1. Marry Me and Why I Love Rom-Coms
  2. Marry Me reviewed by Mark Kermode
  3. Marry Me (2022) Movie Review | Jennifer Lopez
  4. A Female Superstar Decides to Marry Unknown Man From the Audience, After Her Boyfriend Cheats
  5. MARRY ME Movie Review **SPOILER ALERT**
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  7. Marry Me (2022) Movie Review

Marry Me and Why I Love Rom-Coms

[Music],whats going on everybody today were,going to be talking about a film that,was released in theaters last weekend as,well as peacock and that film was marry,me probably not the film you thought id,be talking about but i saw it in,theaters and i really want to and i,guess i want to talk about a topic that,ive never really given a lot of air,time on this channel and that is,romantic comedies usually in the past,when i reviewed a romantic comedy was,because i really didnt like it and i,felt like trashing it for some reason,i rarely ever came on here and was like,holy [ __ ] you should really go see a,romantic comedy,500 days of summer is probably my,favorite but its not even so much a,comedy as it is just like a harsh look,at romance in reality but im actually a,pretty massive fan of romantic comedies,when theyre good its not like i seek,out the hallmark channel christmas,movies or anything but when a really,good romantic comedy comes along theres,very few things that can make me feel so,unabashedly joyful as a good romantic,comedy even if its rather fanciful or,unrealistic and most of the good ones,kind of are like one of the things that,romantic comedies can get away with that,a lot of films cant in other genres is,coincidences also known as movie logic,in marry me theres a big one the plot,of the film is that a very famous pop,star played by jennifer lopez is about,to get married to another very famous,pop star in front of a crowd but she,finds out at the last second that hes,been cheating on her and so she picks,out a random person from the crowd to,marry and that person happens to be owen,wilson at first it seems like a last,minute kind of publicity stunt but as,the two get to know each other better,they realize that they actually have a,thing for each other and it might work,out this isnt the first romantic comedy,thats about someone very famous dating,someone who isnt the film notting hill,obviously has a similar plot line but,its certainly the first,larger budget romantic comedy that ive,seen in a theater in a very long time,because nowadays romantic comedies are,basically on streaming thats the only,destination that you really get for big,romantic comedies anymore and,usually the budgets have also been cut,down significantly as well and a lot of,them come and go without much fanfare,even a really good one like always be my,maybe which i really liked,you dont hear people talking about that,much they kind of just,happened i had such a blast with marry,me it made me feel extremely happy,the characters were very likable,especially owen wilson i thought him and,j.lo had amazing chemistry which is one,of the most important things to have in,a rom-com but its also an anaconda,reunion because these two were in that,incredible 1997 film starring ice cube,and jon voight as well anaconda is part,of my childhood and i will always love,that movie no matter how cheesy it is,and even though with most rom-coms you,can kind of tell what the formula will,be usually they meet in a strange way,rarely ever do romantic comedy,characters like meet normally,its always something unique they never,just kind of like meet in a bar and say,like hey man whats up you want to go on,a date oh sure yeah lets do it its,that would be kind of boring i guess i,mean its not that it hasnt happened in,movies before but generally,and the big ones theres usually,something very unique or special going,on that makes the characters meet and,you know theyll probably be a period of,tension when youre not sure if theyre,going to be together for some reason or,another doesnt necessarily mean that,rom-coms are bad i mean,people always bring that up about,rom-coms for some reason,they dont talk about that as much for,action movies,you can kind of tell the stuff thats,going to happen on those too you know,but this movie just put a giant smile on,my face and i really wanted to tell you,guys to go see it because i wish that we,got bigger romantic comedies in theaters,again i felt like i was in 2005. last,week we had jackass forever and a roland,im wreck disaster movie and now a big,rom-com in theaters i feel like its you,know the early 2000s its really nice,but i also think that people especially,men at least from my experience are sort,of trained to think that its weird to,talk about rom-coms and when i was a kid,men just called them chick flicks and i,dont even think that term is even,applicable anymore its its i dont,even know if it might even be a little,offensive because like its not like,only girls like these movies its its,stupid when i was younger i would go to,the theater by myself and i would see,romantic films all the time and i,remember my friends,would be like why are you doing that and,these are young jehovahs witness men,asking me why im seeing a romantic film,and i had this pressure all of a sudden,to explain myself its kind of like how,men are taught that crying is a weakness,youre sort of,bred,to not want to show emotion,so any films that are about emotion,unless its a war film,are off the table apparently its,probably the same reason i hesitated,before i put this britney spears shirt,on i was like do i really want to do a,britney spears shirt in this video and i,was like,[ __ ] it yeah i like britney spears i,always have why wouldnt i wear this,shirt what i really like about romantic,films