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  4. Marc Anthony Strictly Curls Review
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whats good everybody its your main,girl mel here and we are back at it,again,if you know you know my hair would only,be parted in the middle,for one of maybe a couple different,reasons but the main reason,would be because todays video,is once again a battle of the,brands,yes at last we are bringing back another,episode to the series on this channel,called battle of the brands where we,compare and review,not one but two different brands,at the same time on my head hence this,weird uneven middle part im sorry in,advance if that is bothering you but a,straight line would bother me,so compromise okay so welcome,get comfortable subscribe and how rude,of me not to introduce myself,i am humane girl mel and i am in fact a,professional hair stylist so my advices,come off of my knowledge of working with,so many every different texture of hair,and from using,so many different products throughout,this channel now the products i will be,reviewing today i thought would be very,interesting considering the times,for a little bit of context it is fall,here and fall,is just a whirlwind of confused weather,it doesnt know if it wants to be hot,or cold its both dry and wet and it can,make it a really tough time when,choosing how to style your hair,so i kept that in mind as i browse the,aisles of walmart to pick up some,drugstore products that are,drugstore but interestingly enough,salon inspired so you know i felt,inspired to try,inspired theyre so uninspired these,products,weve got john friedas frizzys dream,curls,and we also have mark anthonys strictly,curls both of these lines claim to be,humidity shield,and frizz easing my standards are high,but so are my hopes and hopefully at the,end of this first,impressions review i will have some,affordable product options for you,and so on that note lets get to it,shall we,do not be concerned for my hairs all,this color that you see is just hair,makeup,i did a halloween look and i know this,stuff will wash right out,because its curl smiths hair makeup,water soluble,very rinsable so lets take a look at,our shampoos shall we,so i dont know but i think im going to,go in with the john frieda products,first because,if you know me im a purple parent it,does have a very fragranced,smell but it is very nice very sweet,looking at that consistency it is a,pearlescent kind of shampoo,and it is also oh lathering very well,it had a very sudsy but also creamy,lather if you know what i mean it was,very soapy,but still felt silky as i was working it,through my hair,and it rinsed really easily now onto the,conditioner a really nice,thick conditioner thats what i like to,see and to feel,it was very nice and creamy overall it,is a very nice and silky kind of,conditioner,which i decided to first apply and then,clip my hair up,and let the conditioner sit for a couple,minutes before i detangled,just so i could try out the other side,and in the meantime i tried out the mark,anthony products,now the mark anthony strickly curls have,this like sweet,lemon candy scent and when you take a,look at that lather it is lathering,quite nice even though this formula is,sulfate free,that being said i do feel like it gave,me a pretty nice clean it was also easy,to rinse,but my hair overall really needed some,conditioner,and these strictly curls conditioner was,not what i expected,this conditioner was much more of a,thinner type of lotion which at first,glance worried me because i thought,maybe it wouldnt give enough slip,but once i let that sit in my hair the,same amount of time as i let the john,free decide,both conditioners detangled my hair,quite well as you can see here,sometimes its good to let the,conditioner sit in your hair a little,bit,to soften your strands before you go in,right away with detangling,and overall it seems so far that these,products did their job,theres my hair ball and well just toss,that to the side thank you,since i washed first with john frieda,im going to style first,with john frieda and im only doing this,because,im a purple freak and i like the purple,so first were going to apply the,prep product were going to be following,the prep style finish method,as i always do and this is very,important especially,with unfavorable weather conditions if,you want the curls to last,you cant just put one product in and,hope for the best its just not its,just not it,so first we prep and i have the,frizzys dream curls this is a daily,styling spray i dont know why it says,that because i would never style my hair,daily with this um,i style when i do and then i leave my,hair for,five to seven business days so this is a,type of leave-in,conditioner so im going to shake this,up shake it up says to shake well,i dont know how long its been on the,shelf so and,shes a spray well first spray it on my,hand to see how,she just squirts there is none its,water,this is basically water okay so were,just gonna spray this liberally over my,hair,oh god yeah okay i messed up there,first start off with your microfiber,towel around you and hope that that,doesnt stain,obviously my hairs are very wet as i am,styling this i want to start off with my,hairs,nice and saturated with water because,now would be the time to get the curls,clumping,so usually when im styling my hair for,definition i will use a,denman brush or a styling brush to,define my curls,however i want to see this happen,kind of all on its own and i will be,following the techniques that i shared,in my,maximum volume styling routine so,anyways i digress back to styling now,that my hair,is prepped its time to move on to the,styling products where i will be,defining,and then holding those curls however,whats whats was alarming to me but,also intriguing to me,is the john rita frizzys dream curls,collection,does not have a curl cream so i dont,know what thats gonna mean for me,my hair is very high porosity,shes blonde okay obviously not for a,while but shes been blonded,my curls become very thirsty they do,appreciate,a cream so as i was at the store i,picked up,a styling cream from the frizzys,collection,however this is part of the straight,fixation line,and this is a really good teachable,moment to tell you that even though,something says,straight product that doesnt mean,anything i will be applying some of this,to my ends,and if my ends do look crazy then maybe,it will be my fault,but the ingredients in here tell me that,this is