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Mario Golf: Super Rush Review

[Applause],theres an art how nintendo,usually iterates on its long-running,series that twist it almost always seems,to discover makes us excited about,whats to come while also looking back,on fond memories already forged,mario golf superrush though is an,exception to that trend its,sporadically fun,but it frustratingly falls short of the,green more often than not its newly,introduced speed golf mode is a bright,point that shakes up the formula while,its lackluster adventure mode is a,short and not overly sweet few hours,it makes for a package as a whole that,offers some of the fun of the mario golf,games of past generations,but when its all said and done it lacks,the variety replayability and general,amount,of content needed to be considered a,standout in the series,the original mario golf titled nes open,tournament golf is the first game i,really remember playing as i graduated,from crawling around,and tangling in my dads controller wise,to holding the pad myself,the core mechanics remain and apart from,the obvious visual improvements,it doesnt feel a million miles away,from how it did 25 odd years ago,line up your shot press a to begin your,swing then a again or b,if you want to apply backspin to lock in,the power of your shot,its these simple button presses as the,power bar fills up coupled with the,subsequent sound of club hitting ball,that evokes nostalgia and takes me to,a happy place the standard modes of,match play and stroke play also provide,comfort and familiarity and as with,every mode,aside from the story campaign these can,be played solo or with up to three other,players for a relaxed time with mario,and friends,but theyre so old and worn that while,certainly comforting theyre nothing to,get too excited about,the mode that does spark some joy is,speed golf this fresh take on the round,of 18 holes is where i found the,majority of my enjoyment coming from,instead of simply taking a shot watching,to see where it goes and then magically,appearing next to your ball,it places as much importance on what,happens in between strokes as the swings,of the club itself,of course this is done in classic,nintendo fashion theres no jumping on,your golf cart and slowly driving to,your ball here though now that i mention,it i do like the idea of each hole being,half mario kart track half golf course,instead youll race competitors to your,next light on foot holding in b,to dash for as long as your stamina bar,will allow you can also pick up hearts,to refill that stamina and coins which,fill your special shot bar along the way,the placement of these items offers a,fun tactical mini game to play with in,each shot,as you weigh up which is the best golf,shot to play in order to reach the whole,against which will lead you to pick up,more coins without taking too much of a,detour and wasting time,as you might reasonably assume from the,name time is very much the key in speed,golf but the phrase more haste less,speed,also rings very true thats because each,shot you take adds 30 seconds to your,time so taking those,extra few moments to line up a better,shot will benefit you in the long run,because the victory is determined by,speed rather than who takes the fewest,strokes,its a clever risk versus reward,mechanic that keeps it fresh whole,after whole sometimes plans can be,disrupted though thanks to the unique,character abilities belonging to each of,the 16 playable characters,these aforementioned special shots are,not only highly accurate shots but come,with effects that can be used to,sabotage your opponents,theyre available to perform across all,modes but its in speed golf that they,really come into their own,luigi for example can turn the area,around where his ball lands to ice,making for a difficult surface to putt,and indeed run on if trying to get to,your ball,king bobon can spawn a series of you,guessed it bombs,around his ball that can knock opponents,and their balls away if touched although,some of these special shots do double up,over the full roster of 16 characters,theres enough variety to keep things,interesting and find something that,works for you each character,also possesses their own special dash,move when running between locations,which grants a significant speed boost,and knocks aside,anyone in your path these are less,exciting to use but still do give off,the sort of serotonin-filled dose of,shard and freud,that the blue and red shells of mario,golfs sister series mario kart supply,all too well,all in all i enjoyed playing speed golf,and it definitely became my preferred,mode to play,especially when compared to the,relatively ponderous nature of the,traditional modes one of the only real,downsides to it is the fact you cant,sit back and admire a beautiful shot,youve made,theres no option to watch replays or,highlights either across any of the,modes,which just seems a little odd i guess,that mirrors real life as you walk up to,the hole to see your ball already,sitting in it but im not really playing,a game with a giant ape one-handedly,swinging a golf club towards a tornado,for realism,to be honest moving further away from,any form of reality,which isnt a bad thing is the new,battle golf but this didnt ever grab me,in the same way,mainly thats because its so fast paced,that its normally over before you have,a moment to really get into it,it consists of you and three other,competitors battling it out in an arena,to be the first to put their ball in,three holes,seems simple enough but wait theres a,catch there are nine flags dotted around,the stadium to go for but they disappear,once one of the four players has hold,them it makes for a fast and frantic,game mode where the key to success,unfortunately is to steer clear of,trouble and go where others arent,avoiding confrontation kinda defeats the,whole idea of it being battle golf,the ai opponents are often not the,sharpest tools either and with no way of,upping or lowering the difficulty,i soon got bored of this mode when the,rounds rarely last,upwards of three minutes that means i,became bored quite quickly indeed,playing online against other humans does,give more of a joyful spontaneity to,battle golf but its still all over far,too quickly,its not a mode i can see myself playing,much more of after my first few days but,its far from the dullest in super rush,golf adventure mode was what i was most,looking forward to in super rush,with nostalgia of previous mario golf,once again fueling my expectations,instead i got a largely underwhelming,four or five hours,things start out promisingly almost like,a pokemon game you wake up in your home,and are set off on your journey to,become the very best by your proxy,mother birdo,without spoiling what limited story,there is here you then go about earning,badges to build your profile as a golfer,before getting roped into saving the,kingdom from an artificially engineered,climate change threat,it kinda comes out of nowhere and then,finishes before youve been given a,chance to ask as simple a question as,why now dont get me wrong i wasnt,going into this expecting storytelling,on the level of homers odyssey but,something akin to marios own odyssey,from a few years back,wouldnt have gone amiss either its not,really even a mario story at all,aside from a few extended cameos from,some familiar faces,its all a bit rushed and im not sure,in the way that super rush is intended,it starts slow as you learn the ropes on,a beginner course before developing into,a series of repetitive and clunky,boss battle encounters which have you,dodging attacks and firing golf balls at,enemies in moderate anger thats not to,say that golf adventure doesnt have its,high points,i particularly enjoyed a challenge that,involved completing nine holes of the,whirlwind and water littered ridge rock,late course in under 40 strokes,the twist being that you could do them,in any order and continue,playing on from the green of each hole,this turned this into a more puzzle-like,section that had me

Mario Golf: Super Rush Nintendo Switch Review – Is It Worth It?

