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  3. Malignant – Hilarious Spoof Or Ridiculous Horror?
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Malignant – Movie Review

thats all i got,[Music],so malignant is a horror movie by,director james wan the movie stars,annabelle wallace i dont remember her,characters name dont ask me to google,it or imdb it i dont have the energy,not for this like there are movies its,like i should take the time this isnt,one of them anyhow shes getting visions,of these killings this very mysterious,brooding almost ghostly figure is,killing people first of all i felt the,lead annabelle wallace the best part of,the movie uh shes probably aided and,helped out the fact that some of the,acting from the actors who played the,supporting characters,well some of them like when the movie,started out in the setup you know its,showing this thing that happened in the,past and the acting was so cheese i was,like okay this is gonna be one of those,scenarios where its a movie within a,movie but its not its actually what,happened yeah i know imagine my surprise,i was like oh so that they were just,like perfect those are the takes and,that would definitely work out if the,movie felt more self-aware like it knew,what it was but it never feels like it,does there are movies out there that,totally nail the self-aware thing,and so the cheese kind of works with it,this movie doesnt have that this movie,feels like it wants to throw back to,older horror movies and older horror,genres but doesnt throw back far enough,its not the 70s its not thrown back to,the 80s not throwing back to the 90s no,mid-2000s this mid-2000s horror,throwback not that the mid-2000s didnt,have some standouts you know some fun,slasher flicks in there but,of all the places like there are some,cool things that happen in this movie,like the last act of the movie kind of,becomes an action movie,and it is stylish youre like oh,its pretty sweet throwdowns happening,it also has elements from another,stephen king story i have to be vague,because if i tell you the premise of the,stephen king story im thinking of,youre gonna be like oh,i know the premise of this movie which,this movie is actually really,predictable not too far into it i was,like okay im pretty sure this is whats,happening and this is whats happening,and i may be off a little bit but i get,the general gist of whats happening,maybe its because i know of the stephen,king story it totally reminded me of,that im being completely vague about,but i have to be vague like its kind of,like wonder woman 1984 when i said oh,the end of this movie the last act,reminds me of a jim carrey movie because,i didnt want to say well it reminded me,of bruce almighty because then youd,know what happens in the last act of the,movie you know its all about wishes and,all that its the same thing here so,this movie starts out as a ghostly,feeling james one-ish horror movie then,it becomes a mystery movie thats not,that mysterious and not that compelling,because you kind of piece it together,before the cops do and then the last act,turns into more action than anything,bloody actually like this movie is,actually pretty bloody not like its,inventive its not like total fatality,style where youre like oh the spine and,you know the chest rips none of that but,no cut away on the stabbings to the face,and the blood flying and its in here,but there is a point in this movie where,youre gonna make this face youre gonna,go,okay and its unavoidable its,undeniable its a cool concept but it,was just executed in the most ridiculous,way possible which is why i say this,movie isnt as self-aware as it probably,should have been or at the very least,doesnt come across as self-aware as it,wants the audience to think or know what,it is as it stands this movie feels like,three different concepts like on the,round table discussion that were like,okay we can execute these movies three,different ways do we want haunting movie,do we want supernatural investigative,thriller movie or do we just want mid,2000s horror slash bloody slash cool,cheese killing with the killer in the,action movie man my grammar my,vocabulary my execution its off today,but i kind of dont care for this one,you can have an off day if youre,reviewing a movie like malignant its,fine anyhow its like they couldnt,decide they were like lets force them,all into one,malignant a movie thats ridiculous,enough to not easily forget but would,probably be a better time if youre,drunk yeah,what the [ __ ] all right so malignant,have you seen it what did you think,about it whats your favorite horror or,slasher movie from the mid-2000s,whatever it is whatever you think,comment below let me know and as always,if you like what youve seen here and,you want to see more click right here to,see more,[Music],you

Malignant Gave Me Hope

[Music],whats going on guys so a new james wan,movie is out this weekend malignant and,as you know im a huge fan of his film,so naturally i was really looking,forward to seeing this i wasnt planning,on doing a video about it necessarily,unless i really loved it but there was,something about malignant that really,struck me something that doesnt really,happen that much anymore ever especially,in the horror genre and its something i,want to talk about and its the fact,that camp,doesnt really exist anymore and i want,to talk about why that is,why its so hard to find a film that,does it right,and hopefully how we can see more films,that understand what that is and are,able to accomplish it in the future but,first i want to give a big thank you to,the sponsor for this video star trek,fleet command star trek fleet command is,a free to play mobile open world,strategic mmo available on ios and,android you can engage in a story,story-driven star trek galaxy interact,with famous characters from the next,generation the original series and the,jj abrams films as well as the discovery,show and many more you can play as tons,of characters from the multiverse,including kirk spock michael burnham,data and jordy combat is real time in an,open world where you defend your allies,and punish your foes you can customize,your dream crew of iconic characters and,starships with unique powers to make you,stand out as the strongest in the galaxy,you can craft your perfect ship unlock,unique ship models and upgrade their,equipment to find the perfect balance of,powers iconic models like the enterprise,d the uss discovery