1. The Luxury Black Card – Better Than The Amex Centurion?
  3. Luxury Black Card ($495 AF) Mastercard Review: Buy a Rolex Instead?
  4. How To Get The American Express Centurion Credit Card | Amex Black Card
  5. Mastercard Blackcard vs Chase Reserve (unboxing and review), or is there a better daily card?
  6. Mastercard Black Card – Is This a Joke? | Luxury Card Review
  7. Is the MasterCard Luxury Card Really Good Value?

The Luxury Black Card – Better Than The Amex Centurion?

[Music],hey internet its rj thanks for tuning,in to todays show,on todays show were going to focus on,everyones favorite,legendary card thats right the,invitation only black card,oh my god is that a black card,except its not the black card that you,think thats right today i was checking,the mail and i got an invitation sure,enough for a black card i dont know if,you can see that and get it in focus,there but,see right there the invitation for a,black card,and i thought it was really cool but,upon further inspection you can see that,this is not the legendary american,express black card that we all know and,love,this is for a mastercard so todays show,were going to take a look at this,invitation you can see it says,invitation enclosed in the back here,and see if this black card here is a,worthy competitor to the american,express black card and centurion card,or its just another knockoff so go,ahead press the subscribe button lets,get to work,okay so were going to do this in two,parts first of all this is an invitation,so ive already opened it but im going,to pull out the flyer and were going to,go through it together to see what this,black card is pitching,and were just gonna do like a reaction,to it and then well jump over to the,computer,take a look at this cards website and,see what it has to offer compared to,its competitors in this price point so,lets go ahead,i will open it up here i will put a,picture ill take a picture of this and,put it on screen but were just going to,walk through,the invitation that you get in the mail,so here we go starting out heavyweight,champ,okay so thats interesting now if you,move directly down below,that image of the card you have the,mastercard black card,and right below that in much smaller,font we have a 495,annual fee and 195 dollars for each,authorized user,so its very interesting the first stat,they hit me with,is not multipliers its not benefits,its not perks its the weight,of the actual card versus the,competition so,i mean lets take a look so the,mastercard black card clocks in at 22,grams the city prestige,card 18 platinum card 17 grams and the,sapphire reserve at 13. so,right underneath the card weights,weighing in with these benefits i see,what they did there,two percent value for airfare,redemptions 1.5,value for cash back redemptions all,right so pausing there for a second,this is telling me what i can redeem for,so if im redeeming something presumably,if im redeeming points for travel or,cash back im going to get a 2 or 1.5,percent,valuation but nowhere on this does it,tell me what i actually,earn and if i have any categories or,multipliers or anything like that so,that,is a red flag for sure but lets keep,going with it,100 annual airline credit okay,24 7 luxury card concierge,vip luxury car travel i dont even know,what that means,and a hundred dollar global entry tsa,pre-check credit,all right so the back side of our flyer,now at the top we have luxury cars so,now we know were talking about the,luxury card block mastercard black card,interesting branding were going for,here um so versus the competition for,airfare redemption mastercard,two percent chase 1.5 city 1,and amex 1. so what theyre doing here,is they must be talking about,redeeming through those respective,travel portals,because again obviously the sapphire,reserve is going to give you 1.5 x boost,through that,the others are going to give you one,point respectively but again when youre,talking about american express,youre more so going to transfer out,your membership reward points where you,can definitely get much more value two,to three cents per point,depending on what youre trying to do so,that right there is kind of misleading,in my opinion but hey,lets keep going maybe it gets better,probably not,um the best cash redemption rate versus,the competition so again,our mastercard black card 1.5 percent if,youre redeeming for cash back,on the sapphire reserve one city,prestige one and platinum point,six now again technically that is,true but these are all travel cars that,reserve the prestige in the platinum,and with them all being travel cards i,dont really see redeeming for,cash back maybe the most dire situations,but i dont think this one makes a lot,of sense to even include this cash back,redemption,and by the way i still dont know how i,earn points on the mastercard black card,so if someone knows or maybe we can,figure it out we jump to the computer,so lets take a look at some screens,from the luxury black card website,and see if we can gain a little bit more,insights to what these guys are actually,selling,so luxury card is a global leader in,premium credit card market with a,mission to shape the industry through,innovation,value and service we believe the,mastercard,gold card oh so theres more theres a,gold card theres a black card and a,titanium card,can pay for themselves with unparalleled,rewards 24 7 concierge and first class,benefit okay heres what i wanted this,was actually buried farther down than,you would think,so mastercard black card rewards earn,points every time you spend,luxury card enhances your purchasing,power by providing,you with one point for every dollar you,spend every purchase gets you closer to,the reward you want so were just one,point per dollar on,everything okay now lets take a look at,some of the mastercard black cards,benefits so again this is slated as a,travel card so,all right so starting out with the,airline credit i did want more,information on this so we can see here,its a hundred dollars,annual air travel credit towards flight,related purchases,including airline tickets baggage fees,upgrades and more,for our convenience of course the credit,will be automatically applied,thats generally how it always works im,global entry tsa pre-check were all,familiar with that,im tcs world travel industry leader,luxury jet expeditions,connects you to destinations around the,world with a total comfort and ease,well at that level i dont really think,im concerned about a thousand dollar,gift card but lets see what else we,have,vip airport lounge access for priority,pass id hardly call it vip,everyones got priority pass these days,baggage delay insurance global,acceptance,luxury cars accepted 8 million domestic,retailers again thats because its a,mastercard not because its a luxury car,no foreign transaction fees,you get the mastercard identity theft,fraud liability,protection