1. Heres Why Well ONLY Ever Use Malarkey Shingles | Roofing | Pro Exteriors & Construction Rapid City
  2. Malarkey VS Owens Corning Shingle ROOFING IMPACT TEST
  3. Best and Worst Roofing Shingles by Roofers for 2020 | @Roofing Insights
  4. Is Malarkey The Best Shingle on The Market? [Product Demonstration]
  5. Malarkey Highlander NEX AR Shingles
  6. CCXteriors Shingle Torture Test: Malarkey vs Tamko
  7. How many soda cans does it take to destroy Malarkey shingles?

Heres Why Well ONLY Ever Use Malarkey Shingles | Roofing | Pro Exteriors & Construction Rapid City

[Music],this is the malarkey shingle this is the,only shingle that weve installed going,on 12 years now,and although its kind of a funny name,this is definitely a serious shingle,this is an example of the actual shingle,itself and you can tell just by handling,it that its super flexible,which is going to help it to withstand,hail its going to withstand wind,it actually has industry leading nail,zone,so this whole area here is twice the,thickness where youre going to put the,nails in,so that not only helps it to withstand,wind better,but it also eliminates installer air,you know everybodys human so as theyre,nailing these shingles,they might get a little bit off a little,bit high or something,and thats not going to hold as well on,your traditional shingle,but because these have that wider,nailing zone its going to withstand uh,you know obviously the wind but its,also going to,eliminate the factor of human error if,somebody doesnt nail it quite right,so thats going to allow us to install,it faster more efficiently,and save you money and every test thats,been done,head to head the malarkey shingle has,come out on top,as far as flexibility goes granule loss,weight things like that so whenever a,test is done,with a malarkey shingle they always come,out on top and thats why we install,them,and well continue to do that the legacy,shingle which is what we have here,is a class 4 impact rated shingle so,it is going to cost a little bit more,the labor is going to cost the same to,install it,its going to cost a little bit more for,the shingles themselves,but the big advantage to that is just,about every insurance company out there,is going to give you a discount,on your homeowners insurance just,because,its that much less likely that the,insurance is going to have to pay to,replace it when it hails,yeah if you pay more for this shingle,initially,depending on what your discount is,youre absolutely going to get that,money back within just a couple of years,these shingles because of how pliable,and flexible they are,actually can be installed in lower,temperatures than your average shingle,and thats just because theyre more,flexible theyre easier to handle,and youre not going to damage them,while youre installing them,but also the sealant strip that they,have on the back of them,is designed to seal down in cooler,temperatures than your average shingles,so,you can install these later into the,year and earlier in the spring,than most shingles malarkey is the only,shingle on the market that i know of,that has never had a class action law,suit against them and thats just due to,the,the stringent standards that they have,when they manufacture them,and the way that they train their,installers to install them,ive never had a warranty claim on these,shingles and,every time that weve installed them,theyve turned out great weve never had,granules excessive granule loss,over time weve never had really any,other issues no major discolorations,with the shingles,they just really stand up great to the,weather theyre quick and easy to,install,and theyre by far the best choice for,your roof