[Music],hey everyone,jump for nintendo live here and today,were reviewing mario golf super rush,for nintendo switch,but these arent my thoughts and,opinions as the review was written by,thomas whitehead for nintendolife.com,and was adapted to video by me,but without further ado,camelot is a studio that has for many,years dutifully churned out mascot,sports games for nintendo,players often go back to the retro days,when pinpointing the companys best,efforts,though if you go by most recent form,mario tennis aces the studio is still,doing great work,after serving up court based action its,now time to return to the golf course,though mario golf super rush feels more,like a spiritual successor to aces than,an actual sequel to mario golf world,tour,thats fine but super rush leaves us,with some mixed feelings,when talking about any game in the,series the first task is of course to,assess,the story mode in this case the golf,adventure,this mode is the ideal starting point,and also continues the recent mini,resurgence of nintendos maze,you take your little avatar on a quest,to become a pro golfer,theres even three save slots too and,theres actually a story of sorts here,albeit one that goes from being mundane,to utterly goofy at the drop of a hat,around two thirds of the way through,theres a very sudden flipping of the,script which is more throwaway than,clever,that said we think young gamers in,particular will enjoy the silliness,and we went with it and had fun your me,starts off an accommodation thats run,by birdo,you meet up with a few rival rookies all,keen to be the next big thing,though youre typically limited to going,from a to b to complete training tasks,and challenges,theres a pleasant surprise in how,charming the world is and this is a game,that brings us back to that switch life,of buttery smooth 60fps performance in a,first party game,this is achieved courtesy of relatively,simplistic visuals undoubtedly,but chunky and colorful is perfectly,suitable for a nintendo sports game,you get free movement to explore,multiple hub areas and towns and each,one has its own distinct style,just dont miss out on the shops the,game really doesnt give you any prompts,to do this and it will help your,progress,so begins a lot of golf or varying,styles and you very rapidly start to,level up,the upgrade system is solid and,occasionally upgrading one stop by two,points will lower another by one,so theres a light amount of balancing,at play most skilled players will,ultimately build a rather impressive,all-rounder but its all well,implemented,the fact there are speed and stamina,gauges near the top is also a good clue,of this most priorities,its simple but effective enough and as,you progress there are some specialized,clothes and equipments pick up that come,into play on certain courses,the foundation blocks of adventure and,character customization are there,and though nothing special its,absolutely fine its suitable for,players of pretty much any skill level,the adventure mode becomes the ideal way,to learn about different modes and,strategies,each area and its distinct courses throw,up new ideas or environments to overcome,but we will say the second area,introduces cross-country golf,and that is downright bad the idea is,you tackle holes in any order you want,but have to navigate steep changes in,elevation,and hazards we can see the intent was,there but its just not enjoyable,and presumably the development team had,an inkling it was the weakest part of,the game because you never see the style,of golf again,so great your teeth clear it and pretend,it didnt happen,the rest of the challenges are,definitely better but you wont be,playing much chilled out golf,some progression gets repetitive as,ultimately you end up playing speed golf,and time golf,over and over again this is where the,rush part of the game kicks in,the gimmick is you run to the ball after,each shot and youre constantly keeping,an eye on the countdown,its not just about speed though as your,end score and speed goal for example is,your completion time plus 30 seconds per,shot,so finding the balance between speed and,accuracy is important,though occasionally in the story we just,wanted to play a regular round of golf,but instead youre dashing around,constantly for chunks of the experience,the adventure feels low on ideas,at first youre told to play three holes,and then another set,then a qualifying round to upgrade your,badge its understandable teaching you,courses and conditions but it lacks,creativity,and then theres the plot twist and you,learn one or two slightly more quirky,techniques and even take down a few boss,encounters,theyre pretty basic but its silly fun,by the time we wrapped up the story the,overall impression was,positive this is very beat here in terms,of polishing quality,a topic well revisit in a second but it,is endearing and a great way to learn,the mechanics,there are moments and aspects of the,experience that will raise a smile,which is mission accomplished depending,on ability,level we think adventure mode will take,players around 6 to 10 hours,you then move on to general play which,is where you experiment with the varied,roster,after finishing the story we reached a,point where army was the stronger option,than any of the actual characters,though you can own experience get the,star level up and improve their clubs,however the game falls a little flat,here the solo challenge area is where,you go about leveling up characters but,this merely consists of stroke play or,speed off rounds of courses and,nothing else there are no intriguing or,clever challenges to make things,interesting,making leveling up feel like a true,grind the lack of smart challenges,a good feature of the 3ds predecessor is,a disappointment,but there are good options if you want,to jump into some customized solo rounds,or local multiplayer,six different courses unlock as you play,through the adventure or alternatively,you can skip the story and the next,course unlocks after completing a full,round of its predecessor,standard and speed golf are featured and,whether setting up a solo or multiplayer,session you get good customization,options,in terms of how many holes you play,where you start on the course,conditions and more then theres battle,golf a quick fire new mode,this takes place across