and the klingon d4,class are available playing the game i,found it really fun to get started they,used jordy and data to give you,information on how to get started in the,game so you can understand how the game,works and while playing the game i,encountered absolutely zero issues with,frame rate or slow down everything went,really smoothly and since i am a star,trek fan myself i like seeing all the,references to the movies the shows as,well as the characters that i know and,love star trek fleet command is free to,play on ios and android please check out,my link in the description below so you,can download the game yourself so please,do check out that link in the,description below thank you so much to,star trek fleet command for sponsoring,this video lets keep talking about,malignant so malignant follows madison,mitchell played by annabelle wallace,shes paralyzed by shocking visions of,grisly murders and her torment worsens,as she discovers that these waking,dreams are in fact terrifying realities,so the film is in theaters now and its,streaming on hbo max and the marketing,for the film definitely pushes it as if,it is yet another james wan conjuring,universe film,in fact seeing the trailers for the,movie i must be honest i was very,underwhelmed i didnt really know what,the movie was about i had seen plenty of,tv shows and films where a character is,envisioning murders that happen and,tries to prevent those murders from,happening it doesnt really feel like,anything new a movie like minority,report has gone through similar,territory and so i was kind of surprised,that he was involved with the film,because i felt like it was something he,had done many times before,until i saw the movie,its nothing like the trailers not even,close i mean it is very apparent that,warner brothers either didnt want to,give away anything or had no idea how to,market this movie and had no clue what,audience they should go for because this,is a horror film that embraces camp its,intentionally silly purposefully so and,it knows that and right off the bat here,at the beginning of the video im going,to avoid spoilers but i will talk about,some later so that we can get a little,more in depth about why i wanted to talk,about this film so much for the first,half of the movie i thought it was kind,of weird and it felt a bit like a,misfire i was a little disappointed to,be honest and i felt like i was watching,a film that,i dont know it almost seemed like a,paycheck movie for a while until,you realize whats going on and its,clear that the filmmakers made every,effort to conceal certain plot points,throughout the first half of the movie,so that things later make sense and are,seen differently and you can,re-contextualize the entire movie and,look at it from a different lens now,thats something that doesnt happen,that much,it usually takes an auteur filmmaker to,pull that off or someone whos made a,lot of successful movies and has a big,name to be able to convince a studio to,give them money to make a film like say,split for instance thats one thing for,a long time until it suddenly isnt,thats really hard to do a lot of,studios dont care about that they want,a film that is easily describable,they want you to be able to instantly,know what type of movie youre going to,watch and in your head related to other,films youve seen before so you can,compare it to those films and go oh yeah,well its like the conjuring i like the,conjuring so ill watch malignant thats,what studios want to do and thats why,the trailers for malignant make it look,like insidious six or whatever its one,of the reasons why movies that have,intentionally over the top elements i.e,camp,are really hard to come by also with the,way we talk about films nowadays and the,way we digest movies and share,screenshots and memes and whatever we,dont necessarily understand camp,sometimes sometimes a film can be,unintentionally bad,and they kind of [ __ ] up and that,happens too but in the case of a movie,like malignant its very clear that,james juan and company knew exactly what,they were doing because things happened,in the last half of this movie that are,so insane in [ __ ] bonkers that i,cant even,fully express it to you without talking,about spoilers,and i would love to and so were going,to talk about some spoilers now as i,said its on hbo max its in theaters so,throughout the movie as i already stated,our lead character madison is witnessing,murders its sort of like a waking,nightmare and eventually those bodies,are found and she realizes that she,might be able to predict these things,before they happen and theres also a,woman we dont really know who she is,whos being held captive by this guy,gabriel this dark form looking like a,[ __ ] matrix guy with long ass hair,shes just being held in an attic,somewhere we dont really know who she,is theres a crazy opening scene with,this deformed looking thing thats being,operated on and its all just there the,pieces are there and james juan doesnt,really tell you what theyre about,because of that the first half of this,movie on first viewing feels very messy,it feels like what is what does all this,mean and its because we have gotten to,a point i think and this is just my,opinion and obviously its very,subjective and you might look at it,differently i think weve gotten to a,point where studios,really want you to know exactly what,youre watching when youre watching it,and for there to be no nuance no,surprises very little hidden things and,you just instantly know what youre,seeing when you see it and theres no,questions that makes for really boring,films you get a lot of films like that,nowadays where from the very beginning,you know exactly whats going to happen,in your head from a to z and you really,dont even have to watch the movie and,you know its going to be a certain way,a film like malignant gives you the,pieces that you need but you dont know,what they are for half the movie and you,spend half the movie thinking what the,[ __ ] is going on which can lead to,negative reviews and they dont always,know what to think when they get one of,these movies like the empty man or,malignant where its like what is this,movie you know,and i love movies like this the fact,that movies like this exist give me hope,for some of my really weird [ __ ] ive,written,that i dont know if itll ever get made,i have

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Malignant – Hilarious Spoof Or Ridiculous Horror?

