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Master Of None, Season 3 Review: An Absolute Drag | HFE

anyway aziz ansari master of none this,is probably the biggest thing,on our podcast i dont know why but now,were here,i dont know if you guys watch the show,i didnt finish this the,the season okay my first thought is,i dont blame you,thats my first thought i do not blame,you for not finishing,because i think its bad i absolutely,hated this,i hated everything about it huh,why um well it kind of,one whatd you say is erics just a,hater,one one im just a hater but also,it kind of it kind of goes back to what,you and i argued about,when we were talking about jenna ortega,and how,your side was well they dont switch it,up,they kind of keep it the same,you might actually like this because,its so,far from what master of none,is that its almost ridiculous for me,its not even its it shouldnt even,have the name master of none its a,completely different,show its completely different,genre uh i dont even consider it,a comedy um,you know it has its moments or whatever,but,i i i dont know if youve ever seen the,show easy,but um i think jake has weve had this i,am,theres a show easy and not that uh they,have,like actual actors in the show but what,they do,for every episode is they have they it,it almost feels like when,theyre shooting a scene they just have,bullet points,and then the actors kind of just go,through,go with the flow and they they they kind,of just,make up their own lines and i feel like,thats what this was,going for but they didnt they didnt,hit that mark at all,because they tried to be they try to,show like,how a relationship truly is and its,just like youre just watching them hang,out for like two episodes,and yeah i didnt really enjoy that like,at first i was like oh this is,i like stuff like this where you kind of,just like,enjoying what these people are doing but,it it became very,it just dragged a lot at some point i,was like,its almost there theyre theyre trying,so hard without actually trying,and it just bothered me,its just a joke saying we should write,our own show based on the exact same,thing called difficult,and then make it actually work better,see i think i think thanks jake,was it on hbo right i uh,i agree with you though eric not really,like in a way where i went into it not,expecting the show to be the same,like i went into it as a different show,because i knew he wasnt going to be in,it,so i was kind of expecting it so i,actually,enjoy it but i can see where youre,coming from,like i i enjoy when a comedic series or,a comedic show,does like a serious episode every now,and then because it kind of,it it it like grounds you and,its interesting because its not all,like fun and games but this is just,straight depressing for like five,episodes,like no i,i get it like i obviously im the most,depressing person of all time yeah but,i have a question for you do you think,it was done on purpose because i do,i dont think i dont like remember how,we were in getting into this is a season,sorry like directorial debut basically,no i know hes directed before,but its like him stepping away and,being,the runner of the show you know what im,saying i,i see what hes trying to fix like hes,trying to branch out and do something,different i get it,but i dont i think it was a miss like i,like aziz,his part in the show you know was kind,of probably the only time i laughed even,though i mean it wasnt like very jokey,but,and then it kind of just turns because,him and his girlfriend are fighting and,its like oh like theyre trying to,show you know hes trying to show off,his not not his acting skills but his,hes just chuckles like hes trying to,show off the drama factor,yeah um and i just,also lena waist just doesnt do it for,me the other girl,im not sure by that because it doesnt,sound like a great way to leave it,doesnt do it for me im sorry you know,what,yeah i you know what bothered me a lot i,will say,is why is my internet connection,unstable what ive got,you know what bothered me a lot it was,the,visual aspect of it you didnt like the,43,different well i did notice before three,and i was gonna save it,yes im not watching it was it wasnt,four three,the whole all five episodes were away,the way that they visually tell like the,cinematography does not match the story,that theyre trying to tell so jake they,do this thing,where they film it in 403 well yeah but,also,but it switches its a still camera like,the camera doesnt move in any of the,any of the scenes its just the cameras,placed they they run through the scene,but i mean i was also thinking they,probably should shot this during covid,so maybe it was like super small crew,kind of thing yeah,but theres also i think they were,trying to give you the real life feel to,it too because,it was also like there was also moments,where it was like dead,silent and it was just nothing happening,like they were just sitting there,for like a solid three minutes i like,stuff like that,but maybe in like horror movies where,youre just kind of like watching these,people,live their lives and then you see,something in the background and its not,like a jump scare you just see it and,youre like holy does anybody else,see that,yeah its a good way in that scenario to,like lay down a little bit of,suspenseful groundwork,right watching this little thing and,noticing details,yeah i cant imagine it working for like,almost anything else,i mean okay so the idea was we have,these silent moments to show off like,this is kind of what it is to be in a,relationship like youre going to have,these,these silent moments and then it cuts to,them like dancing around and just,playing around but its,like you kind of feel the awkwardness in,this relationship,and its,i i and then they fast forward you know,five,episodes later this is after they break,up so lena weith and her girlfriend they,break up,and five episodes later sorry jess if,you didnt get that far,no um,the girlfriend has trouble having a baby,and,has a miscarriage and she basically,they both go there they go their,separate ways i think they i believe,they both get married,and have kids of their own um lena,adopts or yeah i dont know im sorry,and were gonna get killed in the,comments for that yeah um, kale bro did we get,no we didnt get killed