travel accident insurance,auto rental collision waiver but it is,secondary oh but this is cool porsche,experience centers test drive the,porsche of your dreams explore the,thrill and what makes porsche special at,the porsche experience centers,okay now there is one more benefit we,have to check out before we talk about,comparisons,um luxury magazine this is what they,promised this so this must be very,similar to,the amex platinum departures magazine,they send home that is,basically a bunch of ads okay so this is,the magazine theyre talking about but,funny enough if you click on these like,lets just click on this tech one for,example,you know that monitor looks sick you,guys know i love my monitors,but this just looks like all the,articles already here,and you could read this for free i mean,this might not be the whole story but,this is probably more of a,story than you need and actually this,just looks like its trying to sell me,something quite honestly,just like we thought like the departures,magazine isnt its a bunch of ads,but theyre still making some audacious,claims in here comparing themselves to,the sapphire reserve the prestige and,the platinum,so really quick just for the fun of it,at this point lets take a look at this,card versus the competitors,and so well just go in order here and,well start with the sapphire reserve as,its first up on this list so on screen,up with the sapphire reserves benefits,were all very familiar with it,sapphire reserve clocking in a 550,annual fees where this black card,competitor comes in,at a 495 annual f


hey whats going on guys Joshua Bracken,back with another video and today Im,going to be doing a review of my black,card the MasterCard specifically would,just came in the mail,and this is what were gonna be talking,about so I already opened it up granted,I still want you guys to get an unboxing,experience as well as what I first,thought when I saw this card I also did,cover up the cards and numbers with a,blank piece of electrical tape so you,could not see but youll still get,plenty of the the bobs of the cartoon so,lets get into this first of all it,comes in this box this box is about,about an inch and a half maybe and this,is about oh maybe eight inches or so or,maybe even ten inches yeah its a very,small box comes in the mail just like,that shipping label on top ship through,fedex at least where Im located from,there simply open the box and the first,thing youre gonna see is that its just,gonna see its just gonna say luxury,card right there on the middle of it you,just take it out if I can and,this is what youre left with the box is,about you know around the same size,maybe a little inch or so less but,anyway it just simply says luxury card,right there on the front now from there,its just little you can hear that a,little magnetic strip right there,just keeping this in close you can see,the two magnets right there and theyre,on either side of each other I gotta say,this box right off the bed is a little,Im not gonna say underwhelming but Im,not overwhelmed if you guys watch Young,Justice youll hear Robin I forget who,it was but I think it was Robin saying,hes just whelmed and thats honestly,how I feel this I wish I was in black I,really wish it was Id have made more,sense for the actual I guess unboxing,experience as well as just like the,branding of the card so its weird that,its grey but whatever yeah so we come,from there we open up the box then from,there youre gonna get a couple little I,guess pamphlets the first one says the,same thing luxury card except it has a,welcome little tag on it has information,on the back how you sign up where you go,unfortunately this one is now,going to be it found focus this one is,not actually signed its just printed,sign which i think is lame as but,whatever I guess you get what you pay,for,MasterCard is known for being yeah and,honestly this car doesnt have me any,benefits really some benefits but not,too many and well talk about them more,in this video the next little pan that,youll see is a little bit of,information about the luxury concierge,that comes with it so man sitting down,chilling and his rolls-royce it looks,like and of course the contact,information for 27 24/7 hour 24 hours 7,days a week yeah concierge experience so,what is just a call center probably and,of course we have more valuable contacts,for your black card you see all the,contacts right there blah blah blah blah,we got one about the app how to download,it all the things that come with it they,even have a magazine I was looking at on,the app – I think you can get that,shipped to you if not you can see it on,their website as well as other things or,maybe even get like a printed one,shipped to your house,luxury card benefits of course this will,be on the website when you sign up but,this is them just giving you a printed,copy for you of course the one big thing,is the $100 annual airline credit now,what that means is that you have to buy,a certain airline or a certain fare,ticket Im not sure if its a certain,amount but you have to buy a ticket and,it has to fall under certain categories,after it falls under those categories,and youve already made your purchase,and youre probably already on your way,then theyll give you $100 back so you,basically get $100 off for your travel,expenses which to me isnt that much but,its still something but not too much at,all not too much besides howd you get,1.5% cash back on all things of course,no transaction fees globally thats what,youre looking for in a travel card such,as this from there you get oh this,information about the priority path this,basically gets into a bunch of lounges,and things that I was looking at on the,app as far as uh things that you kind of,get for free like snacks and drinks and,maybe even a buffet just depending on,which long did you go to so thats,pretty cool pretty pretty cool last but,not least theyre telling you about this,you,a pad that comes inside with it now the,utility pad is simply just a mousepad I,dont really use a mouse unfortunately,so Im not really gonna be using it I,still think its cool either way Ill,show you guys last but not least there,is this little thing a little pull tab,like this talking about the rewards you,get 1.5% like I said cash back on,everything 2% cash back on airline fees,or air rewards now for example 50,000,points will get you $1,000 airline,ticket Im gonna use this card mostly,just to pay for college tuition as well,as college books right now probably,renew my insurance pay some rent as well,as renew my registration on my car all,thats gonna amount to God well over,$5,000 so I am going to use that for,this card specifically and just give,them you know a nice little you know,look how good of a credit person I am,anyway,so when I do cancel the card or I might,not but Ill probably cancel this card,because it costs five hundred