say what you want about james wan but,the guy knows his stuff when it comes to,horror movies the saw franchise,insidious the conjuring annabelle,aquaman all of them were brought to life,by this one guy in fact its tough to,think of anyone whos had more of an,impact on horror films in the past,decade no id be lying if i said i was a,big fan of the saw movies what started,out as an interesting exploration of,guilt redemption and sacrifice through,physical suffering pretty rapidly,devolved into gory torture porn for the,sake of gory torture porn but whatever,each to their own i guess the point is,that when the efap guys invited me to,watch his latest movie malignant with,them i was excited to join the party,mostly because that technically,qualifies me as a social drinker but,also because i was kind of curious about,this movie i didnt know much about it,but i knew it had made an impact maybe,it was gonna buck the trend of boring,generic low effort hollywood horror and,actually deliver an experience that was,unique indifference,[Music],well its certainly managed that maybe,not in quite the way james wanted,intended but it definitely entertained,us to borrow an old saying malignant is,probably best described as a game of two,halves on the one hand its an,intriguing slow-paced atmospheric horror,with hints of the supernatural and on,the other its got a stuntman with a,goofy looking cgi face attached to the,back of his head backwards fighting a,bunch of time traveling hookers from the,1970s damn man this movies [ __ ] wild,anyway i guess i should try to make some,kind of sense out of this so strap,yourself in dear viewer as we slice deep,into the world of malignant the movie,begins with a flashback to the heady,days of 1993 and the worlds most,sinister looking hospital seriously what,kind of [ __ ] architect would design a,place like this and think to themselves,nice one people are gonna love coming,here anyway mad scientist lady is,bitching into her video camera about one,of her patients named gabriel whos been,getting increasingly violent and,dangerous recently then wouldnt you,know it he goes nuts and kills a bunch,of people and all the lights start,exploding until they shoot him with a,[ __ ] tranquilizer gun like hes a,rampaging elephant flash forward to the,present day and a pregnant woman named,madison comes home from work because,shes got a headache so her husband does,the sensible thing and slams her head,into a [ __ ] wall seriously its lucky,the walls in american houses are made,out of toilet paper or something because,if you tried this kind of [ __ ] in the uk,the movie would be over in the first,five minutes believe me naturally this,doesnt do madisons headache any favors,so she locks herself in the bathroom for,a nice lie down but while shes taking a,nap some [ __ ] sneaks into the house,and politely teaches her husband the,finer points of anger management then he,comes after madison herself and she,falls over and passes out again [ __ ] me,this girl spends more time unconscious,than i do anyway she wakes up in a,hospital to find out that the pregnancy,is no more and her husband is dead damn,talk about a bad day so she goes home to,her suspiciously huge and old-fashioned,house which genuinely confuses me,because no young couple in their right,minds would voluntarily decorate their,home like this anyway as the movie,progresses she starts having dreams,about various people from her past,getting murdered in gory fashion visions,which actually turn out to be real and,every time it happens she starts,bleeding from her head wound again hmm,could there be some kind of connection,there i wonder then madison tells her,sister that she was adopted as a child,in a scene that fits into the narrative,about as well as a vegan activist that,attacks his barbecue the point though is,that madisons hiding some kind of,repressed trauma from her childhood and,a connection to an imaginary friend she,used to talk to a friend named gabriel,hmm this all sounds very familiar as the,bodies start to pile up the police get,involved but theyre about as useful as,a candy floss condom they suspect,madison herself is behind the murders,and her situation isnt exactly helped,when a missing woman literally crashes,the party at her house,now you may be forgiven for thinking,that gabriel could be some kind of tyler,durden situation in which case youd be,half right but its only when madisons,sister breaks into the spooky nightmare,hospital and finds her sisters medical,records which for some reason are still,there despite the place being shut down,for decades that the movie finally gives,us the truth and what a truth it is,believe me,so it turns out that gabriel was some,kind of weird conjoined twin that was,growing out of madisons back but as he,started taking control of her body the,doctors had no choice but to surgically,remove him i love how all they really,did was cut off his [ __ ] face stuff,the rest of him inside her skull and,just hope for the best hes been kind of,dormant ever since but when husband of,the year slammed madisons head into,that wall i guess it must have,jump-started him or something and now,hes out to take revenge why does he,look like an evil skeleton alien dont,know wouldnt a hugely invasive,operation like this leave her with,massive scarring down her back that,would absolutely raise questions from,anyone who happens to see her naked like,her own husband dont know why wouldnt,the doctors treating her head injury at,the start of the movie have noticed a,second brain crammed inside her skull,dont know why is gabriel able to,control electricity like hes mighty,thor dont know why does he possess,superhuman speed strength and fighting,ability when hes literally using the,body of an average human female dont,know wouldnt all these crazy,contortions and unnatural movements have,snapped most of the joints and tendons,in madisons body leaving her crippled,or at the very least in agonizing pain,after each episode dont know as you can,probably guess theres quite a few,unanswered questions in this movie,anyway the point is that gabriels,getting stronger with every passing day,hes able to manipulate madison into,doing what he wants by conjuring up fake,imageries of the world around her and by,the finale hes able to take control of,her body permanently although it did,kind of get me wondering what the [ __ ],is his long-term plan here are you going,to move out of state and make a new life,for yourself settle down and start a,career yeah somehow i dont think youre,gonna have much luck on tinder mate i,love this bit where he goes on a [ __ ],rampage and kills everyone in sight,including an entire station full