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Marshall Emberton Review

[Music],whats up guys jesse here so most of us,at this point have heard about marshall,but if you havent theyre known for,making some really good guitar amps,but recently theyve been getting into,the bluetooth speaker market,but kind of bringing that retro rock,aesthetic to it and this,is their most recent release the,marshall emberton,and this is their first attempt at a,small rugged bluetooth speaker,and im definitely a little bit late to,the game here but i guess,better late than never so lets see how,this stacks up to the competition,especially seeing how saturated this,segment is,and i think a great place to start will,be with a design,and build so overall this speaker is,essentially the size,and weight of a brick not saying thats,a bad thing just kind of giving you some,imagery,it weighs about one and a half pounds,which isnt too bad but is definitely,heavier than i would expect from a,speaker of this size but that density,definitely adds to the feeling that this,thing is,quality and well made the four sides of,the speaker have this very rugged and,grippy rubber that will definitely help,with impact protection,on top weve got the bluetooth pairing,button this red light bar that shows you,how much battery is left in the speaker,which i think looks really cool,and in the middle weve got a joystick,for volume and media control which is,actually one of my favorite parts of the,speaker,a lot of other speakers also have media,controls on the body of the speaker,but a lot of the time theyre usually,just kind of small and hard to press and,hard to find without looking but this,is big gold shiny and extremely easy and,satisfying to use,and these little circles that theyve,milled out on the button are really,grippy which just makes it that much,nicer,on the front and back of the speaker,there are metal speaker grilles with the,iconic marshall logo,on the front overall im a pretty big,fan of the design of this speaker,i just feel like a lot of bluetooth,speakers nowadays look the exact same,but marshall is bringing something,different to the table and i really like,it,the only thing i kind of wish that they,did though was add like a loop or a,strap of some sort just because,its kind of awkward to carry this,around especially if you have other,things to carry as well,also features wise its pretty sparse,theres no app that goes along with it,which im actually perfectly fine with,because theyre honestly,usually garbage and they just clutter up,the phone the joystick like i said,earlier just controls media and one of,the things that i thought was pretty,cool that marshall did that they didnt,really have to do,was when you use the media controls like,skipping songs or whatever,theyll play guitar riffs like usually,with other speakers,youll just have like a random little,beep or something like that but with the,marshall,you get a really cool guitar sound when,you turn it on skip songs or anything,like that,and i just think it really adds to that,whole rocker aesthetic that this thing,is going for and,i think its pretty rad,[Music],[Music],now speaking of powering this thing on,you have to hold down the power button,for about three seconds before it,actually turns on,which i just really wish that they,didnt do this is just kind of one of my,pet peeves with bluetooth speakers but i,really prefer the ones where you can,just press the button and not have to,wait there for a few seconds,and i know its only like three seconds,but i just feel like every time i have,to turn it on it just kind of ruins the,momentum of whatever im doing and i,know it helps stop this thing from,accidentally turning on while its in a,bag or something like that but,it just still annoys me anyways,connections wise this thing has,bluetooth 5.0 and i havent had any,issues with dropped connections or,anything like that,and audio delay is also pretty much,non-existent as well so if youre,watching anything with dialogue the,words will match up with the mouth,movements so you dont have to worry,about that,battery life is rated for 20 hours of,continuous playback and recharges via,usbc its three hours for a full charge,or you can charge this thing for 20,minutes and get,5 hours of play time nothing exceptional,here but,its good enough its also ipx7 water,resistant which means 1 meter of,submersion for up to 30 minutes,which is pretty standard but its really,nice to know that you can use this as a,shower speaker or use it outside without,having to worry about it getting rained,on so yeah thats pretty much it as far,as features go on this thing but,i mean they got all the important ones,and as long as this thing still sounds,good,it can still be a winner so how does it,sound for a speaker of this size,really good as far as hardware goes,weve got two,2-inch 10 watt full range drivers with,two passive radiators that produce a,maximum sound pressure of 87 decibels at,1 meter,which for max volume is nothing too,special youre not going to be throwing,any parties with this thing,but again keeping in mind the size its,not bad at all what really impressed me,about the speaker though was the amount,of bass that you can get in a package,this small,and ive checked out a lot of bluetooth,speakers in my day and this one,really impressed me and if youre,sitting close enough to the speaker you,can actually kind of start to feel that,deep,sub bass in your chest which i have,never felt from a speaker of this size,so it does have that nice like boomy,quality to it but,i will say though that it is kind of,lacking that punchiness that a lot of,people might be looking for like on some,of those harder base hits you can,definitely feel that the speaker is,struggling a little bit,now the bass definitely does leak into,the mids a little bit and muddy