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Trials of Mana Nintendo Switch Review – Is It Worth It?

hey everyone Xion over here from,Nintendo life and today were here to,share with you our review of trials of,mana,for the Nintendo switch now this review,was originally written by Mitch Vogel,for Nintendo life.com but was reworked,into this video by me,[Music],it seems that squares cult favorite,manna series has been enjoying something,of a renaissance of late and the latest,product of this resurgence is a new,remake of trials of mana now say,condense a to three as its known in,Japan never saw a release in the West,when it first released in the 90s and,only got introduced to Western audiences,last year as part of the recent,collection of mana and well before that,the developers began production of a,remake of Seiken Densetsu 3 that was,planned to introduce the game to western,audiences for the first time and bearing,this in mind was approached as if the,studio was creating a brand new game and,the final result is something curious to,behold trials of mana is a fascinating,project purely in how it feels,simultaneously new and old certain,elements such as these simplistic,storylines and environments give away,that this project is based on a game,from decades ago while other elements,like the brand new combat and,progression systems are clearly drawn,from more modern game design somehow it,all comes together remarkably well,making for an enjoyable beautiful and,content-rich RPG that adequately,represents its legacy while innovating,in some key ways the multi-threaded,narrative of trials of mana has its,roots in the original super famicom,release an approach that was quite,ambitious for its time yet the set up,still holds its luster today offering up,a diverse story that requires a couple,of playthroughs to adequately see it in,its entirety the main premise is that,the fabled mana tree which houses the,spirit of the mana goddess is withering,away and the chosen hero must retrieve,the sword of mana from the trees roots,to save the world contained within this,story are six characters you can choose,to play as each of which have their own,subplots and stories you decide your,party when you start a new save and you,can pick only three of them for that run,which means youll need to undertake,several playthroughs if you want to see,everything the story has to offer,on an individual basis characters are,relatively simple and driven by easily,defined goals in conflicts Diran the,warrior for example begins his story by,failing to properly repel the assault of,the evil crimson wizard and his,character is from that point forward,defined by an almost single-minded,desire to become the greatest warrior in,the world of course so he can beat the,wizard next time the two of them face,off again those of you looking for a,thought provoking or intensely deep,narrative will be a little disappointed,by the relative shallowness on offer but,trials of mana does manage to excel in,how it puts forth a friendly whimsical,world packed with small plot lines to,uncover as your group goes from town to,town to further the main story there are,usually small subplots that play out in,each town to give it a bit more of a,chapter feel one subplot may see you,searching for a lost Wharf deep inside a,mine while another may see you shrinking,yourself down to the size of a mouse to,interact with a Kokiri like race of,small elvish creatures though none of,these plot lines prove to have all that,much emotional depth and they all have,pretty predictable endings they,nonetheless help the story move at a,brisk pace and keep things feeling,varied just about around the time that,youre beginning to feel fatigued at a,particular plot point trials of mana,wraps it up and asks you to move on to,something else,ensuring that you get a comprehensive,tour of the world it builds the bulk of,your adventure will be spent on the,roads and dungeons between towns which,are packed to the brim with monsters,treasure chests and other collectibles,to keep you busy these routes are,generally linear in their layouts but,feature a fairly wide array of side,paths and alternative routes to check,out in search of better gear and items,again trials demonstrates remarkable,control over pacing in this manner as,the environments are large enough that,they dont feel cramped but small enough,that they dont feel over abundant the,leash is loosened enough that you can,spend a fair amount of time freely,scouring every corner for while hidden,collection points and treasure chests,but never enough to the point that you,arent meandering your way towards the,next plot point in some,fashion trials age does show a bit,though here somewhat in the relative,simplicity of the environments design,with puzzles and complex routes only,popping up once in a blue moon but its,still enjoyable to see what each new,area has to offer a big part of this has,to do with the combat breaking up the,exploration and injecting some,much-needed energy into the experience,in this part of the game Square flexes,some of what its learned from modern,game design by implementing a simple but,demanding combat system that properly,bounces skill and strategy battles take,the shape of a real-time system with,each character having a collection of,light and heavy attacks that can be,utilized alongside a variety of spells,and class abilities repeatedly hitting,enemies also has the passive ability of,causing them to drop CS crystals which,will slowly build your partys,respective CS gauges once those hit,certain thresholds characters can then,unleash powerful class strike attacks,that dish out tons of damage and often,can hit several targets at once though,most battles on the road dont require,an intense amount of focus to overcome,combat certainly proves to be a,highlight throughout the whole of trials,of mana MMO style danger zone attacks,where your character must dodge out of,the way of a telegraphed strike will,perpetually keep you on your toes and,the way in which various attacks and,abilities