two arenas and,your goal is to complete three holes,before anyone else,you can go for any pin you want but once,a player has completed that hole,it disappears from the map this makes it,a rather amusing scramble,when you throw in each characters star,move shots and their impacts for example,knocking your ball away or transforming,into something like an egg,theres a nice element of chaotic,wackiness to the battles,but with only two courses and such short,matches its unlikely to hold your,attention for very long,nevertheless playing any of these modes,in multiplayer works really well,the game defaults to standard button,controls but there is an option for,motion controls using a joy-con,theyre well implemented and quite,intuitive the little controller is very,accurate in detecting your swing and its,power,its still far easier to do more complex,moves like applying spin and fade and,draw with the buttons,but as an alternative that gets you off,the couch the motion controls are really,fun,we also got to test the online,multiplayer to a limited degree,we had to join predetermined lobbies and,of course the servers werent under any,real strength,this may change by release but our,experience was lag free,but thats not particularly important in,multiplayer golf but youre messing each,other up with super shots and limited,environmental effects,the setup is pretty much identical to,local lobbies can also be set to friends,only and with or without passwords,you can even add in cpus to fill the,spots if you want to,if you want to play with family or,friends remotely its a very competent,option,though the communication is rather,simple the

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Is Mario Golf Super Rush Worth it in 2022?

on november 23rd 2021 nintendo tweeted,that the last free update was available,in mario golf super rush this final,update added new characters courses and,modes but does that and all this to the,game even make it worth the hefty 60,price tag thats what we want to discuss,and hopefully i can help you determine,whether or not the cost is justified,funny enough i made a video about this,subject a while back but that was before,this last free update its easy to say,that that video is just a tiny bit,outdated but this video will cover,whats been added to the game since,launch first lets talk about the,characters at launch superrush had 16,characters to choose from as well as,your me adding up to a total of 17 after,the games three free updates were given,five more characters to choose from,toadette koopa ninja shy guy and wiggler,alright alright alright so we got 22,characters total 21 if you dont count,the me option no birdo but thats okay,theyre in mario party superstars also,off topic but nintendo please give that,game free dlc okay anyways good amount,of character choices but what about the,maps and the game modes well start with,the maps at release there were six maps,in total the rookie course the bonnie,greens bridge rock lake balmy dunes wild,weather woods and bowser highlands and,since launch they have released five,maps theyre new dong city blustery,basin spiky bombs shell top sanctuary,and all-star summit with new donk city,and shell top sanctuary only be in par 3,courses with an amateur and a pro,version,they added 5 characters and 5 maps,thats a coincidence or is it no it is,its just a total coincidence and before,i go off topic i will say the overall,landscape for all-star summit looks,really stunning really love the look of,the map i dont love me stinking at it,but the way it looks 10 out of 10. i,guess you could say its a hole in one,okay ill leave now okay okay okay im,back all right weve got maps and,characters next we have game modes the,first major game mode is adventure mode,you create a me golfer and then level,them up in a campaign going through all,the original six courses its generally,pretty short and you can probably beat,it in less than 10 hours now outside of,that on release i had your classic,standard golf the lowest score wins i,will say to this day standard mode is,still the most fun they also had speed,golf where you and your opponents tee,off at the same time and race through,the course trying to sink your ball in,the hole the fastest and lastly they had,battlegolf for all players t at the same,time on an open nine whole course game,and once someone sinks their ball in the,hole the hole closes battlegolf also has,obstacles and items that can be used to,get the upper hand on your opponent i,thought battlegolf was really unique and,could be a big selling point but even,after all the free updates it only has,one map to play on it so it can get a,little old after a while i got tired,after a few games not gonna lie but,thats all the stuff they had on release,and luckily all these updates did add a,few more game modes well talk about,ranked mode first since we talked about,it in the last video ranked mode today,is still very simple and has a very,casual feel to it you play three holes,on a map in rotation and the lowest,score wins no matter how you perform you,will gain points towards a higher rank,with the highest rank being s plus but,in reality theres no incentive on,getting s plus the only incentive in,ranked is a cosmetic item that you get,for achieving a minus in one of the four,game modes and the cosmetic will change,on the first day of every month i dont,know how long theyll offer a new,cosmetic every month but so far all the,cosmetics have been nice little bonuses,but the last time i did play rank there,wasnt too many people playing you might,get stuck with cpus in the ranks game,but that could be better competition for,you who knows you could suck and thats,basically their quote unquote ranked,mode but they actually did add a few,more game modes they added a game mode,called target golf where you take turns,trying to hit a target on a course,usually all the targets are on the green,or really close to the green and if you,miss its a strike every once in a while,the ball may change to give it a little,extra challenge and then lastly they,added one on one putt this gives you one,chance to get onto the green and then,one more chance to make the putt on all,18 holes of new donk city and shell top,sanctuary and like the maps normally do,theres two different versions with pro,and