them up,but its reasonably well controlled and,vocals while,not crystal clear are still pleasant to,listen to,the high end is a little recessed as,well but again nothing too atrocious,also im sure marshall did this on,purpose but anything with guitars in it,electric or acoustic sounds really good,on the speaker,also the sound is advertised as being,360 degrees but you may look at it and,ask how thats possible because,theres a grille on the front and a,grille on the back but nothing on the,two sides,and i will say though that if youre,facing the grill head on thats where,youre gonna get the best sound but,its actually surprisingly good at,projecting the sound to the sides as,well,and you dont lose too much so overall,what do i think about the speaker,i really like it even though i dont own,any other marshall products or play,guitar ive always really liked the,marshall aesthetic,and not a lot of other companies are,really doing anything like they are,and you can really tell that in the,speaker they really went the extra mile,everywhere that they could to keep that,marshall brand feeling,like everything from the design to the,sound really plays towards that goal,im not gonna keep it though just cause,without a loop or a strap or anything,like that i find it very hard to imagine,a way that this can fit into the way,that i use bluetooth speakers,but if you dont need one though i think,this is actually one of the best,portable bluetooth speakers out there,especially for the price anyways thats,it for this one let me know what you,guys thought in the comment section,down below remember to smash that like,button and if you enjoy content like,this think about subscribing and hitting,the bell so you dont miss anything,as always thank you so much for watching,and ill catch you guys,in the next one peace,[Music],so,[Music],you

Marshall Emberton Portable Speaker Test & Review (VS JBL, Bose & UE)

hi guys its jonathan from smart home,sounds a home audio retailer,and we make content like this so youre,able to make a more informed purchase,decision on your next audio purchase,and we offer a 30-day money-back,guarantee so you can get your money back,if its not right for you,today ive got the all-new marshall,emberton in my hands and this is,probably the most portable speaker on,our website,im going to be telling you everything,you need to know about it putting it to,the test by,dropping it in water and doing a sound,test and answering the question,as always is it worth the 129 pound,price tag,so lets get into the video,now the name marshall may be familiar to,you as their amplifiers and loudspeakers,have commonly been used in live,performances on stage from the worlds,most renowned musicians,and theyve been around since the 1960s,more recently theyve moved into the,wireless speaker category,and consequently into the portable,speaker category with their stockwell 2,kilburn 2 and tufton models while these,speakers can be used outside even when,its raining,the emberton is their most portable,bluetooth speaker with the highest,weatherproof rating of them all,at ipx7 and also their smallest and,lightest,weighing in at only 0.7 kilograms right,out of the box the emberton will fit in,the palm of your hand as its only 16,centimeters in width,so itll fit into a rucksack or suitcase,no problems at all,and id probably say its about the same,weight as a bottle of water lets say,so lets take a closer look at it it,retains the same vintage and retro look,and feel from marshall,with the prominent marshall logo on the,front and this solid metal grille,that features both on the front and the,back as the speaker uses a unique form,of multi-directional sound,which marshall are calling true,stereophonic so your audio can be heard,from 360 degrees,ill come back to this a bit later on on,the top youve got a slightly updated,layout so youve got the,bluetooth button on the top and the very,handy battery life indicator here,whats new is this brass effect control,knob which can do a variety of things,such as turning the speaker on and off,skipping tracks playing or pausing and,changing the volume its got a really,nice quality feel to it as well,the build quality on the rest of the,speaker is definitely a step up from,many other portable speakers,albeit at a slightly more premium price,point in the other martial portable,speakers you cant play pause or skip,tracks on the speaker itself,however with the emberton you dont get,the bass and treble controls that you,get on the larger portable and home,speaker models from marshall,we can forgive marshall for this as we,agree the ability to control music,quickly such as resuming or pausing,music,is more important than bass or treble,customizers particularly in a portable,speaker,on the side youve got the usbc input,for charging the battery which is the,most up-to-date method of charging,now speaking of battery you get an,impressive 20 hour battery life on this,speaker,which is up there with the best battery,life weve seen on a portable speaker,it also boasts a quick charge feature so,you can charge it for 20 minutes,and this will give you five hours of,battery life or a three hour charge will,give it full battery,now weve been using this emberton over,the last couple of days in the office,and its comfortably hit that 20 hour,battery life when playing music at,medium levels,playing it at lower volumes also,sustains the battery life for even,longer,now in terms of control the emberton,supports the highest standard of,bluetooth currently available which is,5.0,and it gives a good range of around 30,feet or 10 meters,marshall also let you pair up to two,devices at a time which they call,multi-host functionality so,you and a friend can control the speaker,from your devices at any one time,which could be a good or a bad thing,depending on whether your music