is that,its one of the very few popular genres,where characters are allowed to talk for,a long time theres tons of dialogue,scenes and people just kind of get to,know each other because you want the,characters to fall in love you need to,get them to know each other and to do,that you have a lot of dialogue scenes,which is something thats,kind of taboo and big popular genre,films you usually have to intersperse,the dialogue scenes with a lot of action,or suspense or tension,rom-coms are one of the very few genres,that a lot of people like,where characters talk a lot,its really rare to find that,thats one of my favorite things about,them like one of the most underrated of,the past few years was actually chris,evans directorial debut before we go i,loved that film it was very much so,compared to like the before trilogy,which i understand because those are my,favorite romance films the before,trilogy those movies are pretty much,perfect if youve never seen him you,should i dont know what it is but its,like theres this inbred reactionary,response that people have to these kinds,of films where its its just like you,go in,in a state of this will be bad and you,can only surprise me ive had people,tell me they were surprised by this,movie,and i remember thinking like but but why,like what,what told you it was going to be bad,what was the reason that you thought,immediately upon going into the theater,this will be bad like i just want to,know like,and if you have like a legitimate reason,like i dont know most of jlos movies,arent great okay,totally acceptable,but,i just feel like we have,as like film people its like there are,certain genres that the academy,disregards the academy is like [ __ ] you,horror,comic book films most science fiction,unless youre directed by denis,villeneuve or ridley scott,but i think as film fans weve kind of,said [ __ ] you to romance movies,its the same thing its just that like,weve,we take things more seriously but,theyre still films crafted by writers,and directors and actors and when,theres a good one there is a good one,is marry me like a great rom-com [ __ ],now but i really had a good time,watching it and i would like to see more,of them and i would like to see more,discussions,about these kinds of movies because i,think that a lot of them have a lot of,merit anyway guys i appreciate you,coming to my ted talk on the state of,romantic comedies within the film,community i hope you learned something,i dont know i went so hard on this,debate about rom-coms for some reason,i i said what i said also guys in case,you missed it i recently posted a video,where i talked

Marry Me reviewed by Mark Kermode

have you ever wondered what notting hill,would be like if uh they took out julia,robertson hugh grant and put in jennifer,lopez and owen wilson uh,no no well youre going to find out,because marry me which is i should say,based on a graphic novel by john rogers,its one of those films in which you go,ah well i i never actually thought i,needed to know what that looks like but,but now i do this is a,well lets be honest i thought it was,ghastly,instagram era rom-com in which you know,a working shmo finds themselves,romantically entangled with an,international superstar who gradually,comes to realize that the working shmo,is what they want,so heres the setup,having been cheated on by her celebrity,fiancee,jlos cat valdez whos a big star has an,impromptu stage wedding planned,but then she finds out that cheety,cheety,so she says oh i know,instead of that ill just marry some,random bloke from the crowd,like owen wilson dont believe me heres,a clip you know they say if you want,something different you have to do,something different,[Music],so this time,for the first time,you make a different choice,you jump off a cliff,so high you cant even see the fall,and you just,say yes,[Music],sure,[Music],ill marry you,you,[Music],so,after that,you think well okay,so shes randomly gonna marry the guy in,the crowd who happened to be carrying a,placard which said marry me because that,was the name of the talk,then i mean what a surprise she,discovers that actually in the in the,schlubby,maths teacher,theres a certain integrity that perhaps,has been missing in the celebrity,lifestyle,so,as far as her character is concerned,theres loads of peppy puppy plastic pop,songs and character and uh you know uh,costume changes every five minutes,he on the other hand does dress down,friday dowdy,mopey,solid,maths teachery,raising a daughter and trying to pass on,all the good lessons stuff and then,i was sitting there watching it thinking,okay well i know that the standard thing,is that im not great with rom-coms and,i thought well actually thats not true,is it because i did a whole,episode of secrets of cinema wrong comes,actually the very first one we did and,theres loads of rom-coms in there that,i love and im a huge big fan of you,know richard curtis movies and im a,huge big fan of ive watched it it,happens one night the other day just,again it was brilliant and i love a,really good rom-com and,this is just rubbish and then after id,seen it i thought that was rubbish and i,came out and i said to a fellow,photographer i said that was rubbish,wasnt it yeah it was rubbish and then i,i looked up on the interweb and,discovered that the general feeling in,among the critical fraternity is its,all right you know its quite a certain,charm to it no there isnt its rubbish,there is absolutely no chemistry between,the two leads the plot is the plot makes,moonfall look really really well thought,out wow,and the kind of,the you know the the life lessons,learned and and the hugs are just,oh for heavens sake please let this,finish and stop and,the i mean the real shame of it is,jennifer lopez should have got,you know showered with awards for,hustlers um you know we were all talking,about the oscar nominations that are,coming around,uh this is this is razzys style uh as,far as im concerned i thought it was,absolutely dreadful,and,witless,and owen wilson,is just,wandering around the screen doing that,owen wilson thing you know im just just,just kind of being slightly like you,know slightly slopped shoulder and but,only about basically a decent guy and,the thing we see actually hes lloyd,grossman who who lives here hello,jennifer lopez youve just picked me out,of the crowd to marry you and i dont,know whether i should do that or go back,to teaching maths what do you think,try my mayonnaise,and that is a better line than anything,in marry me okay

