1. Manscaped Lawn Mower 3.0 HONEST REVIEW
  2. DO NOT Buy Manscaped Lawn Mower 3.0
  3. Manscaped Lawn Mower 4.0 In-Depth Review (vs Lawn Mower 3.0)
  4. Manscaped lawnmower 3.0 honest review!!
  5. DO NOT Buy the Manscaped Lawnmower 4.0
  6. Manscaped Lawn Mower 3.0 One Year Later| BRUTALLY HONEST Review
  7. Manscaped Lawn Mower 4.0/3.0 Review – 1 Year Later

Manscaped Lawn Mower 3.0 HONEST REVIEW

[Music],hey guys my name is kenny,this is my honest review of the,manscaped lawnmower 3.0,im going to tell you everything you,need to know to see if its worth it or,[Music],not,[Music],[Music],i want to start off by saying this is,not sponsored in any way,i bought this with my own money so lets,start off with all the features listed,on the box,on the front they list the two main,features and that is skin safe,technology and that its waterproof,some of the other features listed is,that it has high power with low,vibration,its also cordless and rechargeable and,it has an led light to help you see what,youre trimming,okay if youve seen their ads then,youve heard of skin safe technology,theres actually no explanation as to,what that is and when you heard that you,probably assume that it wont be able to,cut you,but when you see all the reviews of,people actually using it they will tell,you that it does cut you,skin safe technology does not mean its,100 safe against cuts,right under it all it says is that it,helps protect against manscaping,accidents,and if you read the fine print on the,back it says that skin safe technology,greatly reduces the risk,of nicks and cuts ingrown hairs and,irritation,so what theyre basically saying is that,this is safer to use than other machines,[Music],theres also the sheet that tells you,exactly how to use it,first it tells you to charge your,trimmer,and then it tells you exactly how to,handle it,[Music],it tells you that you need to use it,like this,using it like this basically guarantees,that youre going to get cut,and it also says slow and steady wins,the race,it does come with one guard and its,already attached to the machine if you,take this off and use it like this,youre more likely to get cut the first,time i used this i took off the guard to,see if i could actually get cut or not,and even when i was being careful this,did end up cutting me,when you use any kind of machine on your,face youre less likely to get cut,because of how thick the skin is,but when youre trimming down there,youre dealing with loose skin the skin,around your balls is probably the most,sensitive because its so loose,and when its loose it moves around a,lot easier,we end up getting cut because that loose,skin ends up bunching up,so its not enough to just go across,with the machine as slow as you can,for loose skin you have to spread it,apart as far as you can and then trim it,slowly,and that will greatly decrease your,chances of getting cut besides that i,recommend leaving the guard on,after cutting myself once i really dont,feel safe leaving it off pretty much any,machine that you use without a guard has,a better chance of cutting you,ive already trimmed myself a few more,times using the guard and i havent cut,myself,but i dont actually use this for,everything down there this works great,for trimming the main area where most of,the hair grows,and it also works great for chest hair,and arm hair but when it comes to the,balls it doesnt trim it far enough,so now what i do is that i use this for,the main area where most of my hair,grows,and i stick to a razor for my balls,because it gives me that nice close,shave,for me im most comfortable using a,razor down there and its pretty fast,when i do it,i find that using just this on,everything is really time consuming but,when i use this with a razor i can go,pretty quickly without cutting myself,ive always used a razor before but now,adding this does save me more time,as for how loud it is its actually,pretty quiet this is in comparison to my,other machine,and as for it being waterproof i havent,had any problems using it in the shower,and this led light,[Music],is actually pretty useful if you have,poor lighting in your shower like i do,itll definitely help you,so now im going to go through my pros,and cons for this machine,so for the pros it actually is,waterproof and i havent had any,problems,and i like that its pretty quiet it,doesnt seem to be super powerful but it,does get the job done for what i need it,for,and again another pro is the light,the light was definitely something i,didnt think would actually help me and,as for the cons im gonna go with the,marketing because skin safe technology,can be misleading,[Music],and because this is not super powerful,you have to go over the same area a few,times,and the last con is the price because,this can be pretty expensive,so looking at their website it says they,have two options one listed at seventy,dollars and the other one listed as,eighty dollars,the cheaper option says it comes with,the machine as well as the peak hygiene,plan,but it doesnt even tell you what the,peak hygiene plan actually is all it,says is that theyre gonna charge you 15,bucks every three months,so what the peak hygiene plan actually,is is that they send you a replacement,blade every three months,but if you dont want to be charged,every three months thats why they have,the 80 option,but to save the 10 bucks i ended up,going with the 70 option and then,canceling the peak hygiene plan,all you have to do is order it first and,then go into your account and cancel the,plan,but if you want the cheapest option for,this machine you can find it on amazon,for 55.99,thats the current price when i checked,and that can go up whenever,again this is not a cheap machine you,may be able to find something cheaper,thats waterproof and gets the job done,this is the machine that i use for my,face but i wanted something that i can,use in the shower so i got this one,if you already have a machine that you,use for body hair then i say stick to,that one,going from one machine to this one isnt,really an upgrade but if you dont have,a proper machine for your body hair then,you should consider this,i could return this and get a cheaper,option but i do like all the features,about this one,especially this light,[Music],[Music],like i said it does everything that i,needed to do and it gets the job done,im gonna leave an amazon link to this,lawnmower 3.0 down below,im also going to leave links to other,options down below as well and that is,my review of the manscaped lawnmower 3.0,again my name is kenny like this video,if i helped you out and subscribe for,more videos just like this