tastes,the same,bluetooth is the only method of,controlling the speaker which is very,simple to use,but some people might have liked a 3.5,millimeter jack like on their other,portable speakers such as the stockwell,2.,now as this is a fully portable speaker,it comes with a high weatherproof rating,at ipx7,which means it can be submerged in water,levels up to 1 meter deep for up to 30,minutes,so if you drop it in the pool it wont,be affected but youve got 30 minutes to,rescue it,it can be rained on or you can have a,drink spilt on it and your music wont,stop we wanted to put this to the test,ourselves so lets do this now,so now for the waterproof test as you,can see weve got a,tub of water here its not quite a meter,deep but were just going to leave this,in the submersed in the water for about,half an hour whilst its still,um powered on and playing music and see,if its able to still play,once we come back to it,[Music],oh,[Music],so the time has gone off im going to,take it out now,give it a little dry its still playing,[Music],and its still playing absolutely fine,so its definitely past,our waterproof test i would say that,this does feel nice and durable and it,will be a good speaker for on the go,taking on holiday pool or garden parties,or bringing music to a barbecue for,example so the most important question,of them all,how does the emberton sound ill play a,couple of tracks for you now so you can,get an idea of sound quality,weve got it indoors as its easier to,record the audio otherwise we would have,filmed it outside,so ive got a recorder in my hands now,so we can test the the audio quality,were going to be using tracks from,soundry so lets see what you think,i love you,[Music],oh your mind is a ghost,[Music],[Music],so from that sound test id say that it,retains the same warm and vibrant,signature sound that martial are known,and love for,and it gives out a sound well beyond its,small size as it is a stereo speaker on,its own,its got surprisingly punchy bass but,this is not the standout characteristic,and this is more comparable with its,competitors in this department,the mids and the highs shine and where,we think it excels is at full volume,because it doesnt actually distort,which means you can listen to it loud,from a small form factor,the vocals are clear and every lyric can,be heard with ease,its multi-directional sound feature is,also a great selling point of this,speaker,and in our testing it could be heard,from most angles almost as clearly as,listening from the front,which is ideal in outdoor spaces when a,group of people might be surrounding it,although as it doesnt have speakers on,the sides here im not sure id call it,a full 360 degree sound,it does sound good though from all,angles and it will fill a space but i do,still think it sounds noticeably better,from the front than it does if youre,sat to the side of it,we know one of your main questions is,going to be is your 129 pounds being,well spent on this speaker,weve got some of the main competitors,to do a comparison for you,so this obviously isnt an extensive,list weve just picked a couple of,uh of our favorites ill also just add,that a few of these arent the most,up-to-date versions,but weve made the best of what we have,in the office and most models are very,similar sound wise,so were going to cover the main,differences in price waterproof rating,battery life and sound performance now,we know there is a lot of choice when it,comes to portable speakers and for us,ultimate ears are the benchmark in this,market so here weve got the ue boom 2,but there is a newer version available,the boom 3 which offers an,updated design better features and its,slightly louder compared with this boom,2.,the boom 3 offers 15 hours of battery,and it has an rrp of 129 pounds,so we have the wonderboom but the,wonderboom 2 offers slightly better,performance a 13 hour battery life and,an rrp of 89.99,here weve got a competitor from,marshall themselves the stockwell 2,which offers the same battery life as,the emberton 20 hours,but it

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Marshall Emberton Bluetooth Speaker Review and Teardown

hello guys this is shaq from shaqs,hacks and today im going to review the,marshall emberton,right so well switch it on to start,with,[Music],so as you can see it looks great from,the top the battery indicator is,gorgeous,and then the multifunction button is,also looking great there,nice finish on the front,and the back,right so what im gonna do here in this,video that you cant find in other,videos is im gonna tear it down so we,can have a look inside and also play,some music while looking at the speaker,right so we start off by,removing the shell,[Music],which just feels like rubber easy to,remove shall i say,and thats it,okay theres a few screws at the top,there,and the grilles,are held by clips here so im going to,try and remove that,so the best way i,noticed is to actually,lift up this first pin here on the right,and then not to go to every pin and lift,them separately is basically just to,put a prying tool here and lift it up,that way you wont break break the clips,theyre very very,fragile,and now uh there is the speaker inside,its looking great to be honest,okay well just remove the back now same,way,you just pull it towards you like that,and thats it,okay thats the mesh,and the grill in the front,and as you can see its just,symmetrical,its the same from the front and back,now it does look like a lovely design,and i love the way it looks,however,i dont actually like this um,this idea,uh its because when i play music i,usually just sit in front of it,um or,in a party,you intend to want the sound to be,360 degrees,and not just front and back very very,bizarre design if you know the reason,for this i dont mind you,commenting down on the video down below,lets play some