Malarkey VS Owens Corning Shingle ROOFING IMPACT TEST

all right so what were going to do,today is were going to launch some pop,cans some soda cans at about 100 miles,per hour at our local marketplace,shingles um and were going to see how,they would stand so what we got is we,got some owens corning duration got some,malarkey vista on the other side there,and then what we got over here we got,some owens corning oak ridge were gonna,have some malarkey uh highlanders all,right so uh lets get to it and see what,happens,okay so i launched two cans at the owens,corning so uh the first one hit a little,bit low but definitely give a really,nice little indentation here and then,the second one the second one hit up,here,and actually this the second one sheared,itself apart so,this is the owens corning duration so,well keep on going,okay heres the uh malarkey vista which,is actually a class three impact,resistant shingle anyways,so,the splatter is right in this area the,splatter i mean the,mountain dew,that im using uh no,no indentations no marks whatsoever on,the malarkey vista,okay heres uh owens corning oak ridge,um,that kind of just speaks for itself,right there,all right now this ones awesome look at,that,so this is the malarkey highlander,the can exploded down here,no damage,blew the can up,to here,thats incredible,so it didnt blow out the shingle it hit,the shingle didnt cause any damage and,blew the can up thats thats a pretty,good test right there,okay so wrapping up our can cannon,impact,resistance test on the shingles malarkey,highlander and the vista clearly won no,damage to them whatsoever with a can,being fired at a 100 miles per hour,if youve had in the past a storm damage,for hail damage or anything like that,you may really want to consider a,malarkey product if you paid your,deductible once you dont want to have,to pay for it again these,shingles the marquee shingles come in at,the same price point as the other,manufacturers the owens corning oak,ridge so lets lets compare the,malarkey highlander that thats your,standard level beginner uh shingle and,thats going to come in as your owns,corning oak ridge price point your gaf,timberline your ico cambridge your,tamcos that thats going to be at the,same price point as those shingles,then a step up is your malarkey vista,which gives you the class 3 impact,resistance which you might be able to,get something off of your homeowners,insurance with,thats going to be comparable at the,same price point as your,certainteed landmark pro or your or your,owens corning duration so,you have the same price points so might,as well get a shingle thats going to,last,everyone has limited lifetime warranties,and some manufacturers offer warranty,enhancements to make them pure 100,lifetime,but if you got to pay for it to be fixed,again because of storm damage,why,why not just go with a manufacturer that,youre not going to have to do that with,so my vote definitely is going to be for,malarkeys either the highlander and or,the the vista also watch our other,videos on malarkey their green,sustainability is incredible as to what,theyre doing for to help the,environment out so,really watch those so thanks for,watching and i hope this was helpful it,was kind of fun on my part too so thanks,have a great day

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Best and Worst Roofing Shingles by Roofers for 2020 | @Roofing Insights