of cops,its a bit like the police station scene,from the terminator except those cops,actually knew how to use their weapons,i dont know what youre going for there,mates eventually gabriel tracks down his,birth mother and tries to kill her along,with madisons adopting sister and its,only the threat to her loved ones that,gives her the inner strength to reassert,control of her mind and banish gabriel,to a mental prison forever or does she i,said at the start of this review that,malignant is very much a game of two,halves and the first half is,unquestionably the better one its got a,tense slow paced and ominous atmosphere,a bit of mystery and intrigue and pretty,strong hints of the supernatural but,then its like they reached the halfway,point and the entire creative team died,or went on strike or took themselves off,for a weekend bender in mexico and were,never heard from again leaving their,mates to couple together and ending in,what feels like one afternoon honestly,if someone had told me this movie was,meant to be a spoof of low budget horror,flicks i absolutely would have believed,them the ridiculous premise is,compounded by dodgy special effects that,look like they were rendered on a,macbook pro action sequences that play,out like some unholy hybrid of the,matrix

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i am actually petrified to film this,video because i anticipate another,lighthouse situation a lot of people,telling me oh you just didnt get it and,its more painful this time because its,true,i dont get it like i cant argue with,that and if this does negate my opinion,moving forward for you thats fine im,not the creator for you thats okay im,going to try to be constructive in this,video and not be negative for negative,sake i feel like ive been doing a lot,of rants this year and i just want to,keep it constructive im going to try,im going to be real with you though,if you love this movie my opinion will,upset you it will anger you if youre,not willing to feel those emotions today,please skip this video those who love,malignant really seem to love it and,those who hate it like me,really seem to hate it there really is,no in between and we will never probably,be on the same page nor understand,each others perspectives in a way its,exciting right because its been a while,since weve had such a polarizing movie,such as malignant where people are so,divided on it and the conversation is,just so interesting about it and in some,sense i have to have some appreciation,for malignant as much as i dont like it,personally i have to appreciate the fact,that it was wild it was goofy it was,silly it was laughable,and it makes the movie experience very,interesting because its so polarizing,so this video will be in two parts so we,will have a spoiler-free section of the,video and then time stamp down below and,of course i will warn you verbally when,we get into spoilers because how can i,talk about malignant without discussing,the famous third act of this movie which,is the reason why i dont like this,movie so malignant follows madison who,is plagued by disturbing visions of,horrific murders and she soon realizes,that these are not just nightmares,theyre reality um this is not really,what this movie is about of course its,one of those misleading marketing,movies sorry theres something in my eye,like trying to ignore it but i just,cant anyway no description of this,movie is going to be satisfying enough,for me to like tell you about or if,youve seen the movie for you to read,about its just not going to be,satisfying its not going to ever,accurately describe what goes on in this,movie unless of course you read a,synopsis of it and for me personally,because i dont recommend watching this,movie um i cant even say that though i,feel wrong saying that im not im gonna,retract that because,so many people are having so much fun,with this movie and i dont want to,deprive anyone of that but i will share,the reasons why i personally didnt like,it and just know that that is a personal,opinion and i recognize that i hate that,i have to do disclaimers because on my,channel you know im just honest with,you and im brutal and im not afraid to,speak my mind obviously because i have,very,you know very many uh controversial,opinions here on this channel that i get,eaten alive for and im worried this is,going to be yet another one of those so,im not going to say dont watch it or,read just a synopsis or anything like,that because,everyone is having a different,experience with this movie its,fascinating um i havent seen anyone,talk about this yet so i do want to,briefly mention some trigger warnings,for this movie for a couple specific,things im not going to say it in the,video because it could be kind of,spoilery but i will list it at the,bottom of the description box if you are,so inclined to check,no ones talking about it and it really,caught me off guard granted its all in,the beginning of the movie and does not,carry through so its only in the first,part of the movie where its like kind,of shocking um so its not really,spoilery if you want to check it anyway,because it happened so early on,but i just want to throw that out there,because a lot of people have voiced to,me how uncomfortable it made them and no,one else like no other creators or,horror reviewers or anyone posting about,it on social media is talking about it,so just look up some trigger warnings,also i want to say i avoided all,trailers for this and i did not know one,thing about it didnt know what it was,about i knew it followed a woman thats,all i knew from seeing a glimpse of a,trailer but otherwise i knew absolutely,nothing going in and ive seen people,say that those who saw the trailer ended,up being disappointed and those who went,in without knowing anything about it,were the ones that had a good time,i knew nothing and did not have a good,time so thats not really true so,firstly were going to start on a,positive note im going to talk about,everything that i did actually like,about malignant because it wasnt all,bad i say i hate this movie because i do,um and im not afraid to say that but it,has some positives going on for it and i,want to address that because this isnt,just a rant its not a super negative,video so positive firstly i was really,happy with how it started off uh despite,the bad acting i can typically look past,bad acting um if the story seems,enjoyable and everything else is like,lining up right so the acting was,questionable some of the lines were like,kind of cringy and cheesy but i actually,really enjoyed the intro credits it felt,very early 2000s to me and i think,thats because this movie is kind of an,ode to many movies and