in the com we,got killed whatever anyway um,yeah so it does this it does this jump,where they,are now not together theyre both now,cheating on their respective others,and theyre more comfortable with each,other now,than they were when they were in a,relationship because they didnt have,that pressure,and i i enjoyed that part because i feel,like thats,thats a real all week long to be in an,affair i always wanted to be an affair,i mean i technically was a side piece,but i havent read all of that but i,dont think ive ever,i ive never been its interesting,i dont know i dont know how to feel,but anyway,i mean you get all you get all the it,would have been,brilliant if you just started crying,right there i would have this is,the best podcast moment weve ever had,we just,the the eric sees ansaris thing because,it makes them feel too uncomfortable,its too much okay so thats what they,try to thats what they try to go for,because so theres this like aziz comes,in with his girlfriend hes like very,jokey and then it turns into like his,girlfriend,basically on him shes like you,never you never became what you said you,were going to do and he kind of does the,same thing hes like bro you didnt you,didnt do anything that you said you,were gonna do,i feel like that could have been a lot,more emotional,but like aziz is good but i dont think,he was,dramatic good i dont think he i i think,what he want he wanted to do the will,smith,thing where you do those dramatic scenes,and it nails you and thats not,thats not what happened with this,at all i think it would have been they,would have undercut it,a lot but it would have been very funny,if for those dramatic scenes especially,like for relationship dramatic scenes,just going back to uh,what the was that movie called with,ad

Master of None Presents: Moments in Love – Season 3 Netflix Series Review

oh so no one wants to talk about master,of none,okay i mean its different nah,well talk about it,[Music],all right welcome to taste take if,youre new here i do spoil the free,movie and tv reviews,give you a little background just let,you know if i think its worth checking,out or not,if thats something youre into go and,hit that subscribe button for your boy,for my regular taste takers lets see if,you should treat yourself with this one,get it i say treat yourself and its,with disease ugh,never mind moments in love is the third,season of the award-winning netflix show,master of none the first season of,master of nine came to netflix back in,2015,and the second season ended back in 2017,so,weve been waiting on this third season,for a while now this season is more of a,departure from seasons one and two,because it doesnt star,azizs character dev as the lead instead,it puts his ease behind the camera as,director,and lena waste character denise as the,star of the show you do get a cameo or,two from aziz but its a really short,stint in whats,already a very short season im sure a,lot of people would assume that this,four-year delay since the last season,has to do with azizs alleged scandal,during the mewtwo movement but,this third season was already understood,to be years away not to mention that,aziz has already been back on the scene,doing stand-up work since 2018.,honestly and im not trying to get,canceled here and i know usually if you,say,im not trying to get counsel here what,youre about to say theyll probably,cancel you,but its just kind of sad to think that,his career was almost ruined,because what he understood to be a bad,date and misunderstanding,turned out to be a sexual assault,accusation in the height of the mewtwo,movement,then this guy immediately comes forward,and not only does he apologize,but he also recognizes that this could,be a good thing for men,to be mindful of their next encounters i,think thats a good thing,not like its good that this girl felt,bad about this but,its good that now someone could think,twice its all about reading verbal cues,this dude probably doesnt know how to,you know but like i said just because,his accusation came at the height of the,mewtwo movement,no matter what happens his names gonna,have an asterisk behind it and no ones,gonna care,to learn the details of this story hes,just gonna be lumped in with,the rest of them theyre gonna think,hes harvey weinstein its not right,but theres enough about that lena waith,has been a writer on this show for a,while now and she actually became the,first african-american woman,to win an emmy for television comedy,writing that was for the thanksgiving,episode you guys should remember that if,youre,fans of the show ma,im gay,you what im gay,ive always been gay,but im still the same person,im still your daughter people try to,give lean away a hard time,because they accuse her of making,nothing but black trauma porn,i mean i dont really see it like that,but this is the world that we live in,she made queen and slim,a movie about a black couple on the run,from the police and people were upset,that they didnt get away,that seemed pretty realistic to me i,dont i dont know what,what they want i dont know in my,opinion i dont think shes purposely,trying to spark up ptsd in black people,but alas,shes writing again here so essentially,the band is back together just,playing a much different tune this third,season was shot in 16 millimeter film,over in london during the pandemi,and all five episodes are available,right now on netflix,all right platan master of none moments,in love follows the love story,of denise and her wife alicia theyre,sharing this life together in upstate,new york,denise is a new york times bestselling,author and alicia is into antiques,and is looking to start her own shop no,spoilers of course but you see them go,through their ups and downs,living this new life outside of new york,city and dealing with denises newfound,success,being her mid to late 30s felicia wants,to start a family now,and denise wants to focus on writing her,next book so where do we go from here,and now we got a series thats much,different,than the other ones so whats my take,this got to be one of the most different,seasons of a show,thats supposed to be the same show in,tv history,okay so you know how we aint get a new,rihanna album since anti in 2016,and everybody complaining right well,this season of master of none,is kind of