amateur and then shell top sanctuary,has one special game mode if you clear,all four of them and then to make the,game a little bit easier you have 10,free retries if you mess up on one of,the holes oh yeah let me check my watch,here yeah that seems to be basically,almost all the content theyve added in,almost one year of mario golf super rush,they did add a little card on the main,menu to display medals for completing,certain tasks in the game and i was,going to try to get them all but it,turns out you dont really get anything,besides a nice little image saying you,did it if youre a completionist those,medals could be a good 50 hours maybe,more maybe less but overall the game has,added a good amount of content all for,free does it justify the 60 price tag i,cant decide for you but for me it does,i got my moneys worth on this game even,if erdos never playable i got mario,party for that i still do believe its,the best mario sports game since mario,baseball on the wii but with mario,strikers coming out in june id suggest,you save your money for that game if you,want a great mario sports game and can,only afford one nothing against golf,its just that strikers is much more fun,and has much more replayability either,way thanks for watching this mario golf,video this is my third mario golf video,on this channel and its probably 100,not probably its 100 my last mario golf,video appreciate you watching and ill,see you next time,also sub if you want i love playing,games and making videos also follow me,on twitch if you want to see me play,some games live with a great community,[Music]

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Like Golf but With Mario | Mario Golf : Super Rush REVIEW

on your tv screen hello my polo and,slacks loving friends arlo here and,today were reviewing,mario golf super rush tell me if youve,heard this one before,i have never played a game in this,series and as such,have no idea how the past games were im,as casual a player as,casual can be yes its basically the,same setup as my mario tennis aces,review,i had only ever played the first game on,virtual boy so,i was essentially coming at the series,with a fresh perspective,in that games case i felt the gameplay,was terrific,but the story mode was sorely lacking,and there was very little to do,beyond just playing multiplayer matches,going into mario golf super rush,naturally i was hoping for a more,fleshed out experience,and ill be comparing the two games here,and there during this review,so it is now time to answer the question,does this game come in under par,or did it leave me teed off lets find,out whoosh,[Music],before we cover anything else lets get,right to the real meat of the game,the golf if i had never laid eyes on a,mario golf game before,just based on the name i would assume,that the series offered a massively,simplified version of the real game,that was less about skill and more about,dumb luck and wacky power-ups and such,more along the lines of something like,mario party but im pretty impressed,with how authentic the gameplay feels,i dont know a whole lot about real golf,myself but its clear that a huge amount,of the nuance involved is represented,here,picking the right club for each shot,hitting the ball with the right amount,of power,giving the ball spin adjusting for wind,direction and speed,dealing with elevation changes and,hazards theres a lot to manage,and its actually pretty overwhelming at,first its frustrating to consistently,mess up your shots and,not really understand which element,youre not figuring out,but its also pretty darn satisfying,when you get it right,getting all your ducks in a row and,pulling off an excellent shot can make,you feel like a total pro,im also surprised and impressed by how,faithful all the terminology is,they could have easily streamlined,everything and come up with simple,layman terms that even kids could,understand,immediately but no this really is golf,its not a hit its a stroke,its not a sand pit its a bunker the,ball doesnt fly then roll,it carries then runs its not the grass,and the long grass,its the green and the fairway and the,rough and the short rough etc,i mean the games got a huge glossary of,terms it uses for any number of concepts,its another thing that can be a little,overwhelming at first but feels great to,get a handle on,i can honestly say i know a heck of a,lot more about golf now than i did,before,and i wouldnt be surprised at all if,one of nintendos goals has always been,to teach kids the finer details of golf,so they can enjoy watching and playing,the real thing with their parents,nice long bum dad conceptually golf has,always been one of my favorite sports,because of its slower,more ponderous nature its a bit like a,puzzle game where you have to,kind of stare at it for a while then,once you hit the ball you just sit back,and see where it goes,once it lands you come up with a whole,new strategy based on its location,those moments when i get to stop and,stare at the overhead view and think,about what i should do next,those are when im at my happiest,playing mario golf i think,it is a little unfortunate then that the,game very much does not agree that the,slow speed is what makes golf,interesting,most of the games modes encourage or,even require speedy playing speedgolf,seems to be the star of the show,and while it doesnt represent what i,personally like about golf,i will admit its a terrific concept im,actually surprised it took this long for,it to happen,the whole idea is that its really just,golf except instead of being purely,based on strokes its based on time,strokes add time to your clock so you,gotta try and move fast while also,playing well,youve also got to run to your ball,after each shot and you can pick up,coins and hearts to help you keep,dashing,and even try to mess up your opponents,its a fun spin that seems very suited,for multiplayer especially thanks to its,shorter matches,similarly now weve also got battle golf,here players compete to be the first to,sink three holes and they can use bombs,and banana,peels and such to mess each other up,its incredibly hectic,and super frustrating and as such,it doesnt really represent what i like,about golf at all,and yet i can very much appreciate it,its hectic,frustrating nature really just makes it,better for parties doesnt it,youll