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Marry Me (2022) Movie Review | Jennifer Lopez

rom-coms,you know theyre not usually the genre,of choice it takes a lot to really,why how could you do this to him what is,up quick fans welcome back to my channel,brand new romantic comedy starring,jennifer lopez and owen wilson,dont do it,wow i did it i want to say thank you to,the studio for providing an early,screening were going to talk about it,spoiler free is this one worth watching,on valentines day so music superstars,kat valdez played by jennifer lopez and,bastian are getting married before a,global audience of fans but when kat,learns seconds before her vows that,bastian has been unfaithful she decides,to marry charlie played by owen wilson a,stranger in the crowd instead so i say,this is your classic throwback romantic,comedy and youre probably sitting there,saying yeah jennifer lopez is in it i,mean how could it not be she was like,the it factor for a great rom-com back,in the day shes one of my mothers,favorite rom-com actors so uh to see her,back in the genre was really nice as,well as owen wilson who you know will do,projects like this occasionally but to,see him play a different type of leading,role still likeable still a bit of,charisma although much more subtle in,this film because he is and thats,something he believes his daughter sees,in him hes a nobody right so when he,makes this decision to say yes to her,marry me request even though hes the,one holding the sign he looks at his,daughter for a second and says you know,what lets do it lets do something,different i have to be,what i believe she believes she wants me,to be see where im thats confusing and,thus we have our standard and somewhat,conventional romantic comedy and thats,just talking about the cliches we find,ourselves hitting now thats not,necessarily a bad thing with this genre,it all really comes down to the writing,and how compelling the chemistry is,between the two actors and thats where,i want to start with i believe the,highlight of the movie the fact that,they are very good together lopez and,wilson have chemistry on screen its,subtle its not something thats going,to make you write home about say yes the,most steamy you know this is this is,ryan gosling kind of relationship here,that im feeling and im really getting,no its subtle and simplistic in this,and i use this word cute kind of way you,know youre watching this youre like oh,i i kind of feel that and at first it,doesnt really start as a romance it has,to slowly grow into something like that,no spoilers but at the start its,basically a publicity stunt its,something that she does on a whim hes,just kind of there along for the ride,saying you know what im if im going to,do it im going to do it but he,understands right the conflict doesnt,come from the event that happens at the,beginning he understands im here,because im here this happened and you,know what lets see what happens with it,when it starts to become genuinely sweet,and cute is when she,begins to get more into his personal,life because her personal life its all,over the place on social media shes,constantly being filmed theres someone,following her around with a camera the,entire movie so he knows what shes all,about but she doesnt know what hes all,about she doesnt know the relationship,between he and his daughter and a bond,that starts to form between them comes,more from his personal life and i do,like the idea of the roles somewhat,being reversed in this movie now the,movies glamorous it literally starts,with a big group of people underneath,the bright lights and thats how this,event comes about and you know most of,it is focused on her songs and her,singing and even though i understand a,big part of this movie is pushing her as,a singer and we get some performances,from her and fans of hers theyre not,going to care about this one bit so if,youre here for her just know that this,is much more of a criticism on the film,than her her music video type scenes and,there are a lot of them in this film go,on too long and they somewhat take away,from the momentum that the movie has and,it does start to feel like a movie that,is built to display her music as opposed,to giving us a well-thought-out cohesive,and well-written romantic comedy now we,get some moments we get some scenes and,it has this early 2000s cute factor,right again its not a movie that you,havent seen before weve seen it a,thousand times even though theyre,somewhat reversing the roles thats all,fine and dandy but when it starts to,focus on the things that dont matter as,much,thats when it was kind of pulling me,away from the movie i also think there,are some unnecessary things about this,movie certain characters sarah,silvermans character it wasnt,necessary to the plot i understand he,needs someone to be there with him but,her comedy did not really work for me,and there were some comedic missteps,throughout the film that did kind