going to be,moisturizing its going to help to seal,ive got,the third ingredient as dimethicone im,not mad at that,when there is a lot of humidity and when,i just applied a product,that has a lot of glycerin in the second,ingredient,i am looking for something that is going,to give me a little extra sealing,especially on my ends,that will just fuzz in that humidity,okay shes called,hail hair,for a reason im not going to go off,topic again but,heyo is the formula and prep style,finish,is the method when styling for a reason,okay i do have another full video on,this that i do encourage you to see if,you are confused,but for now lets get back to this,review shall we,so lets just swatch it lets just,swatch it maybe apply it to a little bit,of my hair to see what this will do,because if you have very thirsty and,dependent hair,you need a lotion a cream,and this is that lotion that im that,im talking about so,okay okay these kind of smell like a,cologne,to me i kind of like it but it can be a,little strong a little irritating,i only took a touch and from here now,that ive prepped,and i have moisturized my hair im going,to define my curls with my fingers,and then hold that shape together it,worked i worked it,and now lets hold it i have their,frizzys,dream curls curl reviver mousse this,mousse is for defined,soft and moisturized curls that defy,frizz every single day thats a pretty,hefty claim infused with abyssinian oil,i hope i said that correctly dont come,for me its in all of the dream curls,product,except for the styling cream so im,assuming this is like their miracle,ingredient that theyre

Marc Anthony Strictly Curls Curl Envy Perfect Curl Cream

believe it or not to this day a lot of,people dont know what a diffuser is so,you cant go from this to this,not judging hey Toph hey guys welcome,back to my drift of channel is your girl,Val ISA and on this video I am going to,review this product right here yep so,according to this product,my normal hair once I use this if you go,to this from this to this look at that,look at that they acting like they took,up curling iron and did that but okay I,believe you,Comicon okay Im at the NASA is heroism,mama crazy anyways theyre saying that,my curls gonna be like this so were,gonna test this thing out okay now if,you know maybe following me you guys,already know that I have very curly wild,hair so my hair is gonna go from this to,this,okay so I already washed my hair okay,its already getting curls okay so a,corny I never used this product by the,way its my first time okay so according,to this it is Marc Anthony Pagnotta,finger now according to them okay Marc,Anthony true professional created over,20 years ago by world hairstylist,champion Mark Anthony to deliver premium,quality true professional products,worldwide Senator Mark Anthony,professional styling team continue okay,listen we dont example that heres,ingredients okay and get the perfect,curls control okay helps with frizzy,below blah and here the curls so lets,see it doesnt say nothing else,direction generously apply everything,over tan curls root from roots to ends,right so lets test this thing out so,what Im gonna do is Im going to put it,on and Im going to test it out to the,other day to see if my hair really is,gonna go from this to this,lets check it out alright so first what,I do it I to comb my hair,okay I like to call my hair make sure,that my hair is nice and you know combed,because I hate my hair gets tangled,alright so the reason we wanted to try,this is because it felt so much and they,dont have so much products at the store,that I go to Target but you know what,they say that this works and you dont,need nothing else I mean my hair is,combed okay,perfect perfect okay so now what I do is,I like to split it so I grab here okay,like this all right let me do that again,I come here like this alright is that,does that be perfect but you get the,idea I dont have a hair kit so Im,gonna use my spatula,so yeah right there bingo so I like to,split it in four okay alright so lets,open this thing nothing else comes in in,there Im a moving into that I go to,brush in there you know what Im saying,anyways anywho heres the product right,there okay just put this on I dont know,how much I need but I never final,direction so who cares it doesnt have a,it doesnt have a bad smell but I dont,know why I smell lemon in it I dont,know,so here I am doing this so from route he,said from routes so that the end okay so,I like to do this a lot I like to do,that okay see this is my natural curly,hair I really dont like my curls but,whatever okay and I notice that some,people like right away they put a,diffuser in but not me I always do the,whole thing look at that,okay okay well most air,hopefully this part of those workers,Ill be so mad if it didnt you know Im,saying like its just that mom I am,putting on okay,[Music],okay you guys I did all that but Im,gonna get some extra just because I have,a lot of hair okay,got some extra Im gonna put it right,here right here okay boom whoa okay,heres just what my ends look like my,hairs cut a little longer any longer,it had to shine which I like you know I,read up on me gusta you know pokey to,the video okay so this suave como policy,no comment on this you know it its very,soft edges have a conditioner very soft,I smell them allowed to dry naturally or,blow-dry with a diffuser now believe me,you theres a lot of people that to this,day they do not know what is a diffuser,so you can go from this to this,Im not judging Im just saying so this,is a diffuser okay you can use whatever,diffuser of your choice that you want,obviously this is not gonna work out for,me,and to be honest with you I really dont,use this for my daughter do so what Im,gonna do is Im gonna do just a little,bit and then let it naturally dry just,for a little bit Im gonna be like maybe,less than six minutes no more,okay you guys so its getting a little,it feels it feels crunchy a little bit,just a little bit but its soft at the,same time um yeah this is what its,looking like Im not gonna be all day,there with that little thing in there I,just dont like these users its not my,thing I let it air-dry,Bam Bam Bam but yeah it looks nice is,decent is soft and the back is also soft,as you guys saw when I was applying it I,put it here and towards here alright so,what Im gonna do is Im gonna do clips,throughout my day all the way to 10 p.m.,actually 8:00 p.m. because thats when I,get off work so throughout the day Im,gonna be like you know telling