surely be shouting at each other,and smashing controllers in,pretty much every match one thing i,really appreciate is how they made,speedgolf and battlegolf separate,i could easily see them combining the,ideas into one,single new mode but instead the super,hectic stuff,really does stay in the stadium whereas,speed golf isnt so hectic that it stops,feeling like,golf its mainly just golf but faster,and scored a little differently,the end result is two very different and,uniquely enjoyable experiences and i,think the game is a lot better for it,i havent had a chance to play a ton of,multiplayer but at least from my,perspective it feels like theres a good,amount here for a group of friends to do,between the three main modes youve got,a decent amount of variety ranging from,chill to crazy based on everyones mood,there are also a decent number of,options to customize your game which is,always kind of make or break as far as,im concerned,lack of options seriously hurt mario,tennis aces in my eyes and didnt do,mario kart 8 deluxe any favors,im very pleased to see that a,multiplayer game of standard golf,is not timed which is a specific detail,i find very important its great that,four people can play standard by taking,turns with one controller and one very,fun addition,is the option to let all players take,their turns at once even when not,playing speedgolf,though it is disappointing that when,players are moving simultaneously you,can only have two players per switch,four player speed or battle golf on one,tv would be,really perfect for parties but as it is,you gotta have a second switch and tv,and all that if you want to link up,and heres another thing so you can play,against cpus which is,obviously great you want to fill out a,game or just play on your own against,some computer people there you go,but for some monumentally baffling,reason,you cant change their difficulty you,just,cant in battle golf you can give them,better clubs which,presumably makes them harder but you,cant do that in standard golf,and you know the game itself has,different levels for cpus they ramp up,in difficulty throughout the story mode,and you can even watch them as they line,up a shot,then purposefully turn and miss to make,the game easier on you which well talk,more about later,its possible theres some unspoken,rubber banding kind of adaptive,difficulty but in my experience,thus far once youre good enough to beat,the cpus the challenge is just gone,yep there it is thats what i was,waiting for,its a little thing that seriously hurts,the game for no reason,what is it with these nintendo games,that do this,i dont know if past mario golf games,have had it but its a very,simple option thats available in,basically every other game,on the planet honestly im sick of this,kind of thing,fortunately if you dont have any,friends around you can play online and,this is one of those rare instances,where im pleasantly surprised by the,online performance of a switch game,i havent played a ton but all my,matches have been,fine the tiniest bit of judder here and,there and a little harder than id like,to find a room and successfully get into,a match,but the gameplay has worked no constant,judder no,slow motion no crazy input lag not even,in battle golf,it works so thats nice alright heres,the part of the game,ive been most interested in from the,star

Mario Golf: Super Rush Nintendo Switch Review

hi guys welcome back to switch up,well things are going well here on,switch up which is very very nice,the sun is shining from behind the,clouds and uh weve got a mario golf,review for you written by our good,friend dave morris who is an absolute,mario nerd i,hope he doesnt mind me saying marios,always been willing to try his hand at,many different sports,golf is one of his more popular ones,although his last full outing was world,tour,on the 3ds in 2014 youd have to go back,to,toadstool tour on the gamecube way back,in 2003,for his last game on a home console we,now have a new mario golf game for,switch,does it score a hole in one or a triple,bogey lets find out,if youve ever played mario golf before,then you kind of know what to expect,if not its pretty simple to get into,after selecting the course and,characters you set out to sink your ball,into the hole in as few strokes as,possible you press a,to begin your shot and the meter on the,right will rise press it again to set,the power of your shot,the game will display to you how far,away the hole is and how far your ball,is going to travel depending on,how you set it on the meter you can also,press the a,or b buttons when setting the distance,to add a little bit of spin to the ball,after youve set all of these the meters,are gonna rise again and you can hold,the stick in a direction to apply,some slight curve shot to the ball there,are also various other factors to,consider,such as the strength and direction of,the wind the terrain youre standing on,this gives you a fair bit to think about,when making each shot standard golf,isnt all you can do in this game there,are a few party style modes,the first the most heavily promoted is,speedgolf,this allows all four players to take,their shots at once,and then run to their ball before taking,the next it then becomes a frantic race,to get your ball in the hole first,as the winner is the person who has the,lowest time every stroke will add 30,seconds to this,which ensures people will still plan out,their shots,and not just whack it willy-nilly in a,panic when youre a run into your ball,you can hold b to sprint this will,deplete your stamina,you can also press l to do a special,move which will cost you a chunk of this,but will give you a speed boost,forward and knock down any opponents,nearby along the way youll need to,contend with any course hazards,whether normal golf terrain such as long,grass or bunkers slowing you down,or the mario enemies that can be,scattered around the courses,you also have a power meter at the top,by your player icon,when thats filled up you can press l,while taking your shot to activate,a special shot which will land with a,bang and will have an effect on your,opponents balls if they land near them,such as turning it into an egg or,forcing a curved shot on them,the speedgolf is a fun mode and can get,competitive but when you take on the,battle golf mode,things