my name is Dmitry Lipinskiy this is Roofing Insights and today im bringing,you Roofing Insights 2020 roofing asphalt shingles guide if youre the,homeowner looking for the products to install on your roof watch to the end,because we will explain who makes the best and the worst in those in the,United States today if you the homeowner and doing your research looking for the,best asphalt roofing shingles for your roof watch to the end we will explain,who makes the best and the worst shingles and what to look for when you,are in the market choosing your asphalt roofing shingle today we will be,reviewing eight shingles in ten different categories the shingles will,review in today OC Duration, Tamko Heritage, IKO Dynasty, Malarkey,Highlander, CertainTeed Landmark, Atlas Pinnacle, PABCO Premier, VP Vanguard, GAF,Timberline is not gonna be in this test we just added them to the shingle,manufacturer number nine because we know how many questions were gonna get on,this video and why GAF is not included GAF we inviting you again GAF has been invited,to this test but we didnt get a respond so were just gonna say not applicable,in all categories if GAF replies to us and say yes please rate our shingles in,your ten categories were gonna do an update will just around GAF Timberline,through all ten tests and well give them our rate or ranking for the last,three months weve been comparing in testing shingles and ten different,categories number one weight, nail zone, pull test, coverage, count and,consistency of bundles, online reputation, granule loss contractors programs and,education that brands are doing for the contractors, sealant test sealants, warranty,extended warranty fails class actions category, then were going to combine all,the scores give them total score and total placement in our chart what we did,different this year is we have switched to five-star rating system the most,popular rating system in a universe,on the internet we pretty much look at every single category and brainstorm,what makes it five-star for that category our objective here is Roofing,Insights is to help manufacturers to produce five-star roofing shingle or to,get as close as possible to that five-star mark now not a single shingle,made 5 stars in all 10 categories most of them failed somewhere and have some,weaknesses shingle who did overall really well in most categories or were,all gonna get higher score overall shingles were pretty consistent but,theres definitely being weaknesses and strengths in different categories for,different brands lets go one by one first we compared all the shingles in,the weight now one thing what we want to say about the weight weight is not,absolute criteria for shingles to be better but here the Roofing Insights we,believe that shingles also should not be paper thin as a matter of fact,manufacturers who are saying that weight is not important and those manufacturers,usually compare their shingles to computers we dont agree with it because,its building material and building materials supposed to protect your house,its supposed to be thick and durable and perform really well now were not,saying that heavier always gonna be better but what we are saying that we,have to come up with a criteria or standard what consider to be better so,we have decided that heavier shingle will be considered better now its only,better in one category heavy shingle still can fail in all other categories,and at the end have two star rating but at least it was heavier so we want to,give more credit to manufacturers who put more materials in their shingles,doesnt mean theyre better but in our chart at least in this category their,product is thicker bigger heavier so IKO Dynasty, CertainTeed Landmark,,Atlas Pinnacle definitely stood out theyre considerably heavier than their,competitors theyre getting 5 stars the rest of them got 4 they also were very,consistent usually a 1 square shingle weight,anywhere between 65 and 75 pounds some manufacturers make 78 close to 80 pounds,doors very heavy bundles we think that heavier is better for the sake of the,comparison ii would jump to nailing zone nailing zone is one of the most,important aspects of roofing shingle why nailing zone is so important because,its easy way out for the manufacturer to deny the claims so if manufacturers,are producing shingles with a nailing zone that hard to understand easy to,miss in case of roofing shingles blow offs when manufacturers come out to the,warranty claims with their warranty departments they look at the shingle and,they say well you high nail here or you miss the nailing zone or you didnt go,between these two lines and sometimes you dont see those lines so its a,really easy way out what we see in the industry nailing zone actually have,connection to warranty issues because a lot of manufacturers they just walk away,from the warranties and blame installers for installing it not for their,specifications so we pay very close attention to those manufacturers who,make it visible who make it big who make it pretty much bulletproof for,installers not to make those mistakes during installation so few players here,who have a superior nailing zone is OC Duration with the sure nail technology,IKO Dynasty with their reinforced strip in the back also Malarkey,Highlander but heres the results today so we did many many times we did it at,Expo last week and the winner is OC and IKO they go hand in hand so weve,seen that many times here at our studio OC actually beat IKO like we,just did it again 71 versus 72 and what were doing we,actually was doing one foot section with the two nails on each side and another,thing what we was doing is we were using both common bond area and regular nail,and we have first three star rating here for Tamko Heritage one of the worst,nailing zones Ive seen very hard to understand poorly made and I would say,overall the worst nailing zone out of all of the shingles that weve seen in a,test the rest of them got four stars next were going to pull test when we,have two five star ratings here IKO Dynasty and OC Duration you probably,have seen our videos from few months before so those two shingles being,fighting each other at expos do you have IKO Dynasty here Dynasty your,competitor just lost your own game a lot of roofers are using them in a sales,pitches you see IKO goes to different expos and showcases IKO Dynasty so,IKO definitely with the Dynasty shingle it have improved their shingle as,far as the pull test goes and goes head to head with OC Duration weve seen OC,Duration beat IKO Dynasty but also weve seen IKO Dynasty beat OC Duration,but one thing for sure theyre better than all other shingles so the,rest of them are getting for only two shingles here got three its BP and Tamko,and again those two shingles were very very easy to tear the rest of them were,somewhere decent but duration and Dynasty definitely stood up in a pull,test next thing is coverage most roofers and most homeowners are seeing materials,and if you talk to the sales reps usually people think that three bundles cover,one square usually not the case or some manufacturers even with those three,bundles they dont cover one square as a matter of fact and our tests here only,Malarkey Highlander and IKO Dynasty pretty much the closest to that one square and,Ill talk a little bit more about Malarkey Highlander here because theyre actually,the only one who covers more than one square just slightly but more were,Dynasty its like 0.99 some change some other manufacturers covers way less 0.9,six point nine eight so they open about they talk about it but we have to give,credit to manufacturers who did do the change and make sure they have you know,true coverage because if they could do it they were getting five stars and,other manufacturers in our humble opinion should follow the lead in our,book those three also Atlas Pinnacle the theyre also bigger shingles theyre 42,inch shingles theyre getting five stars the rest of