you guys,how it looks,but so far this is what its looking,like it does not look like the picture,mama nothing Im gonna fall off but I,put a little tiny you know okay so the,curl so far it looks nice and looks nice,so I I didnt add anything so I just add,the product that was it okay obviously,my curls do not look like that okay stop,lying to us okay but this just might be,a true okay,oh yeah but this is my natural curls,I have a date 25th lets play a little,bit yeah oh yeah this is my natural,curls,so I know stuff like this and moves I do,not recommend to use gel but if thats,your thing girl,go ahead alright guys so Im gonna go a,little clip it clip alright so Ill be,back okay so now Im ready to go to work,its been two hours that I did my hair,then I wash and I put Marc Anthony,product and and this is what my curls,are looking so far there you go can see,that this is what my curl is looking,like its been two hours but yeah it,looks full I just hate the fact that I,didnt I guess I should have just you,know cuz I like it on the side better,you know what Im saying so yeah but the,curls it looks nice I dont know let me,know what you guys think,no I did not put my makeup on Ill snap,my hair is bouncing bouncing fence,bounce bounce bounce bump balance pounds,okay its looking good its looking good,lets just wait,[Music],[Music],okay you guys so I am back from work,something is happening downstairs but,Im just coming over here so that you,guys know that I like the curls,theyre very bouncing okay I really like,it its really nice and it doesnt feel,crunchy it feels very soft and you can,play with it you can do whatever you,guys want I dont know perhaps thats,the reason I dont care but I like this,product obviously its not like the,picture cuz honey she can throw did her,curls with a curling iron you know Im,saying like they aint gonna trick me,but I like the product I like the,product and my curls did came out really,nicely so definitely definitely highly,recommend this product give it a try,obviously this is maybe for coming out,of work definitely definitely definitely,they have more stuff and I would,definitely be using more of their,product so highly recommend it you guys,already know the drill click the like,button subscribe if you havent and if,you dont touched or the furnace to love,you anyways thank you guys so much for,watching and yes not a fan of microbes,but cute looks cute okay my dog is,crying I gotta go bye guys

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Marc Anthony Strictly Curls Review

welcome back to my channel and if youre,new to my channel my name is niala is,welcome so as you can see by the title I,will be trying out Marc Anthony,professional right thats what its,called Marc Anthony true professionals,strictly curls line,well not the full line just to styling,products this is my first time trying,out their products in general Ive never,tried out these products so yeah two,products that I will be trying out are,the curl define lotion its a humanity,shield define us as it defines and locks,and soft frizz-free curls with silk,protein and vitamin E and its free of,sulfates parabens and something that I,cannot pronounce which is good that is,free of that because if you cant,pronounce an ingredient you shouldnt be,putting it in your head,um and then the other product that I,will be trying out by them is called,perfect curls seven and one leave-in,treatment foam the and it delivers seven,benefits for flawless curls so its a,frizzy repair it defines it moisturizes,it these angles it smoothes it softens,it and makes it shine oh my god,and again its free of sulfates parabens,and other word I cannot pronounce uh so,lets see how these badboys work in my,hair,so I will be putting them both combining,them both because I just feel like two,is better than one so thats my only,equation for that so Im going to start,off by their codes of finding lotion so,this looks like it has a gel consistency,but its a lotion so thats kind of,confusing but,lets see some cutting on its very,runny yeah so as I was saying before my,phone cut off,its very runny and the its very soft,though like if you know it feels like,youre putting on a lotion but it like,just its weird the consistency is like,gel like so Im gonna rub put it in my,hair and hmm it feels very soft,it smells like lemons so far what Im,feeling is just leaving with your soft,so thats good,and its not like its not sticky it,feels like a lotion I think thats maybe,thats why its called a lotion usually,what with products I dont have this,consistency it feels sticky after you,have it in your hand which is not good,[Music],Im gonna go ahead and try it the phone,yeah shake it lets do that dont be,[Applause],I dont know how to put on foams the,this how much Im putting on and this,one oh but its gonna rub in a true oh,my gosh,this feels like whipped cream like look,at this it feels like a whipped cream on,my hand how it feels in my hair,[Music],and it like it melts in your hair its,it literally thats it its melted and,its my hair is super soft right now,like super soft its not sticky either,so thats a good thing its not like a,mousse where mooses would leave your,hands really sticky Im going to go in,with the much smaller pump over to it,with my hair and this time its Boop,this time its like that size Im going,to focus it on my crown because my crown,area gets pretty dry hook us up there,and underneath my hair,[Music],you,and now Im going to let my hair air dry,as I usually do and with the foam it,tells you to allow your hair to air dry,as the only thing it says for drying as,opposed to the lotion where it tells you,you can air your I avoids fuse so Im,just going to air dry my hair like I,usually do I also love air drying,because I feel like it gives you the,most natural result so Im going to,allow my hair to air dry and Ill be,back with a dry shirt and my final,review,you,all right you guys these were the final,results of me using Marc Anthonys true,professional strictly curls lotion and,foam final thoughts I absolutely love my,results its so fluffy shiny and,lightweight like it didnt weigh my hair,down there was very little shrinkage,which Im very surprised because with,the lotion I thought there was gonna be,a bit more shrinkage since of since its,like a gel consistency but you know,there was like minimal shrinkage with,the foam I thought my hair would be,sticky and it wasnt sticky I do have to,say that it did get frizzy like I dry it,up a bit frizzy in some areas