get more frantic here youre in,an arena with nine holes spread out you,can go for whichever hole you want in,any order,but once someone gets a ball in that,hole disappears first to get to three,points wins,unlike speed golf youre not timed here,and it doesnt matter how many shots you,take,and there is a fair bit of strategy and,adaptability needed when deciding if you,want to go for a hole,out of the way where youll easily get,the point or stay with the crowd and try,and steal the points from them as well,as dealing with chain chomps and thwomps,and potential attacks from your,opponents,its a very fun mode speed golf and,battle golf can be played with two,players on the same console,or four online or across two switches,locally,the standard turn-based golf mode can be,played with four players,on the same switch with just one,controller needed which is a nice touch,so as a multiplayer experience these are,all well and good but what if youre all,on your lonesome i hear you all crying,well the game has you covered there as,all of those modes support online play,and there is also a story mode when,playing online you can choose to play,with friends or randoms you can,customize what kind of game you want in,pretty good detail if youre looking for,something,precise although youre more likely to,find a room quicker if you choose to,look for anything,in my experience playing online it can,take a while to get a game started as,people keep entering and leaving,and as the game loads up it tells you,how good their signal strength is,much like mario tennis aces i tried out,speed golf with a group that had pretty,poor signal,and the lag was unbelievable but when i,tried a battle golf with a group that,all had great signal strength it was,obviously much better the story mode has,some light rpg elements,where you explore the hub areas talk to,characters purchase golf clubs and,costumes with coins you earn and take,part in,tournaments it pretty much guides you,where to go next,each time and the challenges it lays out,does a good job in teaching you the,games mechanics,it was enjoyable to play through and,its decent in length as well,i think most people would spend over,five hours on it but it does make me sad,as there are things included in this,mode,that id love to see in the main game,one such mode is cross country which is,similar to battle mode but it takes,place on the main courses,i would have loved to have seen this,available in multiplayer hopefully in,future updates,this will be allowed overall though the,core gameplay is really,solid the golf mechanics for the,standard mode work really well and,gameplay gets,16 out of 20. controls in terms of the,button inputs are found to be,pretty flawless there are motion,controls included which both my wife and,i tried out and honestly,we couldnt really get on with them,which is a shame considering wii sports,did them so well 15 years ago on balance,though,they scored 17 out of 20.,the game being set in the mario universe,typically has that vibrant mario look to,it although given the golf course,setting it isnt the most,interesting in terms of set pieces the,characters themselves all look amazing,with some nifty costumes that sets them,all apart and some spectacular,animations for their special shots that,made me want to play as each character,in turn to see them all,instead of just sticking to my usual,favorites the soundtrack has a generally,upbeat nature to it with a lot of,trumpets blaring on bonnie greens or the,more sinister tones of bowsers,highlands there is a bit more variety,than i expected there to be with each,course being represented through the,music well,and projecting the right mood for the,setting you get your typical grunts and,cheers from the characters,and its always great to hear that,announcer shout nice shot,in these mario golf games although the,game is filled with mario characters,it doesnt quite carry the amount of,charm id expect from a mario game as,some of the courses do seem,a bit bland and lifeless and nothing,really jumps out as particularly special,on some of them,it does have some high points such as,the bowsers course but when,on the desert theme one there isnt much,to make it stand out,when they could have made it look like,the much more interesting and vibrant,sand kingdom from mario odyssey for,example,including the colorful shops and,characters on the sidelines,as far as performance goes though as,youd expect from a first party title,it runs flawlessly overall the,presentation is very good if a touch,standard it certainly carries the mario,charm through its characters and certain,courses but it is lacking,in some areas visual score 15 out of 20.,the music was a joy to listen to and it,will definitely fit in well with the,game,audio gets 17 out of 20.,mario golf super rush costs 49 pound 99,and the original equivalents are on the,screen right now,this is a standard first party nintendo,pricing but its hard to say whether it,gives you good value for money,you have six courses which is what the,original had

Mario Golf: Super Rush – Easy Allies Review

As much as Mario loves the thrill of competition, the Mario Golf series flew right past the Wii and Wii U,,taking eighteen years to land back on a home console,with Mario Golf: Super Rush.,It’s delightful to return to the wacky greens of the Mushroom Kingdom,,and there are new modes and mechanics,that make the sport faster and more frantic than ever.,But is there enough here to keep you coming back to the grounds to crunch those stats?,The roster in Super Rush is full of old friends,,some dressed better than ever for the festivities,,and you can import or create a Mii golfer,and level them up through Adventure mode.,The single-player campaign takes you through six different resorts,full of chatty characters, training tests,,side challenges, tournaments, and cameos.,You explore areas here that are exclusive to this mode,,and while the leveling system tries to balance your gains,by sometimes sacrificing points in other categories,,it’s rewarding to take your athlete from rookie to pro.,Adventure mode is surprisingly brief, however,,and your Mii levels up incredibly fast.,It’s quaint and cozy to journey from course to course, meeting other fans and golfers,,and there are a handful of epic moments, but after a day or