DO NOT Buy Manscaped Lawn Mower 3.0

what is up guys how are you doing today,were going to be talking about a,revolutionary new,product that ive been dying to get my,hands on i mean this thing right here,the manscaped,lawnmower 3.0 i mean the ads the,marketing out there is crazy,i mean this thing has to be like the,best thing out since sliced bread right,i mean at least you would hope so at the,price point that were at and all the,marketing and all the youtubers that are,pushing this product,i mean how could it be bad ive been,using my lowly brio beardscape trimmers,for the past,two three years uh but i mean this comes,along and it,might be bye bye brio all right guys the,prefaces video number one this is gonna,be my opinion okay,number two theyre gonna be some,evidence and some facts,to back up that opinion but its still,at the end of the day my opinion,so take with it what you will also if,youre not subscribed to the channel do,not,subscribe didnt think i was gonna say,that right do not subscribe unless,youre into beards,this is a channel all about beards right,but this kind of falls into my realm,uh dont expect me to be making a bunch,of videos about manscaped and like,scrotum trimmers okay so this will,probably be a one-off video,but for all my subscribers watching,youre gonna want to go ahead and hit,that like button,thats what i thought okay guys lets,get into this this is the manscaped,lawnmower 3.0 now the marketing behind,this product has been just,through the roof you see it everywhere,youtubers are praising its,its name spreading the glory of the the,good word of the lawnmower 3.0 across,the interweb,and im here to kind of put a few things,to rest and kind of show you a little,bit,about the lawnmower 3.0 that might make,you not want to buy it and number one,were going to talk about cost when you,go to the manscaped like lawnmower,landing page lawnmower 3.0 landing page,number one right off the bat its just a,very kind of,not misleading but its like really,pushing you to buy that bundle for like,85,or something like that with like the,boxers and the the ball deodorant and,stuff i dont know whats all in there,and then you scroll down to where you,can get just the trimmer and it is 69.99,now i didnt buy this from the website i,bought this from amazon for 84,which turns out to be cheaper than the,website,and youre thinking to yourself 69.99,84. hows 84 cheaper than 69.99 let me,tell you how,and this is something nobody that i have,seen is covering about this product,and that is this kind of hidden fee not,hidden i mean its there but they kind,of put in really small text,of 14.99 every three months for,replacement blades,now the way i see it theres two,problems there number one theyre,charging you 14.99,every three months it says that you can,cancel at any time,but who knows how easy that process is,there are companies out there that are,notoriously,difficult when trying to cancel like a,recurring payment and you have to like,do like a stop payment,and then you have to go through this,whole like chargeback thing through your,your bank or whatever,and it becomes a whole hassle for 15,bucks every three months but,if you forget to cancel this right lets,say for,a year thats 60 more dollars that,youre paying for this trimmer,for one year just to own it for a year,and theres probably like a shipping and,handling fee involved in that on top of,the 14.99 so,after one year of owning the manscaped,lawnmower 3.0,you have then effectively paid 130,dollars,plus whatever random shipping costs come,along to own,in my opinion a very sub-par trimmer and,were going to get into that now the,hidden fee i said there was two things,wrong with that the second thing is a,very obvious thing,replacement blades why do you need,replacement blades,every three months could it be that,manscape completely,cheaped out on every single component,inside here including the blade,to where its like a blade that dulls,really easily and needs to be sharpened,and or replaced every three months or,could it be that the blade is just fine,and you dont need to replace it,but manscaped is kind of depending on,gullible people,that that or people that dont,understand how to cancel a charge,to just receive a 14.99 every three,month recurring payment for the next,50 years hmm i wonder me personally i,dont think either of those options,indicate a quality,product or a quality company so take,with it what you will so that in essence,is how me,paying 84 85 on amazon for this trimmer,in most cases is going to be cheaper,than buying the 69.99 one,on the website also now that ive,received this and ive tried it out and,i dont like it and i think its really,bad i can now return this to amazon,because amazon has,amazing customer service and theyre,going to accept my return because im,not a happy customer,so i get all my money back lets move on,to the actual tremors themselves a,manscapes big thing is whats called a,skin safe technology where you can just,kind of go down there and start,digging around and trimming stuff around,and not cut yourself and that is whats,what they deem,skin safe technology now what is skin,safe technology,and does it work now i see absolutely,nothing proprietary about this blade,that would indicate some kind of special,technology they engineered,from what i can tell all they did was,move the guard back,about two millimeters here and you dont,have to take my word for this you can,just ask any barber or just,google it thats how you kind of lessen,the,risk of getting nicked or cut by some,trimmers,as you kind of adjust the guard down a,little bit ask a barber google it,whatever and so,theyre calling it skin safe technology,when they could have just said yeah we,moved the guard down a few millimeters,does it work,for me no for a ton of people on reddit,no go look on reddit and look up to,manscape lawnmower 3.0 reviews,or just the manscaped lawnmower reviews,in general um,youll see that theres a ton of people,out there that have been cut by these,things,um and again thats just anecdotal,evidence thats people saying they were,cut by it thats,you know they could be lying to you i i,was cut by it i got,nicked by it just doing my the back of,my shoulder here and thats not like,loose skin or anything so,skin safe uh doesnt seem like it and,thats kind of like their goat thats,their golden goose thats their selling,point thats their thing,youre supposed to be trimming your,undercarriage your gooch your taint your,sack your balls your scrotum your,whatever your cocking balls youre,supposed to be trimming that with these,and id say,no dont do that remember i mentioned,these brio beardscape trimmers these,these are the best trimmers that ive,used hands down just to preface all,ill link these down below ill link,these down below too as well i dont,recommend you buy them,but ill link them down below um these,brio beardscape trimmers here look at,this,heres the blade on the manscape you see,this gap right here,from the white uh ceramic to the metal,uh backing,here is the brio beard scape right here,right,its a much closer guard but see this,little button right here,now you have a much bigger gap than the,manscaped one,so in essence this brio beardscape is,better for trimming down there than this,is,this has more skin safe technology in my,opinion and you know whats crazy,this brio beardscape magnifi amazing,trimmer,costs less than this explain that to me,this thing,kicks some serious ass like this trimmer,right here you can look up my other,reviews on it,this thing is phenomenal this is,actually their new blacked out version,and i brought it out for this video,because it kind of matches the manscape,kind of blacked out look,you can see theyre theyre both like,all black i guess and they have like the,white ceramic blade,although the the brio has like that cool,gold uh bronzish kind of trimming on the,back,whereas the manscape has like a silver,one and then,i mean just comparing the trimmers you,can see like how,narrow the ti the