can be chained into one long,combo proves to be quite satisfying,youre also incentivized to do well in,combat through a grading system which,grants you percentage buffs to earn,enhanced experience the faster and more,effectively you finish the fight this,all boils down to a combat system that,while not overly difficult to manage,nonetheless sidesteps an issue with a,lot of RPGs where you eventually feel,like youre tossing on autopilot for,battles along with the expected bumps to,your stats that come with each level up,your characters also gain skill points,that can then be invested into five,different skill trees for each member,and although the general focus of each,tree remains the same across your party,the specifics of what gets unlocked is,unique to each member this means that,each character more or less has a unique,list of a,abilities that can be equipped to,themselves with the only exception being,chain abilities that can be used by any,party member once theyre unlocked the,best part about the system is that it,allows you to specialize each character,to the role you want them to play in,your party and the options for further,narrowing down their role become more,abundant as you move forward for example,each character can change their class,for the first time after hitting a,certain level but youre given the,option to pick either the light or dark,version of that next step which will,offer their own different take on the,class you pick so all of this makes it,important to think about what you want,to do next,but then again trials of mana luckily,allows you the option to rollback class,decision later on if you change your,mind though it would be welcome to have,more than three party members to work,with for a given run trials of mana,insures that theres a nice balance of,flexibility and complexity in the,character growth systems which works,well for keeping you engaged in the long,run theres always another unlocked,angle just beyond your reach that youre,eager to equip and

Which Version of Trials of Mana Should You Play? – Seiken Densetsu 3 Ports & Remake Reviewed

trials amana was one of the most,ambitious titles on the supernintendo it,offered some of the best sprite work,that still holds up today and an,interactive story there were six,playable characters you picked three and,followed one of three main storylines,based on the leader the game pushed the,super nintendo hardware to its limit for,better or for worse looking back today,though it is a rather simple game the,combat wasnt too in-depth and the,stories themselves were pretty,straightforward the way the game played,out though was something pretty unique,and this combat was satisfying for how,simple it was especially into Blair,co-op your options for playing trials of,mana are Seiken Densetsu 3 on the super,famicom the fan translation patch the,collection of mana on switch or the,trials of mana remake released in 2020,ultimately the 2 flavors of this title,are either the epitome of classic 2d,action JRPG or a modern action JRPG that,fits in among the modern games first,lets review the legacy of the game,Before we jump into the remake if youve,seen my collection of mana video before,then this will be a bit of a repeat from,the tail end of that video Seiken,Densetsu 3 was released on the Super,Famicom in 1995 but it was never,officially localized for the Super,Nintendo supposedly due to the games,complex programming localizing the game,would have been far too costly at the,time there are also concerns that with,the games bugs if Nintendo of America,would have certified it in 2000 a fan,translation project was released that,was faced with limitations on top of the,games complexity they had to keep the,ROM size constrained regardless the fan,translation was still an impressive feat,and it was one of the first ever fan,translations of a game and it definitely,showed the Wests interest in the title,the collection of mana on Nintendos,switch released in 2019 and it holds the,most accessible version of the original,trials of mana this was the first,official localization made available and,it took about a year requiring Nintendo,support on the technical side of things,limitations such as text size and file,size were irrelevant now despite still,actually being a simple Super Nintendo,ROM now many of the terms and character,names in the fan translation are,different from the official localization,if youre,arrested the community has actually,constructed a compendium of terms,between the two versions the purpose of,this was for players by the version to,be able to converse also many online,guides were written for the fan,translation so the compendium will help,you understand those guides if youre,playing the collection of Mana Version,now lets get into trial zamana released,in 2020 for the ps4 switch and steam,while the content story fundamental,mechanics such as the day and night,cycle and even the script remain pretty,one-to-one many aspects are remade from,the ground up and bugs eradicated the,remake additionally offers a new post,game dungeon new game plus a new class,tier dozens of new party interactions,and cutscenes throughout the story and,many quality of life adjustments the,original trial semana had some mildly,unresponsive combat you had two buttons,for battles attacking tech to attack you,dont have to mash the attack button but,you actually just have to hold it you,also add a dash and limited control over,your party members in the remake the,gameplay has more depth to it and is,more in line with a modern action JRPG,youve got light and strong attacks that,combo as well as dodge and jump buttons,along with three different dash options,from tapping the button to automatically,dashing magic and items no longer pause,gameplay class strikes which are texts,from the original play a click cutscene,but those are nowhere near as intrusive,the original had a storage system that,items went to when you had more than,nine basically you could hold 99 stacks,of items but you can only have access to,nine of them at a time after