like,especially in this area its a little,bit less defined right here but thats,because I think I didnt apply enough of,the product in this area for some I,dont know it just dried weird in this,little area it also could be because you,know I have highlights in my hair and,all of that but other than that I give,these products a good 9 at a time they,were really good I do recommend them go,out try them out for yourselves because,theyre very lightweight products and I,feel like theyre perfect for this type,of weather that were having right now,at least if youre in the East Coast I,live in New Jersey and right now were,having weather thats kind of like like,today is 70 degrees but its very humid,outside and with these products I feel,like they will shield your hair and they,wont your hair wont be affected by the,humidity I hope you guys enjoyed this,video if you did please give it a big,thumbs up subscribe to my channel if you,have not already,always remember to love yourselves and I,will see you guys on my next one,[Music],you

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Marc Anthony Strictly Curls Review

[Music],towel hair hey guys whats up welcome,back to my channel welcome to this quick,little video on I guess its like a,review I guess Im doing a review on,this Marc Anthony strictly curls styling,curl enhancing styling foam for curly,hair the reason Im doing this for you,is because I would ask the shoppers,today at trying to find something for,curly hair and I thought this long story,short I was quickly like going on,YouTube searching like this review and I,didnt find anybody on YouTube really,refer to my hair type but my texture of,curls so I actually bought the shampoo,and conditioner of this strip the curls,line as well and sorry the number you,have dialed is not in service at this,time,I like the conditioner was very,moisturizing push support for coming,here so Im hoping that it the whole,shebang together so my hair is like a,mixture of wavy and curly but then but,long and I have a lot of it and its,wavy curly its as extra whole,transforms unruly frizzy hair into full,shiny manageable curls with still,protein and vitamin C and the shampoo,conditioner has vitamin E and shea,butter zone,oh good stuff for color anyways my hair,is damp,well its dance flashdrive perfect sir,Im new so can you shake this one shake,okay yeah shake it applies damp air in,your fingertips,let dry naturally or use a diffuser so I,think Im also doing a septic user imma,get the diffuser but I think that the,purpose are like truly trying to achieve,like fake bouncy curls it up,alright so Im just gonna put this on my,hair its exactly lets put it through,my hair,theres my Hilary Duff autograph thats,Queen okay so you want to take that much,I really thought there might be too much,work,some poems are different you know okay,that is its really foamy its foamy,its its true its like shaving cream,it feels like okay okay oh cool okay,very soon,its very foamy and sticky okay I see,how this is gonna work,whew oh my god way Im so excited way,way make them girly so if its super,sticky you know what kind of feels like,heres for innocence wasnt in the hair,anyway things just like scrunch,theyre gonna put too much I couldve,put too much,keep scrunching okay I feel like thats,enough I just wanted to give my own,review on this you know I needed one so,maybe theres a girl out there with my,hair texture who also needs one if,anybody else do that where theyre just,like in the store looking at products,and theres like YouTube like reviews I,look on Google reviews as well but,sometimes you need to see like what its,like on somebody who has your hair type,or skin tone or whatever right sometimes,you need a good YouTube review so here,we are here we are people have you got,here okay its enough scratching for,sure okay eight years 5-7 years six six,seven years but sometime we try it out,so I use this that head blow-dryer I,probably have this for like five years I,dont I dont blow dry my hair like ever,I left Im like going to like a wedding,that day or something and I like shower,that morning but otherwise Ill usually,shower the day before or just shower,that day they just leave my hair dry,okay so if I remember correctly you flop,your head upside down and just like,shove pieces in and like twist it like,you know Im just gonna do it really,messy like Im not doing I know Im no,hair stylist I am no hairdresser Im,none of those things yeah so you know,Im just Im just doing me this is how,Id use my hair,[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Music],the volume,alright hey Plus yeah were were,interesting right now it is still a,little wet but like Im dawn die seizing,that,defusing guys to ever it so yeah I just,have to put my bangs up cuz theyre,shorter than the rest of my hair they,were students funny things dont see a,smile review of the Mark Anthony,strictly curls curl enhancing styling,foam is definitely extra hold I,definitely could feel the stickiness,which was up and create the curl so yeah,I definitely think like you know my hair,texture definitely think it enhance them,a little bit it obviously it doesnt,sound a miracle-worker does it turn,straight hair on the curling its not,gonna turn like wavy curly into like,super curly it just enhances what your,natural old like texture is really in,helps helps it warms me go so yeah I,definitely say that it did I actually,really like it now that my my bangs are,put back its a lot more volume but its,not completely dry yet I just its,mostly dry but its not completed,running I just had enough so yeah so I,would give this an a Monday plus because,theres always room for improvement but,and of course the ship of the Fisher,went along with it the whole package,deal,today I dont have a problem with the,scent of the shampoo and conditioner yes,it smells like lemon but like good so,anyways that is my review of that just,put them thanks for coming back to my,channel I guess probably a lot quicker,of the video I just goes away to myself,but Ive just got on camera now Im,getting off but I need to do more videos,like this okay anyway Im out guys that,is it,Im gonna go thank you guys so much,coming back to my channel if you are new,thank you so much for dropping and dont,forget to Like and subscribe if you like,and follow me on social media actually,pitchy,[Music],okay guys peace out see you in the next,one,stay real stay blessed bye,[Music]

SUPER CHEAP CURLY PRODUCTS / Marc Anthony Strictly Curls / Review + Demo.