dollars to,have per year but either way whatever,okay so from there this is the utility,pad utility pad as a mousepad I thought,at first it was leather and it might be,but at this point Im pretty confident,its not leather guys definitely not,leather but it feels very nice so I,guess Ill show you guys after this is,lifted you get da da da the actual black,card and it comes in this nice little,wood setting which is very very nice,its a very textural you can feel it you,hear that yeah definitely would not sure,what kind of wood but wouldnt on the,list and Ill give you guys a little bit,of a close-up of the car too so let me,get this thing out first probably if I,can well I can and thats what youre,pretty much working with most luxury,cards do come in wood I know the actual,Centurion black card for American,Express comes in a very massive case and,it comes in it comes with like two extra,ones for like extra use or family,members so I love that yeah this is the,black card youre left with of course I,said I will put black electrical tape on,it,because a little bit of a close-up of it,now I dont know if you guys can tell in,this lighting but this card isnt,honestly too black and thats kind of,sad I wish it was more black this card,specifically has it was saying on the,website PVD which I forget what the P,and the D stand for but these stands for,vapor and what this apparently is is,some sort of vaporized solid or metal,thats been sprayed on thats what gives,it that black coating but the actual,metal itself is stainless steel Im,thinking Im on a glass table right now,yeah thats the card thats its back,Ive got the security code world elite,luxury card,it looks like carbon fiber on the back,but theres no texture to it it is,simply a card of stainless steel yeah,thats nice,I enjoy it looks pretty cool I just,wished it was more jet black thats the,only thing if this thing for instance,was if you guys have heard of a,vantablack vantablack is its the,darkest black in the world and if you,put it on anything it looks like theres,just a negative space on it so very very,interesting yeah this is the luxury,black card and Im gonna use this card,as my daily driver for a long time and,Im gonna see what kind of reactions and,what responses I get because in all,honesty if were being real this card is,definitely for vanity Im not even gonna,lie its for people who want to look,cool people who want to show off this,card honestly has no great benefits the,only thing thats big enough is the $100,fee or whatever and the lounges but as,i was looking on there lounges a lot of,the lounges with the priority pass they,dont even come fully equipped with j

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Luxury Black Card ($495 AF) Mastercard Review: Buy a Rolex Instead?

hey guys Im Sebastian from SMB and,today were going to take a look at the,luxury black card but first if you are,new here were all about how to maximize,the value for credit cards so how to get,the most cash back and also how to,travel for free and that sounds,interesting subscribe to our Channel but,lets get started they were looking for,a good travel credit cards and this is,the wrong video for you so either watch,one of our other videos where we do talk,about those but the reason were doing,this is basically just to look at why,this is a bad card and how they can,potentially fix it the mastercard black,card was created before the Chase,Sapphire reserve its main competitor was,an asylum card in the city prestige card,the main problem with the master card,like card is that that doesnt really,have any redeeming factors to make it a,viable travel credit card its biggest,selling point was that it was a metal,card and again back in that day maybe,that was useful but right now even if,you look at the Amazon Prime card thats,metal and theres no annual fee with an,N youll be a four hundred ninety five,dollars and one hundred ninety five,dollars per authorized user per year,this card makes no sense the car,probably has five benefits but even if,you add them all up it still doesnt,really make sense so the first one is,that you get a hundred dollar travel,credit every year so here youre taking,the end will be four ninety five and,its basically going down to three,ninety five lets say in the first year,you end up getting this credit twice so,four ninety five – 100 – 100 that is to,95 if we compare that of any other,premium credit card youre actually,losing a lot of money so the Chase,Sapphire reserved $450 annual fee -,three hundred dollars so that is first,year as well as in the future years that,is an effective annual fee of $150 but,the city precedes you have a four,hundred and fifty dollar annual fee but,you have a $250 combo credit and the,first year you actually get that twice,there youre getting five hundred,dollars in value so youre actually,getting paid by city to have that card,so the first year youre making fifty,dollars and then future years are only,paying two hundred dollars well damn,its platinum car youre paying a five,hundred and fifty dollar annual fee but,in the first year youre getting the,travel credit twice so the travel credit,is two hundred dollars and you also get,an uber credit so assuming that you can,value that at its fair price if you do,use uber thats two hundred dollars so,you cant double count that given how it,works so in year one youre actually,coming out ahead because youre getting,$200 plus two hundred dollars so four,hundred for the travel credit and then,another two hundred for the uber so six,hundred dollars in value for five,hundred and fifty dollar annual fee and,long-term the effective annual fee again,assuming you use uber,is $150 so the luxury black card in year,one and long-term youre paying more,money than any of these other cards and,again youre not getting a sign a bonus,so thats a really big consideration in,the past the luxury black card did have,a bonus but right now it doesnt if you,consider these on a bonuses for Chase,Sapphire Reserve the three prestige that,could easily be five hundred two,thousand dollars in value if they want,to improve this card that theyre going,to need to add a sign up bonus and also,to make the travel credit a bit bigger,because right now its not competitive,at all the second benefit is that in the,first year you get $100 Global Entry,credit or you can use it towards TSA,PreCheck so again the main problem here,is that all the other cards we mentioned,have this credit as well and the thing,is a lot of other travel credit cards,that dont even have annual fees now,have this credit for example if you look,to the First National Bank of Omahas,triathlete or travel Willie credit card,has no annual fee you get travel credits,meaning that youre getting paid to have,the card and use it so its probably one,of the best known one youll feed cards,out there for this reason you guys,Global