like if rihanna came back,tomorrow but with a country album,some people will riot some people will,boycott,but i reckon that there are some people,who respect her art,and her vision that would give it a,chance and see that its actually a,pretty smooth groove,thats pretty much how i feel about,season three,thats my take if you only watch master,of none for dev,or the big city story lines and jokes,then you could skip this one but if,youve been a fan of what aziz nasari,and alan yang have been creating since,their parks and rec days,i would say give it a chance im not,gonna cap and tell that i dont watch,master of none for aziz so im,definitely not gonna sit here and act,like i wasnt disappointed to hear that,he was taking a backseat this season,but i was patient and i gave it a chance,and i was happy with the end result,and patient is the freaking word of the,day you have to be,very patient with this show im talking,about like three minutes,of watching them dance and fold laundry,with no dialogue type of patience,like,like you gotta be patient its,intentional though the early episodes of,the show was dev in his twenties,dating all over new york city chasing,his dreams of being an actor,here were dealing with the mid to late,30s lifes catching up to everyone its,not all fun and games anymore,alan yang actually described the first,two seasons as the obama seasons,and you can see that its all hopeful,and stuff the time thats passed since,then and now has been exhausting to say,the least and you could feel that with,the show,my biggest criticism of the season is in,lena waste acting as denise i never,really liked the resin actor,i mean like the lines are always good,but they always came across,as lines does that make zero sense when,youre seeing them,its like okay like i know this is for,television,its no beef i think her writing is,really good its just something about,the performance it just,comes off a little forced i dont know,static but for whatever lena weight,lacks in acting chops,her co-star naomi aki makes up in spades,she has to be in the running for future,emmys for her performance here i dont,think ive seen her before but,she understands the assignment overall,its some pretty heavy topics they cover,and i like that if centered around a,black queer couple,but it wasnt about that but rather some,issues that could happen,just because they are that its stuff,that we dont get to see on tv too often,but it also doesnt come across as some,political statement its a fine line but,i think they did it well last thing ill,touch on here is how it shot it looks,like,it could be a movie nothing netflix,budget about it at all,it actually looks like it could be in a,film festival and like win awards itll,probably remind people of malcolm and,marie because,a lot of similarities that was centered,around one couple,it was shot very well but what i liked,way more about master of none,is that it wasnt just fighting malcolm,and marie,was like 12 rounds of heavyweight,championship,verbal boxing it was exhausting i felt,like i was fighting,like i felt like after i finished that,movie i had to apologize to somebody i,didnt even do anything wrong,here in moments of love you just get to,see more flavors of the relationship,not just fighting like who wants to,watch,that much fighting zendaya im obsessed,with you,that has not changed im gonna give,master of none moments in love,four stars a lot of people are gonna go,into this,and either not give it a chance or call,it boring,because theyre

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Why Master of None Season 3 Is So Strange

this one time you read something and you,gave me,a bunch of notes that i did not,necessarily agree with he didnt i,respected them,did nothing to take them so anyway it,was like after that you know because we,just,we were tight for about a good three,days and then we just decided you know,what lets just keep the church at stake,im not gonna tell you what antiques to,buy,youre not gonna tell me how to develop,my characters and well just be,at peace and happy hi everyone im dom,griffin im a film critic and youre,watching the armchair auteur,this is an ongoing video series i do,where we talk about new movies old,movies screenplay analysis television,reviews that sort of thing so,if you like movies and movie adjacent,pop culture and lets see somebody pick,those things apart,please consider subscribing today im,going to be reviewing the long-awaited,third season of aziz anzaris tv series,master of none,which now no longer stars aziz anzari,this third season subtitled moments in,love actually follows lena waits,character denise from the show,as a main character it is an interesting,show for a number of reasons so were,just gonna get right into it we havent,had new episodes of master of none in,four years,when the second season ended on a,cliffhanger with azizs character dev,and his engaged love interest francesca,sharing a bed,her without her ring up to this point,master of none had been just like,every other vanity vehicle from a,comedian who likes arthouse movies,it was a thinly veiled autobiography,borrowing from woody allen who was,borrowing from eric romer,taking turns doing more broad accessible,comedy and the occasional diversion,into drama that funny men always get,over-praised for,it was honestly a pretty enjoyable show,half-hour episodes light enough to binge,but not too empty calorie wise,and it suited diseases strengths as a,performer its not like he was an,incredible actor or anything,but he had created a show where he could,play himself do some gags and then slip,into a lower register for the more,dramatic moments like louis c.k and,literally every other comedian who has,seen annie hall before him,in the ensuing years azizan interviews,insisted the delay in the third season,was because he had said all he had to,say about his,late 20s and early 30s and needed to do,some more living to mind for new story,material,but then that babe.com article hit and,threw a bit of a wrench into the image,and brand he curated for himself,so aziz started pivoting his stand up to,the red states and became another in a,long line of funny men,decrying cancel culture instead of,engaging with any meaningful criticism,now that third season is finally here,and uh its not