two, it feels like time to move on.,In Super Rush’s biggest twist, Speed Golf,,you shoulder your clubs immediately after each hit and race to wherever your ball landed.,You’re naturally hindered by things like patches of rough, bunkers, and cliffs,,and you can burn stamina to sprint ahead,or spend a big chunk of it for a special dash.,One of the most tense aspects of speed golf,is that the camera doesn’t let you see the trajectory of your shot after you swing.,So you’re often running forward with,little to no idea of where your ball is going to end up.,Not only do you have to dodge trees or rampaging opponents,,but you have little time to assess your position,before you reach your ball and swing again.,Speed golf is definitely a more hectic way to play,,taking routes through courses that are often skipped,,turning them into new opportunities for strategy.,Unfortunately, it never feels like getting in an opponent’s way,really makes a difference in their score.,It’s fun to knock a competitor’s ball from where it landed,,or to stun someone as you charge through them, but,it’s much more natural to worry about your last shot and the trajectory of the next.,It’s also not very difficult when playing against computer-controlled opponents in Adventure mode,,so the pressure to perform under a strict time limit isn’t as stressful as it sounds.,Playing against AI can just get tiring after a while,as you’re constantly saving stamina to go faster,and seeing each course the hard way.,Battle Golf is the quickest and most chaotic of the modes.,It’s the best of the sequel’s new ideas and it feels distinctly “Mario.”,You race against others to sink shots on an array of greens in a large arena.,The first to 3 wins, so unlike speed golf,,you need to pay attention to what everyone else is doing.,There’s little point in rushing to crowd one green that’s almost won,,or you might want to swing a trap to throw that group of golfers off their game.,This back-and-forth between offense and defense makes it gratifying,when you start to make faster decisions and get better,,but with only two maps, the fun doesn’t last long.,Standard golf is just that;,in classic Stroke Play, the lowest score rules,,while Point Play has you seeing who can win the most holes.,You can take turns, which is recommended for casual couch co-op,,or go All-at-Once, which is the best way to play online so you don’t have to wait to take your next shot.,Standard play, speed golf, and battle golf, are all available online,,with an option to disable Mii characters to level the playing field.,Aside from the occasional person who seemingly fell asleep at their controller,,online competition is smooth, and it’s easy to see when a potential opponent has a less than ideal connection.,There is no ranking system, unfortunately, so,you never know what skill levels you’re going up against.,The challenge of finding a balanced group or a few worthy adversaries,might take a bit longer than your patience will allow.,You can check your play stats with each character,and unlock advanced sets of clubs,,but there aren’t many systems marking your progression outside of Adventure Mode.,Super Rush makes the process of setting up a brisk three-hole picnic,or an eighteen-hole tournament simple.,If all you’re looking to do is play with friends, there are hours and hours of things to see,,but the options are otherwise barebones.,Although Nintendo has teased updates in the future,,it doesn’t take long to see most of what’s here.,It’s just a question of how many times you want to return to each of the six courses,to learn from your mistakes, memorize the terrain, and sharpen your skills.,Super Rush gives you a lot of control when it comes to where you want to send each precious shot.,It may take a second to adjust, but the layout is actually much easier than in years past.,Previously, after setting the power of your shot, the second part of each shot would be judged on accuracy.,If you didn’t match the spot you hit on the shot meter, you would drift left or right.,Now the second part feels automated,,merely giving you two seconds to shape how your shot will curve.,Learning to bend your drives is fun, but it feels like the loss of discipline,results in an easier and less exciting way to play.,Additionally, you can plainly see the edges of the green on the shot meter,,and the bar naturally curves if you’re at an angle,,literally pointing you in the right direction.,You can of course set backspin and topspin,,not to mention special shots which give you a leg up or hinder your opponents.,With all these advantages, it makes things feel too easy, especially in single-player.,If you prefer motion controls, you can swing a joy-con instead, but,the option feels more like a personal preference than something that improves the game.,The six available courses are varied in style and scope.,Most of the wardrobe is on point, but,it’s a shame you can’t change colors or unlock anything else.,Although there’s more to see in the adventure mode and there are fun hazards,you’d only find in the Mushroom Kingdom,,getting through all one-hundred-and-eight holes doesn’t take as long as it sounds.,You get a real close look at the game’s textures in Speed Golf,and some of them are alarmingly bland or blurry.,For all the colorful quirkiness and mood shifts,when the weather or time-of-day changes, the environments,are a few strokes shy of par compared to other cartoony golf games.,Mario Golf: Super Rush makes a desperate shot to score a newer,,bigger audience by making the fundamentals easier, and the competition faster than ever.,The adventure mode has its own unpredictable story,,there’s a zany charm to becoming your own cart in Speed Golf,,and Battle Golf adds a level of tactics previously unseen in the typically quiet sport.,There just aren’t many ways to show these modes off,,making it a tricky investment unless you’re a dedicated pro,or always ready to hit the links with friends and family.,Final score: 7 out of 10.,Easy Allies Reviews are made possible by generous viewers just like you.,If you like what you see, check out patreon.com/easyallies to help us make more.,Join for just $1 a month to check out Mini-Game Champions,,a new eight-episode contest,in which we battle each other in various mini-games,to see who can take the crown.