Entry credits and you get a,signup bonus what about spend so you get,1x points back whenever you use the card,if you redeem those points towards cash,flag its 1.5 cents per point and if you,redeem it towards travel its 2 cents,per point,but if you compare it to other cards,even ones that have no annual fees this,makes zero sense the change freedom,unlimited gives you 1.5 X Phillips and,reward points on all of your spend so if,you redeem it towards cash youre,getting 1 cents per point so 1 point 5,percent and if you redeem it towards,travel youre getting one point five,its a 2 cents per point meaning that,youre getting two point two five to,three percent return on your spend,another example would be the city double,cash card where you get two percent back,on all of your purchases but here youre,getting cash back instead of two percent,towards travel and obviously you can use,that cash back on travel or on your,rents are on investments so here it,would make more sense to get the double,cash over this one if you want to make,this card competitive we need to add,transfer partners,they need to add a higher rate of return,on all of your transactions and also,probably better Redemption value one,thing that really annoys me is that they,have a lot of charts comparing the,American Express card was their card and,they use the same value but theyre,basically not considering how hard it is,to get those points its like about a,chart of Starwood points and Marriott,points saying that hey 25,000 points got,me this month versus 25,000 Marriott,points which gives me this much thats,not really a fair comparison because,youre comparing,apples and oranges to me that doesnt,make any sense another benefit is that,with this card you have access to luxury,concierge but the main problem is that,all these cards have concierge programs,- I havent tried the concierge program,because I dont have this card but for,my experience most of them are pretty,useless so they can kind of give you,information that you can already find,online from googling so if you know how,to use a computer youre probably better,often than because theyre doing the,same thing youre going to do and the,only one that has really been helpful,has been the America Express one so they,have relationships of restaurants and,also to then use an event so that might,be helpful to get like hard to get stuff,but beyond that like if I can do it,online Ill do it myself,the final benefit and this ones a bit,interesting is that you get free luxury,gifts but the main problems are that you,dont know what gifts they are you dont,know when youre going to get them and,you dont know if youre going to get,them people on reddit have mentioned,that they got free pens work about $130,so here you can have a few questions so,firstly whether you would personally pay,that much for a pen if not then you,cant really value it at 1:30,maybe you value it at 50 bucks the,second thing to consider is that the,personalized meaning that reselling them,is either going to be impossible or very,difficult or youre going to take a loss,if all someone paying $130 for a pen I,wouldnt want someone elses name on it,at Berger who is one of our viewers,mentioned that you got to parents of,brave bands and one flashlight the,flashlight was worth probably about,fifty bucks and the great bands were,worth about $100 each Im guessing you,got two pairs of ribbons because she had,an authorized user but its really hard,to value these at the fair market price,unless you would have otherwise bought,them yourself personally I wasnt get a,different credit cards that has better,perks and has a lower effective annual,fee and then just use the savings lets,say I save $100 or $150 with a different,card that way Im not being forced to,buy ray-bans I could buy a mechanical,keyboard I can buy a new mouse i buy,things that i personally ca

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How To Get The American Express Centurion Credit Card | Amex Black Card

whats up everyone today i wanted to,cover something thats very popular on,my channel the american express black,card,and how i came to acquire this card,this video is about my journey to,getting the hardest credit card one of,the most expensive credit cards in the,world,which has a thousand dollar membership,fee and a five thousand dollar,annual fee before i get into this video,and describe my journey how i got here,to the mx black card,go ahead hit the like button and,subscribe to my channel if you havent,done so already,lets get into this video,[Music],okay guys so here are the credit cards,that i had to have,before getting the amex black card okay,there are a lot of cards in here and,ill go one by one of,every card so originally i was in high,school i,started deciding or i decided around,that senior year maybe early college,to build up my credit i realized how,important credit is,in america to get anything that you want,possibly done because america works on,credit they loan you,pretty much everything from leasing your,cars houses,etc its done on credit and if you,havent,checked out my credit repair video go,ahead take a look,i do describe some ways to improve your,credit if you have bad credit,without good credit you cannot get this,credit card,at all okay you cant even possibly get,the gold,card and you may not get the platinum,card as well,so today im going to go ahead and,describe how i got the mx black card,what you could do to get your way on the,amex black card on the way to getting an,mx black card i should say and the path,that led me,this far now i do want to say all these,credit cards are canceled none of them,are,none of them are active and they dont,work so if you try to buy yourself a,vacation good luck,its not going to happen so when i first,started,i had the blue cards from american,express theres a blue cash card theres,a blue everyday card,and i believe there is just a blue card,so uh that pretty much is the first set,of,amex credit cards that i got approved,for they do require a little bit of a,lower credit score to get,a credit card so i was able to get in,with that entry level credit score of,around 680 plus,and before these credit cards i was,charging,my charges on prepaid credit cards,where i would deposit money into that,credit card use it responsibly,that built my credit history up using my,social security number,and then i was able to acquire these,blue cards,now with these blue cards i did use,every single one of them so every month,i would charge lets say,on gas on this card pay it off then on,that card,then on the third and the fourth and so,forth so i would have a running balance,on each and every credit card to show,them that i could maintain for,credit cards and still have a quality,payment history,the blue cards are no annual fee credit,cards so,i still have them today these are,expired cards but i still have