of,drag my enthusiasm down even during the,moments where i was going ah,its a sweet moment between the two its,silly its formulaic but you know what,at the end of the day this movie is,built to do one thing and that is have,fans of this genre fans of these actors,sitting back and going uh thats a sweet,premise and without that sweetness and,that i keep using this word cuteness,that the movie gives it wouldnt have,worked but because it has that charm,that all good rom-coms need i was,actually happy while watching i was,feeling certain moments between the two,and even though the way it plays out is,something youve seen a thousand times,you dont care because youre so,invested in that relationship and,theres a modern twist to modern spin,were dealing with social media and all,of the things that come with todays,success so i really appreciated all of,those factors and i thought for the,formulaic premise they did as nice of a,job as they could have before i give you,guys my score thanks so much for joining,me let me know what is your favorite,jennifer lopez movie down below and if,you like this video drop your thumbs up,to support this channel jennifer lopez,is once again crushing the rom-com game,in marry me and owen wilson feels like,the perfect compliment their chemistry,injects life into this formulaic and,somewhat silly premise its an easy,watch and will provide a nice experience,for fans of the genre im going a 64,with my score it is a recommendation,from me especially for fans other well,maybe only for fans of the rom-com genre,again if youre not a fan that youre,not going to get anything new from this,but,its sweet and the way it plays out is,sweet and theres a nice little message,in there which i truly appreciated so,thank you guys so much for watching let,me know what you watching this weekend,later today my death on the nile movie,review

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A Female Superstar Decides to Marry Unknown Man From the Audience, After Her Boyfriend Cheats

welcome to end recaps today i am going,to explain a 2022 romance and drama,movie called marry me,the movie begins with a famous singer,named kat valdez who is a good-hearted,woman a famous singer we can see a man,whose name is charlie gilbert he is a,high school math teacher who has a young,daughter for some reason he divorced his,wife long ago he is worried about her,daughters future and turning into a,teen from his baby girl kat valdez has a,boyfriend who is more like a player than,a keeper soon they will have a wedding,at a future concert in front of 20,million people meanwhile charlie is,telling his daughter lou that sometimes,life is not all about fun but life is,about sacrifice too but she interrupt,him saying she wanted to sleep,[Music],next morning the concert happens and,tons of people were present there,including charlie his daughter and his,friend everything was going great until,cats song stops and her fiance started,to sing the song suddenly cats artist,shockingly reveals something to her,however it is revealed that her fiance,bastin is cheating on her this was a,devastating news for her and felt like,her soul left her body she stops the,whole music system and speaks some,emotional words about her marriage until,she chooses one person to marry from the,crowd who by chance was holding a sign,called marry me it was no other than,charlie it felt like charlie could feel,her pain everyone cheer him up to go on,the stage and suddenly he was there in,front of the whole audience and the,world finally both take the vows even,though charlie looked a bit nervous he,says okay while looking deeply into,cats eyes and cat kisses him as if he,was her boyfriend right after they,started to leave while things were,heating up a bit bastin tried to stop,them but his mistake was too big to be,forgiven they talk in the car and reach,his cats house while charlie get to,know he just had become famous he was,even on the jimmy kimmel show cats,assistant comes by to cope with the,breakup she was going through and hugs,her with a warm hug while she cries next,morning kat gets to know charlie as a,maths teacher and he barely have any,friends her assistant is shocked to hear,that she wanted to actually try out a,normal relationship with the man it was,clear she really saw something in,charlie back at charlies house he is,convincing him to try out the,relationship for at least a month,however charlie was nervous about trying,it out and didnt want her daughter to,be in this mess later charlie is taken,inside cats house and meets her,awkwardly and see her making a tick-tock,video for her followers charlie did not,feel comfortable especially getting,makeup on his face he was about to,nervously go in front of the big,audience anyways he goes up there and,attends the huge public conference many,journalists ask various awkward,questions to which charlie answers all,of them beautifully and even makes,everyone laugh cat tells everyone that,their relation is a leap of faith,finally it was over and charlie leaves,until the next photo shoot paparazzi,started following him everywhere while,cat was still in deep thoughts about the,big incident that had happened at the,concert back at charlies house his,daughter lou was happy that he met kat,who she calls beautiful and intelligent,next night they play bowl where charlie,thinks that cat is a newbie at it but,she shows him that she is even better,than him which makes him laugh back at,charlies house he tells cat to skip an,episode of v-logs and spend some time,alone,relieved is this your daughter yeah cat,was optimistic about their random,marriage and they talked for quite a,while about their past their,relationship was growing bigger and,bigger every