so the first time I ever heard of Mark,Anthony professional products I pledged,it thought it was like Marc Anthony the,salsa singer hey guys welcome back to my,youtube channel as always I really,really appreciate it and if this is your,first time here,please dont media its gonna get better,welcome to my channel in here we talk,about a lot of different things curly,hair we talk about beauty we talk about,mom stuff and last week I posted a video,on like a house renovation I mean we all,over the place but for todays video,drum roll we are continuing on with our,inexpensive curly hair products demo and,reviews and for today I am extra I know,I say this all the time but I promise,this Im extra excited because the,products that Im going to be talking,about hold a very very very special,place in my heart and its because let,me just tell you what it is I know you,already know who the title but it is the,Marc Anthony professional Strictly curls,line and the reason why this line holds,such a special place in my heart is,because I discovered them many years ago,and at the time things are not like they,are today and we did not have the same,options that we have today you know it,was not that easy I remember the time I,was using Noodlehead from beyond the,zone I dont know the curls after a,little while when you use this link over,and over again theyre like Nick,montmartre mom so I was like in a funk,with my curls and they were just like,starting to act up a little bit and then,I went to CVS I saw the price I was like,oh hey I could not believe it so I,bought the cream and you guys my curls,were like thank you like they just came,back to life and they were so grateful I,was grateful it was just a wonderful,time so I feel like all the products,that I came across like early in my,journey like when I started to really,invest and start using curl,products like all those products have,such a special place in my heart to,pioneers so thats why Im extra excited,for todays video and not only that if,you are looking for budget-friendly,products you guys I mean I dont think,it gets any more like budget-friendly,like really it doesnt but anyways were,gonna jump into that for todays video,Im going to be talking about all the,products gonna give you guys as the,yoozh,you know just tell you sizes prices,were gonna talk a little bit about the,smell the textures all that different,things and then at the end of the video,I am going to style my hair you didnt,think that this was my hair the way I,was gonna just go about my day today,absolutely not sound good,alright this line is actually pretty big,it has 11 products in total the fact,that we have so many options with just,one company thats huge I love that now,unfortunately I dont have all the,products some of them they just didnt,have available when I ordered it Im,gonna like talk about them Im gonna,tell you the price and the size and all,that but I just dont have them so,originally I wont be able to show you,the like texture and smell and all that,stuff this line does include shampoo and,conditioner so Im gonna be jumping in,and out of the shower the clips Im,gonna be putting in clips showing you,guys like how I use this in the shower,so lets start with the shampoo so here,is the shampoo by the way these products,are free from sulfates SLS parabens and,phthalates,so I am so impressed by this shampoo I,absolutely loved it it is a lathering,shampoo which means it makes bubbles I,personally love it,I feel like it leaves my hair just,squeaky clean so I love that you guys,this shampoo feels so so incredibly,moisturizing and hydrating and its not,always the case with lathering shampoo,sometimes lathering shampoos can,making your hair feel a little bit more,like on a stripped side so it feels a,little bit rougher and it kind of leaves,your hair a little bit more textured not,at all not with this shampoo I am so,impressed by this shampoo absolutely,love it,the smell is this smell is amazing it is,like perfect scent of citrus its kind,of like lemony it just reminds me of a,hot summer day with a fresh lemony oh my,god talking about it I know I wanted,lemonade this is twelve point nine,ounces and the price for that,is you guys $6.99 $6.99 this is,literally the most inexpensive shampoo,that I have reviewed on my channel so,far I got all my things on Amazon,however another wonderful thing about,this line is that its available in a,lot of different places CVS Target Ulta,Walgreens Walmart just makes it very,like easy to find now I will say that I,dont always find absolutely everything,in stores and I dont know if its,because it goes so quickly because its,so inexpensive but what I just always do,hes gonna Amazon okay so next we have,the conditioner okay and now this,conditioner again you guys so incredibly,moisturizing I mean I was able to finger,detangle my hair and I havent been able,to do that in a while and I was just,completely blown away at the amount of,slip that it had it just made my hair,feels so soft so quickly I didnt even,have to go in with like a second hand of,conditioner and what I loved about it,was a lot of times things are like very,moisturizing in Perley products a lot of,times can scare me because moisture can,mean mean for me like weight and because,my hair is more on the very fine like,medium to high porosity and anything,thats heavy anything to take anything,thats too buttery anything that is too,hydrating can weigh down on my hair and,so what I love about this conditioner,for me is that you can see that the can,is not fake like its not like a buttery,conditioner its actually like very thin,and to have a conditioner with that,consistency feel sole moisturizing like,I was so here for a like I look like,finest now the conditioner is also the,same size as the shampoo as usual and it,is twelve point nine ounces and I paid,$7.99 for this on Amazon $7.99 like are,you kidding me you think thats amazing,so they do have another product that is,for like in the shower however,unfortunately I wasnt able to get it,but it is