them,today because it continues to raise my,credit history,and being a member since 2005 i get that,15 years of credit history on each one,of these cards that still counts so i,recommend you open as many credit cards,as you can,just to carry the credit history over in,terms,of the credit cards here i would keep a,running balance to make sure,it shows them that im able to have,multiple credit cards raising my credit,card limit,and im able to pay them all off at the,same time or,consistently so that allowed me to then,apply with a raised credit score,to an american express gold card now,this gold card,is the newer version its a little its,plastic with a little metal feel to it,i actually had the original gold card,which was complete plastic,it was the same material as this,bendable,blue card now the gold card was a great,card it had,really good points at a small annual fee,and,it allowed me to build my credit even,further it raised my credit limit,uh pretty much i was able to charge more,than the allowed credit card limits of,these cards which were like 5 000,2000 and so forth in the beginning the,gold card is a great card,it however does not allow you to get,into lounges or really get into the amex,perks until you get to the platinum,level which,i find to be one of the best credit,cards on the market so i had this card,for several years guys,prior to having the blue cards if youre,going to ask me how long have i had,these,these ive had for about five years,before moving up to the gold card,so i had to show american express that,not only was i a loyal customer for so,many years,but i was able to show excellent payment,history for about five years on the blue,cards with no,annual fee and then i finally upgraded,to the gold card which,once my credit history improved i was,charging quite a lot of money on this,gold card,and with other promotions that came up i,was,able to justify the annual fee of the,platinum card,which i was able to go ahead and upgrade,to given the fact that i started,traveling a lot i was traveling so much,for during that time,i was traveling to china a lot for one,of my businesses in fact i believe one,year i went to china over six,times just to go to um to get these,lounge accesses and the upgrades,uh amex platinum was getting me in that,level of upgrade status,so i was able to use a bunch of lounges,while im traveling internationally and,domestically,as well as getting upgrades on my travel,and ive been upgraded quite a few times,purchasing an economy ticket and then,getting business class,tickets upgraded that way and that was a,pleasant experience,ive sat in the middle seat heading,18 hours to china or whatever it is and,it was not a pleasant experience so when,this card came,in it was a blessing because i was able,to get upgraded,the perks of this credit card if youre,interested go ahead check out my,platinum video,if you havent done so already i go over,the perks of having the platinum card,and in fact based on value i believe,this card to be better than the american,express centurion card and im gonna do,that video in the future really,comparing the two,and then describing why i think the,platinum would be better for,an everyday user so after having this,card,i literally had it for about five years,i cancelled my gold card,which i no longer needed now i still,have all these credit cards but were,talking from a personal credit card,standpoint,i still have a gold card i believe with,one of my businesses,i have a platinum with another one of my,businesses and then i have the,centurion for personal but before im,talking about all the gold cards that i,had from my personal,and so forth so i did cancel the,platinum card,after five years of use and building,credit and finally,getting to that level of centurion i had,to spend,over 250 000 in a given year on a credit,card,and then i had to show excellent payment,history,so i believe i spent that year about,four hundred thousand 000,on my credit card and i finally got the,invitation,to the centurion card now when i got,invited to this to the centurion card it,was a big day for me it was a big goal,uh i actually was looking forward to,getting the centurion card this is not,what the centurion card actually looked,like back then,so if you want to check out my update,video you can do so where i compare the,credit cards,uh its on my channel and in the link,below this credit card was a goal of,mine,ive seen a lot of high net worth people,have it,i set it as a goal to have a card i,guess i wanted the attention i wanted to,have,this credit card i dont know theres a,big infatuation with credit cards and to,me this is the holy grail,and i finally was able to get invited,and i accepted the invitation,i then canceled the platinum because the,membership fee when i first got the amex,centurion or black card this was around,600,or 550 back then and this one was 2500,back then with a 5 000 one-time,membership fee which was a lot of money,five thousand dollars even today is a,lot of money its one vacation,now they raised it to ten thousand,dollars one-time memb

Mastercard Blackcard vs Chase Reserve (unboxing and review), or is there a better daily card?

so every once in a while on this channel,i do something thats not automotive and,today i have two very nice credit cards,that im going to somewhat review sort,of kind of mastercard black card,jpmorgan reserve card,[Music],okay,these have not been opened so do i open,them do i activate them do i buy,something nice,lets go with this card first,okay oh wow so first what we see is just,this is a heavy box first off well just,set this to the side,inside this thing says luxury card,flex,im not luxury im not even rich,or wealthy which,theres a difference,theres the one percenters,which im not and then theres the 0.1,percenters that the one percenters,aspire to be first off as we open this,thing it has kind of a magnetic latch,welcome luxury card,so this is the black card card member,care my account management,international collect i always wonder,when youre opening anything and they,put phone numbers and stuff inside like,whos going to carry this around,nobody,set this to the side,another little little insert,a,utility pad,this luxury card utility pad is,specially designed from handcrafted,leather oh thats oh,this is the utility pad its specially,crafted from hand,crafted leather,it feels nice because it is leather it,feels like a leather swatch when youre,picking stuff for your sofa,or loveseat,or rocker recliner,i love that leather smell,on the inside of this its in this this,is this is nice this is actually this is,its like a carbon fiber backing my,luxury car this is really nice this is,really nice,its a nice metal i have a metal card,i really do i have a an american express,gold card but the inside of this is,wood,smells good,im a big scratch and sniff guy,and a bunch of papers on