really a third season of,master of none,its barely even a television series,aziz directed all five episodes and,shows up as dev twice,but the show is shifted to be about lena,whites denise a supporting character,from the first two seasons who was a,real breakout,particularly in the thanksgiving episode,her and aziz won so many awards for,following denise instead of dev would be,a smart and interesting decision for the,show as a way to distance the series,from azizs pr troubles,even if everyone involved insists thats,not why they did it it would be,a good way to capitalize on lenas,growing star power and make up for the,fact that they probably ran the shows,initial ideas into the ground,and wouldnt have anything new for dev,to do anyway all of that would honestly,be fine,if the show even remotely resembled what,came before it,shot entirely on grainy 16 millimeter,and a 4×3 aspect ratio moments in love,feels like its own spin-off project,thats related to master of none,tangentially at best yes dev does show,up and yes lena,is playing denise but this version of,denise is so,different from the character of the,first two seasons that it may as well be,a new character entirely denise is now a,new york times bestselling author living,with her wife alicia played by naomi aki,in a charming house upstate,shes working on a second book and they,appear to be living in domestic bliss,that is until dev and his partner show,up not francesca,and we find out theyve been living with,his parents because his acting career,didnt pan,out um yeah i mean,i guess i didnt mention it because uh i,mean,whatever yeah were just there for a,couple months,it is mighty cozy the four of us living,in that little house,i dont know maybe you should ask your,parents theyre obviously not spending,money on their tiny house oh my god will,you stop saying they have a tiny house,your parents are very wealthy and your,frame of reference for house size is,really off,and by the way we stayed at their place,the palatial estate in chicago and you,know what happened they asked us to,leave,so yeah my parents house is smaller but,their hearts are bigger up to this point,in the first episode the shows pacing,and structure is so deliberate and,stilted,long takes detached compositions but,once dev and his girl begin awkwardly,arguing the show briefly comes alive,before their conflict poisons denise and,alicias status quo,bringing to the fore all the repressed,issues theyd been ignoring,every time a couple argues in front of,us you think its contagious,im fine im fine okay and now your,voice is going up eight octaves,i dont believe you i have to get into,some spoilers about the show,because there is so little to the show,that to discuss it without plot,specifics would be,really strange so youve been warned so,in very quick order the show shifts to,them deciding to have a baby,against denises true inner wishes with,the help of a friend,then that pregnancy ending in a,miscarriage the duo cheating on each,other and getting divorced,so its basically an episode of them,being together and complacent,an episode where everything falls apart,an episode of denises fallout,an episode of alicias fallout and then,a finale set in the future where theyre,both remarried but are having an affair,with one another,a genuinely fascinating episode even if,it doesnt fully work the problem with,this show,is that its not necessarily bad per se,i mean it is really boring and sparsely,humorous and,pretty pretentious but if this was a,little streamlined theres enough,material here,for a pretty interesting standalone,feature film something in no way related,to master of none that would probably,work better as a story,instead it feels like this vestigial,tale everyone involved is pretending is,not the result of azizs cue rating,shift,master of none at its best worked as a,pretty light and charming series,exploring the complex world of modern,dating and pursuing a creative career,it had its drawbacks for sure as its,second season did devolve a little too,far into that woody allen brand of,artistic indulgence,but it had things that made it master of,none specifically being focused so,closely around azizs particular style,and interests honestly if they decided,to pivot the entire show in denises,direction but kept it with the same tone,and scope of her thanksgiving episode,i think this would be a lot of fun,overall as that remains one of the best,episodes in the original series,hey nikki what is your username on there,nipples and toes 23.,nipples a and d toes so nipples,and toes nipples and,toes but instead it becomes this,glacially paced and nerfed little,experiment this doesnt feel like master,of none or even a tv series,but the first draft of the screenplay,aziz and lena kicked around during,quarantine and then filmed for netflix,to end whatever obligations the streamer,had for the series,dont get me wrong its a watchable,experience theres a handful of scenes,that work pretty well,like having episode two open with a long,take of denise eating a cheeseburger,while jessie norman saying jay tavo on,the radio to show that shes keeping her,meat eating from her vegan wife,or how hollowed out and pathetic the,house looks as its in the process of,being sold post-divorce,a far cry from the ov

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Master of None Season 3 Review