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Manscaped Lawn Mower 4.0 In-Depth Review (vs Lawn Mower 3.0)

[Music],hey guys my name is kenny,this is my honest review of the brand,new manscaped lawnmower 4.0,im going to unbox this and go through,all the new features and then ill,compare it to the lawnmower 3.0 and tell,you what i like and i dont like,[Music],so this is somewhat of a similar package,to the 3.0,[Music],one noticeable difference is that they,have a set logo now for this,on the front it says the manscape,lawnmower 4.0 and it tells you exactly,what its designed for,so on the back it tells you all the,features and ill get to these once i,get the machine out,once again they have the logo on the,inner box so as soon as you open it the,first thing you see is the trimmer,[Music],itself,[Music],moving the trimmer to the side the first,thing under there is a quick start guide,under this you get all the accessories,[Music],the first notable piece is this charging,dock and with the charging dock you get,a usbc cable that plugs right into it,and you also get the adapter,and now the lawnmower 4.0 comes with two,guards and the last thing in the box is,this cleaning brush,and this is what the new 4.0 looks like,so now going through all the features,the first thing they start with is the,skin safe blade,on the box it says our hygienic skin,safe blade helps prevent nakes snags and,tugs,another new feature is that this has,wireless charging now this is the new,charging dock itself but if you look on,the inside theres no actual connector,to it,and if you look on the trimmer itself,everything is closed off,so this pretty much charges it,wirelessly and you can use other,wireless chargers if you dont want to,use this dock,so once again they mentioned the led,spotlight as a feature,the light itself is not necessary for,everybody but i think its a nice,feature to have when you need it,and whats also new is this power status,indicator the power status indicator has,three bars and it tells you how much,battery is left based on those bars,the first bar indicates 33 percent the,next one up to 66,and then up to 99 and once again this is,waterproof with an ip rating of 67,and the last feature listed is the,travel lock so if you tap this button,three times,it pretty much locks itself so whenever,you throw it in a bag to travel it wont,accidentally turn on,if the button gets hit accidentally it,stays off,and then just tap it three times again,to disable that,so now lets go through the two guides,to give you the first one to give you is,the user guide and they tell you exactly,what you need to know,on the left it tells you every single,feature including the ones i just,mentioned,and then it goes into detail about each,new feature i pretty much went through,all these already which includes the,charging,it tells you about the new power status,indicator that i just mentioned about,the three bars,and on the bottom of this page it tells,you about the new wireless charging,on this page it tells you exactly how to,use the trim guards looking back at my,old lawnmower 3.0 video theres one,thing that i forgot to mention,i initially thought that with one guard,you only get one size but you actually,get two in one,if you wanted the shortest length you,would push it all the way down,but if you wanted something a little bit,longer you would push it up a notch,and now on this user guide they clearly,tell you how to use it so you dont miss,it like i did,one new feature i forgot to mention is,something they tell you in the user,guide,and that is you can now turn off the led,light when using the trimmer so when you,have it on,simply just hold down the button,[Music],and itll turn off,so besides the user guide they also have,the quick start guide using big letters,and big pictures it tells you exactly,how to charge it,and once again in big letters it tells,you to be smart,and they have a big illustration telling,you exactly how to handle it this exact,demonstration is something i had to show,in my lawnmower 3.0 video,because there were clearly too many guys,that