well get to that,but it felt very early 2000s hills have,eyes kind of intro credits which i,havent seen in a while so i actually,appreciated them then i noticed the,cinematography was actually very good,and ive seen a lot of people praise,this i think this is the biggest thing,it has going for it the most unique and,original thing it has going for it and,the best thing about this movie hands,down is the cinematography then i,noticed the soundtrack and again ive,said it before if i notice a soundtrack,then its good because i dont typically,like notice every single soundtrack or,what a movie sounds like this one in,particular had a very good score and was,very effective it felt unique enough but,it still was very reminiscent of james,wan,style score which is iconic in my,opinion another thing that i really,liked about this movie were the settings,i cant really fault them,it is kind of a cliche at this point and,all the settings were pretty much a,cliche you know i feel like james swan,movies always take place in the same,exact location like does he just film in,the same house every time like so all of,these things that i liked i noticed,within the first third of the movie okay,so i enjoyed the first third,and then we get we get farther in i was,waiting for my horror to come into it,never really came but i was still,enjoying it i was feeling it i was like,okay this will probably get like three,and a half stars for me so far like this,is fine now lets get into what i dont,like about this movie which is,everything else uh for me personally i,will say,this movie has zero horror for me,theres maybe one scene but for some,reason i felt zero tension with it so,for me,nothing really about this movie screams,horror at all and i would argue its not,but you know i was disagreed with on,twitter and i agree i shouldnt,blanketly like state that this movies,not a horror movie when the intent was,to make a horror movie but i got no,horror out of it personally so for me,its not another thing that i dont like,about this movie and its so nitpicky so,feel free to like disagree all you want,is the title,i dont like the title and i know,it works with the story and everything,but man im just not a fan of it to me,it feels like a thesaurus word and i,understand the point of the using that,word of malignant for the title but i,just im not a fan of it so another,thing that i didnt like is the reveal,um i found this movie to be,very very predictable ill go into,specifics in the spoiler section of the,video but it seemed to catch a lot of,people off guard it didnt for me i saw,it coming from a mile away an

Half in the Bag: Malignant

half in the bag,malignant,[Applause],oh what are you doing,im going to read the intro to malignant,that i wrote oh i was going to read the,intro to malignant that i wrote i guess,this is a half in the bag first usually,one of us writes the intro and reads it,or,writes it and makes the other one read,it but what a pickle rick,uh well jay i guess were both gonna,read our intros,dueling intros dueling intros and,everybody dont forget to like and,comment on whose intro was better leave,your comments below and hit that like,button and,jay you start okay,im having visions,from visionary director james juan who,never met a wide angle lens he didnt,love comes belignan the worst studio,movie of the year,or maybe the best,most divisive,the movie is a loving homage to crappy,bee movies of the past,or maybe that was an accident,i dont know,what is this,what is it,thats my intro,its a pretty good intro thank you,heres my intro okay,im having visions,from the director of district 9 and,elysium,i mean from the director of the sixth,sense and unbreakable,i mean from the director of the,conjuring and insidious its malignant,thats right everyone james juan is back,and so is our lead character,get it,the usually competent director has,created a film that would make tommy why,so blush direct to hbo max from james,wans newly created film company it,sounded good on paper films comes a,movie with the story so stupid weird and,confusing david lynch understood it,if laughter were a cure to cancer this,film could cure itself,that was pretty good too,dueling intros everybody yeah a movie so,nice we introduced twice its malignant,the film thats taking the internet by,storm,whats that i dont know,i heard a thunder clap no its not,supposed to rain today,anyway jay what did you think of,malignant well i think based on our,intros were kind of looking at the,movie from different perspectives but,coming to the same conclusion which is,that its very funny,the question is how much of that is,intentional there are many questions,one could say were looking at it from,two different perspectives,two faces oh no,[Music],oh do we do we want to just say spoilers,right off the bat were gonna spoil this,whole thing because,thats the interesting stuff to talk,about yeah well if you i mean uh first,of all lets do this backwards,backwards,um youre full of them today oh my god i,got so many i got so many,uh first of all if you have hbo max,already the movies free its not like,disney where you have to pay 30 for it,early access or you have to rent it or,buy it uh it comes included with hbo max,so,go ahead watch it because i fully,recommend it its hilarious uh and uh,its something to behold its the new,the room and you dont say that too,often its okay its its,the new,wish-upon,i was gonna say its the new freddy got,fingered in the sense that this is,someone whos in a unique position where,they have a lot of clout,in the case of freddy got fingered tom,green was super popular from mtv he was,in the movie road trip and the studio is,like make what you want we dont,understand it but youre popular so make,what you want in the case of this movie,james juan made aquaman which made a,billion dollars he has a good,relationship with warner brothers and,they said you made us a billion dollars,make what you want and so he used it as,an excuse to make something that no,studio in their right mind would ever,green light otherwise,in theory you are assuming right uh i,guess im assuming because its to me,all the the humor and the weirdness of,this movie comes across completely,intentional i did a little bit of,digging not i didnt read anything like,backstory behind the scenes me either,right id be curious to watch like,interviews with james juan,you know you just gotta be bold you,gotta take chances because if you dont,you end up making the same old thing,again and again how much do you know,about the backstory of this do you know,anything i i know nothing about it i,know very little about james wan,actually hes very successful so im,surprised that like