day charlie started to,listen to her songs and loved every one,of them he would go to the studio to,hear her sing live at the red carpet,cats ex-boyfriend meets her and try to,persuade her to spend time with him,however charlie cheer her up again,saying she is the most beautiful woman,ever youre the most beautiful woman,ive ever seen the phone talks were,increasing dramatically where kat would,barely let charlie be on its own been,like 13 seconds in a few days cat,surprises charlies math class to cheer,up all the students a dance class,happens between them and it was a great,day overall she also get to meet,charlies daughter lou for the first,time ever back at cats expensive,apartment she gives lou a gift suddenly,charlie talks to her privately he,assures her that in case she still,misses her ex bastion he would be happy,to leave her to the airport right now,but if youre not sure,go back to bastion arent you just,making the same mistake all over again,but if she is not sure then she should,come with him to the school dance upon,arriving at school dance the principal,of the school asked her for a signora,after doing a dance in front of cat cat,felt very normal because of charlie who,otherwise feel like a zoo animal in a,while a play happens in which cat along,with school principal participate and,everyone cheer them up charlie comes,back home along with cat and plays in,old music and starts to dance with her,this was a really romantic moment for,them and finally they kiss each other,the night was wonderful and charlie,wakes up scared that cat maybe left him,but finds her standing right beside his,bed upon her mentioning a photo of he,and his mother and tells how its been a,long time in the carnival suggesting he,misses it he challenges her to be alone,for some time which means without,dormants cooks or anyone that helps her,out with life to which she agrees she,also wanted him to change so she decided,to make charlie his own tick tock,instagram and facebook accounts to be,able to get some exposure basically,living her lifestyle for a while finally,they travel to cats house where she,breaks the door glass since she could,not open it herself yes,many things she did on her own was,really messy charlie also grew his,followers to be half a million in a week,and his students even made a website for,him,cat gives him a gift which was a,blindfold they arrive at a place which,was no other than a carnival coming,alive specially for him they once again,kiss on the wishing wheel later while,charlie was practicing his daughter the,competition suddenly bastion comes along,with his assistance they reveal how they,were nominated for the grammys which,makes cat really excited however she was,hesitant on doing another concert for,more exposure charlie talks to her,privately and suggest her to go on with,it even though his heart was breaking,inside,okay ill call you the concert finally,takes place where they both sing mary my,song together after watching it charlie,decide to go meet kat and reveal that,this might be not working while bastion,was doing his best to impress cat with,his amazing singing skills this was,devastating for kat where charlie leaves,after cheering her up a little her heart,was also left broken by this and she,sung a sad song to express her feelings,further on the other hand charlie was,missing her as well kats assistant,comes to meet charlie and offers her a,bunch of money for the service he had,given but charlie did not accepted and,moves away after suggesting him to take,care of cat do me a favor will you be,there for when she figures it all out,kat takes a look at charlie and her,kissing video before attending jimmy,kimmel show finally she was present and,realizes how big of a mistake she had,done and leaves on the spot after,revealing she wont make the same,mistakes again and again keep making the,same mistakes over and over,she finally reaches the airport but all,tickets to charlies town were sold,however her assistant manager comes and,helps her out go find your answer,upon reaching the town she meets,charlies friend parker who helps her,get a right to the math competition,charlie along with shell give you a,thousand dollars right there while lou,was standing in front of a big


[Music],thats nick,thats joseph and today were here to,talk about marry me the third film,directs by cat coiro uh which is being,released courtesy of universal february,11th 2022,how are you,im good how are you,were not together because youre in,berlin,i i am it is about uh quarter after one,a.m,so youre tired its been a long day,it has yes well probably make a video,about you in berlin uh,maybe in like three or four days,to get a mid uh,mid trip mid festival uh recap but,anyway were talking about this jennifer,lopez movie who directed it,cat coiro,the directors name is kat,yeah,because the main characters name is cat,cat valdez yeah wow,thats interesting how fortuitous yes,has this person directed other things,yeah as i said its her fourth feature,shes done a lot of television uh its,been almost a decade since shes,directed a feature i havent seen,anything previous theres a kate,bosworth title im not remembering plus,something called a case of you starring,justin long,okay the basic story of this movie is,jennifer lopez plays like a jennifer,lopez type character,shes a pop star,and shes engaged to maluma,whos also like a very popular pop star,so theyre like this power couple,and we meet them,on the eve of their,marriage which theyre going to do like,live in concert in conjunction with this,song theyve recorded together called,marry me,and literally right before this lady,hops up on the stage to get married,everyone is in like a tizzy,because a tmz type website has