didnt know how to use it because,there were so many reviews of guys,cutting themselves,they had to include this nowhere on here,does it tell you to use this without a,guard,for number two it clearly says be smart,pick your length and use a guard around,your goods,if you look closely at the picture,itself the top trimmer has a guard on it,and if you look at the bottom trimmer,theres no guard on it,so now lets compare the new lawnmower,4.0 to the old 3.0,first im going to tell you exactly what,did not change so they both have the,same waterproof rating ones not more,waterproof than the other,and they both have the same battery size,of 600 and that equals to around 90,minutes of use,as for the light they both seem to have,the exact same light,they both have the same motor speed,which is 7000 rpms,so the motor speed is the same but they,sound slightly different this is how the,lawnmower 3.0 sounds,and this is how the lawnmower 4.0 sounds,3.0,4.0,and the last thing thats the same are,the blades because these work for both,machines,so in terms of whats different they did,change the look of it the 3.0 has a,matte finish all around with some,texture,the new 4.0 has a glossy finish on the,upper half,including the new logo on the back of it,so the old 3.0 only had one power,indicator so with that you didnt really,know how much battery was left until it,was low,and like i said with the new 4.0 you now,have the new power status indicator,so it has three increments and it tells,you how much batteries left based on,that,so the 4.0 has the travel lock which the,3.0 did not have,i havent really traveled enough to,actually have an issue with the 3.0,but my cousin told me that his machine,actually turned on in the car so the,travel lock and the new 4.0 is,definitely something nice to have if you,travel a lot,with the 3.0 you only get one guard but,each guard gives you two sizes,so with 3.0 you actually had two in one,but now with the 4.0 it comes with two,guards,and again you get two sizes in each,guard the smaller guard gives you three,or six millimeters,and the bigger one gives you 10 or 13,millimeters and the last thing is that,the 4.0 has wireless charging,so looking at both the 4.0 doesnt have,any ports and you can see on the 3.0,there is a port,so if the new charger with the 4.0,breaks you still have other options to,charge this,i dont even think you could buy a,manscape charger separately so if the,charger for the 3.0 breaks on you you,pretty much have to buy a new machine,at least now the 4.0 gives you options,to charge it in different ways,so now lets go through what i like and,dont like about the new 4.0,i do like how they now include two brand,new guides telling you exactly how to,use this,and after seeing all these reviews on,manscaped i knew this was coming,i pretty much like every new feature,that they included over the old machine,i like that i can charge this using,different wireless chargers i also like,the new power status indicator,the option to turn off the light is an,okay feature but its still nice to have,but i think the best feature that i like,is the travel lock its nice that i can,throw this in a bag and not have to,worry about it turning on,there only seems to be one or two things,that i dont like one of the smaller,features that they mention is that they,have an over charging protection circuit,so its basically telling me i shouldnt,worry about overcharging and in the,small print it tells me not to,overcharge it as if itll damage the,machine,so im not sure if its okay or not to,leave it on the dock but having a dock,like this just makes it seem like i can,just leave it,and forget about it im sure many guys,are just gonna set it up in the bathroom,like this,and just leave it on the dock when not,using it and when its time to shower,they just take it out,and as for the blade itself yes itll,still cut you regardless of what machine,you use,but if you keep a guard on like youre,supposed to you wont have any issues,and that is m

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Manscaped lawnmower 3.0 honest review!!