hes responsible for,the the saw franchise and the conjuring,universe like all these big things right,um and all of his movies up until now,have been,crowd pleasingly competent,theyre never great like the conjuring,movies i like well enough the first two,he didnt direct the third one and that,one sucked i like the insidious movies,more and those seem to be less popular,and so this feels more like going in,that direction,of,kind of more like crazy fantastical,weirder,um but as far as like influences i i,think i saw blurb that he was,at least partially influenced by italian,jollo films which shows theres the,black glove killer theres the elaborate,creative set pieces,um but thats more of just a,superficial homage because its not it,doesnt feel like a jolloid movie it,feels like a troma movie or something or,its a little mixture of a bunch of,different genres uh yeah i dont know if,hes ever heard the name frank,hennenlotter but this feels like a an,unofficial remake of his movie basket,case,im assuming youve never seen basket,case but thats,conjoined twins one of them is a little,mutant on his side that the doctors,separate them when theyre little and so,now years later they go to new york to,find the doctors and kill them for,revenge they have like a psychic,connection thats straight up plagiarism,its its different enough in this and,tonally its very different i thought,this was quattos backstory,literally backstory a literal backstory,before he went to mars and became a,freedom fighter i am half right right,right so its yeah i dont know tonally,its like,sam raimi meets dario argento meets,frank henon lotter meets,with with the slickness of a james wand,studio movie which makes the whole thing,even weirder but i looked james one up,on imdb,i needed to see past writing credits,and hes a story by guy okay right,uh a story by story by story by which,you know you have like some bigger,movies that are well written and,constructed like the conjuring movies,and where they have theyre very like,boilerplate,you know they dont go bat [ __ ] insane,and,and [ __ ] the audience in their eye,they dont skull [ __ ] the audience right,they theyre like we got to do this we,have to have this we have to have these,these these wonderful little character,arcs we have to conclude this we have to,have these sequences that we could put,in the trailer and its all very very it,has to make sense it has to make sense,um,and so and then james juan is always,story by a story by and then like a real,screenwriter come in,and well saw was him and lee wennell,lee winnell went off to do like he did,the invisible man movie he did that,movie upgrade which i was kind of,thinking of during some of the end of,this movie with the way the fighting was,and the bending backwards and [ __ ] yeah,it reminded me of that so um so this,this has three credited,writers,uh james wan,uh and ingrid bisou,do you know who that is no that is his,new wife okay,um she is in the film,she is a romanian,model actress,uh whos been in a couple of random,things okay and hasnt written really,anything who does she play in the movie,shes the,the uh crime scene girl with the big,glasses,whos whos okay whos smitten on the,asian detective that makes sense because,i saw her in the movie and i was like,this somethings off about this,is weird she seems weird she doesnt,seem like an actress why is she in the,movie oh it all makes sense now how bad,is it ive never seen anything quite,like it,maybe from a vehicular accident but not,this her and james juan are the story,buys okay,uh and then theres a an official,written by,uh by a lady named akela cooper akilah,akela cooper,uh an older lady who has uh,a bunch of tv credits,random tv credits okay,some marvel stuff uh some star trek,stuff in production like,just random [ __ ],no like huge like,uh horror franchise features just just,like,a,a hired screenwriter it looks like two,to help structure i

Malignant feat. Jaymes Mansfield! | Movie Review | MovieBitches Ep 256

[Music],cheers welcome to movie bitches hey,everybody,episode 256 a very special episode,because we have james mansfield with us,yay,me oh my gosh hey avril it everybody,you and you,im so glad that were such close,friends,yeah,first name basis,just like the cop coca-cola oh my god,kakoa weve gotta turn around and tell,kakoa we can trace the call you have to,believe me,oh my goodness i know your name april,im just playing its a bit its a bitch,we comedians would do that kind of thing,what is this movie yall made me watch,yes,so today were reviewing malignant,now i have to admit i have started only,pronouncing it my lag meant,like that i have i dont think avrils,seen it but have you seen the jamaican,accent blend oh for the girl from little,mix yeah yes,well play it here,but anyway april youll get it,eventually good way to do it but so now,i can only say it,you said that was very poland uh,it was a little publicly a little bit,there yeah a little templeton the rat,yeah thank you for the rant youre on,templeton,smorgasbords morgan sports morgan,but first things first shout out to our,patreon supporters five dollars a month,go see early access ten dollars gives,you access to viewing parties and more,other things to come exciting stuff,second thing second shout out to james,mansfield make sure to subscribe to,jamess channel and social media and,everything there thank you,i have to say you must do these viewing,parties on patreon just so you can see,in real time april go shut up ross,shut up hes gonna wear somebody else,shut up,just a reflex,it just its its involuntary it just,comes out to me,it just comes out third things third,shout out to our wine sponsor wink go to,triwick.com movie bitches you get 22 off,your first month of wine so,malignant i guess i have to say it like,that too even though i dont know what,im saying,i like that,the new james juan film from 2021,uh that everybodys talking about i love,this movie i think it has a slow middle,theres a little bit of a drawn out part,in the middle where i get a little bored,but i had a great time i was laughing,till i gave myself a headache,so thats my hot take bear in mind when,i first watched this movie i had taken,an edible for the first time,so probably not the best way to do it,but,say as soon as i was coming down it was,really really entertaining,oh my god,this movie wanted to be several movies,okay,oh yes i know actually i think this is,an apt start to hitchcock tober because,despite his wishes he is in no way,hitchcock,uh well but there were attempts he was,attempting hitchcock hes attempting,dario argento hes attempting to palma,hes attempting a lot of different,people a lot of things a lot of,references