dropped,video footage of maluma,having an affair with jennifer lopezs,assistant well,sucking face, faith sure i dont agree that,its that serious but um but it is what,it is,so instead of like taking time to think,about it or,you know,canceling this thing and just moving on,with the concert,this lady gets on stage,and gives some weird speech about love,and then says shell marry a man in the,audience whos holding a sign saying,marry me,well she says i believe its a refrain,if you want something different you,gotta do something different so she says,a lot of like things that seem very,generic that make no sense for why shes,doing what shes about to do well the,man holding the sign is owen wilson and,hes only there because his friend slash,colleague,sarah silverman is a huge jennifer lopez,fan and she,had shes also a lesbian so she was,going to hold the marry me sign i think,what cat called as fam,so,he says yes he gets up on stage,someone like a backup dancer excuse me,officiates this marriage which is not,official official,he says he doesnt even say i do he says,like sure or something like that,and then this like media storm happens,and jlo says well i have to go through,with this or people will think im crazy,okay,so theyre together for like six weeks,okay something like that,and during that time,theyre getting to know each other its,going very well,but she ends up getting nominated for,what were told seems like a grammy,which is the first time shes been,nominated for the song she recorded with,maluma,nominated for anything for anything,which is hard to believe uh but,she uh,so she reunites with maluma but says,like,its just for work,but kind of puts owen wilson on the back,burner,but then shes doing an interview with,maluma on the jimmy fallon,whatever show,and she has this realization that this,is not the kind of love she wants,and she goes back to owen wilson the end,its very predictable very basic,i guess i guess you never knew there was,a love like this before i dont know,oh i dont think faith evan deserves to,be associated with this movie,uh sorry to this woman do you want to go,to your notes or should i,lets you know what,you usually like to start with yours so,you know,okay i thought owen wilson looked like,ellen degeneres,he does blonde hair and the way its,styled its so overly done and then he,is wearing all of the makeup theres a,scene in particular when theyre first,in bed,yes his character also makes a comment,about having to wear makeup for some,social media event and its like well,you,okay uh but yes ive often thought that,about owen wilson i would love to see,him in a new hairdo uh,if hes not reminding me of ellen,degeneres its one of those um,puppets that shows up on mr the,the mr rogers show,[Music],yes,they do make comments about his looks,at first,quite a bit like oh you picked him okay,um,and it yeah its just its like,this this beautiful woman chose,of all people this person but whatever,these people are too old to be having,this to behave to be behaving this way i,really felt like,jlo,owen wilson sarah silverman,i feel like this,cat,valdez or whatever character she,should have been like an ariana grande,it just doesnt make sense and then like,sarah silvermans acting like,a 20 year old,theyre all,this film is heavily dependent upon the,supporting players to kind of take up,the slack i i found and kind of provide,that energy that the leads arent,uh allowed to arent supposed to uh also,with michelle buteau and uh john bradley,as uh,kind of j los two right hand folks that,are,directing everything about her uh,yeah and and then even uh utkarsh,amudkar at the end is the other uh math,coach,oh right yeah like all of these notable,people hoda copy even uh,trying to,who i like,i like her but i i think we had talked,about this film before and she doesnt,seem to match kind of this,sweet saccharine tone of the film,because shes kind of a,for no,real reason except to maybe be saying,what,maybe theyre trying to say what the,audience is saying about the casting of,alan wilson like why this man but uh she,also doesnt match her employer like,jlos character is a very sweet lady,very reasonable,she is you know,back in the early 2000s a lot of jlo,features uh there were a lot of,defenders of well,a lot of these movies are dumb but at,least theyre showing this woman,working uh,in a way that we dont see women working,and roles they profess to be in like,made manhattan for instance and,ironically i find we dont really see,much of her,working per se,uh,in like yes shes singing and performing,but we dont really see a lot of the,behind the scenes work like what she has,to do her beauty regimen what she has to,do to keep this keep this you know,incredible physique uh we we do see her,doing this spot for a juicer that is,really silly and referenced um,i i think is a way to do that but to me,thats really not enough uh to explain,you know how how she is the way that she,is,i agree,so i watched this film separately from,you and i watched it with a friend of,ours and he commented,would you rather have a cheating maluma,or a faithful owen wilson,well um,maluma you know you know hes obviously,very nice to look at very talented,singer but that man might as well have,been a hologram in this movie there is,no screen presence with maluma so that,thats the other thing like,that we arent given any sense of,something is really lost here in this,moment,thats a good point yeah um,but but i i you know to my answer would,be like,if i had to choose those two or and or,be alone i would be alone you know,um,jlos character says not in in relation,they have a press conference her and,owen wilson and of course the reporters,are asking her like why would you do,something like this and she says nothing,else has worked maybe this will,i dont think thats the approach one,should have,oh and its also goes back to if you,want something different do something,different but in the bounds of you know,common,logical sense uh you know because this,the setup of this film is viciously,stupid,but,it also could have really leaned into,that and made this a really weird wonky,kind of comedy kind of it could have,been like a really great 1940s comedy,said like,the these two people start like thinking,think well this is the 30s but bringing,a baby or his girl friday you know and,these two people against all odds that,are brought together and kind of the,zany shenanigans that could possibly,happen because this film really doesnt,lean int