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Is Malarkey The Best Shingle on The Market? [Product Demonstration]

now,[Music],there is no,visible scar,again these granules make up how long,your roof is going to last,so when you see granules in your gutter,or you see granos like this this is a,brand new theres no reason to do that,we actually are the credit card company,with micro mesh,and we went to a show,right before this one unfortunately our,delivery truck dropped our display that,was done by a professional,and gutters were smashed got a guards,were pulled apart we had to re kind of,rebuild and put,wheels back on uh rebuild the whole,gutter,and,new gutter guards and the roof because,it literally took,us yeah so when did you nail this roof,down man this,this was now,oh day before we left,joshua all right so they simply here,they turn this water on this is a brand,new roof okay,look at top of the gutter guys,these shingles are a few days old and,this is the kind of granular loss and we,cleaned this off yesterday when i showed,some people this exact same thing so,again these granules make up how long,your roof is going to last,so when you see granos in your gutter,or you see granite is like this this is,a this is a brand new theres no reason,that should be that way thats thats,why you get a power modified single or,specifically thats why you get a,malarkey shingle hi my name is tom,fisher i work with milwaukee roofing,products out of portland oregon and we,are the makers of the best polymer,modified shingles on the market,tell me why its better than mothership,well a lot of the shingles that were,using right now,are made with the exact same technology,so theyre made with oxidized asphalt,velarkis gotten away from that weve,moved every product that we make to a,polymer modified asphalt and just to put,that in a very simple easy to understand,term that doesnt take me a half hour to,explain this is a younger piece of,asphalt and because its younger and it,hasnt been aged it hangs onto these,granules better than any other shingle,on the market and we offer this,technology from our very best shingle,the windsor all the way down to our,entry level shingle that has the most,value pricing which is the malarkey,highlander shingles,i have to say this one and im just i,dont know im gonna put this on there,but this one is like dramatically,this ones beautiful,its sticking yeah this is uh this is a,designer shingle that we make were,really proud of it its a very heavy,weight shingle it has a 140 mile an hour,wind warranty it is a,lifetime algae resistance that we offer,through 3m because they make our,granules and it is a class 4 impact,rating which is the best impact rating,you can get for roofing,no loose bags,hitchhikers no hitchhikers in the bag,right so if you look at this shingle,closely dont take my word for it it is,very hard to knock a granule off of a,malarkey shingle and that benefits the,homeowner these granules represent how,long your roof is gonna last okay and,its also safer for the workers that are,putting it on because theyre not,standing on granules that are sliding,off the roof while theyre up on your,steep roof and just to show a demo of,how that how effective it is,im going to set this sample board we,havent practiced this i dont have a,shingle with me today but im gonna,kick it,now,there is no,visible scar on that shingle no,noticeable granule loss would you say,other competing shingles probably would,have some granule loss i would say they,definitely would so,were really proud to do this were also,really proud we like to talk about the,fact that when you buy a milwaukee roof,youre actually doing something thats,very good for the environment so were,the only company that uses 3m smog,reducing granule technology so your,average roof takes about,the equivalent is about the equivalent,of two fully mature trees for reducing,greenhouse gases its a very cool,technology and also the polymers that we,source to rubberize this asphalt we,divert items from a landfill to get,those polymers so an average roof is,about five tires and about two thousand,water bottles or single-use plastics,that get diverted from a landfill to,make your roof why roofers are talking,about us in these different groups is,such a quality shingle this really does,like i said make a difference for them,on the roof and it sets them apart when,you show a homeowner what this shingle,can do when you show a homeowner that,the granules are going to stay on it and,they understand that is what represents,the life of their roof,this product will set you apart,the homeowners will be happy you will,get more referrals because,when every roof around me is ruined and,mine isnt,im not going to call,theyre not going to call the roofer,that sold them a roof that didnt last,theyre going to come ask me hey who did,your roof,then ill point them to a contractor,that used,what i feel is the very best product on,the market so our marketing department,actually works with our contractors to,help them understand the marketing that,that we are providing for them,so we give them tools they can use in,the home with easy to understand,brochures one pagers things like that to,support these guys when theyre out in,the field trying to explain to a,homeowner some of this technology can be,a little daunting so its nice to have,the access to some of the tools that we,provide for these guys and we also go,into their offices and we educate them,on how to talk about these things we,think that if we can educate the,contractor and they can educate the,homeowner its going to help us out,because we believe what were doing is,is the best technology in the business,our general idea of the mission,statement from greg malarkey is that we,are going to continue to make the,highest performing asphalt shingles in,the industry and one of the things that,drew me to malarkey whenever i was out,hunting up this kind of work,is the fact that they really care about,the end user everything we do is better,for the end user its better for the,environment its better for the,contractor its better all the way,around,they want us they want people to see,that difference,all the time we want to be the best,everything we make is,not to a minimum spec its to the best,spec we can do yeah so again im tom,fisher with milwaukee reefing products,wed love for you to come check out our,website at www.milwaukeeroofing.com