by the end it was it was very,the wachowskis well get into it the,fight scene,neo and trinity i can see it well get,into it because,there are several times i was thinking,this movie wants to be like eight,different better and not so better,movies uh-huh uh-huh i do appreciate the,bee movie,quality of it like this was not a um,a real movie,no,well so it starts and the new line,cinema logo popped up which was so,nostalgic oh im so excited they got,their start in midnight movies i think,they originally distributed pink,flamingos yes they did yeah and so it,was like oh,its new line they know exactly what,theyre doing right and to have this,kind of i mean not that new lines a,huge studio but the fact that this is on,hbo max and its this big studio movie,and its this oh i just loved it i ate,it up with a spoon no forced entry,an abusive husband,motive,i am convinced that this film happened,because someone dropped a bunch of,scripts and then picked them up really,quickly,because everything was completely like,whoa that doesnt make sense together,what sounds familiar you might have,decided i love that you might have the,same fact that i have andrew perhaps i,definitely do not but i have a theory,about how this movie came to be but it,includes a spoiler so i dont know oh,should we say spoiler alert right now or,alert i would say go watch it but were,going to spoil it and if you know what,happens its not worth it so,sure,i mean the title is kind of a dead,giveaway either way i mean i figured out,basically the entire plot by the opening,credits but you know still i cant get,one past you jessica fletcher,all those like um cells that were,parting in the text i mean the credits,were their own um mystery that felt like,early 2000s,like the covenant yeah you know i was,like i was just bury that,real weird choices long credits with,like a,the song didnt match very strange,heres my theory,i think this movie came about when,someone watched my big fat greek wedding,and when she was going off about,how she had a lump and inside was teeth,and it was my tween,i think they were just like what if we,made that a horror movie,inside the lump,he found teeth,and a spinal column youll always be,stuck with me,yes,inside the lamp,was my twin i actually know how it came,about slightly,so okay give it to us because i want to,hear it,so the woman who is the nerdy lonely,hearts forensic lady is james wans,newly wedded wife and they wrote it,together,the little with the glasses and like oh,everyones looking for the other half of,their i nicknamed her the squirrel,because she had a list ive never seen,anything quite like it maybe from a,vehicular accident but not this forensic,evidence dont touch it dont touch it,oh my gosh ive never seen anything like,this,maybe in a car accident you know it was,very strange so another woman and the,two of they came up with the story idea,and i guess shes obsessed with medical,oddities and so it just sprung bored,from there and they wrote it and put,every horror movie theyd ever seen into,this one movie it could still be that,she watched my big fat greek wedding and,was like oh my god certainly what is,well theres a lot of i mean you know,dead ringers how to get ahead in,advertising all the frank head and,lottery basket case brain damage its,its a lot of them similar to that,i had wrote it down in my notes like im,pretty sure james juan fell asleep,during the eyes of laura mars and woke,up in basket case oh my god yes,yes which two but together i think i,love that combo oh i was into it i was,very into it the music cues it was all,very much uh deliberate except the the,one outlier the acting was very bad and,i dont know if i could say that was on,purpose i dont know no this isnt her,first right,the doctor said your sister had three,miscarriages in the last two years can i,say i was high as a kite when i watched,this i was convinced the lead actress,was dakota johnson oh my god she was in,the dakota johnson drag like everyones,in some sort of drag of somebody else,more famous than that that wig really,gave away a lot of plot points for me,that wig was so bad,it was like oh they needed to hide the,blood pack back thats why the wigs so,awful oh theyre hiding some other,things back there too okay i see i see,whats happening,halfway through brian and i were wishing,that it was uh angelina jolie well now,that would have added a whole nother,layer to it its salt and you know,basket case for that movie yeah like,beating people up in hallways yes,vaguely so yeah this movie starts like a,lifetime movie oh yes it starts at the,sam raimi movie where i know,or its a video game i mean its like,theyre in arkham asylum you know on,this cliff oh my god hospital with the,jurassic park arm what is,what is happening,insanity but also how come it looked,better than cruella did by the way oh i,mean honestly but you know what are you,gonna do but it did look like a video,game a lot of this looked like a video,game and felt like a video game yeah and,then all of this this seemed purposely,bad acting right the woman from deep,blue sea its time,we cut out the cancer,that was her yes,yes oh my god,then we get to like the real movie or,whatever and its the chick from the,terrible mummy remake annabella wallace,is the main l

Malignant (2021) SPOILER FREE – COME CHILL WITH ME | Horror Review Reaction

hi friends my name is emma and lets,talk spooky stuff,welcome back to my channel and welcome,to another come chew with me im so,excited because today im going to watch,malignant uh this one is a very,interesting situation because the film,actually doesnt come out until,mid-october in australia but obviously,with you know having a small presence on,the internet around the horror community,even my inbox just in the last three,days the film was released on friday,today is monday um,i have had so many comments and even,like minor spoilers people dm me people,people just get excited and i understand,i know that nothing is malicious i know,people just get really excited about the,movie and they just want to tell me oh,my god youre going to love this one or,i dont know how youre going to feel,about this one i cant wait to see what,you think which is so lovely but when,you get a large number of those kinds of,um responses to you or direct messages,or direct tweets uh it starts adding up,little clues people leave along the way,um to give you a picture to paint a,picture so today i am gonna watch the,film on hbo max because i cant wait i,cant wait um for another month for it,to come out because i dont want to keep,hiding from the internet i want to be,part of the conversation and its kind,of,my job,its kind of what i do on the