Jennifer Lopez Was Roasted by Jimmy in Marry Me | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

-Were here with Jennifer Lopez.,Her new movie “Marry Me” is in theaters February 11th.,And I should mention that I have a cameo in this movie.,-You do have a cameo.,-Were in a movie together. -Two cameos.,-I know. I had two cam– Pretty important scenes.,-Really important scenes.,Actually, one of the scenes was really important.,It was very emotional.,Because its one of those moments,where, like, people dont get to see,where I kind of had to, like, let down my guard, too,,where she suffers this terrible kind of public humiliation,and is on her way home.,And like the night talk show hosts do, theyre roasting her.,And shes crying on the floor in a puddle.,You know what I mean?,And its just, like, one of those moments,that people dont really think about.,You know, you dont think, “Oh, God.,Maybe theyre laughing at home. Maybe they can take a joke.”,And sometimes it just — -It just hurts.,-It just hurts. -It just hurts, yeah.,And this was the first time, like, I got to, like, do that.,Because, you know, were in show business.,We like to put our best foot forward.,Were out here. You dont need to know about our nonsense.,You just sing the song, do the dance.,We entertain. We have a good time.,But theres a human being there,,and I think this movie kind of gets into that.,And you are the talk show host whos roasting me.,[ Laughter ],-I love that I got permission to roast your character, yeah.,But I do think you are perfect for that,cause you get to see all the stuff.,And its such public stuff.,Everything you do is so public, cause youre that famous.,-Yes. -So, youre having a concert.,You have a very public breakup. -Yeah.,-And someone, being Owen Wilson, is in the crowd,and has a sign up.,-Who is so good in this movie!,Oh, my God, you will love him in this movie.,-He knows how to do it, right? He knows how to do it.,-He just grounds the whole thing.,Hes just so amazing.,He just has so much heart and soul.,Were so different.,And were supposed to be. Were supposed to be.,-Opposites attract. -Yes, yes.,-Well, basically, youre just fed up,,and someones holding a sign up at a concert, like you do.,And his says, “Marry me,” and you go, “Okay.”,-Okay. [ Laughter ],-Its like, wait, what just happened?,-Nothing else is working out.,How about this? -“Okay, Im gonna marry you.”,-Lets do it. -“You want to get married?,Lets just do it.” And hes like, “What?”,-Yeah, and it turns into a whole frenzy with social media,and everything that happens, and it gets out.,-Its a great idea. -Yeah. Its fun.,-Do you have any memorable signs,that you see when you have your concerts?,-So many. -Yeah.,-So many. I mean, I think when I first –,I went on tour pretty late in my career.,I didnt go until I was in my 40s,and I had kids and everything like that.,And so I hadnt tour for like — I dont know how many.,12 years I had been recording music,,and I had never done a proper world tour.,Id done shows, of course, here and there always.,But I remember this woman holding up this sign,and saying, “Ive been waiting 14 years.”,Oh, my God, its gonna make me cry.,She said — She said, “Ive been waiting for 14 years,to tell you that you helped me be the woman that I am today.”,I was like, “Oh, my God.”,-Thats cool, right? Thats powerful.,Because I had never toured — It was so sweet.,It was just like you dont realize,,like, your music is touching people.,You just think youre just doing this thing.,We do this thing, and you dont realize that,until you, like, tour the world and people come up to you,,and I would do the meet and greets,,and they would, you know, tell me, like –,show me tattoos of my name on their back.,And so Im like, “What is happening here?”,And it was just amazing to see it.,So that was a very memorable sign.,I always think about that.,-Im so happy youre here. Congrats on the film.,And thanks for performing tonight with Maluma.,-Yes! We perform. -I want to show everyone a clip.,Heres the clip from the movie “Marry Me.”,-Okay, now, Im guessing from the way youre holding that,that you havent done too much bowling.,-Uh, what do I do?,-Well, youre gonna want to put your fingers in the holes there.,Yeah, get your thumb in that one.,-There, that one? -Yep. And then take three steps.,Kind of you want to land on your left,,and dont be afraid to use those little –,-Strike is better than a spare, right?,-That is not your first time bowling.,-Yes! Did you get that?,-Come on! Little rope-a-dope.,-Oh, my God, I wish I put money on this,,because people are loving it. -What people?,-Oh, this is an Instagram Live feed,,and 237,000 people are like, “Why is he such a boring nerd?”,-Mel. -What? Their words, not mine.,-[ Laughs ],Its so well done and modern and cool and great direction.,The director is Kat Coiro. Unbelievable.,Congrats on this movie.,You know I love you. -Thanks.,-Jennifer Lopez, everybody.,”Marry Me” is in theaters February 11th,and streaming on Peacock.