its my dog,the most recent season of master of none,amazing i love love love love love,that we got to see a highly acclaimed,show,highlight an african-american lesbian,couple,that is such a dynamic that we do not,see okay,and i i dont for those of you who dont,know me that way i am not homosexual,but still i can appreciate the narrative,okay,so this season really focused on lena,weith and her partner,and the point in their life where lena,weight has gotten some her character i,forgot her characters name,has gotten some acclaim and its just,like got a lot of pressure writing her,next book deal,and her girlfriend or her actually was,her wife,um was kind of just like going through a,career change and was,kind of painted early on in their,relationship as her accessory,basically you know cook dinner for her,you know was her supporter we do see,aziz ansari in one episode and we,see how aziz ansaris character and his,girlfriend their relationship has,evolved and how,they got disconnected lena and aziz um,from not staying in touch and this,happens in so many,friendships right you know maybe some of,you identify you get a little bit of,success,you lose touch with some of those people,who really held you down while you were,in the grind okay,um and that was definitely highlighted,here of how much they werent telling,each other and these were friends that,grew up together who,really knew each other from like,young ages like teenagers what i love,most about this season,was the way it was done okay,like there werent too many cutaways,a lot of these scenes were just like the,camera is just,locked in on the two of them having,these conversations,showing the body movement showing the,pauses feeling that awkwardness,that you feel in tension,uh written conversations you know when,you are in a relationship and its,tough and you as a viewer feel that,heaviness,and just having the camera just feel,like a bystander,thats what i felt was so lovely about,the season of master of none,it was all about the script and it was,all about,the relationship it wasnt too much,about,how pretty it was it wasnt about,costumes it wasnt about i mean it was,you know but it was really it felt,so raw you know what i mean and it also,again is a narrative that,isnt explored too much in hollywood,seeing an african-american lesbian,couple,what was interesting was um how,basically they cheated on each other,and then that was the beginning of the,end,not even that was really the end the,beginning of the end was the miscarriage,which is another topic in itself but i,really do want to talk about the,miscarriage for a moment,i dont think that theres been anything,that really,showed the process of a miscarriage as,well as this season of master of none,because weve seen it in different,series or whatever as,a woman who wants to carry and the,difficulty but like this series really,took us through the steps of seeing her,having to give herself a shot,seeing her break down in the nurses,room seeing her break down,in the lobby seeing her break down in,front of her partner for losing the baby,initially and what that feels like,and it was just so,on point of what this type of couple,goes through especially at that age,bracket,when its not just as easy for you to,just,lets try again number one weve got two,weve got two vaginas thats step number,one okay we need,we need to get another body part up in,there to try having have sperm,uh um tested,and it just felt like,wow all of this like you,really have to want to bear,children to go through this excruciating,process,now im going to tell you something i,respect any woman who decides to do that,for herself,but me personally just me personally,if i feel like it is taking,that much effort into,bearing a child i really am just going,to take that as,its really just not for me because she,went through a lot she,she went through so much to try to,conceive and,she had the miscarriage at first then,she tried again it didnt happen and,bang,thousands of dollars not to mention the,thousands of dollars youre gonna spend,on this kid once is here,just to get the child can you imagine,im still trying to pay off my student,loans okay,again i respect any woman who has gone,through that process,i just personally dont think that i,am brave enough i dont think im brave,enough i would i,really personally and ive ive said,this to different friends um,of mine that i am more likely to adopt,if i ever get to a point where,im just like ah i dont think i could,bear kids and whatever,im more likely to adopt than i am to,try to,get my body in a place where i can bear,children,i am just going to accept the natural,law of things,you know and having to do all of that,is such a deep emotional process that,you have to be so resilient as a woman,okay so resilient,and i love in this series where shes,like were gonna get this done you know,why,because im a bad are you a bad, and shes having to gas up the,doctor but thats how it is though cause,its like,if both of yall are gonna do it you,have to believe you have to believe in,the process,you have to believe that youre a bad, that your doctors a bad,are yall gonna be two bad, getting this done,now what i thought was interesting i,thought was interesting when they,actually reconnected but now,theyre cheating on their other partners,back in the house where everything all,started,i was like isnt that funny you know how,they went through all that,and really it it almost feels like the,child was the issue its like okay now,that the child is here its grown and,lena weight has her own child now and,and shes kind of accepted some things,in her life now gone back to work at a,company and not working for herself,and all the stuff and just life happened,for them you know but now they still,really,miss each other it just really painted,all of the shades of grey,in a relationship anybody out there who,thinks relationships should be black and,white,theyre not and they never will be,relationships have,a lot of shades of gray at least thats,what i believe and i dont think i could,ever be with somebody who sees the,relationship as black and white i just,cant im not going to,because we as humans are complicated,therefore relationships are complicated,and i really think that this new season,of master of none painted that so,beautifully,that relationships are hard but two,people have to want to work at it two,people want to have to make it work,regardless of all of the trials and,tribulations,i do love that like so much of it was,set on like upstate new york like i,low-key on a farm too,and i love that all of the chickens were,named after like,pop divas like tina turner and like,chaka khan like i was like that is,amazing i wouldnt have chickens and,name them after like beyonce and like,mariah carey,and ariana grande like i i want to do,that what would what i call the rooster,tbd but if you have not seen this new,season of master of none watch it,grab some tissues because you are bound,to cry at least once during this series,check it out yall it was a really raw,relevant amazing show i loved it,i hope you do too

Master of None S3 | A Conversation with Aziz Ansari and Chris Rock | Netflix