a deep hydrating mask it is a,10 ounce tub and it is for deep,hydration for curls now it says it D,phrases and moisturizes this is 10,ounces and the price for this is 1124 on,Amazon okay so that is in the shower now,were gonna move on to of the styling,products and we are going to start with,my favorite which is the one I told you,guys that many many years ago I found,and it is this bad boy right here this,is the curl Envy curl cream this is six,ounces and I paid Ill tell you Reena I,pay 849 for it on Amazon controls and,defines coarse frizzy hair while adding,moisture for soft natural frizz-free,curls with a shine it has avocado oil,and shea butter let me go ahead and show,you guys the texture of it so I know,that its hard to tell on camera but it,is a little bit more on like the watery,side because its as you can tell very,slowly it is dripping down usually,creams and gels and stuff that works for,my hair usually do this so its not like,a very thick buttery lotion or cream,which is one of the reasons why it works,so well for me it gives me amazing,definition it gives me great hold but,because its so light my curls just cool,make some very weightless and,helps me to achieve you know how this,goes,it helps me to achieve the kind of,volume that I absolutely love and cannot,live without now the smell of this one,is a lot more subtle than the shampoo it,doesnt give me like the same like,euphoric summer you know lemonade vibe,that I got from the shampoo this is a,little bit more subtle its still like,in that citrusy like family but its,just its very mild I really like it,its just its normal you know honestly,its its nothing like out of this world,already so next is the lotion so this is,the curl definition lotion now this is,humidity shield and I am so excited to,try this if youve been following me for,a little while you know but if you dont,know I live in Miami this is the capital,of humidity so anytime a curling

I tried Marc Anthonys “Strictly Curl” Line | First Impressions | #marcanthony #curlyhair

[Music],hi everyone welcome welcome back if,youre new here my name is andy and im,really happy that youre here,um im gonna try a new product today,i bought the marc anthony,strictly curls line this is the shampoo,this is the conditioner i have already,used them i just colored my hair i was,my silver sparkles were showing through,i had about an inch,of new growth and im like,its time its time,so,i used the shampoo um the smell is nice,i am not a huge fan of coconut but i,know that i am in the minority and most,people love the smell of coconut,and its not,its not like an overpowering sense of,coconut,um this is marula,coconut and shea,lets see that right there,so i used the shampoo and the,conditioner,um,and now im going to use some of the,products i have never used this line,before this is a new to me line,i have seen a lot obviously ive seen a,lot of things about it but,its new to me and i really wanted to,try it i feel like,i feel like it performs better if you,use the whole line that could be a myth,because i usually dont use the whole,line of anything,so im just picking through my hair,and then im going to,wet it because its me sitting here its,dried a little bit and you really want,to put your products in when your hair,is wet now i am not going to do a total,uh tutorial on my hair,if,youre interested on how i do my hair,like the methods that i use and,the actions that i make and all of that,how i diffuse it,i will link a video in the description,box that shows,how i,style dry and all of that,so,im going to wet this down so that its,really wet,and then im oh no,i didnt put the lid on my,skincare,i just knocked it over but its fine im,gonna use the,curl it up strictly curls curl it up,volume spray,and while i have a lot of volume in this,part of my hair i dont always have a,lot of volume at my scalp,so,i guess i have to open it it has a,little,thing that close it and shut it,close it and shut it close it and open,it,so im going to mainly concentrate,on the roots of my hair,at my scalp,i was using a different product but i,was like you know im gonna use this,im gonna try this line so this is like,a review first impressions type thing,um,it smells good,i get a little bit of lemon,i get a little bit of lemon in it,i love that,okay and then im going to go into,the curl defining lotion,um funny story,i got two of them i did not order two of,them i ordered one of them off of,walmart.com,one of them came in the box with,everything else and then the other came,in an amazon bag so i dont know what,thats all about,but,im hoping i like it since i have two of,them it is not sealed,again its i can smell the lemon,this might,so this is a lotion,this is not a,its,its not a cream,its not a gel its kind of in between,which is what i prefer which is what,ive why i bought the lotion,instead of,the curl cream because sometimes curl,creams are a little too heavy for my,hair,so,thats what it looks like when its a,really nice consistency,and im going to use the praying hands,to get it,and im hoping that i dont go out of,frame here but i might and if i feel,like i am im gonna,um,ill move my camera but im going to,scrunch my hair through and im not,going to do that on camera,so when you scrunch your hair you want,to hear this,you want your hair to be that wet when,you put your cup when youre putting,your products in,so i dont know if you can hear it but,its a very squishy,you want to hear that squishy,and when you scrunch your hair you want,to scrunch it,left right,and then you want to scrunch it you want,to bend at the waist and do it upside,down which im not going to show you,because then ill be out of frame,but i always make sure i get my,my bangs,and i make sure i get this back here,because this right back this area is,what goes flat on me the first,and im sure youve seen it if youve,seen my videos and youve seen me turn,around you see that sometimes the back,of my hair is flat,okay so,that is scrunched in there really well,and then im going to use the,strictly