whats going on everybody Im here to,review the lawnmower 3.0 manscaping,trimmer what are you gonna call it,so Ive never used a anything like this,before,I I know theres a 2.0 I havent used,that either I just went ahead and picked,up the 3.0 so I dont really have,anything to compare it to but I at least,can tell you my thoughts on this product,alone and what I think about it first I,want to say is that its a little,expensive I think I paid like 75 bucks,for it up the door from Target so you,could buy this at Target to unite the,order online I dont know if its,cheaper its about the same or who knows,but if you want to get the lawnmower 2.0,much higher you can do that as well,and right now its only running like,49.99 and it has something that comes,with it so on the back of the box on the,side should I say it tells you what all,it comes with thats not focusing it,looks like its the dock will brush to,clean it the charging unit I guess it,clipper to put on it in the actual,trigger itself,open it there it is,Phils Phils very well made it doesnt,feel cheap at all so thats pretty good,inside at the loading dock or charging,dock whatever you wanna call it,so you just lay it down a little white,bag say the mans 8:00 and then the,actual charging you and then I guess,instructions to use it so yeah Im gonna,go ahead and try it out and Ill let you,know how it goes what my thoughts are on,it I feel about it,and Im you know Im not a real big,channel so I know this isnt a sponsor,in any way Ill give you my honest,review if I actually do like it I think,it was worth the money I think someone,should buy it yeah anyways Ill see you,guys a bit so I guess I should have done,this before but when you turn it on I,guess this is like one of the main,difference about this cars a 2.0 hit the,power button its probably LED light,case you gotta do is in the dark I think,another thing that Ive seen before is,its actually longer all right so,therefore has a bigger battery lasts,longer anyways Ill let you know how it,goes all right guys Im back just got,done using the lawnmower 3.0 with,skin-safe technology I just want to Im,saying that this is gonna be an honest,review and like I said before Im not,sponsored by Matt escaped at all in any,way shape or form sorry I say I do like,it its a nice product its well-made it,feels good,the group is nice as,the diamond pattern on it actually,something Im really really do like is,the light the light kind of really helps,you see everything you know yeah like,where theres shadows the light you know,shines on normally you probably would be,able to see get every crevice so Im a,big fan of that definitely so I tried it,first with a little comb on it and I,felt pretty safe with it and you know,just use it whatever no problem,today I got some I got myself thinking,is did I you cannot use it without the,comb you know just the straight blades,like this to get a little bit of a,closer shave and I think you can but,once you get it like a little bit lower,it down to like your balls I do not,recommend it I used it and I did make,myself so dont get it twisted you for,sure 100% cant cut yourself with this,if youre not careful thats saying,dont do it Im just saying definitely,be careful you do it cut myself start,playing a little bit but its all good,tip-top Magoo,so before I use this thing and I havent,shaved down there in like two months was,that nightmare so now looking pretty,good as far as money goes the price for,this actual product I paid like out the,door 75 bucks taxes included from Target,its hard to say I like it say my,buddys kind of a lot I know we can get,the 2.0 for like 20 bucks cheaper it,sucks that you know havent tried,anything anything else similar to this,to know you know whats a good,comparison to it but I recommend it yeah,I mean if you can afford it definitely I,would say pick this up I used it in the,shower so its they claimed something,two percent waterproof I believe it,I heard the water on it the whole time I,think it shocked or anything like that,and stopped working,so I was pretty good yeah Im a fan you,know I wish it was a little bit cheaper,but you can afford it Id say get it,pick it up why not yeah its pretty nice,so thats my review for you