the inside but,man,this,is kind of a luxurious note because its,a luxury card but it kind of feels,unnecessary because,once ive opened it,and i have pulled out,said card im not gonna you know walk,around have this thing in my pocket whip,this out of my coat and be like oh no no,i got it,so lets go over some of the features of,this thing so this is the mastercard,black card underwritten by barclays,i have a barclays card too but it aint,this,in order to get this you have to have at,least 700 credit which is not that hard,to do,today,some of you dont have anything close to,that some of you have 800 and whatever,given that its not that hard to get,into at least that part check,unfortunately this thing carries a 495,annual fee which makes it almost,like top three most expensive annual fee,cards theres a lot of cards out there,reward cards out there that have no,annual fee or a low annual fee or no,annual fee the first year as an,introduction and then like 100 annual,fee or 200 annual fee also when it comes,to spending you get a point for every,dollar you put on this card so this is,great if youre traveling,i travel a lot i have my american,express gold card for that because that,also gives you a dollar for every dollar,spent another thing is you get 100,annual credit for airlines,not a lot of money for airlines for,select lounges im here to tell you not,every airport has a lounge for every,airline,some airports have a different lounge,that is specific to cars like this,some only have a specific lounge like,american airlines the admirals club what,was the hammers club member,toss-up traveling thank you pandemic era,i have a the explorer lounge for united,which i havent flown a united flight in,like three years i love the way this,card feels,uh not saying its my card not saying,its not my card but its not my card,you know theres that thing when you,throw down a black card you see them on,tv,that is not,this card,the black card you see on tv is an,american express centurion card and you,have to spend,hundreds of thousand dollars a year to,even qualify which i dont i could,probably add up all my assets including,the house,and we might qualify to apply so thats,enough about this card lets open up the,other card,this is nice,i feel like i just got an invitation,except for,someone already applied but i feel like,this is a really fancy invitation to,like i dont know the winner of best,actor goes to,me,okay anyway here it is the jp,morgan wow this is,the jpmorgan reserve card this is really,nice okay lets go ahead and open this,thing up,heres the back of the card,this is really nice i dont know which,presentation i like the best,this one or this one i think theyre,both very nice right here it says jp,morgan etched,its got the smart chip a nice metal,card has palladium in it,you guys know what else has palladium in,it,your catalytic converters its a very,expensive metal people are stealing your,cats cant get away with stealing this,what else is in here another small,envelope uh probably registering your,card business reply mail shipping,returns id like to return this card i,cant afford it,at one point in time to get this card,you had to do like 10 million dollars,and,like,e-commerce or something,obviously i dont know,because im never going to do that as,far as packaging goes i think the uh,the mastercard black card the luxury,card is a lot nicer,this is a nice card,this feels like a million bucks,so let me need to go over some of the,features of this,jpmorgan chase,reserve,card i wish all credit cards were just,like this but then what would this be if,they were all like this i guess it,wouldnt be that special but i dont,know i think this is really cool,this is really cool you guys see that,that is really cool,number one whats different on this card,you get three times points per dollar,spent you get a 300 travel credit which,is three times more than,that card,three times the point spent at every,restaurant for every dollar and then of,course one point for every other dollar,spent on all of the purchases,this also gets you primary rental car,insurance,im a contractor my contract company,carries the insurance but if i were not,a contractor which by the way i had an,incident once and,my contract company didnt actually pay,for it and i had to pay for it through,my insurance first so this would have,came in handy priority pass lounge,access very similar to this card how are,we defining that its got a dollar,statement for tsa pre-check or global,entry i always laugh when i see stuff,like that because heres the deal,if you have this card you probably,already have tsa precheck you may or may,not have global entry,but what i mean by that is when you get,tsa precheck you pay for five years so,the chances of this benefiting you for,that,or next to none or unless you just,decided to come across a bunch of money,and decide you can do a lot of traveling,and you said hey try to get tsa precheck,how much does it cost i dont know its,like 120 bucks for five years oh ive,got my jpmorgan baller card,now its 20 bucks also comes with a 300,flexible travel credit complimentary,dash pass description for doordash,the thing about these things is,cards that cost a lot of money and you,have to spend a lot of money to even,qualify for the cards also seem to save,you a lot of money its kind of like the,rich getting richer sort of kind of,right complimentary year of lift pink i,dont know what that is,im an uber guy myself access to vip,events hosted by chase special benefits,at luxury hotels blah blah blah blah,blah plus up to 120 cashback on all,access membership,theres a lot of cool things like with,airbnb your points are worth 50 more,when you do the pay yourself back you,know the money you know like the the,chase commercials where you get money,back for spending money another good,benefit is all the points you get on,this thing you could transfer to your,other cards your lesser cool cards you,know like the united explorer mileage,plus card,this is good for two free tickets every,year to the united lounge and i dont,even think we put anything on this card,oh yeah we do costco because they dont,do american express,now im going to compare and feel the,three cards honestly my wife and i have,talked about going from t

Mastercard Black Card – Is This a Joke? | Luxury Card Review