Malarkey Highlander NEX AR Shingles

cool guys well going on behind me were,obviously putting up some shingles and,im really excited to have this next,conversation with you guys,so next to me here is one of our,favorite roofing products in the entire,industry,its malarkey roofing products and,specifically this is the highlander next,shingle this is the standard grade,shingle,its a 40 year shingle that were,installing and,its one heck of a shingle i always say,to the the customers who are,interested in this product that if my,parents were asking for a roof for me,id give them the malarkey color,handbook,of the highlander next and really not,talk a whole lot about anything else,obviously we can install,all sorts of asphalt style shingles but,when it comes down to,manufacturer warranty integrity of,product its really really hard,to beat this malarkey roofing product so,now what makes it special well lets,open it up real quick,and uh have a little peek but the main,man this is a brand new package right,off the line to it,i just have to let you all know that too,this is really nice this,special treat for me and for our guys,working behind me,but what makes malarkey different,is the asphalt that they use in order to,make their shingles so most shingles are,made with a standard grade oxidized,asphalt,now what does that mean well its the,same type of asphalt thats made in your,roads,so out here in wisconsin where theyre,retarding our roads every other year,because theyre,expanding and contracting with the cold,temperatures that we get,the same thing actually happens to our,roof now you wont see,extreme cracking like you do in uh,on the roads but you get ther uh thermal,blistering that goes on and then the,granules up here that actually protects,your asphalt start withering out,so why is this one different well its,instead of,standard oxidized asphalt its made with,sbs modified asphalt,now thats just a really fancy way of,saying that theres rubber polymers,in the shingle so its a hybrid between,your standard,oxidized asphalt product and a,rubberized shingle which is really cool,because now it can expand and contract,with more elasticity,uh during our hot and cold months and,retain it retaining the granules and,retaining the product integrity,also when its rubberized its got a,little bit of an impact resistance to it,as well which is good as far as,light hail storms going everything like,that a brand new roof could go on next,door,thats abc sort of type of product and,the malarkey highlander and have it go,through a mild hail storm,and i can guarantee that the malarkey,one is going to be absolutely fine,withstanding that,small hail and everything like that so,really cool product,i definitely put my name behind it and,if i needed a roof this would be my,first product of choice going in here we,joke that with a name like malarkey you,cant afford to make a bad shingle,so a little joke that we got going,around at the office,but theyre also the only manufacturer,thats never been sued and that was,really important for us,branding our name with a company like,malarkey because were in business for,the long haul and because theyve held,up,to their warranty standards for 70 plus,years we knew that,we wanted to be in business partnership,with them so these guys um,also behind me here originally asked me,for solar shingles which is a really,cool project to,to entertain and to talk about and stuff,wasnt really the best fit for right now,given the market conditions but the,homeowners behind me are actually,you know their professors they own,teslas theyre definitely kind of on,the green movement well malarkey also,taps into that market as well malarkey,is definitely the greenest uh,company in the asphalt shingle world,because those where those rubber,polymers are coming from,are old tires our old plastics theyre,melting them down mixing them,mixing them in with their asphalt so,and by default also making the best,product on the market some people say oh,you know recycled products might not,hold up their integrity,not with this one and i can guarantee it,and theres plenty other resources out,there too why,malarkey is number one so thanks for,watching