music now and look at,the speaker and see how it vibrates and,reacts to sound,its now searching for,the,other device,see how quick it comes up excellent,thats just,very fast,connected using sbc,okay lets find a song to play,[Music],so,[Music],right okay so im uh im gonna put the,volume up actually and lets play it,louder the maximum,[Music],all right now lets play some bassy,music and see how the speaker reacts to,that,[Music],righty okay so now were gonna go to the,full tear down so im just gonna open up,the front speakers back speakers and the,top panel here so we can have a look,closer,right so i located this star-shaped bit,here for the screwdriver,okay excellent,its sealed with a reusable,rubber,membrane excellent,i like that,at least its not just some um,permanent glue,like some others do,okay same with the other one,take it you cant remove this one,but you can this one can you,im not sure what these crews i feel,we will find,out right lets play some music and see,how horrible these are gonna sound,[Music],oh nice,wow look at that okay so ive,ive managed to remove the battery,connector but just bear in mind i want,to have to be very delicate with it when,youre pulling it out very be very,careful,and you will need to put a screwdriver,here or there or something sharp,because there are two clips here holding,it,and if you dont do that uh when you,when you pull this out the cables will,actually get detached from,this plastic connector here here,and one there,you can pause and,zoom in if you like,thats the,duck arm,the next bit is this one here and this,is the top controller,this is just the bluetooth aerial lets,just go to disconnect that,this is just the controller like we said,and its connected with lots of pins,here,okay so the last bit were gonna get to,is the battery,so the battery is right behind the,back radiator,okay theres the battery,this power on as it is,do,im finished with this month line and,showing the speakers showing every,component,now im gonna do im gonna put them all,back in reverse,oh yeah it goes this way,cool,and now slowly were gonna bend the,cable back inside there and look out for,two things this connector here that,connector there and this pin here,plastic pin here to make sure that the,board is in place,okay,that looks okay to me so just gonna put,this cruise,im gonna put this cruise back,two four six,okay everything is tight and in place,now we can put this um,now we can put this,drive,actually didnt take a picture of the,drive so there it is,sorry the driver,so here is a,look at the driver,it also goes in only one way so,the terminals here and there is a slit,here so thats where it goes,and because the driver at the bottom has,a seal,an anti-vibration ring,the screws dont have the rings remember,that,okay just gonna tighten up,obviously not too much,this connection here has to go first,before the main board does,okay so i had to undo the board,put the bluetooth cable,back in,push this one in first,and then,from the top just carefully and slowly,the board back in thats well connect,it to the top,here goes to the last screw on the board,righty okay now,now the top screws,just wanted to highlight that there,theres some screws that are longer than,other by just a little bit,so,what im going to use is the smaller,ones,right at this point its always a good,idea to check that the speaker is,powering on,which is,you dont hear a sound because the,speakers are not connected yet,so well turn that off,that way we know that everythings,blocked in as it should,okay so i connected the hex screws back,in just tighten them up now,they are the ones with the without the,white ring,dont worry which one goes where there,the connectors are only one size,so theyre not going to fit on the other,place,this brings me to a thought are these,left and right speakers if it is why is,it one at the back one of the front,or if its a mono speaker,then,why why dont you have them both in the,front left and right instead,all right so these two beautiful magnets,gonna sit against each other,and they have a shock absorbency on the,back of one of them,[Music],lets just,play a,song ive got something to say you,should hear it oh,im happy to make time for your feelings,but you have to admit,[Music],as you can see everything just sounds,good one way to find out if youre,if this isnt moving these passive,radiators if theyre not moving,it means the air is not uh tight,the box is not sealed so youre just,tightening up the screws,okay now,to the grilles so,[Music],just need to put the front,[Music],hello come on,listen to me,[Music],[Music],lets just break it down,[Music],is,[Music],attention,[Music],right before i say goodbye to you guys,theres one more thing to try i wanted,to know if the front and back drivers,are actually left and right,so for that im gonna play um,a tone that would send me that so bear,with me a second,so thats the video i just played and,while listening to this speaker,surprise surprise er it was a just a,mono sound so,this driver was doing exactly the same,thing what this one doing,okay so guys thank you very much for,watching this video all the way to the,end if you like the video please press,like if you want to see more of these,videos please subscribe and ill see you,in another one bye

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Marshall Emberton 2 Review – Best Portable Speaker? With Sound Test