hi everybody do Graz here from do browse,reports so a couple days ago I got a,targeted offer in the mail for a credit,card and it looks kind of like this it,says heavyweight champ and right over,here it says black card the MasterCard,black card on the back they call it the,luxury card so Im not sure which name,to go with but I seen black card a,little more often so Ill roll with that,for now,so this was kind of interesting and also,came with terms and conditions and an,application and it directed me to a,website where I could get more,information and as soon as I went to the,website there was a video so lets watch,that video together each card was 22,grams blend of stainless steel and,carbon choose a 24 karat gold black,coating a difference you can feel when,it comes to using your points luxury,card takes the lead for airfare with no,blackout dates or si researcher plus,good access to airport lounges magazine,and more magazine make any request 24/7,by phone email or live chat I can make,any request they may not honor whatever,you need wherever you are this well that,was a thing so on the flyer that I got,in the mail it mentioned some of the,ancillary benefits theres a 100 dollar,airline credit and a 100 dollar,tsa Global Entry or pre check credit,heres the kicker though very small,print down here can you see that,four hundred ninety five dollar annual,fee and if you had an authorized user,thats an extra hundred ninety five,dollars so even after taking away that,hundred-dollar travel credit that would,be a three hundred nine,five dollar effective fee but what I,really want to take a look at is the,quote unquote,airfare Redemption rate comparison this,card is issued by Barclays Bank if,youre wondering so taking a closer look,here at those Redemption rates it says,on their website and on the flyer that I,got in the mail that it has the best,airfare Redemption rate versus the,competition noting that you can redeem,two percent equivalent for travel with,this car and then it shows some,competitors and the closest one is the,Sapphire Reserve at one point five,percent but do you see some small print,at the bottom yeah Ill blow that up for,you here the fine print the rate at,which points can be accumulated vary,among these credit-card products and can,impact the relative dollar value of the,redemption well duh you think I mean,thats a bit like one kid saying my dad,can lift 300 pounds the other kids,saying oh yeah well my dad can lift 350,items what do you mean items you know,its comparing apples to oranges are,being intentionally vague of course if,youre only looking at the redemption,rate and not the accumulation rate you,can make the statistic look however good,you want but what Im interested in is,the net result so with this card,basically you earn one point per dollar,and then you can redeem it at a factor,of 2 X to get a cash equivalent of 2% on,travel but you know what I can think of,six other credit cards that have an,effective annual fee of $100 or less,that do better dont believe me lets,look at these examples how about the,capital one venture card which has a,ninety five dollar effective annual fee,actually its just the annual fees $95,in fact this MasterCard black card feels,like its the exact same card as the,capital one venture just way more,expensive the venture gets two percent,on everything and no modifiers for,travel just a one,No so your effective redemption rate is,2% how about the US Bank altitude,reserve which has a $75 effective annual,fee it is a four hundred dollar annual,fee $325 travel credit but that gets you,down to the effective annual fee of $75,that has three percent Mavs bonus,categories on travel on mobile wallet,those are two huge categories right,there and then a modifier 1.5 on travel,so youre getting an effective,Redemption rate of 4.5% cash equivalent,on travel how about the chase Inc,business preferred I know not everybody,can get a business card but a whole lot,of people can that has a $95 annual fee,3% on travel shipping internet cable,advertising couple others and then,within its own portal 1.25% for the,modifier giving you an effective,redemption rate of 3.75 and yes Im kind,of glossing over transfer partners I,mean that would be a whole nother thing,you know a lot of these cards not all,but many have transfer partners where,you could get way more than 1.25 or 1.5,modifier you get way more than 2 cents,per point how about the City premiere,card and yes Im aware it has some,limitations related to ancillary,benefits but it has a $95 effective,annual fee,it gives 3% of travel and gas has a 1.25,modifier in its own portal so 3.75,percent effective redemption rate on,travel hey how about the city double,cash I mean its a card that has no,annual fee and it just gives you two,percent on everything so that 2 percent,can be on travel I mean put in a savings,account and spend it on travel,youve got an effective Redemption rate,of 2% what do you want to do a 2 card,combo the Wells Fargo cash wise plus the,signature visa both of those are no,annual fee cards so a $0 effective,annual fee you can spend on your yellow,cash wise car to get 1.5% on everything,then you can transfer it over to your,signature visa and thats a 1 point,five mattifier on travel or at least,flights giving you an effective,redemption rate of 2.25 better than the,black card and no annual fee at all,well how about signup bonuses because,you know thats something we need to,look into well all of those six cards or,card combinations that I just mentioned,with the exception of the city double,cash have a sign up bonus ranging,anywhere from 150 dollars up to 800,dollars depending which one you go with,and guys I realize theres tons of other,factors involved Im just giving you a,quick overview but you know how would,that compare to the MasterCard black,card well it has no signup bonus at,least in the offer that I got there was,no signup bonus at all on their website,I didnt see a sign of bowls at all,obviously thats as of the date of this,recording but as of this exact date here,in January of 2020 no sign up bonus for,this fine card but you know whats,really important is the weight of the,card guys I mean it is a heavy card it,is physically weighty so what did I,think of the MasterCard Black Card also,known as the luxury card well before I,tell you subscribe to my channel and now,that youve done that I will let you,know frankly I cant think of any reason,to get this credit card other than,vanity if you want a big signup bonus,theres better cards out there if you,want a net good modifier in other words,youre getting three four percent cash,equivalent back on travel,theres better cards out there frankly,just get the capital one venture its,essentially the same card and costs less,guess maybe theres some ancillary,benefits theyre not advertising I mean,it doesnt say anywhere on here like you,know their car battle and stuff Im sure,there is some of that but oh wait a,minute you do get that magazine the,luxury magazine with this subscription,so thats probably a good reason to get,it and impressing your friends by spaced,on how much it weighs,hey put some comments down below and,tell me what your thoughts are am I,crazy,am I being too harsh maybe theres a,factor I didnt consider Id love to,know what it is but I cant see it,thanks for watching and please click the,thumbs up button peace out

Is the MasterCard Luxury Card Really Good Value?