CCXteriors Shingle Torture Test: Malarkey vs Tamko

hi Im Cody cleaner I own Cece exteriors,weird today were gonna torture shingles,were going to rip them up and roll them,up and crank them up and stretch them,out and were going to show you why we,use malarky shingles we are a roofing,siding and gutters company and weve,found through the multiple jobs that,weve done,malarkey particularly holds quite a lot,of the market for a reason were,interested in showing you that so that,you can make an educated decision in,your single install and thats basically,why were making this video I hope you,enjoy it,these are the two comparison shingles,that we chose to do this test on this,right here is a 30 year architectural,shingle from tamko this right here is a,30 year architectural shingle from,malarkey we wanted to use the same,weight or style of shingle that would be,comparable if youre going to compare,something you have to be apples to,apples 30 year to 30 years malarkey and,tamko both create products that are,greater weight and have a longer journey,on your roof this is called the zone,were gonna go over the zone with you,this is a standard shingle design,standard shingle on the market this is a,malarkey shingle and well explain the,zone in a second,something I wanted to point out a couple,things is that the shingles both have,this blue line here in this yellow line,here and if we line them up together,that yellow and blue line is basically,on the same spot we we see that that,yellow line and that blue lines about,the same place the difference is that,malarkey has this top yellow line here,and this this is important to see these,differences and Ill show you why in a,second clip these shingles over and we,can see if you take a cross section of,this shingle that this is called this,the backing when you shoot a shingle,youre supposed to shoot through both,the layers this layer and that layer and,so the backing right here shows an area,where you can shoot thats this wide,indicated by the yellow line on top and,the yellow line on bottom its best to,shoot pretty close to this yellow line,here but what malarkey is saying is that,you can shoot anywhere in this zone and,thats what this year is indicating,anywhere in that zone you will shoot,this shingle through both layers,allowing it to get proper wind,protection for use down the road if you,look at the tamko shingle thats gonna,resemble more of this this shingle here,the back layer or the bottom layer right,here is about that wide and its its a,significant difference hard I hope this,is kept getting picked up on camera but,this difference here is noted here on,this zone the top of the bottom portion,of the shingle is it stops here on the,malarkey it goes up higher as you can,see on this shingle if you shoot,anywhere high up here youre not,shooting the shingle through both layers,and allowing for proper protection for,the wind another reason why we would,recommend using malarkey is actually,Ive already started to do it just by,demonstrating well have to get another,single to demonstrate the roll test well,go into the roll test in a minute but,the back of this shingle right here this,portion of the shingle right here does,not taper its the same thickness as the,normal portion of the single it comes,all the way up and remains the same,thickness over time as the Sun beats,down on this shingle it pushes down on,that portion go ahead and get a shot of,this corner here it pushes down on this,court this portion and creates a little,trough back here this finds itself,roughly right here on the shingle as,shingles are installed theyre installed,like this and I know this is a malarkey,shingle but you can get the picture by,by seeing that as time goes on this is,going to trough you can see that thats,going to leave a trough here in this,shingle on this portion over years years,to come,and years to come its going to create a,crack here and could leak in the future,Malarkeys response to this is this,right here simply that they have tapered,theyve tapered this bottom layer so,that it tapers from full thickness all,the way to basically as thin as they can,make it without compromising the shingle,strength Owens Corning has tried to do,things like the nail strip we see that,on the market maybe I can get a knowns,Corning picture in this video for for a,demonstration explain what they do,Owens Corning uses a Kevlar nail strip,along here but what we find that the,problem with the Kevlar nail strip is,this tar right here this tab down tar,tabs down right here so if theres a,nail strip right here you can basically,pull the nail strip off so if you can,pull the nail strip off and thats where,the tab down is happening its likely,that its gonna blow off in the wind as,well youre basically creating a little,barrier between the tap down and the,actual shingle