here i have the marshalls new emberton,2 so lets talk about the sound quality,battery life features and everything you,need to know before buying this speaker,hey whats up my name is shivam and,before getting to the video if you want,to find the best deals on this speaker,you can head to the first link in the,description below so recently martial,decided to update their whole lineup of,speakers like stan moore 3 verbum 3 act,on 3 new villain and the emerton 2. so i,was very excited to check those out so i,bought the both villain and emberton too,for today we are going to cover the,ambition 2 only if you want to check out,the villain you can do that from the top,right corner also if these videos get,like 1000 likes i will definitely review,the stanmore 3 and their other products,but here is the retail box lets open it,up,so inside the box the first thing we get,is the user manual then we have star of,the show speaker itself and down there,we have a usbc charging cable,lets unwrap the speaker,[Music],whoa this looks premium i mean it feels,like a top notch product the texture is,really good and yeah thats what you,expect when you buy marshall we have all,the controls at the top and the most,appealing thing of this device is this,brass d-pad controller so this helps in,controlling the media playback like,holding it down turns the speaker on or,off pressing it once play pause the,track up and down is volume and left and,right is the next and previous tracks if,you hold the left and right it will seek,the track along with that we also get a,bluetooth pair button which can be used,to pair new devices and for enabling,stacking mode now to check the battery,percentage we have a battery level meter,on the right and it is very detailed,there are 10 divisions so we know the,exact amount of battery left in the,speaker one suggestion i have is they,could also show volume on this meter,like displaying for a few seconds while,the volume is being changed now for,charging thankfully we have a usb type-c,port on the right of the speaker talking,about the battery it has unknown amount,of battery image i wasnt able to find,it but the device comes with fast,charging capabilities like if you charge,it for 20 minutes it will last for four,hours a full charge takes about three,hours with 5 volt 3m charger and then it,lasts for a freaking 30 hours it is,insane i mean for the speaker of this,size the battery life is quite awesome,now if you dont have a 5 volt 3m,charger then i will leave some down,below in the description overall the,device is very compact like the size,doesnt bother you while traveling its,not that convenient to put this in your,pocket but you can definitely put that,into your backpack or your side bag i,dont know but if the size is a major,concern for you then you should go with,villain which is a pocket sized speaker,and talking about the weight of the,speaker it feels very dense i mean its,700 grams and it feels like a robust,device it has leather like texture,wrapped all around that is made out of,rubber but it doesnt make it feel very,cheap by any means front and back we,have metal grille with marshall logo on,the front overall it makes the device,like a very premium and top of the line,product also it is protected with ip67,water rating so water splashes rain,wont be a problem but do not submerge,this into water as it wont be able to,handle that also just dont do stupid,things with these devices you poured,your hard earned money on this so,respect it now this smartphone is packed,with tons of features like we get,bluetooth 5.1 with dual pairing so you,and your partner can connect your phone,and at the same time you can play the,songs turn by turn it also has a decent,bluetooth range of 10 meters and i have,tested it myself it works way over than,10 meters so yeah thats great another,amazing feature we get on the emerton 2,and all the marshall speaker is the,dedicated app although the rating is,very bad but still you can download that,from play store or app store or when,youre setting it up for the first time,it will ask you to download in the app,you can customize the sound like you can,use the presets it also enables us to,get over the air updates so we can,update our speaker last but not least we,also get stack mode so if you have two,emitters then what you can do is connect,them together and enjoy louder and,stereo sound now there are a couple of,features that are missing from this,device,first there is no aux input i know its,not that ubiquitous but these days i,mean still some older devices they could,offer that second there is no microphone,unlike villain where you get a,microphone to take calls here you dont,get that i know its a turn down first,for a lot of people even myself i would,prefer an inbuilt mic so if that is a,must thing for you then you should go,with the villain and as there is no mic,that means there is no voice assistant,on the speaker,yeah so those were all the features now,lets talk about the most important,aspect of any audio device especially,when youre balling with so much money,on this speaker and that is the sound,quality so before going further lets do,a quick sound test so that we can have a,foundation of what to talk about now,this sound test wont be as close as,what you will get to listen to in a real,life experience because there are so,many things to so many aspects that is,affecting and deteriorating the sound,quality like the mic that im using the,room that im recording and the,headphones you are using to listen to,this test etc etc so take it with a,grain of salt lets do that lets turn,it on so we are connected so right now,it is on the marshalls default eq lets,take a listen,[Music],thats quite loud,[Music],so this is,lets change,[Music],so we are back,[Music],heres to the good days,[Applause],[Music],just wanna make it stop,[Music],its,[Music],[Music],i wake up,[Music],i dont know where are,[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Music],that was some serious sound test i felt,like my money was wisely spent great,thing about the amber 102 is that it has,dual 10 watt driver and dual base,radiator and they have like a pair of,driver and radiator on the front one,pair on the back and what martial has,cleverly done is they have programmed,the