internet,so lets watch malignant today i have,seen,parts of the trailer this trailer,actually played in candyman and in,another horror movie i cant remember,what or another movie i saw at the,cinema um and i do remember they were,like repeating someones name over and,over and over in the trailer but i was,not looking at the screen and i could,just kind of hear it so i dont know too,much about it i do know that there was a,bird emoji as well that was on the,twitter when it was trending or the,hashtag twitter um so that really threw,me off the film is directed by james wan,who is a malaysian australian director,obviously known for soar and then the,conjuring films and insidious,so its so interesting that hes chosen,this name of the film obviously it goes,with all of his other titles which i,really like one of the blurbs for the,film says that it is about madison who,is paralyzed by shocking visions of,grisly murders and as her torment,worsens she discovers that these waking,dreams are in fact terrifying realities,all i know is that the film is insane,thats what people are telling me over,and over and over again that its a,rollercoaster that its insane wtf a lot,of people so i think thats why people,want to see my reaction because i am,quite animated um and i really have no,other expectations i have no idea if,its like a haunting i have no idea what,kind of film it is so i guess thats,good not knowing that but i do know that,um it is a throwback to the 90s people,have been saying to me,should be interesting ill be,interesting to make up my own opinion i,didnt want to bring up the imdb page,and look too much into it because i have,no idea what people are scoring this and,usually when i get to see big releases i,get to see them you know at the time,that theres not a huge um influx on,imdb or other um rating websites so i,just really wanted to make up my own,mind um whether i love it or hate it so,lets make up our own minds and lets go,watch malignant,im so excited lets go,hey grammy do you want to come upstairs,and watch malignant,come on me going upstairs,[Music],i guess im sitting on this side im not,going to do a long drawn out intro lets,just start watching malignant ive,waited long enough i want to get on this,roller coaster with you guys if you do,want to watch along with me pause right,now,[Music],[Laughter],i mean,we cant say it didnt make sense,because it,definitely did,um i actually enjoyed it,i thought it was really fun and,completely,600 unexpected but at the same time,its also not something we havent seen,before its just done,in a fun very self-aware way super quick,side note i really did not think about,this mug being in frame its actually a,place outside of stockholm in sweden,that is a child friendly museum so its,not as sauce as it sounds i think my,description at the start was really,spot on it is about,a woman madison,who after an unfortunate circumstance,finds herself having visions,of murders,um by the way,it wasnt a bird it was a dagger you,call that a knife,this is a knife thats not a knife,thats a spoon all right all right you,in,i see youve played knife hes heard,before,i was waiting for the bird the entire,film i have to admit i did check on,twitter at the very end because i was so,confused about that part,um,the tonal issues i can definitely see,this would be why ive had so many,people say that they love or hate this,film,it was im gonna have to go into it i,know this is gonna stay spoiler free for,sure 100 but i do think it is worth,knowing this before going into seeing,the film that it has um a real as i said,before like its a self-awareness about,it being more of a,cheesy or like fun version of a james,one film which actually i was okay with,because he has been so serious with his,conjuring films it was kind of nice to,see him really explore the genre and,explore different,moments of the genre different subgenres,or themes and ideas and not take himself,too seriously and then also when you,take a step back and you look at the,film and what the films really about,and all of the moments in the film it,makes more sense to take a more,fun approach to it so an example of this,that is non-spoiler is theres a group,of detectives in this film trying to,figure out these murders and um at one,stage one of thems like sucking on a,lollipop just randomly um they have like,the cheesy one-liners and then theres,this like tension sexual tension between,this woman who works on the csi um unit,and him and shes always like trying you,know to get with him and its just weird,and odd and off to the side but um,yeah just something that really sets up,that tone where its not everything,isnt too serious and i think that they,do that purposefully obviously its very,self-aware but then also it wants the,audience to take a step back and really,suspend a lot of belief,so that they can enjoy the full um,reveals of the film in saying that i did,feel the film was quite kind of,predictable as i said i feel like this,stuff has been done before i could name,maybe like six films that all together,matched up would make this film um but,there is some aspects that really set it,apart and number one is the,cinematography how cool was the,cinematography in this film absolutely,stunning but more like the logistics of,the camera work im not always talking,about shadows and colorization um im,talking about the movement of the camera,they have this amazing birds eye view,i dont even know how they did this,logistically it would have been a,nightmare but they pulled it off of her,running through the house and you can,see,like its just an amazing shot they have,a lot of really cool tracking shots some,with it pens and then theres this,really cool pov shot um which doesnt,really need to be in there but again it,adds to the cheesiness people dont like,when i use the word cheesy but i dont,mean it as a negative thing all the time,so to explain further on that it is a,way that they like to be in this film,self-aware which im gonna keep using,that term but its a way that the film,really makes the audience know its a,film and makes it quite aware that you,know whether it be a cheesy line or just,the way something is set up um it just,makes you know that youre watching a,film and it kind of takes you out of the,moment because its so obviously set up,but yeah theres this pov shot which,doesnt have to be there but its there,to be like just so you know this is what,the characters looking at um but it was,totally unneeded and i think that thats,also theres like just little little,moments like that as i said before like,the lollipop little moments like that to,really br

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