itself thats why I think,thats applauded now were going to move,into some of the roll tests and some of,the stretch tests and more more,aggressive tests for these shingles,right off the bat just the construction,of the shingle alone has created quite a,significant significant Pro significant,pros toward malarkey and thats the,purpose of this video really honestly is,to show the advancements of malarkey in,the shingle board world as opposed to,the rest of the world I know this is,only at AAMCO we could probably do this,process with many different shingle,manufacturers but it stands going back,to the zone we wanted to explain a,couple more things the zone also on the,malarkey side protects against rain and,Ill explain how on the standard shingle,manufacturer you have one bead line,right here called the Seb line of tar,that that attaches the the shim portion,of the shingle which is this back,portion to the main shingle that one,line if water gets behind this it will,get behind the,line it only has one to get behind and,its in the other thing is that between,between shingles when you overlap them,if water gets behind this portion,itll get its hard to explain when,shingles are lined up on top of their,spots the water gets its true that,water does sometimes get behind shingles,malarkey has a lot better coverage in,that area because of this 7 second line,here holds it down makes it so that,theres less chance the water will get,behind the shingle because of these two,sub lines here on the on the shin the,shim again the shim is tapered the shim,is much larger at the top than the,standard to create that zone nail strip,as youre going along and and shooting,shingles theyre going at a pretty good,pace theyre going Boom Boom Boom Boom,Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom,Boom Boom and when theyre shooting the,shingles you can imagine that is theyre,going across this really quickly its,easy to hit this one its hard to hit,this one you have to hit that one,exactly right there about the width of,my pinky thats the same width there so,to kind of bring that into realisation,there you have this whole portion above,that you can shoot that will still hit,and be a viable wind protection shot,right when the shingle gets shot it also,penetrates the shingle this this line up,of tar above it and this line of tar,below it protects that that whole,shingle from from rain protection and,penetration now for the stress tests Im,excited about this part this is the fun,part we get to rip up shingles Im gonna,get prepared I got to get a knife I got,to grab the shingles that have already,been preparing out in the Sun getting,warm again were trying to create an,equals to equals test so we need to use,30 or singles against 30 years in goals,to create the best test out here we have,out here we have shingles that have been,waiting in the Sun theyre ready to be,stressed and TAS,Stan ripped up and rolled up and,crumpled and then we actually also have,some asphalt Malarkeys factory thats,been also sending out setting out in the,Sun to warm up this test works when its,cold this test works when its cold but,it works best when its warm,were gonna cut these shingles these,shingles

How many soda cans does it take to destroy Malarkey shingles?

so in our last video we shot these,shingles and the certainteed in the gap,the top shingle fell off the next day,but we were unable to to do very much,damage to the malarky shingle and so,what we want to do is shoot these things,until theyre falling off the board I,got a hundred and twenty soda cans were,gonna shoot at them and hopefully we do,some damage so we shot about 120 cans at,these four different products we havent,destroyed them to the point where we,want quite yet so were gonna go get,some more and see if we can get them to,fall apart a little more,probably have to get quite a bit more if,we got 120 last time we started doing,some damage but I know how many more,will mean,we just got our soda cans were going to,head back and shoot them so we finally,damaged the malarkey this is big damage,right here we broke through the plywood,thats why its damaged with the back,broken that ruined it but it still glued,down here and here still glued down,pretty good up here but were broken all,the way through so notice with the,malarkey we broke all the way through,all the way through the plywood and,thats because on our first test we,couldnt do any damage to this and so we,just went crazy on it and after shooting,in the same spot over and over I think,this one took probably 50 extra cans,than the rest of shingles and so the,plywood finally gave through gave gave,way and we broke through the plywood so,but notice were still glued down our,top shingle has not fallen off unlike,all the rest and its been fun,you

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