speaker in such a way to produce the,left channel audio in front of the,speaker and the right channel from the,from the back driver and the bass,radiators are active all the time so,what it does it produces very wide sound,and covers full range of frequency also,it gives a very nice separation and 360,degree sound experience i mean sound,wise its phenomenal if you want,something that has best sound then you,should definitely go for it also if you,are considering to buy the villain the,suggestion would be to try to stretch,your budget and go with the emberton too,as it has better bass and louder than,the villain if size an inbuilt mic is,not an issue because the price,difference is 50 dollars so if you can,wait a month to save some money or maybe,you can just hold your breath for a few,more minutes in front of your parents,then you must go with the ambition too,but even if you get the villain you are,not making any kind of mistake its one,of the best speaker in this price range,so if you cant buy the emerton go with,the villain links are down below now for,all my indian bhaiya urbano martial,emident 2 is for 17 500 rupees and,villainous for 10 000 rupees so my,suggestion would be if you want a,premium and best sounding speakers no,compromises then go with the emerton 2,eyes closed and if your budget is 10 000,rupees then you should go with the,villain i wont suggest you to stretch,like 7500 rupees because thats a lot of,money even for me jumping from 10 000 to,17 500 rupees for a speaker is not that,easy and its not like you are,compromising too much on the sound,villain is still one of the best and,premium sounding speaker respective to,its price and far better than other,competitors in t

Marshall Emberton II Review! Compared to Marshall Emberton Original

hey everybody its danny and today,marshall emberton came out with their,marshall emberton 2,so,im really curious uh to see whats,different about it so come check it out,with me,[Music],standard marshall foam got the emberton,probably some cables,um,free silica gel for you guys who love,silica gels,voila,so here we have the marshall emberton 2,and the marshall emberton one they weigh,about the same,battery life is considerably different,youre looking at 20 hours on the,original and 30 hours on the brand new,one which is insane i dont know,how they pack all that into there on a,20-minute charge for the original you,can get up to five hours of play time,only four hours of play time on the,brand new one the brand new one has,bluetooth 5.1 versus 5.0,the old emberton was ipx7 and the new,one is ipx67 which just basically means,that it can also handle dust while being,waterproof as far as loudness is,concerned and frequencies uh theyre,both 60 to 20 000 hertz uh audio,frequency,87 decibels at one meter for both of,them is what theyre rated at so they,should be pretty much about the same,but this is where this uh new emberton,really pulls ahead with its features you,can now pair your marshall importance,with other new marshall embertons so,thats huge a lot of people have been,requesting pairing so now they finally,brought that what they didnt bring,though is it still has no microphone so,comparing this to like the bose flex or,other speakers that are popular theres,no microphone still so i know a lot of,you are requesting that maybe thatll,come in a later generation one other big,difference youre going to find between,these two and i dont usually use the,apps very often but the original,marshall umberton you cant use the app,with or not to my knowledge whereas the,two automatically syncs up with the,marshall app and it has different eq,settings so thats kind of huge the fact,that you can actually change the,equalization,i didnt see any custom settings but,i will play those different eq settings,on the actual music test so,lets take a listen and see what they,sound like,[Music],[Music],[Music],oh,[Music],leave the winter,on the ground,ill wake up lonely,silence,in the bedroom,all around,touch,my impression,they sound pretty similar overall like,just the the when you have this one on,marshall sound and and the original just,doing its sound they sound pretty,similar and the song i chose was,actually pretty challenging because it,had a lot of mid-range tones to it and,high shimmery things along with the bass,so its actually a very difficult sound,for these tiny speakers to emulate,they did as good as they could,because these are generally the same,price getting the marshall emberton 2 is,pretty much a no-brainer,for the stack feature that it has where,you can play with other speakers the,better battery life and also,being able to equalize the sound is huge,so it definitely differentiates itself,quite a bit for that reason,in terms of sound quality difference,theyre pretty close the equalization,though will make the emerton 2,definitely stand out,especially if youre using like the,not the push mode but the um the voice,mode on here for like uh podcast,listening this could be incredible or if,youre watching tv or something this,would also be really good,in that regard i wouldnt necessarily,challenge you to,swap out the old one for the new one,unless you really really love the sound,and you just want to tweak it with the,equalize the equalizer otherwise you,know youre going to be able to use them,for about the same purpose,i hope that was helpful to you um if you,like what im doing leave a,a thing in the comments just tell me,whats going on if you want to,buy a mug ive got them for sale down,there theyve got me with a bunch of,speakers in my cat clovis,if you made to the end of the video,thank you so much for watching i really,like making these its fun speakers are,cool and they sound cool and you get to,listen to music so thanks so much i will,see you later bye

Marshall Emberton Review – One of the best yet!