– When we were doing this,,I was like, “Oh man, I havent seen Chris,in like two years.”,And I was like, “Oh no, I saw him like a month ago in LA,”,And you told me youd been taking swimming lessons.,- Yes, I can swim. Now.,I can like jump in a pool and not drown and go around,,but I wanna be able to like jump off the yacht,swim to shore, swim like that.,- I mean, usually you jump off the yacht,,they let you back on after you go for a swim.,You dont even go to the shore.,- Thats an old different type of swimming,when theres no wall right there.,- This is like rich people, swimming problems.,- Im trying not to sound like one,of those Eddie Arcenio interviews,where they know each other and think its so hip,,and they just laughed at the whole thing. (laughs),Remember the other guy at your house? (laughs),- I feel like a lot of times well catch up,,and Ill tell you what Im doing in my career,,and then youd tell me that Im making a huge mistake.,(Aziz laughs),Like, “Hey, Im gonna record my special.,Im gonna record it in this theater I like it in Toronto.”,”Toronto?,No one gives a fuck about you doing a show in Toronto.,You gotta record the show in the garden,”,and then I do that.,And then– – Okay,,I was absolutely right. – You were absolutely right.,And then this time I told you,,”Hey, were shooting the new season.,Im not in it.,Youre like, “Youre not in it?,Are you fucking crazy?,Why are you not in it?”,And then I I think its worked out.,- I think you pulled it off.,I think you did an amazing job.,And all the acting was ridiculously amazing, and powerful,,and I could relate to both characters,,and it was just some of the best TV I saw all year.,- Awe, you know, thank you very much.,- If my word means anything. – Hey, it does, to me,- I told you, as soon as I saw it.,Plus you know, my daughter,,so, you know, shes like knocked it out in one day.,- Yeah, some people told me they watched it,in like one sitting,,and Im like, “Whoa, thats a heavy night.”,What inspires this less Aziz version of “Master of None.”,- I was originally supposed to be in half the season,,and the season was supposed to be 10 episodes,,but the half that I was in,was not COVID friendly.,Like it had international locations,,and, you know, just more locations,,and it just was not a kind of thing,you could film right now.,And it was like fully ready to go before COVID.,We had a cast,,we did the table read everything.,And then like in March,,they called and were like,,”Hey, this COVID thing seems kind of serious,,were gonna like shut down for three weeks,,and see whats going on.”,And then, you know, obviously COVID became what it became,,and around like August,I think things were starting to shoot again in London.,And so myself and Alan,,we talked about it,,and we called Netflix,,and Universal and were like,,”Hey, like what about trying,to get “Master of None” going back again,,now that things are starting up,”,and you know, the other script was,its still too wild to try to do during COVID.,But Moments in Love is like,,the dream COVID script is just two ladies,in the house, right?,So we talked to them and they were like,,”Yeah, we think we could do this.”,And, you know, you know, obviously it was a conversation,of like putting it out by itself,and we just felt really passionate about the story.,And, and we did it and,,you know, look there was definitely like,,there was definitely a moment,at one point I was like,,”Man, like should I just like, am I crazy?”,Like, you know, “Should I just do this story?”,Like with me and, you know,,you know some actress and do the same kind of beats,,but you know when I thought about that, I was like,,Ive seen that a million times.,Like, whats so interesting to me about doing this story,,and what we made was like,there was so many of those scenes every day on set.,I was like, Ive never seen this scene.,Ive never seen two black women talking about who the father,of their kid is going to be in all this,this stuff was just so fresh and exciting to me.,Like I was excited to step back and just be a director,and get to tell the story with Lena and Naomi.,- How do you know Lena? Because, you know, in show business,you have like these friendships that probably,dont happen outside of show business.,- So its basically, its Alison Jones,our casting director, whos, you know,legendary cast director that casted,Freaks and Geeks and all sorts of stuff.,She like, when we were doing season one, she was like,”I just want you to meet some people, just some,some people I think are interesting,that you could maybe using the show,”,and the first person that we met,,that me and Alan met was Lena Waithe and,,you know all of these people are coming to these meetings,,and everybodys kind of saying the same story, like,,”Oh, you know, I had been taking improv classes,and blah, blah blah.”,And, and then Lena comes,in like fully formed as a character wearing Jordans,looking like Lena in season one of Master of None.,And I was like, oh my God, like,this is a fully formed character right here.,Like, Ive never heard this person on TV.,And I heard this kind of, you know, conversation put,in a show and it was really exciting to Alan and I,you know, the character that we had for Denise was,you know, it was just written as, as my friend,she wasnt written as, as gay, she was written as straight.,And whats crazy is at one point, like, it was like, well,is Lena going to play straight?,Or is she gonna play queer?,And its like, which is now sounds like completely insane,but were like, no, she should play queer!,Like, you know, thats so much more interesting.,All those conversations.,- Yeah. Thats like saying, is Ice Cube,going to play black or Irish?,- Yeah. But that was like a real thing,that came up at some point you know?,And its like, oh no, were gonna, like, were just,gonna make the character, her, like, thats, whats exciting,to us as she seems really charismatic and interesting.,And then obviously, you know, in season two, like,with the Thanksgiving thing, she kind of grew.,And then like now, like when I called her to do,Moments in Love, like, shes this big, you know, mogul,and all that stuff, but you know,,still the same person in her heart.,But yeah, its just cool to just see how she,how she really evolved.,Because I mean, I remember we were working on the scripts,and theres definitely times where I was like,,”Is