battle you,would have to press Start and pull items,out of storage and onto your person in,the remake stores works differently your,99 stack is immediately accessible from,the ring menu outside of battle but in,battle it is still restricted to nine,the forehand treasure would drop out of,enemy encounters and there was a chance,of getting a roulette wheel from a chest,your luck stat would affect what happens,here in the remake the roulette wheel,mechanic is gone you still get items,from fights but theyre immediately put,into your inventory no chests,additionally items are laid out,consistently among the environment,theres a lot of fixed item spots pots,and chests around the world so you,collect items much more,efficiently environments like towns and,dungeons enemies and bosses have been,adjusted and adapted to the open space,you now have to navigate youve got,complete 360-degree camera control that,you can use to your advantage,battles take place within a ring around,enemies that you can run out of to flee,similar to walking off-screen in the,original and bosses and enemies now,utilize mechanics such as telegraph,markers armor breaking stagger and DPS,checks theres so many platforming areas,within towns to find items that it feels,like the devs had fun hiding stuff,around throughout your travels youll,now come across little cactus that are,hidden the more you find the more,rewards you get the UI is a major step,up not that the remake is anything,explicitly amazing but the original,games UI was cluttered clunky and,confusing to navigate the UI in the,remake being intuitive is a welcome,change making things like shopping item,management and skill management a lot,more efficient and bearable,the iconic ring menu returns in one of,its more intuitive designs the ring menu,is a way to pause combat briefly to plan,out attacks or use items but you can,also map options from the ring menu to,some shortcuts so you can execute moves,or items without pause in the game for a,moment which makes quick use of magic,much more viable stats work radically,different between the games in the,original you distribute a point directly,into 6 stats but some stats arent,relevant every character they either,didnt affect them in battle werent,necessary to access certain spells or,just didnt work properly namely,dexterity and luck dexterity is supposed,to affect your evasion from attacks but,it doesnt however it is still relevant,to variables in the game that make,calculations using the deck stat such as,Hawkeyes text and throwable items luck,was supposed to affect your crit chance,but it doesnt it does still affect your,chests loot roulette while were on the,topic of bugs a few more of them include,kevins beasts form being broken and,speedrun tech known as stat breaking,death cancelling and attack cancelling,in the remake stat skills classes and,class strikes have been redone and,rebalanced you put points into training,five specific focuses which dont,directly raise your stats instead these,points can be used to,unlock stat upgrades new spells or,passive abilities spells and passives,are spread out among the focuses and,unique per character so you have,incentive to train more than one or two,stats per character theyve also,introduced chained abilities chained,abilities are abilities that you obtain,around the world through interactions,and can be equipped by anyone in the,original there were three tiers of,classes totaling seven classes per,character a class change could provide,you a new look a new tech new spells or,access to more equipment for example,Durant could get access to elemental,shields,however elemental shields were bugged,and didnt actually provide elemental,defense in the remake plus upgrades,provide a new class strike a new combo,extended CS meter youre able to equip,more abilities and unlock new ones to,obtain along with changing your outfit,you can also use any of your other,previous costumes youve got and now,weve got four tiers of classes totaling,9 per

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REVIEW | Trials of Mana (Mana Collection)

hey yo its your girl lady public with,pelvic gaming and today we are talking,about Lady Gagas makeup line house,laboratories none really Im actually,wrapping up my mana series with sake and,insects III or trials of mana originally,released on the Super Famicom September,30th and 1995 only in Japan I played it,on the mannequin on the switch which,came out June 11 2009 teen Im happy to,say this is much better than Secret of,Mana but still dated long ago there was,a great evil and Benny Vidals been a,bell dolls Benny bosons,I feel like I have to say it was some,sort of accident whatever okay or God,beasts roamed the goddess of mana took,up the sword of mana and sealed the 8th,Ben Ava domes in the mana stones tired,after rebuilding the world she lays the,sword to rest and turns into the mana,tree,fast forward to many years later evil,forces seek to unchain the benefit,almonds after that tidbit of lore you,now choose three characters the first,character is the story youll follow the,closest the other two will join you,adding their perspective on the story,there are three main stories that,intermingle between pairings of the six,characters Doron and Angela Kevin and,Charlotte and Hawkeye and Rees of course,you dont have to play it that way,doron losses to the crimson night and,goes on a mission to change his class,Angela the daughter of a mage queen,flees her home after realizing shes,meant to be sacrificed Kevin the half,beast half human angrily leaves his,homeland after his father killed his,wolf friend Carl I dont know who names,a wolf Carl but here we are Charlotte a,young girl who follows Heath a big,brother figure after having a bad,feeling Hawkeye a thief with a heart of,gold framed for killing his best friend,and the thief guild masters son and is,forced to flee home and lastly Reese her,brother taken in her Kingdom usurped for,the sake of this review Ill mainly be,focusing on Kevin as he was my first and,Angela was my second time each