recently within the last couple weeks,Marshall headphones released the EM,Burton bluetooth speaker and being kind,of a fan of sound industries and the,Marshall speakers that they make I,figured it was worth trying to check it,out and compare it to the Marshall,kilburn 2 and the stockwell 2 so first,of all lets talk about build quality,before were going to sound I love the,way most all Marshall speakers feel,sound and are constructed and these are,all pretty nice though I would hand it,to the stock well to that thats,probably the best-looking of the bunch,just like the gold and the little handle,I also that like gold felt underneath is,just beautiful,and those knobs are great and the,kilburn 2 is really pretty lets get,that weird blue plasticky pleather,material but it doesnt feel like,plastic and then youve got the amber,tin which its honestly kind of the,ugliest one of the bunch,to be honest doesnt have much styling,but honestly after reviewing it I found,that its actually the most functional,one of all the new gold interface button,they put on there allows you to,fast-forward pause control turn up and,down your volume directly on the device,versus having to go in your phone which,is a huge pain in the butt especially if,youre like at a party you dont want to,be the person with the phone that has,total control I mean I guess that could,be a good thing if youre playing good,music but what if youre not playing,good music and people want to turn it,off anyways lets talk about the other,thing waterproofing the M Burton has an,IP X rating of 7 which is like you can,put it under like a meter of water for,up to 30 minutes so you want to take a,bath with it you can do that the,stockwell has an IP X of 4 and the,kilburn has like a 2 so not quite as,much and it probably is kind of,expensive to make these things,waterproof not gonna lie,gaskets and stuff are not cheap all,right lets do sound quality now so I,actually had two setups an interior,sound check and then an exterior sound,check and then at the end Ill give you,my own subjective opinion about which I,think is better,[Music],[Music],yep so youre hearing it theyre the M,Burton and the Stockwell are both at,full volume and then the Kilburn and the,r alice are turned down like 70 percent,the M Burton Tamiya started sounding,quite a bit clearer than the others a,lot less muddy okay Im gonna try these,all out god thats loud,[Music],[Music],[Music],it sounds amazing,you dont need anything else for a,portable speakers are just fun,[Music],it sounds more booming,this is to be expected,[Music],yeah this is nice,[Music],that play sounds a lot funnier,scrambled eggs,[Music],thats my weakness,thats at max volumes,[Music],the basis,or together,[Music],that sounds terrible Oh God sorry thats,my initial reaction it just says it,sounds awful compared to the rest of,them its all looks its just its just,paltry comparison it was just not,pushing up enough volume,[Music],just,its definitely got a much brighter,minute mid to high frequency but doesnt,sound bad like it sounds pretty good,[Music],or as small as that is just and just a,better speaker,[Music],Singh has got a ton of sound,[Music],one thing I will say about the ember,ttan its one flaw as this when you turn,it on it makes this really cringey noise,[Music],after playing all the speakers inside,and outside Id have to say I think the,M Burton is probably the best buy for,the size it sounds significantly better,than the stock well – honestly the,Kilburn – doesnt sound quite as good as,the rayless or Alice which I dont even,know if they make it anymore but its,from the same sound industries I think,it has sometimes a little bit better,bass in certain areas but overall its,just not us together,sounds a bit clumsier so Id say for,looks Stockwell and the Kilburn – are,probably your best looking speakers but,in terms of quality of sound the M,Burton and the rayless are probably the,best so worth 150 bucks yeah its,definitely definitely like seems like a,road worthy companion and it sounds good,like the music seems to retain most of,its like really good qualities yeah,youre not getting it quite as much bass,is like these bigger guys but I dont,know I just it seems to translate the,music in a way that is pleasing to me,and like seems accurate and I feel like,I can really hear whats going on when,it sounds muddy like the Kilburn does or,the especially this they stock well – it,just doesnt really do it for me just I,dont know its all looks I wish it,sounded as good as it looked because,then it would sound amazing but honestly,the M Burton has it beat so some quick,gripes about the other speakers the,stock well it doesnt actually start,playing music until you pump it up to,about 8 everything below the volume of 8,is like dead silent and its only till,you get to 8 and above that it actually,like sounds loud enough and just barely,at that hey thanks for watching I hope,you enjoyed that so go out and buy one I,guess,cool thanks for watching

Marshall Emberton – This Speaker Just Killed The JBL Flip 5

yo whats up everybody its your boy,floss back again with another video,and today were going to take a look at,the marshall emberton,portable bluetooth speaker now you can,pick this one up online ill throw the,link up in the description,the price on this one 130 bucks,that comes in three different colors you,got black cream,and forest green now i usually wait to,the end of the video to let you know how,i feel about a product,but today im gonna do something a,little bit different im going on record,right now,and saying that this is my new favorite,portable bluetooth speaker,of this size now before that it was the,jbl flip 5.,now the jbl flip 5 does have two,advantages over the speaker,number one the jbl has a little bit more,bass,and number two you can pair two jbls,together for stereo sound,now with the marshall this one does have,a better signature sound,this one has almost double the battery,life alright so the jbl is 12 hours,this one is 20 hours and the looks all,right,the looks is night and day the jbl looks,like a pair of nike sweatpants and a,t-shirt,something you put on your bike the,marshall looks like a versace,three-piece suit,alright something you put in your office,alright the looks its night and day,all right so lets go through the,features real quick first things first,shout out to white shoes back in the,building,calm down all right here we go,marshall amberton portable bluetooth,speaker like i said comes in three,different colors,im gonna show you all