curls,curl enhancing styling foam extra hold,transforms frizzy hair to full shiny,defined curls vitamin e and silk,proteins,oh and this this said humidity shield,locks in long lasting frizz free curls,thats what that says there,shake it,shake it,okay im gonna start with,like that much,im gonna put it,up by my scalp a little bit,because foam usually helps with,volume and then im going to put it in,there i think i put i have way too much,okay so this really,swells,i did not have that much and now i do,and thats,thats too much,thats way too much for me,because i dont like a big cast which,means when its crunchy,so this is like the raking method youre,just raking it through,i probably should have worn a different,shirt like an like an old shirt or,something because,this is messy,i usually have it like a night shirt or,something on okay this is a really big,shame but this is getting wasted,because thats way too much,okay,so im going to brush it through this is,a denman brush,this is what i use to make sure that my,product,is through my hair 100 percent,ive already detangled and all of that,stuff so,if youre if you have it detangled,already,then you need to use like a wide tooth,comb or a brush a wet brush,something that goes through the hair,um a little better,this will not damage your hair but i,just like to have something with a,little bit wider,and when i do this im always going to,be going away from my scalp,because i dont want it to settle on my,scalp because then thats where,you get flat,so,im gonna colored my hair today um i,just used the same color im i dont,know whats with me this year im,usually very,color adventurous,okay then what im gonna do is what i,always do,um is im gonna go with a dry t-shirt,this is a t-shirt,and im going to,scrunch,out the,excess moisture,it feels really nice like everything,smells good and it feels good um,the the foam the mousse does not feel,overly sticky,which is i like i like that,so im gonna go plop my hair and if you,have any questions on how thats done,um a link in the description is my whole,routine of how i do my hair,i dont want this to be a really long,video so im not going to do all that,but,um im going to plop it and im going to,do my makeup,and then,im going to come back when i take it,down so that you can see it before i,actually blow it dry diffuse it,and then well be back,take my hair down,oh you can see where i colored it,[Music],so thats what it looks like when i take,it down it feels really good im trying,not to touch it youre not supposed to,touch it,um,yeah i mean the curl pattern looks,really nice im going to diffuse and,then well be back,[Music],okay so i do have quite of a cast which,means its crunchy,so,thats i mean thats a good thing i,dont like a really,uh,crisp i guess the best word is crisp,cast,i just dont i just dont like it i,dont know if its a throwback from the,80s or what but i dont really care for,it uh but this is a i mean its a its a,nice one,im going to scrunch the cast out with,my hair dryer with my diffuser and then,ill be back,okay so i like it uh,i feel like it did a really good job i,feel like my curls are really defined,um im gonna do a wear test to see how,long it lasts like if it droops,a lot of times,stuff that i use droops but,i dont know um i feel like i have a,good curl pattern im gonna wait to do a,review after ive used it quite a bit,because,you know sometimes when you use,something new your hair,behaves really really well,so im going to see if it,if it continues to behave and,if i continue to like it but first,impressions,um the scent was really nice um im,gonna put the prices up here,as i tell you so i used the shampoo,[Music],nourishing hydrates repels humidity,in the conditioner,and detangles with lasting hydration,and then i used the volumizer spray curl,it up,extra hold,and then i used the curl defining lotion,i really like the consistency of this a,lot,and then i used the curl enhancing foam,so,those are the products

Marc Anthony Strictly Curls Curl Defining Lotion Review + Styling My Wash & Go

hey everyone whats up and welcome back,to another kaylas curls video,before we get started make sure you guys,hit that red subscribe button down below,and dont forget to hit the,notifications bell as well that way,youll be notified every single time i,upload here,on youtube i am going to be reviewing a,mark anthonys hair product this is,their strictly curls curl defining,lotion it says it has vitamin e and silk,protection in there so this should be,good for your curls,it says,at the back that our team of style,makers and beauty lovers travel the,world to bring you the best ingredients,and the latest trends to create,professional quad quality,products it says go on get that frizz,free full bounce no stick no crunch,justifying girls,curls that move,it says direction mix a small amount,into your hands smooth through wet hair,and scrunch gently as hair dries,and pro tip,before drying twist hair around,fingertip to enhance curl,definition,so im going to be using this for my,wash and go and it does say to,you know twist your hair around,your finger so im going to be doing the,finger coil,method for a more defined,curl this is how,my hair looks now,so im going to wash and condition my,hair using my staples im going to be,using the tresemme smooth shampoo and,their moisture rich conditioner so im,going to go ahead wash and condition,and then im going to come back and,were going to use this curl defining,lotion well see how it works for curly,hair so lets go ahead and get right,into it my hair is finally washed and,detangled i am now ready to,start,using the strictly curls curl defining,motion,so what im going to do is im actually,going to section my hair into four,sections,i do have my spray book my spray bottle,with some water just in case i need to,re-wet the hair in case it dries too,fast im going to start with this,section,and start by taking,about,just like probably a quarter and a half,amount,and mix it in my hand,so so far it feels moisturizing its not,sticky,has