hey guys welcome to the credit circle,show now people have commented asking my,thoughts on the luxury cars now this is,card that used to be the visa black card,it was now rebranded as luxury cars,coming in three varieties titanium black,code and gold card and theyre now,master cards is actually run by Barclays,card but they dont have their branding,on it,its just branded as luxury cars so,lets jump right in and have a look at,some of the benefits of this card this,isnt going to be a full review because,I dont actually have the card so I,cant really cool it to the review but,Im going to give you some of my,thoughts on them anyway so lets have a,look on the website the luxury card calm,lets take a look at the compare cards,page now you can see that we have the,titanium card which is made of stainless,steel why is it called titanium,shouldnt we called the steel card,anyway then we have the black card which,is also made of steel with this patented,sort of a carbon finish okay very cool,and then we have a gold card which is,actually made of 24 karat gold 24 karat,gold-plated its probably spinner steel,inside and that material is reflected in,the annual fee its much more expensive,than the other two theyve kind of,played around with the the order here,because you know if you know anything,about American Express apart from the,green card the gold card is the lowest,then its the Platinum which is the,silver color one and then its the black,light but here it goes silver black Gulf,which is kind of playing around with,that order obviously Amex isnt any,official one dictated by a financial,services authority or anything but Amex,kind of is the industry standard for,that so its interesting that theyre,kind of playing with the order now all,three cards claimed to have an,industry-leading awards program now I,want to ask the question industry,leading according to who I think this is,just something they made up themselves,you see there are no airline or hotel,transfer timers like you have with,American Express or with a Chase,Sapphire Reserve and you can just use,your points to redeem them for airfare,in a similar way to the capital,venture cut but points are worth double,when you redeem that out there but even,with that benefit,it still doesnt offer the best value if,you do the math transferring to a,airline loyalty program will always give,you better value than redeeming in this,way for economy tickets it might be,pretty close but once you get into,booking business class and first-class,rewards you will get far far far better,value from transferring your points over,to an airline or loyalty program so this,so-called,industry-leading rewards program really,does not at all now lets look at,cashback so in addition to booking,travel with your points you can also,redeem them for cash back you get one,point five percent from the titanium and,the black card and from the gold card,wow youre walking two percent but to be,honest you get two percent cash back,from the city double cash one percent,when you buy and 1% when you pay it off,so this sort of perk for a card thats a,lot more expensive than the other two,it really doesnt justify the price now,with a black card and the gold card you,get Priority Pass select with the black,card with both these cards in fact youd,expect that in the black card is $450,and youll see you to expect protic last,airport lounge access with that but with,the gold card thats you know a $995,annual fee you really would expect,something more like additional United,club or Delta Sky Club you know Admirals,Club whatever some additional airport,lounge access in addition to basic,Priority Pass,membership to set that gold plaque on,that gold card pass but you dont get,that next we have a airline credit and,this seems a lot better than an excess,airline credit in the way that its used,its just automatically credited to your,account and its not only for things,like upgrades and onboard food you can,actually use it for airline tickets as,well you get $100 credit with the black,card which isnt very generous for a,$450 on your key card and with the Gold,Card you get $200 airline credit while,there is a useful credit the amount,we have to point out is not that,generous for the black card and the gold,card you get so-called luxury gifts or I,want to wipe that my feet but to be,honest we have to remember theyre not,gifts at all because youre paying an,annual fee so theyre just taking your,money and theyre giving you back your,money in the form of a gift but to be,honest I would prefer to pay a lower,annual fee and then choose how I spend,my money on whatever luxury items I want,personally for the black and gold cards,theres a $100 Global Entry credit,thats pretty standard on a high-end,credit card and pretty useful now all,three cards get this luxury magazine now,this is the thing I really have a,problem with these magazines to be,honest you know I get magazines from,financial institutions around Ive got a,couple here so I get this one from,Charles Schwab and this magazine is,actually really useful,I know twelve Schwab is making money off,me because Im a customer and so theyre,providing this note Union for me and it,doesnt have any advertisement in it,apart from a few advertisements for,Charles Schwab itself but theyre not,making money off that because its their,own brand their own product and it does,have a lot of useful information in it,now I get this one for free,actually my wife gets this one for free,from American Express because she has,the Amex platinum card is called,departures but this magazine I want to,show you something about it right when,you open it up first page advertisement,second page who advertisement third page,advertisement for space advertisement,advertisement advertisement you see what,Im getting at here advertisement,okay advertisers war oh okay finally we,get to the content but its about half,the magazine is advertisement and I,think American Express to be honest is,benefiting more from this magazine than,its current members are because it can,leverage its mailing list to clients and,say hey look we can put your ads in our,magazine that goes out to several,hundred thousand or over a million,cardholders who are willing to pay four,hundred and fifty dollars a year for a,credit card that offers some travel,benefits Im sure they have a look until,they have a disposable income to spend,on you,products so its an easy sell for Amex,easy money and I had a suspicion that,the luxury card magazine would kind of,be the same and now they just call it a,magazine exclusively for card holders,but one blog about this card I was,reading online alerted my attention to,the fact that its not exclusive for,card holders at all if you go to a,luxury magazine com,you can actually read it online look,rehear okay you just click in there here,we go oh heres the magazine surprise,surprise its called luxury like,everything with this card and surprise,surprise oh look whats the first page,advertisement advertisement,advertisement advertisement,advertisement advertisement has to,remember a little bit of a movement,advertisement okay were finally at the,contents so its kind of the same story,with the AMEX magazine and this magazine,is actually quite interesting I do enjoy,reading the articles in it theres a lot,of cool travel stuff in it but I just,dont like the amount of advertising,thats in it I just think that you know,its more of a money-making scheme for,Amex and I think the luxury card one is,the same different though is with Amex,the magazine isnt listed on the,benefits of the cut it just showed up at,our house shows up at our house every,quarter or every month and believe it no,its over its bimonthly every two,months so yeah and it is quite,interesting okay now at the annual fees,so the titanium colors are cheapest with,an annual fee of 195 you can kind of,compare it to the Amex gold premier,rewards card and the black card has fee,of 495 so I did say 450 e

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