DO NOT Buy the Manscaped Lawnmower 4.0

hey guys whats up how you doing welcome,to my channel this video is going to be,about why you should not be buying this,manscaped lawnmower 4.0 anything from,the manscape so far has been not good at,all and im gonna explain why why you,shouldnt bite im gonna give you a good,alternative to the manscape if you want,a better trimmer for less money all,right lets start with the gripes of the,manscape lawnmower 4.0 as i pull this,out of the box this is my second one i,have another one upstairs that ive,already opened this is one strictly for,video purposes unboxing and everything,packaging is really great on this,um it looks really good the trimmer,itself looks really cool i like the look,of the trimmer right but lets start,with the gripes of it number ones gonna,be purchasing so when you purchase the,manscape 4.0 you go to their website im,looking at it right now on my mobile,phone,um and so they they if you want just the,trimmer by itself right the,just the trimmer nothing else it costs,84.99 or theres an option for 89.99 now,what do you think people are gonna lean,towards theyre gonna lean toward the,five dollar cheaper one because it,includes a peak hygiene plan but whats,the peak hygiene plan its a very small,print here underneath and you can see,the peak hygiene plan includes a fresh,braid we fill in a bonus product of your,choice billed at 14.99 plus tax every,three months no commitment cancel any,time so that means by buying the,manscaped and buying the five dollar,cheaper one youre then every uh every,three months youre going to pay 15 plus,tax so that is 60 bucks a year plus tax,um so owning this for one year buying,the five dollar cheaper one you then,have paid uh 144 or whatever plus tax,ive looked on the website and every,kind of buying option kind of steers you,towards that thing the with the small,subtext of the peak hygiene plan where,you have to pay 14.99 every three months,i mentioned this in the last video,because they did the same thing with the,3.0 and a lot of people were saying it,was so easy like why is it a big deal,you just dont click it,youd be surprised how many people do,not pay attention and say oh this ones,five dollars cheaper with a peak hygiene,plan whatever that is so they go for the,five dollar cheaper one or whatever it,may be people sign up for things theyre,just not aware of and then every three,months this package of blades comes do,if you dont pay attention to your bank,account maybe you just think theyre,sending you these blades for free,possibly but ive had people in the,comments also say i crap i didnt know,about that and they went and canceled,their 14.99 recurring every three month,payment plan also by the way im not,going to ask you to subscribe to the,channel you dont need to this channel,is all about beards this is kind of a,one-off video i did a video on mans,skit a while back um and it did really,well but im doing this one just because,their new one came out and i still think,its a really bad product but im not,gonna be like every other youtube and,ask you to subscribe to the channel,because in the long run it hurts me if,you have a beard though and youre into,beard care and stuff like that you could,check my other videos out and maybe you,want to subscribe all i ask is if you,liked the video at the end of it hit the,like button and if it helped you out hit,the like button alright second big,problem with manscape is just the,general marketing and the statements,that are made about the trimmer right,and what is being so uh the selling,points of the trim right so lets start,with kind of like mild ones and get to,the more major ones mild ones being like,um inductive charging is like the new,thing on this where you you still have,to sit in a cradle it just it just,charges inductively into the battery you,dont have to set it on prongs which is,by no means really a benefit i dont,know the manscape 3.0 is just as easy to,charge as this battery life they claim,its 90 minutes it could be 90 minutes,but thats not that great for a trimmer,the trimmer im going to talk about,thats actually cheaper and way better,has a like over a double battery life of,that and then one of the more serious,selling points thats actually kind of,dangerous is theyre marketing that its,waterproof and people are saying that,theyre using it in the shower like the,influencers that are pushing the,manscaping theyre saying you can use it,in the shower,just for 10 seconds think about this,right have you ever been in the shower,im assuming you have look at what your,hair does whenever it gets wet what does,it do it clings to your skin so any ball,hairs or whatever you have that that,youre supposed to be trimming is going,to be clinging to your scrotum or,wherever youre going to be trimming at,the hair is clinging to the skin,in the shower is never ever ever a good,time to trim not to mention all the gunk,and stuff thats going to get down in,here,they have replacement blades but,just imagine all the thats going,to get in here like the old hairs that,are going to rust out the metal parts,its not a good its not a good idea to,use a trimmer in the shower ever so,people that are saying theyre using,this in the shower are either lying or,theyre very very brave and have nicked,themselves quite a few times because to,get this when the hair clings to the,skin you got to really dig in there with,this thing and thats how you get cut,with something like this you got to dig,into the skin and get the clipper head,underneath the hair or like hit it from,a 90 degree angle or something its not,a working recipe at all for trimming,ball hair or anything in a sensitive,area another kind of claim or selling,point they make is this a 7 200 rpm,motor and then it has quiet motor,technology or something built into it,what is that i dont know what quiet,motor technology in a trimmer would be,um but if you listen to this is the trim,im going to talk about right this,trimmer is its like 10 bucks cheaper,and its way way better than this,manscape trim its called the brio bears,ill link it down below but ill tell,you a little bit more about here in a,second but i want to use it an example,right when i turn this on listen to this,this is a full pitch it has adjustable,power,i can take it down,6000 rpm 5500 rpm 5000 rpm right there,5000 rpm listen to the manscaped,thats thats the power of the manscaped,this is this trimmer at 5000 rpm,lets bump up to 7.,hear that listen to the tone of the,trimmer,its a much higher tone higher pitch,right so i can replicate the sound of,the manscape with this if i just dial,down the speed to like 5500 so hear that,very very similar right its just the,pitch of the trimmer i dont think this,is a 7200 rpm uh motor which is,something weird to not be truthful about,i dont know if that if it is in truth i,dont know but it doesnt seem to be a,7200 rpm motor all right next big thing,is a thing called skin safe technology,which really doesnt exist right theres,a few different ways you could go about,it one is going to be with like the brio,here let me get it close you can see,this guard up here how close this,ceramic blade is to the titanium blade,up top when i go down like this it gets,a little bit farther away from the guard,that is safer for trimming than that,right so when youre up next to your,skin and you have it up pressed like,that versus down like that,when you have it up its much more,likely that youre going to cut yourself,and ask any barber theyll tell you what,the same thing right so the bad thing,about the manscape is its permanently,locked in this very very high setting so,if you compare that to the brio right,you can crank that all the way up and,theyre like very very similar the brew,actually gets a little bit closer if you,want it but you can crank it down excuse,the hair on this thing this is actually,the trim i use all the time you turn you,turn it down and its much safer to use,than this manscaped which has skin safe,technology app