a lot of slip to it so lets go,ahead,and apply to this section,and going on my hair its making my hair,feel,very smooth and you can already see,the curl definition,coming in so i did apply a little bit,more,making sure to get all over the section,you do not want to miss,anything and before i start to do the,finger coils,im actually going to do,a little bit of detangling,just a little as you can see not too,much to detangle but just to be sure,now were ready to do finger coils,and all you have to do is hold your hair,up,and grab small sections,like this,like about that much,you can do more if you want a more,bigger defined curls,so and all you do is just twist it,around your fingers like so,im just gonna use two because my hair,is pretty long,so theres the first one,and i just keep doing that until im,done this section,start at the top from the roots,and all the way down,like that,and i really love this method it makes,your curls look super cute and super,defined,so here is basically one side in the,back pretty much done as you can see the,curl is more defined,and uniform and as you can see,very moisturized so thats one side in,the back ill give you guys a comparison,with no product so as you can see the,difference the sun is a little bit more,fluffier and dry,and this side is more defined and,moisturized which is what,i was looking for so let me go ahead and,do this section,[Music],all right guys so here is,both sides in the back section finish,so now were going to go ahead and do,the top section and the same concept i,might have to put a little bit more,water,so now,curly cream,or defining lotion,not cream motion you want to make sure,you get the top part too,so it doesnt get too frizzy,detangle a little bit with my wide tooth,comb,i start by grabbing my hair and i just,take little pieces,and i just twirl it around my finger,like that,i want to make sure to try and start at,the roots but if you cant reach its,not a big problem,[Music],okay so here we are guys im finally,done,doing the finger coils my hair is all up,in my face,but now this is how its looking my hair,is super super defined my hair doesnt,feel dry it feels nice and moisturized,and as you can see the back is slightly,drying already,so now typically what i do after i,do,you know after i wash my hair i style it,with gel whatever i will let it air dry,i am not a huge fan of diffusing im,actually on a heatless diet so im not,trying to get any heat damage especially,since my hair is colored i do want to,take care of my hair these days but if,you do happen to use,this product you can definitely use a,diffuser i know some people like using,diffusers,but for me personally,no so im gonna let it air dry it should,probably take an hour to two hours three,at most sometimes yeah i really want to,show you guys the results my hair feels,amazing,looks amazing i cant wait for it to be,dry let me go ahead and give you guys a,full 360 without tampering at the curls,real quick,so now im going to go ahead and dry and,ill be back guys,all right so see you in two seconds all,right guys so its been a couple of,hours since i have applied my,curl defining lotion so this is how my,hair looks now that it is dry,as you can see its very elongated hair,feels soft it looks so bouncy and,curly,and like i said the definition with the,finger coils as you can see,this is how they look,they look amazing,so,ill give you guys a little bit of a,review before we go forward so my,thoughts about it so far has been great,um it has great slip it gives great,moisture to your hair it defines your,curls,and it even helps with elongation,especially if you do the finger coils so,definitely worth it um,one thing is that you do have to add a,lot of product for it to saturate,your hair maybe its because of my hair,texture i dont know my hair loves,moisture so,yeah definitely,an eight out of ten the only thing is is,that i did have to add a lot of product,for to,be distributed around my hair but thats,fine like i said my hair loves moisture,problems with the product like i said,great slip great definition,and no crunchiness,no residue nothing my hair,looks,great,so now im going to go ahead and do a,style i do want to do like a half up,half down,so what im actually going to do is im,going to separate the curls a little bit,so i do have this olive oil,um this is just a heat protectant oil,um thats because i ran out of oil so,im just gonna use this instead nothing,too serious,just a little,little,so i dont get too much frizz,so im not gonna worry about these two,front sections,because im actually gonna keep them out,[Music],now,like i said im gonna keep these two,sections out so im just gonna grab,some hair,like so,okay so i dont want to manipulate too,much or stretch out the curls too much,so im just,not gonna,im not gonna smooth it or anything i do,have a blue hair scrunchie lets go,ahead and just,tie up the top,thats super cute,im just kind of like fluffing a little,in the back,thats how its looking,so im actually gonna do a little bit of,edges before i separate these two front,sections,thats how it looks im just like,playing with a ponytail or how i like it,[Music],and then im going to go ahead and,separate these two pieces,[Music],okay,so i think thats pretty much it for the,style that im looking for,its not too tight its not too in my,face i mean,i like the bangs though theyre very,cute,you can always,put it to the side if its in your face,but i actually prefer it out,yeah i like it like this,super cute super retro,cute with the scrunchie matching shirts,so yeah guys this is how my curls are,looking,very defined and moisturized its not,dry nothing not crunchy,uh yeah that was pretty much me and my,experience using,this curl defining lotion,by marc anthony so definitely recommend,this product for you guys if you do have,curly natural hair,um,yeah guys let me know if you guys want,me to try any other of their products,they have a lot of different products as,well they do have sh

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