character,starts at a different location and,ultimately finds reason to seek counsel,from the priest of light on the way to,the holy city of Wendel your character,founds a fairy who joined you when you,reach the priest it is,the tree of mana is dying and if it dies,the Bene votans will break free if the,sword of mana is drawn peace can be,maintained and the protagonist can have,their wish granted by the goddess the,tree is hidden in the sanctuary of mana,and the only way to open the portal is,the combined powers of the elementals,each guarding a mana stone of course,youd be silly to think you wouldnt be,seeing the benefit owns during the,second half of this game I actually,really enjoyed how the stories were told,in fact thats probably my favorite,thing about trials the story in the,world building each land you visit has,interesting customs tradition and,defenses the Amazons use winds to blow,sleeping spores away from their kingdom,and stop invaders elves cannot marry,humans for reasons and tomato people,hanging out on an island with an active,volcano accepting death it was fun and,immersive while traveling youll,encounter other character is not in your,party theyll cue you in on their side,of things i think trial of mana does a,great job with its storytelling it,absolutely encourages you to play again,but from a different angle its,interesting to see things play out,slightly different,[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],from different character matchups to the,amounts of altered dialogue and cut,scenes even different final dungeons and,final bosses trials of Manas,successfully tackled these incredibly,ambitious features trials of Manas,gameplay is leaps and bounds better than,secrets and thank goodness because that,was one of my concerns but considering,this games age it did all right it did,fine not flawless but definitely a huge,improvement combat is as simple as,button mashing the more hits you land,the more the gauge at the bottom will,fill up allowing for a super move when,leveling up you can allocate one point,to a stat Id research this because this,is the first time trials of mana is,officially released in the West and,theres no guidebook to tell you whats,that does what eventually youll realize,certain stats cap thats when you know,youre approaching changing classes you,can change your class at level 18 and,level 38 but there are no take-backs one,path is light and the other is known as,dark dont worry as it doesnt change,your characters personality its just,their play style some classes specialize,in multi target others single target but,our potent some buff others debuff etc,etc its important to research the,classes beforehand because depending on,what you choose for your first class it,will limit your options for the second,class example is if you choose light for,class two you can now only choose light,plus dark or light plus light the dark,plus dark class is no longer available,also note for your third class youll,need a special item gained by question,mark seeds which youll have to grind,for plant them at an inn and hope that,you get the item needed good thing is,youll only get items your party members,can use youll probably find yourself,using a guide and remember a lot of the,guys are from the fan translated version,the Nintendo official release uses,slightly different names as you evolve,your class youll notice the gauge at,the bottom expands allowing you to do,stronger super moves depending on how,full like Secret of Mana this is,multiplayer you can play with friends,and Im happy to say that the AI has,been improved and because someone in my,comments implied that I didnt cover,Secret of Mana properly,because I didnt play with friends and,get the quote-unquote full experience I,did this time and wow what do you know,real people make better companions than,AI who would have guessed as far as Im,concerned I believe RPG should have a,solid single-player experience,especially in this day and age trial,semana I get was a different time a time,where most of us were kids and didnt,have the responsibilities that we do now,the real talk its a lot more enjoyable,with friends mainly because we beat the,everliving crap out of these bosses I,mean holy hell dude these bosses did not,state a chance now the UI is much better,while they didnt completely ditch the,ring system it is cleaned up you can,switch from items to spells and with,items if youre holding too many now,there is a storage system where you can,access at any time outside of battle,brilliant addition trials now is a,proper ish menu that lags where you can,organize your partys equipment and how,they fight and see their stats so now,some pet peeves this is a product of its,time but when casting spells it stops,the fight to let the spell or special,move go off like Secret of Mana so when,youre fighting enemies that are firing,off spells left and right it can feel,less than action-packed my second,playthrough was Angela Charlotte and,Doron vary mage heavy and constantly,opening the menus made boss battles a,drag a balance party is key I also felt,me my teammates were all over each other,often times I got lost on screen rapidly,tapping the a button in the distance,while my a I companions were doing all,the work I only miss in Secret of Mana,the different weapons that allowed,everyone to keep certain distances,another thing is if youre currently,controlled character dies you instantly,switch characters which causes temporary,confusion fighting enemies is better and,doing some late-game boss fights they,tend to be on the cheaper side doing two,powerful moves back-to-back leading to,an inescapable death brought me back to,the good old days of Secret of Mana,stunlock,a few non-combat additions I thought,were nice for the day and night cycle,different businesses opened up in new,people roam at night Kevin,turns into a werewolf dealing a lot more,damage there are specific days of the,elements if you use an elemental on,their day their magic is stronger man a,day l

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Trials of Mana Beginners Tips