Manscaped Lawn Mower 3.0 One Year Later| BRUTALLY HONEST Review

[Music],[Music],whats good family peace love and,ascension man this is deadly does with,delhi,whats good man im sorry about that,whats good so in this video im going,to be giving you guys a one-year review,on the lawn mower 3.0 so you might have,seen my previous lawnmower 3.0 video,that i uploaded probably a little less,than a year ago probably like 10,11 months ago that hit about a quarter,million views i got a lot of comments a,lot of engagement,and uh questions and dms about,this project right here so i wanted to,sit with this products for,a year and then give you guys my second,opinion on how the product,has held up and things of that nature so,im going to be answering a couple of,you guys questions today man all right,so first thing i want to say,is that ive seen comments of people,saying that uh,the video wasnt an honest review and,that they have cut themselves and all,that stuff so im gonna address,all of that in this video so first,things first,i did not get paid for that video so,that was a very,trust me that was a very honest uh video,that i did and also,every video that i do on my channel is,100,transparent and so thats why a lot of,brands dont even,feel comfortable working with me because,i give my honest opinion so,when i told you guys that i genuinely,liked the products,its a year later and im still using,this product every single week,now i did read a comment of somebody,saying that,im lying because they bought this and,then when they started shaving,with the first glide they cut a chunk of,flesh,of the ball sack out im shaving what,bro what are you talking about man my,thing is like this,ive never ive never cut my sack using,this and,unless youre living like this unless,youre like this,you shouldnt be cutting out a chunk of,your ball sack theres something wrong,with you,me personally when im shaving my balls,i use the guard now there are times you,feel me when im feeling a little risky,i might cut without the guard you feel,me but,im tight nice im tight nice with the,you know,im tight nice with the cottage so i,personally,use the guard you know um and i dont,have any issues now im not gonna lie,this,may be a little tmi but i got a media,sack,you feel me my sack is a little bit,meatier than average nothing happens to,me,now personally if im shaving my chest,or my stomach with this,i dont have the guard on as i said in,the previous video,this does have a groove along it that,kind of helps you,glide through um and so for me i really,like what basket is doing,they also have other products like ball,toner,ball deodorant engines all these other,little funny products that,you can use to keep your manhood looking,and smelling good you feel me you cut,your balls you put some nuts at glaze on,it and you,youre on your way you on your way this,is already a subject that,for some reason a lot of people dont,feel comfortable talking about it,im here to tell you the t alright so a,year later how,how has the lawn mower 3.0 held up in,terms of,durability and again you might see some,ball heads in my lawnmower 3.0,and im on camera with it what you gonna,do i use this about,every week personally my shaving,sessions are longer than,five minutes so im actually surprised,at how little ive had the chargers,i probably have to put this on the,charger every month and a half to two,months,i go in the shower ive been getting,this thing wet,all year long you know what im saying,and um,its its been its been holding up,pretty good,i dont see any signs of wear and tear,which is good because,that means that this isnt just some,cheap uh,piece of plastic this actually holds up,well,this is waterproof and so i use this in,the shower,i get the job done and then i dont,really look at it for,another week and a half some of you have,asked me questions about,is it a good beard shaver whenever im,not,near my barber for extended periods of,time as you guys know,uh during the timing of me filming this,its 20 20. yall know what happened,this year kovid was going crazy,people didnt have barbers dudes,couldnt make games at the gym,all types of crazy stuff right so i,would personally use this,to trim up my beard i am the person that,said you know that,admitted in front of 250 000 people that,i use my ball trimmer to trim my beard,now thats my prerogative right but i do,use this to,supplement my barber whenever i cant,get next to him right,anyway so i do use this to trim up,my beard sometimes ill take off the,guard and ill line up my hairline,if i know i wont be able to have access,to a barber for,a long time i line up my mustache all,the above,um shave my neck everything is fine,i do believe that you can use this to,trim up your beard as well as your,you know im saying balls or stomach or,whatever you personally want to do,so i recommend using the guard when you,are shaving your balls now sometimes i,do,um take off the guard but like i said,not not to to my own horn,i am tight nice with the you know what,im saying with the glide is you feel me,im a little nice with it so i know how,to hold the sack and you know,i know how to do that you might not be,that that skill so you might you know,me but for the most part just based off,of what ive seen,what ive experienced this year,with this product its held up well and,im going to continue to use it because,i actually i actually,stand by because i actually use it and i,think its,a good product man i would honestly say,go for it,try it out see if you like it i like,what medscape is doing personally,and thats why i decided to make that,video back then,because theyre funny like theyre,theyre funny to me and i like that its,very,refreshing and when youre funny and you,provide,an actual good product that lasts i,think,thats a win-win man so i wanted to make,this video to answer,some of you guys questions how this,product has held up a year later,durability wise is held up fine no signs,of wear and tear,i use a snake on my balls and on my,stomach um,every week and a half or so the charging,is great,phenomenal as i said before its got a,light on it so,if you you know im saying like if you,camping somewhere and you want to shave,in the dark,which i dont recommend but you can,shave that,you can shave that bow in the dark put,some nut glaze,ball tone on that joint and youre on,your way you feel me,um and so i use this for my beard,sometimes,i use it for my hairline which is,looking a little rough right now,chill and everything is straight so,again man this is my honest review of,the lawnmower 3.0,one year later should you get it im,gonna leave that up to,you uh go check them out im sure that,theyre having some type of a sale,they usually are man and you be the,judge of if,this bad boy is worth shaving yeah you,know,you know me your little man you know,what im saying so,yeah man peace family i love you guys,man make sure to,drop a comment down below and let me,know have you tried this product what is,your honest,uh thoughts what are your honest,opinions,i think its personally a good product,and so,this is why i continue to um use them,endorse them and thats really it man,ill see you guys in the next video,peace love and ascension man im out,i pray to the lord