Marry Me (2022) Movie Review

hey its almost valentines day so its,only natural that we get an onslaught of,romantic movies to watch marry me hit,theaters but is also available on,peacock and it stars jennifer lopez and,owen wilson who get married on sort of a,whim is this movie love at first sight,are you gonna want a divorce after,watching it,[Applause],music superstars kat and bastian are,getting married before a global audience,of fans but when kat learns seconds,before her vows that bastian has been,unfaithful she decides to marry a,stranger in the crowd instead so like i,said this stars j lo and owen wilson now,lopez is playing a superstar pop center,which really isnt much of a stretch but,when her fiance is discovered to have,cheated on her she decides to marry just,this random dude from the crowd at her,concert so for this to work youre going,to have to suspend a ton of disbelief,but if you do i really think that you,can have a lot of fun with his rom-com,owen wilson as charlie is low-key and,very reserved which i think is a great,contrast to jennifer lopezs cat their,lifestyles just couldnt be any more,different but i think thats also what,makes some of this so charming charlie,has to learn to loosen up a bit and take,more risks in life while cat needs to,learn to be a little more independent,and also then a little more reserved i,enjoy the chemistry between the two as,they talk joke and just get to know each,other i mean that includes getting to,know each others names i mean and this,is after theyve been married now the,comedy in this works two varying degrees,but when theyre being sweet and cutesy,thats when the humor resonates sarah,silverman also stars in this along with,john bradley and they both also bring,just some charm and wit to it now,personally im not a huge sarah,silverman fan but i liked her in this,role she was playing a great friend and,then cheerleader to charlie obviously,the situations in this are very,far-fetched and pretty unrealistic but i,overlooked it in favor of just taking in,something lighthearted now there are,some technical oddities in this that did,bother me and some of them i just really,cant even figure out why or how they,were there now a few of the sequences,where cat is performing at a concert,theyre cut and edited like were,watching a music video and i think that,would be perfectly acceptable and normal,if the performance that we were watching,was a music video but these are at a,concert so we as the audience are,viewers in the crowd just like the,thousands of other people i mean we just,get a better view of the performers,there are so many quick cuts and then,bouncing between angles that it became,distracting and i was just wishing for,some lockdown shot where i could watch,part of the performance take place now,the other oddity is with the film itself,i watch this on peacock and its,presented in a letterbox format and,there were multiple times where the,people or even backgrounds that are on,the far sides of the screen were,stretched vertically so that they looked,wildly unnatural like if a person was in,the center of the frame but then the,camera panned the character would all of,a sudden become very tall and skinny i,mean just abnormally so and this was,most evident when there will be people,on the sides of the screens as well as,people in the center of the frame the,ones in the center were all the correct,proportion but those on the sides they,were just freakishly squished and the,weirdest part about this was that it,didnt happen all the time but there was,enough that it was noticeable and then,distracting but this latter oddity it,didnt detract from any enjoyment i mean,i was just more bizarre and noticeable,than anything the progression of this is,pretty predictable and the film follows,a very safe and well used formula i mean,we know our characters will get to know,each other by spending time together,then there will be the moment that,clicks and they just fall for each other,and then there will be that moment of,great conflict where the relationship,and their future comes into question,only to be resolved later on for just,this happy ending now the story takes us,through all of these stages but there,were some times where it lingered just a,bit too long now this was done a few,times where the scenes werent really,adding anything new to the story and,they werent progressing the narrative,forward now its not like the scenes,were bad and they were blatant portions,where i was just wishing the entire,scenes would have been cut but the,overall run time did start to feel a,little long which then led me to,examining pieces of mini scenes that,could have been trimmed now aside from,the music video s cuts of the concert,scenes the bizarre screen wonkiness and,even the length i loved how positive,this movie was even in the midst of a,part of the story dealing with,infidelity its all handled in a pretty,upbeat manner i know thats probably,very unrealistic but i appreciated that,the overall tone of the story remains,sweet and hopeful and there are even a,few powerful self-confidence,affirmations that are passed along to,characters which i think just endeared,me even more to the leads so overall i,enjoyed marry me for the optimistic,rom-com that it is the movie doesnt,pretend to be anything other than a,feel-good love story and thats exactly,what we get jennifer lopez is fun to,watch on screen and its even better,that we get to hear her sing i mean she,creates a character that can be,pretentious and stuck up but instead,shes a pretty down-to-earth person,whos looking for a meaningful and,lasting relationship owen wilson is,reserved but hes fun his dry humor is,always present but never overbearing and,he has really good chemistry with,jennifer lopez the two make a convincing,couple that we want to root for the,entire time and despite the run time,going on just a bit too long and some,editing that felt more at home in a,music video than in a film the story,while its very predictable and then,even unbelievable for the majority of it,is cheerful romantic and its fun to,watch theres no sex or nudity or,violence but there is some profanity i,give marry me three and a half out of,five couches are you watching any,rom-coms for valentines day if so what,are you watching let me know in the,comments below if you enjoyed this,review please give it a like also dont,forget to share and subscribe im chris,this is movies and munchies thanks for,couching with me

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