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Is Trials of Mana the Best Remake? Full Review! – The Game Collection

This review contains cut-scenes and spoilers from the first hour of the game.,Be advised., ,I’d like to thank Square Enix for providing a copy of Trials of Mana for review, and to,let you guys know that while Square Enix provided this copy for review, this review consists,of my own thoughts and opinions on the game and is not being reviewed by Square Enix before,going live.,So with that out of the way: Welcome back to The Game Collection!,I am SuperDerek and this is Trials of Mana, and it might just be the best remake I have,ever played.,Trials of Mana is a remake of Seiken Densetsu 3, an action RPG Squaresoft released on the,Super Famicom back in 1995.,It was only just recently brought to the West by Square Enix in the Collection of Mana on,Nintendo Switch, which I just reviewed a couple of weeks ago.,If you’re interested in the whole history of that game and its 20-year long journey,to the West, make sure you check that out.,And if you like RPGs make sure you get subscribed because that’s pretty much all we do here.,Trials of Mana follows all of the same basic story beats as the original release on Super,Famicom.,And just like its predecessor, the game opens with a choice between 6 characters: Duran,,the noble swordsman, Hawkeye the cunning thief, Kevin a beastly berserker, Angela the Princess,Magician, Reisz the Amazon warrior, and Charlotte the powerful cleric in training.,You can pick three of these characters, and the first person you pick will become your,main character for the playthrough, and will determine which of the 3 paths through the,game you will take.,I picked Reisz as my main character this time around, not realizing hers would be the same,story as Hawkeye from my last playthrough.,This worked out pretty well though because it helped me see just how closely the remake,matched up with the original release, and I think I did spot a few subtle differences.,The story of Reisz picks up with her looking for her kid brother, Elliot, who ought to,be starting his training any minute, but he’s nowhere to be found.,As it happens, he’s been tricked by a couple of ninjas, Bil and Ben, into turning off their,fortress’s defenses.,Reisz finds Elliot just a moment too late, and a slaughter ensues.,Her brother is kidnapped, her father, the leader of Laurent is murdered, and the Laurent,fortress falls to the Nerval thieves.,Reisz survives the catastrophe, and sets out on a journey to avenge her father, and rescue,Elliot from his captors.,Eventually Reisz meets up with Faerie, who tells her about the Sword of Mana, which she,may be able to use toward her ends.,And all this happens within the first hour of the game, and what follows is a story of,epic proportions!,This is just one of the six unique character backgrounds that the game has to offer, and,each one is just as interesting!,And seeing the whole thing play out in fully voice-acted and motion-capped cut-scenes was,absolutely awesome, and a lot more emotionally impactful, I think.,Again, I love that this is another relatively low stakes start to the story that snowballs,into much larger proportions.,And the motivation of setting out to save your brother and avenge your fallen father,is nice and simple too.,The overall story hasn’t been changed all that much from the original release, but I,did notice while playing this time around that your secondary characters do get a lot,more time to shine during cut-scenes than I think they did upon the original release.,Even some of the characters who I didn’t put into my party each got a small bit of,spotlight for a few moments during scenes that interconnected with their stories, which,I thought was a really nice touch.,I’m not entirely sure if these scenes were newly added, or if they just happened to be,more impactful due to the way they were presented in this remake, but the difference was definitely,noticeable.,During my playthrough on the Super Nintendo version, I of course enjoyed myself a whole,lot, but I think that one of the biggest differences with this release is that this time around,,the game made me care a lot more about the stories of the characters themselves.,I didn’t expect to feel this much of a difference in the translation from 2D to 3D, but I definitely,do feel it.,There are probably a multitude of reasons for this, maybe it was the voice-acting that,did it, or the cinematography during cut-scenes, or just the less abstract way in which details,of each story was conveyed?,I’m not positive, but I can say that at the end of the day, Trails of Mana benefitted,heavily from the update to modern consoles from a narrative perspective, which I had,marked as one of the game’s weaker points in my previous experience.,The characters themselves got a whole lot of extra time to shine even outside of cut-scenes,though, with mid-battle banter or casually commenting on the situation after leaving,a town or walking through a dungeon.,The team has done a lot to breathe new life into each of the characters, providing them,with more depth and improving that connection to the player.,The voice acting here is pivotal to that aspect of the game, and the Japanese voice-acting,was fantastic, and how I played the game for the vast majority of the experience.,Toward the end of the game though I switched over to English to see how that was, and that’s,far more of a mixed bag than I had hoped for.,Some characters were voiced spot-on, and others just weren’t quite right.,I don’t speak Japanese, so maybe some of it is just that I couldn’t pick up on any,problems in the Japanese dub, but some of it is also simply that the delivery and tone,and sound of the voices seemed to match up better in Japanese.,The English dub is serviceable enough for those who just prefer English voiceover though.,Battle within Trials of Mana is an enormous change from the original 2D release, for probably,obvious reasons.,The whole battle system has been