant climax your last climax,means after that climax means the,audience didnt even move,for five minutes when the credits was,also going on they couldnt even move it,is that stunning and it is that much,emotional and it is that much,breathtaking i dont have words here,youll be stunned youll be stunned,means if thats emotional is that,emotional,means brilliant brilliant that one was,climax especially where major sandeep,unikrishnan,will say that,dont come up i will handle it and then,after that like when baahubali will go,boom and,one versus four dharan,will kill all four of them with chaku,with guns and strategically the way he,will kill,means outstanding youre outstanding and,everybody knows the climax what happened,story is very much known and everything,is known due to its biopic everything,but the way he will die that posture in,which hell die means,he he was born as a soldier he lived,like a soldier and he got shaheed like a,soldier yard he got shaheed like a,soldier at last means that much,emotional hit one was means audience got,stunned,and they couldnt move after the,climax got over talking about the,performance talking about the,performance means advice,atv,simply killed it killed it means he,didnt act in this movie that was not a,performance he lived the role of major,sandeep oni christian the late great,major sunday pune krishna he simply,lived that was living the role basically,means,means it is looking like as if major,sunday pune christian is reborn here in,the form of vicious that good he,performed that goody performed and that,well he performed in this movie advice,has not just acted,he has written the story also and he has,written the screenplay also story is,very much known means 26 11 2008,everybody knows the story what happens,and everything everybody knows but the,screenplay is so much engaging,especially the last one hour that taj,hotel episode is so engaging and,breathtaking that i dont have words,here i dont have words means that good,screenplay it was one that good,screenplay and even the starting of the,movie where sandipuri christian will be,spending his time at bangalore yalanka,and everything means the emotions hell,build during childhood and during the,india cadet and everything well get,training for the army and everything,means that india india cadet basically,that episode in the india cadet how,hell train as a soldier there he is,simply superb after the taj hotel i,think that india carried the training,episode was superb superb in that india,candidate,the training officer will ask the,soldiers that what do you mean by a,soldier define a soldier then aggressive,will reply major sandy puni christian,will reply that you cannot define a,soldier you can only live like a soldier,cat dialogue or cat dialogue means,amazing amazing and,dialogues in this movie is also superb,whoever has written the dialogues i have,seen the hindi version dialogues is,absolutely superb where in this movie,that murlis sharma is there he will ask,the soldiers especially major sandy buni,krishnan that how many soldiers life,will sacrifice,in the taj hotel hell ask that how many,soldiers life will sacrifice and then,advises me,so many goosebumps movement is there in,this movie are especially,where media people are simply uh,doing the trp simply doing the trp and,doing the whole broadcast and the,terrorist bloody terrorists are tracking,down the whole touch hotel and following,the indian media and are attacking the,hostages,there that are wishes the strategy he,will play the check review hell play,and the way he will attack in the,swimming pool and he will reply to the,media saying that you dont care about,the life you only care about life,and hell reply to the media and the way,in the swimming pool he do the chakra,and from the swimming pool the way he,will attack,today it was filled they were whistling,here that theater when he put the,swimming pool and from there from one,state to another stair where they put a,chalong like,and especially the romantic scenes and,the borders and everything the scenery,and everything the way they have shot,right its absolutely superb superb its,absolutely super brilliant brilliant,that one was vicious performance is,brilliant,next actor who has performed brilliant,was prakash rajya,means outstanding performance,outstanding what dialogues we will be,saying here what dialogues especially in,the climax the way we lack,means,[Music],you can take me but not my country that,dialogue he will give you superb then,hell say another dialogue that,he,means my son major sandeep pune krishnan,more than being a son and more than,being a,husband,for him being a soldier is more,important what a dialogue that one was,here what a dialogue heart touching,dialogue and last that dialogue he will,say which will make people emotional,that dont remember my son,only for how he died in 2611. remember,my son,about how he lived and he showed all of,us how to live our life how to serve the,country more than being a son and more,than being a husband for him country was,the biggest priority what a dialogue,that one was here means after that only,the dialogue and the way he will pass,away means the way hell become shaheed,no means the audience have got stunned,here got stunned they couldnt even move,for five minutes im repeatedly saying,superb superb and,talking about the director shashi kiran,tikka,outstanding direction your outstanding,direction means before this movie i have,seen only one movie of his that is,godachary one of my favorite movies in,telugu industry means that one was a,fictional movie and it was a very good,thrilling movie action thrilling movie,that one was very good movie that one,was there also prakash was there at,vishesh was there and the pgm of this,movie of that movie was superb dang dang,dang dang dang dang dang dang dang,that was a fictional movie here he has,directed biopic movie and he is superb,means he has shown to the world means he,has shown to the world that telugu,industry directors also can,direct biopic not only bollywood means,bollywood only cannot direct the biopic,means im stunned here im stunned that,how in a telego film industry which is,known for only commercial films mass,masala films and they can make out of,bounds movie also definitely jersey,movies there arjun ready movies theyre,coveting movies that they can make those,movies fictional movies they can make,but biopics so good they will direct,here i couldnt be believe only i,couldnt believe means hats off to,shashikaran tikka brilliant biopic he,has made brilliant tribute to major,santi puni krishna means sunday pune,christian from heavens will be means,smiling here and he will also means give,you a thumbs up means outstanding,direction brilliant direction that one,was and prakashs performance was superb,a vicious performance also was superb,even uh uh means major sunday pune,christian mother revatis performance,also was very very good means especially,not much uh dialogues out there or,anything but especially after hearing,the news the way shell react right in,the rainy uh the afternoon the way,shell go there and from there the way,shell put the tears and after she sees,that her back and eve

Major Telugu Movie Review By Sudhish Payyanur @Monsoon Media

[Applause],take care bye,[Music],you

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