Mario Golf Super Rush Review – The Final Verdict

[Music],so heres the thing,mario golf super tour is a ridiculously,fun and inventive game,and in terms of sheer mechanics probably,the best mario sports game in over a,decade,nintendo and camelot have made a game,that at its best,seriously ranks among the plumbers,sporting highs,the issue of course lies in those,qualifiers that ive used,while at its best and purely,mechanically super tour is,extremely good its the troubles that,lie elsewhere that drag the game down,and keeping it from meeting its full,potential,before we begin please consider,subscribing and enable all notifications,by clicking the bell icon,with that out of the way lets get,started,the issues are as should be obvious at,this point not anywhere in the mechanics,or how the game plays,controls are remarkably simple and,intuitive and a really comprehensive but,not overbearing onboarding system,introduces players not only to how the,game translates golf concepts,but also to those golf concepts,themselves meaning even newcomers to the,sport can easily jump in and learn the,rules,as they go along the mechanics are so,fun,that even if you have no interest in,golf youll end up having a lot of fun,with this game,a lot of that comes down to simplicity,although golf is,a nuanced and complex sport nintendos,traditional design mentality is in,making everything simple and intuitive,to the player,and that ends up making mario golfs,translation of golf mechanics really,easy to grasp,from shot power to the spin you add to,the ball from terrain,and altitude advantages to even knowing,to pick different golf clubs for,different occasions,everything ends up being extremely,simple controls are kept simple and,transparent both motion controls,and button controls are supported and,the challenge comes not in remembering a,dozen different things,but in being able to do them well,nintendo adds to this great translation,of golf with some delightful twists,each character ends up having special,abilities that they can use which can be,anything from a faster dash between,holes,to special shots and the golf courses,themselves end up getting incredibly,imaginative and out there nintendo are,arguably,the best at level design in the industry,and camelot brings some of that flair to,mario golf,with some incredibly well designed,courses that again stand independently,as great works of level design,and can help the game appeal even to,those who wouldnt have any interest in,a straightforward golf game,bringing a mario kart style of chaos to,the proceedings that can make mario golf,a delight to play as a party game or as,a more lighthearted and arcady one,there are obviously some more basic golf,courses included as well so,those who like their golf traditional,can still get that,theres a lot else that the game does,right its the first mario golf game,since the game boy advance to include a,story mode for example,online play is included and works well,and you can play with friends in private,lobbies or match make with filters that,you can use to set preferences,the many characters it includes all feel,different to play as and all feel viable,the speed golf mode is great,it is remarkable then how much it,manages to stumble,in a lot of cases attaching caveats to,its should be well-earned wins,take the story mode for example the,older handheld mario golf games,had these fleshed-out rpg story modes in,fact those story modes are why this,franchise along with mario tennis,have so many fans to begin with but much,like mario tennis aces,super rushs adventure mode is a very,thinly disguised tutorial of the,mechanics that is ultimately,unfulfilling as a single player campaign,or lets talk about the online on a,functional level,its great but it lacks basics such as a,progression or ranking system or the,ability to create or host,tournaments so we talked about how great,the courses are,and they really are but there are only,six of them which is a shockingly low,number particularly given that the,inventiveness of the courses,is the key thing that makes the game,stand out effectively this means that,the games long-term appeal,is stunted there is a story mode but,again its short and,unfulfilling there isnt online mode but,again the lack of tournaments or lobbies,means that ultimately youre simply,playing to engage with the mechanics,with other people,rather than against the cpu and when it,comes to engaging with the games,mechanics,there is a shocking lack of content so,you end up running into a sense of rote,and repetition much sooner than a game,like this should,one could point to titles such as,splatoon 2 mario kart 8,arms or even mario tennis aces that all,started out with very bare bones content,and ended up being stuffed with content,and endless hours of replayability,after many free updates theres every,reason to expect that mario golf super,tour will end up getting loads of new,courses,or characters or even game modes going,forward again mario tennis aces did,but in the here and now it makes it a,significantly harder sell for 60 dollars,its a full price game and it can often,be hard to shake the feeling that its,not quite coming up with enough to be,worth that full price,in a few months assuming good updates,sure it could be,but right now its the lack of content,which can add a significant caveat,in any recommendation for the game,particularly since there is basic,quality of life functionality missing,that can end up frustrating even what is,there,as mentioned already there is no,tournament mode online or local,other than the tournaments that you get,in the story mode there are no replays,or highlight reels,there isnt even a way to restart a game,in progress with a cpu character,something that especially stands out in,the story mode,it really is a shame because as,mentioned whats there,is incredible and if you can put up with,the repetition and basic,quality of life at least until the,updates presumably flesh things out,you end up with an incredibly fun and,inventive game that is remarkably well,designed and engaging as a traditional,golf game and as a mad dash nintendo,multiplayer one,i think that whats here makes a,compelling case for itself but its a,much harder sell than it needs to be,given the lack of content,and features to the point that i have to,exercise caution in any recommendation,for this game i do think that its,really fun,i also think however that there is a,dearth of content currently and i can,foresee,many that find it disappointing because,of that,but if you can make your piece with the,low content which again is hopefully not,going to be a factor in a few months,this will end up being a really fun game,and if youre primarily intending it for,family or party multiplayer sessions,then you will still get a lot of mileage,out of it,mario golf super tour is held back from,being as great as it could be,but even with all of the compromises it,ends up being pretty damn good,and with that we reached the end of the,video have anything to say,let us know in the comments below also,we upload new videos,every single day on gamingbolt so please,consider subscribing as it really helps,us out,thanks for watching,you

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