Manscaped Lawn Mower 4.0/3.0 Review – 1 Year Later

hey guys my name is kenny ive been using the  manscape lawn mower 3.0 and 4.0 for over a year  ,first im going to talk about the  differences between the 3.0 and the 4.0  ,and then ill tell you my experiences with  both these trimmers towards the end ill  ,talk about skin safe technology  and why its so controversial,so this is everything thats the same between  the 3.0 and the 4.0 they both have a 600  ,milliamp battery and their speed is also the  same at 7000 rpms as for the blade its the  ,same blade for both trimmers and you can get  replacement blades for around 15 to 20 dollars  ,they are both waterproof and they have the  same rating and they both have an led light  ,so this is whats different between the  two the 3.0 comes with one guard while  ,the 4.0 comes with two guards each  of the guards comes with two sizes  ,all you have to do is push it up to get  your second size i prefer the 3.0 guard  ,because this gives you the closest shave  at its lowest point its two millimeters,the shortest guard on the 4.0 is three  millimeters ive been using the 3.0 for  ,so long that the tips are starting to break  on me as for charging they both use different  ,charging systems you can either plug in  the 3.0 or set it on the dock for the 4.0  ,you can either put it in the dock or charge it  wirelessly the 3.0 dock plugs in to charge it,the dock for the 4.0 seems to charge it wirelessly  ,theres two extra features that the 4.0  has the 4.0 has three charging indicators  ,and that gives you a better idea of how much  battery you have left the 3.0 only has one light  ,the 4.0 also comes with a travel lock and this is  a must-have whenever youre traveling somewhere  ,the 3.0 doesnt have this so its very easy  for it to turn on by itself so this is what  ,i love about these manscape trimmers theyre both  really easy to use i use them a few times a week  ,and havent had any issues and because its easy  to use it gets the job done really fast they both  ,have a good grip and they never slipped out of  my hands before the led light it comes with is  ,not just a gimmick it actually helps me see since  theyre both waterproof i use them in the water  ,all the time and never had an issue and compared  to some other trimmers theyre both a great size  ,to travel with even with the guard on they dont  take up that much space ive only had two issues  ,with the manscape trimmers one happened pretty  recently with the 3.0 guard starting to break but  ,thats because ive been using the 3.0 way more  often and ive been using it for way over a year  ,skin safe technology was the other issue i had  ,just like a lot of other guys out there i  tried using this trimmer without a guard on  ,i actually tried both without a guard on and they  both cut me its the same blade for both trimmers  ,and since they both run at the same speed  youre gonna get the same results from both  ,if one cuts you the other one will cut you too at  the beginning they were very misleading with their  ,technology they called it skin safe technology  and they made everybody believe that it wont  ,be able to cut you they now explain what it  is in more detail this is what it says now,they used to be very vague about it and they now  tell you that it doesnt guarantee cut protection  ,they should have had something like this  at the very beginning the reality is that  ,some of you may get cut and some of you  may be just fine so if you want to take  ,that chance without a guard thats up to you  this is how i use it and what i recommend  ,i recommend using a manscape trimmer along with  the razor the safest way to use it is with a guard  ,skin safe technology doesnt matter to me because  i dont use it without a guard i use the two  ,millimeter guard to trim down all the hair i then  use a razor for the balls because the trimmer will  ,still leave some stubble the entire process is  very easy and very efficient im able to get it  ,done fast and it doesnt cut me in the process as  for the blades they do recommend to change them  ,around three months but in my experience you can  use it twice as long and still be fine i decided  ,to replace the blade around seven months but  even then the old blade was still working fine,and that is my review of the manscape trimmers  that ive been using for over a year again my  ,name is kenny like this video if i helped you  out and subscribe for more videos just like this

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