Lena going to be able to pull this off?”,Like, this is, this is like some,pretty heavy lifting, acting wise.,Like she hadnt really done like acting on that level.,And then when we started doing the auditions to find Alicia,she would just read the scene.,And she was so funny.,It was just like improvising so much, really funny,like honest, real stuff.,And I was like, “Oh my gosh, shes gonna,shes gonna really kill this.”,And, and I think she did.,- I mean, I always thought she was good, but now I,now I realize shes great.,I didnt realize she was great,because I watch,,when I watch your show, I,,and Im not saying this because youre here.,I just thought you guys were friends.,I thought this was just,one of Azizs weird friends that he just, you know,cause I went to your house, you got a whole crew,of non-comedian friends that you kind of keep to yourself.,I just thought you,,I thought somehow some way you,and Lena Waithe had known each other for 15 years.,Thats how good your chemistry is on the show.,- No, I just met her, you know,a few months before we cast her in the show.,- So youre telling me that was like casting. God damn.,- Thats Alison Jones.,- Have you guys ever hung out outside of the show?,Shes like always like producing stuff.,Shes like producing this probably somehow. I dont know.,- Yeah, no, no. She works more than everybody.,- Yeah.,And so I dont see her a ton,but we do talk on the phone,and like in-between the second season and Moments in Love.,Like I talked to her on the phone a few times,and we would talk about relationships and we talk,about like balancing work life an

Master of None Season 3 Review | Nowstalgia Reviews

master of none dropped master of none,moments in love their third season,um which focuses on,lena wastes denise and her,love story um five episodes,some hour long some you know 25 30,minutes,which i really appreciated uh you know,you dont need to,build out any more time on this,especially because i think,just to kind of get this critique out,there wow this is a,story that is rewarded through the the,five,episodes and especially builds up in the,last two i think really well,um theres a lot of time when were just,watching,these people do stuff and i could have,used a cut down,maybe a little bit more on that but you,know i think the the story to talk about,or to start with here is,after uh master done season two,we werent really sure when this show,was coming back and then aziz obviously,had,um accusations of sexual,misconduct sexual assault,took some time away came back with a,stand-up special on netflix,now hes back with master none but only,hes in,two episodes or you know before,where it stays on the show and hes,mostly behind the scenes how did you,feel about,azizs lack of presence in mathematician,three,yeah you know i think it stands out,because,it actually came across as quite,intentional to me but i think,the meta reasons make sense like you,said aziz he directed all these episodes,he co-wrote all these episodes were,leaning away if he had previously,directed some of the season two,and of course hes a producer and a,co-creator of the show but,where they have devs character go in,season,three and you get most all this,information really in the first episode,uh kind of made sense as like an analog,for how aziz has been moving,since everything with his uh controversy,uh happened and i actually,i kind of appreciate like that choice,because,having aziz decide to give all the,limelight,to lino waif and a story about,two gay black characters female,characters,its a kind of you know like you didnt,have to do this at all honestly like,netflix was very happy to have you be,the lead in a season proper season three,but it comes off as kind of intentional,and i i do respect that,um now moments in love this mastermind,season three definitely,is different vibe wise to the first two,seasons thats,abundantly obvious and i think,everyones mileage might vary about,what they like and dont like about,those changes and like you know,change of speed but uh i i did like,i guess how it ended up being handled,the fact that,uh aziz is largely absent on screen yeah,i thought that was in the world too and,i think the moments when he comes in,they do add something but um,you know i think it especially in the,first episode,its a little bit distracting you know,because obviously,he sat with francesca which was a major,cliffhanger from season two um,and it its used to pretty much,highlight,uh or i guess i could be a precursor to,the downfall of this,relationship um between lena weith and,naomi aki um in the show and,while i really um,appreciate aziz wanting to take a step,back,i think some people might come at him,and say ah youre kind of just dodging,this you know youre kind of taking the,easy way out by not having to like,expose yourself to the criticism,theres really there for some people,theres going to be a no win for aziz on,this and he probably knows that,i think its a fine decision um,yeah i would say he more openly grappled,with it on his comeback special right,now from two years ago so,id say at that point he doesnt like,need to,feel that i dont think he should feel,the need to like have to openly reckon,again,hes definitely carried himself in a,much more respectful,and open and i feel like uh inward,looking way than say someone like louis,ck has for example,so if people dont want to watch aziz,anymore thats,completely fine and up to them but i,dont think he needs to,act that way but then again he chose to,so thats fine yeah,but youre but yeah its a change its a,difference,um and its definitely uh noticeable but,i think,what i noticed more about this show is,where it was in season one,and where it shifted to season two in,terms of like,joeyness uh a tournist general,um vibe of the show,this is going way more towards that,second season and beyond where its,really,making the decision to be artsy i feel,like at times not necessarily in a bad,way,but uh you know its uh in the,the aspect ratio is you know,whatever it is like three yeah four,three uh i was gonna say three four,um its uh,definitely washed out in terms of color,at points you know and,uh it lingers like its a show thats,really trying to,make you feel like youre living in,these moments and i think sometimes that,really works,like when theyre