completely revamped, and is very fun.,I was afraid that the game might turn into a mindless button-masher, and that might get,you a ways into the game, but eventually you’ll find that you need to start using some of,the basic combos that are built into the battle system.,There are two kinds of attach in the game, a basic quick attack, and a strong attack.,Combos mostly consist of hitting the fast-attack button 1 to 4 times and follow-up with a strong,attack, and performing these combos deal far and away more damage than simply button-mashing.,This is especially important to keep in mind during some boss fights down the line which,require you to break an enemy’s guard within a timeframe to avoid devastating attacks.,In addition to combos there are also class strikes that you can unleash once you’ve,built up your meter, very similar to the system in the original release of Trials of Mana.,Attacking enemies cause these crystals to chip off of enemies, which you need to gather,to boost up your gauge.,Once the gauge is full, you can unleash various levels of powerful attacks, which become more,powerful as you ascend through your class ranks.,Also during battle, you can map menu items and spells to hot-keys, so intense fights,don’t have to be interrupted by pausing the game to go through a menu system every,time.,That said, I pretty much didn’t take advantage of this during my playthrough, mainly because,some of the fights were so fast-paced that I actually benefitted from pausing the game,to select spells, and gather my thoughts, or remember which moves I wanted to use.,Super cool though to have the option.,Something else I really appreciated was being able to see what kind of affect a spell would,have against a target before shooting the spell off.,Now you can find out if a spell will have no-effect on an enemy, or if the enemy will,be weak to your spells without wasting time and MP, which was extremely useful.,The battle system also has implemented a jump and dodge roll mechanic for reaching flying,enemies and avoiding damage from enemies a

The RPG Fanatic Review Show – ★ Legend of Mana Review ★

legend of mana for the PlayStation is,again that received a mixed reception,with an RPG fan community some people,really love it and some people love it,in this episode of the RPG fanatic well,explore why now the mana series known in,japan as a Seiken Densetsu or legend of,the Holy sword series its one of,squares RPG franchises although never as,popular as Final Fantasy this series has,its devoted fans and some of its games,are considered cult classics the plot,premise for the stories of the mana tree,was burned down during the ancient war,to protect the world the mana goddess,sealed away the people inside magical,artifacts to protect them while she,recovered the player takes on the role,of a hero chosen by the mana goddess to,revive the world which is achieved by,performing a wide number of quests now,some people feel that the story is poor,because it lacks a central storyline for,the players character this I think is,short side view I dont feel it as a,rule the players character always needs,to have a story devoted to him instead,the player is caught up in the story,lines of side characters which are in my,opinion very well thought out and,developed now most of the stories are,rather light hearted and for the most,part enjoyable but dont expect a deep,plotline centre rendered character,because you play a silent protagonist,with zero personality I think it is,worth mentioning the mana series is,known for its many references to Final,Fantasy games and this one is no,exception there is an onion knight and,one of the story characters pearl is,dressed as a white mage legend of man,also has references to previous mana,games most notably the save statue looks,like the sprite from Secret of Mana a,blacksmith named watts is also present,in this game and he helps your character,learn blacksmithing almost all the,bosses are based on bosses from previous,mana games most notable the dragon,zombie and of course the series mascot,of rabbits also makes an appearance now,there are a couple references to other,Squar games as well the jewel beats boss,in the juubi story arc is almost,certainly a reference to the jewel,beasts and romancing saga and the death,printer mini boss is a referee,the final boss of sagar frontier -,anyway most of the quests you do in this,game are just one-shot events that may,or may not have anything to do with the,mainstream story arcs one of the most,frustrating of these events is the,fairies light during this event you need,to sell six last dead bears who were,apparently illegal immigrants to fairy,tale because they are the only,characters in this game who dont speak,English to make matters worse you need,to speak to them in their made-up dead,bear language which is kind of like,having a conversation with special ed,after hes had heroin for breakfast one,word for all other creatures these bears,are a bunch of racists duh duh buh buh,buh buh duh boo gah,da da ba Baba I cant even pronounce,this double-album ever never could,let their derivative derivative lie out,of my head get out of my head the,language of the devil hey weve got a,knock at the door hello lad youve been,chosen by destiny fate the gods whatever,it is you believe in to become a hero uh,whatever youre selling Im not buying,it if youre not buying then why dont,you just give me your money and well,call it a sale wait wait I was just,making a jest in truth what I have to,offer wont cost you a dime I dont like,Casa Nicole what Oh Bernina yeah yeah,this is nice,I could definitely hang out here at,least until my arms get tired you dont,have any arms a minor detail say I,noticed youre playing the legend of,mana Ill have you know I had an,uncredited role in this game see I am,the student sword the student sword,thats right surely youve heard of the,master sword well Im ghetto guy the,sort of hero uses until it becomes a,master anyway why are you playing this,game well Im doing a game review on it,youre a game reviewer are