three okay lets,go through the features emberton,is a compact portable speaker with the,loud rich and vibrant sound,only marshall can deliver with 20 hours,plus of play time,you can enjoy multi-directional spirit,sound for hours on end,weighing in at just 0.7 kilograms thats,1.5 pounds,for your cats in the usa this,lightweight speaker is tough and,resilient,boasting a durable design that features,an ipx7,water resistant rating okay so you got,signature sound,now like i said the jbl is a little bit,more bass heavy,this one has a bright vibrant lively,sound,i like crispy highs crispy mids and it,does have a decent bass line,all right youre getting 20 hours of,play time now on a side note,you got fast charge so 20 minutes of,charge will give you five hours worth of,play time,this is ipx7 water resistant you got,multi-directional control knob,which is kind of sick im gonna show you,how that looks in a minute this is a,portable speaker,with bluetooth 5 connectivity let me,grab a little unboxing knife we got the,mardi gras today here we go i shoes,i need you to watch some whiskers one,more,okay here we go now lets see what you,get in the box,okay est 1962 all right so marshall been,around for a minute,okay so inside you got a little filler,now of course,youve got your usual books and [ __ ],pluck them follow them to the side,this is your speaker got a little poison,for the trolls let me go ahead and fight,fire like into my pocket and heres the,speaker,now one thing that i love about marshall,speakers,this has that classic design now take a,look,heres the jbl flip five like i said,this looks like something you put on,your bike,look at the difference in the look,department,okay so the marshall has the metal,speaker grille in the front,with that iconic marshall and script,okay on the top you got your bluetooth,pairing button,this is your multifunctional knob so you,can skip and reverse tracks,raise or lower the volume play and pause,your music you got a nice battery led,indicator,which does look sick this is usb type-c,charging slot,silicone all the way around the speaker,metal speaker grille in the back,omnidirectional speakers so you can have,it from the front or the back on the,bottom,big rubber stopper thats going to keep,it in place,and thats pretty much it now let me do,the smell test on this real quick,this one smells like rock and roll all,right for some reason when you see this,classic marshall logo,you just think about rock and roll music,alright old school style,i love the look on this now again i,cant stress this enough,the jbl flip 5 used to be my favorite,speaker but look at the difference,okay you got a nice desktop setup you,got a nice office a nice game room a,nice lounge,which one you think is gonna look better,on that table not to mention,look at the button placement its way,better on the marshall,again the only benefits to buying the,jbl flip 5,over to marshall would be if you want a,little bit more bass,or you want to pair two of these,together for stereo sound other than,that,the marshall wins in every department,now let me show you the other colors,real quick,all right so heres the cream version,now the whole speakers cream except for,the bronze color speaker grill,on both sides the marshall logo is kind,of in brass or bronze,whichever way you want to call it same,thing bronze color speaker button on the,top,this one looks so classy,now heres the black and on the side,note you can get black,with the bronze color marshall logo or,with the white color logo,okay all black bronze color button on,the top,extra classy on this one alright so,heres your three different colors,all right so now lets power up the,speaker and pair it up,youre gonna hold down the button on the,top,[Music],look at that led indicator for the,battery that looks real sexy,if you notice its automatically in,bluetooth pairing mode but if you had it,connected to a different speaker,you just hold that down itll start,flashing and its gonna be impairing,okay lets grab a phone okay we got,emberton,hit connect just like,that ready to rock and roll,all right so lets grab some music all,right now make sure you got your,headphones on,or make sure youre watching this video,on a quality system this is one of my,favorite test songs,because it has a nice mix of highs mids,and bass,here we go max volume,[Music],okay thats volume up heres volume down,heres playing pause,lets skip to the next song,[Music],lets get max volume,[Music],[Applause],my,[Applause],[Music],okay now i cant stress this enough,the clarity on this speaker alright this,is the marshall signature sound,it sounds so bright and vibrant i love,it i know this video is not doing it,justice,just like any other bluetooth speaker,youre gonna have to really hear it in,person,all right now youre just gonna have to,take my word for it this is my favorite,portable bluetooth speaker,of this size now just for comparisons,sake,im gonna play the jbl flip five side by,side with this and let you hear the,difference,all right so i got the jbl flip five on,the left and the marshall edmonton on,the right,now i got them both paired up to android,phones same song,same volume now like i said the jbl has,a little bit more bass,see if you can hear it for yourself but,the marshall has better highs,better mids and i think its a little,bit louder lets start off with the jbl,now the side note this is my nephew song,non-copyrighted music,check it out,[Music],i got a question for you how many times,you knew,[Music],you think ill do something special for,you but i wouldnt do nothing special,unless its for you,not to think about it and i cant sleep,at night when i think about it,okay now heres the marshall,[Music],okay now like i said the jbl has a,little bit more bass,but the marshall has better highs and,mids and it just sounds more vibrant,alright i like the sound signature,better now im gonna start the song over,again,listen closely heres the jbl,[Music],and i cant sleep at night when i think,about it,[Music],with silly options mathematics okay now,heres the marshall,[Music],[Music],and i cant sleep at night when i think,about it these [ __ ] think they got,[Music],with silly options,all right now i forgot i was shooting,the video back here im back here vibing,like i said now if you like bass heavy,music,the jbl has a little bit more bass but,if you listen to rock and roll,classic pop music techno and you want a,more vibrant sound,go with the marshall again looks,when it comes to th

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