doing laundry together,and they start,you know vibing out and dancing like im,with that,but then theres other moments where im,watching lena waith,the read a book for like a minute and,im like okay,like cut like lets get to the next,scene so,sometimes it worked for me sometimes,dude how did you feel about that choice,yeah uh i think for the most part it,does come across as quite slow,just the pacing and which which is a,little unfortunate because,it does look amazing the 4-3 is one,thing but in general like its just a,really like warm,lingering camera but yeah its just a,lot of like moments in time these,moments in love,are actual full-length moments and,sometimes its,you know some mundane activity youre,watching,so i think you kind of gotta stick,around and wait for the scenes that are,gonna grab your attention a little more,the more dialogue heavy scenes early on,in the first one i think once dev and,his girlfriend,show up things kind of light up and,obviously theres you know some,confrontations and then this,obviously sparks uh the disintegration,of a relationship for our actual main,characters right,um and id say episode four is probably,the easiest to recommend which is,i think believe completely new miyakis,character and just kind of her going,through the,uh severe ups and downs of going through,uh,you know fertilization yeah for,various fertility uh uh you know,practices,as a elder woman trying to get pregnant,and i think the show does a good job of,like getting you to that point,in terms of like the relationship but,also naomis uh characters,feelings about trying to be pregnant and,all that,but it was a little,it wa i was kind of surprised with how,much it felt like long in the tooth for,a five episode season which you know is,a little weird,yeah um its i think those,dialogue heavy moments especially when,theyre,talking about their relationship,specific,you know like when dev and denise are,talking about how theyve fallen out of,their friendship and,then when they talk about how theyre,coming back together and dev being there,for denise post-divorce,um you know alicia and denise,not only in episode two you know talking,about,like their episode three talk about,their relationship falling apart,um but you know when she needs to sign,the divorce papers,but then also in episode five obviously,when they come together and theyre,talking about,where their relationship is at now in,regards to where their lives their,day-to-day lives are at,um i think those are the moments that,really shine,um episode 4 is,it feels like a bottle episode in a,sense because it is only alicia that,that youre following,um and around a very specific part of,alicias life,but i think the payoff in that episode,and then leading,up to the i think episode five as a,pretty real relationship moment which is,interesting i think it,i think holds a couple of punches and it,could have even hit more but i think,episode 5 is pretty satisfying as well,so i think it really builds up well,but yeah like episode was episode three,when,lena is really struggling and uh you,know denise is selling,the house and all that its that at that,point i was just kind of like okay we,just need to like,fast forward a little bit here and get,to them coming back together because,this is tough,stuff but yeah some real great momen

Master of None S3 | A Special Look: The Making of Season 3 | Netflix

Im inspired by people that will throw you a curveball,,and thats what Moments in Love is.,Whether you catch it or not, thats up to you.,The season follows the married life of Denise,and her partner, Alicia.,In this season, Denise is a little bit more distant.,Shes married, she has this big career.,Alicia is the wife of Denise.,Theyre sharing a life together in Upstate New York.,I want our baby to be hopeful for the future, but realistic.,You gotta start watching Roots while the babys in the womb,so it comes out knowing the real.,Season three obviously,is a departure from the first two seasons.,We thought of it like its own standalone film, in some ways.,I really wanted to design a house that had, like,,weird anomalies and personalities like we have.,We knew we wanted to make something interesting,and artful and touching that also was funny.,You know, you cant really ever pin Master of None down.,On paper, everything sounds like a terrible idea.,”Oh, Im not going to be in the show anymore.”,”Were gonna just hold on them doing laundry for three minutes.”,It was a little bit scary because its not what wed done before.,But the first time we read it where it wasnt,me reading with Lena, where it was another woman…,What do you want me to say?,What do I want you to… Something!,I want you to say something!,”Whoa, this is going to work. Like, this is cool.”,I think, as a director, Aziz has gained so much confidence.,Hes such an exciting collaborator,,such an exciting artist to work with.,From the first meeting, Aziz knew,the way he actually wanted to try and tell the story.,Right now, everything is fast and cutty and flashy.,The idea was to go the complete opposite direction,,and do something thats so quiet and still that,it would make people lean in and pay attention.,You can learn how to cut fast,,but its actually about the decisions youre making to tell that story.,We realized that when we stayed on those shots,,it made them more real.,You do have the feeling like,you are being allowed to see some intimate moments.,We didnt know it was gonna work.,Theyre in this very contained space,,and we get a super-close examination of their relationship,and their internal lives.,The entire thing was shot on a converted soundstage.,We built this beautiful, historic fantasy,with all this structure and color and depth.,I always knew that this work has a greater purpose.,We all look different. Were from different backgrounds,,different families, we pray differently and love differently.,But the truth is, everyones relationship is complicated.,Thats something we all have in common.,The season felt like,a mature evolution of what wed been doing,,and I think we pulled it off.,I mean, I hope it works when we put it out there.,I just hope people are mad its not me and Arnold eating tacos.,Theyre gonna be like, “This is not what I signed up for.”

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