you what you,should be doing is reviewing your life,for example I dont see a pretty girl,anywhere in here Im working on it I,just havent found the right girl yet,yes yes well holding up for mrs. right,is fine a novel but might I suggest mrs.,right now shes easier to find than less,needy I need to get back to my review,you can hang out here since they seem,harmless but uh dont get in my way,sure just pretend Im not even here,because I wont be Ill be in the,kitchen rifling through your,refrigerator now some professional,reviewers of this game have planned that,legend of mana lacks gameplay depth,allow me to make it clear this game has,more depth than any other action RPG I,know of the real problem is that this,depth is deeply hidden within the system,so unless you tinker around or you read,strategy guides youll never notice how,the game actually works,the game has what is called the land,make system basically throughout the,game you will unlock items that create,new locations on the map depending on,where you drop them the precise area,that you put these items has a huge,pakkun how strong enemies are why items,are available there and even what events,can occur in these lands theres also a,calendar system that determines the,strength of magic and what events can,occur when you visit an area a day,passes each time you move to a new land,each day is associated with a different,mass spirit also the order in which you,place locations and trigger events has a,huge impact on what other events can be,triggered in the other locations this,wasnt complicated enough the LAN tiles,have mana spirit levels and this also,impacts the strength of monsters what,items appear and what events trigger on,this map for example on one LAN you need,a druid level of 3 in order to recruit a,secret pet children hood the English,strategy guide for this game was created,by Brady and like many other guys was,extremely inaccurate so at release,English players had no real strategy,guide for this game now over the years,some dedicated players have figured out,the perfect map placements I try to,reproduce one of these ideal maps but I,screwed up so I just said it can,you play in the game if you really want,to see how ideal maps are laid out check,out the game FAQ page for this game,theres a detailed system on how to do,it speaking of the system legend of mana,also has a fairly detailed combat system,firstly there are quick attacks which is,just spamming X button next or power tax,which are activated by hitting square,button then there are plunge attacks,which are performed by moving the,direction pad in certain ways while,performing a plunge attack a character,can also be slide with abilities to let,them perform special functions like,jumping or defending finally characters,can only special attacks called weapon,techniques if the character has a drum,they can perform magic attacks your,character can also put a variety of,weapons and in addition to determining,what special attacks you can perform,they also serve as a class system when,you level up your stats will increase,depending on the type of weapon you have,equipped for example a two-hand sword,Awards your character higher attack,bonuses than a staff which instead gives,more magic damage bonuses now there are,some things I dislike about this combat,in previous manna games you could charge,up your weapon attacks by holding down,button and your character could still,move around the battlefield while youre,charging in legend of mana you instead,just press the attack button and your,character is locked into place as you,wait for the attack to charge and go off,I hate this unless the enemy is stunned,er doesnt move much or the attack has a,wider range your special attack will,miss the games crafting system is,another problematic area,blacksmithing allows a character to,forge powerful items but nowhere in the,games is system explained in Japan,square included in firm,and about the system and strategy guide,but this guide was never translated to,English ov

Decentraland Holders TAKE A LOOK! MANA Price Target! Decentraland (MANA) Token News Today

hey everybody whats going on my name is,matt and welcome back to nft kings and,todays video where we talk about,exactly what decentraland has been up to,including some things ive been noticing,from the trading pattern so if you guys,are new make sure to drop a like and,subscribe for more daily mana videos and,lets get right into it so if you guys,have not already seen what we are,working with here on the day were down,around two percent here which again is,definitely nothing tragic staying right,around 4.46,now whats amazing about this price and,what ill get into a little bit later on,in this video is essentially how,consistent it has really been and well,well get into that a little bit later,on in terms of market cap were at,around 8 billion dollars which again is,still incredible and and nothing to,complain about in any way shape or form,and on our list here of course you guys,know we are you know above acts actually,infinity here we are right below a,couple of pretty big ones here that we,definitely could overtake with another,bullish movement so definitely not,concerned about working our way up here,on the list in terms of volume here we,are up 19 or so on the day here at,around 2 billion or so in volume which,again is still a lot guys that is still,an awful lot thats a lot more volume,than was going on months ago you know i,mean if we scroll back you guys can just,see you know how small the daily trading,volume actually used to be before all,this metaverse stuff and whatnot so you,guys can see the trading volume was,extremely extremely small and to be,honest with you you know i dont think,well ever be hitting lows like that,ever again so definitely you know going,to be staying here in the the few,billions you know each day in terms of,volume and that definitely is always,good but remember its not always good,to have an extremely high volume day,every day you know sometimes there does,need to be a bit of a cool off period,for you know things to kind of you know,get get themselves together after after,a lot of buying and selling at once so,when we move on to our graph guys there,is a lot here to unpack but before we do,make sure to check out weeblefolks top,of the link down below in the,description if you guys want to start,training stocks and crypto you guys can,do both with weeble and of course if you,guys use my link you could potentially,get a free share of apple so if you guys,want to do that it is the top of the,link down below in the description or if,you dont get apple it will be um,another free stock or crypto whatnot for,using my link but for a limited time,here weeble is giving away some shares,of apple so definitely check it out link,down below in the description,all right guys so uh in terms of what we,have to work with here what i really,love about this graph from pretty much,start to finish here is the fact that,there is a consistent line of support,that is shown all the way from the 26th,up until now and that line of support is,right around 4 30. you know 430 440 you,know you could nitpick and be a little,bit more specific if you wanted to but,somewhere around 4 30 40 is really the,line of support that has been,continually reestablished since the 26th,and why is this good because,over time you know these lines of,support get,very tough to maintain and it has,maintained it for a solid week or so,here i mean really this is excellent,stuff because you guys can see of course,we have our triple bottom here one two,three which leads to our breakout and,unfortunately that does not continue to,break out and continue to go higher,unfortunately that ends up being stopped,right around the five you know 15 mark,or so and we end up heading down and,thats always fine but what is important,to note here is that right again as we,reapproach that line of 4 30 or so right,as we reapproach that you guys can see,we are having a reversal so right now as,that line is reapproached we are,starting to work our way back up once,again and this is just excellent because,you know as you guys can see working our,way back up like this and getting back,into you know the the mid to high fours,is a great way to come back from being,you know on a lower position for the day,you know being somewhat lower on the day,this is a great way to work our way back,up and we can do this without,experiencing extreme volatility we can,easily work our way back into the,mid-fours without having any issues and,i know this because when i check the,relative strength index you guys can see,that because it has hit the line of,support here so many times it is,considering the norm it is considering,the sort of middle you know for by in,cell volume to be a little bit higher up,so you know you could have,mana hit 430 and still be within the,realm of the relative strength index but,you could also have monohit for 64.70 on,the day and not really have a lot of,issues because it will still be within,the realm of what the relative strength,next is considering to be normal now if,mana was you know supporting at a much,lower spot lets say mono was coming,down to like you know 380 lets say,lets say 380 was the line of support,for mana if that was the case and we,were you know consistently bouncing back,off of the 380 line every time if this,was the case by the time we got back up,to you know four six or four seven we,would be way uh exceeded what the,relative strength next considers to be,normal we would be way above,what is considered okay for buy and sell,volume on the day wed be way above that,and we definitely couldnt sustain that,so right now again the fact that we have,sort of come down to this line of,support you know one two,three,four,you know you basically say this entire,region five ish times the fact that,weve basically relied on this line of,support for so long is amazing and it,hasnt you know seems to have you know,wavered in any way and thats excellent,so definitely good to note and of course,another thing that is good to note is,the fact that yes when we really expand,things here and take a look at this,movement all the way from late november,up until now,you could very well say that this is a,falling wedge and you guys can see its,pretty easy to you know sort of chart,out here this really does look like a,falling wedge again its not quite as,beautiful as the the ones you might see,on google or whatnot but you know it,definitely does still um look like the,possibility of a falling wedge movement,or if you want to be nitpicky you could,say oh well actually you know its a,symmetrical wedge theyre both bullish,you know theyre kind of the same thing,but you know you could also say this is,a symmetrical wedge if you wanted to as,well so uh the fact that it does make,those two bullish wedges in these two,instances is very very good now when we,check the fibonacci retracement of,course you guys can see um we are,essentially uh going to be given from,the top and the bottom of the most,recent run here so we have the top here,right around 482 and the bottom here,right around 420 and essentially what it,is showing us is that the 23.6 line here,has been established as a good line of,support and that is good because the,very bottom here was kind of a flash,crash down to 420 that is a little bit,lower than where i had anticipated mana,supporting at so you guys can see that,23.6 percent line looks to be the spot,you know and if it could just very well,just bounce you know over the next,couple of days like this it could very,well just bounce over the fib lines and,maybe use them to work its way up and,work its way down it is very possible we,could just see something like this,going on over the next few days but you,know to me as long as this 23.6 line is,made and that we are able to recover,from this quick little flash crash down,to 420 you know as long as we were able,to recover upwards which it looks like,we have been that is always always good,so with that being said guys i hope you,all have en

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